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Dreamscape [Private Group RP]

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[table=width: 450, align: center]






"I am thou, and thou art I.


Welcome to the realm between the unconscious and death. I am Philemon and I shall be your guide from this day forth; to always be with you, watching and counseling."





- - - - - - - - - -

"Every person views the world differently, be it in substantial or insubstantial aspects, minuscule or massive. These 'views' are the basis of their domain within Dreamscape, for you see, that world is created by the combined domains of every person in this planet. A place divided into seven billion areas, if you will, each isolated from the rest with their own shadows, birthed from the human's darkest fears. And for those who have the 'potential', a king sits in the middle; the person's alter-ego, ruler of the subconscious. But if you manage defeat this alter-ego, your domain will be isolated no longer.


Instead of dreaming, you will stay conscious even as your real body rests. Your mind will be able to explore Dreamscape itself, take a peek at people's psyche, but be warned; only those you have established a bond shall you be permitted entrance. Spread your wings and expand your horizons for you might just lay claim to the secret of this world of worlds."




- - - - - - - - - -


Posting Lineup:

[table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center]











Kaze, Hibiki








Seta, Alcor








Seta, Souji








Hanamura, Yosuke








- - - - - - - - - -


04-01 [2:03 A.M.][Rainy/Thunder Storm]

White flashed across red-hued sky, crimson moon looming malevolently upon rain-soaked ground and casting its shadowed rays on a barren city; buildings dark and crumbling, surrounded by gnarled and lifeless trees. Sounds of slick movements pervaded the cobblestone ground, small rocks and pieces of debris making way as black formless creatures roamed languidly, pausing at random intervals to check nearby corners for something other than ruins.


A streak of white and red passed above a nearby roof to the other, the creatures below none the wiser.


04-01 [7:06 A.M.][Drizzling]

Black swirled in a delicate pool within peach-colored ceramic cup, steam curling up in slow tendrils as the aroma of finely brewed coffee wafted through. A delicate nose pressed at the edge before taking a deep inhale, an immediate gratified sigh proceeding it, closed eyelids and thick snowy lashes fluttering in apparent bliss. Pink lips pressed and tilted as the hot liquid slid past, staying for a second against a swirling tongue before sliding down in sensuous whisper along a bobbing throat. Alcor smiled.


"Ne, Souji, do you think this school year would be a bit more interesting than the last?" Silvery orbs glinted against the chandelier light, gaze soft with affection yet still sharp with calculation. Pale fingers dipped with shiny black nails took hold of a brown crisp toast, butter melting on the side.


A massive table, laden with only two breakfast plates, planted firmly on a blood-red carpet, sided with more than a dozen hand-carved chairs, in an intricately decorated room; priceless paintings and towering silverware cabinets adorning parallel walls while a floor-to-ceiling window gave view outside, to a massive garden behind ornate gothic gates.


Soft drizzle poured beyond the confines of the Seta manor and within, the usual breaking of fast was attended.



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04-01 [7:06 A.M.][Drizzling]

Silver hues stared unwaveringly at the gloomy, dark upper atmosphere just outside a window covered in clear, delicate droplets. To Souji, second son to the Seta house, it was as if the sky was weeping. However, it was unclear as to whether the tears were shed in sorrow or in happiness. Souji had always taken a liking to the rain. This type of weather was calming, it relaxed his body and mind, and the best part of all, was that it didn't make him sticky and disgusting with sweat. The silence that consumed the dining room was comforting, yet the occasional breaking of the silence--which was usually by his older brother--left Souji with the feeling of warmth and loving affection.


"Ne, Souji, do you think this school year would be a bit more interesting than the last?," Souji heard Alcor say from across the table, laden with their first meal of the day, and perfectly placed in the intricately designed room and in which gave the room an elegant and refined ambience. The younger of the two drifted his strong gaze away from the drizzle outside and laid his eyes upon Souji's own definition of maturity and class. His cold and seemingly unfeeling expression morphed into one of tender love, an expression rarely shown to anyone but the man sitting before him. A slight smile began to grace his pink lips as he answered with words that were not as formal as they usually were when he spoke to others.


"Only time will tell. Wouldn't you think so, brother?"


Pale, slender fingers grasped the small, expansive-looking ceramic cup and as the scent of Earl Grey wafted by Souji's dainty nose, he couldn't help but close his eyes in soft delight as he inhaled the aroma that came from the liquid.

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04-01 [7:00 A.M.][Drizzling]

The soft sound of the raindrops against his windowsill were a far more welcome wake up call than than the shrieking of his alarm. However, that didn’t mean Yosuke would get out of bed. It was only a matter of time before the soft, calming raindrops were interrupted by a shrill, screaming alarm. Yosuke’s heart jumped and he nearly screamed as well before he smacked his alarm clock, knocking it to the floor. The bothersome sound was abruptly cut off and Yosuke, in his aggravation, got his revenge on the clock by burying himself deeper in the covers.


It would be a lie to say he wasn’t nervous about going to school. His reputation as the son of the manager of the department store, Junes, proceeded him. Everyone already knew who he was, already had their preconceived notions of him, already decided if they would hate him or not. He would go in without even the slightest chance to prove himself.


“Goddammit," he muttered, slowly rolling over and staring at the various posters of pop idols that were placed haphazardly on his walls, his figurines, and all the clothes he left on the floor because he was too lazy to do anything else with them. He wasted his time in bed, thinking about everything that could go wrong today, how everyone would eye him and judge him, how today could possibly be the most miserable day of his life. The minutes chipped away and eventually, because there was no other choice, he convinced himself that he had to go to school.


“But I don’t want to go,” he whispered to himself as he stood with the strength of an old man. It was then that his eyes glanced at the clock he had so hatefully knocked to the floor.




Now, with panic absorbing any sense of logic or reason within him, he jumped up and got ready as quickly as he could. There was only twenty-two minutes left until school started.

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04-01 [6:00 A.M.][Drizzling]


Blue eyes stared into darkness. It has always been like this. Hibiki didn't need a clock to wake up, neither did he wake up when someone was loud. His inner clock always woke him up, making it almost impossible for him to sleep in. Years over years of paranoia trimmed him into being a light sleeper, always careful to his surroundings. Today was not different. School would start at 8' so he would shower, eat something for breakfast, maybe read the newspaper and stroll towards the school that is merely a handful of minutes away from the dorms. Yet he could not bring himself to move. A forebodding feeling, fueled due to the light sound of drizzling raindrops made it impossible for him to think that this day would be like any other. He would have to watch out for driving cars and thugs as well as the fact that they might write a test today. As if you could already feel that today won't be a good day but you still had to stand up and get on with it.


Thinking that, he heaved his body up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. His hair was in every possible direction due to his habit to not sleeping still. Yes, a shower was probably the best solution. With that mindset he collected his school uniform and made his way out of his dorm room. He was greeted by a dark room. It was still early afer all and being to tired to search for the light switch in the dark, he tried to 'feel' his way towards the bath. Thankfully it was just to his left and he arrived without stubbing his toe or anything else. Having arrived he switched on the light and had to squint his eyes due to the intensity of it. After a while he adjusted and made haste in getting out of his clothes and shower.



04-01 [6:45] [still drizzling]


After the last step, drying his rediciously long hair, he trotted towards the kitchen area and collected some bread and marmelade. It wasn't much but it would be able to get him over the day. His dorm mate was soon to wake up. At least if he didn't oversleep like always. After eating his bread and his usual morning coffee, he readied himself to leave the dorm room. His way to school wasn't as disastrous as he thought it would be, no car splashed him with rain water and neither did he get run over. So far, so good. It was now 7:20 and he was already at the school gates. A sigh left his lips "Another year...." he muttered and sauntered inside the school. Not many, basically almost no one was there yet expect some teachers. Hibiki walked towards the board showing him in which class he would be in. After getting said info and not really interested to see who would be in his class this year, he made his way towards the class room. The student wondered what would happen this year.


((OC: I found a picture of a dorm apartment. I hope we can use it. Btw Mary, i hope you don't mind that i called dibs on the left room. :p ))

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04-01-MONDAY [07:07 A.M.][Drizzling]


Soft affection curved liquid-glossed lips, feathery lashes fanning on high cheekbones as eyes closed in Alcor's more private of smiles; only shown to those who he cared for more than others. And to think that this time next year, there will be no Souji to greet and meet him at a breakfast table; no more of those small sweet smiles and fond curves of lips whenever they talked about Yosuke. No more nagging secretaries and Hibiki's funny faces when he ate something Alcor made. No more blunt refusal from Yosuke whenever he tried -i.e; invented- another Mystery Food X. No more Seta Manor. No more Izanami-no-Mikoto Academy.


A bittersweet smile formed, the stretch of skin unfamiliar in a usually joyous countenance.


"Yeah.." Came the late and faraway response, good mood suddenly leaking out like water from a broken tap. But then the glint of glitter on paper caught his attention and Alcor was once more glowing in his perpetually delighted grin.


Black and red paper bags were hefted from the floor and unto the front of Souji's plate.


"These are scarves." The eldest began, eyes devoid of cloud and face almost splitting in a moonlit smile. "I saw them the other day while wandering around town and they were so fluffy I couldn't help but buy some." An embarrassed smile bloomed over, slight pink dusting pale cheeks. "I kinda got mine dirty and it's still in the laundry so I'm not using it today. These," A brief sweep of an arm gestured the two glinting packages, a long slender finger tapping black and red respectively. "Are yours and Yosuke-kun's. I haven't washed them though so they might smell a bit funny. And they're long, like twice-your-body-height long. I-"


Tap. Tap.


Came a soft knock on oaken doubledoors, and Alcor blinked, like deer caught in a headlights, at the sudden and unexpected interruption.


"Alcor-sama, Souji-sama, My apologies for interrupting but it seems that there has been an accident in one of the main roads and with this rain, it is expected that there will be a heavy traffic during the morning rush. I suggest we leave for school now else the two masters will be late." Were the words of Theodore, their butler, beyond.


And Alcor stood, chair barely making a rustle and face firmly painted in his usual small impassive smile; frame a perfect line and shoulders broadly square within the confines of the black uniform.


"Let's go, Souji." Affectionate smile broke free for the few seconds that took the white-head to lift a hand to give the other's cheek a soft caress.


[8:45 A.M.][Drizzling]




Soft yet clear voice rang across the school's third year building's hallway, present students stopping in their tracks and openly staring as Alcor practically jumped from classroom door to classroom door; opening them without any ceremony before shouting a certain raven's name. But then all went quiet as the fifth door was opened and the white-head was seen tip-toeing into the room.


He stopped just behind the long-haired teen before slowly bending down, pressing his lips against the edge of an ear and using a hand to cover it.


"I have a gift for youuuuuu, Hibiki-kuuuuun." He sing-songed in an almost too quiet whisper. "It was from Daichi, your friend from that gang you were in way back." A yellow paper bag was deposited on Hibiki's table. "I think it's his scarf. He wanted me to give it to you as a sign that he's going straight and fixing his life," A small mischievous smile curved Alcor's lips. "Like you did, ne?"


Then he was sauntering off, stopping briefly when he's already at the door to say, "By the way, stay behind after the council meeting. I want to talk to you about your student record."


And he was gone.


[06:00 P.M.][Cloudy/Windy]


An irritated sigh floated past downturned lips, fingers immediately lifting to give throbbing temples small circular massages. Silver orbs rested beneath closed lids, hidden by under-rimmed glasses that reflected back the glare of the ceiling light. Legs stretched out beneath the president's table just as the murmurs of the other council members slowly faded away with the soft click of the door.


The meeting had been.. annoying, to say the least. Whereas a decision should have been made, a debate had broken out instead. As easily and smoothly as Alcor would have wanted the meeting for the coming Junior and Senior camping trip was, it seemed that most -if not all- of the new members wanted something new for the activities as opposed to the traditional approach of the older ones. The problem had not lied on what they had proposed, it had lied on the fact that the two parties wanted absolute control on what would be implemented. It had been trying, to say the least, when they ignored Alcor's suggestion of changing some activities AND keeping the rest. It was the logical choice, enough to give a mild scratch to everyone's itch. But nooo, they wanted both fucking hands.


And another irritated sigh came out. The school year barely started and the first thing those imbeciles did was to snarl at each other. Alcor just hoped that this disaster wasn't a preview of what would happen for the next twelve months. He didn't think that he'd be able to stop himself from committing bloody murder should he be proven true. He hoped not.


Then, beneath the darkness of his lids, he remembered why he stayed behind and who was still there with him.


"Hibiki-kun," Alcor began, eyes opening and giving the younger one a laser stare.


Just then lightning flashed past floor-to-ceiling windows followed shortly by the explosion of thunder. And Alcor's stare never wavered.


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04-01-MONDAY [07:07 A.M.][Drizzling]




While still inhaling the sweet aroma that oozed from his morning tea and as his silver hues were still cast upon the delicate, ceramic cup he held in his hand, Souji noticed how faraway his older brother's reply was, and how bittersweet is sounded. He felt as if the pleasant mood that surrounded the two of them had only slightly wavered, yet still held firm. It was like a building that didn't crack under a small earthquake, but only shook and stopped when the earth stopped it's anger. As he began to wonder what Alcor's mind comprised of at this one moment to cause such a response, the silence was once again broken by the other's smooth, masculine voice and the sound of paper after it had been crumpled into a ball and then opened up again.


Souji's seemingly emotionless, yet soft and affectionate eyes then slowly drifted from his tea and up to the colored bags placed in front of him, then back up to the spitting image of himself. Souji had always thought that he could literally be looking at a reflection of himself shown to him by a mirror.


"These are scarves." A bright, handsome smile than immediately formed on Alcor's face and Souji couldn't help but think that some people would kill to have him smile at them like that. Though he probably would never admit it, Souji was slightly glad that he got to see a smile such as this everyday. Alcor's smile would sometimes even force him to crack his own, albeit it was barely noticeable. His happiness was contagious at times, and this seemed to be the case as of now. His pink lips began to curve into a delicate, small smile, only shown to those he cared dearly for.


"I saw them the other day while wandering around town and they were so fluffy I couldn't help but buy some." It seemed to Souji that embarrassment began to take place of his excitement, and he noticed a slight, pinkish blush illuminate the other's pale cheeks.


"I kinda got mine dirty and it's still in the laundry so I'm not using it today. These," The slight movement of his arm gestured towards the bags. One brow began to raise just a bit as the youngest's curiosity took place." Are yours and Yosuke-kun's. I haven't washed them though so they might smell a bit funny. And they're long, like twice-your-body-height long. I-"


His brother's long, endearing monologue was cut off by the sound of soft knocking on the double-doors, and Souji's intense listening had to be stopped as well, strangely, to his own disappointment.


