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The Magus Users of Khazaria: RESTART

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In a land where magic exists they call Magus, there stood Khazaria Kingdom.

Called Impenetrable Khazaria, it houses 300,000 citizens. Everyone lived in

a harmonious and peaceful life. No one steals, no one kills. Everyone worked

hard. Though the kingdom has hostile neighboring countries, Khazaria citizens

lived in the most upright manner. There were rarely any violence at all. Even if

there was, it was not something grave.


The Magus users don't abuse their powers. Instead, they try to help the citizens

to the best of their ability. The Royal family is kind to the citizens and they were

respected. It was truly peaceful...


...if not only for the war, if not only for the existence of traitors who disturbed the

peace of the land.


66th Day of the 14th Month, Year 768, Wessburg Kingdom began invading its

neighboring countries. It was the beginning of the war that has been going on for

4 years.


31st Day of the 8th Month, Year 771. Wessburg Kingdom, now called, Wessburg

Empire, has reached the borders of Khazaria Kingdom. However, they were not

able to do a thing to the land called "The Impenetrable Khazaria". Khazaria stood

in a land of pure Magus. They were able to create a wide Magus Barrier that no

one from the outside can ever break.


23rd Day of the 1st Month, Year 772. Wessburg Empire successfully penetrated

Khazaria Kingdom. They weren't supposed to be able to do a thing. However,

there were traitors within Khazaria. War started, and Khazaria is in the verge of

losing. However, there's no way Khazaria will surrender without fighting. Six

people gathered and claimed to be the descendant and reincarnation of The Great

Six, the founders of Khazaria. The Great Six harbors the power of what called

today as Lost Magus. With the descendants and Lost Magus in them, the fight with

Wellsburg Empire may end just yet.






LOST MAGUS USER - REQUIP ARTS - Zwei Francois von Khazaria




Name: Zwei Francois von Khazaria



Age: 19



Orientation: Pansexual



Seme/Uke: Seme



Work: 2nd in line Prince. However, since the 1st in line and heir to the throne, Ein Lauren von Khazaria went missing a year ago, he's considered the heir as of the moment.



Lost Magus: Requip Arts



Magus Skills:




Personality: Refined, Mature and Collected. Zwei has a strong sense of responsibility, leadership and justice.



Bio: Zwei grew up most of his life inside the Royal Palace. He only went outside when he needed to fulfill his duty as a Royal Prince by attending social gatherings. Other than that, he lives himself with dedication to become stronger. It was what his father had told him as his father had foreseen a great catastrophe in the future with his Unique Prediction Magus. He never rebelled, he never questioned why. In his mind, it is what he should be doing. There was no room for second though, after all he needed to be stronger.


When Zwei was young, he was kidnapped by a bandit when he sneaked out and played in the outskirts of the kingdom. The Bandits demanded money, women and shelter from the Royal Family. However, when the Queen learned they had mistreated Zwei, the Queen, enraged, assaulted the bandits' hideout, slaughtering everyone until she loses all her Magus. She was able to save Zwei and left the hideout. However, on their way home, they met the leader of the bandits. The queen was powerless and exhausted and she knew she will not be able to save herself and Zwei. She told Zwei to run and to return home as she tried to hold the bandit off. Crying and angry for his uselessness, Zwei run leaving her mom alone. That was the last time he saw of her. There was a wide search operation for her, even hiring a Unique Tracking Magus User. However, they cannot locate her, or tell whether she's still alive or not.


Now, Zwei ought to protect himself and everyone he holds dear. One day on his sleep, he dreamed of the Lost Magus User, Zwaun. He is one of "The Great Six", the founders of Khazaria and the person who uses the Lost Magus [Requip Arts]. Zwaun gave him the power to use the Lost Magus [Requip Arts] and told him to use it for the coming catastrophe that will befall not only in Khazaria but in the whole Legandoria.

REQUIP: Deity of Swords "Kartikeya" (Power/Agility Magus)


Zwei's regular fighting Magus skill. Nothing notable except for better swordsplay, stronger attack, and faster agility.



REQUIP: Deity of the Flames "Serafeim" (Fire Magus)


Zwei engulfs himself with flame, burning his upper clothing, leaving red markings across his chest burning as he requips into Serafeim. He wields a sword that burns anything it touches with fire, though not lethal.



REQUIP: Deity of the Heavenly Shield "Aegis" (Barrier Magus)


Zwei requips himself fully armored with two big metallic plates at both hands. He can combine the two plates to create an Impenetrable shield against incoming attacks.



REQUIP: Deity of the Water Dragon "Ryujin" (Water Magus)



Zwei engulfs himself with water as he requips Ryujin. He can temporarily use water magus on his sword, making extra sharp. Also, if the sword breaks, it will regenerate as long as there are water resources nearby.

REQUIP: Deity of the Black Lightning "Susanoo" (Lightning Magus)



Zwei receives the wrath of the heavens, striking him with several black lightning as he transforms into Susanoo. He usesTotsuka-no-Tsurugi, a two handed sword charged with black lightning. This is Zwei's second strongest requip. It also feeds of from the darkness within him. However, it's not as much and thus, can be effectively used for a prolonged period of time.


REQUIP: Deity of the Fallen Angel "Helel" (Darkness Magus)


The strongest among all of Requip Arts Zwei has learned. He harbors the power of the fallen deity, Helel and engulfs himself with hatred and darkness. This requip is particularly dangerous and must be used sparingly. This power feeds of from the darkness within him. If used for too long or used while emotional unstable, Zwei will lost himself to his power, attacking anyone before him.



Zwei is the descendant of Zwaun, a member of "The Great Six" and the first King of Khazaria. The other members served as members of the High Council during his reign.




"Strength to protect is all I need"

"Revenge knows no bound"

"You fools dare to soil my land? Die."




Name: Kenta Takedeshii


Age: 27

Orientation: Gay

Seme/Uke: Seme


Work: Boxer/ Part time merchant

Lost Magus: Beastman


Magus Skills:


TRANSFORM: Hippogriff




Mostly uses for scouting, since he can last rather long in this form (up to one day). Can be used for quick fights, or to help someone travel (Though he absolutely hates it.)






Absolutely not for fighting, only for scouting waters. If engaged into a fight, defeat is almost certain. However, this form has great agility and amazing visibility in even the deepest waters.






Used mostly in fights that need more offense than defense. While in this form, all that protects him is the fur. He can usually stay in this form to about six hours, by then he becomes exhausted.






His most powerful and dangerous transformation. Power, defense, agility - all is included, but the downside of it is the great amount of energy it requires as well as the fact that the more he uses this one, the more corrupt his soul becomes.






Just slightly weaker than his dragon form, but in water its power doubles. It isn't used much on ground as it's pretty much useless, but in water almost no one can escape. The same effects as of dragon.


Personality: Pretty careless, rarely thinks a lot before going into a fight, but has a great need to protect anyone and everyone. Kenta hates following orders that restrict him too much, but will never ignore a smart order, even if it angers him.


Bio: His parents died when he was young, leaving him in an orphanage. He lasted there for two weeks - then ran away after stealing some money from the head. His life as a teenager was quite hard; he had to work for at least 16 hours a day to actually make enough money to get through, until, at the age of sixteen, he took up illegal boxing.


He immediately found passion in the activity where he could also get enough money to pay his rent, get food and clothing. Kenta seemed to have some kind of a natural talent for it, since it didn't take him long to defeat oponents taller or bulkier than him - he found his own techniques to defeat various oponents.


Even if he was enjoying his life like that, one night he had a dream about someone called Kanto Takashiiro. The man claimed to be a beastman, whose powers Kenta was to take over. At first he didn't buy it, but when the dream kept on repeating itself over and over, as well as the fact that he could kind of understand various animal behaviors, he realized it must've been truth. He tries out transforming sometimes, when no one can see. Obviously, such powers aren't used in boxing maches by him. Never.


Extra: He can somewhat communicate by animals, usually by transforming into one of his forms. Even before discovering his powers he adored animals of each kind.


"If you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all."

"Don't make me go dragon on you."

"Fuck off, I can claw out your eyes in three seconds."




[table=width: 600, class: grid, align: center]







[td]Siel Duche[/td]








[td]A egotistic soul with a childish heart. Likes to liven the situation instead of drowning in a world of depression. Rather optimistic and teasful.[/td]











[td]Lost Mangus[/td]




[td]Mangus Skills[/td]

[td]Camoflauge: With enough concentration, Siel is able to cloak himself with his surroundings. This can be interrupted if he was to move too quickly. The man is able to walk, blending slowly with the ambience. This skill is good for stealth attacks.


Quick Kill: Able to calculate a fatal point in an enemy. This cannot be performed on all enemies, unless the other is quite vulnerable.


Evasion: With a set mind, Siel is able to dodge every attack thrown his way, although this tires him after thirty seconds, where he is left panting and completely open to all attacks.


Rapid Slash: Concentrates all his Mangus into speed. This of course enables the assassin to cut rapidly, over a hundred strikes to an enemy. Siel can endure this as long as he has enough focused Mangus.


Doppelganger: Fused with enough Mangus, Siel is able to copy himself. The clone is able to perform in a fight as he does, having the same mindset. The two make a pretty good team, albeit the amount of stamina it uses is grave.


Shadow Mist: Siel is able to create a smog of shadows, which is use to suffocate as well as blind his enemy for as long as the other is trapped inside. The mist usually have a radius of five meters.


Illusion: With a small chant, the dark haired assassin is able to bring fourth over a thousand illusions. Of course this takes a lot of stamina, since a cut can't fade away the hit mirage. This act can last up to three minutes.


Shadow Beast: Beside his like for snakes, Siel is able to summon a beast of ten foot. This is better used when the assassin is hidden because he controls the creature with his mind. If the monster is able to overpower him, it becomes its own master. Deciding to destroy all in its path.


Venomous Strike: After mixing a vial of poison, the dark haired male is able to use the substance in any form from mist to solid. Siel will most likely use it as projectile, but has enough to even coat his daggers.[/td]




[td]Siel was a well known drug dealer in his hometown. He had started this act at the age of seventeen, which his parents wasn't very fond of. Because of that reason, the teen was kicked out the house to fend for his own. With the search for shelter, he moved in with his grandmother, continuing the act as a dealer; of course the older lady had no knowledge of this, which was in all favored for Siel.


