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Monsters Academy: Humans in Danger (Group RP, Full) (+18)

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The story follows the lives of some students at Monsters Academy; a prestigious university whose goal is to teach monsters to fit into the humans' society.



All Boys Monsters Academy:





All Boys Monsters Academy was created by a powerful man that came from one of the noble families of the monsters society. Rumors has it that the man fell in love with a young human man. When this man dies, the founder of the academy goes crazy, and as a gift to his lover before his disappearance, he created Monsters Academy. The headmaster position had been passed down by the head of the family generation after generation, and the academy has become extremely well known all throughout the monster world.


The academy receives one human student per year every year that serves as the "sacrifices". This students receive benefits such as full scholarships, dont have to pay for dorms, free food, and everything paid for them, and also, they receive a check with extra money every month that they can use for themselves. The only thing they are require to do to keep their benefits all throughout the four years is stay alive till then.


The academy functions as a normal university, and its facilities are of the highest quality.



Student Council:



The student council exists to make a connection between the students and the school faculty, but one of its main duties is to keep the students at the academy from breaking the important rules. They are in charge of reporting students who break these rules for punishment to be carry out.









A new year at Monsters Academy brought to a conclusion the summer vacations. Students that had attended the previous years were split into groups, those who wished to come back, and those who were too afraid of the academy's strict rules. First day of school also meant that new students and new "sacrifices" would be joining campus life. Students made their way through the main entrance chatting between groups, laughing, and complaining. In a few minutes the long streets leading to the huge campuses were filled with passing by youngsters and their loud voices.


The principal, Mr. Sho, watched with curious eyes the people passing by from his office's window. He was leaning on his side, a soft smirk playing on his deep red lips. His black, deep eyes followed the movement of the youngsters casually as he stood there elegantly. He was a relative young man in appearance, a monster who had been alive for more years than he could remember. Although delicate and charming physically, his body held years of experience in the arts of killing and the wiseness of a man who had gone through life for far too long. His semi-long black hair hung loosely at the sides of his face, making his handsome features more noticeable. He had a very otherworldly feeling to him that separated him from both humans and monsters alike.


Sho heard the door of his office opening carefully. He already knew who it was without having to turn around.


"Principal, are you ready for the entrance ceremony?" His assistance, a young man with short silver hair and deep blue eyes asked.


"I'll be downstairs in a moment," the principal replied, his eyes never left the glass window.



Julian watched the students walk by from the student council office. He sighed, annoyed by the loud noises filling the hallways. It had been extremely hard for him to find a quiet place to stay at till it was time for the entrance ceremony to start. After many hours of looking for one, his feet had lead him to the empty office he had first been in the year before. The office was full of books, full of stacks of papers, and in complete disorder. He had run for treasurer the year before, and it was the first time he would be using the office together with the rest of the members which he had yet to personally meet.


The room suddenly went extremely quiet, and he felt his face touch the soft surface of the couch. He could no longer hear the voices of the other students, and the room had gone dark, very dark and comfortable. His eyes were close, his long lashes touching his cheekbones, and his lips had grown into a thin line. His hair fell delicately over one of his eyes, and his breathing slowed down, till he was fast asleep. His body laid on the big red couch, calm, defenseless, in a world far more familiar for him than the one at the academy....




The auditorium was so crowded not a single person more could fit. Students pushed against one another till they all forced their way inside. Some stood outside hoping to hear what the man had to say. There, on the stage, in all his glory, stood the principal of Monsters Academy. He was smiling at the students, but he had remained quiet ever since he made his presence known. The students stood there waiting for the man to speak. Once the room had grown quiet, he finally broke the silence.


"Welcome to another year at Monsters Academy. For those of you who are new, I hope that your time here will be enjoyable. Please follow the rules in your handbook, and under no circumstances are you allowed to turn into your monster form. You must remain human while at the school. Speaking of which, we have a new human student this year as well," the principal suddenly halt in his explanation, and as in deep thought he touched his chin elegantly. "We wish him the best of luck" he concluded, his eyes spotting the new human youngster from the crowd. He smirked, and then left the microphone without saying another word. After him, a few teachers spoke about rules, discipline and what not. Another bell filled the walls of the auditorium, announcing the end of the entrance ceremony.

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At the crack of dawn, a figure crept out of the residence hall, and leapt like a fox into the shadows of the surrounding trees. Hunter had been waiting for that glimmer of light. He had sat down in his chair by his window, watching the sky, and waiting for that expected warm welcome of another day. But it was not the next day that he was waiting for; it was that tiny moment of morning when no one was about in the open space enclosed by the buildings that he was anticipating. He enjoyed that silent moment with himself.


Slowly, he made his way round the park, taking in as much fresh air as his lungs could contain. The smell of dew from the coldness of the night was his favourite only after the smell of sea. The coolness of the air, the rustling of the trees, the stillness of the morning. He felt them all. With his skin, his ears, his eyes. It was calming.


He had wished that the day would not come too soon, but it always did, and on that morning he found himself being washed into the auditorium by a sea of people trying to make their way in through the few doors that were present. He had wondered why no one would walk in lines, and not chatter away like magpies. In that way, he need not find himself being engulfed by the crowd like a water molecule being immersed in a deluge.


It was yet another speech of a new year. The presence of the principal had brought silence to the crowd, and Hunter was half thankful for this. He could not, however, be thankful for being squeezed out of shape in an auditorium that could no longer hold any more people.


He listened silently as all others did. Curiosity crept into him when the principal mentioned the new human student, but it soon drowned away in his discomfort of being a ham in a sandwich. He saw the principal depart, and the stage taken over by the teachers who chattered away words that he did not wish to listen. He just wanted to get out of that auditorium.


When the bell rung, Hunter quickly pierced his way out through the sea of people as well as he could – that is without hurting anyone. He could not take it anymore.

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Tap tap tap.


If you listen rather closely with your eyes squinted as you try to hear closely, you'd be surprised to hear small sounds created by four legs belonging to a certain animal. If you, by any chance glance, at a particular roof of the Academy, you'd see a normal fox at the edge, looking somewhere or just watching. But it wasn't a normal fox; for one, foxes do not go to roofs of buildings unless they ended up there and this was a building for certain... unique cases. Two; normal foxes didn't have the color pale white for their fur and color red eyes. Three; normal foxes do not have nine tails that were currently swishing lazily in the air.


"So peaceful~." Did the fox just spoke? It wasn't surprising. Not really, no; not surprising at all. After all— "The night is so peaceful~. It's kind of boring." In the place of the fox was a boy.


With nine tails and ears of the fox from before.


Red eyes watched the school with loose boredom. He should have been sleeping, it was already curfew but it wasn't his fault that he was more nocturnal. Totally not his fault.


He smiled. "Doesn't matter. I have no doubt this year will get more interesting."


In his hands were files. It wasn't ordinary files. It was the files of certain students.


"Oh wait, being Student Council President means work. Bah~."


—he was a student of the Monster Academy.





