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NB: Read before Requesting!

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Hello everyone!

Because we haven't made it official yet, we decided to list some small,

not exactly rules, but yet important details for people that want to request

translation from us.


For your request to be considered or taken upon as YO's project,

you MUST follow the next things;

- Make sure no other translation group has released the certain manga;

- In case the manga is considered as licensed, we WON'T take upon that project;

- In case you request translation with some RAWs which are in any other language different from Japanese/Chinese, you MUST firstly ask the certain scanlator for permission to be translated to English.


If a request made onwards doesn't follow the listed above requirements,

we won't take upon the project.


Thank you for the support and the understanding!

Best regards,

YaoiOtaku Translation Group

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