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Park Heung Soo and Go Nam Soon - name of the drama??? help!

kosuke mitzutani

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Hi everyone! I’m looking for the name of the Korean drama with two main characters from the Korean film series “School 2013” - Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin) and Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk). In this drama Park Heung is diagnosed with a terminal disease just when things between him and Go Nam Soon were about to move to something more than just friendship. I find some videos on Youtube (for example

) without any mention of the drama name. Please help me!
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that youtube vid seems like a mash-up of two dramas, Uncontrollably fond (Kim Woo Bin)

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and W: Two Worlds

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neither are BL

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I blame my sister for making me watching School 2013. I'm hooked now. I blame her argh...Now this. Gotta check this out too. And seduced my sister for counter attack :D

I don't mind it's not BL bc the friendship thing is beautiful. And I missed that too.

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Wow did that movie suck. Lets hope the we wont be seeing any more of "Indiana Jones and the Ancient Dangerous Thing" anytime soon.

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That is one of my hope to see another drama with both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk on it, since School 2013. But until now there iAh this makes me wanted to watch the drama again, for the nth times.




Since School 2013 they got success in this career as an actor. And the facts that they are best friend in real life since they were starting out in modeling career makes me really happy. So I probably will just hope that one day there will be another drama or at least a movie with them both.




Oh the last news that Kim Woo Bin?s health has gotten much better, with a long locks, and he enjoying a vacation in Hawaii, together with Lee Jong Suk. I?m so thrilled to see Kim Woo Bin enjoying his vacation time and recovering as well with his closest friend. BFF Forever !!



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