And then the sun came up - maybe he should have took a nap at least - it meant that it was time to hide his fox appearance. Veda wore his cross ornament, his tails and ears disappeared as he did so, giving him a whole look of a human without the extra limbs.


He wandered away to pass the time until it was time for the entrance ceremony, he greeted back those who greeted him, mostly the friends that he made last year. (They were the reason he was voted and won the President spot.) Mostly watching amused as they swarm and crowded inside, he did not need to be a part of the mess they were making, besides, he could hear the principal just right despite being outside the auditorium.


The fox yawned before going away after the Principal finished his talk, his lips curled at the mention of the new human. For what he read in the files, the new student's name was Alucard.


Veda decided to go the student council office that would undoubtedly be in empty and in a mess. He stopped just by the door and sniffed at it, he could smell someone inside. Opening it, his eyes landed on the couch where someone was sleeping. Oh this was...


Julian. Headmaster's nephew. Treasurer of the Student Council.


Sleeping in the couch. Veda didn't mind at all, he was a little envious, he hadn't slept at all! It was really really not his fault that he was nocturnal. He eyed the mess and since he doesn't have anything to do. Well, guess he could clean some of it up to pass time.

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Hutali stayed around the edges of the crowed. Angry those stupid bells rung. He knew he had to deal with them and the bell soon, because this is what it's like for the whole year. That of course he drops out. Wich he didn't want. Hutali lurked around looking at the faces of the people. He smirked. I'd love to see some of these weirdos cry and run home. Or show there form and kill them. The only reason I came is because I want revenge on those who killed my family. Thats my main goal. Hutali jerked up from his thoughts as soon as he heard "follow the rules of the handbook". What handbook? Oh this one. He turned the glossy book over on its face and stared at it. I don't care if I get in trouble, no one tells me what to do. Hutali tossed aside the book. Letting it land on the soft earth near a tree and walked away. He glared at the principle. "I don't follow rules." Hutali walked away from the crowd leaveing the book near the tree.

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Alucard dragged his suitcase up the extra flight of stairs, grunting with the effort. He heard the bells go off for the entrance ceremony and rolled his eyes. He didn't need to go, he'd have enough of being stared at, poked and prodded, to last him for the rest of stay at the Academy. Right now, his main focus was to get his stuff into his rooms at the dorms, before his room partner arrived to take the best spot. Unless he's already done so... he thought sourly. The only reason why his bags were so heavy this time around was because he'd learned from his mistakes last year, and had come prepared.


He managed to get his case up the stairs and was walking along the corridor, checking off the numbers until he reached his own.




He rolled his eyes. Someone was certainly having a joke with him this year it seems. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer, there being none, he opened it and stepped in. Good he thought, First one here. Alucard set about unpacking his things, taking extra care with his weapons. They were an assortment of knives and whatnot, easily concealed about his person if need be, and easily hidden in his drawers. There were two he especially left out, the ornate crossbow, and the katana. He smirked. He was Captain of the Archery Club and the Kendo Club, so no one would question those weapons on display. His green eyes flashed in the light. He was extremely proficient in the use of both.


He looked over at the empty bed on the other side of the room, with a bit of luck, he might have managed to get the room to himself, and not have to share with anyone. He chewed on his bottom lip, that would certainly make things easier for him. He finished putting everything away, shoving his footlocker under the bed. He closed the door behind him, locking it with his key. If someone else was sharing, then they'd have the other key, but until then, he didn't want anyone thinking that they could go in there without his permission. He walked down the corridor towards the common room. He needed to find out what sort of kitchen arrangements they had this year.


He stuck his head into the common room, noting the faces that were in there. If he was to "survive" another year at Monster Academy, he needed to know who he was going to be up against. Though, being the Captain of the two most competitive clubs at the school, certainly made it a lot easier, though, sooner or later, one of these Monsters was going to confront him.


Alicard decided to go back to his room, his classes technically didn't start until tomorrow afternoon, leaving him with plenty of free time to reacquaint himself with the school, but for now, a nap was in order. He took his shirt off, and stretched, his lithe form rippling with muscle, and flopped down on the bed, one arm over his eyes, and his knife under his pillow. In a few minutes, he was dozing lightly.

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A new year at Monsters Academy meant a fresh selection of delicate humans. Each year, four mortals are chosen to admit into the prestigious establishment, destined for forging bonds with creatures of the supernatural. The private university was built for the sole purpose of teaching monsters the importance of blending within the society of man. While most creatures followed the legacy of the academy, some are reluctant. Modern society changed; humanity accepted monsters. In spite of new found resolve; hatred continued to consume the hearts of many. In the end, only hope can conquer the darkness.


In the midst of the entrance ceremony, a certain vampiric monster lingered in the far back. Surrounded by large, bulky demons, Kastiel camouflaged perfectly in the background. He did not mind the silence nor cared for his peers' lack of observation. As far as he was concerned, he is a silent wallflower. A man of few words, Kastiel rarely acknowledges his classmates. He stood there calmly and endured the entire ceremony. Once the final bell rung, he slipped out of the crowd and sauntered through the doors.


"...new human student..."


Kastiel's heart clenched painfully. He loathed that word. He preferred to replace that wretched name with mortal. Both shared the same meaning. He breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. There was no point to stress, he reminded himself. Kastiel attended the university for two years. Not once did a human approach him. This semester wasn't anything special. A part of him assumed that no one will notice him. Despite his intelligence, he wasn't memorable. Most of the students in his year forget his entire existence.


Since there were no classes at the moment, Kastiel turned sharply to the right and headed towards his dormitory.

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--How very irritating…..—A young man, with a pair of sharp serious glasses, walk passed the crowed with an ease, without any trouble getting through, he walk immediately to get into the crowed until somebody finally called his name from somewhere.



The young male immediately turned his head towards the voice, and then seeing that the two guys was waving on him asking him to go and get in there location now

Lucyfer immediately smiled at the two guys waving at him

“yeah yeah I’m coming” he slowly meet the two whose practically laughing there gut’s out, he thought

”you’re so slow man, what was that?, planning to skip again? It’s a waste you didn’t get to see out professor tell a joke, it’s funny because it’s not funny ahah?”

“I didn’t understand what you just said, anyway it doesn’t matter if I skip, there’s nothing good about this ceremony anyway, the professors will just blow your ears off”

”hahaha I guess you got a point”

”hello lucyfer nice seeing you again this year” some familiar faces flashed a smile at the young man, so did the other

“ah yes nice seeing you too”

They left their greetings to him and went on ahead to the crowed


the other guy immediately wrapped around his arms around the young man’s neck in glasses

”what the hell dude, first day and your already hitting on chicks”

“what are you talking about I’m not hitting on them obviously!!”

”whatever dude, you always flash your professional smile and then poof you had hit your target already!”

“I do not know what you’re talking about” he just laughed it off away

”yeah right, your smile is so perfect in the eyes, it almost reaches to the point that it looks like it had gone through plastic surgery, like it’s fake or something ahahah”

“ahahha what the hell was that??....” his so called friends keeps on laughing on, than they started to talk about different things now


--fake huh?....-- Lucyfer look passed the crowed down to the stage “it’s not as if it’s my fault….”

