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...Happy End...

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Everybody always wished for a happily ever after.

But for my opinion, it only happens in fairy tales.

Fairy tales are limited to books alone.

In reality, they don't really exist.


Genre: Trauma, Tragic, Drama, Angst

Warning R 18+ RP


Once upon a time there was a novelist, He published good and famous books, his very good at it in fact.


All of the books he created were all tragic, and not at least ones he created a happy ending for his protagonist.


His Editor saw this, so one day his editor ordered/suggested that he should create a novel that contains a happy ending at least ones.

It seems easy, but the problem is, the novelist can’t create a happily ever after for his stories, because of some circumstances.


Even though the novelist looks problematic, he still needs to comply with his editors orders.

He still needs to do it.


So to be able to create a book, with a believable plot line.

The novelist must find for himself the true meaning of this so called

”Happy End”




Cast Info:



“ I couldn’t create a Happily Ever After for myself.

More so in my works, only a Dead End is best suited

for me and my creations.”





Name: Fumiji Shinonome

Age: 29


There is always a beginning but never an End.

He couldn’t see the other side of the page.

Because darkness engulfs it.


For all of his life, he still feel the same, he get’s trap on the same situation every now and then,

he always felt that way all his life.

Fumiji doesn’t have a family to begin with, that he could call his own,

and so for more than a year he stays living all on his own.


His a renowned novelist, Known for his tragic genres,

you could even call him the second Shakespeare of the world

when it comes to dead end endings.


Yes, All does he know to write is a story with a composition of Dead End . His reason about it was,

How could he create a happy ending that he couldn’t even visualized nor experience, this was his only reason when ask about it.



But truthfully speaking, how could he create a happy ending,

when he already lost his supposed Happily Ever After

a long time ago.




[TABLE=width: 600, align: center]



Houjou, Hideaki






Hideaki is a young member of a well known

Yakuza clan - "Karasu-gumi". He was found

by the Oyabun in the streets half-dead. He

wasn't sure why, but the old man just took

him to their headquarters and had him taken

care of. As a sign of gratitude, Hideaki

pledged alliance with the Oyabun, and

became a faithful servant of his. Oyabun

was assassinated when he was not with him.

He swore to get rid of everyone who is

involved with Oyabun's death which he

assumed to be the enemy Yakuza clan who

has been messing up with their turf - "Tsubame-kai"



Hideaki's past is a mystery. He has not told

anyone other than the Oyabun himself.

Despite that, he is well recognized by the

rest of his brothers as someone capable to

overtake Oyabun's role.



"An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and

death to all who killed Oyabun."







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”How many times are we going to argue about this!!? You need to make other options. Other variations, you can’t just always stick to one kind of category alone”



::Clink Clink::


With a dull and worried expression on his face he looked at the window side within a café establishment, sat comfortable in a place with less people would go.

He sighed again as he rested his chin on the palm of his hand, with a cold half full cup of black coffee in front of him.



”That is an order, if you can’t even manage that, than you don’t deserve to be called a novelist at all”

”But you don’t!-“

”what?!? you can’t give a good end to your works? Well just create some make believe, like they live together happily for the rest of their life, make something up, make some fluffy crap on your stories”

”I don’t want to create a unrealistic story, when I write I make sure that it’s believable to the readers”

”Well it’s your problem on how to do so, stop giving me bullshit, you’re not going to be famous all your life with your current works, you need to widen your working line, you need to show them that you can make other genre’s instead of tragic and drama”



::Beep Beep:

He tapped the bridge of his glasses while he waited for the stop light to turn red, so that he could cross on to the other side immediately.

His apartment was just a 10 minute walk from where he stands now.


While looking at the cars coming and going, He kept on tapping his side upper legs with his pointer, as if he’s so uneasy, maybe because all he could think of, was to go back to his quiet apartment already.



”I won’t allow you to publish another book, unless you give me a work with a happy ending at it. At least once and unless you do that, I won’t accept any of your works, got that? Now get out of here you crappy novelist”




”Phew… I’m home…”

He finally entered his apartment, but of course he knew no one would greet him in this dark apartment of his, but out of habit he always says that when coming home, that he would wish to stop already.


He opened the lights and threw his jacket on the sofa, as he sat in front of his desk with some books, papers, stationary, a lamp desk and a laptop on top.


