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Summary - A 17 yr old boy in a new city, looking forward to finally getting a girlfriend and loosing his virginity. Living with his two older sisters, he is sent for snacks in the middle of the night so they can continue their drinking at home. He doesn't realize they played a little prank and the 24 yr old cashier loves what they did.


Status : in progress ( I'll try to add something at least once every few days)




Someone was grabbing my leg and pulling me off my bed, giggles and snorting telling me who it was. If it had been an unusual event I would have protested but after 10 years of dealing with my older two sisters I just groaned and tried to open my eyes.


"We need snacks, Rinji!" Amari complained as she grabbed pants from the floor and shoved my legs in then. "We need snacks to continue our very serious discussion."


"Yes. Verrrry serious." Raimy agreed, shoving a hoody over my head and messing with my shaggy hair. "We need to decide which of us is going to use the car tomorrow for our dates."


I got a strong smell of alcohol as she shoved the hoody all the way down and breathed in my face. Gagging, I put a hand in her face and shoved her away. Waking up was not my thing. Waking up at... what looked like 12:48am in the morning by my drunken siblings just made it worse but I learned years ago just to do what I was ordered to do.


After our mom died when I was eight, my older sisters took care of everything. A 20 yr old Amari got a second job to pay bills and 16 yr old Rainy took over the household chores. Lonely and afraid I would loose them too I became an annoying shadow to them when I wasn't at school and they learnt to threaten to leave if I didn't do what they said. Looking back, it was embarrassing what I had done to make them happy but remembering how they praised me for being a good boy still made me smile. They gave up a lot to raise me. Wearing animal ears and such because they found it 'just adorable' was a little sacrifice and always made them happy when they were sad. Now that they were older and had their own lives they hadn't had me put on my ears for years.


My sleep deprived body was shoved/carried/thrown out of the house with some money pushed into my pockets and a list in my hand. Our new home was close to a convenient store that was open 24hrs so I rubbed my eyes and started a zombie shuffle down the street to its bright light.


My 5'6" frames felt sore and heavy from my abusers so I stretch out as I walked. With puppy dog brown eyes and a shaggy head of brown hair I was on the cute side if girls were to be believed. I had dated a few girls briefly through the years but it never lasted long after they met my sisters for some reason. With my last year of school ahead and in a new city, I had high hopes this would finally be there year. It didn't matter who it was! I was not going to graduate a virgin.


The bell announced me as I peered at the list a drunk had made for me and I got a basket. Schips were most likely chips I figured, going to the snack section and beginniing my quest. I didn't notice the cashier staring at me with wide eyes and a stupified look before a wide grin spread and a gleam entered his eye as he looked me over. When I finished my basket was full so I lugged it to the counter and placed it and the money down as I yawned.


The cashier started to ring me up. I saw he was good looking, a athletic strong look and a easy smile and light green eyes that seemed to be flicking from the snacks to my hair. I knew it was a worse rats nest than normal since it wasn't brushed so I just shrugged his look off. With the snacks bagged and totaled, the cashier gave me my change and chuckled for some reason. I brushed my hair from my eyes and gave him a curious look. He smiled, held his hand out palm up and said, "Shake boy."


It was an old habit so i curled my hand up like a paw and placed it in his.


I felt embarrassment flood my body in waves and the heat of a flush cover my face as it hit me. After year of playing a puppy it was ingrained in me to react like I did. I wanted to say something but my mouth and mind were empty as I saw him smile grow and eyes laugh at me. He let my "paw" go and leaned forward to lay his fingers along my throat.


"Were is your collar, puppy dog? Your to cute not to have a owner."


Chilled fingers on my throat sent a shiver through my body and his teasing tone sent my heart galloping. I didn't know how he knew but he did. This wasn't something that was ever suppose to happen.


"H...how?" I was able to gasp out as something started to stir in me as he ran his fingers along my jaw and into my hair.


He leaned over the counter, his face coming closer before his hand left my hair and brought something between us.


Puppy ears.

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I couldn't believe it! My sisters must have shoved them on my head while putting my hoody on. I was outside, in a public place, and I had been wearing puppy ears! Grabbing the bags, I ran from the store and ran back home. As I slammed the door behind me, I heard my sisters in the kitchen so I stomped on over. Amari was on her cell phone with someone, Rainy leaning in to listen.


"I can't believe you did that!" I screamed, tossing the bags on the counter and causing whole chip murder. "He saw me with ears! What if someone else saw me?! Someone from my new school?"


"Just calm down, Rinji." Amari droned dryly. "Hardly anyone goes to the store at night. I'm sure no one noticed your cutesy puppy ears except the cashier."


"Yeah!" Rainy agreed, getting the snacks laid out so she could have full view of the options. "Even if they did you looked adorable. They would be jealous we have such a cute brother."


With that said they just ignored me and started eating.


"Aaargh!" I screamed and clomped up to my bedroom and locking the door behind me. I tried hiding my embarrassment under my covers. The cool laughing gaze of the clerk and the feeling of his fingers on my neck replayed over and over in my head.






"He sounds pissed." Akemi chuckled, the sound of Rinji's scream reminding him of a mad wet cat. "I must congratulate you ladies on raising such a gem. Do you want his ears back?"


He laid the soft fur puppy ears headband on the counter he stood at. He had been fortunate to be reading from a magazine called Furry Pets when the two sister had come in earlier in the evening. They had seen the front and had both started talking at the same time about the cat eared model on the front. The conversation had went from there, a love of cute furry things binding them together. Then came the big reveal to him of cell phone pictures a young innocent boy in different poses with ears and tails that tugged at his heart.


"Isn't he just adorable?" Rainy had bragged. "He is a bit to old for it now but we could still get him to wear them if we wanted."


Just how old, Akemi wondered, a more mature version filling his mind.


"We should put them on him again. It would be hilarious." Amari spoke up. "This is what we should do......"


Their plan to send the sleepy puppy dog for him to admire had went perfectly. When he had seen the shaggy hair with soft brown ears shuffle in with a slender body that looked soft and... tasty, his cock had turned hard and throbbing. The cute young child had grown into a mouth watering delicacy he wanted to devour.


"He can come pick the ears up himself." Rainy chuckled. "He left them so he can get them. Are you working nights again soon?"


"Just name the night." Akemi chuckled, looking forward to what was to come. "My dad can always use a extra night off."

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Cool fingertips skimmed over my neck slowly before beginning a journey lower to start circling closer and closer to my left nipple. My heart became a beating drum as everything I had focused on the soft cool touch that was moving closer and closer to my now hardening nipple. Breathe shallow and fast, I cried out in protest when the fingers stop just short of its target.


"Are you a good puppy?" A throaty voice asked.


I whimpered a weak "yes".


"You don't have a collar. How can you be a good puppy if you don't wear your collar?"


The fingers started moving again as the man formed into being behind me. He pressed up against me and brought his other arm up so his fingers could wrap around my throat. As he tightened his fingers on my throat, finger tips flicked over my nipple. A shocking strike of desire shot straight to my cock and I cried out in pleasure and----


Waking from my dream, I shuddered as I came in my boxers. Blushing, I shook my head in an effort to nock the dream from my mind. An open window beside my bed let a cool wind blow in and caress hard nipples that were sensitive and made me start to become hard again.


