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Sellsword (Inkompletewish and StainedCrimson)


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(Pictures used here are not owned by me, they are merely used to describe the look of a place or a character – all rights belong to their rightful owners)


Castle of Ironburrow

Main Capital of Lorfort



The land of Lorfort known for its booming agriculture and rich ore mountains is hidden on the eastern end of the continent Wissolar. The main capital is named Ironburrow after the royal family that rules over it. Due to the fact that the land is surrounded by the high mountains called Farnton Mountains they have been rather untouched in the political situation of the continent.


There has been whispers of war however, small inklings of knowledge coming from the south. The land of Lorfort is not build for war with its farmers and miners but just like every Great War in history it will be first fought by the common folk. They are rumors but…..the wind speaks of smoke and blood coming and the royals of Lorfort are getting restless; calling even more people up to arms. They say it’s a precaution that they can’t always rely on a small army but….most say it’s a premonition.


My Character




Samuel Freeforge



20 years




-> Explanation:

Dark-Brown medium-length hair; Light Brown bordering golden eyes; Tan body color; scars over the left eye (around 80% sight left) and a scar on the right cheek; around 170 meters in height and slightly muscular body; wears the earrings in the picture


Short Personality:

- quite (stewing in his own thoughts);

- diligent (if he sets his mind to something);

- only helps others if he can see a gain from it

(even if it’s only something as free bread from the baker lady a few doors down);

- takes almost every chance he can get to one up his father/brother


Short Bio:

Family of 5. Father, mother, two sons and one sister. Father is the ‘famous’ local blacksmith and craftsman in Ironburrow. Older Brother is the successor to said Smithy. Mother and Sister help in the smithy but also work at some days in the inn a few streets down. Whole family lived in Ironburrow as far as 3 generations back.





Another day; another busy morning in Ironburrow. Small folk were putting up stands and opening shops for the daily market day. Everything was going as usual. The baker lady slapped her disobedient boy for dropping yet another loaf of bread and the clothing maker was really picky on how to lay out his new wares in the right way so everyone would be dazzled with the newest ‘fashion’. But suddenly something unusual happened. Horse hooves could be heard racing over the stone road. Suddenly- “OUT OF THE WAY! MOVE!” a horse rider pushed through the crowd of salesman, making a beeline for the castle grounds. Some were able to get out of the path in time; others had to make a glorious nosedive to the side to avoid not getting trampled. Without looking back the rider made haste to the castle, nothing of importance made him stand out. No sword or armor nor jewelry.


The rider continued until he was finally in front of the castle gates. His head rose to the guards standing on the top of the gates and he shouted “I HAVE NEWS FOR THE KING! IMPORTANT NEWS” and then disappeared into the grounds after the bridge was lowered.




“SAM! Move your ass and help your sister open the god damn stall!” a booming voice shouted, almost making the window panes on their little house rattle. Said man turned back around to a young male which, according to the features, looked like said man’s son. “So laddie, let’s make this sword Ser Morris wanted. Get me the steel Edmund.” the man spoke to his son while readying the anvil and hammer he would need to bend the metal into the right shape. Like the dutiful son that the stout man believes he is, the lad fetched said metal as well as any other necessary equipment.


While said Sam just watched the ongoing proceedings with a brooding look before turning his head to his little sister of 16 that was staring at him from the door tapping her feet and generally appearing to be impatient. With a soft smile he walked towards his little sister and started to stack up the jewelry boxes and weapon cases they need to sell before carrying them in moderate amounts to the designated place which his sister dutifully showed him. It was at the edge of the market close to their home so thankfully Samuel didn’t have to carry the boxes too far. When he returned to carry the next box it was without his sister. She was making sure that no thief took the wares before they could even showcase them to the people of Ironburrow. Though it wasn’t common to get stolen from, there were still thieves hiding in the lower parts of town. But Sam didn’t see them as evil they were the ones not able to work and just tried surviving like everyone else. That didn’t mean he would gleefully look on as they stole his family’s hard work. He was ready to defend his sister and the wares if they were looking for a fight as his sword was never far from his person.


The hustle continued and soon the cheap-Jack was shouting out the opening of the market day.


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Explanation: Pale hair as thought to be white or silver depending on the lighting with a light complexion but will turn a light tan if in the sun long enough; bright blue eyes; a trim and muscular body. Known for carrying a sword as tall as he is and his pitch black armor when in battle.


Name: Elias Astor


Age: 25


Personality: Focused - Does things with a purpose in mind or for a reason

Dedicated - Loyal to those he trusts, will see a job/task through

Follows his own set of morals and codes though many align with the knight's code


Bio: Elias is from a mid-sized family of which he is the eldest child. There are his parents, and a younger sister and brother.


With a bone weary sigh, he wipes the back of his hand across his forehead to wipe some of the sweat away while leaning back against the rough boards of the wagon. This is the fifth attack in three days, and with each convoy there seem to be more. At this rate it won't be wise to travel like this much longer.


Around him are several bodies and pools of blood from would be bandits that had thought to rob the two wagons traveling through. Needless to say they didn't have things turn out that well for them. Nearby a large black stallion snorts while pawing at the ground while rolling an eye in a glare as though daring anyone else to come near it. Much like its own there are a few bodies on the ground though the only blood is from the one who was bit and the other two are groaning or whimpering on the ground from wounds caused by the hooves.


"Easy there boy." Pushing himself upright, he goes over to soothe his battle charger before calling out. "It's alright. We need to bury the bodies though before we continue on." Slowly those hiding in the wagons, some with items in hand such as a pot or pan, peer out before dipping back in then climbing out. As soon as the bodies are buried and the others trussed up to turn over to the authorities once in town, the small group once again takes off.


Upon reaching Ironburrow well past midday, Elias sees the troupe to where they were staying and collected the rest of his payment. Declining the offer to put him up for the night, he leaves and heads further into the town to find his own lodging. After acquiring a room and cleaning up, he sighs. "Time to spend some hard earned coin I suppose." After his horse is saddled up for him, he leaps onto the large horse and trots off to the smithery.


"Hello?!" He calls out approaching the sounds of clanging metal. The charger is left on his own, with the reins dangling telling the animal to stay put. Not worried in the slightest about anyone being able to take off with his violent steed, he decides its time to go see how much his needs for sword repair, new weapons, and replacement shoes for his horse will run him.

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“There we go.” a quiet voice spoke after disposing the leftover boxes from the sales in the storage room. Thankfully today was a rather good day and they managed to almost sell half of their stock. Most people were just browsing and oohing and ahhing over their wares but as long as they showed interest and might buy something in the future that was okay. Thankfully they had a diverse spectrum of things to sell. Earrings, necklaces, swords and shields were the most common one. Once they were even able to showcase a whole armor set.


