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All Fair in War and Love


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Title: All Fair in War and Love

Fandom: Togainu no Chi

Characters: Shiki, Akira

Pairing: Akira x Shiki

Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, smut)

Status: Completed/One-shot


During the afternoon tea time, Akira comes up with a rather unusual request for the commander.

However, will Shiki be able to grant his personal secretaries wish? Read and find out.

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It seemed to be an ordinary day in the military office, and nothing didn’t stand out.

Soon, the afternoon arrives. And with that afternoon tea break, which becomes like an everyday ritual for the most powerful man in the country and his personal secretary.

Even a ruthless ruler like Commander Shiki can relax and enjoy his adored subordinate’s company alone in private.

Besides, it’s one of those rare occasions when Akira allows himself to take a break from work and duties before putting on his ice-cold face and leaving the office.

More importantly, what gives Shiki a sense of power and control is not the conquered land or strong influence. But the fact that he is the only person who sees Akira’s true side. That is something that any mortal or god can only dream of.

Despite their teatime is usually quiet, both don’t waste time on unnecessary words to disturb the serene moment.

After all, each other’s company is more than enough.

But for now, as Shiki takes another sip, the military secretary lowers his cup and breaks the silence. “Sir, may I ask you something?”

“What is it?” The dark-haired male lifts his red eyes.

After nervously swallowing the saliva and fixing the collar of his shirt, Akira straightens his back and rests his clenched palms on his lap. “I was thinking about it for a while. However, I’m still not certain if that is an appropriate thing to say...”

While the commander rests his head on his knuckle, he blinks slowly and exhales. “Just say it.”

When Akira stands up and slams his hands on the desk, he declares. “I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!”

As the preserved military secretary deeply breathes, he feels how his cheeks and ears burn from embarrassment upon realizing he made a grave mistake.

But for now, he impatiently waits for the strict commander’s punishment and discipline for his actions.

Meanwhile, Shiki briefly widens his eyes and snorts at his loyal subordinate’s out-of-blue request.

A second later, he rests his head on his interlocked fingers and comments while having a smug look on his face. “That’s quite unusual for you, to be that honest. However, you must prove with your body how badly you want it.”

“Sir, you may misunderstand me. So, let me finish it.” The silver-haired male politely objects while keeping a straight posture.

As he clenches his palms into fists, he takes a deep breath and clarifies. “This time, I want to be a top… If that is alright by you, sir.”

‘So, this is where he is going for… Fine. I’ll play along with him before putting him in his place.’ The supreme ruler wonders while keeping his poker face and studying his personal secretary.

For now, Shiki closes his eyes and chuckles. “Hmph. You should say so from the very beginning~”

Suddenly, Akira’s blue eyes sparkle with overwhelming excitement, but he does his best to contain his emotions and bows. “Thank you so much, sir! No words or actions could ever express how grateful am I.”

A second later, the military tyrant opens his crimson eyes and adds while keeping a suggestive look on his face. “Then why don’t you undress and sit on my lap?”

Meanwhile, Akira widens his eyes and is confused by such a command. Soon, he straightens his back and objects. “I beg your pardon, but I don’t quite understand you, sir.”

“You wanted to be on top. So, from now, you can be on the top whenever you wish,” Commander Shiki proudly explains while smirking like a feline.

At that moment, the blue-eyed secretary sighs and explains. “I’m terribly sorry, but you got me wrong, sir. What I meant is that I want to hold you! Er, I just want you to feel what you’re doing to me, sir.”

Suddenly, the smug look on Shiki’s face is wiped out, and he thinks to himself. ‘So, this is how you want to play, huh?’

Of course, upon noticing the commander’s serious face, Akira lowers his gaze and turns his head while holding his arm. “I’m sorry if I upset you, sir. I knew it might have been a very selfish of me.”

When the military secretary picks up the pocket watch, he checks the time and sighs. “The break is over. So, I should be moving.”

A second later, he lifts his gloomy blue eyes and addresses the commander while collecting the plates and cups on the silver tray. “Can I take it or should come back later?”

Even the commander, who is known for reading anyone like an open book by only glimpsing at them, cannot tell whether Akira is aware of being able to pull the right strings and bend his will by using his captivating gaze alone.

More so, the moments like this are no exception. Nevertheless, Shiki cannot show any sign of weakness nor admit his defeat.

More importantly, he understands that if he refuses to fulfill his subordinate’s request, he may discourage him from showing the initiative or, worse, losing the power over him just by backing off once.

That’s why he has to act quickly. Or so the ruthless tyrant decides.

Meanwhile, the military secretary widens his eyes when Shiki places his hand on his.

In the end, the dark-haired male fixes his hair and replies. “Fine. I’ll grant you the permission. However, only this time.”