”huh? What’s that dude?”

Lucyfer smiled again

“oh nothing I was just day dreaming, anyway I do not have time for this kind of event, see ya”

”hey! Hey! Dude”

He just waved away his hands and slip away from the opening ceremony, leaving the two guys as they complain.


He sighed a little, than he walked ahead immediately

”hey! Hey did you heard already? new humans have arrived”

”yeah I heard it too, I hope it will become exciting this year too”

”yeah ahahha”

They chattered and laughing about, when lucyfer passed by them as he continued walking on the opposite direction as them

“ new human’s huh?..” he looks as though his not very interested about it, well it’s not that humans are unique to him, after all there’s a human veins flowing inside of him

And if you ask everyone around him, wither humans or other creatures, a half breed is more freakier for both sides

Not that it bothers him, it’s just He hate it if other people cares about that issue, it’s not that he choice to be a mixed breed of a freak


He pulled his phone on his pocket and checked out the time

“still got time huh?” he slowly turned around and walk up the stairs to go to the school roof top, as he went ahead, without even having any permission to go, since going there is forbidden

He sat in the near corner then stretched his body then laid down with his back onto the ground facing the blue sky, as the clouds started to float above

“such a peaceful irritating day…..” he closed his eyes and rested there for a while, as the winds breezes through his hair while it brushes against his skin.


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The sound of food steps and the moving of long stacks of paper registered in the sleepy Julian's mind. He first attempted to ignore it, but then the continuos sounds of heavy stacks being dumped on the ground finally brought him out of his dreams. The blonde slowly opened his mysterious red and purple eyes, his long lashes parting, as his pupils finally came to sight. He squinted them quickly, the sudden rush in of light bothering his sensitive vision. He sat up sluggishly, and finally opened them once more. He blinked a few times before the whole room finally came to light. He passed a hand through his hair lazily and grunted softly figuring he had probably missed the whole ceremony.


Julian looked around for a clock. His eyes widen when they spotted the new president instead. He eyed the boy for a moment, his eyes taking in the president's figure, and finally settled on his hand and what he was doing.




He cleared his voice to make his presence known, and stood full tall in front of the other male. He stared at the fox-boy's face for the longest not knowing what to say to him.


"M-morning..." He finally spoke and looked away rudely, his hands were slightly trembling and he kept his distance. His body always reacted in the strangest ways to other people, any contact with strangers would cause weird reactions from him. Deciding he did not wanted to make a fool of himself so early in the morning, he ran off.


Is it alright if I leave all the work to him?.....He thought for a moment, but before he could make up his mind, he was already out the door.




Julian panted softly as he reached the door to the dorms. He leaned against a nearby tree and waited to catch his breath. When he had finally calmed down, he walked inside the beautiful looking building. There was no classes for the day, and Julian wanted to avoid crowds as much as possible, so he might as well settle down in his new room and get some work done. He stared at the passing by students as he walked, avoiding skin contact with them as much as possible and keeping his head low. He could feel the stare some of them gave him, and even hear them speaking about him, but he ignored their conversations as well and hurried down the hallways.


The blonde stood in front of a white medium size door, labeled "Room 666". He tried opening it, but it had been locked. With a sigh, he remembered his discussion with his uncle the night before.




"I've decided to assign you a roommate," his uncle suddenly announced in the middle of dinner.


"A what? but uncle!" Julian attempted to protest, his eyes widen in horror and fear. "You can't do this to me!"


"ENOUGH!" His uncle said firmly, and motioned for Julian, who was now standing to take a seat. "Julian... you are already a big boy, you know how to control your powers, you wont kill anyone........yet." His uncle sighed, "What i meant is...that as a young boy you need to start socializing, otherwise you are never going to fit into the human society or the monsters one! And so, you will be getting a roommate and that's the end of our discussion!"




Julian sighed as his uncle words came back to him. He hadn't expected his roommate to arrive before him. His hand trembled as he took out the keys to the room, and he even dropped it on the floor in attempt to open the door. Julian sighed, and took a deep breath, then picked them up.


I have to do this...he is just another student...I am ok now, I can control myself...I can do this.


Julian kept on reminding himself and finally opened the door. He turned on the knob, and slowly peeked inside. He spotted a figure sleeping on one of the beds, and immediately tensed up. Slowly he made his way inside and closed the door, but didn't locked it, just in case. He took another look at his sleeping roommate, his eyes landing on the now visible face of the boy. He couldn't make out anything on the boy yet, but he looked peaceful and carefree when sleeping.


The treasurer cleared his throat a few times in an attempt to wake him up, but it didn't seemed to be working. Slowly he let his fingertips touched the tip of the boy's hair, his face twisting a bit at the contact. He bit his own lip and poked him.


"Wake up...." he whispered gently.

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The struggle was long and hard, but Hunter had finally managed to break out of the crowd, and ran himself to the swimming club office. The New Year ceremony had meant that it was a golden opportunity to recruit new members who would carry on the name and blood of the club in honour, though some had taken that quite too literally; a fresher werewolf had spent hours and hours in the pool, even after club and class hours, and out of fatigue hit his head too hard on the swimming pool steel ladder.


The swimming club prides itself for its performance in national tournaments, and more recently in world tournaments. It is open to almost anyone, but to compete for the club in tournaments, one must undergo strict selection process, and tough training scheme.


Hunter was only a regular member, and on the New Year day he was responsible for handing out leaflets, promoting a display performance of the club’s best swimmers. Giving out leaflets was not the best job anyone could ask for; one would feel terribly awful at the end of the day having been rejected several times, or having the leaflets thrown back at one’s face. But Hunter, and other four members, had the terrible luck of drawing the short straws.


The hallway was filled with unfamiliar faces. He wondered if he would be rejected on his first try. Would he be pushed away? Laughed at? Sneered at? He could not tell. There were people immersed in conversations; people laughing; people walking about, heading to different places. He supposed the best way to get about with it was to avoid people who looked angry, who had a sour countenance, and who seemed, in his opinion, would be nasty to him.


But an idea came to mind. Perhaps he should go about with distributing the leaflets to people whom he could tell, with a reasonable degree of certainty, would not treat him like a person who sells insurance. With the leaflets in his hand, he headed for the student council office. It was probably a stupid idea since the student council would already have known about the event, but well, his job was to hand out all the leaflets.


It came as a surprise to him when a figure dashed out of the door right before he could make for it. Hunter wondered what happened in there. He hoped that he had not made the wrong choice of coming to the student council office at the wrong time. The figure had ran as quick as lightning, and staring hard at the person’s back, Hunter still could not make out who it was. He let out a long sigh. Maybe it was not his day. He turned around, and knocked on the door of the student council office. He just hoped that at least someone is in there.

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Veda was slightly humming, if his tails were visible it would be swishing, synchronizing with his quiet humming. The office was too messy, what did the previous president do? What did the previous student council did? Hmmm, should he get information about them and what they did last year? He spent his freshmen year befriending almost everyone and hanging out with them, mostly his fellow freshmen students. Well, he did remember a certain "incident" with a monster going out of control, there were students who tamed and 'expelled' the monster. Maybe they were the student council.


