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  1. Thank you for the heart , I am honored to receive it ^_^


  2. I haven't watched the movie 100 C Love but the cast is Do-jim Kim, Se-hyun Yun, Jae Won Kwak so one of them is Min-so. :D

  3. Yes I ate humus from bean :D It is about the same taste? :D

  4. Not like peanuts no :p


    It has a unique taste to me BUT are you familiar with Houmous? That is made with chickpeas paste + sesame seed paste (tahini) .



  5. Nom nom nom nom nom *___* I'd love eating that :D


    I never eaten chickpeas. Are they like peanuts?

  6. Hi!


    LOL second party :p


    Chickpeas in curry sauce...



  7. Then it was good enough for a second party :p

    Chickpea curry? What is that? *_*

  8. LOL Mori... The wedding and wedding party was 2 weeks BEFORE the event I went to! I guess it is a 2nd wedding party (though I keep calling it an engagement party... tbh I have no idea rofl).


    Awesome sauce! There is Chickpea curry today if you are interested ;)

  9. Maybe they wanted to save for the actual wedding :D


    Indian Cheese curry? *____* That is the best one! *__* Thanks *eats it all in 1 gulp*

  10. I did eat but not very much... Was disappointed by the event on a whole. I felt like it was rushed, lacking organisation and if more money was spent it could have been much much better. Oh well -_-


    It wasn't too bad! I got to meet family members that I otherwise would not see, that was nice.


    LOL well I still have some Indian Cheese curry left in the fridge XD *gives you some in a container* Please warm this up before you eat it :3

  11. Didn't you eat at the engagement party? :D It was fun? :D


    I love curry *__*

  12. GREAT! Glad you did :) Relaxing is something we all need to do... It's fun :p


    Came back from an engagement party roughly an hour ago so... Tired. Just had some left over curry and going to make some juice in a minute.


    I am happy with how everything has happened but feel like something is missing... A hole, just now sure what was supposed to fill it.

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