Thankfully his father’s smithy was rather popular and well visited. Even though he might hate the attitude towards him, Sam could at least appreciate the skill his father had. His brother on the other hand….. I mean, he isn’t necessarily bad but…he is…lacking. But that might just be the envy talking. Since the accident during his childhood his father rarely looked at him. Everything Samuel knew he learned by watching or doing himself while his brother was suddenly the wonder child in the family. Thankfully at least his sister was not behaving any different than a normal sister would; at least as far as Sam could tell. For her young age she was rather headstrong and brash. It was always fun watching her scold Edmund for ‘watering the plants wrong. You don’t want them to drown!’. Gabrielle Freeforge was a force to be reckoned with. Sam would have to watch his actions at breakfast tomorrow. There will be the ‘Circlet’ which is basically sweet dough in a little circle form. Last time he didn’t leave some for his sister he had to clean up the house himself.


He was ripped out of his daily thoughts with a voice calling from the front of the smithy. Usually his father accepted orders. Mainly due to the fact that his father didn’t want his ‘eye sore’ scarring away all the customers. Samuel didn’t get it; he thought scars were actually a show of strength and for a blacksmith shouldn’t that be something good? No matter how he got the scars, shouldn’t they rather be ‘wooing’ the customers in? At some point Sam stopped questioning his father’s views. Hopefully I won’t have to hear these views much longer. Thinking about it; he still couldn’t hear his father’s booming voice greeting the customer. Was he that obsessed with his work again? His brother was also not home currently. Oh well, better to take the order than just angering the customer. His footsteps lead him through the slim corridor from the storage room and into the spacious smithy area. Turning around the last pillar he saw….. A knight? And a pretty unusual one too with a sword around as tall the man himself and pale hair, not something you see in Ironburrow a lot. Most of the folk here had dark hair. Samuel hadn’t seen this man in the capital before.


Oh well, less staring and more order taking. “Greetings.” the youngest son made haste to get closer to the other male so they didn’t have to shout. On the way he accidently brushed a weapon stand on his left side. The sword hanging from it clattered noisily to the ground. “God dammit. That’s what I get for not looking right.” Sam muttered under his nose and picked up the fallen sword. It was a standard one so thankfully he didn’t spoil any big order from some royal. His compromised eyesight on the left eye sometimes made it hard to see in that direction. He usually payed more attention so something like this won’t happen but this would be his first customer in a long while! In this household it was ‘You take it, you make it.’ So if he took this order he could finally use the smithy in peace and not secretly during the ungodly hours of the morn when his father and brother were still sleeping. With a short gesture he put the sword back on the stand and made his way over to the supposedly knight again. “I am sorry Ser. How may I help you?”

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Elias dips his head at the greeting and politely ignores the bit of stumbling the young man does next. It is clear that the scars are not merely for show and, surmising from the fact they are around the eye, indicate loss of vision as well. He waits until the other puts back the sword that was knocked over, but waves off the following portion."I am no Ser." Not anymore at least. "So no need for that. I am here to obtain some weapons as well as re-shoe my horse." With the rising amount of incidents when traveling there is clear need for more than just his sword anymore. Mobility and flexibility in battle will soon become paramount to surviving encounters.


"One or two knives and unless you have a premade one, I would also like a sword that is far Eastern-based." He frowns slightly. "No, I will require a specialty order on the sword. A cross-between the far East and either a longsword or a claymore perhaps." Something smaller than what he has that can be carried on his hip, but fast though with the sturdiness and strength for hard use. Through his travels various types of weapons and fighting styles were able to be observed and even learned, but nothing quite impressed him like the long yet slim sword the warriors of the far East used.


Shrugging slightly to bring himself back to the man he is speaking to, Elias tilts his head slightly to one side. "Is that an order that is able to be filled at this shop?" If not then finding someone who will be able to meet his needs will be difficult and time consuming, not too mention meaning he would likely need to travel someone where other than the capitol as this is the most well known smithery in Ironburrow. Not that it means that lesser known talent isn't here, just harder to find. However, some part of him thinks that this man before him may be up to the challenge and maybe even rise above his expectations.


Suddenly he hears the angry scream of Buchaelas and a ruckus outside, Elias swiftly turns and briskly heads outside where he sees his charger with ears back, teeth bared, and a couple of people eyeing the horse warily as one lays writhing on the ground holding his arm which is bleeding. Idiots. "What's going on? Who are you and why are you bothering my horse?" He calls out in a calm tone though loud enough to be heard over the small crowd that has since gathered while laying a calming hand on the large black neck of the irritated animal.





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Shortly after the question left his mouth the stranger told him the reason of his visit. A simple order of some knives and re-shoeing a horse and the only special thing was the sword he was asking for. Normally the knights and royals of Ironburrow stuck with the usual sword shape. This man however wanted something that looked like the long and slim swords of the East. If Sam remembered right they were called ‘Katangas’? No, that’s the wrong name. It was something along those lines though.


Having a Smithy as the family business meant that you usually got stuffed full with facts about weapons, armor and the like. But the swords of the east aren’t usually seen around these lands so it’s hard to make something like that from the limited knowledge. But it would be a challenge and if Sam remembers right, they still had that little booklet from a traveler from the east with weapon facts. If he can find it he might be able to recreate something like them except more sturdy. It wouldn’t do if it broke in a fight with a normal sword.


Thinking about it got him rather excited. If he managed to actually fulfill this order then maybe his father will show him some respect and maybe even let him leave the family business without him having to run away. The best scenario would be if his father actually would consider him to be an heir but growing up in this family made this thought slide away rather fast. His father was bullheaded for a lack of a better word. Edmund would always be his heir even if Sam would start showing better promise (which he already did but his father ignored). Once the mind was set to it, it was carried out. Guess that’s one of the only things that run in the family. But just that satisfaction of seeing his father flabbergast at the quality of this sword would be more than enough already. Given that the customer would also like it.


Decision made he raised his eyes towards the male again. “To be honest, we do not have a lot of work with eastern styled swords yet. The interest in them is rather low. But I do have some information that I can access and work with. I will promise you a good sword that has the main eastern features but will not be worse quality than swords you find here; if you will like it and use it in the end is your decision sir.” If Samuel was one thing, then it is being frank. He could create a working sword with an eastern base but it might end up different than the other male might expect given that it would be the first kind that got created in this Smithy. The buyer should know what he is buying after all. If the other isn’t ready to work with a ‘first-of-its-kind’ sword that might or might not show some weaknesses in battle with sturdier swords then he should think if he wants a sword like that after all. “Since I cannot promise you the result you might expect, I will promise you a good sword for battle. If you would like you can also visit during the creation about it and I can show you the progress and you can include some thoughts along the way.” He offered. Samuel wanted this order to be one of his best works to date. It would be a challenge and if he could work with the customer than he might even be able to make so the other male will talk about its success to others and they might get more customers.


