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Dramatis Personae

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Rumpleteaser's Dramatis Personae



Name: Vesper Len Hazsarath

Age: Can be anywhere between

Position: Seme

Race: Demon

Strengths: None really. He's not a strong character.

Weaknesses: He doesn't like to be anything less than fully covered. He has mild mysophobia. He doesn't like anyone who moves too fast, speaks too fast or acts unpredictably.

Biography: Vesper's story really starts when he went into a local antique store. He often went to such places because he found them curious and was very particular about what he wore. One one such expedition through the antique stores he noticed something new, or at least new to the store. On one of the shelves was a thing. It looked like a little wooden house and had numbers around the circumference of a little circle on the lower level. He'd never seen anything like it before so he picked it up and began toying with it. After glancing to see that nobody was looking, he prized the little doors open and peeked inside, where he found a little bird with a red chest. It looked as though someone had taken the care to glue individual feathers across the bird's entire body. There were even little amber gems that gave off a faint sparkle from where it hid. This was a passion begun.


Since then, Vesper has had a fascination with wheels and cogs. He began collecting anything that worked with mechanisms rather than electricity and began studying how they worked. Eventually he even tried to make a few himself. The first ones were rather bland looking and the springs burst in one but he kept trying. For hours on end he'd sit at home drawing more and more complicated diagrams. Finally he understood the ways of the ancient devices.


During this time, he still managed to come out of his dwelling. People remarked that for a small while he spoke more than usual. He had more passion and excitement than usual, which wasn't much compared to them. He spoke of the thing, his ideas and a cave he'd found. He never said where it was or what was in it, only that he'd found something.


Vesper was thinking of cogs, wheels and eggs. He'd played around with the ideas for so much time that a pattern was starting to emerge, a creation. He'd scribble down different views of the pattern and even a few different makes until he was ready to make his idea have form. He'd practised, studied and taught himself the ways of the cog. He was now ready. He would create his first magnum opus, his first secret keeping egg. When it was built he sanded and polished it so smooth that he could see his reflection on it. The paint came next. He wasn't a great artist but he was persistent, detailed and had a perfect picture in his mind. This first egg was pearlescent green to blue with a gold top player. For the gold layer he needed magnifying glasses to complete, the work was so intricate and so time consuming. It was done in Celtic design with a bare area where he painted a golden snake, which curled around like a four-leaf clover. Into this first egg he whispered his full name. The wheels turned and the cogs hummed against one another. He closed the egg then listened to the sound of the lock clicking into place.


He placed the egg on his mantle piece and stood back. He was content again.


Since his first egg, Vesper has made many more. He now has a whole vault of them locked away inside the back of his home. He sells them and is paid to keep them locked away in his vault. There is only one way in and one way out and he has the only key to it hidden amongst the many pockets of his jacket. He has many pairs of other keys too but they are only for decoration. They do not yet have any lock for them to fit within.


Personality: Vesper is a quiet man: solitary and refined. Even his voice is as soft as the gentle hum of the eggs he so lovingly guards. He is the type of person who does not approach someone lightly, or even notice them lightly. There is always a reason for everything he does, and it has to be a good reason otherwise he simply will not do it. He's not a very active person. At times this makes him seem lazy or sluggish but in fact it's simply because it takes a great deal for him to change.


It takes a lot for Vesper to decide to act upon something, and usually it's done after a great deal of thought. He doesn't like surprises or spontaneity at all. It's most likely he'll think about his actions for a long time after they've happened too.


Extra: Vesper holds many secrets. He takes them away and locks them in his precious eggs, his magnum opera. Each one is lovingly hand crafted and locked away in a vault deep in demon territory. His duty is to guard over them and protect the keys and their locks with is very life. He spends much of his life locked away, wondering amongst his eggs and playing them. The sounds of the wheels and cogs ticking over in time with the words of secrecy is music to his ears.


When he is not guarding his eggs he can usually be found wondering about antique stores looking for old clockwork artifacts. He prefers alternative and demon run stores but he will sometimes hood up and hope to go unnoticed in human stores. He has a fascination with old things, especially keys and clocks. He can spend hours holding a piece and moving it around in his hands, studying its intricacies, faults and workings.


Vesper does not like the cold, which is why he keeps his hair long and clothes covering as much of his skin as possible. He is usually wearing more then two layers too, though most are tight fitting. He doesn't like the feel of baggy clothing because it moves around too much, making the air around him stir and chill his skin. He doesn't like the look of baggy clothes either. He considers them rather dumpy looking.

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Name: David Wēland Vertox

Age range: 18 to 30

Gender: Male

Position: Seme top

Race: Human

Likes: Power, magic, cunning, domination

Dislikes: Rain, running water, showers, cold air

Abilities: Witchcraft (potions, conjuring, languages of magic, divination and spells)

Weaknesses: Dust, pollen, cold air, winds, etc. He has no well of power like a wizard would. His lungs are severely damaged. They are scarred, weak and there are sections of dead tissue. He has a larger than usual lung capacity but the oxygen doesn’t always make it to his blood. Sometimes his airways will constrict or he will bleed into them. He gets respiratory infections several times a year and always carries at least one puffer.


Personality: David’s mind, body and soul are tainted by torture and pain. His heart had once also been scarred but it had healed after the spells he’d cast over it wore off and healed. He is a scarred being, bordering on deranged. He is sexually devious, paranoid and self-centered. In essence, he is in survival mode, always trying to rise above that which hounded him. David is defensive and unyielding. He does not trust anyone and does not bow to them. He acts of his own accord and for his own benefit, nobody else's. The only other person he cares about is his oldest brother, though Demetri does not yet know. They have been estranged since David was eleven.


David pushes himself to his limits and works himself into exhaustion for his craft. He knows his limits incredibly well though, always tested them and always left enough for him to defend himself. He gets a rush from each spell he casts but has to be careful how much he uses, as he has no well of power to draw from. Instead, he uses his life force, body's physical energy and draws on free energy from the world around him. He still holds his sanity intact enough to keep himself in control. He is not evil, though perhaps dangerous in his anger. Nobody who knows him would ever consider him safe.


Biography: David is the second of four sons to Lord Louis Vertox. Vertox started training Demetri when David was four and started on David the next year. There were a lot of things Vertox did not like about his second son, who was supposed to be an opponent to challenge Demetri so both would rise to further heights. David refused and for the next two years lived to defy his father. At age seven, Vertox found out David was studying witchcraft and sought to purify him through water torture and drowning. A year later, at age eight, David developed lungs problems. He regularly had asthma attacks, pneumonia and respiratory infections. Despite this, David continued to defy his father. He remained a male witch, a homosexual and continued having incestuous thoughts for his brother.


It wasn't until the age of eleven when David decided to pull away from his brother because Demetri was defending him too much and getting punished for it. David did not know what was happening to Demetri and vice verse, they would only try to keep their father's attention off one another and end up both getting in trouble for things that would otherwise be minor. The last time he saw Demetri was when they were eighteen and nineteen. David turned up to a party in a horrible mental state, seemingly drunk, and lashed out at his brother. They fought hard and David did not back down, even though he is not as advanced a martial artist as his brother. Even when he was beaten into the ground he refused to stay down, letting himself get hit only to feel his brother's touch. After that, David burned out his heart in a ritual using a horse's heart. He collapsed from the spell and his father took advantage of it. He slit his son's wrists and made it look as though he suffered from borderline personality disorder. It was a false diagnosis but the mental institute was paid well to keep him in there for the next 100 days. His father would often visit to goad him, telling him of such things as losing his scholarship, early entry into university and would have to repeat his last year of schooling.


