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死の絶望 [Re-release of 50SoD].

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Note: The chapter includes sex scenes. If you dislike 18+ content, you can skip it.


Beats echoed in his eardrums slowly rising on their own pace, until his lips parted to exhale a shaky breath. Since when his heart was there,beating? From the moment he's forsaken God, from the moment he took these dark gloves accepting their duty weight, he convinced himself – such useless things as emotions and feelings, sensations and justifications were of, after all, no need. Jaropht's remembrance of his self-made rule shook off the affection he got across his neck from that damned angel's lips. With everything he had left as determination, the male pushed his body backwards to swing an arm and shoo off at Samael.

- Get a hold of yourself! I told you once before, get lost. I really hate that part of you, and more than that I hate to repeat myself! - the butler's eyes strictly tried to stay glued to Samael's; else an inch avert would get him the best view he'd ever image to see, a beautiful and tempting body like no other. That wouldn't be easy to ignore, would it?

- So you really hate me? - the silver gaze called for 'truth' and Jaropht couldn't escape it unless he avoided the angel's stare with an obvious remark.

- That's not what I meant... - frowning under his bangs, the male reached hand to grab onto his other forearm. The posture somehow requested of an embrace yet spoke of his fear to be held.

- Then, look at me in the eyes, Luis. Say what you meant. - fully aware that the other knew that absolute creatures like God, Death, Set and Samael couldn't be lied to.

- I don't know what I mean! - raising his voice unknowingly, he looked like a child stomping onto floor asking to be spoiled, - You always joke around, tease and act like nothing matters... how am I to know what matters to you, Samael? Does really nothing matter? Then am I just a cat-teaser for you? It's just...annoying...


Samael's eyes shifted as his gaze sharpened, and his lips never drew the ever so teasing grin he'd usually use in such situations. Nor he made a joke out of the male's sincere feelings. It was too silent and it got Jaropht nervous.

- Say somethi-... - just about to yell out another 'request', Samael spoke by low voice.

- What if I tell you that I never joked with you? What if I tell you that my teases were the only way I could convey the pure truth? And all that matters in this very moment is you, Luis?


With such a blunt 'confession' coming from that deceiving creature, Jaropht was fighting the crimson color on his face. His skin was too pale to be allowed any other color take over it, just not now, not in front of Samael – so he thought.

- Hah... Is that how you use the so called 'pick up lines'? I am no woman, no need to tickle my ears, you know. - as ever poisonous in his words, the butler glanced to the door knob. Wasn't it for the best to leave? The signals he always sensed off Samael, well, they were 'coming back'.

- Oh? - with a lift of eyebrow Samael followed the male's gaze to the door knob knowing very well what the other was thinking, - So you want me to beat around the bush not?


The floor creaked with a step made forth, the angel gestured to close in the distance again.

- So it be, then. - another step closer, which made Jaropht's pulse race again; if his body temperature weren't low he'd be breaking in a cold sweat by now, - I like to fuck them deep.


The very first sentence sent a flinch to Jaropht's body. What was he saying? Of all times now he decided to rub in his face how many people he's fucked? What an asshole!

- Shut up! - turning around once again for the door knob, he was determent to leave this room, right now. He wished to listen no more to Samael's bull. But like a replay, the slam against the opening door closed it with a puff. The angel's chin was brushing against Jaropht's shoulder as his low and yet somehow passively aggressive voice continued.

- And I like to hear them scream. Each time I feel them close to losing their mind, I screw them harder. Hard enough to make them mute and unconscious.


Jaropht's insides felt under attack, he was feeling sick. Why his whole being felt so weak right now? Why Samael was so cruel; he sought some kind of revenge for always being brushed off? Was it so fun to play with him? Jaropht's body started trembling as his eyes felt too wet but he blinked not for the tears threatened to roll off,

- Shut it...you..bastard...telling me... - his grip around the door knob loosened and so his voice started losing its strength. For ages he kept his feelings out of reach, there, hanging on some cliff; neither dead yet neither alive. But when it came to Samael, it was hard to push them off the edge.

- But Luis, all I see while I penetrate the next whore is your innocent and pure body struggling underneath me. So you liked not pretty words, but all I could have offered to stain you not was the teases. When in fact, I...,by all means, want to blemish you.


Mute sniffs as Jaropht dropped his gaze to the floor, watching his feet in pair with the bare ones from behind him, he was afraid to move even an inch.

- Show me your face, Luis. - with a tilt of chin, Samael tried to take a peek from the male's side though his hair bangs hid the embarrassed expression of his.

- No.. - with an attempt to move to side, as further as he could, his arm was captured as his chest clashed into Samael's firm once his body was forced to turn around. Their fronts glued together and it was impossible for him to break away from the grip of the Prince. The crimson spread even more, Jaropht could feel the heat straight into his crotch. That, he avoided. He knew very well that if he grew conscious of that body and even more if Samael's excitement, he'd better as well dig a hole in the ground and hide. It was awkward, embarrassing, and he was too timid in nature.

- Are doing you..what!? - misordering all of his thoughts, his speech abilities seemed to fail.


The angel chuckled softly as ran his hand across Jaropht's back, reaching down for his derriere. And since the other had no where to hide or run to, he just buried his face into the bandaged chest of the angel. His scent lured him under some bizarre spell, the shorter male's arm relaxed in Samael's grip as his own body urged for more of the contact. He was really contradicting himself, but whenever it came to Samael it was natural. He also, secretly, has wished to be held. But he felt so miserable to ask for it. And yet, right now his body language spoke the best.


Deep breaths ended into Samael's body, as he felt the palm explore his body from behind. It seized his butt cheek, then caressed his thigh up to the hip. And once it 'found' the brim of his shirt, skillfully made its way for underneath.

- Nnn.. - leaning further with his forehead pressing into Samael's firmness, his lower part moved forth to brush against the angel's exposed erection. Once Jaropht felt the hard-on pulsing against his pants, his eyes shot open and his chest felt tight. Just when about to move away like a scaredy cat, Samael pulled at the captured arm.

- Where to, Luis? I ain't letting you go until morning. - the angel's hand moved upwards under Jaropht's shirt as made a step forth which forced the other walk backwards, towards the bed. His captured hand clenched into a fist just to prevent it from trembling. Samael wasn't supposed to see how nervous he was, even if it meant to hide fingers in a fist, even if it made him look disgusted or about to punch him – he had to hide it from the Prince's eyes. When he rose chin and saw the grin across Samael's lips , it was like a short version of “You can't hide from me, Luis”. Taken aback Jaropht failed to register that they walked to the bed, and his calves felt its frame before he fell backwards onto the big bed. The angel naturally took the position on top, hovering over his own 'prey'. His long hair length gently “fell” like “waterfall” on each side of Jaropht, and his hand still under the shirt to have it travel even upper until he lifted the shirt to the chest level.

- S-Samael.. - with his fist still clenched, his voice cracked a false note when nervously called out the male's name, - … Please..I...


The damned angel ignored the plead, lowering down onto Jaropht's chest to take in his mouth a pale pink nipple. How many times he imagined that, and now he had the full right to enjoy it, to enjoy everything – from taste to sensations, from scent to moans. Samael's tongue rolled around the reddening nipple that soon perked up in his mouth. The hand that kept fighting him for the good one-minute nipple play slowly relaxed, as Jaropht's irregular breathing kept wrestling with the need to let his voice out. His shoulders shrugged slightly up, trying to 'save' his sensitive nipple from the abusing. With a tilt of chin upwards his head sank lightly into the bed's mattress, a groan escaped him.

- Stop... bit-...ah.. - before he could finish the next pleaded 'order', Samael tugged gently with his teeth the already hard nipple.


The silver eyed male glanced to the flushed face of the other, showing mercy for the nipple just to move to his next goal. Lips crashed together, the angel's mouth savored any air left as he felt the trembles underneath his body. Jaropht's captured hand already gave in as relaxed onto the bed, his own body started pressing into Samael's. In the passionate waltz of their tongues, Jaropht was too dazed to notice that the hand which held his arm no more has moved lower, teasing the zipper down to have the male's privates bared. And Samael had to be damned if he missed the image of that so strict and neat man being messed, disordered and blemished.


Samael broke the kiss, short pants causing the chest under his to raise and fall. His eyes quickly captured the sight of Luis half bared and half covered body. His flushed face matching the color of his reddened lips and nipple. Samael's hand reached up to slide thumb across his own lips, the bewitched smirk unraveled after the gesture, he really enjoyed it.


Jaropht's hazy eyes looked up, his hand gestured upwards as in delirium he was about to ask for more. But once he saw his own palm up, the reality hit him. Quickly he swung his fragile and yet elegant gloved hand to slap the other cheek of the angel. What he was doing? What actually he wanted? Whatever it was, he had no time to figure it out. Stunned by his own actions, Jaropht just retreated his hand, eyes averting to side. He just slapped the man he desired the most, and that being said, in a very compromising pose where that very man was nude and erect.


Senselessly scared to pits of his stomach, Jaropht held his breath ready to have Samael's wrath reveal the angel's true name for it really meant 'heavens wrath'. But instead his ears detected the low chuckle, as if the Devil himself cracked. With a stolen glance he saw Samael's broken bottom lip bleed as his silver gaze pierced through his very being.

- Who would have imagined you are into such a play, Luis. - with no delay Samael's hand easily ripped the pants off Jaropht. It almost made the other yelp from the surprise.

- What are you..! You beast! - frowning up, he shrugged backwards to the bed's board reaching for the sheets to gather them up towards himself but a harsh tug voided him off them.


A silent chuckle drummed lightly inside Samael's throat when both of his hands pinned Jaropht's against the bed's board in a very jarring manner. It made the other flinch and wonder of his wrists were still there, rather if his bones survived the slam.

- That really hurt. - his dry lips barely allowed his voice to raise, yet gave away how much he was burning from within; he desired Jaropht and that slap was like oil in fire, triggering his urges to take on a very brute form. It wouldn't be even surprising if he fucked him senseless – and just when Jaropht agreed to follow and test his limits not, the rubs of length against length sent a shiver up his spine. He was so absorbed and focused on Samael, that he didn't even notice his own erection.

- Ah... - his back glued to the bed's board as the stinging pain around his wrists started to fade away; the kiss of their tips now and then made his abdomen tense, how he wished to stroke himself but Samael's hand lock allowed him not. All he could rely on was whenever the angel felt like rubbing against him.

- Nn... - a slight nod of chin, he glanced down to the contact between his spread legs. It was hard to move in that position, in fact he couldn't even use his hips to press against Samael who had it easy on his knees, - Sam...


The wicked angel's lips stretched lightly as he watched delighted the struggles of the other. He knew very well how to stir down that 'strict mask' of his. Another tug followed and he pulled the male off the corner to throw him in the mid of the huge bed. As soon Jaropht flopped down onto his stomach, he felt a hand slide against his derriere. It squeezed, and then pulled demonstratively to spread his butt cheeks. - N-..Wha-! Samael! - attempting to turn around his shoulder was slammed down with a strong hold pinning him into the bed though his butt was in the air.

- You are pretty beautiful, Luis. - a teasing voice came from behind the male which made him feel embarrassed.

- Idiot! Don't..talk to my...ngh...! - not even able to finish his sentence, he buried face with embarrassment into the mattress, god he swore he felt like dying.


Many thoughts crossed his mind. Be it from how to survive the night with this beast to how to not let his pride ruined. And in between the maze of his own fleeting thoughts, he felt a warm and wet trace across his entrance. It felt good enough to jolt his body, as his chin rose from the mattress to let his yelp audible.

- AH! W-what are you..?! - not even needing to fight with Samael's grip on his hips to turn around and see, he knew very well where the angel's lips traced right now. Not only the position gave it away but even the damp sounds he could hear each time the warm tongue probbed bits by bits into him. He was getting penetrated, wasn't he!? The very thought made him nervous and yet oddly excited. His fingers “clawed” at the mattress as his brows frowned gently, whatever the angel was doing with his behind – it felt damn good.


Jaropht's lips entrapped another moan, muting it down his throat. He could survive this night, all he had to do was to be quiet and... secretly enjoy. Convinced that the night would pass quick and before he knew it'd be morning, his forehead leaned fully against the bed as his hips moved on their own. All would end in a blink of an eye, he even gestured down to stroke himself, 'the faster the better'. But angels 'rewarded' the selfishness not. With a pull of tongue, Samael's mouth left the tight passage still twitching; but more importantly, he imprisoned the 'naughty' hand of Jaropht's behind his back.

- “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you”- whispering into the butler's ear, Samael quoted a known line from the Bible, for it ranked the other to a soul in the hands of an Angel.


Hearing the quote Jaropht's hips trembled, was he so easy to manipulate? Lips dried quickly, his breathing was getting harsher. And if it weren't for the pose on knees, he'd be probably thrusting into the mattress by now to get off, but that cruel creature behind him kept his lower part up. The wriggling soon stopped when he felt a smooth yet reaching deep into him thrust. Samael's hand kept moving forth, his slender fingers scissoring on and off inside Jaropht, to spread his tightness. All the sounds and the images he got in head, of how he looked right now, drove Jaropht to a break-down.

- Stop it... it's...not..nice... Don't look there... - with a few tugs he tried to fee his grasped hand from behind his back.

- It's not nice? - with a very gently note in his voice, Samael questioned if the other really thought so; after all he was literally leaking and staining the sheets with precum...just from two fingers up his insides.

- … - mute to the question, Jaropht buried face once again in the mattress, his shoulder-blades contracted from the shrug with shoulders, small trembles gave away his fear of what was to follow.


The angel's eyes moved from the sight of the fragile man shivering beneath to the hand that thrust senseless into him. With a twist he buried his slender fingers into Luis' prostate, scrapping harshly to make him scream into the bed which even so echoed around the room.

- Not...-ngh-re... - biting on his own words, his body lost strength and leaned to side, feeling the heat off the angel's body. With his eyes wide open, Luis glanced to side, feeling the hard member of Samael brush against his thigh, - ...What..are you...don't you dare..!!


With a slide out then a push forth, Samael replaced the fingers with something quite thicker. And wishing not to tear the male in two, he paused to mid-way with a groan,

- .. Relax, you're to cut it off, Luis.. - as painful as Jaropht felt it, Samael leaned forth keeping his balance on one arm against the mattress.

- Who...relax...idiot...you try to...take it up the-..angh! - disturbed by another push, he felt his stomach getting filled. It was a feeling he never felt, just like a knife driving into him, but not only cutting – it felt as if he was getting smashed from the inside. Jaropht's own breathing was about to choke him, it was too painful to bear.

- ...uis...Luis.. - barely hearing Samael's voice he assigned once again his presence; the angel gently caressed his side up to the ribs, scooping him from beneath with a palm set on chest.

- Ah-ngh! - once he was lifted in a sitting position, feeling the chest from behind his back, he dropped gaze down. His stomach felt hammered and he bet, it was up to the hilt. He didn't even need to check himself, the pulsing and sore entrance ring could barely relax around the thickness of Samael's cock.

- Relax and breathe, I will do it slowly. - reassuring the male, Samael slid his hand from the butler's chest down to his thigh, stroking it from the inner side, - Spread your legs wider, Luis.

- Like..hell..I will... - reaching for the angel's hand, he clawed at it with his gloved fingertips, - Let me go...it hurts..

- It hurts for me, too. Relax, please. - Jaropht's ears were caressed by the angel's gentle voice and more of it, the gentle plead he heard. If someone told him that Samael pleaded, he'd never believe it. But when he was the one pleaded to, it somehow made him feel special. Was he special, really?


With the flush on face once again, Luis leaned forth to reach one hand and set it from behind, on top of the angel's thigh, as his legs spread lightly.

- Nnn... - shivering once the passage relaxed and felt the pulsing length freely rub around his inner walls, Jaropht's lips locked tight. With his body weight balanced by the angel's strength, he was easily controlled. Be it to move back or forth, he couldn't fight nor take control over Samael's thrusts.


With a very smooth and yet deep push, Jaropht felt the hardness retreat for another deep and slow thrust. His body contracted all possible muscles but left his entrance relaxed. Who knew that doing that could make you sweat like no tomorrow! The male's hair edges started sticking to his cheeks, his back feeling the tickles of sweat drops and just when he felt so dirty and disgusting, he felt Samael's tongue drive upwards his spine. It made him jolt up which though got him sit firmly aback and take the angel's length up to the hilt.

- AH! Ngh-ah! You...licked me! - stating something obvious made Samael chuckle by his husky voice. For a second Jaropht wondered if he ever heard that kind of voice off Samael's lips.

- Your sweating back is too tempting.

- ..That's...ngh.. - with the need to remark how disgusting it was, he was interrupted by another deep thrust. Was it just him, or the thrusts were getting more frequent? It made him breathe harder and harsher.


Samael's forehead leaned forth, pressing against the male's back as his strong arms kept helping Luis move down and upwards onto his member. With a clench of his jaw, he barely could manage to control his urge to screw him harder.

- Luis... - with a brute squeeze around the male's hips, he felt like breaking him in two. And the sweet energy he received through the Albus threads was another add-on to his 'madness'. The angel shifted as made the other flop flat onto the mattress.


Jaropht's arms pressed into the bed as if to do a push-up and question what the other was thinking of doing, pushing him so suddenly off! But with a little time in hand, the butler felt a harsh and abrupt thrust that felt like glued him to the bed; off all spots had Samael to dart exactly the prostate? Jaropht bit his bottom lip, muting his scream.

- Ngh! - the muted sounds kept crashing into Luis' throat, each next thrust came too hard and too deep for him to even complain.


On the verge of crying, whether from pain or pleasure he couldn't even distinguish, he had his body shifted to side, having his leg hopped on top of the angel's shoulder. The brief pause he got was enough for him to panic. What was that pose now, having his legs wide open and on top of it being laid on his hip for Samael to see everything.

- Not.. not like this..not this pose...Samael! - but the angel's eyes were too sharp, he felt swallowed by their magnetism. With his hand reaching down to cover his own erection, Jaropht had it brushed off that place, as if they weren't his own privates!

- Don't hide from me. I want to see everything you are, Luis.

- Wha-..? - with a flinch he rose his voice when Samael resumed the thrusts, they switched from shallow deep to slow grinds. Each time he had his walls rubbed with force he felt like he was to pee himself. Was he a kid; how come he felt like peeing from just some rubs? With the lame remarks in his head, he could barely follow any logic anymore.


Samael's body leaned forth, making his thrusts more sturdy. They were harsh enough for Luis to let his voice freely; the tip of his member started leaking, as his hand urged down to stroke himself. And gladly this time he wasn't restricted. The angel was generous enough to let him jerk off while getting his behind literally messed with rectal fluids, blood and soon was about to be well filled with the angel's come.

- Ngh-ha... - Jaropht's eyes slid close, his hand accompanied with Samael's free one in each and next jerked gesture. His glance was abused by harsh rubs; Samael really knew where to press and how hard to do it.


The butler's mind was blanked, his body pressing on its own against the other male's, encouraging the angel to increase the pace and its thrust variations that in the end got to be brutally sharp and deeply jabbed. Samael's hand moved from between the male's legs upwards to capture Jaropht's jaw and crash their mouths together in an aggressive yet passionate kiss. With the last two strokes Luis came so hard that the tip of his reddened length felt like burning, though nothing could numb the burning feeling coming from his entrance. It was a squishy and wet one, yet the still pulsing and coming cock of Samael kept grinding into the male's prostate making the other spurt more of what was left as liquid. If he was teased more into the spot, he swore he was to pee himself.

- S-Samael...stop...don't...th-..ah- silenced by a last strong thrust as if he was being claimed by the angel, Jaropht's body jerked abruptly with an arch of back.

- Didn't..I say...I ain't letting you go until morning, Luis.. - with deep low voice that made short breathing-pauses, Samael reminded his very own vow.


So after all, he really was a beast. Jaropht's hazy eyes glanced to the male with his body trembling from all the different sensations going throughout his whole being. And if he said he wanted it to end, it'd be a lie. He was sure that the one being stained wasn't him but Samael, for Jaropht always longed that beautiful angel. And yet, once the morning would come he'd blame him; who was the unfair one, he wondered.

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A choice with no regrets.


There were times when I wished to be a human, and there were such when I wished to be not. Frankly enough, I don't find affection towards any race, for I am not allowed to have 'preferences'. It wasn't pain, nor loneliness but truth that had me undone. Truth knows no love and no hatred, it is the neutral state where everything comes to the point of equality. And equality exists only in nothingness. If I could, just a for day, be a human again I wonder... I wonder on many things, but mostly, how does it feel to fear Death, to love Life and to pray to a god. For when humans find despair or by means despair finds them, they pray to a god. But, tell me human, whom shall a god pray to?


The sun was too curious that day, not a single cloud dared to get in its way. Despite being Spring, it felt like the beginning of Summer. Death and Shirahane were like usual on 'duty' somewhere to West in Greece. Even though it was warm not a single flush appeared on Death's pale face but Shirahane could indeed notice something he would never imagine could be possible – a drop slid down the damned god's neck, for a surprise, he was sweating.


- Death? - with a pitch up in his voice he tilted head, looking up at the taller man.

- … - with a mute glance to Shirahane, the Albus god averted his attention to the other.

- Are you okay? I mean...you sure you are not hot in this... - looking from up to down, he found it normal to sweat especially when wearing a long and dark coat, plus he had gloves - ...Er...clothing...?

- … - with a frown slightly between his brows Death loosened his necktie before a sigh escaped him, - It's certainly hot today, isn't it?


Shirahane would have nodded if it weren't for the odd behavior of Death ever since the morning. He was more distant and quiet than usual. As if something were bothering him. In such moments he thought that he was pretty much useless, if only Jaropht were with them. Speaking of Jaropht, he hasn't seen him for some days. Wasn't he supposed to return any time soon?

- Say...where is Jaropht?


The damned god kept walking, taking a turn to a more darker street where he could avoid the sun. But he didn't reply. Was he too much in thoughts or he pretended he didn't hear? Gin had no guts to be pushy with Death, so he preferred to pretend he never asked. Actually, he had so many things he wanted to ask the Albus god. Too many, be it about his name, or about silly things like what he used to like to eat or why he disliked so much dwarfs. But none of these questions ever left his lips. He didn't particularly feared dying if he annoyed him too much or something, it was just... he felt like too much of a bother as it was now.


Looking down at his feet while walking, Gin kept debating on different things which every and each was related to Death. Since when he started letting that man fill his thoughts? It would never be enough, he felt like had to know everything about him. But thing was, he had no reason to. Besides, wasn't it just normal to reason yourself before a creature like Death when asking something? The Albus god was like a book you don't pick because of the glossy and elegant cover which actually was pretty true, but for such a book we spoke, it was a hard read. And surely many would give up on the very first page. Shirahane chuckled at his own thoughts and rose eyes from the ground to freeze. His eyes quickly wandered from left to right, when did he get separated from Death!? He was so much enjoying different theories in his mind that he forgot to throw a glance or two to where they were going.


“Shit! Wasn't it impossible to be separated!?”, with the panic taking place within, Gin rose his hand, swinging it from side to side, the sensation of the jurar was there, for sure. But he had no idea how exactly 'long' was that jurar.


“Just great! I got lost...!”, only the stomp with foot was missing to complete his childish behavior. The male was pretty much leaning with one hand against the street wall, cursing in his mind, “Now what? I can't possibly scream on streets 'Death, come out!' or 'Death, where are you?' … Had he to leave me behind? Goddammit...”


With a discontent click of tongue he shifted and let his shoulder bump onto the wall as he left his body lean against it, “Well, I guess staying here is the wisest choice. If he went somewhere, sooner or later the jurar will get him back here, right? Oh! I know! I can follow the jurar!” With an optimistic puff of cheeks, Shirahane moved forth his hand, staring at mid-air while chanting in mind, “Appear, appear, appear! Come on, appear!”


But no matter how many times he chanted or swung his hand, the jurar wasn't truly visible for his eyes. He started wondering when and why he could see that chain. Was it only when Death wished so? Or when he was kind of close? Soon after the questions in his mind doubled, he gave up with a frown on face. The mortal slid down against the wall, embracing his knees.


“He is so selfish...He does whatever he wants.. I know he is powerful enough to have the privilege but...why he did even save me? To kill some time with me...hah...'to kill', how that suits him..”


Shirahane could barely notice his own loneliness caused by nothing but Death's lack of presence. Whenever the damned god disappeared, he felt so empty and so alone. Just when he felt his eyes wet he felt a pair of another stab through his body from the far street corner . Shirahane rose chin and briefly did he catch the figure of a small child. As soon as their eyes met, the beautiful doll-like kid ran off. If it weren't for the odd feeling that he knew that child, Shirahane would most probably ignore the curiosity. But that long and golden hair, where did he see it before?


With an abrupt raise he got up on feet to dash after the kid.

- Wait! I won't harm you--!! - not really claimed to have the needed stamina for chasing, Gin started panting harshly. Why did the child run? Shirahane didn't really have any suspicious aura around him, nor he was a macho-man to scare the kids away. In fact, kids really loved him. But most oddest was right now not the running child but he really knew him.


The beautiful kid looked from over shoulder with a faint smile and made a turn. Gin thought that instead of running away, it wanted him to actually follow. Not sure in his own theory the light-browned male kept chasing after it. Just when he reached the turn on another street corner, the jurar appeared. It got his foot tangled and Gin tripped over. For an adult man it was humiliating to fall in such a manner. Not to mention the jurar wasn't visible for others, so before even checking his body for bruises he looked around to make sure no one saw him. But there he saw the kid standing at place with hand stretched to side, pointing to a darker part of an abandoned building.


“What does that mean? He wants me to go there?” , frowning up at the mute sign his brows flattened as soon as the child smiled before his figure started fading away.


Patting the dust off his pants he got up to walk slowly into the dark building. Something told him it wasn't a good idea, but he couldn't ignore that child for some reason. Despite being scared he found his way inside. It wasn't anymore scary, it was terrifying. The air felt heavy and his chest felt tight. The deeper he was walking into the darkness, the more rapid his heart beats were getting. From the look of it, before him were placed dozen of wooden boxes. He started wondering if the place weren't used for some kind of a storage base. Turning to left, then twice to right he walked further into the maze of boxes. Gin didn't have any particular routine to follow, just the jurar direction as to say.


A few meters walk got him behind a huge pile of broken wooden boxes and useless metal poles. It would be rather called a trash yard than a storage base, he thought. The murmurs he caught in the air got him still. Shirahane lowered down by instinct, his heart felt up in his throat. Why he hid? With a quiet pat on chest, he crouched down. Blind in the darkness his other senses though sharpened. The murmurs were actually well formed speech of a female. But because he couldn't hear well, the mortal crawled his way to a closer point.


- So? What shall you do, Death? - once Gin heard the Albus god was there, he took a peek from behind the trash pile. It really was a woman but she wasn't alone. There were around ten people or so, in the mid of the empty spot on this yard-like base stood Death and that unearthly beautiful woman.

- When you will give up, Olga? It's nothing I can do about it, and you know that. - Death's low and calm voice brushed Gin's ears; why he was so friendly-like with that woman? He knew her? But Gin thought it was only natural, Death knew so many creatures and so many places; then what was this irritation he felt?


- Don't give me that. I know you can. For eras we've known each other, Death. Don't be a coward, like that last time you ran.

- … - Death's sigh made the temperature lower, Gin nearly sneezed from the sudden change, but the mortal rubbed quietly his forearms to warm up.

- You have to disappear for our sake. You killed enough, Death. No one wants you in this dimension, nor any other. I offer you this deal because I've taken a like of you.


Death's light blackcurrant eyes rose from the ground to meet the woman's, she had guts to stare straight into the death's eyes, thought Shirahane. But more than anything, she carried in her hand a very old dagger like tool. Was she a friend or a foe? Gin got confused.

- You know I cannot kill before one's time is up, Olga. But my existence is the only one allowed to break the seven dimensional universal laws. Don't make me erase you.

- Hah, as if it will be the first time you break laws, Death. You had my children killed, and you never felt any guilt about it? What kind of a monster you've become. We, Nephilims, take pride for we are - both divine and human, the two most respected races. However you show no respect.

- What do you want me to do? Bow? Plead? I do not feel any fear, nor any guilt. I show respect before the souls I reap, not before the living.

- You are nothing but a murderer. You can unite all dimensions and return Terra to us. You destroyed everything we had and we were. Now we have nowhere to go. Heaven doesn't belong to us, Hell neither. We have to live among humans.

- The right place, if you ask me. - Death's sarcasm knew no borders. Which actually nearly made Gin chuckle. The mortal thought he had to be more careful or he would be found out.

- The right place? We are not humans, but divine creatures.

- No. You are not divine, Olga. You were divine once.

- Hah. As you were a mere human once? - she back slapped him with the sarcasm.

- Well. We all start from somewhere, don't we? - the Albus god though showed no weakness, and wavered not. But Shirahane started to fear these other ten men around Death. They seemed to hold grudge, probably that was the reason the air felt so 'heavy'.

- What a disgrace, ain't you. You were betrayed by your own brother and King. You were abandoned by your guardian and your God. Funny, even the Devil does not want you in Hell. I offered you a place to go – Terra. Don't you miss Terra? Or you've turned so cold from the inside that your sentimental side was washed away as well?


The brief silence around Death hid many wonders. Gin started to wonder whether she darted straight into an old wound or Death has really been voided off emotions. That was sad, if it were the case.

- I do not hold onto the past. You should do the same, Olga. - with his hands jabbed in his long coat, Death turned his back to the woman, ready to leave.


But the two steps away were disturbed by a swing of a sword. One of the men that probably served that woman, named Olga, had Death's shirt torn. No scratch was placed but....

