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"Debt Sentence" Private, 18+ (Rumpleteaser & Shisu-Chan)

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Name: Kris Weston

Alias: “Ace of Spades”

Occupation: Gang boss of the biggest drug ring

Location: Sevilla

Age: 22

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 145 lbs (mostly in muscle)

Postion: Seke

Sexuality: Homosexual



Mother: Jane Weston

Father: Deceased

Siblings: None

Pets: None

Closer Personal Relationships: His loyal dog Marc who is by his side almost all the time. He keeps him in line and out of the eyes of the authorities.




Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Yellow (Contacts) Naturally its blue.

Extra info: He has one earring and his body is littered with scars. He keeps them well hidden.


Personality: Kris is often underestimated for how small he is and often called “Cute”. He doesn’t like people getting too close. He’s very guarded with everything he does and doesn’t let others see his emotions. He is loyal to a fault, if you get close to him and he does let you in he’ll be by your side forever. He often keeps himself busy with his work and keeps those with him safe. He’s worried that he will let his men down and he works his hardest to keep their standards of him high. He has to get his name from somewhere.


Does Personality change around a specific person? How so? He is often hostile to the other gang leader in the city. He snaps at him and they have a horrible relationship. He also fights with the boss’s right hand man and loyal dog who seems to be the only one that will have audience with him.



• Animals

• Loyalty

• Night

• Big City

• Sex


• The gang

• Annoying people

• Those who underestimate him

• Resorting to violence

• His size



Kris grew up on the streets with his mother and father within a gang. His mother was often treated like shit while his father, well, beat on her. He was the leader of a small gang within the city and after he died from an “accident” Kris took over. After it leaked that he had murdered his father he became big within the underground world. His popularity skyrocketed and his leadership skills just made it all better. He was often seen as small though he could pick a fight, and win, with the biggest guys in the city. Growing up in a rough family he was able to take care of himself and even learned how to do more than that. He started working on a drug cartel that became the biggest in the nation shipping productions throughout the nation. Now as another gang starts to rise and tensions heat up Kris has to find away to keep his territory under his wing and push these invaders out of his city.



- He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as an excellent marksman. His father was ex-military (resorted to gang life after being dishonorably discharged for beating on his wife though he still learned how to shoot).

- He has an excellent memory. This is why he is so good trafficking money and drugs.

- He has no mercy and will often kill before forgiving others for what they have done to him or his people.





The soft sound of chains bounced off the stonewalls in the cell that the blonde male sat in. He was left with nothing but a tank top and underwear after being scrubbed down and left to his own devices in his cell. This entire day had been a complete nightmare. Kris could only imagine what his life would be like as a slave. He was moments away from being served his last meal before being enslaved. He had asked for something homemade, he was never too picky when it came to his food. Considering most slaves were fed the bare minimum to keep them alive, he wanted something warm and made with compassion for his last meal.


He leaned his head back against the cold surface behind him. He lightly moved the chains that bound him hearing the links clink together filling the silent cell with their cold song. He would be bound for most of his life now, having given up his freedom for the hopes in ending his debts. His yellow eyes flashed to the cell door hearing the sound of some of the other criminals moving around in their cells. This was all…overrated. He let a sigh slip from his lips realizing this was all his fathers fault, every damn bit of it.


Of course, he could sit here and feel sorry for himself or he could take it like a man. He put himself here, he could have changed his mind right before he was admitted if he wanted to. He could have changed everything but instead he decided to be in this jail cell, awaiting his final meal before he was enslaved.


- Four Hours Earlier –


Kris pushed the hair from his golden eyes as he peered up to the building that housed his lawyer. The reason for him showing up was the fact he was needing to sell himself to pay off the overflowing debts left by his dead father. Kris was a gang leader, a criminal with a wrap that would bring him even more years in the slave world but his initial reason for these debts were his father.


When Kris was only ten his father was running the cartel he ran today. His father was the leading seller of opium and alcohol, two of the most illegal substances during this time. While he left Kris and his mother home alone to fend for themselves, his father ran off stacking up money and gambling with the wrong people.


Soon enough the money he was winning started to be overrun by the money he was losing. As the years went on his father quickly fell into the red as the negative numbers started adding up. The money from the cartel and black market weren’t enough to keep them afloat and his mother started to have to sell herself.


Kris killed his father when he was only 15. The real reason for his father's death was covered up by the gang but most of his members believed that Kris killed his father in cold blood. This death left Kris and his mother with a mountain of debts to have to pay off on their own. In order to try to pay for these Kris took the gang on himself making it into the most wanted group of criminals in the land. The authorities had been searching for them for years and today, Kris would turn himself in to pay for the debts left over by his father.


The meeting with his lawyer ended with them agreeing on a confession to the authorities. Allowing the proper branches to trial and convict Kris for the wrong doings he and his father committed. The rest of the day leading up to his current cell issue was a blur, after he marched himself into the capitol everything was quickly finished. He was sentenced to 35 years a slave for criminal activity, possession, and distribution of illegal substances. This sentence would pay for his debts, once they were paid he would be released from slavery and be allowed to return to the streets to do as he pleased under supervision.


Now as he sat in his cell he regretted his decision to turn himself in. He could have paid off the debts if he worked hard enough for it but the people who were needing the money were tired of waiting and were pushing Kris for the money now. His mother was still alive and sickly yet she was still very important to him, a perfect target to get him to do as they pleased. Being a man in his position it was hard to have lovers, family, or friends. They were all weak links in his armor and if he let his heart show it would surely be ripped out.


Unlike most of the slaves here Kris was already marked property. After he was cleaned, scrubbed down, and re-washed again he was sent to a medical room where they documented ever scar on his body. This of course was to make sure he would be in working condition and that his body would remain, mostly unscathed. Of course, if a new scar was added it would be highly unlikely anyone would ever notice or care. Kris’s body was littered with scars, a sign of a rough life on the streets.


As he waited patiently for his dinner his fingers lightly traced one of these scars. He wondered what this place had in store for him. He had heard stories about the slaves but he had never thought he would be in this position. He never thought he would be at the graces of someone else. Kris hoped he wasn’t put in with the sex slaves, being only attracted to men he would most likely be paired with a woman knowing his luck. He lightly chuckled at that thought only to feel it slide away as the lock to his cell slid out.


“Dinner time.” The guard chimed setting the tray in front of Kris along with a glass of nice scotch that Kris had asked for.


“Thanks.” He spoke back, his cold tone matching the stones in the walls. The guard seemed to pay no mind to him and left the room. Kris heard the lock slide home, it pulled a sigh from his lips as he sat up reaching for his food.


His chains were loose enough to grab the food but other than that he was limited to his movements. As he ate his mind raced from what his gang would do without him to his new master and how he was with his slaves. It would be a new adjustment, calling someone his master, Kris never belonged to anyone but himself. It would be a change, yet he felt he would be stubborn and disobey a lot. It was just in his nature to be in control and be the leader. He was…the leader of the biggest gang in the nation. It would be hard for him to lie down and beg for mercy from a master. This would be interesting indeed.

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Name: Ianol le Sai

Position: seke, top or bottom

Sexuality: homosexual

Age: 85 (apparent age 21)

Species: asvang


Appearance: Ianol has long, straight hair that is very pale and fine. His eye colour is cyan, a throwback trait. He has an average build and is 6'2" tall. Everything about him is pale. His skin and hair lack pigment and his eyes are pale too. Funnily enough, cyan is quite a dark eye colour for his species.


Personality: Ianol isn't a bad person but he's not perfect either. He's a lighter shade of grey. He doesn't steal, lie often or believe in corporal punishment but he does have his vices. He is lustful, prone to excess, proud and can sometimes lose himself in despair. When this happens he usually turns to lovemaking as an outlet. His choice of partners can be frowned upon too. Once or twice in his life he has frequented risqué businesses in search of a new slave. He'd much prefer to buy and coax a slave into loving him than to bother with all the hassle of seeking out and courting another man.


Just like his grey morality, Ianol's personality tends to be middling too. He isn't a loud person but he's not the type to shy into a corner either. He has a relaxed nature and tends to be quite sociable. He very much enjoys going out to parties, markets and talking with people and is rarely seen alone when out of doors. This does not, however, mean he is overly loud or boisterous. He doesn't shout, he doesn't get himself drunk and beaten up and he most certainly always acts gentlemanly when out of doors. He expects his slaves to behave properly too. Anything less would have them discarded for crueller masters to deal with.


Ianol is very demanding with his slaves. He gets what he wants without question and expects them to answer his every question. Why wouldn't they? They are slaves, his slaves, and that's what slaves do. The only exception to this is begging: heart wrenching and prostrate.


As found with his previous pleasure slave, Vivian, Ianol has a soft spot for begging. Seeing a man (or woman) on their hands and knees, shaking with fear and begging for mercy really pulls at his heartstrings. An overwhelming sense of pity and compassion fills him and he cannot help but to give in. His heart has hardened to this method of persuasion a bit after the heartache left behind by his previous slave but it still works.


Biography: Ianol is the fifth of five children. He has two sisters, a brother and a half-sister called Arlet. There are also a few step brothers and step sisters but he didn't grow up around them and knows them at face value only. Of all his family, he is closest with his half-sister (his mother's daughter), who is the next youngest in his family. The easiest way to explain this strange family dynamic is to say he comes from a romantic stock. Nonetheless, Ianol grew up in a dramatic and often foolhardy family. The fact that his half-sister has purple hair is a fine example of this.


Ianol's half-sister was only half-caste. Her father was a fey. As such, Arlet went to "proper" schooling over the spring then spent summer and autumn with her father's people. It meant that while they were growing up, Ianol and Arlet spent some of the winter months together in their mother's small estate. Luckily, Ianol and Arlet were given permission to study under the same tutor in their younger years. Ianol was even able to attend Arlet's fey coming out ceremony as well as her aswang one. It meant Arlet could move freely between both peoples and Ianol could, on occasion, mingle with his sister's other family.


Like every other upper-class boy his age and species, Ianol studied under a tutor during the winter months and went to school over the spring. He would sneak out to chase girls like every other boy and got into mischief like every other boy. He sure got his fair share of floggings from his teachers too! They were usually for not being where he ought or for getting caught kissing a girl whilst on excursions. There was once a time he was caught kissing a boy but that was hushed by his teachers and ended in a more private punishment. No that does not mean anything untoward happened; the school simply found it a touchy subject for two of its pupils to be found kissing and didn't want the matter to be aired publicly.


As Ianol grew, he found himself less interested in female attention. It was something about them that seemed so sisterly. Now, Ianol might have had a voracious appetite for romance but there was no way he could look even think of his sister like that. It might sound strange but he realised he looked at all women in that way. They were good for a conversation and occasionally a kiss on the cheek for funzies but they young Ianol was in no way interested in courting or love-making with one of these strange creatures. No thank you. Men were far more fascinating in the way they moved and the sounds they made. To him it seemed he was simply following a path that was more obvious to him. Sure, there was some awkwardness between him and his older two sisters and brother but it had always been that way. After all, they were decades older than him.


When Ianol finally hit the apparent age of 17, the world was his. He had a modest amount of money behind him, his family's name (and all that went with it) and an education of sorts. What was he to do? Where was he to go? He was out on his... lonesome.