At first, Akira doubts whether he misheard these words. Yet, his cheeks are dyed in a lovely tone of pink, and his blue eyes sparkle with natural joy.Soon, he closes his eyes and nods.

Meanwhile, Shiki only turns his head to hide his cracked poker face. Thus, after he removes his subordinate’s cap, he ruffles his hair.

Besides, it’s better to let his personal secretary think he may win for now. Then, he’ll wait for the right moment to strike. Or so Shiki convinces himself.

However, the very little the commander knows is that his subordinate also has a trick or two under his sleeve, and he shouldn’t underestimate him.

Some time has passed.

It is already late evening. For some, it’s the long-awaited moment, and for someone else is facing the most tough battle ahead.

But for now, Shiki keeps a proud posture as his secretary opens the bedroom door for him and locks it behind him.

Yet, he briefly widens his eyes upon noticing that the only light source in this room is countless of lighten up candles.

‘Just when did he set this up? Well, whatever. It’s not that important at the moment.’ The dark-haired male wonders as he closes his eyes and cracks a smile.

After reaching the bed, Akira addresses him in a less formal tone. “Um, could you lie on the bed?”

When Shiki turns his head and notices how his subordinate’s shoulders are stiff and him holding his arm while his cheeks are in a lovely pink color, he cracks a smile and observes him with amusement.

Perhaps it’s the first time he sees when his personal secretary shows such an eagerness.

‘How cute…’ the red-eyed male wonders as he grabs his partner’s tie and delightfully stares at him.

Meanwhile, Akira gives him a questioning look. “Is everything alright, sir?”

Yet, the commander only smirks like a feline. “Haven’t I told you this before? You don’t have to be so formal in private.”

“Yes…” the silver-haired secretary answers in a soft tone as he temporally turns his gaze away.

After Shiki loosens his partner’s tie and tosses it away, he wraps his arm around his waist and asks in a nearly purring-like voice. “And it’s not your first time having sex, is it? So, relax or better - I’ll handle it for you if you still doubt.”

When Shiki unbuttons the first button of his secretary’s shirt, the silver-haired male places his hands on his chest and objects. “But it’s my first time holding you. That’s why I want to make sure that you would feel good.”

As his dear secretary softens his asking gaze, the military tyrant thinks. ‘Looks like it will take a while before I’ll take you down.’

“Hmph. You worry too much. Just get down to the business,” the commander adds with a straight face.

Lastly, Akira closes his eyes and exhales. “Understand. Then please do not mind if I do this.”

Thus, the silver-haired male places his arm behind his partner’s waist and slowly lies him on the bed.

When the blue-eyed secretary sits on the edge of the bed, he leans closer to Shiki and impatiently stares at him.

However, before placing his fingertips on his partner’s chest, he immediately withdraws them as if he is about to get burned and keeps close to his heart before making the next move.

After all, one thing is assisting the most powerful man in the country and preparing him for the new day. Besides, it is something that becomes as natural as breathing for him.

Yet, another thing is having his most important person under his control. Therefore, he has to be careful and hope that relying on his memory may help him to satisfy his partner.

After a brief pause, the preserved military secretary moves his hands on his partner’s belt while giving him a demanding gaze. “Then, I’ll start with this… So, let me know if I’m doing this correctly.”

Shiki only observes with such amusement how his subordinate unbuckles his belt and removes it while making such a serious face, as it is an important task.

However, he widens his red eyes as Akira sits on him and grasps his wrists while keeping the belt next to him.

As the blue-eyed male lifts his hands above his head and holds his wrists, he wraps the black leather belt around one wrist and then another.

But for now, the military tyrant closes his eyes and turns his head while keeping a serious face. “Aren’t you allowing yourself too much?”

A second later, he opens his crimson eyes and faces his secretary. “More importantly, you do not seem to trust me.”

While Akira keeps his partner’s hands close, he calmly orders. “Please keep your wrists close.”

Yet, the blue-eyed secretary adds as he ties up his Shiki’s hands. “I have never doubted in you or your decisions. However, I just want to make sure that you won’t harm yourself. Besides, it’s nothing different from you were doing to me.”

After he handles the current task, he narrows his gaze and slides his palm under his partner’s shirt.

As Akira rests his palm on Shiki’s belly, he fixates his eyes on him and asks. “Sir, let me ask you something - do you still not believe in me? Or rather, are you worried that it’s too difficult to ask for you?”

But for now, the military secretary impatiently waits for the commander’s answer while griping his wrists with one hand.

For sure, this is the first time when a ruthless ruler like him experienced that these ice-blue eyes can also freeze and shatter anyone into tiny pieces who dares to oppose him.

Despite his subordinate’s unexpected intimidation, Shiki understands he has to decide before he awakens the storm or returns to square one of taming his prized possession.

After closing his eyes and sighing, the commander replies while keeping his poker face. “Where did you get such stupid thoughts? Just do what you want.”