That all crashed when his mother found out his whereabouts. she, as predicted, informed the elderly woman, who only did the same as his parents. After a while, he was able to get his own place, staying at hotels while searching. The relationship with his parents never faltered though. He still wrote them, thinking they were the best parents anyone could wish for. What else was he to expect from a holy set of guardians.[/td]




[td]Siel always like poisionus animals. That was why he wished he had a pet snake. All the more fun, right?[/td]




[td]"Let loose and have some fun. It's a drag with your depressing mood. I can hardly think."[/td]










Name: Liam Hatser


Age: 20


Orientation: In-denial Gay


Seme/Uke: uke


Work: Bartender


Lost Magus: Senses


Magus Skills:

Nociception Magus [Dolor]:


Nociception is specifically the body registering pain levels. Liam can take away this sense - to an extent of time. This could be used for allies and against enemies as well, but it is one of the most risky and dangerous. This is because Liam can take away the sense of nociception, meaning if done so for allies, they can continue fighting even if say, with a broken arm, or such other serious injuries. But that injury doesn't go away, simply there is no pain from the injury. Therefore, one must be extra careful when fighting if under the loss of nociception. This is how it can be used against enemies as well. By being put under this, they are easily risking and endangering themselves, not aware of their limits, causing them to act recklessly and harmfully to themselves. While using this, Liam also loses his sense of pain, but he can hold this for however long, days if need be, though, usually it isn't. He can hold it for so long because the fact he loses his sense of pain as well, so therefore does not know how tired he is from using it for so long, this being good and bad. In addition to taking away pain, Liam can increase pain, and cause pain. He can do this either by simply creating the pain through the power itself, or, he can connect himself with an enemy, meaning any pain he receive, they receive, and visa versa though. This specific part can only be done one at a time. Cannot use this with any other ability simultaneously.


Breath Magus [spiritus]:


Allows the ability to take away someones breath. Of course, if that's all this was, it'd be easy to kill mass amounts of people. Like everything, there are limits, and risks. He can only take away one beings breath at a time. With this, he also can take away their breath so long as he can survive without breath longer. Meaning, if he takes ones breath away,his breath is taken as well. So this is really only useful, if he can go without breath for longer than his enemy, and his enemy passes out before him, or even dies from lack of oxygen. This is why some may often see Liam holding his breath a lot, practicing breathing control, as to perfect this mostly useless ability. Cannot use this with any other ability simultaneously.


Sound Magus [Vestibulum]:


Gives Liam the ability to take away the sound of those he chooses. Can do this to multiple persons at a time, up to twenty people. Or, in place of this, can take away the sound of all those withing about a quarter-mile range of where he is - this unfortunately would be inclusive to any and everyone within that range, including himself, and any allies or innocents that may be within the range. Able to use this with others that are also able to be used with another (Sight magus).


Sight Magus [Visus]:


This is pretty much the same as the sound Magus, same amount of persons capable of targeting at a time, as well as same range. The only difference is that Liam is able to keep his sight when using this (unlike how he loses sound when using the sound magus)- that being because he needs his sight to know the range of where he is to use it. Able to use this with others that are also able to be used with another (Sound magus). Another different aspect to this magus, is that if Liam so wishes, he can further the damage of the attack by not just making one lose their sight, but also creating physical illusions before them. If he does this, it is far more exhausting to him, and he can only use this one at a time and it is more risky to Liam's eyesight. However, its more of an offensive attack, where the illusion can physically harm and damage the foe.


Abyss Magus [Abyssus]:


Liam's most powerful magus - meaning the most dangerous to himself as well. With this, Liam is able to make any targeted person lose all of the commonly known five senses at once; touch, sound, sight, smell, taste. Though specifics like taste and smell seem useless, it is especially helpful if encountering unknown species or minimalistic enemies that may rely more on their such five senses, including taste, and most especially smell. Can use this on any persons up to the amount of ten at one time. Though Liam's own senses aren't immediately effected in turn from using (like they are with sound magus) it is especially dangerous because of the effect it has on him more in the long term effect, than immediate. The more he uses it, the more of all these five senses he loses a little bit every time. Cannot use this with any other ability simultaneously.




Liam is much of an introvert, tending to keep to himself. He likes to bother himself with things that only concern him. This makes a lot of people falsely accuse him of being selfish. Really, he isn't, but sometimes it highly appears that way. Simply, in Liam's mind, he cant be trouble with others, because he's such a recluse and introverted. He is nice though, deep down, simply on first greetings he seems cold and detached.



Liam was born to a poor family, yet they were very loving. His mother and father were deeply in love so romantically it was hard not to envy their love for each other. Though they were poor and struggling, they were happy, and excited to start a family with a son, even though they did worry about the money to care for him, they knew they would manage. Or so they thought, before Liam's mother's (Emily's) pregnancy turned complicated. She grew ill during the pregnancy, but knew they couldn't afford medication, as they were saving money for the delivery visit itself. Unfortunately, because of the lack of medical care they were able to get because of their poor status, Emily didn't get medicine for her simple illness during the delivery, that easily could have been cured. Instead, she ended up dying in the pregnancy because of her weak health.


Growing up, Liam's father Chester grew violent and drunk. He blamed Liam for his mothers death, and he had become completely and utterly heartbroken over the loss of his wife. Ever since Liam's birth, he hated the child, and only care for his infant form until he could care for himself. Since he could take care of himself at the age of four, his father grew violent then and worse. He was constantly drunk, and physically abusing Liam who now looked like his late wife more and more. Because of the bruises and everything, Liam was outcast, and he preferred to stay by himself, as to not have to explain them to anyone, or to have to talk about his situation. Age ten, he ran away and lived on his own, living on the streets for a while. He eventually managed to get himself a job at a bar in his poor section of town.


When he ran away, he didn't know it at the time, but this sort of sixth sense was able to guide him to a safe place to stay for the night, where he wouldn't be attacked or anything like that. He later heard a voice, one he heard frequently when younger. An unfamiliar voice in his ears that told him what to do whenever attacked by his father or in need of assistance or anything. That night he ran away, that voice clearly spoke to him, telling him he was one of the original six, Lero.



Liam is the descendant of Lero Hatser, one of the original six of course. He has a secret guilty pleasure of chocolate - yes it is a sweet, but the addiction is only to simple plain milk chocolate in specific.



"I'll concentrate better if you shut up"

"I didn't ask for your help"





Name: Fay Aila Saragi


Age: 22


Orientation: Gay


Seme/Uke: Uke


Work: Belly Dancer / Prostitution once in a while


Lost Magus: Elemental master


Magus Skills:


+Manipulate element+


The basics of his power. He can use the world's element at his will Fire, Water, Earth and Air. He can create and control them using the natural sources around him. For example, if he's in a hot environment or hardly any moisture in the air, it's hard for him to make water out of nothing, it would take tripple the effort comepare to when he's in a highly wet environment.


+Fire Skills+


Can shoot fire balls, flamethrower, wall of fire or something. But he cannot make something like a giant waves of fire or a tornado of fire.


+Water Skills+


Create water pillars, projectile water balls, whirlpool, and most deadly shape water blades/strings.


+Earth Skills+


Simple create a shield out of rocks and earth. He maximize it and spreads it to protect the most of 10 people


+Air Skills+


He can control the air of someone's breathing, enough to kill but prefer to leave someone in agony and pain from lack of oxygen, but, i can't make like... a whole army to lack of oxygen, a small group of people about 5 to 8, and his most deadly weapon like water blade, invisible air blade, can even cut through steel.


Personalities: He has high lust for many things, but the most thing is sex. It happens when he had to grow up in a slump, and had early sexual experience in his life and got addicted to it. He seemed to be quite cheerful, always smile, flirty and a little reckless on the outside but in fact, he's just a lonely boy who wants some attention.


Bio: An orphan, noone knows who were his parents, the only thing people knows is his name which came along with the piece of clothe that covered him. It was a normal day for the slump until someone found a boy in the dumpster in an alley. He was then raised from people to people, he never had a stable home, a stable family. By the age of 6, he started to live on his own, or more like people couldn't stand the child. So he've been doing a bit of everything, such as a thief, a porter, a waiter, etc etc... but in the end, he stuck with the job as a belly dancer for a sort of bar until now. He became popular in no time thanks to his look, and men are quite fond of him for his interesting feminine build. Quite often he also does a little bit of "special service" for people and for money, but most of the case is for his own satisfaction, he likes the feel.


And of course, there're some secrets to everyone. And so is Fay. At the age of 13, he found out odd series of events happened around him. Like he attracted water... when he went near the river bank, the water flowed to whichever direction he headed, he set things on fire with his bare hands. It was out of control for a while, gave him hard time and nightmare. Until he saw HIM. The strange figure claimed to be his ancestor - named Jinn Aila Saragi - also, on of the 6 ancestors of the kingdom of Khazaria. The figure showed him everything, from the life of his Ancestor to how he became out an outcast of the 6 for his lust and slowly, became nothing just a myth and then... forgotten. Then he showed the boy how to control his power and foretold about his duty to the kingdom will someday come.


The boy at first, didn't believe, but then slowly bought into it and mastered his skill of controlling element around him. But, he still found it hard to live without lust, it's impossible. So he kept his power unknown to most everyone, and carried on his life, his job as a belly dancer.


Extra: His ancestor once belongged to the six founders of the kingdom, was in the high council until he slowly drifted away, became an outcast for the level of his sexual enjoyment, lost respect from other member and then forgotten


Quote: "It's always good to have something up your arse -winks-"


LOST MAGUS USER - REAPER - Thanatos Saine Guthale




《Name:》Thanatos Seine Guthale








《Work:》A sort of grim reaper that offers people who wants to die a helping hand.


《《Lost Magus:》》Reaper


《《Magus Skills:》》


[ [W E A P O N] ] The Beloved One: Amatus





Amatus is a death scythe that is the skeleton of Thanatos' highly beloved mother. It holds a immerse mass of souls that Thanatos has gained throughout the years by taking lives. Souls completely corrupted by darkness that he then feeds and lives on to gain strength and to survive.



[ [ The Blind One: Obscuro ] ]




A spell that mainly focuses on the victim's/victims mind but it can only be used when Thanatos has complete eye contact with the person. It closes the victim into a completely black hole and Thanatos thereafter tortures the person/persons mentally to get what he wants. He can't kill anyone by mainly using only this spell, if he would want to kill anyone he would either combine Obscuro with another spell or simply use some of the others.



[ [ The Lost One: Perditus ] ]




Perditus is a spell that brings forth a cloud of black mist that makes the enemy or the enemies incapable of seeing anything. Thanatos can also control the mist with his hands and suddenly turn it into solid forms like spears, knifes, chains and swords to example.