- And what about the late doings of yours? You are in no position to act scary, Death. By now you've most probably realized that we had Samael wounded. And it does effect you, doesn't it? - with a raise of brow the Nephilim leader circled around Death to stand before him with gaze dropped down to the Albus god's abdomen where something similar to a 'burnt scar' was so red that one would think if place a hand over it, it might actually be hot enough to burn, - Well, that doesn't seem nice. But we had no other way to weaken you. Thanks to that we could also track you. But who would have thought that you'd rather hide that filthy mortal's presence than your own? You must be going nuts, Death.


Shirahane's eyes widened. So that was the reason Death felt abnormally hot today? The wound across his abdomen seemed painful, let alone how much it might have hurt. But what was that supposed to mean, that he hid Gin's presence? Well done, he once again felt like a bother to Death. So because of him now he was in a trouble? The people there didn't seem too friendly.


Death's eyes eased as his expression stayed calm. It was his usual 'face', but now and then Shirahane thought that man had many 'faces'. With his hands still jabbed in his coat, the damned god flinched not even if the woman traced her dagger across the reddened wound. Shirahane flinched only by the look of it, as a doctor he could pretty much imagine what that could feel like. Once when he had his hand burnt and yet had to treat it himself, whatever he touched felt painful. Let alone a blade be slid across the burnt-like wound.

- So? Do we have a deal?

- No. - with his firm and right-away answer came the price, Olga sank the blade into the flesh but yet not enough to cut.

- Come on, no need to be so prideful. It must hurt. You know... in that state of yours, lacking spiritual energy, having your guardian heal straight off your Albus threads, holding the jurar impregnable, hiding the mortal – she whistled as continued – I wouldn't be able to hold on much. You must be at your limits.

- Well, ..'s given, of course. - Death leaned forth as his lips were on her ear's level, - After all, only a divine being can hold on, right? - another mock on, it costed Death a half dagger straight into his stomach.


Shirahane's eyes wavered from fear. His hands squeezed the material of his pants, he felt ashamed. Even though he was a man, he couldn't do anything but watch how Death was being stabbed and tortured.


- I can't kill you sadly, because I need you. Besides finding the blade of Proditio* is such a bother. But it doesn't mean I can't make you wish you were 'dead'. - laughing off the pun she made, the Nephili twisted 'neatly' the dagger deeper. A slow but steady flood of Death's dark crimson to black colored blood ran down to crash into the floor.

- … Wish..to be dead? - the Albus god chuckled down his throat in a low manner. Gin by instinct moved backwards, just like the last time when Death faced that Dormito creature; the feeling he was getting from Death was the same.


The woman felt chills down her spine but backed not. He couldn't do much and he was outnumbered, so she was more or less confident. But then his low and deep voice shook her core once again,

- Have you ever actually killed, Olga? - Death's eyes glowed in a dimmed red color as his chin met the level of hers, his gloved hand drew a motion out the coat pocket to reach for her wrist, firmly holding on, - Let me tell you how does it feel to kill and bring death, - his strong hold brought Olga's hand further into his flesh, accepting the thrust of the blade firmly into his stomach – ..it is a short impulse. It can shake you off any known ground. What does it mean to kill is only after it. The after taste. And each time I reap, I feel that disgusting taste. Be it a sinner, be it a saint – all feel the same.


The Nephili slapped the hand off as staggered backwards. The blunt way Death spoke had her being shaken. Only a truth could bring such an effect over any creature. She as a prideful leader though covered her fear with hatred. But that was nothing new to Death.


- You are a monster. I have never taken pride into being a half human, but you... you have abandoned all you were and what you are. If I cannot have Terra back, I have no need of you either. Proditio blade or whatever, I will certainly bring you to an end.


With a nod of chin she signalized to her servants. The males closed in around Death with blades in each next hold. Gin reached hand to his chest, squeezing the patch of his shirt. He didn't want to see Death die. He couldn't die. What was that woman saying!? The mortal stood there behind the pile of trash with his head lowered as tears unknowingly traced down his cheeks.


“I..what should I do.. I can't even return the favor of him saving me...like a fool I rejoiced that...I was alive again...like a fool I thought that Death would be always there for me...when he owes me nothing....and the one owing is actually me...How pathetic more I can get...not even worth of saving a life...be it at the surgery room or on a battle field...I am just a pathetic excuse of a doctor....let alone act as a hero...”


The blades cutting through flesh filled the base with their cruel sounds. But not even a gasp escaped the Death god's lips. He was stabbed from each side as his hands were guided wisely behind his back and his lips were covered. The Nephilim had nothing to fear as long as he used his hands or lips not. No chant, no spell, no reaping. Death was just another 'creature' that had no particular power in such a situation.


In and out despair, Shirahane reached hands up to his ears, eyes blurred from tears he looked long at the metal poles in the trash. What he could do with it. He had no idea how to fight. And going there was a certain death. But letting this man die was even more scarier to him. With one hand lowering down, his eyes lost their gloss. So 'death' shall it be. If anything, he probably could die for once. With a slight lean down, he reached for one of the poles. He didn't even know how to use that tool – swing it or throw it, he had no idea. But going there even if pathetic and weak, wouldn't that make him less such? Just when he was about to pick the metal pole, a voice echoed throughout the whole base.


- What are you doing, you idiot! Order him to not die!


To be continued....




{lat. noun} 'betrayal'.

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Author's note

[color=#ff3333][font=Comic Sans MS][font=arial narrow][size=1]Thank you for liking it so far. I had the next chapter which is really long written for some time.
However I thought I might want to think on it a bit more before posting. Today I finally put the final touches.
As for what you all wondered about, soon you will understand the confusion.[/size][/font][/font][/color]


Rustles decorated the silence, Jaropht could barely do the buttons of his shirt – damn that bastard, he had him penetrated for six hours straight. Aside that, he was being late! God knew how much he hated to be late. He wasn't allowed to, Death had that habit of slacking whenever Jaropht was away. And it was natural, that being was so tired of reaping that after each next soul he was becoming colder and colder. But lately he saw unknown sides of Death – he saved a human. He'd never break a law, unless it was something essential and of importance for the universe.


But now and then Death would disappear, which always brought Jaropht on the verge of insanity. He felt like some nagging mother whenever it came to the damned god. It was true that Death had dozen of servants that were reaping under his permission. Only heavily sinned or oldest souls were reaped by him.


Jaropht's gloved hand reached up to brush his hair backwards, his body was aching. With his thoughts forming the frown on his beautiful face, the male heard the low and husky 'morning voice' of Samael.

- Leaving already?

- Of course I am leaving. I am even late. - snapped he as turned around to have his breath taken away. The beautiful angel was sitting up on the huge bed, his nude yet half bandaged body exposed to the sun light coming from the windows, silver hair decorating with its length ever so naturally his strong shoulders – messy hair in mornings surely made him attractive.

- You should hurry. - Samael leaned his back against the bed board, his eyes oozing solemnity.


It was odd for him to not even try stop Jaropht. The butler brushed off the statement,

- I don't need you to tell me that! - so said he reached for his coat.

- Luis.. I have to tell you something before you leave. - the angel of Death averted his eyes to side, something was troubling him.

- Make it quick, I don't have time.

- That human you spoke of...

- Shirahane Gin? - with a raise of brow, Jaropht recollected their last conversation about him.

- Yes. Is he really..capable? Can he really...change Death?


Jaropht found Samael for extremely off. Could he hit his head as well?

- What do you mean?

- Why did Death save him? - Samael turned his gaze back to Jaropht, eyes piercing through the male's body.

- … I..I don't know the reason myself. That night Death disappeared. According to the script I have for each dying soul, Shirahane has committed a suicide. As you know, suicidal souls have an alluring fragrance which Death cannot ignore. Moreover, he can barely hold his senses around such. When I questioned him why did he save the human....he said, “I wonder”. I didn't dare to ask more.

- I see.. - Samael rustled on the bed as shifted to its edge to sit, - The jurar, you know about it, right?

- Yes, it is an union between two souls.

- It is more than that. - the angel's voice darkened, - It is an obscure tool used to tame Death. Depending on the other end, Death can become the most destructive creature or the Messiah.

- What...do you mean? - Jaropht frowned up, finding it hard to understand.

- Right now his powers are partly sealed. The key to unleashing them is the other end of the jurar. Simply put, it is a master-servant relationship. Shirahane Gin is the master of Death right now. If the master of Death dies... - Samael dropped his gaze to the ground, recalling a time of eras ago, - Death...will be imprisoned for one hundred years in the prison of Tort*.


Once Jaropht heard the name of the infamous prison his body got stiff.

- You mean...in the hands of the Supreme?

- Yes. And they only wait for that moment.

- Why? - the butler frowned up.

- Have you seen his back? - Samael glanced over.

- Death's back? Yes, it was once I've seen it.

- So you know what it is there. - with a shift of his gaze, Samael stared at the other.

- ...Yes. The key to the seventh realm, the gates of Set. I believe it is a chant in a language no one but Death knows, and that chant is tattooed on his back.

- Indeed, it is. The Supreme Curia wants that chant chanted out. And they would torture him unimaginably like the last time. I am not sure if Death can go through the same twice.

- But...what that has to do with the jurar...? I don't understand. You mean Shirahane is dangerous?

- Yes, and no. Right now Shirahane Gin is like a double edge. He can be the most secure being for Death and most dangerous one. To unleash his powers, Shirahane has to use sincerity and “order” Death. But you know, humans can be selfish. By any means, they can misuse that 'privilege'. Besides, Death would rather 'die' than let a mere human order him around.

- I guess you are right...

- You have to go now. He is in danger, but once you get there, tell to Shirahane to use his 'master privilege' over Death.

- What...what are you saying?

- The Nephilim last time were just used to set a trap. Any creature under the command of Death can be healed and is immortal thanks to the Albus god's powers. You and I used spiritual power off Death to heal. But he is not stable right now. And he can't hide everyone's presences. You know he shelters his 'army', which includes us, too. - Samael chuckled weakly, he seemed in despair, - And knowing him, that bastard will surely reveal his presence to the Nephilim rather than let his pupils be tracked down.


Jaropht's eyes widened. How he missed such an important point. Of course it was odd to let them free and alive. Samael fought them and could have won, but once he sheltered Jaropht he lost all chances. And letting them alive was certainly not a thing a Nephili would do. The butler panicked.

- What do I do!? I have to hurry... - finding his way to the door, he paused the rushed steps for the last sentence of Samael,

- He can't die. Unless under certain circumstances. However, they will use him to lure the human out. So you better hurry and let Shirahane Gin know about his power over Death.

- I understand. - Jaropht left with a thud of the door.


Despite being tired and his body feeling like nothing but a squeezed cloth, he rushed out Luna's house. One time, he recalled, Death disappeared but not for a day, not for a week. It was for one-hundred years. That time when his brother died 'again', Death was taken to the prison of Tort. And Jaropht knew the best how that man looked after he returned. He was more like death than he ever has been.


Once the butler reached Greece, which costed him a lot of energy, he made his way to the abandoned building. It wasn't hard to track the males, that particular part of Greece was oozing such an enormous amount of spiritual energy. Not wasting another second, the male reached the desired place. And as Samael said, they were doing cruel and merciless things to Death. And seeing Shirahane about to do a stupidity and fall into their hands when he held no particular knowledge how to use 'his privilege' – no wonder Samael was troubled!


The butler had no time to explain everything to Shirahane right now, the only words that escaped him were a short version of what Samael told him, who would have thought that Jaropht would cross the line of any etiquette.

- What are you doing, you idiot!? Order him to not die!


Shirahane turned around, recognizing the voice right away. His body trembling, not comprehending any of the words. But even more was that sensation coming from behind. He looked back to where Death was being tortured, to be startled. Never ever he's seen the glare of the Albus god. What made his ever so calm and static expression change? Moreover, Gin hasn't done anything yet the damned god stared at him with hatred.


The mortal stumbled backwards, such a stare would make you want to run away, not help. But then Jaropht once again spoke,

- Shirahane Gin, do you want Death to die?! - if Samael was right and if Jaropht was right, Shirahane's sincerity would save them all right now. However, the Nephilim had their goal reached. The human's location was found. And it was visible how much Olga was rejoicing.


- Well, well, well. What we have here? A rat. - she laughed as made her way up to Shirahane. The human was still staring at Death who despite of bleeding kept his glare impregnable and fearsome. If one thing he feared right now, it wasn't Olga, nor the Nephilim. It was Death.


The woman easily dragged Shirahane to the circle formed, forcing him down on knees right before Death's eyes. The Death god was still safe-guided with sealed lips and held hands. The strength of ten Nephilim was equal to a whole army of God's angels. So Death in his state was more or less 'weak'.

- We've been looking for you, human. Do you know how famous you've become in our world? - she grinned up to ears, Olga really was about to throw a feast.


Shirahane looked up, cold sweat breaking. Things were getting worse. He had to at least pick that pole. Where was Jaropht now? His eyes wandered to side, but the woman tilted his chin back to his figure.

- Ain't you too ignorant? You shouldn't ignore a threat once it is to take your life, you know.


The human frowned up, he averted his chin. Not like he was ignoring her, in fact, he was greatly scared. He really felt his life in danger. But the source of that danger wasn't her, but the being behind her. Shirahane tried all he could only to not meet the eyes of the Albus god.

- How stubborn, huh. - she shrugged and turned around, noticing the glare of the damned god, - Oh, Death. Don't be so upset. There are times when one is a winner, and there are times when one is a loser. Simply put, you can't always win.


So said, she lowered down to take out the dagger she thrust into his abdomen a bit ago.

- Well, - she turned back to the human with ever so innocent smile, - I don't have anything against you, my dear. Seems you've been born with a bad luck.


Shirahane looked her way, trying his best to not panic. But once he saw the blade covered with Death's blood, the fear he felt behind the pile of trashes returned. What he was doing? Wasn't he supposed to save the Death god?


But once his mind went blank again, he failed to register the danger of the blade darted for his chest. However, Olga was so maniacal about killing Gin that she completely ignored the presence of Jaropht. The butler was quick enough to make it just in time, his gloved hand slid against the dagger, fully stopping the force of the Nephilim. Jaropht wasn't one to fight, but as the right hand of Death, he had a reason to stand on the position – butler.

Fresh drips of blood from Jaropht's torn glove rolled off his hand. His chin lowered down, the male knew the wrath of Nephili would most probably send him flying into some random direction. Even so, he couldn't allow Shirahane to die. And his deduction was right, the woman got so angry that her kick in his ribs sent him back to the pile of trashes.


The need to get rid of such a pest got Olga busy for the good five minutes. Unlike Death, Jaropht indeed could die easily even though he was as well connected to Death's albus threads. His immortality wasn't unlimited. The bloody scene got Shirahane back to his senses, his eyes from Jaropht back to Death – the Albus god didn't even spare a single glance to his butler. His cold eyes were staring into the far distance, as if he could see and hear nothing. Was he such a cold man? Shirahane had his blood boiling.


- Stop it! - with a yell the mortal disturbed Olga, the woman glanced over shoulder, her face splashed with Jaropht's blood. All was going out of hand. Shirahane indeed has seen enough of blood, but never in such a manner. The human knew nothing about this kind of world. It took him to realization that he knew nothing at all. Be it about Death or any other creature. A few weeks ago he failed to save a life, it drove him to the desire to end his own – had he once again to lose a life just before his eyes?


The light brown haired man glanced back to Death who showed no sympathy at all.

- Why... why are you standing there?! Don't you care about him? Do something, damn it! - with his hands “glued” to his pants material, he felt the shakes of his clenching fists. He really couldn't understand the damned god. Why he stood there, nonchalantly staring into the nothing and as if nothing mattered to him. He knew the caring Death, he knew a man who had the mercy to let him die not – or could it be that giving him back the Life was another kind of cruelty? With a sarcastic chuckle torn off his lips, he dropped his gaze down to the ground,

- You … I thought you were awesome, Death. And right now... you are more cruel than a human can be...


The sincerity sent a weird beat against the frozen heart of the Albus god, his pupils shifted. His throat was burning as ears scratched by the annoying voice of his 'master'. Nothing could have this effect but the true feelings of a human connected through the jurar. The Albus god could hear nothing but the voice of Shirahane like an echo digging in his subconscious, “Do something, dammit! ...you are more cruel than a human can be...”


Olga's eyes moved to the damned god, ready to mock on him but for her surprise the Albus god's black coat turned to a dark mist until his whole body dissolved to a black fog into the air. His reappearance behind the crowd of Nehpilim got him standing up on feet. All his wounds burning close, but the scary part was his obscured face. His gloved hand reached up to lips, as teeth guided the clothe off his hand. As soon the glove fell on the floor, the Death god's low and yet irritated voice spoke to no one but his master,

- ...You are annoying... - the Albus creature lifted chin, his crimson eyes glowing with thirst for blood. The rushing group of Nephilim had no chance to the bare hand of Death. A touch only took to have them all drop down even if they swung fists or weapons around; it was pointless, no one could beat Death once his powers are unleashed by 'command'. The remaining Nephili, Olga, made a wise choice to flee.


The silence that overtook the yard had Shirahane's throat dry. Jaropht was unconscious to give an advice or to stop the anger of Death, and Gin pretty much knew that no one would like to be compared to someone else. Let alone compare Death to a mere human. The brown haired male stepped backwards, feeling the danger. The damned god though walked ever so calmly towards Shirahane.

- What? You are going to kill me?! - even though his voice shook while talking, Shirahane dared to even slip an ironic tune to his sentence, - You just stood there! Jaropht wanted to help you and yet you-...!!


The bare hand of the Albus god, which actually Shirahane thought was very beautiful and slender, covered the human's lips.

- God...just shut up already.. - Death's frown of brows got Gin lost; why the Albus god looked so troubled?


And if only any of them knew what could Shirahane's voice do to Death, they'd most probably think it was some kind of joke. Who would believe that a single word had Death's heart beat out of his chest? Shirahane's sincerity never failed to lure him. The Alubs god wasn't used to emotions, but right now they were rushing in and out. He could barely hold his ground. Just like when Shirahane called him 'a monster', it wasn't the first time he was compared to something evil. But having his 'master' speak with sincerity, it could really push him to unknown grounds.


The red glow in Death' eyes calmed and the usual light blackcurrant gaze was back. But the hand moved away not to let the other speak, the damned god was distracted by a sudden earthquake-like shake. Gin stumbled to the floor, his mind grasping that it probably was a natural disaster their way, but it wasn't. Death turned to him, to raise him off the ground by the arm. With a few steps made he picked Jaropht off the piles of trash and hid them both behind some wooden boxes.

- Move not. No matter what be quiet. Understood? - the seriousness in his voice left no choice to Shirahane but nod. He held Jaropht in close as assured no box would fall onto them. Soon the Death god disappeared back to the yard.


But the curiosity got the best of him. The human peeked from behind the boxes, to witness two huge pillars stab the earth. Compared to them Death's figure seemed so small, but even so his presence didn't seem 'pitiful'. In fact, he looked like expecting it. With his ever so calm, rather nonchalant, expression he picked the glove he dropped. Just when Gin was wondering what was happening, Jaropht coughed out the answer,

- The...Curia...we must...run..

- What? The Cu-..Curia? - he barely repeated the word, so unknown it felt to his tongue.


Jaropht grabbed onto Gin's shirt, to help himself sit up. His head was bleeding but even so he kept his eyes to the scene before.

- It's..the universal court... Death broke a rule..

- What? He broke a rule? What does that mean?

- You made him....kill..

- What?! I didn't tell him to kill! - Shirahane protested as almost rose his voice but quickly reminded himself that Death told him to be quiet.

- You did. Of all people only you can make him do it. The situation we were had no other option but for Death to take their lives. - the butler took out of his coat pocket a tissue to wipe the blood off his face, it was getting even in his eyes.


The males glanced back to where Death was. The pillars formed a portal. A huge gate appeared as its creaking sound made the air turn into a harsh whip of wind. For a second there Shirahane found Death for really amazing. How he flinched not despite the harsh wind, and not to mention his long black coat ruffled by the motion – it took Gin to realization how firm and well formed the Ablus god's body was. Come to think of it, he never saw Death off his clothes. With a shake of head Shirahane chased away his 'improper' thoughts.


The open gate welcomed out three men. Each of them were dressed with white robes, on their chest a long red stripe divided the robe in half. Gin thought it was such a simple pattern yet so unique.

- Salutation, god of the dead. - one of the males spoke.

- Long time no see, Ibur. - respectfully the Albus god greeted back.


The males looked around, detecting no other soul which was thanks to Death hiding the presence of Jaropht and Gin. The Curia males though noticed the dead bodies.

- What has happened here?

- A bit of...cleaning, call it. - Death grinned faintly. That moment Shirahane thought if Death lied or he had another sense of truth.

- You know that you broke a law.

- I know.

- And you know the price as well.


The Death god made a short pause, his hand went forth. Ibur glanced to the out-stretched hand and rose a brow,

- You are rather cooperative today.

- I knew you had a thing for violence, heh. - mocking on the other Death continued, - How many?

- Considering you killed ten Niphilim.... let's make them twenty.

- Aren't you a cheap whore. - with disgust the Albus god commented.


Shirahane could barely, in fact, he couldn't follow at all. With a glance to Jaropht he questioned,

- What are they talking about?

- The price of saving a life...like when he saved you... is sacrificing innocent and not-yet to die souls. But the price of taking a life is reviving back to life ..the most sinful souls Death has reaped. If you wondered why your world has become so cruel...and why so many innocent people have died... - Jaropht glanced to Shirahane – This is your answer. Saving and taking lives, Death has to obey laws as well. But sometimes he is forced to not.


It made sense to Shirahane but then he felt awfully guilty. Was that one of the reasons why Death glared so intensely at him? Or he was reading too much into it?


Back to the scene, the figure of Death releasing crimson red threads off his hand reflected in these green eyes. Shirahane recalled he has seen different color of thread than white. Back when they met the Dormito. So not only white threads existed? He felt like asking what the crimson threads were for.

- Greg Makman, a serial killer. Rusita Manna, a psychopathic criminal. - and on went the list of twenty sinful souls off Death's lips. Once the number hit twenty he lowered his hand, having the red threads spiral around him like poisonous snakes.

- Very well. Release them all.

- Dimension? - questioned Death.

- The human's world.

- … - Death's silence hid a part of discontent, but he did as requested, - Bid you not farewell, alas hold I no power over you, for life wants you back from my embrace.


Like a chant he spoke the following words that had the threads burst away from the Ablus god's body, parting through the gate.

- Well, it wasn't so hard, was it? - Ibur grinned up at Death.

- You are sick for one that made the law.

- Well, isn't you who said that 'everything comes with its price'? - the male shrugged, - I can't have you go out of control after all.

- You could have released them in the sixth dimension, bastard.

- In Hell? Ha! As if. They are meant to be among humans.


It was the first time Shirahane heard such rude words from Death. It meant only one that came to mind, he really hated the so called 'Curia'.

- You know I will reap them back sooner or later. Why even making such a pointless law?

- Please, it is anything but pointless. Of all races you are most fond of humans.

- Fond of? - Death rose a brow.

- You don't hate humans, Death. You pretty much love them. What best punishment for you to break my law but have you bring the evil into their world? Well, that happens when you act foolishly. You always were foolish; becoming Death, reviving your brother, then rejecting my offer to be one of us, then breaking my rules... such a foolish one, aren't you? Ahahahaha, you take after your teacher, Samael. Don't you? - with a pitiful tone he mocked on Death. Shirahane started to wonder how many foes Death had? In fact...had he one that truly loved him? Up until now he only met creature that either feared him or hated him. It saddened Gin.

- If that makes me foolish, Ibur... let me be even more foolish. - Death rose his gaze off the floor, with hand raising up as if to reap - Get...the hell... out of my sight.


The Curia males would have mocked him on and on, if it weren't for the hand that reached forth. It really scared them to not be reaped, so as soon as Death spoke the words the males disappeared into the gate. With it shutting close, the pillars shattered to pieces.


- Scaredy cats. - commenting to himself, Death relaxed his hand down. His lone figure standing tall around the crumbling pillars like shattered glasses raining from above and the dead bodies made Gin's chest clench. He didn't pity Death, he felt sad. That such a beautiful creature had to be misunderstood, had to be lonely. That who knows how many times he had to make impossible decisions, and no matter what he chose – it had its devastating outcome. Certainly, Gin didn't want to be Death. Not everyone was suited for that 'crown'.


The coughing Jaropht got Shirahane back to reality. That was right, Jaropht was wounded and as far as he remembered Death was rather tortured by the Nephilim. Or did he heal already? The human guided Jaropht's body up, walking up to Death.


- Death..we should go.. Jaropht is-...

- I told you to not talk, didn't I? - reaching his gloved hand for his face, Death felt his heart once again chained. Why had he to listen to a mere human. But it was a truth, he couldn't deny a truth. Jaropht was beaten, it would take him another day to heal. His powers were unstable to reap as well. Not like his servants couldn't reap but there were souls meant only for Death.


With a sigh, the Albus god thought that probably another week will be wasted because of Jaropht's idiocy to meddle. But come to think of it... Death slid his hand off his face, pupils averting to Jaropht.

- You... - with a few steps he stood tall before Jaropht, pulling the male in close with a grip on shirt,

- Did he tell you that?!

- He did. And I had no choice but to listen to him. You should stop sulking and forgive him already.


Being lost Gin looked from Jaropht back to Death. But it was rare for Death to use sarcasm not, he just let go of Jaropht's shirt and passed by the males.

- You were at Luna's place, weren't you?

- Yes... it is most safe there...



Death jabbed his hands in his coat pocket.

- We are going to her place, then.


Shirahane as always had many questions but all were silenced. Death seemed more angry than ever.






tortus - twisted, crooked, dubious

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A truth to Dare.

“I've seen humans break, in fact, this is all I see. It is a sad picture, but what makes it sadder is exactly because humans break humans. It never was God, nor the Devil that had them undone; humans from the very beginning, from their creation, could make and did make a choice. Everything evolved around that choice. And ever since then, there was nothing but pain that I by all means have reaped. Their souls have always sought and seek peace. Some choose me willingly, others refuse to give up but eventually every path leads them to me. Why they fear me so? Because only Death can change a human, because I make them see what they were blind to or rejected by all means a reality, my own reality. And then, once again, some break. Humans are such sad creatures. Everything they live for is just an ideal made by other humans, and exactly these ideals bring desolation upon them. ...Because humans are born upon, live for and die with nothing but ideals...”


The rest of the day passed amazingly quick. Shirahane still hasn't gotten used to such hectic and rapid changes, each day was something new; each day he learned something new. Of course the saying 'One can never know enough' started to make some sense, literally. The first few hours ever since they got in Luna's huge forest mansion were unbearable silence. Shirahane was left alone in the oddly decorated living room, or what actually looked as such. There got enough of things for him to study and observe, like an old painting hanging on the wall just before the leather sofa he spent these five hours on. He wasn't a proclaimed believer, or what he called 'being fanatic over', but he could swear it was a painting illustrating the Great Heaven War.


Just when the man was about to doze off sitting alone in the room, he heard a mumbling coming from one of the many corridor ways that god knew where they led to.

- ...say..that... But...to understand. It is like water in a heated oil, seriously.

- I know, I am terribly sorry that we had to bother you, Luna.


Shirahane finally saw the two figures coming into the light, it was Jaropht accompanied by a nice-looking old lady. Despite though the years, she was pretty. The light-brown haired male quickly averted his chin back to the painting's direction, trying to not look like he was eavesdropping.

- Oh, my! Is this the famous human that chained him? - Luna laughed softly as hurried to Shirahane that logically connected her reference about him chaining Death.

- N..Nice to meet you! - Gin rose abruptly to bow with arms disclosed to his body in a very formal gesture of greeting.

- Oh, child. But you are so young... - suddenly Luna's smile turned into a sad expression, - You should treasure more your life.


Startled by the woman's words and recalling the stupidity he did before, Gin lowered his gaze to the floor. Seemed that normal-looking lady, after all, wasn't ordinary. It was like she saw through him, or something like that.

- Ah, this is getting interesting. So you used your powers over him, hm? - blunt to her question, she made Shirahane look up and try to seek Jaropht's help. But the butler was no where to be found; like master like butler, Shirahane thought. Where did Death and Jaropht go!?

- Um...I am not sure...I understand all that, I am sorry... - he politely expressed his confusion.

- I see, I see. - Luna made her way onto the sofa and sat down, tapping the seat next to her, - Sit, child. It has been ages since I saw a human being, and it might be the last time I do. - she smiled lightly.


Once again, Shirahane didn't understand fully what she meant. It was so frustrating to understand the language and its vocabulary, yet to feel so much voided of knowledge. Was the woman too old, and that was the reason she said it could be the last time they see? He brushed off the wonders and sat besides Luna.

They both gazed to the painting before them. Now and then Gin threw side-glances to Luna, who was contently smiling while watching the beautiful artwork.

- You are a very pure human, Shirahane Gin. - Luna finally spoke but didn't spare a glance to him. Gin, on the other hand, didn't know how to respond to such words right away, so he joined the woman in the painting observation, to give it a second of thought.

- I am not sure whether our definition of 'pure' is the same, Milady.

- Ahahahah, you can call me 'Luna'. Can I call you 'Gin'?

- Thank you, and of course. - he smiled faintly.

- Well then, Gin. I have a question for you. - the slight pause Luna made nudged Shirahane into his very guts, he felt rather nervous right now, - If you could kill Death, would you kill him?


