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Points for Promoting YaoiOtaku

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Hi! I added a link of the forums in my otaku blog in Tumblr. It's in the custom links beside the description. I hope this counts as a promotion.




I was thinking of making reviews of a few bl manga and anime in that same blog, would it still count in the "Get 10000 points + 2 special animated cards" since it was written that "All you have to do is to create a small blog (from 1 page to 10 pages), write something about some manga, anime of bl movie you like and add a link to the download thread on YaoiOtaku."


EDIT: 2500 points and thank you! To get the points for blog it would have to be a newly created blog. (:

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Sorry about my other ones don't know why they didn't work.











Well that's all that I have so far. For some reason my other accOunts aren't working so. ..


EDIT: 6000 points and thank you! ;D 2500 / link for the first 2 and 100 for the last one, as it's not click-able. (:

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Promotion sire @Key


I put the link on my about me and shared the page on facebook.



It is on my wattpad profile also.



Connected on my instagram account.



Posted on my ello account.



EDIT: 10000 points and thank you! ;D

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I don't have a link but I did tell everyone that I use to rp with oh Yaoi dreams about this site idc if I get points I just wanted to let you know half of the ppl I rp with came over and said this site was better so thanks to the admin and mods ^^


EDIT: 10000 points and thank you ;D I'm glad your friends like it! ;D

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Hi! I posted the forum's link on my twitter account! :) here's the link to my tweet.


:Jumping around:


I posted another tweet, I don't know if points will he counted but I SUPER LOVE YOUR FORUM SO FORGIVE ME FOR ADVERTISING HUHU


EDIT: 5000 points and thank you ;D Yes, I counted both links, thanks a lot ;D

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