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  4. Hiro wasn't even tiny bit positive that he could have passed, until he saw the hand extended over the desk, his eyes instantly widening, even though he knew he shouldn't have shown that much of emotions, even for a moment, on an interview. And yet, here he was, extending and handshaking the hand of Kirishima, while keeping the big smile over his face. "Thank you so much for accepting me in the company!" The young boy said, a little bit louder than expected, before to bow all politely to every single person in the room. So after all he was going to work as an IT specialist at first. Well, it wasn't that he minded it at all, as it was his major after all and he had to use his skills sooner or later, otherwise they would have been wasted. Following with his eyes every single director and supperior leaving the room, it made him think for a second who was the one to take care of him then? Who was supposed to train him, well, lead him into the systems and all? Seeing the familiar face of the young man standing still, his face managing this calm and even tiny bit of cold xpression the whole time, Hiro couldn't help but wonder if that guy was actually good enough to do it. It wasn't that he was doubting the other' skills, just the opposite, yet there was something in that person that both intriguing, yet scaring him out. Bowing to Seiji, as soon as he heard him speaking, he extended out his hand, just to find the secretary Akira take the initiative for the handshake, making him feel quite surprised. Was he even going to get along with this guy? "It's my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Akira, Mr. Minamoto. I am looking forwards to be working with you." He said the words with a rather gentle tone, before to smile lightly. And so, his first work day was about to start, hmm? It was still hard to believe it, yet it wasn't impossible, having in mind that he was already heading to his new workplace, alongside his superrvisor, who actually happened to probably be around the same age as him. He had to check this guy out later on, in order to maybe find an easier way to communicate with him, because at the moment, even his breathing seemed to be done carefully, as if this aura around the person walking in front of him was just this strong. "How many people are in the IT Department?" Well, at least it was worth it asking that one simple question, or so he thought.
  5. "Remember Hiro, whenever you are going to be interviewed for a job, the first and most important thing is to be polite. Keep the smile on your face, answer shortly and clearly, nothing unnecessary should be spoken. Always keep eye contacts with the one doing the interview. You are a smart boy and you must show them the same. Don't let them think you could be easily controlled. Show them in the most polite way that you are not a naive idiot, but a smart young man." His mother's words quickly passed through his mind, while his gaze quickly ran over everybody in the room. He wasn't expecting to have that many people, just for a normal job interview, so of course he let his mind slip past the possibilities of why were all these people in the room. Who was the director actually? Was it really that young man, standing in front of him, or was it the older man who has just spoken? It didn't matter though, as right now his one and only purpose was to take the job. Taking a sit over the chair, placed in the middle of the room, Hiro placed his briefcase over his lap, straightening his body and giving a soft small to the directors on front of him, starting with the answers to the questions. "I am born and raised in Los Angeles, America. I came to Japan, I think around the age of fourteen. As my mother was a famous American author, I got to like writing, reading her books. Even though I didn't think it'd be anything more than a hobby, everything changed for me 4 years ago. My passion for writing has become my main purpose in life. My strengths?" Hiroto paused for a moment, not because he couldn't come up with anything, just the opposite, but was it all true? He was often asked that question, yet unlike in America, where showing off with your every skill was a main thing to do for an interview, even if not everything was actually applying to your strengths, the Japanese way of thinking was just the opposite. And as these two attitudes of mind were clashing at the moment, he had to pause and think carefully of what he was going to speak next. "As I've graduated as an IT specialist, I suppose that I could be of any help not only when it comes to writing. Also I am very hardworking and once I decide on something, I don't stop until I finish it. That though, looked from the other side isn't always only a strength of mine, but could also be called a flaw, since I attend to sometimes overwork myself, constantly writing." It was true. During his last project, Hiroto had to be hospitalized for three days, due to the lack of sleep, as he ended up collapsing on the desk. Of course, he was trying hard to change this, even though drinking three-four cups of coffee a day wasn't helping him at all. The last question on the other hand made him put on another soft smile, as that was something, he'd be able to answer even if sleeping. "I want to become a great author, so that my mother would be proud of me. Writing for me is the same as breathing, eating and sleeping. I can't live without doing that." For many these words were probably just some kid's silly words. Who was doing anything for their parents nowadays? Everybody was living for themselves, without really caring for these around them, especially in Japan. The director of the company was "the God" for many salarymen out there. They'd do anything to please their "God"; they'd listen to anything he'd say, without actually speaking their own opinion, even if that could save a failing company. On the other hand Hiroto wasn't like that. He knew very well how important it was to be obedient to the person on top of you, yet seeing them as a God? Not at all. There was only one person, he'd call a "God" and that was his mother. Maybe due to the guilt, that was going to hunt him his whole life, for Hiro she was someone, who could not be replaced, no matter what. And even though she was no longer in this world, he wanted to prove himself to her; to show her that he has become a great son, whom she could be finally proud of. Finishing his answer, Kawashima looked around, his crystal blue eyes as if trying to figure out every single person's opinion in this room. Finally, his eyes stopped over Seiji, just for a mere second, smiling from the corner of his lips, before to return his gaze to the older man, who's questions were just answered. He wasn't sure if he'd get the position, but he had to admit it, if he'd be able to work for a company like that, he'd be a step closer to actually believing in himself and his skills - something, he never managed to fulfill until now.