”You don’t have to call me a crappy novelist just because of that….”

He took off his glasses for a moment and rubbed his nose bridge in between his eyes, than put back his glasses on.


He leans back at his chair as he looked at his ceiling and sighed

”….How could I do this?...” he frowned but soon enough he sat back straight and opened up his laptop.


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"I swear.. th-this has nothing to do with me...!!" The helpless guy pleaded for his life. A cold metallic cylinder was pointed over his forehead. A single click of the gun can splatter his brains against the wall before him. The guy holding the gun, Houjou, Hideaki wickedly grinned as he amused himself with the petty reaction of the lowlife before him....




Smoke came out from the muzzle of of the gun as well as on the three dint on the wall caused by the bullets hitting on it. There was no blood, Hideaki purposely missed his target. Crying, the helpless guy was cowering in fear. Houjou pointed the gun once again as he threatened the guy.


"Look here, onii-san. I am a very simple person. When I said I will shoot you if you lie to me, I meant it. I can kill you right here right now and not a soul will even care. Oh, maggots and flies do care. They do like rotten things like you. So tell me, Do. you. know. this. per.son?" He showed a photo of a man, a member of the Tsubame-kai. He was hunting the guy who is said to be connected to the assassination of Oyabun. An informant told him that the guy before him knew him, but he was constantly denying it. He had no choice but to push his way through.


"Th-that... guy. I don't really know him very much... But he's the black sheep in the Tsubame-kai clan. He's also the ri-ringleader of a small drug operations around your turf" The fearful man stammered as he talked. Hideaki sighed. Nothing different. He could keep asking the guy and he'll probably answer the same. It's either he's ready to die or that the information he gave was all he knew.


"Fine, I'll let you live" Hideaki said as he turned around, walking away. After a few steps, he stopped and pulled his gun.



"...I'll let you live a few seconds regretting over your petty life" Grinning, he left the area with the corpse of the man lying on the floor. Hideaki left to go to the headquarters. Important meeting was scheduled for the day. They had to decide for a new leader. Oyabun's death hurts but they had to move on if they want to continue living. Oyabun will surely be saddened if they just do nothing and mourn.



Hideaki opened the wooden door sideways as he entered the conference room. Six ranked individual where siting already. All of them hoping to succeed Oyabun's position. So far, the persons that have gathered were him - the wakagashira (first lieutenant), the saiko-komon(administrator), the shateigashira(second lieutenant), the shingiin(law advisor) and some of his yakuza kyodai(big brother). With all of the important figures in the clan gathered, Hideaki can't help but think this is a very serious matter. Hideaki went ahead and sat on his seat, waiting for the meeting to finally start.


"If this is about that guy, I can't find a damn clue. I even trashed someone today, but I found no luck..." Houjou said.



"Stop killing people off! Only kill when you believe you have to... that if you don't kill, you'll be killed instead" the shateigashira said as he smacked him back in the head.




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A stressed out man irritatingly closed his laptop screen, while he rubbed his right temple.

He rubbed his eyes and adjusted his glasses, his eyes were a bit reddish, and perhaps it is by looking at his laptop screen for too long.


He turned around while still sitting from his working chair to take a short glance at his clock near the sofa.

”ah.. it’s already evening… so I’ve been sitting there for 5 hours already…”

He raised both of his eyebrows and stood up finally from his chair. Cracking his bones here and there, while he stretched out his stiff body for a minute.


After a while he walked towards his kitchen, to find something to eat, but as he opened it, his fridge is already near to nothing.

All he found was a cucumber, cabbage and cheese with two beers on the chiller.

”sigh… well I guess I need to grocery something tomorrow.” he grabbed the cabbage and started chopping and making fried cabbage.



”thanks for the food” he grabbed his chopsticks and started digging in, with the fried cabbages, a hot rice, and a cold beer for his dinner tonight.



The TV was turned on, his table was in front of it while he was eating, maybe because to keep his surroundings from being quiet while he eats.

“It seems sighting of dead victims had been sighted often within this area, the authorities conforms that it must be a turf fight between gangsters, Local citizens within the area are advise to stay at home during the night, and to be alert at all times, Also for nightshift workers be careful on their way home, and report any abnormal sighting to the authorities immediately.


