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Bloody Fangs ( KawaiiNekomimiBoy & Sosuke0549 )


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The World has changed. Countries are now ruled by creatures. Vampires live and rule over the largest amount of land, between the werewolves, warlocks and other creatures. Humans live on small areas of land or islands called the "Free Zone". However its a very poor place as well as over crowded. Yuu is suddenly taken away from the "Free Zone" and put into a feeding ring for vampires, since his blood type is extremely rare, they send him to the royal feeding ring. Where he has the "honor" of feeding the council, aristocrats, and high guards or generals. They dress him up so he's personable to the rich. His new home is a locked prison cell underneath the palace.






Name: Julius Gale


Age: Appears to be 22, but he's just shy of 60 years old. He's considered to be a fairly young vampire.


Gender: Male


Position: Seme


Race: Vampire



Julius is quick witted, and intelligent. He's rather laid back tho, and appears to be one step ahead of everyone else. He's "respectful" and can be quite charming, but very cruel when you dis-please him. He's very wealthy, but does not act like a spoiled brat. He takes care of others if there of use to him, He pretends to care about others but he's only looking out for his company and himself... or is he? He's very hard to read. He is the only child of the Gale family and will one day take over his father's company. Gale Enterprises.


Since his father is part of the Vampire Council / Government, many fear and respect him.


History: Unknown


Vampire Classes And Rank:

There are 3 types of vampires, ranked according to the purity of their blood. The more diluted by human blood, the lower their ranking is.


Level A's are the Purebloods; the rarest, most elite, and most powerful class, whose blood lines have never mixed with any humans. They are the monarchy of the vampire race, meaning that they are very powerful and demonstrate many abilities such as being the only vampires able to turn humans into their own kind. The heritage of these vampires haven't been diluted by human blood. They are the strongest type of vampires and have the most significant powers, and can destroy any lower vampire with ease. However, despite the fact Purebloods are very powerful, they only make up a very SMALL portion of the vampire population. The Senate holds Purebloods in extremely high regard, to the point where it is taboo to kill or even harm a Pureblood vampire. As a result, they are treated like royalty.


Level B are known as the Aristocrats. Every Aristocrat has a special ability, ( ice, fire, electricity) They have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry.

( Julius is a Aristocrat ) ( Father is a Pureblood and is deeply involved in the Senate. "Vampire Council")


Levels C includes humans who have been turned into a vampire by a Pureblood rather than being born as a vampire.


Finally there are Level E vampires. Humans who have turned but lose there sanity in the process and become blood thrisy monsters. It has been over a decade since one has appeared.




Julius stood in a large ballroom. The ceiling was painted, revealing a gorgeous mural. The room was spacious and covered in expensive marble. The pillars had bits and pieces of gold designed into the stone and large silk red curtains covered the windows. It was palace fit for a king, something you only see in the movies.

The young vampire sighed leaning against a wall as the guards brought in there food. The room was filled with vampires, two council members, a handful of aristocrats and a few highly ranked guards. The humans were dressed in white robes, and underneath the fabic they were completely naked. As he eyed some of the new slaves he briefly recalled the living conditions of there pets. They lived underneath the palace in small cells. In one corner of the room was shower head and a drain directly underneath it, but no curtain. The water was laced with soap, and only had one temperature, cold. Humans were forbidden to leave or wonder on there own so there doors were locked. The beds were hard, and they were given small things to entertain them. Books, games, toys, puzzles, etc.


The guard hissed pushing forward a new addition to the group.

"All humans- get in a signal file line!"

All the women and men quickly did as they were told. Some humans were grinning, while others looked terrified. Julius's eyes wondered up and down the line of the 26 humans in front of him. He assumed that the majority of them would die. They were all shoulder to shoulder facing their predators.

"You all know the drill. Today is Feeding day. You will allow any one of these vampires access to your blood and body... any insubordination will cause you to be punished. Refuseal to do what is asked, will get you punished. You refer to these lady's and gentlemen as Mistress or Master...And you people are cattle . Now drop your robes!"

Every last human did as they were told and dropped their robes except for one. He clinched onto his, robe for dear life, perhaps he was embarrassed to be seen naked. The head guard saw that he wasn't listening and approached him.

"Newbie! I said drop your robe! "

Julius watched the human, slightly intrigued.

