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  1. Fmkitty

    All Fair in War and Love

    Title: All Fair in War and Love Fandom: Togainu no Chi Characters: Shiki, Akira Pairing: Akira x Shiki Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, smut) Status: Completed/One-shot Summary: During the afternoon tea time, Akira comes up with a rather unusual request for the commander. However, will Shiki be able to grant his personal secretaries wish? Read and find out. AO3 Link It seemed to be an ordinary day in the military office, and nothing didn’t stand out. Soon, the afternoon arrives. And with that afternoon tea break, which becomes like an everyday ritual for the most powerful man in the country and his personal secretary. Even a ruthless ruler like Commander Shiki can relax and enjoy his adored subordinate’s company alone in private. Besides, it’s one of those rare occasions when Akira allows himself to take a break from work and duties before putting on his ice-cold face and leaving the office. More importantly, what gives Shiki a sense of power and control is not the conquered land or strong influence. But the fact that he is the only person who sees Akira’s true side. That is something that any mortal or god can only dream of. Despite their teatime is usually quiet, both don’t waste time on unnecessary words to disturb the serene moment. After all, each other’s company is more than enough. But for now, as Shiki takes another sip, the military secretary lowers his cup and breaks the silence. “Sir, may I ask you something?” “What is it?” The dark-haired male lifts his red eyes. After nervously swallowing the saliva and fixing the collar of his shirt, Akira straightens his back and rests his clenched palms on his lap. “I was thinking about it for a while. However, I’m still not certain if that is an appropriate thing to say...” While the commander rests his head on his knuckle, he blinks slowly and exhales. “Just say it.” When Akira stands up and slams his hands on the desk, he declares. “I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!” As the preserved military secretary deeply breathes, he feels how his cheeks and ears burn from embarrassment upon realizing he made a grave mistake. But for now, he impatiently waits for the strict commander’s punishment and discipline for his actions. Meanwhile, Shiki briefly widens his eyes and snorts at his loyal subordinate’s out-of-blue request. A second later, he rests his head on his interlocked fingers and comments while having a smug look on his face. “That’s quite unusual for you, to be that honest. However, you must prove with your body how badly you want it.” “Sir, you may misunderstand me. So, let me finish it.” The silver-haired male politely objects while keeping a straight posture. As he clenches his palms into fists, he takes a deep breath and clarifies. “This time, I want to be a top… If that is alright by you, sir.” ‘So, this is where he is going for… Fine. I’ll play along with him before putting him in his place.’ The supreme ruler wonders while keeping his poker face and studying his personal secretary. For now, Shiki closes his eyes and chuckles. “Hmph. You should say so from the very beginning~” Suddenly, Akira’s blue eyes sparkle with overwhelming excitement, but he does his best to contain his emotions and bows. “Thank you so much, sir! No words or actions could ever express how grateful am I.” A second later, the military tyrant opens his crimson eyes and adds while keeping a suggestive look on his face. “Then why don’t you undress and sit on my lap?” Meanwhile, Akira widens his eyes and is confused by such a command. Soon, he straightens his back and objects. “I beg your pardon, but I don’t quite understand you, sir.” “You wanted to be on top. So, from now, you can be on the top whenever you wish,” Commander Shiki proudly explains while smirking like a feline. At that moment, the blue-eyed secretary sighs and explains. “I’m terribly sorry, but you got me wrong, sir. What I meant is that I want to hold you! Er, I just want you to feel what you’re doing to me, sir.” Suddenly, the smug look on Shiki’s face is wiped out, and he thinks to himself. ‘So, this is how you want to play, huh?’ Of course, upon noticing the commander’s serious face, Akira lowers his gaze and turns his head while holding his arm. “I’m sorry if I upset you, sir. I knew it might have been a very selfish of me.” When the military secretary picks up the pocket watch, he checks the time and sighs. “The break is over. So, I should be moving.” A second later, he lifts his gloomy blue eyes and addresses the commander while collecting the plates and cups on the silver tray. “Can I take it or should come back later?” Even the commander, who is known for reading anyone like an open book by only glimpsing at them, cannot tell whether Akira is aware of being able to pull the right strings and bend his will by using his captivating gaze alone. More so, the moments like this are no exception. Nevertheless, Shiki cannot show any sign of weakness nor admit his defeat. More importantly, he understands that if he refuses to fulfill his subordinate’s request, he may discourage him from showing the initiative or, worse, losing the power over him just by backing off once. That’s why he has to act quickly. Or so the ruthless tyrant decides. Meanwhile, the military secretary widens his eyes when Shiki places his hand on his. In the end, the dark-haired male fixes his hair and replies. “Fine. I’ll grant you the permission. However, only this time.” At first, Akira doubts whether he misheard these words. Yet, his cheeks are dyed in a lovely tone of pink, and his blue eyes sparkle with natural joy.Soon, he closes his eyes and nods. Meanwhile, Shiki only turns his head to hide his cracked poker face. Thus, after he removes his subordinate’s cap, he ruffles his hair. Besides, it’s better to let his personal secretary think he may win for now. Then, he’ll wait for the right moment to strike. Or so Shiki convinces himself. However, the very little the commander knows is that his subordinate also has a trick or two under his sleeve, and he shouldn’t underestimate him. Some time has passed. It is already late evening. For some, it’s the long-awaited moment, and for someone else is facing the most tough battle ahead. But for now, Shiki keeps a proud posture as his secretary opens the bedroom door for him and locks it behind him. Yet, he briefly widens his eyes upon noticing that the only light source in this room is countless of lighten up candles. ‘Just when did he set this up? Well, whatever. It’s not that important at the moment.’ The dark-haired male wonders as he closes his eyes and cracks a smile. After reaching the bed, Akira addresses him in a less formal tone. “Um, could you lie on the bed?” When Shiki turns his head and notices how his subordinate’s shoulders are stiff and him holding his arm while his cheeks are in a lovely pink color, he cracks a smile and observes him with amusement. Perhaps it’s the first time he sees when his personal secretary shows such an eagerness. ‘How cute…’ the red-eyed male wonders as he grabs his partner’s tie and delightfully stares at him. Meanwhile, Akira gives him a questioning look. “Is everything alright, sir?” Yet, the commander only smirks like a feline. “Haven’t I told you this before? You don’t have to be so formal in private.” “Yes…” the silver-haired secretary answers in a soft tone as he temporally turns his gaze away. After Shiki loosens his partner’s tie and tosses it away, he wraps his arm around his waist and asks in a nearly purring-like voice. “And it’s not your first time having sex, is it? So, relax or better - I’ll handle it for you if you still doubt.” When Shiki unbuttons the first button of his secretary’s shirt, the silver-haired male places his hands on his chest and objects. “But it’s my first time holding you. That’s why I want to make sure that you would feel good.” As his dear secretary softens his asking gaze, the military tyrant thinks. ‘Looks like it will take a while before I’ll take you down.’ “Hmph. You worry too much. Just get down to the business,” the commander adds with a straight face. Lastly, Akira closes his eyes and exhales. “Understand. Then please do not mind if I do this.” Thus, the silver-haired male places his arm behind his partner’s waist and slowly lies him on the bed. When the blue-eyed secretary sits on the edge of the bed, he leans closer to Shiki and impatiently stares at him. However, before placing his fingertips on his partner’s chest, he immediately withdraws them as if he is about to get burned and keeps close to his heart before making the next move. After all, one thing is assisting the most powerful man in the country and preparing him for the new day. Besides, it is something that becomes as natural as breathing for him. Yet, another thing is having his most important person under his control. Therefore, he has to be careful and hope that relying on his memory may help him to satisfy his partner. After a brief pause, the preserved military secretary moves his hands on his partner’s belt while giving him a demanding gaze. “Then, I’ll start with this… So, let me know if I’m doing this correctly.” Shiki only observes with such amusement how his subordinate unbuckles his belt and removes it while making such a serious face, as it is an important task. However, he widens his red eyes as Akira sits on him and grasps his wrists while keeping the belt next to him. As the blue-eyed male lifts his hands above his head and holds his wrists, he wraps the black leather belt around one wrist and then another. But for now, the military tyrant closes his eyes and turns his head while keeping a serious face. “Aren’t you allowing yourself too much?” A second later, he opens his crimson eyes and faces his secretary. “More importantly, you do not seem to trust me.” While Akira keeps his partner’s hands close, he calmly orders. “Please keep your wrists close.” Yet, the blue-eyed secretary adds as he ties up his Shiki’s hands. “I have never doubted in you or your decisions. However, I just want to make sure that you won’t harm yourself. Besides, it’s nothing different from you were doing to me.” After he handles the current task, he narrows his gaze and slides his palm under his partner’s shirt. As Akira rests his palm on Shiki’s belly, he fixates his eyes on him and asks. “Sir, let me ask you something - do you still not believe in me? Or rather, are you worried that it’s too difficult to ask for you?” But for now, the military secretary impatiently waits for the commander’s answer while griping his wrists with one hand. For sure, this is the first time when a ruthless ruler like him experienced that these ice-blue eyes can also freeze and shatter anyone into tiny pieces who dares to oppose him. Despite his subordinate’s unexpected intimidation, Shiki understands he has to decide before he awakens the storm or returns to square one of taming his prized possession. After closing his eyes and sighing, the commander replies while keeping his poker face. “Where did you get such stupid thoughts? Just do what you want.” Soon, the cold and judging Akira’s face changes to the calm, loving one, and he loosens his grasp around his wrists. For now, he places his palm on Shiki’s cheek and strokes it. “I knew I should never have doubted you.” Lastly, the military secretary brings his lips close to his partner’s cheek and closes his eyes. Yet, as he withdraws his face and slides his palm on Shiki’s neck, he is surprised by his slightly irritated face and voice. “Just cut all this nonsense and get to the point.” “Unfortunately, I cannot,” the silver-haired male backfires. As Akira brushes his palm against his abs, he asks. “Weren’t you the one who taught me about the importance of the patience? So, please endure it until you are ready.” At first, he starts by unbuttoning his partner’s shirt and exposing his well-built body over many years of intense training and swordsmanship. Even if he rarely has a chance to see the commander undressing or in his naked glory, now he can admire him all he wants. That pale, beautiful like a porcelain doll’s skin and face, along with the red as bloody gem eyes and black hair - he resembles one. All this belongs to Shiki’s secretary. And he is the only one who has earned the privilege of seeing this side. More importantly, tonight, Akira will mark his most adored person and warn anyone who will dare to make one wrong move on him. But for now, he closes his eyes and starts kissing his partner’s neck and moving his palm up to his chest. In between landing one after another soft kiss, the blue-eyed male let out a shivery sigh. Meanwhile, the military tyrant attempts to loosen the restraint around the wrists. Unfortunately, his effort goes in vain. Apparently, his subordinate managed to tie him up by using more advanced techniques that even experienced soldiers wouldn’t be able to escape. More so, it’s difficult for him to concentrate when his secretary’s hair tickles his exposed neck and his chest being massaged. At this point, Shiki turns his head and closes his eyes while respiring. Soon, Akira opens his eyes and lifts his head when he feels a suspiciously large bulge rubbing against him. Upon the sudden realization, he sits and covers his mouth with his palm without containing his bewilderment. “Could it be? You’re already turned on… But I barely did anything yet. Just who could know that you are so sensitive, sir?” Such a remark makes the dark-haired male frown while the heat rushes to his cheeks. Thus, he indignantly comments while avoiding facing him. “You should keep it to yourself and not just spit whatever comes to your mind, you fool.” Meanwhile, the blue-eyed secretary moves a bit. After placing his palm on his groin, he rubs it. “Then how can you explain this? You wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t enjoy it, would you?” As he carefully grasps it, he announces with a strong determination in his voice and gaze. “I promised I will make you come, didn’t I? However, not here. Not tonight.” After Akira gets up and leaves the bedside, he turns his head and addresses his partner. “I just need to look for something quick.” Whatever his secretary is looking for doesn’t sound promising, because it will be used against him in the worst imaginable ways. Shiki ponders while observing how Akira searches for specific items inside the night drawer. Of course, the military tyrant could use his chance to look for his sword to cut the restraints and punish his naughty subordinate. Nevertheless, he decides to accept his fate and, next time, make Akira taste his own medicine in a triple dose. Meanwhile, his blue eyes sparkle with natural excitement upon picking a small plastic tube with transparent liquid along tiny flat rustling packages. Lastly, he returns with the goods and climbs on the bed with all the brought goods. As the silver-haired male places them on the bed, Shiki cracks a mocking smile and comments. “Hmph. Why do you need a bunch of useless things like these? And do you even know what are these for?” Instead of giving in to this man’s provocation, Akira crawls close to him and grabs his pants with underwear. As he narrows his gaze, he asks him in a polite tone. “Please lift your hips. It will be easier for both of us.” While Shiki keeps his proud face, he follows the given command. Thus, with one sudden move, Akira removes the bothering pieces of clothing. After he tosses the removed clothes away and starts unbuttoning his shirt, he adds. “Sir, please take it seriously. After all, it’s for your own safety and comfort.” Meanwhile, Shiki lies on the side and leans on his elbows. For now, he delightfully observes his subordinate removing his belt and unzipping his pants. For sure, that gaze of these seductive red eyes and inviting poses alone arouses the preserved secretary and makes his heart skip a beat. Yet, he only shakily respires and nervously swallows the saliva while restraining himself from jumping like a feral animal on his prey. After removing his pants and underwear, Akira sits on his knees. Then, he takes the bottle of lubricant and pours plenty of it into his palm until it covers it along his fingers. While he watches the thick transparent liquid slowly dripping through his fingers, he murmurs. “That should be enough.” When the silver-haired male leans close to his partner’s, he gives him a brief command. “Sir, could you get on your fours?” As he lowers his blushing gaze, he explains. “It would be a more comfortable position for you.” “Aren’t you going to prepare yourself?” the commander asks with confidence while trying to keep his poker face. At first, Akira raises his eyebrow before patiently objecting. “But I got the lube just for you. So, please do not make me do it for you.” And at this very moment, the most powerful man in the country realizes that not only he is utterly defeated but also that he is screwed. Yet, he swallows his pride and accepts this as a challenge. As he turns his head away like a prideful cat and follows his subordinate’s orders, he lifts his bottom and replies. “Hmph. Just finish this quickly.” When Akira places his palm on his partner’s lower back, he gently warns. “Please don’t get frightened. It might be a bit cold.” Suddenly, the dark-haired male widens his eyes and gasps when something cold and slippery enters him. Even while his insides greedily swallow his subordinate’s fingers, his knees are already trembling. More so, that sensation of something moving inside him is unusual for him. These wet noises make him lower his head and hope that no one will see his pathetic face. But for now, Shiki tries to hold back his voice while his ears are burning from embarrassment. “It should be somewhere here, right?” Akira whispers as his couple of fingers crawl until they hit his partner’s special spot. Yet, he is surprised by the commander’s sudden meowing-like cry. After such a discovery, the blue-eyed secretary aims at it more often. More so, Akira becomes more and more thrilled how someone like a ruthless military tyrant like Shiki shivers while containing these lovely purring-like noises just by his touch alone. As he continues messing with his ring muscle, he addresses the lewd creature below him. “Please do not keep your voice down. Let me hear it.” After a brief pause, he adds. “Hey, sir. Let me ask you something. Has anyone else done this to you?” Yet, Shiki immediately turns his head and indignantly backfires. “What… what kind of question is that, you idiot?!” “Yes or no?” the blue-eyed secretary asks as he removes his fingers. As the dark-haired male lowers his blushing gaze, he answers. “You should know better, you fool.” This answer warms Akira’s heart, and he leans close to his partner, stroking his cheek. “Good. So, here’s your reward for your honesty.” When his subordinate withdraws, he can hear how a small rustling package is torn. Lastly, Akira brings the tip of cock to his partner’s entrance and warns him. “I’m putting it in. So, let me know if anything goes wrong.” When the silver-haired male slowly pushes his length, he closes his eyes and pants. “It’s… It’s so tight inside you… I know… I know you don’t want to let me go, but please… Please, for your own sake, try to relax.” Meanwhile, Shiki hides his face and groans while deeply respiring. However, he cannot hold back from letting out these soft cries when his subordinate starts slowly penetrating while holding his slim waist. Despite his current position, even if he cannot see his secretary’s adorable faces, his soft moans alone turn him on. As Akira drowns in the pleasure, his thrusting becomes faster and rougher. Eventually, he stops moving. While his chest is bloating, he speaks up. “Please let me see your face.” After rolling Shiki on his back, he corners him before returning to his previous rhythm. For sure, the commander cannot help himself but adore his subordinate’s erotic face and expressions while being held by him. More so, judging from his aggressive pounding, he might come soon. Soon, Shiki lets a sweet moan as Akira grasps his hard-on and starts stroking it. “What are you-?” A second later, the blue-eyed secretary gently tilts his chin and blissfully closes his eyes before pulling him into a deep kiss. Even in between catching for the air, both cannot stop from letting amorous sighs and whines. In the end, Akira withdraws his face and arches his back as he reaches the climax while letting out a long erotic moan before collapsing on top of Shiki. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long for the dark-haired male to cum as well. But for now, while both are catching their breath, Akira understands he cannot rest yet. Thus, he gathers all his remaining strength to get up and pull his cock out. After carefully removing the condom and tying it up, he comments on its content while keeping his blushing face. “That’s a lot… and it’s all thanks to you.” Yet, Shiki immediately backfires while giving an irritated look. “Hmph. You should keep it yourself, you fool.” As Akira softens his gaze, he brushes the hair from his partner’s face and strokes his cheek. “Sorry, but I cannot help myself but to admire you.” A second later, he gets alerted upon remembering something. “Ah, and how could I forget this?” Soon, he unties Shiki’s hands and throws away the belt. Lastly, the military secretary hugs his partner and rests his head on his chest. After he closes his eyes, he adds. “Thank you. And no words can express how am I grateful that I can rely on you no matter what. ” A second later, Akira lets out weak purring-like noises as he feels how his partner strokes his hair. After he opens his blue eyes, he asks. “Hey, is it okay if we stay like this? Of course, if you don’t mind it…” In the end, Shiki continuously strokes Akira’s hair and answers in a calm voice. “Haven’t I told you before not to ask stupid questions?” But for now, the silver-haired male silently exhales and nuzzles his cheek against his chest while enjoying this peaceful moment.
  2. Fmkitty

