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Zero secret squad [group rp]

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Zero Detective Agency ... a low paying detective

agency located in a run-down building in Tokyo.

The Agency itself is known to be just hanging in

there. It can hardly pay its rent due to the lack of

incoming clients. But what people don't know is

that Zero Detective Agency is an undercover

Military Squad composed of socially unfit people.

They do the works which cannot be done in public

like killing, retrieving, stealing and destroying stuff.

Because their existence must be well hidden from

the society, they are hiding under the pretense of

being in a detective agency....









[TABLE=class: grid, width: 1500, align: center]












Aragaki, Taito



Shadow Puppet












Serious, Realist, has control over his emotions to

the point of concealing them.



Kaito or Kai was an activist againtst the

Japanese Government. He belonged to the

New Order Faction which sole purpose was

to overthrow the current government.

However, in the midst of their operation, they

were captured by the government and most

of his kins were killed in action. However, him

being the brains of the Faction, he managed

to have a hundred of his pursuers killed

before he was captured. Rather than getting

killed, he was spared and was told that he will

be allowed to roam free outside in exchange

for working for the goverment. He was told to

form a secret squad which composes of

"trashes" like him. They were to do the dirty

works of the government. They were planted

bombs somewhere in their body so that if they

disobey they were set to explode.



He was called "Shadow Puppet" because of his

ability to manipulate people and their actions

while doing in the hiding. Moreover, he is also

one of the best tacticians out there which

made it possible for the small faction he

belonged to threaten the government.







Tazaki Shun



Black Wolf















Reading a book or newspaper, watching TV and porn



Usually calm and fearless, He never laughs and hardly smiles to the people

he knows well!Relax and always on time!



He was born in a small family in Tokyo .His mother died after he born

and his father was a murder and he taught him how to use a gun or a

knife , or to say directly, How to be a Criminal. He started at first steeling

things from peaple or bothering them .He killed for the first time when he

was 19, His father died because of an accident and he controlled his group ,

the group of criminals.


Of course no body would cought him by force or by gun and such , The

police decided to do it in another way .He send a spy to him that was a

pretty young girl and she was experienced and intelligent that nobody would

fool her, She got close to the famous killer first as her friend then Shun kinda

liked her and asked her to go out , it was the first time he asked somebody

and fell in love, She except and told him that she loves him too but it was all

a trap and like hell she would fall in love since she was a spy, After a while

Shun invited the girl to his house and sex with her , The girl put some sleeping

drugs inside his drink and after they do it, he fell asleep deeply, she used the

time and called his co-workers or better say the police and he was arrested,

when he woke up he found himself at the prison.



He is always so mysterious and nobody completely knows about him and

what he do! He was never suprised or shocked by anything and he is a pro at

making traps and killing peaple, no single person can catch him, He ran

away from the police more than 20 times.






Kai Katsuya









never really gave it any thought






Kai is very distant and quiet, he keeps to himself and mutters to himself a lot.

He is very smart but is rather dull, he's kind of a plain slate, until you realize he

has a good heart, kind of. He's rather complicated to understand.



Kids, video games, technology, candy, sci fi movies, animals.



money hogs , sports, the government, alcohol, drugs.


Bio: Kai grew up in an orphanage, until he was adopted by a lesbian couple.

He loved them very much until they died in a car accident. He turned to

hacking because he was always a smart kid and found it challenging and

fun. He would steal money form organizations, and money hogs and give it

to the less fortunate, like orphanages, cancer research, animal rescues and

etc. He's your modern day Robbin Hood.


It had been four days since he hacked into the police's data base and fired

half the cops in the city for having child porn or for other reasons. Mostly

because they were bad cops to begin with. He was arrested because a old

partner He did business with turned him in- He was then charged with

countless other crimes once they discovered his code name "CRASH" He was

charged with Stealing, vandalizing other web sites, breaking the law- and

WAY more. he was sentenced to life imprison. But a lot of people saw him

secretly as a hero.