Luna's words faded to silence and the more Shirahane felt crushed by her presence. It was an odd question. But before he could return the question with another one, how could Death die, he accepted the woman's 'if'. It indeed was one of the conditional, right? The male could quickly answer with a 'no'. But as a doctor he was taught to think in advance, and it was his design of thinking. If he could kill Death, there would be immortality. And if there was immortality, there would be chaos, for sure. But what could differ the chaos of such days from the today's one? There was always a kind of chaos, he thought. To do something or not, one had to obtain a reasoning. What kind of reasoning he could obtain to sever the life of a Death god?

- I don't know...I don't know about the future..but the current me has no reason nor desire to take Death's life away... - he felt his answer could be classified as something neutral, but he couldn't come with anything better.


Luna smiled faintly, the woman gazed at the painting though her gaze seemed to pierce through, to somewhere further.

- But I know, child. I do see the future. And I can see your choice to my answer. - she glanced to Gin with that very same faint smile.

- ..Eh? - Gin blinked shortly, - You mean...you can fortune tell? No, wait. I mean, you...I..I kill Death?

- Hm...I wonder. It is very unclear yet, but you make a choice that will change a lot of fates, that will change the world. And to change the world, you start from and with Death. - she chuckled as rose up from the sofa.

- … But he is alive, right? ..I mean, he is dead but now-... - Gin frowned up, actually was Death alive or dead now?!


Luna giggled and turned around with loving gaze and soft voice she gave the human a hint,

- Child, what does connect the Moon and the Sun?

- How what does connect them? - Shirahane blinked, not getting anything at all.

- When you find that answer, you will find out whether he will live or not, - fixing her old-fashioned dress, Luna added as parting words, - Why don't you go rest? It has been a tiring day.

- Yeah, I might do so. But..where can I go rest?

- Ah, you go upstairs, on the second floor. The first room from right. - she smiled once again.

- Un, thank you very much for the kindness. - Shirahane wanted to ask so badly where Death was now but he felt like too much of a bother already so the man bowed lightly seeing off the woman from the living room.


A sigh ran off his lips as he leaned against the sofa, “Where is he now? It's been hours... I was never good at making first meetings work and now he left me here all alone.” Pouting to himself, he tilted his head back staring into the ceiling. The male felt mentally exhausted from today and just when he rustled around to lie down he noticed from the room's corner, there behind a huge bookshelf, the small face of that very beautiful kid from today. The man jumped right away. After all, the last time he saw that child he got into a trouble. Could it be some omen, or something? Shirahane frowned and refused to acknowledge the presence of that child, so the male made his way upstairs. But then he tripped over as the chain was yanked abruptly. He thought it was Death, so frustrated he turned around,

- What are yo-... - just when he was about to scold Death, he saw the child frowning up as holding the chain. It was visible, once again. Gin never saw anyone else touching it, in fact, no one else could touch it.

- How can you... - he sighed as reached hand to pinch the bridge of nose, let aside that question...he really wondered who that kid was, - ...Who are you?


The child grinned up and turned around to lead to another 'path'. But Gin crossed arms before chest and lifted a brow,

- Oh, no,no. This time I am not following you, you know. - it seemed the child could hear and understand Gin unlike him who couldn't read any of the kid's gestures or thoughts.


The beautiful boy stopped right there and turned around, he glanced down to the chain which was right now invisible to Gin, to set a foot onto it. The fading in faint glow made the jurar visible once again, and as Gin's eyes followed its direction – it seemed the child wanted to lead the way to the Albus god. Come to think of it, Gin thought the child brought troubles...but all the troubles came with Death. So the child led Gin always to where Death was? Oh, like a compass – he thought.


The human made up his mind and followed right away. A few minutes spent in Luna's maze-like garden led him to a small corner, surrounded by evergreen bushes. There were a beautiful pond, a row made of gray rocks that brought the typical Zen decoration. Where the center of that beautiful corner was, there was a circle of Moon flowers surrounding the small bench on which the Death god was sitting.


The night has already fallen, Gin barely noticed. He spent the rest of the day inside that house, all by himself. But the last words exchanged between the two of them made the human think that they weren't exactly in good terms, were they.... Shirahane looked around for the child, but no trace of it. The male scratched his cheek, watching the firm back of the Albus god. Should he leave? But Death looked so lonely right now, even if he couldn't see his face gazing to the Moon, he knew. He always felt the loneliness oozing from that man.


Unaware of it, he made the first step that led him to the bench. With awkwardness he found a seat next to the other, nervously fiddling with his fingers.

- Um... hey..


The Death god looked to the other, his dull eyes briefly returned to the beautiful sky scenery.

Being completely ignored made Gin feel even worse. The male frowned and felt like smacking Death.


“True that he is in any aspect 'superior' but had he to be an asshole now. It wasn't so hard to say a 'hello', right?! Goddam-...”, feisty-ing in his mind, Gin was disturbed by a very distanced yet velvet voice,

- Hello.


“Right. Well, at least he spoke.”, still discontent he sulked to side, “Jerk.”

- Heh... If I am jerk, what would be the one insulting a jerk?

“Hm. But a jerk is a jerk. From time to time one should be reminded to act more human-lik-...”, just when he went with the flow, answering unknowingly to Death's sentence he froze. If it weren't for the 'human-like' thought it could have taken him longer to realize a fact. The fact.



The Albus god glanced to the other again, it wasn't as surprising for him as for Gin, but it made him realize that the jurar did another 'leveling up'.

- Ah, so it truly works now.

- What works now?! - being rather bothered by the idea to have said rude things by voice, or even worse having his thought read, Shirahane started to take on higher pitches with his voice.

- The chain. - Death lazily swung his hand to dangle the chain gently.

- What about the chain. - Gin adopted a blank expression, feeling dumb. Even his question took on the monotonous intonation.

- Haaa... The chain is a connecting tool. So it is only logical for me to hear your thoughts in case you are in trouble and you cannot call me, literally.

- … - mute to words but his mind was screaming “How is that logical!? “

- Beats me..


- You don't have to yell, I can hear you. - with a frown, Death glanced to Gin.

- Sorry... but is there a way that to be 'disconnected'? It is not polite to read one's personal thoughts, right?

- I can pretend I am not listening?

- Right...


“It is not fair...ngh... you are listening, are you not!? ...”, Shirahane glanced to the Death god who expressionlessly stared to the sky, calmly and nonchalantly sitting. “Sometimes I wonder what are you so thinking about..”


Death glanced briefly back to the human, his blackcurrant eyes glittered only thanks to the beautiful Moon rays. “Hm...I have an idea!”

- I have an idea! - so he 'repeated' which made the Albus god slightly chuckle.

- I already know your idea.

- Right... - another frown, he was getting irritated by the new luxury Death 'obtained'.

- So... you humans call that 'truth or dare'?

- Yeah, it can be a fun game! Besides people use it often, to get to know each other. - he smiled brightly as a child.

- Oh.. - Death averted his eyes to the sky, not really sure if he wanted to let someone to get to know him. And Shirahane needed no 'reading' powers to understand the other male's body language but even so he insisted.

- Fine, I will add a rule. I won't ask anything private. - he pouted even though he had many questions about Death private thoughts and possible memories. But in order just to have a chance to ask at least a few questions and make it fun for the other, he came up with that childish idea, - So, truth or dare?

- ...Truth.

- Hm...What makes you decide when one has to die?


The Death god lowered his gaze down to the Moon flowers and the glittered darkened,

- Just like a human being gathering flowers, Shirahane. When you walk into a beautiful garden, don't you pick the most beautiful flowers? It is not me who rules over the universe, but indeed I can make or change rules. One of the rules is that everything eventually ends. Whether it is life or existence, is of no matter. Some last longer, some shorter – a matter of time, all is.

- Hmm...that is rather sad... that everything has to end eventually, isn't it?

- I guess.

- Un... Your turn. - Gin smiled as impatiently rocked his feet that barely brushed against the grass beneath them.

- Truth or dare?

- I wouldn't dare to make Death dare me...so I guess, truth. - he tried to joke.

- Heh, wise choice is wise. Hm, what it feels to be a human, and can that 'feeling' make you by all means what you would call 'unhuman'?

- Ah, being human is hard. Or at least it is hard to be put into words. But sometimes I feel like I might lose sense of its true essence. There are constantly changing factors that lead us, or at least me, to hard to make choices. And thanks to the clashing feelings from within, I guess I don't always choose the right one, huh...


Shirahane's voice muted to silence, reflecting over his words. But it felt awesome, to share such things without fearing that another human being would start giving 'advice' or would judge them as another human being with their own views. It felt light in his chest, so the human cheered up and rose chin ready for another question.

- Truth or dare?

- Truth.


Gin paused briefly, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. He had many questions in his mind and they kept clashing together. The male rose his gaze to get startled by the intrigued eyes of the damned god that has leaned slightly closer.

- Ah,er...um...What is exactly 'Death'? I mean, is this an end or a beginning?


The Albus god faintly let his lips curve into a smirk, he found that 'game' amusing.

- Neither.

- How neither? - Gin frowned once again to have his wrinkled patch of skin between brows slightly flicked by the damned god's index finger.

- Is that a second question? - Death chuckled lightly.

- Wait, don't be sneaky. You are being sneaky, you know!

- I am not. The humans restrict themselves only and solely around their own existence. The world is much more than one single life or one single species. And every next being is as important as the previous one. The beginning was long time ago and the end is no where near yet and for now, so I am neither. I can be a prequel and I can be sequel.


Not satisfied with the answer, Shirahane was still convinced that Death cheated. But he was grateful that the man 'played' along already.


- Now, my turn. - Death had to make a remark of it, - Truth or dare.

- Truth. - Gin averted his gaze once again, eyes locked into an intense yet meaningful stare-contest.

- Why did you choose me before Life?


Startled by the question and the rush of bad memories, Shirahane averted his eyes but never so did Death.

- I had many bad days in my life, Death. It just happened to be the worst, I suppose. - Gin though didn't want that to sound as if meeting Death was the worst thing, so he continued – But I guess 'after rain comes the rainbow', huh.

- And who was the sneaky one? - rustling on the bench, Death leaned his back against the backboard. His chin tilted up as stared upwards, - Truth.


Gin blinked but quickly registered they were still playing, so he asked the next question.

- Who chooses the way some people die? Are you, at any point, linked to fate? If so, and I know you'll say life isn't fair but...why are some deaths so unfair? Isn't it said that death makes us all equals? Why then?


Death's eyes shifted into a narrowed stare, his jawline took a very sharp curves which gave the look of his serious expression. It was a chained question, but so could be the answer. Some answers required a chained flow which would made the question into a such. And despite being rushed, Death could very well conclude the main question there, why life and death were unfair.


- Who taught you how life or how death should be, Shirahane? Was it your mother, was it your dad? Or the lover you so loved? Or were the humans around you so convinced that they were wronged? Was it you who thought you or someone else was so wronged? Or was it your God? ...Frankly, life is fair but yes, I am what you would call unfair. Because in my eyes there is no difference between the poor and the rich, between the young and the old, or between the good or the evil. Then, how life is fair if it allowed a clear distinguishability between humans? No, it was life who granted 'choices' and having a choice is fair and square; it is me who took these 'choices' away. An equality will never exist. Tell me, Shirahane, can you seek equality in a world where everyone wants to be special? Where everyone makes choices that leave them with nothing but dissimilarity? It is not life being unfair, it is humans. And I bring the equality through unfairness. Haven't you heard so, “You reap what you sow”.


- I don't understand.... How can, for example, a newborn bring 'equality'? Why such an innocent and yet to live soul has to die? Or a hardworking man with golden heart has to die? What is there as 'fairness'? You want to say that innocent have to die on the behalf of such that are -...


Gin didn't finish his sentence because it truly would sound ignorant but in his heart he felt the unfairness of a world where only the innocent people paid for the fraud.


The damned god let out a sigh and lowered his chin down to the flowers surrounding them.

- What is 'innocence' to you, Shirahane? There is no such thing. It is laughable when humans convince themselves that they lived a good and fair life. Because one's happiness is on the behalf of another one's unhappiness. I do not discriminate any soul, nor do I forgive. To me, the souls are equal, some are stained more and other less. What I do is strip them off the burden of remembrance.

- You strip them off 'remembrance'? But don't people say that when you die your life flashes before your eyes?


- No, it is not 'a flash'.

- Then?

- Hm, isn't it my turn yet? I think I answered exactly what you asked. - Death offered a plain smile.

- Yes, yes. I pick truth.


- What would you choose? To live eternally or just like a human?

- Ehm, certainly...I want to live a bit longer...it feels like every human being is curious and desires to expand their life-span...but I don't think I want to be immortal.


The Albus god smiled at the reply as tiredly let his shoulders relax, forearms coming up to guide his torso as they leaned onto the backboard of the bench. Shirahane leaned aback as well, gaze following upwards to stare at the Moon.

- Hey, Death...

- What?

- What connects the Sun and the Moon?

- Ah...there. - his chin lightly and barely nodded upwards to point to the human. But even so Shirahane didn't get it.

- Um... there? What is there?

- Exactly. What is there.

- Er...the Moon...the sky...the starts...clouds... but there is no Sun.


The Albus god chuckled, recalling something from long time ago, which made Gin self-conscious.

- W-what's so funny?

- Nothing. I just recalled that silly story from long time ago.

- Story? What it is about?

- Your question can be interpreted in many ways. Anyone would answer it differently, according to what level of knowledge they have, what kind of belief they follow or simply the limit of their creativeness...imagination, call it. But there was a story in my homeland...about the Moon and the Sun.

- Oh! So you answered accordingly that?

- Well, I lack imagination but not knowledge. - the Death god chuckled once again, - The story is called 'Venus'. It, although made according factors, is a romantic story. About the two orbits that could never truly meet. And then, 'Venus' appeared. Do you know what is the first and the last star in the sky?

- Eh...no?

- It is 'Venus'. The small momentum when it appears is the only time when the Sun and the Moon are connected.

- Oh, so it is a planet and a star, kind of. - Shirahane nodded, slowly understanding but yet not, - What else can 'Venus' mean?

- It is often related to the the goddess of love and affection.

- Oh, I see. So it is 'Love'. - Shirahane nodded once again, thinking about Luna's words but then he puffed red from the ears.


“L-Love? How come l-love? Wait, I do not love him!”


- Love who? - Death's dull eyes glanced over Shirahane, rather nonchalant and not really understanding what that last question was for.

- NO ONE! STOP READING MY MIND! - Gin rose from the bench, thinking about baked potatoes as trance in his mind in order to push the thoughts away. The less he needed now is Death reading his mind, - I am going to sleep!

- I thought you wanted baked potatoes. - Death blinked, since all he could hear in Gin's mind was 'baked potatoes with tomatoes' or 'baked potatoes with cheese'.

- Ngh! Good night! - with stops the male left the garden, wondering from what distance the Albus god could heart the thoughts. He had to be rather careful from now on.

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To Discover Part I


“Punctiliously I was a human once. It was long ago but a human grasp can never understand that 'long ago'. So long that it was enough to make me forget what it felt like. Do I miss feelings?”


A dark gloved hand slid against the yellow pages of an old book, tracing fingertips across the defined word within, 'love'.


Another clank, yet another drip – the wine glass was set on the desk, emptied from its bitter nectar.


The tall figure of the damned god leaned on the edge of that dark wood desk, one arm reached up covering half of the beautiful features of his face. Even by the corner of his lips one could tell the hidden expression of his, 'was one of a man in an ever-blooming despair.


“Love. It is something dangerous. Similar to hope, per say. As a matter of fact, a little bit of hope can be event-turning. And yet a lot of hope, it can be dangerous. How do I understand humans? I don't, anymore. Because only a human can understand a human; be it at worse, be it at best.

All I am left with is just a boring world with nothing but its need of nepenthes*. I have been around enough to see it play over again and again. Each small story I witnessed led to what the history represents in today. Love...was the reason it began..”, the Albus god slid down his hand as his lips stretched in a sorrowful grin as his light blackcurrant eyes gazed forth to the big window, “And love is the reason why it ends.”


His pupils shifted to side, eyeing the empty glass of wine. His thoughts clearer than a voided off of mist morning;


“I am a god that no one worships, I am a god that could understand the humans the best but less could the humans understand me. Because one thing distinguishes us – emotions. Some beg for me, others curse me. I am nothing but a plain reality that no one truly sees through, or needs to accept. Because to accept the truth, to admit the rule...it means to submit. And humans by nature...do not submit. Alas those that submit, worship the wrong side – the sweet illusion.”


With a push off the desk, he walked up to the window, watching the moon setting its beautiful veil over the forest. His eyes were too dry and dead to display the warmth of tears.


“There are three kinds of Truth. Artificial, which goes by its name and function to manipulate. A newly discovered, which by any means is created purely and temporary when the universe shifts. Such truths are the daily entry of one's world, one's fate. And the third, most greatest and purest one – Satya*, later known as Set. The only truth that a human cannot obtain.”


A short pause took place in his mind, his light chuckle sighed off lips; well put, he thought it.


“Rather, it better be not obtained. For only a 'void' awaits.”


The tall man moved away from the window to take a seat onto the leather chair. His long legs crossed as back leaned against the chair.


“I want to tell you a story. A story of a time when my world stopped, completely.”, with a reach of hand he closed the old book, to reopen it with its dust slammed off.


“Have you ever wondered why every story started or spoke about a pair of two? Two brothers, two sisters, two lovers, two kingdoms? It is because loneliness can bring insanity, and insanity brings chaos. Although the universe might seem chaotic to you, it is the most systemic intervention I know.”


The Albus god's hand rested tiredly onto the book as his gaze dropped onto the pages that already were of another book.


“Looked from a human's perspective, I might seem like a murderer just on a godly level. But only once in my entire life I felt like such. I never felt shame of each next choice I've made, but there was a human once that brought the remorse upon me. It is a face of a girl I should have long forgotten; but her words I would never.”


With a retreat the damned god moved his hand back, letting the pages of the book run in a wild flip-motion. Once the book reached the needed record, a light embraced the room so it took the Albus god to a small village in the North. As soon as he made a land with his foot on the highest hill where the village houses looked like small set of toys from, the wind and the birds song paused. It was just like a photography moment, when everything alive stopped in time only for the Albus god be an exception of the 'picture'.


“Faroe Islands. A place I never wished to reap in ever since then. The year was... 23rd of July, 1630. The world was still under rearrange. Peace contracts, wars started. It was always like this, unfortunately. And here I were in that small village.”


His hand reached forth as if holding onto an invisible veil to tear it off. The beautiful scenery from above quickly switched back to the year of 1630. The village was lively and its crowd scattering in a busy routine. The damned god walked down the narrowed street used in the morning for vegan “avenue”. Naturally people didn't notice his presence, for it was just a memory he walked in.


The tall man stopped before a neat looking bakery store, the smell of baked bread even though in a memory made him smile lightly. His chin rose upwards, eyes gently gazing at the big sign, “Rugbrød stormagasin”. From within the lively and gentle voice of a young girl echoed.

- Papa, did you put the brown bread in the oven? Misses Abel will be coming soon!

- Yes, yes, Iz-...


“Izabella...”, the Albus god's soft lips whispered the name in unison with Izabella's father. He moved not, he entered not. But his memories kept running.


- Ah, it is already 9 o'clock!? - the beautiful gold-haired girl rushed to take off her apron. With quick and short pats she dusted off the remains of flour on herself, running for the door, - Papa, I will be going to Beatrix' store! I promised her that I will be helping with the opening party.

- Don't be late for dinner, Izabella! - the father answered with a raised voice from behind the oven.

- I won't!! - with a push, she opened the door. Her dashing body passed by the Albus god, who just followed her with eyes.


“Izabella Foss. A girl...Well, she was a girl worth to remember...”, Death lowered his gaze, staring at the dusty ground. The streets were pavement-less. It was the typical atmosphere of a village, but it was a nice one. Friendly and cozy. He really liked these islands.


The noon reached quickly, and even faster as the Albus god walked around slowly. He took his time , not really following Izabella around. Probably it was just because he entered these memories a million of times, enough to know each detail. Like the kid that fell on the ground in its try to steal an apple. Or the woman that watered ever so calmly her flowers. From corner to corner, he knew each small story. But only one corner of these streets brought him remorse.


A silent stomp, his strong foot set just on the next corner. It was the last street, rarely busy for the end of the village followed from there. Just before its end one could see the last barn and from then on the nude hills of Faroe Islands.


The damned god's gloved hand reached forth, the leather was whipped from the first drop of rain. It was like in the nick of time; he really saw these memories enough. The weather suddenly darkened. The ocean brought the cold breeze which confronted the warm one, in result the weather there never was stable.


Standing under the rain with his eyes closed, he heard the far running steps. They were light and quick, he could never mistake them – it was Izabella running. With his long eyelashes parting, his blackcurrant gaze rose forth. The girl's scent overlayed with the rain's, she was a true beauty. As soon as she passed by Death, her long hair followed. He could never forget the color of her hair, it was just like his brother's – gold and warm.


- Oh, god! I should have taken my jacket!


The Albus god smiled lightly, watching her wet back. If she only knew that later on they invented the umbrella, he wondered if it would make her happy. She disliked the muddy weather in this town, just like her personality she loved the sun and clear weather.


The girl quickly hid in the barn, which made the Albus god's smile vanish.

“I always cursed that rain and that barn. If it only didn't rain...and if it only she made it five minutes earlier...she would have passed by the barn..But I couldn't and I could never rule over time even though time ruled over me not.”


The girl shivered as walked deeper into the barn. The horses were oddly calm despite the stormy weather. Usually they would kick and throw around. But the barn was dead silent but warm. It was a cozy feeling she felt. Just when she found a square-like packed hay to sit on, she paused startled. The damned god was sitting shirtless with his back turned at her. His broad shoulders slightly down as elbows were rested on top of his thighs. But what startled her wasn't that there was someone, not at all. It was the bleeding yet tattooed back of Death. His sides giving away the heavy breathing.


She wondered if he heard her entering. At least he wouldn't keep his head lowered down, right? The worried girl stepped closer, holding onto her wet clothes.


- Um...

- Be quiet. - the low voice of Death made her jump on her place lightly. She didn't recognize the male as one of the village people, moreover she would have surely remembered such a voice. It was a nostalgic, calm, hypnotizing yet deep voice.


Izabella frowned up; no wonder the horses were quiet!!

- Hey, you don't treat people that want to help you this way!

- Hah...help me? What made you think I need help?

- Eh? You are bleeding! Of course you need help. - Izabella carelessly walked forth, not caring if he was to scold her. She was a clever girl, for a human at least. She thought such an exhausted body wouldn't be able to hurt her. And it was true, the Albus god could barely move.


- You... - as soon as she took a look from close, she was puzzled with this odd 'drawn' thing on his back - …is that a drawing? - curiously she reached her hand to touch gently the Albus god's back.

But just before her fingertips could touch the smooth skin of his, Death snapped lightly,

- Don't touch me.

- Ah, sorry! I just.. it is the first time I am seeing a drawing on skin. - she chuckled nervously. What she was thinking; it was a half-nude man there, wounded. And she went touching the drawing. She quickly made her way to the fresh water in the barn, taking off her shirt. Within a few minutes she managed to warm the water and have her clothe well washed.


- Hey, I am sorry... - she said as closed by, holding the clothe in her hand.

- Sorry about? - Death's closed eyes didn't bother to even open. The less energy he used, the better. The male was severely bleeding. Not 500, not 1000 but 1500 years he was kept in that darned prison, where the Curia took its time to torture him day and night.


Right after he asked, he felt a stinging pain that made him growl.

- What are you doing, woman!? - his body leaned forth, almost losing balance. She went and did it; applying the clean and warm clothe to treat his wounds.

- I said I am sorry in advance! Bear with it, asocial boy. And it is not 'woman', but 'Izabella'!


The Albus god opened his eyes, first thing he saw for 600 years was the warm color of the hay under his bare feet. The crimson blood was like a puddle around him, but the reflection of the beautiful girl behind him in the bloody liquid made his gaze soften. She was beautiful. She was the first and last woman, that made him love humans once again.



nepenthes {Greek}

* a drug described in Homer's Odyssey as banishing grief or trouble from a person's mind

* a drug or potion bringing welcome forgetfulness.


Satya {Sanskrit सत्य)

* the truth; the reality

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Love is not
, it is

“I never really knew love. My world contained no one but my family, specifically my brother who most of time I saw as my Lord. The form of love I knew was a sentimental feeling, gratefulness, the need to protect and pride. But then I met God. He spoke of love I could never comprehend. I never followed beliefs, for my existence is not faithful one, but truthful one. I obtain no faith, I contain knowledge. But the love God spoke of was the opposite of my truth; it was a thing that would deny any border, any rule, any truth. I couldn't understand. “


Two days passed since Izabella found the damned god in that barn. She indeed assisted him to getting better, in fact, each day she visited him there. In her worry to not leave the Albus god hungry, she kept bringing food. And the man didn't protest, so she felt more than delighted to keep spending time with him. He was like something she has never seen; when speaking of guts, she had them.


That morning she rushed all excited to the barn, carrying in a basket fruits, home baked bread and some well cooked meat. Up until now she never had interest in the local boys even though she had quite some admirers. But that man was beautiful, elegant even in his way of thinking, mysterious and somewhat she felt that these closed eyes he never opened in her presence hid an enormous pain.


- Hey, asocial boy!! - with a push of the heavy doors she entered the barn but as always it was quiet. She found him not there. So he finally got better enough to move around, she thought.


Once the girl set the basket near the source of water in the barn, she moved deeper where one small door led outside to the huge, nude hills. Not surprised at all, she smiled. He was there, sitting on the ground but carefully guarding his hands on a random cloth he probably found in the barn. She thought he probably didn't want to get dirty on the ground even though without the cloth she bet, that man would look so naturally beautiful on the green grass.


Izabella guarded her hands behind back, shyly cupping them in each other as walked up to him.

- I am glad you finally decided to put my father's shirt. I was worried you would catch a cold, your body is always so cold. - she spoke gently as flopped next to him on the ground.


The Albus god said nothing in response, but he knew that the girl stared at him even though his eyes were still closed.

- Say...are you blind? I am sorry if my question is offending!

- Heh... - his fine lips stretched in a small smile; what a question, really....was he blind all this time?


Izabella frowned up at such a plain and puzzling answer. She sulked so easily when it came to Death,

- What's so funny?

- What kind of blindness you speak of, woman?

- Ngh!! It is not WOMAN! - she felt the need to shake him hard, was he playing with her?!

- Ah, right. Izabella. - mockingly he said.

- You keep up this and you make no friends, you know?

- I don't need friends. - his calm voice spoke of no sorrow but acceptance, which made Izabella sad. How much of tortured one being had to be, so it gave up on wishing, desiring or hoping? He has already accepted that he needed no friend.

- Why do you say it like this....

- Like what?

- It is as if...you really..don't need friends.. - her gaze dropped to one of the curves of the horizon.

- Because I really, don't need friends. - with a pause he distinguished the words. He spoke firm and calm, his voice couldn't give away whether there was a doubt or something he wished for.


Izabella looked to him and reached her hand forth, moving gently a strand of hair from the Death god's face. The wind knew no such gentleness, so she instead gave him a touch to remember.

- I wonder what color are your eyes? - she smiled gazed at him.

- It is a funny color. Same as my hair. - he pointed out.


The girl averted her attention to the hair when spoke of. Indeed, his hair was an odd color – a liquid silver shade that kept losing and finding itself in these black strands. The moment she returned her focus on his closed eyes she got startled. The long eyelashes she admired already parted to reveal the beautiful color of light blackcurrant orbs.


In her surprise, no.. rather such stare made her spine shiver, she stumbled backwards as her hands gave in. The ground felt hard on her back, that was unfair play! Izabella's green eyes stared upwards at the blue sky with a content smile,

- Your eyes are beautiful, just like the sunrise sky after a night storm.


Death briefly stared at the human and then again averted chin forth. No one ever complimented him, especially human. Whenever he had to stand before someone, there was one simple reason – to reap. There was no chit-chat, no sentimental words. There was no time for compliments but just a plain truth. And truth often was seen as offence than a compliment.


- Do you know about 'Aurora'?

- Aurora? - Death's voice slightly shifted, showing interest for the name was Latin. A few spoke the true Latin anymore.

- Yeah, it is a legend I heard once. There was once a storm over Earth, but its origin was different. It was the storm of the dawn. And its colors are said to be magical and unearthly, so whoever saw it thought of the beautiful goddess 'Aurora'. Her name means 'sunrise'.

- Have you seen that storm? - Death's eyes slid close again.

- No, of course not! It is just a legend. - she chuckled, - But your hair and your eyes, they reminded me of Aurora.

- Oh.. So I am a goddess now? - he mocked once again.


Izabella frowned and sat up,

- Hmph. If you don't want the title, then I will take it! My eyes are beautiful enough.

Death chuckled and said nothing; it was the first time he saw such a confident, pure and yet bold human.


Seeing such a gentle expression on the Albus god's face, Izabella got captivated. It was a man that looked as had nothing and yet he oozed strength, fearsome strength. But who would have thought such a man could look so gentle?


- A-anyway! - she rose up quickly, flustered, - I have to go back. I brought you food again! Make sure to finish all, okay?


She adapted quickly to his silence, so she didn't want to force him talk. Instead his comfortable calmness was the sign of an agreement. With a small smile she stole another glance and headed back.

- See you tomorrow, asocial boy!


The silence returned even more violently. Once when she left, Death opened slowly his eyes. Such wishful things, he could not allow to take place in his mind. Less could in his heart or soul.

He was the death, death itself. He wasn't meant to be loved, nor he was meant to have friends.