David was eventually let out early but instead of going home he was sent to a one bedroom apartment in town. All his more personal possessions had been destroyed or locked away, leaving only clothes and other necessities. He has lived there ever since.

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Name: Zeke Tohpa Stripe

Age: Nineteen

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Position: Seme top and bottom


Personality: On the whole, Zeke is a rough jerk. He likes to push people around and back them into a corner. Sometimes he's violent too. He likes hitting wimpy men and making them cry. After all, men are supposed to be men, not sissies. A good fuck is all he cares about in other men. He's just lucky he considers the men in the school and other racers to be off limits. You don't shit where you eat. Besides, the guys he looks for are ones who get turned on by an invitation to see inside the school. He loves to share the fact he's a racer. His racing and his looks are the only things he's got going for him so why not enjoy them? If it wasn't for those too qualities though, he'd be out on the street fighting for scraps with the rest of the trash in the restriction zone. He's not looking for someone to love because they'll just drag him back.


Looks like: Zeke has dark brown hair with a thick, blonde streak in the side. It's all natural. He calls it his lucky stripe. He's got a muscular disposition and has to work to keep his body mass below a certain weight. If he bulks up too much he will be too heavy to be a racer. Most racers are lean or skinny, like jockeys. Down his back he has a tattoo of a cyber-styled spine with two racing pods spiraling up it. He also has a body bar on each of his collar bones. He's contemplating getting his belly button done too. He'd have more if it wasn't for the fact the school doesn't allow visible tattoos or piercings.


Bio: January 13th, the day Zeke and Emma were born. It was such a relief to their mother that they came out a few days early because two big babies in one small mummy was hard work. It was a relief to their father too, who had to put up with his wife's constant crying. Well, now he had four criers to take care of. It turned out Zeke's older sister, Kate, didn't like crying either. Kate had always been the type to cry whenever someone else cried or vomit when someone else vomited. Vomiting and crying, it's all Zeke's father can remember of the first year of the twin's lives. He got a vasectomy as soon as his wife was up and about.


The twins turned out to be as different as different could get. Zeke was the feral child that ran around in circles until he vomited and Emma was the precious little thing who read princess books and was always talking. Neither child could really handle playing with the other. Birthdays were even worse. Would they have a princess party in the backyard or go roller skating? Either way, one child would end up hating their combined parties. Zeke and his friends would trample the fairy-princess castles and Emma would cry through the roller skating party. Their parents couldn't afford to do both, neither could their friends' parents. After the first two fiascos Zeke's parents had to start asking for two presents from each child.


Zeke began as a below-average child due to his emotional immaturity. He didn't share, he struggled with please and thank you, he was a biter and he could never slow down. He used to build castles just so he could trample them and if he didn't have room in the sandpit he'd trample others' instead. Emma, on the other hand, was content to play with dollies and her imaginary friend who liked to steal custard and jelly. The teachers seemed to think the imaginary friend was a replacement brother for Zeke (as well as an excuse for stealing).


It wasn't until Zeke's father took him to a racing expo that Zeke seemed to focus on anything constructive. For days he re-enacted what he'd seen as though it was a scene from a play. His parents started telling him to draw the racers and their pods as a way to settle him down. It worked wonderfully. So long as Zeke was focussing on his racers he was able to settle down. He may not have been the best student in his class but he got a lot more work done if he could put a racing spin on it. His parents even started to buy racing books to get him to read more. Zeke was eight at the time.


When Zeke and Emz graduated high school they both knew what they wanted to be: Zeke went to racing school and Emz became a music teacher at their local high school. They've both followed their careers ever since.

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Name: Lord Corrin Le Parnis

Age: 258

Apparent age: 30-55

Race: Asvang

Gender: Male

Position: Very seme top


Personality: Blood, water, fire: these are the elements that define Corrin. Blood is the ruling element of his people, which means family, social standing and relationships are the most important to them. Water is his major element, which means he holds honour and sensuality as paramount. Fire is his minor element, which means he is prone to anger and bursts of inspiration. These are but horoscopes and superstition; they show as much depth as water on a mirror.


Normally he's from a type of bloodsucker whose ancestors come from the southern polar region of a world called Terralga... this means his kind have evolved to live in sub-zero and low-light conditions. He looks 55-years-old but is still going strong (I can change the age to anywhere along his lifetime). He is a very dominant and likes to think of himself as always in control of himself and the situation. He is an old river; the surface may be calm and alluring but he will drag you down and churn you against the rocks until you break. Corrin usually has at least two slaves and uses them for everything from cleaning to grooming to sex. In truth he wouldn't know how to live without someone serving him. His people believe a slave is the responsibility of the master, so if the slave misbehaves it is the master's fault. Corrin does not tolerate misbehaviour. Misbehaviour gets punished.


He owns a cafe/bar as his "office". His real money deals in trading favours. He is the type of person you can contact and know they will resolve your problem, whether it be finding some ancient artifact or getting your opinion heard by the right person at the right time. He's incredibly upper class - even his family name "Parnis" means Pride in his language. He's refined in public and even dabbles in sketching/painting. He likes to paint men in sexual situations but he also practices in other realist forms of sketching/painting.


Corrin is a sexual predator who loves the power he has over his fellow man. With his body alone he can give them such pleasure and such torment. He uses powerplay to force people to submit to him, uses his skills at sex to make people go from "no" to "moan" and will make sure they have no strength left to even lift themselves from his bed. If a slave were to anger him... he would punish them cruelly (holding them at the edge for hours then when they're begging for him he'll f*ck them so hard they bleed). He uses this tactic on his nephew, especially when the young man is in need of comfort. I won't bring Ianol into a Corrin roleplay unless you ask for it.


Looks like: With pale skin and white hair, Corrin isn't the type to go in the sun. He'll get sunburnt and blister if he does. No, he is not a vampire. There are other species of bloodsuckers in the world. If a character does call him a vampire they are likely to have their manhood stripped from their body. Vampires are nothing but dead monsters with insatiable thirst. They have no right to inhabit the same planet as Corrin... but enough of Corrin's intolerance of those degenerates. Corrin keeps himself in prime physical condition, in both his forms. How else is he to lure those foolish bi-curious men into his bed? He has pale, lavender blue eyes, keeps his nails long and sharp and his chest free of hair. His snail trail and below are kept conditioned and soft. He considers his body to be his greatest masterpiece (even if he is a little shorter than he would like). Yes, he lives up to his reputation of being a sexual predator very well.


Bio: Corrin is the second born son of Priestess Lusida Izha Le Parnis and Malic Corrin Le Parnis. When Corrin came of age he was given a large inheritance and the order never to come upon his parents' property again. Corrin was gay, which meant he could not have children and therefore did not deserve to inherit. It was out of love that they even kept him under their home and gave him his inheritance. He has no qualms with his parents other than how they treated Ianol. Ianol is Corrin's nephew and the youngest grandson of Lusida and Malic. Ianol's troubles and reputation are best left unshared.


The first thing Corrin bought with his money was a cafe. It wasn't just any cafe though, it was a prime piece of real estate with several other buyers sniffing about. It cost him all his money but it was well worth it, for it became the centre of his entire business dealings. His reputation could cope with him not having a house, at least until his dealings began bringing in enough for a two-storey townhouse in the richest suburb of town. He marvelled at himself for his clever tactics. Who would expect someone of his status to go without a house for so long? It was a great surprise to the higher society of the city, which meant he could use the hype generated from their gossip. His business dealings have been escalating ever since.


