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She Can Only Be Mine (Two part poetry)


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(Part one)

Her smile was so simple

So genuinely sweet

With just the right touch of shyness

Her eyes were a perfect shade of chocolate brown

Always shyly staring at the ground

But this time they met mine

Staring deeply deeply

As our fingers intertwined

Our lips touched

Then time stopped

I never wanted this to end

But life took it's toll

And she left me on my own

I've never felt so fucking cold

I've never felt so alone


She was all I had

Always I'd comfort her

When she was sad

I was good to her

And when she left

I was depressed

Now I'm fucking mad

Anger possessed

I'll make her feel regret


Those pretty brown eyes

Oh how they shiver when she cries

Her cracked lips

I'll kiss for the last time

I've told her

Oh,I've told her

That she can only be mine



(Part Two)


My love

My sweet love

Where do your empty eyes stare

Tell me

Please tell me

Are you having another affair

Tending to someone else

Handling them with care

I bet your sleeping in Death's bed

Her cold finger now caress your head

She saw you and all your beauty

Oh,this isn't fair

Her cold lips on places

That I once touched

How could you betray me

My my this is too much

That body is mine


Until the end of time

I'll tear her apart

And devour her heart

Even if it is tart

Making my stomach her graveyard

I've told her

Oh,I've told her

That she can only be mine

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