He needed a profession. He needed to fly from the nest. He already knew he wouldn't inherit much from his parents. He had four older siblings (plus his step-siblings), one of which had a baby on the way. He wasn't silly. He knew how far money could and couldn't stretch. He needed to work. He needed work that wouldn't lower his standing to the community. Books were interesting but had no life of their own, spices were so overdone and bookkeeping was below him. He wanted the most social and reputable occupation out there!


He decided to be a curator. He didn't know what of but he wanted to be one.


Meanwhile, his beloved half-sister, Arlet, got engaged. Her fiancé was a younger man but that wasn't the most shocking part. The man who'd proposed to her was her cousin. He was her father's nephew. Her father's kin, the fey, may have found this normal but to her mother's anything closer than third cousin was taboo. There was much tension on both sides of her family throughout the entire engagement and marriage. It became the most talked about and most controversial topic on Ianol's side of the family. especially when Arlet's uncle politely implied they should get over it and accept the married duo. The topic simmered down and was swept under the rug after that, at least until Arlet fell pregnant with her cousin's child. To have a child with a cousin was even more appalling and ended with Arlet's maternal line estranging her, (as opposed to disinheriting or disowning her, which are by far a more severe punishments). It is now one of the topics considered rude or sometimes offensive to talk about in public.


Other: Ianol has never been without a slave in his entire life. He doesn't see anything wrong with the idea of buying and selling a person. Some people do the wrong thing, owe money to the wrong people or find themselves in the wrong place at a wrong time. However they became a slave, there's always a reason for it. You can't suddenly become a slave or suddenly become a freeman. There has to be a reason for it.


Even though his species identify with vampires because of their shared traits, they come from a different background. Their kind came from the southern pole on a fleet of ships along with their slaves. Their slaves' species is now long dead but they keep up the tradition of slavery. These people are of pale appearance and their eyes and hair are always paler versions of grey, blue, purple and occasionally green. Since interbreeding amongst other species and races, many of their kind have darker hair and eye colours. The best way to tell if someone is pure-blood, half caste or a throwback is by their hair and eye colour. Other traits include how anything other than blood causes them various degrees of indigestion, how quickly their skin burns in the sunlight, their ability to transform into a bat-like creature by night and their slower ageing process. The size of their other form and their apparent age depend on their blood purity, food, physical strength and lifestyle. Stronger, better fed and healthy people have a larger form and age slower than their weaker counterparts. Ianol is a throwback in a luxurious lifestyle who eats enough but exercises rarely so his other form is of normal human size without any brute strength.


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'All right you,' came the voice of one of the prison guards. It was just after sunrise and many of the other slaves were sleeping in their cells. Only a few were being collected by other guards.


The asvang unclipped the keys from her narrow waist and jangled them in front of the door. There was a set of cuffs, a pistol, a collar with metal dog tags and something that looked like a wizard's wand on her holster too. She smiled prettily, though there was something fierce about the look in her eyes.


'I want you naked with your hands on the back wall by the time I count to ten,' she ordered, her pale lavender eyes wandering down the new slave's body. She started to count as she watched him take off his clothes.


'Kris Weston, isn' it? Just say "yes" if that's you,' she said.


The guard stood there and waited for the slave to do as he'd been bid. She then unlocked the cell door and came up to him. She latched the cuff over his right wrist, pulled both arms down and latched the other one on his left wrist. Next, the guard attached the metal collar around his neck and smoothed over the dog tags. They had his name and his slave number on one and the other had space for his master's details. She then grabbed his hair and yanked him backwards in an uncaring way. She didn't say anything as she spun Kris around and dragged him up through the levels of the government's slave dungeons. The asvang woman was at least a foot taller than him, though not as muscular.


'I hope you had enough to eat last night. You're not getting anything for breakfast. You're going to be pampered and prettied up as much as that scrawny, human body can be. It's too bad we can't do anything about those scars. Witches are too expensive,' she said. 'Your new master can deal with those imperfections.'


Kris was taken outside to another part of the complex, where he was strapped down to a barber's chair even with his hands cuffed behind his back. The asvang stood back and let the man do his work. Kris's hair was trimmed and combed in the latest fashionable style, his teeth were scrubbed and all his nails trimmed and polished. He had to look his best for the auction.


'Right. When you go out there, you're to stand up straight with your head forward. Don't speak and don't move unless instructed to do so. Try anything and I'll use this stunner on you,' the guard said as she took the wand from its holster. She placed it on the side of his neck and gave him a shock like a lightning bolt. It would leave him stunned for a few moments. 'You like that? It'll be a whole lot stronger next time. You might not regain consciousness for an hour.'


'He's done. Next,' ordered the groomer.


The asvang undid the straps holding Kris down and yanked him up by his upper arm. She didn't let go of him. She kept the wand in her hand as she waved him up and bid him follow her. It was time to take him to where the other slaves were being held, ready for auction. It was a sturdy, horse-drawn carriage with metal bars. On show were five other naked slaves who had either sold themselves to the government or been convicted to serve.


'What're you in for?' one of them asked.


The guard immediately shocked him through the bars and he fell to the floor of the carriage. There was to be no talking. They were to keep to themselves and mind their own business. Either that or the woman just liked stunning the slaves. So long as they left no marks, the gaurds could do whatever they wanted to the slaves.

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It was probably around dawn when the gaurds started rounding up slaves. Kris of course didn’t get much sleep, he didn’t like this place and the floor was more than uncomfortable so he stayed up most of the night. When the woman came to his cell he was already awake and stood as she told him to do so.


He disrobed and positioned himself on the back wall, “Yes.” He called back to her as she had told him to do so.


When she came in she undid the chains he had slept with all night only to cuff his right wrist and pull his left one behind his back cuffing them together. He hated this position but of course she didn’t care and he said nothing as she started her next thing. The collar was fitted around his neck and he flinched from the chill of the metal. He wanted to laugh at how ironic all of this was. He, a drug lord, was being collared by a woman.


He shook his head lightly only to feel his hair being pulled back arching his back in a way he didn’t enjoy causing him to wince in pain. He followed her easily trying not to be dragged along down the hallway bare ass naked infront of everyone. Then again being a slave he couldn’t be too modest anymore.


The mention of food caused him to turn his head up to look at her, were they serious? He wasn’t going to get to eat? He figured they would want him more than satisified for his master whoever it was. Kris was…more than accepting of him being here so he found no point in fighting the woman as she threw him down into a chair and strapped him down to it.


Kris looked to the woman and then looked back infront of him as the man behind him started to butcher his silver hair. Kris never liked to be with the trends so his curly unkempt hair was cut away and put into a trend that made him want to barf.


Again Kris said nothing as he was taken out of the chair and grabbed roughly and forced to follow the woman. He looked to her and listened to her instructions only to feel a soft smile fall onto his lips as she tried so hard to come off threatening. The sting to his neck caused him to flinch away from her and he glared to her feeling his hands that had apparently turned into fists relax.


He followed her easily and didn’t mind that she was rougher with him. It only made sense, it was her job, and most slaves were incompliant. He didn’t want to get stung again either, that wasn’t very nice and he sure as hell wasn’t interested in electo play. Sure he was incompliant, but he wasn’t going to be with her. His master was his real target. He would have to be rough with him and not this guard who would probably beat him to a pulp if he said anything to her.


As he was guided outside to a carriage with metal bars that held multiple other naked slaves. Kris groaned, of course he had to be set in a cage with naked men and women and get a chance to get a disease. He moved easily and got into the back of the carriage with the other slaves only to stand next to one of the men that were waiting to be paraded around with him. He heard the man speak to him and he turned his head having to hold back a laugh as the other was shocked.


The message was loud and clear, no talking. Kris turned his head forward again and leaned against the bars looking out into the street and the guard below them. Kris was planning to stay…relatively quiet and out of trouble from these guards. The entire time he had been here he had been completely accepting with the guards. He never back talked to them and he never did anything more than glare at them which often awarded him with a smack.


Out of most of the slaves he was a laid back one. Some would be caught biting and hitting at the guards trying to get away. Kris of course had no one to blame but himself for the situation he was in. He put himself here and he had no one else to complain to other than himself.


He would sit silently and accept his fate as a slave until he felt otherwise. He signed up for this, and for now this was his life. He just hoped that the master who bought him wasn’t a woman and hopefully wasn’t a really old ass creep who wanted sex from him.


He could only hope that this auction went his way. He could only hope, that these other slaves would get the bad masters and the dog tags that hung on his neck would be filled with a name that he wouldn’t cringe away from. Then again, he could only hope.

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There ended up being eight slaves shoved in the carriage by the time the guards were ready to take the slaves to the auctions. One slave looked only sixteen years old and was on edge. She leaned up close beside Kris but said nothing the entire time. The horse-drawn carriage clackered over the cobblestones, through the town and to the slave markets. This was in the cleaner part of town, near where the nobility and aristocracy lived. Everything was ornately carved marble and sandstone built to reflect the light of the sun and moon across the sky. It truly was a beautiful city to look at.


The carriage stopped behind the main stage and the asvang guard jumped down from beside the driver. She took a chain and unlocked the back of the carriage. As she called out the names of the slaves, one at a time, she attached the chain to their cuffs until they were all in one long line. She then led the sixteen-year-old at the lead towards the back of the auction house behind the stage. She locked the chain up to something that looked akin to what horses were tied to in front of inns and stores.


'Stay here,' she said, though really there was no need. Where could they go?


The asvang went inside to speak to the guards there for a few minutes before coming back outside. Everything was ready to go. There was only a few minutes until the time the "show" would start and people would inspect the slaves on stage. People were gathered out the front of the stage with their parasols, fans and elegant clothes. There were a few shabbier people there too, even a few women crying at the front of the crowd. They were all waiting expectantly for the auction to start.


'All right. That's time,' the asvang announced as one of the slavers inside waved to her. 'Remember, look out at the crowd, heads up and follow the auctioneer's instructions.'


The guard untied the chain from the bar and lead the slaves up to the stage, all in a line. She stood there holding them, with one hand on her stunner in case they tried anything.


'Hear ye! Hear ye!' the announcer called. 'Here we have eight convicted slaves for auction: Carla Craig, human, female, aged 16; Kris Weston, human, male, aged 22; Emma Quilzar, asvang, female, aged 78.'


And so it went. The announcer named each of the slaves before the guard ushered them to the side of the stage. She unchained Carla and attached a leash to the collar. As Carla was lead forward to the front of the stage and handed to the announcer, the women in shabby clothes started to wail louder and shout the girl's name. The announcer began a speech about Carla's family debts, what her experiences were and complimented her on her beauty. He started her at 3000 pieces and ended up getting 4010 pieces for her. She was then lead off stage for payments to be arranged and her new master take her home.


Next came Kris. The asvang guard came back over with the lead and attached it to his collar before unlocking him from the group. She lead him to the middle of the stage and handed the lead to the announcer before going back over to watch over the group.


'Here we have an infamous drug lord, the Ace of Spades. Kris Weston is a combined debt slave and convicted slave with a sentence of 35 years without bail. Slave registration number 102-378-821. His crimes are one count of murder, two counts of organised crime, five counts of possession of illicit substances, four counts of distribution of illicit substances and two counts of grievous bodily harm. Kris comes from a military family that was dishonoured for crimes against his mother. He has skills in hand-to-hand combat and combat. With a little training, he would make an excellent body guard or perhaps you would prefer to break him down and build him into whatever you desire him to be. He is strong, despite his size. Just look at his body, this one is a survivor with excellent pain endurance,' the announcer declared. He had no way of knowing everything about Kris so he assumed based on his appearance. It was his job to make Kris sound good.