Power: Sooooo... he has a heap of species based powers and adaptations but no actual magic. He has an exceptionally good sense of smell, he can regenerate (e.g, a limb will take a year to regrow), can morph when the sun does not touch the sky and he is very good at reading people's blood memories. Blood memories are the physical memories of the body rather than that of the mind. If he drinks a character's blood he will be able to taste their emotions, thoughts and their body's senses. If he tastes enough blood he will even be able to search the person's past. Please tell me if you don't want this to happen. We can just say he's not using your character for blood or make up some excuse.


He also has species based limitations, such as short-sightedness, aversion to light and aversion to heat. At 30oC his body would overheat and he'd be physically unable to cool himself down. The heat would eventually kill him over about twelve long, painful hours. The sun would take about five days to kill him.

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Name: Duke (title) Xayl Jean Zhartica Andrei. He only remembers his first and last name.

Age: 23+

Position: Mostly seme

Gender: Male

Species: Human


Appearance: Xayl is tall with not much meat on him. He has flame red hair that tends to have streaks of different colours depending on the lighting. He keeps it in a long plait that goes down past his back. His fringe frames his face and is rather scruffy. He doesn't bother to brush all that hair very often. He has almond shaped greenish hazel eyes and plenty of light coloured freckled. He's always seen with a bright smile on his face, even when things get tough. His clothes tend to be loose fitting and he carries a satchel with him everywhere he goes. He also has special rocket boots for flying. They're heavy but he's used to them.


Soul Object: Xayl’s SO is a three-dimensional compass. It comes in two parts: a transparent ball made of a glasslike substance, and a brass and copper casing. Though the ball he is capable of making light and through the brass casing he is capable of performing very minor telekinesis. He would be hard pressed to push a bowl of food across a table.


The glass ball is completely solid but the brasslike hands are capable of moving through it freely. The largest hand points to where he needs to go most. The thinnest hand points to Soul North, which is where every Soul Object will point to if given the chance. The largest and thinnest hands are the same length. The other three hands point to symbols around the edge of the sphere. It is with these hands he communicates with his soul. They are medium in width and shorter than the other two hands. The symbols around the sphere line up with ten-degree lines in longitude and latitude It is these coordinates he uses for his navigation. His confidence level is to 1% of a degree.


The casing is made of brass and inlaid with copper and silver. It has rather ornate engravings for someone who grew up in orphanages, delivery ships and slums. The decorations are very much like his mother’s. It even has his mother’s dynasty’s emblem on it so he doesn’t like people seeing it. He’s rather protective of his SO and has put more of himself into it than is wise. He’s very attached to it and often communicates with it.


Biography: When Xayl was 4yo, the palace he lived in was bombed by the Empire. His mother managed to get him out of the castle but died in the attack. He was found roaming around the streets outside the castle and was taken to the prison camp where the Empire sorted through everyone, checked people’s injuries and collected up any lost children.


Xayl was taken into the Empire’s orphanage system where he learned not to share anything about himself or why he had red hair. After being picked on by the other kids he upped and left in search of his home country. He started work as a cabin boy for a delivery company. The captain kept his SO locked away to make sure he didn’t try to run away. This captain treated him very harshly so eventually he ran away from there too.


After several years of jumping between ships and crews, he was conscripted into the His Majesty’s Air Force and trained as a navigator. He turned out to be very good at it, as he’d worked under navigators before and knew the ropes. He even learned how to pilot a ship, sometimes by necessity rather than training. He was very happy in the Air Force and managed to keep under the radar until he navigated a ship into the S-1 Cryogenetic Laboratory's antennae. This, as well as his risk taking behaviour, had him fired from the Air Force and wandering what his path in life should be. Why would his SO send him so far astray?


0yo - Born in a private chamber.

4yo - Bombing. End of the war.

5yo - Disappears from records. Starts work as a cabin boy on a rough ship.

11yo - First records of him with the Whinging Delivery Company.

15yo - Left the Whinging Delivery Company.

20yo - Conscripted into the Air Force.

23yo - Hit the Cryogenetic Laboratory's antennae. Fired from the Air Force. Current time.

24yo - About to turn 24. Official records have his birthdate as about four months early.

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Name: Ianol le Sai

Position: seke, top or bottom

Age: any or 107 (27)

Species: asvang


Appearance: Ianol has long, straight hair that is very pale and fine. His eye colour is cyan, a throwback trait. He has an average build and is 6'2" tall. Everything about him is pale. His skin and hair lack pigment and his eyes are pale too. Funnily enough, cyan is quite a dark eye colour for his species.


Personality: Ianol isn't a bad person but he's not perfect either. He's a lighter shade of grey. He doesn't steal, lie often or believe in corporal punishment but he does have his vices. He is lustful, prone to excess, proud and can sometimes lose himself in despair. When this happens he usually turns to lovemaking as an outlet. His choice of partners can be frowned upon too. Once or twice in his life he has frequented risqué businesses in search of a new slave. He'd much prefer to buy and coax a slave into loving him than to bother with all the hassle of seeking out and courting another man.


Just like his grey morality, Ianol's personality tends to be middling too. He isn't a loud person but he's not the type to shy into a corner either. He has a relaxed nature and tends to be quite sociable. He very much enjoys going out to parties, markets and talking with people and is rarely seen alone when out of doors. This does not, however, mean he is overly loud or boisterous. He doesn't shout, he doesn't get himself drunk and beaten up and he most certainly always acts gentlemanly when out of doors. He expects his slaves to behave properly too. Anything less would have them discarded for crueller masters to deal with.


Ianol is very demanding with his slaves. He gets what he wants without question and expects them to answer his every question. Why wouldn't they? They are slaves, his slaves, and that's what slaves do. The only exception to this is begging: heart wrenching and prostrate.


As found with his previous pleasure slave, Vivian, Ianol has a soft spot for begging. Seeing a man (or woman) on their hands and knees, shaking with fear and begging for mercy really pulls at his heartstrings. An overwhelming sense of pity and compassion fills him and he cannot help but to give in. His heart has hardened to this method of persuasion a bit after the heartache left behind by his previous slave but it still works.


Biography: Ianol is the fifth of five children. He has two sisters, a brother and a half sister called Arlet. There are also a few step brothers and step sisters but he didn't grow up around them and knows them at face value only. Of all his family, he is closest with his half-sister (his mother's daughter), who is the next youngest in his family. The easiest way to explain this strange family dynamic is to say he comes from a romantic stock. Nonetheless, Ianol grew up in a dramatic and often foolhardy family. The fact that his half-sister has purple hair is a fine example of this.


Ianol's half-sister was only half-caste. Her father was a fey. As such, Arlet went to "proper" schooling over the spring then spent summer and autumn with her father's people. It meant that while they were growing up, Ianol and Arlet spent some of the winter months together in their mother's small estate. Luckily, Ianol and Arlet were given permission to study under the same tutor in their younger years. Ianol was even able to attend Arlet's fey coming out ceremony as well as her aswang one. It meant Arlet could move freely between both peoples and Ianol could, on occasion, mingle with his sister's other family.


Like every other upper class boy his age and species, Ianol studied under a tutor during the winter months and went to school over the spring. He would sneak out to chase girls like every other boy and got into mischief like every other boy. He sure got his fair share of floggings from his teachers too! They were usually for not being where he ought or for getting caught kissing a girl whilst on excursions. There was once a time he was caught kissing a boy but that was hushed by his teachers and ended in a more private punishment. No that does not mean anything untoward happened; the school simply found it a touchy subject for two of its pupils to be found kissing and didn't want the matter to be aired publicly.


