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The Magus Users of Khazaria

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In a land where magic exists they call Magus, there stood Khazaria Kingdom. Called Impenetrable Khazaria, it houses 300,000 citizens. Everyone lived in a harmonious and peaceful life. No one steals, no one kills. Everyone worked hard. Though the kingdom has hostile neighboring countries, Khazaria citizens lived in the most upright manner. There were rarely any violence at all. Even if there was, it was not something grave.


The Magus users don't abuse their powers. Instead, they try to help the citizens to the best of their ability. The Royal family is kind to the citizens and they were respected. It was truly peaceful...


...if not only for the war, if not only for the existence of traitors who disturbed the peace of the land.


66th Day of the 14th Month, Year 768, Wessburg Kingdom began invading its neighboring countries. It was the beginning of the war that has been going on for 4 years.


31st Day of the 8th Month, Year 771. Wessburg Kingdom, now called, Wessburg Empire, has reached the borders of Khazaria Kingdom. However, they were not able to do a thing to the land called "The Impenetrable Khazaria". Khazaria stood in a land of pure Magus. They were able to create a wide Magus Barrier that no one from the outside can ever break.


23rd Day of the 1st Month, Year 772. Wessburg Empire successfully penetrated Khazaria Kingdom. They weren't supposed to be able to do a thing. However, there were traitors within Khazaria. War started, and Khazaria is in the verge of losing. However, there's no way Khazaria will surrender without fighting. Gathering the elites among the elites Magus Users, Khazaria bet everything in their last hope.


[Play this before reading further]








Elemental Magus





















-Requip (weapon and armor) [i'm taking this]

-Self Empowerment (Speed, Tenacity, Power, Accuracy/Homing)

-Weapon Enhancement (Apply Magus to Weapons
















-Body Possession





-Trace Tracker


-Astral Projection

-Prediction/Fortune Teller

-Puppet Master





Every Magus users has innate Magus. Those not belonging from Unique and Forbidden Magus Category may learn a new type of magus compatible to his innate magus. This will be called Secondary Magus. On the other hand, Forbidden and Unique Magus are rare type of magus which are extremely power and equivalently dangerous if not handled well. They also cannot learn any Secondary Magus.








The upper border of Lugerian Provinces up to Frolikton is separated from the lower border of Wellsburg and Sentasia by a wide Canyon. Furthermore, the terrain from Lugerain Provinces up to Frolikton is several meter higher from the other side. That's the reason Wellsburg was not able to invade them. They need to make a detour to Khazaria, going to Ortisberg, before they can invade the lower half of Legandoria.





1.) No God-Modding

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3.) Reply at least twice a week. Failing to comply may cause you to be dropped in the roleplay

4.) Be polite

5.) Character killing may only be allowed when agreed with the concerning roleplayer. The roleplayer may make a new character afterwards.

6.) Please do not make Romance the priority of the Roleplay

7.) The ONLY response to this thread are the roleplay responses. Anything else should be posted in the recruitment page. This is to keep the Roleplay clean.

8.) No Timeskipping (read more about this rule at the last section of the starter thread)

9.) YO Forum rules applies.




Alexander, Caius - KyAzrel






Avatar of Death that always follows him




[ † Name † ]

Alexander, Caius


[ † Age † ]



[ † Gender † ]



[ † Position † ]



[ † Magus Category † ]

::Unique Inherence::


[ † Abilities † ]

Entropic Death

Caius makes use of the residual energy of corpses around him to restore the strength of anyone in close proximity. Although sometimes this ability is also applied to the victims of his sword.


Undead Bloom

Basically Necromancy. Caius reanimates dead bodies to fight alongside him, but the number of corpses that he can summon depends heavily on his stamina; the more he calls, the heavier the toll it requires in his strength.



This ability goes in conjunction with Undead Bloom. Using the corpses Caius reanimates, he can break bones, tear flesh and mend it all together in one misshaped creature. Although a very useful ability, Caius had never dreamed of using it. The toll in his strength is enough to discourage him but it wasn't just that. The Abomination created was mindless and did not follow any given orders. It just destroyed anything that lied in its path.


Eyes of the Avatar

Caius can command the avatar of death to be his scout, his eyes around the entire battlefield. The avatar can also reveal to him the locations of people that he wants to find and even show him the right way towards his destination. This ability is what Caius mostly uses for it does not require him any toll in his strength.


Black Embrace

An ability that Caius rarely uses. By tapping in his inherent magus he is able to forcibly remove the soul of a person of lesser will than his. If he uses this ability on someone of stronger will, it will backfire and his soul instead would be the one removed.


[ † Personality † ]

Caius is mostly silent, only speaking to the people closest to him. Sometimes he is also cold but inside he is kind, often times only exhibiting this trait to a person special enough to catch his eyes. He also never speaks about his family and most often than not this makes people think that he's an inclusive person. Caius also enjoys reading books. He enjoys meditating at tranquil places such as gardens or even rivers. He is also loyal, especially towards the Royal Family, and would do anything even lay down his own life to protect them.


[ † Biography † ]

Not much is really known about Caius, only that he was an orphan. People know that he is a Magus, but other than that they do not know what type he is. Many have asked before yet none had received an answer. Growing up, he looked up to the knights of the royal palace and dreamed to be one of them. By the age of 12 he had already gained an apprenticeship and by 18 he was already a full-pledged Royal Knight. By the time that the Wessburg Empire successfully penetrated the kingdom, he had acquired the Palace Magus as his mentor and Knight Captain as title.


[ † Quote † ]

"I am but your humble servant. Command me and I shall do it."




Tate, Cyan - Skyxon




~★~ Name ~★~

Tate, Cyan


~★~ Age ~★~



~★~ Gender ~★~



~★~ Position ~★~



~★~ Magus Category ~★~

Time :: Forbidden Magus::


~★~ Abilites ~★~


Cyan can for a radius of 20 meters appears and reappear anywhere. Like teleport all over the place. There is a limit to how many times he can do it in a day. If he does it for more than 5 times a day he will start losing years again.


Time Control

Cyan can not time travel. That would mean immediate death for himself. It would exhaust him too much and he would lose the rest of his remaining years. Instead if he or one of his allies are injured Cyan can reverse the time a little just enough so that if he or his friend is injured he could restore their body to a time when they weren't injured. This is a very tricky technique. He can also speed up a injury for his enemies. He can make them die faster if he wished it. But either way reversing or fast forwarding Cyan still losses time from his own life.



This is an ability he has only used once and regrets it completely. This ability allows him to suspended a person in time. They will never age they will new grow old. But do not mistake that for immortality. When the time comes the person will die. But they will never look any different. Always in that form. For this ability Cyan will lose 8 years from his own time.



This is a simple ability he really doesn't lose time for this from his life. He freezes his target in place for ten minutes. He can only do it to 4 targets at one time if he tries to do more he will lose time again.


~★~ Personality ~★~

Cyan is a prankster. He doesn't have an alliance to the knights or the bad guys. He just does what he wants. He is the town's prankster everyone knows that but for some reason the knights are never able to catch him he always slips away. Still he has a strong sense of justice. If he sees something unjust he steps in. He never shows his serious side because he doesn't think that anyone can really handle everything he knows.


~★~ Bio ~★~

Cyan used to have a family in the city he still does and he spies on them from the shadows at times. When he was 4 he was very fond of his grandfather and his grandfather was a royal knight and was a ice magus. His grandfather was the greatest knight there ever was. He would always let Cyan read his books and teach him basic magus skills. Cyan always wanted to be a Ice Magus like his grandfather. When he was 10 years old the knights came marching back in and with them carrying a stretcher covered. Cyan was there to greet his grandfather back. But his grandfather never marched back in that day and he never left again. His grandfather according to the report his grandfather had exhausted all his magus to save his squad and he paid with his life. His grandfather was honored as a hero but Cyan lost it and ran to his grandfather's library and did something that was forbidden. His grandfather had told him about the forbidden magus. That they must never exist or things would be dangerous for them. He said forbidden magus were forbidden not because they are strong but because the users themselves suffer allot. He was trying to read a reincarnation but he wasn't that skilled yet and messed up and instead by accident he suspended himself in time and made a pact to become a time magus. When he woke up he had noticed that he had shrunk a little and looked more like a kid than before when he checked what he had done he realized his mistake. He couldn't face his family. He would never grow up. He would never get taller. For the rest of his life he would look 12. Along with the suspended spell placed on him on his arm shoulder there was now a tattoo that said 72. He later learned the more he used his time magus the tattoo number went down more. After a year of trying to live with his family. They started to notice he was not growing or aging. So in the middle of the night he ran away. Left a note saying that he had to leave and was sorry. He used to have pitch black hair and bright green eyes but thanks to magus he has switched his hair color and eye color. He now has blue hair and light blue eyes. He changed his appearance enough for his family not to recognize him anymore. He roams the city now pranking people and occasionally leaving his family presents and helping them from the shadows when they need it. As of right now his tattoo says 64.


~★~ Quote ~★~

"When you learn to value time is when you will understand everything."




Welks, Asher - blurbur




Welks, Asher















He was working a job as a hired healers for various towns an feigning off the depths of darkness with his powers, Knowingly he was the best healer any money can come by.


Magus Type


- Supporting type



Magus Ability


Blooming Light

A holy light that bathes the body in the light causing any wounds to heal completely depending on how much stamina that he has. This also has a negative effect on dark users or necromancy.