Suddenly their conversation got interrupted by screams of people and an angry sounding horse. Given by the way the customer basically sprinted outside it’s not too far to say that the horse that sounds as if it would murder someone soon belongs to him. Like most people Samuel is interested to see what happened and briskly rounds the shop counter to join the other male in front of the smithy.

Sam didn’t get far before he got stopped by the gathering crowd. You would think most of them had better stuff to do. Now he saw what the commotion is about. One look at the bleeding arm on the lying man that shows teeth impression told him that the injured male stuck his fingers where they don’t belong. With a look at the horse that has bitten the offender told him also why that might have happened. The horse was gorgeous. If he didn’t know better he might have tried touching the great flank of the beast too. But thankfully he is smarter and as far as he could tell the horse didn’t like people touching him. One should just not poke the beast.


But seriously, if this goes even more out of hand or a fight breaks out then he might have to alarm the guards. He can’t have a fight happening right outside the smithy. Too much sharp stuff lying around if you get my drift. I hope it won’t come to it. I don’t want to lose one of my only chances of finally getting out of here.

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The irritated charger tosses his head, snorting and pawing the ground clearly still riled up, but stays in place and seems to calm slightly under the hand of its owner. The men who had thought to steal the horse, look at the man warily while they gather up the one who had been bitten. The ring leader had thought to challenge Eilas' claims up until he saw that the horse allowed his touch. Glaring, he turns and the two leave with the visibly pale comrade.


He raises an eyebrow clearly unimpressed with the glare and attitude shown to him by the would-be-thieves, but lets them walk off. Turning to crowd he frown. "Well? Are you all done gawking and blocking roads, or shall I give you more reason to stand there?" He barks out startling them, but succeeds in causing the crowd to begin to disperse. Shaking his head, Elias turns back to the young man that he had been talking with.


"Now then, I understand the risks involved with creating a one or first of its kind item. As I do not know the first thing about your craft I will leave the manner and materials to you, but I will take you on your offer to check in throughout the progress." Elias states simply and too the point, heedless of those still nearby and whether or not they hear him. "When can you begin with my order?" Glancing at charger who is is calmer, but clearly ready to take another chunk out anyone else who cares to get too close, he takes on a last bit. "I will also insist on staying with my horse when you re-shoe him."


Needless to say this is more for the other's safety than any worry over skill. "When will you be able to get started?" Slias asks while gathering up the reins, prepared to leave and come back. It is also getting close to when supper should be getting served and the place he is staying at serves excellent fare. Though he will need to help Buchaelas burn off the extra bit of energy and aggression before returning and stabling him. Otherwise the large charger may very well tear down the barn should anything else happen.

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For a second Samuel expected a fight to break out but thankfully the offenders were smart enough not to challenge the claim on the horse; this time. As much as Sam understood the thieves of the castle that really had nothing, he was often times surprised how stupid they could be. But thankfully this time nothing got out of hand. With a barking voice the stranger shattered the watching crowd and finally the street was almost empty again. It would have been a hassle to call the knights here, they usually made things worse.


His gaze snapped from the man who got bitten to Elias when the other started talking to him. With small grin he shifted his weight to the other foot and replied “Well, I would appreciate it if you were there when I re-shoe him sir. Don’t want to end up like that guy.” Sam straightened his posture again and strode slowly back to the shop. Before disappearing into it again he once again turned his attention to the other male. “I would have to find the book first to get the information I need for the sword but I can re-shoe your horse this evening at least. Since I have a good idea where the book is at, I might be able to start tomorrow or the day after on the sword. Concerning money; I can tell you how much the sword would cost when I have a general idea of how I will craft it. Re-Shoeing horses will cost the same as anywhere else in Ironburrow, [insert amount of money].”


Seeing that the other was ready to leave, he quickly threw a “Good day sir, I will see you at a later date.” to him and turned back towards the shop, only to see his father’s face starting angrily at him from behind the counter. Figures he would notice the commotion. God dammit. and Sam’s face took on a sour tone while walking back inside. It was time to brace for impact, his father was known as a…..strict father, a slap or even a whole beating when not behaving or doing something stupid was normal and his father hated it when Sam did stuff without alerting him first. The old smith would still make him finish the order but Sam should not think that it wouldn’t go unpunished.

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At being called a 'sir' again, he lets out a snort but gives a nod. "I'll return tomorrow for you to re-shoe my horse." Leaving he turns the horse towards the city wall. After a little ways Elias digs his heels in slightly to bring the large horse up to a trot and makes good time to the gates of the city. Leaving the crowds behind, the charger is given his head and allowed to take off. They spend a solid hour or so before returning to the inn.


Elias gives a soft sigh while brushing down Buchaelas in his stall while the moody charger eats his dinner. "I wonder if such a young smith is truly up to the challenge of making the sword. Perhaps he's the apprentice or a journyman at that smithy?" He muses to himself. That would make more sense to him, but the other man did comment on how he would go about the process. "I suppose it's just a wait and see matter. If he isn't able to handle the task then I'll speak to the smith in charge." Finishing, he pats the charger's side before leaving the stall.


Entering the inn, he finds a spot to sit and orders his own meal. Sipping at his mug of ale Elias settles back and lets the conversations around him just flow over him until he hears mention of a certain family that lives in the capital. Jaw and hand clenched, he stares into his mug for several long moments then downs the remainder of the drink before setting the mug down with a loud thud. "Fuck... If they're actually paying attention then things may get complicated."


Thankfully his food arrives shortly thereafter and he is able to focus on eating while keeping an ear open for any further mention of the family mentioned previously. Finishing the food, Elias nurses his second mug of ale but after not hearing anything else worth noting, he chugs the remnants then heads off to bed. While they wouldn't go out of their way to do harm to me, it wouldn't be surprise for them to try and turn the smiths against helping me. With these dark thoughts the tall man sighs and pulls the covers over himself.


Come morning he eats an early meal of bread and eggs to break his fast, he takes Buchaelas out for some vigorous exercising to help tire the violent animal out before he gets re-shoed. On the way to the smithery he nabs a quick snack to eat on the way through town. Finishing just as he reaches the shop, he jumps off the horse and calls out. "Young smith! Are you there? I've come for the shoeing."

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Mentally jotting down that the strange will return tomorrow Sam made his way past the counter towards his father. Oh, how he wished to be finally free.