Well for the next reporting news.



The man kept on chewing while he looked at his television screen.

--Within the area… it’s quite near here…-- he thought to himself.

He put down his chopsticks, than he reached out for his small notepad and pen, but as soon as his going to write something his hand had stopped.


”…….I won’t allow you to publish another book, unless you give me a work with a happy ending at it……”



He stopped from writing but he continued to write on the notepad anyway.


Gang Fight

Turf Fight

Serial Killing

Near the Neighborhood


”sigh.. I guess I’ll just keep on writing down this ideas first”


He jerk his shoulders a bit, he was surely not expecting a call this late, but even so with lazy hands, he placed the notepad and pen on the floor and grabbed his phone.


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A modest knocking on Houjou's office made him snap back into reality. He was immersing himself with the thoughts of the past. He reminisced the day Oyabun took him to this very place while they had nothing in common. Houjou thought that yakuza people are scary. You must not get acquainted with them or to anyone related to them. That has been the norm of the society he once lived in. Yakuza are monsters.


But when one day he was robbed and beaten up no one cared. He was lying on the ground, waiting for the end of his life. The safe people - the normal ones didn't even take a glance over him. It was as if someone like him was doing something so ordinary that people failed to notice. He was struggling for his life but no one cared. That's when he first realized who are the monsters in this world are. Everyone is. Everyone is a monster on their own, making a facade that can completely fool everybody. But when trouble comes, the facade wears off and their true selves shows. The real monsters in this world are humans.


Just when he gave up on living, one man stopped on his way. He did not only glanced at him., but the man checked if he was alive. Confirming that he was still breathing, he was taken to a car ... to a place he was not familiar of and was tended to health. Knowing that they were yakuza amazed Houjou. Weren't they monsters? If ordinary humans are monsters already... then these yakuza guys should be called super monsters. But why can they do something like saving him when even normal humans can't do it?


In this world, there are monsters called humans. They make a facade that can completely fool everybody...except Oyabun. There was a person who cared. And because of that, Houjou swore to protect this man...




Houjou opened the wooden sliding door sideways as a Kyodai of his entered. Matsuda-san is about ten years older than him. He is the person responsible for collecting the contributions on the east block of their turf.


"Come in, Matsuda. Is there something wrong with the contributions? " He asked. Usually, Matsuda won't report to him if the collection went good. But when trouble comes, he had to report to him. And an instance like this in the eastern part of the turf is rather bad. The eastern part of their turf is connected to the western part of Tsubame-kai's turf. Thus, armed confrontation is rather a normal thing in the place.


"Yes. Houjou, I have spotted severa Tsubame-kai guys loitering around our turf. I followed one member secretly and ended in an abandoned factory. It seemed they were doing their drug business in the place. I originally thought of calling the police. But since they were doing it in our turf, it's not an exaggeration if the police starts investigating on us too.."


"I see. I shall go ahead and see for myself what they are actually doing in such place. There can be more than drugs in it. Get five guys or so to come with me. We'll be storming the place tonight. And most importantly, Tsubame-kai doesn't deal with drugs right? So the person has to be him. The so-called black sheep." Houjou licked his lips as his eyes burned with hatred. Finally, he will be able to avenge for Oyabun. He had to do it. There was nothing for him to do in this world but to do it. His life was all because of Oyabun and he lived just for Oyabun. Now that he's dead... there was nothing for him to do in this world... nothing but to kill the killer a thousandfold.


Six guys gathered in the midnight of the operation. Him, Matsuda-san and four new recruits. He was doubtful if these recruits can be of any help but with Matsuda-san around, it was enough. Houjou and the guys sneakily entered the abandoned factory. Upon entering, lights were turned on and several people were pointing their guns to them. Houjou was bewildered so he made a turn to Matsuda-san. However, the guy and the rest of the four members were also pointing their guns at him.


"What...what's going on?" Houjou asked, but he actually realized what's been going on. All pieces and dots connected. How Oyabun getting killed despite having a lot of bodyguards.... thinking about it, Matsuda-san was also on duty of guarding him. The killer he was looking for was not a member of the Tsubame-kai. It was a traitor within Karasu-gumi... and It was Matsuda-san.


"Why?" that was all he asked.