Una's Blessing

This ability cures people of most sicknesses that many people have, causing them to to rejuvenate within a day. Asher uses this ability for the people that have done no harm to the world, not to the people that have cause bad deeds and caused for many people to die. It is only rare that he will accept a person of ill just to be cured. It also blesses certain people with gifts from the light, strengthening them to be more apt and capable in battle.


Sun Burst

This ability effects an all around burst of light effecting every enemy in a 50 yd radius of the caster causing lethal damage of light; burning skin, disintegration, boils on the skin, blindness, ect. Asher can only use this in an down turn in the battle , because it drains him of energy to where he is almost feeble.



A ward that fends off the darkness, and depths of evil keeping the caster safe for a period of time and other people near him. This also depends on the strength of Asher and his abilities. If willing the people that is warded inside with him can give small amount of energy to him to keep him sustaining the ward. (this is very dangerous and can backfire on Asher, which causes him to faint in the midst of battle)


Light of Judgement

This is last resort technique that he uses against his enemy, whether it be a curse that is dispelled upon him is flipped back toward the enemy or a heavy blow the was bestowed upon Asher. The only reason he uses this ability is that it will be only a life or death situation. Every time he uses this spell, part of his soul leaves his body, until he is only a husk of himself; a walking body with no use at all.



His weakness is that he can rarely use his abilities against other people, leaving him defenseless against oncoming enemies. He is more able to help others in aid and bless them with the holy light than to fight against. It is only at dire times when he is force to use his spells against other people.



He is soft hearted even to the harshest of people, taking the worst comments that he gets at multiple times a day because of his power and magus. He is very scholarly at the arts of magus, which helps him determine what exactly the type of magus a person is. He is very loyal to the royal family, although he has never been there himself.



Asher was born of an unknown blood from a beggar Lugerian Provinces, Luckily he was found by his guardians right before a Wessburg soldier found him with his beggar mother. This was the start of his life as an "elders" son in the Kal`azar villages, but fate of being elder was not to become of this child. Asher was only at the age 7 when his guardians shipped him off from his home in Kal`azar villages to attend the temple for holy monks in Khazaria. When his guardians found out that he was a holy Magus, they knew immediately they would have to give him away to the Wessburg Empire, so for their undying love for their adopted son they denied his fate to be the elder after his guardian father died and pushed him away from their family to tell him to go to the holy monks for refuge in Khazaria, and that is what he did exactly. During that time he trained with the determination to come back to Kal'azar to see his guardians once more. After he turned 19 he was the highest of all the monks; he could heal the utter most challenging wounds and could evade the evil, as if it was nothing for him. He was released from the grasps of the elder monks for the fact that they couldn't train him any further. So becoming a traveling healer was the only choice for him after he was released from the temple. And that which he became until there was a summoning for the best Magus in the nation to come forth.



"Why all this suffering for power, This is not the way of life."

"Light hearted laughter is the way to the body and soul."




Zwei Francois von Khazaria - Satou-san





Name: Zwei Francois von Khazaria


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Job: 2nd in line Prince. However, since the 1st in line and heir to the throne, Ein Lauren von Khazaria went missing a year ago, he's considered the heir as of the moment.


Magus Type: Requip Magus


Secondary Magus: Weapon Enhancement Magus


Magus Ability: Deity Requip. By using an orb filled with a magus essence, Zwei can requip himself with into Deity Weapon and Armor. The orbs are taken from other Magus users.

Deity of the Victorious Holy Emperor: Sylpherion (Light Magus)




By consuming a Light Magus orb, Zwei engulfs himself in holy light before Requipping into Sylpherion. He wields two Light Magus swords which is very effective against Darkness Magus Users. He can also bathe himself and the sword in light which can blind enemies for a prolonged time. Furthermore, if used with the ability "Una's Blessing", Zwei can move in the speed of light.




Deity of the Flame Sword: Serafeim (Fire Magus)




By consuming a Fire Magus orb, Zwei engulfs himself with flame, burning his upper clothing, leaving red lines across his chest as he requips into Serafeim. He wields a sword that burns anything it touches with fire, though not lethal. Also, anything that touches The red tattoos across his chest burns. He can also make a pillar of fire by stabbing the sword to the ground, effective against aerial assaults.




Deity of the Iron Shield: Khazaria (Barrier Magus)




This does not require Magus Orb as long as he is within the area of the Magus Barrier of Khazaria. By borrowing the pure Magus essence present in the land, Zwei requips himself fully armored with two big metallic plates at both hands. He can combine the two plates to create an Impenetrable shield against incoming attacks. Furthermore, he can alternatively use it ofr assault by ramming it against enemies, dealing destructive force.




Deity of the Frozen Blade: Gwyneira (Ice Magus)




By consuming an Ice Magus orb, Zwei requips his armor into a fine silk. His sword transforms into a big crescent blade, close to a scythe. Anything touched by the blade freezes, though because of its massive size, it is slow and can be avoided. However, the best use of the sword is that it is capable of making crescent-shaped ice projectiles.




Deity of the Fallen Angel: Helel (Darkness)



By consuming a Darkness Magus orb, Zwei loses his weapon and transform his hair into raven feathers. Darkness Magus circle appears at both palms of his hand, allowing him to use Darkness Magus abilities. The only ability Zwei can use with it is the ability to steal enemies' senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Furthermore, he can instill fear to enemies and increase their sense of pain.




Weakness: Zwei relies on orbs. These orbs are collected from Magus users who shares some of their Magus into the orbs. These orbs are also consumable. When the Magus present in the orb is all consumed, he transformed back into his original state. Also, Zwei can only transform several times a day. And each time he transform, he must consume the orb until it's all used up before transforming into another. The length of time which the requip lasts depends on how powerful the owner of the Magus is. It could last several minutes to several hour.


Personality: Refined, Mature and Collected. Zwei has also strong sense of responsibility, justice and to protect his loved ones


Bio: Zwei grew up most of his life inside the Royal Palace. He only went outside when he needed to fulfill his duty as a Royal Prince by attending social gatherings. Other than that, he lives himself with dedication to become stronger. It was what his father had told him as his father had foreseen a great catastrophe in the future with his Unique Prediction Magus. He never rebelled, he never questioned why. In his mind, it is what he should be doing. There was no room for second though, after all he needed to be stronger.

When Zwei was young, he was kidnapped by a bandit when he sneaked out and played in the outskirts of the kingdom. The Bandits demanded money, women and shelter from the Royal Family. However, when the Queen learned they had mistreated Zwei, the Queen, enraged, assaulted the bandits' hideout, slaughtering everyone until she loses all her Magus. She was able to save Zwei and left the hideout. However, on their way home, they met the leader of the bandits. The queen was powerless and exhausted and she knew she will not be able to save herself and Zwei. She told Zwei to run and to return home as she tried to hold the bandit off. Crying and angry for his uselessness, Zwei run leaving her mom alone. That was the last time he saw of her. There was a wide search operation for her, even hiring a Unique Tracking Magus User. However, they cannot locate her, or tell whether she's still alive or not.

Now, Zwei ought to protect himself and everyone he holds dear. When he knew of the great catastrophe in the future, he trained hard with the Requip Magus with the elites of the elites Royal Magus Users.



"Strength to protect is all I need"

"Revenge knows no bound"

"You fools dare to soil my land? Die."




Purpula, Samuel - fameandfortune212




Purpura Samuel















Doll maker.


Magus Type:

Puppet Master.


Magus abilities:


+Build at will - Telekinis+

He uses his mind power to control on objects, steels fragments, glasses, wires, bones, wood logs etc etc etc, to build on his Creations of his own. However, normall he builds his Creations by hands, because this skill cost him his health, gave him quite a headache if he builds something as big as a human or more, only use in emergency situation.

+Manipulate Creation+

Able to manipulate his Creation and their shapes and appearances are varied, from a little bird to big size as humanoid dolls or creatues like buffaloes and all. But most of his Creations doesn't look like any creature at all, some horrifying mishapen scary, swiftly creatures ever since the war started.


Upgrade his creations into a higher level, stronger. He could make his creation absorb other Elemental Magus Abilities like Fire, Ice, Poison, Darkness, his creations can learn some basic skills from what elements they absorbed.


Fire-absorbed Creation: Can breath fire and minor manipulation of fire or create a semi-thick fire wall for protection

Ice-absorbed Creation: Can make ice shield or make itself into a moving deadly spikey creature

Poison-absorbed Creation: Deadly, lethal even from just a scratch from it

Darkness-absorbed Creation: Silent, turn into a shadow itself and sneakily kill it's target from behind.

+Disguise - Invisibility+

Not very good at close range combat like normal Magus users, Samuel has to hide himself and cannot be found in battle, it's a must technique.

His invisibility give him camouflage, hide him well. It also gives him headache thourough the using duration.

+Body Replacement Technique+

With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, Samuel can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield.



-He calls all his dolls and puppets his Creations.

-He can control very limited Creations at the same time, depends on the size of the Creations, as big as a human, he can control 6, as big as a buffalo, he can control 3, as big as an elephant, he can control only 1 or 2.

-All these Creations absorbs the Magus by absorbing Magus orb or he builds the Creation with the heart of the one who has the Magus abilities, which Samuel obtainned from corpses or killed to get.

-Also quite good with using poisons, and antidotes.

-Body replacement technique, he can only use it for certain times in a day, 6 to 9 times depends on his health, only in emergency cases that he was found out and attacked by enemies and in the limit of 30 yards radiation. If he uses it more than 10 times a day, he will have tremendous headache and weaken his body.



