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Welcome to Shadow's Box. Here you will find various Characters that I have come up with throughout my RPing life. Some are from stories and previous RPs, some are characters I just came up with and would like to RP as them. If none of them are someone that appeals to you, let me know and I can probably come up with another one. If there is one you like, feel free to PM me with your ideas. But, before you do, please go check out the links below that I will provide. There you will find my rules, and if you would like an example of my writing, there is a link to my short list of RPs that I have been a part of.


Shadow's Rules

Terra Incognita


Now, onto the characters:





Ryou "Zero" Yukimura



Status: Available

Name: Ryou Yukimura

Nickname: Zero

Sex: Male

Position: Seke

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: One orange eye, one blue eye.

Hair: Aqua

Personality: Ryou is standoffish, rude, and straight to the point. He doesn't typically like people when he first meets them, He usually likes to be alone, He also tends to taunt, and tease others especially if he's feeling bored or annoyed. But beyond his crude and aggressive behavior for those who have put up with him and his antics, he is a good person. For those who are lucky enough to be considered his friend, he's loyal and caring, often showing a side to him that few people get the “privilage” to see.


This side is usually a more calm and relaxed type of person, he's still straight to the point and tends to lack “social grace” when it comes to talking to people, especially if it's a touchy subject he tends to go straight to the point rather than being kind or gentle. His advice also sometimes tends to be rather harsh or overly rational but if he doles out advice it's usually with the intent of helping the person.


There is sometimes another side to him beyond his “normal” behavior, when provoked, incredibly pissed off, or just pushed over the edge, he can go “berserk”to the point that he will do whatever he can to remove the offensive person from his sight, which can go from just beating the crap out of them to killing them.


Bio: Ryou was born and raised to a wealthy family, but because of his heterochromia he was considered to be a bad omen. He was also known to have some “odd” behavior which frightened his parents. Because of that his family didn't treat him with any sort of love. They treated him like he was nothing which is where the name Zero came from. When he was old enough to “survive” on his own he was kicked out of his home.


Random Info:


He has Heterochromia

He doesn't like sweets.

He's intelligent, rational, and when he wants to he can solve problems and puzzles really quickly. But because things bore him easily he gets lazy and doesn't want to work at times.

He's very loyal despite his attitude problems.

He doesn't get angry very easily, but when he does he goes into an extreme rage, to the point that he becomes irrational.

Despite his balance of speed and strength, when he does get angry he tends to get fatigued faster.



Spicy foods

Video Games


Listening to Music.



Noisy people and crowds

His parents

Stupid People








Takumi Sapora



Status: Available

Name: Takumi Sapora

Nickname: Taku

Sex: Male

Position: Seke

Race: Human

Age: 18

Height: 5' 5

Weight: 115

Eyes: Reddish Brown

Hair: Purple

Personality: He’s a very quiet person, comes across as angry and spiteful, he seems to hate everyone, but the reality is, he takes his job very seriously, he has a hard time opening up and letting people in. He feels that he is suppose to do his job rather than make friends and have fun.


Bio: His whole family has been in the mafia, his mother is Italian and his father is Japanese, both sides come from a long line of Mafia families and he takes his history very seriously.

Abilities: He is mentally strong, his abilities are in a necklace that he wears, he is able to transform the necklace into different weapons, but they’re only weapons that he knows how they work. He can transform the necklace into a sword, staff, bow and a gun.


Random Info: He doesn’t really know “how to have fun” and it takes a little gentle pushing to get him to do something other than study or practice.


Likes: He likes to read, sleep, spend time alone, spar and perfect his technique.


Dislikes: He hates being in crowds, he doesn’t like to be in places that are loud or noisy.






Lelio DeLuca



Status: Available

Name: Lelio DeLuca

Nickname: DeLuca, Luca

Sex: Male

Position: Seke (He is an uke, but he is aggressive and a smartass.)

Race: Human / Italian & Japanese

Age: 21

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 130

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Dark Purple.

