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The Time Before

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It was the time before. Everybody knew it, everybody felt it. "Before what?" you might ask. Something was going to happen, the world was going to change forever or perhaps even end but there was little anyone could do about it - not now. It was too late to stop what the world powers and the people who made them up had set in motion. The suspense had been building up for decades as important figures began to disappear, research facilities were destroyed and the arms race reached its peak. No one person was to blame, the problem was far more complicated than that. Everybody was to blame, from the everyday consumers of processed food to the researchers trying to make the world a better place to the arms dealers who sold the weapons to the world powers who stockpiled genetically altered creatures in cryogenic facilities, missiles capable reducing entire cities to rubble lined craters and aerosol drones full of microbial agents of warfare. The entire system was flawed by human intervention. So long as humanity existed, so long as they continued to dream of a better future yet continue to look over their shoulders for the knife in their back, the threat of self-destruction would be ever present.


Each of the five great world powers were paranoid of the others, and even of the lesser world powers who really were no threat unless they finally banded together to form a sixth world power. Differences of opinion would never see that happen though. Their cultures were too varied and there were far too many misunderstandings throughout history. Perhaps it was these misunderstandings and differences of opinion that had lead to such paranoia. War had not broken out yet but the sense of calm had been fractured. Skirmishes broke out at borders, spies trickled to and fro like water beneath the Earth's crust and notable influential figures were being taken hostage and interrogated throughout each of the continents. It is only a matter of time before one of the world powers and someone hits the button in retaliation.


When the button of war is pushed, it will bring about an age of cataclysm.


Humans are too smart for their own good. They all compete to be the best, to be the most formidable opponent whilst playing the innocent bystander. None want to be the one to push the button and start a war that could destroy the world but it is only a matter of time before someone goes too far. With so many biological, microbial, nuclear and projectile weapons stockpiled around the world and even as far away as the moon, the threat of war brings foretells a dark future indeed. Yet war is looming. It is only a matter of time.


However, people pretend not to notice, trusting in the governments of the world or at least frightened enough to keep their mouth shut. They see but do not look. To them, the everyday world goes on as bright and new as ever. It's sleek, functional and impersonal. Everything comes in colours of white, glass, taup, silver and turquoise, the colours they consider "modern". Everything has a place and everything stays in its place. People are free, or at least believe they are free, but the environment they've built around themselves is almost stiflingly rigid. Nature itself is bent to their whims, whether it be oceans, mountains or animals grown in factories. Everything is built bigger than big to accommodate an explosion of populations that can live until 115 to 120 years old.


Alongside these modern humans are people with supernatural abilities, powers of the mind to create mental probes. Some are able to send a healing probe into the body of another person, some can receive and transmit thoughts over various distances using these probes. Others can nudge matter or probe technology. There are also those who can use their probes to tamper with the thoughts, memories or even emotions of other people. Some people can even use their probes on animals instead of humans. It all depends on their type of probe and what types of probes they can combine. A with powers of the mind can have up to even four different abilities and use them all at once. For example, a person who can transmit thoughts over long distances and control thoughts can control thoughts over long distances. A person who can attune their emotional probe to animals can stop a rabid dog from attacking.


So little is known about these new abilities in humans, and possibly animals too. I could perhaps be due to rising levels of radiation, a natural progression of humankind, the advancement of health services or even the additives in food causing mutations. The research into this area is still considered a fringe science. It is newly discovered and technology is only now catching up in order to run tests on human and animal subjects. People are encouraged to come forth and get themselves tested in the mobile clinics throughout the five major continents. It is seen more as a curiousity for the rich and those who believe themselves special than anything to take seriously. There have been suggestions as to how to these powers would best facilitate humankind and weaponisation has been suggested but for now the scientists running the tests are more interested to find out how they work than how they can be applied.




Rain dogged at Matthew's back as he peddled down the street on his electric bicycle. It was just his luck to have the motor die in the first five minutes of his ride home. Correction, it was just his luck he could only afford an electric bicycle rather than a proper scooter or hoverbike. Working for two sure had its downsides. Still, he couldn't ask for a better brother or one he loved more. It had been Big Brother and Little Brother ever since they'd been young.


The brothers didn't know their parents, though Matthew suspected they were scientists because he could remember going into the laboratories with them when he was very little. It was about the time his younger brother had been weened that their parents had given them away to their third-cousins Rachael and Michael. It was supposedly because their parents hadn't had time to bring up children and continue their research. Matthew didn't know the full story, though he'd asked. He'd always wanted to know why their parents never visited, sent word or came to their family reunions. It was almost as though they didn't exist.


In truth, Matthew and Ian were the very first life pod babies. Their parents had been the head scientists on the life pod project in the St Leonard's Fertility Centre. They had used their own samples to in-vitro fertilise thirty eggs, the best two being Ian and Matthew. Ian had been kept in cryostasis for four years before being placed in a newer model of incubator. After the project had been a success, the pair hadn't been able to keep their children. It was too dangerous, there were too many tests that would need to be undertaken and there was the children's welfare to consider. If kept in the fertility centre, their entire lives would be monitored and the government would possibly want to get hold of them for further research. The scrutiny was too much for any child, let alone their parents who would have to take care of the children. Ian was too young to remember any of it but Matthew remembered being in a white gown being led around the laboratories and having doctors watching over him. He liked to imagine his parents had doted on him and hadn't been able to bare the thought of leaving him with someone else during those first four and a half years.


