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Shadow's Rules

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Information about me:


1. Do not come to me if you are a beginning RPer, It's nothing personal, I just don't have the time to deal with beginners. The only exception I will have, is if you're writing is particularly good.


2. I am willing to try just about anything. All I ask is you communicate with me. I want to at least have a heads up, so if you would like to try something different, just run it by me. Rarely do I say no, but you never know.


3. I typically like to play Uke/Seke. So if you're looking for a seme. Move along. I will sometimes be willing to play a seme, but I have to be in the mood (which is rare) and my semes, will usually need a Power bottom, unless specified otherwise.


4. None of my Ukes or Sekes are going to be weak or stupid. So again, if you're looking for shrinking violets, none of my characters are going to be like that. They may have an innocence about them from time to time, but they are all capable of taking care of themselves. All of my characters will have flaws. I mean, who doesn't?


5. I try to have good grammer and structure, but come one, even those who have been RPing for a long time will make mistakes from time to time. Though, if I catch my mistakes after posting, I will most likely try to correct them. Heh.


6. Unless a request particularly interests me, in the request forum, you will most likely have to ask me if I'm interested in RPing with you. Which brings me to, another point, Do NOT be afraid to PM me. I don't bite. Fufu.


7. When I commit to an RP I will try to reply at least once a day. But, I can reply anywhere from several times a day, to once a week. So It all depends on my schedule, and whether or not I'm tired or not.


8. I can sometimes be a bit picky about the storyline, and type of RP. So if you are interested in Rping with me, just run ideas by me first. There are certain things I like more than others, so like I mentioned, just run it by me first.


9. I will sometimes drop RPs. It's nothing personal, but I have a habit of getting bored with RPs, or with a storyline, or even life and work will cause me to lose interest. Sometimes I might say something, sometimes I won't. Again, nothing personal, it's just something that happens. If that happens, don't hesitate to ask me if I want to restart it. I don't mind, and who knows, sometimes I'm willing to pick up where we left off. Haha.


10. I can come up with a character, or you can pick a character from my character catalog, which you can find with the links below.


11. If you would like an example of my writing, feel free to check out any of my previous RPs, or ask me for an example. I'm happy to give links or examples.


Rules and Other Information.


1.No God-Modders: I know it's something that should be known, but the fact that it needs to be mentioned, means that there are still people out there who will do it. So, yeah, Just no. Find someone else.


2. Writing style: I like to write in third person past tense, so if you write in anything other then that, Please don't ask me to RP. I dislike and will not post in anything other than, third person past tense. Also, while on the subject, DO NOT be the type of person who switches tenses from post to post, or even in the middle of the post. Nothing is harder to decipher than that.


3. Grammar: While no one's perfect (I'm definitely far from it) at least make an effort. I've made mistakes, and still do, but I still like, and appreciate good/decent grammar. So don't be lazy, I don't like it, and it's a good way to get me to quit.


4. Post Lengths: No one-liners. I don't expect people to write “novels” (yes, I have had complain about that to me...) I do expect to put some effort into their posts. I tend to write anywhere from one paragraph to several. All I ask is you are able to keep up with that. I did mention before, but if you would like an example of how I write, don't hesitate to ask for examples. I'm happy to give them.


5. Brainstorming: Never hesitate to ask or brainstorm with me. I actually like it. I find ideas and brainstorming, gets me to think about things I may not think about otherwise. Plus, it makes things more interesting and fun. Which means, I'm less likely to get bored too.


6. Replies: Please don't be the type of person who will hound me, or get anxious about how often I reply. If you are that type of person, Do not ask me to RP. Because as I mentioned, I can go from dedicated to hardly posting, depending on my mood, schedule, or desire. I also tend to get put off when I get hounded about replying. Depending on the RP, I can know EXACTLY what I want to reply, or even not know and have to think it over so respect that.


7. Dropping RPs: It happens, if you get bored, or I get bored, don't worry, I don't take it personally, and I hope no one else will. I may or may not say anything, and if you're the same way it's fine. I don't require to know if you're bored or you dropped it. Things happen, life happens, and it's a part of RP life.


8. Genres: While I'm willing to do just about anything, here are the genres I tend to like. Mafia, Psychological, Action, Urban Fantasy, Crime dramas, thrillers, Modern Day, Steampunk, and I do and am willing to do RPs with Vampires and such, just as long as it's not cliche. Make it unique.


9. Dont's: Don't be overly cliche, I don't really like it and it tends to turn me off. Be unique, I like originality.


10. Other: While I mentioned I'm open to try just about anything, I will not have any characters that are younger than 18, so do not ask. While I have no objection to age gaps, I prefer it to be with adults. Also, I'm not into hardcore abuse, incest, gore, or anything that would degrade my character. If you have any questions. Don't hesitate to ask.


Links for you:


Here are the links for my Character Catalog, and my RP Catalog.



Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

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