"Alcor-sama, Souji-sama, My apologies for interrupting but it seems that there has been an accident in one of the main roads and with this rain, it is expected that there will be a heavy traffic during the morning rush. I suggest we leave for school now else the two masters will be late," said Theodore, butler of the Seta manor.


As his brother took the initiative to stand up first, Souji made sure to grab the gifts Alcor had bought for both him and Yosuke while grabbing his onyx book bag as well. He just hoped his mind had enough mental capacity to remember to give one of them to Yosuke, his best friend. Knowing himself, his first priority when he gets to school would be to build a house out of Poker cards before class starts over anything else.


Souji did not stand up immediately. Instead, he chose to observe the slight movements his brother made with his strong figure. He stared unblinkingly; his eyes scrutinized it with they're usual hard gaze. The broad back clad in their school's black uniform he was seeing before him was indeed close enough to touch, to grab, but in a sense, it would always seem to slip away before he could catch up. His beloved brother was so close, but sporadically, would seem miles away.


"Let's go, Souji." And then what the youngest felt next was a soft hand caressing his cheek affectionately, as if it was trying to coax him out of his own hard shell of insecurities, but was probably just a simple act of brotherly intimacy.


As Souji's eyes closed in relaxation, his body seemed to have a mind of its own as his cheek began to lean in more closely to the warm hand placed upon it and with that, another thought crept into his mind.


He'll make sure to thank him later, for the scarves, when they're alone.


[7:48 A.M.][Raining]


Just one more. One more, and then the tower made of Poker cards would be complete. Just... one more...




The tower shook and came to a stop as the last Queen of Hearts at the top of the tower was placed upon it. It was just like the building that didn't crack under a small earthquake, and it was just like the mood he and Alcor had had this morning.


Souji was in class, per usual, and was sitting at his wooden desk marred by years of use next to a window that had clear droplets, much like tears, racing each other to the finish line. And of course, he was playing with his cards, like he did everyday before class started. Yosuke was going to be late. Souji knew it. There was only twelve minutes before class started and even though the room was filled with darkly clad students, his best friend was nowhere in sight.


The colored bags glistened as they hung on his desk next to his book bag; the scarves waiting to be taken out and wrapped around cold, bare necks.


Souji didn't know why he hadn't already taken his own out and used it. Was it because he didn't want to make something old of something new that his brother had gifted to him? Was it because it had seemed too precious to even take out of the bag, let alone even use?


Carefully moving his body so that he faced the red bag, which he guessed was his, his fingers moved ever so slowly to open the bag just a tiny bit, just so that he could peek and see. His deadpan face didn't change in the slightest, though he could have sworn that he felt a tinge of warmth, located somewhere deep inside his chest.


The color of the scarf matched the color of the bag, though in a darker red, much like maroon. It seemed as if it would match his silver eyes and hair perfectly if he wore it; the coordination was there, and it was perfect to a T.


Souji then wondered when would it be a good time to actually wear it. If he would wear it at all.

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04-01-MONDAY [07:55 A.M.][Drizzling]


Yosuke swore under his breath at Hibiki. Not that it was the other man’s fault that he had gotten out of bed late; he just needed someone to blame.


Of course deep down, he blamed himself. He knew there was no one else to blame but himself. It was his fault he was starving because he skipped breakfast. It was his fault he wasn’t able to get a shower in before class. It was his fault he had left his umbrella at home while he rushed to his bike and sped off in the cold, metallic rain. It was his fault he lost control of his bike because he was going too fast on the wet, slick roads and fell into the dirt. And it was his fault that he sat there feeling sorry for himself, making himself another ten minutes late.


Like missing at point blank with a shotgun…


Yosuke wiped the dirt off his cheek as best as he could as he gathered his bike and walked it the rest of the way to school. Like shooting at a target at point blank range with a shotgun… And missing. This was how Yosuke would describe his life. Just one miss after another…


Finally, after who knew how long, the gates of his school were in view. He bit his lip nearly to the point that it was bleeding while he maneuvered slowly through the halls, and told himself he couldn’t turn back. Sure, he could get an excuse and tell his teachers he was sick or something, but what would be the point?


At the perfectly unacceptable time of 8:13, the door to the classroom creaked open and in walked a wet and dirty Yosuke Hanamura. He avoided the eyes of the other students staring at him, knowing he must have looked like a sad, pathetic, homeless dog.


“I’m sorry,” he muttered, bowing to the teacher the entire time he was being lectured. With his head down he scanned the classroom with his eyes as best as he could for an empty chair. Thankfully he spotted one and beelined towards it as soon as the teacher told him to sit down. Relief washed over him when he noticed that it was his best friend who would be sitting beside him. The ever calm, ever collected, always to be admired Souji Seta.


“Hi, Souji,” Yosuke whispered as he sat down, cracking a small smile. He ran his fingers through his wet hair, pushing it away from his eyes, though it fell right back. It hid Yosuke away from the friend he admired and respected so much; it hid away his shame and embarrassment of walking into class as late as he did and in such a state. For a moment, just for a moment, he pretended Souji didn't see him like this. He told himself Souji completely missed everything that had happened with Yosuke up until now.


Yet, he wished he could talk to him. As much as he wanted to chat with Souji, one of the only people in the world he really trusted, it would be impossible until their break. The last thing he needed was to end up on this teacher’s radar anymore than he already was.


In the meantime, he comforted himself by wondering if Souji managed to finish his cardhouse he was so fond of making. He never told his best friend this, but Yosuke always kept a deck of cards with him on the off chance Souji forgot his--which was rare, if ever. Someone as orderly and put together as Souji would never forget something he enjoyed so much. Still, Yosuke kept them in the front pocket of his backpack, just in case.


“Hanamura!” The teacher yelled his name and Yosuke jumped to attention. Par for the course of his day, he had missed the question while he was daydreaming and now had no idea what to answer.


Unfortunate. Like missing at point blank with a goddamn shotgun.

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[8:42 A.M.] [Drizzling]


School has been going on as always. The first lesson was just plain introduction and paperwork. Nothing really worth mentioning. Since Hibiki was in the third grade already, they cut the introductions short and started with lessons. It had been merely some easy questions and a refresh of the subjects from last year. The class in question had been English so it was an easy start for Hibiki. Most of the time he had been lazing on his chair and just listened half-heartily. His grades weren’t as good that he could afford to slack but they were good enough to let his mind wander now and again.


But now that the lessons where over, he readied his bag for the next class. //So school started again, huh….// he thought, still disbelieving that a whole summer went by without him really noticing it. Before he could stand and leave the classroom however, he heard a painstakingly familiar voice. Said individual didn’t just call his name no, he had to drag the i and u in his name to an almost nerve-racking degree. It wasn’t like he hated the other, in comparison they were a good team for the student council but Hibiki can’t help but get ticked off by Alcor’s personality now and then. The president was always sticking his nose into other people’s business. Sure, he had a reason too since Kaze changed his school record but to dig even deeper and prick him with the past was just plain annoying.


“Alcor… how is Souji doing? You any closer to make him yours?” he taunted him back. To Hibiki it was no news how Alcor acted around his younger brother. Though affectionate, even that behaviour was too much for the usual president. Frankly he didn’t care who Seta loved but if the other made sure to always remind him of his mistakes in life, then he would make sure to remind him that he should watch himself. Not many were as understand towards incest as Kaze. Well, understanding is a bit too much, he just doesn’t care. Maybe it wasn’t even a pressure point to Alcor but Kaze wouldn’t stand still if he already got taunted about his past. Sure he did some serious shit back then but wasn’t the will to start a new life stronger?


Though he could not withstand a low shiver when Seta ‘dismissed’ him with these words. It wasn’t a statement, neither a question. Kaze had some serious explaining to do…..or some sort of punishment was waiting for him. The other was always creative if something like this should happen. Until now however, Hibiki wasn’t the one receiving it. Now the bad feeling in the morning started to show its colours. “*sigh* Of course he had to know.” With these words he left the classroom with a slow trot and made his way towards the next lesson. ‘Just’ until 6 and he would face the other’s judgement. The sinner and the judge. He was far too often in the position of the sinner he remembered.



[06:00 P.M.] [Cloudy/Windy]


The meeting took as long as he would expect it too. Being the secretary and also kind of the treasurer, he had to play a big part in it. But yet again no one was able to accept ideas from the other party. So it went on and on and on and on. Until finally not a solution was found but rather a large grumble of stomachs found the meeting void. Cool, now he wrote 5 pages of protocol for nothing. Well, at least they would give a base for the next meeting so he continued to write and added his own two cents about the whole fiasco. Bad reputation or past, it didn’t change that Hibiki did actually a good job as student council secretary.


But alas, he would not be praised today. There was a reason why he didn’t go home yet after all. He suddenly felt an ice cold stare on his back and the dreaded voice of death spoke his name. And as if it wasn’t dramatic enough, a flash of lighting lit behind Alcor’s chair. Death has surely come for him, or Alcor would just change into his weird ass happy personality. At the moment he didn’t know which one of the two he found scarier. “I know what you want to say and yes, I did change it and yes, I shouldn’t have done it. But it did already so what are you planning to do with me?” he asked, not sassy but rather in a defeat accepting voice. The student wasn’t a little kid; he knew what he did wrong. Nobody had to tell him again. But past was past and he will learn from it. So he awaited his ‘earned’ punishment but was still a bit anxious with what Alcor planned to do. As long as he wouldn’t be kicked from school he was happy with everything…..maybe he should say that aloud though.

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[06:03 P.M.][Windy with scattered Lightnings]


Laughter: loud, clear, amused, condescending, and superior, burst forth once frowning lips, echoing within the confines of the room like a never ending insult. A milky hand smacked half of a still mirthful face, black-tipped fingers caging one sharp silver eye as if the danger that flashed beneath would have somehow been hidden from the other. Lightning flashed and the thunder that rumbled replaced the bounce of manic laughter, and for a second, with wide eyes and stretched lips, Alcor looked the very description of the word 'Psychotic'. But then his lids fluttered closed and his smile softened.


"Your honesty is welcome, Hibiki-kun," He began, voice unnaturally soft against the quiet howls of the wind outside. He stood, chair silently dragging along the royal red of the carpet. "But we are not here for your punishment."A soft sigh of hand-woven leather shoes pervaded the momentary pause as Alcor started moving towards the back of the couch Hibiki was on. "I am gonna reprimand you though, not because you modified your student record, but because you weren't thorough enough. You were too specific and left a lot of evidencial loose-ends, like your ties with your gang, for one."


He stopped, just behind the raven, lifting a hand before resting it on the back of the couch where Hibiki's shoulder rested most closely. "They know you and what you did and even with a little snooping, data would inevitably lead to them. And when I went and... had a lively conversation with them, they held no reservations in telling me everything about that life you had with the surprising addition of a lot of evidence. If it were anyone else, you would have been in prison before you even had the chance to fully live up to your potential."


A smug smile lifted Alcor's lips. "There were a lot of them. It was certainly a workout when they found out that there was an intruder eating their chips while they had their meeting. Such an aggressive bunch, but they were quite cooperative once I was done with them. They even promised not to tell anyone what they told me, but then they'd just about say anything to stop me from killing them all." A pout bloomed on the white-head's lips, nose scrunching and cheeks inflating in the slightest in an expression that suggested that he might have just been talking about someone taking away his favorite hobby.


"So those who I knew had in them to change, I gave jobs. Those who didn't...well...they won't be talking for a long time." A small hint of glee laced the edges of his last words. "I also burned their base and every evidence against you with it. You'll probably see it in the newspaper tomorrow. Don't tell anyone it was me, 'kay?" A playful smile broke free, one slender finger pressing against dry lips in the universal sign of silence.


And outside, lightning flashed once more.


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04-01-MONDAY [8:13 A.M.][Drizzling]


The sound of the door creaking open resonated through the once noiseless classroom, indicating that someone had arrived. The tension in the room seemed to increase ten-fold, as heads turned to look at the late intruder. Souji, albeit not even looking at said intruder, knew that it was his best friend, Hanamura Yosuke. The silver-eyed male could faintly hear mutters of apologizes being sputtered out as their teacher began lecturing the brunet for being tardy.


During this time, Souji had been sitting back straight, face and eyes filled with indifference, and was studiously taking the notes that had been written on the board as he did every day regardless of the scene taking place in the corner of his eye. It's not as if he didn't care, but it was because he knew. He knew that Yosuke wouldn't want him acknowledging or maybe even seeing how he might have looked as he entered through that creaking door.


Slow footsteps could be heard as someone came closer and closer to the seemingly ancient, empty desk to the right of him.


"Hi, Souji," whispered the voice he knew all to well as the owner of it sat down quietly. Souji knew that there was a lot more to Yosuke than what meet's the eye. He was fun, loud, silly, not terribly intelligent, but he was quite the insightful guy and takes notices of his surroundings. However, as the years passed by, Souji also noticed how low his confidence level really was and how much he desperately tries to refute that fact by pretending to put on a brave face. Whenever Souji and Yosuke were together, the calmer of the latter would see eyes of curiosity, and sometimes eyes filled with judgement. People probably viewed them as polar opposites. Seta Souji was quiet, indifferent, calm, and seen as unfeeling. Hanamura Yosuke was, as Souji saw him, was everything that he was not. But they were friends; very true friends, he might add.


He was one of the two people that Souji desperately cared for, even if he doesn't know how to show it much.


Moments passed as no visible acknowledgment from the poker-faced Souji surfaced, which would have indicated that he heard the soft greeting. He continued to face the front and take his notes as usual, whilst zoning out on everything besides the presence of the brown-eyed male seated to the right of him. From the corner of his eyes, he could see droplets of water dripping from a black uniform and onto the ground.


“Hanamura!," a loud, booming voice echoed through ears and ears of young students, but was directed towards only one person. It seemed to Souji that both Yosuke and he had closed themselves off to the world, because the quieter of the two also jumped to attention, albeit not as noticeably.


Then, it was as if a light bulb turned on in his head.


A slight, delicate smile found its way onto Souji's face the moment images of the event that could take place started flowing through his head. Souji then began rummaging through his book bag, in hopes of finding a piece of paper before he was caught by their ever vehement teacher. He would have ripped one out from his notebook, but being orderly was his first priority when it came to his school supplies. Silver eyes shining the moment he saw one, he laid it out on the table and began writing his intended words. His smile widened just a fraction as he meticulously grated the words onto the parchment.


"Hey. Go with me to the Student Council Room later this evening, around 6. Also, this scarf is from Alcor. He likes how fluffy it is, and it's twice-your-body-height long."


Satisfied with what he had, the content male began to fold the message so that it was a smaller size and placed it in the black bag on top of the scarf that Alcor had bought for him. And as usual, all of this was done in a neat and orderly fashion. While watching their teacher to see if he ever changed his line of sight, Souji placed the gift bag on the ground and slowly began to slide it over to Yosuke's legs, close enough to be noticed, but not so close that it would be tainted by the water that dripped from his friend's clothing.