"Why? I have been with Oyabun way longer than you. I spend my whole life protecting him. But look, I am still the same man when I first came here. But you... upon saving you from hell, he did not just promote you to Wakagashira... but Oyabun was also trying to appoint you the next Oyabun of the Karasu-gumi. Don't make me laugh! That's why I killed him. Now, I'll make sure your sacrifice will not be forgotten. You have fought your way with the Tsubame-kai. You were killed but your chivalrous action will not be forgotten. You have told me to succeed you... and that's how I can finally become even with Oyabun... by becoming an Oyabun myself!!" The man looked different. So that was his true self. He had fooled everyone with his facade... but not him.


Houjou has not trusted anyone other than Oyabun. Their jealous eyes were very obvious. But to think that someone from within will dare to kill Oyabun... Houjou can't keep his calm...


"Do not be so sure. I have swore myself to kill the attacker a thousandfold. You just saved me the trouble of finding you"


Houjou quickly picked up his gun and shut the one thing over them... the light. Darkness enveloped the area... and darkness was what he was accustomed with. It was time to hunt.



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A man wearing a dirty green colored scarf, called out and wave out his hands on the man with an annoyed expression on his face, he glared at the waving guy as it comes closer to him.

”whoa! You’re in a bad mood today.”


”Of course!. Who would have called this damn late just to be invited in a goukon(Group Dating)”

”oh come on now~ don’t be pissy~”


”Well the other guy I invited back out, I need one more to continue the goukon, I wanted to find a girlfriend soon you know?”

”I’m going home.” He turned around annoyingly, but the other stopped him from going.

”Hey! Hey! Hey!! It’s just to even out the group come on come on! It just for formality, Besides this is a good chance for you to move-“


Fumi immediately slapped the man’s hand that was grabbing him ”ah fine I’ll go, but don’t expect me to stay for far too long, .....gezzz.. I'm not young anymore to do this....” he turned around and adjusted his glasses.

”oh wow great!! The restaurant’s over there, let’s go man~” his companion excitedly leaded the way.

Now his more irritated for his Friend, who was a co worker in some part-time job during the days that he was younger.

Being so insensitive or rather stupid sometimes, his friend was just about to say something uncomfortable, or more like something he doesn’t want to talk about anymore.





They are all drinking and laughing, chattering their lungs out, some are also flirting on, especially his friend, who has two girls on both of its arms while laughing like a monkey’s buttocks.

As for himself, he sat quietly in the corner edge of the table, trying not to catch any more attention, although some of the girls are annoyingly targeting him, so even how much he ignores them, they are still deliberately hanging on and talking to him like leach.

But it’s just not his style too, to just shout at them and completely ignore, well more like he will still just bow his head a little, then smile a bit.


He gulps down another glass of beer, than he finally stood up while he grabbed his coat.

”I’m sorry but it’s getting pretty late I need to go back home now.”

”Eh?!” His friend sat back straight and looked at Fumi, his friend looks pretty drunk already.

”Going so soon?” one of the girls said, while the other girls who was targeting him earlier whined.

”unfortunately yes I have some work to do tomorrow, anyhow please enjoy the rest of the night yourselves” he flashed a smile and bowed down a bit, as he wore his coat before he head out of that restaurant.

”well be careful on your way home man, I heard serial killers are roaming around this days” his friend was saying that with a idiotic smile, which ticked him some more, but he still gave a smile and nodded.




--Well if you knew that, you shouldn’t have invited me this late at night.--

The people passing by are lesser now compared earlier and the wind is surely colder this night.

He shoved both of his hands in his huge coat pockets, as he kept on walking on the side walk.


”It sure is getting a lot colder during the night…hmmm?”

He spotted some noisy drunkards just inches away from him, and he need to pass them before he could proceed further, and the fact that he doesn’t want to get any kind of trouble from anyone, he have to do everything he could to avoid any trouble from the streets.

And In order to do that, he has no choice but to turn to left and take a shortcut that not many citizens would know, that way he would avoid trouble and he could go back to his apartment much faster.



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The darkness was Houjou's bestfriend. He was not a Wakagashira for no reason. He was the best shooter among all of the Karasu-gumi. Way back when he first started in the clan, Houjou had difficulty in coping up with the brutality of his Kyodais. They were strong and they hit anyone who annoys them. At times, they even take lives. It was the most frightening experience for him. Seeing the corpse for the first time... just felt so sickening.