'Turn around slowly, slave,' the announcer ordered in a lower voice. 'Stretch out your arms and spread your legs. Let them get a good look at you. Flex your muscles, show them what you've got.'


'I'll start the bidding at 3000 pieces of gold. Do I have an offer?' the announcer offered.


The going was slow. For a few moments, nobody put up their hand. People started to look around and murmur under their voices. One woman put up her had at 3000, followed by an older man at 3100. It started to pick up after that until only one middle aged man in a fine, tailored suit put up his hand at 3800. Nobody put up their hand after that.


'Going at 3800. Do I have 3850? 3810? ... Going! ... Going! ... Gone! Lot 102-378-821 is sold to number 89 for 3800!' the announcer said.


The asvang guard came over and took the lead off the announcer. She led him down the other side of the stage to a small room with a desk and paperwork. She handed the lead to another asvang, this time a man, who waited beside the office official. The middle-aged man in a fine suit and his young, handsome valet with a slave collar came forward as the asvang woman left.


'Kris Westion, is it? I am Viscount Juan Nathaniel Saad,' he said before turning to the official. They spoke in quiet voices before the viscount signed the paperwork and handed the official a cash deposit along with a cheque from his book for the rest of the money. Paperwork changed hands and the asvang man handed the lead to the viscount, who handed the lead on to the valet.


'No talking, no unexpected movements and keep your eyes down,' the viscount announced. He then turned around and marched out of the office, expecting the two slaves to follow him obediently. He pushed past the crowds and down the wide, cobblestone streets to where his horse and carriage were stabled. He didn't seem to care at all that he had a naked slave behind him. Kris's comfort was not his concern.


The driver came forward and bowed low to Viscount Saad. He opened the door for the viscount before going to his place at the front of the carriage. The Viscount lifted himself up into the high carriage and moved aside before waving in his two slaves. He then sat back and watched them with a bored expression on his face.


'Hurry up. Time's a-wasting,' he grumbled. 'Timothy, could you move anmy slower? I want to get this thing to the warehouse to inspect him before the day is out!'

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Kris felt more than embarrassed, he felt ashamed he was even in this situation. His naked body lay clad for others to gawk at. It was disheartening that he was surrounded by both young and old. A small girl, probably no older than 15 leaned against him in the carriage shaking with fear and probably cold. Kris, unlike his normal self, didn’t mind her touching him. He knew she probably needed someone to lend strength from.


He wanted to talk to her, tell her that everything would be okay and that he master would treat her well. Even if he said this, it may cause some relief but it wouldn’t change much. The worry and fear of getting a cruel master was still there. He couldn’t give her any word of advice or help for he would be shocked if he did.


He only lightly rubbed her arm with his fingers allowing for her to stop being so frightened. The other six slaves were of varying ages from 16-78. It was a shock to him that someone of such a old age was going to be auctioned off for whatever reason.


Kris was silent as the carriage was guided to the more lavish side of town. It was no stranger to him, he had clients here that liked to keep their drug addictions under wraps. They paid him tons of money in order to keep their secret so he figured most would be at the auction. He would be recognized before the auctioneer even said his name.


He had a handicap unlike the other seven slaves. He was damaged, basically street rat, and he was scarred from head to toe. Most of the other slaves were still beautiful in more ways than one. Even the older woman was still beautiful and spotless on her body. Kris knew he would most likely be sold for cheap, it wouldn’t shock him. With his background it frightened people, and his body was undesirable to most. He wouldn’t be sold to someone lavish or nice, it would be someone cheap and in need of a hole to use.


As the horses stopped he sat up slightly looking over to the young girl he had comforted during their ride. She, unlike the rest of them, were quickly unloaded and chained up in order of auction. Luckily she and Kris were put one after the other so it made him feel a little better about it. He didn’t want to see her hurt so keeping her away from the talkative others would be smart.


They waited silently, and patiently, for the guards to call for them to go. They were ordered to stay lined up infront of the auction house until the guard came back. Kris watched as she spoke with one of the other guards at the auction house only to walk back to them. Kris looked around realizing they were being stared at. The clients were getting their first sight of the slaves and they liked what they saw.


Rich women started fanning themselves as their heavy dresses clashed with the humidity. Men with hats and tailored suits escorted their women inside fawning over the slaves and pointing at them like they were animals in a cage. Kris let out a light sigh looking over to the guards as she grabbed them walking the girl infront of him toward the auction house doors. They all followed, tied together by the chains on their wrists.


They were guided to the stage single file and then onto the stage as their names were called. Kris was shocked to hear that the girl was 16 and not younger. Kris watched as she was announced and auctioned off at a high rate. She was in a sort of situation like himself but she seemed to be a good person. Kris had killed people for a living, he was a bad guy. He smiled softly to her as she was guided off the stage leaving at a high price of 4010. More than Kris would be sold for.


Kris was next and he obediently walked to the announcer in the middle of the stage. He looked out into the large crowd of people feeling the heat off their eyes. What a great way to start, by calling him out as his alias. He tilted his head lightly to the side hearing the whispers and sounds of people more than frightened to bet on him. He figured this would happen, he was a dangerous man who, if not treated correctly, could kill his master and none would be the wiser.


Kris looked to the announcer as he spoke and did as he was told. He moved his arms out and then slid his hands behind his head flexing his biceps as he turned. His body was muscular yet lean, other than the scars there was nothing wrong with him. He parted his legs feeling the muscles in his body roll as they bulged in place. Even then no one said anything for awhile.


This again didn’t shock Kris as he turned back to face the crowd. He was a beautiful man none the less, his scars were just character most masters didn’t want when they bought a slave. As the bidding started to actually pick up Kris found his eyes sliding over to the hands that were rising.


The first to bid on him at the low price of 3000 only to be followed by an older man with only a hundred gold as the difference. It seemed that after that it was back and forth between the woman and the older man. Kris sighed feeling his heart sink as he watched the woman seeming to be able to win.


Finally Kris watched as a new middle aged man in a very expensive looking suit held up his hand at 3800. Kris tilted his head lightly, he wasn’t ugly or too mean looking but he wasn’t where he thought his slave life would begin. As he heard his fate being sealed and sold to number 89 he felt his body stiffen. He didn’t want to go, he didn’t want to get off the stage. He pulled lightly against the guard only to feel her tug hard and causing him to stumble across the stage trying to catch up to her.


He was lead to a small office where his paperwork would be handled. He was then handed to another guard as the woman left to finish her work with the other slaves. A male guard held his leash as his new master swiftly slid into the room. He had an air of elegance about him and the slave with him was more than attractive. Kris found his eyes falling to his assistant more than to the middle aged man that was to be buying him.


It seemed even after you were bought and paid for slaves still had to wear collars. It wouldn’t shock him if the collars made an indention in the necks of the slaves who wore it. His attention was stolen from his new master who introduced himself. Being Kris he said nothing and watched as his paperwork was finished up. He didn’t need to be told not to talk from his master as his master left the office.


The valet and Kris walked behind him silently. Kris of course didn’t want to be naked but he also was comfortable with his body. He had sold himself for money a long time ago, being naked wasn’t a problem for him. It was interesting to watch as the Viscount pushed apart people, or rather people simply moved out of his way. It was like he was wading through the sea. No one bucked up to him or said anything as they guided his slaves through the streets.


Kris was stared at, his body open for those around him to look at. It was, exhausting. He stopped when the Viscount did waiting for the driver of their carriage to open the door for them. Kris was shocked to realize they would be riding with him. He got in after the other slave. He got comfortable the best he could with his wrists bound and his neck weighed down by an ugly collar. The other slaves collar was slightly pretty, more interesting too so Kris thought he might get a new collar that wasn’t so…warlike.


Kris didn’t look to his new master, not wanting to start a fight with him so soon. His eyes were low or were looking outside as the world moved around them. He had a lot on his mind, what did a middle aged man like him want with a drug lord known for killing people for fun? What an interesting turn of events.

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The carriage clattered over the cobblestones, through the town to the working class part of town. There were many houses her and smaller markets too. There were people with all the common corner stores, tailors, butchers and chandlers. The carriage traveled past these parts of town to where there were many larger buildings, not quite factories but smaller warehouses and storage yards. The rent or purchase of a building and land was cheaper here than the residential parts of town but still within walking distance to the centre of town. It was a clean place, one that people did not mind being seen in. It was a place where many people came to work collecting wares and delivering them to the various shops and services around town.


The driver stopped the carriage outside one of the red brick warehouses, one that had no windows above ground level. There were two men guarding the door, one a slave by the looks of the locked collar around his neck. It was a metal, industrial one like Kris's. The two didn't move as the carriage approached, stopped and the driver opened the door for the viscount.


'Timothy, lock the new slave in Room 3H. Send the matron to get Eliza, Cameron and Alastair. If they're busy, have her find someone any attractive woman, man and experienced dominant. I want a glass of hot ginger and lemon and a cigar ready for me,' Viscount Juan said before leaning forward to stand up. He exited the carriage and walked slowly over the cobblestones, relaxed - a king of all he surveyed.


As the viscount made it to the door, a woman opened it and bowed low. She had a blonde bob but no slave collar. She came up to the viscount and kissed him on the cheek before welcoming him in. She spoke in low tones and didn't even bother looking at the slaves. Timothy was pulling Kris along at a faster pace and managed to slip behind the woman into the warehouse, along with Kris.


Inside the warehouse was a wide ballroom fit out with many lounges and velvet chairs. It had polished hardwood floors, rich curtains over the windows and even a well stocked bar for people to order drinks at. It looked more like a sophisticated club for men to relax in than the type of place that would buy and sell slaves. As the blonde matron took the viscount's hat and coat, Timothy lead Kris up three sets of side stairs to the rooms above. He said nothing until he was sure they were out of earshot.


'Welcome to the infamous Blue Boudoir,' Timothy said, looking back at Kris with a polite smile on his face. 'It's pretty simple what we do here. We're the largest pleasure house in the city, one of two owned by the viscount. I'm sure he'll tell you all about it but it all boils down to sex.'


Timothy gave Kris a nudge down the hall and into Room 3H. The walls were double brick with sound muffling batting between the walls. They were plastered over and painted black, along with the black ceiling and black stained wood floors. In the middle of the room was a metal, four-poster bed that looked more like something out of a nightmare than a bedroom. Timothy held tight to Kris and watched the new slave's reactions as he dragged Kris in. The slave began lighting candles around the sides of the room to reveal there were many other contraptions in side the room that had far more gruesome tales than a mere bed. Along the walls were hooks with all sorts of sex toys and outfits, right down to a complete body suit made of black leather.


When all the candles around the room were lit, Timothy came back over to Kris and untied the lead from his collar.


'Don't try anything or it will just make it worse for yourself. The viscount likes to watch his slaves being punished by other slaves,' he commented.