*Fades to the next day*


“You should stop antagonizing father” a melodic voice spoke only followed by a hiss. “Can’t you be softer while doing this Gabrielle?” Sam retorted with a grunt only followed by more hissing when his sister tried to treat the purple bruise he was sporting on the right side of his face. Of course his father had to go ahead and slap him in the face. “If you would THINK before doing something to anger father then surely. You could think you would start learning to be careful around him.” his sister added and continues to tend to the bruise. Thankfully his father had been rather lenient since he expects Sam to finish that order at least. He was also able to find the western book this morning before his sister dragged him off to the kitchen to tend to him and give him his breakfast. His mother already left to help out the Inn a few streets down. Since she had no official profession she usually helps out here and there same as his sister. But as far as he knows, Gabrielle is thinking about growing plants and particular flowers for a living. Maybe she can be the castle gardener when she is bigger. Usually males had a higher standing but his sister can be rather….persuasive and he didn’t mean like the ladies in the brothels.


After a healthy breakfast and seeing his sister off when she left to help their mother in the inn, Sam made his way to the smithy to start preparing for the re-shoeing of the horse and start on leafing through the book to find starting points for the sword. Edmund greeted him with a ‘friendly’ shove in the shoulder when he walked past. Apparently he heard that Sam got work to do and he was stuck yet again with helping out their dad. Speaking of said man, he stood at the hearth and muttered to himself before he turned around and his eyes landed on Sam. “Lad.” he spoke in a brash and hard way; his usual version of a greeting. With a downcast gaze to avoid attracting more attention Sam nodded and made his way to the little stable area. The young man started preparing everything he would need for later.


*a bit later in the morning*


So far everything was ready for when the stranger arrived. They didn’t specify a time so at least everything was ready now. With a soft huff the young lad turned around and sat down on his work desk to start planning on the sword. Not so long after he was engrossed in his ideas and thoughts and didn’t hear the person calling from the shop counter. Thankfully his father wasn’t busy this time and walked to the front. “I am not young but what can I help you with sir?” he ever politely replied. As long as there was money to be had his father did a 180. It was interesting to watch at times….sometimes even disgusting when he tried leeching money from someone.

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Elias gives the man addressing him a look over and can immediately spot several characteristics that mark him as related to the smith he talked to yesterday. "Greetings. I take it you are the one in charge here." He gives a slight nod of respect and greeting before continuing. "Yesterday I had spoken with someone under you for some work done. Not the least of which is having this one re-shoed." He motions at his mount. "I was coming by to see if he was ready for the task before starting on my other order."


He shifts glancing around the street, thankfully it's fairly empty compared to yesterday when someone had attempted to run off with Buchaelas. Still, after hearing mention that his family is still active in the area he has no desire to linger in the open. "If you would be so kind as to show me where to take him, I would appreciate it." Though his hold is loose on the reigns, it is clear that Elias won't be handing over the reigns to the other man. Not that it would matter even if he did however, as soon as someone other than himself tried to touch the horse or the reigns it would immediately lash out unless someone was familiar with this particular breed of charger. Which not many are as they are rare and only certain individuals are ever known to have one.


That aside, he just isn't quite ready to leave his horse alone in an open area again. Not after the incident yesterday. Though one would think that after one example of the horse's wrath would dissuade other would-be-thieves, Elias knows that's not necessarily the case and would rather not have a repeat and get the constables involved. That would be the very last thing I need. He thinks dryly while imagining the news getting out and the reaction that would have.

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Ogren Freeforge was known to be one of the best Smiths in Ironburrow. Given that there aren’t a lot of big smithies around kind of helped that reputation. Orgen was a smith but also a businessman. He had to be; to feed his family. So he usually was a bit picky when choosing clients but this man before him looked, in lack of a better word, regal. His clothes were kept clean, his stance straight and not hunched over like most others. His horse was also beautiful and looked really strong it must have cost a fortune. So Ogren was more than happy to have this man commission in their smithy. A pity that his youngest son took the order. The old man loved Samuel; he was his son after all but if the smith was something it was superstitious. He believed that the devil caused his son to have the accident; to compromise his eye sight so that he will cause a lot of trouble for his family. His son did good work but Orgen just waited for that other shoe to drop and for something dangerous to occur. So he tried his best to keep Sam from taking any orders to minimize the chances of the devil laying yet again a hand in their future. What if Sam didn’t see the molten steel next to him and toppled it over and causes their home to burn?! No, Ogren Freeforge won’t risk it. But what is done is done, if he were to craft the things the stranger wanted himself it would be bad for his reputation.


After hearing the stranger’s words he sighed. “Yes, I am the master of the Freeforge Smithy. The one that accepted your request was my son. He was being pretty evasive concerning the task you gave him. I will fetch him, just a second please. There is a little stable area around the back, just take the little alley to the left. I will send my son to you in but a second.” Orgen answered dutifully and left the stranger with a brisk nod. His steps carried him to the work station at the back of the forge, away from prying eyes.


Edmund was already out and about; getting the materials his father ordered him to get so only Sam was left with his father. Thankfully today wasn’t a busy day so Sam was able to sit down on his desk to come up with ideas for the sword. He had a rather good incline on what he wanted to do but he would have to calculate which materials to use to make it sturdy but still light. Coming up with a design wasn’t that hard Sam just had to work a bit more on the balance. Before he could continue musing a large hand landed on his shoulder and startled him for a second. With a fast movement he turned his head only to see his burly father stand behind him. “The person that asked for that sword and re-shoeing is here. I send him to the back. Sam; don’t do anything rash and behave yourself is that clear?!” his father spoke in a harsh voice, most likely still unhappy about him having accepted the order. With a flourish he dropped his pen on the desk and stood up. “Of course.” the son only replied and turned around quickly to make haste towards the stable. The faster he was away from his father the better.


Before long he arrived and already saw the horse and its rider coming closer. Since this was his first order in quite a while he was really energetic to work on it; even if it was just re-shoeing a horse. Better than sorting their inventory every day. “Greetings! I hope you had a good rest. Please lead your horse over here. I need to see which horse shoe fits.” Sam said and scurried off to a cabinet on the side. With a soft pull it opened to a lot of different sized horse shoes. Given the big body of the horse Sam started collecting a few bigger ones. Now he only had to see which fit the best. Given what happened yesterday; he hoped the stranger would keep a tight hold on the reigns. Sam didn’t want to get kicked or bitten if he could avoid it so he would also touch as less as physically possible when re-shoeing a horse. He hoped it was more relaxed than yesterday. With a little whoomp he kneed in the dirt near the area where he pointed the stranger to put his horse and disposed the horse shoes and the tools he will need next to him on the ground for easier reach.