All of this crossed Matthew's mind as he pushed the bicycle through yet another deep puddle. What had they been like, their parents? His second-cousins never really spoke of them beyond saying they were very busy, very important people. Did his parents ever think of him like he thought of them? Were they perhaps even looking up at the same rain clouds wondering what had happened to their sons?


'I bet they're in a glider with its own kitchenette,' he said to himself as he stopped to check on his parcel.


The bag was sopping wet and split as he rushed to the door to their apartment building. He managed to grab it but dropped his bicycle at the same time. He cursed the weak and feeble plastic before gathering everything up. The holographic doorman made some smart-arsed comment about getting the floor wet but Matthew just flipped the bird at the projection and walked through it. Soon he was up on the 115th floor and trailing a wet line all the way down the hall to apartment 1165.


'Ian! Ian! Are you home yet? You'd better not have eaten, I got us stir-fried egg noodles and those pork dumplings you like!' he called out as he shoved his bicycle inside. 'Marika even gave me a free cola. It's out of date but still good.'


With the bicycle corralled in the station beside the door and the take away on the kitchen bench, Matthew began to strip himself off. His waterproof coat kept most of the water off but the hood was ripped so there was water leaking down his back and his head looked like that of a drowned rat. He shivered in the air conditioning and stripped down to just his pants. Eugh! Even his socks were drenched. He really had to get himself some new boots when he could afford them. It was too bad he couldn't bring his lab shoes home just once. Everything at work had to be kept at work and everything he wore at home at to be removed upon getting to work. That was just the nature of the XCD Innovation Facility.


'Ian! Hurry up and get out here!' he called again.


Matthew took off everything except his pants and hung it all over the back of a bar stool. He rubbed himself over with a bit of a shiver. He was a tall, muscular built man with little fat on him, nothing to keep him warm on the rainy night. It had been a heavy day at work too so his body ached for a rub. He'd get his brother to do that for him later in the night if he could be persuaded. The twenty-two-year-old grabbed the throw rug off the couch and wrapped it about his shoulders before hanging his wet all-weather coat over the back of the door. He'd toss it and his other clothes in the dryer after dinner. In the meantime, he needed a hot shower and something warm in his belly.


This time he sent out a probe to locate Ian's emotional signature. Both he and Ian had telepathic probes but Matthew could probe people's emotions where Ian could create healing probes. They were one of the lucky ones with two talents, though Matthew was far stronger at his empathy than telepathy. The combination meant he could send out his empathy probe much further than empathy alone but he'd never tested that. One never knew who might be watching or what machines could pick up on. He didn't trust the mobile clinics the government sent out and the alternative research centres were a bunch of phonies, at least in his opinion.

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[Home : Rainy : 9:31]


Statuesque and gleaming within the confines of the shower, the warm rain cascaded over his nakedness like rivulets of translucent silver as he cleansed the day away. Glistening and wet, his smooth, silky skin glimmered beneath the bright light, making him the epitome picturesque. Soft sighs of contentment filled the small room as he conjured the warm drops of water raining down upon him, his slender hand moving back and forth avariciously to the beat of his racing heartbeat.


He could barely make out his big brother’s muffled voice calling him, and in the midst of his ecstasy, the only thing he could really notice was how smooth, calming, and full of life the sounds were. The muscles in the apples of his cheeks flexed at the thought of Matthew coming home drenched in rain water, and the younger brother knew just what kind of massage to give his big brother today. He quite liked the blissful expression on Matthew’s face when Ian’s healing abilities kicked in during a massage.


He bowed his head and his legs trembled beneath the weight of the looming climax. That’s when his hold upon his hard flesh tightened, his body tensed against the marbled wall, as he focused his caresses with his other greedy hand; persistent, powerful, knowing. That’s when his eyes took on that almost oriental cast, as he began to drown in his own pleasure, as the waves built deep, deep inside his body, as the room was filled with his silent, sultry moan.


Intense dizziness struck him immediately and he swayed like a paper in the breeze, blinking away the stars in his sight. Euphoria clouded his mind as his body temperature soared to new heights.


Because of his brother’s voice and the thought of seeing him after a long day, he could care less about the fact that he was about ready to faint from the pleasure. With a twist of the shower knob, Ian Collins quickly hopped out of the shower, slammed the door open, and sped walked out into in the hallway with a towel in hand, butt naked. His body was telling him that it was cold, but his head could care less as he continued to speed walk down the short hallway with a determined expression.


Ian was a slender young man, was of below average height for his age, and didn’t have much fat or muscle either. Unlike other males his age, Ian had that type of personality that could care less for how strong he looked or how tall he was. For as long as the people around him could remember, Ian always retained a serious expression on his face and never seemed to show any kind of emotion, except when it came to Matthew, however. When it came to Matthew, Ian was vulnerable, comfortable, and energetic in his own unique way. With others, his emotional detachment makes him bad with personal relationships, as he is unable to communicate properly. Smiling was a rare unless Matthew was in the vicinity somewhere.


Ian’s attachment to Matthew could make him a very comical person; he would stop doing almost anything and everything if Matthew called for him.


The young male’s excitement could barely be contained as he got closer and closer and closer to the living room, his expression laced with glee and cheerfulness.


