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クローバー (Clover)

Vocaloid: Money Isn't Always Hell's Best Lawyer (Len x Kaito)

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クローバー (Clover)

Summary: Plot is partially based off of "Judgement of Corruption" in the Seven Deadly Sins Series. Settings are from the Evillious Chronicles (which the Seven Deadly Sins Series accompanies). Len is a defense attorney fresh out of law school who's relatively confident in his skills. Rin ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is charged with a crime she didn't commit. After finding out that the case has been taken to the federal level immediately, Len realizes that Kaito is the judge, and the only way for him to win is to out-bribe the prosecution. However, he's short on money, and the prosecution already gave Kaito piles of cash for a guilty verdict! How will he convince Kaito to hand down a not guilty verdict instead?


Status: Chapter 1: Done

Chapter 2: In Progress


Warnings: Possible BDSM scenarios, possible dub-con (dubious, but consensual) scenarios


Other Notes: Len and Rin are siblings in this fanfic.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche = Rin

Allen Avadonia = Len

Gallerian Marlon (who will be called Marlon for short) = Kaito

Kayo Sudou = Luka

Ney Futapie = Neru


Both the Seven Deadly Sins Series and Evillious Chronicles belong to 悪ノP/mothy, not me.

Money Isn't Always Hell's Best Lawyer


Chapter 1


"Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, you are charged with the attempted assault of Miss Kayo Sudou. You are to be tried for your crime tomorrow." I watched in horror as they dragged Riliane off to a police car. I could've sworn the last thing I heard her shout was "It wasn't me! Allen saw it all!" What she said was true; I was there for the entire scene, so I knew for a fact that it wasn't her. It was actually my ex-girlfriend Ney Futapie, who, in a drunken, jealous rage, tormented Kayo, the local tailor who ran the most successful clothing company in all of the land, for "spending too much time with MY Len-kun" and threatened her with a smashed beer bottle. She then handed it off to Riliane, who was passing by as Kayo called the cops. Having graduated law school summa cum laude two weeks ago, and having won my first case yesterday, I wanted to take on this case for my twin. And how could I not? All evidence was in my favor. I even took snapshots of Ney before, during, and after Riliane's arrival, so I had all the evidence I needed to disprove anything Kayo's attorney said about Riliane. Hurrying over to the police car, I prepared myself to be met with resistance, but was shocked to not be stopped.


"Excuse me, may I talk to this woman before you leave?" I asked. The police, a little confused, moved aside and opened the door, one of them holding onto her by her handcuffs. I looked into her confused and upset eyes before talking.

"Riliane, I'll cover this case for you. It's going to be okay. Just relax and let me do the talking. I'll make sure you get out of this alive." I said in as gentle a voice I could manage and felt a bit happier when Riliane smiled in response before they forced me away, closed the door, and drove off to the county jail. I knew that it was generally frowned upon to defend someone I was close to, but here in the prefecture of Evillious, and the entire continent of Bolganio in general, the justice system was different from those of most other countries.

All sorts of corruption plagued our justice system. People did everything and anything they could to vouch for their friends in court; people lied under oath, made ridiculous objections that often were allowed, but most frequently, in Evillious especially, people bribed the judge and jury to rule in their favor. This was how judges had been making money for centuries, and it hasn't changed since the founding of Bolganio. All lawyers were given traditional educations, but were expected to know about these corrupt dealings on their own. Having two lawyers as parents, I knew the ins and outs of the corrupt judicial system, so winning this case would be a snap for me… Or so I thought.


Later at my house, I received notice of where the trial would be held and who the judge would be. My brow furrowed as I viewed the name of the judge. "GALLERIAN MARLON" it said in all caps. I wondered if the government still printed names on official papers in all caps like it had up until recently before reading where the trial would be held. My eyes nearly came out of their sockets after realizing that this case would be held in the Union State of Evillious' Dark Star Court. That very court was the highest in all of the land, and what that told me was that I had to win this case at all costs. Losing a case in federal court meant my twin would never see the light of day ever again. Winning would escalate me into the high life of Evillious. The risk was high, but so was the reward. For a beginner like me to land a victory at this stage would be unprecedented in Bolganian history. So, I excitedly called the county jail and requested to speak to Riliane. Five minutes later, she came on the other line.


"Hello?" her soft, gentle voice sounded. It brought me great joy to hear my twin's smaller voice sound as healthy as ever.