Was this all because he cared?


It was definitely all because he cared. Yosuke was his best friend and partner in crime, after all.


[6:01 P.M.][Cloudy/Windy]


The voices of the members of the Student Council slowly began to fill the once noiseless hallway as they began to file out of the large room with a soft click to the door. Their voices slowly turned to murmurs as they passed Souji and Yosuke and went further and further down the light-filled hallway.


To Souji, it had seemed as if a meeting had just ended, and not very well at that. Based on the expressions and words of the other members, he began to wonder how his older brother was. Knowing Alcor, he was probably annoyed and irritated, no matter how happy-go-lucky he usually seems. Maybe he would ask him later, when they arrived at home.


Before his silver orbs laid intricately designed double-doors, much like the one in the Seta Manor. As he looked to the side at Yosuke, his lids began to cover his own eyes in concentration. The sole reason he was here with Yosuke, was because he wanted to comfort the brunet in his own way after Yosuke's little predicament this morning. He had wanted to surprise him by attempting to join a club with him, as he's never ever joined a club before and being in his first one with the person next to him seemed like a wonderful idea at first. He did have some self-doubt at this idea of his, and pondered on how his friend's reaction will be.


A few minutes later and concentration turned back to the task at hand, a pale neck turned to face the doors, and a pale hand reached towards said door, forgetting to knock in the process. As the knob turned and the door began to open at a snail's pace, a voice he knew all too well could be heard speaking from within. And what was being said forced all of Souji's motions to cease, and his ears perked up instead. All he could do was stand there as he processed the words being said through his mind. It wasn't his business, but who's to say he wasn't curious, as it did involve Alcor.


"Your honesty is welcome, Hibiki-kun. But we are not here for your punishment."


Punishment? Souji definitely couldn't see the movements and actions being made, but he could hear the words clearly.


"I am gonna reprimand you though, not because you modified your student record, but because you weren't thorough enough. You were too specific and left a lot of evidencial loose-ends, like your ties with your gang, for one."


A pause was made.


"They know you and what you did and even with a little snooping, data would inevitably lead to them. And when I went and... had a lively conversation with them, they held no reservations in telling me everything about that life you had with the surprising addition of a lot of evidence. If it were anyone else, you would have been in prison be..."



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04-01-MONDAY [8:15 A.M.][Drizzling]


Souji said nothing, didn’t react, hardly even looked at him, which is exactly what Yosuke wanted. By now the two boys had a synergy that was only rivaled by Souji and Alcor’s. They could read each other, understand one another, practically have an entire conversation without saying a word. Souji knew that Yosuke preferred he ignore him, but it still made Yosuke ashamed. It made him ashamed that Souji didn’t get to say hi to him or give him a high five or even acknowledge him. It was all Yosuke’s fault and now all he could do was sit there and listen to this teacher drone on and on while he wallowed in self-misery.


While the class dragged on and on, and even though he had embarrassingly missed the teacher’s question earlier, Yosuke had let his mind wander. He thought about everything under the sun; if Hibiki would be willing to cook tonight, if he would wind up getting called into Junes, how he would work on getting better grades this semester, if there was even a subject he excelled at. Anything and everything travelled through his mind like a rocket through space, and he was only brought back to earth by the slight sound of something sliding on the ground.


Not much went unnoticed by Yosuke. Though the teacher didn’t notice Souji’s cautious and discreet movements, the disheveled and wet Yosuke did. A bag, that wasn’t under his desk before, now sat comfortably next to his foot, placed in a perfect position where it wouldn’t be seen by the teacher nor get wet from the water dripping from his uniform.


Just like Souji. Ever meticulous.


A slight smile broke across Yosuke’s face. Leave it to Souji to be the only person on this earth to make him smile when he was feeling this miserable. Carefully, so as not to alert their teacher, Yosuke reached his hand into the bag and felt something soft and… Incredibly fluffy. He blinked at the feel of the strange fabric, but picked up the piece of paper his hand brushed against. Written in Souji’s perfect handwriting, the letter said:


"Hey. Go with me to the Student Council Room later this evening, around 6. Also, this scarf is from Alcor. He likes how fluffy it is, and it's twice-your-body-height long."


Yosuke’s smile grew when he read the note. So this scarf was from Alcor? Yosuke wondered how he was doing. He felt like he hadn’t seen the other in a while; perhaps today he would visit Souji’s flamboyant older brother to say hello as well as thank him for the scarf. Alcor was always nice to Yosuke, and this random gift only further proved that.


A glance inside the bag told him the contents of it were a bright red. Not that Yosuke was against standing out, but to go around wearing a bright red scarf that was nearly twice his length? Only Alcor would find something that extravagant to give to him. It made him chuckle. There was something about these two brothers that made them instantly attractive. They gave off an aura or light or something that Yosuke couldn’t figure out that made a person’s heart warm and body relax, as if no matter how bad things got it would be alright in the end.


Or at least that’s how Yosuke felt about them.


The other bag under Souji’s desk didn’t go unnoticed either. He wondered if perhaps there was another gift in there from Alcor, one for for Souji. How kind. Not only did Alcor decide to pick up a gift for his precious younger brother, but he even went out of his way to get Yosuke something as well. He truly would have to find a way to thank him, not that he knew what to get someone who had everything already.


Feeling a bit perked up, all courtesy of his best friend and said friend’s older brother, Yosuke found the strength to make it through the day without drowning himself or tossing himself off the rooftop. Six PM couldn’t come fast enough.


[6:01 P.M.][Cloudy/Windy]


It was strange for the hallways to be so quiet. It was times like these that Yosuke thought of movies where students stayed late after school only to be locked in with some crazed murderer. He always wondered why the students never tried to break a window or why their phones were never charged. He was sure he would be able to get out that situation no problem, especially with Souji by his side.


Thankfully, as they traversed the halls to the student council room, no murderers appeared nor bloody students begging for help. It as quiet, though. Too quiet for Yosuke’s comfort. He had never been at school this late. Never once had he joined a club to remain so late, especially after he started helping out as his father’s department store. There was simply no time.


The closer they got to the student council room, however, the more voices Yosuke could hear. If he remembered right, Hibiki was on the student council. Still, it sounded like the meeting didn’t go too well. What a shame. Hibiki might not be willing to cook if he was put in a bad mood because of these people. Yet, as they approached the room and slowly opened the door, the two boys caught a conversation that they were clearly never supposed to hear.


"...been in prison before you even had the chance to fully live up to your potential."


What was all this talk? Yosuke stared wide-eyed at the pair inside the room, leaning against Souji to get a better look. The sight before him sent shivers down his spine. The snake had the rat trapped, and was enjoying the thought of toying with his delicious meal. Yosuke didn’t know much of Hibiki’s past, but all these things that were being said… They couldn’t have been true. Not straight laced, Hibiki. Not the same quiet, studious, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly Hibiki.


Yet, Yosuke hardly had time to think about how Hibiki could have wound up in prison. Not after the next thing Alcor said.


"...They even promised not to tell anyone what they told me, but then they'd just about say anything to stop me from killing them all.... So those who I knew had in them to change, I gave jobs. Those who didn't...well...they won't be talking for a long time.... I also burned their base and every evidence against you with it. You'll probably see it in the newspaper tomorrow. Don't tell anyone it was me, 'kay?"


Surely not Alcor… Not the kind, generous, silly, flamboyant, older brother to his best friend. He would really kill someone? Yosuke’s hand flew to cover his mouth as he pressed himself against the wall, unable to take looking at the two of them anymore. It took everything not to gasp or yell or cry out for Hibiki and Alcor. This couldn’t be possible. Did Souji's brother really commit these crimes? And even more bizarre, he did it to bury Hibiki’s past? And what the hell was that past? The two men Yosuke thought he knew suddenly became a total strangers.


And yet, as shocked as he felt, there was someone else who must have been dying inside. Yosuke looked over at Souji, wondering what was going through the silver haired boy’s mind. Even if they found out what Alcor was saying was true, Souji wouldn’t betray his brother. And Yosuke… Well, Yosuke would never betray the brothers either, especially Souji. He would keep his lips sealed.


When it seemed like the conversation was over Yosuke pulled on Souji’s sleeve, staring at him and silently begging him to run away before they were caught. Souji was the farthest from irrational, but even he would need time away from Alcor to think before he confronted him, if he decided to confront him.


Out of only care and concern for his best friend, Yosuke tugged on his sleeve again, hoping to every god in the book that they could get out of here before Alcor and Hibiki found out they were being spied on.


However, even in this tense situation, the irony of it was not lost on Yosuke. Maybe they were trapped in a school with a crazed murderer like in those movies. Even he had to laugh at his own misfortune.

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[06:15 P.M] [Windy with scattered Lightning]


As….disturbing as he found Alcor’s actions at times, Hibiki was sadly already used to special cases like this. Being in the underworld did things to you that you don’t want anyone else knowing. At that one moment it seemed like Alcor did really become the devil. The other’s personality changes were sometimes so fast that Kaze couldn’t help but release a shudder. During the howling wind outside and Seta’s unusually soft voice, it was hard to really understand him. Like a snake slowly slinking forward its prey he found the other’s warmth radiating from his back. A weak point that he shouldn’t show Alcor at the moment. Though both of them were sort of friends, no scratch that they were accomplice at best, he didn’t want to be unguarded around the other. It was hard for the former delinquent to just trust Alcor fully just because they know each other two years of school.


“I feel happy that you are concerned for me future and ‘fixed’ my mistakes. Don’t forget that I am not the only one that has done something bad though. Right, Mister Student Council President?” he replied, not wanting in the least to cower before the other. He did not feel resentment against Alcor nor did he feel concern for his former gang members. If he meant he cut all ties, then he did cut all of them. They might have been friends but those bonds can easily turn over when something is involved. They wouldn’t let him leave that life so he had to fight his way out. More than one ended up in the hospital due to that. But that was his problem. Due to that one good action he risked his new life to be destroyed by them. He could not kill them however, firstly because it would only lead to more trouble and secondly because his new life would suffer if he did anything. Hibiki tried so hard to get out of it, but if a fight between them would break out it wouldn’t just end with punches and kicks.


“I have my mistakes to carry and so do you. I could not bring myself to do any more than change my student record, yet you made it so I won’t be discovered….why? What would you gain from that? I can’t believe that you just do it out of good will.” the raven asked, now slightly more relaxed since he was sure that the president wouldn’t physically harm him. Obviously Seta didn’t know all of his past. There were many events he never told anyone. Well, at least he hoped that Alcor didn’t know all of it; with the other’s financial and political power almost everything was possible. Even when they reached an understanding more than once already, Kaze couldn’t really trust the other with all of his problems. While Alcor may know almost all about Hibiki, he couldn’t say the same. It was like Alcor had two different faces and he was sometimes unsure which to trust.


His attention swayed from the president standing behind the couch. With a stare he eyed his school bag as well as the additional bag that stood silently beside it. A scarf, yellow in colour. From Daiki he said. Why a scarf and why a present in general? He sighed; Alcor’s actions were really weird and unpredictable. While wanting to add an off-topic comment about the scarf, he noticed that the door was slightly ajar. His eyes stayed on them for a long time. Hadn’t the council members closed it earlier? He could have sworn they did. They stayed a bit longer on the opened door but soon drifted towards Alcor again. “Now that I know you ‘just’ wanted to reprimand me, is there something more that you want to say? Another comment, warning, anything?” he asked, slowly getting nervous. As confusing as this whole conversation was, the other should have a goal he wanted to reach with it right? As……unpredictable as the other sometimes was, Hibiki wouldn’t be surprised if he was ‘allowed’ to do some of the presidents work too as punishment.

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[06:17 P.M.][Windy with scattered lightning]

Sad was the smile that bloomed on Alcor's lips, usually clear eyes going cloudy and heavy with unshed rain. To Hibiki, his actions must have seem like he wanted to take the upper hand so that he could demand something from the raven; like a debt that needed payment. And in a way, Alcor did want something. He just didn't know if Hibiki would be able to realize that it would just be a request and nothing more than that.


"I must seem like monster to you, ne, Hibiki-kun?" Came the soft response, voice laced with dejection as if Alcor was already used to the idea that he was indeed a monster; guilty of many unspeakable horrors that society wouldn't understand why he even did so. "Or maybe a joke: the so called 'Perfect Student' not so perfect after all." A degrading laugh echoed; hollow and distant, like Alcor was a million miles away.


"But yes, I did do it hoping to ask you of something." And the steely resolve was back, voice going powerful with how much courage it took him to just even think of what he was about to ask. "I want you to be my successor; to be the next Student Council President," A heavy emphasis on the word 'want' didn't go unnoticed, even by the invisible nonentities of the room. "because I know that you'll take good care of the school and its' students. And I would consider it a personal favor if you at least kept an eye on Souji next year as well." A breathy exhale covered how Alcor's voice slowly broke at the end, heart clenching painfully at how hard it was to ask; how it physically weakened him so, body quivering and knees almost giving out, to nearly plead that someone else take care of his brother.


"I-" Again, his voice broke, like precious crystal against an unforgiving floor. "I know that Souji can take care of himself, but there are darker battles that I would rather he not fight. After all, a hero must shine with light and not just upon it."


- - - [11 Years Prior] - - -


Pink petals fluttered along the warm air; dancing along an unheard tune as verdant grass and leaves swayed and rustled their chained symphony. Bright sunlight glittered along the surface of a small pond in the Seta garden, golds and ruby glinting beneath as small fishes swam within. Laughter rang, loud and clear, acting as the climax of the small unmade orchestra.


"Ne, Souji, you get to have the sword!" Small arms carried the wooden packages as if they were a national treasure, short legs stomping across manicured lawn as an eight years old Alcor ran to where a certain silverete sat crouched near the edge of the pond. Then he tripped, faceplanting on the lush ground before being propelled forward to land on his rear with a pained 'omph' just beside the other.


"You get the sword! You get the sword!" Came the still exuberant cry, wide smile gracing slightly scratched face and exposing one front teeth missing. The younger of the two just lifted an eyebrow and Alcor immediately understood the unvoiced question. "You get the sword because you're the hero and I get the...ehhhh...knives? because I'm the one who protects the hero. I'm the one who gets dirty so you stay clean, like yesterday when you tried cooking for the first time." An even wider smile appeared, brilliant and dazzling in it's intensity, as if what had been stated was a universal truth.


"After all, a hero must shine with light and not just upon it."


- - - [Present] - - -


“Alcor… how is Souji doing? You any closer to make him yours?”


Unbidden, Hibiki's words from that morning came back to him and the clear taunt in it made Alcor tremble with just how much he wanted to lash out; how easy it would have been to just cut with his knives. But he resisted -barely- because he knew that the raven probably hadn't meant anything about it. But that was the thing: if Hibiki thought of it then wouldn't it be safe to assume that many of the other students did as well? And more importantly, if they gave Souji any trouble for it.