He was lost in his thoughts and fixing the office that he didn't notice the treasurer waking up until he heard someone clearing their voice. Veda paused on checking the folders in his hands, turning and looked at the now-awake treasurer's eyes. Oooh, heterochromia.


All was silent with just them staring at each other in an scrutinizing way with Veda amused, realizing that his treasurer was a shy, nervous one. And he was right when the other uttered a stuttered morning greeting and not looking at him in the eye.


"Morning to you too~" He returned, grinning. Yup, the headmaster's nephew was nervous alright, it could be because of being a Wraith? That's what he was; it said so in his student profile.


Red eyes followed the body that suddenly ran away from him and out of the room before the fox snickered, really amused. It couldn't be blamed, being a Wraith was disheartening when you like to be with people. Veda was slightly thankful for being a nine-tailed fox, if he was in Julian's shoes it would suck. Then again, he didn't do anything to at least hold his powers in? Just like he could hide his tails and ears by wearing the ornament in the side of head.


"My, my, we can't let that happen again, he's in this council after all." The fox murmured to himself, going back to put away the folders in his hands were it belong. Seconds only passed before a knock came from the door.


This time; if his ears were visible, it would have perked up at the sound. The very pale-skinned boy went to the door, slightly skipping and opened it, coming face to face with blue eyes and blue hair that resembled with the beautiful blue sea.


Now where had he seen this person? Something tick in the back of his head that he had seen this person (or monster) before. How odd that he didn't remember, and in his opinion; that wasn't good. Veda decided to get more information about the school and everyone in it, new or old. The fox always felt a little antsy when he didn't have enough info.


"Yes? Something wrong?" He questioned curiously. The assembly was over already trouble stirred? His eyes caught the leaflets in the other's hands. Ah, he sort of got it now, took one of the leaflets and read it. Swimming club, huh? It seems that he wanted the easier way. He knew that there were always monsters that weren't gentle with rejecting the offer. "I could help you by getting a list of students that I know would be interested or would think about joining your club." Veda said with a friendly smile, opening the door wide indicating an invitation inside. "My name is Veda, the President of the Student Council. Come on in!"


When the two of them were inside, the office was still messy though a little bit clean. He kicked away the stuff that was in the way from the PC of the council (yup, they have their own computer), he turned it on, sat on the chair (pushing away the mess on it) and started typing.

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Hutali went around the crowd and walked for the front doors. Now to see this school for my self. Hutali walked down the halls and eyed the people who passed him. He listened closely to the others as he passed them. Hutali then rounded the corner and searched for his dorm. He couldn't find. He searched the rows again. "Ah, the top floor, finally I get peace and quiet when trying to study or sleep!" Hutali opened the door to the dorm. "You know mabye.... I have a roommate... I don't know yet, but if I do I'll kick him out no matter what." Hutali hated sharinh with anybody and will never do so in his life ever. Even though he grew up poor. Hutali dropped his things near his bed. Then he sat on the bed and layed down. He thought what if's in his brain for a while. Then he fell asleep later still thinking of what if's. His dream was nothing.

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It was a hard decision for Jyu to make: enroll to an Academy to meet new people and experience many adventures OR suffer and take care of his father until his father is rest in peace. Of course, he chose the first option to enroll into an academy and for that, he have to send his father back to the clan tribe for them to take care of his father, which his father doesn't agree strongly because of many conflicts with people he doesn't particularly like. Yes, his father is a grumpy, senile, stubborn and narrow-minded father, but he tried to configure himself as a father model for his children. His father always spew nonsense blabber sometimes such as "imprint on a nice gal that is proven useful to produce an offspring for this clan". And as usual, Jyu just rolls his eyes and brushes that thought away.


With an eccentric stamina of his, which comes from his genes and personality, he managed to sprint towards Monsters Academy with his true form without being really late in a day. His tribe is Dakelh. They also possess the ability to sense "people's" true forms, but that is only if they're familiar what 'scent' it is such as vampires, demons, goblins, humans, etc.


Jyu's eyes gleams under the sun lights in delight of ecstasy. Everything is so sophisticated for him. He has never seen something like this before. IT'S HUGE. IT'S ELEGANT. IT'S SHINY. THERE'S TOO MANY PEOPLE DRESSING TOO FASHIONABLE COMPARED TO JYU'S TRIBE. AND MORE "TOO MANY PEOPLE" FLOWING FROM ALL SIDES. He can't even imagine how lost he can be to find one destination. He was informed that he should first go to the auditorium for the orientation, but screw that, who has time to find one particular place? It'll literally take him an hour or two to finally reach it. Instead, he decided to find a dorm to crash into.


Surprisingly enough, it didn't take him long enough to reach a floor that is filled with dormitories with his own two little and nibble feet. Taking a quick, light peek from the side of the wall, he noticed a well-structured figure yet quite tall for Jyu to even communicate comfortably without looking straight up 24/7. Something itsy bitsy inside of him is bubbling up... as if, his stomach is 'fluttering'. He found himself putting on an ferver expression: flustering blush; a baby pout; temperature rising; sweaty palms; dry throat and racing heart.


"Imprint," he muttered lightly to himself.


As explained by his instructor, it's follows by some of those symptoms that Jyu is experiencing however, his father strictly said "gal" but he's entirely not sure whether or not to go against his father's rule because his instructor said something about being 'bound' to something they suddenly experienced, but "imprinting" still remains unclear. He quickly gulped his throat and wipes his sweaty hands on his own shorts. Being the only person without proper clothing is kind of embarrassing now ever since he sees people being covered up fashionably. He walked up to the emo man and asks in a most formal way as he hands him an envelope that has information about what dorm and classes he is assigned to, "dear sire, do you know what direction of the dorms I'm assigned to?"


[i feel... LAZY. *dies* Pardon dem grammar and lack of uhh... details, yee'.]

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Alucard had woken up when he heard the key in the door, but feigned sleep, keeping his eyes closed and his breathing steady. It had to have been his roommate, no one else would have the other key to the room. His hand inched under his pillow to grip the handle of the dagger. Just in case he thought to himself. He heard whoever it was come into the room, they seemed to take forever, like they were afraid or something. They cleared their throat a few times, but Alucard went on pretending he was asleep. He felt the presence come right up to the side of the bed, it took all of Alucards self control not to tense up or jump. If he stayed still, he might learn something. He felt something brush against his hair. Was it a breath of wind? The caress of fingers? He nearly held his breath, but forced himself to keep his breathing steady. "Wake up" came a tremulous whisper, and then whoever it was poked him.


Alucard moved with grace, and no wasted motion. The knife under the pillow was now at the throat of the person who poked him, His face nearly nose to nose with the other, his cold green eyes flashing. He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. The eyes looking into his own were different, and not just the fact that this kid had the coolest form of heterochromia he'd ever seen. There was something in those eyes that pulled at his soul. He swallowed. Hard.