[ [ The Doomed One: Mortem ] ]




Mortem is one of Thanatos stronger undead soldiers than can be summoned by will. He is two metres tall and his body that reeks of a black gas is covered by heavy armour that in it's turn is covered by spikes. He holds a sword and even though he wears armour the creature itself is capable of moving rather fast. Though it takes lot of energy to summon Mortem and when fighting against strong or many enemies it can become hard to control him.



[ [ The Dark Ones: Exercitum Nota ] ]




Exercitum Nota is a spell that summons 10 warriors that have died in war filled with regret and despair. They don't have any memories or conscience, no they kill ruthlessly and only listens to Thanatos. But currently he is only capable of summoning 5 at the same time since it takes so much concentration.



《Personality:》Politely, loyal and cold. Thanatos doesn't want to get attached to anyone or anything and can kill without changing face expression. Even so he wants to avoid using violence or his powers at all and even though you probably wouldn't believe it he is normally kind and caring.


《Bio:》 There was once a woman that lived in a small village far away and up in the mountains. This woman was pregnant with a child. Her husband had died in war and so she had returned to her home and to her family where she had decided to stay. Though one day something rather strange happened. One day in the middle of the night she heard a knock on the door. Outside, there stood a unfamiliar man that she then with many no and but let into her house. The stranger said that her child was cursed with the fate as being the Reaper that will bring death and justice to the world. Of course she didn't believe the man and he never came back.


When Thanatos who's name was Orion at that time was two year strange things started to happen. He came home with dead animals. He was never playing with the rest of the village children and he was out late at night and would often come home covered in blood. His mother was worried and also a bit scared so she sought help from doctors coming from all over the country. But they all claimed the same. Nothing was wrong with her son. But it all got worse when on his fifth birthday when he accidently killed a man that was a pedophile . Thanatos and his mother was after that day banned from the village and hunted into the forest in hope of getting rid of the child of death. But the people in the village continued to die as Thanatos grew older and the villagers decided to track them down and kill them. His mother hid him and he watched from his hiding place how they hit her and then ultimately killed her.


Thanatos though didn't leave the mountains before the age of thirteen with a different name than the one his mother had given him (Orion), after that day he had been calling himself Thanatos.


He travelled all over the country, trained to control his powers and helped the ones that were suffering by taking it on his own shoulders. But he was never alone. Because his ancestor had secretly followed him from day one of his life. The man told him the truth and also the heavy burden that had been carried by them all. And that a Thanatos was always doomed to live a painful life.


《Extra:》His ancestor's name was also Thanatos so it's not a coincident that he choosed to be called by that name. He actually has a strong addiction to sweets even though he doesn't have to eat anything else than souls. Thanatos rarely cries but smiles more often than you could expect. He loves the feeling of warmth since his own body is cold and his name comes from the Greeks Death God Thanatos. One day each month he becomes extremely weak and is very vurnable because of the fact that he on that day takes on all the souls pain, sadness, regret, anger and despair.


《Quote:》"The more promises you make and break decides how painful your death will be".


















Please read

MY ROLE PLAYING RULES. Also, I appoint fameandfortune212

a moderator to the roleplay. He may have this power since he is a co-founder

of the roleplay. And, continually violating the role play rules will get roleplayers

banned from this RP and probably from my future RP as well.








The role play is going to use an Arc system. That is to say, every major events

in the RP will be divided into arcs. The first arc will be the "Wellsburg Invasion Arc".

Characters are not allowed to die in the RP. Instead, Character Swapping will be

allowed. You may leave your current character and make a new one. The

character will effectively be included in the next arc. HOWEVER, this must only be

done if, an only if, you are stuck and has difficulty in playing your role. You can change

back your character in the following arc if you wish to, then change back again.

However, Swapping must only be between two character. No additional character








The posting sequence will be determined from the sequence of the first cycle.

That is to say, in the first cycle of the roleplay, which I will be starting, anyone

who has NOT yet posted in the cycle are welcomed to post. In the succeeding

cycles, we will be determining the posting sequence based on the sequence

in the first cycle.






The Roleplay will use a color system. The verbal responses or the sentences/words

enclosed with "" must be shaded with a color of your choice, preferably coming from

the theme color of your character. However, if the lines are not said by your character,

but by other character, or by an NPC you created, do not coat it with a color. My first

post should serve as an example. Also, no two role players are allowed to have the

same color.








By no means one is someone allowed to time skip under these conditions:

a.)There are existing role players who still need to post in the same time

frame the event is made.

b.) There is an existing event that needs to be role played for some more



However, we may time skip when:

a.) The role play is stuck, thus, we need to move the time frame to free our

OC's from the event we stuck/time frame into.

b.) When the current time frame/event/arc is not into everyone's liking.

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"Are you sure about this? It is your beloved kingdom afterall. You are the first prince and the heir to the throne. I still can't understand why you would wish for it to be invaded, Ein" a General of the Wellsburg Empire said as he stood outside the Magus Barrier of Khazaria. They had been unable to invade the country close to year. However, it was unexpected when few days ago, the heir to the throne of Wellsburg introduced Ein Lauren von Khazaria to them, telling them that he will be aiding them in invading Khazaria.

"You need not to concern yourself about such matter. I will be breaking the Magus Barrier with my Decay Magus. Everything my right hand touches decays - and that includes Magus. What to do afterwards is your Job. I will be returning once I finished my role.", Ein said as he stepped closer to the wide Magus Barrier. He took off the Anti-Magus gloves that prevents his right hand from decaying anything it touches. His right hand released a vibrant dark glow as he slowly touched the wide barrier. Slowly, the barrier started to crumble.


Only a small portion of the barrier shattered to pieces. However, these several meters were enough for the Wellsburg troops to enter and invade the kingdom. The Wellsburg soldiers roared a loud victorious noise as they moved straight towards the hole. "I still quite don't understand your reasons. But well, I'm glad to have you on our side. That makes my job easier", the General said as he ordered his troop to stay in line and to be on guard.


Peaceful days. Though it is known that just outside the borders of Khazaria are the Wellsburg troops deployed for invasion, everything inside Khazaria was peaceful. Zwei looked outside from his training quarters as enjoyed the view of the busy yet peaceful kingdom. He was happy that despite of all the danger outside the Magus Barrier, the citizens are still living a normal life. Yes. It was their duty to protect the peace of the land. He will never forgive anyone who threatens to destroy this peace. Looking away, he noticed a servant who was waiting to be noticed, probably a messenger.


"What is it that you want?", Zwei asked the servant who was acting all stiff and nervous. Zwei thought the young kid was cute and funny. Grinning slightly, he continued speaking, "Sit down wherever you find comfortable. Tell me your purpose of coming to my quarters. I have told every servants in the palace not to disturb me while I'm in the training quarters unless it is something important."


"Yo-your highness!! General Ezekiel is expecting your presence in a meeting two hours from now. I have not been informed of the reason of the meeting. He said he will discuss it later on."


"I see. Tell General Ezekiel I will be coming. You are dismissed", Zwei said with a disturbed face. It was not ordinary for the General to hold a meeting so suddenly. Palace meetings must be held in at least few days after informing everyone concerned. To make it in two hours, there must be something urgent. Zwei looked outside once again. It was still peaceful. There shouldn't be any problem with the barrier as no existing Magus can break the strongest Barrier of all Legandoria.


He finished his training by cutting it of an hour and a half later. He should have stayed until sun-down, however, he needs to attend the meeting. Going to meeting room, he noticed that everyone else were already present. He nodded at his father, the king and to the General who was the host of the meeting. He looked around the number of people around - Royal Knights, Palace Guardians, Royal Magus Users and some other people where present. Zwei was suspecting what the meeting is all about.


"Greetings to you all. I am sorry I hosted a hurried meeting and that I was not able to disclose you the content. The meeting is about...." Zwei listened to the meeting as his suspicion came true. Wellsburg Empire has started advancing their troops inside the borders of Khazaria again. It was not the first they did. Several months ago, Wellsburg prepared a massive invasion attack. However, they were not able to break the powerful Magus Barrier that surrounds the Kingdom. They even hired several Magus Users that specializes in Dispelling Magus Barriers. However, they failed in every attempt they had.


"They should have learned that they cannot break the Magus Barrier. Why is it that they try to persevere once more?" he asked himself. The meeting ended up with nothing. The people around laughed it off, calling the Wellsburg Army idiots. However, Zwei just can't take his doubts off. There must be something going on. He walked outside as the meeting ends. "There's something coming. I can feel it", he muttered as a strong gust of wind blew.


And he heard the voice coming from the ancestor who appears in his dream.


"The time has come. Go, Savior of Khazaria"


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Light brown eyes shone with dangerousness as another punch was delivered for a bulky guy. Brown hair flew in all directions as a lean guy suddenly crouched down to avoid a punch himself. A smirk was plastered on thin lips as a foot made contact with his oponent's side. "C'mon, you fat pig, move a bit~" Kenta mocked the far more muscular male who growled out in anger, almost blinded by it now. Rage seemed to be building up inside of him while the brunet stayed collected, or at least it seemed so.


One, two, three. As he counted to three, Kenta avoided a kick and let out a small chuckle before delivering the last punch - it was enough to finally send the man down onto the ground. Soon, cheering was heard and the boxer was able to straighten up as he sighed out softly, looking around with the somewhat cocky smirk on his face. He walked towards the host with his hand extended - the bandages on it were bloody, as well as the ones on his feet. Soon enough, a bag of gold coins was placed in his hand as Kenta nodded and smiled slightly. "Happy to participate here." He said with a small chuckle as he looked over his shoulder to see the 'pig' standing up.


Wasting no more time, Kenta left the area with an angry death threat coming from behind him. As always, he paid no attention to it... His brown eyes showed satisfaction as he walked slowly, people giving him the way. He had quite the reputation in this town... And yet he never got caught. With a satisfied smirk on his face, Kenta gripped the bag tightly and walked over to a tavern to grab a drink... When he felt it. A sudden rush of wind going straight through him. How was this even possible?..


The man turned around and narrowed his eyes slightly while his hands clenched into fists, just in case he needed to defend himself. Though for some reason, he felt like he couldn't... Kenta straightened out his back as he stood there completely still for a moment as a low growl left his lips. Something was happening... Something bad, he just knew it. Another rush of wind brought him something he'd never expected.


"The time has come. Go, savior of Khazaria." He knew this voice. It was the one from his dreams... Kenta tsk'ed in irritation as he began running, trying to get to his place at least. He needed to take some things... And this may be the last time he was in his house. Who knew just what would happen. His powers... Would they finally be revealed to everyone?

