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    Hi dear voide!!!


    :_red_fox 3


    You too have a wondeful day!




    Stay safe my friend!



  2. have a good day friend :leaf18:

  3. check inbox handsome :p

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    Hi voide!


    :_red_fox 3


    Sorry to bother you again, would you please recommend me a manga and novel (non-yaoi).




    Thanks in advance for all your help!


    :_red_fox 4


    Have a lovely day!!!


  5. Oh! The Hanged Man has finally shared on mobilism~ Voide if you haven't got the copy, search it on mobilism~

  6. Hello, Voide!

    Have you got a copy of "The Hanged Man"? If you haven't, I can share it on mail?


    Anyway! I'm rereading the 1st book now! Want to refresh my memory since I too did almost forget who this Quinn kid was, haha! I've never guessed he's ace? Also never guessed about Rune's demisexuality either . . . My ace-radar might be off while reading the first time, then. Heh.

  7. Hey I'm Oki. I'm visiting my bf atm ^^

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    Thank you so much dear voide!!!


    :_red_fox 4


    If you need any recommendations just let me know! :)



  9. 2 manga 4u. Hopefully u havent read them bc i havent lol enjoy & good luck!

    1. Kimimachi Terminal by Aomiya Kara

    2. Jokyouju no Hatsukoi Case Study by Kureta Makine

  10. Ayyyy what's up buddy :)) just wanna say hi

  11. Hey buddy! 2 novels for u:

    1. The Last Sun by KD Edwards

    2. In Midnight's Silence (Los Nefilim series) by T Frohock. this is short kind of novella. I think u should be able to read the other 2 books too.


    All these books u can find here hehehe


    I'll come back with 2 manga. Brb!

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