Soon, the cold and judging Akira’s face changes to the calm, loving one, and he loosens his grasp around his wrists.

For now, he places his palm on Shiki’s cheek and strokes it. “I knew I should never have doubted you.”

Lastly, the military secretary brings his lips close to his partner’s cheek and closes his eyes.

Yet, as he withdraws his face and slides his palm on Shiki’s neck, he is surprised by his slightly irritated face and voice. “Just cut all this nonsense and get to the point.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot,” the silver-haired male backfires.

As Akira brushes his palm against his abs, he asks. “Weren’t you the one who taught me about the importance of the patience? So, please endure it until you are ready.”

At first, he starts by unbuttoning his partner’s shirt and exposing his well-built body over many years of intense training and swordsmanship.

Even if he rarely has a chance to see the commander undressing or in his naked glory, now he can admire him all he wants.

That pale, beautiful like a porcelain doll’s skin and face, along with the red as bloody gem eyes and black hair - he resembles one. All this belongs to Shiki’s secretary. And he is the only one who has earned the privilege of seeing this side.

More importantly, tonight, Akira will mark his most adored person and warn anyone who will dare to make one wrong move on him.

But for now, he closes his eyes and starts kissing his partner’s neck and moving his palm up to his chest.

In between landing one after another soft kiss, the blue-eyed male let out a shivery sigh.

Meanwhile, the military tyrant attempts to loosen the restraint around the wrists. Unfortunately, his effort goes in vain.

Apparently, his subordinate managed to tie him up by using more advanced techniques that even experienced soldiers wouldn’t be able to escape.

More so, it’s difficult for him to concentrate when his secretary’s hair tickles his exposed neck and his chest being massaged.

At this point, Shiki turns his head and closes his eyes while respiring.

Soon, Akira opens his eyes and lifts his head when he feels a suspiciously large bulge rubbing against him.

Upon the sudden realization, he sits and covers his mouth with his palm without containing his bewilderment. “Could it be? You’re already turned on… But I barely did anything yet. Just who could know that you are so sensitive, sir?”

Such a remark makes the dark-haired male frown while the heat rushes to his cheeks. Thus, he indignantly comments while avoiding facing him. “You should keep it to yourself and not just spit whatever comes to your mind, you fool.”

Meanwhile, the blue-eyed secretary moves a bit. After placing his palm on his groin, he rubs it. “Then how can you explain this? You wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t enjoy it, would you?”

As he carefully grasps it, he announces with a strong determination in his voice and gaze. “I promised I will make you come, didn’t I? However, not here. Not tonight.”

After Akira gets up and leaves the bedside, he turns his head and addresses his partner. “I just need to look for something quick.”

Whatever his secretary is looking for doesn’t sound promising, because it will be used against him in the worst imaginable ways. Shiki ponders while observing how Akira searches for specific items inside the night drawer.

Of course, the military tyrant could use his chance to look for his sword to cut the restraints and punish his naughty subordinate. Nevertheless, he decides to accept his fate and, next time, make Akira taste his own medicine in a triple dose.

Meanwhile, his blue eyes sparkle with natural excitement upon picking a small plastic tube with transparent liquid along tiny flat rustling packages.

Lastly, he returns with the goods and climbs on the bed with all the brought goods.

As the silver-haired male places them on the bed, Shiki cracks a mocking smile and comments. “Hmph. Why do you need a bunch of useless things like these? And do you even know what are these for?”

Instead of giving in to this man’s provocation, Akira crawls close to him and grabs his pants with underwear.

As he narrows his gaze, he asks him in a polite tone. “Please lift your hips. It will be easier for both of us.”

While Shiki keeps his proud face, he follows the given command.

Thus, with one sudden move, Akira removes the bothering pieces of clothing.

After he tosses the removed clothes away and starts unbuttoning his shirt, he adds. “Sir, please take it seriously. After all, it’s for your own safety and comfort.”

Meanwhile, Shiki lies on the side and leans on his elbows. For now, he delightfully observes his subordinate removing his belt and unzipping his pants.

For sure, that gaze of these seductive red eyes and inviting poses alone arouses the preserved secretary and makes his heart skip a beat.

Yet, he only shakily respires and nervously swallows the saliva while restraining himself from jumping like a feral animal on his prey.

After removing his pants and underwear, Akira sits on his knees.

Then, he takes the bottle of lubricant and pours plenty of it into his palm until it covers it along his fingers.

While he watches the thick transparent liquid slowly dripping through his fingers, he murmurs. “That should be enough.”

When the silver-haired male leans close to his partner’s, he gives him a brief command. “Sir, could you get on your fours?”

As he lowers his blushing gaze, he explains. “It would be a more comfortable position for you.”