“Matthew!,” he called out in his silky voice as soon as the stunning sight of his brother came to view. Even when he was drenched to the core with a throw rug wrapped about his shoulders and looking like a drowned rat, all Ian could see was perfection. For as long as Ian could remember, he looked up to Matthew and admired him deeply for who he was.


Animatedly, with long strides, white skin glistening, arms stretched out, and towel dropped and forgotten, the little brother advanced forward, bending down and taking his brother into his arms as soon as he was close enough. Unnoticed by Ian, traces of white could be seen lingering between his thighs.

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A wave of emotions flowed over Matthew and he groaned intensely. He hadn’t heard the shower running, hoping that it was too late for Ian to still be in there. His probe was far too unprepared with what it touched upon and he was absorbed into the emotional experience. He reached out for the counter and gripped tight with both hands, panting as waves of relayed ecstacy washed over him. Lust was such a powerful emotion and Ian was flooding the vicinity with it. It was all Matthew could do to remain on his feet as he imagined his younger brother’s hand on his cock.


The older brother swallowed hard and groaned. He clenched his teeth together as pleas ran through his mind for Ian to stop. Fuck! Why had he sent out such an unprotected probe? Matthew knew far too well what Ian did in the shower and tended to avoid their home during those times. Ian seemed to love to touch himself in the shower and Matthew both loved and hated to witness it.


Aaah!’ Matthew cried out.


Matthew was wet and shaking all over from the cold but suddenly he felt so hot. He bucked once hard as he felt his brother cum, or at least his brother’s emotional response to the orgasm. Matthew wasn’t even hard yet but he felt as though he too was releasing a load. His lips parted and he panted hard, eyes closed tight as he tried to regain the probe and pull back into his own mind.


Even after Matthew had recoiled into his own mind, the sensation of having just cum washed over him as strongly as it had Ian. It was normal for Matthew to be affected so strongly by his emotional probes but this time he’d been unprepared. He had not expected to send one out right as his younger brother let it out and had not had the chance to wrap a shield about his probe.


Aaaah! Mmmmmh!’ Matthew moaned again.


The head of his cock was throbbing as he filled out. He moved his hand down to cup his package and moaned at how hard it was already. How was he supposed to hide that? How was he supposed to rub himself off in a one bedroom apartment?


Suddenly Ian was upon him and Matthew stiffened. Why was Ian naked? Why was he out of the shower already? Matthew wrapped his arms loosely around his brother but tilted his hips back enough that Ian wouldn’t notice his semi.


‘Ian, what are you doing? Get back in the shower or dry yourself off! You’re going to catch you’re death!’ Matthew snapped, though not unkindly. He was more frustrated than anything; anyone would be after what Matthew had just experienced. He took a deep breath then pushed his younger brother off him. ‘Don’t come running at me naked in the middle of the night. Are you? ... Ian! Have you been masturbating?’


Matthew pulled back and looked down. He flushed and cleared his throat as he noticed the evidence between Ian’s thighs. It was now on Matthew’s pants too! He waved his hand down to indicate to Ian the cum the younger brother still had on him then spun the young man around and began to push him back towards the bathroom. He scooped up the towel as he went and wrapped it roughly about his brother’s shoulders.


‘Wash yourself off before you come to greet me! You’re going to freeze in this blasted air conditioning!’


The older brother’s hands never left Ian’s shoulders but as he pushed his brother ahead of him his gaze started to linger lower and lower. His brother was slight but the arch of his back was so smooth and his skin was glistening with water. It was as smooth as the most placid lake and as creamy as porcelain. It was a lucky it was Ian’s back Matthew was staring at rather than his chest otherwise Ian would have caught his older brother biting and sucking on his lower lip. Matthew was going to need his own cold shower after this!


Matthew quickly looked away, staring down the hall instead. What was he thinking?! It didn’t matter how nice Ian’s arse was! They were brothers for Pete’s sake! Matthew was the older one, he should have known better than to check out his brother behind his back. Fuck! Why had Ian come out of the shower naked. Why was he so open with his body? Did he have no shame? He never seemed to be so much of an exhibitionist around others.


The bathroom door slammed shut behind Ian and Matthew sank back against the wall, leaving a large wet mark. Matthew closed his eyes and slipped one hand down the front of his saturated pants. He bit his lip and groaned into it as he closed his eyes. He had to be quick. He just had to get himself over the hump before Ian came back out and saw him. The older brother’s head tilted back and he let the thoughts flow. He pictured one of the women at work first, pictured her top coming undone as it had the other day. He’d seen the top of her bra and... oh yes, that was nice. Matthew tilted his head back and moaned. His eyes rolled up into his head and he smiled as the image changed. He pictured her in a black lace get up, spread over their bed. The image then shifted and he gripped his cock harder. Before he knew it he was picturing Ian in the cute panties and a male bra. Matthew moaned louder, forgetting his brother was still in the other room.


Come on,’ he muttered to himself, frisking harder.


Hips bucked and his cock throbbed. Matthew clamped down on his teeth and slammed a shield down around his mind as he realised the image in his head was not only of a male, but of his brother. He cursed and shook his head, eyes still clenched tight. A small cry escaped his throat and he slumped hard against the wall. He rubbed a few more times as his boxer briefs filled with thick cum then just held it there as the sensations of release washed over him a second time in ten minutes. Empathy was a bitch at times.

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[Home : Rainy : 9:40]


“I can’t wait.”


