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It seems my country's ISPs had difficulty downloading file from Zippyshare, Rapidgator, Katfile, Datafile, and Uploaded. I tried downloading via different providers but they always stop the download midway. Can I suggest uploaders to provide more alternative hosting site for download? So far MEGA, mediafire, filescdn, and usercloud work fine.


Thanks in advance

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first, thank you for speaking up and giving us a chance to improve our services.

Onto the topic now, uploaders on YaoiOtaku are as important as any other user - regular users who actually create this place into what it is, contributors, graphic, journal or translation teams and even the staff members themselves -


the reason is simple: they basically provide all the goods you can find on here.


However, during these years we've had many different uploaders come and help on board. Each of them basically prefers one hosting site over another; some of them cannot upload on certain sites due to zone-restrictions.


YaoiOtaku cannot obligate anyone with a rule which states only certain hosting sites to be used. Although a non-spoken rule is, to be at least safe for downloading and in English. Most of our uploaders use mediafire, mega and sendspace nowadays.


However, when you see zippyshare it can be because the mentioned above (excluding mega) have 'size limit' per upload.

In situations where the upload is bigger than 500MB, it is hard to be 'picky' about one's preference regarding hosting sites.


On the other hand, the board contains thousands of stuff and when we engage ourselves with 'reuploading', we do so with dead links first. I think it is obvious why.


I'd like you to take in consideration a few things:


- uploading files costs one's free time

- it takes manageable and good internet connection

- it has to be taken in cosideration every uploaders' bandwidth on the uploading site

- some goods have to be "camouflaged" and uploaded on not so commercial hosting sites to avoid copyrights-detection followed by the not so nice ban


Another thing which I most certainly follow - from year to year hosting sites change. Uploaders keep trying new trends and new places for easier access. By doing so, the idea is transferred automatically to the rest of our uploaders. What I mean is - one time we had megaupload on its reign, then we had 4share (before them changing their rules to be registered on there in order to download), uploaded and then mediafire, then came the new mega; we had another time when most used zippy, ryuu, rapidgator and so on. Lately, as an uploader myself, I started using yandex.


All these different hosts could be tracked and seen that in the beginning of 2011 - one was preferred over another, by the end of 2011 things changed. And so on and so forth.


All you can do is request in the appropriate section for a reupload of the working link as your explanation above. However, once again - take in consideration the things I enlisted above. It is not as easy as it seems to be an uploader.


Thank you for the understanding.




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Well put and true. I've been both uploader and downloader and know what you mean.

I prefer mediafire and sendspace as I find them easiest to use. But that's just my preference.

There are so many sites that it's hard to find one that gives easy access but is safe for download and keeps the files for a rather long time.

As I mostly re-upload files by request or back-up them for those who prefer another hoster I appreciate the work and effort uploaders take.

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For visitors that speak a different language there is a change language option.

I know at the checkout there is an option to change the currency prices are displayed in but i think when users are simply browsering a store they would be more comfortable seeing prices in there own currency so my suggestion is that there is a change currency option in the menu of each store.


If you were looking to buy hosting for the first time would you even proceed to the checkout of a site in a different currency?

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