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Dominant partner needed

Noise Prince

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The Concept:

In this world, demons are bred with humans to create hybrids called nephil, who are then used as slaves for demons, as they are stronger than humans, but too weak to resist the power of a true demon, resulting in durable slaves that are easy to keep under control.

YC is a powerful demon renown for his power in the magic field [of your choosing]. He has no real interest in buying a slave, but at a marketplace he spies MC, a nephil, with a collar bearing symbols indicating he's meant for sex. But what catches YC's eye is that, due to being incredibly proficient with his own magic, sees that he has an unusually high capacity for it, despite being a nephil, and should have significantly lower potency for magic. Thinking of the social benefit of training a nephil to be skilled with magic, he purchases him, for that very purpose.



I'm semiliterate to literate, but I don't need epic sagas for replies, so long as they're longer than a handful of lines. I'll be available to reply at least once a day, potentially more. My idea for this, since you can probably tell from the title of the thread and the concept, that I'd like some bdsm elements, is that YC has little patience and is very strict when it comes to MC's schooling, and quick to chastise. (Of course, it's really up to you what your character is like!)


Please let me know if you're interested! We can either discuss it here, or in PM, but please leave a reply here first if you wish to talk in PM. (My inbox is open)

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Hello! I am new here and I just thought this RP idea was just too interesting to be ignored. So, may I join?

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Hi there,

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
Welcome to YO

And of course! Would you like to talk here or over PM?

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Well I waited to long to update the first post…

But I haven't heard from Cookies, and this is their only post…

So this is still open for anyone else interested?

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