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Looking For RP Partners


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Here are some ideas I have for some pairings/ships that we can do.

The bolded roles are the roles I would prefer to play, but I am up to switching things around. Don't fret.



Vampire x Human

Aristocrat x Street-rat/Urchin

Apprentice x Wizard/Witch/Magic-Wielder

Witch/Wizard x Werewolf

Werewolves --> Alpha x Omega

Master x Slave

Master x Pet

Demon x witch/wizard

Demons --> We can discuss what to do through PMs if you would like to rp this one.

Merman x College Student

Chief Medical Examiner x Detective

Forensic Pathologist x Pathology Assistant

Teacher x Student (I could lean either way on this one)

Prince x Peasant/Serf

Noble x Peasant/Serf

King x Prince

Cellist x Model (Once again, I could go either way)

Psychologist x Patient

Professor x Student

Magical Professor x Magical Student

Supernatural --> A roleplay consisting of supernatural elements. We can discuss this if you would like to chose this one.

Necromancer x Druid

Druid x Necromancer


Some Darker Themes/Pairings


Cannibal x Cannibal's Partner in Crime

Serial Killer x Killer's Obsession

Victim x Killer/Torturer

Masochist x Sadist

Sadomasochist x Sadomasochist

Victim x Demon

Vampire x Human --> Put in the "Dark" section because this will have necrophilia undertones

Cannibal x Necrophiliac (I can go both ways with this one)


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I'm really interested in the Serial Killer x Killer's obsession pairing :D Do send me a PM if you're still open.^^

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