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I don't know if this has been mentioned but...THEMES!


So, I do like the existing themes, they are nice, especially at night and it lowers the brightness of the screen while I gallivant off through the forums, however---


During the day, the dark themes seem....dreary. The "Default" is nice and bright but extremely generic. Has anyone ever thought of doing a few more light themes? Like blues and whites, or blues and yellows, complimenting colours you know. Or a bright spring-like green, or a purple, something to that nature? Reds and golds, or reds and oranges---even pinks!

I also think it would be very interesting to have a limited run theme, that's for Gay Pride month, and have something very rainbow.


Just a thought, anyone agree? Or is everyone pretty set and satisfied with the themes we have?

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We did try light themes as well in the past but our members weren't using them, many even said that YO is known as 'the dark site' so then, when we ugraded the platform, we decided to give up on redoing the light themes as well, because it's a lot of work on creating a theme and since people weren't using them anyway, it was not worth it for us.

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