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EXO Fanfic: Playing Around (Kris x Tao - Kristao)

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Characters: Tao x Kris (EXO)



As Tao started a new school, someone seemed to have taken a liking to him.


And since he was bored.


Tao figured that he was going to have a little fun.


Embarrass and have fun alike, right?


So he thought.



Status: Complete


A/N: Originally posted on Asianfanfics




The tall blonde smirked as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s waist and let her sit on his lap for the whole of the entirety of the school to look at, and watch in envy. He – the most popular boy in school – had in his palms the most popular girl in school, and it gave him all he ever wanted in life.


Both of them were the hottest couple in school; and it made Kris’s life so much better.


Even though he didn’t come from a particularly rich family, his looks were enough to get him to the top level within school, and of course, when he landed the richest, prettiest and most popular girl in school, his dreams were kick started off of the ground.


It gave him money, fame and most of all, an entrance into any university he wanted.


All because his girlfriend was one of the richest girls in all of South Korea.


Yes, it may look like he was taking of advantage of her, but that was only because he really was. He didn’t even like the girl. She was obnoxious; mean and incredible vain. Sure, she was hot, but Kris wasn’t attracted to her in the slightest. Which kind of made him mean since he was using her.


But come on; her dad had offered to pay for his college, and he basically had anything he could ever want.


After college he could dump her and move on, simple as that.


His life was easy and simple.


Or so he thought.



The black-haired boy sighed before he parked his motorcycle near the gate, locking it up properly and putting his helmet underneath his arm as he got off of his vehicle. Running a hand through his already messy hair, he sighed before he threw his school bag and leather jacket over his shoulder and began walking towards the entrance.


Black tight skinny jeans hugged his legs along with dirty combat boots, and a white V-neck and waistcoat covered his torso. Also presented on his face, was one piercing on the side of his eyebrow that stood out with its black crystal colour. Moving along the hallways, he was more than aware of the stares he was gaining, but he chose to ignore them, knowing that they were only staring because he was the new-kid, and they were just curious.


Moving to what he assumed was the front office, he managed to collect all of the stuff that he needed for this semester without any troubles, and they also gave him a handy map that he was sure to need.


Looking over where he was supposed to be first – which was maths – he started to move along the corridors, even though the first period bell hadn’t rung yet, because he didn’t like the idea of coming into class late and having everyone’s eyes on him was not his sort of thing.


One thing that he did not like, was attention. At all.


When he finally got to the right class, he noticed that there was some people already there, but not a lot so he moved to the teacher and discussed some things with him.


Your name?” the teacher asked.


Huang Zitao.” The student replied not really in the mood for any kind of chit-chat, but soon enough, he had gotten a seat at a table – which was situated at the back thank god – and all the books he’d need for this semester.


The bell rang, and the students began riling in; all kinds of people entered, but Zitao wasn’t into the whole judging appearances thing, so he placed his helmet on the corner of the desk, and leaned back, waiting for the lecture to begin.


Okay, so Zitao wasn’t really into the judging appearance thing, as he said, but the six students that just entered were trying really hard to give off a first opinion.


The three girls first, they looked like they had daily appointments with a plastic surgeon – and not a particularly good one. And damn they looked like they wanted no one to even look at them if they weren’t rich enough.


And the guys that followed, seemed like little puppy dogs, but they all looked like douches.


Well, they better stay out of his way.


And what a coincidence! They were moving to the back, to his table, where he actually failed to notice there was seats still empty there: one beside him, and two in front of him.


Zitao closed his eyes and sighed, praying that nothing was going to happen and he was going to get through this class without a single problem. But then again, it turned sour when he saw the tall blonde boy take the seat next to him, and two of the bimbos sit in front of him. Must keep quiet.


Since when was the seat next to you taken Yifan?” One of the girls spoke, her high pitched voice exceedingly annoying, and her voice sounded teasing. Zitao could feel the blonde’s eyes settling on him before replying.


Don’t know babe, why don’t you ask him?” his voice was deep.


Zitao sighed, no, why don’t you not ask him and just leave him alone?


Then he could hear the girl sigh, and soon enough, she was talking to him, but he kept his eyes down for the moment, sighing silently.


You, stranger, new kid, whatever, who are you?” she asked, now even the other three at a separate table was looking at him, and he sighed visibly this time; not wanting any trouble, but that doesn’t mean he was going to take shit either from anyone.


