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Please Read Before Requesting an Anime Re-upload


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1. First of all, make sure you have checked all the links (on all pages) in the anime download thread.



2. The title of your re-upload request thread should be like this 'Re-upload [Anime Title] Anime'. For example, if you want to ask for Dash re-upload, the title should be: Re-upload Dash Anime.


3. In the re-upload request thread, make sure you include the link to the anime download thread that had all links expired.


4. State what exactly is wrong in the original download thread:

- all the links are broken

- the host doesn't work in your country

- the download works, but after the download is complete, the file is broken/ returns an error (state which error)

- state exactly which chapters/episodes don't work



Note: Re-upload request threads that contain only a link to the download thread without specifying what's wrong won't be taken care of as it takes us a lot of time to go through all links on all pages of the download threads in order to figure out what might be wrong if it's not stated.

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