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Elias nods and leads the horse over to where directed. "I had a calm enough evening, thank you. Were you able to think of a few ideas for the sword?" He asks while keeping a firm hold of the horse. As long as Elias is there and holding the reigns, the charger seems to ignore the young smith as he works, though his ears flick back and an annoyed hoof slam marks how little the large horse is liking the situation.


After Buchaelas' show of irritation, he's given a light smack on the neck causing the horse to snort but go still. "You should be fine as long as I'm here to keep him in line and remind him just who is boss." He gives the other male a faint good-natured smile as this isn't the first time the two have done this song and dance. After a few moments of silence, letting the other work, he finally sighs. "I hope I didn't cause you too much trouble with my order. I'm sure you'll soon be loaded down with various commissions with how bad the roads are getting."


Just thinking of the trouble he had getting back to the city makes him want to walk around, sword in hand. Not too mention all the stories he's been hearing from other travelers lately as well. Larger caravans are starting to form, or those that start off individually or small quickly join the first group they come across if they manage to evade or escape bandits or other problems. This also means that hired hands to guard those groups has increased as well. At first it was small enough to just mean some extra coin and a fairly easy job, but even within the last month it's gotten dangerous enough that many wear armor and prices have increased for the protection.


Even the incident yesterday was out of the norm. Especially considering the location of the smithy and how close it is to the upper city. Unrest has settled into the city. It won't be long now. War really is on the horizon. The dark thoughts cause him to frown slightly as he gets lost in them.

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Almost immediately after kneeling down the stranger got the horse in the right position and kept a tight grip on the reigns. Thankfully, as the horse didn’t seem to like this situation. But a job is a job and as long as the owner was keeping a good grip and eye on the horse Sam will dutifully re-shoe it, even if the horse won’t be grateful for it. I guess as long as I don’t receive a black eye or anything I am fine with that. After thinking this Sam went ahead and started on the left hind leg.


After a few minutes of collecting his thoughts while still working he answered the stranger “Well. I have an idea of the general shape and looks already. Before you arrived sir, I was thinking about the materials that I will use for it. And do not worry about the work load. Usually my father and brother take on the day to day happenings. But you are right I also noticed the roads getting busier. I wonder why that is. Words do travel but one should not immediately trust them……or you don’t want to believe them. There is talk about war brewing at the horizon. A lot of our customers are rather paranoid. The amount of swords and armor we had to craft the last five months…” and there he cut off. Sam himself also noticed the growing unrest but he did not want to believe in a war. Ironburrow, despite its faults, was actually a rather safe and harmonious city. The royal family was just in their rule and the economy was thriving. Thinking about war and bloodshed made his stomach turn. Sam would fight if need be but it doesn’t mean he would like it. Sparring and actually fighting for your life is different after all. Sam had enough interaction with war veterans or the fighters in the arena to get a good enough view about it. If war was really coming……


“If you do not mind me asking sir, where are you from? It is always nice to meet strangers from other lands, to hear the tales of their journey. I do not leave the capital a lot so it’s nice to hear it from another point of view. I am sorry if I seem too zealous, you do not have to answer me.” Sam uttered after being done with the second horse shoe. Thankfully re-shoeing usually didn’t take a long time if the horse is actually behaving. This horse seemed to have quite the personality but thankfully appears to be tamed rather well.

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Elias gives the other a grim smile when he cuts off. "I would start practicing with the items you sell so you gain some proficiency with them." He flatly. It is a warning and advice all in one, but stated so factually and calmly that it would be difficult for one to make light of it. Upon passing along his words of wisdom, the other is allowed to drift in his thoughts as the horse continues to be re-shod.


When the other finally speaks back up, and asks about him, Elias gives a short laugh. "Then I am not the kind you seek if you wish to talk with others from afar, though I can tell you tales of my travels all the same. I am like you, from Ironburrow. However, unlike most I have not stayed here and just come back on occasion." Not that he'd been given much choice after his decision all those years ago. While there is still a slightly bitter after taste from it, he can assuredly say that he doesn't regret his choice. Though having my brothers' in arms with me on the road would certainly be welcome these days. He thinks with a soft sigh.


Once the new shoes are on, he looks at the horse and smiles faintly while patting him on the nose. "Well now, how does it feel to have new shoes on and be completely terrifying again?" He asks the horse who snorts and tosses his head with an eye roll as though saying the other is ridiculous for thinking that the shoes make him terrifying causing the male to chuckle.


Shaking his head slightly, he looks over at the young smith. "If you wish to hear some stories I don't mind sharing. As I'm sure you have things to do, you're welcome to join me for dinner at Golden Arrow inn tonight or for a drink." His smile fades as he continues. "Though you may not like the most recent relaying of my tales." Shifting he gives a slight dip of his head before handing over the payment for the completed job. "Thank you for the work, and perhaps I'll see you tonight." With another nod he leads the horse out and they swiftly vanish in the day's crowd.


Elias spends the rest of the day getting other odds and ends he needs such as restocking his supplies, clothing, foodstuff, and the like. Eventually he heads back to the inn and goes through his packs to put things away before bathing. After his bath he heads down to sit in the common room for a drink or two until dinner is served to observe others and see what news he can glisten from other patrons. Idly he wonders if the young smith will be joining him.

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His gaze drifts down towards the ground. It is true what the stranger advised. Sam did practice with the swords and other weaponry occasionally but work in the smithy as well as lacking a partner made it hard to practice regularly. In the past he had his brother but since the accident……Edmund would rather not be close to him if he carried a weapon. One life changing injury in the family is enough apparently. Trust didn’t come easy anymore. It’s a bad excuse though. Sam was mostly at fault for the accident but it’s him that reaped the consequences after all. His sight might be a bit limited but he can wield a sword just fine thank you very much. Sam is even able to craft still and create good items. He will show them with this project.


Not much later after that thought he realized that he subconsciously finished re-shoeing the horse. The young smith moved away carefully and started putting away his equipment while the other tended to his horse. “To be honest sir I would like to hear any kind of story if it happened outside the walls of this town. I can’t even remember when I have last left it. Usually my brother accompanies my father to trades out of town. And do not worry, I rather like realistic stories. I do know that not a lot is as rainbow and sunshine’s as the stories make them out to be. I might be young but I already experienced some bad things………for a town like Ironburrow that is.” Sam replied and took the money for the job with a slight bow. “I might take you up on that offer. Have a good day sir.” He added when the other turned around and headed out towards the city. An evening with a drink sounded quite nice actually. As much as he lacked a training partner Sam also lacked real friends. Nobody wanted to be ‘with the weird freak that got touched by the devil’ if the whispers he sometimes hears when manning their stand at the market are true. Damn this town. You would think they get used to see injuries. Sam really wanted to leave.