Ian’s green irises glinted with desire. He began to slowly walk backwards towards their one bed, while never taking his eyes off of Matthew’s. The queen sized bed squeaked in agony as Ian sat down on the edge of it just as slowly, the sound showing its years of servitude. The young male teasingly crawled towards the middle of the bed, his clothed behind seductively greeting the older male with a goal in mind. Ian softly crept both his palms down his clothed chest, taking off his shirt as soon as he reached the hemline. He did it slowly however, and teasingly, knowing that what he was doing was testing Matthew’s patience.


The way those green irises glinted suggested behind rich brown eyelashes did not suggest that he wished for them to be apart any longer, and confirming that notion was the longing in his reply, “I don’t want you to.” It was so shamefully obvious that he wanted this to be as dirty as possible.


A white flash passed Matthew’s eyes as soon as it came. Validation was all he needed.


And suddenly, Ian’s world spun rather ferociously. Those hands that were usually so gentle towards him became brutal. They flipped square on his palms and knees, and without any hesitation ripped his boxers to shreds. The aggressive act increased Ian’s irrefutable anticipation that had Ian virtually moaning before Matthew even began unzipping his jeans; which was accomplished in great haste as well. Coarse hands dragged themselves down those silky thighs as Matthew licked his upper lip, admiring his little brother’s magnificent ass and aching member. This was all his--stripped and vulnerable to his uncouth considerations. Ian whimpered in desire as he could smell his older brother’s vulgar stare dissecting his utterly naked body. As a delightful chill ran down his spine, Ian couldn’t help but feel exceptionally naughty to be in such a position. The suggestive convulsion caused an animalistic groan to erupt from behind Ian.


The younger male’s cock twitched at the noise, leaking precum profusely, his lower abdomen clenching and unclenching continuously.


Matthew promptly smoothed two fingers against lips and coated them with his saliva. Lube was expensive nowadays and lack of proper lubrication would be harmful and when his cute little brother is trembling before him--eager to please--there was no need to think twice about massaging his coated digits against that pink entrance.


The mesmeric whimpers that Ian let out made him irresistible and Matthew pressed his fingers to Ian’s entrance, circling flirtatious and coating the rim with slick saliva. The younger brother’s legs quivered, lustful enthusiasm encompassing his very being like a plague. With a lusty moan, Ian thrusted himself back against his lover’s fingers, again and again, greedy with desire and internally pleading that they would somehow slip into his warm cavern.


With a sly smirk, Matthew moved back slightly--just enough to straighten his back--and took his bold hand with him. Ian began panicking, losing his nerve at the thought that he might have acted the wrong way--maybe a bit too needy, perhaps. Pinching his shoulder blades together, Ian declined his head low and pushed his forehead against the wrinkled bed sheets, hoping that maybe doing nothing was the best idea.


“Don’t be so adorable, Ian…,” Matthew bent down and whispered seductively into his ear, his slick fingers pushing themselves passed moist lips and into Ian’s panting mouth, “You’ll make me lose control…” His eyelids broadened before closing completely in time with his mouth, his lips caving themselves around his brother’s fingers, savoring Matthew’s taste as he sucked on the digits, his moaning muffled.


Mouth now empty, Ian felt his brother’s rough hands smooth themselves against his body and crawled up his back and down his tailbone, curving themselves around his slight hips, and ending with a tender squeeze.


And in that specific instance of time, Matthew shoved himself inside, propelling his little brother’s form forward with an aggressive jerk. Ian’s fingers gripped painfully tight at the sheets until his skin turned white. His eyelids broadened, green irises twinkling with tears, his pink tongue hanging out and leaking saliva; his face morphing into an expression indicating that his mind was breaking from the pleasure. The circumference of Ian’s entrance stretched wide around his brother’s monstrous cock and he cried inarticulately in agonizing pleasure, his vocals suffocating.




Matthew’s starting thrusts were steady yet earth-shatteringly powerful in their force.


Smack...smack...smack! their skin went with every brutish connection of skin and bone, tiny waves flowing across their flesh, and Ian’s skin reddening more and more with each fierce contact.


Matthew guided his fearsome erection with such expert precision that Ian was put into in tears. His face was wet with tears; his naked body, slick with sweat and a mixture of their bodily fluids; and his violated hole, reddened from abrasion and glossy from spit and pre-cum.


His hands slid up and down the dirtied sheets, fingertips trying desperately to grasp at the sheets to provide leverage for himself in futile as he sobbed for rapture.


Matthew’s animalistic growls and groans grew in their intensity with each barbaric thrust, his eyes darkening as he reveled in the delicious moans and screams that erupted from Ian’s lewd being. The older brother’s head tilted upward, the pleasure almost becoming too much for him as it was for Ian, as he ruthlessly pounded his brother into a mind-breaking stupor. Ian writhed and screamed, his extremities moving about frantically and mindlessly while Matthew moved faster and faster and faster.

“Oh! Oh~! I’m dy- Ahh! I’m dyingggg! Hyaah! No! AH! Ahh! Matt-ah!”


Matthew combed his long fingers through Ian’s dark mess of russet hair. “Say my name,” he whispered huskily while his body rolled into every insertion, every arcane plunge into that welcoming passage.