As Ianol grew, he found himself less interested in female attention. It was something about them that seemed so sisterly. Now, Ianol might have had a voracious appetite for romance but there was no way he could look even think of his sister like that. It might sound strange but he realised he looked at all women in that way. They were good for a conversation and occasionally a kiss on the cheek for funzies but they young Ianol was in no way interested in courting or love-making with one of these strange creatures. No thank you. Men were far more fascinating in the way they moved and the sounds they made. To him it seemed he was simply following a path that was more obvious to him. Sure, there was some awkwardness between him and his older two sisters and brother but it had always been that way. After all, they were decades older than him.


When Ianol finally hit the apparent age of 17, the world was his. He had a modest amount of money behind him, his family's name (and all that went with it) and an education of sorts. What was he to do? Where was he to go? He was out on his... lonesome.


He needed a profession. He needed to fly from the nest. He already knew he wouldn't inherit much from his parents. He had four older siblings (plus his step-siblings), one of which had a baby on the way. He wasn't silly. He knew how far money could and couldn't stretch. He needed to work. He needed work that wouldn't lower his standing to the community. Books were interesting but had no life of their own, spices were so overdone and bookkeeping was below him. He wanted the most social and reputable occupation out there!


He decided to be a curator. He didn't know what of but he wanted to be one.


Meanwhile, his beloved half-sister, Arlet, got engaged. Her fiancé was a younger man but that wasn't the most shocking part. The man who'd proposed to her was her cousin. He was her father's nephew. Her father's kin, the fey, may have found this normal but to her mother's anything closer than third cousin was taboo. There was much tension on both sides of her family throughout the entire engagement and marriage. It became the most talked about and most controversial topic on Ianol's side of the family. especially when Arlet's uncle politely implied they should get over it and accept the married duo. The topic simmered down and was swept under the rug after that, at least until Arlet fell pregnant with her cousin's child. To have a child with a cousin was even more appalling and ended with Arlet's maternal line estranging her, (as opposed to disinheriting or disowning her, which are by far a more severe punishments). It is now one of the topics considered rude or sometimes offensive to talk about in public.


Other: Ianol has never been without a slave in his entire life. He doesn't see anything wrong with the idea of buying and selling a person. Some people do the wrong thing, owe money to the wrong people or find themselves in the wrong place at a wrong time. However they became a slave, there's always a reason for it. You can't suddenly become a slave or suddenly become a freeman. There has to be a reason for it.


Even though his species identify with vampires because of their shared traits, they come from a different background. Their kind came from the southern pole on a fleet of ships along with their slaves. Their slaves' species is now long dead but they keep up the tradition of slavery. These people are of pale appearance and their eyes and hair are always paler versions of grey, blue, purple and occasionally green. Since interbreeding amongst other species and races, many of their kind have darker hair and eye colours. The best way to tell if someone is pure-blood, half caste or a throwback is by their hair and eye colour. Other traits include how anything other than blood causes them various degrees of indigestion, how quickly their skin burns in the sunlight, their ability to transform into a bat-like creature by night and their slower ageing process. The size of their other form and their apparent age depend on their blood purity, food, physical strength and lifestyle. Stronger, better fed and healthy people have a larger form and age slower than their weaker counterparts. Ianol is a throwback in a luxurious lifestyle who eats enough but exercises rarely so his other form is of normal human size without any brute strength.

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Name: Sabbath Windshadow of Light and Illusion

Age: twenty-seven

Race: human

Gender: male

Secondary gender (optional): alpha

Height: slightly above average

Weight: mesomorph

Hair colour: red

Eye colour: greenish hazel


Likes: The things he enjoys most are magic, training slaves, training himself, loyalty, slaves, trust, alone time, quiet, reading ancient texts, history, watching people in pain, orders being followed, breaking in slaves, humiliating his slaves. He's had a lot of public and private humiliation in his life and he despises it, although he knows these are powerful tools that can be used on others as well.


Dislikes: Disobedience, unneeded violence, dull masters who think beating their slave will ensure loyalty, his enemies, magic controlled by councils or kings and being humiliated or shamed.


Personality: Sabbath is evil on a small scale. He is incredibly cruel to people and is as bad as the men who trained and ruled over him. However, he is not out to rule the world or see it destroyed. He believes people should have the freedom to practice magic without it being ruled over. For that reason it is his sole desire to take down the magical establishment.


Sexual Preference: Homoflexible


Power: The ability to control light means that one can create and destroy light itself. This means that he can create the light of an object, such as a chair, without there actually being a chair there. The light is real and can be picked up by vision but it is not corporal. There is no chair to smell or feel. He can also erase all light from an area or make a ball of light so bright it is blinding. One's ability to control their power is limited by their imagination. If they cannot picture a fireball, they cannot create it. Focusing on a few spells and practicing them is both a strength and a weakness. They can build the power enhance that spell and create it automatically but in doing so they also limit there ability to branch out to other spells. No, Sabbath cannot create fireballs. He has not branched out to creating or sensing heat as those abilities have been blocked.


Illusion is the ability to trick one's senses: light, pressure, chemicals, temperature, pain and etc. They may feel real but they are not. The mind will react to the cold and will shiver but there is no physical damage, such as frostbite. The pain ends when the spell does. There is only the memory and the body's reaction to it. That said, it's never fun to be in excruciating pain or to feel like your entire body is frozen.


He has power over light and illusion, hence his title. When a mage's first learns to control one power or another, it is added to their title. As they learn a second or third, these two are added on chronological order. His first power, light, is the ability to sense and control all wavelengths of light. This means he could, hypothetically, sense heat, ultraviolet and other wavelengths of light. However, the destruction to his mind and memory mean he cannot sense more than the normal human wavelengths. If, by chance, the shatters of his mind were able to be healed, he would discover the full extent of his powers.


As the second most powerful mage in all the land, his illusions and control of light almost always stick. It takes someone of equal power or stronger to see through them, and even then it takes a great deal of focus to see through them. Mages are humans with magic, so other creatures may have stronger abilities than he. As a general statement, mages aren't as strong as elves (for example). That does not mean all elves will be able to see through his illusions. It means that the elf population has a higher frequency and strength than the human population. An elf individual may be weaker than a human individual and vice versa.


Abilities: Horse riding (and motorbike if it's modern), swordsmanship, dagger work, survival skills, endurance, reading the ancient languages of magic, breaking or training slaves, determination and drive. Beside his magical abilities, his endurance and strong will are his greatest assets.


Weaknesses: Like everyone, Sabbath has his weaknesses. Normally I don't put this in here but I'm taking a leap of faith to show he's not all powerful. He is human. As such, he can be hit, he can bleed and he can only move so fast. His body is only so good at taking care of cold, heat, healing, hunger, disease and anything else a human may become ill from, though he excels at hiding this. He is mortal and ages the same rate as any other human. Behind all the illusions his body is in great disrepair and his mind shattered. He is rarely ever healed and healthy. This does not mean that he is insane or disabled, far from it. Every step he takes is through willpower alone. It takes a lot of bandaging and taking care of injuries past and present to keep himself going.


