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    Writing, drawing, and listening to music


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    The Boy Next Door, Hellsing, Black Butler, Vampire Game, Naruto, Oyasumi PunPun, Ichi The Killer, Another, Winter Woods, Crimson Spell and so man others.


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    The Devil Is A Part Timer, Another, Cowboy Bebop, Stand Alone Complex, Hetalia (I am trash), Fairy Tale, Girls Bravo, Hellsing , and a few more.


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    Reita and Ruki, Sebastian and Alucard
  1. Thankies. I did enjoy both a lot. :)

  2. !!!! I hope you enjoy both the clothing and the snacks.

  3. Bought some new clothes and snacked lol

  4. You are most welcome. I slept like all day,so it has been pretty good for me and yourself? Cx

  5. Thanks yo! How has your day been? I just woke up =__=

  6. I did my current avatar and signature you see now.

  7. Oh... :( Mine has been cool. Did more digital art bizz.: 3

  8. I don't actually feel anything and my day has been pretty plain,you?

  9. I agree,they are such cuties~!

  10. Thanks. Asian babes are the best!

  11. Really!

    I hope so. ; w;


    I also,I like your new background~

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