Calm and silent, reserved and bad at communicating but quite a punk himself. Before war happened, his puppet shows were his way to let out his feelings and what he wanted to say but cannot.



Born in a puppeteer family, Samuel's life was surrounded by dolls and puppets, he'd play with them even since he was born he had ability to make his dolls and puppets move as delicated and lively and real as real humans which was quite surprising to his family. When time came that he had to go to school, all his classmates, thought he was weird, which caused him to be shy and afraid to communicate with people, even caused him autism because the only ones he could talk to...were his puppets. It still got him till his very day. He quitted school when he was only 8 and grew up and learn to be a doll maker, sometimes Samuel even pulled off puppet show, where he played skits and plays for kids in the kingdom-if he was happy.

Then war was started, his family was killed. Samuel has sworn to revenge, in pain he improved his skills and abilities quickly with determination. However, he constantly having headache from times to times ever since he started to learn puppetry.



"Have you ever wondered, that if your daily doll or teddy was human, what would they say about you?"




Shungyosai, Hikari - SakiOda





Shungyosai, Hiraki









Hikari despite his strange female like name is a shy boy, with a gentle demeanor. He seems to have some kind of split personality, where he is shy and silent in one and Romantic, classic flirt But he is a gentlemen. Its unsure what causes the switch but it usually has to do with his BAL (Blood Alcohol Level)








{Job }

Scholar’s apprentice


{Magus Category}

Enhancement Magus Class



Weapon Enhancement

Initially this can be used to rebuild a weapons outer shell, can be used only a max of 25 times without taking a toll on the body. When exceeding the 25th time his body becomes weak and loses balance. His aim is also reduced.


Elemental Enhancements

This can only be used to combine a weapon with an elemental ability it’s not a normal or natural ability, there must be some sort of element nearby. It’s based off diffulties, Light and dark are the ones he can take with no problem. Others have small issues.


Enhancement Power

This is more for weapons that give out power shots (such as guns). It increases the power of the shot, causing to go father and have more power when it impacts. The power is based off the weapon. He cant do large power shot weapons. He sticks to handhelds.


Shield Enhancement

He can’t enhance a shield for a short time, it gives the shield a harder outer shell that can after time can be broken. Using this will cause him to feel weak and faint even after just one.




Hikari Worked hard -before the invasion- as a scholar’s apprentice, but once the invasion took place Hikari was thrown out of his job. Hikari has a case of split personality that is based off his BAL (Blood Alcohol Level)

Hikari has a tendency to hide out and not speak a word while he is shy. He casually uses his cute baby face to get away with either food or bargain deals.

Hikari is always found in his shy personality when he’s not drunk. But when he Gets drunk he becomes a man flirt. He flirts with any guy that is his type, and he will do it openly.


{Quote }

“It takes two to tango, Wont you be my Partner?”

“Believe what you see, Not what you hear.”




Eiranaois, Thanatos - Techno






Eirenaios, Thanatos












He's not too sure but since he doesn't mind either gender;










Where he works in the town's library.



Magus Type

P r i m a r y



S u p p o r t




Magus Ability

Touch of Death

Default ability of learning the magus. Everything living that he touches, dies. Plants, animals, anything that breathes and has life. Except humans. Instead of dying just by a single touch, the human will feel weak, slowly feel ill and will die in a couple of hours, days, weeks, months, or years if their skin kept in contact for 5 days, even a brush can make the person sick. His caretaker made him gloves that could seal it. Not once did he ever remove it.



D i r i p i o

He can summon any weapons just by concentrating in his mind the appearance and name of the weapon. The weapon's appearance trademark is the color black mixed with red, violet, and other dark colors in certain weapons he summons, but the most unique is that the weapon is always covered in purple mist. He is the only one that can use the summoned weapon because it harms others if they touch because the weapon he summons isn't just a normal weapon. The effects depend on the weapon but most of the time, it is random.

He can't use it in a long time for he will be consumed, bit by bit, the longer he uses the weapon. The bigger the weapon, the less time he can use it.



M e n i t i r

A chanting curse that bombs green smoke around him. He must chant repeatedly for the smoke to last for it will slowly disappear if he cut his chant off, with the disadvantage of being heard inside the smoke, confirming his location. The more he chants, the more smoke spreads and the faster he chants, the faster it will spread.

The smoke effects the person's status, usually by hallucinating them or confusing their senses though most of the time inflicts status ailments although randomized. There are times where the effects fail only to active after some time. The user's allies are not exempted from this.

Of course, it strains both the user's mentality. Thanatos uses this chant for distraction because the less smoke, the less his sanity is chipped away until he rests for his sanity to recover. Usually by 1 to 3 days.



From the ashes! O r i o r!! O b r u o!!

A dark magus that summons a demon or evil spirit that he can control and give orders to. He can only summon one at the time because it strains him if he summon two or more. The stronger the demon, the higher his sanity loses. Depending on the demon, it may or may not follow his orders and will go berserk or ignores his calls to destroy instead, even will try to break free by killing the summoner in which he will have to dismiss it away. There are also times where he needs to make a deal or a favor or force it. Just as the same as the spells, he can not use them for a long time, draining his magus away and causing him to lose sanity.

For emergency use only.



P e r f e r o

A spell that inflicts excruciating pain on the victim. The victim does not have physically wounds but is more of a spirit damage. The level of pain depends on the user's will or desire to inflict pain on the victim, the more intensify their desire to hurt, the more painful it is cast. Besides the desire, the spell can also be used by anger, Usually leading the victim to go insane unless the victim knows how to break the spell though difficult. Thanatos does not use this but his other self does.

Highly dangerous for there is a chance that the user's mental spirit will break, leaving the user blank and unresponsive.




☠ The more he uses his abilities, the less rest he has, the more he is consumed with insanity and if it continues to the point with no more rest: he will be buried by his other and "die".




Cheerful, childish, vibrant, loud and always exuberant.

However, he is no longer his former self thanks to magus he is forced to learn.


Now, he is very quiet because he lost his voice. Usually passive and a pacifist depending on the situation. Still friendly even when he's mute. Kind. Compassionate. Caring. Serene. Gentle. Somewhat naive, trusting. A bit of a mother-hen and is stern when it comes to health. Affectionate, especially towards docile animals like rabbits, any cute animal in his eyes. Kinda bit shy. Knowledgeable in some topics, especially when it comes to dark and curse magus. Sometimes he fears or feels scared at certain things but in the end, comes out strong-willed and determined.


He wishes for Peace.



Other Self

Emerges when he is fully (but not completely) consumed by his dark magus.

Sadistic. Psychotic. Insane.

His other self is the opposite of his main self and is the part that can talk, he appeared since the day Thanatos learned dark magus.


A cruel persona who likes hurting people and will destroy anything on his path, anything on his way. He's very dangerous because his magus is twice as strong, twice more dangerous of Thanatos being consumed until he can no longer be reached.


He wishes for Destruction.




He is pretty much sheltered in his years of living, this didn't deterred him though and was one of the normal children, his mother is often overprotective when it came to him, saying he was too "delicate". Everything changed when his father, their only protector, died in an unknown illness, his mother fell paranoid and forced him to learn dark and curse magus in fear of losing him just like her husband. His father had forbidden him to learn it with a promise to teach him something else but the promise was now broken.


That day, he changed at the age of 12.


He was no longer the loud, energetic child. By learning the dark magus, his voice was taken away, he could no longer communicate by speaking. There was nothing to do but write to talk. Voices whispered to him dark temptations every time he closes his eyes. Nightmares that continued to plague his dreams. Accidentally learned that everything he touches dies even by just brush. It saddened him, he was further isolated from the outside and more sheltered because of his magus, because of his mother.


One day, at the age of 13,

his mother died from an unknown illness.

Just like his father.


It was then his father's friend (his former classmate, his best friend, his partner) took custody of him just as he came back from traveling around the around, learned himself that his friend's son became a dark and curse magus user and both his parents died.


He became Thanatos' guardian, second father, caretaker.

The one who taught him about the world, places he visited, the good and bad people, and more about the dark and curse magus. He read him stories, made food, gave him love and so much more.


He gave the boy two things to communicate with others;

an ink brush and scroll fused with magus.


It was then that the little boy learned that it was his fault his mother died by one of the books his caretaker gave him about the magus. Even if he was assured, Thanatos felt guilty and ashamed.


His caretaker gave him a gift;

magus gloves that can suppress its curse. As long as the little boy doesn't take it off. And he never did, as he grew and the gloves kept being re-sized.


He also learned that learning dark magus, an other side manifested inside him. One that Thanatos did not like. It took him years to learn about the magus he was forced to use, learning that his father,

was also a dark and curse magus user.


(He took in what the book has said he could only use his voice for chanting spells,

that his other is the only one who can speak.)


The little boy who was bright as the sun, who changed at the age of 12, grew up mentally and physically.


At the age of 16, Thanatos had landed a job at the library because of the love for books he developed ever since he was in his caretaker's hands.


Everything changed.




"If you give up... then... then everything will only be over in defeat. So... stand up and hold your head high."

"Living is painful... but also... the most wonderful thing in the world."

"It's tempting to give in... but I... I can't. I won't lost to anyone, not even myself. I want to be strong to protect others and that is my resolve."






for appearance of my application form,

install this font and this font.




Anders Ahlqvist - Anic





Anders Ahlqvist














Was working at his parents farm


~:Magus type:~

Healing/water (uses water to heal.)