    I’ll Never Return…

    Title: I’ll Never Return… Fandom: Togainu no Chi Characters: Original Male Character, Shiki, Akira Pairing: Shiki x Akira Status: Completed (4 chapters) Summary: [This story was made as entry for November’s month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This story takes time during Bitter Sweet and after it. However, it can be read as a stand-alone story] One average student barely managed to settle down in the new place. However, everything has changed when a couple of officers frame him and use him as a bribe to the most powerful man in the country. What terrors awaits Shiro in the hell which he was brought, and will he live long enough to survive it? Read and find out~ AO3 Link Chapter 1. Finally, with the sounds of a ringing bell, the last lecture is over. And thus, after picking up his textbooks, one silver-haired male with gray eyes in his twenties leaves the auditorium. After walking in the corridor, he turns his head and gazes through the window. However, the sun’s reflection on the rustled tree leaves makes him gloomier. After all, just when he managed to settle down in the new place for a while, the recent news struck like lightning from the clear sky and ruined his momentary happiness. Apparently, Shiro’s days of reckless freedom are counted, and soon he’ll be placed in the meat grinder. That’s right, Shiro received a recruitment letter from the military a couple of days ago. Of course, he didn’t tell about it to his mother because he perfectly understood that it might break her heart, and she wouldn’t let him perish on the battlefield like his late father. Unfortunately, he knows well that he won’t be able to hide the needle in the bag for too long or ignore this cursed piece of paper that kills countless men. However, he doesn’t care about being taken by the force but is afraid of what these awful, unpredictable, corrupted officers may do to his mother if he doesn’t cooperate with them. But for now, Shiro continues on his way, trying to forget that letter, focusing on group assignment tasks, and thinking about what place he should pick for incoming practice. Some time has passed. As Shiro expected by this time, the streets are already crowded by the mass of constantly changing people, and he blends into the moving gray mass in no time. Suddenly, he widens his eyes as someone from behind grabs his arm. At first, he shakes off the stranger’s hand without turning back. Besides, maybe it’s just a random stranger wanting to mess around. At least, it’s not as uncomfortable as the passengers on the train either being too close to him. Therefore, Shiro decides not to pay too much attention to such a petite thing and minds his business as usual. Unfortunately, another stranger is bolder than the previous one and slips something small inside his uniform pants pocket. Yet, the silver-haired male’s reaction is faster, and as he grasps the white-gloved hand, he turns back. “What do you think of doing?” To his surprise, it’s a middle-aged man in a military uniform grinning at him like a hungry wolf. As that man grips Shiro’s wrist, he addresses him. “Where do you think you’re going, you little thief?” “Let... let me go!” The gray-eyed male resists. Yet, he gasps as another officer holds his other arm. “Not only you’ve caught stealing, but you also have an audacity to disrespect the authority.” Another officer replies in a mocking tone. While one of them puts the handcuffs behind his back, he adds. “You have a lot of guts, kid…” Despite being the center of the crowds’ attention, Shiro struggles. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” “Then, what’s this? How did end up in your pocket? Or are you telling us it jumped right into your pocket?” The middle-aged man asks as he pulls a tiny plastic bag filled with white powder and shows it in front of the poor student. Shiro freezes in the same spot while his eyes follow the small object swigged. A few seconds later, he only closes his eyes and calmly explains. “You are the ones who slipped it in. So, please do not blame me for it.” “Still playing innocent, eh? Perhaps staying in the prison cell will fix your rotten behavior.” The officer replies as both start dragging him. In the end, the scared crowd distances themselves from a couple of officers taking away the young criminal while murmuring between themselves or rushing from the crime scene. Meanwhile, Shiro is stubborn and indignantly addresses the people. “Help me! Let me go! How… How can anyone can be so blind and allow these bastards to do as they wish and commit crimes? You clearly have seen how they just taking an advance of their position and bullying average people! If we all unite, we can defeat these coward men and bring the justice!” Yet, his speech is silenced by receiving a hit into his head by the sword handle. “Hey, you better be careful with that! The commander may dislike him and we’ll get no reward if that brat is injured or dead.” The older man scolds his colleague. After they approached their car and opened it, the other officer replied. “He’ll take him anyway and will even applaud us. Just look at him. He is the copy of that lousy secretary.” When he picks an empty sack and rope, he orders. “Just make sure that he won’t try to escape.” While his colleague holds Shiro tight, he puts the bag over him and wraps the surrounding rope. “Where are you taking me?” The silver-haired male asks. “Don’t worry, you’ll learn soon. So, you better behave yourself or else your parents may get very upset finding out that their dead son was a drug addict.” The older man explains as he tosses him like a sack of potatoes to the back seat. Lastly, Shiro remains silent and feels anxious, without having any idea where he is taken or how these cruel men will torture him before his corpse is disposed of. Some time passed. After the car stops, these men drag the restrained student and prompt him to go. However, very little he knows how drastically his cursed fate will change. As time passes, Shiro becomes more uncomfortable and stiff by only walking in the never-ending corridors. One thing is being treated like a criminal who gets closer to his execution. Another thing is the heavy, chilling, and unwelcoming atmosphere in the air and feeling watched by countless eyes that he cannot see. Even on their way, Shiro becomes more concerned and pale after listening to how the older officer proudly explains to someone how they brought something that should interest the commander. But for now, a couple of officers finally reach their destination place. Or so the silver-haired male assumes as he hears how one of these men knocks on the wooden door. “Commander, we brought him as you requested and you would love to see him.” After a brief pause, the supreme ruler permits this couple to enter the office while dragging the sacrificial lamb. Just from the menacing and cold energy surrounding this room, Shiro feels as if the ruthless tyrant’s eyes pierce his body. He can even swear that there is an invisible wire wrapped around him that cuts him if he makes a single move. Perhaps this is how small animals feel being cornered and looked down on by the serpent. The gray-eyed male ponders. “Show him to me. Or do you intend to waste my time?” Shiki briefly orders. “R-right away, sir!” the older man agrees. When the surrounding rope becomes loose and falls off, the bag is finally removed. Suddenly, Shiro widens his eyes in terror and gasps upon seeing the military tyrant indifferently staring at him behind his desk. At that moment, the poor student trembles like a leaf and falls on his knees like a rag-doll. Fortunately, his weak body is supported by these men. Meanwhile, Shiki stands up and approaches the offered creature, studying his every movement and facial expression. After the red-eyed male stands in front of the unfortunate young man, he narrows his gaze. For now, Shiro hisses in pain as one officer pulls his hair to lift his head and fixates his eyes on the supreme leader. “How is it? Will he be enough for you, sir?” Another man asks impatiently. Shiki only states. “His eyes are gray.” “We can easily fix that! Please, just tell us what color you prefer and it will be done in no time. Whatever you wish for, we will adjust him in shape or form until you will be satisfied.” The other boasts. Even if Shiro is speechless, his teary eyes speak louder than any words that beg for mercy. In the end, the dark-haired male announces his final verdict. “There is no need. Leave him and you are dismissed.” “B-but what about our reward for our hard work?” The older officer objects. ‘Tsk, what a bunch of greedy vermin…’ Shiki gives them a cold, disgusted look before picking a thick pile of bills from his uniform jacket and tossing it like food for the pigs, which eat anything like shameless animals. As these men pick up the money, one of them bows and thanks before leaving the room. Lastly, Shiro is left alone to face the ruthless tyrant. “Your name?” The supreme ruler addresses him. After receiving no answers, he adds. “Or do dogs like you don’t have it?” Instead of saying anything, the silver-haired male only turns his head away and closes his eyes. Even if he accepts his bitter ending, he refuses to see it. However, he immediately opens his gray eyes as the commander takes something from his pants pocket and fixates his eyes on him. While Shiki studies the student ID card, he cracks a smile. “Heisei University? Isn’t it where you learn a bunch of useless nonsense?” After he gracefully places the card on the desk, he continues his speech. “Well, whatever you’ve been taught here, you’ll be still a fine replacement.” When Shiki walks behind his prey’s back, he picks his sword from the sheath. Lastly, he cuts the handcuffs. At that moment, Shiro stares at the floor while leaning on his shaky hands. A second later, the military tyrant orders. “Strip.” For sure, it shocks the gray-eyed male, who only hugs himself. “No…” Unfortunately, the poor student realizes he made a terrible mistake, and these red judging eyes will be the last thing he sees before he perishes. Suddenly, he loudly gasps and closes his eyes as the naked blade slashes his uniform jacket and shirt. Although, he still cannot comprehend how he is alive or even scratched as if the sword didn’t aim to cut through his flesh. As soon as Shiro realizes that his back is exposed, he covers his chest with the remains of his clothing and murmurs. “Barbarian.” As Shiki allows his sword to rest in the sheath, he gives a questioning look at the creature below him. After he kneels in front of Shiro and grips his throat, he makes him face him. “Did you say anything? Speak louder.” Without a second thought, the gray-eyed male shouts. “Barbarian!” Meanwhile, Shiki only narrows his gaze after he grabs the student by his uniform and sends a harsh slap across his face. After removing the bothering clothing, he looks down on the fallen Shiro covering his stinging cheek. “You don’t understand against whom you raise your voice?” When Shiro sits on one leg, he lowers his head and bites his lower lip. After a brief pause, he speaks up, nearly sobbing. “Why me? Why are you doing this? I did nothing wrong to deserve this!… First, these bastards framed me, then kidnapped me… And for what? Is human’s life worthless to you!? I hate this… I hate how it’s nothing more than a joke to you… So, kill me as anyone else who is nothing more than a pest for you… It’ll just prove that this country has fallen from the grace and rotten like a fish - starting from the head of it…” The military tyrant only indifferently stares at the silver-haired male, who barely holds back from crying. But for now, he reaches out for his unsheathed sword. When he is about to point the tip of it at Shiro’s cheek, the poor young man closes his eyes and shrugs while whimpering. Who knew that someone similar to his personal secretary trembles like an aspen upon the smallest threat? On the other hand, maybe it’s for the better. After all, this stray animal learns quickly its place. More importantly, it might be interesting to see how his prized possession will react to this cheap imitation of him. Or so Shiki ponders. When he narrows his gaze, he instructs him before taking his leave. “Wait here until I return.” In the end, Shiro is left alone in the supreme ruler’s office while being eaten by uncertainty and anxiety. A half-hour passes. However, the military tyrant hasn’t returned yet. In the meantime, Shiro investigates his surroundings and realizes that he won’t escape this hell place in one piece. Firstly, if he jumped through the window, he’d splatter his brain on the pavement. Secondly, he may get shot or cut by the security guards. After all, the commander might be the unpredictable man who can think of anything to get what he wants. Even if he stays here obediently, he may suffer like a war prisoner for speaking up his thoughts about this dictatorship and tyranny. On the other hand, he doesn’t understand why the commander hasn’t ordered to execute him or sent him to the labor camp as a dangerous person. But for now, Shiro sits and leans his back against the leg of the desk while sinking deeper into despair. Some time passed. Finally, the opening door and someone walking in makes the silver-haired male lift his head. When Shiki approaches him, he tosses a pile of neatly folded clothes at him. “Wear this.” After Shiro studies the given clothes, he notices it is some military uniform. Instead of asking unnecessary questions and not to anger the most powerful man in the country, he nods and answers in a gloomy voice. “Yes…” Meanwhile, after Shiki sits behind his desk and crosses his legs, he places his elbows on the desk and rests his head on his hands. At the moment, Shiro feels like he’ll burn from the embarrassment of being watched by how he undresses before changing his clothes. It doesn’t help that the commander keeps the same poker face, making it difficult to read what is hiding behind these crimson eyes. Despite that, the gray-eyed student doesn’t dare to ask Shiki to leave and endures such humiliation. On the other hand, it’s better than being forcibly undressed or threatened. After Shiro handles the current task, he fixes his posture upon hearing the commander’s question. “Do you know why I asked you to wear this?” “N-no, sir.” The gray-eyed male immediately replies. “Starting today, you are my personal secretary.” Shiki announces. “Then what about my studies?… Excuse me, but I cannot simply drop them.” The silver-haired male politely objects. The supreme ruler gives a mocking look. “When you were supposed to be recruited in the army?” After noticing how the secretary in front of him lowers his shoulders and widens his big, gray eyes as a scolded puppy, he cracks a smile. “After contacting the director of your university, I canceled them. Your mother was also informed about this as well. However, if you serve me well, I’ll fund your university.” Yet, Shiro becomes pale and hangs his head as he sells his soul to the devil when he hears such a decision. For sure, such an unexpected reaction entertains Shiki, and he asks. “What’s wrong? Anyone else would be ready to bite into each other’s throats just to be in your position. You’ll even support and honor your family.” Meanwhile, Shiro understands that no matter how far he runs from the war and to avoid staining his hands with blood, he doesn’t escape his bitter fate. Yet, he is still curious whether he’ll be killed like Shiki’s previous secretary. Therefore, he gathers all his courage and acts as formally as possible. “I’m… I’m sorry, sir. I just got overwhelmed a bit… and I won’t do it again. However, there is one thing that I need to ask, of course, if I can.” After clenching his hands into fists, he asks. “If I’m not mistaken, you already had a secretary. Did anything happen to him?” Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that the commander can read him like an open, predictable book or that it is just a quick pass of time for him. “He decided he needs to take a long vacation before he’ll be able to continue his duties.” Shiki calmly explains. “I see…” the silver-haired secretary replies. In the end, even if Shiro is aware this won’t end well, for now, he has to play along with his new role. Otherwise, his fears will come true. After all, like any great leader, Commander Shiki is like a sun - for those who are far away from him will freeze to death, while those who are too close will burn. Therefore, one should aim for the perfect balance of staying around the middle. Unfortunately, Shiro understands the harsh truth that his side was picked for him. And thus, he has to learn to live like constantly walking on eggshells for his own survival.
  3. Fmkitty

    Once Upon A Love

    Title: Once Upon A Love Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Keisuke x Akira Summary: During the usual hanging out with his college friends, Keisuke took more than he could swallow. And thus, now during the 24 hours he has to propose to his adored idol. Will he be able to do it? Read and find out~ AO3 Link It’s already a late night, but not everyone can find peace of mind tonight. That’s right, after hanging out with his friends from college, Keisuke has done something that he refers to as digging his own grave. Earlier, on the same evening. When Akira was still at work, Keisuke got teased again. This time, Keisuke’s unintentional habit of always bringing his precious boyfriend into any conversation and talking about him like an idol got him into trouble. Finally, one of his friends had enough of it. Fortunately, it was their turn in the truth or dare game. Even if it was a joking request for him to confess to Akira, the poor brunette took it personally and as a grave challenge. After he bravely declared his intention to propose to his crush, the sound of the apartment door suddenly interrupted him. As Akira walked in during his speech, he froze in place. For a while, Keisuke stared at his partner while fearing for his own life. Perhaps the luck was on his side, and he dodged the bullet that was Akira’s silent, icy glare. Yet, the brunette asked him out on a date. Of course, the silver-haired male only covered his mouth and facepalmed. Meanwhile, one of Keisuke’s friends patted his shoulder and wished him luck. Lastly, he knew Akira would be mad at him for embarrassing him in front of everyone. Or so Keisuke assumed. “What should I do now? I’m so screwed… Save me, Akira.” The brunette murmurs while hiding under the blanket. However, he perfectly understands that he needs to deal with some business before the big day. After taking a deep breath, he removes the blanket and leaves the tatami without waking up his partner. It’s still a miracle how he finds his phone in the darkness without causing too much noise. Suddenly, Keisuke is startled by the quiet mumbling and rustling sheets. As he slowly turns back and uses the phone’s flashlight, he feels like a heavy boulder is removed from his chest. Apparently, Akira is sleeping peacefully, unaware of what is happening in the middle of the night. Lastly, Keisuke sneaks to another room to get one specific item, which may save his life. Some time has passed. As Keisuke closes the tool shelf door, he leaves the room while holding measurement tape and hoping that Akira is still deeply slumbering despite the left mess in another room and other noises. When Keisuke silently approaches his partner and kneels, he glimpses at him. Unfortunately for him, he becomes mesmerized by sleeping Akira’s beauty. It was not the first time when Keisuke was restless. However, he would observe his beautiful and serene boyfriend until he fell asleep. Despite his phone’s limited storage, he can’t resist taking and keeping countless photos of Akira - be it him taking a nap or doing anything else, he won’t have enough of him. More so, after one time Akira accidentally noticed Keisuke’s lock-screen, his reaction was too precious to him. Yet, the brunette didn’t take a photo of his boyfriend hiding his blushing face with one palm and sighing. After all, it was enough to have it burned into his memory. Perhaps Akira doesn’t know how lucky Keisuke feels to be his boyfriend. More so, Akira allowed Keisuke to move to his rented apartment and asked him not to worry about the rent and focus on his studies. That’s right, last year, the silver-haired male graduated while his partner still had a year to finish college. Despite not having much time, the brunette cherishes those small moments they share. But for now, Keisuke shakes his head and returns to reality. Besides, he is on a crucial mission. After the brunette nervously swallows the saliva, he takes his partner’s hand and wraps the measurement tape around his ring finger. When he carefully removes it and sighs, he senses something is off. Suddenly, his wrists are pinned, and without realizing it, he ends up getting cornered and under his partner. As Akira observes the bewildered brunette, he narrows his gaze. “What were you planning to do with that thing?” Even if his partner stares at him like this, he is determined to keep in secret about his ulterior motives. Meanwhile, the silver-haired male only patiently waits for the answers. However, it will be pointless when Keisuke makes big, scolded puppy eyes again. When Akira closes his eyes, he sighs. “It’s late. Just go back to sleep.” As he opens his blue eyes, he continues. “I know it’s been a while since we’ve done That. But wait for a bit longer. Besides, I need to get up early for tomorrow’s meeting.” After he lowers his shoulders and climbs off the brunette, he ruffles Keisuke’s hair. “Good night.” Just before his partner is about to call his name, Akira lies on his side and curls under the blanket. In the end, Keisuke is left alone with his thoughts. Yet, he immediately checks on the measuring tape and feels relieved. After all, he saved the most valuable digits in his life. But for now, he repeats them to himself before falling asleep while clutching the measuring tape, hoping that nothing goes wrong tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a challenging but big day for him. Yet, he cannot simply go to the jewelry store with Akira and pick an engagement ring. Even if that wasn’t just for the out-of-blue proposal and ruining the surprise, there are other reasons why it wouldn’t work. Firstly, even if Akira knew Keisuke’s plans, he would call them impractical and unnecessary. After living a long time together, Keisuke noticed how his boyfriend was in charge of the finances, and maybe he took it too seriously. Gladly, not to that degree when he would demand a report for every spent cent and nag on the brunette about overspending. However, Keisuke is concerned about how Akira spends most of the budget on rent and other necessities but barely leaves anything for himself. That’s why the brunette understands Akira would probably lecture him like a worrywart housewife for wasting money on something unnecessary. Therefore, if he brings this up, Akira won’t agree with this idea and will not accept any negotiations. Secondly, it’s wiser not to take Akira with him because it will stress him out learning where the brunette got the money for this. However, the brunette isn’t afraid of getting scolded by his partner. No. He is concerned about how it will upset his boyfriend. More importantly, Akira may misunderstand this as him not doing enough to support Keisuke. Therefore, he will take over-hours and work himself to death. Yet, the main concern for the brunette is finding a ring that fits his budget while still expressing how much he cares for his partner. After pondering for a while, Keisuke slowly falls asleep while having innocent, naïve hopes of soon making their relationship even stronger. It’s the beginning of the new day. After Keisuke gets up and heads to the kitchen, he notices Akira is already gone. At that moment, he is slightly upset that he missed his chance to wish his boyfriend a good day. On the other hand, the blue-eyed male had time to prepare breakfast for Keisuke before leaving. That’s right, Akira has been in charge of cooking since the incident when the brunette left an awful mess in the kitchen and nearly poisoned his partner with his half-prepared meal. Thus, Akira making breakfast is not an exception. Of course, the brunette understands that all this effort is his partner’s prevention methods from someone causing trouble. However, he doesn’t want to overload Akira with more work, even after returning from his job. That’s why someday he’ll make up for that and prove to his partner that he can be useful. But for now, he sighs and starts digging up the prepared meal by his loving boyfriend. After the lectures are over, Keisuke gets to the nearest jewelry store and buys an engagement ring. But for now, when he steps outside, he carefully opens the small box and gazes at the silver ring adorned with a sapphire gemstone for a few moments. Some time has passed. Somewhere in the city’s central park. It is a beautiful, festive winter evening, and the snowflakes are falling slowly while the golden lights decorate the trees. More so, tonight is even more special. Surprisingly, Akira agreed to go outside and let himself be distracted. Besides, it’s been a while since they were on a date or at least spent time together without having unwanted attention. So, if that should make Keisuke happy, then it should be fine. Or so the silver-haired male wonders. But for now, after noticing the fountain, which is not so far from them, the brunette stops walking. After he turns his head to Akira, he stares at him with innocent, sparkling excitement in his eyes. “Hey, Akira. Can we go there? There is something I need to see.” For sure, when his partner uses his big puppy eyes on him, the silver-haired male has no choice but to close his eyes and sigh. “Sure.” A few minutes passed by. While Keisuke stands in front of his boyfriend, he clenches his palms into fists and lowers his blushing gaze. “Um, there… There is something I wanted to tell you for a long time. But now… Now, I think it might be a right time to tell you.” After a brief pause, he nervously swallows the saliva and lifts his eyes. “But you need to promise me you won’t be mad.” “What is it? Did you get into trouble again?” The silver-haired male asks. However, Keisuke only shakes his head. When Akira silently exhales, he adds. “Fine. Then, what is it?” Finally, the moment of truth has arrived, and it will determine the brunette’s fate. After gathering all the courage, Keisuke kneels on his knee and starts looking for a specific item in his coat pocket. When he picks a small dark blue box and opens it, he asks. “Akira. Will you do me make honored and marry me?” For sure, this out-of-blue question bewilders even someone preserved as the silver-haired male. Right now, all he can do is widen his eyes and cover his mouth. “Keisuke, I…” “Did... did I upset you? I’m… I’m so sorry! I-I, I didn’t mean to.” The confused brunette replies. However, just before he bows to apologize, Akira’s unusually shy voice stops him. “Y-you fool!… I didn’t say anything yet.” When Keisuke lifts his head, the heat rushes his cheeks upon seeing his boyfriend extending his lowered palm and turning his blushing face away. “There… That’s my answer for you.” The blue-eyed male adds. Suddenly, the brunette’s teary eyes shine with pure joy. “A-Akira!…” A second later, he doesn’t contain his emotions and jumps on Akira with his spread arms, making them fall. “I’m so glad!” Keisuke adds while pulling the blue-eyed male into a tight hug. For now, the silver-haired male struggles in his partner’s embrace and tries to push his face by using his palm. “I get it… Just get off me, Keisuke. We’re in public.” After he climbs off from his boyfriend, he rubs his nape and helps Akira to stand up. “Ah!… Sorry. I got carried away.” At that moment, Akira only closes his eyes and sighs. “Let’s go home.” “But… but what about the ring?” The brunette whines like a small puppy. “You can put it on when we’ll return.” Akira immediately replies. Yet, Keisuke makes big eyes again. “Akira…” Meanwhile, the silver-haired male rolls his eyes and lifts his palm without saying a word. “R-right!…” the brunette responds. After Keisuke picks up the ring again, he carefully puts it on his partner’s ring finger. For sure, seeing how well it fit on his beloved hand and now knowing that his adored person accepted his feelings put a big smile on Keisuke’s face. In the end, Akira takes his partner’s hand into his and prompts him to go. Meanwhile, this gesture surprises the brunette. After all, this is the first time when Akira doesn’t mind doing such a thing in public and shows initiative. But for now, he wishes to enjoy and cherish this moment as long as possible.
  4. Togainu no Chi Military drama -black ver.- Shiki and Akira -Akira -Der Soldat- (part 1) -Shiki -Der Soldat- (part 2) From the Black Military figures of Akira and Shiki. MEGA link (includes Akira's and Shiki's discs) P.S. Dunno why but why Shiki's CD disc was named like this when I ripped it...
  5. Fmkitty

