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Lex's RPG Catalog~(Seme's welcomed)

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Hello there~! The name's Lex, or Lexy. I am a literate uke, so I'm obviously looking for some literate semes to RP with. If you are interested in any of the plots listed below, send me a PM please. DO NOT POST ON HERE.


If there is a plot you wish to play out with me, PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


All I really ask is for you to be literate (Grammar and punctuation is correct along with a length of three or more paragraphs) If I've already RPed with you in the past (possibly from another site like Yaoi-Haven, yaoidreams, or ElysiumRolepaly) then just let me know who are and what site you're from so I know what to expect^^


Overall, have fun! Also, I do like to have conversations and get to know my fellow rper, so feel free to just talk to me either in the chat, or just through messaging back and forth.


A Dragon's Bride-To-Be

In a village hidden deep within a forest, a bride has been chosen....or more like a prisoner has been decided to be taken.


In this village, when a young boy has become of age they are decided on becoming the bride of the Dragon God that lives within a mountain fortress that has been said to be made of gold with beautiful lilies sprouting from every pool of water there.


One boy has just been chosen to become the next bride of the Dragon God, but unlike the others he is the reincarnation of the Dragon God's beloved who had died long ago at a time when Gods and Humans were at peace.


The boy is almost the spitting image of the boy from long ago, however unlike the previous bride Haneul is calm, and adapts to the immortal realm that the Dragon God lives in.


For the mountain that the dragon lives in, is a gateway to and from the immortal realm of the gods, to the mortal realm of the humans.


So much happens between the fated two....pain and love all at once come over the two soon-to-be husband and bride.

(possible m-preg. I would be playing the village boy)


Do You Love the Forest...?

About five hundred years into the future, a nuclear explosion happens on earth in which plants from the moon that were growing but went crazy, had descended upon Earth and only a few people were saved in sleep chambers.



A thousand years pass since the new beginning of Earth, and its inhabitants fear the forest now that it is more alive than ever and more than pissed at mankind. A certain city of peaceful people have made peace with the forest, and its many elders who are stronger than normal human have been given such gifts from the forest.


When one of the city's younger adults explores the forbidden areas of the city that go on below their dwellings, he discovers another male around his age bathing in the pools. Warning the male that he should stay out of the water or else it'll anger the forest spirits and guards; the boy shows himself as non other than the forest guardian who is the heart of the forest itself and protected heavily by it.


The two become friends though......and more......but can one really love a plant?

(I would be playing the forest guardian)


I'm Good

When a man's lover is kidnapped while he is away, he must find him. However unlike the man from Taken, this man doesn't find his lover in time to save him. He ends up finding the boy a year later completely drugged and used. In fact the boy was drugged to the point of being numb and high. However, this time, the man doesn't let him get away, and now has to get out of the slums of New York with his lover. Or die trying.

(This one would take place when they first meet, then to when they are lovers, and then go into the kidnapping. From there we'll get to the seme trying to rescue his uke and more)

(Warning: Contains Rape and Drugs)


A Vampire's Soulmate and Bride

Amongst the world of mortals are the immortals. They walk amongst us, and live among us....even LOOK like us.....but they aren't....well US.


They are vampires....


And the higher ranked of them all has been searching......for a bride.


He finds his bride among those filled with blood in our veins though, and though he has many candidates to choose from, only this one boy can quench his thirst and hunger, as well as fill his heart. What starts as a game of cat and mouse, slowly becomes a love game.


Will the vampire manage to win the boy's heart without using his vampire abilities, or has the goddess of love cursed the vampire to live a life unloved by the one he wants the heart of...?

(Obviously I would play the role of the bride. Possible M-preg, but it's completely optional)


He Has A Premium Quality Body!!

Once an ordinary high school kid, ______ after a strange incident, now sees everyone as animals. It's crazy, and for some odd reason he's attracting men and women of all kinds too. What the hell is going on???