"Ugh, S-sorry" he whispered awkwardly, still nose to nose with the stranger, not wanting to move away... but not wanting to drop the knife either. He moved his other hand up to grasp the stranger by the collar, and only then once he had a hold, did he move the knife away. He pulled his head back slightly, "Who are you?" he asked softly. His eyes roamed the others face, taking in the fine features, the nearly white blonde hair, "Why are you in my room?"


Alucard winced internally. He was now in an awkward position and had no idea how to disengage himself gracefully.

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"...do you know what direction of the dorms I'm assigned to?"


A peculiar scent wafted through Kastiel's nostrils. He stopped abruptly, contemplating where the smell originated. A voice dragged him back to reality. He turned around, observing the source. He gripped the manila file that was offered to him. His eyes averted towards the young man's face. His eyes widened slightly. A familiar scent radiated off of the shirtless shapeshifter.




He quickly regained his composure. His eyes narrowed into slits. He opened the file and retrieved a paper listing the information pertaining to the boy's rooming arrangements. A frown marred his lips, recognizing the number; 194. He slipped the paper back into the file and closed it. He handed the document back to the young man. A sigh escaped his lips. "We are roommates. Follow me," he replied bluntly. No emotion laced through his deep, baritone voice. Without another word, Kastiel shifted to his left and sauntered down the hall, ignoring Jyu's lack of clothing, let alone absence of baggage. Fortunately, Kastiel unpacked his belongings a few hours prior.


"A creature of sorts, but mortal nonetheless," he thought darkly. Kastiel didn't bother to wait for Jyu. He is forced to live with a human with supernatural abilities. How can he stand there without losing control? It had been a week since he last fed. Kastiel was nearing his limit. His heart filled with dread. What if the boy became another victim? The last thing he needed was to be expelled for murdering a student.


"One more year...one more year and I will be able to leave this godforsaken place," he added mentally.

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“……..huh?.... ah… I had fallen asleep…” He got up slowly as he rubbed his eyes, probably to make his hazy state clear away

His glasses was making some clicking sounds as he rubs his eyes with his left hand, lifting it enough, just to get it away from his eyes, when he rubs them


Than after a while he yawned and stretches his body, then without further warning, he stood up immediately, dusting off his jeans and his clothes

“what time is it?...” He slides his hand in his right pants pocket, pulling out his phone, looking at it as he unlocked it

And then immediately, the time came flashing in the screen

“….it’s that late?... so the ceremony is over by now huh?” he slides his phone back into his pocket, then he sighed

Sliding his palm against his hair, to cool off his sleepy state.


The wind was also pretty much still breezing against his skin

It was a very cool feeling to have, but he need to get going, and go to his own dorm right now since his still sleepy,

tapping his glasses as he gone out of the roof top down from the school ground, as he walk back into his dormitory area.

Students come and go, passes by him, but some familiarly waves at him, of course he also waves back, because he got no choice but to do so, since he doesn’t want to have some troublesome things after all.


After a while of walking he finally reached his dormitory room, It took quite a while since his dorm room was placed in the very end of the hallway this year, which was really bothersome

“let’s see…. Room.. room…” he passed by quite a lot of doors already, but soon enough, he had gotten into his own room door

“this is it? Room 013?” he looked right and left

“why would that old gezzer assign me into a room floor whose practically doesn’t have a single living creature here??” every where he look, not even a single walking soul who would enter their room, or any small sounds indicating that there’s someone in here, is present.


He clicked his tongue in annoyance “don’t tell me I do not even have a roommate? Gezz whatever” he grabbed his keys and opened the door to his room,

it was quite normal like, what would all the other dorm rooms would look like but it’s too quiet, to the point that the silence had became an eerie sound, ironically he felt that way.

He frowned his face, than he slammed the door close, not that he would bother anyone anyway.

Then immediately, he dropped off his bag somewhere, then sat down on the bed, in a rough manner, as he hastily grabbed his phone again from his pocket, dialing some number.


It was ringing, but nobodies picking up “…….” Annoyed he turn his phone off and threw it in the table near his bed

“why won’t that old geezer pick up his phone….” He was whining a bit, but he absolutely knew that his guardian was busy

It’s just….., this silence was unbearable to handle, it feels like this silence was mocking him and bringing him back into the past….


“whatever..” he shove his own body to the bed and practically sleep in there once again, thinking that, rather than giving himself some pity, he should just sleep it away.


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Julian was startled. He stared blankly at the very close face of the other male, unable to move from the shock. His body was still and his eyes slightly wide in surprise, he could feel the other man's breath brush gently against his lips, and could hear the soft sound of his breathing. The room was quiet for what seemed like an eternity, time had frozen for a moment. Julian's muscles began to relax, his expression became softer and his eyes hardened as he glared at his new roommate. His body began to trembled, and his long blonde bangs covered his eyes momentarily. He shifted slightly trying to get the extra body weight off him, and gripped the other man's shirt tightly. His clenched his teeth, and his eyes glowed dangerously.


"Y-you...you..." He whispered softly, his grip tightening on the other student's shirt. "Get off me..." He whispered once more, his voice barely audible. "GET OFF!" He suddenly shouted and an invisible force pushed the other male to the opposite direction. He watched the other teen's back hit the hard wall causing the weak structure to shake slightly.


The blonde teen panted slightly and glared at the boy across the room. He stood up and made sure to keep a large distance between them. He took a deep breath, and calmed down recovering his cool. He fixed his clothes calmly, his face now showing a calm and emotionless expression. He spared the other male a glance and frowned.


"You shouldn't attack people like that, out of no where..." He said justifying his own actions, his eyes finally settling on the hunter-boy. "My name is Julian...I am your new roommate. Since you are a human, I was assigned here to make sure you don't get kill too early," the blonde said crudely and stared at the weapons, "you are not allowed to keep those things around, get rid of them as soon as possible," he ordered glaring at the damn things and sighed. Before he could say anything else, the speaker turned on and the announcements became audible throughout the hallways.


"Students, the cafeteria is now open and so are the dorm bathrooms. If you need to use them, you can now make your way there. Do not cause any type of chaos. Also, remember that tomorrow first block (period) would be extended. All students should report to the auditorium so that your student council members welcome you. It's important that you attend. Remember that no one is allowed outside the school after 1 AM. Clubs will begin recruiting tomorrow! Remember that in order to graduate you must be in a club!" A very excited secretary announced, and then the speaker turned off.


Julian listened in silence and when it was over, started to unpack his things.


"This is my side of the room, please under no condition are you allowed to approach my bed. I dont like skin to skin contact, so refrain from doing so as well. No parties allowed in the room, I need to study. Don't be loud. If you must do after 1 AM, get out and do it somewhere else. No illegal things...." He stopped for a moment and glanced at the other teen. "Just dont bother," he said over his shoulder and took out a towel and soap, then headed to the door.