    A Fleeting Respite

    Title: A Fleeting Respite Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Status: Completed (3 Chapters) Summary: [This story is set after the Cat and Mouse ending aka Shiki’s ED2 (the PSP/PS2 version)] Akira knew that something was off about Shiki during their usual sword-fight, and he didn’t like it all. However, as soon as he found out the reason behind it… AO3 Link Chapter 1. Somewhere in the middle of the ruins of Toshima. For a long time, it’s been nothing more than a ghost city where only one or two stray animals or rodents may pass by or lurk in the darker corner. A place where no sane human wanders. At least not the ones who fear to tread too far and never to be found alive. Even the everlasting gray clouds hide the sun, moon, and stars, making this wasteland gloomier and hopeless. As if this city is a liminal space, an endless labyrinth with no escape… Or rather - netherworld on the Earth. However, not today. Not at the moment. Right now, the sound of a clashing blade echoes deep inside the ruins of former Toshima. It’s another encounter between a certain two skilled swordsmen, but for them, it’s as thrilling as their first match. While the silver-haired assassin keeps blocking his opponent’s attack after attack, he can tell that something is off. Despite that, there is no spare second to deeply analyze, but he feels that Shiki is slower and rustier than usual. It is not important why he does that. Be it as a taunt or provocation or merely to be an annoying prick. For now, the explanation can wait until one of them will fall. Or so Akira convinces himself while counter-attacking another strike. However, aside from this detail, something else catches Akira’s eye. The way how the red-eyed man’s face twitches in pain and slightly shrugs upon more sudden movement, doesn’t leave him unaffected. Despite Akira’s secret concern, he continues focusing on their fight and waits until his opponent leaves an easy opening spot. Lastly, without having anything to lose, Shiki charges at him. Fortunately, at the last second, Akira dodges the attack and strikes the other swordsman’s back with the handle of his sword. And thus, with a short grunt, Shiki harshly hits the cold ground. In the end, the heavy clouds withdraw like a curtain, and the platinum moonlight illuminates the victor of a hard-fought battle. While Akira stands still and keeps his poker face, he points the tip of his sword at his opponent’s throat, who lies on his back and stares back. Finally, after such a long time, the same man who humiliated him by sparing his life has fallen. The same man, who let him live because it was pointless to taint his blade with weakling’s blood, now lies under his foot and at his mercy. However, is it worth it? Why, instead of feeling excited and satisfied, the silver-haired man feels disappointed, empty, and probably upset? As Akira lowers his head, he whispers “It’s not what I wanted…”. Suddenly, the blue-eyed killer spits out the words “Why are you like this!”. After a short pause, he continues scolding “Why even now do you look down on me? You even held back and went easy on me.”. When he shakily exhales, he clenches his other hand into a fist “Why?… And look at you now, you will die.”. Lastly, he brings closely the tip of the blade until it gently touches Shiki’s neck. A minute passes. The silver-haired swordsman takes the sword into both hands and lifts the tip of it. When Akira lowers his shoulders, he closes his blue eyes before planning to land a fatal hit. Suddenly, the blade sinks deep into the ground. When Akira opens his eyes, he releases the sword and shakily clenches his hands into fists. Even on the verge of death, Shiki only studied him all this time. Perhaps, he wasn’t aware that his partner would purposely miss his target but already resigned his fate. For sure, the blue-eyed assassin cannot understand such behavior, and it makes him anxious, frustrated, and annoyed. After Akira sits on top of Shiki, he grasps the handle of his sunken sword and addresses him “What is wrong with you? That is just selfish to throw away your life like this and give up… You stupid fool…”. However, when he feels how the inner side of his thigh warms up, he widens his eyes “The hell?”. When Akira lifts his partner’s black t-shirt, he shakily remarks on the soaked-in bright red clothing attached to the side of his waist “Wait… I didn’t cut you there. I didn’t even aim there. How did you even?…Why haven't you tell this earlier?!… Shit …Fuck!”. Meanwhile, the dark-haired man only turned his head and closed his eyes “Hmph.”. “That’s all you have to say?!” Or so the blue-eyed man speaks up at the top of his lungs. Despite wanting to slap his partner for his reckless behavior, he deeply exhales and adds “How did you expect me to finish you off when you weren’t giving your best?”. Yet, Shiki replies “Then, stop whining and leave if that bothers you so much.”. Instead of arguing any further, Akira climbs off his partner, and after taking a hand and placing his arm on his shoulder, he helps him to stand up “Let’s go. If we are lucky, we may find a med kit, and where we can stay.”. “Idiot…” Or so the red-eyed man comments. While Akira supports him, he instantly backfires “I wonder who is the bigger one.”. And with these words, the silver-haired has to make sure that both of them safely leave the once-familiar city and check on his partner. Some time passes. And after wandering around, this couple finds an old, cheap inn. More importantly, the luck is on their side. According to the inn owner, if they have arrived even a minute later, they would have searched for another place to stay. Usually, there is no issue for Akira to deal with such petite problems as no vacant rooms by drawing his blade and threatening the staff. However, this time, it may have caused more naught than use. More so, he is not alone, and who knows if Shiki hides more wounds. So, there would be nothing to gain of. Meanwhile, after noticing the bleeding swordsman, the shocked receptionist immediately offered to call the ambulance. Unfortunately for this person, their offer is declined, and the silver-haired man demands a room key and to leave all available first aid kits in their room. And thus, without any second thought, the receptionist and other staff obeyed this order. Of course, Shiki won't be himself without cracking a smile at how despite Akira's serious look, he reminded him of nothing more than a protective puppy with a lowered tail and ears. After the blue-eyed assassin looks at him, he thinks to himself while feeling slightly relieved that if this idiot can act like a smug bastard, Shiki’s life is not in grave danger as he feared. Lastly, when they reach their room, Akira asks the staff not to interface. And thus, upon all the workers bow and leave, this couple enters the room. As Akira locks the door behind him, he carries Shiki into the bed and lays him down. “It wouldn’t hurt if you help me out a bit.” Or so the silver-haired man comments as he tries to remove his partner’s long coat. It’s impressive how Shiki behaves like a cooperative patient for once and doesn’t resist. Perhaps he is in great pain that he can silently endure any treatment. But who could have done it? Either way, all questions can wait until that reckless fool recovers. Or so Akira assumes after getting rid of this piece of clothing. Just when he is about to lift the dark-haired man’s t-shirt, his wrist is grabbed, and he is stopped by Shiki’s voice “Leave it. You are just wasting your time.” As Akira raises an eyebrow, he listens further “I can take care of it on my own.” “I can see how well you managed. Listen, I won’t leave you no matter how hard you try to get rid of me. Not until you are fully recovered.” Or so the blue-eyed assassin confesses. After a short pause, Shiki closes his eyes and exhales “...Do as you wish.”. For a good moment, Akira remains speechless at the red-eyed swordsman's attitude, but instead of scolding him, he stands up and closes his eyes “Then, make sure that I’ll find you undressed when I return.”. Lastly, the silver-haired man looks at Shiki before heading to the bathroom. Several minutes pass by. Soon enough, the silver-haired man leaves the bathroom carrying a basin with fresh water and a small towel. However, when he notices his shirtless partner sitting on the bed and his eyes follow him, he closes his eyes and sighs. On the other hand, Shiki is still here and didn't leave. So, that’s already something new. More so, even if he only removed his t-shirt and long leather gloves, knowing him, it's quite an effort. Therefore, Akira cannot force himself to be mad that the dark-haired man only half accomplished the given instructions. Besides, it’s no good to feel agitated when he should be focusing on more important things. Or so the silver-haired man convinces himself while he puts down the basin next to the bed and removes his long black coat and gloves. “It would be better if you lie down. Because you would make things easier for yourself and me.” Akira comments when he brings the first aid kit from the top of the night drawer on the bed. Lastly, when he kneels, he opens the medkit and begins his patient’s treatment. At first, he carefully removes the poorly attached bloody clothing attached by the plaster on the waist side. Who knows how long Shiki has used it to cover his wound? But one thing is for sure - it got stuck, and removing it by force will cause massive bleeding. After Akira takes the spray disinfectant, he warns the red-eyed man “It may sting a bit. So, don’t try to kick me off now ‘cos we both gonna end up in a nasty mess.”. “Hmph. Just get down to the business.” Shiki briefly replies. As the blue-eyed assassin focuses on spraying the disinfectant on the clotted tissue, he sighs. Finally, he disposes of the stained red clothing and examines his partner’s wound. One thing is killing people in cold blood and being followed by death. At this point, taking one’s life and cutting it into pieces is nothing more than a gray, boring routine. However, seeing such a deep cut on his partner’s body is something hard and painful for him. It even makes a ruthless killing machine like Akira become pale and shiver. More importantly, if someone had cut Shiki deeper until it may reach his internal organs, Akira may only encounter his cold corpse covered in red and revealed intestines, staring at him with lifeless, dimmed eyes. For sure, such a mental image alone makes the silver-haired man have shortness of breath and freeze in the same spot. Although, he immediately snaps himself to reality, and after he grabs a wet towel, he drains it. Just before he brings it to injury, he asks “Do you need anything to bite into? And, no, you’re not biting into yourself. You already have enough injuries to treat.”. Meanwhile, Shiki only turns his head away without saying anything. By far, as Akira wipes around the injured area, he has no issues. However, when the towel touches the edge of the cut, his partner’s sudden movement, he nearly startles. “Please, endure for longer. I need to clean it well before taking care of it.” Or so he comforts the dark-haired man while focusing on the current task. After he is done with cleaning, he puts the bloody towel into the water, which soon dyes in the same crimson color. Without wasting time, he picks the sterile cotton and carefully dries the wound and its area by gently tapping. However, the most challenging part is still ahead. Therefore before moving to the next stage, no matter how Akira wants to avoid it, he has to restrain Shiki. Meanwhile, the red-eyed swordsman can see how his partner is too tense and nervous. It can’t be helped. He has to help loosen the tension in the best way he knows. When Akira places his hand on his partner’s belt, he hears a small teasing in a suggestive tone “So, this is what you wanted?~ How impatient of you.”. Of course, hearing such an unexpected remark widens his blue eyes and almost makes his cheeks warm up. Nevertheless, he has to remind someone of their position and place. “Keep the thoughts of your lower brain to yourself.” Or so the silver-haired man backfires as he unbuckles the belt and removes it. Lastly, as he pins Shiki’s wrists with one hand and with another one tying him to the bed frame, he declares “You are my patient and you should focus on saving your strength now.”. Meanwhile, it’s entertaining to observe how Akira’s reactions. More so, after such remark, his shoulders are less stiff while he prepares for the next procedure. After Akira sits, he picks up the spray disinfectant and rustling paper package from the med kit. As he rolls out the paper, he picks up the bend surgical needle, and with one sudden move, he inserts the thread through the needle's eye. “It might hurt a bit. So, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.” Or so the blue-eyed assassin reminds before spraying the disinfectant on the wound area. Finally, when he takes a deep breath, he pierces the edge of the wound and begins to suture it. A tiny stitch after a stitch by using a 90-degree angle, and the open injury slowly narrows. Even so, from time to time, Akira checks on his partner if he is okay. After all, it’s his first time sewing a living person’s flesh and not the practice dummy’s or dead body. And from what he learned, he needs speed and precision so that the scar would heal nicely without leaving an ugly mark. More important, he had to learn to do it because he knew that Shiki may put his life at risk for no good reason. And it seems today he has to use his learned skills. Yet, Akira is surprised how aside from hearing slightly shivery respiratory and noticing that narrowed gaze, his partner is doing well and not resisting at all. Some time passes. Finally, he sews the end of the wound and carefully ties a knot a few times before cutting the thread. “There. It’s finally over. I just need to cover it.” Or so the silver-haired man adds in a soft tone as he sprays the disinfectant on the sewn wound and dries it by gently tapping the cotton pad. After he covers the surgical scar with the snow-white clothing, he briefly wonders whether he should use the medical bandage or rely on the plaster. On the other hand, Shiki is not that reckless idiot to tear it apart immediately after he gets released. Perhaps the medical plaster should do for tonight. Or so Akira hopes while rolling enough plaster. When he cuts a few short plaster lines and a couple of longer ones, he peels off the cover and firmly attaches them. Once he tidies up the mess around the bed and closes the first aid kit, he feels it is time to loosen his partner’s restraint. After Akira sits on the bed, he leans closer to Shiki, who gives him a tired smile and addresses him “Just do not try anything funny. Right now, even one sudden move may open your wounds. So, stay still ‘cos I don’t want to sew it again, got it?”. “You worry too much.” The dark-haired man replies when his hands are released. Yet, Akira quickly comments “And who’s fault for that?”. Suddenly, he widens his eyes as the pair of hands placed behind his lower back and pushes him to lie down. Soon enough, he slightly frowns to hide his bewilderment “What did I tell you earlier?”. “Just stay quiet for a moment.” Shiki demands as he closes his eyes and wraps his other arm around his partner’s shoulders. For sure, it’s pointless to argue with him any further. Or Akira thinks to himself as he sighs while avoiding his body touching Shiki’s sewn wound. Lastly, when he closes his eyes, he whispers “You are truly an idiot…”. In the end, he understands that he fell for this big feline’s trap, and now it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be released and be able to tidy the mess, which might be no different from the war field hospital.
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    When the Fairy Tale Dies

    Title: When the Fairy Tale Dies Fandom: Togainu no Chi Characters: Shiki, Akira, Original Male Character Pairing: Shiki x Akira, Akira & Original Male Character (one-sided) Summary: [This story was made as entry for September's month N+C Archive Monthly Prompt Challenge.] Private Tatsuya never believed nor experienced what love is. However, that smile… If only he had never seen it, he wouldn’t need to suffer the heartache and realize it would be his doom when it would be too late. AO3 Link 2023 September's writing prompt: "He wanted to tell him how much he loved him but" Words: 2960 Another day, another daily morning checkup. That is just a part of the military secretary’s routine. Despite it being only an ordinary procedure, Akira treats it as a responsibility as the captain of his squad. After all, no matter how big or small his task, he takes it seriously and carefully. Akira finds the greatest reward in not only preparing a proper report but also making the commander happy. But for now, as he reads the next name on the list, he closes his eyes and frowns after he doesn’t receive an immediate answer. “Tatsuya.” The silver-haired secretary repeats. The rookie soldier gets startled, yet after he straightens his back, he responds in a confused voice. “Y-yes!” “Haven’t you slept enough at home? Pay attention next time.” Akira reminds. As soon as the entire squad either snorts or murmurs among themselves, it gets cut by the cold, piercing glare of the military secretary alone. After he closes his eyes, he continues checking the list. Meanwhile, the scolded brunette lowers his head, wondering how someone almost the same age as him, if not younger, is already acting like a cold, bitter old man who never lived a day as a human. More so, he heard the rumors that even off his duties, Akira kept that strict, stoic posture and married his job. He can't use his position to treat people badly or expect too much from new recruits. Tatsuya thinks while remembering his sore arms and back from the captain’s last punishment. Apparently, last week, he was late for only five minutes. Yet, the military secretary didn’t bother to listen to any excuses and made him stand outside the corridor holding a water bucket in each arm without lowering them. One thing was enduring the weight, and another was being an entertainment for anyone who passed by. The captain was a demon who enjoyed torturing anyone for the tiniest mistakes. Tatsuya was convinced. Soon, he completely changed his mind. A few days ago, he was minding his own business until he accidentally saw Captain Akira carrying a pile of papers and stopping for a bit. At first glance, it may look like nothing unusual. However, something caught the brunette’s eye. When the secretary checked the documents, his stone-cold face changed by something that might be considered impossible and even out of the mortal realm. Apparently, the silver-haired male softened his gaze and smiled when his fingers picked one of the papers without caring about anyone in the world. Of course, Tatsuya was in awe by spotting that the captain was showing human emotions and realizing that he witnessed a miracle. Unfortunately, such a sight lasted as long as a shooting star. Thus, when the blue-eyed male fixed the papers, he returned to the known preserved secretary. Despite this moment being brief, it left a lasting impression on the rookie soldier, who couldn’t stop thinking about it and longed to see it again. Back to the present. Some time passes, and it’s finally the afternoon. Today, the brunette hopes he’ll break the ice between them and befriend the captain. From what he heard, Akira should prepare and serve the afternoon’s tea and snacks around this time. If so, perhaps, if he is in a better mood, he might spare even a single minute of his precious time. Of course, if they won’t miss each other, which would be a shame. After all, the brunette had to pay one of the soldiers to cover his back to skip the duties. Or so Tatsuya thinks to himself. The blue-eyed secretary leaves the kitchen with the goods and goes to the commander's office, unaware of being followed. A few minutes pass. Finally, it’s the moment of truth! After the brunette fixes the collar of his shirt and takes a deep breath, he approaches his unsuspecting captain. “Captain. Um, there is something I need to talk about with you.” Akira only glimpses at him before shooing him. “Did anything happen? Whatever it is, if that is not urgent, it can wait.” Yet, the rookie soldier is more stubborn and doesn’t give up. “Captain, that looks heavy. So, let me help you.” The brunette insists. However, as he is about to take the tray, Akira stops and gracefully lifts it. “No, thank you. I can handle it on my own.” The silver-haired secretary declines. After he lowers his arms, he raises an eyebrow. “By the way, if I’m not mistaken, there is supposed to be a first aid course in the afternoon. So, what are you doing here?” “Shit, that’s no good! I’m deep in trouble now. He’s going to ditch me for real. Mom, Dad, sorry for disappointing you.” Tatsuya bethinks when Akira narrows his gaze, judging him like a criminal and waiting for his explanation. After a temporary pause, the secretary closes his eyes and sighs. Lastly, he addresses Tatsuya. “I wouldn’t have arranged these courses if that was a waste of time. It’s a crucial skill that is mandatory to know because it will help you to survive. More importantly, instead of fleeing away and abandoning your team like a coward, you could save someone’s life and have a higher chance of defeating the enemy.” The brunette only lowers his head like a scolded puppy. “Y-yes, sir… Then, I will be going!”. Despite convincing himself that he should be glad he paid off only getting lectured, he is more upset that his plan didn’t work. Perhaps another day will be better. Tatsuya ponders while heading back to the auditorium. Right now, he takes it as a defeat in the fight but not in the battle and plans for another move. Another day, another chance. This time, the brunette plans to wait as soon as his break starts and check if the captain is in his office. Suddenly, the morning checkup is interrupted by someone opening the gate. While Tatsuya is as perplexed as anyone else in his squad, he observes how Akira salutes the approaching commander without hesitation or fear, only showing pure respect for this man. “I beg your pardon, sir. It’s a huge honor that you decided to pay a visit. But what brings you here?” The reserved secretary asks. Perhaps the captain is numb or lucky not to feel Shiki’s lingering, menacing, cold energy. The brunette wonders. “Do I ever needed any excuses to check on anyone?” The red-eyed male asks. “No. Not all, sir,” Akira politely replies. Lastly, the commander orders. “Good. Continue your work.” Meanwhile, the brunette feels nervous about Shiki’s presence alone, and he can swear that the commander isn’t that focused on the captain, as he is waiting for any soldier to make a single wrong move or breath at the wrong time. More so, he doesn’t understand how the military secretary acts as if the most powerful man in the country is not next to him. Some time passed. Finally, it’s time for the break. Who knew that the military tyrant was much scarier in person than he heard? In any case, his plan should go smoothly, and it was only a once-in-a-lifetime experience to encounter That Man. Tatsuya wonders as he shrugs at the thought of Shiki alone while wandering in the corridor. Speaking of which... Apparently, as he gets closer, he notices Akira leaning against the wall next to his office door while being cornered by Shiki, talking about something. Soon enough, the military tyrant wraps his arm around his subordinate’s waist and brings him closer. More so, the brunette cannot unsee the commander’s possessive eyes focusing on his prey while placing his palm on his cheek, nor how the captain is calm. At this point, Tatsuya feels he is walking into the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, it might be wiser to turn back and withdraw. When he turns his head, he notices Shiki is giving him a victorious glare as a giant feline who shows its conquered territory while the once-serious secretary closes his eyes and submits to the supreme ruler. That fucking ugly bastard is using his power to take advantage of Akira! So, who knows how long the captain was enduring this? However, he cannot do much in his current position nor oppose the supreme leader without risking his and his family’s life. Tatsuya realizes as his rage grows. Despite that, the brunette has a powerful urge to snap out of Akira and make him realize he needs someone better who would treasure him instead of bullying him. Someone who will protect him and keep him safe from the rest of the world. And thus, a few days pass. Perhaps the captain will change his mind and go out with him today. After all, it’s Friday, and it should be fine to relax by the end of the week. The brunette thinks to himself while following Akira from a distance. For now, the unsuspecting military secretary’s eyes carefully scan through the bookshelves. As his fingers gently run through each book, his hand gracefully picks the wanted item. However, the silver-haired male widens his eyes upon hearing a familiar voice behind him. “There have you been, captain. I was looking for you for a while.” A second later, he closes his eyes and briefly exhales before facing a certain soldier. “What you want?” Akira strictly asks. “Um, I want to ask you one thing. You see… I was meaning to do it earlier, but I didn’t know how to say it and you seem to be always so busy…” Tatsuya replies while rubbing his nape and lowering his head. “You can tell me whatever it is.” The silver-haired secretary replies. As Tatsuya straightens his back, he clenches his hands into fists and announces. “Please, go out with me!” When the blue-eyed secretary steps back, he raises his eyebrow and hugs the held books. “Huh?” After noticing such a genial reaction, the brunette shakily raises his palms and defends himself. “I, I didn’t mean that way!… What I meant is… Well, not quite that but…” While he observes the doubting secretary, he proposes. “You know, I thought maybe we could go out for a couple of drinks and have a good time. You’ve been so tensed and maybe that could help to forget about the job or the commander, even if that is for a moment.” After hearing these words, even the preserved military secretary’s poker face slightly cracks and frowns. Yet, he does his best to contain his emotions and holds back from the violence. When Akira closes his eyes and lifts his head, he walks by the pesky soldier. “If you have nothing to say and are planning to waste my time, I’m leaving.” Suddenly, Akira widens his eyes and stops as someone grabs his arm. “Wait! I… I didn’t mean to upset you. All I want is to help you because… because I care about you, -er, I mean your well-being.” The brunette confesses while giving a begging gaze. The silver-haired male only narrows his gaze and immediately brushes his arm. “Let me go.” When he reaches the exit door and places his hand on the handle, it freezes after hearing Tatsuya’s comment. “I know that the commander harasses you. I saw it several times.” For sure, it makes Akira’s heart drop down on his heels, and his stomach twists. Despite that, he turns back and keeps a serious face. Meanwhile, the brunette gives a concerned look. “You don’t need to pretend that you have the feelings for that twisted bastard or endure it. I don’t like how someone touches you. That coward is using his power and taking advantage of your naiveness. It’s not alright. Just because the commander sees you as his personal whore, you don’t have to pretend to be one. But I’m here for you and to support you because, because I…” He wanted to tell him how much he loved him, but… if only it was that simple. Firstly, Tatsuya understands that both of them have different positions of power. After all, he is just a private soldier, and Akira is the right hand of the most powerful man in the country. Therefore, it’s understandable if the secretary won’t want to ruin his reputation by messing around with a low-rank soldier like him. Secondly, what if the blue-eyed male’s heart is taken by someone else? There is a chance that his precious captain doesn’t feel the same. More importantly, what if Akira was disgusted by something weird and gross as another guy confessing his feelings to him? But for now, Akira only gives a questioning look and approaches him. On the other hand, it seems that luck is on the brunette’s side. Perhaps his words reached his adored person’s heart. Or so Tatsuya believes when the military secretary silently stares at him and extends his palm to touch his cheek. “…Captain.” Suddenly, the harsh sound of slapping echoes through the entire library. While the brunette remains shocked, Akira gives him a cold shoulder. “Keep your foul thoughts to yourself. This time, I’ll let you go with a warning. However, if such behavior repeats in the future, the outcome will be different. Please, think twice before opening your mouth.” In the end, Private Tatsuya is left alone with a pulsing sensation of the stinging pain on his cheek and betrayal. Nevertheless, it only makes him desire Akira much more. After all, the captain is brainwashed and manipulated by the commander. Yet, the blue-eyed male did this to protect him, didn’t he? Therefore, he must free Akira from that twisted man’s claws and make him realize what is good for him. Soon, Commander Shiki should face his downfall and pay for what he has done. Or so the brunette realizes while scheming how to achieve his plan. It’s the beginning of another week. This time, the brunette uses his chance when Akira has an important meeting with the commander and other high-ranking officers. That’s why, when no one is around, Tatsuya picks a small flathead screwdriver and a thin nail file and begins to break the locked office door. Of course, he has to work carefully, but fast. Otherwise, he’ll get caught in the same spot. Gladly, it’s not a complicated lock compared to what he had picked in his childhood. Or so the brunette thinks as, eventually, he hears the cracking noise. And thus, without wasting time, he enters the commander’s office. For now, all he left is to wait until Shiki shows up to strike him. So, it’s only a matter of time before the captain will be rescued and safe from that awful man. Or so Tatsuya convinces to himself as he takes the combat knife from the side of his belt and stares at the naked blade. Some time passed. Suddenly, the brunette is alerted by the opening door. Despite having a loud heartbeat, he takes a deep breath and grasps the knife. One sudden move and the blade sinks into his enemy. However, Tatsuya becomes pale and freezes in terror upon hearing a yelp and barely comprehends what he has done. While Akira’s face twists in pain, he shakily places his gloved palm around the stabbed shoulder. “Co… commander… run! It’s… it’s a trap…” Just before the military secretary collapses, Shiki manages to wrap his arms from behind and slowly sits Akira against the wall. Soon enough, the commander’s face darkens, and lowers his head. After he stands up, he turns around and pulls the sword from the sheath. At that moment, the rookie soldier shakes his head while muttering and stepping back. Even if he tripped over, he desperately crawls backward, begging for forgiveness, and without removing his eyes from Shiki, who radiates a pure fury and hatred for his opponent. “That’s your last words, you filthy trash?” The red-eyed male growls. However, just before Shiki swings the blade and slays the terrified soldier, he is stopped by his secretary’s voice. “Not yet, sir!” The supreme ruler turns his gaze at his secretary. But for now, he listens to his wounded subordinate, who remains professional even in situations like this. “You can do whatever you please with that traitor, sir. However… however, first, I need to know how… how did he get here… Or… or if someone else helped him.” Yet, instead of wasting time on unnecessary sentiments, Shiki cracks a smile and fixates his attention on the brunette. Now, he aims at the same hand that hurt his precious secretary and cuts it. As Tatsuya screams, he covers the lost limb and pleads for mercy. Meanwhile, Shiki remains indifferent to the brunette’s suffering and looks down on him. “Pathetic. A worm like you don’t even deserve to die.” A second later, he curves a sadistic smile. “…Not yet.” When the military tyrant proudly turns around, he walks toward the injured secretary to pick him up. And thus, Tatsuya is left alone. Eventually, a group of officers shows up. As the brunette’s cut arm gets aided, he listens to how one of these men briefly informs him about his incoming punishment tomorrow and how he’ll need to answer a few questions for the supreme ruler. In the end, Tatsuya remains silent and closes his eyes as he gets lifted and dragged to the interrogation room. At that moment, he realizes that his death is inevitable and he should accept it. After all, Tatsuya was so blinded by the rage and bloodlust that he didn’t realize he’d end up harming the person he swore to protect. Therefore, that’s his price to pay before reaching the gateway to hell. Or so the brunette wonders as he gets closer and closer, reaching the interrogation room.
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    And huge thanks for twitter artist - @AndreaArtistic: https://twitter.com/AndreaArtistic for making this amazing Cat and Mouse Ending fanart!❤ The permission to share this commissioned fanart was given by the artist
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    ShiAki Military Ending fanart