But because of his determination, he worked hard. By then he realized how good he was with handling guns. It was as if it was becoming a part of his body. On the other hand, his sword skill sucks. He can barely do basic attacking. It was already good that he knew the basics and he never tried to get further than the basics. Instead, he further developed his skills in shooting... and what was surprising is that, his inborn ability to see things in the dark can be a lethal weapon when equipped with a gun. Whenever he do things in the dark, it's almost certain it will be a success



The sound of gunshots rained...and so did bullets. Houjou, as good as he was in the dark, is not a God to be avoiding bullets in the dark. However, it was not like the enemy can see him either. They were probably shooting aimlessly. Houjou hid in a safe place and waited for the gunfight to die down... it was not really a gunfight, but dumbness on the enemies' party. By shooting aimlessly in the dark, they were going to make themselves get killed. It's not like it mattered to him anyway... but Matsuda can't die just yet. A bigger stage is there for his death. And he shall be the one to kill him.


When the gunshots finally stopped, Houjou carefully looked out, looking for particular movements. Some of the enemies may have gotten themselves killed, but he doubt all of them. And Matsuda, as experienced as he was, will never die by getting hit by a stray bullet. There were barely audible footsteps. The enemy were trying to make themselves unnoticed but they were wrong. The moment they walked, their location was already found. Houjou took a silencer and aimed for the enemy. He shot a single bullet to the enemy before sprinting away. He was hiding in the darkness, feasting upon the horrors of the enemy. No one is to be left alive.


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::Scibbles Scribbles::

Near the Neighborhood


Despised Goukon


Bad Friend


”sigh….” he tapped the bridge of his glasses and shoved both his small notebook and pen on his huge coat pockets, including both of his hands.

He was still on his way home to his cozy apartment.

And his so called shortcut is really quite dark, if it’s not for the sparkling lights coming from various establishments it would be nothing but pitch black road.

But still, Fumi still thought this place is safer rather than a road full of drunkards, even though this place is dark and people less.




His phone started vibrating and making a loud echoing noise in that silent place, of course that startled him, experiencing something like that while in a deep thought alone in a dark place before going home.


He gave a few sighs of relieved and picked up his phone.

”hmm? It’s him what does he want now?...” He answered his phone whose caller is his friend from before. His own relieved face from earlier became an irritated outlook.

”What is it?? What do you need?”


”umm hello?....” Fumi started blinking

--it’s a woman’s voice?--

”ah yes? This is Kei’s phone right?”

”ah yes! But unfortunately his totally wasted right now….. umm.. you are his friend right? From goukon earlier? Could you umm.. pick him up? It seems nobody knows where he leaves so….”






”umm thank you very much, sorry for the trouble”

”no it’s fine, it’s not your fault, it’s this drunkard’s.”

--of course it’s not fine I was just on my way home earlier!--


He smiled and waved goodbye to the group from goukon earlier, They we’re all thankful that Fumi came and took his friend, preventing any trouble for themselves.


”……” as soon as they all left, his smiling face from before diminished. He glared back at his friend who was clinging on to his shoulders.

”gezz… you look like an idiot” even though his so annoyed he was still a friend, he thought.



Fumi rubbed his friend’s back to comfort it a bit, his friend on the other hand just kept on blabbering words that didn’t even make sense, never the less, Fumi ignored him and called out a cab.

Soon, a cab stopped in front of him.

”hey!” he patted his friend’s back, bringing it back to his senses.

”goodness the cab is already here, hurry up and go home, hurry.”

”ooookey~~ Fumi-chan~~”

”What the hell are you talking about?, hurry up and get on” annoyingly he forced his friend to get off of him and get on the cab, but before he could even enter the taxi, his friend started to vomit on the road.

”goodness kei!” he rubs his friend’s back once again, while looking so apologetically on the driver.

”hurry on….” after a while though, he finally made his friend go inside of the cab.


He closed the car door and spoke to the driver.

”please send him to this address and here..” he grabbed a huge amount of cash from his wallet and gave it to driver.