"Hey, Riliane, you heard where the trial's going to be held?" I asked, excitedly.

"I know. It's going to federal court." she said glumly.

"Why aren't you excited? If I win this, we'll be living fancy in no time!" I said excitedly, wondering why she sounded so sad.

"That's just it. You can't win." Riliane replied. My mood suddenly dampened, I took a few deep breaths to take in what she just told me. "Did you hear? Kayo gave the judge 1 billion yen outright to rule against me and dismiss all information about Ney as hearsay. Unless you can come up with a better bribe, I'm toast."

My mind began to race. Seeing that Kayo's tailoring business made her a multi-billionaire when it evolved into a full-fledged clothier with many chains all throughout Bolganio, she definitely had the money to make a bribe of that scale. What I didn't expect of her (but really should have) was that she'd even think of doing that. Despite being kind and friendly on the outside, Kayo Sudou was actually an evil, envious bitch on the inside who would kill for an item she wanted. She once even attempted to murder Riliane because she wanted her hairpin. Because of the corrupt judicial system, Kayo's crime went unpunished. That knowledge made my blood boil in hatred of the woman.

"Hold on. I have to check something." I briefly left the phone to check my bank account on my phone. My heart sunk at what I saw. I had only 100000 yen in my savings account and even less than that in my checking account. Running back to the phone, I was afraid of telling Riliane the truth, so I tried to act like everything was fine.

"Are you all right, Allen? You're panting into the phone." She told me, a little bit of fear present in her voice.

"Uh… Yeah! I'm fine! I just checked my bank account, and I think I can beat that bribe! I was celebrating, so that's why I'm tired!" I fibbed. I knew for a fact that that was the most outrageous lie I'd ever told, but I had to do it to keep Riliane at ease. "Anyway, I shouldn't be keeping you for so long. Your phone time is limited, right?"

"Yeah, it is. I was going to hang up now anyway. It's almost dinnertime." My twin said.

"Okay. Be safe. Love you." I said.

"Love you too," Riliane said before hanging up.

I hung up after she did and flopped onto my couch in despair. I only had 100000 yen! How would that compare to Kayo's 1 billion?! The judge wouldn't even listen to me if that was all I had! Damn the world and the unfairness of the judicial system!

"GODDAMMIT!" I screamed into a pillow and punched it a couple times. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This case was looking more and more hopeless as time went by. This was looking like a battle I couldn't win.


((Author's note: Please tell me how I did with this! I did a lot of research on the Evillious Chronicles to make this!))

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Morinaga's Girl

@クローバー (Clover)

So beautiful *_____* Keep it up! I can't wait for the next chapter *___*

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クローバー (Clover)

@Morinaga's Girl

Thank you so much!! Reviews make me happy~!


EDIT: Chapter 2 is looking to be really long, so I might split it into two chapters.

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クローバー (Clover)

Chapter 2


Notes: There is masturbation in this chapter. The actual sex comes later〜♥


On the day of the trial, I traveled to the USE's Dark Star Court early in the morning by train, knowing that I had to do some quick thinking to get Riliane out of Death Row. The train was packed with people on their morning commute to the city, so I was stuck in a seat next to a loud woman complaining to her husband about work on my left and an old man to my right shouting at a fire extinguisher thinking it was a kid on his lawn. I sighed irritably, taking a sip of my coffee I picked up from the train station before departing. Suddenly, the train hit a bump in the railing, and I spilled my coffee all over my face and the old man's hair. Then, the crotchety old coot decided to lecture me up the ass about manners, a subject that being Riliane's butler had made me very educated on, so I ignored the old geezer and went on with my life. I groaned as the old man's voice got louder and more annoying, as he was now criticizing my parents for raising me "improperly". Finally, I snapped, my usually cool demeanor leaving me for just a moment.

"Would you kindly shut the hell up, you old moron?!" I shouted. Heads turned and looked directly at me, some eyes scornful, others not so much. "And what're all of you looking at?!"

The eyes averted from me after that. I then buried my face in my hands and let out a grumpy, tired sigh. I knew this was going to pay off in the end. It had to, otherwise, why would I be here? Thankfully, the train ride only lasted two hours, arriving at around 8, leaving me at least 4 hours before the trial started. I quickly made my way out of the train, pushing against people trying to cut in front of me and leaving the train in relatively good time.