~:Magus ability:~

James can control water for some abilities, he need the water to be added to make a spell. He could use the liquid reserve from his own body, but then he wouldn't be able to make any bigger spells - it could kill him with dehydration instead.


-Water heal-

With water he can feel the injury/cut and then use it like glue to close up the hurt parts, The clearer water the better is the result, if it's really dirty water he would only be able to close up the wound temporary.



With water he can free the person/animal from poisons that is applied with a cut, he uses the water to lure out the poison from the body. -he can't do anything if the person swallows/breaths the poison in, must be done by the source.


-Liquid projectiles-

James can make like small spheres out of liquid that will turn hard as he focus on them and can after that throw them or place them somewhere, and as he lets go of the magic to them they'll turn back to liquid form. This is practical when he uses lamp oil to turn into spheres and when the enemy comes into contact with it all he has to do is to add a match or fire by any means to make them burn. He could also do this in a reverse way to try to extinguish fire - but it is not that effective because he can only control spheres that is not bigger than one or two inches in diameters.


-Self healing-

A selfish spell that he can use if he drinks a lot of water first, and it requires a lot of time and focus from himself. If he for example would try to close a simple cut on his finger he would have to focus on if for over an hour and he still would have to refill his water reserves before finished. He can't heal himself in the same way he heals others.



A seemly shy guy that tends to make careful approaches to new people. He is even that kind of guy that don't like to think for himself and follows orders without questioning them. But as soon as he is ordered to think in a specific way - that is the way he will stick with until the same superior or another with higher class says anything else. If there is no order he will only try to be neutral and not get involved. Tend to seem a bit like a jerk.



He lived at his parents farm, helping them out with the livestock. He is the only child and haven't been much of a social guy. Even if he had some crushes he had never gone all the way with them - his parents knew everything about him and would only hold him back for their own wishes. It was also his parents that urged him to join in for the magus - to win fortune and glory to the family name.



"The given order is absolute."




The Arc System

The roleplay is going to use an Arc system. That is to say, every major events in the RP will be divided into arc. The first arc will be the "Wellsburg Invasion Arc".

Furthermore, if someone choose to have his character die in the roleplay, he is allowed to make a new character in the following arc. Also, you may alternately make a new character in a new arc without killing your OC. However, you must make your OC leave the crew for some reason. If you wish to make your original OC return, have your new OC leave the crew in the next arc... so on and so forth...

We may also discuss ideas and suggestions about the incoming arcs in the recruitment thread.



The Posting Sequence

The posting sequence will be determined from the sequence of the first cycle. That is to say, in the first cycle of the roleplay, which I will be starting, anyone who has NOT yet posted in the cycle are welcomed to post. In the succeeding cycles, we will be determining the posting sequence based on the sequence in the first cycle



The Color System

The Roleplay will use a color system. The lines enclosed with " " which are directly said by your characters must be coated with a visible color. However, if the lines are not said by your character, but by other character, or by an NPC you created, do not coat it with a color. My first post should serve as an example



The Time Skipping Policy

By no means is someone allowed to time skip under these conditions:

a.)There are existing roleplayers who still need to post in the same time frame the event is made.

b.) There is an existing event that needs to be roleplayed for some more cycles.


However, we may time skip when:

a.) The roleplay is stuck, thus, we need to move the timeframe to free our OC's from the event we stuck/time frame into.

b.) When the current time frame/event/arc is not into everyone's liking.


















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Peaceful days. Though it is known that just outside the borders of Khazaria are the Wellsburg troops deployed for invasion, everything inside Khazaria was peaceful. Zwei looked outside from his training quarters as enjoyed the view of the busy yet peaceful kingdom. He was happy that despite of all the danger outside the Magus Barrier, the citizens are still living a normal life. Yes. It was their duty to protect the peace of the land. He will never forgive anyone who threatens to destroy this peace. Looking away, he noticed a servant who was waiting to be noticed, probably a messenger.


"What is it that you want?", Zwei asked the servant who was acting all stiff and nervous. Zwei thought the young kid was cute and funny. Grinning slightly, he continued speaking, "Sit down wherever you find comfortable. Tell me your purpose of coming to my quarters. I have told every servants in the palace not to disturb me while I'm in the training quarters unless it is something important."


"Yo-your highness!! General Ezekiel is expecting your presence in a meeting two hours from now. I have not been informed of the reason of the meeting. He said he will discuss it later on."


"I see. Tell General Ezekiel I will be coming. You are dismissed", Zwei said with a disturbed face. It was not ordinary for the General to hold a meeting so suddenly. Palace meetings must be held in at least few days after informing everyone concerned. To make it in two hours, there must be something urgent. Zwei looked outside once again. It was still peaceful. There shouldn't be any problem with the barrier as no existing Magus can break the strongest Barrier of all Legandoria.


He finished his training by cutting it of an hour and a half later. He should have stayed until sun-down, however, he needs to attend the meeting. Going to meeting room, he noticed that everyone else were already present. He nodded at his father, the king and to the General who was the host of the meeting. He looked around the number of people around - Royal Knights, Palace Guardians, Royal Magus Users and some other people where present. Zwei was suspecting what the meeting is all about.


"Greetings to you all. I am sorry I hosted a hurried meeting and that I was not able to disclose you the content. The meeting is about....":


Zwei listened to the meeting as his suspicion came true. Wellsburg Empire has started advancing their troops inside the borders of Khazaria again. It was not the first they did. Several months ago, Wellsburg prepared a massive invasion attack. However, they were not able to break the powerful Magus Barrier that surrounds the Kingdom. They even hired several Magus Users that specializes in Dispelling Magus Barriers. However, they failed in every attempt they had.


"They should have learned that they cannot break the Magus Barrier. Why is it that they try to persevere once more?" he asked himself. The meeting ended up with nothing. The people around laughed it off, calling the Wellsburg Army idiots. However, Zwei just can't take his doubts off. There must be something going on.


He walked outside as the meeting ends.


"There's something coming. I can feel it", he muttered as a strong gust of wind blew.

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The sun was rising on the sky of Khazaria, shining, waking everyone up for a new day. Outside, everyone started their days, trading goods and foods, kids running outside, playing hide and seek, playing piggy back ride. But for Samuel, the most famous doll maker in the kingdom, it was just another boring day with only works and works. Sam frustratedly sat up from his comfortable bed. He rubbed his eyes a little bit with a big yawn. Then he dragged himself to bath, a splash of cold water woke him up immediately. Finally he got out of his bath, putting on his shirt and walked downstairs - where his doll and puppet shop was. The shop was quite big and famous, any kind of dolls and puppets, from animals to action figure, the shop had it all and because he sold them cheaply, all of the kids in the kingdom came to his place to buy dolls. Today seemed to be a busy day for the shop, the kids were lining up, waiting to get their own doll.


"Good morning boss!"


One of his employees greeted him with a great smile, but as usual, Sam just nodded back and went to his doll making room. Inside of the room, stored a large amount of wood and carving tools. By the window of Samuel's property, there he sat, creating another wooden doll. Sam carefully with his hands, holding the wood carver, gently and nicely carve into the wood log of the butternut, the wood shaving maps fell down onto the table like a sort of wavey leaves. Neatly and swiftly, he started to carve a simple log of wood into a wooden horse. It took hours of him to make one wooden doll, then lastly he put on a top coat to protect the doll from being damaged by scratches and termites. He put the doll on the window to help it drying faster. A sudden strong wind blew by and wiped all the wood shaving maps down to the ground and knocked his doll fell on a side, Sam knew, something was wrong.


"This is a very very...bad sign"


Sam mumbled to himself.

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......it is.... starting.....


Pause. Thanatos looked up at the window behind him, a book in his hands telling that he was reading something. It was quiet inside the library in where he works. There weren't many people inside and all he could see outside was children playing, people milling around, and so many other things they were doing.


Despite the heartwarming scenery, there was this feeling that made Thanatos felt so heavy, something that he didn't know. Just something. But what?


"E-Excuse me." Someone spoke, sounding feminine indicating that the speaker was female. The boy's attention shifted to the person in front of the desk. He blinked at her questionably, prompting her to speak. "Um... is there a book called 'The Eight Wonders' available?" She asked, blushing as she did so. Probably shy.


Thanatos works at the main Khazaria's library at the age of 17 and so people who had gone to the library even once knew him. It was easy not to due to his 'circumstances'. Everyone knew that he was a kind, responsible librarian unlike the one working before him.


He blinked again, this time he turned to the side to take something inside his personal pack beside him. She slightly tilted her head as he produced a brush and a scroll, waiting as he wrote something in the scroll and followed the scroll being turned around and slid in front of her.


"Yes, there is, Miss. It is in the history section, you'll see five books in color white and gold, one of them is the one you're looking for." was the words written there.


She glanced up. He knew the questioning look on her eyes, seeing it so many times before. It must have been her first time here. He only smiled, tapped his throat and shook his head. The girl understood the message for she blushed yet again. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know! Thank you!" She quietly squeaked (for libraries were a place that being loud was against the policy), bowing in thanks.


Thanatos silently huffed a laugh, kind eyes watching the girl's back as she went to find the history section. The words written in the scroll disappeared.


Ever since that day, he couldn't speak and could no longer communicate with his voice. He didn't know what to do until his caretaker gave him the brush and scroll. Thanatos was forever grateful to him, he took the years of teaching him so much, the little boy who wouldn't survive if it wasn't for him. He taught him a lot of things the little boy didn't know. How not everything will be bright and so many obstacles in the future. The good and the bad.


