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  1. Hi there. Thanks for all the lovely messages. I've been away for a long time now but it's really sweet that you thought of me.




    Loves and hugs!

  2. "<3 OMG YAOI!!! They kiss! Two hot elevs really kissed <3 I love this season!!!! "


    I don't think I replied to this. I've been away so long!


    OMG! Yes! So much yaoi and yuri in this season. I love Janaya and Ruthari!

  3. <3 OMG YAOI!!! They kiss! Two hot elevs really kissed <3 I love this season!!!!

  4. The first season has a really bad frame rate but the second season is so much better. I didn't mind the frame rate that much because the story, characters and diversity make up for it. All is worth it for the sexy MF that is Aaravos. OMG! His voice makes me want to go straight!
  5. I just googled it! OMG! That looks amazeballs!
  6. I'm just about to start cooking dinner.
  7. @Key It worked! Thank you so much for checking it out!
  8. Something filling and heavy. I gotta wait for another two hours.
  9. Marltok 0555 ? Alarm goes off 0600 ? Warm ups, stretching and flexibility training 0700 ? Wash hands and face, tighten leg straps, get dressed and armed 0715 ? Power walking 0815 ? Warm ups, core strengthening and muscle toning exercises 0900 ? Jog 0930 ? Dojo or Marltok?s quarters 0930 ? Stretches and flexibility training 1000 ? Martial arts 1230 ? Sparring 1330 ? Cool downs 1345 ? Lunch 1430 ? Swimming 1600 ? Lessons/massage 1900 ? Dinner in the forest and slow walking 2000 ? Weapons maintenance, puzzle and reading 2215 ? Hot tub 2300 ? Bed
  10. I plan to move all the books from the boot of the car.
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