Once I was outside, I took in a majestic sight before me. The city of the Union State was bustling with people, buildings, and busy streets filled with cars, far different from the small town Riliane and I lived in. At one corner, I saw one of Kayo's chain stores. I glared at it as if it were the woman herself. That bitch was the very reason why I had to go through this trouble to come here. I knew she was out there either en route to here or already here laughing at my pain. Shaking those images from my mind to refocus myself, I hailed a cab and requested to go to the Dark Star Hotel, a special hotel attached to the courtroom itself that served as lodging for all people involved in a federal case. It also served as housing for the justices of the court. We arrived in pretty good time, and the cabbie didn't make me pay too much, so I was very much grateful for my good fortune. I walked into the hotel's lobby and gasped at the beautiful sight before my eyes. The lobby was elegantly decorated with beautiful tapestries and portraits of all chief justices up to the newest one. Just as I looked to the chief justice's portrait, it was my turn to check in. I then went to the front desk to give the lady my information so she could look up the case I was involved in.

"Allen Avadonia… So you're the young hotshot that everyone's been talking about lately." the lady at the front desk said, a heavy accent in her voice. "Even Gallerian Marlon has been wanting to meet you. In fact he's here right now, waiting for you in your room."

My eyes sparkled like diamonds. The Chief Justice of the USE's Dark Star Court was actually waiting to talk to me?! I couldn't believe my luck. Practically throwing my bags at one of the workers, I snatched my room key from the lady and ran up to my room. Thankfully, the workers were right behind me, so I had my bags with me. Unlocking and opening the door, the sight before me was spectacular. The room was beautifully decorated with the same kind of decor as the lobby, and to top it all off, I knew the Chief Justice was waiting for me somewhere. I looked around excitedly until I heard the shower turn off. The bathroom door opened, and yet another sight to behold was before me. The Chief Justice Gallerian Marlon himself had finished his shower and come out with nothing but a towel wrapped around his lower half, leaving his perfect torso out in full view. His face looked like it had been molded perfectly by a master sculptor, his dark blue eyes had a mysterious beauty to them that drew me in almost subconsciously, and his sapphire-colored hair took on a glossy sheen from being wet. I then caught myself staring at him and looked to the floor.

"I-I'm so sorry…" I said, absolutely mortified at the fact that I was staring at him.

"It's fine," the blue haired judge said with a laugh. "I get that a lot from men and women alike, so you're not alone~"

His voice was deep and silky, like he was perpetually striving to tempt someone to his bed. I began wondering if he sounded more serious in court or if his voice remained velvety wherever he was. I quickly got myself together and went to introduce myself.

"My name is Allen Avadonia. I'm the defense attorney of this case, fighting on behalf of Madam Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche." I said with a bow. Bowing during greetings was something I picked up from being Riliane's butler, and I wondered what the other man would think of it.

"I am Gallerian Marlon, Chief Justice of the Union State of Evillious's Dark Star Court. In this setting, please call me Marlon." Marlon said. "I can already tell why you're here. You want to beg me to let your precious princess free, right?"

"For the record, Miss Riliane has abdicated. She no longer is a queen, princess, or any form of royalty." I asserted. "Otherwise, you are right. I don't have a lot of money, though…"

"Then I suppose you should just let Miss Sudou take her spoils. If you don't have money, then I won't make it happen." Marlon dried his hair off, not bothering to brush it. "However… You're still Miss d'Autriche's butler, right?"

"She told me that I was free to treat her how I saw fit." I said. "So not at the moment. However, she is my world, so I will do anything to make sure she doesn't die for something she didn't do."

"Hmmm… Since you still have the skills of a butler in you, there is something you can do for me in lieu of paying me." Marlon smirked evilly, a suspicious glint in his eye.

"What will it be? I'll do anything." I said, wondering what Marlon had in mind.

"Be my slave for the trial. Whatever I tell you to do, do it without hesitation or question. Any resistance from you, and I'll have Riliane shot right in front of you. However, I won't tell Miss Sudou anything if you give me your full obedience. Is that clear, my little butler?" his voice dropped lower than normal for the last few words, and it struck me right in the heart. I knew that Riliane mattered to me more than anyone in the world, and even though I wasn't sure if I could stand being a slave, I knew I had to do it to make sure she lived.

"Y-yes, Master." I said, kneeling to the blue-haired man in front of me like I used to when addressing Riliane while she was still a queen.

"Good boy." Marlon smirked. "Rest up. You'll need all your energy for this job tomorrow."

I expected him to leave after this, but he didn't.