The brush didn't need to be dipped in ink and the scroll didn't need to be thrown away after it is fully used, the letters that were written in that scroll will disappear after a minute. It was quite handy, his caretaker made it for him, though very difficult as it took a lot of things and years.


His caretaker left at the time Thanatos was 18 soon to be 19 years old, once again, traveling the world despite the dangers. A fearless man with a heart of an adventurer. The dark magus user wished him well and knew that his caretaker will be fine, something in his gut told so.


Thanatos looked at window behind him again, but this time, looked up at the bright blue sky.


'I wonder if things will start being okay now? I wish it will be.'

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Anders was standing on the small field leaning on the shovel he was holding onto. With a bored look on his face he let his gaze wander over the cows that was on the opposite side of the field. They all seemed peaceful as they stood there and grazed. After a deep sigh he stretched and looked over his own shoulder on his father that was involved with a hole in the ground. Without a word he walked up to his father dragging the shovel behind him.


"Ah, Anders. Are you done with your break now?" the elderly man said as he looked up on the bored Anders.

"Yes Father." was all he said before he too put his shovel in to the ground to make the hole wider. The reason for the hole was to plant a tree there. Anders still didn't see the point of a apple-tree in the cows' field, but his parents insisted on that the milk should taste a lot better if they could eat some apples in the autumn.


Anders and his father didn't get far until Anders' mother called for them from the house. Anders looked up and wiped his sweaty forehead with his arm and fixed his gaze on his mother that was standing next to the house with pot in one hand and a plate in the other.


The house was part of the village, it just happened to be on the edge of the Village connected to the barn that only made the house look like it didn't belong with the other houses in the village. Anders didn't care, no one did. Most of the villagers got their milk from his parents, so they didn't leave any complaints.


Anders shoved his shovel into the ground and left it standing there as he walked up to the fence that surrounded the field. With a steady and swift movement he jumped over the fence and walked up to his mother. She handed him the pot and the plate with cookies. "Thank you my sweet boy." she said with a smile and a pat on his cheek, she didn't say anything more before she went inside.


Anders looked down on what he was holding with a blank expression. "And what should I do with this?" he asked himself as his father walked up beside him. "Eat it I would guess ." the father said and grabbed one of the cookies that was on the plate.

"Yes father." was all Anders said as he walked to one of the hay bales that was at the side of the house and sat himself down on it. His father followed and grabbed the pot from his son and took some deep gulps of its contents.


Andres gaze once more wandered away and fixed on the horizon one could see the cows at. Somehow it felt like a calm day like this would be a rare day soon.

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The sun was beaming down on Asher's fair skin, as he bustled around on ground leading his bought horse that he had for the long journey he had set upon and finally came, he strode into the crowded market full of life. The market was bustling, with merchants Complimenting their wears In the loudest voice possible as the norm, Also with the colorful drapery that hang from above, of course the assortment of clothes that hang from the lines in the back ways that could be seen if one was actually looking down the corridors. there was always a rush of things with little children jumping past you to catch up to another friend somewhere among the crowd.


Asher rustled his black silk, black cloak that was draped over his shoulders covering most of his upper chest, with the rest lightly sliding on the ground. With the split reigns in one hand holding his travel horse and a basket of goods and food in the other, he was in a very delightful mood having com so far into the beautiful kingdom of Khazaria. Although the kingdom was under attack by the Wessburg kingdom, it seemed like the life in the kingdom still went on as if there was not a war that it has be midmost us.


Asher sighed in delight as he hurried through out the crowd, tugging on his steed to come forth; it was a very usual day for Asher going from town to town, But something was felt odd to the senses to him. But the unusual was occasionally just Asher thinking to hard on the surroundings around him. As the day went by Asher led his steed out of the market into the rural area of the city of Khazaria, heading to the nearest inn with a stable intact for his horse.


"excuse me, sir... But may I ask if there is any room for my gelding here at all?" Asher said to the man as he approached the stable man that was sitting on a run down bench, having read a book upside down as a matter of fact.

The man was chewing on a sprout of hay that seemed to have been pulled out of the ground recently; he slowly looked up at Asher with some what glazed over eyes, seemingly he was still buzzed from a last night drink out."Well if yer` asked me nicely, matter O` fact I do!" The man groan and wheezed as he pulled himself up from the bench. He snatched his pitchfork from beside him and motion with the same hand to follow him.


Asher nodded in agreement and eagerly followed the man. "Thank you, What do I owe you after i stabled my horse in?"


"Yer` owe me jus a piece O` silver, Sweet thing..." The drunk man huffed out Bellow of laughter, still chewing on his piece of hay, like a cow chewing its cod. The grotesqueness of mistaking Asher bothered him slightly and let it go, because of the good hearted nature of his.


" Then here have two pieces of silver, may you have a wonderful night with the courtesans May they pleasure your slob like behavior." Asher smirked and strode away leaving his horse saddle, bridal and un wanted belongings in the lock safe that the stable provided. Asher brought his other belongings with him, up to his quarters which he bought also in the process. He slipped away, locking his door behind him.


Asher heaved out an elongated sigh, because of the long journey it took him to get into the kingdom of Khazaria. " I really hope that tomorrow brings more light brings onto this world than it has been in the past... There is not a good hope for this world, if it consumes it self into evil..."


Asher slinked to the cot in the room, snuffing out the candles so only the golden sun would shine into the rented room. He slipped off his cloak, laying it on the end of the cot on one of the posts also stripping himself too to only his tunic covered his slim body. The fading of the sun shown him slowly slipping into the cot Encasing himself beneath the covers, awaiting the grasp of slumber to take him....


But it did not come for him...

The terrors of the abode awaited him in the shadows of the upcoming epidemic..

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Tate was on top of a roof looking at the sun rise smiling. This had been a normal thing now. He had no home. He usually slept in his hide out in the alleys. He swung his feet over the edge of the building he was on and played with the staff on his lap. It seemed like a normal day like every other day in the city. Nothing had changed. He stood up and patted the dirt out of the back of his pants and fixed his shirt as he jumped down the one story building landing on the ground safely.


“What chaos can we cause today” Tate smirked to himself and made his way down the street market looking at all the delicious food around there. His stomach started to growl and he clutched his staff. This was a common thing for him. Ever since he had ran away from home a few years back he had not had a decent meal or a decent place to live at. No one would hire what they thought was a 12 year old either so Tate was always left with no choice but to steal stuff to survive. Once in awhile some families who knew he was a street kid would give him their leftovers like the man that made dolls. He had once made a doll for Tate to sneak to his sister. Tate had watched from a distance as his little sister was thrilled with the doll. ‘Maybe I should go see if he has some extra food from breakfast….’


Tate made up his mind and started to head to the shop. He reached it in no time since the city’s little shortcuts had been carved into his brain from a very young age. He smiled as he noticed the window to Samuel’s workshop was wide open and smiled peeking in. “SAMUEL!!~ I came to visit my favorite most awesome and skillful doll maker in all of the city” Tate complimented as he climbed into the room through the window smiling.

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Hikari slowly fixed books and organized an area in his home looking to the window he let out a sign. Its so lovely in here but out there.. but out there i wish them well. lightly looking around Hikari grabbed his coat and with a sigh he walked out the door. Hikari's messy dark purple like hair just made him look more like a woman, His face also assisted in that. Hikari's little secret was that he had a split personality though no name was given to this alteration of personalities, they were deffiently different if anyone really knew the real hikari.


Hikari sighed as he opened the door outside to see the kids playing, the sun being extremely bright and making it a wonderful day out. For Hikari's age he looked promising as a enhancement magus. Smiling softly he waved to the kids he knew best. "Hello kids, be careful". Hikari took off towards a base near the edge of the bubble.

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The meeting had not been what he had expected. An attack on the impenetrable barrier was nothing but short of sheer stupidity, but then Caius knew that the Wellsburg Empire was not stupid. He knew that they had a plan. He watched as the ranked knights and magus exited the meeting room. He understood why they would laugh it off, but then again he was not like them. He stood, silently making his way towards one of the highest towers of the castle.


Said tower was only used for storage so it was no surprise to him that the entire place was filled with dust, cobwebs and old forgotten books and miscellaneous items. He would have wandered around the room, perhaps opened books of old and would have immersed himself in them, but the Avatar floating beside him reminded him of his purpose.


With a soft sigh, he opened the door leading to the tower's small balcony; the gust that entered scattered dust around the room. Well they would have settled once he was done. Caius looked over the horizon and it gave him a moment of peace. The city and its borderlands were calm, he hated to see it destroyed. Closing his eyes, he began.


"Silver blinks within the dark

Be my gaze and seek my mark."


Were his silent words, just as the avatar beside him flew onwards, like a deranged bird with its tail on fire. Opening his eyes, Cauis smiled as miles of land flew by his gaze in mere seconds. The land was rich and the crops were at full bloom. Then the barrier came and the army that lied before it made him frown. With that big of an army Khazaria would easily be overrun. He did not know what they were doing with the barrier but seeing the Wellsburg Empire up-close made his suspicions rise even further.


He closed his eyes, and back to the tower he was. He took a moment to pause and deliberate what he should do. It was a simple question with so many answers but only few could prove to be useful. Telling others what he saw would prove nothing and they would just ignore his suspicions. His mentor would believe him but at such an old age, the man need not bother himself in such troubling matters. What he could do was probably prepare. The royal family was his top priority and if the barrier gets destroyed, then by hell he would make sure that he was prepared to defend them.