He twisted his hand tighter in those clammy locks, momentarily stopping Ian’s movements, “Scream my name. Scream it for me to hear.” Matthew proceeded to place one hand on Ian’s chest, and pushed him onto his knees. Subsequently, Ian’s back collided squarely against the man’s torso and without much delay, one rosy nipple was seized by a pair of slicked fingers. Quivering legs parted further from each other in response.


“Now-ngh, little brother. Don’t keep-ahh-me waiting. I want to hear you scream my name, loud enough for the whole world to know that you’re mine.”


The older one slowly slid his hand from Ian’s nipple and placed it on his little brother’s stomach, only to press hard on the taut abdomen, “Aaah...Don’t do that...Don’t press on my stomach… Ah….I’m gonna die...It’s too goo-AAAHH!,” as he simultaneously gave one violent concrete thrust, burying himself inside completely. A beautiful curve was created as Ian arched his back in response, his eyelids broadening and his green irises sparkling in pure ecstasy. His body began to jerk uncontrollably as white strings of semen spewed out of the tip of his cock in squirts. In an immediate response, Matthew threw his arms around his little brother’s convulsing body and pulled him to his chest, disabling his ability to spasm out control, and simultaneously keeping his aching cock lodged deep inside the tight, tight cavern.


“Matt-aahh! Matthew! MATTHEW!,” Ian cried out his brother’s name despairingly in pure harrowing pleasure, sobbing uncontrollably as the pleasure took control of all his senses. He hugged Ian to his chest more tightly and bucked harder, quickening his pace with each new thrust. The constant contact of skin meeting skin grew to match an audience’s hardy claps. The bodily fluids trapped inside Ian sloshed and spewed out of the reddened entrance with each ferocious thrust.


“Ah! Ian...your body...it’s so responsive...Anymore of this and I’ll…NGH! Tight…! Too...tight!”


The more Ian’s walls caved around him and the louder he screamed those exquisite screams, Matthew fucked his little brother’s hole harder and faster, unable to control the strength of his thrusts nor his own primal screams that erupted from his chest like volcanic lava. Ian screamed and moaned and shrieked incoherently, dancing upon his brother’s lap and meeting each upward thrust with a filthy, wet slap. Matthew’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as his brother rocked and slammed down viciously on his cock, white, sticky liquid filling Ian’s wrecked hole over and over again with each new thrust. Cum dripped and splurted out of the tip of Ian’s cock continuously with each precised thrust to his prostate.


“Ah! Hnng! Ah! Nngh! Fuuaaa aagh! Hot...hot! Your cum...in meeee! Oh! Oh! Your cock! I want your cock! AAaaaahhh!! I jusht...jusht cccaameeee!”


Having full control of Ian’s body, Matthew brutally tossed Ian upon his back, his cock slipping out momentarily before being rammed back inside of its rightful place. With his legs divided around Matthew, an onslaught of powerful thrusts was delivered to his prostate once more, his cum splattering on his stomach, chest, and face. Matthew performed a vice grip on both of Ian’s inner knees, pushing them downward on his little brother’s chest, locking the boy’s position beneath him and disabling any further movement aside from spasms and convulsions.


“Mmmm! Ngh! Ugh! Ian! Ian! I can’t...stop! Cumming...again! Ahhh! Ahh! Your hole...is taking all of my cum.... NGHHHH! Tight, so tight! More...I want more! Moan more! Scream more!”


The old bed squealed and squeaked and whimpered as if it was about to collapse from the powerful movements, much like Ian’s consciousness. The cries of pleasures that erupted from his trembling being grew quieter and quieter, while Matthew only continued to untiringly ram his beast of a cock with more force and speed with each passing thrust. Ian was completely violated to the core--tears streaming out of his eyes, open mouth leaking with drops of saliva, eyes blank with exhaustion yet sparkling with pleasure, his entire body dressed in his own cum, and his hole gaping wide, filled with hot cum and his big brother’s cock plunging itself in and out at a swift pace.


Despite the euphoria interfering with his state of consciousness, there was something he wanted--needed to say, something that would haunt him if he didn’t ask right at this moment.


“Matthew...I don’t want this to be the first and last time. Next time, the time after that, and the time after that, I want you to shove your cock into my ass and mouth, and even more than that, I want you to fill me with all of your cum, like now. I love the feel of your cock pounding into me, the smell of your cum, and even the taste…”


Ian, barely able to move his arm, slipped his hand between his divided legs and dipped two fingers into the white mess at his hole, before bringing it up to his lips to taste the substance.


“I want you to make me scream so badly every time that my body can never forget what it feels like to have you in me. I want it so that on the days I can’t feel you, my nipples and and dick would get so hard that they hurt, and would force me to touch myself even more than I already do. I want it so that your fingers crawling on my skin to be the only thing that gives me pleasure, so much pleasure that even touching myself would never give me the satisfaction anymore. I know you never thought of me as this type of person...this...perverse. I’m your little brother after all... Do you hate me now?”


Before Ian could open his eyes completely to look at his brother’s expression, the world went dark and he could feel a hand covering his eyes like a blindfold. Instead of saying anything, he gripped Ian’s legs more tightly, enough to leave bruises, and bucked harder, forcing Ian’s body to bounce back and forth on his cock.


“Ah~! ...It got harder… Wait, your hands…I can’t see! Matthew, let me see your face! Hih! Nn! Ah, ah! Answer me, Matthew! Auh! Auah! Haa, ah! I don’t want you to-aaah!- hate me...Please!”




