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Nekos are pets! BIG idea for RP world! Seme seeking Ukes but all can read

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Hey I've had this idea a few years now and I am ready to be brave and try to pitch it. The idea however is base off an all male world so if you do not like that thing do not read on but that's how I invisions it and how I will pitch it.

I will go over the world and the rules, mostly the pet care rules. Ukes you can be nekos or a uke owner.

I like to be a seme neko but I will be a seme owner if you want.


On the planet mew(get it?)lives 2 sentient dominant species: The Mewmans and the Nekos.



Office Randy Mathews(seme)9a131eb5a1e637c5839f925d294d6771bbf266c9.jpg

Alen furth(Uke)


They are the main dominant species that are very much like humans but they are all male and all tend to be very good looking and keep their good looks longer. Like never going grey nor getting wrinkles. Also there's no Pedophilia or any sex laws here really, it's all good at any age. [Not that this will probably come up in the RPs but it's out there and public sex might and that's okay too]

Mew is like modern japan[i think of shin-chan,so something like that or death note]but the RPs can be different times and even different settings. Like a farm or a travelling circles. If you have any ideas please do pitch them! Mew dose have some magic and other surprises! What could be here?



Owner Kai and his dog type Neko Sandy



Niki cat type neko and his owner Ryan hope


Owner Sasha cummings and his cat type neko Memow


Nekos are the other main dominant species. They are a lot like the mewmans and are a suburbanite race to them. They are pets and in some way treated like how we treat pets but it's mostly very different. For one thing you can sex with them and since Neko's can not get pregnant by mewmans it's alright for all!

Nekos look like mewmans except for the ears and they have tails and fangs. They seem to have the same amount of intelligences as mewmans and similar feelings too. Since they are pets they do not have rights like mewmans do. They can not buy houses or rent nor have real jobs or vote. Nekos are fine and happy with this since they don't have to work or worry about that stuff and they get somebody to take care of them. Well the pet ones, there are work nekos and strays whom shelters are provided for and they can get odd jobs and are allowed to buy things. Nekos are breeded but they of course breed/mate themselves. Much like how we do with pets and yes some neko's are higher and more expensive than others. Nekos are allowed to drive if the owner allows them to learn and can get a very special license for it. Depending on the laws where you live they also need a license to leave the home but all places require pet licensese for both. Most pets tend to not leave the house but can for errands and to the neko pet parks and such, again with permission and sometimes a note from owner. You can get a neko house for them to live in if you have a big enough yard otherwise they need to have their own room. They can not just live around the house as when their urges come up or if they have sex company over they need a place for it.


Now onto pet care while we're on this: Yes a space is most required for them as they are like another person living with you. So it's very nessery and their own bathroom be good but is not required. You or your spouse/family have to pay for everything for your neko. From clothes to food to toys and vet visits. Taking care of a neko is a lot like taking care of a child. But places has sales all the time and clothes and such are free sometimes. You will need to take them to the vet to keep them healthy. They should get a say in their clothes,food and living space though!


Now toys and sex. You can have sex with your neko and some are even train/breeded just for that. Just make sure that's what you want and he understands. Nekos are even gotten to be a 3rd lover or for something for the spouse to fuck while the bread winner is away. There's even places where you can rent nekos for sex. Like for your first time or practice maybe or even just to watch them and get ideas. Whatever your sexual needs maybe theirs a neko to fulfil it for you.

If you and or others you live with are not going to have sex with your neko you need to get them toys and things to help with that. A neko sex doll is about the best thing you can get them. Their are even ones that will collect the cum without them knowning so you can sell it. If you can't afford this you can get other things. A fuck pillow witch also collects cum is a good one just make sure he knowns to lock the door while doing this and put them away when done or hide them even, especially if you have children. Nekos don't really have shame but they do understand kids are to young for such things.Nekos are animals and will need to do this now and then even if you don't want them too. A good idea is to give him a time like when everybody in bed but dog may not listen to this and will hump when need be.