With that thought, Caius made his way to the training grounds. Somewhere below, a maiden screeched as a mouse ran by.

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"Are you sure about this? It is your beloved kingdom afterall. I still can't understand why you would wish for it to be invaded, Ein" a General of the Wellsburg Empire said as he stood outside the Magus Barrier of Khazaria. They had been unable to invade the country close to year. However, it was unexpected when few days ago, the heir to the throne of Wellsburg introduced Ein Lauren von Khazaria to them, telling them that he will be aiding them in invading Khazaria.


"You need not to concern yourself about such matter. I will be breaking the Magus Barrier with my Decay Magus. Everything my right hand touches decays - and that includes Magus. What to do afterwards is your Job. I will be returning once I finished my role.", Ein said as he stepped closer to the wide Magus Barrier. He took off the Anti-Magus gloves that prevents his right hand from decaying anything it touches. His right hand released a vibrant dark glow as he slowly touched the wide barrier. Slowly, the barrier started to crumble.


Only a small portion of the barrier shattered to pieces. However, these several meters were enough for the Wellsburg troops to enter and invade the kingdom. The Wellsburg soldiers roared a loud victorious noise as they moved straight towards the hole.


"I still quite don't understand your reasons. But well, I'm glad to have you on our side. That makes my job easier", the General said as he ordered his troop to stay in line and to be on guard.





"Wind?" Zwei was surprised there was such strong wind inside the barrier. When the barrier was made two years ago, wind stopped flowing inside the barrier. It was thanks to air Magus Users that they were still able to breathe inside the barrier. Zwei's feeling of oddness grew bigger.


"There can't possibly be any wind. That wind... Is there a hole in the barrier?" Zwei nervously said as he rushed to ask General Ezekiel. He asked him about the wind. However, he was laughed off. He told him there could never be such a thing, or that maybe a Wind Magus User was playing around.


"I am not mistaken. There must be someone...someone who is feeling there's something wrong going on", he said as he headed to the Royal Training Grounds, hoping that there could be at least someone who can tell him what's going on. When he entered the quarters, there stood a man he saw in the meeting a while ago. He was a person he quite know. He was a man of mystery, a man whose magus is not revealed. He had seen how Royal Knights loved to boast their Magus to one another. Truthfully, he find it quite shameful as Royal Knights should serve with purity and kindness. Boasting Magus can nothing be but selfishness. And yet, not only did the Knight before him had never done so but also Zwei had never seen him use Magus at all.


"Royal Knight, just a while ago, did you perhaps felt a strong wind inside the barrier?", he asked.

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A human figure popped up by his window, Sam, being caught off guard, he gripped tighter onto his carving knife, ready to attack if the other had any intention of assaulting him. But then Sam realized it was that "12-year-old" boy that occassionally come by his shop to "pay him a visit" and by "pay him a visit" Sam clearly knew that the boy hasn't had any food yet. He closed his eyes and gave a big sigh of relieve.


"You haven't eaten anything, have you?" He reached his arms out of the window and picked the boy into his house.


"Next time, you can skip the flattering and come inside for food". Sam calmy stood up and brushing the wood dusts off of his clothes and started to lead the boy into the dinning room.


"Come. I haven't had breakfast as well.". Sam sat the boy down on his chair, simply arranged around his dinning table, the entire set of chair and table were made by Sam's own hand with amber cherry wood. Sam got out in his cupboard a couple of white plates, silver forks and knifes; and started to make egg benedict, he placed the eggs on a slightly toasted bread and brought it up to the table, 1 for the boy and one for himself .


"So. How have you been?" Sam calmy eating his breakfast as he asked the boy "Ooh. And did your sister like the doll?"

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Something was wrong. The feeling in his gut... Was it his dark magus? No... This was a different feeling. What is it...?




"You must be tired, Thanatos." To say that said person was startled is correct. His eyes widened as the manager of the library was now standing in front of the desk, before him. She smiled, "You were working overnight yesterday, I really am thankful that you took care of the library when I was really sick." Now his eyes morphed into concern in which she wave it off with a quiet laugh. "It's fine, I'm fine now. In fact, I feel powered-up when my energy came back." And now she was leaning across the desk. "You should get a day off, my order." She winked at him, smiling at his bewilderment.


He quickly wrote on his scroll and showed it to her after he was done, "But! It's my job, Miss Katanya! Really! I'm fine, I really don't need rest!" Despite that it was written, the manager knew that he was still concerned of her. She was touched, he was really un-like the librarian before who was only forced to work here by his parents but Thanatos wasn't forced, he liked his job, she knew. He took care of the library as if it was his most prized treasure, he was working overnight these days as well and also the fact that he fussed over her when she was sick. Katanya really wanted to reward him.


And so she forced him. A silent 'eh?' went out of his mouth, surprised that she took his two items in his hands and stuffed it back in his pack, then she shoved the pack in his arms and took his arm. In his surprise, he didn't protest until he was out of the library.


"Well now, if you don't want a day off, I'm kicking you off the library for the day, Thanatos! Have a good day!" With a cheery wave, she closed the door. He was left there standing, blinking as if he wasn't sure this was true, personal pack in his arms. He pressed his lips and shook his head before a small smile appeared.


She was kind, like a mother.




'Should I go home...?' He thought, not knowing what to do. All he did was reading while working in the library, his work didn't demand much. Now what should he do? If he returned to the library then Miss Katanya would only shoo him out because it was his 'day off'. She was that kind of person.


Still... the feeling... it wasn't gone...


...is now...


'Master... if only you were here... This dreadful feeling...'


And the wind blew.



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Anders was surprised when his father put the pot with water in his hands and took away the plate with cookies from him. He looked up on his father with a questioning gaze.

"Do you know what son?" his father asked with a smile.

Anders only shook his head as a answer before he looked down in the pot that was empty. Andres' father took one of the cookies from the plate and held it right in front of his nose.

"If you want this you will have to bring me some more water." his father said with a playful smile to him.

"Yes father." was all that Anders replied before he got up and without any further words started to walk into the village to the water pump that was located at the marketplace.


He didn't care about what others were doing, and no one seemed to care about him either. He didn't have to walk far and stopped at the edge of the marketplace. He looked over his shoulder as he could feel the wind pass by him. "It's windy?" he thought and made a complete turnaround. "Maybe I should go back home and- No... I need to fill this pot first."


As always when his parents asked for something he completed their wishes without any regrets. For him it was the most normal thing in the world to do. Obey the orders of others.


There was a small line to the water pump, but it didn't bother him. It was normal around this hour. Everyone smiled at each other, everyone seemed to be at peace. Anders let go of a sigh as it was his turn, he filled the pot as fast as he could and then made his way back towards home and his parents that should be waiting for him.

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The wind shook the shutters of the windows awaking Asher from his slumber. He was startled by the force which made the windows shake. It was very odd for the air in the barrier to actually blow like it just did.


'That was at-most odd...' Something clicked in his mind as he slipped back into his clothing; This of which was not a good omen at all to Asher. He felt the presence of something evil afoot, It wasn't the fact of the wind that was gushing through, but what was laying just beyond the barrier. Although he himself didn't know but he knew it was of no good to come to Khazaria.


Asher gathered his belongings neatly in the bags that he had brought up with him and quickly set out of the door not bothering to close the door behind him, as he knew he was not coming back to this inn anytime soon. Asher sent his regards to the the inn keeper, saying he have to leave earlier than he expected not only being there for not even an hour. He quietly slipped into the stables, having thought that the keeper was already gone to the brothels at this early hour. He quickly re-saddled his steed, tying his belongings to the saddle then covering them with a large sized wax cloth to keep them dry. The horse neighed in excitement as it was led out of the stable and out back towards the city. He need to find someone of apt to tell that there is something amiss although he did not know himself what was really at truth going on.


"Please.. Let this be not a bad feeling after all..." Asher said to him self as he headed towards the market, leaving the rural area to its life. Asher grimaced as to what will might come of this place.


'let there be light and hope for this place...' Asher let out a sorrowful groan as he flicked a trail of holy water around him only as a small blessing to himself, as if subconsciously he knew the part of reason why he traveled to Khazaria in the first place.

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Cyan smiled as he followed the doll maker and hummed. He was getting fed the mans yummy food again. He loved how the man always was kind to him. He had also stayed in the man's room and sometimes watched how he acted cold towards other people. But that had never been the case for him. Since the first time the man had met him in the spring during one of the thunderstorms. He was close to death he had passed out in the alley looking for shelter luckily the young doll maker was passing by there and picked him up. He woke up the next day in the man's bed and that's how their little tale began.


Cyan smiled sitting on the chair watching him cook them breakfast. "You know me, Sam. I get a meal here and there but it is getting harder this day. Especially with all the bad luck but it could be worse. Plus it gives me an excuse to come bug you and eat your yummy food" Cyan replied and played with the spoon as he started to eat his food. "Oh you know causing pranks here and there. Just last week I got into the knight's training practice storage room so I next time they put on their practice gear I love to see them try to take it off with all the glue and other unnamed things I put in them." Cyan snickered to himself swallowing another bite of food. "She loved the doll. My mom almost didn't let her keep it because it was so well made. She taught my sister had stolen it. But you know how cute my little sister's pouty face is. She convinced my mom into letting her keep it." Cyan smiled sadly and as he was playing with him food he felt a little chill run down his spine. 'Run Time Boy. Run.' Cyan shot his head up and looked around the room in shock and freaked out.


"Sam....did you hear that?" Cyan asked setting his utensils down and still looking around. No one knew what magus he used he was always careful. There was no way anyone could know. He peeked out the window to see if there was someone out there.