For the rest of the day he took on small jobs that his father and brother couldn’t be bothered with: sharpening weapons and tools, selling some jewelry, checking the stock if they needed more metal (and also checking what mats he would have at hand to create the sword). After a quick wash due to the sweat accumulated in the forge, he made his way towards the inn where the stranger was staying as well as the inn where his mother and sister are working tonight. Nothing happened during his small track to it thankfully and he opened the front doors to be greeted by the general smell of food and booze. Before even being able to look around for the white haired stranger he was dragged towards the bar by his mother that had spied him entering and immediately thought he could help a bit. It wasn’t long before his sister also noticed him and rushed over to give him a kiss on the cheek for getting the heavy beer barrel from the storage room. Especially today the owner of the inn was indisposed to help with lifting heavy things; just his luck.


Thankfully his help wasn’t needed further (for now) and he was finally able to look around for the other male. Today was a rather busy day and just like always one or two whispers followed him to the end of the room to where he spied the other sitting. “Evening. I hope your offer still stands?” he asked and carefully sat down on the other end of the table. “Would you like something to drink? For the trouble of telling me stories?” he added afterwards and waited for the other’s answer so he can order them drinks.


(I am sorry for the late reply. I was gone for 3 days and then work came and was like "oh, you were gone? Here all this accumulated, have fun")

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He had noticed the moment the other had entered the inn, and chuckled lowly when the young smith was immediately commandeered to assist whom Elias assumes is family. Idly he watches the other and just finishes his drink when the other sits down at his table and offers a faint smile. "Of course. Though much longer and I would have assumed you weren't interested." He raises a hand to call over the young lady serving tables. "I'll have another drink, this one on him." Elias gives a grin and wink getting a smile out of the tired woman. "And some food if you don't mind. Even if just bread and cheese." She nods then turns to Elias' companion to await his order.


Once she has their orders she goes about filling them. "Now then, I suppose if I'm to regale you with tales of my travels..." He drolls in a slightly exaggerated manner, personally he finds his own travels a bit boring most times and troubling in recent. "It seems only right that I start with ones that you're interested in. So tell me, anything in particular you're wanting to hear about?"


As a traveling bodyguard of sorts, he's been everywhere nearby and a fair number of places further out. On occasion he's even gone to places that are rarely heard of in Ironburrow save the merchants and such who trade with such far off places for exotic goods and wares.


Soon their waitress returns and sets down their drinks and follows shortly after with a bowl of soup, bread, and a hunk of cheese with a knife. "Thank you. This looks splendid." She gives a small nod and smile then hurries off to other tables. Elias pulls a bowl towards him and begins to eat while waiting to hear what questions and tales the other would request of him.


(haha no worries. Glad to see you made it back.)

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Sam sags back into the chair he is sitting on, openly grateful that the other will still fulfill his request. Even if they might seem boring to the stranger himself, nothing really interesting happens in Ironburrow so even a bland tale of a journey would be something special. His head turned to the other waitress that is serving in the inn. “I’d like the same as him please, nothing special today.” the young smith requested. It’s been a while since he last spend an evening here but if half of your family works here you sometimes got a drink for free.


After ordering he turns his head back to his companion to listen to the others words. “Well, I would be interested to know if you saw some nice towns or scenery. Living my whole life in the same place I constantly have the Farnton Mountains in my back and the open fields in front. Are the cities similar constructed like Ironburrow? Are there different trees or flowers further inland? I sometimes see hagglers selling some and there are some beautiful flowers. My sister loves gardening and I am always tempted to buy some seeds for her.” he started rattling on. Sam wanted to know the layout of the lands outside of Ironburrow first. Fights usually always ended up the same so he was patient to wait to hear those stories.


During his triad he had to stop because the waitress brought them their orders. This time it was his sister setting down the food and drinks and after receiving a compliment she slightly blushed, nodded and winked at Sam when she left. His sister appeared to fancy the other’s looks. Hopefully his customer wouldn’t be interested too or else his evening might be cut short. Gabrielle wasn’t a whore by any means but she was a young woman and knew what she wanted despite her age of 16 years. No matter how embarrassing that is to imagine.


With a slight disgruntled look he focused on the drink and food and started eating. A day in the forge was always hard work and left him quite hungry at the end of the day. His eyes strayed to the other now and then while they were busy eating. Usually Sam is more of a quite nature but he wanted to hear these stories. Who knows when he is able to finally leave and he needs as much information of the outside world as possible. It wouldn’t do if he were to leave and instantly got lost or something. So he had to squeeze as much out of the other as possible without annoying him.

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Elias listens to the questions that the young smith fires off, pausing only to thank the waitress and eat. He takes a few bites and chews thoughtfully as he thinks over his answers. "Let's see... Some cities are similar, but there are a lot of differences. The smaller ones tend to be a bit cleaner or simpler in the layout, and location has a lot of impact. Coastal cities are different than Ironburrow for example. Also, some have certain specializations such as glass making or weaving." He shrugs, there are so many things that it's impossible to really do it justice.


"The same goes with plants. Each area has plants that are specific to that region that you can't find elsewhere. Some can be grown in other regions provided the climate isn't too different or the individual has the means and methods to imitate the plant's natural environment. I've seen gardens of individuals who have done so." Looking up at the ceiling, Elias goes quiet for a moment. "Cultures and traditions change as well. The gypsies tend to be found more inland for one thing, but tend to be regarded really poorly though everyone enjoys their visits." His face shadows over slightly. "Or tolerate them for a few days at least."


His gaze resettles on Sam. "Any other questions or curiosities? There's still some time left as I still have some drink left in my cup." He grins slightly while raising his cup up to take a sip out of it. Giving the other time to prepare his next set of questions, Elias continues to eat his meal while glancing around the crowd. Honestly he didn't expect much else from the other in terms of questions. No one seems to want to acknowledge the increasing tensions, slowed trade routes and increased prices, not too mention the increasing levels of attacks on the roads.


So while not surprising, Elias is a bit disappointed but finds himself tracing the other's features with his eyes as silence settles between them for a moment. Thankfully the silence isn't awkward, but when he catches himself studying Sam, he swiftly diverts his gaze while taking a large gulp of his drink. It has been awhile... He resolves to get some company after the young smith leaves.

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With a curious gaze he settles on the other’s face when his questions are being answered. Sam tries to imagine the cities and gardens the other describes. He himself has seen a tree that was called a palm in the palace once when he went to deliver some swords for the guards. It looked out of place in the harsh area of Ironburrow but that is what it was intended to do, catch your eye. So imagining different kind of plants and cities made them almost seem unreal.