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Name: Yuu Akiyama


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Position: Uke




Personality: Yuu is an ordinary boy that just started to go to college until vampires took over and got captured to be used to feed vampires. Before the vampires took over, Yuu was a pretty outgoing male with a few friends in school. Yuu regrets not being able to say goodbye to his family when he got captured by the vampires so he has grown to have a slight hatred from them. When the vampires took over, Yuu is now a personal feeding tool to the vampires.





Looking around the room, seeing a good number of vampires standing in the ballroom, Yuu could see a line of other humans. He still couldn't understand how things could go downhill so quickly, things seemed so much more peaceful and normal before the vampires took over.

Yuu glares at the guard that was pushing him as he bumps into one of the other humans in te line. He couldn't believe how much humans that were captured but couldn't help to wonder what happened to everyone else.


Yuu listen to the guard yell at the other humans, watching them quickly move into a line as instructed by the guard. Yuu got pushed within the line, being at the end. He looks at all the other humans that were captured, seeing a lot of different emotions. Yuu couldn't believe that there were even some humans that were grinning but he could understand the look on certain people that were scared. He, himself found himself being scared as he slowly looks around the room, seeing so many vampires.


Perking up his head as he looks at the guard and lets out a soft gulp, ~w-wait.. why do I have to come exactly on feeding day,~ he thought as he continues to listen to the guard. He couldn't imagine what the punishments were like and bites his bottom lip, not wanting to find out. Yuu then blinks when the guard asks all the humans to basically strip the robes.


Yuu watches all the other people drop their robes but he couldn't help but hold onto his robe, tightly at the collar. He looks at the ground, not wanting to make any eye contact with the guard since he knew he wasn't obeying to take off his robe. Yuu then jolts when he sees a pair of feet in front of him and slowly looks up only to see the guard in front of him.


Jolting as he was yelled at, Yuu looks down at the robe. As much as he was curious what the punishment was, he didn't want to find out so he lets out a sigh, letting go of his robe while his hands were shaking and lets the robe drop to his feet, quickly covering his crotch and looks up slowly, seeing one of the vampires looking at him and slowly looks to the side, not wanting to make any eye contact.

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Julius sighed softly as the the newer slave dropped his robe with trembling fingers. He was slightly intrigued by the blond, but that interest quickly fadded as he gave into the guard and now stood before them naked. Perhaps he was like ever other human.


Vampires began approaching the slaves, some inspecting the humans before picking and choosing who they wanted to feed from. However there were those who didn't care, and with out warning would force themselves onto there victims, sinking there teeth into their skin and taking so much blood that some people were dying. Most of the humans were screaming and crying, begging to be spared. Julius slowly approached Yuu with zero emotion, wearing a fancy suit and tie. His eyes glowing a blood thirsty red. Are you afraid. He spoke into the others mind, observing him closely.

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Yuu looks down to look at his body before he looks up at the men and women that just stood there, feeling the same as him, maybe worst while some didn't seem to care. He couldn't imagine why anyone would love to be in this situation. Yuu could only imagine all the people that might have died because of feeding the vampires.


Watching the vampires starting to approach the line of the men and women, including himself. Yuu could feel himself starting to step back a couple of steps, trying not to make much contact with the other vampires so he wouldn't be picked. Yuu gasps as he looks to the side, watching all the other slaves being bitten and their blood drank, seeing even some die while others were probably near death. Widening his eyes as he heard a voice near him and looks in front of him, seeing the vampire that was looking at him before, looking at his eyes and couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine. "I.. don't want to be here. I want to be with my family," he watched as the vampire was looking at him and slowly moves back into another slave, tripping on their leg and falls down onto the ground. Looking up at the vampire's eyes, feeling like his body was going into a trance but shakes his head to try to get out of it.

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Julius eyes captured the boys movememts, he could practically see the fear radiating off his body as he took a few steps back.

"I.. don't want to be here. I want to be with my family," [/Quote]

I'm sure your not the only one who wants that. His voice cruel and sadistic.


He was unamused when Yuu fell backwards tripping over another slave and falling to the ground. The look on his face was pure terror as he looked up at him. He was just like all the others, there appeared to be nothing special about him.

"Get up." He command, his gaze not only piercing but cold and unforgiving.

Once Yuu got to his feet, Julius grabbed the boys wrist and knelt down on one knee before him. His grip on Yuu was firm and unbreakable. Even it the other struggled, Julius held onto him with such strength that he didn't move a inch. He brought the boys wrist to his lips, his fangs emerging as he licked Yuu's skin. Not once had Julius broken eye-contact with the human...his favorite part about feeding from humans was there reactions, so he wouldn't dare look away. Your trembling... He smiled slightly, his fangs grazing the boys soft skin. "Hm...you smell quite nice... He sniffed his skin. He was surprised that the boys blood was O- . His blood type was the rarest and almost completely whipped out.