He is almost always seen with some type of technology in his hands. He wears

glasses, and when he can't hack something He throws a temper tantrum

and says things he doesn't mean. He can't stand the sight of blood, and has

a fear of drowning since he never learned how to swim.









Yuji Asahira








Uhm, homosexual.






Yuji doesn't even care. Actually, he did it; a long time ago. He cared for

someone when he was still new to the group, but that someone caused his

heart to break resulting him in freezing up his feelings thinking that in this

way, he will never ever feel the same pain he did before.



Yuji had no one when he was still a child. The first memories he recalled

was that the lady who took him in in an orphanage told him that his

parents died in an accident, but about two and a half years later, he

found out that they actually abandoned him because they can only

support one child at that time. Being the younger one, they decided to

keep his older twin brother, believing that the eldest child will bring fortune.

It hurt him so bad that he had lost trust in anyone. He ran

away from the orphanage and got lost within the cold city. For two weeks,

he haven't eaten anything decent and because he was still consumed in

anger and pain, being only a human being he decided to take his own life;

thinking that it's already hopeless to live on in this damn world. However, a

man, or what he called his salvation came and took him under his wing.

Of course, at first he refused saying that everyone is fake. But the man

showed him the colorful and happy side of life that Yuji had forgot

what he felt before. He trusted the man. He cared for him. He loved him.

The man then took him to an organization where males and females are

trained to become professional spies. Yuji did his best to please the man

and resulted him to graduate and promoted to first rank. The time has

come that Yuji and another spy are assigned to a mission to infiltrate the

government and get some data, unfortunately they got caught which

resulted to a blood bath. Yuji was severely injured because he shielded his

companion from multiple gun shots. Before the back-up of the

government's side arrived, the man can only choose one of the spies to

escape with him. Yuji being hopeful looked at the man with expectant

eyes, but what he didn't expect was the cold glare the man gave him and

his last words before he left him, 'I don't have any use of you now. There's a

high chance that you'll be paralyzed from the looks of those injuries. I need

strong people, and unfortunately you are not anymore.'.



He freezes up his feelings to protect his self. However, ice always melts

whenever there is warmth.





















1.) The DETECTIVE - Tetsu

2.) The KILLER - Ryouta Basket

3.) The HACKER - Sosuke0549

4.) The SPY - Mik






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The day was rather dull for Taito. There had been nothing to do for him and for the rest of the Zero Secret Squad but to loiter around their office and pretend to be workers of the low paying "Zero Detective Agency". It was non existent to begin with, since the Detective Agency was just a cover for their real work... the government's lapdog. Since they cannot access to Government information, they had to pretend as a Detective Agency to gain access. This also helps them escape possible pursuers who wishes to uncover their relation with the government.


The old fan above him was making a weird sound but that was one luxury in the run-down office they are staying at. How Taito wanted to move, if only they had the money to do so. The government doesn't even give them a cent unless they completed a job.


"How I love to see those old fools struggle under my grasp", Taito said as he sighed. The phone rang as if it had heard his prior comment. Taito's face had gone blue. What if they were watching his actions? That comment could get him killed. Picking up the telephone, the familliar sound of "Boss" was heard. Knowing that it was him... it had to be another mission.


"Guys!! Come here. Boss is around! We have another mission" Taito yelled as he put the phone in loud speaker mode.

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"CHIE!another damn day!"Shun whispered to himself so low that he himself could hardly hear it.He was with the other members of Zero Secret Squad Detective Agency,sitting on the floor,leaning to the dirty wall without no intresting thing to do,He kept groaning and sighing.He wanted something to happen.Something that would be fun for him.He had a knife in one hand and a stick on the other.He was cutting it slowly and carefully to spend his time.He almost made a great shape out of it.After a while he kept looking at the brown stick and sighed again,held his precious neckless around his neck with his hand tight as he closed his eyes and went back to his memories.He wished he could cry but his heart was like a stone so he couldn`t.He was thinking about different things until one of the members call them out.It was Taito.According to him they had a new mission,he sighed again and stood up"What a perfect day!"He was pissed off but he couldn`t help it so he walked to his co-worker while putting his hands inside his pockets. @Tetsu