"Is there something wrong, Allen?" he asked.

"My apologies. I just thought that your room was elsewhere, Master." I said, my face turning red from mortification. "Was there a booking mistake?"

"I'm telling you right now that there was no mistake." Marlon said. "Now go wash up and go to bed. That's an order."

"Yes, Master." I said, rising to go to the bathroom.

He walked over to the bed and let his towel fall, revealing the rest of his beautiful body to me from the corner of my eye. Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation come over me. My pants were getting unbearably tight all of a sudden. I quickly stripped off my clothes and realized that I became erect seeing Marlon naked. Turning the water to cold, I got into the shower, hoping the cold water would tame my erection. Seeing that that had no effect, I decided the problem had to be taken care of myself. Letting the water on my fingers serve as lube, I reached underneath myself and slowly inserted a finger into my entrance. I let out a small gasp at the intrusion, even though it was my own finger. Once I had gotten used to it, I inserted another finger inside me and began scissoring myself. Partway in the act, I began to imagine that it was Marlon who was fingering me. In addition, I also imagined that he was saying all sorts of dirty things to me.

"M-Master… AAH!" I moaned before I came over the shower floor. Thankfully, the running water washed my ejaculate away, effectively covering my tracks. As I softened, I washed up and got out, changing into some sleepwear before going to the bed. I saw Marlon in bed, asleep with a huge grin on his face, as if he heard me in his sleep. My face turned red as I wondered if he was even asleep at all. Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I gently laid myself down on the floor, falling asleep in moments. I could tell that the trial would be difficult.

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Morinaga's Girl

@クローバー (Clover)

Very beautiful chapter *__* And the last scene was hot *__* I am now also wondering if Marlon was asleep or he heard him in the shower :D

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More Please~!

I'm Looking Forward For The Next Chapter :D

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クローバー (Clover)


Thank you so much!

@Morinaga's Girl

Yeah, I wonder too~ We'll find out in the next chapter!

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クローバー (Clover)

Chapter 3


The day of the trial came. I woke up to see that Marlon was awake.

"Good morning, slave." Marlon said, looking me directly in the eyes.

"G-good morning, Master." I said, bowing. "Is there anything you fancy for breakfast today?"

"Maybe later. Get washed up, but don't get dressed yet. I have something for you to wear." Marlon said, a sinister grin on his face.

Gulping, I bowed low to the ground.

"Right away, Master." I said, hurriedly taking my pajamas off. I was certain that he must have caught a glimpse of me naked as I rushed off to the shower. I got in and spent what felt like only one minute in the shower to wash myself before I brushed my teeth and returned to Marlon, wrapped in a towel.

"Oh? What's with that towel?" he inquired. "Did I say you could wear that?"

"N-no, Master…" I said, a little scared.

With that, he yanked my towel off of me and left me naked.

"Don't dress in anything I don't tell you to dress yourself with. Understood, slave?" he said with a caustically scornful tone.

"Y-yes, Master." I said, ashamed of disobeying him.

"Now, this is what I'd like you to wear for the trial." he pulled out something that made my heart sink. It was a black French maid's dress with a matching headband, matching shoes, and black lacy panties and stockings to go with it. My face turned bright red.

"So, do you love it?" Marlon said teasingly. My heart stopped at how skimpy the outfit looked.

"B-but… That's for women!" I said.

"Ah ah ah~ I chose this for you. Either wear it or go to the trial naked." Marlon said, that same shit-eating grin on his face.

"I-If that's what Master wishes of me… I'll do it." I bowed, taking the outfit from him and putting it on. I felt uncomfortable wearing the lacy underwear and stockings. The stockings felt itchy, and the panties rubbed me the wrong way in more ways than one. The dress, for some reason, I could handle.

"I believe you had a lot of fun in the shower last night, right?" he grabbed me from behind around the waist and rested his head on my neck.

"You weren't asleep?!" My face turned bright red. He heard me masturbating?! Now I was in for it...

"How could I sleep when I heard such lewd things coming from your mouth last night?" Marlon said, licking my neck. "You look so fuckable in that outfit~ I might just indulge right now~"

He bit my earlobe playfully. I let out a couple small moans before hardening right in front of him. Suddenly, my phone alarm went off. Noticing that, he pulled back and put on his robes. "But alas, there's not enough time in a day for me to do all the things I want to do to you. If I catch you trying to change into normal clothes, I might have to punish you in front of the entire jury~"

"B-but Master…" I whined.