As soon as he heard the the muffled moan from the behind the door, these thoughts...this scene came pouring into his mind like how fine liquor pours out of a wine bottle. Dressed in a pair of sweatpants and nothing else, Ian crossed his arms over his front, trembling from the scene that just took place in his mind. Green irises stared back at him as he looked at himself in the mirror. He could see how much of a mess he was. His eyes were a shade darker, the mirror foggy from his panting, his cheeks flushed, and his erection that took all of his willpower to hold down.


Were those...his hidden desires? What was Matthew doing that caused such a lusty moan from slipping out? Maybe it was his imagination again...


Ian would never tell his Matthew this, but there were countless occasions when he had to stop himself from slipping out a moan during a massage or stop himself from wanting to touch his brother in more ways than what would be required during a massage.


Images flooded his mind one more; erotic, mouthwatering, and taboo in every way. Ian knew, that no matter how much one side of his fiercely protested such thoughts, he would always wonder what it would be like to have Matthew inside of him, what it would be like to be completely violated, dominated, and controlled by those hands that cared for him since birth. He wondered how Matthew would look, as his once sweet, innocent little brother touched him in unimaginable ways. He imagined that cock that lied beneath those jeans, and how big it would it when aroused by his own delicate hands. Fingers that would try circle all the way around the swollen girth in futile because it would be just that big. Fingers that would slide up and all over Matthew’s engorged veins. He moaned in delight, closing his eyes as he did when he imagined his thumb reaching the swell of his big brother’s tip. Hot and slippery with clear liquid, Matthew’s cock would be smeared with his own juices with his little brother’s hand, only to continue pumping more out of him. A fingertip touched itself to a chapped lip, the youngest imagining what it would be like if that cock entered his mouth....


Then, it was as if Ian was struck by some unknown force. Forcing himself to calm and at least look normal, the brunette slapped himself once, the sound resonating across the walls. With his cheek and palm red, Ian pushed down any trace of his want and need for his brother.


No matter what his hidden desires were, they were brothers. Nothing more, nothing less. He would carry these thoughts with him for all of eternity, if it meant not losing Matthew.


As he opened the door however, the confidence he once had a few seconds prior dissipated as he stared into Matthew’s eyes.


It took his all to avert his eyes from that gaze, and when he did, the sadness on his face couldn't even full him if he stared at in the mirror.

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A soft, heavy feeling washed over Matthew as the orgasm faded. His throat felt dry and he swallowed hard before giving a soft hum from deep in his throat. He was now soaked in a layer of sweat as well as the rain from his leaking all-weather coat. His body felt hot but it quickly began to chill until he was shivering from head to toe. His teeth chittered a few times and his lips were turning a darker shade of blue. It hadn’t been that cold a few minutes ago! Matthew quickly yanked up the discarded throw rug and tugged it around his shoulder, after wiping his hand clean on the side of his boxer briefs of course.


‘Ian... I... what’s wrong?’ he asked as he pushed himself off the wall. ‘Was it something I said?’


Matthew came forward and pulled his pouting little brother into a rough, wet hug. He shivered against his brother’s body, more from cold than arousal, before stepping back and looking into his brother’s stunning green eyes with his own hazel gems. He looked worried and studied his brother’s expression. There was a sullen energy radiating from him, as though he’d lost his favourite toy. He’d been so happy a moment ago, what had gone through Ian’s mind to change his emotions so quickly? Even without sending out a probe Matthew could feel something was wrong. Heck, even a mundane, mind-bound person would sense something was wrong from an expression like that!


‘Come on, let’s get some food into us while it’s still hot. I’m starving!’ he said. ‘You can tell me what’s upsetting you and I’ll cuddle you ‘til you fall asleep. How does that sound?’


The older brother wrapped the blanket around both their shoulders and marched his brother along. He had one hand gripped around the blanket and the other squarely on his brother’s shoulders. Sometimes Ian just needed a little push here and there to get him going. It wasn’t to say Matthew was bossy but he was certainly very assertive in his attentions towards others. He would always be a dominant male, even if he was nurturing and supportive at the same time. He liked to take care of those around him and especially his younger brother.


‘What’s with the air conditioning, Ian? It’s already cold out. Do you have a fever or something?’ he asked. He was still shivering, even though the cool down period should have finished already.


As they walked down the hallway, the older brother reached up a wet hand – the one he hadn’t used to wax himself off – to hold it to Ian’s forehead. His own hand was cold and clammy so even a normal forehead would feel hot to him. It’s no wonder he’d feeling down if he’s caught a fever, Matthew thought to himself.


‘Hmmm, you do seem a little warm. Did you go out in the cold today?’ he asked. ‘Not to worry, Little Brother. I’ll run out and grab something for you after dinner. Oh wait, you can do that yourself. Ha ha. Have you tried probing yourself yet?’


Matthew hurried forward and pulled one of the bar stools out for his little brother. He started to make a fuss of getting the takeout onto plates and setting up the cutlery like a nice family dinner. He made sure Ian got the most dumplings though, since his brother liked them so much. He even poured their can of cola into two of the glasses without chips in them so it would feel like a proper family dinner. He’d do anything to turn that frown upside-down. He came back over and pulled Ian in close to give him a brotherly kiss on the temple. It was more like something a mother or father would do than a lover though; Matthew was sure to keep things casual.