"Interesting...perhaps there is something special about you. "

"L-lord Gale. Is there a problem ?" The guard came over, seeing that Gale was the only vampire who hadn't eaten yet. The rest of the humans that came with Yuu laid on the floor, some dead, but the majority of them were unconscious. "If your not hungry I'll eat the boy~" A female vampire laughed, eying Yuu. Other vampires quickly joined in, laughing and making comments. It seemed many of them wanted to devour Yuu. "Keep your fithly fangs away from him. " He said softly. His back to the others as he stood and turned slightly to glare at them. His grip on Yuu still firm and unshakeable.


"H-how dare you!"

"There is no problem...however I've decided to take this human and keep him as my personal pet. "

"Uh..b-but my lo--"

"If you truly have a problem with me taking just one of the many slaves you bring in here, then you can take it up with my father. "

" n-no...n-no sir. T-that won't be necessary my lord. " The guard quickly bowed. Julius nodded and made his way to the door, he was tired of being in this old ball room.

"Let it be known that this boy is now the property of Julius Gale, the first and only son of Mark Gale, one of the heads of the Vampire Council. If you dare try to sink your teeth into this boy...you will face the rath of my family. " His tone full of deadly charn, he pulled the his new pet along as he exited the room. The large doors slamming behind him and not a single vampire spoke, since they feared him and his father.

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Yuu looks at the vampire that was eyeing him down like his prey, shivering slightly as he felt like he was going to pee himself as he curls up slightly as he was sitting on the floor, biting his bottom lip.

Jolting when hearing the vampire in front of him commanding him to get off the floor, slowly looking up at the male vampire and makes his sight towards the guard, suddenly remembering there was a punishment for not obeying the vampires.

He got off the floor but as soon as he does, feels himself get grabbed by the wrist and lets out a gasp. He looks at his wrist and closes one eye with a jolt since the vampire was gripping it so tightly. ~He.. is so strong.. I can't get away,~ he thought as he watched his wrist brought up to the vampire's lips and shivers slightly, feeling his skin get licked. Yuu looks at the vampire as he spoke and looks to the side, "y..you would be to if you were in my place," he mumbles softly. Feeling the male's fangs against him but slowly perks his head up and looks towards the vampire, seeing him smell him instead of drinking his blood.

"W..What are you doing? Get it over with," Yuu listen to the vampire and was wondering what he was talking about, ~what..is he talking about? Is he talking about.. my blood type or something? He can smell that,~ he wondered in his mind.

Jumping a bit as he heard the guard and closes his eyes tightly, not wanting to face or even know what the punishment was going to be since the vampire in front of him didn't drink his blood yet. Yuu looks around the room, couldn't believe that there were some humans that were dead but some were still alive. He slowly looks towards the female vampire that spoke and looked at her looking at him, looking at the other vampires and sighs softly, ~great.. now everyone in the room wants my blood.. I am surely going to die if they all get their hands on me,~ he thought and looks at the vampire that still held his wrist, blinking a couple of times but was in a way glad that he didn't let the other vampires feast on him.


Yuu looks at the vampire and found himself widening his eyes, couldn't believe he was going to be kept as a pet. As he listen to the male talking to the guard and felt himself getting pulled towards the door. Yuu listen to the vampire, now knowing his name was Julius, as he was commanding the other vampires to not to drink his blood. He could simply feel himself get pulled, unable to escape the man's grip as he watched the door closed. Slowly looking at Julius, "... uh, why did you choose to keep me as a pet instead of just... feeding on my blood?"

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Julius lead the human further into the palace, taking him down countless halls. If Yuu somehow did mange to get away from him, he'd most likely get lost rather than escape, not to mention the place was crawling with vampire guards.

"... uh, why did you choose to keep me as a pet instead of just... feeding on my blood?"[/Quote]

Julius was taken out of his thoughts when he heard the boy speak to him. You misunderstand. I still intend to feed from you, but having you as my personal slave will keep others from killing you. Actully.. You should thank me, I practically saved your life.


Julius lead the human outside. It was pouring and the sky was blocked by ominous grey clouds.

"Lord Gale, are you leaving ? A guard approached him.