"There's time for that later. Now… Let the trial begin!" he grabbed me by the hand and took me to the courtroom. I grabbed my briefcase on the way out, and prayed that Riliane wouldn't laugh.



We arrived at the courtroom at the time the trial was supposed to start.

"All rise." I heard the bailiff say. The sounds of people rising from their seats sounded from behind the doors of the courtroom.

"Are you sure this is okay, Master?" I asked.

"Don't worry. Just go to your spot next to Riliane. Say that you lost a bet if she asks you." Marlon whispered into my ear. "Don't call me your Honor in the courtroom, call me Master."

"Understood, Master." I said.

He then opened the doors and walked in. I followed close behind. Gasps and whispers sounded all around me as the jurors and government officials turned their heads either at me or away from me in disgust. I looked miserable as I walked to my spot next to Riliane.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"I lost a bet." I said.

"I see." she responded. "Just get this over with, okay?"

"Don't worry, I've got things covered." I said, caressing her cheek.

"So, we are here today to hear the case of Sudou vs. d'Autriche. Is the plaintiff ready to proceed?" Marlon asked, his voice not changing from that silky, velvety tone it adopted when with me.

"Y-yes, your Honor…" the pink-haired lady known as Kayo Sudou stood to present her case. "So there I was, minding my own business, when THIS yellow-haired maniac comes at me, a broken beer bottle in hand. She told me to stop spending time with 'my Len-kun' or something like that. Then, she ran off, and I called the cops."

"Is there anything else you'd like to say?" Marlon asked.

"No, your Honor." Kayo said.

"Well now, shall the first witness be called?" Marlon said.

"Of course." Kayo's lawyer, a black-haired bespectacled man, said. "Prosecution calls Ney Futapie to the stand."

My heart nearly stopped. Ney Futapie?! Why did he call her? She was the one who actually did it! I watched as the girl who committed the act was called to the stand. She swore to tell the truth; however, I knew that she would lie, so I was preparing to object. She glanced at me and didn't react, thankfully.

"So, Miss Futapie, tell us your account of this incident, if you were present." Marlon said coolly.

"I wasn't there." Ney said. This was enough to make me jump.

"Objection!" I shouted. "I have photos of her in the area!"

With that, I displayed my phone to him, scrolling through the pictures I took of Ney. Marlon fixed me with a sinister glare.

"Hm? How do you know that she wasn't just photoshopped in?" Marlon asked, knowing that that would anger me.

"She wasn't photoshopped!" I shouted angrily. "She did it! She was the one who tortured Kayo! Not my sister!"

"Overruled." Marlon said. "Those photos are too sketchy for any of us to believe."

"What?! Overruled?! Aren't you supposed to accept all evidence?!" I shouted.

"Approach the bench, slave." Marlon said. I did exactly as told, a little scared at that.

"Y-yes, Master?" I looked up at him.

"Come a little closer." Marlon said, his grin only growing wider.

Obeying, I moved forward. Then, he pulled my head into his and kissed me. I made a lot of muffled noises and struggled against him, but he was too strong. His hand held my head securely in place. When we had to pull away from the need of breath, he looked at me with a dangerous, yet seductive grin.

"You were being really bad objecting to my words back there~" he drawled, once again, biting my earlobe and making me moan. "I'm afraid I'll have to punish you."

"W-wait… What are you doing?!" I asked. I felt myself unwillingly get hard thinking about what he'd do to me.

"Did I stutter? I'll give it to you slowly. I'm. Afraid. I'll. Have. To. Punish. You. My adorable little slut~" Marlon licked his lips, that sensual smirk never leaving his face. He took out something from a drawer on his end of the bench. My face turned white in horror. It was bondage rope.

"N-no… You're not going to do THAT to me here, are you?! P-P-Please, don't, Master…" I looked at him with pleading eyes.

"It's too late, Allen. You've had your last chance." Marlon said. Suddenly, he grabbed me from behind the bench and turned his chair around, revealing a St. Andrew's Cross on it. He tethered me to it, using the rope to bind my arms and legs to the cross. The bench then seemed to fold down and away, allowing the entire courtroom to see me dressed as a maid and tied to a cross with over half of my ass hanging out of the dress. My face became as red as a freshly squeezed cup of pomegranate juice.