Zitao looked up and locked eyes with her.


It’s more polite to give your name first before asking for another’s.” he replied, his voice low and sounding boring, and the look on her face was hilarious.


Excuse you.” She said, glaring at him full on.


The tall blonde beside him was quietly chuckling as Zitao just sighed and began to listen to the teacher who speaking again; and he started to take notes, ignoring further advancements into his personal life by the three kids surrounding him.



Kris watched the new boy with curiosity, smiling at the fact someone finally had the guts to stand up to his girlfriend and not take her shit. Through the period, he could see his girlfriend – Taeyeon – begin to get angry with the new boy; but it was incredibly amusing to the rest of his friends, he could tell.


Class was soon over, and he watched as the new boy grabbed his helmet, jacket and bag and raced out of there before anyone could say another word to him.


Then he felt someone clinging onto his arm.


Turning around, he smiled at his girlfriend before hugging her waist and walking out of class with her.


What a weirdo.” She suddenly said, and Kris looked at her weirdly.


Who is?” he asked, but he kind of had an idea of who she was talking about.


That freaking smart ass new kid.” She muttered, her hand now finding its way to Kris’s, entangling their fingers as they walked towards the cafeteria.


Right…” Kris mumbled in reply, not entirely agreeing with what she was talking about.


When they got there; they occupied the same the table they have been for the past two years, and Kris sat between his two best friends, high fiving them as he did.


Sup guys.” He greeted, before watching as Taeyeon sat beside her girlfriends, gossiping about god knows what, and he really didn’t want to know.


But what did intrigue him, was the young student that entered the cafeteria.



Zitao sighed as he entered the cafeteria with his tray of lunch he had just received, and his eyes were raking over the tables to hopefully find one that was completely empty and he could sit in peace.


When he was walking, he ended up having to pass the table where the six ‘popular’ kids happened to sit; and he just happened to lock eyes with that bitch that was impolite to him and she just had to say something.


Hey look, it’s the creepy ass weirdo who has no friends.” Taeyeon spoke aloud, and some of her peers began to laugh.


But Zitao had to try and not to laugh himself. What kind of an insult was that?


Turning to her, he placed the tray down on their table before he started to speak.


Um, dude, first of all, I have no friends because it’s the ғυϲƙing first day of school for me. Second, I’m only a ‘weirdo’ to you because I tried to teach you some manners. And thirdly, you’re the creepy one here bitch.” He insulted, and her mouth was no agape and there was silence around their table. “Now if you’d excuse me, I’m hungry.” After finishing his sentence he walked away to an empty table he had spotted just before he was interrupted.


Sitting down, he put his earphones in and started slowly eating his food, ignoring everyone around him.



What a jerk.” Taeyeon murmured as she stared at the new boy in disgust, but Kris was still staring at him in amusement. So the new boy had some spunk – he’d definitely have to explore that. Suddenly he felt his girlfriend hit him lightly across the chest.


What?” he asked, trying not to sound too annoyed.


You were ignoring me.” She pouted, forcing him to stare at the lip gloss covered lips before she smiled as he flung his arm over her shoulder and cradled into her, knowing that she loved that affection side of him. There really wasn’t that kind of side to him, it was all just an act.


Sorry babe, what is it?” he asked in a soft voice, making her melt.


You’ll be over at mine tonight after school right?” she asked, and Kris knew exactly the reason she wanted him to come over. And he hated it. Yeah, she’d never admit it, but she was a little addicted to having sex with him. But Kris tried to avert it as long as he could. The last time was three months ago, and he knew she was getting very suspicious.


Sighing in his head, he leaned forward and smirked.


Of course babe.” Kris whispered, and she giggled before pressing her pink lips against him in a quick kiss.



Zitao sighed as the last bell went and he was finally able to get out of the school. No matter what one he attended, he never liked it, he’d rather be out on the roads on his motorcycle, gazing into nowhere and flying into freedom. Tucking his helmet under his arm, he started to move out of the building, his earphones still in his ears as the music blasted through.




The boy obviously couldn’t hear the yells that were appointed towards him, so he continued until he was hit by the fresh air; and he sauntered towards the motorcycle he came here on.


Finally taking out his earphones, he was about to put them in his pocket before he felt someone grab his waist and pull him backwards. Out of reflex he quickly forced his body backwards with a lot of force, pushing his perpetrator on the floor so he could quickly whisk his body around and put his arm against the other’s neck.


