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[table=width: 500, align: center]


[td]Welcome to Xylto's - the minimalist - humble gallery.


My motto is Simplicity creates the Harmony.


Therefore, the graphics you see here won't be ostentatious or complicated.


I pay a whole lot of attention to blending and typography, which seems to be a pro/for in the forum.


Nevertheless, I'm still new to this avatar+signature designing because I often work on posters and banners.


You can find a few examples of my work below. They haven't been taken by anyone so if you like one of them, you can grab the chance. But please inform me about that!


If you want me to make you anything, first before all, be patient (I hope you can sympathize with this very busy individual), second, make a small form consists of name+requirements+image-quote-(optional), third, credits.[/td]





















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. I really like your simple style and I want to request a set from you. Here are the pictures. Well, you don't have to use all of it and you can just use one that you think suit my requirement the most.










Name: sue werner (please include my username somewhere in the sig)

Requirement: Make the mood lovely and romantic ^^

Quote: We will worry about the future when we get there



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I hope you will like them. If you want me to make any changes, just tell.








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Thank you a lot

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! No, you don't have to change anything, it's perfect and sweet, I love it :)

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I would like to request a signature please, and a avatar too if possible.


Name: Please just put the second part to my username: Zero.


Requirements: A sad, yet sensual mood. I would like for the borders to not be rectangular or square. If possible, maybe a cloud one like your third example at the top? If not, then whatever you deem good would be fine.


Image: This the smaller version.




This is the bigger version. Please use whichever one you want.




Quote: "Please be quiet, Orange."


Thank you.

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