"P-please! Stop!" I begged, my erection straining against the panties he forced me to wear. He didn't listen. Instead, I saw him retrieve two long, sticklike objects from his robes. One of them was a machete. The other, a paddle. I turned around as best as I could to see what he was going to do. Then, I felt something strike my ass HARD. I let out a cry of pain as I realized what he was doing. I couldn't believe that the man was actually spanking me.

"Ow! Master! Please, stop it! That hurts!" I whined, earning me another, harder, slap to the ass. Another pained shout tore at my throat.

"You need to learn obedience, my little slut." Marlon whispered into my ear and licked down the nape of my neck, causing me to shiver in some kind of sick pleasure. "I've tried being nice, but you seem to have taken advantage of my kindness. Therefore, you need to be punished. To start, you have lost the privilege of wearing clothes."

He took out the knife, sliced down the dress with a swift chop, and slit open the stockings, leaving my lacy panties intact for the courtroom to see. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Riliane crying.

I'm sorry, Riliane. I have to do this for your sake. I thought. I was snapped out of my misery when I felt something else hit my ass. This time, it felt like his hand. I let out another scream, but it didn't seem to hurt as much this time. Maybe he wasn't slapping me as hard with his own hand? But when I felt my erection throb and rub up against the cross, I knew that that could not have been the reason. Catching onto this, Marlon slapped my ass multiple times with his hands, releasing multiple screams of mixed pain and pleasure from my mouth. Then, one of his hands snaked down in between my legs and began to feel up my hard member, fondling it with surprising care.

"What's this? Were you getting off to having your ass slapped? In public, no less? I should've expected this of a slut like you. Maybe your right to wear underclothes should be taken next." Marlon then sliced off my panties, revealing my bare ass to the courtroom next. He slapped my ass again, this time without the protective barrier of underwear to soften the impact. A loud, resounding smack rang out in the room accompanied with a yelp of pain from me. He kept going, spanking me harder and harder. Every time his hand hit my ass, I screamed louder and my cock twitched more visibly. Taking note of my arousal, his hands went inside his robes again to search for another object to torture me with. He pulled out a small ring of cloth and showed it to me.

"Your right to orgasm is now revoked as well." Marlon said sternly, but sensually as well. He undid the button that connected the two ends and wrapped it snugly around the base of my dick, tightening it almost painfully so that I couldn't cum until he released the pressure. Once the ring was on, he began to stroke my length, his strong hands moving up and down while I was tied to the cross. I let out many small whimpers as his fingers teased the vein between the base of my cock and my entrance as well as my balls before returning to my hardened member.

"M-Master… Ah!" I cried out in pleasure as he continued to play with my cock. I was so painfully close to release, but thanks to that ring, I had to hold it in, making my dick almost sore from the energy I had to exert to keep myself from cumming.

"I love it when you make those yummy sounds for me, my little cock whore~" Marlon mewled into my ears, his hot breath assaulting my neck and cheek once again. "Since you've been so good about putting up with this torture I'm putting you through, I may as well reward you."

He removed me from the cross, but bound my arms behind my back. Then, the blue-haired judge took his robe off completely, revealing an outfit made completely of leather. He wore a skin-tight leather tank top and form-fitting leather pants that had a prominent bulge in them. He then shoved his pants down and stepped out of them, revealing leather low-rise briefs with a zipper in the front.

"Go ahead, unzip the zipper. Your reward is behind it." Marlon said, guiding my hand to his groin. I could feel just from touching him through his underwear that he was hard as well. Eagerly unzipping his underwear with my teeth, I proceeded to take his rather large erection into my mouth. I then bobbed my head up and down on his inhumanly large organ, occasionally stopping at the top to swirl my tongue around the head and lap up all of his precum. From the throaty moans he let out from my ministrations, I could tell that I was doing a good job.

"Heh… You're better at this than I thought, considering you're a virgin. Maybe you were destined to be my exclusive cock whore, hm?" he asked before forcing his length farther and farther into my mouth and into the back of my throat.

"M-Master…" I moaned feeling his member throbbing in my mouth. From this, I could tell that he was close to cumming. With that, he pulled himself out of my mouth with a wet pop.

"Good boy… Now, here's your real treat." he stepped on a panel beneath his feet, and the bench came back. He then led me to the front of the bench.

"Bend over." was his only command. I obeyed happily, bending down over the bench to let the courtroom see my tight, puckered entrance. From his discarded robes, Marlon retrieved a bottle of lube and soaked his fingers in it. He started with two fingers, getting right to scissoring me. My moans became louder as I sucked his fingers into my hot channel. When he deemed me stretched enough, he added a third finger, trying to expand my hole more than before.