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Closing his eyes to try and relieve the stress of the loud environment around him, the bartender found himself unable to collect any sense of calm and peace in his mind as everyone around him was either drunk, or stupid. He muttered a few soft words under his breath, and all the noise around him stopped, and didn't reach his ears. He knew everyone in the tavern was still happily chatting amongst themselves, unaware the barman could not hear anything they were saying. He smiled in relief at the almost complete and utter silence that surrounded him. The man sighed as he leaned back against the counter of the bar, opening his dark brown eyes to gaze upon his drinking customers to make sure they were happy and well supplied with the drink of their choice.


The poor brunette really did love working at the old tavern of the town. He enjoyed it, honestly. Usually the loud laughter and cursing of drunken men brought him an odd sense of comfort. But today, he just couldn't relax, and he felt on edge, like he was waiting for something, and just waiting for something to happen. He didn't know what though, or why he had this feeling. But it wasn't a comforting one. Upon noticing a man getting his attention, sound filled his ears again to hear what the man was asking.


"Oi, Liam!" a slurred voice called to him, catching his attention " 'nother round ov'r hurr!" the man slurred. The man in question, Liam, rolled his eyes with a sigh as he walked over to the man "Butch, don't you think you've had enough?" He inquired. As a bartender, it wasn't just his job to serve people alcohol, but sometimes keep alcohol from them as well. He was supposed to have a good eye to be able to tell when someone was past their limit. And if the terrible slurring wasn't obvious enough, it was the way the man was looking at him. Liam could have punched his stupid smirk off. But then again he'd lose his job...


Just as Liam was ready to have his fist meet the mans face, a chilling wind ran through him and he froze stiff. He blinked a bit, glancing up and out the open doors of the tavern with a frown on his face. What an eerie, frightening feeling. It chilled his bones to the core. But Liam had a bad gut feeling he knew what it had to do with, and moments later, the familiar voice confirmed his fears.


"The time has come. Go, savior of Khazaria" the old ancestral voice of Lero spoke to him.


Sighing, Liam ran a hand through his hair "Wonderful...guess I was ready to leave this dump anyways" he muttered as he glanced to the clock "Hey Calvin!" he called to the other man working "I'm taking off, cover me" he waved carelessly as he disappeared out the doors of the tavern, probably not to return for quite a long time.

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Lady Murder

Dante slowly turned his head to one side to another, his neck muscles making low sounds by his stretching. He yawned, blinking his tired eyes while looking without much interest to the man in front of him. He was babbling for almost half an hour, even though Dante had already given his answer a couple of times, and as much as he was trying to keep calm and just let the man talk, that was starting to piss him off. Dante, then, suddenly smiled widely and the man stopped talking, looking to him confusedly and yet hopefully. "No." He said, intentionally moving his lips slowly to make the word have more impact, which it did.


The man immediately got nervous and started to talk again, but faster. "I-I can pay half now and the other half after a while, I p-promise!"


"Hm, interesting, still no."




"Look, dearie, I said my price, you can't pay it, then we're done here. I've already give you enough of my precious time just to be nice, which always ends up being a wrong thing to do, so just get the f* out." He said, his eyes getting a bit more dangerous, since as what he could read about the man's reaction, was the best way to make him go away. "Please." Dante added, eyesmiling like he was just asking for a piece of cake, and the man sighed heavily, walking away out of the room. Rolling his eyes, Dante plopped on the couch, laying on his back and resting his head on his hands.


Isn't like he wasn't already used to this. New people, the ones that never asked for his services before, were always like this. They normally didn't know that Dante never negociates. Never. He would always make his price, based on the task that was asked, and that would be it. Not even a coin less. When he improved his abilities well enough, he would raise the price as well. Dante was fair, though, he never asked for more than he thought he deserved for a job. So 'no more, no less' was basically his way of negotiation.


"They just don't get how skilled you are, ne, Dante?" A cute voice, clearly forced to be like this, echoed on the room and Dante grinned, looking to the male that was approaching him. He faked a pout and nodded slowly. "I guess, so, dearie. I get so sad when that happens..." Dante said, while the male was sitting on his lap, blinking his long eyelashes. "Sad? I can't allow this to happen... Should I make you happy, then?" He asked sensually and Dante just pushed his arm gently, bringing him to a kiss.


But when their lips were about to touch, he frowned, suddenly feeling a huge sense of danger, that was making him shiver. He knew what was that. "They're in..." He whispered, holding the male by his shoulders, making them both sit. Dante had had all kinds of tasks lately and a lot of them were about this war that was coming. Some of them, he accepted, some of them, he rejected and some of them... were made by a bunch of traitors. He heard all kind of things during this time and knew that the enemy was getting closer. Much closer.


"The time has come. Go, savior of Khazaria." Lantis' voice echoed in his mind, suddenly, and that was all that he needed to know that, indeed, his time had come. Dante immediately got up, the other male looking at him confusedly. He rushed around the room ignoring him, taking all kind of things, sometimes coming out of it and coming back just to go out again. When he thought he grabbed it all, he stopped in front of the other and made him get up.


"Sorry, dearie, I think we need to leave our fun for another time." He said, leading them both out of the place. The male looked at him a bit upset. "Ehh, really? When, then?" Dante shrugged, a smirk plastered on his lips. "Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to that. But follow my advice and stay at home quietly. Things are about to be loud." He winked before disappearing from there.

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Voices. Cheerful, angered and irritated. They all penetrated the four old walls that his small and seemingly dilapidated home consisted of. Small strings of sunshine searched it's way in through the small holes on the roof and the windows stood completely open for the strangers that passed by. Stacks of books, paper and dishes could be seen everywhere and once in a while a little mouse ran across the floor. In the middle of it all there stood a old desk that was occupied by several documents and also bags filled with gold coins. A smell of lilies dominated in this small space and bouquets of flowers covered the little space on the floor that was left to walk on. And in this ocean of flowers, books and papers a young man could be found. Sleeping peacefully on the floor with a book in his hand and a pillow underneath his head.


Some bangs of his white hair hanged down in his face and his pale small lips were slightly parted as the male drew in a deep breath and then let go of the book. Tirely he rolled over on his back and with a soft grunt he raised his arm to cover his already closed eyes from the sunshine that shone down in his face. A small brown mouse slowly made it's way to the sleeping man to then with a light squeak climb on top of his chest and sniff on the black long armed shirt he wore. Thereafter the mouse continued forward to soon reach the white haired boy's face. Letting his nose touch the human's cheek he let his small paws be placed on his pale skin and suddenly a small smile appeared on the man's lips. "Are you hungry Sakarias?" The man asked and revealed his blood red eyes to then slowly heave himself up in a sitting position while his comrade returned to the floor. Making cute little squeaks of excitement. Thanatos as the young man called himself drew a hand through his white hair before standing up and making his way to the tiny kitchen that waited for him.


When he first moved here he had strictly decided to not befriend anyone. Still, somehow this little creature had managed to break through his shield to earn his care and love. And as time had passed he had grown to appreciate having the mouse as company. Besides, it had showed that the mouse came to use when being outside his home. He who at that time had been clueless where to find things had recieved help from the mouse that apparently knew this city better than he would ever do. Thanatos had taken the mouse home and there he had stayed. It still amazed him to this day that they had ever managed to develope this bond of friendship.

While preparing a small tea plate filled with cheese and other things Sakarias liked a rather unpleasant feeling filled him. The feeling of that something would happen. Shivers ran down his spine and momentarily Thanatos stopped with what he was doing to glance over his shoulder for a short second. Expecting to see something or someone there. But nothing had changed and no one was there so he grabbed the plate to then lower it to the floor where Sakarias waited for it. Immediately the little mouse began to eat as he himself went to clean the desk.


Some old contracts that had expired, letters from different people around in the kingdom that seeked his help and a lot of other papers covered the desk and with a sigh he began to organise them to then find something interesting the pile of papers. It was a silver necklace decorated with a cross. His blood red eyes narrowed slightly. The necklace was something that his last customer apparently had forgotten there before leaving the world. And he who always said to them to not take anything with them into his home. A sting of pain hit him and his breath hitched. The necklace fell to the floor. And suddenly the sound of bells broke the silence. He turned his head and let his gaze rest on the silver chime that hanged in the open window. And a strong breeze thereafter entered his home. Made the papers to lift from their places to then whirl around inside the room. The wind stroked his skin, put his white hair into motion and for a few seconds he didn't have the ability to breath. He just stood there. Stunned by the beautiful sound of the chime as he at the same time swore to have heard someone saying his name. Then the breeze finslly died out and the papers lower themselves to the floor in lack of having something to push them further on.


Nothing. It had felt so special. That wind that he had almost thought that he would appear out of nowhere. But he hadn't and he remained there he was. Alone. Well not completely alone he noticed just seconds after when Sakarias familiar squeaks reached his ears. He turned around with a deep sigh and then his eyes widened slightly. "The time has come. Go, savior of Khazaria". The familiar voice seemed to echo between the four walls that surrounded him and he closed his eyes. Only listened to the sound of the voice before it quickly faded away and left no traces after itself. "I guess it's here it begins, isn't that right Thanatos?" he said and then looked out in the air.

Taking only Sakarias, a book and a small topaz coloured jewel with him he left his home behind.

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Whistling, and cheering "Do it again baby.". All those noises was contented under the secret club's hall of the main city. Fay used to work in the slump's secret club, but recently he got promoted and now moved to the main city's one. It was different, much different, the place was less filthier, they still have that slight stench of semen under the scent of perfume, the people was less drunk, a bit calmer and they paid more attention and knew better how to handle the boy's body better, which he enjoyed.


Revealing clothes, topless, just a few fancy thin pieces of cloth covered over the undies. Fay had a lot of golden jewelries as bracelets, necklaces, rings which also included nipple rings that chain up together by golden jewelry ones. They made dingling noises when he swinging, dancing and grinding erotically against the shiny steel pole, located in the center of the hall. The people couldn't stop themselves from desiring the boy's erotic smooth feminine body that was showing off, they surrounded the stage, reaching just to touch it for a bit, feeling him with their hands, some even tried to get him with money, but the boy was not greedy, he teasingly let everyone have a bit of a feel on his body, any part they like, with money or not, he mostly did it because he liked the feeling of it. Thanks to that, the crowd around him never got too wild or rush onto the stage to attack like most of the dancers here got.