The Albus god that once loved flowers and herbs could no longer gather or touch such, for all withered in his hands, for all died by his touch. The male glanced to the green grass poking from under the cloth he set underneath himself. The wind swooshed as if beckoning him to try once again, but he knew the outcome. It would just turn to another patch of hay, wouldn't it.


As soon as he brushed off these thoughts, Death rose up as walked inside the barn. The horses seemed to get used to him too, but since he wished silence they kept quiet. Smart creatures, they were. The male looked to the basket with food. He didn't need proteins or anything, he could just not eat. Up until now he gave the fruits and vegetables to the horses. But now he got curious about the home baked bread.


It smelled nice and so after feeding the horses, he reached for the bread. It was soft and puffy. The male took a bite, it didn't taste bad. From the inside of the basket he noticed a small note. Hand reached for it, as eyes read along.


“ Don't just eat the fruits and the vegetables!” , Death made a pause and glanced to the 'rewarded' horses as each next day when she brought the food.


“Also, if you want to bathe, there is a small lake near the barn.

I hoped you would agree to come to my place but you never gave me your answer.

Just tell me if you need something, okay?


Izabella Foss”


Just when he was about to fold the paper he noticed the post script, which made him laugh.


“P.S. ...I am sorry if you are blind. =/ “


What a woman, he thought.


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“Love breaks my bones and they rejoice.”

- reedited quote (of C. Bukowski)



“I've seen many stories, from the morning dew that moisturizes the grass to the first cry of a man broken from within. Hell knows how much a human is tortured, and heaven knows how much he prays. Me? I just know how much a human life is worth.”


The Albus god stayed in a blinding white space, a portal known to lead whether to past, present or future. His tall figure was a strong contrast of blackness. A sudden rampant noise of a thousand...no, of probably a billion metal shelves rawred in that space. The lines of well ordered archives seemed endless, one could feel the shivers only by the violent wind they made with such an abrupt slide. The damned god however stood still, only his long coat moved by the sudden lining motion of the shelves.


Once the rows of shelves stopped, only his footstep taps echoed. The Death god walked up to a certain shelf and pulled the drawer to take a folder. His gloved fingers caressed the untitled folder briefly.


“Do you know the primal emotion a human is born with? It is fear. And do you know the primal and first-born, true by its nature, fear of a human? It's the fear of death. Embedded from the first gulp of air, it is a mechanism that by instinct preserves the well-being of every each creature, safeguarding their lives.”


His hand relaxed down as drew the folder down along, another series of taps before he paused again. Even if one tried to read his mind, it was beyond impossible. His features didn't waver, his breathing was calm. And calmness was fearsome.


“Tell me, human. What kind of a criteria you use to divide 'normal' from 'abnormal'? The stereotype you know is born with a fear, then develops more fears. But now and then there is a flaw in the system, as much of genetic so much of universal. Now and then, humans voided off of fear are born; branded as 'monsters' or 'animals'.”


His blackcurrant eyes shifted as gaze became sharper.

“But no. Even monsters and animals do have fears and weakness. Then, how would you brand such humans? I will tell you the proper term, 'genuine'. It is not a comparative nor superlative, it is essential. The true form of a human. However like any other established system, a being must submit to rules and laws. The system you call 'universe' has its own laws, per say. Such laws are called 'ultimate' – they do not change.”


With a tilt of chin, the Albus god stretched lips in a small grin; it was a paradox and one could lose oneself unless they saw beyond.


“And the very first law of the universe is, “All general statements are false.” “


The male's expression switched to emotionless. His lips relaxed as eyes averted gaze to the far canvas of whiteness. With a swing of arm, he threw the folder that opened. Old papers scattered into the space, as if creating from its archives a puzzle. The space started shifting to back in time, back in 1630's. The Albus god's eyes watched the space darkening with the first set part of the scenery. The starry sky of Faroe Islands. His chin moved upwards, watching the rain of shooting stars, it was a nostalgic feeling that took place in his chest.


From behind him five to six men clothed in white with the typical red stripe across the robes, which symbolized the Supreme Curia, walked up to the highest hill where one could watch the never ending ocean from. In between the row they formed, a well tied woman with bag over head struggled.


Death's eyes dulled as chin lowered down, it was a memory he rarely replayed, he rarely allowed to recall and he never spoke of. The damned god turned around, watching the males bring the woman to her knees. His eyes fixated onto one of the males, an ominous feeling oozed off of his gaze. The only male he urged to reap so much ever since Terra disbanded, and yet the only male he was forbidden to 'touch'.


- Remove the bag and the cloth from her mouth. - so he ordered to the other men, who wasted no time and did so.


Once the bag revealed the beautiful lines of Izabella's face, the male standing before her grinned wickedly.

- You are rather young. But sadly those who come so close to him are often cursed with no luck.

- ...Him? - Izabella glared up yet with a questionable expression.

- Yes, him. He goes by many names, I am sure even you have made up some 'name' for him.


The beautiful girl quickly related to Death, but she refused to cooperate with such an arrogant person.

- I don't know what you are talking about.

- Ahahah, I am sure you don't. - he moved hands behind back, cupping palms into each other, - You see, if not under my command, this monster would go wild. I cannot allow that.


The male moved away from her as walked slowly to the edge of the hill, enjoying the night ocean breeze. But as just a memory it was, he wouldn't notice how he stood shoulder by shoulder with the current presence of Death. The Albus god clenched his jaw-line, staring forth as listened to the words he was not present to back then.

- Sadly God fails to understand that 'love' is not meant for everyone. I suppose he doesn't like you much, my dear. Who would torture a human with 'feelings' towards him? He has one purpose, to serve us and nothing more.


Izabella lowered her head, catching quick because of that calm and emotionless face of Death. She always knew he was in pain, but a pain that a normal human could not imagine. Its expanding power has eaten even the primal 'freedom' of one, to dream. But that man, she knew, had no dreams. Even so, it irked her. She followed her own beliefs.


- I do not know such a god you speak of. - her low voice made the male lift a brow.

- Oh? You don't? - he laughed briefly. As a man having access to the fate records he knew the girl's life up until now, - Then who you think took your mother to the cold embrace of earth? Who do you think assigned her death? Who do you think forsake you in this poor land nothing to live with but baking bread? You barely cover up your monthly taxes, and you still tell me you refuse to despise such a god?


The woman as any other human being was fragile. She felt the pain in her chest, shoulders sagged due to the brief depression. It was like rubbing salt over a wound.

- You misunderstand something... - Izabella rose her chin, the bruised lips from a probable slap was swollen, - I do not blame God, nor fate. I believe in things or people that shall believe in me, too. Less I am a coward to blame all to fate.


For a second there, the male's pupils widened. It was a statement he never expected, but soon after he laughed.

- Ah, no wonder he is slacking off. He found a nice toy to kill time with, it seems. - the white clothed male shifted around to walk up to her, from one of his sleeves a silver blade slid, - But you must understand, human. I don't like when someone messes up my plans; this monster has to suffer for our and for your sake too.


Izabella couldn't understand why he kept using 'human', as if he wasn't one. But she quickly registered that as a need to express superiority; seems the other lacked such, so she spoke her mind up.


- Plans? Human? Why it sounds to me that you lack confidence in any of your words? I don't know what you want from me, but don't you dare assign one's pain for your own selfish needs.


The male visibly was angry and his senses spoke as it was the right moment to thrust the blade into her. Izabella had guts but as any other human being she feared death.


His hand moved abruptly forth, white robe swishing in rhythm just for the blade to hit an iron-like surface. It was the grip of the Albus god.


Izabella didn't know what startled her more, the fact she was almost killed or the fact that she saw the 'asocial boy' dressed with such elegant clothes. The black coat spread before her as a protective veil as her green eyes landed onto the damned god's board back. She knew he was different, in fact he always was 'different'.


Death's closed eyes slowly opened as glowed in red, meeting the gaze of the other. A few drips of blood ran down his hand, but he knew a greater pain so not even a flinch escaped him.

- Ibur... - with a low growl in his throat, the Albus god spoke this hateful name.

- Oh, god of the dead. You were almost late.


The woman had a puzzled expression. 'God of the dead'? In fact, she wouldn't be surprised if he was a god, he was too beautiful for something earthly. And it was an era where humans believed in gods more than today. The girl easily accepted the fact more likely because Death was indeed fitting for a damned god.


- I am never late.

- Hmmm, I wouldn't say so. - the ironic attitude of Ibur irked not only Death but even Izabella, - Or have you forgotten that when you slack off, innocent souls depart?

- I think I am more aware than you are.

- Oh, indeed. You do feel them, don't you? The regrets of a thousand not yet to be reaped souls. How cruel, god of the dead. Don't you think you are unfair?


Ibur redrew his knife harshly, making sure to make the abrupt slide hurt against the flesh of Death's palm.

- I never claimed to be fair, Ibur.

- Ah, yeah, yeah. - with a dismiss, he cleaned with a separate cloth his blade, - Ever so neutral. I wonder how did you even make such a bold choice back then.


While the male was playing sarcastic with Death, Izabella calculated the possibilities for escape. But the girl was facing hardship with such tightly tied ropes. However one sentence caught her attention and made her freeze.

- But you know you have to be punished, right?

- Weren't I enough of punished these last years? - Death tried to reason with the other.

- Well, that was just a lesson. You don't bring the dead to life, god of the dead. Even if it were your own flesh and blood, you had to restrain yourself. But now, well now you are bringing another kind of chaos.


Curiously Izabella peeked from below, noticing the frown drawn on Death's face. She never saw such a troubled expression on his face, all she knew was the calm and yet quiet boy.


- My slacking is punished with the reap of innocent souls. I don't see what more you want to punish, Ibur.

- I can't let a dog run wild, you see. You have to know discipline. - Ibur closed in with his cold stare drilling into Death, - Even if your hands are cut or your legs are broken, you do manage what your propose is for. To reap. And despite that one thousand souls were damned, I will be generous with you. I will just present you with one simple thing.


The Albus god was the only most intelligent being in the universe. He didn't need much, he caught on fast. There was no other reason for Izabella to be brought there if not to be reaped.

- I refuse.

- You misunderstood me. I am not asking, it is an order from the Supreme.

- I know. - Death's eyes bored into Ibur's ones, - And I said, I refuse.

- My, my. You started disobeying just because of a human? I thought we established one thing, you can't favor a race, god of the dead.


Izabella started to feel that primal fear of her kind, the fear of danger, of Death. The girl shivered as her eyes nervously moved from Death to Ibur. What were they arguing over? He had to reap someone? Was that someone her? After all he was called 'god of the dead', right?


Ibur noticed the fear in the human's eyes and chuckled,

- See? You can't be loved after all, Death. Look, look at the truth you refuse to see. - Ibur dragged the girl on feet, to 'smack' Death with the scared expression of Izabella, - Or you thought that if they treat you well for just a bit, you were loved?


The past self of Death lowered his chin, his reflection mirrored in the present eyes of the Albus god who never looked away unlike back then. He knew already, love and happiness were things obtainable for any race but his kind. His kind was one such, no other existed anywhere. And when you had 'one copy' of something you could not duplicate, you had to systematize where and how you took care of it. Because once lost, it could be not restored. Death was on the same principle, there were things that could change him and overwrite the original with something new, which meant 'death for him'.



Izabella though didn't want to be misunderstood. She didn't fear Death, she just didn't want to die. But if he was really a god of the dead and he was one to reap her, she'd offer gladly even her soul. She knew more than any other knew, that man was not a monster. She knew he fed the horses, she knew he was afraid to even touch a flower. She damn knew how he smiled when birds sang. If anything he was more of a human than a monster. Just when she was to speak up, she saw one of the males walking up with a blade behind Death. What he was spacing out for!? Didn't he sense the man who was about to stab him? She didn't even know his name, to try and call it. Then she realized how much more important names were; and if he had no such, she promised to herself...she would name him!


- Look out! - with a yell she pushed the male to side, which surprised everyone on that hill. Not even Ibur calculated such an outcome. It was a foolish move, but a human wouldn't know that the knife wouldn't actually hurt Death. It was a tool they used to weaken him now and then; it would be troublesome if he grew too powerful. But the knife was deadly for a human.


Death's eyes widened, his red glow in these cold orbs disappeared. He felt his stomach up his throat, it was a feeling he never experienced. The sign of a human he found for troublesome with a knife thrust through her chest, it shook his ground.


The silence between the men briefly ended when Izabella's body slumped down to end in the Albus god's embrace.


- Well, I guess you don't have a choice now, do you? - Ibur couldn't read the atmosphere it seemed, he kept babbling, - But don't be foolish and think that you should revive her; you had your lesson, don't y-..

- Be quiet, pest. - Death tilted his chin towards Ibur with his brows sharpened in a death glare, the sudden drop of temperature was like an alarm to evacuate.


The men quickly disappeared, after all their job was done. Soon after their leave, the islands started freezing. As the North suddenly greeted the winter, snowflakes started falling down. The weak body of Izabella kept shivering in his embrace as she held onto his coat,

- I-it-..it i-is c-cold... - she looked around the beautiful winter scenery, her mind at peace because it was logical to feel cold during winter, right? Or it was just a way Death could lessen her fear of him.


- A-aso-social..boy..., -she looked up to him with a small smile, - w-why..you look so... - with a reach to his face, she moved a hair of strand. It was a very sad expression he carried. But she was glad, it meant that he felt, that he wasn't the so claimed monster.

- It's not 'asocial boy'. – his lips smiled lightly, the gentleness in his eyes warmed her heart, - It's Kou.


Breaking a rule ever since he was reborn as Death, he told her his name. He feared nothing but it seemed same like humans he could feel fear. And what a laughable fear he had, to lose someone to death, to what he was.


- K-Kou... - with a huge smile she retreated her hand, - It is...a be-beautiful name...same...your eyes... K-Kou..I-..I really...like- y..


With an avert of chin, Kou heard the last breathed word. It was closer to silence than to whisper, but audible. What a way to confess to Death, in one's own death hour, huh...


Death felt the Albus thread of her spiraling upwards his body due to the close contact. It was a warm soul, he felt her love through the thread that soon started to sink into his body. The male pain grew violently, the snow doubled as the temperature dropped a lot under zero degrees. His body could not feel the difference anymore, and he could not use her warmth to tell the difference. She was like a cold doll in his arms and all he had was the memory of her beautiful smile.


The Albus god caught the thread before it sank completely into him, forcing part of it out causing to his own soul a strain for he pulled it in a moment where Albus threads had to become one. A small part of his soul was torn along with hers as he held it strong in his gloved hand.


The hand that clang to him was no longer eager and her body started overlaying with the white ground for the snow covered her. Kou rose from the spot, his whole body feeling crushed. The very bones of his felt pain, no torture could hurt him so much.



The damned god that witnessed the scene once again averted his eyes from the time when he cried for the first time. The cold tears of a god that no one prayed to made the ocean and earth shiver. With a turn he walked out of the memory, letting it run behind his back.


The people from the village excitedly ran outside, everyone was so happy whenever the beautiful snow fell on the islands. They even had a belief that Boreas, the god of the North Wind, was paying them a visit. He was highly respected for humans believed he represented elegance and honor. And once snow fell, they had to rejoice with him. In the far and from the far the excited crowd made noise, but even more the excitement grew once their eyes saw the unearthly beautiful sky. Seemed gods today were visiting them, for Aurora even appeared in the sky.


Beautiful green color danced like silk in water as its edges oozed a light color of blackcurrant, illuminating the village with magical scenery. But it was no Boreas nor Aurora. There was a beautiful hand stretched upwards to the sky, letting particles of own soul and the soul he loved the most. The coldness of the oxygen in the sky mixed with the heat of the Albus threads could create such a phenomena. Kou's hand gently retreated down, as his blackcurrant eyes started at the beautiful green color that was a split image of her eye color.


Aurora was the goddess of the dawn but funny that Aurora was created by the god of the dusk. The village people never have seen such a beautiful scenery despite the low temperature; it made them feel fulfilled, it made them feel the beauty of life. From the far echoed even more symbolizing ideas,

- The clocks stopped! It must be a sign, the gods are meeting!

- Aurora! Boreas! - the believers yelled.

- It's true! The clocks stopped moving!


Busy with their beliefs, they named the day as 'Timeless Love'. Two gods that had met when time mattered not, it was the day of never-ending love. But such were humans, always. They were quick to brand, to name, to believe. No one knew that the beauty of life they felt was because of the god of the dead, nor that time stopped because he didn't want to hear the tick and the tack of judgement. He didn't need a reminder who he was and what he lost. It was just one day from the year they feasted and would feast in future on but for him was the day he had his soul engraved into the sky; when he didn't meet endless-love but had his loved ended. The day Death cried.




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Different Reality.


With slow steps Death walked out of the cabinet, leaving the yellow pages of 'love' behind. No matter how many times he returned in time to watch and rewatch the past, he couldn't change anything. He was still Death...and she was still gone. And how he wished for just one moment, humble enough to agree for a half of a day, where he could live it with her. Not just fragments of his past, not just fleeting and echoing from the far ghosts.


The male made his way downstairs to find Shirahane napping on the sofa before the fireplace. With a lean on the wall beside the fireplace, the Albus god gazed at the snow white face of the human, gently and blurry reflecting the play of the flames. Following the fine features of his cheekbone up to his eyebrows; now and then he was frowning. And that certainly brought the damned god to the conclusion that it must have been another dream he saw.


Death glanced down to his hand which was locked in a crossed gesture of arms before chest, seemingly the jurar was about just fine. If that were the case, then most probably it was one of Shirahane's own dreams. He felt relieved. It wasn't that he had something so dear to hide, after all, he of all creatures could hide no truth. But whenever Shirahane dreamed about his past, he felt stripped. Stripped to the bones. These several truths were classified and certainly not every next soul cared what Death lived...or how the world was before. There was a reason why they called it 'After Christ' and 'Before Death', truly.


The tall man shifted from the spot he found for way too heated in the far corner, comfortably adjusting on the armchair. Little he knew why the mortal seemed so restless in his current dream, but Death wasn't one of curious. He knew the price of it; so pretty much he suited himself just as it was.


Meanwhile, Shirahane was trying his best to find an exit from his nightmare...

It was a pitch black darkness before his eyes, one of his hands came forth to 'caress' the dimness but it felt empty. Hesitantly he made a few steps forward, sliding feet against the nothingness. His being never felt such an emptiness, and naturally he felt scared.


From the far left he heard running steps but they didn't make it in close, just the opposite, they were drifting away. Shirahane abruptly turned around, his pupils blind to the darkness, but senses alarmed.

- Anybody there?

No answer came, so the male kept swinging hand into the dimness. Where he was? Was he sleeping again?


Weeks passed since he met Death, never he thought that time could roll so fast. When just recently he was an ordinary man, living his boring doctor-life he could barely call it exciting. And the hectic days could be not to blame, it was just a boring life he lived. But Death made him see things he was blind to before. And now they had to stay in Luna's place for the time being. It's been like three days or so. And yet in his very mind, he knew that sooner or later a war was coming. He wasn't blind nor dumb. He knew many creatures disagreed with Death's choice to 'save' him. It called for a simple logic, nothing extraordinary. They would protest, question was only of a time.


A laughter echoed in the darkness, it was one of a child. Shirahane froze at spot and his hand came down, it was certain – he wasn't alone.

- Who...Who's there? - feeling the fear dry his throat, Gin repeated his question.

- Can you not see me? - the child's voice spoke back, finally.

- I cannot...Where are you? - trying his best to clear vision, Gin shifted his eyes. But it was impossible, the darkness was darker than black. All he could rely on was his ears.

- Open your eyes, Shirahane Gin! I am just before you. - the statement alone scared Gin, so he made a step backwards. Whoever was it, it wasn't funny. No one would like some unknown voice in the dark, even if it were one of a child!

- My eyes are open! - he rose voice but as soon as he did so, he felt a touch against his palm.

- No, they aren't. - the child argued as got a hold of Gin's hand. Suddenly the dimness began ripping, like an outburst the light abruptly swallowed them.


Still not used to the brightness Gin's eyes gradually started opening. He felt the warmth around his palm, and chin lowered down to meet the golden eyes of a child. He knew him, that long and beautiful blond hair, he could never forget such an angelic boy.

- You!


The kid smiled, accepting that the mortal knew him from before. Not long ago they met for a first time and seemingly they met after for a while, just like now – in one very different reality.

- I've been waiting for you.

- Waiting for me? Wait...But aren't you....just a dream...or a ghost? You led me through and in so much trouble...!

- I exist only in and through his dreams. I cannot manage my spirit presence in most of the dimensions. My name is Jiran.

- Jiran.... - slowly repeating, Gin felt like something important was going on or … the late supernatural stuff happening in his life has taken a dream-form. But it wasn't that, he knew he saw that boy before.... that dream when he chased after Death as a child and that another child who for a brief moment he swore – he smiled at him. So back then it wasn't an illusion of his? Moreover, wasn't he the same child that always led him to Death? It was confusing, who was that kid?

- Yes. Do you know who am I, Shirahane?

- Who...I...I am not sure... - not wanting to sound like an ignorant in case he tried to guess, so he just admitted he wasn't truly sure.


The child smiled and his grip tightened around Gin's hand,

- I am the last King of Terra. And he is my brother.

- He? You mean...Death?

- Unfortunately yes, he now is Death. - Jiran's eyes saddened and he looked forth as the whiteness blurred until a beautiful scenery appeared. It was the Valley of Peace, the yellow tulip hills spread open before Gin's eyes. The landscape left him breathless. Lakes and flowers, colors of peace. It was like not an earthy,yet worth to be such, scenery.

- Look forth, Shirahane. This is Death's favorite place for it was where he grew up, and yet it was where he died and was born as the damned god. The only place in the universe that never changed despite the death he brought on Terra.


Mute to the words that had a sad note of truth, Gin lost his gaze into the distance. It was so beautiful, and yet it held such a tragic story. His lips stretched in a broken smile, how sad he felt now.

- Why are you showing me this place?

- We don't have much time, but I want you to hear my story.

- Your story? Wait, is it part of his memories, too? Am I dreaming Death's memories again?


Jiran shook his head and his hand slipped off Shirahane's hold.

- No. You are not dreaming. You see what I could save from myself and engrave in Death's soul. I cannot appear in my true form for I don't have much energy. But it is enough to last for a short a while.

- But...why me? You should talk to him! - Gin was sure that Death would want to talk to his brother. It wasn't often when he would mention Jiran, but whenever the topic involved Jiran, he saw Death's sorrowful eyes smile. A gut feeling, Death surely loved his brother.

- I cannot talk to him, he mustn't know....

- What? What...he mustn't know!? You are brothers! - for some reason Gin felt irritated.

- And I am most aware we are. But at same time we are enemies, Shirahane. Listen to my story.


The space they were currently in suddenly turned cold. A slam of a gate shuddered the air. It made Gin feel terrified. Before his eyes a slide of Jiran's memories span too fast to grasp unless the voice guided him forth.

- I was born to rule Terra. I had to carry on a heavy burden-Terra's hope. Whoever is born into the royal family had to keep the peace impregnable and peace was a result of a never-betrayed hope. But hopes do not last forever, Shirahane Gin. Hopes are betrayed, hopes are lost and hopes are dirtied.


Gin's green gaze followed the past of Jiran, watching mutely the childhood he had with Death. Before his eyes wide and long corridors spiraling from forth to beyond. He could swear if he dashed through them, it wouldn't take long before he was out of breath – so huge the place looked. From the behind he heard running and lively steps. Once he turned around he saw Jiran jumping from the floor above. Scared that they would most probably end up in a bloody mess, he tried to secure the land. Yet the ghost of past never knew the gravity laws. Shirahane felt the boy through his body as he dashed all excited to a destination that kept him going like a small, wild puppy.


- I never knew such a happiness in my life. It was the day when my brother was born. - the child's voice guided Gin through the story, his voice sounding ever so fond and gentle.


The scenes kept changing from corner to corner, from hill to hill. The long yet short nineteen years of their brotherhood played like a recorder before Shirahane's eyes. His soul felt calm and light; the beauty of their bond, no one could even put it into words – there were funny, embarrassing, pranky and of course silly moments of the brothers. He wouldn't even imagine that Death could be...so human.


Until all of a sudden, the scenery withered just like a flower. The voice of the child reached the silence for a brief moment.


- But once I was crowned and became Terra's King, things changed. I had to choose. And before that no one taught me how to make a choice because we, Terra's people, had never to choose. We had peace, we had rules. And nothing spoke of choice, even being born into the royal family wasn't a choice but a rule. No one ever had to make a choice as the choice I made.


The image of Jiran's youthful self appeared before Gin. He was standing tall before the Supreme Curia, all alone. And they spoke mortifying words even if he couldn't understand the language now, He knew by the male's expression – it was a hard choice. So hard that Jiran's face grew pale. And the memories themselves made Gin reach for his chest. Something in his rib-cage hurt.


The first choice ever truly made in the universe – to give birth to the first sinner.


- The world never knew of me and my choice, but you all live the consequences of it. You, mortals, know the evil in the form of the Devil, but evil has many forms and names. And I had to become the firstborn evil, to give birth to Death or to Seth. To give birth to a new faith, to a new god, to a new world. I never wished to see the races divided, Shirahane. But they were. God appeared, the Devil too. Death was born in the face of my beloved and precious brother, which wasn't how I calculated the outcome. And the world you live in? It is dying now. And when he reaps you all....he will be forever alone. The one who I most loved...I punished to a never-ending solitude. He will be the last existence to stand, he will be the lonely creature that remembers us all but no one would exist to remember him. Shirahane Gin, I beg of you, save my brother.


The images kept spinning but Gin could barely follow with the memories. All words spoken were new to him, he wasn't even sure if he could understand all what was presented to him. The male flopped down on knees, breathing harshly.

- How..can I save him...? I am just a human....I do not have such a power, Jiran... I am...just a human... - not realizing his tears rolled off cheeks. He felt sad, and angry. He was so powerless. And partly knowing Death's history, he couldn't do much. Hell, he couldn't even open the topic with Death, he felt that it was like pressing a wrong button.

- There is a script I wrote shortly before I died. That script hides the truth you need to know. It is hidden in the West of the Valley of Peace. Under the tree of life. Find it before it is too late.


The child caressed Gin's hair with a smile as his figure started fading into a pure white light.

- Wait! I want to ask you something! - Shirahane lifted his chin, eyes begging with curiosity, - What is his name? Death's name!?

- Why? Why do you want to know his name?

- I...I want to know the name of the person who saved me!

- Heh... Then ask the person himself, Shirahane. Death is the most kind creature that could ever exist. He would tell you, if you are sincere enough and if your heart loves him enough.




Short breathes, his eyes shot open as the old ceiling assured him he was still alive.

- Awake? - the known voice monotonely asked.

Gin hesitated for a second but as they said, now or never.

- Say Death, what is your name?


The sudden and unexpected question got Death's eyes raise from the book he calmly was reading just a second ago. With a sharpened gaze he quietly stared at Gin. He never ever mentioned he had a name, moreover that was one of the lies he could tell. Then how come the mortal asked 'a very right' question?

- What did you dream? - down on topic, it was clear that the dream Gin saw wasn't one of Death's memories. The jurar wouldn't make such a mistake, ever.

- Why? Does it change the fact that you hide your real name? - bold for a first time ever since he was about to press one of these wrong buttons; but somehow the meeting with Jiran gave him a hope. A hope that Death actually was no different from mortals. He also could laugh, he also could be embarrassed and mostly...he also could love.


The Albus god puffed the book close, and surely if there were dust it would be most probably off into the air. It wasn't a gentle flip, but a drastic and firm one. The male rose from his chair, heading upstairs. He had no intention to ever again say his name. It was a name he hated. Nothing good came from it. Anyone who called it out found death. His friends, his brother, ….and Izabella... all of them, one by one and after one. He rather preferred to forget such a name.


Gin hurriedly rose from the sofa to chase after Death.

- Why are you keeping your name in a secret? I thought you couldn't tell a lie! Answer me now! - with a reach for the Albus' god's hand, he captured Death's wrist.

- It is true. I cannot lie. - the damned god glanced to Shirahane then down to the hand holding him. Anyone in his right mind would let go after such a stare, so did Gin.

- Then why you avoid that topic with your name? Ever since I met you, you told me to call you however I want. A name...a name is something precious.. It is like part of you and it personalizes you. - decided to learn Death's name, Shirahane kept finding reasons.

- ...Heh...Personalizing me? - Death leaned forth to Gin, leaning slightly down to lock the other against the stairs' poles, - Well said. Then 'Death' suits me more than well, Shirahane. Do not forget who am I and what am I.


Feeling his stomach up his throat, Gin gulped harshly down. No wonder even his enemies treated him with respect to his name. The Albus' god could be truly scary, especially once he locked eyes with you. Shirahane's body naturally shivered, yet Death didn't fail to register the fact. In fact, he was so used to it that once in a while he wondered if sometimes he didn't do it on purpose; it was just a reaction that disregarding the race, anyone would give. Figures; they all feared him.


Like always he felt the bitterness all over his taste-sensor muscle. It was a thing he had to get used to even if he didn't want. In fact, so did Samael taught him - “Fear shall be your right hand. Through fear shall you see true colors and through fear shall you judge.”


- I am not scared of you. - Gin cleared his voice and it was just like a slap the Albus' god received. It was certain that he spoke none of the words by voice, yet the human could certainly see through things even though was rather dense to other things.

- Indeed. You are not. Because I have no intention to kill you. - the Death god leaned even closer, a breath away from the human, - But if I am to reap you, I wonder would you still manage the composed bravery of yours?

- ..I .. always knew fear of you... - Gin lowered his gaze down, - ...Every single time...


Death locked his brows in a frown, trying to figure what the mortal meant.