Kris was then left alone in the bizarre, disturbing room and locked in. It wasn't for another twenty minutes that Viscount Juan came back with Timothy in tow. The viscount took out a pair of full-moon spectacles and placed them on his head. He walked up to Kris and grabbed him by the jaw, tilting his head back and forth with a look of curiosity on his face.


'Still have all your teeth, do you slave?' he asked. 'You've got a pretty face there. The clients will like that. Tell me, how good are you with pain? I see you've got a lot of scars there. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a few more. I doubt the men will care, will they Timothy, so long as they get to inflict a few more? You're no good for looking pretty so you'll have to be for endurance. We'll give you to those who enjoy inflicting pain.'


'Now to see how well you work,' the viscount said, walking over to the bed. 'Come here, boy. Timothy, take off those chains but leave the collar. When we're finished here I want you to take his dog tags and have my name inscribed on them.'


The middle-aged man pulled his trouser and undergarments down to his ankles and sat on the bed with his legs spread wide. He rested his hands on his knees and looked over at Kris expectantly.


'Well, come here! Do I have to tell you everything? You are to get down on your knees and give me the best blowjob you've ever given. Use everything you've got to please me,' he ordered. It was time to start the testing. He looked up at Timothy as though he hadn't just ordered to be sucked off and spoke again. 'Are the other three ready?'


'Yes, my lord. Do you wish me to fetch them?' the slave asked mildly.


'Not yet. Wait until this one's finished here then bring Eliza in. Did you get Eliza or one of the others?' he asked.


'Eliza, Cameron and Alastair were all free,' he answered. It wasn't the busy part of the day and many of the slaves were resting.


'Good, good,' he said, then looked back to Kris. 'I'm sure by now Timothy has told you what we do here. You may even have heard of the Blue Boudoir before. This place is a refuge for those who cannot relieve their needs elsewhere. They may be old, widowed women or young men who have been unlucky in love. Some have desires that their husbands or wives may not approve of or they may be in loveless marriages. We welcome them all and do not judge them for the desires they wish to release.


'It is your job to ensure their needs are met and they leave satisfied with your service. You will not object to anything they do and you will not judge them. For the most part, they are good people who live normal lives. It's not their fault you have found yourself in this situation and you will not take it out on them. Do you understand?' he asked. 'If you fail to deliver or I receive a complaint about you, you will be punished and handed to crueler customers. If you receive tips and praise, you will get fine clothes, a nicer bedroom and better meals. Prove loyal to me and you may even live like Timothy here, relatively free to go where he pleases when he's not on duty.'

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The ride was bumpy and if Kris was anything but nude he wouldn’t have minded it. He had to shift himself in order to not crush his own balls as his ass was bounced around. He was skinny from the lack of food already and he didn’t eat much when he was free either.


He recognized the streets they paraded down and he felt a slight dread sliding into his stomach. They were moving further and further away from town, towards the brothels and pleasure houses that were often bought by the counts. Kris groaned inwardly as his eyes landed on the slaves at the front of a warehouse.


It wasn’t hard to tell where they were. It was a rather high class pleasure house though Kris had never been inside. He himself had a few clients who worked these rooms in order to find pleasure from their horrible marriages. Kris listened as orders were given on what to do with him.


Timothy, his equal in this situation said nothing as the count got out of the carriage and walked effortlessly away. Kris clicked his tongue lightly, the only sound he had made since they had picked him up. He got out and waited for Timothy who held his leash like he was a dog. Ironic, a dog leading another, how strange.


Kris followed Timothy quickly welcoming the soft ground on his bare feet. The hardwood floors were cool and smooth compared to the cobblestones that were warm from the sun. Everything looked high class, rich, just like their owner. Kris looked around some before he paused on Timothy. He wanted to say something but the count was still close so he didn’t.


In this situation he was lower than the dirt they walked on. All of his power, his money, and his title were gone in this situation. He couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to. “I…know where I am…” he said back softly looking over to his guide who was nicer than most. It was a nice feeling, to be treated like a human once again.


Kris entered the room pausing instantly in his tracks. “Seriously…?” he muttered under his breath shaking his head at the ornaments that hung on the walls. He was going to be a prostitute, how amazing. He looked back at Timothy and sighed softly a look of rather sadness falling over his features. “I got it…thanks. I don’t plan to run or anything.” He waved a chained hand his eyes roaming back over the walls and the instruments in the room.


He had heard a little about the pleasure house realizing that it was the one with the least amount of rules. Luckily, Kris was no stranger to sex. He had had partners of both sexes of different ages and he was even into a little rougher sex. Nothing that was mortally wounding though and some of these toys looked a little rough for him. He felt his skin crawl at the mention of the Count watching him.


His eyes flashed up to Timothy only to groan softly as he was left alone. He walked further into the room, the bed looking to be the least painful thing there. The pleasure werehouse was known for its lack of rules and the ability to inflict as much pain or pleasure on a slave. Kris could only imagine what the Count had in mind for his battered body.


Kris moved to the door and lightly trying the handle only to find that he was locked in. He let out another sigh and walked back to where Timothy had left him at looking around once more. There was so much to look at, every new moment he noticed something different.


It felt like an eternity before the door opened once more watching as the Count entered first followed by Timothy. He must be like his loyal puppy, following him everywhere. Oh, maybe his personal sex toy? He smiled lightly at the thought and shook his head only to look back over to his master.


The rough grip on his jaw caused a light glare to form in his eyes as he had his head moved around multiple times. It was like each question wasn’t actually meant to have an answer, the Count didn’t wait for Kris to say anything in return and he simply answered his own words. He watched as he walked toward the bed and pulling down his pants.


Kris wanted to laugh, the viscount himself tried out all of his slaves? The dude must get laid so often he was low on sperm. Kris tilted his head a moment looking the count over with a soft look of amusement on his face. He wasn’t planning to give in so easily to a dominating figure. His owner though, he might just have to be nice to.


Kris held out his hands waiting patiently as his chains were undone very slowly it seemed. Kris felt a light bubble of laughter leave his lips rubbing his wrists as the chains were removed, “I’m not deaf,” He spoke under his breath and walked over to the count. He lowered himself between his legs looking over to Timothy wondering if he was going to stay in there.


Seemed like it, Kris looked up to the count and grew sick to his stomach. He probably fucked so many different people Kris was going to get a disease. He shifted on his knees his eyes following up to the owner listening to him. “I understand, are you guys going to keep talking while I suck you off or…?” he questioned looking between Timothy and the count.


He shrugged lightly not giving a damn if they kept talking but it would make concentrating a little harder. Kris moved and grabbed the counts cock in his fingers stroking it till it was partially firm. He then leaned forward and licked up his shaft his hand still working on hardening up the counts cock seeing as he wasn’t particularly turned on talking about all this shit.


Kris took no time in warming up or anything. The counts cock was in his mouth and down his throat shortly after he had started. He took no pleasure in giving head but if it was a test he would do his best. He was a bottom more often than not recently so pleasing his top wasn’t too hard. A light moan slid through his lips letting the vibrations circle around the others erect member in his mouth. His throat constantly swallowed around the Counts length copying the muscles of either hole of both sexes.


Kris found it to be all tedious. He pretended however, to be passionate in sucking the count off. I mean it was all apart of it wasn’t it? He had to pretend to enjoy himself in order to get what he wanted. He wouldn’t mind being like Timothy if it meant he didn’t have to be treated like a whore.


None the less he wasn’t excited about being a pain victim to clients. Some people could be horribly mean and he knew that some would push him to his limits. Till he broke infact. He was rather good with pain but it was something he didn’t want to do if he didn’t have to. Most of his scars were from work, not from sex with rough partners. Either way, Kris was one of the most willing slaves here at the moment until someone practically told him to do something he wouldn’t do.


Giving head was one thing, super simple, not too embarrassing. There were other requests that were far from what he was willing to do and he was sure he would bulk at the thought of it. He wasn’t obedient, he didn’t like being told what to do and after a little while his rebellious side would come out and that dirty mouth of his would for sure snap.

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'You know where you are and what we do? Oh good. That will make things easier for everyone,' Timothy replied to Kris.


'Yes, seriously. This is one of the rougher rooms,' he said with a small laugh. Timothy approached again and gave Kris a quick look-over from head to toe to make sure he wasn't visibly dirty. He brushed off the man's shoulders though there was nothing there. 'Do you need to brush your teeth before we begin? Have you eaten today? Do you need to use the lavatory?'


The viscount's cock was large but not alarmingly so. It had signs of ware and was obviously not a young cock but it wasn't horrid to look at either. It was clean at least, the viscount having bathed that morning. He groaned softly with impatience and swatted at Kris's head as he spoke.


'What does it matter if we talk or not? Focus on your work!' he snapped. 'Timothy, I'll have Alistair flog him after he's finished with him.'


Timothy bowed his head and said nothing in reply. He hadn't been asked a direct question so there was no need for a direct answer.


'Also, while Eliza's busy you can find Doctor Morris. Tell him we have a new slave that needs testing,' instructed the viscount. 'He's to be ready by the - ah, that's getting better! - by the time Alistair has finished.'


Viscount Juan leaned back on one hand and gripped the other in Kris's hair. He spread his legs a little wider and moaned softly. His cock stiffened and he tensed his back a little as Kris got to work on his cock. The viscount started to work his hips a little to shove his cock deeper into Kris's mouth but he wasn't a rough man. He preferred to watch others do damage than do damage himself. He was not cruel by nature, just a businessman doing what he could to make his business thrive. Let the clients be cruel if that's what they liked.


'You're good. Not perfect but good. Use your hands a little more and look up at me with those needy eyes of yours,' he ordered. 'I want to see your face while you suck me off.'


Grey-green eyes looked down at Kris through a mop of tightly bound russet curls. He licked his lips as Kris kept going, watching intently through his full-moon spectacles. The hand in Kris's hair moved down to stroke Kris's cheek and finger along his jaw before moving back up to play with Kris's short-cropped hair. The viscount caught a few stray bits that had been clipped by the barber and tutted.


'They trimmed your hair, did they? I would have rather kept it shaggy and had it styled myself,' he commented. He supposed the government wanted the best price out of him so needed him to be looking his best. It was too bad, really, but it could not be helped. 'Ah! That's it! Rub your tongue along the frenulum. Moan a little louder; these walls can take the sound.'


It didn't take long. The viscount saw no need to draw out the transaction between them. By now he knew what Kris was capable of, in terms of a blowjob, so he let his analytical mind take a back seat to his pleasure. He started breathing a little heavier and clenched his teeth together while he watched Kris sucking him off. Another moan came from him and it was done. Without warning, a smallish load burst from him and he relaxed back onto the bed. He lay there, enjoying the afterglow for a few moments before sitting back up. He stood up, took a handkerchief out of his sleeve and wiped his cock clean before pulling his pants up and composing himself.


'Bring in Eliza. Here, take this,' he said to Timothy, handing over the soiled handkerchief. 'You, slave, stand up. Stand five feet from the door and get down on your hands and knees in a full body bow. Fold your hands together and place them six inches in front of your head. You're to bow like that every time you're waiting for a client.'


The viscount waited for Kris to get into position and shifted him here and there to get the position perfect. He was still correcting the position when Timothy came in with a lovely young woman with long, brown curls and deep, green eyes. She had a certain sway to her hips and a pout to her lips that showed her to be one of the higher class whores.