He knew that he was important to his brother, but sometimes he was so indifferent that Alcor couldn't help but doubt it. And if Souji suddenly started avoiding him because of such incestual taunts.. Alcor... he- .. he would break beyond repair.


Maybe.. maybe it was him who needed to distance himself? To prevent the other students from taunting his brother.. to keep the white-head's heart whole and unbroken, no matter how it fractured him just thinking about stopping his physical affections. But then he could just compensate when they were home.. although with how Souji was, Alcor knew he wouldn't anyways. His brother loved his private space, somewhere he could be alone after being around so many people during the day. No, Alcor couldn't -wouldn't- take that away just to satisfy his clingy nature.


So maybe.. maybe he'll stop the hugs and rare kisses on the cheek.. no matter how painful it already hurt just thinking about it.


"I will put Souji above all else, Hibiki-kun, even if it means that I become a monster in the process." Came the soft admission; clear and without hesitation, spoken like it was a holy crusade.


Then he went to open the door, knowing full well that there were listeners outside and already ready to silence them should the need be necessary. And when he did, the sight that greeted him made his blood turn ice, feet taking an involuntary step back, silvery eyes widening in an emotion never felt: fear.


There was Souji -and apparently Yosuke too- and he'd heard everything.


Lightning flashed and thunder exploded, so near that it shook the very walls of the room.


He wasn't supposed to know.

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[6:05 P.M.][Cloudy/Windy]


Souji couldn't feel. He couldn't think. He couldn't process what was going on with the conversation taking place before him. All he could do, was stare wide-eyed at the lanky, white-haired male standing in front of him. In this one moment, only one, solitary thought crossed his mind. Even the gentle tugs on his sleeve of the frightened Yosuke ceased to be successful in bringing Souji back to reality. The world felt like it was closing in on him and the suffocation that came with it caused his heart to tighten and his stomach to contract. That one emotion, called fear, was the only thing he could feel. It wasn't fear for what his beloved brother had become. It wasn't the fear of seeing a changing Alcor. It wasn't fear for his own life. It was the fear of watching someone he cared frighteningly deep for walk away from him. It was the fear of being abandoned. It was the fear losing him.


Brother? Alcor?


It was just that. Just the title and the owner of the title's name.


All his life, Souji thought he had known everything about his brother. Even things that not even Alcor himself knew himself, because during his life thus far, Souji was always watching Alcor from the back. He was always observing, listening, and... protecting his blood-brother in ways only he knew he could. But maybe... maybe he never really knew him at all. One part of Souji believed that what he was telling himself was right, that he didn't know Alcor at all. But another part of himself was determined to refute that suggestion, that the Alcor he knew was the same one speaking to Hibiki. The Alcor that he knew was flamboyant, kind, polite, caring, affectionate, silly, mature, and elegant, yet could feel so distant that he was like a million miles away most of the time even though he was usually in close-reach. Physically, he was close. Emotionally, he felt far.


Souji came here for something that was supposed to make his friend feel better, and got something else that was the polar opposite of 'happy' in return.


Did Alcor really kill someone? Did he do it, all to protect Hibiki?


The milky, white hand that had been clutching the cold, metal doorknob for who knows how long lay still, unable to move. Souji couldn't move his legs at all. They held firm, just like his hand, and felt like weights that restricted his every ability to even take a step forward or a step backward. If he took a step forward, he'd have to confront Alcor. Could he do that yet? If he took a step backward, his own cowardice might never allow him to be the same with Alcor again. Did he want that?


He couldn't decide, and so he stayed.




Fear was indeed the most primitive emotion humans had.


[06:17 P.M.][Windy with scattered lightning]


Deciding to stay was either one of the most foolish decisions Souji could have made, or one of the most clever decisions. The young man knew that either Alcor or Hibiki would have noticed their presence by now, if not the slightly opened door that should have been closed around twenty minutes ago. The consequences of being caught didn't frighten Souji at the moment, but from the looks of it, being caught snooping about and eavesdropping did frighten Yosuke.


Before Souji could be a bit of comfort to his friend however, his brother had spoken up again, releasing him from his train of thought and activated his keen hearing senses instead.


"I must seem like monster to you, ne, Hibiki-kun? Or maybe a joke: the so called 'Perfect Student' not so perfect after all." To Souji, the soft, melancholy response was laced with sadness and dejection, as if he knew that he was in fact a monster, or maybe if he wasn't, then he was a joke and that accepting it that about himself was the only that he could do.


The younger sibling of the two never seemed to ever recall a time when he's ever though of his brother as a monster before. Even with the event he'd just witness a few moments before, and even now, the thought of Alcor being a monster never occurred to him, or even crossed his mind.


His brother was a silly man, and he wasn't perfect, but he definitely was not a joke.


"But yes, I did do it hoping to ask you of something. I want you to be my successor; to be the next Student Council President, because I know that you'll take good care of the school and its' students." A stronger voice had immediately replaced the weaker, despondent one, as if Alcor had a certain goal that he couldn't risk not completing and thus had to strengthen his resolve quickly before it all fell apart. The emphasis on the word 'want' didn't go unnoticed to Souji. It was that strong.


"And I would consider it a personal favor if you at least kept an eye on Souji next year as well."


"I-" The sweet sound of the broken voice was enough to cause a slight feeling of a lump in his throat, and trying to swallow it down didn't help much. "I know that Souji can take care of himself, but there are darker battles that I would rather he not fight. After all, a hero must shine with light and not just upon it."


Souji remembers that last sentence, from eleven years ago. Alcor, despite being only eight years old, had always had pearls of wisdom spouting out of his mouth at random times, and Souji never quite understood them until his seven year old self thought long and hard about each pearl after it had been given to him.


This was the only pearl of wisdom that he had never quite understood, thus he remembered it after all these years, because it's always been in the back of his head waiting for him to take it apart and piece it back together again.


Now, he finally understood.


"I will put Souji above all else, Hibiki-kun, even if it means that I become a monster in the process."


In the end however, Souji loved him. And there was nothing that could ever change that.


And then, everything had begun to move too fast, like lighting that had struck its prey before it had even formed a single thought in its head to run before it was hit.


Before Souji knew it, the metal doorknob no longer had his hand on it. The hand hung in mid-air, and one side of the double-doors was no longer in his line of sight, but a man replaced it instead. Souji's face of indifference did not change, though he was getting a bit nervous, but his body language must have told it all.


A sight to behold he must have been. What with his hand suspended in mid-air, his hollow expression, unblinking bright, silver eyes, and Yosuke close by his side.


He noticed Alcor take an involuntary step back and as Souji stared unblinkingly, enough to make other people uncomfortable, into the eyes of the man standing before him, he saw them widen in shock, and dare he say, fear. The reverberation of thunder and lightning flashing only made the situation seem more austere and dour.


Souji was most likely not supposed to have known.


With a wave of his other hand, he said the one thing that crossed his mind first.




That sounded a lot better--not--in his head.

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Once upon a time Yosuke learned via documentary on television that there are three different responses to fear. The first is fight. When the odds are in your favor it’s likely that fear will trigger a fight response. But Yosuke would be damned if he picked a fight with Alcor or Hibiki. Fight was simply not an option.


The next is flight. When the odds look grim, the best bet is to run. This was the tactic Yosuke employed the most often. However, in this case, that wouldn’t work either. The conversation between the two elder students continued and Souji was determined to hear the rest of it. Yosuke was stuck. He wouldn’t abandon his friend so flight was also no longer an option.


The last response, which is the one that people tend not to know about or forget entirely, is freeze. Yosuke imagined this is how people might respond if they were covered in poisonous snakes. If he were in such a situation he would be too afraid to flee, too afraid to fight, too afraid to speak or move his limbs. Too afraid to even breath.


Freeze was the appropriate response for this situation.


Yet the longer they listened, the more Yosuke began to calm. What Alcor said worried him, and if he was worried he could only imagine that his best friend was slowly dying on the inside. As desperately as he wished for an explanation he knew one wouldn’t come easy if at all. Or maybe it would. Maybe Alcor could at least sit Souji down and explain what he meant.


Just when he was beginning to calm down and convince himself that everything would be alright, the door opened to reveal Souji’s beautiful, intelligent, and usually not so frightening older brother. The fear returned as quickly as it had left and Yosuke stared at him, still gripping onto Souji’s sleeve.


It was quiet for a moment, then there was a small murmur.


“Hello,” Souji had said.


And in that instant, Yosuke let go of his friend. In his heart, he was scared that there was little he could do for him. He could listen to him when all this was over, or rather when it truly began. He could carry his stress with him and share the burden. He could do his best to remind him that life really isn’t too hard and as long as Alcor was around (at this point Yosuke could only pray he would be) things would be fine.


So he cocked his head to the side, put a small smile on his face and waved to Alcor.“Hi,” he said before running his hand down Souji's arm then sliding past Alcor into the student council room to confront the other man. As much as he didn't want to leave his friend's side he knew that Souji knew he could always come to him. If he didn't want to speak to Alcor, Souji knew that he could grab Yosuke and they would leave with the brunette asking no questions. That was how they operated.


“Hibiki… Dude." It was only after saying that that he realized his throat was dry and scratchy. "You really need to give me an explanation.”


No… No, he really didn’t. Hibiki owed Yosuke nothing regardless of how hard the younger one might demand it. But getting more information… Well, that was something that could hopefully help Souji as well as himself.

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[06:17 P.M.] [Windy with scattered lightning]


During his past life he was often stabbed in the back by people he thought as friends so trust didn’t come easily with him. But as he saw the sad smile bloom on Alcor’s lips he thought that maybe, now that he started a new life, not everyone was out to get him. Good things never happened to him and up till now nobody did something for him if it didn’t bring forth a favour. But he wasn’t in that world; he can finally start trusting people. And since Alcor didn’t do anything to him the last few years why should the other start now? It was time to be less wary around others.


Before he could answer however, the president made his way towards the slightly ajar door. And what both saw beyond it wasn’t what he expected. Souji and Yosuke had been listening in on them. A worse duo couldn’t be found at the moment. Alcor went into shock, it was clearly visible. So Hibiki stood up, trying to at least clarify things. But he didn’t get far since Yosuke stopped his steps. But his underclassmen was right, as much as it involved Hibiki he should let those two brothers have their own time. Before answering Yosuke he thought about what to say. And since he didn’t get a chance to answer Alcor earlier he will combine both.


“Alcor…there are some common points between us but let me just say this: If you describe yourself as a monster then what am I? The devil? If both of us would walk in town and people saw us, who would they rather describe as monster? You just tried to not only protect me but also your brother, no matter your methods. You didn’t kill but you weren’t exactly the good boy either. While I killed, deceived, sold drugs, lied and more. I don’t think you or anyone else except me is allowed to judge you. I, who has done far worse things. Souji, Yosuke, you should be more afraid of me.” he stated, fully intending to defend Alcor even if he released some of his true self’s aura. He was anything else then the ‘good willed secretary’.


[06:25 P.M.] [stormy]


And now that both of them had listen to their conversation they had the right to know. It may lead to problems in the future but it’s not like they could sugar coat anything. As much as Souji and Yosuke probably wanted some more depth into his past, he wasn’t willing to share more. “Yosuke, Souji. I did horrible things and I won’t sugar coat it. But believe me if I said that I want to hurt neither of you. I just wanted to start a new life but in this society it isn’t that easy. So I had to lie and deceive yet again to get me a good base for my life. Alcor on the other hand just wanted to help me out of his own will.” he spoke, looking towards them without wavering. As much as he wanted to forget, he wasn’t allowed too. He turned his back towards the tree and walked towards the window. It was storming outside and started raining again, fitting the storm taking place outside.


Before he forgot he added with his back turned to them, his gaze glued to the winding trees below. “I will have to decline your proposition Alcor. I cannot take your place. As much faith you may have in me, i don't see it like that. I can't lead but i am able to manage our work. I would like to stay secretary. Besides, Souji isn’t a little kid anymore. You should stop babying him and let him fight his own battles or else he will never survive on his own.” Kaze spoke with finality. Though he didn’t know what went through Alcor’s head, this one fact was something Hibiki himself believed in. You can’t learn without making mistakes. And both Souji and Yosuke were at the age where they could make their own decisions and believe what they want to believe, not what anyone urges them to believe.


Hibiki wanted to leave the room, to let them some time to talk about this. But in the end it would just be running away from his problems. So he stayed, stayed in front of the window and watched the storm. A thought ran through his head and he wanted to speak it before he might not get the chance again. "Yosuke, if you won’t feel comfortable around me anymore I will understand. I can ask for a room change if you wish.” and with a sigh he ruffled his hair. This was so messed up. He knew he should have listened to this feeling in the morning. Then he might not have to explain himself. But destiny never seemed to like him not in the past, not now and neither will it in the future. Good things always faded after some time while you were always reminded what you did wrong.

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[06: 25 P.M.][stormy]




Came the suddenly amused half of a laugh, wide eyes slowly curving in a soft and understanding smile. Hibiki had a point in that Souji needed to fight his own battles, Alcor recognized that even before his overprotective streak began; and that was years and years ago. But it's not exactly the 'battles' that he worried about, but the effects; things that could deeply scar his brother. And no matter what anyone said, Alcor would always strive to protect Souji from those.


"It's not about keeping Souji dependent, Hibiki-kun." Alcor murmured, gentle eyes staring right through Souji's own silvery hues. A warm palm lifted, cupping the younger's cheek and letting a skinny thumb caress a prominent cheekbone. "Because he's very independent. I just don't want him feeling abandoned, especially after I graduate and go abroad for college. And our family have its own dark sides.. it's my responsibility to make sure that he is not exposed to that as much as possible." A wry smile curved his lips, almost unnoticeable sigh trembling forth. "But chance, it seems, wish for him to at least know about them."


Then he turned, footsteps loud even against the patter of rain, strode to his table, took his book bag and headed back towards the open door; grabbing Souji's wrist once he was close enough to do so. But before they left, he murmured, with a small dangerous smile,


"And Hibiki-kun? A zoo lion does not fear the jungle cat that killed a hundred canaries."


And with a soft click of shoes on marble floor and a sharp tug on the younger's arm, they were gone.


[07: 11 P.M.][stormy]

[- - -

- - -]


Wet sand tickled bare feet as rain continued its relentless pour, the crash of waves against boundary rocks loud in the dark of the night. Alcor looked up, gaze meeting patiently woven straw for a roof of the exposed beach cottage they were in, the ocean beyond loomed, endless, like a horizontal abyss devoid of light. At his behest, the driver had brought them to the beach, nearest the city, even though the downpour was hard and the wind bellowed its icy whip. But then if Souji wanted explanations, then Alcor needed to be there; to think, to breathe.