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Kai was sitting at his desk. Twiddling his hands over his keyboard. He was much more then a Hacker... he was naturally smart, He could figure out technology just by a signal glance or touch. He could even stop a bomb from going off... and the government saw his potential, and apparently they saw potential in not only him but in a few others. He sighed as he hit send... sending a detail report on a virus he had took down about a week ago. Since the government wanted the in's and out's about it and wanted to use it for future purposes, and plus he was ordered too. He leaned forward in his chair, staring at his reflection threw his computer screen, but truthful, he was observing The others... He had hacked into the government base when no one was looking and read all about his new comrades and how they got caught. He always liked to have a trick up his sleeve. Some...dirt~


"How I love to see those old fools struggle under my grasp"[/Quote]

Didn't they all? Taito, or better known as Shadow Puppet was what you'd call..the leader of the group since the Boss always called him and he did assemble them, and like a moth to a flame they came running. But saying such things could get him in trouble. Luckly Kai searched the place up and down for hidden cameras or microphones but... it seemed to be rather clean. He rarely missed anything but...you never know. He found the 24 year old detective a stupid genus, and gave him a small cut of his respect. On the other hand his other two colleagues where complete morons. A dumb ass spy who fell in love with a cop, and a killer who followed on his daddy's foot steps. Nothing special about them. Kai suddenly heard the phone ringing. No doubt it was another mission. He pushed up his glasses and looked over at there "leader"


"Guys!! Come here. Boss is around! We have another mission" [/Quote]

Taito yelled putting the phone on speaker.

Why was he so...overjoyed? To be forced to help the government every fucking day pissed him off to no end, and he planned on running some day... He planned on leaving... but it was a plan he would keep to himself and accomplish over time... he figured there was no need to tell these losers... they were not his friends.


Kai rolled his chair over to Taito's desk, listening closely.

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As for Yuji, everyday was not worth living at all. He lit up a stick and puff out a smoke, unable to forget what happened during that day. He was trying to forget, you see. He do his best. Every night, he would always go on binge drinking and get contented when the memories start to blur out and all he can feel is happiness and how light his body is but to just remember again when we wakes up every morning with a headache. It always happens. A cycle in which Yuji can't escape, a fate that he was supposed to be in. Falling in love with that dumbass was wrong, but thinking the times he enjoyed with him makes it right. Yuji lightly touches the scar on the right corner of his lips; it's mocking him. This is what the old man gave him when he left him on the verge of dying.


'Dying? I'm already dead. The moment I saw that asshole ran, he took my life away with him.'


Yuji gave out a small laugh. It's ironic. It's like everything is planned out for him. His parents betrayed him; the woman at the orphanage betrayed him; the man betrayed him. He glanced at his 'supposed-to-be' team. It wouldn't be a surprise when they or at least one of them betrays him. Yuji accepted this faith long a time ago and was only waiting for the devil to take him down to hell. He inhaled and puff out another smoke and closed his eyes to let the buzzing feeling took over his insides. This was one of the rare times that he let his self look vulnerable that even a kid can kill him with a plastic knife right then and there but then again, who cares? He was enjoying the feeling the smoke gave off until the phone rang. Yuji let out an annoyed sighed for he knows who is calling. There's one and only one person who calls them at this rigid place. He sat up and stand beside Taito, not really interested on hearing their next mission.

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"That was quick guys. Were you that bored?" Taito was amused to see his mates gathering at his one call. Well, it's not like there was much to do anyway. The small rundown office and some gadgets and weapons are all they have. And all of them were to be used for the Government. He knew that as a former activist, he should have never allied himself with the government. But he's not much of a fool to follow his heart. His brain always take precedence. He cannot destroy the government from the outside. Therefore, he had to do it from the inside. He's ready to lick every politicians' shoes. But in exchange, he has to personally see their death.


"Boss... we have gathered. We have been waiting." Taito said as he made a wicked grin. It was a something he wanted to show to his mates. He wanted to show that he had not fallen so low as to become the government's lapdog. What they were doing is something temporal. Being the government's toy is part of a bigger... grander plan he had.