'Eugh. How am I possibly to get any pleasure from that?' she commented as she eyed off the slave before her.


'Now now, Eliza. He may surprise you with his skill. Even if he doesn't, you're my whore and I'll pair you up with whomever I please,' the viscount said as he took off his spectacles. He only needed them for short distances. 'Slave, you're to pleasure this woman as if she's one of your clients. I want to see everything you can do.'

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Kris would have loved to have eaten, or brushed his teeth, or even went pee before they started but of course they weren’t questions he was to actually answer. Kris glared up at the count at the hit and the mention of a flogging. Wasn’t like Kris hadn’t had something like that done to him before.


As he started the sounds of pleasure started to slide out of the Count as he gave his last orders to Timothy before pulling full attention to Kris. Kris had felt like he was playing with a limp doll before a hand slid into his hair tightening there.


It was a nice feeling, not too rough and not too soft either. A perfect amount to make Kris quicken his movements just a little. His hands worked, stroking his cock every time his mouth came off for air flicking his tongue over the tip of his erection his eyes flashing up to meet the Count before he even told him to do so. Kris wasn’t stupid, he just was holding back what he knew. He couldn’t give in so easily could he?


As the count started to thrust up into his mouth a bit Kris slowed down just a tad welcoming the others cock deeper into his throat. He let out moans as if the Count was turning him on, as he would a real sexual encounter. This of course, was all once sided. The count wasn’t unattractive, it didn’t bother Kris to look up at him as he sucked him off. His mouth wet with saliva as his blow job was a little wetter than usual. Most likely from the lack of water his saliva was trying to compensate for it.


Kris felt his yellow eyes slide up to the Count, the gentle touch to his cheek surprising him. It was as if he was touching a lover, or admiring something beautiful. Kris never considered himself beautiful, let alone something of liking to others. He moaned softly around his length as his jaw was lightly brushed over only to whimper softly without meaning to against his cock. His mouth full of course and his hands working as the count had guided him to do so.


The slave did everything his master asked of him. I mean, he was being nice to him for once and wasn’t beating him around like he had been treated since he was enslaved. Sure he had a cock down his throat but Kris had been in worse situations.


The gang lord could tell he was getting close as the bucks into his mouth grew harder and his mouth tightened around him once more. He felt his throat clench around the other as his load released into his mouth catching Kris off guard. He pulled off his cock with a slight cough before swallowing the load that was released into his mouth.


He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand looking up to the count with wondering eyes. It was up to him whether he was good or not, then again, the count had cum really fast. Meant he wasn’t awful.


Kris moved to the door and he got into the position asked. He was fidgeted with and then simply left alone. A woman came into the room and Kris looked up at her with a look of disgust on his face. He shifted rolling his shoulders slightly before standing. He motioned to the bed for the woman to follow him.


He was never rough on ladies, less they absolutely wanted it that way. He preferred to keep things light harded and soft when it came to those fragile creatures. He was finished with her in no time, leaving them both panting and sweating. She had for sure moaned more than she had thought she would and came more often as well.


She was breathless, panting lightly against the bed. Her hair sprawled out across the sheets and her chest rising and falling as if she had ran a marathon. Kris tilted his head lightly looking her over. Women were beautiful, but he still wasn’t hard for her. His only problem with women was that he couldn’t get fully hard for them, therefore he couldn’t enjoy it as well. Men were his expertise. He could fuck a man senseless and turn a married man into a sex junkie for him if he wanted.


Being a switch he was good on top or on bottom. In this situation it came in handy, if he was only a bottom fucking her would have been awful. He wouldn’t have been able to get even a little hard. He wouldn’t have been able to get her off and he would have failed his second test of the day.


Kris hopped off the bed and groaned lowly, his cock more than soaked with her liquids. He wanted to take a shower, women were not his liking. He was gay for sure, he shivered lightly and watched her get up and put her clothes back on. She looked him over once before leaving the room. His eyes leveled on the count who had watched the entire spectacle. Kris thought he had performed rather well, considering he could only get half hard for her, and he didn’t even cum.


He stretched his arms over his head feeling his muscles tighten from the exertion he had just put on them. It wasn’t anything as good as he could do, but it was better than he had thought he would do with a lady. He was still ready to go, though his stomach lightly growled. He ignored it and waited expectantly for the next orders form his master who stood watching him.


His eyes moved to the door and then back to him, he wondered if there was another woman waiting for him. As if the count couldn’t throw anything worse at him.

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Eliza enjoyed herself more than she would have expected from the small, damaged male she was paired with. The viscount watched it all from the side of the of the bed, passing comments, critique and encouragement the whole time. He wanted more from both of them. He wanted to raise them higher until they were the perfect picture of a loving couple in the heat of passion. They had to be artful and beautiful besides just enjoying one another. Only when Eliza was exhausted and laying panting on the bed did the viscount let them relax.


'You did well, Eliza. Perhaps you'd like some time with him again,' the viscount offered.


'It's a lovely offer but I have enough paying clients to amuse me,' she huffed as she dressed herself.


'You did well too, slave. Tell me, do you find yourself attracted to women? I noticed you either didn't let yourself cum or could not cum. Eliza is one of our most beautiful women too. You should thank her for her company,' he said. 'Go on, you must thank all your clients and get back into that bow when they leave.'


The viscount waved Eliza off then looked back at Timothy, who was just entering as Eliza exited. Timothy bowed low and looked expectantly at his master.


'Get something to wipe him off, a damp towel or something,' he ordered. 'When he's presentable, bring Cameron in. I have a feeling he's going to enjoy this.'


Timothy bowed then hurried outside to fetch the towel. When he came back, he approached Kris and began to wipe him off. There was nothing personal about it and nothing shameful. They all had the same anatomy. Timothy was firm with Kris's body but not rough. He had a job to do and he did it to the best of his ability. He rested one hand on Kris's shoulder while he scrubbed down the front and cleaned off his cock. The attractive slave pumped Kris's cock quickly to clean off the fluids then continued down his legs quickly before standing up.


'He's ready, master,' Timothy replied.


'Good, good. Now for Cameron,' the viscount said.


Timothy came in with a young man who looked like a mix between asvang and human. He had pale blonde curls tied back in a red bow and soft, hazel eyes. He had a shy smile and a gentle touch, though he was taller and more muscular than Kris. He bowed low to his master then looked at Kris while he stood up.


'You wished to see me, master?' the asvang slave asked.


'Yes. I have a new slave that needs testing. Slave, you're to pleasure Cameron here in any way you see fit. Just like Eliza, you're to do your best to please him in every way. This time I expect you to cum too,' Viscount Juan instructed. 'You can be rough with him and use him for your own devices if that pleases you too.'


Cameron came over to Kris and touched him gently on the shoulder. He smiled as though saying hello to and old friend and took Kris by the hand so the other slave could lead the way to the bed. He was a submissive by nature who could ride top or bottom. He was a handsome man and very well liked in the community because of his gentle nature and the fact he could moan loudly and was very sensitive in the arse.

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Kris shifted lightly and looked over to the count, “I don’t particularly like women. No.” He was polite in his response looking as the woman left. He smirked lightly, she was too cocky and Kris had to show her otherwise. It was the only reason he had worked so hard on her.


His eyes roamed to Timothy who was ordered to clean him up. It was so nice to have her wiped clean of him. He sighed softly feeling the gentle touch to his shoulder, Timothy was handsome and Kris didn’t mind his attention even if it wasn’t given to him personally.


He shivered lightly still sensitive from pumping himself into her for what seemed like an hour or two so when Timothy pumped his cock he couldn’t help but let a soft shiver escape him. He tilted his head slightly looking at Timothy as he stood and gave the towel down. It was cold, hard, and nothing about it was intimate but Kris felt that it was better than being with a woman.


Hell, a towel was better than she was.


Kris looked over to his new companion, he was handsome with an almost mixed nature about him. Kris could easily fuck him with more bravado than the woman.


He looked to the count and nodded lightly to him before he beckoned for the other slave to come to him. He was, dominant when it came to cuter looking men. Cameron was just that, cute, and smaller.


It was an entirely different feeling than before, instead of a rough, cold nature with the woman Kris felt warmth were Cameron had touched. Kris shifted lightly and tilted his head lightly to pop the muscle there. He guided the other to the bed setting him down on the bed. Kris tilted his face in his hands listening to the count with his final words.


“I can do whatever I want to him?” He asked looking over to the count expectantly.


Cameron had a submissive feeling about him. It was only natural Kris wanted to dominate him. He reached around pulling the red ribbon from his hair letting those curls cascade around his face. He lightly brushed a finger over his cheek, caressing his jaw.


Kris leaned down and gently captured the others lips with his own pushing him further onto the bed. He let his hands roam up the males thighs, barely touching as if the lightest touch would send him overboard. He pulled away from the kiss with a light nip to his bottom lip wanting to see how sensitive Cameron was before he did anything else with him.


He wanted to be sure he could do anything he wanted. When topping Kris sometimes lost himself, and if he was in a rough mood he would often treat his bottom roughly. Without meaning to of course, long as Cameron was feeling it they were fine.


The eyes of the count were like lazers in his back. He felt like one slip up and he would be corrected, it was hard to enjoy himself when he was being watched. It wasn’t like a woman could let him forget himself in pleasure. He was hoping that Cameron would be a different story, he was hoping to forget the count was even there.

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'There's nothing wrong with that. I'll know to place you with men in future, since even Eliza didn't make you cum,' the viscount offered. He didn't want slaves that were wrongly paired and unable to perform to their best.


A smile crossed Timothy's lips as he noticed the little shiver gave. He gripped the towel a little tighter around Kris's cock and his hand slipped down Kris's shoulder to his chest. As he rose, his clothes brushed up against Kris's side. The viscount caught the action, raised an eyebrow at Timothy but said nothing. Timothy hadn't exactly disobeyed any order and there was no harm done.


'I can set you up on a date if you're that into it, Timothy,' he commented.


'No, thank you, master,' Timothy replied.


Cameron followed as Kris beckoned. Their fingers linked together and Cameron brought Kris's hand up to nip gently at the fingers while they walked. He was easily guided to the bed and sat down on the edge, looking between Kris and Viscount Juan expectantly. He unbuttoned his shirt half way and spread his legs a little. Even in such an erotic pose he looked so innocent and welcoming. He bit on his lower lip and sucked it like an aroused schoolgirl.


'Yes, yes. You can do whatever you want with him, but remember it is your job to please him,' the viscount answered.


'What would you like to do with me, Sir?' Cameron asked in a slightly husky tone. His voice was light and warm like a spring day. There was a playful hint at to it, hinting that he wouldn't mind getting kinky with Kris. He wasn't aroused yet though, it was all a show. Cameron was a very good sex slave.


The half-caste slave looked up at Kris and spread his legs wider as the other slave came forward. As Kris untied his ponytail, he tossed his hair and let t fall in loose ringlets around his face. He turned his head as Kris touched his cheek and brought the finger into his mouth. He traced his tongue along it and sucked it off gently before pulling back with a "popping" noise. He brought his hands down to Kris's exposed cock and stroked along it with the tips of his fingers.


'Do you wish me to suck you off, Sir?' he asked.


'No, no. Kris is the one who's supposed to suck you off. He is here for your pleasure, not his. Make him work for it,' the viscount ordered.