When the other started talking about gypsies the young smith remembers the colorful tents and the amazing shows and all the other amazing stuff they always bring with them. During his childhood he loved visiting them, his father usually always turned up his nose though. Most people treat them like they are thieves but still go and watch the shows. Sam instead sees them just like any other human. There are good and bad ones but people usually only see what they want to see. Someone stole? Make the whole group he belongs too also thieves. Ridiculous.


His gaze shortly drops to his plate and he stuffs another bit of cheese in his mouth until his gaze snaps back to the other. Sam was mostly finished with his meal and his drink was also quite empty. His thoughts returned back to possible questions that he could ask and only one thing came instantly to mind. “Is it true that a lot of bandits are seen on the roads? I had a rich customer swear to high heaven that bandits attacked his traders. He was grateful to be alive but that has apparently been the third time in a month that his caravan got attacked. There has also been….some high temper in the guards of the palace. Something is bothering them. Talk of war has started but……no one wants to believe it but you probably noticed if you are out traveling so much.” the smith queried with a low voice and leaned slightly over the table. It would not do to talk about it that loudly, you never know who could be listening.


People avoided talking about it because it made it real. But even a young man like Samuel noticed that something was not how it usually was. Sam wanted to leave Ironburrow but if a war was really starting it might be hard to survive out there but if he stayed maybe the king will make him fight in the war too. But even if it would seem like running away, Sam couldn’t stay here for much longer. Even if his death was waiting outside the keep walls. If the talks about war are to be believed he would have to avoid the official ways when traveling but he would risk getting lost. Suddenly his grand plan was looking grimmer by the minute. Was he really destined to stay in Ironburrow? He released a heavy sigh and gulped down the last of his drink. “I wanted to leave Ironburrow but if all the rumors are true it might be rather hard to stay alive. I might have to find a group to travel with…” he muttered and stared at the table top, lost in thought. It was supposed to be a nice evening but his thoughts lowered the mood.

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When the young smith begins to ask about the bandits, the merchant, and the short-tempered guards, Elias looks into his drink for several moments as he swirls the brew. "The merchant wasn't lying, though he might have been exaggerating a bit depending on how long ago it. It's only been the last few months that things have really turned bad on the road." His tone is low, but more in thought and remembrance than of not wanting others to overhear. The man's way of carrying himself plus his sword is enough to give most a pause in trying to fight him.


"Over the last year things have gotten far more dangerous. At first it was small, just the regular bandits and thieves occasionally going after slightly larger groups, but nothing too out of the norm. Then there were attacks on any smaller caravans, whether or not there were guards unless numerous enough to be a real threat. Then as the caravans started traveling together for safety there came the larger groups of bandits." He frowns, his thumb lightly rubbing along the side of his mug.


"Needless to say that got various nobles and merchants in a frenzy so the armies went after them a bit, but attacks are still increasing and it has been almost half a year since I last accompanied a caravan and not been attacked on the way." In other words, Elias personally has had to fight off and defend every single caravan or shipment that he's been on for the last six months, to say nothing of other caravans.


Finally looking up at the other grimly, he states what others refuse to acknowledge. "Either a war is about to happen or has already started and is approaching our door." Hearing the other wanting to leave finally gets a wry grin out of him. "Oh? Not enough work for you here Young Smith?" He teases lightly before shrugging. "Staying or going doesn't really matter, except where you go should either be tucked away enough to avoid any fighting, or fortified enough to defend itself. Though traveling with a large group that has has guards is one way to go. Another way is also to find a small group or guard and try to slip through to wherever you want to go."


He finishes his drink then signals for a refill. "Have you thought about where you want to go and what you'd do once there?" Elias asks with a mix of honest curiosity and politeness while waiting for his new drink.

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While the other spoke Elias thoughtfully at the last of his meal and drank the last of his beer. So it really was looking like a war was coming. He wondered what Lorfort would be in the war. The city or rather the royal family had laid claim to all of the minerals and ores in the Farnton Mountains that surround the main capital Ironburrow. Next to iron or even gold up to the rubies and amethysts that grace the neck of a lady; everything belonged to the royal family. And with its rich earth the city usually never went without food. Even the smallfolk is able to afford getting food even in the harshest winters. You would be an idiot if you thought the city won’t be a key point in this war given how much it has to offer. The only good grace was that it was surrounded by mountains and thus an attack could really only come from the west. If it was already as close as the other made it seem then it would be hard to avoid it in any way even if he left the current safety of the main capital. His sudden dream of an easy journey seemed far away. Sam will have to face hardships he probably can’t even imagine but staying here would be a torture in itself. The young smith would never be able to leave the shadow of his father and brother as he will never be considered to take over the family business.


His gaze rested on his empty mug while thinking before getting startled out of his thoughts when a new one got slammed down next to him. Sam eyed the serving girl that hurriedly turned away and made her way towards a few tables down from them where he saw several guards sitting and talking animatedly and with grand hand gestures. A short glance to them and he deemed them not interesting and instead took hold of his first mug to empty it fully. After doing so he returned his gaze back to his companion and answered the others question. “Oh no, work has certain gotten more. If a war is really coming or here already it explains a lot. But…I do not want to bore you, it is a family matter but let’s just say that as a second born I will never find good fortune staying here. I am young so I thought to….extend the business to other cities so to say.” Sam spoke with a cringe and drank again. His eyes yet again strayed towards the guards that continuously got louder before hushed whispers returned. He could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. It was about the rider this morning that was galloping through the busy marketplace and almost leveled it with how fast he plowed through it. It had been a messenger apparently with news from the south. Sam could hear the word ‘war’ a few times and it cemented the belief that a war was already here.


“With the certain……happenings taking place I would most likely have to rethink my route and finishing line.” Sam replied after he quit staring at the guards that were sitting behind the swordsman. With a sigh he yet again returned his gaze to the other and took a little time to explore the other’s face. “I wanted to go to Torrington in the west and open up a smithy there. The most important part was to explore the world a bit though. A young fools dream I often got told by my father.” Sam said and chuckled lightly. A fool’s dream that could very well get him killed now. “You obviously do not have to answer but what have you planned to do? Will you stay in Ironburrow or continue your travels sir?” he questioned the other. If the swordsman would find him suitable then he might be able to travel with him. It would do him good if he actually knew who he was traveling with and the other seemed honorable enough to not harm him if he behaved himself well.

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Elias listens to the other's near ramblings with faint amusement. It is clear that other than interactions with family and customers that Sam has had little interaction with others for some time. Or perhaps the young smith is just that eager to talk to a traveler willing to answer questions. Still, hearing the nearby men getting louder with talk of war and frenzied messengers doesn't bode well for him should he stay too much longer.


