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Kami-sama no Iutoori (Moegi Yuu) Updates!


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[ UPDATES; source


So after being on a sick leave for months,

Moegi Yuu updated her twitter. Just checked it now.

It seems that there will be a pre-release of the chapters

up until now. Scheduled as follow:

- issue drap5 [May] (chapters 1-2)

- issue drap6 [June] (chapters 3-4)


And there is planned
chapter 5th for issue drap7 [July]

So yey, the continuation of the manga is green-lit.

I hope plans won't change and we will greet chapter 5th

in drap 7th release on July!

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  • 3 weeks later...



PF! Man, who is ready for some hotness?

I just checked Yuu-sensei's twitter page, and damn!





ダメだ~~集中力が12時間くらいしか保たない~~~('、3_ヽ)_ 同時進行で塗ってるお尻置いていきますね…


Not good~! Not able to keep my focus up for around twelve hours! ('、3_ヽ)_ Gonna try and adjust* his butt quick, ne...


Note: I think she is not satisfied how it is and shall be working on it/drawing/ quickly, probably due to deadline.

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