"Darn it!" I yelled, slamming the window shut and getting up to get ready for the day. I hadnt had a wet dream in months and I'd never had one with a man in it.


My bedroom door then slammed open with a bang and Raimy walked in.


"Your finally up? You slept for..."Her voice trailed off as she took in my obvious boner and wet patch from my dream.


"Ha ha ha ha!" She started laughing and pointing at my boner. "Amari! Guess who had a 'nice' dream this morning?!"


I ran past her and into the bathroom down the hallway, hiding from the laughter and loud noises as Amari joined in Raimy's enjoyment of my shame.


Using the shower to drown them out, I stood and let the water wash away the sticky cum. Grabbing the soap, I lathered my wash cloth and started to wash my upper body. As I washed my chest, my nipples sent little sparks of delight that made me think of the dream man. I backed into the wall of our small shower and it was just right to make the shower spray hit my sensitive flesh. Imagining my hand was the cool fingers that had teased my nipples just minutes before in my dream, I gripped my cock and started a slow pump. The wall behind me was the chest of the man who had made me cum and I dropped to cloth use my fingers to play with my nipples.


"I'm a good puppy." I whispered to the imaginary being, pumping faster and twisting my nipples.


"Where's you collar?" I heard him say in my ear as I came. Shaking as I slid down the wall, I slumped in contentment and release.


After a few minutes to recover, I finished my shower and got out to brush my teeth and fix my hair. I looked at my poofy hair and shook my head.


"Why a guy?" I wondered. " I've never been crazy excited over either male or female but I've only dated girls..."

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Brushing out my hair and grabbing jeans and a T-shirt, I had just finished when Amari started pounding on the door.


"Hurry up, Rinji! Its bad enough you slept in til 11." Her voice was muffled but clear that I had to get going.


Opening the door, I walked out to find her in her underwear with a short day dress in her hand.


"Sis and I both need to get ready for our dates so hop to it." Her stern voice had my back straight, arms at my side and eyes forward. "I need my 3in black heals with white butterflies. Amari said she needs you to zip her up. After we leave you will clean out both are closets. We may have recently moved in here but that's not an excuse to not so your job. I won't tolerate you not behaving. Understood?"


"Yes! I'll get right on it." I promised, going to the first left bedroom and starting the search for her shoes.


Her normal clothes was a huge pile with hints of shoes poking out at different points. The other clothes were safely hung up and the toy section hung in assigned places on her closet door. I was so happy she dealt with that area of cleaning herself but then I suppose the leather outfits needed careful handling. My sisters second job had been a dominatrix, the money our saving grace over the years. After the first time I had mentioned Amari's second job to my old friends, I saw quickly that they were turned on by the thought of her like that. She had ended up talking to me about what I was allowed to say about her and banning any male friends from the house. It seems one of my friends had hid in her room naked and begged her to punish him.


I found the right shoes and after helping my sister put them on and helping Raimy into her tight date clothes, I waved goodbye as the both left with their new men. Cleaning my sisters closets came next and after then I made a casserole in case they returned for the night and demanded food. I had taken over the house care after Raimy had graduated and I knew better then to fail. My sister had used her crop on me before for not completing what was considered my chores. My poor ass had been sore for a week. Just the memory had me rubbing my butt in sympothy.


After chores, it was early evening so I went out for a walk. It was total coincidental that it was away from the convenience store. I liked that the area we lived in was quit and mainly had family homes before you reached the more congested areas. I smiled and waved to any neighbors that were out and soon found myself walking past my new high school. In a month my freedom would end before one final year of school. I didn't know what I wanted in the future but I didn't worry about it.


"Lost, puppy?"


I twisted my head around and saw the cashier.


"Don't call me that!" I barked at him, face turning red. "Forget everything you saw last night."


His body looked attractive in tight black jeans and a simply blue plaid shirt. I couldn't help taking him in before focusing on his face. A wide smile and chuckle made my anger stir. I bunched my hands into fists and took a step toward him.


He simple raised and eyebrow and walked closer. I had made the first move due to my anger but that anger seemed to swiftly be evaporating the closer he came. I gave a whimper and started to scoot back before his hand shot out,grabbed my arm and dragged me up against him. I had to stare up at his eyes due to his height, the feel of him against me was creating warmth both in and outside my body.


"Are you trying to show your teeth to me, puppy?" He chuckled, tracing my jaw with the hand not keeping me against him. "Didn't your sisters teach you that you'll get punished if your a bad boy?"


Those words made a few things click in my brain but, as they clicked in, his mouth dropped to mine and his tongue swept in to punish.

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Thoughts of getting revenge against my sisters were blown from my mind as his tongue slipped in my mouth with the flavor of coffee following with. He swept over me in a attack that wiped everything out and left me to only focus on our mouths. His tongue slipped and felt all around my mouth, twirling around my tongue as if he wanted me to return the favor.


After what felt like hours but was only minutes, his mouth left mine and his tongue caressed my lower lip. Stepping away, the man was breathing steadily while I was gasping in panic. My body had overheated and I had to fight the urge to either hunch over or use my hands to hide my crotch.


"You left your ears behind last night. I'll be working again tomorrow night. Come in at the same time if you want them back." His voice was deeper, eyes noting the effect his kiss had on me. "You better be prepared to ask nicely for them."


He turned away, chuckling at something in his dirty mind, I'm sure. As I gained the use of my brain back, I worried who might have seen but the street was empty except for a group at the end and they were going the wrong way to have seen... "It". Adjusting myself quickly, I turned and slowly made my way back home. I thought over my reaction to this man.


I had never been against those who liked the same sex and it wasn't something I'd ever had to even think about. All my past relationships, short that they were, had started with the girl asking me out. I had no problem getting excited with them but it had nothing compared to how fast and hot that man had me in one kiss. So did that mean I preferred guys or did I like both? Mulling this over, I put the casserole in the oven and laid on the couch.


"Ah! It doesn't matter!" I growled at myself. "The guy is way to cocky. Why would anyone want him? He can just keep the damn ears."


"Who -"


"Ahhhhhhh!!" I screamed, falling off the couch as I scrambled in fear to escape the voice.


"Look at him! Ha hahaha!" Raimy laughed at the sight of my face smashed into the floor.


"Who has your ears, Rinji?" Amari asked in a chilling tone that had a shiver running down my spine.


I peeked at her face as I pushed myself up and found it without emotion.


"Umm... I might have left it at the store?" I had never lost any of the things they had gotten me over the years but then I had never worn them away from home. I wasn't sure how she was taking it.


"How important are ones personal accessories, Rinji?" Her tone wasn't a happy one.


Her accessories were not her jewelry or clothing. Instead, she called her leather, whips and other things her personal accessories and treated them carefully and respectively because they were an important part of who she was. I gaped at her, realizing she felt those ears were a important part of who I was.


"But Amari, they aren't-" I spoke weakly, wilting under her gaze.


"You better stop right there Rinji. You do not want to finish that sentence. You WILL go and retrieve your ears within a weeks time. After that you will wear them and your tail at any time your in this house until school starts. Am I clear?"