"Yes, bring my car around , and let my father know I'll be missing the meeting. "

"Very well- y-yes sir. "

The guard did as he was told. It didn't take long for for a limo to appear in front of the palace. Two guards shielded Julius and Yuu with umbrellas as they got into the limo, the door shutting behind Yuu. When the limo started to move Julius leaned back, relaxing. He pulled out his phone, not meeting the humans gaze. He didn't really knowledge Yuu at all . Julius slowly took off his jacket and tossed it over to the human. He was most likely cold, and still naked. A jacket would help him cover himself.

"I will answer any and all your questions now, I'm sure your wondering what's going to happen to you. What's your name human. "

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Yuu looked around the palace, getting lead through so many halls, knowing he would get lost if he tried to escape but was not willing to know the punishment for escaping, especially now that he has became Julius' pet. Looking at Julius, not really understanding why he wasn't left like the other humans, died or just unconscious.


Blinking a couple of times and slowly lowers his head, glancing to the side, "so.. are you actually going to turn me into a vampire? Or just feed on my blood," he looks at Julius. Yuu glances at Julius and looks to the side, "I guess.. I do thank you for saving my life but it's thanks to the royal vampires that I am here in the first place so... thanks in a way," he grumbles softly.


Looking outside, watching it rain and looks over at the guard that approached Julius. He was just glad to have some fresh air and away from all the other vampires, even if he was still gripped by one. He looks, seeing a limo in front and Yuu walks to the limo with Julius. Yuu sits down in the limo, watching the door get closed and faces forward, slowly wrapping his arms around himself and slightly shivers. Yuu jumps slightly as he felt himself get hit by a jacket. He looks at Julius and then the jacket, putting it on and was glad to at least cover himself up even if it didn't cover him completely.

Yuu looks out the window and slowly looks over at Julius. Slightly lowering his head and bites his bottom lip, "uh.. my name is Yuu, Yuu Akiyama. Um, what exactly do I have to do.. to serve you?"

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"uh.. my name is Yuu, Yuu Akiyama. Um, what exactly do I have to do.. to serve you?"[/Quote]

Julius sent out a text message before returning his full attention to the human. He had ignored his previous questions since they were outside and it wasn't the proper time or place to answer them. When the boy gave him his name he titled his head slightly. "Hm...I suppose I judged you far too quickly Yuu. Your very odd. " He straightened himself out, relaxing in his leather seat. " To answer your previous question, no...I don't plan on turning you, however you will be responsible for feeding me, and don't worry, I don't intend to kill you. Your blood type is rare, and quite delicious. " He continued to eye the human with interest. You was afraid but was rather blunt, as well as surprisingly obedient.

"The majority of humans hate vampires, yet your eager to serve me...Many humans protest and fight against being a personal slave but...you don't seem to care. Do you have no family? Or are you to blinded by fear that your too afraid to challenge me?"

This boy wasn't crying, or begging to he freed, he wasn't concerned about his family or being a toy for Julius. It really threw the vampire for a loop. What did the boy care about? Why was he so...carefree ?

"The duty of a pet is simple, you do whatever I say. You feed me, and fulfill any and all my needs. Weather they be sexual or not. I could have do chores around my house one day, and the next beat you until you can't move. I could rape you repeadly, or just watch while I have someone else do it. Honestly...the possibilities are endless...."

He shrugged. Julius was now trying to get some sort of reaction from the human.

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Yuu looks over at Julius, watching him texting and looks out the window. He looks over at Julius and leans back in the seat while he held onto the jacket to prevent himself from exposing his chest but he knew Julius has already have seen pretty much everything on his body he had to offer. He sighs a little and shakes his head, "well.. you seem pretty odd as well. All the other vampires had no problem killing or making those people fall unconscious but you, you didn't even bite me... at least not yet," he lowers his head a little. Looking up at Julius and slowly nods his head, gripping the jacket tightly as his hand started to shake rather violently but was in a way glad he wasn't going to wind up like those that have gotten killed at the palace.

Crossing his arms and shakes his head, "oh don't worry.. I am not really fond of vampires either. Since I was taken by my family because of them. But.. I really don't want to find out what the punishment would be if don't do as told. I don't really know what to expect if don't listen." He leans back in the seat, "of.. course I have a family. I just don't know what to do. I mean other vampires were scared of you, so you must be the scariest out of all the vampires, at least that is what I gathered so far anyway."