"I guess, it's too late to apologize for not telling you of my leaving after graduation." He began, back firmly turned from the other and eyes still far, searching the distance. "It's not really about the education, more on the public image that it will give since I'm technically already cut to take my place as company heir." A broken laugh, white tendrils of breath curling out as it came. "An international merge is on its way too.. and a price will be needed for that to happen." A small pause. Then, "I am that price; to marry the daughter of the other company's president."


And before he knew it, Alcor was running, salty droplets quickly soaking the once pristine school uniform. Then he turned, wet hair going haywire and flying everywhere as silver eyes locked with the younger's. "I'm afraid, Souji! I don't want to get married! I don't... I don't want to leave you alone." Came the whispered end, a trembling hand lifting to clutch at a heaving chest. "But if I don't, father will... father will put his attention on you and then you won't be happy." Dripping locks shaded cloudy eyes, water streaming in clear lines down flushed cheeks. "And you're supposed to be happy...but I won't get to see it... and I'm afraid.." A choked-off sob escaped tightly bitten lips, pearly teeth gritting in apparent frustration. "I don't want you involved in that company because sometimes they do worse things than even the ones Hibiki-kun did.. I don't want you to see that. I don't want you to experience any of it."


The rain came harder, yet Alcor stood, trembling in barely suppressed emotions. "But father has become greedy.. and I'm starting to think that even if I went through with the marriage, he'd still find some way to involve you. I haven't killed anyone.. but," His head lifted and within the fringe of darkened locks lay wide manically murderous eyes, sharp and glinting against the barely-there light. "if he takes away your freedom, I will kill him."


And in the distance thunder rumbled, along with the screams of the ocean.


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[06:25 P.M.][stormy]


"Hah," Alcor laughed half-heartedly, his tone laced with amusement towards the words of his secretary. Souji noticed his eyes gleaming with affection and gentleness. Despite the catastrophic thunderstorm taking place just outside of the building that was now their shelter, Souji thought that the tensed mood had begun to lessen. The unrelenting fear he had felt just a few moments ago, seemed to slowly subside.


Lightning struck and thunder boomed, loud enough for Souji to internally cringe out of occasional surprise.


"It's not about keeping Souji dependent, Hibiki-kun." Whilst staring into the tender and affectionate reflection of his own silvery eyes, the younger sibling watched from the corner of his eye, and noticed a hand rising ever so slowly in his direction. It placed itself upon his pale cheek, and the warmth from it stung against his cold skin, yet he couldn't help but wish for more of that warmth. A ticklish feeling erupted once a skinny thumb began to stroke against one of his prominent cheekbones.


"Because he's very independent. I just don't want him feeling abandoned, especially after I graduate and go abroad for college. And our family have its own dark sides... it's my responsibility to make sure that he is not exposed to that as much as possible. But chance, it seems, wish for him to at least know about them." As a satirical smile planted itself upon his brother's elegant face, Souji felt scared once again. His heart rate quickened, much like the thrumming wings of a caged bird. The world once again felt like it was closing up on him, suffocating him, to the point of being unable to breathe.


Alcor was leaving for college abroad.


Souji knew that he should have been able to let Alcor go. Much like the fear of being abandoned, the fear of holding his brother back from bigger and better prospects of life filled his mind with racing thoughts and no matter how much he tried, he couldn't stop them. Contradicting as it may be, both fears were too confusing to ignore, and too strong to fight back.


He adored the fact the fact Alcor cared for him so dearly, yet... was he as independent as Alcor thought he was? He, like a child, couldn't even bare the thought of his older brother leaving. It felt like he needed him to survive; to live. In another sense, he couldn't bare the thought of holding him back.


Brothers should be able to be apart. Not like them. Not like how they were.


A strong hand clasped his wrist; movement so sudden that it brought him out of his inconclusive thoughts momentarily.


"And Hibiki-kun? A zoo lion does not fear the jungle cat that killed a hundred canaries."


The statue-like form that the young male had held for so long was broken once a strong, sharp tug pulled him out of it, indicating that they were about to go, leaving the other two behind. Before the room went out of his line of sight however, Souji tried desperately to communicate to Yosuke through his eyes. Determination fighting for recognition, the silver orbs spoke words he knew his best friend would hear.


"I'll talk to you tomorrow. And I'll explain."


He didn't know where Alcor and he were going, but he knew one thing however.


Alcor smelled nice, like citrus, and Souji was utterly, a depressing coward.


[07: 11 P.M.][stormy]


When he was a little kid, he loved his brother, and that love was mutual. Yet, as he grew older, there was a certain feeling that he couldn't describe. He wasn't sad, at least he thought he wasn't, but it made him want to cry. It was... painful somehow. That painful feeling was lingering. It sometimes felt light, like it was just as it would cease to exist at any moment. It sometimes felt like a heavyweight on his heart, and that no matter how hard he tried, it would never lift.


Now, standing here in beneath the rain, before the vast, ocean blue, he felt like they were the only two in the world.


Souji waited for Alcor to speak up first, as he knew that his brother took him here for a reason.


"I guess, it's too late to apologize for not telling you of my leaving after graduation." His voice was quite muffled from the rain, and the fact that his back was to Souji didn't help. He moved up closer behind Alcor to hear, feet sinking into the cold sand in the process, and making him even more shorter than he normally was compared to the man before him.


"It's not really about the education, more on the public image that it will give since I'm technically already cut to take my place as company heir." A slight, despondent laugh erupted from the other's throat; so broken that it caused his own stomach to tighten. "An international merge is on its way too.. and a price will be needed for that to happen."


On rare occasions, do Souji's eyes actually widen to the size of saucers. This, was one of those moments. That short pause, terrified him. He instincts knew what was coming, and he didn't like it at all.


What price?


"I am that price; to marry the daughter of the other company's president."


And before he knew it, his brother was running, growing further and further from Souji as he couldn't find it in himself to process this information quick enough. Trying to run fast enough to catch up to the disappearing form was quite the task, as he didn't think he was really athletic, nor did the sand do anything to help that fact.


With an abrupt turn, Alcor stopped, wet hair going haywire, and... why did it look like he was crying? Their equally silver eyes locked, and Souji's heart felt like it would crack at any moment, as if were like glass that would shatter into a million pieces at the drop of a hat. Never has he ever felt so vulnerable in someone's presence.


How much more of this could he bear to hear?


"I'm afraid, Souji! I don't want to get married! I don't... I don't want to leave you alone. But if I don't, father will... father will put his attention on you and then you won't be happy. And you're supposed to be happy...but I won't get to see it... and I'm afraid.. I don't want you involved in that company because sometimes they do worse things than even the ones Hibiki-kun did.. I don't want you to see that. I don't want you to experience any of it."


Even from a distance, Souji could see the fear and frustration burning in his eyes. The trembling hand that moved to clutch the shirt at the base of his chest, the light flush on his face, and the heart-breaking sob contributed to the evidences of the emotional breakage. He wanted to be of comfort somehow, in someway, but he didn't know how.


"But father has become greedy.. and I'm starting to think that even if I went through with the marriage, he'd still find some way to involve you. I haven't killed anyone.. but, if he takes away your freedom, I will kill him."


Father. Father. Their father. Alcor would... kill their father, just so that he could have his freedom. In this moment, Souji wished--no matter how much he might regret thinking that later--that he could just make the company, their riches, their last name, his father... just all disappear. If that meant that it would take this loaded weight off of his brother's shoulders, he would do it.


It was hard to see because of the rain. It was hard to breathe. The ocean felt like it could swallow him up into its mouth at any moment. This aching pain in his heart, the racing thoughts, the thought of losing Alcor, the thought of him getting married, the though of him being in pain because of him, the thought of him making himself the sacrificial lamb for the company and their father all because he wanted to protect his little brother, the thought of his beloved older brother tossing away his own freedom just for Souji's freedom, the thought of him staining his hands with blood just for him, the thought of...


The list went on and on, and he wanted it all to stop.


Souji knew that it wasn't his fault, but he couldn't help but feel like it was. Like the pain that Alcor was feeling now, was all because of him, because of his existence. How could he feel so loved, yet so... hurt?


The pelting rain continued. It soaked Souji through and through. There was not a dry place on his body that the rain spared.


It was cold, way too cold for comfort.


[07:20 P.M.][stormy]

[---Mood Music---]


The minutes that passed by without a word from Souji, seemed like an eternity of waiting. Words would always come to mind, yet were never spoken. The words would never cease to get caught in his throat, no matter how he wished to force them out. The pointless silence ceased to begin because the relentless pelting of rain didn't allow it.


Downcast silvery hues peered into the night, across the ocean blue, and looked as if they were somewhere far off into the distance. Pale, trembling lips were shut tight, wanting to open, but closed tight by a harsh force deep within his own emotions.


He would have to rip his lips open somehow, in someway, if not... only his actions can prove anything.


"I-I...," a small, trembling murmur began, unable to be heard during the rain. The heart within him burned painfully, in fear, in frustration, and... with something else that didn't seem identifiable. The corners of his eyes began to tickle, and what came with it moments after was blurriness, caused by the involuntary tears escaping from their jail.


If words couldn't do it, actions will.


Despite the sand, his drenched clothing, the rain, his mind, and his heart weighing him down, the young man walked forward ever so slowly, but with a determined stride. He felt... so vulnerable, so weak, and so useless. He couldn't fight for his own freedom, Alcor took it upon himself to do it. He couldn't protect him himself, Alcor took it upon himself to do it. He couldn't even speak up, because his emotions were getting the best of him.


Whilst now being close enough to touch, all he could do was stand there and stare at the dark sand. Hands began to clench into fists, and with a small bite to his own lip, all the courage he had forced himself muster seemed to burst out in one blow.


With a slow, hesitant movement, his hands moved upward and gripped hard at the clothing on each of Alcor's arms. Gradually, his head moved up as well, silvery eyes meeting the equivalent of his own. He never learned to cry with style. Silently, the pearl-shaped tears rolling down his cheeks from wide luminous eyes, leaving no smears or streaks, as they were washed away by the rain. He hoped that the rain did its job in not revealing what his eyes wanted him to reveal. If praying to all the random gods would help him hide his tears, he'd have done it by now.


To him, it was better to slowly release his emotions with silent tears, rather than to rack his body with unrelenting, noisy sobs and to let the world know of his pain.


Then, he smiled. It wasn't a full-blown smile. It wasn't a small, barely there smile either. Needless to say, it was a smile that told everything, yet showed nothing. It was a smile that said that everything was going to be alright, and it was a smile that hid his own fears and emotions behind a mask.


Nothing had changed. His fears were still there. Alcor was still suffering. He still might get married. He still might go abroad. He still might leave Souji. Nothing was certain. Yet, nothing was uncertain either. They would get through this together, somehow...


The grips he had on the taller man's arms lessened, and instead moved onto something that he's never quite done in his life, if he had ever done it at all. Arms swerved around the other's back, gripping at the black, expensive fabric so tight it might have ripped. With their height difference, Souji's face placed itself right on the spot where Alcor's heart should have been. The sound of a warm, thumping heart filled his ears, erasing whatever sound the rain was making. Like a silent song only he could hear, the younger male closed his eyes and listened. The continuous beating soothed him, like a lullaby.


He spoke, voice loud and clear, despite his trembling lips and silent, running tears.


"I... don't want you to go either. I don't want you to get married. I don't want you to stain your hands with blood for me. I don't want you to be a price. I don't want you to suffer because of me. I don't want you to give up your freedom because of me. I don't want you to become a sacrifice for me. I don't want you to be afraid. I know you feel like you have to keep me safe from the things that might harm me, or might take away my happiness. But you know... I want to keep you safe too. I want you happy as well. I know I might not show it much, but I want to protect you too. I would sacrifice myself for you too, when it comes down to it. I really need you to understand that. The voice you call me with, your ever-changing facial expressions, your smell, your smile... Right now, just being able to feel the existence that is my older brother... That is absolutely something that makes me happy. I don't want to lose that. So please..."


Why couldn't he continue? He was doing so good, being able to speak it all in one motion like that. And it felt good to have done so. But, why did he feel so in pain? And why didn't he... dislike that pain?


The rain continued, and the grip he had on that back only tightened.

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[6:25 PM, Stormy]


“While I killed, deceived, sold drugs, lied and more.”


Not Hibiki. Not the same Hibiki who was the secretary of the student council, who always got good grades, who was as kind and gentle as a rabbit. It was impossible. That was all. Just impossible.


The docile, kind, Hibiki who never garnered any negative attention had a past that was filthier than Japan's sewers. Yosuke couldn’t believe the words coming out of Hibiki’s mouth. It was more possible that Yosuke was a frog than for Hibiki to be this type of person. But he was…


And apparently Alcor was fully aware while Yosuke and Souji were kept in the dark.


He could understand why Alcor wouldn't tell Souji, and it was hardly his place to tell Yosuke, but Hibiki... Hibiki should have said something. He should have thought of all the risks involved when it came to living with another person and having a past so shady and dirty.


He wanted to confront Hibiki about it, about how he felt the other had put him in danger, but before he could Alcor and Souji disappeared from his sight. He ran towards the door, the bag from Alcor abandoned, as he slid to a halt in the middle of the hallway and stared into Souji's eyes.


"I'll be waiting, partner. You know I'm here for you." He responded to Souji's unspoken words with a nod of his head and the look in his eyes. It was something that he only shared with Souji, to communicate without words needing to be voiced. Their synergy was beyond exceptional.


But now the one person who could keep him grounded, the one person that kept Yosuke's mind at a level place and out of the dark depths of sorrow was gone, taken somewhere far away by his beloved brother, to a place Yosuke couldn't get to.


And without that crutch, Yosuke's mind snapped. The pressure of his more than miserable day collapsed onto him and it was too easy to blame the person closest to him.


"You're damn right I don't feel comfortable near you!! You're damn right I would feel better changing rooms!"


Yosuke stalked towards Hibiki, like a lion charging towards its prey, grabbed his bag that held his new scarf and smacked the other on the arm with it. His blood ran backwards and boiled inside of him and he could only wish that the bag was heavier, stronger, deadlier.


"How could you lie to me like that? You think it's okay to not tell me something because I didn't ask? You think you’re not lying simply because you failed to tell me you're a goddamn murderer!"


He continued to hit Hibiki with his bag as he screamed. Over and over he swung his arm, not caring where the light bag landed. It was all he could do. It was all he could do to rid the pain from his heart, to rid his mind of the horrible words Hibiki had dared utter.


“Souji, Yosuke, you should be more afraid of me.”


"And you know what, Hibiki? Yes, I'm frightened of you!" He cried, closing his eyes and letting his bag fall anywhere and everywhere on Hibiki's body. "I'm fucking scared of you! You think I can defend myself if someone from your sick past comes to our place looking for you?! Huh?! You think I can defend myself against someone out for blood?! You think they would kill you and let me live if I asked them nicely?! How could you?! How could you do this?! How could you, Hibiki?! How could you?!"