I nodded, eyes on the floor.


"Am I clear?"


"Yes." I spoke, anger and embarrassment battling within me.

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Amari watched as I took food to my room before relaxing. She got her own serving with a cold beer for herself and Raimy. They both groaned in pleasure as the sweet mixture of meat, cheese and noodle blended in spices met with their taste buds. Eating took their focus for a few minutes before Raimy brought up Amari's orders.


"You're making him wear them again? I thought we had ended it after you taught me how to train someone in the basics." She was hesitant in bringing it up but curiosity was a hard cat to hold back.


"You saw the girls he brought home over the years. All of them had been the ones to ask him out and weren't really interested in him. They were only using him for their own reasons. Like that one who wanted to make her ex jealous or the one who just wanted him to use him for errands..."


They both looked back into their memories and sighed.


"I think we may have trained him to well." Amari admitted. "He follows orders from anyone he gets attached to. It was one thing to get rid of those past girlfriends but soon he will be old enough to move out and some bitch will get her claws into him and take him from us. I need to make sure he finds someone who really knows how to treat him right and won't find fault with our hobbies. He will never be able to be happy in a normal relationship. He needs his orders and praise to feel normal."


Raimy thought this over before nodding in agreement.


"But how do we find a girl for him? I don't know of any of our.... friends that I'd be happy giving him to. Most already have at least one if not more guys and I doubt brother would be one to share." Raimy pointed out the obvious.


Amari slowly smiled, chuckling with evil intent. She held her cellphone up to her sister so she could see a text sent from a new friend just a hour before.


"Who said it had to be a girl?"

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The clanging sound of my cell phone alarm woke me up. Trying to crack my eyes open, I sent a hand to search for it on my bedside table until I remembered I placed it on my chair near the door. I cursed myself as I got up and walked over to turn it off. That man was the devil, making me wake up this early for those cursed ears. My sisters had been cool towards me and I had done extra chores to help thaw them out. I had no idea why they were treating me this way!


Sighing, I put on a pair of sweatpants and my hoody before slowly opening my door. I didn't hear anyone up and all the lights were off so I sneeky walked to the front door with the help of my cell phone light. Feeling that my ninja powers were in full force, I might have over estimated my prowess as I opened the front door slowly.


"Ah hem."


"Aaaaghhhhhk!" My unninja like scream wasnt my best moment as I twisted around to see Amari standing with arms crossed, raised eye brow and a frown.


"Yes, sister dear?" I choked out, trying to calm my heart.


"Why are you sneeking out, Rinji?"


"I'm going to go get the ears from the cashier." I told her. "He told me to pick it up same time I was there last time."


She was quiet for a minute, leaving me to fidget until she smiled and ruffled my hair.


"Good job, Rinji. If I don't hear anything bad about you from him next time I go to the store I will get you a present. Remember to be courteous."


"I will." I promised, smiling as I backed outside and closed the door.


Day dreaming over what I might get, I practically skipped to the store but I stopped short of the door. I took a deep breathe before pushing open the door and going in. A quick look let me see there were no other customers to see me. The man was sitting on a stool being the counter, a magazine keeping his attention. I walked over to the counter, expecting him to drop the magazine and pay me attention. He simply kept reading. Then, as I started to get annoyed, I noticed the front cover.


A man that looked similar to me was naked and kneeling in a position that hid his private area but showed of the curve of his ass and the tail the was not being held in place with a belt. Black, long haired cat ears and a woe is me look peered out at me. A thin and elegant leather collar was attached to a chain that led off the picture.


I couldn't help but wonder how I would feel like that, a beautiful tail and ears with a owner that would give me all his attention. Though I think a belt or shorts with a tail attached would be better then what had to be going on in the picture.


"Do you like what you see? My name is Akemi, by the way."


I noticed the magazine was on the counter and I was now face to face with the cashier. I looked down and the image of a floppy eared human lapping at a mans cock was just right there. Heat from embarrassment and arousal hit me hard and I shifted my head up to stare at the ceiling. I did not want to get hard when wearing sweatpants with no underwear.


"I'm he-here for the ears." I got out, my eyes flicking down to see him just grinning at me.


"Really?" He droned.


"Just give me the damn ears." I demanded, frowning as I faced him head on. My hormones were driving me crazy and I needed to get out of there before my erection got worse. "Then you can get back to your stupid pervy magazine."


His smile slowing turned to a frown and his body language went stiff as he stood up and stared hard at me. A feeling of dred began to build in me as I realized I might have been a little hasty with my words. It was like I was shrinking down as he grew taller.


"Ah- maybe I spoke that badly." I squeeked out.




"What?" I asked.


"Get out and don't come back til you learn your place." His deep voice was serious and angry.


Fear and terror. I wasn't sure which one was stronger as my sisters words came back to me. I didn't want her to get her crop out after me.


"I'm sorry! Please, I need my ears or she'll kill me!" I begged, hands clasped in prayer. "I can't go back with out them after I told her I was coming to get them."


He watched me grovel, stone face unmoving. When tears started to fall from my eyes he finally moved but the smirk that replaced his frown didn't give me hope at escaping my fate at home. Bending down, he brought his face an inch from mine. There was no laughter and kindness in his eyes as he finally spoke.


"You need a punishment. Either by me or your sister. One of us is going to punish you for that nasty attitude you seem to not be able to control. Now its your choice. Either go into the back room and wait for me to give you one or go home now without your ears. Your choice, pup."


I hemmed and hawwed over the choice but in the end I knew I couldn't stand to disappoint my sister. Gulping, I made my choice and walked over to the side were the counter ended and left a walk through. His eyes tracked me as I hovered in front of the open door to the storage room before stepping through.

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My heart pounding, I tried to calm my heart and imagine math question to ease the tenting my cock was creating. I saw the back room was the length of the store and about 20 feet wide with shelves and two coolers along the wall. A row of three tables took the center of the room, different products laid out with a pricing gun. The table closest to me was empty and had cheap folding chairs on each side. A plain door was across from where I entered and I figured that must lead to stairs to go to the upper level and the living area of the owner.


"Go stand at the end of the table. Take you shirt off and put your hands on the table." Akemi came up being me and pointed to the cleared table.


I started getting worried. The last time he had punished me it had just been a French kiss and left me breathless. If he wanted my shirt off what did that mean for this time? Would he use his cool hands on my body? I bit my tongue to hold back a moan at the thought of how that would feel.


I pulled off my hoody and placed it on the table before bending forward to put my hands on top of the table. I glanced behind me to watch him but he had left the room. There was noises from the front and I had to wonder if there was a customer that had come in. He wouldn't do anything while someone was in the store, right? With the door open a customer could hear if there was any loud sounds.


Akemi came into the room, looking over my body. He smiled as he saw the embarrassment staining my cheeks red. Moving forward, he came up right behind me and I couldn't see him without taking a hand off the table to twist around far enough. My hands clenched into fists as my heartbeat raised as I waited for his first move. His hand reached out beside me and grabbed my hoody.


"Let's just use this, shall we." He murmured, putting my head through the top of the hoody so my head was surrounded in darkness with the fabric blocking out everything.