    The permission to share this commissioned fanart was given by the artist: GOMA: https://twitter.com/GOMA_yammy
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    ShiAki Cat and Mouse Ending fanart

    The permission to share this fanart was given by the artist @samiihyan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/samiihyan
  10. Title: Who Will Calm My Howling Heart? Status: Complete Characters: Akira, Shiki Pairing: Shiki x Akira Summary: Akira understands that Shiki won't live forever and how someday he will need a successor to inherit all his possessions and conquered land. More important, he is also concerned about his and commander's future. However, can the military secretary lean on his most important person's shoulder this time as well? Read and find out. [Originally written on 2023-04-30] It is already late at night in the Shiki’s mansion, and everyone is resting. Unfortunately, one secretary cannot fall asleep tonight. Apparently, he gets woken up by a dark-haired man making strange mumbling and growling noises and struggling during his sleep. Of course, it concerns Akira. At first, he addresses Shiki in a sleepy voice. Yet, he receives no answer aside from the commander trying to say something or curse someone. In this case, the silver-haired secretary has to see by himself whether the commander got suddenly sick. After he rolls to the other side, he checks on his partner. It’s the first time for Akira to see something like this happening. From what it looks, Shiki may have a fever. After the blue-eyed male brushes Shiki’s hair from his forehead, he checks whether he has a temperature or not. Fortunately, it’s a false alert. Nevertheless, from what it looks, the supreme ruler has a nightmare where he seems to encounter a difficult enemy. Either way, the silver-haired secretary understands that if he wakes the dark-haired man, he will ruin his rest and make him agitated. And thus, he has to use other measures which don’t disturb Shiki’s sleep and will help him to fight whoever threatens him. When Akira softens his gaze, he carefully places his palm on his most important person’s cheek. For sure, gently stroking the commander’s cheek shows a significant effect - eventually, it makes Shiki less stiff, and from his facial expressions alone, he starts to calm down. The blue-eyed man moves his hand toward his partner’s ebony hair and strokes them. Yet, the reserved secretary reminds himself that he should focus on comforting the commander and how it’s not the place and time to admire how pleasantly it feels to touch Shiki’s hair. Despite that, he cannot help but feel lucky for being able to do it and just admire how it feels like stroking a big feline’s soft fur. Soon enough, Shiki stops silently growling, and with the last respire, he returns to peaceful slumber. At least for now, he can also rest again. Or so Akira assumes when he lowers his palm. Suddenly, the secretary gets alerted when he is pulled closely into a tight hug. As Akira widens his eyes and dumbfounded stares, he asks ‘‘Co… Commander?’’. However, he receives no answers aside from weak, barely hearable breathing. When he looks up, he notices Shiki is asleep, and no force can wake him up soon. Lastly, the military secretary closes his eyes and exhales through his nose. In the end, he realizes he is trapped in this huge feline’s embrace until he wakes up. Yet, it doesn’t matter anymore if Shiki only pretends to be asleep to use it as a chance to snuggle with his partner or not. Now, Akira wonders what possibly made Shiki so stressed and scared that he unconsciously reaches out to him for comfort and warmth. Perhaps it may have something to do with Shiki’s early training days in the military or first missions. Or could it be - it’s about encountering That Man who not only stepped on his pride but also scarred him for a long time? Either way, for now, these demons from the past are driven away. Or so the blue-eyed male hopes so. A second later, another thought makes him restless, which has been bothering him recently. That’s right, Shiki won’t live with the sun, and even if spring arrives, he may not be able to greet it. Despite he is feared like a wrathful god, he lives as long as any mortal. Akira understands that and how someday the commander will need a successor to inherit all his conquered empire and fortune. Of course, before it happens, the blue-eyed secretary may protect and take care of him from a distance. After all, the supreme ruler would have his own private life, and Akira won’t have the right to interface or cause unnecessary drama. Although, he won’t allow the commander to taint his name because of his affairs with his personal secretary. That’s why, as the right hand of the most powerful man in the country, Akira won’t forgive himself if anything bad happens to Shiki. Therefore, the military secretary feels he should prioritize his dear commander’s well-being above anything else, including himself. On the other hand, the thought that the commander may embrace someone else makes Akira anxious and jealous. No matter how much he convinces himself that this is irrational and immature, he doesn’t like these unexplained emotions. Yet, he won’t hesitate to death-sentence anyone who may dare to upset or betray Shiki. More so, he hates the idea that he will be replaced by some stranger who won’t know anything about Shiki nor will understand him. It simply makes the flawless secretary Akira tremble and short of breath while deep inside, his heart aches. In the end, he doesn’t want to share the commander with anyone. But for now, Akira is still hesitant about whether he should tell about this little bother to Shiki. When he weighs all pros and cons, he considers trying, but only after work and somewhere where he can speak in private. It is the beginning of another day in the office, and Shiki can already sense that there is something off about his subordinate’s behavior today. He can spot how his personal secretary is unusually stressed and seems to concentrate his mind anywhere else aside from work. Even if such change is unnoticeable by the regular person or staff, the military tyrant can spot an obvious difference. But for now, he monitors his subordinate to ensure he doesn’t end up in serious problems. Unfortunately, throughout the entire day, such unusual behavior remains. That’s why, the dark-haired man is irritated observing this and decides to take matters into his hands. After he lifts his gaze and notices the clock on the wall, he curves a delightful smile. Just in a few minutes, the afternoon tea break starts. Therefore, his loyal subordinate should show up soon. Then, Shiki will corner the secretary and get the wanted answers out of him. But for now, all he needs to do is patiently wait. Finally, the time has come, and the military secretary enters the office while carrying the teapot and the cups on the silver tray. Meanwhile, Akira can feel the commander’s eyes on him. Such a studying gaze makes him feel as if he did something wrong or trying to see through his mind. Nevertheless, he keeps a straight posture while approaching the supreme ruler. Even when the secretary begins the daily ritual of serving the tea, he tries to remain calm. However, when his subordinate avoids facing him, it proves Shiki’s suspicious intuition is correct - something is bothering Akira. For sure, such a gesture slowly gets on the commander’s nerves, but he continues to study the blue-eyed secretary. After Akira sits, he lifts his gaze and notices Shiki’s serious face, he asks in a polite yet slightly concerned tone ‘‘Is there anything wrong, sir?’’. ‘‘You are hiding something.’’ The red-eyed man states. After such a straightforward note, Akira is shocked. Nevertheless, he keeps his poker face ‘‘I beg your pardon, sir. What do you mean by that?’’. Yet, the military tyrant continues interrogating him ‘‘Does anyone bother you?’’. In this case, the secretary feels cornered by how Shiki can read him pretty well. Even so, he swallows the saliva and lowers the cup ‘‘Nothing at all. Everything is under control, and no one seems to threaten you, sir.’’. When Shiki closes his eyes, he comments ‘‘You are lying.’’ after opening them, he continues ‘‘You are a terrible liar, and I clearly see it.’’. These words make Akira widen his eyes. Yet, after he fixes the collar of his shirt, he replies ‘‘Please, excuse me if I made you to worry. I didn’t want to concern or trouble you with… rather selfish and immature thoughts about the inevitable future. At least not when I’m on duty.’’. The supreme ruler only raises an eyebrow and asks ‘‘What is it, then?’’. After a short, awkward pause and seeing that Shiki won’t let him go anywhere until he gets what he wants to know, the blue-eyed male addresses him ‘‘First, I have a personal request for you. Would you hear me out?’’. However, the commander only closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes, he permits while keeping his serious face ‘‘Hmph. Say it.’’. When the reserved secretary takes a deep breath and gathers enough courage, he genially confesses while sinking his fingertips into his thighs ‘‘I wanted to discuss something important with you, sir. However, if you don’t mind, in a less formal environment. Perhaps with a couple of cups of wine or whiskey as well. Whichever you prefer, I don’t mind at all. Besides, it may also help you to relax after a long day, sir.’’. Instead of saying anything, Shiki gives a smug look. Lastly, he removes his subordinate’s cap and ruffles his hair. Such a caring gesture is the very least response Akira expects. On the other hand, he secretly enjoys it and closes his eyes. Yet, he hasn’t expected such a chill response, but at the same time, he is grateful. After Shiki withdraws his palm, he puts the cap back and replies ‘‘You should say so earlier.’’. As he delightfully observes how his adorable subordinate fixes the cap while trying to hide his blushing and shy face, he continues ‘‘Fine. Permission is granted. So, relax.’’. Lastly, Akira stands up and bows ‘‘Y-yes! Thank you, sir…’’. Meanwhile, the commander is still impressed by how his partner asked him out, even if it is in his own subtle way. After all, knowing his secretary, it’s a rare case when he initiates something that is not work-related. ‘‘Whatever he has planned, it will be interesting.’’ Or so Shiki thinks to himself while enjoying watching Akira lowering his shoulders yet trying to contain his excitement. Some time passes. It is a calm evening in the lounge room. As expected, the military secretary keeps his word to keep company for the supreme ruler and asks to leave everything to him tonight. But for now, while Shiki sits in a large armchair, his eyes follow his subordinate. Even every little action made by the blue-eyed male is entertaining. Meanwhile, all Akira does is hang his uniform jacket on the hanger and head towards the commander’s personal bar. Yet, despite feeling slightly embarrassed at how he is being observed by the curious big feline from his armchair, he rolls up his shirt’s sleeves, picks a few ice cubes from the freezer, and opens the bottle of finest whiskey. How can such a simple thing as pouring whiskey on ice be even remotely entertaining? Or so Akira wonders when he turns back and notices the commander’s amused as a cat’s face. After the silver-haired secretary prepares and carries the drinks, he carefully sits on the soft arm pad. Lastly, he handles the glass of whiskey to Shiki while holding his glass. For now, enjoying the company of his loyal and dear subordinate in private while having a glass of spicy as-fire whiskey with a few ice cubes mixed and relaxing in a comfy armchair in front of a warm, cracking fireplace - What else the commander may need in life? Will any amount of money be able to replace it? Of course, the clear-as-a-day answer - no. The only missing thing for a perfect evening like this is having his secretary sitting on his lap with thrown arms around his neck and loosened shirt while staring with his loving blue eyes. Although, it might take a while until the silver-haired male would do it. Either way, it’s still surprising how Akira sits that closely without being asked. Yet, giving a tiny push to his subordinate and reminding him that he shouldn’t be so formal while being in private. Or so the supreme ruler wonders while patiently waiting for his personal secretary to put down his drink. As the silver-haired man notices Shiki’s demanding gaze, he lowers the glass and asks ‘‘Is there anything wrong, sir? Or should I?-’’. Suddenly, Akira gasps and closes his eyes as Shiki wraps his arm around his waist and brings him closer. For now, the red-eyed man is busy loosening his subordinate’s tie and unbuttoning his shirt with the other hand ‘‘Didn’t I tell you to relax when you’re off duties?’’. When Akira places his hands on his partner’s chest, he closes his eyes and pushes him away ‘‘You shouldn’t just fool around with your subordinate! I beg you to start thinking about your future!’’. When the secretary opens his big blue eyes and deeply breathes, he sees how Shiki freezes in the same spot and dumbfounded stares at him. Unfortunately, he realizes he made a great mistake. Despite that, he swallows saliva and confesses from the bottom of his heart in a softer, without hiding his genial concern, tone ‘‘Excuse me for my rudeness, sir. I understand that you may not live forever and how someday you will leave all your possessions and power to a worthy successor.’’. After he lowers his gaze, he continues in a sensible gloomier voice ‘‘More important, you will have your private life in which I won’t be able to interface… Of course, I will serve all your needs if you still need me. However, I won’t hesitate to punish anyone who would hurt or betray you. I know it’s selfish and immature but…’’. Lastly, while having nothing to lose, Akira lifts his blue eyes and declares ‘‘I know I have no right to tell you what your heart should want, but all I wish is the best for you, sir. But… I don’t want to share you with anyone or let you fall into the wrong hands!’’. Certainly, the secretary’s honesty stuns Shiki, and he remains speechless. However, a second later, he regains his cool and gives a satisfied look ‘‘So, this is what’s been on your mind? Hmph. You are truly an idiot…’’. While his subordinate is dumbfounded and stares at him, the dark-haired man pulls him into a hug and adds ‘‘I’m not interested in wasting time on worthless fools and weaklings. The only person I can trust and rely on is here, with me.’’. When Shiki gently holds his partner’s chin and lifts his head, he doesn’t remove his eyes from these blue ones. Suddenly, Akira can feel how his heart skips a beat and the warmth rushing to his cheeks by looking at the mesmerizing crimson eyes. Yet, he listens to the commander’s calming voice ‘‘The only thing that I want is you staying by my side, even after I conquer the world, Akira.’’. Such a sincere confession surprises the secretary. Despite trying to remain as calm as possible, he feels overwhelmed by the sudden wave of emotions and happiness he doesn’t know how to handle. However, without a second thought, the silver-haired secretary gently takes the same palm holding his chin into his hands and lands a soft kiss on the hand that takes care of him. Soon, he places the beloved palm on his cheek and blissfully closes his eyes ‘‘That is without a saying or thinking twice, sir. Even if the entire world becomes your enemy, I’ll stay by your side and protect you.’’. These words and signs of affection thrill and sparkle the excitement in the supreme ruler’s eyes. How come his dear secretary never ceases to amaze him and always surprises him? Yet, it’s adorable how innocent and naïve his partner is by not being aware that he is the one who won the ruthless military tyrant’s heart. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Akira figures this out. But at the moment, it’s fine and more than enough. Or so Shiki wonders while his secretary makes himself comfortable and rests his head against his chest. Meanwhile, the silver-haired male is relieved that countless times he can always rely on the commander and his kindness. But for now, while he is close to Shiki, he asks ‘‘Should I get the blanket? You might catch a cold if you are planning to stay here for a longer time.’’. ‘‘There is no need for that. Unless you are cold.’’ Or so the commander briefly replies. Yet, Akira closes his eyes and shakes his head. Lastly, he politely declines ‘‘It’s fine. As long as you are alright, I’ll be fine.’’. After a short pause, he adds ‘‘However, if it is not too much to ask, I just want to stay like this for a while.’’. And thus, it doesn’t take long until the silver-haired secretary feels how his eyelids become heavier until he slowly sinks into a deep sleep.
  11. Fmkitty