  6. "Believe in yourself Hiro, never lose hope and always follow what your heart tells you to do. You are my big boy, right? I will always love and support you." Remembering his mother's words; words he was often told when young, Hiroto smiled lightly, that, giving him the strength he needed at the moment to go to the last company chosen for today. Even though he was on the edge of giving up on writing, or at least leaving that as a very side job, here he was, ending up in front of one of the most famous publishing companies, with a long history and a very high-praised reputation: "Minamoto Publishing". "Once again, how did I end up, hoping to be hired here?" With a small, rather hopeless chuckle, Hiro raised his gaze up to the high and pretty huge in terms of territory as well company, shaking his head and stepping inside. It was actually his previous manager's idea to try there. It seemed that the manager had someone he knew in the company, as he had set up the interview pretty easily, knowing where Hiroto was going to try start working at. Of course that many of the rookie authors had heard of Minamoto Publishing and many of them tried multiple times working there, but the bar was set too high. Almost nobody had the luck to pass the interview, that's why for someone like Kawashima, that place was the least he'd have tried working for. It wasn't that he wasn't confident in his writing skills, not at all. It was more like, even though many liked his three published until now books, he just didn't think that he'd fit in such a big company. Also, the more his father kept opposing his chosen path, the more Hiroto has been re-considering the idea of actually giving up and going back to Kyoto. It wasn't like he was dying to do so, but could he actually find any job in Tokyo, was what he started wondering. Of course, he could start a part-time job anytime, he had done actually done countless times until now, but that wasn't how he wanted it to be his whole life. He needed to find a purpose, something to keep him writing, because that was what he was enjoying the most and no matter how hard, it was never a problem, until money came as a first prior in his life of course. Stepping inside the building, he was instantly stopped by the bodyguards on the front door, a full check-up being made, as it had to be in any big company, like this one. It took them around five minutes, before he was freed and given back his small briefcase. As he reached the reception, a young lady, probably around his age, greeted him politely, checking his appointment time and letting him wait a few minutes. Could it be... he'd be let inside? After the previous unlucky interviews, Hiroto had seriously no hope in even stepping any further in this building, even if someone had recommended him. Yet, after ten more minutes, the young lady gave him a small badge, so that he could put it around his neck, maybe a part of the interviewing system, he wasn't sure, yet with that, she politely led him to the elevator, expaining to him where he had to go. His heart was beating crazily, and even though he wasn't a person to show his emotional state in front of people easily, he could see a small worried expression frozen over his small face into the mirror. He, from all people, would have his interview in Minamoto Publishing. A dream place for many, could become his working place. Could he actually do it right? What was he supposed to talk about; how was he supopsed to answer; what if they've asked about his books until now; how was he going to explain why nobody has heard of him until now? So many questions where filling his mind, that he didn't even notice when he had arrived to the said floor, the elevator stopped with its door opened for him to go. Taking a deep breath and grabbing slightly onto his black necktie, Hiroto stepped outside, for a moment looking around, as he took himself another couple of seconds to clear his mind. Once he felt that he did calm down, he took his way to the office, where the interview was supposed to be taken, short breaths coming one after another with every step leading closer to the door. Stopping in front of the door, he saw a man coming out and smiling at him, as he greeted Kawashima and stepped aside, letting him go inside. That was it, whatever was going to happen from now on, he had to do his best to take the job. If he could pass for the position, whatever it was, he was ready to drink until he pass out tonight, even if the money would probably not let him do that much in his current state. With a small smile and a polite bow to the person letting him inside, Hiroto made his way inside the office, seeing the young man behind the desk, surprising him, yet just for a second, before to go back to his senses, bowing as taught, before to introduce himself. "My name is Kawashima Hiroto. Nice to meet you, sir! I came for the appointed interview today!"