Biography: It all started with the Second Mage War, when several houses stood against the magical establishment. Each house had their reasons: power, freedom, rights, politics, revenge or hate. Each house had a type of magic they specialised in and many believed they could teach their children far better and far more accurate to each child's needs than the university could. The House of Windshadow believed all houses should have the right to train their own children. Magical knowledge should be saved and passed down through the generations, from knowledge built up by those who specialises in the same breed of magic as their descendants. It was, after all, passed down through the family like any other trait. Hard-earned knowledge should not be lost within the masses and eventually forgotten. The magical university was very general and couldn't always account for everyone's needs. If a house failed to teach their children properly, it was their own fault. If a child believed their own family could not accommodate them, they could seek out other teachers, other houses for tuition. This was the way it was before the establishment came together and this is how it should be. It should not be ruled or controlled by one entity After all, magic was a part of the natural order of things. Who would dare to claim they had dominion over the forests, over the fauna or over life itself? No, the Grand Mage needed to be taken down - and his sycophants with him.


Alas for Sabbath's family and house, the Grand Mage and the establishment won the war. Those who'd defected from the establishment were taken down and a truce was called. Good triumphed and evil lost, as was the consensus of the winning side. Alas, the victorious dictate history. The houses who'd stood against them were wiped from their former glory through battle and stripped of their titles. For the House of Windshadow, who refused to accept the conditions of the truce, this meant their house and lands were cut down with fire. They did not have the strength of numbers to hold up against the establishment and their allies, such as the House of Stormhold, only had so many to spare. They were no longer considered a real house, their men were killed off and their women married into other houses. Those children who were left without mothers were picked up by allied houses. Some were taken into service and some were adopted. Sabbath was adopted.


He was adopted by the Lord of the House of Stormhold, who had one son - Strogon. The two were in constant competition with one another. Strogon was constantly trying to prove himself and vie for his father's affection. Strogon was a beta and as such could never compete with Sabbath. They two became rivals and rivalry became hatred. Strogon loathed that Sabbath was an alpha who constantly bested him in every way. Once the old Lord died, Sabbath was sworn to serve Strogon. Strogon started to make Sabbath's life a living hell. Sabbath serves the House of Stormhold, not Strogon of Mind and Memory himself.

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Name: Ayame Hattori

Age: 25

Height: 5'7"

Occupation: Actor slash model

Sexuality: Dominant, omega, gay

Personality: Fit and athletic. He likes to keep himself in good shape. He needs to in his line of work. Nobody wants an ugly, unfit actor starring in their movie. He also keeps himself healthy because he doesn't trust alphas. He's been felt up and harassed several times, so being able to fight back is paramount. In fact, one would not think he was an omega just by looking at him. He certainly doesn't act like one either. He can be very demanding and forceful at times. He certainly likes to take center stage when out with friends and easily carries people's attention. He isn't the shy, blushing little slut most people think of when they meet am omega. He is very well liked amongst those he works with and gets along with most people.


Biography: Ayame started acting from a very young age. His parents put him up to it as a child actor and signing him up for acting lessons. They even chose his schools based on their reputation for pumping out actors. Throughout school, his best subjects were always French, English and drama and he was part of the school acting club from the moment he started school. Ayame didn't mind all the pressure though. He actually loves acting and likes that he is good at it. He's rather proud of how far he's come. Nobody would expect any omega to make it big in the acting world when alphas shine so much brighter. Most actors and models are alphas. Omegas usually get roles if they either don't "look" like an omega or if the role is specifically designed for an omega

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Vivian is albino. His hair is a very pale blonde and dead straight. It is thin and light so it gets caught in the wind easily. He likes to keep it as long as he can but some masters like to cut it short. It currently falls to about half way down his back and is normally tied back in a loose ponytail. The hair on the rest of his body has the same pale, soft look to it. It's almost unnoticeable on first glance because it blends in with the colour of his skin so well. His skin lacks all pigment. The only colour to it is a pinkish tinge from his blood. His eyes are an off-white shade of white and the soft colour of his eyebrows makes them hard to see. He is tall with a slender build. He has no curves or softness whatsoever. He barely has any muscle on his body so if he were to remove his shirt people would see his spine and the bottom of his ribcage. They would also see the massive scar across the back of his shoulders. It’s where his wings were cut off. They're slowly regrowing. It has been six months since they were forcibly removed so they have grown back to the end of the humerus. He has a lump on the side of his head that's hidden behind his hair and more lumps on his left forearm. All these injuries are courtesy of his previous master.


Vivian likes to keep his body covered all the way to his hands and neck. He is rarely seen without a cravat or some sort of scarf covering his neck, though there are a few reasons for this. The gloves he wears go all the way to his elbows so that even if his sleeves came up he won't get burnt. When outside he even wears a hooded capelet or cloak. His shirt and pants are very simple: creamy white and soft grey-blue. His shoes are soft and thin, which means they're quite worn. They button up on the side but the buttons are glued in place now. He uses them as slip-ons. He only has one set of clothes so he has to wash them every night.


As an asvang, Vivian has an "original form", which looks something akin an oversized bat. The differences are he is primarily bipedal and he has arms as well as wings. The scapulae form the base of the wing joint rather than the rotator cuff. The original form is the same size as his human one. Normally the original form would be larger but its size is very dependent on physical strength, lifestyle, training and feeding. His original skin is as dark as his human skin is light. The only similar colouring is the pale blue of his eyes.



He doesn't currently have any permanent name. By the time he made it to his current land, he'd legally had his name stripped from him and made a slave. He would never tell you but his birth name was Victor dor Vellin. It was changed when he was eight years old to Vivian dor Vellin (an honorary dor). This name was stripped from him when he became a slave. He technically no longer owns a name and will go by any name people give him, even if it's something like "Princess". For simplicity's sake he goes by Vivian.



He can be any apparent age you want, so long as it is between eighteen and fifty. His apparent age will determine his physical age and what point he's at in his life. He has his entire life planned out all the way until he dies in a lock-up around the apparent age of sixty.



Vivian is very reluctant for anyone to know his past, for knowing it endangers his future. If nobody knows then nobody can tell. If his mother were to discover his presence he would be captured by her men, dragged back to her and punished for yet another escape attempt. What is written in this biography would not make it into the annexes. The same goes for the information about his name and even his species. There are few asvang in the world and they keep themselves hidden, even from other mythological beings.


In an Earth setting Vivian was born in a manor house in Auvergne, France. It is an agricultural province that doesn't get much attention from outside, making it the perfect place for a small band of blood-drinkers to his in. The heavy snowfall and cold climate means they can keep their skin covered without suspicion. In his original setting he was born in the same manor house about half an hour from the capital of a city-state called Kali. Kali sits just north of a lake on one of the northern continent's major rivers. The city is an important way point on the major trade route north. It is important because it has a thriving agricultural community and is perfect for restocking supplies. In both settings his mother runs a cattle farm. This is because she can sell the meat and collect the blood, thus negating the need to attack other farms and rousing suspicion.


Victor dor Vellin's infancy was a pleasant one. If he were to look back he would undoubtedly have a melancholy smile upon his face. His father loved him dearly and, for the most part, his mother did too. Devioa suffered from post natal depression. She would not breastfeed him and she rarely noticed the drawings and chains of flowers he laid in front of her door. In her daze she would step on them without ever knowing they were there. Vivian was too young to understand what was happening and didn't understand why his "treasures" didn't make her happy. As distant as his mother was from him, his father was close. His father would read to him in the old language, Asvangga, tell him stories and even took up his mother's duty of breastfeeding him. Asvang drink blood so, physically speaking, either parent can feed their infant. After a month Veau's chest even began to swell like a woman's breasts did during this time, though not nearly as much as a woman's would have.