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The door to the student council office parted as soon as Hunter knocked on it – at least that was how he perceived it. He had not expected such a quick response. It was as if he had been expected. But of course, he knew that that was not the case, and not because he was a pessimist, but because he knew that the decision to drop by the student council office was spontaneous, and there was no way anyone could have predicted this path of action…or could they? At least he thought that Veda could not. He was a Kitsune. Or perhaps that was why he was quick with his response. No, he could not tell unless he did some testing…


Something wrong? Veda’s question quickly pulled Hunter out of his spiralling mind. “N-No,” stuttered Hunter, trying not to sound unfocused. He knew Veda. Everyone knew Veda. He was the president of the student council after all. Despite finding something likeable in Veda’s perky manner, Hunter felt somewhat ill-fitted, and his grip around the leaflets tightened. But Veda seemed at ease, and had casually taken a slightly crumpled leaflet from his hand, and, shortly after reading the leaflet, unexpectedly offered to help him with his tedious job. Suddenly Hunter felt less ill-fitted, and the day did not seem so bleak to him anymore.


Hunter gladly stepped into the student council office, and muttered a quick word of gratitude to Veda for the invitation. The third unexpected event came as the condition of the student council office. The mess was horrifying to Hunter. He was not used to being in such a place, let alone spend hours in it. Veda had made his way through the mess to the computer, and had violently (in Hunter’ view) removed the things around the computer before settling in and work on the computer. For a moment, Hunter was frozen by the door with the walls caving in on him. What should he do? He could not, on his own will, straighten the room up. It was not his room, and there were probably many documents that were confidential, or those that need to be filed in a certain manner. But the mess…


He tiptoed through the mess to where Veda was, and peek over his shoulder at what he was doing. But Hunter was not quite as interested in knowing what was happening on the screen as in straightening the papers, and files, and all other objects within the room that seemed to have seen the storm from two nights ago.


“Do you need a hand with the room?” asked Hunter abruptly. But after a short pause, he decided that he should better made an offer than to ask a passive question, “You see, I’ve got some time on hand, and you’re helping me with my job. The least I could do in return is help you with cleaning.” To be completely honest, Hunter was only half-truthful about helping as a return of the favour. What he wanted was to scratch the itch really badly. And he probably would not be able to focus in class, or get his job done, or sleep soundly tonight and the nights to come if he did not scratch that itch. So he stared hard at Veda, hoping that he would say yes, and hoping that the stare would change his mind if he had decided that he did not need his help.

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He was typing through the the academy's student files when an unexpected help to help the room clean. If he refused then he'd cleaned the office less but if he accepted- of course, he's going to accept; the more, the merrier as they say. The student council room was too messy, it'll take days if he did this by himself.


"Sure." Veda accepted, smiling. Was he bothered by the mess? Judging by the intense look that yes, he was bothered. Was he like himself? Because he could not help but feel twitchy when he doesn't have enough information. Like now. "You're kind, Hunter. As expected of my roommate!" He chirped, eyeing the current profile he picked in the computer with something that resembled amusement in his eyes.


Hunter Ryōshi Reynolds.


Room 999.


Last time he checked, his room number was 999. How surprising, was this fate? Wasn't he supposed to room with the troublemaker named Lucyfer Mephilistos to keep an eye on him? A change of mind, maybe? Oh well, maybe either the principal or headmaster might change some student's roommates if the situation wasn't good but he couldn't see both of them being changed of roommate anytime soon, Veda had a feeling that they'd get along well to not cause trouble.


He continued typing, red eyes solely focused on the screen as he checked profile after profile with such professional speed. How obvious he was used to this type of thing, because the fox was all for absorbing information like sponge to a water.


The sounds of hands typing on the keyboard and papers organized was the only noises that were heard as minutes passed and then,


"Done~!" There was a sound of a printer spouting out a piece of papers. He snatched away the papers and put it in a empty folder that was lying besides another mess and walked to Hunter was, giving it to him. "This is the list of students that will join the swimming club or might be interested in it that they'll think about it. There's pictures of them inside so you'd know what they look like, of course, their club activity history recorded from their previous schools are also listed. Though majority came from their homeland, so few are listed that has the possibility of joining or might change their mind." Veda smiled, lips curled as he inspected the room to give time for the other to absorb what he said. There was still a lot of mess, it looked cleaner.


And now he thought of an idea. "You know what, I'm selecting you to be my vice-president." He declared out of the blue. The position was opened because he hadn't picked yet, this school's student council was different from the other school.


If this were an anime; another scene will appear with a animated blackboard, words written in chalk, student chairs and a chibi nine-tailed fox that coincidentally looked like the student council president named Veda in a teacher outfit with a pointer stick in hand.


This is how it works, the student council consists of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian.


To be a President, you will have to either enter the competition yourself or be voted by someone as long as it was a student in the academy, to win is by who gets the more votes of course. The latter happened to Veda, of course.


To be a Vice-President, you'd have to be picked by the President of the Student Council themselves and once the President decided to pick you, you have no choice to refuse either you want it or not.


To be a Treasurer, was same as the President's or personally decided by the Principal and the Headmaster, both must agreed upon who will be given the seat.


To be a Secretary, was the same as the Treasurer's.


And last, to be a Historian, was automatically given to a human so that the relationship between the human and monster society strengthen. That doesn't mean that you'd get to do anything you want, the human with the position will still be observed.


That's how the student council seats functioned, now that Veda decided Hunter to be his vice-president was official, all the fox had to do was to report his decision to the Principal to get the valid approval to make it official-official.


He knows that the other had swimming club but it was alright, Veda himself was in the art cub ever since last year. But the student council was the first priority.


Now why did Veda picked Hunter? Well.

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"A-ah, I see," he added sotto voce. Yes, he received an answer from this 'emo' dude, but that dude doesn't seem to be interested in many things or more like he is rather reserved. And of course, of all things, he has to reside in a dorm with him. Jyu prefers someone who is really energetic and outgoing since he can easily get along with them, but not the mysterious and quiet dude... also not to mention straight-forward people as well. Jyu just shrugged to the fact he's a roommate with him since it's always nice to experience new things with people. But why did the emo dude sigh? Was it because he couldn't find anyone cuter than him? Or maybe because he couldn't find a stronger opponent to brawl with?


With his sensing special ability, he couldn't seem to exactly tell what 'race' the dude is. It's similar to a bat, but something more... different. Jyu's eyes gleamed in glee. It's one of Jyu's opportunity to research about an unknown creature he never knew about. Since he knew nothing about this guy's species, he'll need to keep his guards up and eyes peeled with hearing enhanced.


He entered the room nonchalantly with ease. He noticed that the dude has a baggage with him. He swung his hands into the empty air as he muttered 'Fuck...' under his breath softly. How can he forget to bring his baggage with him? I guess that's what you get for being too excited for school and transforming into a wolf. Now what he's going to wear? Guess he'll need to ask his roommate for a pair of clothes, but he's not even sure if that dude has his size. He'll need to buy a pair of gym clothes and wear it his whole school year. Jyu's expression was depressed for a moment until he shook his hand and curled his fist into a ball into the air. "Okay, no fear, I can make it through this and that wanna-be mysterious guy," echoed into his mind.