If you get them a companion or even let them have sex regular at a park or such you may not need sex toys. It tends to vary from neko to neko and owners. Books are good too as well as art supplies. You need to get them balls and such so they can play and exercise. Keep your neko's happy and it's okay to let them watch TV too.

Needless to say casual sex and free sex runs through if not rules the Nekos they can(especially strays)just fuck and move on to the next. They do fall inlove and have mates.


Work nekos are train to different jobs, like being on the police force. The world is not perfect and crime happens and with Neko crimes you need nekos to stop them. Nekos also have good noses for crime scenes too.

Farm nekos. Need cheap labor? Get a Neko to harvest crops for you, keep pest and thieves away and on lonely nights keeps you company in bed maybe.

Nurse or OR neko. Nekos being train to take care of people and do simple medical task. Also are live in nurses for those who need it. These Nekos are very special as they are highly intelligent and patient. So only a certain type/few can do this.

Preforming Neko. From strip club to circus they love to put a smile on your face. They can even just dance infront of your store or wear a costume. Whatever you may theirs a Neko for it!

Restaurants workers/waiters. Got a neko theme restaurant? Or wait waiers who do get tips. Seriously you don't tip Nekos.Get nekos who can carry things and do some simple math and take orders as well as write. They ar'nt trusted nor allowed to cook but handle money,sure.

Smalltime odd jobs like janitors and such. They live in city shelters with a few mewmans looking after them but may have an owner as well.

Probably can be a ton more jobs too. What you think?


There are 2 main types of Nekos:

Cat type, witch have the more feline features that are slimmer longer tails and bigger more pointed ears and fangs.


Calfuray is a high neko as special colors are.



Perry a next high neko. Silver,white hair nekos are higher than common



Common nekos, different color hair a little less common




Frits and Miao are good buddys common nekos. Frits is the Seme and loves Miao tight ass.

Owners may get more than one neko so they have a friend and what not.


Dog or K9 types are the other type of Nekos. They differ a bit more from dogs to wolves and even foxes. They have K9 features like floppy to pointed ears and short to long furryer tails and fangs.

Their breeding is not as control as cats as mewmans just like seeing what came fron their own breeding. But still yes prices vary with them too.

Dogs tend to be more aggressive and are a bit more of work pets. Like guard or police Neko. They are also harder to control when it comes to sex. When Semes get aroused they have to have it! No matter where they are and who's around and some cats and ukes are like that too.



Fang a is good fairly high dog type



Cane loves biting on and doing his buddy Talus



Fairly common fox nekos



Common dog Pip


Now for some RP ideas:



Bardo cop cat type neko, detective(seme, seke?)


When it comes to cop nekos they either live with their partner or have an owner mostly but that's changing. They you could say have they most freedom and rights. They can buy things, usually learn how to cook and other things to take care of themselves and some cities have even set up places for them to live on their own usually with other neko cops and their lovers as neighbors. They can drive are allowed cars provided by the city to use mainly for work. If otherwise they have to let the higher ups know or even the landlord.

Bardo is one of these new neko cops living on his own in capital city. He lives alone in a tiny house with his landlord not to far off in his own lot. He thinks the landlord has a crush on him as he cheeks up on him regularly and especially after that morning Bardo got the paper open robe and naked with morning wood. He saw everything!

Bardo would do him but dose not really want to go beyond sex. He likes his partner and a few other cops and neko cops.


We can go simpler and have it be him living with his partner or any neko doing that really not just Bardo. Other RPs can be a janitor neko getting with a cop neko. Maybe the cop neko needs to fuck him to help him solve cases,figer things out.

How about some forbidden love. A criminal neko doing small crimes but gets bigger. The cop neko starts to date him and as things heat up in both ways cop neko finds out! What will he do? and is criminal neko pregnant?