"Can you see?" He asked, licking his lips at the beautiful pale skin on display.


"No." I told him, shaking my head.


"Tell me what you did wrong." He ordered.


I jumped slightly as a finger started to trail up and down my spine.


"I was rude." I choked out as his touch sent shiver after shiver through me.


"Be more specific." He ordered, his finger heading south to tease under the elastic waste band of my sweatpants.


My cock felt like it was in a soft cushion as I couldn't help clenching my ass muscles and pushing forward to rub against the rounded age of the table. My soft pants protected the underside of my cock as it was teased by the table.


"Mmmm.." I moaned, nipples hardening as I became more sensitive to everything as I started to focus more on pleasure then fear of punishment.


A sharp slap on my ass had me straightening up quickly, my mind brought back in check.


"What a bad puppy." Akemi tisked at me, tone cold. "Not answering a question, ignoring orders and thinking only about himself. You really need to be trained all over again."


I whimpered, leaning over again to place my hands back on the table. He made no sound as he made me wait, every second like a minute. A soft pressure of lips to the base of my spine was a pleasant shock. He slowly caressed me with his lips as he made his way up my back to my left shoulder. There he began to lick and nibble me skin as he bent over and laid his body over mine. A hard rod pressed against my ass as his hands wrapped around me. Cold fingers flicked over my nipples, tugging and teasing to bring a mix of pleasure and discomfort.


"Now what did you do wrong?" His voice was deep and ground in hunger as he thrust forward sharply.


The full length of his member against my ass made me nervous but horny at the same time.


"I talked back to you in anger?" I guessed, my mind not certain of anything as my hormones and worry for my virgn ass began to confuse me.


"Correct." His mouth moved to my neck and his teeth bit and tugged at me. "Are you sorry?"


"Yes!" I gasped as every flick, pull and nip to my nipples and neck brought every thought in me to how close I was to coming in my pants.


His hands gave one last flick before sliding down my stomachs and into my pants to caress my sensitive cock. The cold chill of his fingers against my heat had me gasping for breathe.


"Your so hard." He teased, nipping on my earlobe with his teeth. "Your cock is leaking all over. I bet you look like you pissed your pants."


He chuckled as my blush became so bad that it spread down my neck. His fingers slid over the head and smeared my precum over my cock in slow pumps.


"So good!" I panted, moving my hips so I could pump my cock faster with his fingers.


I lost my embarrassment as I felt my orgasm just out of reach and all I could focus on was his fingers. I moaned and gasped in happiness as I humped into his fingers like a horny dog. Then he suddenly tightened his fingers around the base of my cock and pulled back so his groin was tight against me.


"Have you forgotten, pup?" He laughed softly. "This is your punishment. You don't get to cum"


I whimpered in turmoil. I was so close but his fingers cut me off.


"Don't move." He ordered, releasing my cock and pulling my sweatpants down.


Naked, hard and left leaning over the table, he stepped back from me and walked away. It sounded like he walked out into the store and I was left there trying to control myself from using my own hand to bring myself release. I wanted to cum but I also didn't want to go against my orders. Then I heard a new noise. The door to the outside was unlocked and opened, heavy steps coming inside.


"Hey, Akemi! Why is the-" A mans voice cut off as he noticed me. "Fuck."

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Can I intrude a little here.. You're good writing porn :D

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Someone commented on my story!!!!!... I love you... *sobbing* I was debating on ending it since no one ever said anything. (Ending the story NOt suicidal!)

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I didn't know what to do! What does one do when naked in a back room with their head covered?! If I ran away I would have to remove my hoody to see and the man would see who I was. What if he knew me? If I moved wouldn't I get in trouble? What would happen if I just stayed like this? What would this man do now that he had seen?


"Hello beautiful."


His voice was closer! What to do?!


"No touching." Akemi ordered, coming back in the room. "He's being punished."


"Punished?" The man asked.


"He has a problem keeping control of his emotions. He needs a reminder he's not the one in control."


They knew each other. Did that mean it wasn't odd for there to be naked people here? A normal person wouldn't be this calm. Who was this new man?


Fingers caressed my right hip, not cool like the ones just minutes before. I shifted to the left and another hand grasped my left hip. The finger were warm and rough.


"But he was meant to be touched. Look at this soft, sweet ass." The voice teased me before a sharp nip to my ass cheek had me jerking forward. "There is more than one way to punish something this sweet, brother."


"Oh please." Akemi scoffed. "You would simply fuck him all night and leave him so sore he wouldn't be able to walk. He wouldn't learn a thing from you."


"You think so?" The hands moved from my hips and spread my cheeks apart to show my ass hole.


"Don't!" I protested.


Horrified I scooted my hips around so the hands lost their grip. That wasn't something I ever wanted to show anyone.


"He's embaressed over that?!" The man was shocked at how timid I was. "Are you kidding me? Give him a week with me brother and I'll have him begging to have you put something in that sweet hole."


"You like to turn your pets into sluts." Akemi glared at his brother. "If I wanted that I could go to the local bar. Now get out."


His brother admitted defeat and I heard the door open and close. Having the man leave was a relief and I sagged my upper body down on the table. Cool fingers pressed down between my shoulder.


"Stay like that." He ordered, his other hand pulling and pushing til my legs were straight and my ass was the highest thing about me. "Your still hard? Hmmm... Did you like how my brother was pawing you, Rinji?"


Both hands reached around to softly trace my cock.


"Please!" I begged, wanting him to jerk me off.


"No." He told me, playing with just the tip of my cock and spreading my juices all over his fingers. "Your not going to cum."


He released my cock and started to rub my ass cheeks. Then I felt his jeans against my legs but his bare cock against my ass crack. Then I heard a thunk and pop and something slick was poured on his cock as he began to thrust softly between my cheeks. He didnt position himself to enter me, just slide over the top of my hole. A warm friction was built as he slowly rubbed over me.


"He did have one thing right. You truly are beautiful like this." He murmured, hands massaging my ass and hips. "Your ass was made for cock."


He leaned over to cover me, the heat of my body loving the chill he brought. The slick pressure on my ass had me gasping for breathe and control, my muscles clenching as if I wanted him to plung his cock right into me.


"Harder. Please," I asked. "Thrust harder."


He granted my request and started slamming into me. There was no build up as he leaned up and enjoyed the sight and feel of my ass as he thrust against me. The experience was quick to bring him release and he fisted himself and sprayed his cum over my ass and back.


"Do not cum today. Do not clean yourself off til you get home. Now get dressed and pick your ears off the front counter." His voice was void of emotion as he tucked himself back into his pants.


I groaned, his cooling cum and messy lubrication making me feel dirty. Pulling my pants up and tugging my hoody off my head, I looked around to find him gone. The tent it my pants was pure torture with each step as I moved into the store area. Akemi was in the same position as before, magazine flipped to another page. I grabbed my ears and left, moaning as my pants rubbed against me. As I shuffled home I looked back at the store, wanting more then anything to go back and beg him to make me cum but I knew he wouldn't do it so I kept going. No one was awake so I took a bath before going to bed and falling into a restless, lust filled dream sleep.

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"Did he behave for you this morning?" Amari asked, putting milk, coffee and other things on the counter.