There's apparently a not-so-big bunk bed on the side of the room. On the opposite side of the wall lays a frame of a square, plain window. It's nothing fancy here, but at least there's a cabinet to put things in... which is unfortunate for Jyu because he doesn't have any luggage. There's also a bathroom here, which is quite odd because most dormitories usually doesn't have bathrooms. Just one all-round room and a bathroom.


"SHOTGUN FOR THE BOTTOM BUNKBED," he exclaimed in a silvery voice as he ran and plopped down on the bottom bunker. He flipped down to his belly and stuffed the soft pillow under his chest as he turned to look at the mysterious dude. "Hey, hey, hey," he pestered annoyingly, "I think it's rude to not introduce ourselves 'cus y'know... it's rude." He then sat up with the pillow wrapped around with his legs enthusiastically. "Okay," he sighed, "my name is Jyu. What's your name, mysterious dude with a hint of emoness?" He smiled foolishly as his mind is saying "why do I have to follow this dude exactly? If he wants me to follow him, then he should at least be considerate and introduce yourself [as he pouts]". And of course, Jyu mistaken 'follow me' for 'follow me until I tell you to stop following me, even if we're taking a bath'.

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Alucard stood, brushing himself off, he winced slightly as his back twinged. He hadn't hit the wall softly, and he certainly wasn't expecting to be crashing against it. He gave the other a withering stare, his green eyes glittering coldly. "I didn't attack you, I defended myself. So it looks like I'm not actually going to need you to stay alive in this place." In a momentary fit of anger, he threw the knife, watching it whistle past the other's head, close enough to shave a strand of hair, before it embedded itself in the wall shuddering. Alucard watched the blonde whispy strand flutter to the floor. "My weapons stay where they are. The only person who can stop me from getting killed is me.


Alucard walked stiffly back to his bed and sat down on the edge of it. He ran a hand through his hair and gritted his teeth. He didn't usually lose his temper like that, and felt that he needed to make an apology, but all this posturing and... it's like a fucking pissing contest he thought to himself. He reached for his shirt and eased it on, "I'm going to get food" he said shortly, standing and stretching his long frame, and walking out of the room. As he closed the door behind him, he called out, "If you're lucky, I might get you something."


Alucard walked down the hallway, heading towards the cafeteria deep in thought. He only needed to go to the cafeteria today; he'd go out and do some shopping later on. He preferred cooking his own meals, at least then he knew what the ingredients were, and who exactly had been tampering with them. He frowned to himself, if that was truly the case, then he'd be better off skipping the cafeteria and going straight to buying stuff to cook with. He reached into his back pocket and grabbed his wallet, thumbing through the notes that was his monthly allowance upfront. Can't say that I'm not well looked after here at least he thought to himself.


He then smiled, imagining what he'd be cooking for himself, and headed off the school grounds.

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His scent irritated Kastiel's nostrils. A mixture of wet dog and human combined into a revolting odor. Albeit, his expression remained neutral, Kastiel's eyes reflected distaste. He slipped around the corner and descended down the steps, guiding Jyu towards their dorm room. It did not take them long to arrive. Kastiel unlocked the door and opened it, revealing a convenient, but simple contemporary room. Once Jyu examined the interior, Kastiel closed the door and walked towards the kitchenette.




Kastiel ignored Jyu's presence. He knew that the shapeshifter came unprepared. Kastiel had a feeling the young brat would want to borrow his clothes. Tch, as if he would comply, he reminded himself. Kastiel retrieved a tea pot from the cupboard and proceeded to brew himself a cup of tea.




His eyebrow twitched with annoyance. Kastiel chose to refrain from commenting. It would be pointless engaging in a conversation with a moron. He leaned against the counter and waited for the pot to whistle. He closed his eyes and sighed softly. His moment of silence shattered after the shapeshifter spoke,


"...What's your name, mysterious dude with a hint of emoness?"


Kastiel cracked his right eye open. He craned his neck towards Jyu's direction. He tuned out the boy's insults. "Kastiel Nox," he replied bluntly. Kastiel focused his attention back to the tea pot. After he heard a loud whistle, Kastiel turned off the burner. He picked up the pot and poured hot water into his ceramic cup. He watched with mild satisfaction as the tea bag soaked in the scolding liquid. He set down the pot on the stove and waited patiently for his tea to mix.

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Waking up in a haze he got up once again immediately, he rubbed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, then after a while he reached up his hands to find his glasses, then slowly he wore them in a perfect fit

He inhaled then exhaled afterwards, while he shifted his head into the other side of his bed, and just like earlier no one was there and it was silent as a grave would be

He clicked his tongue and swayed his head into the other side, then momentarily he slides his weak legs into the ground so that he could stood up from his white soft bed, that practically looked messy now, but he didn’t bother to fixed it or tidy it up, this room will soon be messier then the bed right now anyway, so why bother cleaning


He slides the palm of his hand onto his forehead down to his hair in front of him, practically to brush off his sweat.

He grabbed his phone that he threw in the table earlier then he existed his dorm room, then he tried to looked around and sense some presence in the hallway and in the other rooms, but just like earlier, there was no one

He looked at the time in his phone, then he closed it again afterwards his satisfied

And since he already confirmed everything over here, he should head out now, do whatever would make him swept away, that’s right, going along the flow is so him after all.


He proceeded outside of the dorm areas again, the sun was setting soon as well, there’s nothing he could do about the sun, but dark hours is mostly dangerous, and fun at the same time

He was walking in the school grounds seeing so many fliers whose practically scattered around, they are from various different types of clubs, it makes him remember that last year he was forced to join some clubs against his own will, and because of irritating pressure they had over that issue, so he forced himself to enter the library club at least,


well it's not that bad really, since it has some privilege,

every time he needed a refuge to sleep in, he will stay there, and since he was a member, people in there won’t object to him,

and since class time, sleeping in dorms or in classes is out of the question, since people in charge or in power will just chase you away, and because of that, his slumber will become a total ruins

But it’s not as if all he do in the library is sleep, he also reads some books if he felt like it.


He was looking at the different fliers that was scattered around the school grounds, when he finally reached the school gates

“hmmm….” He turned around and looked at the huge gates, this is where all the student can exit and reenter the academy, he smiled and smirk

“Well since the classes won’t start officially until tomorrow, shall I have fun first?.....”


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Julian was still stunned from the human's sudden actions. He watched with discontented eyes as the human left their chambers, and headed out the door. His eyes followed the back of the other male till his body disappeared around the corner. A soft sigh left him as his body grew tense, and he grew worried about his future with his hunter companion. He waved off the weird feeling of having been touched by someone after so long, and the fear, and concentrated on unpacking. Once done, he took out a towel and headed to the bathrooms. He made sure to lock their room before leaving, if anyone were to find those stupid weapons, they would be in deep trouble. Why am i covering for him? I would be better off without him...He thought for a moment, his hand lingering on the knob. He shook his head, and turned around, then walked down the hallway.