This was the difference between pain and anger. If Yosuke were angry he would have yelled and left. But no... He teared up, hit Hibiki with the harmless bag instead of punching him or kicking him, and allowed the other to hear his voice crack as he continuously asked him how he could do this.


Then, as a crash of thunder and bolt of lightning shook the skies, Yosuke felt a heaviness hit his body. Everything felt heavy. The headphones around his neck, the bag in his hands, the sweat on his brow, the lashes on his eyelids... The weight crushed him like a boulder crushing a small helpless human. He stumbled back, falling into a chair as he covered his face with his hands. And just when he thought he was going to pass out….


"But fuck you if you think you're leaving me!" Yosuke cried, throwing his bag at Hibiki and hitting him square in the chest while the true victims, the scarf and Souji's note, gracefully fell to the ground in front of the raven's feet. Wiping away his tears, Yosuke immediately stood and gathered the overly long and fluffy scarf from the floor, hugging it tightly as if that would send his apology through the rainy clouds to Alcor for mistreating his precious gift. If only he were smaller... Standing there, hugging the scarf, he would have looked like a broken child who had just been told Santa Clause was actually a cold blooded murderer.


"I mean, I still like you. I'm fucking scared now, yeah, but I can't ignore that you've been nice to me and treated me right. I like flipping through channels with you and debating what to eat for dinner with you. I like trying to get you to read my comic books. I like that you’re always willing to help me when I need it. I like that you encourage me. So... So don't go. Don't leave me alone."


Yosuke trembled as he slid the note and scarf back into the bag. Now that his stress was unleashed and was pounded into poor Hibiki, he felt himself slowly compose. The red that stained his vision diminished to the dull colors of reality. He could hardly stand much more of this.


"Take me home," he said, his voice heavy and hoarse from his screaming. "I know you have an umbrella with you. It's not like you to forget one. I left mine at home so let me walk with you."


It was a plea, a cry, a distress call to Hibiki to help him when he couldn't help himself. Yosuke could only hope he would respond to it.

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[06:25 P.M.] [stormy]


Ocean coloured eyes never left the storm raging outside. Alcor’s statements barely registered in his worn out mind. Today had been taxing, not bodily taxing but rather the kind where you are just thinking about dropping dead suddenly just to escape reality. His secret kept for a few years, his chance of becoming an unwritten page in the book of life. All over in just one day. Just because two people listened in on one conversation. But he would never blame Yosuke or Souji for being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. “Alcor, I know that you can’t escape the darkness of the world. No matter how much you might want to protect him, Souji will someday be confronted with them. By his own will or not, be it small or big. You have to talk about your problems and not keep them locked in.” he stated with a quiet voice, gaze still locked to the raindrops landing on the windowsill. Kaze Hibiki shouldn’t talk like that because the boy himself hated to talk about his problems. Just like Alcor he was a lone fighter, but with one difference. Seta had a brother to confine in, to help him with his problems. He…..had no one. At least no one close to him, no best friends, no family, none. Bottling up ones problems, Hibiki knew that all too well. That’s probably why his secret was exposed because he was being careless, stressed as he was.


The secretary snorted with the metaphor. “Jungle cat….huh?” he muttered to no one in particular, his eyes hollow. As if he was in a trance, thinking deeply about what has happened. His personality had never been fake but not truly right either. Hibiki tried living a lie so he had to become a ‘trustworthy member of society’ himself. Reminiscing about past mistakes won’t bring him far and Yosuke only liked reminding him of it.


"You're damn right I don't feel comfortable near you!! You're damn right I would feel better changing rooms!"


These words hurt but it wasn’t like the student wasn’t expecting it. To ‘normal’ people he would always invoke fear. A fact he had gotten used to over the years. But it still hurt coming from a person that was living with him in the same dorm, had been his dorm mate and had been with him since the school started. They hadn’t done much together but still, Hibiki felt that they were almost something you could have called friends. But now it was over and a large stone sank inside the ocean in his mind. Losing someone that matters.


As much as it would hurt, he turned around and faced the enraged Yosuke. His eyes portraying nothing but lifelessness. As if he was accepting death that would come soon. Instead a hit was delivered. Well, not a hit but a smack rather. The bag did not do much damage as it probably should have. And for that Hibiki didn’t know if that was better. He would have expected a punch or a kick but it never came. Instead he was met with a more saddening sight. Yosuke, the ever cheerful, dorky and funny Yosuke was crying. Crying because of him. The secretary could never comfort him for it wasn’t his place. He was the one causing the other’s grief, he had no right to try and justify himself. Yet he could not help but reply.


“I cannot ask for forgiveness from you and I don’t expect you too. I have lied to you but that was because I thought it was for your own good. I can protect myself and I could protect you if anyone really bothered to pursue me. But the probably more common thing would be me getting killed in the city. Alone. I know of the dangers, as such I never tried getting to close to you all.” his voice was hollow, like his eyes. Not many of his past would look for him. Before he tried to live a new life he settled all his scores, obviously only the ones where he didn’t have to die. A rather harsh beating had been the most of it. Yet he could not vouch for anything. The risk was still there and Yosuke was right. But if he had known from the beginning he would have never accepted to sleep in the same dorm room. Heck, he probably wouldn’t even have gotten close. “I apologize. If you don’t mind the murderer to stay around then I would like to stay in the dorms with you too. It’s not a consolation but you should know that I never killed innocent people. I never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it.” it was the truth, yet for most it was still unacceptable. Murder is and will always be a crime, no matter what fractions are involved. He just…..wanted him to know that he really didn’t intend to hurt anyone. That he wanted to be freed from these shackles that were always tightening themselves until his last breath was done.


He would not touch, would not console. Would just let the other rage. Kaze wasn’t able to do anything. He was missing the ‘normal’ interactions like hugging, patting his back. He didn’t grow up with it so he never learned how. So not to anger Yosuke further with fruitless actions he opted to remain passive. Accept the others voiced complains and try to understand them. It was not the right way, but it was the only one he knew.


Without voicing out his actions, the raven made his way towards the forgotten bags. His gaze shifted towards the bags with the scarf. A warm and unknown feeling started pushing his way through the darkness of his mind. Though not actively showing, there was someone at least concerned for him. Yosuke and Alcor. Both in their own way. His hands searched around the bag and fished out a little umbrella. It would just be enough for one but if Hibiki sacrifices his left side to the weather then Yosuke would not get wet at least. For now, that was all he could do to repent.


“Let’s go to the dorm then.” the raven haired lad spoke, avoiding calling it home. As cosy as he felt there, he was not justified to call it that. So much prevented him from doing it. Though saying that they should go, his feet stayed rooted on the floor. It felt just right to let Yosuke lead the way, if the other accepted it that is. Hibiki didn’t know what he was allowed to do around the other now. It just felt so awkward at the moment. Like a new born trying to take its first steps.

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[07:24 P.M.][stormy][Dubhre Beach]


A laugh; surprised and elated pierced through the heavy symphony of rain, ringing loud and clear. Long arms lifted, curling around the lamenting Souji's shoulders, clutching back just as tightly as the silverete was, before pulling slightly back and letting cold hands cup and tilt the younger's face upwards to meet the joyous smile that had bloomed on Alcor's visage. Then cold-bitten lips descended, briefly pressing themselves against Souji's trembling ones in a familial meeting that spoke of deeply-rooted affection, before lifting to gently press on a silvery brow.


"If that is your wish, Souji, then I'll see what I can do." Alcor murmured, one hand snaking back to press a soothing touch on the other's nape, the other cupping clammy cheeks and letting a gentle thumb wipe away one eye's tears.


When had been the last time they had been like this? Just them two in what felt like a battle against the world. How he had missed it. How Alcor treasured each shed tear, each tremblingly spoken words, each second his beloved brother held him of his own free will. How it brought him just that bit closer to being the happiest in the world.


What he would give to make it last for an eternity.


But it couldn't and when he felt them both tremble in chill, he pulled back, one hand going down to lace with smaller ones. "Let's go home, Souji." He whispered, breath trailing in white noticeable mist.


And all the while, his rarest of smiles never left; dazzling and radiant even under the fury of a storm.


[07:54 P.M.][stormy][seta Manor front doors]


Tall doubledoors lay open, wide and grand, revealing gleaming marble and soft carpet within. Theodore stood, arms crossed along a broad chest and face pinched in a shadowed and irritated smile, one golden eyebrow twitching. He was tall, at least one head taller than Alcor, and how he was just built made him all the more imposing.


Alcor swallowed.


"Youuuu are not angryyyy." The white-head began, lifting a now slightly dripping hand and fluttering his fingers right in front of the scowling face. "Youuuu will make us tea and brownieeeees." Theodore narrowed his eyes. Alcor flinched. "I am a Jedi and youuuu are now in my commaaand."


And quick as lightning, one broad hand caught a delicate ear in a painful pinch.


"OOOOWWW!" Came Alcor's wail, wet arms flailing around and sending multitude of water droplets flying. "Why are you hurting meeee? This is child abuse!"


"Because, Alcor-sama, I know that it is somehow your fault that you and Souji-sama are SOAKING WET!" A scary smile curved the usually indifferent butler's lips. "That being said, the hot tub is ready for the both of you. Go and warm up while I make your tea and brownies."


"You're not gonna put poison in them, are you?" Came the dubious remark that was met with another painful pinch on the already burning ear.


"No, but I will be adding our anti-cold herbal medicine." And the scary smile grew wider as Alcor's eyes widened in horror.


"That medicine is plain nasty!" Was the ignored protest.


[08:20 P.M.][stormy][Master Bathroom]


Thin wisps of steam pervaded the spacious room, dark tiles gleamed as floor surface, reflecting the soft glow of the ceiling chandelier. Sighs of contentment echoed along equally dark walls, followed by the splash of hot water. Flushed pale skins pressed together in gentle embrace and silent comfort, the older behind the younger.


Muscled arms wrapped around Souji's shoulders, playful fingers tapping an unknown rhythm along the silverete's collarbones, as an arched chin rested itself atop damp silvery locks. Feathered lids closed, gentle smile curving soft pink lips, a small distance keeping a slim back and toned torso apart.


"Neee, Souji, do you think it was okay to leave Yosuke and Hibiki-kun alone? Yosuke must be freaking-out and Hibiki-kun will be sad. I should give them brownies tomorrow as an apology." Alcor murmured sleepily, black nail unconsciously tracing infinite lines along Souji's left collarbone. "I also remember you mentioning last week that Yosuke's scooter got broken by someone jumping on it. Do you think he'd like it if I gave him my orange ducati? I'm not using it anyway." He smiled, feeling Souji's small pout. "Don't pout. You can have the black or white one so you don't feel left-out. Happy, mister grumpy?"


Then he was leaning back, right arm stretching behind him before grabbing a small and squishy caramel brownie. He turned, dropping his hand and pressing the sweet on Souji's lips and licking the crumbs left on his fingers once it was taken in. "Such a spectacular way for a school year to begin, ne? But I didn't really mean for Hibiki-kun to be troubled. I just thought that he needed less troubles since he was already trying very hard to turn his life around. People like him deserves their second chances and people who can do something to help should do so. At least, that's what I believe." A small laugh came, a thumb lifting to wipe imaginary crumb from the edges of Souji's lips. "I hope Yosuke is not mad at me for taking you away the way I did. But I guess.. I kinda panicked.. because suddenly you two were there. Imagine my shock. But I suppose in the end, I find it okay because I got to see your emotions. I get to feel what's really behind your eyes."


There's that radiant smile again.


Then Alcor leaned down, pressing a soft kiss just behind Souji's ear. He hoped terribly that his brother didn't mind how he was so touchy, more than normally. Since it had been an emotional roller-coaster of a day, touch was the only thing that was able to keep him from flying away into pieces.. that was how his clingy nature worked. How touch had become Alcor's way of calming down and re-centering himself. And it will probably continue until the next day. He smiled. He hoped Yosuke and Hibiki didn't mind him being clingy to them too.


"On yeah!" Came the suddenly energetic shout before the eldest stood, revealing everything underneath without a hint of embarrassment.


Then he got out of the tub, water clinging on exposed musculature and sliding sinuously along curves and dips of groin and thighs. A clean and trimmed pubic area presented itself beneath the 'V' of Alcor's hips, short curly yet soft hair dripping water down towards a more than generous endowment; thick and long even flaccid, hanging past a smooth scrotum, the color a bit more tan compared to the milky whiteness that was the rest of the older boy's body. Steady feet took him to a nearby marble cabinet.


A small thin and clear bottle was taken, lavender fluid swirling inside. Then he went back, delicate fingers uncorking it and letting out sweet jasmine aroma. "Smells nice." Alcor whispered, settling himself back into the hot water, behind his brother.


"Your neck and shoulders get tense when you get emotional, ne?" He began, pouring an ample amount of the viscous fluid onto his palm. "When you cried, when we were little, I used to massage them for you. Let me do that now too." He began to rub his palms together, warming the liquid and letting silver eyes take note of the pale expanse of skin before it.


Souji was pale, slightly flushed and more lithe than statesque like Alcor was. There was a certain grace to it, how he acted and moved with certain reserve and fluidity. It made something clench inside the white-head's stomach thinking about it. But then it was all forgotten as warm slick palms pressed insistent fingers onto the base of Souji's nape, thumbs going in prominent circles and flexing knotted muscles beneath.


"Don't tense. Just relax, Sou-ji." A small chuckle accompanied playful tone.


And Alcor's radiant smile bloomed once more.


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[07:22 P.M.][stormy][Dubhre Beach]


While in the midst of embracing one of his most precious loved ones, Souji couldn't help but just want to close his eyes, and settle into a deep slumber while listening to the soft, rhythmic heartbeat that resided in this person's chest. As he lays there on that strong, comforting, protective chest, the young male slowly began to realize that he's found his absolute favorite place to rest. He was lost in the abstract sounds of this man's heart.


Thump, Thump. Thump, Thump.


Here was home. Here had always been home.


At least, he thought so.


He begins to feel scared again. Panic begins to settle in, deep with the crevices of his emotional unstable heart, and his exhausted mind. Silent, pearl shaped tears continue to fall, even more so than before. A dull ache makes a home in his chest again; an ache he never knew the reason for why it was there.


Souji loved the sound this heart. It was so strong, and so steady. But, it made him feel homesick, for a place he wasn't even sure existed. He just wanted to stand there, and listen to the sound of these heartbeats for all eternity. How sad it was to know that these consistent beatings will soon come to an end, and so will the lullaby that made him warm and safe.


Even when they were being pelted by rain water, even when it was way too cold for comfort, even when he was shedding silent tears of sorrow, and even when he was in pain; all of that couldn't compete with the wonderful, yet painful rapture he felt when he was just able to feel the existence that is his older brother.