'Yes, master,' the slave said, a little breathless already.


When Kris came forward, Cameron arched up into the other slave's exposed chest. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around Kris's neck, one hand tracing down the man's back before reaching down to give his arse a little pat. Cameron gave the smallest moan of pleasure, complimenting Kris on what he found there. He felt himself being pushed down and followed where Kris lead. He lay on the back of the bed, looking up into Kris's yellow eyes, and sucked in his lower lip. Already his pants were getting a little tight.


'Please, touch me,' he breathed. Already it looked like he wanted more. He wanted Kris to strip him and make him scream with pleasure. He wanted to cum over and over until there was nothing left inside him. He wanted buttons to pop, cocks to leak with precum and bite marks all over his body. At least, that's what those needy, hazel eyes told Kris.

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The small action between him and Timothy wasn’t unnoticed by Kris but he had a job to do and he couldn’t waste his time with a slave that wasn’t his job at the moment. Sure Timothy was hot, and he seemed to be interested in Kris but their relationship was strictly business as it was.


By the time Kris was moving to Cameron and the other was spreading himself for him he was already slightly hard. This was of course thanks to the fact he was sensitive already from the sex from before, and the touch of the slave before him.


Cameron was such an innocent feel to him. As he sat down on the bed and spread his legs open for him, waiting patiently for him to touch him it was like he was waiting for him to be fucked. Of course, Kris understood it was all an act. Cameron was trained to turn men on just by looking at them. Kris felt a light fire in his stomach grow as the ringlets encircled his face highlighting his features.


Kris let his eyes turn to the count lust filling them already as he was given the go ahead to do as he pleased with the innocent looking slave before him. Kris felt a soft groan in the back of his throat as his finger was pulled into Cameron’s mouth, feeling his tongue roam around his finger as if it was his cock.


An eye closed weakly as a shiver passed through his hips feeling the long slender fingers slide over his cock. “Tch…” He bit his lip lightly only to push the boy down onto the bed ready to strip him down, explore him, and fuck him senseless.


He wanted to see how loud Cameron could scream for him. He leaned down lightly tilting the others face up but instead of kissing him Kris went to his ear lightly whispering into it, “I want to make you scream for me Cameron…” He nipped his ear and slid his hands over the others shirt pulling lightly hearing a button pop. He smiled lightly against Cameron’s neck only to use his hands together ripping the shirt apart.


Button’s flew before his hands were inside his shirt roaming, clawing, and exploring the other slave. He wanted to hear his moans echoing over the walls. He wanted to see how loud this room could really take. Being dominate wasn’t really his style but Cameron was practically begging him for it and it was hot.


Kris didn’t mind the touch from the other, he actually liked it. His breathing was growing a little quicker as he was more than aroused. He tilted his face down further biting the others neck as he crawled onto the bed pushing the others legs up so he could fit between them. Foreplay was still a thing even for slaves, they had to please their masters…no matter what.


The light pat to his ass pulled a light chuckle from Kris sliding his fingers down to the others pants, skillfully undoing them within a moment. He kissed down his neck sliding a hand into Cameron’s pants letting his fingers dance over his cock. He wasn’t exactly completely hard, but it was evident that Cameron was getting there.


Kris hardly needed to hear the request for his hands were already working on ripping the clothing from his legs. He pulled his pants off throwing them aside as if they were just in the way. He did the same with the left over shirt, wanting nothing to cover Cameron’s body but his own cum and their sweat.


His lips roamed further down nipping his collar bone hard as his hands moved from Cameron’s hips up to his sides feeling, exploring, and needing. Kris couldn’t help but enjoy the soft curvature of his back as he arched into his touch. He couldn’t help but enjoy the soft begging that came from the docile slave laying under him. Kris was never one to take but Cameron was…erotic and a turn on all in himself.


Kris felt like he could do anything and everything to Cameron and not worry about his well being. He knew they could get kinky and they would both enjoy it. Kris felt his eyes flash up to Cameron as his nips guided him to his exposed nipples, “How do you want me to touch you Cameron? I won’t know if you don’t tell me.” He breathed against his chest as his tongue flicked out lightly touching the left bud. He moaned softly feeling their cocks lightly rub against one another, the slight touch turning him on even more.

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'He's good, yes?' the viscount said with some amusement at the lusty look Kris gave him. All it had taken was a few looks from Cameron and a few light touches to get Kris ready for action. Viscount Juan could hear the little groan escaping Kris's throat and smiled. This was going to be a good show, far better than the one with Eliza. If it turned out even better than expected, he might just very well pair the two up together on display for all the clients to see. Of course, he'd have to get rid of those scars first. Some of his asvang clientele demanded nothing less than perfection from their entertainment.


Cameron's tongue traced along the bottom of Kris's finger, all the way to the base. He looked into Kris's eyes as he pulled back and bit the tips with just his teeth. There was a light in Cameron's eyes as if he might laugh and he gripped harder at Kris's cock. He gently scratched his fingers over the sensitive organ then buried his fingernail in the slit, wriggling it around before letting go completely. His arms rose up again and he held onto the sides of Kris's body as he was pushed back into the bed.


The half-caste looked up from a mop of blonde curls, his eyes wide and innocent. It might as well have been his first time, he looked so surprised to be pinned down and touched like that. He closed his eyes in expectation with a kiss, only to gasp when Kris went for his ear instead. His hands gripped tight at Kris's sides and he let out an obedient moan. He tossed his head to the side and panted twice at the thought of screaming in ecstasy.


'I'm ready,' the slave gasped as Kris ripped his shirt open. He was there for the taking, exposed and vulnerable beneath Kris. He tossed his head from side to side as Kris explored him, getting louder with each touch. His toes curled and gripped into the bed as his hands rubbed up and down Kris's sides. His cock was hard and flagging. Cameron raised his hips slightly to rub his cock against Kris's, as if he was hot, horny and ready to be fucked.


'AAAAAH!' Cameron cried out. His feet skittered across the bed and his hips bucked hard a few times as Kris's teeth sank into his neck. It was hard to spread his legs while he was reacting so strongly but with a little guidance he managed to allow Kris in.


'Mmmmm,' the slave moaned as he felt fingers dancing over his cock. He spread his legs wider before he realised Kris was trying to strip his pants. He obediently helped the man take them off then brought both hands down to cover his own semi-hard cock. He bit his lower lip and looked down as if he'd just been caught doing something salacious. He then glanced up at Kris with an almost pleading look in his eyes, silently begging the other slave to take care of his predicament.


'Don't stop,' Cameron moaned immediately. 'Keep touching my nipples.'


'That's very good that you're asking your client what he wants but this is about you showcasing your skills. Show us what you can do,' the viscount commented.


'My neck, just behind my ear... and... and the tip of my privates,' Cameron begged, not caring what the viscount said. He did care about following the viscount's orders but what was wrong with telling the other slave where his hot spots were?


Another moan escaped the slave as their cocks touched and he tossed his head to the side, exposing his neck. He was getting harder now and it was harder to hold in his voice, not that he wanted to. Cameron reached down and grasped both their cocks at once, stroking them together very slowly indeed. It was too much and not enough at once. He wanted Kris to make him scream already.

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The viscount was very well not even in Kris’s mind. He had something he needed to do and in order to do that he was going to make sure Cameron was really feeling it. The only way to do this was to ask him what he wanted.


Kris didn’t mind the roaming hands over his body, his cock was already twitching from the touches that Cameron was giving him, his body sensitive from Eliza yet not satisfied. He worried that he might cum early with the sensitive organ being touched so consistently.


Cameron had such a show about him, and kris hated it. He was so, fake about everything. Kris got it, they were slaves they were supposed to please their clients and if that meant acting like a virgin who was scared of sex then that’s what they would do. He shifted lightly his lips roaming up his neck as the other slave cried out for him.


It was interesting, that cry didn’t seem to be fake and the reaction he got from it didn’t either. There was only so much faking you could do before your body started to give into the actual feelings. His lips found their way to the sensitive buds on his chest once again nipping it a little harder than he meant to for the touch to his cock brought a shock to him.


The count was talking to him and of course, he didn’t care. He reached up and lightly grabbed the others neck pulling him up off his back, sitting up. His fingers dug into his neck as his lips roamed to his ear once more whispering into it so the count couldn’t hear. “Don’t pretend for me…I want the real you Cameron” He nipped his ear softly before releasing his neck and throwing him back down on the bed.


His hands roamed up the sides of his thighs lightly removing the hand that was working on their cocks. As much as Kris wouldn’t have minded to let it keep happening that way he needed to take care of Cameron to keep the count happy.


He leaned down nipping his side gently as his thumb caressed the tip of his cock, tightening his fingers around his length after. Stroking the other male softly a few times before his lips roamed lower.


He was kneeling before Cameron in only a moment his tongue flicking over the tip of the sensitive organ as his hands lightly pulled Cameron to the edge of the bed so his hips were partially off, opening his ass for easy access for when Kris wanted to play with it.


His mouth pulled Cameron’s balls into his mouth as his hands stroked his cock faster now, his eyes roaming up to his sleeping partner, a look of want in his eyes. Cameron must enjoy being wanted, being liked. He must enjoy being taken or else he wouldn’t work so hard to make himself look so appetizing.


Kris shifted and let the others balls fall from his lips as his tongue roamed up licking up the length of his member. A hand roaming to his own cock stroking it slowly as his mouth pulled Cameron into his mouth entirely.


Despite not liking taking orders, Kris put into effect the tips the count had given him when he was testing his blow job earlier. His hands were more in action and he moaned softly around Cameron’s cock more. Feeling his own cock twitch inside his hands from feeling another cock inside of his mouth.

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Cameron moved when Kris pulled him up into sitting position. He blinked once and he had a puzzled look on his face. Had he done something wrong? What was Kris doing now? Cameron gasped when he felt fingers in his neck but it wasn't necessarily a gasp of pleasure. It stung and it created a sensation but it wasn't arousing per se. He bit his lip again, a little unsure, then exhaled as Kris spoke.


'This is me,' he whispered back. Did Kris think he was faking it? All right, perhaps he was putting on a bit of a show but it was only an extension of his personality rather than a complete act. Cameron was just glancing at his master when he was shoved back on the bed. He moved his hand away when it was knocked aside and curled his hands in the bed sheets instead. He then grabbed a pillow and propped himself up slightly so he could watch what Kris was doing.


A soft "nh" escaped Cameron's lips as he felt Kris's thumb on the tip of his cock. He tilted his head back and took a deep breath in anticipation of what was sure to happen next. He breathed slow and deliberate as he felt himself being stroked. His hands curled and uncurled in the sheets, wishing to be of use somehow. A shiver ran through him but he held back, letting Kris do what he wished. He loved the feel of Kris's tongue on his tip. He could almost scream just from that!


As Kris pulled him towards the end of the bed, Cameron followed. Even though his arse was half hanging over the edge of the bed, he had his legs up and spread wide enough to put a foot on each of the bed posts. It was wide but he could spread wider. He could do the splits if his clients needed him to. His arsehole twitched for Kris to see, as did his cock. It bounced a little, now fully hard.