Slowly looking back out the window, seeing his house passing by and quickly presses his hands on the window, lowering his head since there was nothing he can do, "what exactly.. happen to the family that lived with me? Were they feeding victims as well, or going to be," he looks at Julius as he could feel a tear going down his cheek, starting to wipe it with the sleeve of Julius' jacket. As much as he was trying to stay brave, like his mom's final words before he was taken away, Yuu was very terrified. Even with what was going on at the palace before, he felt like he was going to pee himself in front of all the other vampires.

As he listen to Julius about the roles of him being Julius' pet, the more he sink within the car seat, "s-so basically, I feed you my blood as you... have the possibility of letting me do your chores, beating me up and raping me or having someone else do it..?" Yuu covers his face with his hands as he curls up within the car seat, ~w-what did I get myself into..? I don't know what is better, death or having to be this vampire's personal little slave,~ he thought before covering his mouth like he was going to vomit but just winds up coughing.

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Julius listened, not saying anything until the boy asked about his family.

"what exactly.. happen to the family that lived with me? Were they feeding victims as well, or going to be,"[/Quote]

A tear going down his pets face. The vampire shrugged. "Don't know...don't really care...

"s-so basically, I feed you my blood as you... have the possibility of letting me do your chores, beating me up and raping me or having someone else do it..?" [/Quote]

Julius turned his head away, glancing out the window. Those are just a few possibilities. But yes...you belong to me now, and your only purpose in life is to fulfil my needs..."He watches as the human curls up in a ball, looking upset and scared. He even covered his mouth, trying not to vomit. Perhaps he felt overwhelmed.


A hour passed before they reached Julius Estate, taking up 20 acres of land. By now the rain had stopped and driver quickly pulled into the drive way, opening the door. Julius was the first to step out, his servants greeting him outside with low bows. "Hurry up Yuu. " He ordered , turning to his servants. "This human is my new pet , please take care of him and give him what he needs, you are all forbidden from feeding on him unless I say other wise.

"Yes my lord. " They all said in unison, there eyes falling on Yuu as he stepped out of the limo.

"You two, take Yuu inside and bathe him. Feed him and give him some clothes as well and send him to my room once you are finished. "

The females nodded, quickly approaching Yuu with small smiles on there faces.

"Follow us please. "

They lead him inside the manner. It was like walking into a palace fit for a king. Julius's family was extremely wealthy. There were 22 rooms in there estate and there backyard was spacious. One side of it was traditional Japanese while the other side was very modern, having a pool, and water slide a long with many colorful and rare flowers. It would he hard to get bored in his house since there was a game room, library, a massive kitchen, reading room, Ball room, movie theatre, bowling, etc. Julius really did that everything.

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As Yuu looked at Julius, rubbing his tear away and rolls his eyes, "figures. You only care about yourself," he wipes his eyes and then looks away, looking out the window with his arms crossed.

He rests against the door of the vehicle with his arms wrapped around himself as he lowers his head slowly, "well... I guess there is nothing I can do about that now right." He shakes his head slowly, wasn't looking forward to being Julius' pet. Yuu closes his eyes, trying to relax himself so he wouldn't vomit. Resting his head on the cold window with his eyes closed and controlling his breathing until he started to even fall asleep.


Yuu jumps up as he could feel quick driving motions and rubs his eyes, ~I... can't believe I just fell asleep.~ He looks at the estate and watches Julius get out of the car, getting out of the car as well. Yuu holds onto Julius jacket and looks at Julius as he talked but was mostly just enjoying the fresh air was helping the urge to vomit.

He stood next to Julius and look at the ground, rubbing the back of his head as he was a still in a bit of a daze since he fell asleep in the ride here. Yuu listened to Julius as he ordered two of his servants and then he looks up from the ground, only to see the female servants were suddenly in front of him, making him slightly jump. Looking at the smiles on their faces and looks at Julius, before slowly nodding his head and follows inside the estate.

Yuu follows the servants as he looks around inside the manor, seeing what he can since he doubted the female servants were going to give him a tour due to Julius' orders were to be bathe, fed, dressed and of course the final order of being sent to Julius' room. He was just glad to be able to wear something more than a jacket.

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Once Julius handed Yuu off to his servants, he quickly headed to his office, two servants following behind him. "What did I miss. "

"Tomorrow night there is a small gathering at the Miller's for a feeding. They invited you and urged me to tell you that they'd really like for you to come. "

"I bet they do, next. "

"Two weeks from now, there is the White Ball, like always the entire Gale family has been invited. "

"I feel like the White Ball was a few months ago...time really does fly by. "

"Your mother's flight leaves later tonight so she will be back at the manner tomorrow morning. "

"Good to know....Do your best to keep Yuu away from my parents...Knowing them, they will drain him dry. "

"Yes my lord. "

"Also Lady Victoria has called you multiple times, she insists that you communicate with her."