“Aren’t you going to prepare yourself?” the commander asks with confidence while trying to keep his poker face.

At first, Akira raises his eyebrow before patiently objecting. “But I got the lube just for you. So, please do not make me do it for you.”

And at this very moment, the most powerful man in the country realizes that not only he is utterly defeated but also that he is screwed. Yet, he swallows his pride and accepts this as a challenge.

As he turns his head away like a prideful cat and follows his subordinate’s orders, he lifts his bottom and replies. “Hmph. Just finish this quickly.”

When Akira places his palm on his partner’s lower back, he gently warns. “Please don’t get frightened. It might be a bit cold.”

Suddenly, the dark-haired male widens his eyes and gasps when something cold and slippery enters him.

Even while his insides greedily swallow his subordinate’s fingers, his knees are already trembling.

More so, that sensation of something moving inside him is unusual for him. These wet noises make him lower his head and hope that no one will see his pathetic face.

But for now, Shiki tries to hold back his voice while his ears are burning from embarrassment.

“It should be somewhere here, right?” Akira whispers as his couple of fingers crawl until they hit his partner’s special spot.

Yet, he is surprised by the commander’s sudden meowing-like cry. After such a discovery, the blue-eyed secretary aims at it more often.

More so, Akira becomes more and more thrilled how someone like a ruthless military tyrant like Shiki shivers while containing these lovely purring-like noises just by his touch alone.

As he continues messing with his ring muscle, he addresses the lewd creature below him. “Please do not keep your voice down. Let me hear it.”

After a brief pause, he adds. “Hey, sir. Let me ask you something. Has anyone else done this to you?”

Yet, Shiki immediately turns his head and indignantly backfires. “What… what kind of question is that, you idiot?!”

“Yes or no?” the blue-eyed secretary asks as he removes his fingers.

As the dark-haired male lowers his blushing gaze, he answers. “You should know better, you fool.”

This answer warms Akira’s heart, and he leans close to his partner, stroking his cheek. “Good. So, here’s your reward for your honesty.”

When his subordinate withdraws, he can hear how a small rustling package is torn.

Lastly, Akira brings the tip of cock to his partner’s entrance and warns him. “I’m putting it in. So, let me know if anything goes wrong.”

When the silver-haired male slowly pushes his length, he closes his eyes and pants. “It’s… It’s so tight inside you… I know… I know you don’t want to let me go, but please… Please, for your own sake, try to relax.”

Meanwhile, Shiki hides his face and groans while deeply respiring.

However, he cannot hold back from letting out these soft cries when his subordinate starts slowly penetrating while holding his slim waist.

Despite his current position, even if he cannot see his secretary’s adorable faces, his soft moans alone turn him on.

As Akira drowns in the pleasure, his thrusting becomes faster and rougher.

Eventually, he stops moving. While his chest is bloating, he speaks up. “Please let me see your face.”

After rolling Shiki on his back, he corners him before returning to his previous rhythm.

For sure, the commander cannot help himself but adore his subordinate’s erotic face and expressions while being held by him.

More so, judging from his aggressive pounding, he might come soon.

Soon, Shiki lets a sweet moan as Akira grasps his hard-on and starts stroking it. “What are you-?”

A second later, the blue-eyed secretary gently tilts his chin and blissfully closes his eyes before pulling him into a deep kiss.

Even in between catching for the air, both cannot stop from letting amorous sighs and whines.

In the end, Akira withdraws his face and arches his back as he reaches the climax while letting out a long erotic moan before collapsing on top of Shiki.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long for the dark-haired male to cum as well.

But for now, while both are catching their breath, Akira understands he cannot rest yet. Thus, he gathers all his remaining strength to get up and pull his cock out.

After carefully removing the condom and tying it up, he comments on its content while keeping his blushing face. “That’s a lot… and it’s all thanks to you.”

Yet, Shiki immediately backfires while giving an irritated look. “Hmph. You should keep it yourself, you fool.”

As Akira softens his gaze, he brushes the hair from his partner’s face and strokes his cheek. “Sorry, but I cannot help myself but to admire you.”

A second later, he gets alerted upon remembering something. “Ah, and how could I forget this?”

Soon, he unties Shiki’s hands and throws away the belt.

Lastly, the military secretary hugs his partner and rests his head on his chest.

After he closes his eyes, he adds. “Thank you. And no words can express how am I grateful that I can rely on you no matter what. ”

A second later, Akira lets out weak purring-like noises as he feels how his partner strokes his hair.

After he opens his blue eyes, he asks. “Hey, is it okay if we stay like this? Of course, if you don’t mind it…”

In the end, Shiki continuously strokes Akira’s hair and answers in a calm voice. “Haven’t I told you before not to ask stupid questions?”

But for now, the silver-haired male silently exhales and nuzzles his cheek against his chest while enjoying this peaceful moment.

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