Akemi yawned before answering, glad his shift would soon be over.


"No but I took care of it." He told her, ringing up the items. "He was punished and has started to learn his place."


"Started? Raimy and I raised him the right way." She was offended at the idea that she hadn't raised her brother right.


"He is your brother. Unless your into 'that', you could never teach him to obey and submit like you want." He pointed out as he bagged. "You texted me that you wanted him taken care of by someone who wants a long term serious pet. If you are serious and want me to chose him then you have to let him in my care, with my rules."


Amari grumbled but didn't argue. She hated being corrected.


"Now give me his cell phone number. And let him sleep in this morning. I'll be calling him in to help at the store off and on during the night until school starts. By that time I want him to be use to me." Akemi accepted the number and tucked it into his pocket.


Amari debated as she picked up her bags before speaking.


"Just so you know, he has to wear his ears and tail at home until school starts due to leaving his property here. I already gave the order two days ago."


"That's fine." He said. "He still has to respect his family's rules. Though, thank you for telling me. Its important to know if he's acting up else where so I can help remind him to behave."


"You'll take good care of him?" She asked, concerned over the choice she was making. "You won't break his heart?"


"I never let go of what's mine." His voice was firm with promise.


At home, I shivered in my bed and pulled my covers over my head as I snored on.

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After I woke in the afternoon, I put on my ears and found my tail belt on the door. Dressed and accessories on I went downstairs to find my sisters gone again. I figured they were getting their fun in before work the next day. Swishing my hips to wag my tail for fun I cleaned up the dishes from the night before and made lunches for my sisters for work. When the chores were done I went into my bedroom and started up my laptop and pulled up my current favorite online game to find my friend Ryota was on to. Headphones connected, we planned our attack and headed forth to conquer.


"Anything new happening? You boning any girls over there? Getting some sweet pussy?" Ryota asked while his dwarf cut down a zombie.


"Why would you ask that" I squeeked, remembering Akemi telling me my ass was made for cock. "I haven't talked to anything remotely female except my sisters."


"... Uh huh." He droned, helping me blast through a village. "So when can I visit? We have a month and a half til school starts so I know you aren't busy."


"Whenever." I told him since I really didn't have any plans. "Just show up. My sisters have work during the week and go out over the weekend so I'm usually by myself. It gets boring."


We spent the next five hours playing before he signed off. My sisters were still gone and I didn't want to cook so I took my ears and tail off and headed to the store. I knew it was way to early for Akemi to be there so I walked in with a smile.


There was a few costumers to bypass inside but I found a bento I liked. A soda and ice cream finished me off so I went to pay. The cashier was just as tall as Akemi but with brown eyes and bleached blond hair. His frame was lanky and almost to thin. My shaggy hair hid me from his eyes but when he wouldn't let go of my bag after I paid I looked up and tilted my head to clear my sight.


"I just wanted to say thanks for the bite last night, Rinji." He winked with a hungry smile. "Let me know if you ever want to share a meal with me."


His meaning was quite clear. I tugged the bag from him and left. I recognized the voice now. It was Akemi's brother from the night before. I was already confused about wanting his brother. I didn't need to get involved with him.

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Monday morning came and I was just finishing breakfast when my sisters came down. I stayed quiet as they critiqued their new men and advised each other on what was they best way to train them. Every few minutes I would get my head patted by one of them and a good boy. I took that as a very good sign that I was in their good graces again and gave them big smiles. Raimy almost ran off without lunch but Amari took time to give my tail a tug before leaving.


After they left I started up my laptop again but none of my friends were online to play with so I took a nap. I got about three hours of sleep before a pounded woke me. Groggy, I somehow walked downstairs to the front door and swung it open.




Arms tightly squeezed the breath out of me before releasing me and stepping back so I could work out that the person before me was Ryota. I knew he had wanted to visit but-


"Why didn't you tell me you were coming today?" I croaked, trying to clear my brain. "Did you and I forget?"


"Nope! I just figured this morning that I'd jump on the train and come stay for a few days."


His 5'7" put him a inch above me. He was sturdy with a light pudge from snacking to much. A ridiculous Mohawk haircut with pink tips made him look just very slightly like his favorite orc character. It had been done on purpose to respect his chacter ( i dont understand it ) and was something one had to get use to.


He had a duffle bag with him which he dumped into my hands as he pushed past me into the house. I sighed and followed after him.


"Nice place!" He complimented as he zoomed through the house. "Your sister has you dressing up as a dog again? What in the world did you do wrong to get that? Its been years since I saw them."


Shit. I had forgotten about them. My hands slapped on to my head to hide them but it was to late.


"Um...I talked back to someone?"


He stared at me like I was weird for a few minutes before sighing and heading up the stairs. I followed behind him and showed him my room. I didn't bother to warn him again my sisters room since he had been the one to get all my friends banned from our old house for forever.


We ended up watching TV and playing with my gaming systems into the evening. My sisters gave him the 'don't even try' gaze when they saw him eating at the table with me after they got home but we went quietly back to my room to continue our game without trouble.


It was after my sisters went to bed that he looked at me and paused the race. I sighed and sat back so I could rest my head on my bed. We were sitting on the floor by my bed since I didn't have more than one chair.


"What?" I groaned out.


"Who are-"


I held up my hand to cut him off when my cell phones dinged for a text. The number wasn't one I knew but the title said it all. Akemi. Unlocking my phone, I opened the text to see what he wanted.


'Visit me tonight. Same time as before'


I was about to answer when my phone was jerked away.


"I knew it! You are getting your weinie wet!" He crowed at me, reading my text. "I want some too. Is she into threesome's?"


I was sure if I wanted to kill him or just torture him.


"Quiet! Don't wake up my sisters. And I am NOT having sex with some girl." I motioned him to tone it down.


"Akemi? Isn't that a guys name?" He pondered, squinting like he had trouble reading it.


"Umm..." Activate brain! Please activate!


"He's a guy that kiss me." I blurted out.


He thought this over.


"Did you like it?" He asked, looking over at me with a intense look in his eyes.


"I don't know. It was different." I coughed, looking at my interesting ceiling.


"You didn't hate it."


"Nooo. Not really."


"I want to kiss you."


There was a very long pause after he said that.


"You dont hate it and I haven't been able to make out with a girl in years. I'll take anything I can get right now. Please?" He gave me sad orc eyes but I wasn't falling for it.

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"I'm not letting you kiss me." I crossed my arms and glared at him.


"Fine. No kissing then." He agreed, starting to scoot over. "But we can do other stuff. How do you know if you're into guys unless you try it out."


He did have a point. I'd never been attracted to a guy before now. Was what I felt just me being horny and anyone would do? Was there a reason I enjoyed what had happened in the back room or would I find that feeling just fooling with my friend?


"I guess we could." I mumbled. "Not to far-"


Ryota scurried over and pushed me down flat on the floor. He licked his lips and tugged my shirt up so he could look at me.


"To bad you don't have boobs but such is life." His fingers smooshed and twisted my nipples. "Does this do anything for you? I know I liked when My ex would bite mine."


"To hard!" I yelled, pushing his hands off to protect my sore nipples. "Don't be so rough."