‘Hang on, don’t eat anything yet. I have to fix this damned air-conditioning,’ Matthew said as he pulled back. He pulled the throw rug tighter around his shoulders and hurried off.


When the brunette got to the thermostat, however, he discovered it was only set to circulate the internal air rather than cool or warm it. Why did it feel so damned cold then? Matthew shivered as he considered the possibility of turning up the thermostat to heat the apartment. Would they be able to afford the energy bill of heating their whole home? Aaaah, bother it! It was better just to have a hot shower and get into something warmer – like snowgear.


‘So, how was your day?’ Matthew sighed as he waltzed back over to the kitchen area. He placed his own stool closer than need be to his brother’s and plonked himself down so their bodies were touching. He thought nothing of the close contact. He’d always been a very physical person, whether it be with friends, romantic partners or even his brother. He had very little in the way of personal space.

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[Home : Rainy : 9:50]


“So how was your day?,” his brother sighed out in a husky tone as he sauntered over to back to where his naked form sat. Just as the first bite of coldness creeps under Ian’s blanket, his dark mess of wet russet hair tickled at his brother’s shoulder as his head leaned against it. In seconds his body began to melt against Matthew’s warm skin, sharing his body heat as easily as he shared affections.


“Was okay…,” he mumbled in the quietest of sounds, his words incoherent while his lids drooped over his emerald orbs. Like Matthew, Ian was also a very physical person to those he cared for and loved. The little brother reached his hand up to poke at Matthew’s nose, giggling slightly at the twitch his brother made at his sudden movement. His finger went the side to brush away a strand of dark hair from his face, only to slide down a second later to trace the curve of the elder’s lips.


Ian had always loved to touch his older brother - never in a sexual way, never anywhere other than his face, his hands, his soft hair that fell in tousled locks. His warmth would seep into Ian’s being and he comforted him without ever opening his mouth. He’d melt into him like ice-cream on a warm porcelain bowl, like Ian belonged next to him, like Matthew belonged next to Ian. And each time before they parted the aching to be in his arms would begin anew.


One delicate hand clasped Matthew’s larger ones in a loving embrace. Their palms touched and their fingers entwined. The bases of their hands are so close in proximity that the warmth between them is shared, completely one. The other hand reached over the kitchen table to reach a dumpling only for the delicacy to disappear in a blink of an eye, passed Matthew’s lips, into his mouth, and down his throat.


Ian drifted into consciousness and then back out. The world was a blur, and random images seemed to float aimlessly around in the pool of his thoughts, as though they were being blown about viciously by a hurricane. The whole world simply felt low resolution, a bad quality movie. Confusion blossomed in his heart and his only coherent thought was his desire to eat dumpling.


As his lids widened and stared back into hazel eyes, his lips melted into a smile as soft as the morning light. His body squirmed just a little as his muscle relaxed. There was something about that gaze of his brother’s that he’d never find in another man, as if in that moment their souls had made a bridge.


“Ahhhhhh~,” his throat let out he opened his mouth wide, waiting for his brother to feed him his dumpling while his heightened state of stupor impaired his ability to think correctly.

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'Just okay? Come on, you gotta give me more than that. What's eating my favourite little brother, hmmm?' Matthew asked, wriggling his nose after it was bopped. He reached out with both arms and grabbed his brother into a tight hug, ruffling the younger sibling's wet hair until he either squealed or giggled. Matthew may have been a very rough-and-tumble man but he didn't have a nasty bone in his body. He certainly wouldn't get violent with the little brother he cherished so much. It was only occasionally that he forgot his own strength and pushed Ian around too much, which was always followed by an apology and a sloppy kiss on the cheek.


'There you go, you're looking better already. Ha ha. You just missed me, didn't you?' he said as they clasped hands. He noticed that Ian's hands were warm too, compared to Matthew's old ones. He supposed Ian was still hot and steamy from getting out of the shower... especially with what he'd been doing in there. Matthew coughed slightly at the thought of that. He was sure he'd be dreaming about his brother tonight after that wayward little probe.


Matthew accepted the dumpling gracefully, thankful that it had had time to cool down. He swallowed it in one mouthful and made a contented lip-smacking sound before offering up a dumpling sacrifice to his brother. He waved it back and forth in front of his brother's mouth before finally plopping it on Ian's expectant tongue. He then forked up another, dipped it in the special sauce Marika made in her shop and held it just beyond Ian's reach. He'd wait until Ian leaned forward before plopping it in too. After that he pulled over his non-chipped glass of cola and swung the other towards his brother.


'Drink up! Chin Chin!' Matthew ordered. He picked up his own glass, downed it in a few gulps then shivered as if it was far too cold for him. He really had to get into that shower soon or he'd freeze his balls off! He didn't want to leave his little brother to eat alone though. What fun was that? It meant he'd be eating alone too - worse still - when the food was cold. Who liked cold egg noodles? Nobody, that's who.


'All right, if you're not going to talk, I will,' Matthew said as he dragged over his plate of stir-fry noodles. He stirred them up a bit before picking at the bits of meat first. It was beef tonight, Matthew's favourite. He loved red meat in all its forms.


'So, today there was a lot of heavy lifting to do. I mean a lot. I spent half the day moving boxes around the facility because the Cryostasis lab was hogging the hover trolleys - then they had the nerve to recruit me in their laboratory shuffle so I spent the second half of the day setting up equipment instead of doing my own work. Now I'm behind, which I usually am anyway. XCD-IF really need to recruit more laboratory technicians, especially with the expansions going on. And buy more hovers trolleys too, or hire them from another company until everyone is settled in,' Matthew prattled. 'Anyway, what I was getting at is that I would love you to use your magic hands on me tonight. I'm as stiff as a board.'