The show went on for about half an hour to 45 minutes. His work was done, he never got on stage too long or too short, just enough for people to long for him more and more. Just went he headed backstage, his boss got to him and whispered in his pretty little ear, about a costumer wanted to have "a lovely night" with the boy. The boss never pushed Fay to do it; he'd just agree to do it himself and even share 20% of the money he got for him, it was just good business. He nodded and went straight to the room that had been settled already and awaiting for him and his costumer. He opened the door, a tall tanned man, brunette hair, he was old but not so old, around 40 but was quite a looker, standing by the window looking out, his eyes shifted to the boy when he appeared, still in his bellydancing outfit. He leaned by the door seductively, motioned his finger for his costumer to come over, the other male indeed started moving. He reached the boy and had his arms around Fay's waist and pulled him close to the man, Fay could feel the man's muscle, so firm and strong, he liked it. He leaned forward, pressing his cheek against his costumers' and whispered "Mhmm I'll let you enjoy the best feeling in the cosmo tonight" and smirked. The man with lustful eyes after those words was spoken, he waited for nothing else and picked him up, Fay wrapped his legs around his hips to secure himself, he put him onto the bed and hovered over, he kissed aggressively onto his neck and chest, his hand gently pulled onto his chain nipples rings, causing him to jolted up lightly and started blushing all over and feeling hot.


Just when it was getting nice, a voice spoke in his head "The time has come. Go, savior of Khazaria.". It just interrupted the boy's fun, frustrated he grunted "Christ. No it hasn't. Cut me some slack.". The man suddenly stopped caressing his body and looked at him with a questioning face "What's wrong?". Fay shooked his head and smiled gently at his costumer "Nothing. I'm so sorry... Let's continue" he kissed the man on his neck while he did the same, now he even started to grind his leg against Fay's crotch, his hard on began building onto it. And so he continued to pleasure his costumer and himself for the night and cared not for the voice earlier, not yet at least.

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"We've finally broken the Magus Barrier of Kazaria" General Zeharto, the Commanding General of Wessburg Invasion Troops said as he looked at the thousands of soldiers and several hundred Magus Users. Khazaria is a huge kingdom and it will require the Wellsburg Army several hours of travel to arrive the castle. They'd arrive either on deep-night or early sun-up and the soldiers would be too tired to fight. However, with the help of teleportation Magus users they had brought with them, they covered a vast distance in a blink of an eye. They arrived on the outskirts of the Castle where the locals live. With this, they can strike and catch the Khazarian forces unprepared.


"Soldiers and Close Combat Magus Users, you shall move onwards to the castle while we, Ranged Magus Users will be attacking them from the rear. They shouldn't be able to do anything by now. If we attack them from here, they would be in disarray. Seize that chance to deal with the enemies. Kill the king and our battle is over" The general said as he made the horse he's riding halt while the soldiers continued marching towards the town.


"And you Welsh Traganov! While the battle goes on, do the task the Emperor gave you. With this much army, I doubt those Lost Magus Users will stay in the hiding" General Zeharto said as a person caped in black moved forward. The guy had a different air around him. One could tell he is different and that the guy is not a normal Magus User. General Zeharto knew that this guy is a Lost Magus User. He was also leading the Troop in invading Hylderia.


"Uhhh..." Welsh replied soullessly as he took another step. Welsh, who claimed to be the ancestor of Wolck, was among the Lost Magus Users who defended the Hylderian Empire to the very end. They captured him and was sent to Wessburg. With the use of "Soul Manipulation", the Lost Magus of one of the descendant of Wessburg's founder, They brainwashed the guy and made him into their own living weapon.


The Ranged Magus users readied themselves and chanted Magus Verses. Different Magus Circle appeared on air as they shoot different type of Magus into the direction of the castle. Darkness, Fire, Ice, Lightning...all sorts of Magus were approaching the Castle.


"This should decrease the manpower of Khazaria, but I wonder if this is too easy for them" The man said as he continued "That Prince...Ein, he returned huh. I guess he doesn't want to watch the destruction of his own Kingdom."





"Wind... Have they come so soon ?" Zwei was not much surprised, also there was such strong wind inside the barrier. When the barrier was made two years ago, wind stopped flowing inside the barrier. It was thanks to air Magus Users that they were still able to breathe inside the barrier. However, since he knew that something bad is coming, he was prepared all this time. That's what he relentlessly trained for.


"There can't possibly be any wind. That wind... they must have made a hole out of the barrier in one way or another?" Zwei nervously said as he rushed to ask General Ezekiel. He told him about the wind and about the prediction of the Great Catastrophe was about to occur. However, he was laughed off. He told him there could never be such a thing, that the Magus Barrier was absolute. It could just be a Wind Magus User that was playing around.


"I am not mistaken. General Ezekiel. As the current heir to the throne, I, Zwei Francois von Khazaria commands you... Go and prepare for war! Have the citizen leave to the harbors and have them aboard on the royal ships. Let them be sailed off to the vast sea until the war is over." By using his authority, Zwei had General Ezekiel moving. Zwei also left and went to his quarters. He armed himself and packed some things. He knew that this is not gonna be a regular war. By knowing the scales of war that happened in Sentasia, Borickham and Hyldaria, Zwei knew that Khazaria is ought to be destroyed. He had to keep that from happening.


Zwei remembered his mother. It had been years since the last time they met. Because of how powerless he was, he was not able to protect what was precious to him. This time, he will not fail. Zwei saw different light sparkling and moving towards their direction. The invasion has started. The vast Magus projectiles was heading to the castle. It skipped the town, making the castle the sole target. It seemed the Wellsburg wasted no time in their assault. They probably thought ahead that Khazaria Kingdom would be able to prepare for a battle in few hours.


"Deity of the heavens, I call you. Arm me with your strength, Protect me with your shield. REQUIP! Deity of the Heavenly Shield [AEGIS]" Zwei chanted as a yellow gleam of light covered him. The light that covers him slowly formed into an armor. In two hands, two big metallic plates formed.


"Come and try me!" Zwei yelled and ducked as he lifted the two metallic plates, adjoining them together as it formed into a big shield. A Magus Barrier came out from the shield as it formed into a a big arc. Zwei concentrated his Magus on the shield, making it larger. It covered at least five meter in radius or ten meters in diameter. Sooner, the Magus projectiles came raining to their location and to several others. The requip was able to fend of all the Magus. However, not completely blocking it, the Magus' trajectory was only deflected away, blowing the nearby castle structures. Loud explosions almost deafened Zwei and the thick fog rendered Zwei's sight useless. With this assault, everybody in the Kingdom will be in a panic.


"You fools dare to soil my land? Die" Zwei curses.

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Kenta cursed silently under his breath as the keys dropped to the ground - of course it made him irritated. He wanted to grab at least a few bottles of something strong before leaving and now the damn keys wouldn't even stay in his hand. Perfect. Just, fucking amazing. The brunet crouched down with a low groan leaving his mouth before hurriedly unlocking the doors and stepping inside of his small apartament... Sure, it was messy and it smelled a bit bad, there were some bloody bandages tossed around a bit randomly... But it was still his favorite place to be in.


The boxer quickly made his way around the house, grabbing a bag and pushing in some clothes as well as bandages, paying no attention to any things that had anything to do with hygene. No one cared. He was a boxer, for God's sake - he smelled bad and he was usually at least a bit bloody... And, well, he didn't plan on stopping his fights any time soon. Once the bag was safely over his shoulder, Kenta jogged out of his house while glaring at each and everyone who got in his way. His bag was a bit heavy... All the money he'd ever gotten from fights was there. He was going to at least stock up on some drinks and food for the journey..


With this thought in mind, he walked out of his house and turned to the closest tavern while some people ran frantically in the other direction. Right, they were all supposed to evacuate now... Well, he was getting a bit bored of this town now anyway, so why the hell not? There were other nice towns around for sure... Maybe he could get some money by showing off his tranformations, in case he couldn't box? No, nonsense. He wouldn't stop boxing.


As he entered the tavern, Kenta let out a deep chuckle and turned towards the bar, sitting down on one chair as he looked up at the bartender. "Oi, Calvin, one beer." He grunted out as he stretched and scratched his head. Damn, Liam wasn't here... He always liked the guy better, for some reason. The young boxer rested his head on his hand as he waited for the drink and closed his eyes. Now, where could he possibly go? There were enough kingdoms around, but... He probably couldn't make it with illegal boxing in them.

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Heading out the door, Liam blinked a bit, pausing. People were rushing by him, running and hurrying their children along, carrying them or picking them up. He noticed the bar was emptying out rather quickly too. Was there a fire or something? Yes, he heard his ancestor's voice, it seemed the war was about to finally start. But why was everyone running? Had he missed something?


Liam was unaware that, while he had been working, he hadn't heard the broadcast and alert announcement. He had made himself deaf to the work for the majority of the time he worked, so, during that time, he hadn't heard the emergency alert for evacuation of the city. He frowned a bit, looking around and stumbling as one man ran into him. He scoffed, turning back around and heading back to the tavern - mainly to escape the crowds. He hated them. If there was an evacuation, he would take his time. He didn't want to be surrounded by a bunch of noisy, idiotic and moronic city people. His introverted self just absolutely hated the crowds. Especially in an evacuation, everyone's true natures came out, the humans nature; selfishness. In something like this, no one cared for anyone but themselves, only running, not caring who they ran into, or anything. He sucked his teeth as he closed his eyes, casually walking back to the bar - what he pretty much called his home.


Meanwhile, Calvin himself was rather anxious. He had actually just been ready to leave and head out, because of the evacuation. Hell, he didn't want to stay there. He wanted to get the hell out of that place - plus, he had a wife and a young toddler child he wanted to get to. He was ready to leave, just as everyone in the bar evacuated too of course, when someone seemed to have the steel balls to not give a shit about the evacuation, and order a beer. "Eh, sir - there's been an evacuation - haven't you heard?" he spoke. He thought Liam had heard earlier too, and that's why he had taken off. Just as he was speaking, it seemed his said co-worker walked right back in.


Liam blinked a bit, looking around the vacant bar other than two people, Calvin, and another customer. Liam had to deal with so many drunks at the bar, so many customers, he usually didn't remember many people. But he did recognize the particular customer sitting there at the moment. He was the only customer that ever came in all bruised and bloody with bandages around his body.


"....did I miss something?" he asked Calvin, walking up clearly clueless as to the evacuation and everything. Calvin blinked a bit "Uh, Liam, there's been an evacuation....I thought you left?" but got his answer as Liam just looked back at him with an raised eyebrow "Huh... nah, I don't like crowds. They're annoying" he muttered as he glanced to the customer, giving him a slight nod "Are you getting something, or just sitting there?" he spoke not aware he had ordered, and Calvin had yet to serve him. He wasn't freaking out about the evacuation, he'd head out later after the rush and pushing of crowds. Calvin just stared at his coworker astounded that he wasn't freaking out - then again, Liam never had much reaction to anything.