"Keep telling that women I'm busy...I don't care to entertain her. "

"Very well..."

"Anything else?"

"Lastly, a letter came for you in the mail, we left it on your desk. "

"Excellent. " Julius reached his office and opened the door for himself. The two servants quickly bowed as their master disappeared into the room b

"Oh- one more thing. " He poked his head out the door. Do me a favor and find out where Yuu's family lives. Get me there medical records and any kind of dirt or files you have on them. "

"Uh...yes...right away my lord. As you wish. " Julius quickly closed the door, locking it behind him. They were suripised that there master wanted information on a lowly human. Was Yuu special ?


The two female maids insisted on washing and bathing Yuu. Not only did they scrub his skin, but they also washed his hair, clipped his nails, brushed and blow dry his hair, waxed him, and brushed his teeth for him. He was being pampered to the extreme. When they were finally done, they put Yuu in small but comfortable pajamas made of silk material.

"This way. "

The female guided Yuu to Julius's bedroom.

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Yuu watches as Julius was heading somewhere else as he was now following the servants, looking around the manison as he walked.

He followed the maids to the bathroom and takes off Julius' jacket. He closes his eyes embarrassingly, biting his bottom lip as he could feel the two maids washing his body even if he can clearly do it himself. He slowly opens his eyes, watching as his body got washed off, closing his eyes tightly when his hair was getting washed. After the shower part of getting cleaned, Yuu watched as even his nails were getting clipped as well as getting his hair both brushed and blow dried.

When it got to the unexpecting waxing part, Yuu shivered a bit and knew his body didn't really have a lot of body hair. He didn't even have underarm hair or leg hair. The best he had for hair was pubic hair and obviously the hair on his head.

Yuu watched as the maid was brushing his teeth now and sighs a bit, wishing he could do all of this himself in a way. He wondered if this is how Julius lived his life. Spitting out the tooth paste when he was done and notices how he was now put in some pajamas that was silked.

Looking at the maid and nods his head slowly, looking at the pajamas as he walked and sighs with slight relief since he at least had something to wear then a jacket. He looked at the bedroom and looks at the maid, "d..do I just go in," he tilts his head to the side.

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"d..do I just go in," [/Quote]

The maid nodded, with a small smile on her face. She wouldn't leave, until Yuu entered the room.

"I will return later to take you to your room.." She bowed sweetly.


Julius was already inside. The vampires room was fare too large to be just a bedroom. To the left of his room was a couch and multiple bookshevels. To the right was a master bathroom and walk in closet. His bed was a king, covered in silk black sheets. There were no windows tho, and a curved flat screen hung on the far side of the wall. When Yuu enter, Julius quickly stood from his couch and approached the boy. He had changed, now he was shirtless, wearing lose pajama pants. His eyes already glowing red in the dimmly lit room. He forcely took Yuu's hand, pulling him along, before tossing the human on his bed. His eyes full of lust and hunger. He was done coddling the human.


Julius said coldly, flashing his fangs.

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Yuu looks at the maid and slowly nods his head as he looks at the door, rubbing the back of his head as he enters the room and holds onto the fabric of his pajama shirt, watching the door closed after he entered and walks further in the room, not knowing what to expect.


He looks around the room and pouts a little, ~this.. is a bedroom? It looks more like a living room then a bedroom,~ he thought as he perks up his head when hearing footsteps approaching him. Yuu looks and notices Julius, seeing his red eyes glowing and slightly tightens his grips on the pajama shirt he was wearing. He gasps as his hand was suddenly grabbed, feeling himself get pulled before he felt himself get toss on the bed. Yuu looks at Julius and notices the lustful and hunger look in Julius' eyes.


"U-Undress?" Yuu looks at Julius showing his fang and lowers his head, sitting up as he starts to slightly shake. He closes his eyes, not wish to face the punishment for not listening as he starts to take off his shirt. Yuu lays down on the bed and turns his head to the side, lifting his butt off the bed as he pulls down his pants, tossing both his pajama pants and shirt onto the floor before looking at Julius, keeping his legs crossed and his hands covering his crotch.