'Do you think you could do that?' Matthew asked as he rolled his shoulders to relieve some of the soreness. Damn, he was starting to seize up from this cold. He'd have to eat quickly if he was going to have a hot shower before he made himself sick. He should probably get Ian to put some clothes on too... though he supposed Ian would need the practice at using his healing probes. That was the benefit of having the ability to create healing probes, Ian never had to worry about getting sick or injured because he could just go ahead and heal it. Ian currently had the throw blanket around him too so at least he was covered.


'Aaah, the technician team have that briefing tomorrow. I'm going to need to run out and get something for morning tea,' he thought aloud. Everyone in the team had to bring something to share as the briefings usually lasted half the day, if not the whole day. There were so many projects at work and the laboratory technicians were the blood that flowed between all organs. 'With the expansion there's a few new projects going in, including the Biological Warfare Neutralisation Unit. I tell you what, their laboratory is ultra-high security. They have an entire floor to themselves and they're even bringing they're own techies.'


'Oh shit, I totally forgot to warn you. There's one of those independent bodies studying probing abilities going in. They've already requested that everyone in the facility go for testing. I don't know if they'll actually find any probers but it means I'll have to be more careful at work. Aww man, I'm going to have to remain mindbound the whole time,' he complained, leaning back in his seat with a heavy sigh. They were both careful by necessity but the new probing project meant he would have to be almost paranoid without looking it. If he even showed any sign of nervousness they might suspect him. Looking for probers had become a witch hunt in that respect. He rolled his shoulders again and looked over at Ian. What would happen to Ian if Matthew was caught? Would he be able to juggle his studies and make a living? Would Ian be tested too?

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There were eight different types of probes, which could be combined to make composite probes. Skills come into play when people learn to pick up more transmissions, weaker transmissions and are able to filter transmissions. The person usually has to create a shield around their mind to keep from receiving constant chatter. How far the probe can extend depends on how strong the person’s ability is (meters to hundreds of kilometres).


At their lowest levels the probe remains inside the person and picks up on transmissions from the world around them without exerting any effort. It takes no energy and very little ability to do this. They are just picking up at what comes to them from nearby. As it takes no energy and remains in the mind itself, these types of probes are very hard for the government and other organisations to pick up on.


Higher level probes stretch out from the mind like a long thread of silk. They gently penetrate their surroundings, usually without anyone knowing. Only those who are mind-sensitive can pick up on a probe touching them. They are easier for the government to pick up than lower level probes, however, as they extend outside the person rather than just picking up what comes their way.


The highest level of probe stretches out from the mind as a fan or a circle rather than a thread. They can spread over vast areas and pick up on everything in their midst. Like someone looking at an object amongst a scene, it is possible to hone and search within the view. It is very dangerous to do this as it is easy to pick up on and anyone who is mind sensitive might notice it. There are other dangers out there than the government to watch out for.


The easiest type of probe to understand is a telepathic probe. It is the ability to communicate into the mind of another person. Telepaths can attach a probe to another person’s mind but cannot enter it. They can transmit and receive voices, images, sounds, thoughts, awareness and sometimes smells to the outer limits of a person’s mind. A person can communicate with a telepath by thinking something or picturing it in their conscious mind.


Mind readers enter the minds of others’ and can siphon through the levels of consciousness to read memories, thoughts, dreams and sometimes senses. They can delve deep into another person’s mind but they can’t change it. They can read messages inside someone’s thoughts but cannot communicate back like a telepath can. Two mind readers can communicate by thinking and letting the other pick up on those thoughts.


Coercers are not only able to enter the mind but control it and change it too. They can change memories, create links between memories, set up new memories or add messages to memories. They can also work on thoughts, senses and dreams like mind readers too. The difference between a mind reader and a coercer is the ability to manipulate what they read.


Empathy is the ability to receive and transmit emotions. It is very much like coercion but works only on emotions. Empaths are able to radiate emotions, read various levels of emotions and control emotions.


Telekines are able to reach out to an object and manipulate it. They can turn it, lift it and change the shape of fluids. They use the probe to hold it in their grasp and move it. It is a difficult ability to master because it takes more energy to move a physical object than to simply use a probe.


Animal telepathy is exactly like human telepathy but it connects with the mind of an animal instead. Animals have different ways of thinking to humans and their minds are built differently so normal telepaths cannot use animal telepathy and vice versa. This is a skill that takes a lot of practice as there are lots of different animals with lots of different ways of thinking. Sometimes it can be stressful or even painful to connect with a type of mind that humans aren’t compatible with, such as reptiles. The more domesticated the animal and the more contact the animal has had with humans, the easier it is to communicate with.


Technopathy is the ability to communicate with and control technology through thought alone. It is a probe like any other probe but it works intricately with electrical devices. Technopathy is often linked with telekinesis to manipulate other human endeavours too.


Healers use their probes search the physical body and find sites of damage or disease. Healing can work in two ways. The healer can delve into the person’s body, absorb the damage and treat it within themselves or they can exert healing energy on the person’s own body. As well as healing, they can also create damage to the body, though not disease.

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