"Why don't you head out then, Cal? You probably wanna scram, go meet up with your wife and kid" he said, casually pulling himself up to sit on the bar table, enjoying how vacant his place of love and homey warmth was right now.

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Lady Murder

While heading to the woods next to his village, an explosion startled Dante, who narrowed his eyes while looking to the royal castle's direction. Clearly, something bad started to go on there which meant that Dante was right and the chaos that Lantis once said that would happen, was actually happening now. He looked around and saw a big tree on the limits of the woods, so he went there quickly, climbing to the highest branch, to get a better view of what was going on.


As he could see, people were already warned to evacuate and everybody were running to find a safe place, but, after looking again to the castle, things wouldn't be safe in a while. Clearly, some Magus were attacking and another Magus on the castle were trying to defend it, but they were having a hard time on doing it.


Dante bit his bottom lip while thinking in what to do next. He knew he had a Lost Magus. He knew he was supposed to fight and defend the kingdom. But... what should he do? He couldn't go to the castle, people would hardly trust him there, since he was quite famous about his doings, even though there weren't any proof against him. And even he decided to go there, he was more strong in closer fights. But... he wasn't a suicide. He wouldn't go right to the enemy - even though their location were pretty clear by the direction of the attacks.


Dante sighed, feeling a bit frustrated. Lantis never explained how it would be. He knew who he was, he knew he should fight, he knew that there were others like him. But Lantis never explained how he was supposed to do all that he was asked to. Where were this others? Could be anyone. He looked down to the scared people again and saw a little boy trying to find his parents, while a woman not very far from him seemed to be also looking for someone.


With a roll of eyes, he rushed to the boy and gave him a small smile. "Hey, dearie. What are you doing here alone, huh?" The boy looked to him, seeming to be quite scared, his face wet from tears, which made Dante ruffle his hair. "No need to be scared. Look, your mom is right there looking for you, so now go and find a safe place with her." He said, motioning to where the boy's mother was, in which the kid brightened up, trying to thank Dante with a hug, but he immediately stopped the younger. "Sorry, not a hug person. And don't get too cocky, I don't help for free, you owe me one." But the kid didn't seem to understand and just waved and ran to his mother.


Rolling his eyes again, Dante turned to leave when he saw a man sneaking to the woods. Dante frowned. That was definetely one of the traitors that came to ask him to do some jobs before. "Borrow me some speed, Lantis..." He muttered to himself. Teleport! He thought, feeling the familiar change in his body and less than a second later, he was in front of the man, a fake wide smile in his lips.


"Hello, dearie." Another second later and the man was on the ground with Dante's feet on his throat, putting pressure enough to give the death threat to the man. "I guess I don't need to explain the situation here, do I? So let's be quick. What's going on? How could they open the barrier suddenly?


"I-I don't know, I swear! At that time, they just asked me to try to hire you in exchange of money. I don't know anything! Really! I-I'm just a peon, just that." He said desperately, but Dante just kept smiling while putting even more pressure on his throat. "Ok, ok, ok!! There's only one thing that I know, but it was just something that I overheard. There is a traitor inside Kazharia." Dante rolled his eyes, as saying that this was quite obvious, and pressed more. The man started to cough. "I... I m-meant a bigger traitor. Someone really powerful, but I have no idea who is it! I swear!" Dante looked at him for a few seconds, before letting him go, while walking away. Well... that weren't any news to him. Of course there were a traitor and of course they were powerful.


If Dante wanted more answers, he would have to be personally involved.

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One minute ago people had just been worried. Two minutes ago a heavy nervous atmosphere had rested over the city. Three minutes ago everything had just been like always. People had laughed, smiled and joked. Now was everything just one big mess of chaos. Chaos. That was exactly the right word to describe this scene. People that were running. Trying to force their way through the pack of creatures of their own race. Old people, young people, men and women. Children and animals. All kind of people. Fearing for their loves as they ran in the direction they had been ordered to. It was rather amusing to see them so panicked by the thought of dying. At the same time he pitied them for being so weak.

Well, it wasn't like he considered himself being strong. It was just that he didn't fear death as these persons did. Death was as natural for him as breathing. But he had other things he disliked. That he rejected. Therefore, he was also weak. But there was a difference. And that difference was significant in this situation where he had choosed to stay off the main roads to avoid the masses of people. After all, neither him or Sakarias wanted to get caught up in the stream of panicking citizens.


The sound of something exploding made him raise his gaze from the humans below the roof up to the Royal Castle. A black smoke rose from within the walls and even from here he could sense the smell of blood. Was this his call? The little mouse climbed up and out from his pocket, clawed with his tiny little paws his way up to then reach his shoulder where he remained. "Hmm? There are lot of souls over there, just waiting to be devoured. It kinda..makes me hungry" he mumbled under his breath as Sakarias, suddenly squeaked and directed his attention to the little pack of unfamiliar soldiers that was coming down the street on their horses.

Something had obviously happened. And this something was apparently his problem according to his ancestor. A problem that needed to be solved. Holding out his hand, he closed his eyes and dove deep into concentration as a black smoke began to ooze around his feet. And that black smoke then raised to his hand to began to take form. "Hear the whispers of darkness calling for you, chaining you down to this earth. Come to your Master, Amatus!" he called out as his hand gripped around the bones that his scythe consisted of.


Leaving the house roof behund he carefully dropped down on the ground below, luckily enough the house weren't that high. The people stared at him in horror. "Run" he whispered. And they ran.

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Moaning and grunting, the bodies of Fay and his costumer by then has already joined each other. His sweaty body squirmed seductively under the male's grasp. When him and his costumer were close to their climax, he signalled him to pull out before he shoot his load. Even though he love being held by others, having sex, but come inside was not the thing he's overly fond of; only the one he really love may do that. The costumer respected that, he pulled himself out of the boy's tight body and shot onto his abdomen and chest. Fay lewdly came afterward when he felt the hotness on his sensitive skin. His costumer didn't last long, he felt asleep just a little bit after while Fay took a quick bath, then got himself the money that was left on the table near the bed and left the place, his overtime work was done. He got the money and gave the boss his share, still putting his clothes on, just his thin and see through belly dance pants with his black undies inside and probably no shirt.


Fay headed for his apartment, that was when he head a thundering explosion. The voice appeared once again in his head, repeating what he said earlier and also added to that he had to go for the palace. Frustratedly he replied, "Alright alright. I got it already. I haven't even sleep... -sighs- ". Fay ran to the palace on his feet. There he saw projectiles of the enemies which was obviously Wessburg, their plan was so predictable. Fay took a deep breath and focused his energy. When he exhaled and the wind direction changed and the projectiles of elements either dropped down or returned to where they came from, someone in the line of the enemies would be killed... or injured. That's what he hoped at least. When he felt the situation calmed down a bit and less dangerous to wander around in this thin clothes, he continued to walk to the palace. However, he needed to abuse his power a bit to get through without having trouble with the guard or some sort. He sort of flew over the palace's wall with the power of wind. There he saw a handsome magus user, defending himself with magus shield. Pretty affective but so passive even for someone's taking up the ass like himself. "Maybe you need some help?" He winked, approaching him.

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"Now, that's what I call grand. I expect the castle's front to be at least blown away, but for some reason, there's a point where the Magus is being deflected away. It's like I'm seeing a miniature version of the Magus Barrier" General Zeharto said as he licked his lips. He turned around and looked at the Magus users before him. They looked like wild hyenas eager to hunt for their preys. General Zeharto made a big sigh as he ordered...


"Go. Hunt with all you've got"

The outskirts were some citizen used to live has transformed into a wasteland. Corpses of were everywhere. The Wessburg soldiers had no mercy, be it a child or the elderly... they kill who they see. When the Wessburg Magus users came into action, there was not even hope for the citizens to die with their bodies intact. They'd be blown away, their brains splattered on the ground.


In the meantime, Welsh used a bit of his power as he attacked a citizen. He had lots of different powers, and one if them is stealing the identity of who he has defeated. Camouflaged, he planned on going to the castle to capture one of the Six Lost Magus Users of Khazaria. The only one confirmed - Zwei Francois von Khazaria.








Zwei was somewhat panicking inside his mind. This was the first war he had gotten himself personally involved. This was also the first war he cannot absolutely lose at all cost. But, he knew he had prepared for this day. He wasn't able to protect his mother then, but now's different. Zwei had the power of the first King.


Zwei thought of what to do. At times like this, when the opponent is in a larger number and power, Khazaria is surely in the disadvantage. The enemy had also attacked in surprise, making them unable to prepare. If it goes on, at this rate, Khazaria will surely fall.


"Like I'd let that happen" Zwei told himself as he stood up. The Magus barrier around him had disintegrated as he pulled away the two plates at his hands. He planned on meeting several Royal Magus Users. They're the elites among all elites of Magus Users. He had to assemble them so that they can prepare for a counter attack.


Another flying thing was coming to the direction of the castle. However, it was not a projectile... well, it was some sort of a magus projectile with a human in it. Zwei thought about attacking the guy, but most of his skills are melee oriented so he waited. And a beautiful guy in thin clothes came. Without even asking, Zwei already know who he was. It's not like he knew him beforehand. But there was that feeling that what Zwei had, the guy also had...the Lost Magus.


"Maybe you need some help?" The guy asked as he winked.


"You can probably tell. If you plan in helping, come. I have to meet Link, a Royal Magus User. His power is telecommunication. I plan on gather a big number of Magus user in our side and prepare for a counter attack. And you- you are probably what I am thinking you are, and you are the same as me. We won't be joining the counterattack since I plan on gathering the remaining four. Let's attack the big boss who caused this mess" Zwei said as he walked away. If the guy agrees to him, he'll follow. But even if he doesn't and even if the rest of the Lost Magus users doesn't he will go and fight.


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Kenta's eyes slowly trailed over to the other bartender who entered the room. "Ah..." He breathed out softly as he closed his eyes. "Can I get my beer already?" He asked out with the slightest hint of annoyance. The boxer wanted to drink, goddammit! Was it that hard to get him a simple beer? The brunet grunted softly as he pushed a few coins towards Liam with a small frown on his face. "I'll take a few bottles of beer and rum off your hands too." He muttered out quietly. Kenta always had this feeling that this guy was special... Like they had something in common.


