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Crimson Red Moon


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Something I wrote a while back:



O crimson red moon,

O blood thirsty moon,

Why must you taunt me so?

Your ruby red light,

Embraces the night,

That shines with a flickering glow,


O dark looming forest,

O midnight Black Forest,

Why must you make them prowl?

Your shadowy plight,

Beckoning the night,

That calls the wolf to howl,


O brave trusty steed,

O sure footed steed,

Why must you be so frightened?

Your head hung low,

It worries me so,

That I feel the reins be tightened,


O fast flying foxes,

O frightening foxes,

Why must you terrorize my steed?

I am flung from my horse,

Being knocked of my course,

That leaves me stranded indeed,


O strange eerie voice,

O sweet alluring voice,

Why must you tempt my soul?

Your dark little song,

It leads me along,

That makes me forget my goal,


O crimson red moon,

O blood thirsty moon,

Why must you embrace this castle?

Enveloping every wall,

Illuminating and tall,

That moving closer becomes a hassle,


O dark castle gate,

O frightening gate,

Why must you open so?

Your chains unwinding,

The sound is so binding,

That forces my body to go,


O strange eerie voice,

O sweet alluring voice,

Why am I following thus?

I want to escape,

Embracing my cape,

This feeling I dare not trust,


O dark wooden door,

O strong wooden door,

Why must you open alone?

The voice it beckons me,

Calling so solemnly,

This sound is a calming tone,


O shadowy figure,

O tall dark figure,

Why must you stand in the night?

The Crimson red moon,

Embraces me soon,

As my body feels so light,


O dark prince,

O sweet prince,

Why must your embrace be cold?

Your fangs gleaming white,

Embrace me so tight,

I am yours forever to hold,


O crimson red moon,

O blood thirsty moon,

Why must I want you so?

Your ruby red light,

Takes me to flight,

My prince won't let me go..........

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