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  1. I'm laughing so hard rn xD
  2. [video=youtube_share;9cmPcH38wjc]
  3. Deleting stuff is so satisfying for some reason, one click and poof all gone.:Red_fox11:
  4. Once again disappointments. -face palms-
  5. My PC is really being weird -_-
  6. too late XD. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours;
  7. Not sure if I should just nap or read more...
  8. [video=youtube_share;av5JD1dfj_c]
  9. The Sun is out but it's still too cold, I miss Spring.
  10. went to KFC...ate chicken, returned home, regreting every bite orz.
  11. @fan_yaoi have a safe trip! ps. I had to zoom in to the picture because I was confused but now I'm more confused XD. - I need to eat less cause I look like that fat rilakkuma.
  12. Thank you lol, now I'm curious what you wanted to tell me, oh well XD.

  13. Oh how nice it looks here :D

    Your profil pic looks real nice . i like that. and your colors here are really really nice :D


    i forgot what i was about to say now..i got so impressed by your wall I forot my real errend XDD

    oh well :p

  14. 0ddpill

    0dd's work.

    Thank you Ryuu! ps. love your works as well
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