- Every single time?

- You always took away what I loved...my parents...my friends..my patients.. I always fought you...indirectly..but I fought you in my life, every single day. And you never failed to prove me...how fearsome you can be.


The Albus god's gaze softened. Indeed, the man before him was a soul in despair that caught his attention. And most of all, he was a man who tried to save lives, who tried to yank the souls off Death's grip.


-But you know what... - Gin continued as his eyes met the Albus ones, - ...That night...I wanted to meet you. I wanted to be embraced by you. Death was the last thing I feared but the first thing I needed. And so I met you.


The damned god's pupils widened lightly, his blackcurrant eyes reflected the gentle green color of the other male's eyes. A color he adored so dearly. Death really was no match, so his lips stretched in a smile as a gentle chuckle followed. The male retreated and continued upstairs.

- My name... means “to love”. I wonder if you still can go on with your 'name personalization' of yours. - laughing the matter off Death disappeared into a thin air, leaving Shirahane with the shivers and rapid beats in chest alone. The mortal reached hand for his chest, the cold presence of the Albus god couldn't be shaken so easily especially after being so close. One thing was for sure, Gin could act brave and be sincere with him...but he had no control over his own body. And seemingly his life-muscle was the next.

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One of the old chapters from previous version however changed and well, spicy.

Pain. I've known pain for a long time. So long that it became a part of me, just like a plasticine clay you could change the shape of – you could divide and you could unite.Yet I am not very sure whether pain divide me from what I could be or unite me as what I could never been. I truly don't like the universal law of erasability. If I could leave your memories even after rebirth, I would do so. Would that be unfair? Would that bring chaos? Probably. But humans can never learn this way. They repeat mistakes from their past-...no, not from yesterday. From a long time ago, their past life. Mistakes they were reborn to fix and yet they fail to do so. And once I appear before them, I am asked 'why'. Because, human, you forget pain while being in pain. Paradoxical, isn't it?



The few days they hid deep in the forest, where Luna fully aware allowed them to be, passed way too quick even for the Albus god. They could not take a rest, Death could not abandon his duty and so could not Shirahane. But unlikely as up until now, this time wasn't Shirahane who had to reap. As the jurar separated the souls to evil and good, so were Shirahane's and Death's duties. The mortal would reap only pure souls while Death, he had to reap the evil.


And hard was that task for him for death was cruel once the last hour hit for the sinners. The Albus god avoided it so far because he didn't want Shirahane to see. To see how fearsome he could be and why everyone bowed if not shuddering in his presence.


Seemingly though it was the first time they were out to get work done during the night. And it was first time when Death walked in front of Shirahane shoulder by shoulder with Jaropht. A sudden shift to side, they took the left wing of the building where they arrived a few minutes ago. There was one single office with lights on. Gin wondered who was so hard-working to stay behind until so late. But it wasn't the case and Death knew it. The person in that office was such a hypocrite, such an ugly soul. Greedy soul. When they were to enter the office through the door, Death turned around and gave the stare.

- Stay here. You are not invisible for his eyes. - reasoning himself with a truth, Death passed through the door with Jaropht. As for Gin, he stood there in the dark. He could only listen to what was going on. But never he would imagine what he was about to hear. The man was talking over the phone and of course not aware of their presence.

- I am telling you. I took care of all. All left is to get the money transferred safely.



- No, of course not. I made sure she wouldn't say a word. I doubt she'd like the idea of her kids taken away from her. - the man laughed but that laughter only made Shirahane step backwards. What was that ugly way of speech and the cruel tune of laughter? The human frowned up, catching up that the human was corrupted. Not a surprise, with such a huge office in such a big company. Gin's eyes made a fast observing over the place.

- I will get in touch with her, don't worry about it. Just do your part of the deal. - as soon as the phone was hung, the male coughed strangely. It was like he couldn't grasp some air or something. Shirahane wondered if Death was doing what they went there for. And so curious he was how Death looked like when reaping. The green glitters of his eyes followed the dangling jurar, which was like ghost-passing through the door. His pupils widened when he heard the thud. A step and two closer to the door, he placed his hand there with a soft and smooth lean of head against the wood. So badly he wanted to peek. His free hand reached for the knob and twisted it. As soon the door creaked a bit, he saw the most terrifying thing he could imagine. Death was standing tall before the struggling in pain man. His black, gloved hand firmly settled on the other's forehead. His face mercilessly cold and these eyes of his were more than judging. They could pierce you with the bitter taste of regret, at least one who had something to regret - they would be forced to regret. That man on the floor kneeling, barely breathing. Was Death torturing him on purpose? Why he didn't finish it quickly and that was it!? Shirahane stepped in, his voice trembled not,

- What are you doing!? Why are you torturing him!!? - the human was partly disappointed by Death, not comprehending why he had to do that. However, Death could hear him not. Gin tried to reach his hand and touch the damned god's shoulder but Jaropht captured that hand.

- Shirahane.

- Let me go! He is doing wrong! Can't you see? - Gin reaped enough of souls to know their purity and beauty. He knew how enjoyable it was, to see their memories to answer to their questions. To see them smile for last and part. But yet, what he saw right now was more than ugly. And seemly Death wasn't even effected by the pain of that male. Was that what Death enjoyed? To torture?

- I can see. But the wrong one here is you. - Jaropht kept his grip around the wrist.

- WHAT AM I WRONG HERE!? - Shirahane turned his attention to Death and yelled again,


- It's pointless to yell. He can't hear you.

- What? - Gin frowned up even more, staring at the secretary.

- You reap pure souls, Shirahane. If you feel the joy of their memories and the strength of purity rushing within your body... Death reaps the darkness.

- ... - the human slowly averted his head to Death. If it was enjoyable process for Gin...was it a painful process for Death? But the Albus god seemed so out of emotions.

- But he seems not in pain or anything! He doesn't even care the poor man there is struggling and begging to not die!

- That's the price sinners pay. As for Death, a mere human like you will never understand his pain. - Jaropht seemed so troubled and his voice trembled for first time. It made Shirahane realize that Jaropht really treasured his boss.

A slap of hand, Shirahane brushed the secretary's hand and rushed to Death once again.

- Stop it! You idiot! - Jaropht tried to catch the human, but not in time. The boy embraced Death from behind, his face hidden in the fabric of the black coat.

- Stop it, Death... You tortured him enough... - not standing the painful gasps for air and the mute cries of that man, Gin hoped Death would come to his senses. But what were actually his senses? As Death asked him some time ago, what was actually normal? Shirahane tightened his embrace. Death moved his head slightly to side, his eyes expressionless and cold. Disgusted by the man before him and still moved by the pureness of the man embracing him. What a contrast, he had to chuckle it out.

- Interesting.. - the Albus god hand moved away, tearing the Albus thread - finally. As soon it was torn, black and smoky energy rushed through Death's body. He consumed all the darkness like Shirahane consumed all the pureness. Of course, the man's spirit appeared for the final stage - the question.

- ... I.. I am dead..?! - the man looked around, not able to even trust his eyes. He could witness his body lifeless on the floor and before him the tall figure of Death.

- But...why? I..I had so much to do... All I wanted was to have her.. Why she didn't want to accept me? Why? - the man lowered his head, Death stared expressionlessly as for Shirahane, he tilted his head away from the coat as his eyes caught in surprise. By 'her'...somehow he knew the man meant the woman he talked about. So his question was related to her, even in his last hour. Didn't that make him a good person, but yet...

Death spoke with voice washed off emotions and calmer than the reigning night around.

- Because you forgot how to love. And love has nothing to do with 'having', but 'giving'. What did you give to that woman, but pain? - cold and merciless his judgement was. But at least, the truth.

Without realizing it, Shirahane felt the warmth of departing tear off his chin.

- But! I loved her! - the spirit argued with Death.

- You loved yourself. - Death firmly stated the bitterness of truth. And the male had nothing to say back. He regretted what he did, but was too late. He had to accept it or to be destroyed by that regret.

- It's time. - Jaropht captured the male by the shoulder, ready to take him for the final tour.

And then the silence took place in the office. Shirahane and Death were alone.




- How long you intent to hold onto me? - Death averted his head to side, his eyes glancing to side.

- .. Oh.. OH! I am sorry! - Shirahane jumped back, a bit embarrassed of his acting and not to mention the tears. Wasn't he a man? What was with these tears? He brushed them off quickly and looked down, avoiding to show the redness of eyes.

- Shirahane. - Death looked back to forth, letting his board and firm back be the only thing Gin could see.

- W-what?

- I am the one who humans ask questions. But for first time I feel the urge to be the one asking. - Death turned around, his chained hand in pocket while the other was out.

- A-asking? Asking what? - Gin looked up, blinking.

- Why-.... Why are you crying for someone else's sake? - Death was pretty curious but his eyes gave him away not.

- Isn't it only natural...to be sad...to be happy and to regret? - Gin stared confident in his answer. They were like two reapers, skilled with their questions and answers related to others but not always skilled with the answers of importance for oneself. At least when the answers were so simple but yet so hard to be understood and grasped. Death's calm gaze rose in a surprise. It was natural...natural, indeed. It was okay to be sad. It was good to be happy. And only natural to feel regret. You always had choice to take or give these emotions. You always had the choice to comprehend them and accept them, or deny them. If Shirahane denied fate and God, what was the thing Death denied? The Albus god sighed a faint chuckle as nodded his chin down.

- Indeed... it is normal. - the Albus god glanced down to his hand that reaped a second ago. What a sad feeling he held in his chest; the soreness of the departing soul's regrets still squeezed around Death's heart. It was only then when he could feel yet he couldn't understand. Even when he saw Izabella's death, even when he reaped her... even then that pain he felt wasn't something he could understand. Was it actually this which humans called 'normal'?

- Death? - Gin peeked over, wondering why the damned god became so quiet, - ...Are you...in pain?


The question made the damned god come to his senses. How he was supposed to know the difference? He was the remorse, each day he felt pain. How he could tell apart the pain of a departing soul and his own? In fact, the layers of regrets, guilt and pain could be never torn off of him.


Death's hand came forth and up, to cover his own face. He felt sick and dizzy. Without the full balance of positive energy coming from the pure souls, the darkness was hard to manage. The damned god leaned forth, placing hand onto the desk with an abrupt slam which guided him away from collapsing.


Shirahane hurried to him and reached hand just to get startled by the freezing cold tone.

- I told you to not touch me.


The mortal recalled another time he brushed him off this way; and actually it was the same – the Death god was in pain. Was it because he didn't want to appear weak when touched, acting sort of tough? Gin didn't understand why Death was so against when he wanted to help him.

- I know. But I am also a doctor, heh. So let me help you feel better? - confident in his skills, he reached hand once again just to be span.


The mortal didn't even comprehend when he was slammed onto the desk, pinned underneath the taller man. As soon as he glanced up to meet Death's red eyes, he widened his own.

- What...is wrong?


Death's jawline contracted, it was obvious that something was wrong. Was he so much in pain? Shirahane frowned up.

- Does it hurt somewhere? I can't help you, if you don't tell me where it hurts. - it was a side-effect of his profession, not to mention he treated patients like spoiled kids. No wonder even now, despite talking to the most fearsome creature, he acted upon his habit.


The Albus god's gloves gave away the squeezing sound of leather as he lowered his head down, breathing heavily.

- Please...


Death was pleading? Shirahane was taken aback. That meant it was worse than he thought. But he never nursed ...anything other than a human being. So he wondered if Death's body worked the same way.

- What is wrong? - reaching hands up to place them on each side of Death's cold cheeks, he sense that the temperature of the cold creature wasn't icy, - Ah! You have a fever!?


-...un...-the dry lips of the Albus god barely made the sound of the rest part of his plead.

- What? - Shirahane blinked naively and leaned up, leaning ear before the Albus god's lips.

- Run...

- ..Run? - Gin blinked once again; why he would run now of all times. Though Death was always a weirdo, now was the weirdest situation he put him in. Especially with this position they were in – Gin on the desk, while Death hovering over him.

- I can't manage the sins....

- The sins? Wait, what?


- The soul's sin...it was...Lust.. - the male's body kept growing warmer as Gin's palms retreated.


It was actually logical. If darkness was connected to sinners, then it meant Death in fact controlled the seven deadly sins. And ever since the jurar was out, Shirahane was kept told that it take enormous power to control it. Yet the late events weakened Death even more. Just a few days ago he was stabbed and god knew what else he hid from Shirahane.


Gin moved away as glanced to Death's beautiful features. It was rare sight to see the Death's god sweating. And if Gin was a woman, he swore, there was no way to not be tempted by the sight of this man. The small, salty drops slid down to his chin as crashed down onto the desk surface.

- What do you mean..? What happens when you can't control it? - Shirahane frowned up.

- ..I act upon it... You must leave..now.. - with a retreat the Albus god made some space, so Shirahane could 'escape'.


Hesitantly the male hopped off the desk, catching up on fast what was Death holding back. So the Albus god didn't want to abuse Gin? So strong his will was that with last drips of conscious he tamed down the sin.


Gin walked out the door quickly. With each step down the corridor he kept seeing the tired and painful expression of the Albus god before he walked out the door. Why he cared so much about Gin? He always saved him and kept protecting him. Even from left to right he kept hearing that it was unusual. The only time Death took the jurar was about his brother, Jiran. Was Shirahane special? The male paused his steps. With a glance to the big window on his right side, he saw the beautiful night city. Lights glittering and even the lonely moon could not turn away from them.

- ...Am.. I special...? - a small smile appeared on his lips; he always felt alone and lonely. The only thing he wished for was someone to keep him dear, to never abandon him. To be just there. Even if it weren't someone who was the talkative type, or someone who was cold...just the thought of them keeping Shirahane dear would make him feel less worthless.


Meanwhile the Albus god was trying to manage the breaths out and in, yet the crave and lust of the sin kept spiralling. How crude was Lust, he thought. But ever since he took the jurar he knew that would come sooner or later. In fact, he even planned to instruct Jaropht to keep him locked until more powerful sins were tamed. Death could tame them from a few hours up to over night. Speaking of taming, how thankful he was that the dark side of the jurar was chained to him; he doubted that a human could manage the sins.


The edge of his hair were slightly wet from the sweat and his body was burning. The male reached hand to loosen his tie and unbutton the shirt down to his collar-bones. It was hard to breathe, mostly because he wasn't used to warmth. Next came off the leather gloves. It wouldn't be surprising if he was off of most of his clothes until sunrise, so extreme the heat in his body felt.


Once he was about to lean against the chair, he heard the door opening. His red eyes registered the timid posture of Shirahane by the door. His hands cupped together as chin lowered down due to embarrassment.

- ..What are you doing here? - Death frowned deeply.

- I...told you to tell me where it hurts...

- What? - Death found this ridiculous. Was the human deprived of any sense of danger?

- I mean... - looking from left to right, trying to hide his embarrassment, Shirahane grew red - ...I don't mind helping you.

- Helping me?

- I mean... - with loss of words he kept repeating once same expression, - ..Um..I mean, you...

- I? - Death was barely even keeping his sanity and the adorable behavior of the other didn't help.

- You need to..relieve yourself...right? - Gin became redder than a watermelon's flesh.

- ….. - Death was speechless; was the human actually aware what he was suggesting? - I can manage it. Go back.


Instead of closing the door from outside, Shirahane closed it from inside. And confidently yet shyly walked to the office couch and found a seat. Death followed him with his gaze, not comprehending which part of what he said wasn't clear.

- Didn't you hear me?

- I did. But...

- But?

- I want to say...

To be continued....

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Note: The chapter was too long, so I divided into two parts; both will be flagged as NSFW.

- I want to say something I've probably already said... these resent days have been the days I felt most alive.. - Gin smiled gently and looked to Death, - You know...you are the paradox itself.. You are Death yet you make me feel most alive. He..is loved by everyone... - the mortal lowered his gaze, recalling the man he always loved despite the denial and the reason why he felt so worthless, - ...and yet I felt most alone with him. While you.... - Gin chuckled and once again met Death's eyes – I can see why your name means 'to love'. It is not being loved by everyone but actually loving equally. Say Death... have you felt love before?


Having his vision blurry, the Albus god clang to his sanity with all he had. Why the human, of all times now, decided to pull out this. Yet, the damned god's first image appeared before his very eyes, the beautiful smile of that woman.


With a lean against the chair, he let his head backwards to guide it on the chair's board. With slide of eyes and his chest visibly fighting to breathe, he smiled faintly.

- There was a human once... - with his eyelashes sliding he opened eyes and glued eyes to the ceiling, - ...I don't know whether I loved her... but...

- But? - Gin curiously watched the damned god.

- I felt pain. Greater than when I lost my brother.

- What happened? - Gin's kind heart felt the throbs; but he wasn't sure whether it was sympathy or because he wasn't the only human Death kept precious.


The Death god kept quiet for a brief, he didn't plan to avoid answering. But if he had to put it as he felt it, there was only one thing that could be said.

- I killed her.


Gin's eyes widened and his lips moved not. What Death meant? Did he, but really, killed her? The mortal dropped gaze down, watching his thumbs and indexes flicking nervously; what he could say on the blunt way it was said as? Nothing. And in case he tried, he might reopen a wound. So instead he shared his part.


- I have saved lives but also lost lives. I am not sure whether we can compare the feelings, I never felt so worthless but when I am unable to save a life.


The human patiently waited for the Death god, whether a brush off or something that would lessen his worries, but nothing was said. Gin glanced up and frown. The Death god's eyes were slid close as his chest kept lowering with each exhale.

- Death?


When he didn't response, Shirahane rushed up and walked to Death. The male reached hand to place it on the Albus god's cheek, he was running a high fever and seemingly has lost conscious.

- My god! - Gin rushed to tear the damned god's shirt; guiding him against his own body, the mortal let him lean forth in order to take off the rest of the shirt.


Once the shirt along with the coat were taken off, Gin noticed a beautiful tattoo across the Albus god's back. With fingertips he gently traveled against the contours of it. It looked like a script and in its core there was a circle symbol of two parts – two characters he couldn't even read came together to unite the orb. Whatever was written, it was beautifully drawn and each position of the tattoo fell just right onto another. It was the first time Gin actually saw Death shirtless, but the male lacked muscles not. His back was well formed, the shoulder-blades were wide. And figures; Shirahane always liked his board back but it was even more beautiful when bare.


He gently pushed Death backwards to have him lean against the chair. With a slightly red contrast on his own cheeks, Gin couldn't help but stare at the firm and tempting body of Death. Who knew that beneath the huge coat and formal suit of his was something sinful.


With light slaps on each of his cheeks, Gin had to pull himself together. What was he doing? Death was running fever and he went observing his body.


The human looked around, noticing a portable bar in the corner of the room. Shirahane dashed to there, quickly going through what was in there. As soon as he saw the ice forms and the elegant ice-bowl, he smashed all the ice cubs into the bowl. The male left the small fridge open on purpose before rushing to the desk. The torn shirt of the Albus god could do as a patch for the compress. Shirahane spread it open and rolled off all of the ice onto it, in a second the compress was done and applied against Death's body. He noticed that the Albus god's skin reacted and he got goosebumps; it was a first he paid attention to such a thing. 'Normally' the damned god didn't even have warmth, of course he wouldn't even shudder or have such a reaction like 'goosebumps'.


Gin's eyes wandered around, wondering what else could be done to cool off the room's temperature. All he had was the fridge open which wasn't enough. But then he noticed the Air-Con. Without even considering that his own body temperature would drop, he pressed the manual control down to sixteen degrees Celsius, the lowest option offered.


Once he turned around he saw the Albus god's body slowly but surely melting the ice, in result his upper half was covered with small drops of water. Gin facepalmed lightly; the last thing he wanted was to get him soaked and by the time he wakes up to be all a mess. The human wondered what to use to wipe the water off but since the damned god's own shirt was used as a compress; he didn't have other choice but to take off his own shirt. Despite the temperature in the room dropping below 20 degrees, Gin took off his clothe and gently wiped the water off the firm chest of Death.


The slow and gentle movements dropped to motionless posture of the mortal, he really wondered if Death was okay. He didn't know how to nurse a body completely opposite of a human's. The male leaned forth to set an ear against the Albus god's chest, trying to catch on his heart-rate. But then he recalled part of his dream when he first met Death. The dream where he slept on his chest and it felt so comfortable despite Death being in disguise. A gentle smile spread across Gin's lips. Death's heart was beating loud and slightly quick, it was the sound of life.


The compress though was just about to fall when Gin moved away; the mortal tried to reach and catch it before the floor was turned into a mess, but then his hand bumped into the hand of the Albus god. Surprised Gin jumped slightly back and looked to Death.

- You are awake! Are you okay? - raised the human his voice.


Death's gaze shifted to eye corners to glance at the other, his eyes were still with faint shades of red.

- I never was asleep.

- ..What? Then..WHAT! - Shirahane felt irritated; why he had to rush around the room like an idiot for nothing.

- I felt just a bit dizzy. - Death placed the compress on the desk, eyeing his shirtless part of the body, - And as I can see, you surely didn't waste your time.

- That! Is not that! You were and still are burning. I was trying to he-...he-..Achoo!


The Albus god's stare was glued to the shirtless body of the male. With a tired gesture he grabbed his own coat and threw it Gin's way.

- ….

- ….


Both of them quietly readjusted to the silence. Death knew that it was out of question to keep asking whether the other would leave or not. And he was too tired to even argue.

- If I do something... - the Albus god glanced to the window wall that was behind the desk, - order me to stop.


The damned god lifted his hand and the jurar's transparently glowed now and then,

- You mean that I can control you through the jurar? - Gin blinked.

- In a way, yes.

- So I am your boss? - Gin grinned up to ears just to chuckle once the Death god threw him the stare, - I was joking, okay? It is just funny how you sulk.

- Said the one who always sulks. - right back at Shirahane, Death couldn't let it slip away.


Gin wrapped his body inside the long coat of Death, the sleeves were rather long which took him to the conclusion how tall was Death. Shirahane glanced to him, observing his body once again.

- I bet you would be popular among humans.. - Gin's thought slipped through lips and he glanced to side right away; what was the feeling in his stomach? It felt like burning.


Death frowned. With a quick glance to the jurar, he noticed the red glow of the sin crawl to it.

- What are you doing?!


Gin jumped startled at Death's serious voice.

- Eh? What do you mean?

- When was the last time you relieved yourself?


Taken aback and partly sure he misheard, Shirahane stared like an idiot,

- What?

- I am asking you, when did you last took rid of your sexual frustration?

- Eh? I... - Gin grew red when he recalled Death giving him a handjob in the bathroom, - ..What is this question!?


Death pinched the bridge of his nose; Ever since he became the Death god he was voided off human's needs and emotions; he could sleep, he could eat and he could feel – whether urges or feelings. But he was 'unplugged' most of the time. The jurar could transfer many things, it was union. And if Lust couldn't take down the Albus god, it would dart for the other end of the jurar – Shirahane. How troublesome; Death had to think of something quick.


- … - with an exhale he glanced to the human and stared mutely.

- What?

- Strip.

- ...What?!

- Strip and take care of it. This way it won't reach your end.

- Reach what? - Gin couldn't understand what was going on but then his eyes caught the sight of the burning red jurar. It was changing its color quick and sure, crawling up to his end, - Wh-what is that?!

- Lust.

- How did it even...!? - Gin stepped backwards, silly enough to think he can escape when the jurar was a tool and nothing, almost nothing, could break it.

- Just do what I say and it will be denied.

- Denied? But isn't it just like accepting it?

- Exactly. Sins lose interest once you act upon them.

- Then you act upon it! I won't masturbate in front of you!

- I think you don't really understand how things work. If a human can push away Lust with a simple act of masturbation, how do you think a creature like me can push it away?

- What do you mean?

- Simply put, your spirit is just a thread. My thread is over a billion of such. I can't fight Lust with self-satisfaction.


Gin blinked and assumed that Death needed more than just a plain masturbation to tame Lust.

- But...

- But what? I told you to run. Why did you come back?

- … - Gin dropped gaze down, - If Lust gets to me, what happens?

- … You can go and do it in another room if you don't want to be here. Just get it done.


Shirahane sighed and walked out to stand in front of the office door with shoulders dropped down.

“What's with him? First he makes me feel special, then he makes me feel like a bother. I can't understand which one I am...”


Glancing from side to side, the corridor was empty. And this was the only room on the last floor, where he had to wander to find another room? Couldn't Death wait outside instead?


Irritated the male sat down next to the door, crossing arms before chest,

“Damn it. I am not doing anything. See him deal with Lust himself. Couldn't he be more sympathetic? Besides he knows that I...nghah!” , frustrated by his own thoughts, Gin threw hands in the air and once again sulked.


The minutes ticked fast and the jurar kept growing redder; Gin noticed the wrist of his overlaying with the chain's color. And needless was to say that he felt the burning from within. The male's arms uncrossed as grasped onto Death's coat. Its fragrance was fresh and one could associate it with something elegant; Gin wondered what kind of perfume the Albus god used. It had such an effect on his body, it felt like he was embraced by Death himself.

- Ngh... - his hand slid down to press against his crotch; it felt uncomfortable and he didn't even know when did he became so hard. Even more, he didn't know whether it was because of Lust or because he really wanted Death to touch him. Lately all he thought about was Death.


Shirahane stood up abruptly. No way he would masturbate and no way he would deal with Lust himself. Death could have back this frustrating feeling to himself. As soon as he opened the door to dash in, he bumped into Death. Unexpectedly both of them were thinking to walk through the door at same time and as a result they ended onto the floor; Gin rustled around feeling the firm chest of Death beneath his palm. Did he land on Death? But forget that, the tempting scent of Death wrapped Shirahane's senses. He started breathing heavily as clenched hand on top of Death's chest.

- I told you to hurry. Why didn't you do it, Shirahane? - Death tried to move arm and place it on Gin's head, caressing the hair.

- It hurts... - Shirahane squeezed eyes, his crotch pressing against Death's.

- Then do it now.

- No.. I don't want to....it's embarrassing.. - Gin's body temperature could already overlay with Death's heat as well.


The Albus god moved lightly to be able to roll over the other and have him, once again, underneath his firm body. The shirtless and white top of Gin was well contrast inside the black pattern of Death's spread coat.


Shirahane's eyes opened as green gaze got lost in the blackcurrant color of the Death's eyes. The Albus god was a few inches away from the human's lips, his hot breath gently caressing Gin's soft flesh. With a lean down, Death tilted his chin just enough to claim into a deep and wet kiss Gin's mouth.


To be continued...

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The lights from outside kept playing and roaming inside the dark room like fire throwing its play around the bonfire. The two figures were laying on the floor, and each small rustle disturbed the reflection of the lights. Death's shoulders were gently caressed by the dim light, generous to the Moon and letting it take a peek at the pure soul he claimed for himself.


The mortal's lips didn't fight the passion they were rewarded with, in fact he leaned even closer into the kiss. His hand reached up, with small trembles of his slender fingers he grabbed at Death's biceps which contracted as the damned god's arm slid down to feel Shirahane's hip. The moment he felt his lips free of the warmth, Gin's chest tried to catch up on its rhythm but eyes met eyes and he could tell how the 'cautious' got to him. He didn't see Death as a friend, nor as a god. He saw him as a man and he liked him despite him being man himself. Troubled that Death would read his thoughts, Shirahane covered his face with both of his palms and turned to side, hiding like a child under the bed sheets that believed that was most secure place – silly and naively.


The Albus god's hand retreated from Gin's hip and reached up to the male's hands that stubbornly covered his face.

- What is wrong, Shirahane? - Death's voice gently reassured the other that there was nothing to be afraid of; Lust or any other sin, they couldn't harm him under the protection of the Albus god.

- It's... nothing... I just... - the male's speech quickly transformed to an inner monologue, “I just don't know what to do...”


The damned god tilted head, guiding his body slightly up on one of his arms. So the mortal was self-conscious? He, as a creature torn off of any human trait, knew most about humans. So Shirahane was now and then just like an open book. The lips of the Death god stretched in a faint grin. Rarely he found something adorable but Shirahane really beat the record.

- I will take the lead, then. Am I not a gentleman, after all? - leaning down his eyes widened slightly when Gin abruptly moved hands off his face.

- D-don't read my though-...!! - as soon as his chin averted, an eye-contact locked them in close. Shirahane tried to move slightly away from underneath the Death god. Even though his body was crushed by Lust, each part hurt and burnt, he found the Albus god for most dangerous.

- So now you want to run, huh? - Death lifted a brow.

- It's...not that. I... - Gin's chin averted to side, squeezing eyes both from shame and yet from pain.


Death knew the pain was barely manageable for him, what was left from a human. Not wasting much of time, his hand pulled Gin back to the entrapped spot, pinning him down with palm onto the mortal's shoulder. Even though Shirahane's heart kept slamming against his chest, barely it had to do with fear. The male's pants were yanked off of him, leaving his reddened erection in fullview.


- Wait..wait! - Gin's hands rushed down to cover his manhood.

- What are you ashamed of? I've seen much more terrible things and shameful things. You of all people... - Death leaned down his big palm scrolling up Shirahane's bare thigh, - ..are purely beautiful. Don't hide your beauty, ...Gin.


Shirahane could feel his ears burning red. Why he had to combine the pretty words with his first name? He never called him this way; moreover his plain name sounded really beautiful once said by the Albus god.


- What..don't..talk like this. - Gin's cheeks grew crimson and he felt his face flushing the heat itself; never was he told he was beautiful. And thus, he didn't know what was the normal way to act in such situations, spiced up situations.


- Then I can talk otherwise. - the male leaned down, chin on Shirahane's ear level, - Spread your legs, Gin.