The boy below was slowly choking, and he was struggling.


When Zitao realised who he was, he took away his arm and glared down at the boy who he was sitting beside in first period.


What do you want?” he asked, and the blonde chuckled while trying to catch his breath.


Although he couldn’t say he wasn’t entirely non-happy with the position – the new boy straddling him was rather intriguing.


Just wanted to talk.” Kris whispered, and Zitao rolled his eyes.


About?” the new boy asked, not moving from his position. Shuffling a little to get a little more comfortable, he failed to realise the effect he had on the tall blonde beneath him who was now rather flustered.


Just talk.” Kris said, trying to ignore the fact that the new boy just grinded on him unintentionally and he was glad that everyone else had basically gone home so they couldn’t see him like this.


” Zitao didn’t say anything but he got up and stepped away, folding his arms across his chest as he watched the other get up and dust off his clothes. “So let’s talk.” He said, and Kris laughed.


The blonde moved forward a little. There was barely inches between both of their chests.


Where you from?” he wondered. Zitao bit his lip before he folded his arms across his chest, looking back to his bike for a split second.


There was probably no harm in talking to him.




Kris chuckled.


I realised that. I mean, you have a brilliant accent.” The blonde began speaking in Chinese, making the motorcyclist raise an eyebrow at the sudden change in language. Zitao licked his lips before he tilted his head at the blonde in front of him and chuckled.


…You’re Chinese too?” he asked, and Kris nodded. “Interesting…


After all these new schools in Korea, there wasn’t one Chinese person that had ever approached him.


Leaning against his bike, his eyes raked over Kris. He was hot at least.


So, what else did you want to talk about?” Zitao asked, trying to keep his smirk level as he watched the taller move forward even more. The blonde definitely wanted something more than just talking from him. Especially when he felt Kris’s legs hit off his own, and they were very close.


Kris chuckled before he put an arm on Tao’s motorcycle, right beside the other’s head.


Well… you intrigued me today.” He whispered. The other Chinese boy faked a gasp.


Did I?!” he asked, and Kris chuckled.


Like that – you have a very keen… personality.” The blonde explained, pointing to him. He prodded Zitao’s chest a little, but kept his hand there afterwards, leaving a smirk on the boy’s face.


The boy moved his hand to Kris’s hand and held it tight.


And then he pursed his lips.


What are you planning exactly?” Tao wondered, his leg conveniently moving in between the blondes, very naughtily. “If you’re thinking what I think you are…” His knee moved up, sliding between Kris’s two legs until it hit his crotch. He watched as Yifan’s face heat up a little.


Kris smirked as he saw Tao bite his lip seductively.


And all the blonde did was nod. Agree to whatever was on Zitao’s mind at that moment.


But then Zitao’s expression turned into a smug one and he lifted his knee up full force. The impact came hard in touch with Kris’s crotch, and he fell to the floor instantly.


I’m not a slut, whatever-your-name-is.” Tao said, pushing the other away before slipping his leather jacket on. The boy in pain stared as Tao pushed the helmet over his head and slide onto the motorcycle.


Even though the other had attacked him, Kris had to admit that Zitao was ғυϲƙing sexy.


As the engine was started up, Yifan moved to Tao quickly.


You’re…” he started slowly. “You’re so ғυϲƙing sexy.


The helmeted boy turned to him and chuckled. Smiling – not that Kris could see it – he got ready to ride. But then Kris grabbed his shoulder and shouted one last thing to him before he left.


What’s your name?! Mine’s Kris!” Kris exclaimed, a big cheesy grin was set on his lips.


Tao groaned before he shut off the engine and slammed the breaks down.


Taking off his helmet, he turned to Kris and groaned.


For ғυϲƙ sake Kris, get the hell on.” Tao handed the blonde the helmet as the other stared at him in disbelief. The boy sighed as the helmet was weighing his arm down quite a bit. “For the record, my name is Huang Zitao, and if you don’t take the helmet in five seconds I really will go.


Kris instantly grabbed the helmet and shoved it on. As he stood there, Zitao motioned to behind him and Yifan grinned before lifting his leg and sitting directly behind the Chinese boy.


The new boy turned behind and chuckled before facing the front.


God knows why I’m doing this.”