The distance he's always felt seemed to decrease, but was it normal to feel this tinge of pain as a result? Was it normal, to even like it?


A smooth, elated, and surprised laughter abruptly filled his ears, mixed with the unchanging sound that he's begun to crave. Closed lids snapped open in their own surprise, and closed once again as long, strong arms wrapped around the male's lithe body. The arms clutched back in the same amount of force, but released in a lesser amount of time.


Cold cheeks met just as cold hands, coarse yet soothing in their own way. And then, Souji's face was being gently lifted to meet the affectionate eyes of Alcor's; his own drifting down to watch the happiness impressed upon his brother's handsome face as it descended to meet his own trembling lips in a chaste kiss. He had involuntarily closed his eyes as their lips met for the brief moment, and didn't know why he had done that. He's seen it before. Many people always closed their eyes as they kissed their partners, but he didn't know why that happened.


Was it the body's natural reaction to being kissed?


He didn't know, but he was definitely curious.


Another soft kiss was placed upon one of his glistening, silver brows, leaving a tingling feeling that ceased to disappeared. His thought process ended, shock blockading whatever words that might want to come out of his slightly opened, pink lips, along with his own ability to breathe as well.


"If that is your wish, Souji, then I'll see what I can do," his brother murmured as one hand softly planted itself on his cold, sensitive nape, resulting in a shiver slowly sliding down his spine. Tears were delicately wiped away by the vacant hand that situated itself upon one of his cheeks; a slender thumb doing its user's bidding rid the younger of the intruding droplets, whether they be the rain or his own.


Alcor then pulled back, Souji noticed, as both of their bodies created an involuntary shiver as a reaction to the chill and temperature of the rain. The younger sibling continued to stare into the black hole that was this man's eyes, as he was unable to pull away, and felt a larger, more defined hand reach and lace with his own.


"Let's go home, Souji," Alcor had whispered, a white trail of breath dispersing into the air.


There was a smile. It was a smile Souji had rarely seen. It was radiant, bright, filled with happiness, and true.


Had he caused that?


As they walked, a pair of silver eyes continued to gaze at the broad back. It was slender but strong. A small, unintentional smile appeared on Souji's lips, barely noticeable, but still there. Face slightly flushed, two fingers reached up to touch the pale, wet lips that had been touched by another pair just a moment ago, feeling it ever so slightly as the kiss became a memory, safely hidden somewhere in his mind.


His own lips felt hot.


His lips... were soft.


He was always a brother's boy, but to take this any further... might be strange.


[07:54 P.M.][stormy][seta Manor front doors]


Amusement filled eyes watched from a distance as Theodore, their scarily intimidating butler, scolded the eldest for causing them both to be "SOAKING WET!," so he delicately said. As much as Souji had wanted to intervene--not--watching his brother act so childishly whilst being reprimanded was always a sight to see. It was endearing, humorous, and made him feel like they were actually a family, and not as dysfunctional as they really were.


Appearance wise, Theodore was quite the handsome man, if Souji did say so himself. His usual clothing consisted of a black-collared and long-sleeved shirt under a blue suit coordinated with a blue necktie. His onyx pants were complimented with blue lines running through the sides, along with black shoes, and a hat that was similar to that of a flight attendant or even, amusingly, a bell boy. Complete with his appearance were yellow eyes and white hair, making him a sight to see.


"That being said, the hot tub is ready for the both of you. Go and warm up while I make your tea and brownies," he distinctly heard Theodore say.


The thought of the warm, soothing water seeping through every crevice on his body and relaxing him after a long, hard day, filled Souji's mind with thoughts of ecstasy and unforgiving bliss.


"You're not gonna put poison in them, are you?," Souji heard a wary Alcor remark, seemingly scared of the fact of 'poison' being in their tea and brownies.


"No, but I will be adding our anti-cold herbal medicine."


Well, Souji knew right then, that that was poison enough for his brother's taste buds.


"That medicine is plain nasty!"


A lighthearted chuckle could be heard as Souji followed the comical pair around their mansion, adoring the fact that this lovely big brother of his, was still here as a huge presence in his life.


He was still here, and that was enough.


[08:20 P.M.][stormy][Master Bathroom]


Sighs of contentment filled the capacious room, as bare bodies came together to wash off their worries and sins beneath the comfort of temperate liquid. Two young males were in close contact, locking each other in an intimate and familial embrace, a smaller body engulfed in the being of the larger one. Hot water slid down their flushed bodies, reaching every crevice in a hedonistic flow.


The sultry air knew no bounds as steam continued to spread all around, resulting in a relaxing temperature that the cold outside could not touch.


A unknown beat drummed on the younger's collarbones, caused by the fingers of the muscular arms wrapped around him. A ticklish feeling was apparent, though sleepy eyes and an expressionless visage showed no inkling of a laughter wanting to come forth.


It was too relaxing for Souji to even think of removing those fingers.


Resting atop his wet, silver strands was a curved chin that belonged to the affectionate person seated behind him, strong in form and mind. Souji noticed how demonstrative his brother was being right now, even more so than usual.


"Neee, Souji, do you think it was okay to leave Yosuke and Hibiki-kun alone? Yosuke must be freaking-out and Hibiki-kun will be sad. I should give them brownies tomorrow as an apology," murmured a husky voice, laced with sleepiness. Silvery eyes opened and contently watched with half-lidded hues as a finger, labeled with a black nail, traced itself upon his own prominent collarbone.


Before, Souji was even awkward about hugging his own brother. Now...


Was he becoming strange? Were they becoming strange?


"I also remember you mentioning last week that Yosuke's scooter got broken by someone jumping on it. Do you think he'd like it if I gave him my orange ducati? I'm not using it anyway."


A realization hit him, disrupting his comforting rest for just the moment only, as a slight, barely noticeable pout formed on his delicate lips. He had wanted that ducati, as childish as it may be.


"Don't pout. You can have the black or white one so you don't feel left-out. Happy, mister grumpy?"


Souji let out a soft breath, indicating his acceptance of the offer, and closed his eyes once again as he rested himself against his brother's hot, protective form. A feeling of bliss overcame him, and an ache formed itself deep within his chest, just like before. As painful as it felt, it wasn't completely unwelcoming.


A slight nudge to his lips forced a slow, voluntary parting of his lips, letting the tip of his tongue slide out. He runs his tongue along a tip of the treat, tasting it, before taking it all in.


It was sweet, and delicious. Just as expected of Theodore.


A niggling at the back of Souji's head was telling him that this was all wrong. That brothers their age don't bathe together, feed each other, kiss each other... be so close while in the nude.


"Such a spectacular way for a school year to begin, ne? But I didn't really mean for Hibiki-kun to be troubled. I just thought that he needed less troubles since he was already trying very hard to turn his life around. People like him deserves their second chances and people who can do something to help should do so. At least, that's what I believe," his brother said with a small laugh. It sounded faraway, like a dream of some kind.


Too tired and relaxed to even process most of what Alcor was saying, all Souji took notice of was another object caressing the edge of his lips. The male parted his lips once again, waiting for the brownie to take its place inside his mouth.


It never came.


Slight confusion etched itself into his mind, though forgotten when a voice had spoken up again.


"I hope Yosuke is not mad at me for taking you away the way I did. But I guess.. I kinda panicked.. because suddenly you two were there. Imagine my shock. But I suppose in the end, I find it okay because I got to see your emotions. I get to feel what's really behind your eyes."


Embarrassment consumed Souji's being, memories beginning to shine like the stars in the night sky, too bright to even dare to look away from. As the images began to resurface, a new flush also began to illuminate against his pale cheeks, merging with the redness that came with the temperature in the room. Images of rain, tears, trembling, running, the ocean, the sand, the drenched uniform, his brother's pain, his own words, the hugs, the kisses, that face, those lips, those eyes... Everything he had witnessed and felt all came racing back to him.


With his senses now tingling to abnormal heights, and his sleepiness all pushed aside, the light kiss to the back of his ear was enough to send a light shiver throughout all of his slender body. He noticed how flushed their bodies were together, how close they were in contact, how Alcor's skin felt against his own, how the places that he touched seem to burn.


Silvery eyes wandered. They drifted to the pale, muscular arms around him, the fingers on his collarbones, the long legs stationed beneath the water, and him seated in between them. A certain sensation was taking place deep inside his abdomen; a sensation's he's never once felt before. It clenched at his insides, the feeling foreign.


"Oh yeah!"


The loud shout startled Souji to action, enough to make him jump and swiftly turn his head around just as a certain male abruptly stood up, not a hint of bashfulness and in his all naked glory. In front of his widening, silvery eyes, and in very close proximity, laid something that was undoubtedly bigger than his own, much to his dismay. Even while flaccid, it was large, thick, and long. No one would doubt that his big brother here, was gifted with a generous endowment.


For the brief moment that Alcor still stood in front him, curiosity took over.


He stared, and observed in all the angles he could see within those brief few seconds.


The more intensely Souji stared, the more he noticed the details: the general color of it was tanner than the rest of the older man's milky white body, and the pubic area beneath the 'V' of his thighs was neatly trimmed, and revealed curly yet seemingly soft hair.


Then he got out of the tub, leaving Souji's eyes now staring at the wondrous physique that would leave most drooling in anticipation. Back broad, bottom taut, leg muscles slightly bulging with each stride...


A sudden twitch between his legs instinctively made him turn his head back around as quickly as he had done it before, nervousness and confusion consuming his being. Legs crossed over one another as an inherent reflex, the sensitive flesh being hidden from view, but only intensified as it was brushed and squeezed against his own wet, thigh muscles. Fast, continuous blinking ensued as the young teenager's body tensed, his muscles tightening, and precipitation forming against his skin, along with his soggy wet strands of hair clinging to his forehead.


With light, shallow gasps, Souji reared back slightly--just enough to straighten his back--and placed his own hand upon his right thigh, fingers gripping hard, and fingernails performing light scratches upon his delicate skin.


What was wrong with him?


This was wrong. All wrong.


A bead of sweat formed on Souji's temple and ran down the side of his cheek when the presence of another person appeared behind him. "Smells nice," a smooth voice announced, a loud splashing and water ripples soon followed, indicating that the cause of his 'problem' had returned.


"Your neck and shoulders get tense when you get emotional, ne? When you cried, when we were little, I used to massage them for you. Let me do that now too."

Let him do it for him now? He didn't think that was a good idea.


Not now. It will get worse.


Please, not now.


Warm, sticky hands began to touch him at the base of his nape, fingers flexing and squeezing his tense muscles, growing even more tense with each second that passed by. The viscous liquid slicked on his brother's insistent fingers slipped and slid against his burning and sensitized skin, thumbs moving around in circles and pressing at certain spots that made his mind go haywire.


"Don't tense. Just relax, Sou-ji," a husky voice whispered into his ear from behind following it a playful tone, as a shudder of his was almost unable to be contained.


An electrifying bolt of something soared from Souji's groan to the very peak of his skull like a sheet of lightning, and he impulsively reached down to cover his increasingly prominent desire, resulting in a large splash caused by the other hand that wasn't gripping his right thigh so hard it might have left a bruise. A faint gasp resounded as it escaped from his throat against his own will, a result of his own fingers doing the deed.


It twitched. It ached. It wouldn't go away. His stomach clenched, heating up with unwavering desire. He could feel it growing harder with each passing moment, with each press of a thumb against his nape, with each soft breath tickling his ear. Thighs clenched together, with a mind that said it was used to cover up, but a desire that said he needed that pressure against his arousal.


Souji leaned back into the toned chest of his brother's, feeling faint and lightheaded from the heat of the water, the heat of his body, the emotional day, and his pleasure ridden lower half. Closing his hazy silvery hues, he rested his head on Alcor's shoulder, facing the side of his neck, trying desperately to not tense, to relax, as he thought that it would also make that die down.


If he tried moved away, there was a hundred percent chance that he'd be found out. He hoped and prayed that the steam, water, his thighs, and his hand would suffice to cover up what he did not want the other person to see.


With his lips slightly parted, small gasps of pleasure laced with fatigue fell against the older man's pale neck. His fingers below the water were itching, not to cover, but to touch, to move. Slowly, a light, experimenting touch with his pointer finger to the tip was all he could muster, not realizing the damage that could be dealt to his body with just a touch.


Unable to control his own muscles as an explosion of white stars clouded his vision, Souji's back arched up towards the ceiling, releasing a breathy, luscious moan all the while. Eyes widening in utter surprise and shock at his own reaction, the younger male of the two felt the need to get away, to run away.


Alcor couldn't see him like this.


"B-brother, let me do it for you. You've also had a rough day."


Struggling to get up while being as discreet as could even in this unsavory state, Souji moved away from Alcor's body, removing his hands and fingers in the process, and placed himself on all fours. He would have stood up instead, but a risk couldn't be take at this rate. He began crawling, internally hissing at the water that slid between his legs, and once he's reached his goal, a forward push to Alcor's back was used to create more room for himself.


"Can you give me the oil?" It took his all to sound as coherent and composed as he thought he sounded.


But, he's safe.




He really was strange, wasn't he?

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'Is this table bolted to the floor because I’m about to flip it out of this window....'


This was Yosuke's thought as he stared at the table in the middle of the student council room and listened while Hibiki continued to speak in that mousy, quiet, reserved voice that was so…. Him.


“No, it’s not a consolation that you only killed people who supposedly deserved it. Not in the least bit. Do you know how many TV shows there are about people like that? Who only kill those who have done some kind of wrong? I can literally think of three right off the top of my head! Three, Hibiki!!”


Now that he sprouting nonsense, Yosuke decided it was best that he keep his mouth shut. There were no more words to be shared. There was no need for him to scream and yell any longer. At this point, he was even willing to accept that this was all a dream and he would wake up and tell Hibiki about said dream where he was a murderer with a past sketchier than Al Capone’s and they could laugh about it.


Wishful thinking.


After taking the umbrella from Hibiki, avoiding looking him in his eyes, Yosuke made his way to the front entrance of the building. The pair’s footsteps echoed through the empty halls and he remembered his thought from earlier about being trapped in a school with a murderer.


Oh, the irony. Oh the goddamn irony.


Part of him wondered why he should care at all. It was Hibiki’s problem really, not his. Yosuke could leave his dorm at anytime, in fact, if he felt so inclined, he could turn Hibiki in! For what, he didn’t know, but surely they could have traced him to something. Then Yosuke could forget this whole thing. He could forget ever knowing Hibiki, he could forget ever sharing a dorm with such a shady man, he could even forget this whole situation ever happened! He could go about his life, buy ice cream with Souji, do whatever the hell he wanted, not think about whatever just occurred tonight, and eventually... Put his smile back on.


More wishful thinking.