The dorm was too quiet for his liking, usually it would have been full of loud smelly teenagers doing who know what, and forming a commotion. He guessed that the students were yet to get accustomed to the new life they would be leading for the next four years. His steps were the only audible things in the hallways as he made his way to the bathroom. He was happy to find no many students around. A public bathroom was in his opinion one of the worse ideas the school have had. There were bathrooms in each dorm room but they didn't had a tub or shower, which he found ridiculous.


Julian looked around, left and right, for a moment, reassuring himself that the room was more or less empty. He entered the big room full of showers, a huge pool size tub, and many shelves with clean white towels. He still preferred to use his own. His clothes came off easily, and he folded them and placed them neatly in one of he empty wooden shelves. He headed to another shelf and grabbed shampoo and conditioner, and a bar of soap, all provided by the school, then headed to one of the showers. He closed the curtain, and started the water.


The semi-hot water ran down his delicate body slowly. His tense muscles relaxed, and he finally closed his eyes resting for a moment. His mind was full of thoughts, most of them concerning a certain hunter boy that so happen to be quiet a handful. He could see him bringing trouble to his future already. He passed one hand through his hair, his body slightly flush and steam filling the room. The meeting is tomorrow...He thought, his body tensing once again. The thought of talking to such a big crowd was making him anxious. Enough, i gotta start getting use to the idea that the world is full of beings...I can't run away anymore..my uncle is right...I should apologize to that boy properly next time I see him..He washed his body and closed the running water.


He stepped out of the shower and used his towel to dried off, oblivious to anybody around. His stomach growled softly reminding him that it was dinner time. He sighed at the amount of paperwork he would have to do once he was back in his room, and decided that perhaps eating dinner first might be a good idea. He stared at himself in the mirror absent minded, and placed one of his hands on his purple eye. Even his appearance was something he found distasteful. Compare to other monsters, he seemed so human, and yet so alien at the same time. He didn't underwent any noticeable physical transformation when using his powers, his appearance would barely change throughout his long life span, and all he was able to do was to take life away and make his own longer, such a selfish gift. He stood naked in the middle of the bathroom, enjoying the silence around him, and still lost in his own thoughts of self pity.

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The acceptance brought great joy to the heart of the Leviathan. He sighed in relief. Now he could get through the day in peace with a cherry of warm content on top.


Before Hunter could turn his attention to the books, and papers, and files, and stationery, he heard Veda mentioned the phrase ‘expected of my roommate’. Wait. He did not know he had a roommate. He had been up since before daybreak, sitting by the window of his room, all by himself, watching the night slowly return to its cradle, and waiting for that glimmer of day to greet him and take him out into the enclosed garden. All by himself, mind you. But now that he thought about it, there were belongings in the room that did not belong to him. If Veda was his roommate, then he had not returned last night, or the night before. Had he been out roaming, or partying, or did he sleep over at his friend’s place? Two nights. He wondered if Veda was a night owl – not quite literally, since there are some owl shapeshifters at the university. Well, Hunter knew that Veda was a Kitsune. But he knew nothing about the perks of being a Kitsune. Anyhow he was not accustomed to living in the residence hall. This was his first year staying on campus; he had been with his grandparents previously. He supposed it was one of the weird things people do when they stay on campus, like partying all night, or so he heard.


The papers were everywhere. And they were not everywhere in an orderly manner. They were just everywhere. So Hunter went on a mission of collecting all the papers in the room, and piling them up on the floor in the corner. In that way he could then sit down and organize them properly.


The two worked in silence on their individual tasks until the cheery voice of Veda broke it. Hunter turned around to look at him, and was met with a file filled with a list of student names. With his free hand, he took the file with a word of gratitude, and listened to Veda explained the content of the file. He could not be more thankful to his gut for making such a wise choice in such a harsh world, and of course, he was thankful to Veda for going through the trouble of making the list for him.


Hunter was not finished with his self-appreciation when he heard Veda spoke again, quite so suddenly. Vice-president? He could not believe his ears. The blood drained from his already pale face, and whatever joy he had accumulated over the past hour dissipated into thin air. It was not that he did not want the position, but he was not prepared for a sudden allocation of a huge responsibility. Hunter ran for the secretary position when he was in his first year – yes, he had prepared himself for that – but he was not selected, for good reasons. He was not particularly keen on being a secretary, but he thought it would look good on his resume. Besides, he was good at cleaning, and organizing, so he would be a good secretary…right? Or had he by any chance wrongly understood the responsibilities of a secretary?


His lips quivered slightly at the declaration. He had no say in this. It was set.


“I’m not sure you’ve made the right choice,” said Hunter in a low voice, “You ought to think about it.” This was out of the blue – so blue that he could see the deep blue colour of his iris.


He stacked the papers that he was carrying onto the mountain that he had previously made in a corner of the room. Then, turning to Veda, he said, still in that low voice, “It’s getting late. I’ll get off now, and I’ll be back tomorrow to clean up. First thing in the morning, of course.” He fumbled with the corner of the file, feeling uneasy with the new progress of his life. “You really do need to think about it,” he said, deep blue eyes gazing into the vermillion sky outside the window. He wanted it, yet he felt wrong.


Hunter turned for the door. But before he head off, he lifted the file in his hand, and said to Veda, “Thank you for this. Truly.”


He took off on his heels, as quickly as he could, and headed for the cafeteria. The shock had made him hungry. He hoped nothing surprising would happen down in the cafeteria. But he guessed, nothing could be more surprising than that.

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Half-lidded red crimson eyes watched his new prey walk away, his tugged into an amused lazy smile. Oh no, he's not going to think about it; he officially decided it. He can't let this guy get away no matter what with that special ability.


Veda liked to know information, he'd hack into the school system or use his president status to gather more about the students, when he didn't have any info; he'd sneak out at night and go beyond that just to get more information (blackmail, bio, anything) until he was satisfied. And so, the fox was surprised to see someone like Hunter who was in the school last year.


He didn't know.


The kitsune wanted someone like him, already his roommate proved to be useful, not to mention they'd be bunking together in the same room and wouldn't that be fun? Besides, his gut said that he was making a right choice. When he thinks about it, he felt rather giddy.


This year was really going to be more interesting. But before that, he looked around the still messy room, it would take a few more days for the room to clean and he also had to find more members for the art club. Thank goodness that he wasn't the art president, he was busy alright. (Too busy going out at nights to research more about the new students.) The president depended on him though, to gather them more.


"Why did they have to vote me for president~." Veda slightly whined, pouting as he set off to clean the room more but then feeling lazy, he went back to the computer to check for students who'd want or be interested to joining the art club and give it to the president of the club. After that, he'd have to tell the principal about the decision he made.


"Hmhmhm~." Humming under his breath, he proficiently typed, windows popping out in seconds, if it were anyone else they'd be confused with how fast everything came up in the screen unless they're used to it enough to be skilled.


And just like what he did for his new vice-president (no backing down now, Hunter~.), doing it again; print out the students that would join. After that, he took a piece of clean bond paper and a pen, elegantly writing that he requested Hunter Ryōshi Reynolds to be his vice-president. Grinning, Veda chuckled, folding the paper after he finished writing then standing up to go out of the room.


Time to deliver it to the Principal~.

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