A criminal neko working for a mewman gets caught but the cop neko kinda falls for and just fucks him then and there. Either he lets him go or criminal neko gets taken in and cop neko keeps fucking him whenever he can.


Rukus K9 type neko cop


Nurse neko(this idea I had awhile)


(this neko pic is new though,but he seem perfect for my cornell)


His jealous face.Ya know Cornell is so good looking I would like to use him in other things. Like a cop neko or even a criminal.


Nurse Neko Cornell

He has been taken care of his sick bedridden master whom he's also inlove with for about his whole life. Since he got out of med training anyway. He's fallen deeply inlove with his master and would do anything for him and dose everything for him. He keeps those feelings to himself though as much as he can. He gets really jealous if somebody tries to get with his master and sometimes scares them off. Master is fairly rich and good looking a child with him would get you set. If master could get it up. Cornell wants desperately to make love to him but knows that will probably never be. Would sex really kill him? What if he gets better? Can love concur all and baby happens!?

Other RPs can Neko and patient or doctor and neko.


Welp that seems like enough for now! I will post more ideas later probably. I have ideas for different timelines and such but what about you!? You have any ideas? Anything you ever wanted a neko to do or be done to you? Add your own idea to one of mines, maybe another job. Should Nekos go to school with mewmans? Do trainers fall inlove with the neko their training? What if a neko is a school boy first crush? Oh the possibilitys of this brave new world!

If you like Cornell and any of the others but want them for something else,your own RP idea perhaps that can happen! All guys are ment to be use for our pleasure after all in whatever we want! I have load more pics too!

I have no limits but it may take me awhile to respond. So you don't have to quick either. I am very easy going.

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Hey @YaoiFun I really want to play some necko world play with you!^^ Thought I have to admit I'm against male pregnancy -_- Hope it doesn't put you off (TmT) because I already made a character just for this plot.





Nathan Price, age 22

Sickness: Born with an abnormal weak heart.



- Different degrees of shortness of breath and irritation cough.

- Painful pressure in the chest.

- Accumulated fluid in the legs, liver and stomach.

- Cold sweat, fever, tiredness, difficulty sleeping and dizziness.


Nathan is of average height with a nice clean figure. He tries to keep his body healthy with exercises and as much movement as the doctores allows him.

He got bright light blond hair and clear sky blue eyes.


Nathan Price have lived his entire life surrounded by hundreds of doctors and nurses throughout his youth. The family has pretty much giving up hope that he will ever truly recover. But since Nathan it the first born the entire family business falls to him, after his parents deaths, as their plane crash down in the pacific ocean. Nathan is a smart young man who despite his illness knows the basic to continue where his parents left off. But as things are, the business gets controlled by his spoiled younger siblings who have never felt the need to do anything in their lives.


The bond between Nathan and his family aren't what you would call great. They pretty much fights among themselves, about who is gonna inherit after him, and leaves Nathan out of it to his own devices.

Nathan doesn't know whenever it not he hate his family, he gets angry with them almost all the time. But since he doesn't want to be alone and forgotten, he doesn't speak much up when they do come to visit him.

When Nathan was about 12 he had told his parents about how lonely he really felt and that he hated never being unable to befriend anyone. Since he wasn't a child who normally shared much of his mind with others, his mother thought it would be best for him to have his own personal trained nurse and one day they brought Cornell.... a person Nathan immediately took a liking to.


Nathan is kind and gentle to almost everyone but the only person that can truly make him act as himself is none other than his nurse, he loves spending time just the two of them together but is blind his own feelings and to how he actually sees Cornell. He sees the other almost as family but he never wanted to touch or be together with anyone as he dose him. Nathan wants to experience love and have someone to love him, but wouldn't loving Cornell be too cruel for both of them?....


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YAY! a response! I like your character a bunch and am so glad you went for that idea and you seem to like Cornell. I can make another neko for Nathan if you want but I rather use Cornell. Much as I like an all male world I'm willing to work around it so in other words let's see what we can do! Look forward to RPing with you!

