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Character Store Catalog (Information)

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‘Character Store Catalog’ is actually a bit different from ‘RPG Catalog’. Opposite of your ‘RPG Catalog’ where you list all your roleplay threads (active/on hold/dropped/finished), on ‘CSC’(Character Store Catalog) you will present obviously your characters. It doesn’t actually matter if they are canon characters(already existing,like from anime/manga/game/movie and so on) or original(a product of your imagination) characters.


Why ‘Store’?

No, you won’t literally buy something, but let’s just imagine that you walk in a store for characters. Yes, and when you walk into the certain store (a thread created by a player), you will be presented different characters along with their biography/story/personality and so on.

Oh, and then something catches your eye – some certain character with their story and personality. Per say,a sudden idea hits you with a nice plot. Then you can request that character for yourself. Hooray, and when approved by the owner of the store (the player who created the thread), you two can go into details about the plot of the RPG. In case you also have a store you can share your store, so the other person can pick a character of yours too.


What happens next?

When both of you have decided upon the RPG (well, it can be a group RPG, not needed to be one-on-one,anyway), you change your character ‘STATUS’ from ‘FREE’ to ‘TAKEN’.

Yes, that’s a must.

That’s why a ‘store’. Because when your character gets busy in a RPG, ‘he’ can’t go into another story. After all, the RPG world is an alternative world. You can’t have two same persons in two different story plots…. except they are twins o_O, kind of – you got the point.


Well, to make it easier for you, I will post a sample of what have to be included in your character information. Of course, you can add more to it or remove something from the sample. It’s just a way,to show you the main idea. It’s your store after all, and you decide how to decorate it. :3


Before that, before I forget XD Here the rules that each store has to follow:

- No racism!

- No religious or offending a certain religion hints!

- Don’t spam the store. You can always post new characters to it, but if creating a plot or something similar to explaining details with your partner, go either on private or to RP Recruitment.

- Because the editing button is available only for 24 hours, in case you want to change the ‘STATUS’ of your character, please contact Key or me.

- Be polite to your visitors.







Personal ID
Status: -
Name: -
Nickname: -
Sex: -
Race: -
Years: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Eyes: -
Hair: -



Random information


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