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Julius kept his eyes on the human, watching him undress and getting slightly turned on by his fear. He undid his pants gripping the boys ankle and pulling his body to the edge of the bed. The vampire leaned over the human, forcing Yuu's legs apart as he stood in between them. "Is this your first time having intercourse?" His voice dark as he leaned down and licked at Yuu's nipples. One of his hands made its way to Yuu's crotch, stroking him threw his underwear. He needed Yuu to be aroused and horny, since human blood tasted the best when a human was desperate for sex. He was almost tempted to just ram into the boy without preparing him...

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Yuu glances a couple times at Julius, notices how he was looking at him as he was undressing. As he was laying on the bed, he watches as Julius was undoing his pants but then gasps as his ankle was suddenly grabbed and felt himself getting pulled to the end of the bed. Yuu looks to the side, biting his bottom lip as his legs were being spread and slowly glances over, seeing Julius going in between his legs. Slowly looking up at Julius and nods his head, "y..yes I never went all the way before." Yuu jolts and watches Julius licking his nipples, moaning softly and covered his face with his hands. His lower half jumps when feeling that he was getting stroke off while he had his underwear on. Yuu glances at Julius while he softly moans with his toes slightly curling, gripping onto the side of the bed. His body was feeling overheated even if he was almost completely naked. "P-P...lease, just don't hurt me," he glances at Julius, not sure if even someone like him would listen to his request since it seemed like all Julius wanted was his blood and sex.

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He's so sensitive...

He thought to himself, taking in all the boys movements. He could already feel the humans precum damping his fingers threw his underwear. I only just started touching him, but he's already like this... Having Yuu squirm and twitch underneath him easily made him hard. Yuu was such a rare find! Not only did he have a rare blood type, but he was also obedient. His body was so sensitive and honest! Even if Yuu wanted to deny the pleasure, his body betrayed him. Teasing the human would not only be entertaining but far to easy.

"P-P...lease, just don't hurt me," [/Quote]

"You saying that makes me want to hurt you~" Julius's finger slipped passed the hem of Yuu's underwear, and tugged them off quickly. The vampire chuckled seeing Yuu's blushing face. "I haven't even done anything yet...but it looks like your about to cum...I didn't realize how sluty you are~ "

He gripped the boys hair and forced him to sit up, not carrying if he hurt Yuu. He glared into the humans eyes with such instantly, that it was chilling. "Your not allowed to look away..or close your legs...You are not allowed to grip my hair or run away either...do you understand." He yanked on the humans hair, waiting for a answer.

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Yuu could feel a wet spot in his underwear and shakes his head slowly, ~n-no... why is my body so sensitive? It's not fair,~ he thought as his body was reacting to Julius' touches. He looks at Julius and looks in between his legs, blinking as he saw how hard he was getting and looks to the side, closing his eyes, ~no... even he is getting hard too,~ he thought as he bites his bottom lip, knowing this wasn't going to end well, mostly for him.


He looks at Julius but then gasps as he felt his underwear getting pulled off, pressing his legs against Julius since he couldn't close his legs when Julius was between them. He looks up at Julius and then pouts a little, shaking his head, "n-no I am not slutty.. I am just a virgin, so my body is very sensitive. Surely you must have endured a virgin before," he looks at Julius. Yuu jolts as his hair was gripped, sitting up forcefully and looks in Julius' eyes, widening his eyes as he could feel a chill down his spine. As he listens to Julius' commands, Yuu bites his bottom lip as his hair was getting yanked, looking down at the bed and slowly nods his eyes, "y...yes master. I will do what you say."

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After hearing what he wanted to hear, the vampire released Yuu's hair. Julius then got on his knees, slipping the boys right leg over his shoulder, his lips kissing Yuu's inner thigh. His tongue ran over the boys skin, his red glowing eyes locking onto Yuu's as he suddenly pierced his flesh with his fangs. It would hurt, similar to the pain of being stabbed, but as he gulped down Yuu's blood, his body would start to feel hot, and the sharp pain would become dull. The more he fed on Yuu, the more light headed he would become.


About two minutes went by, before Julius retracted his fangs and started to lick at the boys wounds, healing them. He slowly stood, smuging the blood on his face.

"You better not faint on me.."

He muttered, forcing the human to lay back down on the bed. He leaned over Yuu like a hungry predator, teasing its prey. This night was far from over.


Julius shoved two of his fingers into the boys mouth as his free hand creased the Yuu's legs, his tongue circling around one of Yuu's nipples. Playing with his chest. "Suck them...this is the only preparation your getting.."

He nipped at the boys skin, leaving small hickies and bruises. Yuu's body belonged only to him...