"Is that so? Are you dogs ready to kill? Then I'll let you have it. I want you to kill Senator Takada. He's been opposing the senate too much. The Prime Minister is not pleased at all. Kill him, but do it in a way that the government will be out of suspicion. I expect an excellent job. I have e-mailed Kai the details. See you"


As always Boss will call for a a minute or two and send the details via e-mail. It's not that he's displeased at all. Rather, he was more than happy to get rid of him. Anyway, it sounded like a plan. Taito have thought of several plans in his head.


"What do you think guys? Making health issue the problem will make it more suspicious. And blatantly exposing it is a no go. In cases like this, we can do two things. One, kill the senator and give the blame to someone.. by using a scapegoat. Two, make it look like an accident in a way that everything will look natural. In my opinion, I'd rather do the former. But hmmn... we better get more information about this. Kai, open the e-mail and let us see the details. You will be responsible for gathering all information as always. Plus, you will be disarming the alarm system of Senator Takada's residence. Yuji... you will infiltrate the residence after the alarm system is disarmed. Find someone suitable to take the blame and arrange for it so that all evidence will lead to him. And Shun... You will do the killing. For this, I require you to use a melee weapon to avoid any noise. As for myself... I will handle all the diplomatic concerns as the detective. I will be pushing the crime to the scapegoat and arrange for him to get killed in jail. Does it sound like a plan?"

As always, whenever he gets into his Shadow Puppet mode, he just can't stop. This time he had arranged to use a scapegoat and give him all the blame. That's a rather unsightly deed. But he does not care. He loves controlling his pieces. And his grander plan is halfway done. In a month or two, he will led the destruction of the Government.

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Shun walled to the "Leader"as he groaned lowly again and leaned to the wall, still hands inside the pockets.With a perfect position, frist he took a look at the floor then at the three other members. He knew a few details about them but they seemed all stupid and just assholes for Shun. He didn't talk to them unless they are on the mission or there is something about the agency or work. Like hell he wanted to hang out with peaple like them. He just wanted to crush all the peaple around him and specially that "Boss" person that is far too full of himself.

He was moving his fingers repeatedly, it was obvious that he was impatient. He already wanted to do something fun like killing someone and such.The fact that he couldn't annoyed him a lot as he beat his lips tightly and glared at Ashahira and Katsuya. He sneared and then looked at Taito but he looked at him in a different way.

"When I get out of here, I will kill them all but frist I will kill you. Just wait Shadow Puppet."

He said inside and listened to what their boss said.


He sneared again as the selfish man's words ended and hung up.

"Really! He is so full of himself! I want to smash him into pieces."

He whispered and walked closer to the three others and stood next to them. With no words coming from them, Shun decided to start the conversation himself since they were all dumb but no...Somebody stopped him.

He was completely pissed off as he looked at the person who started talking.Taito was all a kid and it was too early for him to even understand what mission is. Shun thought that although he was at his age. He looked away pretend that he is not paying attention a lot but actually he was listening to what he said completely and he kind of kind the idea. It was a perfect plan but it was a part that he hated. He wasn't sharing his idea but the truth was that he was ordering them and told them what to to. He looked so sure that they would accepted.

He turned back to him with a scary face. "Chie!" He rushed to the male as he tried to grab his collar in an instant, planning to lift him up to the air. He couldn't take taking orders since he himself was a leader of the gangters. He could take back his place again if he just could escape from the damn place.

He glared at the boy's eyes "Who the hell do you think you are, Ha? Ordering us whatever! And when you are going to do whatever you like, why did you tell us both of your ideas MISTER LEADER?"He threw him away and groaned "Damn it! At least you can listen to our suggestion!" He walked to the wall and punched it strongly.Then he leaned to the wall again, he looked relaxed. "Anyway! I don't care!"

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"That was quick guys. Were you that bored?" [/Quote]

Kai wasn't so easily amused like Taito was, but they all gathered around him non the less and of course they were all bored. There was nothing else to do it this old run down office.