Just then, the voice repeated in his head and the boxer groaned out before looking- well, more like glaring- at the bartender. "Will you freak out if I turn into a hippogriff?" He asked as if it was a very simple and common question. The boxer was completely serious though - his expresion showed no emotions, but his hands were clenched into fists... The man was angry, or at the very least, nervous.


Deciding he didn't want to wait for the damn answer, Kenta pushed back his seat and stood up. "I'll be back for my drinks." He muttered out quietly before turning sharply on his heel while his body began transforming into one of a mythical creature. It was slightly bigger than a horse - but the claws and sharp beak made up for its size. It seemed that the transformation was kind of painful though... Kenta stood still for a moment before a terrifying scream left his beak and the hippogriff flew out of the tavern.


His sight was far greater than one of a human right now... Kenta flew up high into the sky and began observing the scene underneath him. People fighting, blood, shields, swords... Magic. This was war, or at least the start of it, he just knew it. The boxer let out something close to a growl as he suddenly flew sharply downwards once he'd figured out where was the best way to leave. When he was in front of the tavern, Kenta changed back into his human form and walked back inside, sitting down as if nothing had happened.


"Why are you still here?" He asked Liam as he looked up at him. This guy... Something about him just radiated power. He wasn't sure about what exactly it was, but... It was huge.

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As Liam had walked into the bad and let the other male go, he glanced over to the only customer who was complaining about getting drinks. He huffed "Relax, you'll get your drink" he said as he hopped off from where he sat up on the bar table, and getting the male his ordered drinks "Not like there's a hurry or an evacuation or anything anywhere" he muttered sarcastically, since obviously that was just what was happening. Looking out the windows from the bar, you could see people screaming and running about to evacuate and get to safety.


Liam had just finished serving the other his beer, and getting some cases for him when he mentioned something about a hippogriff. He raised an eyebrow curiously "Honestly, i don't care what you do, as long as you pay for this" Liam muttered carelessly, being his usual blunt and cold self. He leaned back against the counter before his eyes widened a bit, watching the other leave and transform into a beast. His usually cold and careless eyes danced with amusement and curiosity "Interesting..." he muttered, a small hint of a smile tracing his lips. This guy had to be one of them. One of the six. How interesting one of his frequent customers would be one of them he had known all along. Well, they didn't exactly know each other well, as friends or anything, but were acquaintances of the sorts and were familiar with who the other was.


When the beast-like creature returned to a humanoid form and sat back down in his seat in the bar, Liam just looked to him, surprisingly, not seeming much at all phased by what had just happened in front of his eyes "You're one of them? One of the six lost magus users?" he inquired curiously, though, it was obvious enough he already had his answer. And the way he asked further answered further questions containing the same inquiry towards him.


"Me?" he raised an eyebrow before looking out at the wasteland where a few straggling people ran by still "Just trying to avoid that mess. I'd rather have nothing to do with that" he spoke, only to wince slightly at the familiar scolding voice of his ancestor, mentioning some typical nonsense about how he was a descendent of one of the great six, and had to aid in this way. Unfortunately Liam's personality was against anything that would cause him much work or concern. It wasn't in his nature to care about others and what happened to them. He just ignored the all too real voice in his head right now, until a few raid-high frenzy soldiers burst into the tavern, breaking the door.


Liam sighed heavily, clearly irritated as he closed his eyes for a moment "You're just trying to force me into this, aren't you" he muttered to himself, talking to his ancestor, where the soldiers showed up as if on cue when Liam spoke how he was avoiding all of this, and wanting nothing to do with it. "Yeah, whatever i got it" he spoke, not sure if he was still talking to his ancestor, or himself anymore.


Opening his bored eyes, he shifted position as he looked to the two soldiers before him. He narrowed his dangerously cold eyes on them "Visus". he breathed as his eyes locked with those of the soldiers, and images started to appear before them. Since he could only connect eyes with one at a time, he created a physical image with his power to serve strength enough to defeat both of them. The image wielding two average sword looking weapons, attacked both of them, killing both by Liam's control and intention of his mind. One the two were dead, the image disappeared, and Liam sighed "how troublesome" he muttered with a frown looking at the two bloodied bodies on the ground "That'll end up staining..." he spoke to himself referring to the blood on the wooden floor of the tavern. Liam often did talk to himself - not in a crazy way, but a conversational, commentary way. It was a way to keep his loneliness from suffocating him, since he had no one else to really talk to, as he shut himself off from the world, living in his own peaceful silence.

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The white haired young man took in a deep breath. His grip on the scythe tightened and when he finally exhaled he drew his left foot slightly backwards and got into position. Prepared to fight. The unfamiliar soldiers immediately stopped their horses as Thanatos straightened his back and raised his blood red gaze. The men glared at him in irritation. By what he could see, these soldiers had yet to indulge into fight. Which also meant that they hadn't killed anyone. The lack of blood stain and the fairly clean clothes and shimmering silver swords was enough for him to draw this conclusion. They were all young. Around the age of 30.


"Tch! Move trash or be slaughtered" one of the men threatened and took a hold of his sword's hilt. But Thanatos could see that his hand were trembling. The man was afraid of dying. Quietly staring at the hand he let some seconds of silence pass. Then he parted his lips and spoke. "You can always try, humans".


It didn't take long before three lifeless bodies and blood decorated the ground. His eyes narrowed and then a deep sigh slipped past his pale lips. "Ridiculous, is this the troops that are attacking the castle now?" Thanatos cleaned his scythe of the blood before placing it over the bodies and soon enough a blue glowing smoke came out of their bodies that then was absorbed by his weapon. He could feel the power rush through it when moving it away. Sakarias climbed up out of his pocket and climbed his way up to his shoulder to rest there. "I know Sakarias, I'm going there now" he sighed out while the mouse squeaked. Thereafter he began to move towards the castle. Blood was going to be spilled. Many would die. And there would be souls to take.

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The handsome one put up his guard against Fay. He couldn't help himself chuckling and giggling to the cuteness of the guy's face, he slowly approached closer to him. It distracted him for a second, he forgot how intense the situation was. He snapped out of it and and talked to himself "Damn. I have got to stop doing this once in a while... especially in situation like this". while he turned around at the magus arrowed heading toward the two, he controlled the ones of those elements of his specialtise and deflects others effeciently.


He looked at the guy seductively once again, listenning to what he said... or at least partly "Are you one of the guards? Probably not. The imperial guards cannot have such skill or power. Or perhaps you're a captain?" He ran after and along with the handsome guy when he started heading off just like he said, to meet someone called Link. While running, he didn't forget to deflect the magus arrows once in a while when he could feel that it was heading this way at him and his new acquaintance. Also, he didn't forget to flirt "Are you single?"

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Zwei was surprised that the guy didn't know his identity. It's true that before he had ascended as the crowned prince, he barely go out of the palace. He would spend his days training alone in his training quarters. And when he goes out, he goes adventuring to dangerous places where humans are usually forbidden to come. But when his brother disappeared, he had assumed his position as the crowned prince. He would attend gatherings even the public ones. So for someone not to know him... that amused him.


"I am Zwei Francois von Khazaria. 2nd in line Prince. It is a surprise you do not recognize me. Are you perhaps not keen to public gatherings?" He said as he walked in the hallways. He needed to contact Link who is also the head of the Intelligence Division. Zwei was lost in thought when the guy, out of nowhere, asked him if he was single. That was rather random and uncalled for. They're at war and no one should be thinking over such pety things.


"That's an unnecessary information" Zwei said with a straight face. Walking straight and a few turns to the right, they had arrived to the Intelligence Division's Quarters.


"We're here" He said as he entered the quarters. Magus Circles were everywhere. People were running here and there, talking through telephaty. They must be gathering information. Zwei was glad they moved rather quick. Since the Intelligence Division is already moving, counter attack would be easier.


"Link! I need a favor" Zwei said as he spotted the guy talking to someone. The guy named Link turned over as life showed over his face. He rather looked glad to see Zwei. Link immediately gave the papers he was holding to his assistant and after giving him some orders, he quickly ran towards Zwei.


"Your Highness! I'm glad too see you. Since you are here, you must have thought of a counter-attack right?"


"Yes. Use your Telepathy Magus and connect to all of the resident Magus Users. Have them come to the Royal Barracks and ask General Ezekiel to lead the counter attack. As for me, I'll gather our Lost Magus Users myself with this person"


"Understood" With that, Link chanted something as a Bluish Magus Circle appeared before him. The magus circled grew bigger as smaller magus circles appeared in front of him, and to all of the Magus Users of Khazaria. After Link finished chanting, he looked at Zwei and nodded, confirming that Zwei was ready to go. Sighing once, Zwei stepped forward.


"I am Zwei Francois von Khazaria. Greetings to all of you Magus Users. We are at war! I know you must have known this. But at this rate, we are going to lose. I have devised a plan for us to survive.. and win. You who are capable of protecting what is ours, come here to the palace. We will fight... and we will win. For the Greater Glory of Khazaria!!"


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Kenta flinched minimally at the question. His sharp eyes were turned to the table as a soft sigh left his lips. There, he knew this guy was special... "I might just be." He answered quietly before grabbing his beer and sipping it. The boxer sighed as he shook his head as he closed his eyes. New brand... Good, stronger than before. He had to get a few bottles of this, definitely will help out later on.


The brunet chuckled at the answer he got for his question and grinned lightly. "You never did look like someone who'd care a lot about anything like this." He said simply while looking up at Liam. The boxer gulped down some beer as he rested his head on one hand and let out a soft sigh.


There was close to no reaction when Liam took out the soldiers. Kenta just shifted slightly to make sure whatever the attack the bartender was going to use didn't end up hurting him. He may need his power to fight later... "Good job." He grinned in mockery as he gulped down the last of the beer, trying to get rid of the annoying voice of his ancestor blabbering something about power and the need to protect the village. It was troublesome...


"Hey, gimme four bottles of beer and two of rum." Kenta mumbled out while taking out the money to pay. "I don't think you'll see me here anytime soon..." He sighed out while pushing the mug away. "This beer's good, by the way." He said with a light smile before a small groan left his mouth at a new voice echoing through his mind.


"I am Zwei Francois von Khazaria. Greetings to all of you Magus Users. We are at war! I know you must have known this. But at this rate, we are going to lose. I have devised a plan for us to survive.. and win. You who are capable of protecting what is ours, come here to the palace. We will fight... and we will win. For the Greater Glory of Khazaria!!"


Kenta sighed out and pushed himself away from the bar with a soft grunt. "C'mon, we both gotta go 'help save the country'. Gimme my drinks and I'm outta here."