"Then show me the right way." He stated, pulled off his shirt and showing his pudgy figure off.


"Its like you have small boobs." I announced, think they looked real.


Curious now, I pushed myself up and lightly took a nipple into my mouth. I started sucking it softly with a few tongue lashings to change it up. I fingered his other nipple, starting a tug and twist.


"Harder." Ryota demanded, holding my head in place as he pushed into my mouth.


I started using my teeth to nip and bite.


"Now I'm starting to feel it." He moaned, letting my head free to trail his hands through my hair. "I should have tried this years ago. I knew some of the guys played together but I never thought you would go for it."


He was straddling my legs and I felt his cock hardening. My own was starting to get hard but it wasn't like it had been the night before. This felt like making out with my girlfriends.


He suddenly shifted and sent his hands down his pants.


"Keep on biting them." He ordered as I shifted to take his other nipple in my mouth.


I felt the end of his bare cock against my stomach before he shifted and started to jerk off.


"This is feeling sooo good." He groaned out, looking down to watch me latch back on his other nipple. "I'm going to cum all over you."


I jerked back at that to reject but it was to late. It actually made it worse as he orgasmed and shot up to hit my chest and face. He actually laughed and shot off more to put on me.


"I love shooting off on my girlfriends." He shared with me. "Its like a dog marking his territory."


"Gross!" I yelled, pushing him away so I could get up. "Im not your damn girlfriend."


My bedroom door slowly opened and the figure who stood there had a clear view of my friends soft penis and the cum drying on me chest and face.


"It seems I need more rules for you, pup." Akemi's eyes were stone cold as he walked in with his brother right behind him.

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~notice~ unless someone let's me know they r following the story I'll be ending it here. I do enjoy writing it but if no one is enjoying reading it I feel its not worth it.

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I love your story, and am following it every post. I'm sorry I'm not more chatty.


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Sorry for the disappearing act. I'll be working on this once again starting tonight. Please continue to read it *bows*

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"Akemi?! Why-?" I asked nervously, pulling down my shirt as I pushed Ryota off my legs and stood up.


"Why am I here?" He growled as he watched Ryota cover up. "You should be worried about something else right now, Pup. Eiji... Deal with that."


Akemi motioned toward Ryota before coming over to me and grabbing my arm. He simple stared down on me, looking at the drips of cum drying on my face. I felt embaressed and turned my face away as my face turned red.


"Its not like we're dating or anything." I mumbled, jerking my arm back to make him let go of me.


"Oh wow!" Eiji laughed at me as he bypassed Akemi to check out my friend. "Its like you want to piss Akemi off on purpose."


"Shut up." Akemi ordered his brother as he started walking out of my room, dragging me with him.


He took my straight to the bathroom and shoved me into the shower.


"Strip and wash him off of you. After your done go straight to bed."


His voice was firm and dismissive at the same time. He didn't even wait to see if I would do as he said before walking out and closing the door behind him. I stood there for a few minutes, my mind numb with shock and worry. Slowly I undressed and started the water. The warm water slowly helped me relax as I washed myself off.


I hadn't felt guilty about touching Ryota til I had seem Akemi standing there, his anger very clearly stated without a word. I did feel like I had betrayed him but it was also true I wasn't really in a relationship with him. Why did I need to feel ashamed about how he found me when all we had done so far had been Akemi playing around with me.


I mulled this over, my emotions chaos leading me in a twisted circle that left me drained. As I finished up in the bathroom, I wrapped a towel around my hips and returned to my room for clothes. Ryota and Eiji were both gone and Akemi sat in my chair, holding a piece of paper. I knew he was watching me as I dropped my towel and pulled on some shorts but he didn't say or do anything to acknowledge me.


I sat on the bed, not wanting to stand around ackwardly. As I did, he stood, walked over, and stopped in front of me. I didn't want to look at him but he took my chin in his hand and tilted my head back so I stared straight into his eyes.


"You seem to not realise this so Im going to tell you how this works. Your mine. Your body is mine. Your soul is mine. Your every breathe is mine. You will not touch another person, male or female, in a sexual way. You are not allowed to cum unless I allow it. You will follow my commands and do everything you can to please me. In return I will take care of you and give you what you need. Always keep your cellphone close by in case I want you for something. Now get to bed. Tomorrow I want you at the store at midnight. Do you understand?"


All I could do was nod in agreement, his words warming me in a strange way. He leaned down and softly kissed me before walking out and turning of the light. I flopped back on my bed and fell asleep touching my lips and remembering his lips on mine.

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~~~~ five night later~~~~


"Damn it!" I shouted as I threw my pillow against my bedroom wall to let out some steam.


For the last five nights I had gone to the store at midnight and did small cleaning and stocking chores for one hour while Akemi read smutty magazines at the counter. He didn't even try to hide them when the odd costumer came in. Last night a costumer had even looked through a few pages while sending me not so subtle glances before hobbling out. At least that pervert got to jerk one out after getting home. Not being allowed to jerk off any more, the inevitable hard on I had while working around Akemi was driving me crazy. He cold attitude toward me as he ignored me after giving me my chores did little to cool the memory of what he could do just from touching my body.


I had come home two hours ago and I was still tormented. My cock felt hot and hard, wanting those cool finger tips just for a second to brush against it so I could release my load.


"Its all his fault!" I moaned, twisting unto my stomach and thrust against my mattress.


It felt so good that I cried out and almost came but I forced myself to hold back. Tears gathering, I gave up and did as I had been ordered. Dressed once again, I left the house and went to the store.


"Akemi, I can't take it any-!" I started to speak but stopped as I saw Akemi wasn't at the counter. Instead an older version of Akemi looked at me with raised eye brows and a growing smirk.


"Looking for my son, are you? I'm afraid he and his brother are busy in the backroom... Though I'm sure Akemi wouldn't mind you helping out with Eiji's... pet project." His smile was twisted and what he implied had me frozen.


Was Akemi finding relief with someone else? While I had been torturing myself for five nights was he finding release with someone else? I rushed to the closed door and flung it open as sharp pains crushed my heart as I imagined the horrible things that I would find.


What I found made my jaw drop.

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Akemi was putting together what looked to be a orc type ear; with Ryota looking over a completed one. Materials that looked to have been used to make them were laid out on a table between them. Eiji looked up from a laptop at me before ignoring me.


"What are you guys doing?" I squeaked, not expecting craft hour. "Why are you even here, Ryota? I thought you went back home?!"


Relief, hope, confusion, disbelief, frustration: everything made my head spin. I stumble over to the table and slumped into a chair with my head finding the cool surface of the plastic table. Its just to much, I decided. I was going to go home, relieve some tension and forget this place even existed.


"Akemi is making me orc ears!" Ryota bragged, tugging his ear over his own. "Eiji brought me back to his place the other night and its been so fun that I decided to stick around. Did you know Eiji is a photographer for a magazine with sex and animal people? And Akemi makes everything for the models to wear."


Those smutty magazines Akemi looked at... He made the clothing? I tilted my head up and watched as Akemi skillfully sewed together the second ear before he handed it to Ryota. I remembered the cover I had seen that first time. How I had thought the model had looked cute. Akemi made everything in it?