    The Protector of the Throne

    Title: The Protector of the Throne Status: Complete Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Akira, Shiki Summary: [This story set in ED3 aka Slut!Akira ending] [The b-day fanart was done by David] ''The head controls the entire body, but the neck makes the head turn the way it wants. So, if the neck is cut, the head will perish too.'' Or so one security guard decides before striking into Shiki's most vulnerable spot. However, a certain silver-haired man is not so fragile and weak as he looks, and if provoked, will be ready to protect himself and whom he holds dear. [Originally written on 2023-03-22] It is one of the days when Shiki is supposed to be gone for days. However, for some, it’s a perfect opportunity to end the menace of the evil drug lord and take over his throne. Or so one security guard decides while patiently waiting for the right time to act. All it will take to distract this cruel swordsman is striking into his most vulnerable spot. Then, killing him would be as simple as child’s play. Besides, the head controls the entire body, but the neck is the one that makes the head face the way it wants. So, if the neck is cut, the head will cease to function, and it will die as well. Unfortunately, it’s easier to say than do it. After all, the red-eyed swordsman protects his adored pet more than anything. That’s right, even someone as cruel as Shiki has a soft spot for one silver-haired man who is treated as a sacred treasure or worshiped as a goddess. More so, his most precious prize possession may commit the most atrocious crimes imaginable he would get away with it. On the other hand, even if a single strand of hair falls from his head or anyone dares to lay a finger on him, one will be executed on the same spot by Shiki. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Akira’s fault or he is the one who lures men into a deadly trap. Overall, no one can escape the death sentence for lusting after the merciless swordsman's pet or upsetting him. Too bad that even someone powerful and fearsome as Shiki is completely wrapped around the bewitching creature’s finger and blinded by him. So, this arrogant fool should not reveal his most sensitive and vulnerable spot. Although, it’s surprising how no one has attempted to kill the supreme ruler’s pet in the past. After all, when Shiki leaves, Akira throws his arms around his next prey and leads them to the bedroom. So, how come no one used such a perfect chance like this before? More important, taking down a stupid whore should be an easy task. It’s nothing that the silver-haired creature can defend himself. Even if he wanted, he is probably too fragile. And thus, it is decided! As soon as nightfall comes, it will be time to act. Or so one new security guard decides. Unfortunately, this foolish, naive man doesn’t realize he is the one doomed to drown in these mesmerizing blue eyes. And how at first glance, stunning Shiki’s pet is more cunning and dangerous than jorogumo1. It is already late evening. Strangely, the silver-hair man hasn’t fooled anyone around today, nor even set his eyes on a new potential target. Besides, nothing may top the previous incident, which was getting caught playing not with one but a few men at once. Apparently, such a view didn’t please the red-eyed swordsman, who immediately revealed the naked blade and dyed the bedroom and Akira in warm, iron-reeking red. As Shiki pushed away the corpses, he approached his precious pet, who was covered in blood and semen. Meanwhile, Akira only delightfully smiled and warmly greeted the ruthless drug lord with the usual hug. However, he could tell from the menacing and murderous aura in the air alone that Shiki was mad. Although, he knew that the dark-haired man would never raise his hand against him and threaten him. The worst thing such an intimidating man could do was punish him by asserting his dominance and relieving his carnal desires. So, what the irony! The same man, who calls Akira a small animal on heat, also behaves like one, if not worse. However, even someone as a merciless tyrant as Shiki is addicted and desperate for the silver-haired man’s attention and love. Yet, the blue-eyed man understands that the only reason why Shiki keeps him in the luxurious bird cage and treats him as a princess is that he is the only one who hasn't been broken yet. Yes, the red-eyed swordsman deformed Akira’s body and turned him into nothing more than a lustful creature who threw away his morals and stripped his dignity and pride. Yet, he hasn’t completely killed his spirit and will. These were only dimmed but never taken away. More so, the silver-haired man only needs to play a new role and be a stress reliever. Besides, after being locked in the golden bird cage for a long time, Akira noticed that Shiki was nothing more than a pathetic, insecure man with brute force but easily blinded and manipulated. More importantly, if the dark-haired man has broken his body, the silver-haired man is allowed to break his spirit and heart. At least it would be fair and an equivalent exchange, right? But for now, all Akira needs to do is to look like a hurt puppy or shed a tear, and the red-eyed swordsman will move like a chess figure in any wanted direction. Only if the dark-haired man knew how many times his beloved pet used him as a tool to kill his enemies by using him. Yet, Akira suspects his dear man-toy is aware of this game but plays along. Even during this time, when the blue-eyed man was bored, he overheard how a group of guards plotted Shiki’s assassination. Of course, Akira could alert Shiki or his servants. But it would be a quickly solved issue, right? Therefore, the silver-haired man only had to use his seductive gaze and chirp in an adorable voice to make his prey fall on their knees and lure them into the lair where no one returned alive. After Shiki returned, he killed these men and punished Akira. Later on, the silver-haired man told about his plotted demise as if it were a silly, innocent prank. But this time, the blue-eyed man is determined to stay like a good boy until the evil drug lord returns home and greets him with open-wide loving hands. After all, sometimes, it’s nice to let Shiki relax before crushing his heart and soul again if he leaves for too long. Although, it might be challenging to wait for a few days before his partner returns, and he might feel lonely and bored to tears. Perhaps, in the meantime, he can keep the maids and servants busy by any demand or a whim. Or so, with such thought, Akira delightfully closes his eyes and falls asleep. Unfortunately, he has no idea that the night is still young and it will be far away from a serene one. Eventually, Akira starts slowly waking up by the sensation of someone being on top of him and a pair of hands around his neck. Instead of opening his eyes, he smiles and speaks up in a half-sleepy voice ‘‘Shiki…’’. Suddenly, he gets alerted as the grasp around his throat becomes tight. As these blue eyes glare at the impostor, the silver-haired man shakily holds into his wrists ‘‘I… I didn’t ask you… you to come… Get… Get out!…’’. However, the man on top of him only grins like a maniac, staring at the struggling creature below him. Soon this little slut will let his final gasp, and then all left is patiently waiting for that bastard to show up and stab his back. Or so the security guard thinks while enjoying this little creature's suffering. Meanwhile, Akira closes his eyes and concentrates his strength on one leg. One sudden hit by his knee into the stomach, and that man groans while grimacing in pain. As he loosens his grasp, he growls “You little bitch!” and harshly smacks Akira's face. Soon enough, he clenches a fist and punches the resisting male. Despite the burning pain on his cheek and warm blood running down his nose, the silver-haired man curves a strangely sleepy smile while his eyes are burning with hatred and disgust for his enemy. A second later, he begins to chuckle. “You shouldn't have done this~” Akira comments while holding into his foe's uniform jacket. Lastly, he takes a deep breath and smashes his forehead against the impostor. While the security guard is dizzy, the silver-haired man crawls back and reaches the night lamp. As Akira tightly holds it, he smacks with it his opponent knocking him out of bed. When he leans to the edge of the bed, he notices that his enemy is not moving. ‘‘Is he dead already?’’ Or so Akira wonders by staring at the lying body on the floor. However, the weak breathing partially doesn’t make him happy. After all, this pestering fool will ruin Akira's surprise for Shiki how he can behave well if he wants to. Speaking of which, the opening door alerts the blue-eyed man. Instead of rushing to greet whoever it is, he hides under a blanket while letting a pitiful cry ‘‘DON’T COME HERE!’’. Meanwhile, the red-eyed swordsman immediately freezes in the same spot after hearing such a begging. However, he doesn't take long to figure out what is happening. On the other hand, why only now his precious pet is ashamed of getting caught behaving like a low-life on heat? Either way, it only proves that Akira still lacks discipline and needs to be reminded of what happens when someone lays a finger on him. And thus, with such thought, Shiki storms in. Instead of being greeted by the same view of his dear possession being defiled again, the first thing that catches his eye is the bloody crime scene. Although, the lying man on the floor and the shattered night lamp next to him don't affect Shiki in the slightest. That's right, the certain someone covering under the blanket and holding tight to it, takes piques his interest. After the blanket is removed, Akira’s eyes are bewildered, and without realizing it, he shakily asks in a barely hearable voice ‘‘… Shiki? You were supposed to be gone… What are you doing here?’’. While Shiki stares at the bruises and blood traces on his lover, his face darkens. When he lowers his head, he comments ‘‘Just turn my back for a second, and you end up like this…’’. However, instead of using the words, the silver-haired man leans close to his partner. After wrapping his arms around his neck, he closes his eyes. After he places his hand behind Shiki’s head, he sinks his fingertips in his hair. Lastly, as Akira opens his blue loving eyes, he comforts while gently stroking his hair ‘‘You silly… I didn’t ask that man to come. At least not this time.’’. When Akira’s palms trace to Shiki’s cheeks, he softens his gaze and continues ‘‘That man came here uninvited and tried to kill me while I was asleep. Of course, I had to defend myself. ’’. After an innocent chuckle, he continues ‘‘Don’t worry. He is just unconscious. So, it’s up to you what you want to do with this person.’’. ‘‘If that is so? Or are you lying?’’ Or so the dark-haired man asks as he cracks a smile. After hearing such a question, his partner puts his acting skills and uses his big blue eyes ‘‘Me? Lying? That’s too mean, Shiki~’’. When he hugs the swordsman’s waist and buries his head in his chest, he lowers his gaze ‘‘I may only remind you what happens if you make me feel lonely. But to lie to you? Never~’’. Suddenly, the dark-haired man wraps one arm around his partner while the other one gently tilts his chin and softens his gaze “What should I do with you?”. “To love and pamper in attention~” Or so Akira playfully replies in an almost singing voice. In the end, Shiki lifts his partner in his arm and carries him like a wounded princess. Definitely, it doesn’t take long enough for Akira to hug the red-eyed swordsman’s neck while enjoying being spoiled. It doesn’t matter where he will be taken. As long as it means having Shiki only for himself, he is fine. Even if it is going where the sun is taken by the forest, it should be fine. Some time passes. After they reach the bathroom, Shiki carefully sits his partner in the bathtub and removes his white, oversized shirt. After he removes his black leather coat and long gloves, he tosses them aside. When the red-eyed swordsman takes the shower head and brings it closer to his wrist, he turns the hot water. Soon enough, he asks ‘‘Give me your arm.’’. Without hesitation, the silver-haired man more than gladly do as he is told. Besides, being washed by Shiki after their intense playtime is one of the most enjoyable things and the proof that even a cruel man like himself shows affection and care towards someone he has a soft spot. More importantly, this time is even more special. After all, Shiki shows genial concern. When he checked in the infirmary whether his beloved pet had any other wounds or even a single broken bone, the dark-haired swordsman prioritized Akira over finishing the impostor. ‘‘Perhaps next time Shiki is gone for his usual business, I’ll patiently wait for him. After all, he earned it and deserved a little reward~’’ The blue-eyed man delightfully thinks to himself while relaxing and getting washed by his beloved hands. And thus, without realizing it, he lets out quiet purring-like noises. After the red-eyed man finishes cleaning his partner, he plugs the bathtub and leaves the water running. Meanwhile, Akira waits for the right moment to act and surprise Shiki. Gladly, it doesn't take much time, and the bathtub is filled. As the dark-haired man turns off the running water, he cracks a smile “What are you up to now?”. “Lean closer and I tell you~” Or so Akira replies in a playful tone. When his partner makes such a face, it doesn't sound promising. Yet, Shiki's curiosity wins, and he ends up listening to this request. Suddenly, the wet arms raise from the water and wrap around him, and the water loudly splashes. After the silver-haired man releases his partner from the hug, he observes and chuckles at how Shiki looks nothing more than a soaked feline. As he gently brushes the wet bangs from his partner's face, he comments “You are not allowed to leave. Because you may get sick if you run around like a wet cat.”. Lastly, the silver-haired man proudly adds in a nearly singing voice “Therefore, you need to take a bath with me.’’. Even if the red-eyed swordsman understands that he is a time-pass for Akira than Akira to him, or how his beloved partner has a bad habit to smile while a loving gaze at anything he says, he doesn’t mind it. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ First of all, I want to thank one amazing artist and friend - David for this adorable art❤(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ So, shout out for David! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  12. Title: Bloom Nobly like the Cherry Blossoms Status: Complete Characters: Akira, Shiki (hinted ShiAki) Summary: [This story is made for 2023/02/25 aka the Togainu anniversary] [Commissioned art is done by wonderful Goma] After Akira's unusual request, the commander grants his wish and takes him together for the flower-viewing. However, it seems that even during this celebration of the spring's arrival, the enemy doesn't rest and waits for one wrong move... [Originally written on 2023-02-25] It is another working day in the Shiki’s office, and almost time for the afternoon break. Meanwhile, after the hard-working silver-haired secretary opens his pocket watch, he knows he should hurry up and serve the tea and snacks to the most powerful man in the country. And thus, without wasting a single second, Akira leaves his office. Some time passes by. For now, nothing seems to be extraordinary while this couple enjoys Akira’s prepared tea. Nevertheless, something is off… When the dark-haired man notices his subordinate’s demanding gaze, he closes his eyes and gives a smug look ‘‘What is it? If you have anything to say, say it.’’. Surprisingly, instead of averting his gaze from the commander and trying to keep his poker face, Akira clenches his resting hand on his thigh into a fist and swallows the saliva. Soon, he replies ‘‘Please, pardon me for my rudeness, sir. I was thinking about something for a while. However, I do not want to bother you with unimportant things...’’. As he feels how these red eyes study him, the silver-haired secretary straightens his back upon hearing Shiki’s question ‘‘Does anyone causing you any problems?’’. ‘‘Not, not all, sir!’’ Or so Akira politely objects as he shakes his head. ‘‘Everything is under the control, and you have no reason to worry about it. However, it would be wrong to hide anything from you. So, please, hear me out.’’ he adds. After taking a deep breath, the military secretary confesses without being aware of his made puppy gaze with big blue eyes ‘‘A couple of weeks ago my squad members asked me for at least one day off to see the blooming cherry blossoms and if I’m planning to go as well. Of course, at first, I doubted permitting them. However, their stories about how it’s a priceless and majestic sight made me curious. I granted their wish, and a day after, I noticed they were in high spirits and full of new emotional and physical strength. Perhaps you noticed it as well, sir. Later on, when I had a spare minute, I did research the history and importance of sakura blooming and the nearest date when it will happen again.’’. Then, he stands up and continues with such determined eyes ‘‘That’s why I came up with the conclusion that it could also have a significant effect on you, sir. According to my sources, the next blooming will be at the beginning of April. If you consider going, I can look for anyone suitable to escort and guide you while I’ll bookmark a hotel.’’. Meanwhile, Shiki carefully listens without interrupting his subordinate while resting his chin on his hands, and as Akira finishes his speech, he asks ‘‘Do you want to see cherry blossoms?’’. After a brief pause, he declares ‘‘Hmph. Fine, I’ll take you with me.’’. For sure, such an answer instantly bewildered the preserved secretary. But for now, he objects “Unfortunately, I can’t, sir!”. While the supreme ruler backfires ‘‘Why not?’’ ‘‘No matter how much I would love to come but will be impossible for me to quickly run for it during the afternoon break and return to work! More importantly, I can’t skip my duties.’’ Or so Akira replies. Lastly, Shiki announces his decision ‘‘Your main task is to keep a company for me. Understand?’’. For now, he understands that this is the only way to convince his personal secretary to take a day off. Besides, this is also the first time when his loyal subordinate approaches him first and asks him for anything unrelated to work. Even as the ruthless military tyrant, who rules with an iron fist, he will cease this as a perfect opportunity to make Akira rely on him not only as a superior at work but also to be more honest about his desires. Perhaps it can be a perfect chance to see his secretary’s poker face fading and changing with natural amazement or even a smile. But for now, the silver-haired man’s eyes sparkle with excitement along his voice ‘‘Y-Yes!’’ which is followed by the gratefully nodding ‘‘Thank you much! I’ll make sure that it will unforgivable trip.’’. Suddenly, Akira widens his eyes as he feels how his military cap slides from his head. As it falls on the desk, he senses how the heat rushes to his ears. He doesn’t know how to act further after embarrassment like that in front of the commander or face him properly. Suddenly, Akira closes his eyes when he feels Shiki’s hand landing on his head and ruffling his hair. Lastly, he notices how the dark-haired man cracks a smile and addresses him ‘‘Of course, you will. Then, I’m counting on you, Akira.’’. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. Even after arriving at the park, this couple is greeted by the myriads of pink and white petals being carried by the light wind, the festive music, and much more that is overwhelming to cease all at once. Dozens of people also came to enjoy each other’s company with friends, family, or beloved ones by flower viewing under the beautiful sakura trees and having picnics and partying. Even the shopkeepers are friendly and warmly invite anyone to come by. In overall, the silver-haired secretary is amazed to observe how the city becomes so lively and joyful only by celebrating spring’s arrival and the nobly and elegantly blooming cherry trees. Akira still cannot comprehend how it’s possible to live in the moment like this and celebrate it. More so, he senses a significant contrast compared to the routine in the office and the tense atmosphere. Even behind his poker face, the reserved military secretary is in awe of his surroundings. Meanwhile, the dark-haired man is entertained to see his loyal subordinate radiating with excitement and observing how slowly, one by one, petals land on Akira’s extended palm. Certainly, he is pleasantly surprised that a serious secretary like Akira, who’ve seen countless faces of war and fought many fights, can reveal such a naïve, innocent, and pure side by admiring cherry blossoms. If Shiki didn’t know his subordinate, he would mistake him for someone who has never seen the horrors and atrocities of humankind. However, the supreme ruler doesn’t mind that anyone else may notice his beloved secretary’s new vulnerable side. After all, their presence is so unnoticeable at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether it is a mere civil or the most powerful man in the country - it’s clear as today’s blue sky, what is in the center of the stage. Suddenly, the silver-haired man realizes that the people are not affected by the supreme ruler’s presence and walks among these mortals. However, just as Akira slightly frowns and is about to open his mouth, he feels how the commander’s extended arm touches his chest. As he turns his gaze to Shiki, he gets reassured “There is no need for that. Relax.”. After a brief pause, the dark-haired man asks “We’ve come here to enjoy ourselves. Or have you forgotten about why we are here? And weren’t you supposed to be my guide? So, focus on your task.”. At first, Akira is genially confused, yet he nods ‘‘Yes!’’. When he fixes his posture, he continues ‘‘We should arrive soon at the Japanese Traditional Gardens, which I heard is the best for the flower-viewing, sir. You can rest assured. No one should disturb you. And by the time we’ll arrive, everything will be prepared including food and drinks. But for now, if I’m not mistaken, we just need to go straight until reaching the bridge on the left side and cross it.’’. Suddenly, the military secretary widens his eyes as Shiki extends his palm to reach for his cheek. When Akira is about to remind the commander about where they are and how reckless behavior in public could damage the supreme ruler’s image, he feels how Shiki’s fingertips carefully brush away the landed petals. Lastly, the dark-haired man cracks the smile and remarks ‘‘You really thought everything ahead, haven’t you?’’. Although, as this couple continues enjoying the trip, they do not realize that the danger lurks in the shadow and patiently wait for the perfect time for the ambush. Some time passes by. Just before reaching their destination place, Akira gets alerted by the sound of rushing steps behind them. As he turns around, he notices the rushing rebel at the full-speed with the sharp blade at them. However, the silver-haired man’s reaction is faster. As he draws his sword upon the sound of ripping flesh and the soldier’s scream, this unfortunate person’s life thread is cut. Unfortunately, it was only a small victory while the big battle is still ahead. ‘‘Looks like you miscalculated how many people will come here.’’ The sudden commander’s comment makes Akira turn around and take a better look at his surroundings. Apparently, a large group of resistance soldiers surrounds them, who impatiently wait for either Akira or Shiki to make one wrong move. Yet, Akira notices how the rebels are inexperienced from how they point the blade at them and their posture. On the other hand, he understands that even amateurs like them can be a threat if one takes them too lightly. ‘‘Hmph. Do you think you can handle this, Akira?’’ Or so the red-eyed man asks as his back covers his subordinate’s back. As the silver-haired secretary tightly holds the handle of the sword, his eyes burn with determination and hatred for his enemy ‘‘Leave it to me! I don’t want you to stain your blade with weaklings’ blood.’’. And thus, the fierce battle begins. Despite the odds and being outnumbered by the enemy, the rebels fall one after another under the Shiki’s loyal subordinate’s sword. While Akira concentrates on taking down the soldiers, Shiki cannot remove his eyes from him. After all, it’s such a captivating and admirable spectacle observing his subordinate, making his sword gracefully dance in his hands while being surrounded by the falling pink and white petals. More importantly, the commander is thrilled to see Akira’s improvement in swordsmanship. More so, even someone as merciless ruler as him is secretly moved by how his subordinate doesn’t hesitate to protect him. Although, if this fight becomes out of Akira’s hands, he’ll draw his sword to kill anyone who dares to harm his precious secretary. However, the battle ends when the last rebel lets a final gasp before perishing. In the end, the military secretary closes his eyes and sighs. When he picks the tissue from his uniform jacket pocket, he wipes the dripping blood from his blade before placing it into the shed. After he opens his eyes, he approaches Shiki while ignoring the corpses ‘‘Are you fine, sir? Are you anywhere hurt?’’. Despite his genial concern, the dark-haired man only gives him a smug look. For now, it’s enough to convince him that the commander is fine. Yet, Akira lowers his eyes and speaks up in a slightly gloomy but polite tone ‘‘I’m terribly sorry about this. I should have been paying more attention to tightening the security so that it wouldn’t end up like this…’’. ‘‘Kneel down.’’ Or so the commander briefly orders. Without questioning Shiki’s motives, the blue-eyed secretary follows the orders while lowering his head. For now, when he closes his eyes, he waits for the final verdict. Even so, the sound of the unsheathed sword doesn’t scare him. If the commander wants to take his life, then so it be. Or so Akira thinks to himself. Yet, he is surprised how instead of swinging the sword at his neck; he feels a gentle tap on his shoulder and then on his other one by the tip of the blade. Suddenly, Akira opens his eyes and realizes it’s the supreme ruler’s sign of gratitude. When he looks up, he notices his guess is correct. After all, those red eyes shining with satisfaction are the proof. All he did was accomplish his duties and behave like anyone else in this situation, nothing more than that. So, why does the commander acts as if he did something great and noble? Or so the silver-haired man thinks to himself. After Shiki places his sword in the shed, he gives another command while extending his hand at his subordinate ‘‘You can stand up now.’’. Lastly, with no second thought, Akira takes the commander’s hand and nods before standing up. At first, he is even more bewildered at how Shiki brings him closely and ruffles his hair. But for now, he closes his eyes and enjoys being pampered by the attention. Eventually, his arms wrap around his most treasured person. One thing is for sure, as soon as his beloved commander releases him from the hug, Akira would tell him that tonight after sighting the illumined sakura together, he’ll take Shiki to the hot springs and let him relax after a long day. Alright!~ First of all, I want to thank Goma for making this amazing art♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ Yup, even if it was done in the October, I'm trilled and excited to finally being able to it ♡*✲゚*。 So, huge Thank You for Goma for granting the permission to use it (୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏઽ*♡ That's why, I'm leaving this artist's twitter: @GOMA_yammy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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    Another Sleepless Night

    Title: Another Sleepless Night Status: Complete Characters: Akira, Keisuke Pairing: Akira x Keisuke Summary: After today's small fight, Akira asks Keisuke to sleep alone as a punishment. However, upon accidentally checking on him, Akira may realize that he made a mistake. [Originally written on 2023-02-07] It is already late but at first glance, a peaceful night. However, for one silver-hair man, who keeps rolling from one side to another and hoping to fall asleep, it isn’t. Unfortunately, after another hour of vain struggling, Akira gives up and lies on the back while lazily opening his eyes and staring at the ceiling. No matter how much he prefers staying in the warm embrace of tatami, he needs to get up, or else his dry throat won’t let him rest. Besides, on his way, he can check on his partner before going back to sleep. That’s right, today, instead of scolding Keisuke for not containing his excitement and not holding back, Akira strictly explained while giving an icy gaze that tonight he would sleep in another room. Despite these made guilty puppy eyes and hearing his name in a whimpering voice, the silver-haired man wasn’t affected and didn’t change his final decision. But for now, half-hour passes by, and when Akira leaves the kitchen, he heads back to the bedroom. In the meantime, he needs to make sure whether he has a bad feeling. Apparently, he also worries for no good reason - the certain brunette was deeply asleep, and no force may not wake him up. At least one of them would rest tonight. Or so the silver-haired man thinks to himself as he observes peacefully slumbering his partner and feeling how the heavy rock is removed from his chest. Yet, when he turns his back and is about to leave, he is startled by the familiar voice ‘‘Please,… Stop!… Don’t come near me. I beg you, please… save me, Akira.’’. After hearing this cry for help, Akira widens his eyes and freezes in the same spot. Despite the shock, he turns back and notices how poor Keisuke curls and shivers in fear during his sleep. At a moment like this, Akira sets aside and forgets such a petite little thing as today’s conflict and rushes to his dear friend’s side. After kneeling down, he grabs the brunette by the shoulders and shakes him ‘‘Oi… wake up!’’. Unfortunately, neither his voice nor the drastic measures as several times slapping Keisuke fail to work against the demons tormenting the brunette in his dreams. More importantly, it gives the opposite effect - it only stresses him even more than before and fuels the terror. More so, if it wasn’t for his fast reflexes to dodge the sent attack at him, Akira might have been sent back flying for a while. Nevertheless, he refuses to leave Keisuke’s side. Not at least until he’ll calms down. Although, the longer Akira stares at the suffering brunette, the more he feels stressed. Therefore, he has to put Keisuke at ease. Of course, in the meantime, the silver-haired man can quickly get at least a blanket to cover himself. However, according to himself, it will be only an unnecessary waste of time. Besides, he had survived in worse conditions in Toshima and dealt with local fauna. That’s why it shouldn’t be any problem by handling a little chilliness. Or so Akira convinces himself, while closely lying behind Keisuke. At first, the brunette instinctively resists and tries to brush away anyone who threatens him in his dream world. Yet, Akira is too stubborn to give up easily. After taking a deep breath, he successfully wraps his arms around Keisuke. Lastly, this is the best he can do to support the brunette when the words cannot reach him. It’s not the first time, nor will be the last when Keisuke is haunted by nightmares about the past. Perhaps the brunette cannot remember what happened or what he did under the rein’s influence. However, deep inside in the subconsciousness level, the memory of the bloody massacre accompanied by screams of agony and despair is perfectly preserved and keeps coming back to torture him. This time, it’s a distant but familiar voice whispering a simple command ‘‘kill’’ which eventually multiplies and echoes from all directions and constantly repeats. Yet, it is not the devil but another entity who claims to be following the brunette as long as he exists and won’t leave him even after his death. More so, this dark shadow suggests that his hands will never be clean again. Not after smearing them with such an outrageous amount of blood. But it’s okay, he shouldn’t worry about this. Instead, he should remember the ticklish and exciting sensation of cutting anyone’s life thread and embracing his true nature while bathing in the red, warm liquid. Or so the twisted creature adds. In the end, this entity curves an evil smile and pushes Keisuke into the pit of countless pale, rotting arms, which are bloodthirsty for him. He knows there is no escape for him from this hellhole, or his mute scream will reach that dark shadow figure who only silently enjoys his suffering. Even so, he is desperate to escape and live. Meanwhile, Akira softens his gaze and tightly hugs his trembling and whining partner. It hurts seeing this, and there isn’t much he can do. After all, he can’t help Keisuke carry a cross which only meant for him. Even if it is not in his power to prevent Keisuke from having these nightmares, he can make them go away faster if he acts on time. At this point, he forgot the count of how many times his slumber got interrupted by this. However, as long as his presence and given comfort drive away the brunette’s inner demons, that put patience and effort worth it. And thus, tonight is not an exception. Finally, Keisuke stops speaking during his sleep, and his stiff body relaxes. Lastly, he gently whispers his most precious and important person’s name before sinking into peaceful slumber again. Although, Akira decides to stay at Keisuke’s for longer. Besides, he becomes too lazy to get up or return to the bedroom and sleep. He can borrow the blanket, but it might wake up the brunette, and then he would make himself look like a fool by trying to explain how he ended up here. In the end, Akira pushes his luck by hoping that after closing his eyes, he’ll doze for an hour at most and leave. Some time passes by. It is already the beginning of the new day. Or so Akira assumes when the morning sunlight shines on his eyelids. Yet, he can feel that something is off. Even with his eyes closed, he feels that he is covered in a warm blanket. After sitting up, he looks around and sighs. ‘‘How did Keisuke woke up first? More importantly, why didn’t he sense anything? Well, it doesn’t matter now.’’ Or so he wonders as he stretches out and gets up. Lastly, thanks to the small details and gestures of affection as wrapping Akira in warmth, make him forget he was mad at Keisuke yesterday and forgive him. Besides, the brunette truly resembles Shiba Inu - by no means is he mischievous for the purpose of just upsetting Akira. He only does what he thinks is right. More importantly, his puppy eyes help him get away with almost anything, even if he doesn’t realize this. But for now, Akira is curious about what surprises he can expect from Keisuke today.
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    Under the Moonlight