It wasn't until Victor was five years old that his fate seemed to change. Devoia's post natal depression had caused Veau to seek out other women. By the time Victor was five (in both apparent age and physical age) he was having an affair with a half-caste. The young boy knew his father's actions were wrong and begged him to stop but by that time he cared more for his mistress than his wife. Victor was in his father's closet trying on the man's clothes when he saw it. Devoia was away making a deal with a slaver and his father was taking advantage of her vacation. Victor remained silent and peeked out between the slats. He watched in horror as his mother broke in the door and slaughtered the lovers in their bed. Officially it was declared she'd acted in self defence but suspicion still lay about her like some dark miasma. It was an entire week later when the servants found Victor hiding under the bed in one of the guest rooms.


Ever since that fateful day Victor was afraid of his mother. He looked too much like his father and shared all the same loves; surely the child would turn out like Veau in the end. Devioa had dearly loved her husband but now all she could see of him was his betrayal; all she could feel was loathing. She had changed, or perhaps it wasn't a change so much as revealing a different part of her character. It didn't make Victor's situation any better that he now trembled when he looked at his mother and had to be forced to look at her. He still made her necklaces of flowers and placed drawings on her seat at the table but now she just brushed them aside or told the servants to throw them out. He gathered them up and placed them in his box of treasures, forever hoping one day she would see them for what they really were.


Most boys of his kind did not start school and tutoring until they were seven. At only five Victor was handed over to a tutor three times a week. Meeting the man was a frightening experience. His mother held tight to his hand the whole way to the man's door, as though he was going to be handed over to someone he should learn to fear. After all, it had only been a few months since he'd watched the woman murder his father. Victor was ordered to stand properly, speak louder and look up. The man's inspection and questioning frightened the tiny boy. Finally, the man agreed to tutor him and he was taken back to the car. It turned out Master Mordei was strict and flogged him when he failed to perform but in no way was he cruel. He pushed Victor at the same level he started out with his older students, teaching the subjects Devoia chose for the boy. Victor was expected to know how to behave in cultured society, asvang history as well as learn how to keep accounts.


With Veau gone and Victor out of the way, Devoia sought out a new suitor. Henor was a friend from her youth. He was younger than her but still shared her apparent age. By the time he was ten years old (almost seven in apparent age), his mother had given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lana. As soon as Devioa was well she had the boy disinherited and changed his name to Vivian, claiming that he was infirm. At roughly the same time Henor forbid him from speaking to her or even coming near her. The boy was so quiet, so flighty and so awkward around his elders; it wasn't hard for Henor to believe all the horrible things Devoia said about the child.


Vivian's first meeting with his sister was not a good one. He was hiding away in the bottom of the linen closet, in trouble with his mother. Lena found him and tried to drag him out like the nasty thing she believed him to be. Vivian was so afraid of being sent back into the dark room below the doctor's quarters. The dark room was completely sealed with barely any airflow. Such sensory deprivation was often used as a form of torture. Vivian screamed when his sister pulled and lashed out in self defence. As soon as he realised he'd hit his sister and made her cry, he ran. He ran out into the snow so hard and so fast he didn't know where he was going. Henor came after him, furious, and dragged him back inside. It was the first time Vivian's arm was broken. It wasn't the last time it would happen and it wasn't the worst injury he would sustain.


Ever since the day his mother bit him, Vivian's treatment worsened. By that time he'd become Lana's nursemaid, governess and toy. If she wanted to go outside Vivian had no power to stop her. He had to beg and persuade her not to travel the fence line all the way to the front gate. He was too afraid that she would go to Henor and accuse him of hurting her. There was nothing he could do to stop her from talking to the boy on the other side of the fence. He could not leave her to go for help, he could not stop her and he could not scold her. He had to stay with her, anxious, and hope she wouldn't say anything that would get him in trouble later. She did. She revealed to the boy what they were, at which time Vivian grabbed his sister and marched back towards the house. When the servants told his mother what had happened, Vivian panicked. He struggled, pushed away and even kicked in an attempt to get away, which only resulted in his mother slicing him across the cheek. After she licked his blood from her fingers and looked down at the boy with such hatred, Vivian cowered and fell back on the floor. She'd read his blood. She'd seen the "treachery" in his blood. She did not hold back. She sank all four of her fangs into his flesh and didn't stop sucking until she'd read everything she wanted. When Devoia released him, Vivian was already unconscious.


From that day forth feeding from him became a regular occurrence. She would know if he was being underhanded, she would know if he'd done something wrong and she would know if he was planning to escape. Her cruelty didn't stop there. The punishments inflicted by her whilst under the doctor's quarters and in the black room were best left unsaid and unknown. They caused his body to weaken until it was believed he had some weakness of the blood, supposedly inherited from his father's side. His mother's treatment, his studies with Master Mordei and serving Lana wore him down until he would sometimes collapse where he stood. All the while Henor would watch him, hound him and even beat him for things Lana would claim he'd done. Eventually he escaped, but such attempts never succeeded for more than a year. With each escape attempt he would be dragged back, punished then returned to his bed as a breathing corpse. During the times he was away his mother would say he was being taken care of by a specialist doctor or away at boarding schools. Only on occasion would she admit he'd ran away, using it as proof he was defective and needed to be kept under close watch. Who knew what he would get up to without his elders making sure he didn't bite people or reveal the asvang to the world?


It seems ironic that Devoia was the one who was caught disobeying asvang law. To avoid prison, death or slavery she placed the accusation upon Vivian. He accepted the blame so no smhame would come upon his half sister, Lana, and to get away from his mother. He was charged by the asvang courts and sentenced to life as a convicted slave. He was stripped of his identity then sold to the highest bidder over Scamper. He knew nothing of his new owner or how they may treat him, only that he was packaged away in a very fancy slave box to be transported out of Europe. He was sent to a far away country where nobody would ever have heard of asvang: the United States of America. It was a chance at freedom, relatively speaking. It was a chance of a new life.


The treatments he received from his masters there were much kinder than anything his mother had inflicted. In no way does that mean they were kind to him, at least most of them weren't. He quickly learned to fear masters almost as much as he had his mother. To be sent to a new master was chilling; to be sent back would have him in shivers. His mother instilled in him long ago not to show his fears as panic.



Vivian is a quiet man with a soft voice. When he does speak he is well spoken and well mannered. It is rare to hear him retort and when he does it is usually subtle. This does not mean he is shy or insecure though, far from it. It's merely doesn't see the need to approach people, shout or speak often. He is very self-content and secure in who he is. He has always found seeking inner happiness is far more reliable than seeking it in his surroundings. He doesn't see himself as a reflection of the company he's in or the treatment given to him. He guards his hopes carefully and is capable of protecting himself against all onslaughts. It means he is able to find the calm in almost any situation and come out from it unbroken. He still has his fears and foibles but his approach to them makes him more resilient than others would be in his situation.


The things Vivian fears most are: his mother, sensory deprivation, having his blood read, cruelty, the dark, places that are too quiet and being handed to a new master. He doesn't like sex either (especially gay sex) but it isn't a fear. When faced with his fears he will usually panic and try to escape them then recoil into himself and simply yield to them. He does put up a fight but it is mostly defensive rather than aggressive. Often times it is better to yield to his fears than risk further pain. He would much rather wait for a chance to escape than cause harm to himself or others. He knows how to wait and he's always looking for ways out. When faced with a dislike he most likely won't panic and simply ask for it not to be so or avoid it.


The past is something Vivian rarely talks about. It's because he doesn't like thinking about the past. It stirs so many conflicting emotions in him and usually leaves him in a melancholy silence. If he does speak about his past it's usually nothing of consequence and nothing sinister. He's afraid of how his masters would treat him if they knew, the prospect of his mother finding him and people questioning him further about it. The times he has mentioned anything of his past, his people or his homeland (France, not the South Pole) it ended badly. He doesn't even speak with an accent any more. The way he speaks is very proper without any lilt of any kind. It would be impossible to place him from speech alone.