Personality: Lelio is Blunt and honest. He usually says what's on his mind and has a no nonsense attitude. He is strict and tends to like order. Anything Chaotic, noisy or messy tends to irritate him. He likes quiet most of the time but every now and then he does enjoy going out to a bar or club.


When it comes to talking about sex he will do everything he can to avoid the conversation, as well as not talk about it. Due to his past he will refuse to discuss the topic.


Bio: Lelio was born and raised in Italy, his parents were very wealthy, his mother being a singer and his father a businessman. He grew up with little contact with them, but when they were around they were decent parents. When he was old enough they sent him out of Italy so he could grow up to be just as successful as them. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life at first since he wasn't really happy with his life so far, but soon decided that his goal was to become a judge.


He's currently going to school to become a lawyer and eventually become a judge, but he's been slow with his studies since he tends to get distracted at times. He tries to interact with others but because of his family he is awkward and has few friends (if any at all.) Because he never grew up with real friends he has spent his time reading, and studying.


Random Info: Lelio does like sweet, but he doesn't let anyone know.

He was assaulted by one of his professors in college.

Lelio doesn't like to be told what to do, but if the person is stern enough he will hesitantly listen.





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Hitori Tsukino



Status: Available

Name: Hitori Tsukino


Sex: Male

Position: Uke

Race: Human / Japanese

Age: 27

Height: 6' 0

Weight: 140

Eyes: Grey Blue

Hair: Black

Personality: Hitori is a very smart, calculating, and cool headed person. He is able to problem solve even in the most stressful situations. He can comes across as cold, aloof, cruel, and arrogant. But all of this hides his true personality which is weak, sensitive, gentle, and caring. He hides this because of deep seeded depression, guilt, and fear. In public he is known as cool and very snarky but to a very select few they know the true side of him.


Despite all of the sides to him, to those who are perceptive, they can always tell that there's an air of loneliness, and sadness around him. Though he never talks about it even when it's brought up. While he's not a big time smoker, when he's stressed or nervous, he tends to smoke two or three cigarettes to try and deal with the feelings.

Bio: Hitori went to school with his childhood friend Ichiro. They would joke about owning a business throughout their school years. After College they decided that they wanted to become Private Investigators and help people. Not longer after school they went into training, and opened up their own PI business. They worked together for 6 years helping people who came to them.


A few months before his 27th birthday Hitori and Ichiro were out on a job, for a client. The client was kidnapped which caused them to go on a persuit to find her and get the people involved. They ended up working together with the local Police Precinct and found out it was a russian mob who had kidnapped their client. While raiding the house, two police officers were shot, and the Client was almost killed, but not before they were able to rescue her. Hitori had saved her when a hidden mobster shot at him. Ichiro took the bullet and died in his arms. It was then that Ichiro told Hitori that he knew he loved him, and that he had always loved him back. Grief stricken from the lost of his partner, friend, and the person he loved the most, Hitori closed down the PI business, sold the building, and spent his birthday locked in his apartment.


After he started to get low on funds, he started to look for a job.


Random Info:


~ Reading

~ Working

~ Silence

~ Listening to all sorts of music



~ People who try to stick their nose into his business when he hasn't invited them.

~ Excessive noise

~ Being distracted with nonsense

~ People who try to force him to open up

~ People who don't respect him





Image Coming Soon.


Name: Yasu Nakamura

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Status: Available

Position: Seme

Race: Human

Height: 6'5


Appearance: Yasu has grayish purple hair that's cut neatly to the back of his neck. He has semi long bangs that's brushed over his right eye. His eyes are dark blue, and he's got light colored skin. He's clean cut, and typically wears three piece suits that fit perfectly. He typically doesn't wear glasses but sometimes if he has to focus on something for a long time he'll put on a pair of wire-rimmed glasses to help. When he's not at work, he'll wear a shirt, a sports jacket, and either slacks, or a pair of nice jeans.


