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Courting Count Enance

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Red is the color of Roses and Rubies.

Sweet is the color of Chocolate icon_chocolate.gif

Love is the color a Box, a Bouquet T12V200A?&wid=46&hei=46&fmt=jpeg&qlt=80,0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=bilin&op_usm=3.0,0.5,1.0,0&iccEmbed=0&layer=1&opac=0&layer=2&opac=55&layer=5&opac=0&layer=3&opac=0

and a Ring ought to Bring who I show

it to

but not


not the Man my Heart beats for...


No coin can buy a Gem that shines

Bright enough to win his Eyes,

His Smile glows

with the purest Light

and Priceless kind replies


His Laughter Cracks open the windows at the Corners of his grin,

A Flash Flood of warmth Follows, and Swallows me within


Filling my lungs until I Choke on Jokes and giggles

I am soaked up to my Tongue and Wrung out into squiggles


He is Smooth with his movements and Glides like a phantom

As misty Blue tendrils of magic enchant Him

Gracing the walls of the path laid before Him

Leaving in Shadow, the scores that adore Him


He peers Far Deep into my watery Soul

as the Sparks of my Trinkets slowly grow cold

not a Tsar nor a Stranger does this Demon see,

his Arms reach out for the Angel in me...

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