Vivian has a few race-based abilities but no "magic". All the abilities he does have are physiological rather than arcane.


Regeneration: His kind are capable of enduring much more than humans. They heal faster and can regrow damaged body part. As a rough standard, it takes Vivian one year to regrow his wings. If he were as healthy and as strong as other asvang this healing time would decrease. This ability is very much dependant on physical strength, lifestyle, training and feeding. The healthier a person is, the more they feed, the better the quality of the blood they drink and the more sleep they get the faster they will heal. Fortune has not favoured Vivian in this way. He will gradually get healthier the longer he is taken care of. The fastest way for an asvang to heal (which to them is synonymous with regenerate) is to become a "breathing corpse". It basically means going into a healing coma. It takes a lot of damage to become a breathing corpse and if he does he will not be able to be roused by anything other than immediate danger, meaning the affliction of more damage. This happens automatically; if he is that physically damaged he has to fight to stay awake and he is unlikely to be able to rouse himself.


Blood reading: Asvang are able to taste blood memories. The ability is based on heightened senses of smell and taste. It is not something they need to activate or put power into. As soon as the blood touches lands inside of the drinker's mouth they taste it. In animals it is simply their emotions and how healthy they are but in people it is much more. Where the mind's memories are skewed by the person's interpretation of what happens to them, blood memories are the actuality of their life. They show exactly what happened to the person, how a person is feeling, their thoughts, their health and even what has happened to them. The fresher the memory the more prominent it is, thus the easier to read. Vivian finds blood reading to be more of a violation than rape so would never do this to a person and would never allow it to happen to himself. In fact, he panics when others of his kind bite him. He would rather regurgitate the blood than taste it.


Shifting: At night he can change into his original form. If he is badly injured, weak or comatose this will happen automatically.


Sixth sense: When his other senses are taken away he can sense the dead. This is because the other five senses get in the way of the sixth sense and people tend to pay more attention to them. For example, if you deafen him he will hear the dead and if you blind him he will see the dead. It is partially the reason he very much does not enjoy sensory deprivation.


Gender bending: Vivian has no control over this. He has witchcraft tattoos across his entire back that will not come off. The spell is constantly re-inking itself so that his healing abilities will not cause it to fade. The only way for him to get rid of it is to cut it off and burn it. The witchcraft causes him to change between four other genders. When someone other than him says one of the five cardinal points within earshot, it will change his gender. Saying "north" will turn him female, "east" will turn him female but with male genitalia, "west" for male with female genitalia, "south" for both genders and "origin" to go back to male. When the sun crosses the horizon each day he will turn back into a male.



Vivian's people originate from the South Pole. An armada travelled north to the North Pole where they crashed in the ice. From there they slowly migrated south and settled in a few places throughout Europe (or the northern continent of his original setting). For this reason Vivian has a different set of strengths and weaknesses to humans. He's very used to them though so for the most part he's able to work around them. For example, by staying in the shade or putting on a hood and gloves he can keep his skin protected.


Aversion to sunlight: Due to being a polar species, Vivian's people are more at home in temperatures below ten degrees Celsius. They are capable of keeping their bodies warm well below the freezing point of water. The negative to this is they cannot cope with strong sunlight or heat. The lack of pigment means their skin would blister and burn in the sunlight. An hour in the sun is dangerous, a few days is lethal.


Aversion to heat: Their aversion to heat is linked in with their aversion to light, in that it stems from their ancestry in the South Pole. They are incapable of cooling their bodies down. They do sweat but it is not nearly enough to protect them from the heat. It is more an emotional response than a cooling mechanism.


Short-sightedness: Asvang rely on their senses of smell, taste and hearing to interpret the world rather than their sight. Many are born blind (and without a sense of smell too but that's irrelevant to Vivian). For this reason Vivian is very short-sighted. He simply cannot see nor read anything at a distance. Even when he's reading books he has to hold it close. It would probably be nice for him to have a set of reading glasses as well as a pair of distance ones. He should be wearing thick glasses but he's never been tested for them or presented with any. It would no doubt be a great honour to be given some.


Food allergies: Eating anything other than blood and its constituents (e.g. water, serum, sweat and piss) is fatal within a few hours, depending on how much he has ingested. It causes an allergic reaction that consists of dysentery, fevers, trembling, ulcers, intestinal bleeding and vomiting. It is so painful to asvang that if they are not tied down they will begin clawing at their stomach. Trying to remove their stomach is another reason why it is fatal. Even after the intestinal tract is completely empty the allergic reaction will continue. If the food does not come out fast enough, the reaction will take over their whole body. A shot of epinephrine will help but he's never been given an autoinjector before.

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Name: King Beau d'Artes

Name meaning: Beautiful arts

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Age: 519

Species: Enchanted human


Family: His mother, father and younger sister are long dead. Their descendants have grown up and had children of their own. He used to watch them through his magic mirror but has lost interest through the years. His sister's descendants are strangers to him now. It's not as if he will ever meet them.


Personality: Beau is coarse. He has manners and has been brought up to be refined, he simply chooses not to use them. He is a beast, what should he care how people perceive him? On the surface he is uncaring and acts as if he's higher than worrying about what people think but in fact he is very insecure about his looks and his beastly nature. He hides himself away from a world he believes will not accept him the way he is.


Biography: Beau's father was always away on business so he lived with his mother, the Queen of Avalon. She was a harsh woman who always pushed him and his sister to excel. They each had their own studies to do to be the perfect husband, wife king and nobility. She had ideas for a big family but her husband was never interested in pleasures of the flesh. He was too noble for that and she loathed it. She took out her frustrations on the hired help, even going as far as to have her own page boy to give her pleasure. They were always careful so no illegitimate children were born, which would have had her beheaded. It was something everybody knew but never said, especially to the King of Avalon.


Beau was originally a warm and affectionate child who loved playing with other boys and girls his own age. He would sneak out whenever he could, dressed as a village boy, and play ball or marbles with the other children. His mother soon caught on and gave him a strict governess who would follow the queen's wishes. More and more work was piled upon him. If he became proficient at flute, he was given the piano to learn. If he finished one book, he was given others to complete. There were always dance lessons with his sister, etiquette lessons and even cooking and gardening lessons so he would become more well rounded.


The Queen of Avalon was always there, overseeing his and his sister's education and maturation. She was a harsh mistress to them, which turned them into harsh adolescents. They grew to be like her, valuing perfection above all else. They had to be the best, be seen with the best and only associate with the best of everything. Beau learned to despise imperfection, considering it to be a fault or sign of laziness. He kept people around him only so long as they were perfect and discarded them if they showed their flawed selves.


Beau's sister married early and moved to live with her new husband, the Crown Prince of Tuloch. Beau was happy to see her get away from their mother but sad as well, for it meant he was left alone in the castle. Sure, he had many followers and admirers but no friends or close companions. His mother was always trying to find the perfect match for him but he became bored of each of his suitors soon after he met them. There was no connection. It was said he was too cold and unfeeling for love. Others said he was waiting for the perfect bride, one whom did not exist.


When Beau was the age of twenty-five, his father passed and his mother soon after. He was left alone to rule his kingdom as he pleased. He was a good king, as far as kings go, but he cared nothing for the poor, impoverished and those lesser than him. They wore dirty clothes, had dirty faces and ate dirty food. He wanted nothing to do with them.