Personality: Yasu is calm, and strict. He comes across as stern and distant, but people who know him, knows that if he ignores you, it's because he doesn't want anything to do with you. He'll help and talk to people not to hound them, but to help them reach their full potential, even if he's stern or upset.


History: Yasu grew up in a family who has always owned/runned their own business. His family is rich, and successful. Not wanting to have the same business as his father, Yasu went to law school, and joined the police force for a couple of years. There was where he decided that he wanted to have a law firm that would help people regardless of their financial situation. He ended up opening his law firm with another college friend that has now become very successful due to their repuation of turning no one away who comes to them. He has a hands on approach to investigating his cases, along with working closely with detectives and police.



~ Drinking with his friends

~ Hiking

~ Photography

~ Going to the Movies

~ Helping people

~ Spicy foods



~ Overly sweet foods

~ lazy people

~ People who are suffering

~ People who are disrespectful

~ The mob

~ people who try to tell him he can't do something



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Rene Verona



Status: TAKEN

Name: Rene Verona

Nickname: Ren

Sex: Male

Position: Seke/Uke

Race: Human / Italian

Age: 25

Height: 6'0

Weight: 150

Eyes: Purple

Hair: White



Rene grew up in a noble house, where he was raised with the idea that he would become a proper gentleman and marry into a wealthy family. But between his disregard for the rules, and getting bored with the dullness of his home he was always at odds with his family. He occasionally got into trouble due to his desire to explore.


When he turned 18 he was introduced to a young woman who desired to be his fiance. While this made his family happy, Rene wasn't happy about it. He continued to go out with her, despite feeling nothing. He began to question this and started to distance himself from the young woman.


While this caused turbulence with his family and the woman's family it was two years later that his home was attacked and his parents killed. No one could figure out what it was that happened, and while the loss of his parents upset him he took the opportunity to move out of his parents home and into one that suited him.


He continued to stay in contact with the young woman who desired to marry him, but his contact was limited to rare letters as he began to question if he truly cared about her or not.


Rene has been spending his time working and occasionally going out with friends as he has kept his questions and confliction about his feelings to himself.


Random information:

~ Rene has been fencing since he was 8.

~ Despite being polite he tends to have a foul mouth. Especially when he's irritated.

~ The death of his parents was something he didn't know how to react to. He was saddened, but also had a feeling of being free.

~ He is fond of raspberry flavored chocolates but no one knows about it.


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Kaishi Saito



Status: Available

Name: Kaishi Saito

Nickname: Kai

Sex: Male

Position: Uke

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 6' 0

Weight: 150

Eyes: Golden Red

Hair: Purple.


Personality: Kaishi is usually quiet, with an air about him that makes him unapproachable to some. He usually likes to observe and watch people because it's the best way for him to get a sense of a person. Despite being quiet though, he can be talkative, especially with people he likes or people he finds attractive. He can also be quite flirtatious, especially when he finds someone attractive, or when he is modelling for work.


A lot of his flirtatious attitude hides a lot of the history he had growing up. His behavior acting as a shield for him makes it hard for him to express his true feelings.


Bio: Kaishi grew up with an abusive father, who blamed Kaishi for his wife leaving after she gave birth to Kaishi. Because of that, he was often neglected, and abused when his father got drunk or angry. Because of that he spent his time at school usually hanging out on the roof or with friends out on the streets after school just so that he could avoid going home as much as he could.


Once he turned 18 he left in search of a different life. With very little skills due to slacking off at school he slept around until he found an agent who thought he would be good at modelling since he had the looks and the attitude to do so.


He has been modelling ever since then, with the occasional sleeping around when he found someone he found attractive, or someone who could help him network. Despite this he truly worked hard to get where he is and he became good friends with his agent who became more like a father/brother figure to him. Often scolding him when he does something not to his likeing.


Random Info:

Kaishi drinks quite a bit of coffee

He likes to go to the beach or a lake when it's cold.

He loves the rain

Kaishi will go hiking when he knows he can be alone, or when his agent has a day off.

He's shy despite his flirtatious behavior.

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