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Yuu rubs his head a bit after his hair was released from Julius' grasp. He watches the vampire as he crouched down to his level and watches how his leg was now on Julius' shoulder. Yuu could simply watched as his thigh was getting kissed and then licked, watching as Julius was looking at him and grips on the blanket, jolting as he feeling the sudden sharp impact of Julius' fang within his thigh. Grasping hard on the blanket and watched Julius drink his blood. Yuu starts to softly pant and brings his hand to his head, starting to feel dizzy.


His ears were ringing and was about to fall back on the bed as he watches Julius lick the wound on his thigh while his vision was fading in and out.

He felt himself getting forced to lay back down on the bed. Yuu covers his face just for a moment to try and calm himself down before moving his hands, seeing Julius lean over him.


Yuu blinks as he suddenly had two of Julius' fingers shoved into his mouth and lets out a soft moan when feeling his nipples getting licked. Glancing at Julius and slowly nods his head as he starts to suck on Julius' fingers.

Flinching as Julius was leaving marks on his body, Yuu just continues sucking and slightly drooling on his fingers, ~p...preparation. I don't like the sound of that,~ he thought while he continues sucking on Julius' fingers.

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Once Julius's fingers were nice and wet he wasted no time. He quickly slipped a finger inside Yuu, kissing and licking his chest. He was having far too much fun playing with the humans nipples. Yuu's reactions were so innocent and honest that it made Julius want to do more things to him. He could barely contain his desire to fuck him. He moved his finger in and out a few times before forcing in a second finger, getting impatient. "Its time for you to learn that your body belongs to me...Your only purpose is to serve me and fullfil my desires....You are a slave worthy of nothing...It is best that you forget your old life...spread your legs." He ordered, removing his fingers and dropping his pants. He gripped the humans legs, making sure he didn't close them or run away.


He grabbed Yuu's throat, gripping it tightly as he met his eyes. "Watch me fuck you, and beg for me to stop... I won't go easy on you." He didn't care if Yuu cried or passed out. He was going to fuck him until he was satisfied.

Julius pressed his length against Yuu's entrance, forcing his way inside his tight pink hole. The human felt so good!

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Yuu felt as Julius took his fingers out as a strand of drool dripping down the corner of his mouth and jolts as he felt his entrance get invaded by Julius' fingers as he lets out a gasp. He arches his back and continues to let out soft but gaspy moans. He glances down a bit as he watches his chest get kissed and licked, shivering when Julius continue to tease his nipples. His body arches up as he felt his entrance suddenly get another finger shoved inside and moves his hands down, gripping on the blanket. Looking at Julius and looks to the side, tightening his grip on the blanket. Yuu looks Julius as he felt his fingers sliding out of him and lets out a gasp when his legs were being gripped. Unable to really fight Julius' strength he closes his eyes, turning his head to the side as he spreads his legs.


He flinches when his neck was gripped and slightly glares into Julius' eyes. He slightly brings his hands to Julius' hands, slightly grabbing them, "b-but I am a virgin. Please don't hurt me...," he looks at Julius as he felt tears starting to travel down his cheeks, truly afraid of the pain of loosing his virginity in such a rough way.

Yuu squirms his hips a bit when he felt his entrance getting poked at and then jumps when feeling Julius' cock pushes its way inside of him, letting out a loud moan. Yuu bites his bottom lip, "n-no... it hurts.. stop it," he places his hands on Julius' chest, trying to push him off.

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Julius glares down at the human, irritated. He quickly grips Yuu's hand, squeezing it. It was useless to try and resist. He wasn't even fully inside him yet! There's no point in struggling....relax for me...He muttered in the others mind feeling Yuu's insides tighten around his length. He licks and kissed the others hand, his fangs grazing the boys palm as he slowly continued to push. Once he was fully inside, he remained still, allowing Yuu a minute or two to get use to his size. Good boy~ I'm fully inside you now. He pressed up against Yuu, wanting to go as deep as he could inside him.

"Ah~ ..." The vampire pins Yuu's hand above his head, as his lips find there way to Yuu's neck, sucking his skin. "Its time to hear all the lewd sounds you can make~" Julius grinned, pulling out quickly only to shove himself back inside. He wasn't planning on going slow, but hard and fast. He pressed his body against Yuu's and moved his hips , thrusting hard and deeply into him. He wondered if the human would hold onto him, or start to cry, perhaps scream. How badly did he want him to stop? He was already so wet down there that you could hear the squishing of Julius fucking him.

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