”That’s the payment for that bastard, also please make sure he enters his apartment before you go, you may keep the change, thank you”



He looked at the cab until it finally disappeared from sight and after a while another sigh of relief escaped from his lips.

He was hoping that this won’t happen ever again.


He surely had a headache because of it though, but he thought a friend is still a friend, so nothing could be done about it.


He took out his small notebook and his pen again, than he started scribbling something ones more.

Bad Friend


Helping Friends

Even how annoying he/she is



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||WHOOSH.... THUD....||

Houjou kept on hunting each of the preys around. In the darkness, he was invincible. The sounds of gushing air can be heard, followed by the loud thud of the unknown. It was the corpses falling, but that's something the enemies can't tell. Time passes by and the number of the enemies have decreased. He could win if this went on. However, he was lacking supply of ammunition. Using regular guns will pinpoint his location, which was why he continued killing until all of his bullets had taken a life. Houjou sighed as he picked up another gun from his holster. This one was a loud one - an Akdal Ghost TR01 which was a semi-automatic pistol. This was his most favorite gun, one which was customized only for him.



Houjou had no choice but to use the gun. Being semi-automatic, it saved him the trouble in firing and focused his attention in speed and accuracy. His location has been located the moment he fired the loud gun. He compensated that with his quick and agile movements which the enemy can't follow. He kept the routine and killed a few more people. He thought it was going well... it was not.


Around the time when almost all of the enemy was slaughtered, a single gunshot hit his legs. From that, two other bullets hit him... one in the stomach, on grazed his face. There was no questioning who hit him. Houjou knows that the only person good enough to be on par with his skills is Matsuda. Even as he bleed, Houjou fired back with all he had gotten. The sirens of the police cars made the encounter halt. By then, Matsuda and the the few guys who survived ran away. Of course, he planned on catching up. The enemy was right before him. He had to kill the guy. He had to kill the guy who killed the most important person in this world. He had to kill the guy who killed Oyabun.


Houjou was losing a lot of blood as he walked. Trails of blood can be traced way back from the abandoned factory. He was already in the streets, on the shortcut where people rarely use. He had to go there and tend himself, After that, he will follow Matsuda in the depth of hell..


"Ehhh?", Houjou felt lightheaded. His body felt so weak he could almost faint. A lot of blood was leaving his body. At this ratem he'd die. In this world where humans are all monsters, if he faint now, he'd never get his revenge. No one will be as kind as Oyabun to help him, much more that his life is in actual danger. Also, he was clearly wearing a gigolo looking outfit. No one will surely help him.


"Damn... it...." Houjou said as he felt his consciousness leaving....



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”sigh… dammit” He looked so irritated and depress as he walk on the cold streets.

”In the end I still couldn’t buy anything, at least something for my empty shelves and fridge…”

He finally turned to the left pissingly, and the drunkards from earlier was still in there, being a nuisance in the society.


He adjusted his glasses, and blew some hot breaths in his cold hands, as he brought them back inside of his huge coat pockets.

Then he started recalling on what happened to him earlier.




Reiji grabbed all of the things he was going to buy in a near convenient store before he head back to his apartment, since he had gone back twice past by the convenient store because of his troublesome friend, so why not just buy some necessary things at home finally, instead of going into the market for grocery tomorrow.


He placed the stuffs on the counter, and when he was about to pay.

”….? Ah wait one moment please….”


He was looking everywhere in all of his available pockets around his body, but he still couldn’t find it anywhere, even his phone was missing.

”I can’t…-”

--ah! The man who bump onto me earlier--

He suddenly realized much earlier on, the man who bump onto him and apologized immediately, was a thief, and the one who stole his wallet and phone, without him noticing at all.


He frowned thinking how bad his day at present is, he looked at the cashier disappointedly.

”ummm… I’m sorry but I can’t find my wallet in me…”

”…….well if you can’t pay then please leave, I will not give this out for free.” the cashier said sarcastically.




”sigh…..” remembering it pisses him off even more.

”I know you can’t give out things for free but at least say it in a proper way, youngsters this days…”

He scratched his head, and then slides his hair with his cold palm.

Another sigh escaped from his lips, as he tried to forget today’s events, as he kept on walking on the dark road, a shortcut to his apartment.


”They could have at least place some street lights around here.. nah. The government will further complain about the budget needed to put up a street light into a abandoned road.”