"Heh. You're such a fucking slut, Allen. Letting my fingers violate your body like this… I've never met a boy like you before." Marlon said, inserting a fourth finger, eliciting even louder screams.

"Heh, one more finger, and my entire hand will be fucking your tight asshole, my slut. Do you want that? Or do you want my dick?" he asked, basically hand fucking me at this point.

"I want you, Master… I want your huge, throbbing dick pounding into me!" I shouted. He then took out his fingers, making me whine at the emptiness.

"Okay, whore. I'm not going to hold back, so don't even try telling me to stop." Marlon said, lubing up his dick minimally before shoving it into me. I took him up to the hilt, screaming in wanton pleasure. He instantly began thrusting into me ferociously, not caring whether it hurt or not. In truth, I felt like I was being torn in two. But this pain felt… good. Almost arousing as well. I screamed as he pounded into me mercilessly, not caring how many people were watching me get violated. As he was thrusting, he hit a spot inside me that made me go insane with pleasure. I let out an unintelligible scream of pained pleasure in response.

"Looks like I found your spot, huh~?" Marlon panted into my ear, continuing to ram into me, brushing over my spot to tease me. "Go ahead, beg me for it, and I might give you what you want~"

"P-please, M-Master! Fuck me harder! Hit that spot again!" I cried. "I want to be your exclusive cock whore, Master!"

I think the last sentence must have gotten to him, as his thrusting became unnaturally fast and hard as well. My screams only got louder as he fucked me into the bench. The ring around the base of my length was making this much more painful than it needed to be, but I didn't dare take it off for fear of more punishment.

"Damn… You're so fucking tight… You're tightening around me so nicely~" Marlon said. "Are you close?"

"Y-YES!" I shouted. "Please let me cum, Master!"

"Not until I'm close, boy. Keep moaning like the bitch in heat that you are, and that might change soon~" Marlon whispered into my ear, assaulting my sensitive earlobes for the umpteenth time. My ears were such a weak spot on me, and I didn't even know that before now.

"I… I want to feel Master's hot cum inside me, leaking out of my stretched hole to show that I belong only to YOU!" I continued to spout whorish sentences as Marlon mercilessly slammed into me with no signs of slowing down.

"G-good slut… I suppose you can cum now. I'm getting close just from listening to you speak like a whore~" Marlon reached down under me and detached the ring from me. My hole had a death grip around him when he hit my prostate particularly hard on his last thrust. We came at the same time. I felt his cum cover my insides, panting heavily before my eyes rolled back and I passed out.

I woke up in my hotel room, laying down on our bed. My ass hurt so much that I couldn't even get up from laying down. Marlon was with me, gently stroking my back as I woke.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Your sister is free to go as promised. We accepted your photos while you were knocked out and ended up finding Ney Futapie guilty instead of your sister." Marlon said with a smile on his face. "However, since I did this much for you, I expect something in return."

"What would that be?" I asked.

"Be my own personal slut, Allen." Marlon said. "I loved having you as my slave for the trial, and I'm sure you loved it too, so making you my slut will make both of us happy, no?"

I blushed deeply, not liking how he worded his sentences.

"I'm… Fine with that…" I said. He then pulled me up to him and kissed me.

"Good. I hope you recover fast, because I want to fuck you all over again tonight~" Marlon said, running a hand over my ass and sticking his middle finger into my stretched hole. I let out a gasp as he retrieved some of his own cum from my hole and licked it off as if it were the sweetest fluid in the world, letting out a pleasured groan that went straight to my groin.

"I think I want you right now~" I said, smiling devilishly. He returned my statement with a deep, passionate kiss.

"I'd be happy to oblige, my little cock whore~" Marlon got on top of me and got to work on me. This was going to be a long LONG night.




END NOTES: Luka's lawyer is Kiyoteru.


FINALLY IT'S DONE! Please tell me what you think of the story!

This is my gift to the community! A completed Vocaloid fanfic! I hope you all enjoy!

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Morinaga's Girl

@クローバー (Clover)

Waaaaa He heard him in the shower *___* And the hot scene was sooooo cool! *___* Loved it a lot! :leaf15:

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@クローバー (Clover)

I loved this fanfiction! It was very good and hot *___*

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クローバー (Clover)


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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yeah! Im an UKe! ^^

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