That was it; the line said by such a velvet yet dominating voice ripped Gin's heart off its place. The human moved hands up to try and hide his face just like a child but Death captured them and pinned them on each side of Shirahane – spread open, with no where to run or hide.

- Death..this is not funny... - Gin tilted his body to side, avoiding straight contact of crotches.

- There are creatures voided off humor but I am one voided mostly of it. - Death's lips didn't fail to register the satisfaction of having the human pushed to a corner.


Before Gin could even protest, he felt the slender fingers of the Albus god wrapping around his member. The touch itself wasn't anything over the line yet Gin skipped a row of a regular exhale. The male's lungs just didn't feel like functionating normally same like his heart.


The mortal's back arched, feeling the gentle pull of his member skin which left his most sensitive part of the member exposed to the cold air. It hurt yet it sent an odd tingle of waves up his spine. The small compared to Death's shoulders trembled, his eyes slid close to avoid any eye-contact with the man that could easily manipulate his body. The lazy yet well done strokes had driven him to a moaning state. It was impossible to ignore the skilled hand that now and then decided the male needed a reward, so a thumb would brush firmly against the pulsing tip of the member.


Shirahane's mind was consumed by thoughts about Death; but that moment he realized how smooth and good the Albus god's hands felt. He never touched his bare hands but they felt like a true piece of art. With lean to forth, tilting even more his body, Gin's lips pressed unintentionally against the hand of Death that still held on of Gin's arms pinned onto the floor.


The human opened lightly his eyes, the beautiful wrist of the Albus god was just before his face, and unconsciously he sank teeth into it. It felt like he was to burst and he didn't want to keep listening to his weird voice. With heavy breaths, he tasted the warm blood drops that escaped the fragile patch of skin around the wrist. It was surprising even for Gin himself so he quickly let go; what even more the strokes stopped. Did he anger Death? He didn't know why he bit him, he probably had to apologize.


As soon as the mortal tilted chin to glance to Death, his lips were captured into another passionate kiss. Shirahane started to wonder if Death's definition and sensitivity to pain was really different; he didn't even flinch at the bite and yet there was he passionately kissing him.


The Albus god's hand gently travelled up, observing on its way each curve of the male, when finally found its place around Gin's neck. The mortal got scared; was he to strangle him? The weird sensation made him break the kiss, but the hand never tightened around his neck – it just gently felt the rising pulse of the human. Death grinned wickedly,

- Your pulse is going wild, Doctor. - the male was messing with him, wasn't he? Gin frowned and felt like biting him once more.


The hand moved from the neck up to move the strands of hair, exposing the cute ear of Gin. Shirahane never knew such gentle yet fearsome touches; it was hard to predict what Death was up to and considering he was most powerful creature, he doubted that wrong moves wouldn't be punished. The mortal squeezed eyes once again but then he fell a kiss on side of his neck. It made him shudder, without even noticing Gin had already followed Death's wish – his legs were spread and relaxed.


The mortal tilted his chin up, leaving more space for the skilled lips of Death; his skin felt like burning and his inside were barely acting upon the norm. It felt like he was about to go insane.


Shirahane's hand reached up, scratching lightly at Death's tattooed back. He was driven insane, and he knew it was on purpose. Had he to ask for it? Death was so mean.


Lips parted and the sharp teeth sank into Gin's neck. He flinched with an arch of back, pressing his erection into Death. So he got him back at, for the bite. The male's legs felt each side of Death, it was impossible for him to close them anymore. But each struggle and rustle had him even more eager to rub against the other.

- Nn.. - Gin's eyes relaxed close once the bitten spot was nursed by a wet trace of Death's tongue.


The Albus god's pupils moved to eye corners, noticing the panting and urging to be touched human. His whole body was shivering and pressing against Death, even his hands were clinging to him. The erotic expression of Gin made Death feel possessive. His body throbbed at the thought of Shirahane thinking of or needing someone else like this.


Suddenly Death retreated just so he could lift and carry the human to the huge desk in the office. Gin's limb body didn't have the strength to protest but his mind was partly following.

- Where are we-...wah! - as soon as he felt the cold surface of the desk under his back, his voice rose embarrassingly high.


Death's body was fully visible with the light coming from the window wall. Shirahane's eyes softened as his gaze showered the male's firm top. It was a male that carried such a burden and pain, yet his body stood so powerfully and confidently on its ground. How he could not love such a man?


The male's palms captured Gin's knees as gently spread the legs and set them on each side of his sides. With a smooth lean he lowered down and bit Shirahane's shoulder. The mortal gasped out a voiceless groan. If he kept biting him, no wonder by the morning he'd be with marks all over. But even more alarming was the hardness he felt pressing against his bare butt. Even though the erection was clothed, Gin could tell how big and hard Death was. For a moment he reassured himself that they won't get weird holes filled....or so he tried to believe.


The Albus god hand moved down in contrast with his mouth that teased Gin's perked up nipple. His teeth pulled lightly at the sensitive front, while his fingers massaged the scrotum of the human. Gin's body responded right away and his hand shove to hold onto Death's strong shoulders.

- Don't..there.. - Gin's nails sank into the Albus god's flesh with each circling motion the other did downwards his privates until one of his fingers paused to tease the entrance of his derriere.


Gin's hand slid from the shoulder down between their bodies, trying to capture Death's hand but the probbing was too painful that it got him to freeze at place with a loud groan.

- Hurts..

- I know.

- You..know? - Gin frowned in pain as looked to the other, trying to manage his embarrassment from having a finger up his butt while talking, - Take it..out...don't tell me you know...


Death lifted himself off Gin's chest to stare at the green gaze at the other; his hand deliberately moved slowly forth, probbing further yet never he broke the eye contact.

- It will keep hurting. - softly spoken the truth, the Death god moved back his finger to thrust it gently forth, hitting the human's prostate.


It was only normal for him to know each spot and patch of the human's body; if anyone but only Death knew what mortal's body was and what was capable of. Seems knowledge could be used and applied in different situations, and this one wasn't an exception.


Gin's body jerked up, clinging like a child to the other. He rarely used any of his muscles but right now he felt like the strength of him was focused whole-heartedly to not let go.

- Don't...that...ghah...! - Gin's voice trembled and he couldn't even finish his plead as soon another thrust flicked the waves upwards his body. It wasn't even under his control where and how to jerk. He didn't even know if the rocks forth and back were disturbing the Death god, but Gin really had no dominance over his reflections.


The place wasn't completely dry but it was hard to manage the thrusts and the damned god had to ease the male until was possible for something more than a finger to fit. His body leaned smoothly down, letting the other lie on the desk for he refused to unhook himself from around Death's neck. Once Gin readjusted, the Albus god moved down; both of his hands now free to lift Shirahane's lower part up, curling him lightly as to have a better position in which he could wet the abused entrance. Seeing how red it was, Death eased it with a few licks before his tongue probbed inside.


- No..no-no-no-don't!! - Gin protested, feeling awfully silly in this position but even more humiliated than before.


Once he felt the swirl of the tongue inside himself, Gin body relaxed. It felt soft and wet, the weird sensation made him feel like he was about to pee himself. It was unthinkable to do it here. Shirahane's hand reached down holding onto his own erection, reassuring he wouldn't pee himself, else he wouldn't be even able to 'die from embarrassment', considering that the one making him die from embarrassment was the one he had to go through before dying.


Gin's body grew more impatient with each thrust of the tongue, he couldn't even tell when Death switched the muscle with his finger. But once the thrusts sped up, he felt the tension build up.

- I...stop...I can't hold … - the male couldn't even build a simple sentence what left was to try to reason himself.


Luckily Death retreated the already two probbing fingers and as Gin was trying to catch up on breathing, his senses registered the rustling sounds of clothe. With a peek his green eyes widened lightly.


- Wait..no way.. you won't... - powerlessly trying to back onto the glacial desk, he slipped and fell flat on his back; Death's hand captured his ankle and pulled him back to his body and off the desk.


- Wha-... - Gin's speech didn't even make it to an end when legs gave away but not quick enough for him to fall. The Death god got him bend down over the desk with back facing to him.


Death knew the half standing pose would hurt more than anything but he selfishly wanted Shirahane to remember what happens when he ignores Death's words; be it about running or about dealing with Lust by himself.


Gin's hand clenched into a fist once he felt the thickest part of Death's erection probbing inside. He swore nothing hurt like this, he broke in sweat just in a matter of seconds.

- Death... - Shirahane's voice weakened just like a teen that was about to burst in tears, - ...hurts..stop...it really-...


The Albus god's hand moved to front, brushing fingertip around the tip of Gin's member. It was still hard despite the pain, which made Death chuckle lightly,

- I've heard that humans could respond to pain as responding to pleasure...but could you be such, Gin? - suggesting that Shirahane was a masochist, Death really was punishing him over the line.


Shirahane frowned and got a hold of himself; why he had to be the woman or act like a woman...

- Shut up...I am not...it hurts...


Death leaned forth, setting his chin on Gin's shoulder,

- Then let's make it feel good. - the male's hand slid down Gin's erection, massaging it up and downwards while his tongue traced up Shirahane's neck.


The short pause of Death, torturing him not with further probbing stretch, made Gin go back to moaning. The mortal moved hand down, to touch his erection over Death's beautiful hand. It felt good and even more, it felt intimate to be held so close. It was Death all he could feel tonight and he liked it.


Shirahane's chin lowered down, forgetting that Death's erection was still half way inside but he felt the urge to move his hips. Once the hardness moved forth, he was reminded how big Death was. The pulsing organ was fully inside his intestine walls; inner walls not failing to squeeze around the Albus god's member. Gin's eyes averted to side once he heard the gentle exhale of Death. Was he feeling good? Gin's cheeks grew red – he was actually having sex with Death?!


The damned god's body felt even hotter. The pleasure and the rush of spiritual energy were making him feel the need to completely ravish the human. His hips retreated for another pelvis thrust, making sure he grind well and hard into Gin's prostate along the way to even deeper inside ther male.


Shirahane couldn't manage his voice, the harder he was rammed into the louder his moans echoed inside the room. Death didn't even make a pause, the Albus god had both of his hands onto Gin's hips and drew him into abrupt and rough pulls with each slam. The room was filled with wet and skin to skin slaps sounds, Gin's pleased voice that now and then called Death was the sensuality itself.


Death never knew the touch of another human what left intimacy with them. Whenever he needed spiritual power, there were a few of female races that would gladly spread their legs for the Death god. But the warm flesh of this human and his scent – it was completely different. The Albus god tilted his chin, biting harshly Gin's exposed nape. The human responded to each gesture, to each touch and each thrust – it was such a pure and innocent being. The Albus god's breathing quickened.


Shirahane's body was too weak to handle the roughness and his legs started giving in. The male tried to hold onto the desk, but it was hard with such rapid and deep thrusts. But what worried him more was the feeling he held for some time. Now he couldn't even restrain himself from peeing. The human's sweating body was hard to stay static onto the glacial desk, just when he was about to slip off Death caught him by the arm.


Once Gin stood up with back leaned onto Death's chest, he groaned loudly. It felt like he had the hot organ up his stomach.

- Death... Death.. - constantly repeating the call, it was like a warning that the sensation was completely and foreignly different to him.


Deaht's arm came forth across the male's front to pin him firmly against his body. The Albus god's brows locked in a gentle frown as he was feeling the rush of heat through his body. And what even more, the jurar grew completely visible, chaining them both close. The clanks of the metal only made the sounds of thrusts even more perverted, which Gin didn't fail to notice.

- I ...have to... Stop.. I will pee myself... - trying to pull away, Gin's hands came up scratching at Death's forearm.

- ...Ha... - Death's breath brushed against Gin's ear but what got the human actually 'do it' was Death's husky and hypnotising voice, - Then do it here...


Shirahane's body was constantly rocked and all his senses were mixed into one single – pleasure. He didn't even recognize his own climax, but mistook it for a need to pee. The male's hands weakened around the Death god's forearm as soon as he released the thickness.


The clenching walls squeezed any last restrain from Death, and the male came together with the other, filling the other up. Gin's body shuddered, extremely sensitive to ignore the sensation of the wetness sliding down his inner thighs. His soar throat wasn't left to rest, the Albus god reached free hand down to stroke the just ejaculated organ of the human. His member was still pulsating and still coming, but the lazy strokes made him bend slightly forth having Death's member grind deep into him,

- Ngh...haa...nn..- Shirahane's legs trembled and completely gave away. The male collapsed into Death's embrace. It was impossible to move, he was fully exhausted and his body was sore.


The last his senses registered was the gentle lift of Death, carrying him to the office couch. And despite wanting to stay awake, the human sank into a slumber.

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It is just a small world with small people with nothing but big dreams. And yet I can't quite understand why they hold so dearly onto dreams. Why humans dreamed? After all, the source of their pain was dreams themselves. Robbed off them, voided and amputated of the desired and echoed future. Yet, they keep on dreaming. As if it were so natural like ...breathing. How I wish that I could, for just a moment, like a thief in the night steal from the so called dreams of theirs. I'd paint over so many sceneries, I'd return to a time where I no longer belong to. I'd just enjoy the small momentum of delusion, even if it brought me remorse. But I guess, this is how humans are, too. You and I share something. It is a need to escape the truth. Unfortunately the difference between yet again you and I is, that I accepted a truth. That I turned into the truth, and dreams do not belong to the reality.


His sad eyes glanced to the sleeping human that had wandered into just another dream. A world that the damned god did not need to go to, nor wished to. It was a night when he knew he broke a rule. He commit yet another mistake, to make love to a human being and justify the law – the jurar. Now more than ever, the one who could bring the worlds to an end was only and solely Shirahane Gin. But somehow Death was too tired to dream. He knew that a terrible day would come, when not only God but even the Devil would cry. But still he knew one more thing, the human had something essential. A self made law, that everything had the right to exist. Yet through the ultimate god's, Seth, eyes was else. Everything had to end.


The Albus' god hand reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose, lately he frowned too much. But still, it wasn't because of worries. Just the guilt within, that he would put Shirahane Gin through a war which Death led for a long time. The war between the Ultimate God and Death.


A glance to the big window wall, his blackcurrant eyes dived into the darkness of the horizon.


I know no priest, no religion and no Father. I am a creature that has no other rights but to shelter pain and hatred. Because what could destroy the world are exactly the so named. I have the perfect grip of a god...


His hand slid down to find place onto chest where his heart barely beat. Lips spoke in the silence, sincerity stripped walls and floors but the human could never hear. Better was he could not hear, the genuineness of a god tortured for as long the universe existed.


… yet I cannot get grasp of what I wish. But this is how the law I vowed to work. We cannot have what we wish, but what we need. Here comes the question, human. Do you think that I need to reap you?

Eyes moved and focused onto the reflection of Gin on the glacial surface. Something he could not explain moved in his ripped cage for some time now. He had forgotten such sensations – the beats of life. Only one another human could make him feel this way, and the thought that he could lose Shirahane Gin brought back the cold surface. Death refused to love. He had no need of feelings and his brain agreed much.


Do you know why I saved you, human? Because you had the eyes of hers, ungodly ones. You feared no god, you accepted no fate. And this simple rejection brought you to me. You got tired, you got lonely. And when you get tired of being tired and lonely, you all seek me. But no one truly seeks me for what I am but what I do. Yet there you stood, shaking and crying – but you never averted eyes from me. If I needed to pray to a god, I could not. If I needed a religion to follow, I could not. But what could I follow if not just shadows of what you, humans, leave behind? Yet I saved you because it weren't you who believed in me, but I in you.




His lips stretched in a faint smile. He felt pathetic.


Once God said to me, “Believe in my legacy”. Here I stand, believing in you. Yet you still fear me, and you will reject me shall I show you what I am made of. And I know to the painful cracks within my core, that I could never use the wishbone for a backbone. You could die and I would still reap. Reap until all is gone. That would be my backbone. But I did it, I pulled the wish one. Probably you are like this one momentum I would love to steal like the thief in a night. Because you humans break so easily, just like a glass work. And once you think 'it is enough', it really is. And I don't want to hear you say you had enough of me, Shirahane. Frankly, I know the best what is to 'have enough', and doubt I you can understand how painful such words are.


The damned god's gaze dropped down, his faint smile still strained across his face. It was bitter sweet. The cracks within absorbed the pain just like water would forcefully rush into an empty space – filling and filling until it starts overflowing.


Sleep well, Shirahane Gin. Because one day, you will be wide awake. And sleep would be something you could only dream of.

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The human's brows formed a tine line of frown, his throat felt dry. With the strike of pain in his back he came to it, eyes shot open as he stared up the ceiling. It was dark, did he sleep all day?

- Good evening, Shirahane Gin. - the butler's voice greeted.


Gin's eyes quickly glanced to side, rustling on the couch. The male looked around, but he couldn't register the presence of the one he wished to see the most.

- Where is--

- He will be away for a while. Please, put some clothes as we have to leave. - Jaropht didn't even wait for the formed question, he didn't want to bother with any kind of heart-wrecking words in case the human felt like making a big deal of it. After all, he knew very well what his master had done and why he left Gin behind.


The mortal however said no word, he looked dejected but never really started the topic in hand.

It seemed that he also knew that Death regretted it. What ever more, it wasn't that he didn't want to ask when he'd be back or where he was now. It was just that he was scared to know.


The males headed out the room as left the city in a blink of an eye. Not far from the next neighborhood, there was a small church. Very poor yet still sheltering souls that needed a place they called 'close to God'. The weather was cold enough though to keep the local people tight before fireplaces in such an autumn night. But one being sat all alone on the bench inside the church.


His eyes were closed, breathing in and out the scent of burning wax. It was lonely in his heart, the sins he committed once could be not forgiven. But yet, he kept on sinning and there was no one who could cleanse him enough, enough to feel at peace.


- Why did you do it if you knew you'd regret, Messorem? - the husky voice of another male echoed gently in between the walls of the church.


Death's blackcurrant eyes slid open as his pupils averted to side. Right on the next row of benches he saw Samael, his guardian and teacher.

- Didn't I tell you that I don't want to see your face, Samael? - the deep voice of the Albus god responded, the two most fearsome beings sat almost next to each other in such a poor church. Not even the Devil could torture them, nor God could judge them. Alone they were beings that could shatter any world.

- Well, didn't enough of time pass already? You should learn 'forgiveness', kid.


The damned god dismissed the words as his gaze moved back forth to the alter before them. He didn't feel like going after the never ending philosophical conversation of theirs. Moreover, he had nothing else to learn from Samael so in terms of knowledge he was superior but in terms of feelings..he always felt inferior.


- You do know that their souls can be corrupted and still you chained him to you. What makes him different... No. - Samael corrected himself right away, - What makes him as worth as your own brother? You've never taken the jurar after him.


- Haaa... - a deep sigh escaped his lips as eyes closed again.

- Answer me, Messorem. Why do you so desperately need to destroy this world and yourself!? - Samael's wrath started surfacing with each next word.

- I don't want to destroy the world, Samael. That's why I need him.

- What do you mean?


Kou's gaze revealed its cold shades as the lights from candles played as reflection within,

- I am born to destroy the world and you do know it. Now and then I wonder, why I have to reap when everyone desires life? No one was born with the idea of death but of life. Even if it didn't turn as they wished, still they were born with the ideal to live and exist. And one day I realized, I am the pest that comes and grasps everything and tears it off, rips it off. I strip them naked and I do nothing but exterminating what's left of them. Life after life, rebirth after rebirth, I erase their souls until they become nothing but energy that stars and moondust consume. Then again, shall I waltz around the moon when all is gone?


Samael's eyes stared firmly at the male on his side, he looked so composed but the Death angel knew the best, what a damn mess he was.


- And what can a human do? Save the world? Or save you? They cannot do both, Messorem.

- Heh.. - Death nodded his chin down, staring at his ungloved hands, - I don't need saving, the world needs it.


A frown crawled up Samael's face. Anger, uncontrollable anger. The quiet place suddenly grew to hear the cracks and then bumps. Samael's strong grip tackled down the Death god onto the bench, keeping him pinned down. But Kou did not move, his eyes stared up calmly.

- Did you become that? Did I teach you how to be a selfish ass?! Do not forget where you came from, Messorem. You are god but you were a human once. Do not push your selfish ideas onto another human being, for you know the best that a human can do nothing.


Samael's grip tightened around Kou's neck, both of them stared at each other for the long ten seconds. Death already knew how fragile mortals were, he didn't need a reminder.

- Is that so? - his eyes averted to side, barely moved by the speech, - I remember humans to be idealistic as well. But these ideas of theirs once in a while do miracles.

- Ha? - the Death angel grew to disbelieve, - Since when you rely on miracles?


Death's eyes met with the other's once again. His cold gaze pierced Samael's as hand came forth and wrapped around the strong wrist.

- I think you got something wrong here. - with ease Kou tugged off the strong hold of Samael, - I do not believe in miracles, but in his pain.


The other got puzzled as was pushed off, his eyes grew red from the anger,

- His pain? Pain only destroys, do not think that he will save anything with his pain! Are you mad?! You are bringing the apocalypse closer than ever, Messorem!

- So it be, then. - Kou stood up, still holding onto Samael's hand with a strong grasp that made the other flinch, - Let it end, let all end. I am sick of all, Samael. You and all their ideals pushed onto the how it has to be. Let me tell you how I see it has to be....


Death leaned down, his eyes also turned into a red shade staring at the other pair of such,

- A place that had to end long time ago still exists thanks to this disgusting power of mine. And you tell me that my pain shall not destroy the world? Just the opposite, if anything only mine can put it to a true end. And neither you or any other being would like to be dead. So if anything, yes. You did teach me how to be selfish. Keep your ideas to yourself and stay away from him.


The Albus god abruptly and disgustedly let go of Samael's hand as headed down the corridor to leave. But the other could not accept the decision, he could not stand to watch such a gentle being that everyone misunderstood disappear.

- Why... why you always disregard the most important part?


Death's steps paused as his back faced the other, not even bothering to look over.

- What is important to you is not what I see as important, Samael. Your values shall never be mine.

- Values...Ah...you became so skilled with words but not with feelings, didn't you? What if I tell you something about that human of yours?


Death's pupils shifted to side, red glow still filling the shades of his irises.

- You have noticed, haven't you? You don't have a full access to his past life. Haven't you wondered why? - Samael's voice calmed down, he didn't know what else to use to make Death change his mind. It was madness to imagine that he would rather leave a mortal decide the world's end.


The Albus god resumed his steps, clearly showing no interest. But then Samael's voice echoed loud and clear, his determination was beyond of an angel's one. Rather human-like.

- IZABELLA. ...Izabella Foss. He is-..



The church candles wavered as the room grew slightly colder. Messorem's steps grew mute once again yet his voice rarely rose to such a degree of yell. The doors creaked open as cold wind entered, Death left the church with heart even colder than before.


The Albus god disappeared into the night, his red eyes oozing nothing but death. He had to remember that he was nothing but a reaper. Love or relationships regardless the race had no place in his life. Hopes and beliefs neither. He had work, he did it. He had responsibility, he took it. He had sins, he paid for them. Nothing less and nothing more.


“Yes, that's how it should be.

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--Gluttony 02.


I don't understand..You go to the poor and he treats you with generosity and helps you with whatever he can. Then again, you go to the rich and he sees no one but himself. Is that all because of money?

...Look through the window, what do you see?

...A woman with a child..

...Good. Look now at the mirror, what do you see?

...What can see but myself?

...Exactly. The window is nothing but a glass, so is the mirror. All that you have to do is add a bit of silver and then all you see is yourself.






- S'il vous plaît! (Please!) Mon fils... (My son...) S'il vous plaît.. (Please...) - a woman through tears begged a man from the Congo army.

- Es tu fou? (Are you crazy?) Bouge! (Move!) - the man slapped her with the back of his hand while the other men watched from aside, laughing.


It was a rainy day in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the ground was muddy and skies were dark. Even though it was a forgotten place by the world for it always closed eyes before the truth, Death never could dismiss the cruelty there. With slow and calm pace he walked down the deserted villages, witnessing the peak of the human's gluttony.


The damned god's foot paused, his pupils averted to side. The road he looked to was foggy and dark, but nothing could stay hidden from his senses. The tall man shifted to right, taking the turn up that road. As soon as he reached midway his steps shifted to another path that crossed deep into the wild forest. Just a few minutes walk got him in a very deserted place far from the village. A group of men were raping a woman while her not even nine years old son was beaten to the point where his face was too swollen to recognize him.


The ugly laughter mixed with painful screams - some were laughing and some were crying. It was always like this. Death lowered his chin, his cold heart despite cold felt disgust. How come people could laugh so terribly, and how they could cry so helplessly. When laughs and tears weren't meant in this way.


- Maman..Non.. (Mom..no..) - the child, that was so thin that his ribs could be counted, crawled down trying to reach for his mother that wanted to beg for nothing but a bit of food to feed her only child.


Another row of kicks echoed in the forest as the mother's screams kept fading. The rain whips doubled and trees could no longer shelter from the upcoming storm.

- Tu l'as étranglée! (You've strangled her!) - one of the men spat out with laughter as zipped up his pants.

- Elle était bruyante et rétive. (She was loud and stubborn).


As they left the body there dragging her half-dead from the beating son, Death walked slowly to the dead woman. He crouched down, one hand reached for the woman's muddy forehead. His touch was gentle but the soul was enough of broken to make his body flinch. There were souls he couldn't repair through reaping, sadly. And such souls had to be purified, they had to undergo a mending and their destination was one and only in the Purgatory.


Just when he was about to gather what was left of the soul, he heard the boy screaming. Death's cold eyes shifted to side, catching from their corners the men holding down the boy. He was already undressed as they forced his mouth open to just use him for a temporary toilet.


In a quick, he recalled all the wars he lived through. No matter the era he lived, there were monsters. Monsters in human suits. Alas, rules were rules. He had to bow before them – Death could not murder.


Once the males were done with the humiliation, they decided it would be rather thrilling instead of shooting him or strangling him, to rape him with a rough piece of branch, so they said – “Like mother like son”.


Even though his mother's souls was broken, enduring all that for her son's sake. That child's soul was being torn while alive. And Death could see it with bare eyes, the threads snapping and snapping.


His eyes grew red, the damned god felt sick. Sick of humans and humans, and humans. Some days he wanted to die for them, other days he wanted to see them dead.


Just when they straddled the boy, ready to kill him with the sharp branch shoved inside, Death's gloved palm reached for one of the males' neck. The Albus god's senses were blurred, he couldn't stand that. The Albus thread was screaming in his ears and no one could understand how painful that was - to hear the screams of a soul.


A few inches before the hand could snap the neck in two, a strong slap pushed Death's hand to side. The invisible figures for mortals stood from aside, while they were killing a child and laughing, and laughing.


The damned god couldn't save the boy, but he could still murder them. Yet that figure before him grinned so wickedly up to ears.

- Oh, no, no. You ain't touching them, my dear. - a velvet voice spoke as the male stood in Death's way, being a wall between him and the soldiers.

- Move. - calm but yet deep voice responded as his blackcurrant eyes were deep crimson, darker than any blood.

- Lovely eyes. - with a shrug though the other continued, - I am afraid you cannot do that. I have a deal, you see. You in that deal though, are nothing but a garbage collector.

- Heh. If I am a garbage collector, I should first start with you, Lucifer.

- Oh. Ahahahahaahahaha. - the Devil laughed as bent lightly fort, however a second later he rose chin with the hatred glittering in eyes, - Be careful, Messorem. I do not like you, and things I do not like end up far beyond Hell.


The Devil started circling around the Albus god, whose eyes lowered down to the motionless body of the bleeding boy. The youngster's tears washed away from the rain but the painful expression was frozen in time.


- Why are you here, Messorem? I noticed that my Lust is missing for some days. And I can feel it. Within you. - with a shift of eyes, Satan sharpened his gaze.

- … - Death never answered pointless questions and he rather ate his own tongue than give anything away to that being.

- It must be my imagination, right? Since you can't kill me, not before you kill God. We have a deal, the good and the evil..blah blah blah. You know what I mean; the Bible never was my favorite read. But I bet you've read it enough of times to know that you cannot touch my sins as you cannot touch His angels. So answer me now, how come you appeared where Lust was and now where Greed is?


Death's eyes shifted to side once the Devil stood shoulder by shoulder with him. The beautiful creature was even so plain before the beauty of Death yet he indeed knew, unfortunately Death could never take a side. But that was for the best, if Death chose God, then another kind of apocalypse would come. So despite the beauty, he couldn't be claimed. The Devil though found that for tempting.


- Misunderstand not, Messorem. I am not God, I do not forgive. If you think of imprisoning my children, I will bring Hell to earth.

- Why would I imprison them? - Death knew the answer, in fact, that was exactly why he went after them. But if the Devil knew, he had to change his moves.

- Please. Do I seem so dumb to you? - Lucifer glanced over with a grin, - If I tell you what I know, how do you think of paying for it? You know I don't like being empty-handed.


With a lean to side, Satan's lips were an inch away from Death's ear,

- How about giving me a kiss and I might consider telling you what I know? After all, - Lucifer's hand traveled up to the Albus god's chest and rubbed his chest, - I indeed feel Lust within you, and my child showed me a lot of things that reside inside of you.


The devilish male shifted even closer, trying to steal that kiss. But that kiss meant even more for him, if he could only touch these fine lips then Death would be in a very strict contract. Just before lips touched, Satan's eyes widened. A wet gushing sound overpowered the rain's, red stream ran beneath their feet.


- Y-you.. - with a growl, Lucifer looked up. There was a stinging pain in his chest where Death's hand probbed.

- Misunderstand not, Lucifer. There are indeed laws but I am the exception. And an exception can create a new law. You are alive because I decide so, once you are of no need to me I will discard you.