  7. Another idea opened for anybody who'd like to try it out! X is a scientist, who is has been gone from his hometown for 10 years, leaving the city right after he graduated from high school. He comes back after finding out that strange stuff has been happening in the city, as people started disappearing, some found dead, some never seen again. He has been given the task, as a scientist, to find any abnormal clue that could lead to the one, behind this all. X is not really happy about the fact that he is back, because of the memories haunting him even now. A ten years old love story that nobody knew about – Y. Y is one of the town’s most disliked people, doing anything to survive – drugs, alcohol… as well as selling anything to make a living. Yet what nobody found out was that actually, except for being one of the most disliked people, he wasn't even being human at all. An alien, that came to the Earth a long time ago, hiding his own identity, while trying to build his own ship, to go back home. A genius, in a human's body, possesing unknown for many powers; breaking the image for the aliens, being small green things with antens on their heads. X and Y haven’t met yet, but all the clues given, lead to Y being one of the suspects for the kills, because once bad – always bad, they said. X has never forgotten Y this whole time, but is Y feeling the same? Who is the killer? Is he/she a human at all? There are many things that people could not explain, so could a normal scientist like X keep his sanity, denying any abnormal activity in this murderer case?
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hoping is never wrong, yet you have to know when to give up. Giving up is never good, yet you have to learn to do it. Learning is always helpful, yet when you have time for that. Time is what you have to treasure the most, because having no time, that is equal to doing things only half-way, no matter the case. Closing the book, a bitter smile could be seen on his snow white face. Hiroto was always carrying his mother's last book, that being like his motivator to walk his path forwards only. It was hard, knowing that he would never see her again. She was his best friend, his savior in his darkest moments; she was simply the person he trusted the most. That's why when his mother left this world, his trust in people also left with her. Squeezing the book in his hand, Hiro put it back inside his briefcase, realizing that he has reached the first company he has applied for. Even though he was a writer that many liked, he never made it big. Maybe it was due to the fact that right now, unless you were creating something incredible and unseen until now, you wouldn't get famous, no matter what. Also, funny fact was that Hiro has been hiding his identity all this time as well. His manager was always trying to convince him to start showing himself more, yet he was scared. Was scared the right word actually? No, it wasn't like he was scared that people would know about him, but something has always been stopping him from showing himself to the big public. That, being one of the many reasons, has led Hiro to the decision to start another job, aside of writing. Knowing that the money was unable to last any much longer and knowing that he couldn't even think of asking his father for any, he had to put himself together and accept the fact that he was no longer just a kid, but an adult with a lot of responsibilities. Stepping inside the first company "Sony Ltd.", the young boy looked around, only from the first floor, already taken aback by everything, starting from the interior design, the many people walking around and the technology used. He walked to the front office, announcing that he was here for the interview, as the lady standing behind the computer took a good look at the male in front of her, checking in the system. "I am sorry, Mr. Kawashima, but the interview was cancelled, as we?ve already found someone." Hearing what the young lady has just told him, Hiro squeezed tightly the small briefcase in his hand, bowing all politely and thanking her, despite the fact he wanted to shout out his disappointment, walking off the building and taking out a small notebook, where he had written the names of the companies, he was called for, crossing out the first one. "Three more to go." With a slow step, he headed to the other companies, yet the next two were also with the same result, either it be that, due to one of the managers' words, he was too young and inexperienced for working in the IT field, despite the fact that this was his major in the university, or he was how did they say it... unfit for working with so many people, was it? As if everybody was born a leader or fit for everything. Don?t we all learn how to lead our lives with the experience gathered from the past problems and things that crossed our way? People were such hypocrites that Hiroto was seriously once again realizing why he actually hated doing anything else besides writing. A few hours have already passed since he was out, feeling the tiredness slowly taking upon him, the young boy managed to reach the closest fast food restaurant, taking his time there, while having a small lunch, since he didn't have anything since the morning, except for a cup of coffee, his favorite "addiction", along with the cigarettes. After finishing his meal, Hiro opened the small notebook again, checking the last company left. Could he do it? He no longer had his hopes high that he'd be hired anywhere soon. Getting up from his seat, Hiro fixed his necktie, along with his suit following after, making sure that at least he wouldn't look bad, and taking his way to the last target.
  9. Thank you so much for choosing me! @Ryuu_L @crystald Thank you, dear! Your entry was also very good though!
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