    Title: Under the Moonlight Status: Complete Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, Smut) Summary: [This story was made as entry for December's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This one-shot is set after the Cat and Mouse ending aka Shiki's ED2 (the PSP/PS2 version)] Another day, another new target - it's nothing new for Akira. However, after encountering one certain red-eyed swordsman and learning that he also goes for the same target, he realizes that something is off... [Originally written on 2022-12-28] It is already a late, chilly night. The platinum moonlight illuminates the empty streets and shines brighter than blind or twitching lamp lights. However, the blue-eyed assassin is not here to admire the waltz of the night stars and the moon. Tonight he lurks in the dark shadow while waiting for his target. It should arrive any second now. Of course, if his client gave him the correct details. Or so Akira wonders while staring at the empty street. Suddenly, he gets alerted at sensing a familiar presence coming closer and closer to him. There is no mistake That Man is also here seeking new prey. Even so, the silver-haired killer is not in the mood to have another match against Shiki. Besides, he might let his prey escape if they take too much time. Therefore, he won’t allow that giant red-eyed feline to snatch his target from him. But for now, Akira hopes that if he stays quiet without making a single move, perhaps Shiki will not notice him. By far, the familiar figure doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea about him. Good, that fool needs to leave before he slays his target. Or so the silver-haired assassin thinks to himself. Lastly, he sighs in a relieved after Shiki leaves his eyesight. Meanwhile, the dark-haired man cracks a smile and turns his gaze to the dark alley ‘‘What are you doing here? Come out. Or do you prefer to hide like a mouse?’’. Even if his disguise is ruined, Akira keeps a poker face and appears from the shadow while keeping a straight, proud posture ‘‘Unlike you, I have work to do. That’s why I suggest you leave now, or I’ll use your head instead of my targets.’’. As he raises his eyebrow, he adds ‘‘What are you staring at? Do you have too many eyes? Leave! I will not starve because of you.’’. However, Shiki takes a step closer and keeps a smug look on his face while his gaze fixates at the silver-haired killer’s exposed belly-piercing ‘‘Hmph. So, do you still have it? Good. Because no one is allowed to remove it, and it will show anyone to whom you belong.’’. As Akira covers the silver piercing with his hand, he gives an indignant look ‘‘Shut up! My t-shirt zipper is broken and cannot go any lower. That’s it.’’. Despite that, the red-eyed assassin brushes his hand and zips Akira’s t-shirt down while teasing ‘‘Then, I fixed it for you. Or did you lie to me?’’. Suddenly, the blue-eyed man frowns and silently growls while taking a step back, yet keeping his eyes on Shiki ‘‘It’s none of your business!’’. For sure, such a reply sparkles excitement in these crimson eyes. Yet, Shiki changes the subject ‘‘Did your client also send you to take down some officer who knows too much?’’. Instead of giving in confusion, Akira thrusts his chest forward ‘‘So? It’s my target, not yours. So, back off!’’. Lastly, when Shiki closes his eyes, he replies ‘‘Do you realize this is a trap yet? Now, run.’’ ‘‘What do you mean?’’ Or so the silver-haired assassin asks. However, before he says anything else, he widens his eyes as the many soldiers armed with the most advanced armor, shields, and weapons surround them. As countless weapons are aimed at this couple, one of the SWAT officers announces ‘‘You are under arrest! This is your last chance - surrender now!’’. Even if the dark-haired man feels the gun held against the back of his head, he remains calm and comments ‘‘Hmph. You’re too slow, you fool…’’. After opening his eyes, Shiki’s hand slides on his sword and reveals the sharp blade. One sudden movement - and the bloody fountain splashes behind his back along the heavy sound of the collapsed officer. While military police are briefly shocked, Akira also uses his chance. Once he picks up his trustworthy sword, he cuts the nearest armed man’s head and picks up the shield. However, instead of shamelessly hiding and fleeing to safety, he slays one after another SWAT member while protecting himself from bullet rain. More so, he won’t allow anyone to take Shiki’s life. Therefore, the blue-eyed killer is determined to protect this arrogant man’s life at any cost. But for now, they need to survive even if they need to work together. For sure, such a gesture is a pleasant surprise for the crimson-eyed killer, who sees it as an unexpectedly thrown challenge. Therefore, competing by killing a higher amount of these still-green amateurs might be interesting. ‘‘You are not allowed to die here, got it? So, cover my back while I cover yours!’’ Or so Akira addresses Shiki while stabbing and cutting the SWAT member in half. However, the red-eyed man only delightfully smiles as another officer perishes by his hand. After a while, the battlefield and the buildings around them are painted red, and only the two swordsmen remain alive. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to relax. As Akira wipes the blood from his sword and places it back into the shed, he widens his eyes and notices a tiny red dot moving from his chest upwards. Before doing anything, he hears a shot and how the bullet sinks into the flesh. However, he is still alive, even if his every single muscle is frozen. All he can do is shakily speak up in a barely hearable voice ‘‘…Shiki.’’. Suddenly, his body moves on its own, and he rushes to the wounded man’s side. As he lets Shiki safely sit, Akira notices he pressed his hand against his bleeding arm. Although, Shiki only cracks a bitter-sweet smile at seeing such an unusually concerned yet painful look and addresses the blue-eyed killer ‘‘You fool… You should always watch your surroundings. Look, your target will escape if you waste time.’’. Lastly, he brushes the silver-haired man’s hand from the covered limb. No matter how much Akira wants to punch Shiki for acting like this, he relaxes his shakily held fist. Even if the words are stuck in his throat, he speaks up with trembling lips ‘‘Don’t you fucking dare to die on me or else, …I’ll follow you to the netherworld and drag you out from Sanzu river!.’’ Lastly, he lifts his gaze and fixates his blue eyes burning with fury at the last hiding officer ‘‘You bastard… So, you have chosen death?’’. Meanwhile, the terrified soldier pulls the trigger and rapidly shoots at them. Unfortunately for him, Akira’s blade reflects all the bullets. More important, the armored man is convinced that he is not dealing with humans, but demons who possess supernatural speed and strength, and even the most advanced military technology is useless against them. In the end, the remaining soldier screams in agony and despair as the blood streams from his cut arms. Soon enough, he feels a choking grasp around his neck and the sword’s tip pointing at his chest. However, even through his visors, he can see that these blue eyes do not show even a tiny sparkle of mercy or hesitation. ‘‘Pl… please, don’t kill me! I’ll do anything! I beg you, please… let me live!’’ Or so the officer desperately pleads. In the end, Akira is not even at the slightest affected aside from feeling utter disgust at this individual. Finally, as he releases his prey’s neck, he swings his blade. As the last SWAT member collapses, the blue-eyed assassin closes his eyes and returns to Shiki’s side. Surprisingly, the fellow killer did nothing reckless aside from enjoying how Akira cuts anyone’s life thread while tightly pressing his palm against the injured arm. He even tore a good part of his t-shirt and used it as a substitute for a tourniquet to stop bleeding and cover the wound. When the silver-haired man helps him to stand up, Shiki stings him with another comment ‘‘You’ll instantly exhaust your entire arm and back if you strike like that.’’. ‘‘Look who is talking?’’ Akira backfires while supporting his partner and checking that the injured arm won’t be moved too much. ‘‘Anyway, you’ll explain the rest once we’ll treat your wound.’’ Or so he adds when he turns his gaze away from Shiki while continuing to head to the nearest inn or hotel. Some time passes. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to find a still vacant and working hotel at such a late hour, which is not that far from the city. Perhaps, it’s not a five stars hotel or even close to a medium-level one. However, even the crackhead-infested place is better than nothing for a few nights. Besides, they can’t be too picky about it because they are seen as wanted criminals. Therefore, as long as this place can protect them from wind and rain, it should do. If anything, Akira can easily take down unwanted neighbors who disturb their rest. But for now, the silver-haired man picks a generously large amount of money from his coat’s pocket and tosses it at the receptionist while demanding for first aid kit and room keys. One thing is for sure, this time, he won’t give up on his partner, and he will be the one who’ll make Shiki taste his own medicine. Even so, he is still surprised how the dark-haired killer didn’t protest and allowed him to pay. Nevertheless, the sooner they’ll get into their room, the sooner Akira can treat the wounds. As soon as they enter inside and Akira locks the door behind them, he hears a brief demand “Give it. I’ll handle this on my own. You just sit here and wait.”. However, the silver-haired man only tightly hugs the med kit while with the other hand grabbing Shiki’s wrist “No.”. After turning his head, Shiki is amused seeing such a stubborn look on his partner’s face. That’s why he plays along and silently walks to the bedside like a proud cat. Even if it’s Akira’s first time treating wounds, he cannot waste time by doubting. When he takes a deep breath, he orders “Undress.”. However, as the dark-haired killer sits on the bed, he gives him a teasing look. Even if such arrogant behavior annoys Akira, he tries to remain calm and explains ‘‘Not for That, you idiot. I need to check whether you have any other injuries. Or do you need any help?’’. After Shiki closes his eyes, he replies ‘‘Then, get down to the business.’’. Of course, the silver-haired man doesn’t enjoy being ordered around, but for now, he has an important that. When he approaches his partner and sits next to him. To his surprise, Shiki remains calm when his black coat is removed from his shoulders without resisting. Nevertheless, Akira keeps his guard as being prepared for a sudden attack at any moment. However, none of this is happening. Instead, the silver-haired swordsman feels how these crimson eyes study his every movement. Shiki even carefully observes such a simple thing as rolling up the t-shirt sleeve and unwrapping the bandage from the wound. As Akira opens the first aid kit, he suggests ‘‘Have something to bite into. And your hand is not an answer.’’. ‘‘You worry too much.’’ Or so the dark-man replies as he turns his head away. After the blue-eyed assassin opens the bottle of medical alcohol, he covers the tip with cotton and flips it to wet it ‘‘Then, don’t complain that I didn’t warn you.’’. In the end, Akira starts cleaning around the wound. But as soon as he touches it, he feels how unintentionally Shiki’s upper arm twitches. However, when he lifts his eyes, he notices that the dark-haired man is only slightly bothered. When Akira places the bloody cotton pad aside, he takes the thin tweezers and gives the last warning ‘‘Stay still. It will be over soon.’’. For now, the blue-eyed assassin feels like carrying enormous responsibility placed on his shoulders. After all, if he fails, the bullet may go into deeper layers of Shiki’s flesh and even damage his nerves and blood vessels. More importantly, the red-eyed killer may lose not only his arm but also his life. Yet, he cannot afford such a luxury as wasting time on any further thoughts. After spreading the tweezers, he puts them deep inside until it touches the stuck bullet. When Akira grasps this piece of metal, he closes the tweezers and suddenly removes it from the wound. Despite feeling his loud and rapid heartbeat, he covers the bleeding wound with a clean cotton cloth and presses it ‘‘There. It’s nearly done.’’. Just before he takes the medical bandage and wraps it, he feels Shiki brushing his hand away ‘‘I’ll finish on my own. Go and take a shower.’’. ‘‘How? So, once I’ll finish, I go.’’ Or so the blue-eyed assassin backfires as he wraps the snow-white bandage around his partner’s upper arm. Lastly, after Akira finishes the current task, he picks up the bloody bullet and shows it to Shiki ‘‘How could you have picked this up with one hand? I’ll never forgive you if you lose your arm or any part of your body to your recklessness.’’. As he lowers his head and squeezes the bullet in his palm, the silver-haired man painfully spits out the words ‘‘Why did you even risk your life, you fool? Was it worth it? You may have died...’’. Meanwhile, the dark-haired killer remains silent and closes his eyes. Lastly, he sinks his fingertips in Akira’s hair and brings him close to him. Of course, the blue-eyed assassin widens his eyes at such an unexpected gesture. However, he doesn’t resist nor pushes away Shiki. He even closes his eyes and lowers his shoulders while resting his head against his partner’s chest. For some reason, Shiki’s heartbeat and breathing are enough to convince him that this man is alive and will be fine. Even if Akira doesn’t understand why such a thought strangely calms him, he knows he won’t let Shiki go until he recovers and is ready to face him as an equal. Some time passed. While Akira dries his hair, he wonders why it is too quiet. Perhaps Shiki is asleep, or he waited until he leaves to escape. It won’t be surprising at all. Even if the blue-eyed swordsman had taken away that man’s sword, he would still find his way to leave. More importantly, he would hide somewhere to lick his wounds. Or so the silver-haired man reminds himself. While having the lowest expectations, he leaves the bathroom without minding his surroundings and is about to crash into bed. However, his guard is caught by seeing a familiar figure sitting on the bed and addressing him “You took so long.”. Lastly, as Shiki stands up and walks to the bathroom door, he turns his head “When I return, make sure that I’ll find you in bed, got it?”. “What are you planning to do?” Or so asks Akira. Instead of answering, the dark-haired man closes the door behind him. In the end, Akira realizes that, perhaps, he only made himself look like a fool by asking such silly questions. Besides, he is too tired to think any longer and lies on his side. For now, even an old and worn mattress is so comfortable to sleep on. And thus, without realizing it, the silver-haired assassin’s eyelids become heavier within each second until he falls asleep. After a while, his peaceful slumber is disturbed by someone pressing his body against his and stroking his hair. Nevertheless, Akira instantly recognizes who is this big feline and wonders why he has to act like this when it’s enough space for them even if both would keep a distance. However, the blue-eyed assassin knows that if he struggles too much, Shiki might tease him or ask him not to move too much. Lastly, when he feels how the dark-haired man wraps his arm around him, all Akira can do is rest as well. It is the afternoon of the new day. Although, thanks to the gray cloudy sky outside, there is no way of telling what kind of time of the day it is. Only the hanging clock on the cracking paint wall gives the sense of time. Meanwhile, Akira starts waking up. After stretching out in bed, he notices someone put a blanket on him. More so, a certain swordsman is missing. As he looks around, he also spots on the night desk a lot of Solids and a few water bottles. ‘‘Did he return only to leave me the food? That fool… He won’t get away with this.’’ Or so the blue-eyed killer tells himself while rubbing his nape. However, he cannot understand why Shiki left him all these goods. What if it is a payment? But he had done none valuable service. Or so Akira wonders. Maybe that is a taunt or showing pity? If so, it successfully irritated the silver-haired man. Perhaps it’s only something that Shiki bought for himself. Yet, it’s most likely that he won’t return. After all, he has no reason, right? Or so Akira thinks to himself while face-palming. That’s why he refuses to take something that doesn’t belong to him. Even if the blue-eyed swordsman's pride doesn’t allow him to use any of these goods, his stomach rumbling reminds him that he has eaten nothing these days. This time, he nearly got killed by his previous client for declining the offer to become his lapdog. Even after escaping, he had to skip a meal or sleep because the reward on his head increased thanks for pissing off some corrupted, high-ranked figure. So, he needed to deal with plenty of bounty hunters. But for now, Akira leaves the bedside and inspects the left food and water. Surprisingly, all Solid bars are the omurice flavor. Somehow, even such a minor detail sparkled excitement in these blue eyes. If it is a coincidence or not, the silver-haired man decides not to waste these Solids. Besides, it’s Shiki’s fault if he left them unprotected. Or so Akira convinces himself as he unwraps one bar. One after another, the Solids disappear until only a shiny wrapping is left. Suddenly, his feast is disturbed by a familiar voice ‘‘So, you finally acknowledged the hand that feeds you? Good.’’. As the silver-haired turns his head, he notices that the red-eyed swordsman also got his t-shirt fixed. Yet, instead of wondering how long he slept, Akira explains ‘‘I didn’t want to waste food. Besides, I knew only you would do this. So, it was safe to eat.’’. After he approaches the red-eyed killer, he continues ‘‘And I’m not anyone’s dog. If a wrong person throws a piece of meat at me, I will bite their arm off.’’. While the dark-haired man gives him a smug look, Akira stays still “What’s so funny? If you thought that leaving me a couple of Solids as payment, keep them for yourself.”. ‘‘Hmph. Do you realize that this time there was no client? It was a federal honey-pot to capture one of us.’’ The red-eyed man replies. Despite being confused and feeling how his partner wraps his arm around his waist, Akira tries to keep his cool ‘‘If you knew this, why did you bother to show up?’’. However, from Shiki’s strangely sleepy eyes, he already understands this swordsman’s intentions. Nevertheless, the silver-haired assassin listens further ‘‘Is this how you thank for saving you?’’. Instead of giving in to provocation, Akira grasps one of the crosses resting on his chest and narrows his gaze ‘‘Do not push your luck. You are still injured. But this time you will make those pathetic faces.’’. ‘‘Says the one who is too impatient and cannot keep his hands off his master. But you need to beg for it~’’ Or so the ebony-haired man replies in a nearly purring voice as his other hand traces down on Akira’s bottom and rubs it. The blue-eyed killer feels the heat rushing into his cheeks and speaks up through grid teeth ‘‘Fuck you…’’. After his blue eyes point at the bed, he suggests ‘‘If it weren’t for your arm, I would take you right here, right now. So, be thankful for that.’’. Lastly, he releases the grasped cross and removes Shiki’s coat from his shoulders. As he suddenly feels how his lower cheek is squeezed, he lowers his gaze ‘‘…You idiot.’’. In the end, when they get close to the bed, Akira pushes Shiki onto the bed and sits on top of him ‘‘You are not allowed to do anything, got it?’’. For sure, it’s entertaining how his partner instigates such acts and naively believes that he is in charge. That’s why Shiki decides to play along and observes what his precious possession has prepared for him. When the silver-haired man crawls down, he spreads Shiki’s legs. Even if it’s not his first time having sex, he doesn’t want to get mocked for doing something new. So, if he hears even the slightest complaint or insult, he’ll make sure someone has to worry about having a broken nose. Yet, the dark-haired man can perfectly see from those shy blue eyes and clumsy hand movements that Akira is inexperienced. Despite that, he continues silently observing and waiting. After Akira unzips his partner’s pants and takes out the semi-hard dick into his hand, he closes his eyes and exhales before licking it. For now, he starts working with the tongue around the tip while his hand - strokes the full length. When the silver-haired swordsman finally opens his eyes, he gives Shiki a questioning, blushing look, asking for approval. On the other hand, a cracking poker face is a good sign for him that he is doing a not-bad job. Good. In this case, it will be easy to satisfy this bastard. Or so Akira thinks. Meanwhile, it frustrates the dark-haired man, and without his partner realizing it, he gets teased. Therefore, he leans on his elbows to sit. Even such a struggle is enough for the blue-eyed assassin to remove his hand and lift his head while giving an annoyed look ‘‘What is your problem?’’. For now, Shiki places his hand behind Akira’s head and sinks his fingertips into his hair while addressing him ‘‘If you are doing it, do it properly!’’. Suddenly, Akira widens his eyes as he forcibly swallows the entire cock. More so, he involuntarily sheds a couple of tears and gasps. Of course, such a sudden move was also close enough to summon his gagging reflex. The blue-eyed assassin believes that he’ll get choked to death by giving a head. Yet, his further concerns are interrupted by his head aggressively moving up and down by this merciless man. While Akira closes his eyes, he can hear another demand ‘‘Just avoid using your teeth.’’. Soon enough, Shiki removes his hand from his partner’s scalp and watches him moving his head on his own. Fortunately, Akira is a quick learner. When his head is released, he easily returns to the previous rhythm. More so, his determination to see what expressions Shiki will make is so strong that it helps him to get used to it. Even when he whimpers while catching his breath, he doesn’t remove his eyes from his partner while not caring what expressions he makes while pleasuring his partner. In the meantime, the silver-haired man’s hand moves on his lower regions. After unbuckling his belt and unzipping his leather pants, Akira exposes his bottom. Lastly, he lets a small moan as he inserts a couple of fingers inside him. For now, he fingers himself because he understands that if he won’t prepare himself, then no one will. More importantly, he won’t lower his pride by asking so. For sure, such a pleasing view turns on Shiki even more, and he comments ‘‘You enjoy yourself too much. Do you play with yourself like this while you feel lonely? Or did you miss me that much?’’. However, Akira frowns and lifts his gaze ‘‘Shut up…’’. Lastly, he closes his eyes and focuses on loosening himself. Eventually, he lets out sweet gasps as he accidentally hits his own special spot. In the end, even Shiki is at his limit by hearing such adorable sounds. At this point, he closes his crimson eyes while suppressing his voice. When the dark-haired swordsman places his palm behind Akira’s head, he finishes inside his partner’s throat. Lastly, when the blue-eyed assassin is pushed like this, he feels how suddenly the hot semen flows inside him, but he instinctively drinks it. After lifting his head, all Akira can do is stare with a drunken gaze while catching his breath. Even so, as he feels how Shiki brushes his cheek, he swallows the remains in his mouth and gives a questioning look ‘‘What is it with you now? I told you that I’m in charge this time.’’. After the silver-haired swordsman completely removes the bothering pants and underwear, he pushes Shiki down and sits on top of him. “You are not allowed to do anything, got it?” Or so Akira adds while giving a shy look. After he takes his partner’s hard-on and brings the tip of it close to his entrance, he closes his eyes and is about to lower himself. Instead of patiently waiting, Shiki places his hands on Akira’s hips and pushes him down. As his insides are deeply penetrated, the blue-eyed assassin lets out a sudden moan. Soon enough, he gasps as Shiki unzips the lower zipper and exposes his belly. Meanwhile, Shiki only cracks a smile at his partner frowning while heavily blushing. More importantly, seeing how the silver piercing jiggles from the twitching abs sparkles the excitement in his eyes. “What I have just told you? And it’s your fault that this piercing moves like this when it sees you.” Or so the silver-haired man complains before moving his hips. Surely, Akira hadn’t expected or imagined that he needs to put in so much effort. Even so, he focuses on balancing and suppressing his voice. However, when he finally finds the right position, he widens his eyes and lets out a sudden moan. Apparently, Shiki helps his partner to be more honest about his feelings and not to hold back by thrusting. While he cannot remove his eyes from the lascivious creature in front of him who is so close completely drowning in pleasure, he makes sure that Akira won’t fall. However, even in moments like this, his precious possession never ceases to amaze him. The blue-eyed swordsman can feel how more often his prostate is rubbed along with how his insides are stirred. Hell, in this case, that arrogant man’s cock may be seen through the bulge of his stomach. More importantly, he’ll lose to his primal instincts. So, before it happens, he has to put Shiki into his place. Or so Akira decides. After he traces his hand around the piercing, the silver-haired man comments while making adorable noises ‘‘If you go any deeper than that… You may… you may pierce… me. You fool…’’. Unfortunately, Akira realizes he made a great mistake as soon as Shiki stops moving. When the dark-haired man leans on his elbows to sit up again, he commands ‘‘Hold into me.’’. Lastly, he wraps his arms around Akira and brings him closer. As the silver-haired man feels his partner’s hands slide down and hold onto his bottom, he throws his arms around Shiki’s shoulders and stares at him with a passionate gaze. Suddenly, the red-eyed swordsman is surprised when Akira gently places his palms on his cheeks and pulls him into a deep kiss. However, instead of brushing away his precious possession, he blissfully narrows his gaze and chuckles. While Akira closes his blue eyes, he can feel Shiki’s hands slide down until they grasp his bottom and move him by the hips. But for now, he allows his partner to explore every little part inside his mouth while in between catching his breath and letting out mewling noises. More importantly, he feels that soon Shiki will reach his limit too. However, for now, hearing the fellow swordsman’s purring-like noises arouses him. In the end, Akira lets out a long moan while arching his back and holding into his partner’s shoulders. Even when his vision goes white, he can still hear how Shiki fails to hold back his voice while filling Akira’s insides. Some time passes. It is already late evening, and the platinum moonlight beams illuminate the bedroom along with two peacefully resting swordsmen. In serene moments like this, even this couple is too tired for any fight and is fine with each other’s company. For now, Akira allows himself to relax by lying on top of Shiki and resting his head on his chest. More importantly, he doesn’t mind that his partner rests his arm on his back or how another hand’s fingertips are sinking in his hair and slowly ruffling them. Strangely, such attention even calms Akira down. However, all his sleepiness is gone when the dark-haired man attempts to get up. ‘‘Where are you going now? You are not allowed to leave.’’ Or so the blue-eyed assassin speaks up while wrapping his arms around his waist and giving a half-sleepy, demanding look. Yet, Shiki only cracks a smile ‘‘I’ll come back soon. You just wait here.’’. ‘‘Liar. You will leave again, and who knows if I see you ever again.’’ Or so Akira objects while clinging to the dark-haired man and pressing his head against his abs. After the brief pause, he lowers his gaze and sighs ‘‘You may die before your arm heals. So, you are not going anywhere.’’. ‘‘Then, get up and raise your head.’’ The dark-haired man briefly commands. The blue-eyed assassin has no idea what Shiki has in mind, but he trusts him enough to do what he is asked. After sitting up, he curiously stares at his partner, who removes the smaller cross ‘‘What are you?-’’. Yet, he widens his eyes when the ebony-haired man puts the silver chain around his neck. As Shiki finishes attaching it, he gives a proud and satisfied look ‘‘This should do.’’. At first, Akira is confused by this gesture, but when he grasps the given cross and studies it for a while, he lowers his head and covers his eyes with his palm. For now, he hopes that he’ll hide his embarrassed face or at least not show how countless irrational emotions overflow inside, which he doesn’t know how to handle. However, seeing how the blue-eyed assassin holds close to his heart and such innocent and naïve reactions satisfies Shiki. Lastly, he ruffles his partner’s hair, and as a graceful feline, he leaves the bed and takes one more look at Akira before heading to the bathroom.
  15. Fmkitty