They reached Tao’s home, and both were now situated in the boy’s room. Zitao walked over to the desk and took a seat on the chair, before watching as Yifan took a seat on the bed.


Both of them stared at each other for a while.


It was an eerie silence.


Until Kris broke it. He spoke as Zitao just simply crossed his legs.


What am I doing here?” He asked, and the Chinese boy tilted his head, his expression showing that he was a little confused.


Tao stood up and walked over to the blonde Chinese man and knelt in front of him. This made Yifan stare in absolute believe that the new kid was on his knees for him at this moment. Everything got even worse when he felt Zitao’s hands move to his knees, and those wide brilliant eyes were staring at him.


What are you doing here?” Zitao asked, his thumbs rubbing Kris’s thighs.


…Um…” Kris didn’t exactly know what to say. The blonde bit his lip before smirking.


Kris… why did you come on my bike?” he asked, and Yifan chuckled.


Because you asked me to.


Then what did you think was going to happen when you got here?” The new boy asked, his hands moving even further up Kris’s legs, his fingertips softly touching his crotch.


Yifan’s breath hitched. Looking down into Zitao’s eyes, they were expressing raw emotion.


Well… I have a good idea now.” Kris whispered.


The younger grinned before he stood up and turned away from him. Moving to the wardrobe, Yifan watched as the other began taking off his jacket. Was this boy seriously about to strip in front of him?


Zitao shimmied his jacket off his shoulders and placed it on the table.


Then his hands moved to his waistcoat, and he took that off too. After that, his hands moved to his belt and he began unbuckling it.


However, he stopped when he felt two large hands move over his own.


Moving his head to the side, Zitao gave Yifan a lopsided smile.




Kris chuckled before he began messing around with the boy’s belt himself, slipping it off. He could feel the younger’s breath hitch, and he loved the fact that the other was this effected by him.


His hand moved to the others jeans, but then Zitao stopped him.


Tao moved around and placed his hands on Kris’s chest. Just as he was about to lean up closer to the blonde’s face, there was a sudden knocking on his door.


Both of them froze in position.


Y-Yes?” Zitao asked and then he heard his mother’s voice through the door.


Honey, is someone there with you?” She asked, her hand ready on the door knob to move in. The boy’s eyes widened at the question before he stared up at Kris who looked mortified. But seriously, Zitao was just trying hard not to drop to the floor and kill himself laughing. “Zitao?” The woman repeated.


Zitao licked his lips before he looked around his room. And his eyes zoomed in on the closet.


Turning back to Kris, he grinned.


…No.” The blonde whispered, but Zitao nodded. Grabbing onto Kris’s shirt, he pushed him right into the closet before moving over to his door and opening it to reveal his mother.




Is there someone with you in there?” She asked, and Tao looked confused.


Of course not.” The mother just nodded.


Well, dinner’s almost ready.


Zitao smiled and shut the door. Moving back to the closet, he opened it and grinned at Kris. The blonde moved out and rolled his eyes at the younger.


Tao, why am I here?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest. Tao bit his lip.


Because I want to have some fun.” The boy explained. Kris tilted his head with a smirk before leaning down.


Yet you were so resistant before.


Well then I realised that you were hitting on me, and you’re not that bad looking so I figured ‘what the hell’?” Tao whispered, before he grabbed Kris’s shirt again and moved them around. Pushing Kris on the bed, he quickly took a seat on the others lap before speaking again. “However, there is a slight problem with all of this.


Kris chuckled.


And what’s that?


Tao faked a gasp before he leaned closer. His lips were now against Yifan’s ear and his hot breath was making the other feel hot and bothered.


You… have… a… girlfriend.” The boy whispered.


The blonde rolled his eyes at the thought of the popular chick. Moving his hand to Tao’s waist, he rubbed the skin before staring at the boy who was now looking into his eyes.


Hmm…” Kris whispered.


Tao shook his head before he suddenly moved away from Kris’s lap.


I don’t feel like playing with someone’s boyfriend.” He explained, and Kris’s eyes widened at his words. “Besides, as much as I want to have fun, I’m not really a slut either.


Suddenly Kris stood up, folding his arms across his chest, rather annoyed.


Then he spoke.


Then why the hell did you bring me here?


Zitao chuckled.


Because you were annoying me. And, I figured, why not get some excitement out of it?” The boy chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t feel bad at all, leading Kris on.