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Liam smirked a bit in amusement when he noticed how the other reacted to his inquiring about him being one of the great six magus users descendants. It seemed the male was just as enthusiastic about the fact as Liam was with himself being one. He leaned back against the counter as he made small talk with the male, before he took out the few soldiers that stumbled into the bar, thinking they'd be able to kill down some more citizens and cause even more damage and chaos.


He sighed a bit, still bothered by having to do any work. Not only was Liam a pretty calm, laid back type of persona, but in truth he was actually quite very lazy. He glanced back over his shoulder at the other, giving no more than a shrug at his comment. Liam may be a good fighter, but that didn't mean he was one who enjoyed it. He preferred the more quite, unnoticed life, where no one bothered him really.


Hearing the others order about what he was buying, he nodded his head "Sure thing" he said as he moved behind the counter to get what the other wanted, moving to the back of the bar to grab the boxes of it. He brought it up to the counter, setting it up on it as he told the other the amount, taking it and giving back whatever his change was "Good. I recommended it myself to the owner to switch the brand. It's been doing pretty well" he nodded his head slightly before smirking "I don't think I'll really be seeing anyone around here for a while. Evacuations tend to empty places out" he chuckled sarcastically and a bit mockingly.


Suddenly, a voice rang through as there was a message from none other than Zwei Francois. The second in line for throne, now king. He sighed a bit in irritation "How troublesome....I'd really rather not be part of such a war" he muttered as he stood up from his leaning position "He's only saying that to get us excited. I doubt he has any idea if we'll win or not" he muttered, more so talking to himself. But again, he supposed this was truly exactly as his ancestor had been nagging him about. It was time to fight, and he hadn't really much of a choice "Guess we'll be seeing more of each other than we thought" he said with a shrug as he followed the other out the door, muttering under his breath to himself.


"What a pain.."

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I am Zwei Francois von Khazaria. Greetings to all of you Magus Users. We are at war! I know you must have known this. But at this rate, we are going to lose. I have devised a plan for us to survive.. and win. You who are capable of protecting what is ours, come here to the palace. We will fight... and we will win. For the Greater Glory of Khazaria!!"


Siel sighed with relief after hearing a call from the next to throne prince. The dark haired man was locked in his parent's home, protecting them from the soldiers of the enemy territory. The assassin knew that he couldn't fight off every knight on his own, let alone more than one Mangus user. Coal orbs darting to both his guardians, the young man swiftly stood to escape the confines of the home. Soon or later it wouldn't be a safe place to be. Soldiers would rummage through every home just to kill relentlessly.


"Ah." The twenty four year old sighed. Eyes closing, Siel concentrated his Mangus power into one form, managing to make a copy of himself. He smiled at his other half, the identical male nodding back and reaching for his parents. "Let get them out of here." Motioning for his parents to run from the building. "I hope this goes as planned." Flinching as the screams of death filled the air. This was disastrous.


Rushing from the door, the assassin dashed toward the direction of the kingdom. He was intending to arrive at the castle before his doppelganger. Unsheathing his daggers, Siel pushed through the terrified citizens to join the prince-to-be. "Could be worse, right?" Voice low as he briefly glanced around. Who was he kidding. Never had he thought he would see such a sight.


With the castle now in view, Siel sped up, clutching onto the concrete wall and heaving himself over it. There was one man he was now in search for, and that was Zwei Francois von Khazaria.


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Moving forward in a rather quick pace the young Magus proceeded with taking himself up a level from the streets that were filled with panicking humans. They screamed and cried in pure terror. Names were called. People got separated and at the same time the sound of another explosion was to be heard from the place where the war took place. Thanatos though kept his calm expression in this time of chaos. He was after all used to it, the tears, the screams and the fear.


"I am Zwei Francois von Khazaria. Greetings to all of you Magus Users. We are at war! I know you must have known this. But at this rate, we are going to lose. I have devised a plan for us to survive.. and win. You who are capable of protecting what is ours, come here to the palace. We will fight... and we will win. For the Greater Glory of Khazaria!!"

An unfamiliar voice caught his attention and he momentarily stopped to replay the words in his mind once again. This time maybe, he could be at least a little more useful to the people instead of just taking their lives. By doing this, he knew that his mother would be proud. His grip around the scythe tightened and with a sharp breath he then continued to run.


Soon reaching the tall castle wall he focused on what he wanted to create and then formed a long chain from the black smoke circling around his shoes that then was shot off towards the wall and buried itself within it. Gathering energy he shot off from the roof he had stood on and then landed on the solid wall with his feet. Climbing his way up afterwards and then released the chain that faded away.


He thereafter smoothly lowered himself to the ground and let his gaze be swept through the surroundings. It surely would be a challenge to find anything here. But he would succeed, without no doubt.

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Fay saw the guy's facial expression, it was strange, and it got even stranger when he stated his identity as the realm's prince. Fay was going to laugh at the guy's face for being able to make such a joke, and he did. "AHAHA. Oh god. You're funnier than you look" then he did notice that he never attended or participated in any social or public event. Not even once he afraid. He stopped his laughing "... Mhmm Maybe you are. But maybe not. since i never do social event. Never" he reconfirmed.


Zwei replied to his question earlier witha straight face. It wasn't fun. The guy wasn't funny. "Maybe you are a prince after all. You can't joke for shit."


Fay however followed him still. He looked around. The palace was bigger than Fay imagined, and a lot of men as well, this could be his heaven. He didn't get why his ancestor left this place. He could have as many concubines as he wished. "Mama, i should've attended for the palace's forces earlier. So much better than the slump"


He got distracted for quite a bit until the self proclaimed princed started spred the news through the guy named Link. During that process. He popped up a wonderful counter attack idea. He wrapped his arms around and onto the male's shoulder in a sexual manner. "The enemy will expect you to gather the force to the castle and counter the attack. We should only gather the commoner here. But lead the army and the rest of the Magus users secretly to 2 sides of the enemy wave and then STRIKE them. What do you say? I'm smart, aren't I? Gimme a reward" He leaned closer to the male's lips attempting to give him a kiss.

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"Please spare me!! I am a breadwinner in a family of eight. Please don't kill me... have mercy" A Khazarian soldier was on his feet, bloodied. Welsh had attacked him a while ago while under a camouflage of an elderly woman. The soldier kept on begging and weeping. If it had been Welsh himself, he would have spared him. However, right now, he was nothing but a mere puppet moving for every wish and whims of Wessburg Empire.


"Gahhh.... Where ..is the ..prince?" Welsh asked in a monotone, lifeless manner. The guard was too scared to talk so he had to scare him a little bit more. He stabbed a knife on his right palm. It was too forceful that it had been nailed into the ground. The guy yelled, but with another magus power of Welsh... > no one can hear the guy but him, no matter how loud he screams..


"Where is ....the ...prince...Guuuu...." Welsh had asked once again.


"Eeekkk!! Sorry... I have heard this from my superior, but it seems that Prince Zwei was gathering a large force inside the castle and he was preparing for a counter attackk.... now... spare me..." The soldier begged.


Welsh, knowing that information, he took the dagger out of the soldier's hand. He swung it sideways to free it from any blood that had stained the metal. And as he had no control on himself, he had killed the soldier. With the use of >, another skill of his, he had taken the form of the soldier and hid his corpse.


"Guuhh....Zwei Francois von Khazaria... you better stop me if you want to save humanity" he lifelessly said as he started walking to the castle. Soldiers and Magus users have gathered. It was not as much as the troops brought by Wessburg but he sensed that the Magus Users here are rather strong... So they preferred quality over quantity. It was just similar to Hyderia. Hylderia was the kingdom Welsh originally had came from. He was a bodyguard of a princess. However, when Wessburg invaded, he was pretty much defeated... and he was taken to Wessburg where he was transformed into a living puppet.


"Khazaria... will fall... guhhh" he said as he walked deeper into the crowd. Somewhere here, his target must be around.



-----Magus Users of Khazaria: RESTART-----



Zwei was pretty much busy directing commands in every troop of soldiers and magus users. General Ezekiel, the chief of command had helped in planning for the counter attack. Link, the Head of the of the Intelligence Division had been keeping them up to date the damage Khazaria had received as well as the location of the enemies.


"Prince! Enemies have spread from 9 o'clock into 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock simultaneously. It seemed they planned to surround the whole castle. We must be faster" Link had said as several Magus texts was scrolled in front of him.


"We have to wait a little bit more! We can't send a troop when they don't know what to do. It'd be a waste of to get even a single soldier killed" General Ezekiel argued. The palace is now in an uproar, and Magus users and soldiers have started to gather around.


Zwei had to decide... If they wait for too long, they'll be trapped. If they attack without a plan.. then it will be annihilation for them... It was a hard decision... so he had to decide. Thankfully, theman who tagged along made a suggestion.


"The enemy will expect you to gather the force to the castle and counter the attack. We should only gather the commoner here. But lead the army and the rest of the Magus users secretly to 2 sides of the enemy wave and then STRIKE them. What do you say? I'm smart, aren't I? Gimme a reward"


Zwei liked the idea. It was very true that the enemy will be coming here.. sooner or later. They had to do some tricks to gain advantage in this war....


"That was excellent... uhmmn... who are you again? Anyway. You will be given an appropriate reward should the war end. What do you want.. land, title,.. name it, I will give it to you with the best of my ability" Zwei had said. With their course of action getting clearer, he had commanded the gathered people.


"Everyone! We will be leaving the castle. We will divide the force into half... We all will head for 3 o'clock and from there we will be spreading out into 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock to intercept the enemy. Don't worry, I'll be sure to use a Magus to make a temporary barrier around the castle."


Like that he had started using his Magus... which he had really never shown to anyone. His Lost Magus, that is.


"Deity of the heavens, I call you. Arm me with your strength, Protect me with your shield. REQUIP! Deity of the Heavenly Shield [AEGIS]" Zwei chanted as a yellow gleam of light covered him. The light that covers him slowly formed into an armor. In two hands, two big metallic plates formed.


After that he made a second chant.


"I know of your strength Deity of the Heavens. Protect us from the enemy, We revere you... 'O Holy Shield! RELEASE: Deity of the Holy Shield [AEGIS: MAXIMA]"


By fusing his own magus with the innate magus power of Khazaria, he was able to temporarily recreate a make shift Magus barrier around the castle. It was not as strong. However, that should be enough to buy them some time. One bad thing about using [AEGIS: MAXIMA] is that as long as the barrier exists, Zwei won't be able to use any of his Magus Skills at all. That's why he had to gather the rest of the Lost Magus users for them to intercept the enemy forces.




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