    Bitter Sweet

    Title: Bitter Sweet Status: Complete Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, Smut) Summary: [This story was made as entry for November's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] After a while of receiving provoking anonymous letters, Akira hopes that he can handle this problem on his own and without involving the commander. However, the very little he knows how little it took to become something out of his hand... [First chapter published on 2022-11-19. Completed on 2023-01-11] Chapter 1. It’s another average working day for one silver-haired secretary. After Akira finishes reviewing and signing the papers, he stretches out while sitting in the chair. He opens his eyes and checks the clock on the wall to check whether his senses are correct. Not a second too late or too early, just in time before the afternoon breaks start. But he should hurry up and serve the tea and snacks for the commander. Or so Akira reminds himself as he stands up and leaves the desk side. It might be the most ordinary task, but the military secretary sees it as an important duty that no one can’t properly handle. More importantly, it’s not a simple art to brew a fine coffee or tea. So, only within time, he mastered preparing perfectly brewed coffee or tea, which can be served to the most powerful man in the country. Lastly, Akira wishes that at least during short afternoon breaks, the commander will relax. And, of course, to enjoy each other’s company. But for now, something catches his eye. How did he haven’t noticed it earlier? However, it is unusual for the commander to leave the letters for him. Why would he do it? Or so the silver-haired man wonders as he studies the blank envelope. Even if he has a bad feeling about this, he needs to know what is inside. After opening the envelope, Akira raises an eyebrow as he notices not only a letter but also a taken picture of him when he was not aware of it. Unfortunately, it isn’t as cryptic and bizarre as the letter’s content. It never does. The secretary has become paranoid that his every little movement is being observed and filmed by some freak. In this case, it becomes a part of his new routine. Despite that, it’s only barely a week of becoming this stalker’s target and receiving these unsettling letters. Perhaps, this time, it might top any previously gotten messages. For sure, it must be someone’s twisted joke. If so, someone needs to be punished for such foul and degrading language. Or so Akira thinks to himself as his insides twist, and he feels nothing but pure disgust toward that person. Apparently, someone in this piece of paper in details explains how the poor secretary is being peeled off his uniform and indulging in these shameful acts together with this anonymous person. However, he can’t force himself to reach even the second half of this letter. Yet, instead of throwing away the unwanted fan mail, Akira puts it back into the envelope and places it in the drawer along with other questionable-type letters. After all, he has more important things to do and places to be. That’s why figuring out who harasses him and taking care of it can wait a bit longer. Besides, this problem needs to be solved quietly and involving no one, including Shiki, right? Or so Akira convinces himself while hoping the commander won’t suspect anything weird. But for now, when the secretary fixes the collar of his shirt, he leaves his office. Some time passes. After receiving permission to enter inside, the silver-haired man closes the door behind him while carefully balancing the trace with a teapot and a couple of cups. As Akira politely nods, he greets the supreme rule ‘‘Sorry for making you wait, sir.’’. Lastly, he fixes his posture and approaches Shiki’s desk. Even from the first second being in the office, the blue-eyed secretary can sense the tension in the air. More so, it’s hard to tell what the commander thinks behind his calm face, which is impossible to read. Perhaps, Shiki already learned about how his subordinate cannot handle minor harassment at work. Or worse, how he cannot solve such a minor issue. What if the commander was waiting for him only to tell him that he is dismissed and no longer needed? Or so Akira wonders. Suddenly, he almost spills the hot tea on the corners by hearing Shiki’s voice ‘‘Does anybody bothers you?’’. Yet, Akira tries to keep his poker face ‘‘What do you mean by that, sir?’’. After opening his eyes, the commander replies ‘‘Not only you’ve been staying in your office for too long, but you are also too stiff.’’. ‘‘I’m pretty sure that might be in your imagination. Everything is under the control. That’s why you have no reason to worry about, sir.’’ Or so the silver-haired secretary objects after leaving the teapot on the tray. However, when he turns around and is about to leave, he instantly straightens his back and is stopped by the brief command ‘‘Sit down. Aren’t you going to join me?’’. In the end, the silver-haired man cannot disobey. Yet, this time, he prefers to avoid facing Shiki. After he lowers his gaze, he sighs ‘‘Yes... I understand.’’. Meanwhile, the commander sees something is wrong, and it annoys him how his subordinate hides something from him. But for now, he understands that beating the answers out of Akira will be useless. After a long day at the office, they finally returned to the mansion. Even after getting into bed, Akira distances himself from the commander despite being close to him. Some time passed. It is almost midnight. Suddenly, Shiki’s peaceful slumber is interrupted by weird noises and someone struggling and cannot find a rest. Despite that, he ceases his murderous intentions when he realizes who woke him up. Apparently, his subordinate mumbles something under his nose while his body twitches. More so, he turned his back to Shiki and curled into a ball. Yet, when the dark-haired man slightly touches Akira’s shoulder, he instantly catches the thrown attack. Surprisingly, his subordinate talks during his sleep ‘‘Let… let me go. I don’t want this.’’. After releasing Akira’s wrist, Shiki only observes how his subordinate hugs himself while continuing to fight his enemy in his sleep. Lastly, no matter what kind of trouble his secretary is in, he’ll mercilessly kill anyone who made him suffer like this. But for now, he brings the silver-haired man close to him and to face him. Even if Akira continues to resist his nightmare, he is aware of being moved around. Instead of waking up his poor secretary, Shiki pulls him into a hug and strokes his hair. Eventually, Akira stops to struggle, and before falling into a peaceful slumber, he rubs his cheek against the commander’s chest. Perhaps, Shiki won’t rest tonight, yet, it might be just a tiny price to monitor that his most loyal subordinate would be safe during his sleep. However, if Akira refuses to tell him what bothers him, the supreme ruler has to start a deep investigation soon. A couple of days have passed since the last time Akira received these anonymous love letters. Despite his suspicious intuition telling him something is wrong, he wants to believe that his stalker finally got bored with him and left him alone. Unfortunately, he has no idea that the trouble is only around the corner. When Akira is done with the health checkups and leaves the procedure room, he heads to his office until he is stopped by the voice behind him ‘‘Captain!’’. Apparently, it is one of the newly recruited soldiers whom Akira already knows for him being a troublemaker. “What is it?” The silver-haired secretary asks as he turns back. Soon enough, he widens his eyes as he receives a bouquet of roses and the small box of chocolates along with the announcement “Pl-please, accept it, captain!”. While Akira holds the presents and keeps his straight face, he asks “What is the meaning of this?”. After a brief pause, he narrows his gaze and adds in a suspicious tone ‘‘Wait… Aren’t you that same secret admirer who keeps sending me letters? However, even if you show yourself and admit your fault, I won’t soften your punishment or tolerate anyone going against the commander and such foul language. Explain yourself!’’. Meanwhile, the poor junior soldier is cornered and genially scared for his life. After all, he heard the rumors about captain Akira being so cold and scary, but he hasn’t expected it to be the truth. Nevertheless, he objects ‘‘Please, forgive me, sir! But I have no idea what you are talking about… All I was asked to do is to deliver these to you, sir! I didn’t mean to hurt you.’’. Yet, the blue-eyed secretary continues demanding the answers ‘‘Then, who is it?’’. ‘‘I was told not to tell anyone, including you. Because if I did, that person would be upset that I ruined his surprise for you, and you would sentence me to death with that person. I’m terribly sorry, but this is what I can say.’’ Or so the rookie explains while secretly praying for mercy. In the end, Akira sighs ‘‘I do not kill people from left to right unless you are a threat to the commander. Even if you dare to show even the slightest disrespect to him, I only punish you or anyone for what you have done. That’s all. However, you will help me if you tell me who sent you. And I promise nothing happens to you because, as your captain, it’s my duty to keep my squad under my protection.’’. When the military secretary asks him in such a way and even shows faith in him, there is impossible to decline such a request. After taking a deep breath, the junior soldier confesses ‘‘I-I understand… Then, I suggest you talk with lieutenant Marude, sir. So, can I go now, please?’’. ‘‘Yeah, you are dismissed. But before that, can you do me one more favor?’’ Or so Akira asks. ‘‘Can you take leave it in the nurse’s office? If anyone wonders what for, you can tell them that these are from me.’’ He adds as he returns the received gifts. Yet, as the secretary feels the small box is slipped into his uniform’s jacket, the soldier explains ‘‘Um, the lieutenant also mentioned that he wanted to give it to the commander. But he also told me you are the only person allowed to enter the commander’s office. So…’’. ‘‘Fine. You can tell him that I already did it. If you have nothing else to say, you are dismissed.’’ Or so Akira replies. Lastly, the rookie nods with natural excitement and admiration towards his captain before rushing ‘‘Y-yes!’’. After his subordinate leaves, Akira feels slightly relieved as he gets ridden of the burden. However, he knows that there is something wrong with these chocolates. Therefore, he has to test them by himself before delivering them to Shiki. Meanwhile, he hasn’t even the slightest idea that the commander kept an eye on him as a panther who is ready to tackle his next target. Just as the blue-eyed secretary reaches his office’s door, he is startled as someone hugs him from behind. Soon enough, he recognizes to who belong these arms and whose head rests on his shoulder. ‘‘Commander, what are you-?’’ Akira asks before his voice is cut by Shiki covering his eyes with his palm and assaulting his neck by sucking it and licking it. After the military secretary’s failed attempt to push the dark-haired man away while being in his embrace, all he can do is speak up in a shivery voice ‘‘Sir… You can’t do this… We’re in public. There is no time for that. What if anyone sees you?’’. ‘‘And so? I don’t see any problem.’’ Or so Shiki backfires as he lifts his gaze. Instead of allowing the commander to ruin his image, Akira closes his eyes and pushes him away ‘‘But I do!’’. After realizing what he has done, all he can do is widen his eyes and deeply breathe while rubbing the teased spot. When the supreme ruler cracks a smile, he takes a step closer to his subordinate ‘‘If that is so? When did you learn to talk back? Perhaps, I should discipline you once I kill that arrogant boy.’’. Suddenly, Akira realizes Shiki has noticed him talking with the rookie soldier from earlier. Therefore, he must let him know that it’s nothing but a misunderstanding and that there is no reason for the commander to be upset. As he directly stares with his big blue determined eyes, he defends himself ‘‘I assume you saw that one of my squad members delivered me the flowers. However, let me tell you one thing. I’ll take nothing from strangers or what I didn’t ask for. That’s why I did what I was supposed to do, and I returned it.’’. After placing the silver-haired secretary places his hand on his chest and grasps it, he continues ‘‘I remind you as many times as needed - I’ll rather chew on the dry bone given by the beloved hand than eat a juicy steak from the enemy. Besides, nothing will replace or be close to your kindness or anything else you have done for me… I could never repay for it, no matter how many lives it will take.’’. This honest confession sparkles the excitement in Shiki’s red eyes and satisfies him. Yet, while he has a chance, he teases his subordinate ‘‘Hmph. Then, strip and place your hands on the wall.’’. Not only does Akira feel the heat in his cheeks, but he also grids his teeth while giving an indignant look ‘‘Please, take it more seriously! I… I’m pouring you what I think and feel, and you…’’. Lastly, he shakily raises his hand and is about to slap the commander. Despite that, Shiki remains calm. Even just a second before the impact, Akira’s hand freezes, and he closes his eyes. After a brief pause, he lowers his shoulders and shakily opens his eyes ‘‘I will understand if you want to punish me for that, sir. But, consider this. What could happen to you if you lower your guard and show your weaknesses?’’. Suddenly, the supreme ruler pulls his secretary’s hand and brings him closer. After wrapping his arm around the waist, he presses his lips against his subordinate’s and pulls him into a deep kiss. Akira instantly widens his eyes, but soon he blissfully closes them. After a while, he is dumbfounded and feels like a drunk when Shiki withdraws his face. As the dark-haired man holds his subordinate’s chin, he delightfully looks at him ‘‘What is it?~ It’s your fault for revealing yourself like this. So, I needed to remind you that.’’. Suddenly, the silver-haired man is instantly released from the spell when the commander takes something from his pocket and comments ‘‘Not accepting anything from anyone else hand… Are lying to me with such a straight face?’’. Yet, Akira quickly explains ‘‘He told me that he was asked by lieutenant Marude to give it to you, sir. By no means I intended to eat it alone. However, I wanted to check it wasn’t poisoned before giving it to you. That’s why, if I won’t return in a half hour at the latest... You can assume that someone attempted to murder you. ’’. Meanwhile, Shiki narrows his gaze without saying a word. Yet, he is surprised when his subordinate takes his hand in his. Even when he gently holds his hand, Akira softens his gaze “Please, have faith in me, sir! I promise, I return to you as always.”. From that gaze alone, the commander can sense that his subordinate has no ill intentions and is not trying to deceive him. Despite his urge to throw away these chocolates and embrace his secretary, he handles them back. For now, he has to play along with Akira’s rules, or at least until he closes his office door, and wait as long as it takes. After entering inside, Akira notices another envelope lying on his desk. Perhaps, it’s another letter from the mysterious person. But for now, it can wait. After all, there is a more important task to deal with right now. Even if he doesn’t trust what is inside the box, he convinces himself that it’s for the commander’s sake. After untying the ribbon and opening the lid, he notices that these chocolate candies are no different in their look and scent from any other. Yet, the secretary doesn’t hesitate and picks a random piece. By there is nothing significant about these candies. It tastes like average dark chocolate with the liquid filling, which leaves the cheap alcohol’s after-taste. In the end, it was a false alert. The worst thing about these chocolates is their poor taste. Although, Akira has to keep the promise and deliver them to the commander. As the silver-haired man puts back the lid, he feels how slowly his temperature is rising and how his head feels filled with cotton. What if he caught a cold? In any case, he should be fine. He has to. Otherwise, he would disappoint Shiki. Or so Akira convinces himself. After he places the neatly packed box of chocolates, he shivers while his entire body feels set on fire. While the poor secretary barely walks to the nearest wall to lean, he shakily grasps his chest and feverishly breathes ‘‘Shit… That’s not good. I need to warn the commander!’’. Unfortunately, his own body finally betrays him. Suddenly, he loses control of it and falls like a rag doll on the ground. More importantly, the more he struggles to get up or move, the worse his condition gets. Lastly, along with the unbearable heat, his body becomes too sensitive to even the slightest touch. In the end, Akira fails to curl into a ball and waits for his pathetic end by a mere fever while hoping that his dead body would warn the commander that someone attempted to murder him. But for now, every second feels like an eternity until his life thread will be cut. Meanwhile, the sound of someone collapsing on the ground is enough to tell that Shiki shouldn’t have left Akira alone. When he slams the door and storms in, he is alerted by seeing his subordinate suffering. Fortunately, his instincts act fast. After kneeling in front of his secretary, he places his arms under Akira’s armpits and is about to stand up with him. Yet, the secretary’s sudden moan almost makes him drop his subordinate, who eventually slips through his arms. For now, all Akira can do is half sit while he leans on his hands and stares at the commander with a flustered yet demanding gaze and feverishly breathing ‘‘There is something wrong with the candies, sir… Someone may have poisoned them. I’m sorry to ask you, but could you drop me into a cold shower? I cannot waste the time recovering in the nurse’s office because someone attempts to kill you.’’. As Shiki observes the shivering secretary, he removes his uniform jacket ‘‘Hmph. Is this your only concern? You’re going with me.’’. Lastly, when he throws the jacket on his subordinate and gets close to him, the commander picks him in his arms and stands up. While Akira clings to him and buries his face into his chest to surpass his voice, Shiki leaves the office. But for now, taking care of his loyal subordinate is a more important task, and investing in the secretary’s office and finding the culprit can wait. Even if some officers on his way stare at him, Shiki gives them a brief command to bring the same lieutenant, who took advantage of Akira’s devotion and naiveness, into the interrogation room and lock him until further notice. Some time passed. Finally, when the commander reaches the bedroom, he lies his subordinate down and sits next to him. It seems that a mere drug corrupted the most reserved and strict secretary’s body and mind and turned him into nothing more than a slave of pleasure. Even these blue eyes beg for any touch to be relieved. When the supreme ruler is about to place his palm on his subordinate’s chest, he is stopped by the amorous voice ‘‘There are more important things than this. The person who tried to poison you is still roaming free. I… We need to capture him first.’’. Yet, Shiki is busy unbuttoning Akira’s jacket. As he removes the unnecessary piece of clothing, he comments ‘‘Are you telling me what to do? Raise your hands.’’. Meanwhile, the silver-haired man follows the orders and lowers his blushing gaze. He doesn’t question the commander and allows him to pin his hands. After all, if this is what Shiki wants to do before he perishes, he’ll give his best and cherish his last moments with his most important person. Lastly, Akira fixates his gaze on the commander, who removes his tie, and with one sudden move opens his shirt. When Shiki holds his partner’s chin and with the thumb parts his lips, he leans closer to him. Suddenly, Akira turns his face away ‘‘You can’t do this, sir!’’. After a brief pause, he returns his gaze and notices the irritated commander while defending himself ‘‘I don’t want you to swallow the poison.’’. In the end, the dark-haired man’s eyes sparkle with excitement, and he shuts up the secretary by pulling him into a deep kiss. At the moment, even such a simple thing sends electricity down Akira’s spine, and he easily submits to such a pleasant sensation. After blissfully closing his eyes, he allows Shiki inside. If his wrists weren’t restrained, he would wrap his arms around the commander while drowning in ecstasy. Yet, he isn’t sure why he is so unusually oversensitive just by Shiki exploring every little part inside him. The blue-eyed secretary is concerned that he is selfishly enjoying himself and might climax only by kissing. Unfortunately, his primal instincts take over his mind, and he lets out soft moans in between, catching his breath. It doesn’t help that now he can feel through his uniform pants how Shiki rubs his groan. Despite his weak struggle to stop his partner, he cannot hold any longer and climaxes. Soon enough, the commander with-draws his face and delightfully observes the amorous creature in front of him. Even so, when he unbuckles his subordinate’s belt and removes it, he ties up his hands around the bed frame. At this point, it isn’t necessary because his secretary won’t resist and run away. On the other hand, it’s only for disciplinary purposes. Lastly, the supreme ruler removes the bothering pants and underwear. After climbing on top of Akira, Shiki leans close to whisper in his ear ‘‘Hmph. You are still hard? Good. But you can’t pass out yet. You still need to be reminded to whom you belong~’’. Perhaps, the commander’s voice barely reaches the secretary, who is still on cloud nine. But after feeling how the ebony-haired man sucks on his neck, Akira suddenly gasps. More so, it doesn’t help that while Shiki marks his neck and licks it, his hand traces down from his neck to the chest. If Akira had the strength or will to resist, he would brush away the hungry commander. Yet, he can’t understand why his partner needs to mark someone who will die soon. Hell, all this time when Shiki leaves the bite marks and spots on his neck and around the collarbone, the drunken secretary only lets out shivery sighs and sweet moans with cries. Even as he nibs his subordinate’s chest, he cannot fully enjoy those lovely sounds. The thought that someone wanted to snatch Akira from him and mess with him infuriates him and makes him grasp the cross resting on his chest. Meanwhile, when their eyes meet up, all Akira can do is blush harder and close his eyes after seeing such a possessive gaze. Lastly, the commander’s fingertips trace down below the belly. After grasping his subordinate’s weeping arousal, he begins stroking it. Suddenly, the secretary opens his eyes when he feels a couple of familiar fingers inside his mouth. With no second thought, he knows what he needs to do. Yet, when Shiki pleasures him, it’s difficult for him to focus on such a simple task. Despite that, he wants to accomplish his last duty. Meanwhile, the dark-haired man is satisfied by seeing how his loyal secretary licks his fingers while giving him a lewd and adoring look. Besides, it is one of those rare occasions when he can enjoy seeing Akira being honest about his needs and showing the side that no one is allowed to dream of. Just when Shiki tightens his grasp around his subordinate’s dick and fastens his hand movement, his partner again climaxes. Lastly, he observes how the silver-haired man fixates his dizzy empty gaze on nothing while catching his breath and being covered in his own hot mess. More importantly, Akira’s body is begging for attention. How strong the drug was that it could turn his secretary into such a sensitive yet gluttonous creature? Whoever poisoned Akira knew what they were going for. However, now he must do anything in his power to release his subordinate from the curse of this awful drug. Even if he might break his precious secretary’s mind. Or so the commander decides. After untying the belt, he releases his secretary from the restraint. Yet, Akira lets out a sudden gasp as he feels how Shiki makes him lie on his stomach and lifts his hips into the air. Even if it is an embarrassing position, he impatiently waits for something to fill his insides. When he turns his lustful and demanding gaze to the supreme ruler, he asks in a sweet tone ‘‘Sir… Please. I don’t know how long I can last before I’ll die. That’s why… Please, put it in.’’. Meanwhile, Shiki loosens his tie and unbuttons his shirt while giving a teasing look ‘‘Have you already forgotten my name?’’. After he rests his palm on his secretary’s lower back, and with the other one inserts his fingers inside Akira, he adds ‘‘It can’t be helped… I need you to help to remember it.’’. Even if his subordinate barely holdbacks his voice while Shiki messes with his ring muscle, he demands ‘‘That is not enough… So, please, cut it out and do it already!’’. Yet, the dark-haired man cracks a smile while purposely hitting missing his secretary’s special spot and watching how his partner gives such a frustrated look and letting groaning noises. Besides, if this is the only way to get what he wants, then so be it. ‘‘Sir, take this more seriously. What if I may die before making you feel good?’’ Or so, adds Akira when time from time Shiki rubs his prostate. Lastly, he lowers his gaze ‘‘Shiki…’’. For sure, hearing his own name is enough to move the supreme ruler and spark excitement in his eyes. That’s why he decides to reward the secretary by continuously hitting his special spot. Meanwhile, Akira buries his face in the pillow to suppress his voice and can feel his knees going weak. In this case, he might break if he comes one more time. So, he gives his best to endure at least the preparation part. After a while, he feels the commander removing his fingers from him. However, soon enough, something big and hotter instantly penetrates him. Suddenly, the secretary widens his eyes and gasps as he finishes again. But before Shiki starts to move, he takes Akira’s wrists and pulls his hands from behind ‘‘What is it? If want to come, come. However, for each time you’ll have to make it up~’’. And with these words, the dark-haired man slowly penetrates his partner. As he roughly moves, he remarks ‘‘Despite how many times you finished, you are still tight. Are you that desperate for me? Or anyone will do for you?’’. For sure, such a comment shocks the blue-eyed secretary. Nevertheless, while the cross on his neck swings like a mad and hits his chest, he gives the best answer he can ‘‘I… My body and heart… All… All of it… All, belong to you. I’ll… I’ll rather die than… betray you.’’. In the end, he couldn’t finish his speech, which is cut by his own moans and cries. Akira can swear that if Shiki keeps such a fast and deep rhythm, he will even reach and hit his belly piercing. But for now, the commander stops moving and releases his hands. What if his words aren’t enough, and now he’ll be left alone? Or so this is what the silver-haired man is concerned. As he leans on his elbows, he can sense how Shiki exposes his shoulders and presses his chest against Akira’s back. After the dark-haired man starts moving again, he bites into his partner’s shoulder. For sure, it makes the secretary arch his back and shivery gasp. Even at a moment like this, this kind of pain turns Akira on. However, as soon as the first blood shows up, the commander licks the left wound, which only deeper drowns his subordinate in pleasure. Soon enough, Akira can feel how Shiki stretches his insides even more. Perhaps, that is the commander’s response. Or maybe he’ll reach his limit soon. Yet, it doesn’t matter anymore. All the secretary knows is that he is glad he could satisfy Shiki at least once. After the dark-haired man fastens his movement and lets out a silent groan, he pulls his partner into a deep kiss and closes his crimson eyes. Lastly, Akira feels how Shiki finally fills him with hot semen and is still pulsing inside him. Even if his partner lies on top of him, the secretary understands that this is only the beginning. But it’s fine. As long as his most important person is satisfied, losing his mind in the process would be just a small price. Besides, the military secretary trusts the commander enough to let him be his eyes or lead him. For now, Akira gives an adoring gaze while reaching out to Shiki’s hair and gently stroking it before the second round begins. Some time passes. After a few more rounds Shiki is satisfied, and the drug’s effect, which made his precious secretary suffer, is finally worn out and left his body. Or so the commander assumes as he watches over the peacefully resting Akira. However, no matter how much he doesn’t want to get up, he has to get up and wash his partner and himself, too. Otherwise, he won’t be so happy to lie in the mess. After lazily sitting up, Shiki brushes his hair away and is about to get up. But he turns his head when he hears a painful groaning. When he places his palm on Akira’s forehead, he wonders whether someone is having a nightmare. Suddenly, the silver-haired man opens his eyes, and while he covers his mouth, he turns to another side to throw out. Whether it’s the drug’s side effect, Shiki refuses to sit and do nothing. After he makes sure that Akira won’t choke, he has to wait until his partner’s nausea ceases. That’s why in the meantime, the dark-haired man quickly searches for something for Akira. Eventually, the secretary stops throwing up and trembles like a leaf. Yet, he widens his eyes after he feels how his shoulders are wrapped in the long shirt. For now, he turns his head and speaks up in a quiet, shaky voice ‘‘S-Sir?… What are you?…’’. ‘‘Dress up, and let’s go.’’ Or so Shiki briefly replies. As he puts on the given shirt, he asks ‘‘Where?’’. Instead of wasting any time on useless talk, the crimson-eyed man puts on the bathrobe and helps Akira stand up while supporting him. While Shiki walks the sick secretary, he replies with slight irritation ‘‘To the bathroom. You need to be cleaned. Any objections?’’. Yet, Akira only closes his eyes and shakes his head while leaning closer to the commander. In the end, Shiki calls the maids to tidy the bedroom and get clean clothes for his secretary. After washing the blue-eyed secretary and himself and coming back together to the bedroom, Shiki helps his partner change into the clean pajama, even if Akira wanted to do it by himself. When both get into a bed, the commander stays by his precious subordinate’s side until he falls asleep and makes sure that nothing happens to him - not during his sleep or when he awakes. For tonight, the supreme ruler decides to sacrifice his rest to watch over and take care of Akira. Meanwhile, tomorrow’s problems will be left for tomorrow. It is the beginning of the next day. Surprisingly, Shiki is the one who wakes up first while his secretary is tightly sleeping. However, instead of disturbing his rest, he allows Akira to sleep and recover as long as he needs. After he carefully gets up, he leaves the bedroom. Besides, today he has important work to do as taking down one human trash. Some time passes. When Shiki enters his subordinate’s office, he notices that on the desk with the left chocolates, there is an unopened envelope. Without any second, the military tyrant checks the letter and starts reading it. However, just a couple of sentences are enough to infuriate him. Instead of shredding the piece of paper, which describes how someone is excited to finally meet Akira and turn him into a personal toy after giving the presents, Shiki throws it away and investigates his secretary’s office. Thankfully, for Akira’s habit of being organized and sorting every single paper, he doesn’t need to destroy the entire room. And thus, in the lower drawer, he founds a pile of blank envelopes and on top a small note in his secretary’s writing saying ‘for deeper investigation and finding the clues ’. At this point, Shiki isn’t sure whether he should thank his secretary for saving his time or be mad that behind his back Akira is getting abused and silently enduring it. However, the more he reads these anonymous letters and even notices various pictures of his subordinate, the more he feels how his blood boils and how his hands are itching to beat the living shit out of that person before killing him. Although, if he gets blinded by pure rage, he’ll never find the culprit. Therefore, he has to study the letters. Fortunately, he notices that these were written by the same person. After comparing the latest letter with the older ones, Shiki realizes it is from the same person. ‘‘So, you finally revealed yourself, you filthy swine… You wrote for yourself a death sentence.’’ Or so the supreme ruler growls and grids his teeth as he ruffles and tosses the most recent abomination. As the commander’s eyes burn with fury, he storms out of the office and heads toward the interrogation room. Anyone who notices the supreme ruler roaming with his revealed blade to his destination place moves out of his way while fearing for their lives. Even one wrong gaze at the commander can cost someone’s life. When Shiki reaches the interrogation room, he orders the guards to spread a message to prepare the stage for the public execution, then, a small bottomless cage, a surgeon, and rats while he’ll takes care of the traitor. After all, when rats are in danger, they will eat their way out. It is the next day, and as with any afternoon break, Akira shows up at the same exact time in the commander’s office while carrying the plate with brewed tea and snacks. After entering inside, the secretary greets Shiki and pours a cup of aromatic tea for him and himself. ‘‘You seem to get well in no time.’’ Or so the commander remarks when his secretary sits next to him. While the silver-haired man holds the cup, he replies in a confident tone ‘‘Everything is thanks for your care and attention. No words or actions could show you enough how I’m grateful for that, and I will be never able to repay for your kindness, sir.’’. ‘‘Then, answer me this - are you familiar with what drugs are aphrodisiacs?’’ Shiki asks. For sure, such a question almost makes the silver-haired man choke ‘‘I beg your pardon, sir. Why are you asking this?’’. Yet, Shiki briefly backfires ‘‘I asked - yes or no?’’. As the secretary grasps his own thigh, he tries to reply as formally as possible ‘‘Y-yes, I heard it is an effective way of getting the answers or breaking someone’s will. But I haven’t used this torture method. Is there anyone who needs to be interrogated by using that, sir?’’. No matter how much Akira doesn’t wish that the commander would ask him to use such drastic measures, he prefers to avoid using it, but he feels he is not in a position to object. On the other hand, he wants to believe that Shiki is not that kind of person and that he will never use a drug to get what he wants. Meanwhile, the supreme ruler can see through Akira’s poker face that he is uncomfortable and that the cup in his hand trembles. That’s why, instead of stressing out his subordinate, he gets straight to the point ‘‘Relax. I there is no need for that.’’. As he notices how the secretary lets out a silent relieved sigh, he continues ‘‘Yesterday I sent to the laboratory your received candies. Today, I received a report that they were filled with a powerful aphrodisiac.’’. After a short pause, he adds ‘‘The same person who wrote you these letters attempted to drug you, Akira.’’ For sure, the poor secretary realizes he made a terrible mistake and that he is screwed. Only the sound of shattered porcelain returns Akira to his senses and he is about to stand up “I.. I’m terribly sorry, sir. Let me clean it-“. Yet, he immediately feels the commander’s hand on his shoulder and put down by his voice “Sit. And leave it here.”. After Shiki gets his subordinate’s attention, he continues to explain “I’ve already captured and executed that arrogant bastard. Let that pathetic corpse eaten by rats be a warning to anyone who tries to lay a finger on you.”. After exhaling, Shiki comments “However, I’m disappointed that someone dares to take away you from behind my back. More so, I may learn that when it’s too late. Do you not trust me that much, Akira?”. One thing is for sure, hearing these words is as sharp and painful as the countless blades constantly penetrating his chest. Akira knows defending himself will be useless. Yet, no matter how the words stuck inside his throat, he confesses “You are wrong, sir! I... I never have doubted you or questioned your decisions! However, I didn’t want to upset and bother you with my problems. After all, it’s not an actual harm because it’s only words! Besides, I didn’t want to disappoint and embarrass you by not being able to handle such a small but shameful problem.”. That’s it! This is the last drop of the supreme ruler. When he closes his eyes and stands up, he sends a harsh slap across Akira’s face. The poor secretary dumbfounded stares at Shiki while touching his stinging cheek. Even from that glaring alone, he can tell that he upset the commander while all he did was tell what he thinks is the truth. Meanwhile, the commander prompts his subordinate ‘‘You do not understand it yet… Fine. Clean this up and come with me.’’. However, Akira doesn’t question Shiki’s orders and follows them as usual without being aware of what awaits him.
  16. Fmkitty