(Warning: Contains M-pregnancy)


Job Application For Hell

_____company, but when he was called out for a new job, he took the offer. The offer was to be a replacement worker in Hell. Upon arrival he meets the King of Hell himself, __Satan(can have an actual name though__ and their love story full of suspense, and maybe even a tragedy unfolds.

(Warning: Possible rape in this one)


We Were Wrong...

Earth now has been around for a very long time. However....there are things we don't know, and that is that there is a floating island filled with deer-like creatures that have helped the earth prosper so well, and who come down at night to help the forests, oceans, and animals.




Now that we have figured out how to use greenhouses, and filterers for our waters, as well as farming animals.....we seem to think these creatures unneeded. Now after fifty years of the military and government poisoning our minds, they have decided to launch an attack on the deer-like creatures. They have spread about that the deer-creatures are dangerous, and can take human lives with a single touch. The best way to exterminate one is to remove its head and destroy its heart.


However.....we were wrong....and as a soldier becomes wounded.....he finds out the truth....the truth behind the deer-creatures.....and the truth behind the government.

(I would playing a deer creature)


Can Beauty Love A Beast?

In an abandoned mansion lives a rumor that has been locked away inside for centuries. Inside lies a beast with a dark past and a cold heart. He yearns for love, but is too filled with rage to try and find it. He has one servant that does everything for him from food to cleaning. The only time someone has seen the beast is when he takes a walk around the house, but even then his face is not seen for he wears a cloak when outside and even inside his home. Disgusted by his appearance, the beast's anger grows and grows. The lonely beast, who feels like the light of day is something he is not worthy of. That is....until he meets a boy who, on a dare, spends the night in the mansion on his own. That is when the two paths cross, and their destinies are rewritten.


However, a beast is a beast....and beauty is a human..does the fear he set in the boy scare him too far to love a beast like him? Or perhaps the boy can see past the ugly and the temper the beast holds to see that the beast is more than he appears to be. Maybe having not always been a beast..?

[[idea from Beauty and the Beast, but I'm thinking the beast is poisoned into the shape he is in now. Perhaps as a human he was rude and crude, given a poison that turns him into a monster? Instead of the magic stuff^^]]

(I would playing the boy for this one^^)


On Love's Wings

Within the mountains are a numerous amount of villages and cottages. Within a village that is hidden within a particular area, there is a secret. The people within the village are bird-like shifters. You see, in these mountains, the villagers are never humans. They are ALL shifters of separate species. In the bird-like village of shifters, a boy is known to shift into an enormous golden-feathered falcon that is said to be bigger than two average sized men.


He is kept even deeper in the village secrets, but humans have been tracking him AND his kind for centuries. Finally, a group of poachers have tracked him and are now on the hunt. Leaving his village in secret to protect his loved ones, the bird-like boy escapes the trackers and hides out within a human populated village many miles outside the mountains. He hides within the population to his adult years where his bird size has grown, and his wings longer.


It has been a long time since he shifted though since he had not had the opportunity to. Now working in a business field, the boy (now a man) has adapted to human traveling as well as human speach.


Now however he is facing threats once more on poachers discovering him....but he also discovers something else.......love.

(I would play the falcon for this RP)


The Tengu In My Heart

Okay, basically this is a yaoi twist on the most amazing manga in the world, Black Bird. I highly recommend reading this manga before deciding on this RP or at least reading a synopsis of it. The Rp will involve m-preg, which I personally am fond of since I want to have kids one day and basically imagine a realistic circumstance in which a human male gets pregnant. Trust me, I have a very vivid imagination. I'd also like this to be a take-your-time rp where we take our time getting from meet-and-greet to relationship. Also, I would be playing Misao, and you would be playing Kyou. Make your own OC though, I refuse to steal characters from a mangaka artist, but I absolutely love the plot and everything. PM me if you are interested in this one and we can discuss and questions you may have or suggestions^^

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