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Uploading Rules. [2016]

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.. content ..


[TABLE=class: grid, width: 300, align: center]








[TD]Thread Structure.[/TD]



[TD]Scanlator Groups.[/TD]



[TD]Additional things.[/TD]






.. files ..


files should be stored on English (upload) hosting sites, such as;

* mediafire;

* mega;

* sendspace;

* zippyshare;



however, in case you want to try out Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (or in other language) hosting sites,

do make sure that you have created a thread where you've clearly simplified/explained how users can download.


.. pattern ..


we have the pattern cleared back in 2014, please do follow it.

no scrape-copy/paste content from BU or MAL, or any other site/blog.

the link to the pattern thread,

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


.. thread structure ..


once you follow the thread pattern mentioned above, you have 90% of the thread structure,

the other 10% are about titles.


* do name your thread with the most common used name,

which most of the times is the Japanese romanized title.


the reasons behind that are two,

- users search on forums the wide-known name, not the English name.

note: exception from that are titles already with an English title by origin,


* Ten Count;

* 10Dance;

* 17Guyz;

* Acid Town;



- the other reason is, other uploaders cannot track whether such a manga has been already posted.

if you upload it with the English title which would be less common, other uploaders would look up the Japanese titles,

the result would be double threads which even the staff would have a hard time to detect.




- Zhèlǐ shì wēnnuǎn zhī tíng

- Ōoku


we rarely see such an input of names, but it is a big time 'NO'.

if users can't really think of looking up (most of the cases) a less common title,

what left is to look up such an input?


in such cases, you will type Chinese titles without symbols above letters,

or you can simply look up how the title is known on the web/BU.

as for such symbols in Japanese titles: ō or ū (these are pretty much the only ones you'll see),

keep it in mind: ō is a long vowel of the sound 'ou' (rarely it is 'oo'), ū is a long vowel of the sound 'uu' (i.e. yū -> yuu)

but you can always make a check research on BU or on the web about the title.


.. scanlator groups ..


most of you might have already noticed a project YaoiOtaku started this year;

we are trying to unite scanlators, to give them the needed attention, respect and love.

since we also translate, be it manga or dramas/anime, it really hurts when people steal content with no credits at all.


scanlators are different in regard of rules and sharing policy, and it is understandable since people are different;

most of the scanlators we've already talked to were wonderful people, kind and understandable;

each of them allowed us to share but with different conditions/ or without conditions;

the project is still going on since the sea of scanlator groups is wide out there, most are also busy with projects,

so the list of updates is not one of the fastest, but what we'd like to ask you is to follow their rules.


we have the list up in two sections on YaoiOtaku, but here is one of them,

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.

in case you don't see a scanlator group yet approved us there, do read their FAQ on their site or ask for a permission.

if you get a permission though, let the staff know because we want to enlist any individual/group and give them exposure.


.. additional important rules ..

V2IqJHl.png make sure you check daily about new uploads when you are about to upload a title yourself;

the board gets updated constantly, and that you've checked a title yesterday doesn't mean it wasn't uploaded today;

we'd like to avoid double posts/ duplicates;


V2IqJHl.png do not use other people's links [unless a scanlator group wants to use their links];


V2IqJHl.png no masterposts;

V2IqJHl.png do not upload oneshots and doujinshi in Japanese or Chinese, or Korean, in the regular sections. When you upload the RAW scans, regardless of its type, it will go to RAW section,

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
[newly added: 27/04/18]


best regards,

YO Staff

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[font=Book Antiqua][color=#ffffff]Updates; [/color][color=#66ffcc]27.08.2018[/color]
[font=&amp][color=#ffffff]* a new rule added to "additional important rules"  part[/color], [color=#66ffcc][u]doujinshi/oneshots topic.[/u][/color][/font][/font][font=Book Antiqua][color=#FFFFFF]

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