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Dear Members,


OK, so this may sound really lame, but I am clueless and have searched around on Google, but can't find the answer.


So I wanted to DL the Hua Hua You Long manga. I went to 4shared and tried to, but instead of a RAR or a Zip file, I kept downloading an exe file which my virus software immediately red-flagged and insisted upon tossing into the vault.


So, are they viruses, or is there something that I am missing about downloading from 4shared.


BTW, I have DLed torrents, and usually there is a dud virus link. But there is also usually a genuine link. These files, when you run your mouse over the link, say that they are zip or rar files, but dl as exe...



Thanks in advance!!


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well actually i'm not sure with this. since i never experince this problem with 4shared. usually the exe is some kind software (or something i don't even know lol i'm sorry) but i ever tried download the exe. it's just some place where you actually will download the real file u.u


are you already login to 4shared? click the download? then waiting 20 sec? i'm clueless with what happened because 4shared is the easiest to download.


i'm sorry it's didn't help at all u.u

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When you go to 4shared, you need a registration in order to download. Once you enter the download link page (logged in), you press this button of all 'downloads' (image 01), then it redirects you to wait 20 seconds, though you have to press once again on 'free download' so the seconds are counted down (image 02).


Samples in spoilers.







Best regards,


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