His gaze goes back to his guest to listen to what had been the other's plans. "Had things stayed as they were a year or two ago then traveling to explore would have been safe enough." Provided the other could protect himself and traveled in a group of some sort. "Now it would be best to have guards, if not experience yourself in fighting. At best traveling to get to a destination is the most I would encourage, and doing so as swiftly as possible." It really is unfortunate that the war has finally reached their doorstep as the world itself is a marvelous place to see.


When asked about his plans Elias tilts his head and studies the other for a moment. "For now it is merely to leave as soon as my new sword is done." He has no intention of staying here where his family or former brethren may try and force him back into the ranks. They had tossed him out without hesitation, and would drag him back in with just as little if they deemed it necessary to protect their precious nobility and aristocracy. "Traveling is freedom, dangerous yes especially now, but it is worth it for all that you can see and experience."


Glancing around he decides that they should conclude things for the night. "It is getting late so I think we had best part ways for the evening." He gives a slight smile to ease any sting his words may cause. "I can escort you back home if you'd like, otherwise feel free to find me should you have more questions or tales you'd like to hear."

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After asking the other concerning his future plans, Sam started drinking from his second mug. Thankfully he was rather hardy concerning alcohol and he knew when to stop so he rarely got piss drunk. But given that he had to continue working on the sword tomorrow he will need all the intelligence he can muster so after his mug he would have to call it quits.


“Well, I might not be a swordsman as yourself but working in a smithy with tons of weapons around…. I think I am able to defend myself…..at least to some extent but yes, training has been lacking since I am missing a good tutor.” Sam muttered after hearing the other’s words. It was true, after the incident in the past he mostly trained alone. Fighting an inanimate object or a real person is different. The young smith might be able to defend himself if worst comes to worst but he is by far not the best swordsmen around.


When the other declared the night of talking done Sam looked up rather quickly; he had been staring into his mug in thought. “Ehm yes. Thank you for your time. Even given the happenings I will most likely leave this city as well after I have finished your sword. It’s time and I have been waiting for the right moment but…..I don’t think that it will come. Do you…..would you consider taking me with you?” he asked the other trying to not be too hopeful. Given how the other talked he mostly traveled with groups so maybe Sam can join the stranger on their journey. Even if he doesn’t know the other that well it’s better than starting off this journey alone. It’s worth a try and if he says no….well Sam guessed he can ask around the traders but having a real swordsman around might just teach him stuff too. It would be a win-win situation; being around the swordsman would teach him but also offer protection from bandits to a certain extent.


“I can find my way home thank you. I will finally start working on your sword tomorrow so if you like you can come by and have a look in the afternoon and also tell me of your answer. I wish you a restful night.” Sam said and turned around to head out of the tavern. On his way past his mother and out the door, he payed for the food and drinks.

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At the other's question of Elias being willing to consider letting the other travel with him, he eyes the young smith critically. "I'll consider it. We can discuss it more next time." Standing up he goes with to pay for his own meal and drinks before heading back upstairs to go to his room. Silently he muses the other's request, though he can't say it wasn't expected. Particularly after how eagerly Sam had talked about traveling, and beyond that it would seem that there may be some issues staying here for the other man. Most likely family. Elias thinks to himself, more familiar with that kind of strenuous relationship than he cares to think about.


Entering his room, he sighs while closing and locking the door. "Still, leaving and starting over aren't things to do lightly. If he's serious then it's going to have to be prepared." Frowning slightly as he undresses, he hopes that he's not about to be dragged into a messy family affair. "I really don't need another one of those." For now it seems as though his family either doesn't know or care that he's in town, but that doesn't mean it'll last long. Not with all the stories and changes that are going on.


That night it is hard for him to fall asleep and when he finally does it's due to resolving to leave as soon as possible. Or even do a short escort depending on how long the sword will take to finish. The less time he spends in the city, the better. After all, the only reason he comes back after being stripped of rank and disowned by his family is that clients want to come to Ironburrow.


The next day finds Elias at the smithy later on. Going around the shop he tries to find Sam to see how the process is going as well as the design that the smith has come up with. Not too mention figuring out just how prepared and determined the other is to leave everything and everyone he knows behind to start over. Once he finds who he's looking for, Elias leans against a nearby wall and waits to be noticed. After being spotted he tilts his head to one side. "I came to see what you've come up with for my sword and to see if you had an idea of how long it will take to finish. Depending on how long it takes I may need to go for a time and come back for it."

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Sam left the inn with a relieved sigh. At least the other would consider taking Sam with him. That’s more then he can ask for given that they don’t really know each other. But the young smith was sure that with the experienced swordsman around he could explore at least some of the land. Sam wanted to get as far away as possible from Ironburrow and his family. Somewhere where no one knew the name Freeforge and where he could start his own legacy maybe. He might even love traveling so much and push the dream of his own smithy a bit on the back burner. Who knows only time will tell. But first he had to finally leave this town. With lighter steps he returned home to sleep for the night.


Early in the next morning one can already see the smithy in full gear. His dad thankfully left him to his own devices with a short grunt. Edmund thankfully was sent to deliver new swords to the palace guards. That order had taken a long time to complete given the many guards this town had. Because of this order his family practically ignored him because the workload was just so big that they didn’t have time for Sam which is a win in itself. Sam was currently working on smelting the necessary metals he would need for the blade of the sword. While waiting he started working on the finer details in his notebook. As far as the preparations and the sketch goes he was sure that the sword would turn out great. The only problem was getting there. As far as his planning goes the sword should be just what the swordsman wished for. But like every other human being he couldn’t read thoughts so they will have to see after the sword is done.


After some time of working, Sam decided to take a little break from the heat of the smelting pot and wanted to go out and get a fresh breath of air. On his way outside he saw his client leaning on a wall. With a “Good morning.” leaving his lips Sam moved around the other to the outside of the shop and took a deep breath of fresh air before turning around to answer the other. “Well, here is the sketch I made and I already started smelting the components needed for it. Since this is the only sword I will be working on I estimate it to be done in one to two weeks.” Sam replied and pulled out his notebook stashed on the side of his belt. With the desired page opened he handed the book over to be looked at. With a stretch he waited for the others verdict. At the stage he was currently at, it would take much to change a few features of the sword. Sam just hoped it was at least how the other was imagining his sword to be. A lot of jargon was written on the pages but thankfully Sam also illustrated how the sword will look like in the end.


(I might have wanted Sam to be a smith but sadly I am not experienced in the field, so I hope you can forgive me for not including a lot of theory here. I hope it’s okay if you just imagine it to look kind of, or even wholly, like the sword you wanted.)

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