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YAY! a response! I like your character a bunch and am so glad you went for that idea and you seem to like Cornell. I can make another neko for Nathan if you want but I rather use Cornell. Much as I like an all male world I'm willing to work around it so in other words let's see what we can do! Look forward to RPing with you!


Well I think cornell it a pretty nice character so I was rather hopefull than you wouldn’t change him ^v^

I'll throw you a PM some time today. Then we can figure out some details for the plot.

And I don’t mind it been a world were same sex pairs are just as common as any other pairing >v0

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Aw yes,good my friend.


This post have been getting attention. I want to say the RPs can be at any time period but I don't want to do cave men times, maybe western or knights be far back as I wanna go and of corse feudal japan. I will post a modern idea and a few timelines ideas:

Neko fights! Both legal and illegal. So neko fights are like dog or cock fights for us and like boxing or UFC fights for them. Owners get strong nekos and train them to fight in the fights! So legal fights are on TV and what not and a form of entertainment. Owners get prizes and money and nekos get pamper and choice mates/sex! Infact say they fight for a cute/hot uke neko in heat or something like that. Also doctors or vets on stand by and protective gear like mouth gaurds and gloves, boxing gloves? So yeah the good life, for winners anyway.


Illegal fights not so much. No glam,pamper for most nekos and usually not vets. Abuse, being force to fight and all that bad stuff can happen. But some nekos just love to fight and there can still be sex for them, maybe even with a mewman who wants a winner. Weak nekos fall for strong nekos and stuff like that.


Feudal japan idea: A lone wild neko(YC)is saved from bandits who are attacking him(maybe attempted rape?) by a great sensei who is a senpai with a dojo. The neko hurt and he takes care of him. The neko greatful and dedicate his life to senpai and he accepts. The RP can go with them falling in love and such but I have some more.

The neko wants to learn fighting but Senpai cannot teach him as it is forbidden to teach nekos such things but he cannot stop the neko from listening or watching as he teaches others and if he's cleaning while a lesson gose on well that cannot be help. The RP can go with the neko getting together with a student or students or even senpai son. Yet another way:

One of the bandits whom senpai killed was a lover (or son) to a big crime boss and he's pissed. He has Senpai killed for revenge by poison perhaps and the neko is devastated and swears his revenge and uses the skills he learn to do that. Along the way he meets others and a friend joins him. Maybe a neko or a mewman whom senpai or father was also killed and love ensuse and such or:


I found this pick looking for a neko for this and just liked him. How about Ku or Ku-chan. Wish he was a bit more seme and I think he looks like the sensitive artist type


He befriends a son of the boss(can be only one)by say infiltrating the bandits by being a servent neko as they always need them. I like the idea of him not knowing Ku his son or not at first but he can know later perhaps.

Ku is the only nice one to him even the other nekos ar'nt. His kindness reminds him of senpai. Ku also different from the others. Painting, reading&writing and doing the arts yet still training to and letting neko(how about kenchi) watch the lessons and gasp! even teaching him! Ku is also pick on by the others witch makes him sad. (especially by his brothers or)


Kenchi finds himself falling for him and wanders why Ku has his own room and privileges when he's so...

one day(maybe after they had sex for the first time perhaps)Ku's brother(s) come back with his gang and Kenchi recognize them as his attackers but then he picks on Ku calling him brother! and the boss comes in greeting his sons! Oh no, Kenchi relies who Ku is and he be killing his father and maybe family. Will he do it? Or will he love for Ku prevent that or will Ku go along with it!? Because he hates the crime life and even his dad. What will happen!?


Knights,Kings snd kingdoms:

Who wants to do prince and neko? Can be a servent or royal gaurd.

Neko knights are cannon fodder and treated as such even though they are being train and can use those skills if they turn on thr mewmen. However there are some kind mewmens who treat them and take of them and love the big burly neko knights. Love and sex can come from this and of corse the nekos have each other. Nobody says they can't do it with them or other nekos! A lonely low knight and a high-end butler? Oh my! What others can come from this?