Besides. It was very fun to see Kris start to fume. Yifan sarcastically laughed before he turned to the door.


So you brought me here for nothing?


Tao nodded.


Although I have to admit, I had a little fun.” The boy confessed, before waving a little. Just as Kris was about to open his bedroom door, he rushed forward and grabbed the blonde’s wrist. “Wait!


Kris turned to him with an expectant smile on his face. But then Tao chuckled.


You have to go through the window.”


The other turned to the window and groaned.


Are you kidding me?” he asked. But the look on the other’s face showed him that in fact he was going to have to go out the window. “I ғυϲƙing hate you.” Kris murmured as he approached the window.


Zitao chuckled. Before he shook his head.


I’ll see you tomorrow Kris.” The boy announced, giggling when he got a low growl from the blonde now climbing out of his window. At least his room was on the ground floor which made it particularly easy for Kris to leave. When he was gone, Zitao chuckled as he shut the window.


This was definitely fun. Well, at least something exciting had happened today.


And besides. The thing he hated most was cheaters. It was great to embarrass Kris completely.



School came rather quickly the next day, and Zitao flawlessly parked his bike in the car park. Taking off his helmet, he moved off the motorcycle and began moving into the building. As he moved through the building, his eyes immediately caught view of the blonde who was currently standing in the middle of the atrium with his girlfriend directly in front of him.


And she looked actually pissed.


Zitao raised a suspicious eyebrow before he moved forward. It wasn’t like he needed to be close to hear what they were saying – they were practically shouting in each other’s faces.


You can’t ғυϲƙing do that!” Her voice was full of anger and annoyance, but the expression on Kris’s face showed that he didn’t care very much.


I can, and I just did.” Kris’s voice lowered.


When Tao reached them, the girl saw him and glowered. But she just huffed and walked away.


Kris took a deep breath.


And then he turned around, a little surprised to see Zitao standing there, looking as cool as ever with his leather outfit.


Oh, Tao.


Tao waved a little before he pursed his lips. And then he dared to ask the question.


So, what have you done this morning?” he asked, tilting his head. The blonde chuckled before he shrugged his shoulders.


Oh nothing much. Just broke up with my girlfriend, had some breakfast.” He explained.


Tao’s eyes widened.


Broke up with your girlfriend?” he wondered. Looking at the girl who was stomping away, he giggled. And then when he turned back around, Yifan was very close to him all of a sudden.


The blonde suddenly put his hand around Zitao’s neck and pulled him closer, smashing their lips against each other’s.


Tao’s eyes widened before he smirked into the kiss and pushed the other away.


Kris, are you serious right now?” he asked. The blonde looked confused.


What do you mean?


Did you just break up with your girlfriend so you could have fun with me?” The boy asked, tilting his head a little, smirking at the boy in front of him. Yifan faked a gasp and shoved his hand over his heart.


No way! I’m not that low!” He gasped again and Tao chuckled. But then Yifan moved closer again and wrapped his arms around Tao’s waist, pulling him closer and moving his face closer to the other. “I broke up with my ex-girlfriend because I wanted you to be my boyfriend.” Yifan exclaimed, pecking Tao on the lips. The younger pushed the other away and chuckled.


Shaking his head, he shook his finger and pursed his lips.


It’s my second day, I’m not dating you when I only met you yesterday.” Tao said, rolling his eyes. Kris furrowed his eyebrows.


Tao shook his head and chuckled.


Sorry Kris.” He said, shrugging his shoulders. The blonde looked like a depressed puppy dog.


Both of them fell into silence.


Just as the biker was about to move away, Yifan grabbed his arm and pulled him much closer.


If I get to know you, will I get to date you, say, in a week?


Zitao chuckled.


You’re really desperate huh?” he asked.




Tao stared at him, as Kris stared back and it turned into a fierce staring game. Both of them were desperate to not look away, but Zitao ended up bursting out in a chuckle before he spoke again.


Fine. You got one week to learn everything about me.


Kris grinned.


Got cha!


See you around Kris.


The older grinned at him before they separated. It was going to be a fun week!




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This was a sweet story! :cuteonion41:


I love this pairing it's one of the coolest.

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Wow...that was truly amazing never read a good fanfic like that...like EVER! Keep up the good work and keep writing! Btw can u tell me if you have or might be making a sequel to this story because you totally should!!! Thx for writing!

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