Death noticed the hatred growing in Lucifer's eyes, so his hand twisted inside threatening to rip the heart off Satan's chest,

- Ah. And one more thing. Knowledge is a dangerous thing, be careful what you do with what you know, because one wrong move and I will make it so that Hell would be what you've never known.


The hand retreated, letting the Devil get away from the fearsome creature. Satan couldn't believe that Death dared to wound him so life-threatening.

- You are...mad... Don't you fear him? - stumbling backwards, the Devil referred to Seth. There was no way for Death to get away without a punishment far greater than these inflicted by the Curia.

- Fear him? - the Albus god smiled ever so dangerously, - Say. Don't you fear me?


Lucifer frowned and decided it was foolish to stay even a second longer there. The mortals were already gone anyway, so he had nothing to do with Death. The Devil dissolved into the fog, overlaying with the mist.

- You've lost any reason, Messorem...


It was only Death under the rain with two dead bodies and two broken souls. His sigh didn't work onto the cold mask he wore. The threads were still screaming but no one could hear them. No one but him.

- I am sorry...I am so sorry..I cannot understand you... - he had always to answer questions but once the threads were snapped so badly, their screams made no words. It was just the language of pain and nothing more. Death could not answer to screams.


How could humans hurt other humans and still be humans? And he who tried to shelter their pain felt so unhuman...


The male slumped down on knees, and the rain kept whipping. It was a dirty place, mud and blood surrounded him. Yet so beautifully were these souls, spiraling around him and clinging onto him. Their pain sank through his flesh, deep within where the ice muscle beat ever so calmly. It wasn't anymore torture of heart or mind, but of soul. His soul was tired and worn out. The Albus god was growing even weaker ever since he chained a human to him.


The blood all over him started burning, for Gluttony was indeed part of Lucifer and he had to tame that sin out of Lucifer's veins. What a day, Death thought. Two broken souls to purify and a sin to deal with.

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They say you cannot revive the dead for a reason. But I, I was that paradoxical being that could break any reason and any law.


...Of course, I also had to suffer consequences...for my needing, for being torn from within that I no longer had, nor ever will have again, my King.



It was humid against his lungs, his sharp breaths trembled upon his lips in a very irregular pace. His conscious was going back and forth...replaying memories, melodic voices and yet painful screams.


“..the King...Long live the King!”


His tired but chained hands flinched, clanking the metal in the dark. Kou was barely hanging on, after all that was a prison far from what mortals and even immortal creatures could imagine. And no, it wasn't about the temperature nor about the darkness. The horror of that prison was deeper and darker than that.


Eyelashes slightly parted for his darkened eyes to stare at the dirty floor. His gaze was empty but far from empty was his chest, in fact, all kind of emotions rushed in.


“..I named you 'Kou' because I believe you are to love Terra more than anyone!”


The line following his jaw clenched but he didn't allow himself to cry. He couldn't allow it, he had no right. Because everything that happened was because of a choice he made.


“Kou..when I am no longer a king...will you come with me beyond Terra?”

“Beyond Terra? What is it beyond it, Brother?”


“Dreams? ..What are dreams, Brother?”

“The things we always long for, Kou.”


A lean against the wall behind his back, his arms numbly relaxed upwards down in the grip of cold metal. His lips stretched in a strained smile.


“What do you long for, Brother?”

“...For your happiness, Kou. I really love you.”

“Then..I also have a dream, Brother.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“To follow you...beyond Terra.”


The heavy sigh that escaped his lips was like squeezed out of his chest muscle. He spent ten years already in that prison...in his own agony, letting only the silence speak to him – and silence, it knew how to torture. When he imagined that another millennium had to be spent here, his mind could barely keep the sanity.


“Jiran...you are to become the King soon. And I shall follow you until forever. If you say that peace exists no more, so shall I believe. - the blackcurrant eyes rose from the waters to stare at his brother, - If you say you want freedom, so shall I free you. If you say the Curia is in the wrong, so shall I trust and deny them. But Jiran...don't you ever betray the trust of Terra's people. Because you are the future King and we exist to be the peace and the hope of Terra. Shall you waver, shall Terra shiver. Shall you disappear, shall Terra die. So no matter what, do not let your soul be taken into the Realm of Seth.”


The exhausted hands clenched into fists as he gripped at his own chains, yet in the quiet he grew more violent. He was tortured and rendered from the mind of a mortal to a cold being...to a heartless being..., to a being with only one purpose – to serve the Curia.


A creak suddenly beckoned his attention, the door finally was opened after five years spent in the dark. It was the procedure that Ibur adjusted, each five years he would come for a visit.


- Greetings, god of the Dead. - the moment the light coming from the door way spread across the wall Death was pinned to, his tired yet dead expression could be seen, - My, my. For these ten years I must say...you are starting to look more like Death than a beautiful prince, don't you agree?


No answer though followed. Kou refused to actually speak with the Curia, if his brother said that his name carried 'love'...right now he believed that he felt hatred right to his very core.


- Well. You've never been talkative, haven't you... So, today I have prepared a new thrill for you, since I've missed you so much. You know, I just can't let you down.


The moment he spat his sarcasm, a very big metal barrel was brought in. The men that carried white robes had their faces hidden completely, but it wasn't a way to hide from Death. He knew very well, each one of their names...and he would remember them. Quick after the barrel was set in the middle of the room, they moved forth to unhook Death from the handing chains yet still guided with these around his wrists. With a harsh pulling and pushing, they brought his down to knees before the barrel, slamming his head down to the floor.


- So, as I was saying...today is a special day. I am sure you have missed me too, god of the Dead. And since I have to make sure you understand the meaning of being Death... - Ibur walked up to Kou, rolling his robe's sleeve up to his elbow to reach for inside the barrel, - ..we can't have you abuse your powers. You must not kill around...nor revive the dead, Messorem. Even if it were your precious King...and your beloved brother at the same time, how do I put it, he is DEAD. Keep that in mind. - with a pull, he took out a demonic snake to release it against Kou's nape. It looked pretty much the same as a regular one. The only difference was that the black snake sucked on spiritual power, tearing Albus threads off Kou's soul which was a very painful process.


The Albus god growled in his throat, refusing to scream. The pressure added to his back from the men from above with their feet made him unable to lift his upper half off the ground.


Ibur enjoyed how Death suffered. He had to make sure that such a being would be of use to him. Just when he turned around to leave, letting his servants do the rest of the today's torture schedule, he paused.


- Oh...I almost forgot. For these ten years you have refused to lead me to the Realm of Seth.... have you made up your mind yet, god of the Dead?


Kou's shut eyes relaxed as opened slightly, blurry to the sight of Ibur's long robe but he could not raise his chin due to the pain. However, even the sight of Ibur's robe filled him with the urge to murder that man. The man responsible for everything and anything..


- You...Ibur... - his low voice trembled between the four walls, low enough to make even these stepping on his back tremble and give a second thought if they should keep their feet onto such a being, - …


Kou's hatred could be barely kept in. The male was strong enough to kill everyone, to end the world even. But then...these even if short ten years made him remember things he has already forgotten.


- What is it, Messorem? You want to kill me? I am sure you know what would follow if you do that.


A spat chuckle, Death's hand curled into a fist once again,

- Do you want to know...where the Realm of Seth is?

- More than anything. Where is it? - Ibur adopted a serious look as turned around to look at Kou.

- ..Beyond.. - Kou's harsh breathing had him pause for a break.

- Beyond..?

- Beyond Terra..


Ibur furrowed his brows,

- Are you making a fool out of me?! I do know well enough that it is a Realm, the most highest one and the only key to it...is you and your script engraved on your back. And for my darned luck...it is only you who can read that script!! - bashing out his anger, Ibur didn't realize that it was actually Kou's intention. The Albus god was grinning widely through the pain.


- What is it so funny?

- Nothing. I told you where it is, but I never said I would lead you to there.


- Very well, then. Sit here and suffer until you change your mind or I force you to. I am very sure that in near future I'd have you broken beyond repair.




Green eyes opened, his mind was a mess. After Death left for one year, Shirahane kept dreaming more often about the Albus god's past. And what more, he noticed some changes in his body. But the male blamed it to the stress or the lack of actually sleeping. Whenever he happened to doze off, he saw memories that weighted on his heart. How much that god suffered? - Gin truly started to wonder.


And more than anything, he wished to have Death by his side right now. To embrace him and tell him that he loves him.

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“Where did you go, Death?”,

green eyes stared sadly into the far,

watching spring petals fall.


Have you ever noticed how beautiful the fall of petals is? It's like a last dance pierced by the rays of the ray of the sun, only the shadows could imitate yet they could never shine. So is the fall of humanity. Beautiful yet tragic, leaving this burning taste under your tongue as if you hurried to take a sip from yet just poured a cup of bitter tea.



The busy streets were lively and noisy. The morning of New York never failed to put the stress of a working day in the air. In fact, the city never slept.


- I am telling you, we should just go with that project and everything will be okay. It doesn't mean that we are falling behind even if it was delayed.


A well dressed woman rushed from one side of the road to the other once the green traffic light signaled. It was almost like the crowd tried to swallow you in such a rush hour. In between the hundred other conversations, the crowd's murmur could be heard even over the running engines of cars.


- Of course! I will be working on it this week.

- Mike, make sure you drop by the bank today, don't forget--

- Her problem to be honest. I told her to not go and do things on her own, you know!


The dozen of lines collided into one, the mass was like a moving wave that never stopped its cliff-hollowing sounds. In between the suffocating you with the murmur pedestrians and their busy lives, a tall figure walked. His black coat followed after, gloved hands secured in each of the pockets as the male made his way in between the mortals.


Death's face was even whiter than usual, his body sheltering already two sins. They were angry, they were hungry. But Death was something they could also fear. Once in the embrace of that creature, nothing else mattered – not even Hell, nor Heaven.


The crowd almost was over the other side of the road due to the traffic being held for the pedestrians; Death's foot made a pause suddenly. His cold eyes glanced to the far, beyond the crossroad he stopped on. There was the biggest tresor in the city located. The building was glossy and gave the impression of something not everyone could walk in to. With an avert of his pupils, the traffic light was about to switch to orange. He knew every tick and every tack. The male didn't even flinch by the explosion that followed in comparison to the crowd that screamed and ran like wild animals.


Greed. Where could be greed if not in place of chaos where everyone desired something, be it life, be it death, be it power, be it freedom. The wanting was the first step.


The Albus god's slightly long hair got ruffled by the wind, but his eyes didn't waver. The thick smoke soon embraced most of the nearby buildings, and the place got deserted. Like an uninvited guest Death walked up the empty street, his eyes never landing on the dead bodies around him. That he wanted was beyond, which made him crack a grin --- “Wanted?”


- So this is how you are. - indeed, the wanting. Even a god could be put into the trance of needs, urges and thirst for what they most wanted. And it would be never enough.


Disregarding the effect of greed, the male got completely embraced by the smoke as soon as walked into the burning building. Chaos crawling up the walls, screams could not even contain the sanity. Some were stomping over bodies to cling to life, others were stomping over bodies to get hold of the not guarded anymore tresor of gold and wealth.


Still. Where was Greed? Wasn't it what mortals did 'normal'? To urge for life, to urge for a better life, to urge for the best?


Death lowered his gaze,staring at a hand that grabbed at his ankle. It was a dying woman.

- My daughter...My daughter is inside the flames....Please...I can't...---


Clinging unaware to the Death god, she got suffocated by the thick smoke.


“Daughter...”, the damned god rolled the last words of the woman in his mind, as threads of the departing souls started spiraling in a chaotic motion around him. Most of them were pure souls that he couldn't touch, for his one hand was chained to Shirahane. And if not a broken or corrupted soul, he could not touch them. The clashes of lost threads soon filled the room but he wasn't there for reaping. He was there to tame a filthy being that was well hidden – in everything.


Enraged by the situation yet still managing his tranquility, Death walked into the flames. There was probably a girl that awaited for her mother. With a hand to side guarding his face, he avoided a burning whip. The longer he stayed there, the quieter it was becoming.


Minutes passed and only the whisper of flames roamed. These small particles buzzing with gentle cracks, for fire indeed ate everything. Death could feel greed but who couldn't really tell which part was the source. The world bathed in these sins and greed was a sin that had no day-off. It was almost as if the world span “thanks” to greed.


The Albus god finally reached the roof of the building, which wasn't so badly damaged but fire promised a soon visit. The flames kept crawling upwards, devouring the huge tresor. Messorem noticed the door opened so he just made his way outside the roof. The view was something mesmerizing from above.


Streets were quiet, the black smoke creep'd onward, embracing everything on its way. Only the brightest lights could color the thick smoke – be it lights from abandoned cars, traffic lights, street lights or from near-by shops.


Death slid pupils to side, detecting a sobbing sound coming from behind the cement blocks. He moved with a turn to that direction, closing in to find a small girl curled into a ball with arms embracing her knees. The Albus god recalled the mother that desperately begged for her daughter's life.


Unfortunately the girl couldn't see the Death god. So he just sat next to her, quietly listening to her cries. The kid was scared to death, due to it the cries didn't cease but came out louder. But only one thing could make Death visible for mortal's eyes when they weren't supposed to die – Death's wish.


The girl suddenly felt a presence growing stronger on her side, she lifted her chin to look to Death's direction. Her red from crying eyes couldn't see well, but she indeed made out the contoures of a figure sitting next to her. In result she rubbed her eyes and the cries calmed down a bit.

- M..Mom.. - hiccuping her sounds, she averted her body to Death but she wasn't sure what her eyes were seeing. It was a blurry image, yet she was sure she wasn't alone.


Messorem glanced to her, his eyes calm and clear.

- Your mother is dead. - saved no truth hidden and used no white lies, the male slapped the girl with a piece of truth.


The small child started to shake, the pain caused her face features to disorder, streams of tears traced down.

- It..it's not..true.. Mom..


Death watched quietly the peak of fear. It was fear, it wasn't pain. His gloved hand flinched lightly, the sins he sheltered drummed angry against his chest. He felt..human. The more sins he devoured, the more human he became – and he knew it.


- Do you want to live, child?


The girl looked up once again and the question was painfully obvious.

- I want..mom.. Where is mom...?


Such was the denialism. A defense mechanism humans possessed – the denial of a truth which could psychologically break them.


Messorem looked away from the kid, his gaze followed forth. He knew what 'loss' meant, and somehow he could relate to that scared human child. His blackcurrant eyes slid close, he let out a sigh.

How nice would it be if he could lie, he thought. It would save many. But was that the saving humans wanted? A fabricated reality?


The Albus god moved his gloved hand forth, pointing to the roof's edge.

- Do you know what would happen, if you jump from there? - blatantly asked he.


The girl sniffed through tears and looked to that direction then back at Death,

- I..will fall...and hurt?

- You will die. Do you know what 'death' is?

- Death? ...Mom is dead?


Messorem looked to the girl and smiled lightly,

- Yes. Your mother is dead. But if you die, too. You will fall asleep, forever. And you will forget your mother. Do you want to forget?


The girl's pupils widened, the sudden idea of not remembering her mother scared her even more. But another realization stroked her mind.

- ..Mom is dead... Mom..doesn't remember me?


Death lowered hand to touch the girl's forehead, showing her her mother's last moment and the soul that worriedly roamed to look for her daughter.

- Your mother wants you to live. So, do you want to live?


The child nodded through tears.


- Good. - the damned god moved his hand away from her and set it down on the floor. A web-like thread shot straight and curved into the door's direction, following a safe path for the human to exit the building,

- Follow the thread, get out of here and you will live.


The girl wasted no time and rushed, but then suddenly paused before the door,

- And you, Mister? ..Don't you want to live?


Death's eyes slightly widened from the question that a mere child asked, his lips softly formed a smile,

- We will meet one day again, child. Now, go.


The girl sprinted ahead as if by command and disappeared from Death's sight. The male slid eyes close, he forgot something very essential for his sins-hunt. All sins were connected. And if one appeared, the others would follow, too.


Sheltering two meant sheltering four, sheltering four meant sheltering six. He already committed and tamed unknowingly all of them.


Lust. Gluttony.

Greed followed Lust. Sloth followed Gluttony.


Messorem opened his eyes, suddenly his chest started to hurt. The male moved on a knee to guide his body. When was the last time he reaped? ...One year? So he neglected his job, no wonder Sloth followed Gluttony after he extracted it from Lucifer. But then.. where was...Greed and Pride?


The male sensed something for a first time. His sweat down his neck.

Lips spread open as an enormous heat, anger, disgust, hatred, despair, loneliness, ...and envy.. drummed in his rib cage.


The wish he could lie to the girl stabbed him. He envied humans for that ability. How laughable. Here came Envy.


So named sins formed within him – the stronger a being was, so much stronger sins would be. Of course they would seek a great source. Death chuckled – Lucifer indeed had his tricks.


The Albus god noticed the thread he created for the girl disappearing, she finally left the building. Somehow a relief bathed his conscious. He could finally focus on these angry creatures within. The damned god moved his gloved hand slamming it against his chest, palm forcing the sins back within.


One sin gave birth to another. And that sin shall give birth to the next. And so until the seventh formed.


Envy would always give birth to Pride. And Death was the most suiting vessel for Lucifer's favorite sin.


Unable to hold onto his conscious, Messorem collapsed onto the floor. His body weakened from forcing all the 'reborn' sins within. Lust could not be apart from Greed. Gluttony could not be apart from Sloth. Envy could not be apart from Pride. And all of them could not be apart from Wrath.


Blackcurrant eyes slid close as the damned god fell unconscious on top of the burning roof.

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[font=Century Gothic]Note: I posted chapters ago 'To Discover Part One', now it's time to see
what happened after Izabella died. I guess, this is where the fiction will take its 'turn'.
The following chapters starting from now on might be rather dark and filled with contradictions.
I hope you will enjoy.[/font]


Once upon a time I swore I had a heart. Long before the world I know tore it all apart. Once upon a time there was a part of me I shared. Years before they took away the part of me that cared..

- Five Finger Death Punch – Battleborn


People always talk. They are just like an old record plate you play in lonely nights. You can hear sincere thoughts that no one is supposed to, but you can hear a lot of lies, too. Because humans are limited through and with their own beliefs. Experience that they turn into a way of living. Aches that they believe are the truth because supposedly truth hurts. But truth is something else. Truth doesn't hurt because you made a mistake or because you believed a lie. Truth hurts because it shatters what you knew, what you felt and what you lived. Do you think you live a truth or a lie, human? But before you rush to answer me, keep in mind that – there are sincere lies and deceiving truths.




It was cold. Truly cold. Shirahane suddenly couldn't recognize where he was. A second ago he was cleaning the library in Luna's estate, he swore. Where he was now? Once his eyes were fully open due to the blurriness that got him confused, he stumbled from fear he might drown for his feet were just above apparently a water surface. But there it was, the cold. It crystallized on its way even the water. Gin's hands came up to embrace himself. From the far he noticed a tall figure, walking ever so slowly. The water beneath its feet was turning glacial, like a horse in a wild gallop so fast it followed - ah, the cold.. And the skies above glowed in a beautiful green color, small and dozen of snowflakes glittered like sky diamonds on their fall. Despite the cold, Gin swore he never saw such a beautiful scenery.


His chin lowered down once again, barely fighting the urge to look up at the unearthly beautiful sky; the male's eyes widened. The figure that walked his way was Death who carried a body in his arms. The human taken aback from the most sorrowful eyes he's seen couldn't even realize it was another past-memory. Lately he was getting them more often, it seemed that all from Death's life rushed into his head.


The Albus god's strong arms seemed just like something that held the body not with strength but delicacy. Gin's eyes followed the path of crimson beneath Death's feet. Once the past-self of the damned god was close enough, Shirahane noticed how badly he was bleeding. He wondered who he saved this time; it looked like a bad wound and yet he carried the body of an unconscious woman. Not even wasting time, Gin rushed to him.

- Death! You are bleeding! - Shirahane's hand came forth to grab at the male's arm but it went through. The human's mind froze; of course it wasn't a reality. At least not the 'now'. So he just had to watch?


Still on a place, his eyes saw the blood flushing down and yet coming together with the ice cold surface it froze, turning the path of the Albus god as if one of shiny rubins'. Once the Death god was pass by him, Gin saw it – the wound that was not of Death's. The girl in his arms was dead and the damned god was even deader inside.


Shirahane's all being moved his legs, he followed after the male. It was a dead silence in a land he never knew, but the back he watched was known – strong yet painfully fragile. Just when he thought the pain was enough of oozing from the other so it would take a visible form, the god stopped.


But less knew Shirahane that his pain was already visible, surrounding everything around them. It was the breath-taking scenery Gin saw, and it kept growing more beautiful. The green lights in the sky with the bloody frozen path fractured the reflection into a new color – an orange glow that made the far look like an orange foggy mist.


Death's head tilted lightly down as knees gave away and he collapsed down on the frozen water with the body never leaving his arms. Gin's steps paused as well, his eyes gazing with a painful understanding to such a despair. His bones felt crashed, was it what Death felt? The human could barely hold his tears but steps resumed to stand tall before the kneeling god. Shirahane didn't need a voiced navigator to know how precious this woman was to him; Death clang to her, his hands squeezing her long cooled body that less bled with each minute.


He was all alone with the oceans coming to union in a sea close to a forgotten land. He was alone with the pain gushing from his body language. The human's hand reached down to caress the ghost of the past, and even though no touch could be made Gin's soul felt trembles. What was actually pain? When it reached its peak? When we cried? Or when we were most silent, unable to even let tears take from the broken soul's pieces and form their way down our cheeks? Or was it when we brought ourselves to give up? Or probably 'true pain' was something we embrace and accept? Gin's eyes saw blurry but he never tore the gaze away from Death; the cold and dead eyes of his, they stared forth in the colored 'nothingness'. He looked...destroyed.


The far glow of the orange mist distinguished another tall figure that was walking towards where Death knelt with the long frozen body. If it weren't for the shift of Death's pupils to side, Gin wouldn't even notice someone was coming; but even so Death looked so callous. Whoever or whatever was coming, it seemed not of importance to him. In fact, his gaze dropped down to the dead woman, dismissing the existence of anything and everything else.


Shirahane stepped to side, watching the figure closing and taking on better details. It was a very feminine male with a very long hair. One wouldn't even tell the gender, actually. The face was gentle and beautiful, the warmth itself was oozing from the figure. Despite the coldness he or she seemed to cope with it even though the clothing was just a white robe. On its shoulder a beautiful bird, that Shirahane couldn't name, confidently landed. The appearance of the new comer looked Heaven-like, so thought the human.


Intimidated Gin moved a few meters away as soon the figure was steps away from Death. It was out of question to be a human being. It didn't feel right such a strong presence like Death's to be of a human's. Shirahane moved gaze from one to other, but neither talked. They both stared at the dead woman's body – yet both shared the painful expression. Who was she? Gin's questions kept building up.


- Messorem. - spoke the figure as reached hand for the Albus god's shoulder, - You have to let her spirit go.

- … - mute to the fact, Death's palms squeezed the body drawing it closer to his.


The heaven-like creature's hand moved off Death's shoulder as his eyes wandered around the beautiful scenery such that even in Heavens wouldn't be so. The creature smiled gently, he or she of all beings understood love the best. The beautiful figure was the one that never would abandon it.

- It wasn't meant for you to create but must I say...you indeed do know how creation works. - a praise from its lips rarely came for it rewarded the humble, - And creation comes only with love.


Death's eyes slid close, brows furrowed in a painful arch. His tears slid down, which Shirahane never thought he'd witness. How torn Death had to be to cry so innocently? No matter how badly he was stabbed or how innocent people died before him, he never flinched. Shirahane always wondered where his human side hid or if it existed at all.


- You mustn't end her soul here, Messorem. A bond is always formed once two souls share a moment. Time cannot break what should happen. Do not abandon hope, for Hope is what I create and what I do. - the male turned back to the Albus god to meet his already open eyes.


- Hope? What hope, Yehovah? Where is hope for me? - Death's low voice spoke horrible and painful truths but most such were his feelings, - Your hope is a creation for mortals. And You, Yourself, are such. And what hope I put on a fleeting moment?

Gin's eyes started to widen, half unsure yet sure that the gods before his eyes were the two opposites – Death and Life. Life itself, the Creator of all – God?!


- You must believe in order to change something, Messorem. Plain 'wanting' was never enough. And you and I know, that I do have the power to change lives..give birth to lives. But I cannot change fate. Because fate is something that always adored you. Thus fate is you. And if you do not seal this soul away, I can bring it to life no matter how broken it is; be it years or eras after, shall it live.


- I do not want her to live again for I do not want to reap her again.

- Well, that is not your right to decide.

- Heh.. - Death lowered his head, - Not my right to decide... When had I the right to decide, were You born and many others. I accepted to be a book that tells many stories and far more. But I am turning into a book on a shelf that no one can reach. And at the end of times, I will be the book that no one reads for no one exists to. Do You think...I do not understand 'rights'? Do You think...You understand 'rights'?

- Bitter is the taste of regret, Messorem. But were I born to teach humans or you, most human of all? I came to bring light after your chaos but ever so you refuse my hand.


Gin's pupils widened once again and his heart felt like stopping once the abrupt grasp of Death came forth to pull the other god close.

- Through Your hand life begins and through mine it ends. Well drawn border. See how it hurts, feel how cold it is. - Death's gloves didn't stop the crystallization upwards the other god's arm.


-Do You think..my hand is something to hold on, Yehovah? - The spirit bird flew off the male's shoulder as soared above them. But God never flinched nor grew angry. His other hand came down to place it on top of Death's palm.

- Borders never defined me nor you.


Death's gaze stared firmly into God's eyes, his soul bleeding before the so called Father.

Shirahane's feet drew him close, fearing that something was about to happen – either Death or God would snap, but whoever would was enough to make a disaster.



- Look around you! - did He raise voice as shook Death's darkness, - Love made you create Heavens on Earth! But you cling to a past that you cannot redo. Lay that soul into my hands, you are breaking what you loved and love!


Blackcurrant eyes grew lighter as his grasp gradually weakened, the crystals shattered off God's arm. The Albus god's chin nodded down once again, gazing into the frozen face of Izabella.

- I.... I cannot love...I.. - Death was no death, even he was a human once. He was Kou, and aches of truths made him forget the most essential thing a human needed. And yet he became what he was for Love. He always evolved around love but failed to understand it.


The bright dressed male smiled gently, watching a dark soul that accepted the evil of truths straight into its guts and never did he cry, never did he run. But right now he looked so weak and scared. Somehow God was fond of Death and never did he fail to praise him.


Death stared at his hands, which he brought slightly up,

- All I wished was...a shelter from the rain..and look at me now, Yehovah. It is a never-ending storm within. How do I forgive myself...for it is me who brought the evil into your world and it is me who reaps the good from it, too. Yet every time I wish for something, the price I pay is more cruel than death itself. If I could die, Yehovah...I would.


Shirahane listened to Death's confession before God. The male's most sincere feelings poured out like the snow that kept falling upon them. It was a day he wouldn't forget but so wouldn't Gin. The mortal's tears slid down as continued listening to Kou who kept 'confessing'.


- And if I could have the luxury to pay with my life, I would restore Terra. I would..I would revive all I reaped. I will take down with me all the darkness, I will tear apart all the fears as long as peace once again filled the lungs of all beings... But I cannot die...I cannot... - Kou's eyes squeezed shut as his tears overflew from eye corners, his chest felt like probbed by dozen of glass pieces.

- Messorem. Listen to me. Whenever you are tempted to bring Terra back or whenever you are threatened to do so, no matter the price - do not. Because Terra is here and always was, right within that chest of yours. If you bring what you remember of Terra, can you truly destroy what this woman loved? Can you truly put an end to this island? Can you erase her?


Gin's eyes widened, his senses quickly drew out a memory from when they both faced the Nephilim who was torturing Death in order to bring Terra back. So Death also missed the place called Terra? But even so he loved this woman enough to withstand everything? Shirahane's gaze dropped, feeling sad. The throbs made him realize how dear she was to him but he doubted Death would love him as he loved the woman in his arms. So why he urged so much even so to know about Death? When he already knew that Death would never actually be his.


The rustling sounds got Gin's attention back; he saw the damned god raise from the glacial surface, letting the body ever so gently down. The snow continued to fall as his pain was no where near gone, but both God and Gin stared at the back of the Albus god as he walked away.

- Messorem. Won't you answer her last question? Won't you free her?


Death paused his steps as head tilted upwards to stare at the beautiful Aurora sky. His blackcurrant eyes got shortly lost before gaze dropped to the far,

- Souls never to be born again don't need answers. - the most heartless words a god could say escaped Death's lips.


God's eyes widened as his voice barely made it in time to call the other's name before Death's figure disappeared into the mist.

- Messorem!


Shirahane looked from left to side, but he couldn't see Death. The fading picture of God taking into arms the body of the girl was before his pained eyes but soon his body moved to places. Places he never saw, in fact, all the places in his dreams were ever so mystic.


But this time he saw in every single of them the image of Death, Death in pain. All clocks shattered to pieces just once he walked by them. Every glass burst, and what breathed withered. Flowers, trees, waters even went dry, stones and metals broke. Gin felt the terror crawl up his skin; never he thought Death could be so destructive and yet his beautiful face never flinched and never changed. He was like a merciless doll, creating chaos and destroying everything his way.


Shirahane reached for his ears, squeezing eyes from the fear. He didn't want to see this side of Death. He knew what pain meant but doubtfully he could relate to such a great remorse. Simply because a human could never last, thus the chosen one was voided off emotions and needs – Gin started to understand why Death had no right to choose between races and yet had most right to judge. Because only a creature that had no preferences and lacked emotions could judge right, for 'wrong' and 'right' would be always the scoundrel of emotional deception and one that judged had to forget everything to do with them. Only then the wrong would be truly wrong. And right would be truly right.