It was winter in the kingdom of Avalon and all the servants of his castle were having a splendid time indoors. They were having a slumber party in the Great Hall. All the mattresses had been laid out and there was plenty of hot cocoa to go around. Servants in their best dresses and suits mingled with guests in magnificent frocks. It was Midwinter's Eve, the fires in the Great Hall were blazing high and a decorated pine tree acted as a centrepiece for everyone to admire. There was music playing, singing and dancing. Even the new King of Avalon came down to enjoy the revelry for a while. The people in the castle were completely oblivious to the winter storms outside.


Suddenly, the great front doors swung open and an icy wind blew in through the castle, carrying a drift of snow and an old woman in tattered, brown clothes. She looked like a monk who had lost her way long ago or a hermit who had just come out of recluse. Her clothes smelled of soot and she trailed mud wherever she went. The doormen tried to usher her out and shoo her away but she would not leave. She demanded to see the lord of the castle immediately.


The King of Avalon sighed when he heard about the commotion and groaned when he was advised to see the visitor. The people inside the Great Hall watched him so he decided it was best to attend his unwelcome visitor. When he saw her, however, he turned up her nose at her. He would have nothing to do with her. No, he had no spare rooms for her and not even a glass of milk for her belly. He would not have such an unwholesome creature ruining his Winter's Eve party. He ordered the doormen to throw her out, for he would not touch her himself, then went to close the great front doors.


A blinding light appeared before him and the wizened hag grew in stature until she was fifteen feet tall. She now appeared as an angelic beauty with long, flowing hair and glittering with diamonds. The king threw the doors open and begged for her forgiveness. He welcomed her into his home to share his food and rest for the night but it was too late.


The monk scorned him for turning her away, based on her appearance alone. She condemned him as shallow and cold hearted. She would punish him severely for turning her away, for she was the High Priestess of the Fair Folk. She had been travelling through the forest and lost her way in the winter storms. He would spend eternity as an imperfect, hideous beast, never ageing and never changing unless he, himself changed within. Only when his heart melted and somebody loved him and was willing to marry him for who he was inside, would he ever break the spell. His castle would be his prison. He would be feared and hated everywhere he went, for he was now an ugly beast of a creature.


The king begged for her forgiveness, saying her would change his ways, but she refused him. He had to learn. He had to change inside, only then would the spell be released. All those inside the castle would be cursed to remain as smaller, more humanoid beasts too, as they needed to learn the same lesson and would keep him company through the long winters. She would, however, give him a gift to make his passing easier. It was a mirror that could see everywhere and take him anywhere. It was a cruel gift, for no matter where he went, he would not be welcomed. No matter what he saw, he could not be there. He was trapped in his body and in his castle.


With that, the High Priestess enchanted the entire castle, the people inside it and the king himself. A great forest grew all through Avalon, covering entire villages. The people in the villagers were turned to animals and those inside the castle were turned into demi-human beasts of a smaller stature than the king. Those inside the kingdom of Avalon would never change and never age until their king fell in love and married. The kingdom was trapped too, remaining on Midwinter's Eve day and night for all eternity.


The High Priestess left back the way she came, into the dark and snowy night. Nothing was left of her, not even footsteps.


The following morning, the king ordered all the windows to be shut, all the curtains to be closed and all the mirrors to be smashed. He kept his "gift" locked away in the tallest tower so nobody would find it. In that way, he shut out the world completely and resigned himself to his fate as a beast forever. Nobody would ever love him now that he was ugly.

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Name: Matthew Brandt

Age: 27

Height: 5'11"

Sexuality: Gay, seme, mostly top

Probes: Empathy and telekinesis

Occupation: Laboratory technician

Likes: Chinese food, cloudy weather, BDSM clubs, his brother, takeaway food, science, new technologies, action movies, being able to pay the bills, manly chests, bubble butts, university life, leather, men in uniform, old school trains like in the movies, kitties

Dislikes: Government searches for probers, prober experiments, cold weather, rain, rent increases, not owning a glider, helmet hair, the secrecy that goes with being a prober, being mindbound, bad smells, powerful emotions, anger, hatred, sadness


Personality: Matthew is a man of action. He is boisterous and dominant in personality. He doesn't mean to be pushy but he does tend to inflict his will on others. He means no harm by it though and he has a good heart. He's always willing to lend a hand or offer support. Being a empath, he's able to pick up on people's emotions easily and knows when soothe their emotions through actions rather than just probing. He's picked up a few social skills because of his empathy.


Biography: Matthew and Ian didn't know their parents, though Matthew suspected they were scientists because he could remember going into the laboratories with them when he was very little. It was about the time his younger brother had been weened that their parents had given them away to their second-cousins Rachael and Michael. It was supposedly because their parents hadn't had time to bring up children and continue their research. Matthew didn't know the full story, though he'd asked. He'd always wanted to know why their parents never visited, sent word or came to their family reunions. It was almost as though they didn't exist.


In truth, Matthew and Ian were the very first life pod babies. Their parents had been the head scientists on the life pod project in the St Leonard's Fertility Centre. They had used their own samples to in-vitro fertilise thirty eggs, the best two being Ian and Matthew. Ian had been kept in cryostasis for four years before being placed in a newer model of incubator. After the project had been a success, the pair hadn't been able to keep their children. It was too dangerous, there were too many tests that would need to be undertaken and there was the children's welfare to consider. If kept in the fertility centre, their entire lives would be monitored and the government would possibly want to get hold of them for further research. The scrutiny was too much for any child, let alone their parents who would have to take care of the children. Ian was too young to remember any of it but Matthew remembered being in a white gown being led around the laboratories and having doctors watching over him. He liked to imagine his parents had doted on him and hadn't been able to bare the thought of leaving him with someone else during those first four and a half years.


Other than living with his second-cousins, the brothers' lives were fairly ordinary. They went to school, had their own friends and lived their lives the way any normal child would. It wasn't until they reached about the ages of fourteen and ten that Matthew and Ian started to develop their probe abilities. They both started to be able to nudge objects by will alone and both started to be able to form probes about the same time. Soon they developed different abilities too. Matthew could use empathy where Ian could use healing probes. The two practiced on each other in secret until their guardians discovered what they were doing. Little was known about probers back then so their guardians told them to keep it secret and went on pretending they knew nothing about it. They didn't want to know about it and didn't accept it, though they still loved their adoptive children. It was easier to pretend they didn't know than to accept their wards were unnatural freaks.


Matthew was smart enough and did well enough at high school to get into a good university in the city, studying science. He kept his degree as general as possible. He did extra subjects and took on a three-quarter load so he could work so it took him a bit longer to graduate than others. He considers university to be the best years of his life. He looks back on college lifestyle with fondness. He's not a man-child but he can be carefree.


Once he graduated, Matthew got a job as a laboratory technician at Petersham Innovation Centre. PIC was a multi-story science and technology facility with laboratories, offices, a few lecture theaters, an administration block and one small to medium sized hall for events. It was privately owned by a corporate run by the CEO, owner and founder of the centre. The CEO owned a few centres throughout the continent but PIC was the biggest. Individuals, companies, universities and government departments came to PIC to hire their facilities and technical staff. They made their proposal and it either got accepted or rejected by the committee. If they succeeded, they got as much space as they need to do their research.


The job meant Matthew was able to support Ian while he was studying to be a doctor at university. Ian moved in to Matthew's one bedroom apartment for a while before they decided they needed a bigger place. Sleeping on the couch just didn't cut it. Their deal was that Matthew would support Ian through university if Ian supported Matthew once he became a big-shot doctor.

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