"We all have to make a living somehow. Did you think I was just a store clerk?" Akemi chuckled, gathering his material.


I had and he could see it in my face.


"You haven't even tried to ask questions about me, Rinji. All you do is come in, stand before me until I tell you what I want done, and then you do it all without saying one word to me. I would have enjoyed a hello, how are you, or even a come hither and feel me up look." His sad tone and eyes punched into me.


What he said was true and made me realize it was my fualt. I had stayed silent, expecting him to take advantage of me at any second. I hadn't bothered to even wonder if he had a actual life outside of the store. I had agreed to his rules and yet, I had been an ass.


"I'm sorry," I whispered. "Its all my fualt."


Tears started falling and I twisted my head away as I stood up and headed for the door.


"Come here, Pup."


Akemi's voice sent hope into my soul. I froze, breathing deeply before getting the courage to shuffle over to his chair. Sitting down his head was slightly lower them mine so he saw the tears running down my cheeks. Cupping my cheeks in his hands he wiped away the tears and tugged me down to softly kiss my lips.


That soft touch of his lips made my heart hurt as it missed a beat before speeding away. In that moment I felt love for him and I showed it. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue into his mouth, stepping into his arms while trapping his head with my hands. Lapping at his tongue to come play with mine, I moaned deeply to tell him of my need.

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Akemi didn't deepen the kiss like I wanted him to. Instead he slowly pushed me back, staring into my eyes as he took in my flush face and look of yearning.


"Damn, Rinji." Ryota complained, rudely adjusting himself in his pants. "Why weren't you looking at me like that when we were playing around? I totally would have fucked you dry."


"Ryota! We don't play with someone else's toys without permission." Eiji shot out, glaring at his laptop while wishing that he had gotten to me before his brother.


"I will take a crop to your ass if you ever touch him again."


The flat article voice sent a shiver through everyone but Akemi as he turned to smile at Ryota. Ryota shrunk under his gaze and nodded he understood.


"Now that that is out of the way," Akemi stated, returning his attention to me. "I want you to go home and sleep. Then meet me in front of the store at 11am for a short trip. I want us to get to know each other better."


This time when he kissed me he speared through my lips with his tongue and let his hands run up and down my sides before he cupped my ass with a squeeze. Breaking the kiss he leaned up to my left ear and whispered.


"Your mine. Every breath, sigh, moan... Everything you are is mine now. Its too late to run away from me, Pet. I'll be the one to collar you, to claim you."


With those words swirling down into me, he released me and got up to walk me out. When we got outside he shooed my away with a wink and watched me til I got to my house. After I went inside Akemi let out a cry of frustration and turned to see his Dad laughing his ass off at how sexually frustrated his son was.

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I woke at 9am after a deep sleep filled with Akemi touching me, teasing me, and measuring me for a collar. Waking was very uncomfortable but a cool shower helped me calm down before getting breakfast cooked. I left french toast in the fridge for a food option for my sisters before heading to my bedroom to get ready.


I stared at my options and found I only had a variety of jeans and t-shirts so I picked a new pair of jeans and a simple black shirt that was a little lose. I wasn't sure tight would be the way to go as I felt myself starting to get nervous. Just the thought of a tight collar made me feel like I was choking.


I finished dressing and stood before the mirror. There wasn't anything wrong with my choices but I felt I should have done better in someway but I didn't know how. Deep breathe and I left, locking the door behind me. I was 30 minutes early but I couldn't stay still. When I turned and saw the store I almost tripped in surprise to see Akemi already waiting, wearing a light blue business shirt and black slacks.


My heart sped up and my mouth went dry as I took in how hot he looked. A fantasy of kneeling before him and unbottoning his belt started in my mind but I shook it off. This was going to be a chance to know who he really was.


"You're early." Akemi's smile had me experiencing my first swoon. "Such a good Pup."


He offered me his hand when I finally made it to him and I grasped it, enjoying the feel of his fingers gripping mine. He tugged me to walk beside him and we went past the store to the three story house right next to it. There was two cars in the garage and we got into a simple black, two door sports car.


"This is my house. My brother, father and I each live on a floor. We share the vehicles between us so its less of a hassle to each own a car."


"Its big." I stated like a dumb ass, nerves starting to gather again once he started the car and began our trip. "Sooo... Were are we going?"


He looked over at me and winked.


"A wedding chapel."


My heart stopped along with my breathing but his chuckling got it me to restart.


"Your so mean." I complained, crossing my arms.


"I just like to tease you." He told me while grinning. "Your expressions are fun to watch. Im looking forward to your future expressions."


I raised an eyebrow at that.


"Future ones?" I asked.


"Oh yes." His voice deepened. "How your face will look while you plead for me to make you cum. How your cheeks will fill out as you suck and swallow my cock. How your eyes will open in shock the first time I slide my cock into you tight, virgin ass and filled it over and over again."


My eyes kind of bulged out at that and he looked over and burst out laughing at how I looked.


"Do you enjoy living with your sisters?" He asked, changing to safer subjects. Though he enjoyed to get reactions, the reaction in his pants was better left for later.


I told him of our life together, how much they had sacrificed to keep us together. He laughed when he learnt about Ryota getting kicked out of the house on his ass. From there he had me talk about my past relationships. I was grateful he never enquired why they only lasted a week or so because I wasn't sure myself.


"Its my turn, I guess." He took over and started to tell me of his family.


He had grown up in a happy family but eight years ago his mother died from lung cancer. Their father had used the life insurance money to buy the store and house and they moved to try and get past their grief. One of Eijis toys had shown another lover a picture Eiji had taken of him in tails and ears Akemi had made and it was passed around until a entrepreneur saw it and traced it back to Eiji and Akemi. From there they helped start the magazine and it had caught on quickly.


"Were did you learn to make them?" I asked, curious at how one started making them.


"I love art and anime with animal people. I wanted to see my lover in them so I researched how to make them on the internet and through trail and error I branched out a little. Its been... 12 years since my first pair? I had a lot of fun with them and wanted to try different fabric's and textures. The simplest thing can change the experience."


Music tastes came up just as we reached a nondescript office building deep in the city. He parked out front and grabbed a briefcase from the trunk. Motioning to follow along, I trailed behind him and we soon found a door marked Fur.


He opened the door for me and I found a pleasant sitting room with plush chairs, soft music and a warm blue and grey color palette. A secretary looked up, a pair of thin coated black cat ears complimenting her grey hair and rosy cheeked grandma appearance. She definitely wasn't a sour old granny, her chipper tone for welcoming Akemi saying she enjoyed herself there.


We passed by her desk and entered the room behind her. It was a very large room that was filled with desks and tables with people busy at work.


"Did you just bring me to work?" I asked, surprised to see the amount of clutter and chaos that was happening.


"Yes. I wanted to show you a part of what I do." He watched as I took it in before leading me to the back of the room. "I'm just here to get the fabric choices for the next shoot so I can get working on them."


From there I simply watched and listened to him as he greeted one of the men surrounding a table filled with very sexual photos. The men were picking over them, complimenting and tearing them apart. Akemi took the man aside and was soon given a folder that he put in his briefcase. I saw bits of fur sticking out and I wondered what he would end up making.