'Aaaaah!' Cameron cried out as he arched up from the bed. Kris was pumping him harder now and it caused Cameron's breathing to become rapid. He moaned louder than he actually meant to and bit down on his lower lip. His hips started to rock a little and a little clear fluid leaked from the tip of his cock. Again, his arse twitched. It wanted to be entered already.


'Please, put your fingers inside me!' he begged, sounding utterly desperate.


'Don't give him pointers, Cameron.'


'Sorry, master! Ah! Ah! Hnnnnnn!' he moaned, tossing his head to the side.


'I'll have you flogged for that after. That's twice you've given him advice.'


'Ah! Aaaaaah! Yes, master!' Cameron cried.


Soon Cameron's cock was leaking with even more salty precum and his moans were getting steadily louder. He flung his arms down and grabbed tight at Kris's hair as though it was the only thing holding him to this world. Another cry escaped him and he bucked his hips twice. He then let out a whimper and closed his eyes tight. He could feel the pressure building inside him and knew he would cum soon. Even if he came, he would still have the strength left for more.

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The soft coaching from the Master wasn’t helping and it kept pulling Kris’s attention from what he was supposed to be doing. He felt his own cock twitch in his hands as Cameron let out a loud moan, starting to breath harder from his mouth. Kris let his mouth slide off his cock, his hands roaming up the backs of Cameron’s thighs.


He let his tongue lick down the side of his length only to lightly flick over the others entrance as if teasing him with the thought of playing with it. Kris tightened his hands on the others thighs as his tongue circled his entrance as a hand grasped his cock.


A thumb roamed over the growing pre-cum before nipping the skin beside the muscles of his ass. He shifted his eyes up to Cameron, making eye contact with him as his mouth roamed back up to his cock pulling it back into his mouth.


His hands didn’t sit idly by. Something about making Cameron beg for him was arousing to him. He heard the request to finger him but Kris didn’t want to give into him just yet. He sure as hell didn’t want to finger him because Cameron told him to.


Those yellow eyes full of lust and need flicked to the count who sat not far away as his mouth rocked up and down on Cameron’s cock. His throat swallowed around him a few times as his lips hit the base of his cock. As his eyes focused on the count his fingers slid into Cameron, as if asking the count if he was doing alright.


There was a nice feeling about being reassured he wasn’t going to be beaten later for his lack of pleasing Cameron. Kris didn’t think the other slave needed any warming up so his two fingers slid in easily. He curled them inside of him as deep as he could get them only to pull them out almost entirely. His mouth popped off his cock with a wet sound as Kris groaned softly stroking Cameron’s cock for his mouth needed a small break.


He didn’t plan to stop playing with him until he came at least once. He wanted to enter him afterwards only to make his hypersensitive body cum again. Kris himself was hard and twitching between his legs wanting to slide into Cameron and take him, to hear those screams over the walls but that would be too quick.


He let his fingers slide back into Cameron almost agonizingly slow before starting a slow tempo with it. His fingers thrust in and out of Cameron as his tongue licked away the precum dripping down his cock. The hands in his hair pulled a light moan from Kris’s lips as he pulled Cameron back into his mouth taking him deep into his throat. He moaned around his cock loudly letting the vibrations pool around the sensitive organ.


He wanted to hear Cameron scream for him, and if he could do that with just his mouth then it meant he was doing pretty well. His yellow orbs flashed up to the pleasure ridden face of Cameron, more than satisfied with the reaction he saw there. He felt the bucks up into his mouth only allowing him to moan harder and lightly choke around his cock before pulling him out of his mouth a little only to take him once again.


Kris didn’t stop there, he added another finger sliding three into him almost effortlessly. He felt no resistance other than the greedy sucking of Cameron’s entrance so he added a fourth finger. Thrusting in and out of him quickly now, matching the strokes of his mouth on the others cock. He was determined to get him to cum.


A hand worked on his cock as his mouth worked on the tip moaning softly around it. The rough grip in his hair just enough to turn him on even more, it was a slight sign of him doing good. He could only imagine the feeling of Cameron’s nails digging into his lower back as he sank his cock into him giving him everything he’s wanted.

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Cameron lay his head back and bit down hard on his lip. His entrance twitched again at Kris licked it and he let out a high pitched sound that was part way between a moan and a whimper. He sucked hard on his lip and his tongue worked its way around his mouth, wishing it too could be of use. He loved the feel of Kris's hands over his thighs but he wanted them inside him!


Another spurt of precum filled Kris's mouth as he pulled Cameron's cock into it. He opened his mouth to say something, gasped and closed it tight again.


Nearby, the count raised an eyebrow at Kris as the slave looked at him. He'd said he could do anything he wanted with Cameron. He wasn't about to back down now when he was enjoying the show. All Cameron's whimpers and moans were getting him aroused and his pants were starting to feel a little too tight. He could wait but he would no doubt have Kris service him a second time when Cameron was done.


'Aaaaah! Yes! Please!' Cameron cried out loudly. He groaned loud as the two fingers curled inside him. His muscles lapped at Kris's fingers and his thigh muscles tensed. They were starting to feel the burn from having been spread so wide. The slave's tummy rose and fell rapidly as he panted in short bursts. He gripped his hands tighter in Kris's hair, tugging harder than he meant to.


'Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh!' Cameron moaned over and over as Kris slid his fingers back inside and started pumping slowly. He arched his back and his mouth went wide as a heat rose through his body. He started to work his hips onto Kris's fingers and his toes curled tight. Sweat was beading about his forehead, lips, chest and ran down his thighs in little driplets. His cock felt hard enough to burst as Kris sucked him in deep. He moaned in unison with Kris and tossed his head from side to side, eyes clenched tight. He didn't think he could hold himself in much longer but why would he have to? He could have three or four helpings at least.


A shudder ran through Cameron's whole body and he kept bursting out little moans in rapid succession. His hips kept working and his hands kept gripping and pawing at Kris's hair. He gave a long, low moan as he felt more fingers inside him then cried out as Kris thrust all four fingers inside him. Cameron was gone. There was nothing left to him but moaning and panting.


'AAAAAAAAH-AAAAAAH!' he screamed. He clenched his fists in Kris's hair and curled his body forward as he came hard into Kris's mouth. He remained like that for several long seconds more. His entire body was tensed and he was clenching around Kris's fingers. His entire body felt tight but at the same time it was blissful. He rode the sensation and kept it going for as long as it could until he was completely spent. The slave then flopped back on the bed, panting heavily and moaning with his mouth open wide. His hair stuck to his face and his body was coursing with sweat.


Cameron just lay there, panting and staring at the ceiling. Was it meant to be spinning like that. Cameron swallowed hard and moaned, not yet willing to move. Kris had been good to him.

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The moans started to grow louder and Kris didn’t let up on Cameron’s cock. The counts eyes were making him hotter, causing softer moans of his own to escape over Cameron’s cock as he serviced him.


The rough hands in his hair only got worse and he could practically feel Cameron thrusting his hips into his mouth. It wasn’t until that fourth finger entered Cameron did the other slave practically give himself to Kris fully. He felt the resistance of his thighs loosen as his entrance gaped for Kris’s fingers as he pulled them out only to shove them back into him.


His mouth was working rather well and as his mouth pulled a scream from Cameron he peered up only to grow wide eyed. As if he didn’t know Cameron was going to cum into his mouth. He felt the hands tighten in his hair pulling his mouth down on Cameron harder not letting him up until the other had road out his climax.


When his hair was finally released Kris pulled his mouth off Cameron’s cock panting softly as he wiped his mouth, a small bit of cum sliding down his chin. He let his fingers slide out of Cameron almost eating up the reaction of his twitching figure left open on the bed. Kris tilted his head groaning lowly from the soreness in his jaw from not only sucking Cameron off but also the count earlier.


It was a lot of work but he was not finished yet. His fingers lightly ran up the others thighs as his lips kissed his sensitive organ that had just released itself into Kris’s lips. Kris stood and stroked his own cock as he leaned down kissing Cameron’s stomach up to his chest feeling his cock lightly press against Cameron’s inner thigh.


He wanted inside of him, he could feel the muscles tighten around his fingers as Cameron came and the only thing Kris could think of the entire time was how much he wanted to be up inside of him. He let his hands slide up under his thighs lightly pushing Cameron’s ass back onto the bed.


Kris’s cock was twitching and more than ready to be inside of the other slave. He crawled onto the bed after him knowing that the other was too sensitive to really move on his own so Kris moved him to where he wanted him.


Kris flipped them around so Cameron was on his stomach and he lightly slapped his ass pulling his hips up so the other slave was resting on his knees. Kris ran a hand up his back lightly pushing his chest down into the bed, pushing his ass up higher so Kris could better get to it. He lightly rubbed his cock between his ass cheeks groaning softly at the twitching of the others asshole against his cock.


They were in a rather erotic situation facing the Count so both of them would have to look at the count as they fucked. Kris tilted his head looking over Cameron’s body sprawled out before him lightly sighing at the sight. He found the other to be very attractive and his moans only added to it.


Kris leaned forward and kissed his back before slapping his ass harder lightly grabbing it and spreading his ass cheeks open. His mouth leaned down and flicked his tongue over Cameron’s greedy hole. He stroked his own cock once or twice before sitting up again balancing himself on his own knees behind Cameron.


His body lightly shivered as his sensitive head touched Cameron’s asshole as if asking for entrance. He didn’t really want to take him forcefully, and knowing he had just came his body might not even be ready for another round just yet. Even if Kris’s was more than ready to fuck the brains out of Cameron.

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Cameron let out a long, satisfied moan as he lay spread on the bed. He looked up at Kris lazily to see if the man wanted another round. He would gladly suck Kris off if that's what the man wanted next. After all, the other slave had come all this way without cumming. The slave lay there like that until Kris started to move him. He shifted back up onto the bed and sat up slightly, reaching for Kris's cock but not touching it. He was already going to be flogged. He didn't want to do anything that might make his punishment worse. He looked at the viscount then at Kris, offering to stroke the man off. It seemed that wasn't what Kris had in mind though. Instead, he watched Kris's cock twitch and licked his lips as a silent offering.


Suddenly, Cameron was flipped onto his stomach and he knew what was coming. He gave a sharp gasp at the slap on his arse and bit his lip, already excited for what was to come next. He got up onto his hands and knees then spread his legs wide enough for Kris to enter him at will. He pressed his chest to the bed when willed and tried to raise his arse higher in the air.


The slave gave a soft moan in anticipation when Kris pressed his cock between his arse cheeks. He sucked his lower lip and relaxed his hole, ready to be taken.


'Wait,' announced the count. 'Timothy, get them some lubricant. Kris, you're never to fuck a client dry. If they fuck you dry, that's their business.'


Timothy bowed his head to the viscount and hurried to get the lubricant from a wooden storage box that rolled out from under the bed. He rummaged through it until he found a aluminium tube with clear fluid in it. Timothy handed the tube to Kris then went back to stand near the viscount. The viscount nodded his approval and let the men get back to it.


'Please,' Cameron begged. He couldn't be more willing to be fucked. The tongue on his hole was just teasing. He moaned again as Kris balanced himself behind him and pressed the head of his cock against the slave's twitching hole. Cameron pushed back slightly, though not enough to go in. He bit his lip and looked up at the viscount, who was watching very intently.