The smile that was so prominent on his face didn’t come back. Yosuke was used to smiling when he didn’t want to. His job required it, his unfortunate life required it. He liked making people happy. He could put aside his pain to make sure someone else wasn’t suffering. He could make them laugh, make them smile, make them momentarily forget anything bad could ever happen in this world. It was the one thing he prided himself on. The one thing he had going for him.


But his smile didn’t come back. He tried. He tried so hard to put on his brave face, to look at Hibiki, laugh at him, and tell him he wasn’t even mad. But he couldn’t.


His smile… It wouldn’t come back.


“You killed me, Hibiki,” he muttered as he opened the umbrella and stepped out into the rain, not bothering to offer the other teen even a portion of the small safehaven. “You’re a terrible person. You fucking killed me.”


They all did really. Eyes staring ahead without faltering, Yosuke allowed himself to be angry at anyone, everyone. Hibiki was his prime target, but then again, what the hell, Alcor?


'Sure, just leave in the middle of a serious situation, no that’s fine. I got this; I can handle this situation all by myself! I’m a big boy!'


And Souji… Well… Perhaps there was one person he couldn’t really be mad at. He wanted to. Oh, how he wanted to, but what did Souji do? He was a victim of circumstance just like Yosuke.


But at least he had Alcor. Yosuke was worried about them, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized he didn’t have to be. There couldn’t have been a better person for Souji to be with right now. He was sure that Alcor explained himself, that there would be tears, emotions flying, but in the end, they would be fine. Their love was unmatched. Alcor knew exactly what he was doing when he took Souji away, and Yosuke couldn’t be mad about that.


And Hibiki... Could he really be mad at Hibiki? Kind, dutiful, caring Hibiki? The same one who put up with Yosuke's nonsense, the same one who put up with him walking into the dorm at midnight because his shift ran on far too late? The same Hibiki who treated Yosuke with kindness that he had really only ever received from the Setas?


Like washing away the dirt and grime from the streets, the rain, whose reach could only extend as far as the umbrella protecting the young teen, washed Yosuke's mind of the negative emotions he was feeling to reveal only the truth.


'Why does life have to be so difficult?'


He stopped abruptly and though he refused to look at the other, he knew his words were carried by the wind and rain, suspended on the twisting, harsh air to the boy who was now as wet and pathetic looking as Yosuke was this morning.


"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said those things. You're not a terrible person. You're great. Fantastic. The fact that you turned your life around is proof that you’re an amazing person. You've always been there for me and you've always helped me. I really do like spending time with you. We're friends, you know? So… I'm sorry.... I’m sorry for hitting you and saying those awful things."


Finally, clutching to the umbrella like it was his last remaining lifeline, he turned to look the raven haired teen. Yosuke’s eyes that normally were so bright, full of life and joy, were now as lifeless as a doll, and yet filled with emotions that their owner couldn’t begin to name.


"Everyone deserves a second chance, right? If... If you promise to make sure nothing happens to me, I'll protect you too. I'll defend you. I'll vouch for you. Whatever you need."

A sign of a truce, or a sign of understanding, a sign of friendship, a sign of partnership… Yosuke didn’t know. But nevertheless to show Hibiki that he did care about him he took on the force of the storm above them. He took on the heavy, metallic raindrops. He sheltered Hibiki from the dangers of the wind and water by covering him with the too small umbrella.


They were both wet, but they both had felt the comfort of protection.


“We’ll share the burden.”

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Yet again, the secretary dared not to reply. As he would have thought, Yosuke said what had been on his mind. Killing was bad, even when the dying person was a criminal. But during his life there were many instances where he had to, just too safe his own gang. An eye for an eye they say. With people like that you couldn’t talk. It was either get killed or kill yourself. Bloodlust wasn’t easily lifted be it even for the smallest things. In his world you had to defend yourself even if that meant killing someone. It was like you were living in a middle aged world where robbers always tried to steal your belongings or rape you wife. Talking didn’t help, neither did reprimands. Before your wife got killed or you stand on the streets you would rather kill someone. But times changed. The normal society of the world saw killing as an evil deed, which it was. But they never looked at the situation. They were already if criminals died but if the killer even got ten feet closer they would run away, screaming bloody murder. Contracting in itself but that was how humanity was. How Hibiki was. Knowing that it was bad but also knowing that his gang or he could have died made the act less than evil. It was a necessary evil.


The offered umbrella was taken from him, not that he minded. Even seeing killing as the needed action to be done, Yosuke could very well turn Hibiki in. It was his right to do so and the raven wouldn’t even hate him for it. After all, if hadn’t tried to change his life he would have ended in a prison cell anyway. Deep in thoughts he only realised that they were at the front entrance when he felt water droplets hitting him in the face. Hibiki looked up at the darkened sky and switched towards Yosuke when the other muttered something. And it hurt. “I know….” he muttered, watching the other’s back as Yosuke walked ahead. He himself soon followed, a safe distance away. Rain pelted down on them and his clothing was slowly dragging him down with the added weight. Getting wet or not it didn’t matter. He actually felt better when the rain hit his face and body. Dripping wet, like a dog he followed Yosuke back to the dorm. The wind was freezing against his drenched body but he did not care.


The brown haired student soon stopped and Hibiki didn’t dare take a step closer so he stopped too. Cars were driving past them, the water splashing onto the sidewalk. His long hair even darker from the rain and hanging into his face. For a moment he was afraid what the other would do. Kaze Hibiki, afraid. Everyone that knew him would have laughed. But the spoken words anything but what he expected. It was almost like a dream, being accepted like any other person. So much like a dream that he couldn’t stop tears from slowly leaking. Yosuke accepted him, still hated him for the things he did probably but he tried to understand and that was more than enough to bring the strong secretary to tears. Or were they mere raindrops sliding down his face? Even he didn’t know but it just felt so…..warm at the moment. Not cold due to the storm but warm and cosy. Thankful. He was thankful towards Yosuke to take the burden of accepting him. To try and see his ‘new’ side and not just the dark façade lurking deep down.


His voice slightly coarse replied “I promise. I will do everything I can to make sure you aren’t involved if something happens. You have the right to be angry, I don’t blame you but……..thank you Yosuke. For at least caring.” His face showing a small and sad smile. Rain stopped pelting him because of the other’s offer. Hibiki never wanted to return back to that life but if a situation did indeed come up, and then he would make sure that he would drown alone and not take Hanamura with him or anyone else for that matter.


His right hand found the one holding the umbrella towards him and gently laid them on top of it. Before pushing the small protection towards the other again. “I am already more drenched than you. Keep the umbrella.” he said, not minding in the least if he didn’t have one. It was too late anyway. And though he saw the offer as a symbol, he did not want to stand under it. Main reason was because he finally noticed that he had been crying and wanted to hide it in the endless stream of water from above. Showing such soft emotions always felt strange, besides he didn’t want to burden the other with more than he already had. Even if the ‘shared the burden’ he could not help but want Yosuke to stay away from it. To stay safe. It reminded him a bit about what Alcor tried to do before. At that knowledge he released a slight laugh. Really, he shouldn’t have tried reprimanding the other if he did it himself just now. But now he knew that it was hard. Yosuke already told him his decision. So why can't he accept it? Why was it so hard to try and stay away from the other? It was easier for him to stay safe if he didn't invovle himself with Hibiki. Yet he did. And for that he felt greatful but also really scared. He did not want anything to happen to Yosuke or the Seta brothers yet he can't stay away from them. It was confusing and he didn't know which side to follow.


Yet he walked ahead, going back to the dorm. The bag with the scarf safetly tugged unders his coat to not get it all to wet and his school back slung over his shoulder. The scarf can't get wet, neither should Yosuke. A protectiv streak already beginning to show.

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[08:25 P.M.]


It began with a small jolt at the base of Alcor's nape. When he'd stood and retrieved the massage oil, he'd felt eyes on him, felt it like a scratching caress that left his skin tingling and breaking-out in sweat, but he'd chalked it up on the steam and the heat of the room, acted like what he selfishly asked for wasn't beyond the line of normal societal norm. But touching had always felt good, calming and reassuring. Then the silverete had leaned back, body flush with the older's and head resting on a broad shoulder, panting puffs of breath escaping pink soft lips and licking the base of his tense neck.. then.. then Alcor felt himself flush, lightning rocketing up and down his spine and letting magma boil in the pit of his stomach, only to trickle down and slowly, tortuously enflame everything below.


And Souji just had to deliver the punchline; gasping out a moan that echoed in the entirety of the tiled room and arching up, his body bending in that rapturous curve, as he surreptitiously -not really- teased the slit of his hard member.


At the sight, Alcor went from half hard to glaringly-water-parting hard so quickly in such a very short time that he went dizzy with barely contained desire.


And then Souji, the little innocent minx that he was, fucking crawled, ass lifting out of the water as he gave his big brother a what might have been an unconsciously clouded look. And Alcor couldn't help but just remember.


- - - [september of Third Year] - - -


Darkened blue eyes stared at him from under thick lashes, soft red lips stretched obscenely around his throbbing arousal while perky pinkish bottom lifted just that bit higher as two of Alcor's fingers pushed in a quivering hole. He groaned, the tip of his cock rubbing and sliding down the back of a velvety throat, soft muffled moans vibrating around his length as his fingers parted only to push back in and out again.


"Hah.. senpai.." Came the breathy groan as his erection was released, slapping wetly against a blissed-out face and twitching at the onslaught of a running tongue.


Alcor grunted, leaning back and pulling his fingers out with an audible schlick before lying down completely and letting the first year turn so that he could straddle the white-head's chest. Wet heat swallowed him once more, eager mouth sucking and bobbing around his cock like it was some decadent treat. Pale ass swished to and fro in front of his nose, stretched and glistening hole winking at him under the bright light. He went harder at the sight, a moan of approval from below echoing around the room. Black-nailed fingers lifted, clutching soft globes of flesh, squeezing before letting his thumbs part them even further; revealing erotic pink inside. Then his tongue went out to give it a taste just as another powerful moan vibrated around his cock.


It felt so good, licking such a usually hidden and private place. Warm softness feeling wonderful around the few inches that was his tongue. Loved how his partner just went vocal and incoherent as he licked his insides out. Felt himself get even harder as the ass he was feasting on was pushed back to his mouth just as eagerly.


"Aah.. senpai...yes! Fuck me!.. hah.." Was the slurred words, hot breath panting out along the length of his twitching dick, flushed cheek pressed just beside it. "So good.. I'm gonna come.. gonna -"


- - - [Present] - - -


Alcor stifled a groan at the unwanted images, at the inappropriately timed reminder that he had an analingus kink. Souji had better hide that ass before he-


And thankfully, his brother did as he went behind him to apparently return the massaging favor. But then realization that Souji would undeniably see his poking erection was slow to come and too late to do anything about since the silverete was already behind him. Alcor stayed still, mind reeling and evidently crashing at the mere idea that he was hard in his little brother's presence where said little brother was just as equally suffering the same problem. That was bad, wasn't it? Because of how Souji's personality worked, he knew that a random erection wouldn't just pop out of nowhere. No. This was caused by him.. and evidently, the opposite was also true. So they had boners because of each other.


Did that mean that they at least found each other sexually attractive? Alcor didn't understand, but then the entire day had been filled with too much emotions and physically weakening mental stress. And now this. Beyond the slowly blooming flush of arousal/embarrassment, Alcor found himself thinking if this was some sort of way how their bodies coped and released stress.. maybe.. maybe it was okay.. okay to touch and release so that their bodies could relax and rest. That was what endorphins did, right?


Nothing had to change, he tells himself. This would just be two very close brothers helping each other out to cope with the difficulties of the day. Somehow that sounded questionable, but for the few minutes he'd been still and silent, his fingers had itched to touch. And he needed that rectified.. right that fucking second.


So he turned and pulled Souji unceremoniously on his lap, pressing their now prominent erections flush.


"Souji." He murmured, one hand snaking behind the silverete and resting just above the curve of his ass, grip tight in case the younger decided to bolt. "Let me help you with that." Was what he said last before being followed by a soft muffled moan as his free hand went to circle around both their erections.


It feel oh so good, rubbing their cocks together; the feeling of another equal hardness against his making him shiver and sending his skin into delighted goosebumps. It had been so long since he last did this, be with someone or touch himself. Then he began to pump, hand rough and fast, going up and down with water splashing around. Souji was slim and pale pink in Alcor's hand, maybe bigger than normal but nothing compared to what the eldest was like; massive and veined, pulsing along its long neck and dripping clear fluid at the slit. Where Alcor was all hard and prominent muscles, Souji was slender and lithe; almost thin due to lack of exercise, nearly pretty but more handsome than anything.


The hand resting on Souji's lower back quested downwards without any notice from the owner, index and middle fingers sliding between two soft cheeks and under the hot water to probe the silverete's hole. It twitched and Alcor involuntarily squeezed their cocks together as he released a desperate whimper at how intense the want to penetrate came unto him. His resistance left him winded, panting soft breaths and sating the coursing need by rubbing the tips of his fingers against the hidden taint but never pushing past the imagined pink rim.


He wondered then, no matter how vehemently another part of him protested, how Souji would look like on his lap, hole stretched wide and red around his impaled cock. How his indifference must break as he pushed all of himself inside, filled his brother with cock until he's sobbing at how full he would feel. He'd probably leave scratches on Alcor's shoulders too, deep and perhaps bleeding, and for someone who disliked such marks in bed, he found himself not minding the thought. Then Souji would shout, head tilting back and mouth opening wide, saliva leaking at the edges of his lips as Alcor gave the first gentle pull and unforgiving push. And Alcor slowly broke at how he just wanted such thoughts to happen. But it was so, so wrong. Such an unforgivable taboo that he'd gotten an imaginary taste of. Got him addicted that he began to crave the real thing.


So he shook his head, moaning silently at a particularly rough pump, and locked those thoughts away before throwing the keys somewhere in the recesses of his mind, hopefully never to be found. He'd already committed a lot of sins. He wouldn't drag Souji with him. The hero needed to be pure.


"Hah..you're just as hard as me, Souji..Nn.." Was Alcor's breathy observation laced with pleasure-filled moans and groans. It was so sublimely good he couldn't stop..would only stop after..would forget and keep his brother clean because Alcor was now filthy beyond belief.


He took in Souji's appearance, silvery eyes mapping the blooming reactions before slowly descending on pink parted lips, saving them and never to see again. They looked soft, plump.. ripe.. ready to be eaten. But Alcor resisted -barely, by the very tips of his fingernails- and instead licked his own lips, tip of his tongue staying out and just tingling to have that forbidden taste.


At least he won't cross that line, no matter how far he'd already breached. For that small confined time, he could pretend that his heart wasn't beating a million miles a minute.. that he was just helping out his brother release some tension.. that he wasn't dying to get a taste of those tempting lips.. that he wasn't thinking of taking him then and there and making him just as filthy as he was.. that he was normal and wasn't already thinking of a second time..


He could pretend.


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