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Hikari approached the entrance to the military like bunker base. He took out the badge he had and ran it across the scanner. the door beeped and then slide open he walked in slowly with a sigh he looked around. he bit his lip lifting up the books he brought with, He wanted to help in someway he walked to a meeting room. "Can i please speak to zwei?" hikari spoke softly and looked at the guard who seemed to nod and left to what hikari assumed was retrieve zwei for him.


Hikari sat in the little bunker base and opened the window small winds came in hikari stood up fast. "Wind that cant be.."

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Back bowed, delicate eyebrows furrowed, eyes a sharp glint, panting breath, and sweat slicked skin. Then he moved, speed and agility evident in his steps as he twisted his body and brought down his blade against the final wooden dummy. Cut in various places and angles, seventeen wooden dummies lay at his feet. Said dummies were never meant to be cut; they were too thick for any blade to successfully pass through, yet there they were, lying in perfectly cut pieces.


He gave a slow exhale, straightening his back and sheathing his sword like a samurai would his katana. Beads of sweat rolled down his frame, sunlight glinting against them making his pale skin almost glow. The exercise was taxing but it lacked enough challenge and he would have asked someone in the barracks for a spar, but the voice that called out to him made him stop.


Caius turned, white hair swaying against an unexpected breeze. It was the Prince. His reaction was automatic; He knelt on one knee, bowing his head and prepared to give his apologies when he was stopped.


"Royal Knight, just a while ago, did you perhaps felt a strong wind inside the barrier?"


It was an odd question, yet he pondered upon it. It was actually true, he had felt the wind change and its scent. It made him realize that something had happened to the barrier. The smell of death reeked in the air. He stood abruptly, closing his eyes and sending the avatar rocketing towards the barrier, for the second time that day.


"Silver blinks within the dark

Be my gaze and seek my mark."


Opening his eyes, his gaze landed against the approaching Wellsburg Army. It was such a shock that he stumbled back and his connection with the avatar was immediately severed. Caius shook his head, clearing it off his disbelief. With the way they marched the lands outside the city would be soon overrun. He gave the Prince a shaded look.


"The army has broken through the barrier. If I am correct then they should arrive outside the city by dawn.. or perhaps nightfall."
Taking his discarded tunic, Caius stated.
"I - I need to warn the others. Rally the defenses and see if there is still time to save the people outside the city. My apologies, my Prince, but I have to go."
Were his words as he dashed through the training grounds and into the castle.


Somewhere above a crow cawed.

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"We've finally broken the Magus Barrier of Kazaria" General Eldsein, the Commanding General of the invasion said as he looked at the thousands of soldiers and several hundred Magus Users. Khazaria is a huge kingdom and it will require the Wellsburg Army several hours of travel to arrive the castle. At deep-night or early sun-up, the soldiers would be too tired to fight. The Khazarian people would also be able to retaliate by then as they would notice their coming.


"Soldiers and Close Combat Magus Users, you shall move onwards to the castle while we, Ranged Magus Users will be attacking them from the rear. They shouldn't be able to do anything by now. If we attack them from here, they would be in disarray. Seize that chance to deal with the enemies. Kill the king and his heir and our battle is over" The general said as he made the horse he's riding halt while the soldiers continued marching towards the town. Looking at the Magus Users who stayed behind, he continued talking "Scyntia, use your Accuracy Enhancement Magus to guide our Magus Shots to land directly into the castle."


The girl nodded. The Ranged Magus users readied themselves as they shoot different type of Magus into the direction of the castle. Several type of Magus were flying in the air. There were Ice, Water, Fire, Darkness and a lot more of them moving towards the direction of the castle.


"This should decrease the manpower of Khazaria, but I wonder if this is too easy for them" The man said as he continued "That Prince, he returned huh. I guess he doesn't want to watch the destruction of his own Kingdom."





"The Wellsburg people broke the Barrier? Impossible! Quick. Tell General Ezekiel to call forth every High Ranking Officials to a meeting. Announce a state of emergency to the townspeople and have them shelter within the Castle Walls"Zwei said as he nervously looked at the horizon. There were no sighting of Wellsburg army so they were safe for now. It looked peaceful. There was wind but nothing dangerous can be seen.


It was only when Zwei saw different light sparkling and moving towards their direction that he was able to snap back into reality and that there was an invasion going on. The Magus projectiles were heading to the palace. It skipped the town, making them the only target of the invasion. It seemed the Wellsburg wasted no time in their assault. They probably thought ahead that Khazaria Kingdom would be able to prepare for a battle in few hours.


"He who protects. He who repels. He who helps. He who defends. Give me thy power, Deity the mightiest. Come forth, Deity of the Iron Shield: Khazaria" Zwei chanted as a yellow gleam of light covered him. The light that covers him slowly formed into an armor. In two hands, two big metallic plates formed.


"Duck!!!" Zwei yells as he lifted the two metallic plates, adjoining them together as it formed into a big shield. Zwei requipped into [Deity of the Iron Shield: Khazaria]. It requires him no Magus Orb, and it's fundamentally the miniature version of the Magus Barrier of Khazaria. A Magus Barrier came out from the shield as it formed into a a big arc. Sooner, Magus projectiles came raining to their location and to several others. The miniature Magus Barrier was able to fend of all the Magus. However, not completely blocking it, the Magus' trajectory was only deflected away. Loud explosions almost deafened Zwei and the thick fog rendered Zwei's sight useless. With this assault, everybody in the Kingdom will be in a panic.


"You fools dare to soil my land? Die" Zwei curses.

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Sam slowly cutting his knife through the soft egg then through the crispiness of the toast he made, then slowly putting his food into his mouth and enjoyed it while talking to the boy "I don't think i mind that you come often, you're welcome here at my shop, Cyan" Sam tone was as usual, cold and calm, never enthusiastic, never sweet, but he really meant it to have that boy hanging around. Noone in his workshop ever had him interested, they were all ...proper ...nice ...but they seemed fake. But this boy got him to think otherwise.


"You should stop caushing pranks at people, especially with the knights. I don't like them ...they're ...weird." Sam finished his dish and wiped his mouth, he stood up and put his plate to the sink and left it there, he'd wash it later. Sam poured himself a glass of water then turned around, leaning a bit to the sink, sipping his water "I'm glad she loves the doll." Sam looked into space for a while, thinking, wondering why, this boy never came home, he had a family, a sister, a mother, etc etc...Sam was about to ask the boy why, but before he could even opened his mouth, he saw the boy looking quite upset, and said he heard something, and seemingly to look for someone. "I didn't hear anyone, Cyan. What are you talking about?"


Sam put down his half filled glass of water, he was going to walk to Cyan, but he felt something, the ground, it was vibrating, like an earthquake but with very small scale, maybe the army was marching? His glass of water was shaking due to this weird "earthquake". Not very long later, Sam heard an explosion then followed after by screaming of the civilization in the area. What was wrong? Sam asked himself as he quickly grabbed the boy's wrist and dragged him outside to see what happened? As they got by the door of his shop, he already saw his staffs disappeared into the crowd running and screamming. As the crowd running, he could see a few men, with Wellsburg uniform, seemingly to attack the people. Sam turned to Cyan and thinking about taking him to run as well, but something stopping, a sobbing of a little girl. Sam looked over his shoulder and saw a girl, sitting by the door of his shop, she must've lost her parents. The savage Wellsburg's minion was getting closer, they killed every breathing person on their way. They raised their sword up as they tried to murder the girl as well, Sam swiftly darted a craving knife to the savager's shoulder and knocked him off his feet then quickly he grabbed for the girl and put her into his lap, protecting her from the rest of the savagers that was coming.


The savagers charged at Sam, but they were stopped, by a fearful beast noise, not any normal beast, it was metalic, machinery running-like sound. The noise came from under Sam's personal basement, it got the attention of them Wellsburg. Sam's basement door was broken, torn through, and a mechanical scorpion as tall as a horse and as big as a bull, its claw were made of sharp giant scissors, its body was made with plate armors and giant gears and the tail and legs were made of spears. The scorpion was controlled by Sam, he never thought he would have to use it ever, it attacked the Wellsburg's men, it cut them into two, some where stabbed by its legs and tail. The men seemed to backed off slowly after a while of useless attacking the scorpion, they were scared. Sam seized the moment and grabbed Cyan and the girl then put them on the scorpion's back then followed them up, Sam ordered it to run toward the palace, that would be where it would be safer. The scorpion crawled/run to the palace, as they got there, Sam put Cyan and the girl down, the giant scorpion immediately shut down, stopped working, Sam staggeringly got down of the scorpion, he was having a headache again. Sam stopped the scorpion near where Zwei - the current prince was.


"Abbadon my intrusion and my bold request, your highness, but i believe you have bigger enemy out there to take care of. Prince, You need to evacuate people, the Wellsburg is faster than you thought, they're already in town. Summon every Magus users there are and strategy need be made instantly."

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It happened all too fast. One minute everything was fine and then it happened. As if time slowed down, so many magus fired at the castle in slow motion, the crowd stared so many stared and then—


Someone screamed.




People panicked and started screaming, they were running (to where?) for their lives, it seemed it would take a while for them to question how. How did this happen?


Thanatos couldn't move, he stared at the castle that was under attack but there was a glow of shield that covered it under safety but it wasn't enough it seemed. Explosion. Ahead, the Wellsburg invaded.