The mortal felt the coldness retreat as he gradually opened eyes to see a surprisingly known place. It was that small room where Death took him first to. The Death god was sitting in his armchair with glass of red wine in one hand. His eyes stared into the ceiling, pointlessly.

- Izabella...Foss..


Gin's curiosity related quick to the woman; was her name Izabella Foss? His chest throbbed again. Why he always felt this way whenever this woman was mentioned?


The Albus god's free hand came up to caress his hair backwards, pausing midway to stay over his forehead. His jawline was the only visible thing from Gin's spot but he knew, the male was in despair. The jawline contracted as his lips flinched.

- I..What am I doing..I..


Shirahane's body shuddered. Such a strong presence oozed from Death, the room's window caught small layer of crystals. Gin thought something felt wrong. He didn't want to see Death get lost in the despair and yet...he didn't know what to do in order to save him. Even if his brother asked him to save Death – what he could do? Such a hatred and such a pain, he couldn't heal. Everyone spoke how world would change if Death changed but wasn't that just another ideal?


Gin shrugged shoulders down, the realization of incapability. He was in a room from long ago that saw Death's most painful day together with the past-self of the damned god and yet he could do nothing but watch just like the walls did. Even in present days he did nothing different, just like all creatures that claimed to be righteous. Look at them all, leaving all to him and yet leaving him. Gin felt irritated at everyone that knew but did nothing other than watching Death in pain for so long. He felt irritated even at Jiran. Why everyone had to just watch like bunch of monkeys, some with sympathy and others with judgement? He thought that the worst breed was human but no matter the race...it seemed everyone loved to just 'watch'.


A sudden crash got his attention back to Death. The Albus god seemed to be drunk. Shirahane didn't realize how many empty bottles surrounded him, but he swore he was one hell of a heavy-drinker. Gin rushed to try help him from the leaning position onto the table but his hands passed through. As his eyes caught the beautiful yet sad eyes of Death, he followed their stare. It was another clock? Why he broke the clocks? All of the clocks on their way were broken too. Gin couldn't understand what breaking of clocks could lessen.


The Death's hand reached lightly up as his finger caressed the clock from left. It was a very beautiful antique, yet he cracked it with a single touch.

- STOP IT, DEATH... - Gin's pure feelings echoed in the ghost-room and oddly the hand of the other retreated gradually as his eyes moved to corners. If Gin didn't know it was a memory, he'd swear that their eyes met now, - ..C-Can you..see me?


Just when he felt like his heart was to stop from the glare, Gin closed eyes to open them to a rather bright room. His hands came forth to cover eyes,

- Ngh..Where...


A figure hovered over him, it was Jaropht nursing him from the hit on his head. Gin felt the stinging pain and reached hand up to touch the bandage but Jaropht stopped him,

- It's okay. You fainted and hit your head.

- ..I fainted..?


The butler looked to side, where another bed with another body on were.

- You two seem to be connected deeper than we thought.


Shirahane rose up, his eyes filled with tears. It was Death. After one year. After one long, really long year he finally saw that man. With a stumble off the bed, Gin walked to the other. The Albus god was sweating a lot, his body was undressed and motionless on the bed.

- What..What is wrong with Death? - Gin looked to Jaropht.

- We don't know. Rather, we don't know what is happening to the both of you.


Gin looked questionably to Jaropht, and by instinct he looked to side where a big mirror was. His pupils widened twice as bigger, ….

- What..Why my..My hair is white?!


Jaropht looked to Death and spoke calmly,

- We found him unconscious on top of a burning building. If it weren't for the monstrous amount of spiritual power, we wouldn't know he was there. It's rare for Death to release his full powers. And..as a result..


Shirahane suddenly felt goosebumps. He somehow was afraid to ask but the troubled face of Jaropht made him want to share the burden.

- As a result? What has happened?

- A whole city was buried alive. The city you know as New York is no longer on the map.

- ...What?

- We were lucky that Samael, one of ours, was the one who found him. Else..it might have been the end of the world.


Gin knew Death was strong and powerful but would he never imagine the amount of power he possessed.

- ..Is he..asleep?

- ..We don't know.

- But he is alive, yes? - Shirahane started to tremble even harder.

- ...In regard of life, yes. He is not dead. But Death never sleeps.


The mortal's legs gave in to the shock. He flopped down like a child, cupping his own face into palms. He finally saw Death and yet. No, rather. He finally learned more about him. He finally had things to tell him. He finally realized he loved him and accepted that love. After such a long time spent in thoughts, in and out the Death's god's memories - Gin finally got to know him better. And now what? He couldn't even hear that voice?


A sudden ring got him flinch. A ring that flashed in his mind - Jiran's words.

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A month passed since Death went unconscious, the world pretty much went into a chaos – crisis, diseases, confrontations and many things more came to be for such a short amount of time. It felt as if God was no where to be found, and the Devil was peeking from the next corner on the street. For the worst, Death was growing weaker and somewhat Shirahane was starting to change into a fully developed immortal creature.


Jaropht was so stressed that he could swear, going bald now wouldn't be such a surprise. The only being that could tell them what was happening – refused to talk. Samael. He, after bringing Death into Luna's castle, disappeared into a thin air.


Take that to the human's world...Jaropht was something like a secretary in a huge firm. Death was the president and Samael was the vice-president, but when the president and the vice-president disappear...what is a secretary supposed to do with all the employees?!


Many servants of Death used the chance to run away, some even rejoiced that for once they might be free from the claws of immortality. Jaropht has never felt so lost.


All in all, Shirahane told Jaropht about his meeting with Jiran, Death's brother. Although it sounded so surreal, Jaropht wasn't surprised about it. The thing he thought felt 'surreal' was about 'The Valley of Peace'. He heard once about it, it's now known as 'The Valley of Death' but only Samael could lead the way to there. So to say, they had no chance to get whatever Jiran left behind.


The night kept growing colder. Jaropht was sitting behind a desk, on the opposite side of the room Shirahane was sitting beside the bed where Death was “sleeping”. Both of the males looked devastated. The neat butler looked as if having an awful hangover, his pale complexion made it look even worse. The male had his head cupped in palms, his mind rushing over and over the information he could puzzle so far -


“He's gone to many places...some say he gathered sins...Even if he did..why would Death gather sins? That aside...that boy...” , Jaropht looked up, setting eyes on Shirahane who was dozing off but still fighting the need to sleep, “..That boy hasn't slept for a month...and he is..alive. No matter how strong the jurar is, it cannot change human's needs. ...Death, what have you done?”


The quiet was interrupted by a door creak. Luna walked in with a female by her side, both of them carrying cups of tea.


Jaropht stood up abruptly surprised to see the woman, taken aback from how Jaropht reacted Gin stood up as well, glancing over the women.


- Aditi... - Jaropht called the woman's name.

- And if that's not Death's most loyal servant. Long time no see, Jaropht. - Aditi chuckled cockily, setting the tea cups on the desk as Luna did after that.

- What brings you here? Last time we saw each other was during the Apocalypse of Just*.

- I invited her. - Luna smiled and took her own cup of tea up to lips, - It's been one month since you two locked yourselves in this room. It's starting to worry me, Jaropht..,Shirahane. - the woman looked from Jaropht to the already white haired male, Gin.


A heavy sigh escaped both and in unison they both sat back on their seats. It was something to worry about, of course. Samael was missing, Death is unconscious, the garrison of Death is falling apart and the mortal chained to the jurar is showing fearsome changes...of course it is something to worry about!


- So..why did you invite Aditi? - Jaropht massaged his temples, slightly frowning.

- How cold of you Jaropht! Don't you miss me? - the woman walked to Death, her eyes saddened as she took a seat on the bed next to the damned god.


- It's mesmerizing, isn't it? - Luna smiled faintly, - His powers are protecting the world even when unconscious. I wonder if he knew he'd be in this state and beforehand he took care of the sins..


Jaropht and all the other people in the room looked Death's way, they certainly knew that Messorem wouldn't just tame sins to raise them as pets or something.


- Or he worried about this cutie here. - Aditi glanced to Shirahane, reaching hand to touch the silvery white hair strands.

- What do you mean? - Jaropht picked on with interest.


- Think about it. The jurar is out. Don't you remember the last time it was out?

Jaropht's gaze sharpened, clearly remembering the tragedy from back then. The room suddenly grew quiet, but Gin couldn't stand it anymore. Why he felt always like an outsider? He wanted to help Death yet everyone kept him in the dark, as if saying, 'None of your business'.


Shirahane brushed off the woman's hand gently and looked down at Death's sleeping face.

- I...I am doing something to him? - Gin abruptly asked.


None of them answered him which angered him.

- AM I KILLING DEATH?! - screamed he impulsively.

- Whoah! Easy there... - Aditi blinked but after a short pause she wondered, - Has no one told you about Death's sin?


Shirahane glanced her way and frowned deeply, he disliked how that sounded. Why everyone seemed to make a sinner or a monster out of him?


- Now, now. Don't glare at me. I haven't said I label him as something. And I see that you don't know about it, so I will---

- Aditi! - Jaropht stepped in.

- Jaropht, stay out of this. You do know all of us exist with a purpose, right? What do you think was my purpose in this life? Death left me alive after that tragedy to play the role of a story-teller because neither him or Samael would do so.


Gin curiously tilted his head, hearing 'Samael' was something he didn't often hear. In fact, it was ...something new. Who was exactly Samael?


- Long before you were chained, - Aditi resumed her story time, - there was only one more person. It was..Jiran.

- Jiran..Death's brother was chained with the jurar?

- Yes, and not any other kind of chaining, boy. Death...tore him off Heavens and Hells, he brought his soul back to life. Or as you mortals call it, 'revival'. That chain on your hand is a funny tool, you know. It can kill, it can heal, it can revive, it can do so many things. You'd say..the most wonderful chain, right?


Gin blinked and looked down to the invisible to most chain, but unlike before having its shine now it was dissolving.


- Wrong. - Aditi's cold voice interrupted Gin's thoughts and he looked up, - This tool is the most dangerous thing in our universe. It's the path to a dimension where only Death can walk in, a dimension where everything is possible. Every single thing. And every single thing I mean, ...you can become..God. But that's the door way, you know who is the key? It's Death. Death's death is the key.


Suddenly Shirahane felt his guts up his throat. The cold shiver broke him into sweat, the chain to his wrist...was it so dangerous?!


- Then..Why..? Why Death would take it out?

- ..Simple, boy. It's so simple. To save you.


Shirahane suddenly felt that shame. A shame of being a reason, a bad reason. His eyes slightly watered,

- So..I am killing him, right..?

- You are. - Aditi spoke with no lies, - Back then...he was almost in that very same state, ready to entrust the world to his brother, Jiran. Alas, Jiran carried other weight. He didn't want to see his brother die for a second time. And he asked an angel for help. The only angel who can break that chain - ..Samael.


Jaropht and Luna lowered their heads, the words echoed in their minds. It was a memory from long ago. Best friends, student and master, they broke so easily just because of the jurar. They both paid so much...


Shirahane noticed the darkness on everyone's faces, he felt so guilty for carrying that chain. He bet that each time they happened to see it, it brought bad memories back. Instinctively he rustled around trying to hide parts of the chain under the blanket across his lap.


- It is okay, - Aditi smiled lightly, - No need to hide it. Death himself took it out even though he carried a scar of it.

- I..don't want to see Death dying..

- Well, there is a way, I suppose. - Aditi rubbed her chin, recalling Samael's words from old times.


Everyone looked up her way,

- There is? - all three of them surprised.

- I heard that if two energies collide through love, and the soul chained to it confesses all sins to Death with sincerity and love, the jurar will have mercy upon the souls. But if they refuse to confess one of them has to die.


Jaropht abruptly stood up, his face in an awful shock. Shock of the puzzle coming complete. His eyes looked to Shirahane.

- He..you two..

- Eh? - Gin blinked as the rest of the people in room.

- You..you two.. - Jaropht rushed from his seat to Shirahane and grabbed his by the shoulders, - Back then..you two..what did you two do?!


Gin looked so confused. All in all, Jaropht made no sense. However, Aditi caught on fast.

- No way!


And then Luna dropped her tea cup, being the next one to realize it.

- My..god.


- … - Gin started to feel uncomfortable having people pointing at him in same way yet him being unaware of...why?


- Did you sleep with Death? - Aditi stood up tall.

- Eh..?! - Shirahane grew red, - I..that..I...


Jaropht let go of Gin and stepped back, looking at Death.

- That..He knew back then? He has really gone and done it. Even though Samael told him to never exchange that kind of vow..

- Vow? - Shirahane frowned, - He hasn't vowed to me!

- The last stage of the jurar is the vow, it cannot be broken by anything now... - Jaropht brought his hand up to face.

- Hmmm.. - Luna though stepped forth and removed the blankets off Death, - Help me a bit. We have to show Shirahane the script.

- What that would do? - Jaropht protested.

- Shut it, boy. I told you to help me.


Luna and Jaropht managed to get Death in a sitting position, having Shirahane see for first time the bare back of Death. Gin was mesmerized by its firmness, the muscles were well defined yet the beautiful skin was engraved with a tattoo. Was that the script?


Shirahane looked closely, wondering why they'd show him a passage of something like an old hymn or song. It looked as if someone praised a land.. Suddenly his eyes widened, seeing the name of the land – Terra. Was that some kind of script about the land? It praised it so much, as if someone precious being born there.


- Can you read it? - Jaropht asked.

- Yeah..it is a beautifu-- - suddenly Aditi placed hand over Gin's lips.

- Do not. Never ever do not speak the script out loud.


Gin nodded. After they laid Death back in bed, all three people had that 'thoughtful' look on. Why they looked so bothered? It's not like Gin wanted to be able to read that. Moreover..there was only one word he could not.


- So he can read it. That means..but. It doesn't make sense. - Jaropht kept frowning deeper and deeper.

- I can read it..except for one word.

- Eh? - said in unison all three looked to him.

- There is one word I cannot read.

- That is! Then there is still more hope left! - Luna encouraged and everyone looked to her, - Quick, boy! You have to confess to Death!

- ..C-confess?

- Yes! Everything! Sins, feelings, doubts, every single thing.

- But..how is that even going to help him? He is not even listening...

- Oh, dear. He might not listen now but from all the creatures in this world, he can hear only your voice. Death is not sleeping, he is waiting for you to speak. - Luna smiled gently and despite Gin looking so hesitant, Aditi and Jaropht also knew what Luna said was true.


The butler suddenly sighed,

- I wondered why he tamed all the sins and if it were true. But now it makes sense. As Luna said, he is not sleeping. He is waiting for you to confess. And in case one of the sins take hold of your soul and corrupt it, you will destroy not only yourself but all around you. You will end us, for you hold the power of Death in your hands now. Why else you think you can read a script only Death himself can?


The sudden information somewhat scared Shirahane. But deep within he noticed the changes himself. He needed no food, no sleep, and mostly he could hear. Hear the souls crying. These things..were they what Death dealt with each next day..for eternity? The only thing that Gin felt now was sadness.


- Will he.. wake up after I confess all I hold within?

- That's how the jurar promises it. Death entrusted all his powers to you, Gin. Letting it all hang on one single word you cannot read from the script. That means he is waiting for you.


Gin looked to Death, clearly remembering the script in his mind and that missing word,

“ I beckon you to a world where we all love,

where we all are equal, a world where we don't need Gods,

a world where we pray not, a world where we sow peace -

the land of Terra where two brothers loved and were loved to death,

Jiran and … “


A sigh escaped the white haired male and he nodded,

- Okay, I will-- - once he turned head towards them he saw that they moved not. It looked as if time..as if time has stopped.



{The form of the text is primarily

that of a Revelation Dialogue/Discourse between James the Just

(the brother of Jesus – according to the text,

James is not physically Jesus' brother) and Jesus,

with a rather fragmentary account of the martyrdom

of Saint James appended to the bottom of the manuscript,

connected to the remainder by an oblique reference

to crucifixion. The first portion of the text describes

James' understandable concern about being crucified,

whereas the latter portion describes secret passwords

given to James so that he can ascend to the highest heaven

(out of seventy-two) after dying, without being blocked by

evil powers of the demiurge.}

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Shirahane reached up for his head, covering the ears. The high pitched noise was smashing his brain. A second ago everything went still and now only an annoyingly high pitched noise echoed in the room. No matter how loud he screamed, he couldn't even hear his own voice. Overwhelmed by the noise, he seemed. A leg trembled, he knelt on floor. It hurt so much that his ears felt like bleeding.

"On baishiraman taya sowaka,

On isha naya in tara ya sowaka,

On nomaku sanmanda basaradan kan,

On aga naya in maya sowaka,

On hirota ki shanoga jiba tai sowaka,

On chirichi iba rotaya sowaka.."

A sudden voice of a male echoed around the room. With each next chant line, the floor and ceiling became timeless. They knew no space and no time, freezing into nothingness. Shirahane's pain stopped but the voice drummed onto him. He rose his eyes off the floor, following the steps taken towards him. Elegant shoes, firm calves. He rose his head, to see a stunning beautiful man before him as his lips finished the chant in the unknown language he spoke,

"..On a ra ba sha n sowaka."

Gin's first reaction was to glance over Death and then to the others. All seemed like...a paused movie scene. He felt the danger near. What on earth was happening? Suddenly the newcomer made a turn, to walk his way to Death. He placed his palm onto the bed's edge, as head titled to side. A wicked grin widened as he stared at the doll face of Death.

- Pity, I love when he looks angrily at me. - his other hand reached down to touch Death's lips as red eyes that seemed demonic glittered with lust.

- As beautiful as merciless he is, isn't he? - the male turned his eyes to Shirahane with a cracked by paradox' grin.

- W-who are you..? - Gin was still kneeling down, one hand against ear. He was too stunned to fix his posture.

- I am what you call...fallen. -he removed his hand from Death's lips as rocked up off the bed.

- Fallen? You are ...were an angel? - Gin widened eyes.

- Hmmm.... - the male rolled eyes, as if not agreeing but still returned the gaze with widened by insanity pupils, - ...What a shitty guess.

- Uh...!?*

- Listen, human. My name. You will hear it once. - as the statement was made, he disappeared as smoke blown by wind, to reappear near Shirahane's shoulder, by whisper delivered his name. Gin's eyes couldn't take more wider form as his pupils trembled in shock. His lips repeating slowly,

- ..L...Lu...ci...fer..?

- Uh-huuuuuh~*

- Will...will you kill me..? - Shirahane was too scared to even move.

- Oh,geez. Yer so borin'. - he switched to some slang there, hand came up to brush off the question,

- After all, you are chained to Death himself. What shall I gain if I kill ye'!? Seriously. - Lucifer rolled eyes as his brows took irregular frown level.

- More importantly, - he continued as his red eyes returned to Shirahane's kneeling posture,

-.. do you want to remove that chain?

A startled expression, it was a bull's eye.

- I..I.. don't know.. I..

- Oh, please. You do know. You just don't want to die, ain't I right here, boy?

- I.. - Gin lowered his chin, confused. He didn't want to die but he didn't want Death to die either. Whatever the case, he disliked the jurar, yes..

- Uh-huuuuh~

- I..

- .. Uh-huh?

- I..

- GEEZ! Will ye' say it or what!? - Lucifer crossed his arms, losing patience.

- Can I remove it...really? - he shot his question right away.

- Uh-huuuuh~ You surely can.

- But I tried to.. I couldn't take it off.. No matter what, I can't. And..then..there is that 'only way'..I am so confused..

- Amateur. - Lucifer rolled eyes as walked to the bar table next to the desk, snatching the whiskey's bottle.

- Do ye' know how long it took me to find that fucken chant!? - annoyed at the time he spent in a search how to tackle down Death and everything possible that could stop him, he indeed had it hard.

- That fucken geezer is daaaaamn old, ye' know!? - he shifted around, to lean on the desk, continuing

- Nothing works on him. Balls.

- Uh...what do you mean?

- I mean that magic, spells and chants don't work on Death. - he rocked his chin in rhythm with his speech as if trying to give some more emotional thread to them.

- You...want to do something to Death?

- Oh, not really to 'Death'. Death can't disappear, sadly. - his lips sulked with discontent.

- Then...?

- And then I spent a decade to look for a fucken script. And guess what? It only explains how to 'freeze' him and 'remove his jurar'. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Curses. And I thought I can make him disappear.

- You ... are afraid of him? - Gin blinked at Lucifer.

- BOY! I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYONE! - he swished the bottle from side to side, but looked away.

- Just... I want him.

- What..?

- Do you know how fucken powerful I can get, if I have Death in my hands? Not to mention he will be a perfect chewing toy. - Lucifer licked his lips sadistically.

Shirahane let his hand slip off ear, his senses telling him to stop listening to the devil.

- So... do ye' want to remove that chain?

- Yeah..but-

- NO 'BUTS'. It's a 'yes' or a 'no'.

- Yeah...? - Gin felt like saying the truth but he doubted he'd do it the Devil's way.

- GOOD. - Lucifer took a mouthful of sip from the bottle as loosened his necktie. The messy hair of his was so perfectly ordered that it looked as if he looked the best with messy hair. Probably a reason for he was the master of chaos.

- PWUAH! - he tore his lips off the bottle, to look down at Shirahane,

- Ask him.

- Ask him..?

- Uh-huuuuuh~

- Ask him what?

- Ask him for his name. - his chin stuck forth, letting his neck exposed as his wicked grin widened.

- What?

- His name, idiot.

- But... I...Why his name? He is.. - Gin started frowning in confusion, not getting anything anymore, - He is ..Death. Simply Death.

- PFU! - he shrank up as shoulders rose, for he laughed, - When you learn his name-...

-Wait. How I learn his name, Death is unconscious. Moreover, why do I need his name?

- Tsk. Amateur. Listen now, to remove the chain you have to listen to what I tell you. So. What did you ask him the first time when you wanted the name?

- Uh..I think it was if he had a name...or something? - without realizing it, Gin was bending under Lucifer's demonic powers.

- Idiot. The right question is 'By the power of Seth and as a child of God, I ask you, what is your name?'

- But... this is like an order?

- Well. - Lucifer titled head to side, - If you see it this way.

- And... that's all?

- Of course not! - he left the bottle to side as walked to Gin,

- You have to stab his ..heart.

- ... !!? - Gin moved backwards and fell on his derriere. What was Lucifer saying? Wasn't it removing the chain the only thing he had to do? Moreover, Jaropht and Luna, nor Aditi ever said anything about stabbing. It had to be a confession, right?

- PFUHAHAHAHAHA! - he laughed at the human's reaction.

- ... I... have to stab him..?*Not..confess?

- Uh-huuuuh~ ..Please, what can a confession do? - Lucifer rolled his eyes, - Besides, he ate all my children I doubt you have any sins to confess to.

- Will...will he die?*Will these sins hurt him? I don't want to.. - Gin started shaking.

- Boy, you are amazingly stupid. He won't die. He can't die. - his lips cracked in a satisfied smirk,

- He is cursed.

- What..?

- Enough of questions, I am not so patient to answer questions like him.

- I can't do that! - Shirahane protested.

- Uh-huuuuh~ I knooooow~~ Thus I will help you.

- Eh?


Lucifer walked up to the human, swinging a finger as if setting a denying order for the gravity as a result Gin stood on feet. Suddenly a blade started forming from smoke in his hand.

- What? What..what are you doing?!! - he struggled against the Devil's powers.

- Ah, so annoying. ...Ask him, ORDER HIM! KNOW HIS NAME! - Lucifer started laughing hysterically.

- N..No..Stop it..please.. - Shirahane started to cry, his hands shaking as his body was forced to walk towards Death's bed.

- We don't have much time. The spell will fade in a few. Ask the name, human!

- I don't want to hurt him...stop it!

- Ah. Believe me, dear. He knows real pain and this is not even close to his kind of pain. Rest assured, you will free yourself and him. It's for the best, right? Hehehehehehe-heh.

- STOOOOOP IT! - his hand rose up, ready to stab the damned god, his lips parted once again.

- Now, let's make you ask for the name. - Lucifer cleared his throat and stood up with popped chest forth, - Repeat after me, young boy. ..By the power of Seth...


Gin's tears slid down, begging all kind of gods for help but time has stopped and no one could hear him.

- By the..power of...Seth..


- And as a child of God – the devil smirked as headed their way, impatient to witness the end of Death.


- And..as a child of...God.. - Gin even tried to bite his tongue off but his jaw refused to follow his wishes, it felt as if his body wasn't his own.


- I ask you,

- I..ask you.. - through tears, Shirahane's vision went blurry. The only thing that took a form out of the blurriness was the soft rays of the moon coming from the window.

- What. Is. Your. Name. - curious to hear the name, Lucifer stood in the way of the Moon's rays, staring down at Death.


- What..is..your..


Lucifer frowned as glanced up. Blood droplets rolled off Gin's lips, he refused to part lips for the last word. But the devil sympathized not. He swung finger and forced the word out of lips,


- ..name..


The room grew dark. Death's eyes opened yet voided off liveliness. It was an order and he had to obey, despite time and despite laws, he heard his master's order. But once his eyes looked to Gin, the reflection of his was of a pained human's. Shirahane shook head, refusing to hear it. To hear the name he wanted so much, but if he did hear it – his hand would stab the male he loved. Why he had to know the name in such a way?


Kou's lips parted as eyes never blinked,

- Name is.. - his voice sounded different, as if under trance but Lucifer frowned. For some reason he heard no sound in that very moment.

- No... - Gin shook head, his tears covered most of his face, - No..I take that back...Don't..I order you..don't...

- Messorem..Kou..,known by the code name of Reoss, born with the name Kou. Name is Kou. - Death's eyes shifted to sadness. Was it so hard to speak out his name? No..it wasn't that.


Gin's eyes caught for a brief the swing of Lucifer's finger, so that was it. Kou's sadness was because of the scene he had to say his name in? The blade probed deep into Kou's chest. Blood gushed off his fine lips, the liquid was so dark that one might mistake it for black ink.


A big yawn was voiced, Lucifer put on a play.

- So boring. Tears, snots and stuff. Now, let's get to the real thing. - his hand reached for the Jurar but before he could touch it, Death's bare hand got a hold of the demon's wrist.

- I..am still..breathing, Lucifer. - with the last drop of strength, Death snapped the wrist in two. His powers were starting to leave him but Lucifer didn't want to gamble. So the male decided to leave for now, holding onto his hand in pure agony.

- I will..come back.. - the smoke collided with the darkness in the room, the last seconds of the freezing the time spell were running out. The timeless space where Death had the few seconds left alone with Gin.


- Death...don't die.. I am.. - his hand didn't even dare to move off the blade which was deeply stabbed into Death, he feared to move.

- Gin... - Death coughed as tried to speak through the blood.

- I didn't want to..I am sorry. I didn't want to kill you..I will confess, now.. Listen..I will confess, okay? - Shirahane's desperate look and tears were blinding him from the fact that Death had his last seconds in his arms.

- Confess? ...Ah... - Death caught on quick, but the confession wouldn't matter. The jurar was snapped off Death's hand already.

- I ...I will confess. - Gin's head leaned against Death's chest, - I..was envious...of people..I wanted a family..I..I have so many things to confess.. I also lied in my life... I also stole once.. I hit a person when I was angry.. I even thought of killing someone. I was never happy but pretended to. I lied so much... I even hated you.. I wanted to die so I see what is so great about you.. I then met you..and I.. Death...no, I never hated you.. I was mesmerized by you..I grew to know you and then I, please, don't... - he looked up to meet Death's faint smile.

- So many things..to confess...

- No..I have more..you have to listen, okay? You will listen, right? You have to...please!


Death's eyes slid close, his breathing growing weaker.

- Death! I..have to..I have more. Listen, I love you. Death..no.. - his hands moved forth to cup Death's cold face, - I love you, Kou... Please..Listen to me...more..I have..I have more to confess..


- GAAAAAH! - Shirahane coughed out a painful scream. It was his heart bursting. His brain squeezed to its maximum. Dozen of memories rushed in his head. Not only one's memories.... the whole universe's scars. Known, unknown and dead languages sealed into him. His skin got goosebumps along with the transfer of information. His eyes watering from the*despair*received. It was not only one, but different*shades*of it. He felt torn and repaired. He felt dead and reborn. He felt crashed and fixed. Names he didn't know, dates he didn't know and many other things forced their way into him. He dropped down, forehead leaning against the dead body of Kou. Then he realized... Kou... was Kou. Not Death. And now, Gin was not Gin. His lips parted, exhausted from the pain he whispered his name over and over again..

- Kou...


His tears slid down, the body beneath him dissolving into small and glowing particles. The dark room glowed in beautiful indigo color, silver threads embraced Shirahane. He lifted his chin abruptly, he sensed a sweet and sad fragrance. The fragrance only Death could sense. He saw it... the Alubs of Kou..*

- NO! - he reached hand to grasp for it, but it was too late. Once he lost the chance to connect a single Albus...the Albus has an unknown destination. He froze in the empty room, which seemed filled with different small creatures floating around. He looked around. Whatever he was seeing, he never knew they were there. Shirahane reached for his chest, palm trying to catch onto heart rhythm that was no longer there.*

- Answer me...dammit.... You have to listen more, right..- he let his tears freely out bumping fist into his own chest.

- ... Stupid ...dwarf... - before the time would restore he disappeared into the dark smoke. Gin ran.


He didn't know how to face them...How to face the world that knew Death and the world Death knew. What he'd say to Jaropht now? He wanted to run.

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