Viscount Juan was now in a bit of a predicament. He was getting hard and didn't think he could stand by and watch the show idly. He had two options. He could get Timothy to suck him off, though that's not what the slave was used for, or he could join in the action. The viscount decided he would join in when he it got too much for him. Hopefully that wouldn't be too late. To speed things along, the viscount sat down on the edge of the bed and began to slowly stroke himself off.

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It was almost more likely that Kris was happy to see Cameron wanting him. It was a nice feeling, being wanted by someone else. He watched his eyes flash from the count to his cock in an almost questioning manner only to lick his lips and want to suck him off.


In any other situation Kris would have loved to have felt those lips around his cock but in this situation he couldn’t. Kris had no intention of fucking Cameron just yet. He lightly grabbed his hips pulling his ass higher into the air sighing lightly at the image. He was afraid to say much, too scared he would be yelled at.


Kris lightly paused and his eyes instantly flicked up to the count at the interruption to their night. “Tch…” He grabbed the tube from Timothy and lubed up his cock before throwing it aside and lightly pressed himself harder against Cameron.


“Oh…lean back too far and you’ll pull me in on its own…” he leaned forward and lightly kissed the others back before sliding the tip of his cock in slowly. Almost as if he was teasing Cameron. He felt a light hiss leave his lips, “Fuck…” He shivered softly leaning forward slowly entering into Cameron slowly.


Kris was finally base deep into Cameron when he watched the count walk over and sit on the side of the bed, whipping himself out and stroking him slowly. He lightly grabbed Cameron’s hip and dug himself in deeper groaning lowly.


Kris leaned back and slid out of him almost all the way before thrusting back into Cameron hard. He felt his hips shiver lightly, “Gah…how are you so tight?” he asked twitching inside of Cameron.


His eyes flicked to the count, it was kind of hot, watching him stroke himself off like that. Kris was getting warm, his body starting to heat up and droplets of sweat were forming on his back. He started a slow pace inside of Cameron feeling his cock twitch every so often inside of him.


It had been awhile since the last time he had sex. He was more than sensitive from the sex with Eliza and the torture he had received from Timothy. He was exhausted but he still couldn’t help but buck his hips up into Cameron. He wanted him now and the look of the Count stroking himself just brought a brighter fire inside of him.


He found his eyes watching the two of them more, wondering what the count had in mind for them. “Aah…” He gasped softly thrusting up into Cameron harder burying himself deep inside of him with a light huff. He was panting lightly now, his chest rising and falling as his body was getting hotter and hotter.

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“Oh…lean back too far and you’ll pull me in on its own…”


'Is that a bad thing?' Cameron purred. He worked his hips up and down so he was rubbing his arse against the tip of Kris's cock. He wanted it in already. He moaned long and loud before biting his lip. The slave closed his eyes and braced himself for the feel of Kris's hot cock inside him. He could feel it sliding in him so slowly; it was agonising. The tight ring of muscle parted as Kris inched his cock in and Cameron could feel himself stretching around that engorged cock. It slipped in so easily with the lubricant. It felt blissful. Cameron moaned again and rolled his head around in a circle.


'Ah! Yesssss!' he hissed. He panted heavily a few times and brought one hand up to start stroking his own cock. Kris was deep inside him now, no doubt all the way to the hilt. Even though he was relaxing himself, he felt stretched wide by Kris's girth. It felt so good. Cameron just wanted Kris to pound him with that cock until he was a sloppy mess!


“Gah…how are you so tight?”


'You're my first... hmmmm... client for today,' Cameron said, moaning part way through his sentence. 'I haven't prepped myself.'


Kris bucked and Cameron gasped loud. The slave started humping the air while he spread his fingers and pumped harder on his cock. Every so often little hums and noises escaped him as he felt himself getting hot again. He looked up at his master and ran his tongue around his upper lip. He could happily take both at once if that's what the master wanted.


'Mmmmm! I can feel myself being moulded around your cock... So good... It feels so good!' he said in a husky, moaning voice that seemed to ooze with honey. He let out an agonised groan and a spurt of pre-cum leaked from his cock.


The viscount was now fully hard and thoroughly enjoying the show, but it was time to join in. He came up behind Kris and traced a finger down his spine to his anus and rubbed the tip of his forefinger against it. He placed both hands on the man's arse, spreading the cheeks wide with his fingers and pressing against the hole with his thumbs.


'Timothy, lubricant,' he ordered.


Timothy hurried to pick the discarded tube up from the floor and handed it to his master. Viscount Juan squirted practically the whole bottle into his palm and began working it over his cock. He grit his teeth and gave a groan before grabbing Kris's arse with wet hands. He held him in place for a moment so he could insert just the head inside the slave. He didn't even bother stretching or working to relax the slave's arse. Either he would handle it or he would not. Kris could just be greatful he was getting lubricant.


'Now work yourself onto my my cock as you move back then push yourself into Cameron as you move forward,' he ordered. That way Kris would be doing all the work while the viscount just knelt there enjoying it. Viscount Juan had no intentions of sitting there idly though. He was just going to wait for Kris to get going first.

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Kris felt like everything was happening a little quickly. The moans coming from Cameron were like a sweet song playing over the walls. As his cock slid all the way into the other male he paused for a moment only to start up a small tempo. His hands sliding to grab Cameron's waist and pull him hard against his cock. He didn't want him going anywhere.


He didn't have to do much work considering Cameron was working himself on his cock either way. Each time he would pull out it was like Cameron was swallowing him up, not allowing him to leave. He grit his teeth and bared it as he felt constant friction on his cock. A hand shifted lightly parting Cameron's legs even more only to push his hips up higher for a better chance to dig deeper into him. Kris couldn't help but let his eyes fall to the figure before him, Cameron sprawled out on to the bed begging for him was something he couldn't get over. He tilted his head and smiled lightly as he reached up and grabbed Cameron's shoulder pulling him back against his cock harder.


"Ngh," Soft pants left his lips followed by little whines and moans as he felt Cameron against him, clenching hard around his cock. He had all but forgotten about the count so when he heard his chair slide back as the Count got up his eyes flashed forward. He didn't stop fucking Cameron, assuming doing so would lead to him getting in trouble. He watched the count walk around the bed and start to touch him, like he was going to-


His thoughts paled as he realized that the count was going to use him. He shifted his hips slightly knowing all too well that he wouldn't be able to get away from it. His hand let go of Cameron as he raised his back lightly resting his hands on his hips. The order for lube just paled his thoughts more as he groaned lowly, a sound that could be mistaken for pleasure. The fingers pulling his ass apart were no soft nature and he knew that lube was probably the best he was going to get.


Kris tried to remember the last time he had sex being the bottom. It had for sure been a long time for him, he paused his hips for the count looking back at him a moment with a sense of worry crossing his face. He didn't mean to let it pass his features but it would worry anyone, the count wasn't exactly small. Kris felt the count press his lubed cock against his entrance and he leaned over Cameron trying to relax some and let it just happen. As the head of his cock entered into Kris he arched his back lightly and tightened his hands into Cameron's sides. "Tch..." He grit his teeth hard trying not to make a sound of the discomfort coursing through him in that moment.


The order was something Kris had already figured would happen. His body clenched around the count a moment before he let out a sigh and straightened his back. His hands released Cameron's sides and he slowly let himself down onto the Counts cock. A shakey moan left his lips as he took him about half way and then thrust back into Cameron. The pleasure circling his cock was a good take away from the pain in his ass but either way he would have to move or they would get impatient. He pulled his hips back feeling the count slide back into him pulling a shiver from Kris he hadn't meant to let slide. All in all he preferred to be a bottom either way. He could do either but being a bottom was just less work and more fun.


As his body got used to the count's cock his thrusts were back to a steady tempo. Each delve into him the counts cock was let in deeper and deeper till Kris was taking him from the hilt to the tip and back again. It was an interesting feeling and Kris knew that if it kept going like this for too long he would cum in no time. Cameron was swallowing him whole and the count was inside of him. He felt speechless, he felt that he could do nothing but moan away the pain in his abdomen that slowly turned to pleasure and blurred his vision.

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'Ah! Yes!' Cameron cried as Kris grabbed his waist and fucked into him.


Cameron angled himself so that Kris was striking up against his prostate. His tongue lolled out and he panted. His eyes started to glaze over and his moans became more erratic. He spread his legs wider when Kris instructed him with his hands and angled his arse higher to please his client. Kris's cock was all the way inside him. Cameron felt it couldn't get any deeper, it was hitting him all the way to the pudendal nerve. Cameron dropped his hand from his cock and gripped the bedsheets with both hands. He buried his face into the pillow and bit down hard on it while he moaned. He could go longer if that's what Kris wanted but he felt himself ready to cum at any moment. The pale blonde was covered in sweat and panting heavily with each thrust inside him. He had to hold out if he didn't want to displease the count. The thought of an extra whipping terrified the halfbreed, even if he knew he would heal from it in time. Would he even be allowed to work if he was marked? What sort of clientele would want him then?


'Please, master! Let me cum!' he cried out suddenly. He arched his body and bucked his hips, letting out a small cry. He didn't release but he was very nearly close to it.


'No. Neither of you are allowed to cum until I'm finished with you,' the count replied. He was going to test Kris again, this time seeing how long he could last without cumming. The viscount would hold out as long as he could, knowing full well that Kris had been holding out even longer. Maybe he would even keep Cameron and Kris going until they couldn't stand it any longer. He knew Cameron could hold on but what about Kris?


The slave whimpered and rubbed his face into the pillow. His cock was throbbing hard and leaking with pre-cum again. He wouldn't get punished for that but he was frightened of what would happen to him if he leaked with actual cum before he was allowed to.


'Ah! Ah! Ah!' he cried out in a fucked out voice every time Kris plunged into him. His body was rocking in time with Kris and his arse needily lapped at the man's cock. He moaned out loud and sucked at the drool spilling into the pillow.


'That's it,' the viscount groaned. 'Take my cock in.'


Kris was slow at first but Viscount Juan patiently let him do as he pleased for now. He knelt there as Kris started to work himself back and forth. The new slave pushed himself deeper and deeper onto Viscount Juan's cock each time until he could finally take the whole length in. The viscount moaned softly as he felt Kris shiver and his hips bucked lightly into the slave's arse. He waited for Kris to keep going until they were going steady. Only then did the viscount move.


The master leaned forward and nuzzled into the back of Kris's neck. He moaned softly and parted his lips to suck at the back of the slave's neck. His hands brushed up the man's sides, as firm and rough as tree bark. He rested his left hand down on the side of slave's waist and the other one moved around to feel up and down his chest. He moaned and raked his nails down that firm chest before moving up to tweak the right nipple. He gave it a firm pinch before very softly flicking over the tip. He rolled it around between his fingers before moving across to the left nipple and giving it the same treatment.


'Ah yes, you feel good,' the viscount breathed into Kris's neck. 'The clients are going to love this.'


The viscount's breathing became laboured and he started to thrust into Kris as the slave slid back onto his cock. His hands started to rove over the younger man's body and tease him in all sorts of places. He gripped the man's neck tight and lapped just below the slave's ear with his tongue. He bit and nibbled on the lobe and his hot breath ghosted into the man's ear. He let out a soft moan and sank his fingernails into the man's abdomen.


'Work harder,' the viscount ordered. 'Impale yourself on my cock.'

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