"Boss... we have gathered. We have been waiting." [/Quote]

Kai glanced at Taito noticing the wicked grin that grew across his handsome features. It was as if he personally wanted them to see his devilish grin...to show he wasn't the governments dog completely. That he hadn't fallen so low. At that moment his respect for the boy grew a little bit more.

"When I get out of here, I will kill them all but frist I will kill you. Just wait Shadow Puppet."[/Quote]

He heard Shun say. A threat he couldn't back up. A dog is harmless when it's all bark and no bite. He listened closely to there "Boss" now.


"Is that so? Are you dogs ready to kill? Then I'll let you have it. I want you to kill Senator Takada. He's been opposing the senate too much. The Prime Minister is not pleased at all. Kill him, but do it in a way that the government will be out of suspicion. I expect an excellent job. I have e-mailed Kai the details. See you"[/Quote]

So this time the target was Senator Takada. Kai wasn't much for politics, but if the Prime Minister wanted him gone.. it would happen quickly and swiftly. He rolled his eyes near the end of there "Boss's" phone call. The man was unbelievably full of himself. Once the conversation ended and the man hung up.


It was Shun who spoke... who just loved the sound of his voice. Of course He said nothing useful. He always said something obvious or stupid.

"Really! He is so full of himself!"[/Quote]

Gee...I hadn't noticed.

" I want to smash him into pieces."[/Quote]

Get in line...

He thought, but didn't say. It was untimely Taito who quickly took charge. Giving them a plan, and jobs. The hacker was rather surprised at how fast He thought, developed, processed, and described the plan to them. Breaking it down step by step.


Kai didn't complain.

" Kai, open the e-mail and let us see the details. You will be responsible for gathering all information as always. Plus, you will be disarming the alarm system of Senator Takada's residence. "[/Quote]

Of course...an easy job. As long as the other two didn't fuck it up.

"Got it..."

He muttered, rolling back to his desk fast and clicking away at his computer. He had no arguments with the plan. It was well thought out and rather brilliant, considering how fast The boy thought of it. Kai glanced at Taito for a brief moment, taking in his features.

I wonder... what are you thinking about in that reproductive mind of yours... surly you won't remain as the governments Bitch forever...

He assumed the "leader" also was planning on escaping at some point...


He shook his head- focusing on the task at hand when he was startled by Shun's outbrust.


"Chie!" [/Quote]

His attention turned to the two boys. Shun went for Taito... what a dumb ass move. He grinned at the two who clearly didn't get along. Shun trying to grip his shirt.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Ha? Ordering us whatever! And when you are going to do whatever you like, why did you tell us both of your ideas MISTER LEADER?"[/Quote]

He had a point...but it was a stupid point. He did say at The very end of his little speech ,

"Does it sound like a plan?"

Asking for our agreement or proposal for another idea...his idea wasn't set In stone. Figures that Shun would have a little temper tantrum since the man probably wasn't use to taking orders but...giving them.


"Damn it! At least you can listen to our suggestion!"[/Quote]


He muttered. Insulting Shun on his utter stupidity. He was so dim that it was...rather sad.

He watched- rather amused Shun punched the wall, to let out his aggression. Guess he didn't hear him.

"Anyway! I don't care!"[/Quote]

Seriously?! All that bull shit and drama for no reason! If you didn't care in the first place then why disagree! Kai bit his lip- struggling not to laugh at Shun. He was a child!

"I swear... all that to just waste time"

He opened the email.

"Alright.. Senator Takada. Age 47. Married... been the Senator for the last three years. A damn persistent one at that. Gots...two kids. Loaded.. lives in the upper part of Tokyo in Shin-Key. Got his address and a floor plan if you want to take a look.. this guy has a pretty big house. Four story's And built on private property. Shock fence, 27 cameras, two different security systems... looks like 4 bodyguards and...get this... 2 dogs,and they just happen to be retired police dogs. It will take me a few hours to hack the place. With two different security systems I'll have to be careful . But I'm pretty sure I can take control over the cameras and guide you to his location once I'm inside...."

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