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Voltron! [Legendary Defender]

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Watches this awesome cartoon, that actually has

an actual gay member in it?(shiro) which is like crazy because this is very rare outside yaoi anime.


Where ship wars happen each day?


Still no?:Pissed-off:

Watch it!:Table-flip:


Ahem. so new season, season7...I'm still on season2, purposely watching it slow for not wanting it to end even though I know all the spoilers because I'm trash like that.


Anyway my fav. son is Keith. I always thought it was Lance but I always seem to be pulled towards Keith because he resembles me, he's like my spirit animal.



Later the space daddy, Shiro because well not that he's my fav but I just want to share his beauty.



Also the weird thing is my ships are so ironic, because I both ship Klance (Keith and Lance) & Sheith (Shiro and Keith). Basically which are the most toxic ships in the fandom that causes shipwars.


I seriously don't know what's becoming canon anymore, I just like enjoy the beautiful moments. -sips tea-


here are some very helpful videos:


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.




ps: if you wanna check,there is even dj's and well lot's of fanart...in many ways.:Dazed-drooling:

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Hahahah, it‘s been a while since I watched this. Haven‘t continued it yet. But so many cute djs Klance and Sheith.


Shiro is the daddy hunk you want to **** :leaf15:


It has quite an interesting storyline one of the better western cartoons around I‘d say.

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