A king with a neko harem! Outrageous! But he loves doing those cute neko guys and they him and each other.


A king wants his son to practice sex with a neko and that's the way it's been done!? Because Nekos don't count or you just don't tell your future husband/prince. But the prince has to practice a lot, even with blow jobs and the neko starts to mean more than practice to him. The neko has a heart too. The prince talks to the neko, like a lover but then the king wants to marry him off! (Or at least start dating)

But when it comes down to it the prince sees his neko with the others. He dose'nt want to marry either! Oh the drama, what will happen?


Nekos are squires to squires and treated very poorly. But a squire thinks that not right and treats his neko as a friend then maybe more.

Also just sex among the servent&knight nekos and the strays and such.


Welp that's enough for now! Come up with your own timeline idea! Always open to your ideas! Lots of love, have fun!

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Bump,incest is hot. Maybe something with lab nekos too

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Here's my two ideas if you'd like to try any of them:


- Setting: "Present Day Japan" planet Mew.

- YC: a dog neko already belonging to a mewman owner.

- MC: a newly bought feline neko now being introduce to the same household.

- Plot:

A mewman owner is the proud owner of a (YC, seme) pet dog neko, who is very friendly, energetic and eager to please. His owner treats him well but in all honesty he bought him more for the status the dog would bring him than any other reason. His most fatal flaw (according to his owner) is his embarassing humping problem.

One day, after having tried many solutions to his problem, the owner decides to get himself a cheap feline neko (MC, uke) for the dog to get rid of all his "excessive energy". (plot would unfold according to further conversation)


- Setting: Feudal Japan / Edo Period

- A rich mewman seme owner (YC) buys himself a prized feline neko for a pet (uke, MC). The owner is the sophisticated type, and chose MC beacause of his talent as an entertainer who studied classical dance and music, and it never occurred to him to have feelings for a pet. However, time passes and it's not enough for the owner to see him dance and telling jokes anymore, and one night he enters the neko's room and tells him he'd like to see him undress. (plot would unfold according to further conversation).

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Hey good responce! You even use the terms! I really like both plots! Wow, for reals man. Buuuut it would be nice to be a K9/dog finally

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How would you feel about a potential/eventual threesome RP? I’m happy to play two characters or just one. I can play uke, Seme or Seke characters so I’m happy to be flexible.


I keep looking at the picture of Cane and Talus, it’s pretty hot!

So my idea... Cane and Talus are living on the streets, doing their thing and enjoying being together. Talus gets caught and taken to a pound to be sold as a neko pet. Cane manages to hunt him down but he’s already living with a mewman, he’s chained in the backyard because he kept trying to escape to find Cane. While Cane is trying to free him the mewman comes home and catches them. He offers to keep Cane too as long as he shares Talus with him.

Overtime this could evolve into a poly relationship or simply platonic affection between the K9’s and their mewman owner.


What do you think?

No worries if you’re not interested.

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Yay somebody asking for k9s! Cane and Talus huh? Yeah it is pretty hot. I do like this idea. It's good, I'm interested. I'm always open to 3somes or more! I do multi characters as well but I like the idea of you being a seke owner I guess? Maybe we can share? Welp we can definitely talk about it.

Hm but what do think of the mewman being a cop and wanted talus to be his k9 partner or he needed him for some kind of neko sex sting. Or the owner wants him for breeding and starts to make cane do that too. It can be more normal and the mewman just wanted a gaurd dog and pet. Or cute idea he wants to make neko clothes and talus was the perfect model and so is cane. Hm, we should add a BF for the owner as well? Or just some dates and 4somes?

Anyway I'm willing to RP with you! You seem cool unlike that other person up there who never answer back.


Hey these ideas can be for/with other RPers! If anybody else is reading this!

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I'll PM you!

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