"Are you a model?"


I turned and found one of the picture critics looking me over.


I blushed at the thought of being one of the models that they had in front of them.


"No. I'm simply a friend of Akemi." I told him, before hurrying after Akemi as he started to leave.


He watched me leave, taking in my figure. There was possibilities, he nodded to himself. He would ask Akemi about me later.

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Then the man had an even better idea.


"We should do that special edition we've been talking about." He threw into the conversation, interrupting the picture picking for the next edition.


"The 'Meet Our Pets' edition?" Someone asked, intrigued. "Do we have enough people with lovers that would agree?"


"Last time we ask around we had six couples in the office. Granny said she would even bring her current cub in for it when we could start it going."


A few men shuddered at the thought of the kind grandma receptionist with her leathers on.


"Eiji always has a toy or two he can use and I just saw Akemi with a very nice sample. I can get three more that are associated with us." The man saw the others start to get excited, plans already starting to move.


"Someone call Eiji and see if he and Akemi will go along with it. If someone doesn't want to show there face there are ways around it. We will need plenty of time for Akemi due to a wide variety of body types so get in touch with everyone for sizes now. LeTs do this!"





Akemi and I arrived back at his home and I waited to see what he wanted to do next. After he turned the car off he turned to me and leaned over for a soft slow kiss. I enjoyed the contact, slipping my tongue out to trace his lower lip. With a sigh he pulled back, his gaze hungry.


"I'm trying to go slow with you but you do like to tease." He chuckled, closing his eyes and regaining control. "Thank you for this. It was fun to spend all this time with you, even though I had to keep my hands on the stearing wheel."


I laughed at him and agreed.


"I really enjoyed it too... This was perfect, I think." I admitted. "It felt like a first date."


"I'd love to take you upstairs and show you how I would prefer this to end but I have to get to work." He admitted, grabbing his briefcase from behind his seat. "I'll be busy for a few days but I'll text as soon as I'm free. Then I can give you a little gift I made for you."


We both got out of the car and after a in depth kiss that had me almost humping his leg, I was sent home. There I found no one home so I decided to bake cookies for my sisters just to have something to do. Akemi was becoming the focus of my life and I found him in my thoughts as I tried to be busy.





"Those idiots want to do what?" Akemi asked, trying to free his mind from the fox tail shorts he was making.


Eiji sighed and sat across from him.


"A 'meet our pets' edition that shows the pets or lovers of the magazines workers. Its to show our readers that we practice what we preach. They have couples from different departments except costume. I even agreed to contribute. I figured a orcish pet would be something different for you to make and Ryota loves any kind of attention." His leer and satisfied attitude showed how much he had enjoyed his new toy. "They said if the pet didn't want to show who they were then you could use things to hide most of their face."


"Why would I want to parade Rinji out in front of those perverts and then have all the readers ogling his picture?" He snorted of disbelief.


"Now, brother, think of it this way." Eiji asked. "Make a hood with ears that can be positioned to hide everything but his eyes. I will be the only one there to take pictures and you can be in the shot, claiming him. You can show everyone that he is yours."


Akemi sat back and considered this. Eiji knew he had a chance so he went all in.


"Just think of the animals you could dress him up as. You could even make a variety for him to try on and I would be there to take pictures of every pose you put him in. You can even choose which picture to use in the magazine and keep the rest for yourself."


Akemi's interest grew and the possibilities that he imagined grabbed him. He had already made Rinji a puppy set to wear but to have a chance to try even more and have pictures to keep. It was perfect. He just needed to talk Rinji into it.

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Over the next few days I enjoyed cooking and baking until my sisters groaned about their clothes being to tight. Even their lovers benefited from my results. My sisters took food with them and told everyone that they had made it themselves.


Each day I kept my cell phone close by and every few hours I would get a text with a picture of what Akemi was working on. It helped me feel closer to him; that he cared and didn't want me to think he was lying about what he was doing. Then on the fourth day I finally got a text in the afternoon that he was finished and to come over to the house.


Excited, I threw off my ears and tail and ran out the door. It took me minutes to find myself in front of his house. The front door opened as I walked up to it and I found the object of my current fantasies standing there with no shirt and silky pants. His smile was huge as he looked me over and then motioned me to enter.


I walked into a very small entryway room that had a door to the first floor to my right and a stairway to the left. Akemi took the stairs and I followed after him.


"Dads on the first floor, Eiji is the second and I'm on the top." He explained. "This was a rental property before Dad bought it. Each floor has a open area with a kitchen and living room in it. Then the bathroom, a work room and bedroom."


"Sounds nice." I commented, glad we would be alone. "So what is the present you mentioned?"


He just chuckled as we arrived at his door and we walked into the living room area. A large rug lay before us and I took my shoes off as I entered. A soft carpet covered half the floor before changing to a wooden floor for the ketchen area. Pushed against the wall was a couch that faced a large TV on the wall across from in and a glass center table was clear except for a box with a bow.


"The box has what you need next." He whispered in my ear, turning my attention back on him. Take it, go down the hallway and go into the first doorway the the left. Put it on and then come join me."


I did as ordered, the hallway splitting the living room and kitchen area. Checking being me, I saw him walk around the kitchen island and peer into the fridge. The side profile of his naked chest and tousled hair made my mouth water. Wanting to hurry, I easily found the bathroom and opened the box the find fur. A thick brown headband had soft brown and white furry dog ears that laid on top of of shorts made with the same fur. A small tail was sewn into the backside.


Taking my clothes off, I slid the headband on and twisted it til the large ears were positioned over my ears and fell to my shoulders. The shorts were almost perfect on me. The front had a hidden snap to close it but it seemed to be broken so I had to be carefull. The total look made me look adorable, I was pleased. The ears made me look more soulful and when I turned and stuck out my ass the little tail had enough movement to wag a little.


After I admired myself enough, I went back to the main room and found Akemi waiting for me. He was reclining in the middle of the couch, arms spread over the top. Licking his lips, his eyes narrowed and took in the shy what-do-you-think look I had. One finger lifted and twirled in a circle.


I kept one hand holding the front together and gave a twirl or two and stopped facing the wrong way. Leaning over, I looked over my shoulder at him and "wagged" my tail. His smile slowly disappeared but it wasn't because he was upset.


"You look good enough to fuck." He growled, rubbing a hand over his face. "Come sit. I have a offer to get out of the way before we can do anything else."


Feeling cocky from his reaction, I walked over and plopped down into his lap. My ass found out exactly how much he liked the outfit so I started to shift myself off him but his arms wrapped around me and I found out being held against his naked chest made me whimper.


"Hold still, Pup." He nicked at my earlobe. "My brother heard from work that they are doing a special edition and asked if I had someone special I could be photographed with."


He went on to explain more about it and at first I was against it.It might be fun to be in a magazine but I didn't want anyone to know who I was. Then when he said my identity would be hidden and Eiji would take the pictures, I became more open to it.


"They even decided to have a contest. The readers will vote on best couple and the winner will win a free trip with pocket money."


"Cool! I'll have to get my sisters permission-"


"Already got the yes from them." He cut in, shifting his hips.

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