He was sighing quite a lot today and he knows it, but he couldn’t help it.


He kicked an innocent can on his way to relieve a bit of his stress.

”ugrh! Damn I’m sure nothing would be worst than what happened to..day…”

Reiji stopped from walking, as he stared off blankly on what’s beside of the can he just kicked, as it came rolling and into a halt.



What was beside of the can was…..

A young man covered in blood.

--wha? Is it dead??-- He tried to ignore it. Tried to walk past it. But the body started to move a bit.

--oh… his breathing?--


He stood up for a while, probably still shock, but soon after, he looked at the guy covered in blood, and started rushing over to it.

”hey.. hey.. are you alright-“ he tried to wake him up, but as he got a closer look on the man he was surprised.

”!.....yui-…. Ah!....” he frowned and started waking the man up again, but it seems it already passed out from major blood lost.

”He looked like a host… or is he from one of those gang fights?...”

”anyway. I need to bring you in the nearest hospital-“



Suddenly a faint sound of what it seems a police cars, can be heard near by.

--could it be?...--He looked at the man, he hesitated.


But immediately he wrapped around his coat to the young man, and used his handkerchief to cover his wound on the near stomach.

”god.. is that a gun shot? Shit” he immediately carried the man and hurried on to his apartment.

”this day is the worst.”




:: Creak Kachak pitter patter pitter patter::

Still in a panic state, Fumi brought the injured mad immediately to his room, then with haste he kick off all of the books that was on his bed, and placed the bleeding man there instead.


The books were making a loud thud on the floor, while Fumi was purely having cold sweats dripping all over his face.

”shit. Shit. SHIT.” he really wanted to call a doctor for help, but it would probably cause trouble, it’s not as if he knew a doctor enough to be trusted. It will only question them further on why there are gun shots on the man, if he were to call one.


He rubbed his temple and tried to calm down, as he started grabbing some bowl full of hot water, his first aid kits, some clean clothing, and a knife.

”oh god.. shit…. Thank goodness his passed out” and without a single moment to lose, he took off the man’s upper top, washed the knife into the hot water, and try to finally take out the bullet inside of the injured man’s stomach first before he could take out the other.

”I hope no internal organs were hit. But if there is, I will stop and call a doctor for real…”


Fumi breath in and out ”I can do this, I can do this.. whew… I’m glad I love watching Animal channel…”



”I should do this….”



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"Oyabun! Why... why are you here?", Houjou asked as his beloved Oyabun appeared before him. They're at somewhere he did not recognize. The place looked surreal to be the reality but it was too real to be called a dream. Houjou did not mind such peetty little details. All he cared for was the fact that the Oyabun was before him. Oyabun did not speak of anything. His face wore the kindest expression he ever had. He pointed at somewhere which at the far end was a red door.


"Oyabun.. what's tha-" Houjou wanted to ask what was the deal with the red door, and why did Oyabun pointed it out in the first place. But looking back, empty space replaced the place where Oyabun was standing. Houjou felt sad that Oyabun has left him again. He looked around, but there was no one to be found.


"Go! It is not your turn to die" Oyabun's voice said but no one was still around. Houjou followed as he walked towards the red door. As he opened, the voice talked again.


"You must protect karasu-gumi from the incoming ordeals... wakagashira"


"Wha..~" Before he can answer, blinding light covered the area. The moment he blinked his eyes, the surroundings have completely changed. He was lying on a bed, in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. Houjou did not mind though. Because more than that, he was seeing trails of blood in the area which made him recall last night. Also, he was covered with some bandages or dressings around the places which was hurting. He should have been dead by now. Someone took care of him... without asking for something in return? Houjou smiled a little. This makes him reminisced the past when Oyabun took care of him when no one did.


But Houjou can't be staying still. He's thankful to the person who saved him but he has one mission to accomplish. Matsuda is still alive out there. He has to kill him. The traitor of the Karasu-gumi. He will not let take a single step to the sacred place ever again. He must pay back a myriads and thousandfolds of what he has taken. But his life alone is not enough. Houjou, grinning wickedly, thought of how to slowly kill the guy.


"I will... let you have fun..." Houjou said as he tried standing up... however, with no strength at all he gave up and rested.

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