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Kare no Puramai Jijou 3 + Hetarena Oji-san – Nikushokuna Kare


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(Drama CD)

Plus/Minus Situation With Him 3: +Lazy Old Man -Alpha Male Boyfriend

(Kare no Puramai Jijou 3 +Hetare na Ojisan -Nikushoku na Kare)


(CV. Chasuke)

Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)


Release Date: 09/27/17

Catalog number: NENK-3

Everyone has two sides.


The 'plus' side we usually present to the world, and the 'minus' side hidden deep in our hearts.


What if during a normal sweet session with your boyfriend, his 'pluses' rolled into his 'minuses' as he whispered to you how much he loved you...?


You have been spending very ordinary days with your kind, caring boyfriend. One Friday night, you are relaxing at home like always, when something causes him to flip. What is hiding deep in your usually kind boyfriend's heart...?


Reason and instinct, extraordinary in the ordinary: a situation CD about dual-sided love.


≪Character Introduction≫

Yuto Kamimura

Birthday: October 16

Sign: Libra

Blood: O

Age: 34

Height: 181cm

Weight: 72kg

Hobbies: Cooking

Researcher. An uncle of yours, but not by blood, you began dating a year ago. People tease him for looking like a polar bear. There is an age gap between you, and he avoids saying or doing anything that would make you feel shackled to him - but he is actually very possessive.


Track list :

01 +義理の叔父さん

02 +土曜、朝の戯れ

03 +たまには外デート

04 ±男友達

05 -隠された牙

06 -勇仁のプラマイ事情


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