An army appeared and started killing people. The dark magus user was horrified. Why...? How can they kill innocent people who have done nothing wrong? (Save them, save them. His conscious said.) This is what his feeling was, why there was wind inside and he should start moving...!


"From The Ashes..." He couldn't believe himself that he was using this spell but there were too many enemies and this was an emergency, he couldn't take no chances. Use it, use it. "ORIOR! OBRUO!"




Your wish is my command~


Slaughter. Massacre. Bloodshed.


This is what Thanatos would describe the scene as the demon killed every Wellsburg in sight, giving more time for the innocent people to flee. He couldn't take his eyes from the sight, without any remorse and with unveiled glee in the demon's face.


He closed his eyes.


(Isn't it scary? I didn't want this. Look at that, Momma. Scary, right? Isn't it?


Isn't it?


But it's too late. It's too late.


Too Late.


I can never go back.)


More! More! I want kill more!!


No. I won't let you.


Grk...! Damn yo—


Thanatos clutched his chest, magus drained while the demon killed, it was a little hard to cut of the summon as the demon was slightly stronger than the usual demons. He was still sane, he knew how long where his sanity would end with using his powers.


It was safe. For now.


He opened his eyes. He felt the bile on the back of his throat, trying not to puke. Horrifying. The demon wasted no time in killing all of them in grotesque ways. Blood. So much blood.


His body shook, expression tight. Scary. He had to get away from the scene. Get away. Get away.


He ran.

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Anders walked in a good pace back towards his home. But a as he could see different lights of magic pass over the houses he stopped and watched them. "I really do think that I should get home as fast as I can..." he said for himself. With the pot still under his arm he began to run towards his home and his parents.


It wasn't long and as he came to his house both his parents was outside waiting for him. His father was correcting a saddle on their grey mare Diana. It was his mother that named the horse, she always liked names that were a bit different.

"Why?" was all he asked as he handed over the pot to his mother.

"Anyone can see that the attack is on the castle." His father said and held out the reins towards Anders. "And everyone knows that right now they'll need any magus in this kingdom to assist them."

"That's why we want you-" his mother said and poked him in the chest. "...to get over there and help them. Make a name for yourself." she said and finished with a bright smile.


Confused Anders took the reins and looked on the calm mare. His parent seemed to think on everything. The saddle was packed light, but only with things that he should need for a shorter journey. Anders didn't say anything as he looked at his parents. Are they for real? What about themselves and the village? he thought and was about to protest as his mother corrected his worn out shirt with a proud smile.


"I've put a new shirt in the packing that you can wear later." his mother said and his father only smiled proudly at him. His mother then handed the pot with water back to Anders that took it, still confused with the current situation. "Now, get up on Diana and be on your way." his mother said and gave him a hug.


Still without a word he did as his parents asked of him and climbed Diana and then looked down on them. "Go now." his father said before Anders even had the chance to say anything of his own. His mother only waved and without warning his father gave Diana a light smack and he were of with the horse towards the castle.


Anders let go of a sight while looking back over his shoulder, hopefully his parents wouldn't end up in the fighting. At least he hoped that they wouldn't . With a light touch of his heels on the mare he went away in full gallop avoiding as many scared people he could on the way. Diana moved swiftly and it didn't take long until he could see the castle and the town in front of him.


I wish I could have been warned about this... he thought as he and Diana moved closer to the enemy's target.

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The Devil Has already played Its card.... Asher winced at the sight of the balls of Magic Flying into the sky towards the castle. His horse whinnied at the sight of the balls, Starting to spook at the up coming events. The wind rushed even louder as the large balls of magic went into the barrier of the castle shaking the ground near it. Sparks flew about flicking back into the town below causing enormous explosions throughout the city.


"Easy Boy!! I do not need you running off, Then I would have none of my belongings." Just then he heard the rumbling sound of troops and troops on horseback coming from afar...


It's too late...


He whipped his head back towards the place that he came from; to his horror, the oncoming troops were flooding out of the laying forest Shrieking, and roaring out of place waving their oh-so-mighty weapons around, Slaughtering everything and anything in their path...


"This is madness!!" Asher threw himself up on his horse knowing this would be a race for his life and his fellow steed, this was not the time to throw the offensive up on the playing field not for anyone's sake. The horse took of in a blur racing against the oncoming army that has come aboard invading the kingdom.

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]It all happened to fast for Cyan to be able to react one minute he was eating breakfast and then he heard the voice that warned him next thing he knew he was on top of a metallic scorpion and now on the footsteps of the prince. He sat there a minute to take it all in and then looked out to where the village was at. He saw bloodstained streets and smoke from fires everywhere. He couldn't believe it. This was really happening. The village was being attacked.


'My Family!' The thought of what could have happened to his family quickly rushed all at once into his head. He had to go back. He had to make sure that they were okay. He looked where they were at and started to rationalize the area. He was at least two location jumps away from his family's house. The voice had told him to run but he could not. He may not of been a knight but his grandfather was and his blood ran thick in him. He looked over at Sam and smiled. "I will be going now friend. I have people I must protect. Stay here it is safe. Thank you for saving me earlier." Cyan thanked and looked up at the prince. "If I see injured people I will send them towards the safe zones. There will be many injured. You should gather healing and barrier magus users there so they can start treatment." Cyan pulled his hood over his face and smirked softly.


Cyan focused on the first location he wanted to go to and before he opened his eyes he was flashed there. He felt a small strain on his body. Even though he was being cautious this was still taking allot out of him. He needed to calm down for a few seconds before the next flash. But the images he saw when he reopened his eyes were not ones that would relax him. Homes were burned and down as blood splatters decorated their walls. He quickly covered his nose as the pungent smell of burning flesh started to make its way in. He couldn't take it. He closed his eyes and quickly forced a flash into the next location.


He opened his eyes in the new location and saw his home...only it was no longer there. It was burnt all the way down. He saw some dead enemies on the ground of the outside as he made his way inside of what was left of the house he saw it... He saw the doll that had been once his sisters held closely by a burnt body. He couldn't take it. 'No....no...no...not like this...she can't be...it isn't her...' Cyan ran outside the house and fell to the floor as he started throwing up at the smell and sight of it. His family's house was one of the closest to the border. So it was one of the first attacked.


"Run. Run time boy." There it was again. The voice in his head. It was telling him to run. But he was done running. It had gotten him nowhere before. He wanted revenge on those who did this. Cyan emotionless got up and started to run and climb up the houses until he made his way back to his hide out. In a box he had well concealed under clothing and books he found what he was looking for. He opened the box and inside was a sword. Not just any sword though. It had once belonged to his grandfather. He put the holster on and slipped the sword through and made his way back to where he had left Sam. He would make his stand there.

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Hikari turned to the window and leaned out seeing half of the diminished dome that protected the land in which Hikari lived in. the boys eyes became wide as he moved back, the shy nature'd fellow looked around in hopes of getting an idea. He needed to get to the area enhancers go though he couldn't recall such information in his state of confusion and fear. Hikari gripped his book tightly and ran out of the room.


The moments in his face flashed before his own eyes ad he ended up outside and looking to the dome's pierced hull in his moment of confusion and fear he looked around and began looking at the techniques he could use to help defend his land. His home. His friends. His family. "Weapon users come here and ill enhance your weapons for now please hurry."

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A flood, it was what they were. Everything they passed drowned in blood and burned. He miscalculated. How could they traverse that distance in such a very short time?


Caius shook his head. This wasn't the time to think why and how. He already warned the higher-ups and they were already evacuating the citizens to the castle. His task was to stop the advancing army without endangering the lives of the citizens. He gave a start at the sight that laid just before the city gates.


The Wellsburg Army were advancing with minimal hindrance. And a demon of sorts was there, attacking without discrimination. He unsheathed his sword and rushed the group of enemy soldiers nearest to it. They had their backs turned to him so it was a surprise to them that the first man fell to the ground with a missing head. Caius did not rest, moving his sword onto another prey and cutting the man sideways from shoulder to hip. Then all hell broke loose as they rushed him in unison.


The onslaught proved futile however and each man that he cut down only increased his constitution and the power of his blows, not that his sword needed to pass a man twice. He twisted, bringing his sword to the side and neatly cutting the last remaining man's legs off of him. The soldier's expression was of disbelief before Caius' sword was impaled in his mouth. Then the demon was before him and while it was distracted killing and destroying, Cauis rushed it. He jumped on it's back before swiftly burying his sword down it's shoulder.


The soldiers stopped in their tracks as the demon fell; dead. Cauis shrugged, removing his sword from the beast before jumping down to the ground. He gave the advancing troops a onceover, noting their numbers seemed to multiply by the second. Two hundred and thirty-three soldiers and one demon was almost incomparable. He sighed. He really didn't want to use his magus but there was no way he would be able to give the others time to evacuate if he didn't.


Steeling himself, Cauis raised his sword and began.
"White is the colour of bone and ash. To speak to the dead we bathe and fast. Red is the colour of blood and death. We rub the bones and give them breath. Undead Bloom."


Severed flesh, broken bones and shredded organs began to quiver as they knitted back together. The groan of dead voices rang in the air as twenty misshaped bodies stood back up, limbs unsure if it was theirs to begin with or if it was another's. With a groan and a mighty bellow, the demon rose as well; it's eyes as white as the bony fingers of the avatar that circled it. The soldiers took a step back.


"Kill them all."
Was Caius' silent words and as one, the demon and the twenty soldiers he raised rushed the soldiers like a pack of starved wolves. It wasn't long before the pavement was red with blood.

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