    More Than A Night

    Title: More Than A Night Status: Complete Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, Smut) Summary: [This story was made as entry for October's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This one-shot is set after the Cat and Mouse ending aka Shiki's ED2 (the PSP/PS2 version)] Day after a day, the blue-eyed assassin fed up with monotonic work. Yet, the very little he expects that soon his gray routine will be sparkled by the encounter of one red-eyed man when they finally settle down their business. Although, something might change during this rainy night... [Originally written on 2022-10-15] Another day, another slain prey and satisfied customer. There was no attachment or contracts in this kind of job. Only a few unwritten rules like - if you will get caught, it’s your fault. That’s why you must be always cautious and have eyes on the back of your head, even being prepared to terminate your client to keep a secret. Therefore, confidentiality and stealth - are the key traits that are required in a certain silver-haired man’s job as an assassin. However, for him, it’s just another work that can be perfected in a matter of time and become too monotonic because of instantly cutting the living meat. Besides, there was no thrill or excitement in taking away another life. Most of his victims are shivering in terror or begging to be spared during their final moments. But for now, Akira puts his target’s head into the freezer box and takes his leave. Once he delivers the personally requested limb as proof that he successfully accomplished the task, he can live on such a generous amount of money for a long time. Yet, the very little he expects that soon his gray routine will be sparkled by the encounter of one red-eyed man when they finally settle down their business. It’s a cloudy night, and the platinum moonlight illuminates the city’s empty streets. However, even during a serene night, Akira senses in the air that something is wrong. If that would be just a random crackhead stalking him, he can easily get rid of it. Yet, it’s like a strange feeling of the intimidating and familiar presence following him. Someone like a dangerous feline who lurks in the shadow, waiting for one wrong movement. On the other hand, it can be a pressure before the weather change. Besides, when Akira looks into the sky, he doesn’t like how dark clouds are gathering in one place. In any case, the blue-eyed assassin knows he needs to find a temporal roof under his head fast if he doesn’t want to get soaked and catch a cold. More importantly, to rest before moving on. As time passes on by wandering in the empty streets, the silver-haired man stops. However, not because of the singly drops landing on his head. After Akira spots a certain person wearing a long coat, he realizes that someone already has other plans for him tonight. ‘Of all people, it has to be you to run into…’ The silver-haired assassin thinks to himself as he takes the trustworthy sword into his hand and reveals the blade. Of course, it would be a boring and too-easy victory if he back-stabs his opponent, who doesn’t turn back. Besides, it might be Shiki’s set trap for him. Therefore, he needs to make the first move. Or so Akira convinces himself. Suddenly, he gets alerted, yet keeps a straight back by hearing the familiar voice ‘‘Did you want to see that badly that you followed me?’’. As the red-eyed man turns back, Akira gets into the defensive stance and is ready to counterattack any strike. Yet, Shiki keeps a calm look on his face and observes. The silver-haired assassin extends his gloved arm and points the tip of the blade at the dark-haired man’s throat ‘‘It’s just happened that you are at the wrong time and place. But you are here not to talk, right? This time you will fall under my blade!’’. While Shiki’s eyes sparkle with excitement, he cracks a smile ‘‘Hmph. Then, let’s get to the business!’’. Lastly, as the rain intensifies, Akira strikes first, and their fight begins. Even if the heavy raindrops absorb every sound around this area, they don’t silence the clashing blades. The time and their surroundings cease to exist for this couple. And something like the rain doesn’t get in the way. Besides, it’s been a while since the last time they met. More so, they can finally fight as equals. There is no need to hold back or be disappointed that one had fallen too fast. Even if any of these swordsmen simply wished to kill each other, it won’t be an issue to aim into the heart or cut the head off. However, if one of them perishes by the fatal strike, another will drag himself together into the netherworld. Even someone stubborn as Akira understands that if Shiki dies, his spirit will be taken away from him. All his life is built by motivation, and the will to live for this man will be crushed. On the other hand, the silver-haired assassin’s pride won’t admit that he may care about Shiki more than his opponent. He won’t forgive anyone who will take down the dark-haired man and dim the light in these crimson eyes. Or so Akira convinces himself. Yet, he isn’t sure whether such a fearsome fellow as Shiki has the same in mind. What if Akira perishes first? The fellow swordsman won’t waste time on unnecessary sentiments and will find a better replacement in no time, right? After all, he just toys around with his victims before finishing them - no more, no less than that. Or so the blue-eyed killer thinks to himself. Therefore, before this moment come, Akira is determined to become strong and live for Shiki and to show him he should focus on him only while ready to punish anyone who dares to interface. He even picked a matching outfit for himself to be like him and feel equal. Even the moments like this are a gift from above and need to be cherished for as long as possible. Who knows when will be another time, if it will be another chance? But for now, Shiki can sense that something is holding back his opponent. In that case, he has to beat the answers in the only way he knows. After blocking and dodging for a while, the red-eyed man aims at the chest ‘‘You should only focus on your enemy!’’ As Akira’s blade successfully blocks the slashing attack, he fixates his eyes on Shiki, and backfires ‘‘You won’t tell me what to do!’’. Soon enough, the blue-eyed assassin charges at full speed. Unfortunately, not only his attack is avoided, but he nearly slips. Even though Akira’s reaction is quick, his opponent’s blade touches his upper arm. As the warm red liquid runs down his arm, the silver-haired man is not happy that his dominant arm is hurt. Despite that, he feels no need to waste time caring about this limb. Meanwhile, Shiki enjoys observing these blazing eyes while easily avoiding the slower attack. However, he can already see that Akira won’t last long. ‘And so much from the someone who was too dangerous to be left alive… What a bunch of lies.’ The red-eyed man exhales as he places the katana into the shed and strikes at his target’s guts. One sudden hit and the silver-haired man falls on his knees while covering his stomach and letting out a painful groan. While heavy rain showers the fallen swordsman, he lowers his head and wonders if this is how it will end. Why during his darkest and most pathetic moments this man and the rain have to be by his side? Perhaps, this time instead of being left alive and allowing the rain to cleanse him from all the doubts and pain, his life will be taken away by the same hands which once saved him and gave him a new purpose not to exist but to live. However, is he nothing but a mouse in this arrogant feline’s paws? Perhaps, so. Or so Akira wonders as he cracks a fake smile. When Shiki is close to his prey, he leans closer and roughly holds Akira’s chin while making him face him. The silver-haired killer’s body and lips are trembling. Yet, it’s not from the fear but only from soaking wet in the cold. The stubborn look in his deep blue eyes alone tells that if anyone comes close to him, they will sink and perish in them. While Shiki enjoys the view in front of him, his hand slides down and grasps his throat. Suddenly, he feels how Akira’s trembling hand holds his wrist while another holds it into his shoulder. ‘‘Not yet… Kill me, and I’ll take you together even to the depths of hell… None of us will leave alive, nor will one be left dead.’’ Or so the blue-eyed assassin speaks ups with his trembling lips. ‘‘If that is so? So, you already know what awaits you ahead?’’ The dark-haired man smirks. After he places his hand on the shoulder, he adds ‘‘Then... Rest well!’’. Lastly, Akira widens his eyes as he receives a punch in the stomach and passes out. In the end, Shiki throws his opponent’s arm over his shoulder and stands up together ‘‘You’ll be thanking me once it’s over~’’. And thus, the dark killer and his target disappear in the rain. While he is looking for a better place to stay. Some time passes. Finally, the silver-haired assassin wakes up. After sitting up, Akira checks on himself and notices that he is lying under the dry and clean sheets and that someone has treated the cut on his upper arm. More so, his long gloves, coat, and, most importantly, his sword are missing. When he realizes who has done it, he silently growls and frowns. After throwing the blanket, he closes his eyes and sighs - at least his pants and turtle-neck t-shirt are on and zipped more closely than usual. Yet, when his fingertips touch the double leather choker around his neck, he can feel it is tighter. ‘‘What the hell did that bastard do to me?’’ Akira murmurs but receives no answers, only hearing how rapidly the raindrops tap the window next to him. Perhaps he is imprisoned by Shiki in this old apartment. Although, he cannot understand why. Why did he bring him into a decent apartment with decent light and possibly running water? Is it only to mess with him around before killing him? On the other hand, why would he go through all this trouble by carrying him into the bedroom and treating his wound if he wanted him dead? Or so the silver-haired man wonders as he places a hand on his head. Suddenly, he gets alerted by the sound of the door creaking ‘‘Show yourself!’’. Speaking of which, when he sees the familiar person leaning against the door frame and crossing his arms, he adds ‘‘What a hell are you doing here, and what have you done to me? I’ll make you pay for this!’’. From his outfit alone and not carrying his weapon, Akira can see that someone already feels at home. When the red-eyed man gracefully springs up and approaches him like a feline, he gives a smug look ‘‘Is this how you thank someone who took care of you?’’. Even if Shiki sits close to him on the bed, the blue-eyed assassin doesn’t fall for this man’s provocation and backfires ‘‘Did I ask you to do it? You should kill me while you could, but keep missing your chance. I’m sure you’ll find a better replacement and a practice in no time. After all, I am, like anyone else, are time-killer for you.’’. Instead of answering, the dark-haired man only narrows his gaze. Lastly, he replies ‘‘You have too much free time to waste it on nonsense.’’. Finally, Akira had enough of this man and sends a harsh slap to him. Yet, Shiki’s reaction is faster, and he catches his wrist ‘‘So, do you prefer to be treated as a low animal that only understands the violence?’’. While directly staring at the silver-haired man with a calm face, he grasps the wrist tighter ‘‘Be careful about whom you are raising your hand. Understand?’’. Suddenly, Akira withdraws his held wrist ‘‘Fuck you!’’. As he keeps his arm close to himself, he deeply breathes and observes with widened eyes. Strangely, he feels like he did something he wasn’t supposed to. After an intense pause between them, Shiki closes his eyes, and after fixing his hair, he breaks the silence ‘‘Is this what you want? However, you will need to beg for it.’’. While the red-eyed killer fixates his gaze on the couple of collars on Akira’s neck, he gives a smug look ‘‘You are a dog, after all. Isn’t it why you wear one?’’. No matter how the silver-haired man desires to jump on his opponent and choke him, he resists this urge. He understands that a worse fate than death awaits him if he tries this man’s patience. Therefore, Akira shakily lowers his stiff shoulders and explains ‘‘It keeps reminding me I should focus on my only goal and not chase anyone else. Until that moment, I cannot remove it or allow anyone to interface between us.’’. For sure, it sparkles Shiki’s even deeper interest in the assassin in front of him. The crimson-eyed man asks ‘‘How will you do it if you hesitate? Or are you truly want to achieve your goal?’’. After a moment, he changes the subject ‘‘You owe me a lot.’’. Such a statement surprises Akira, who only dumbfounded stares and raises an eyebrow ‘‘Huh? What are you talking about?’’. With no second to waste, Shiki lists in an indifferent tone ‘‘The first aid kit, dry clothing, food, water - All of it was paid from my pocket.’’. Akira only cracks a smile ‘‘That’s it? It’s your fault for wasting it, not mine. But I don’t want to be in any debt before getting you. So, I will pay you. Just how much do you need?’’. However, the ebony-haired man curves a suggestive smile ‘‘Do you know you were supposed to be my next target?’’. Despite that, the silver-haired assassin keeps a poker face ‘‘And? You don’t need this as an excuse to finish me.’’. When Shiki closes his eyes, he briefly explains ‘‘My previous client offered a huge bounty for your head. So, I cut his head instead.’’. ‘‘Do you wish me to compensate for your loss? Is that what you are saying? How much?’’ Akira asks in a confident tone. When the Shiki leans close to him, Akira realizes he is screwed. For now, all he can do is back off until his back hits the wall. He widens his eyes and swallows the saliva while hearing his heartbeat ringing in his head. Lastly, the crimson-eyed man holds Akira’s chin without removing his eyes from him and declares in almost a purring voice ‘‘I don’t care about the money. However, I will allow you to pay with your body. Show me it was worth killing.’’. As the bedsheet rustles, the silver-haired killer turns his head away ‘‘Stop joking around like that!’’. After nervously exhaling, he adds ‘‘If you have nothing else to say, I’m leaving.’’. Just when he turns away and is about to stand up… Shiki pushes him against the wall and presses his hand on the bed ‘‘Sit. You are not going anywhere until I say so.’’. Akira only lowers his gaze and finally admits that no matter how many times he runs away, he will be dragged back. Perhaps, almost like a cat allows its prey to struggle before bringing it back with its claw and playing with it. Despite that, he is determined to keep his pride and endure the pain and humiliation. Besides, it will only fuel his desire to defeat this man and make him go through worse suffering than him. For now, the crimson-eyed man places his hand on his partner’s belly and slides it up to the chest. As Shiki brushes from his well-built abs and chest, Akira bites his lower lip as hard as he can until he feels the taste of iron in his mouth and shakily exhales. However, he won’t let that arrogant man enjoy his struggle. Even if Shiki strokes his neck, Akira stares at him with deep blue impatient eyes and speaks up ‘‘Stop messing around and get down to the business. Once we’re done, I won’t need to deal with you again.’’. When the dark-haired man grabs him by the collar, he brings him close to his face ‘‘Who let you decide what your owner should do?’’. Every second feels like an eternity, and it’s a matter of time until he suffocates. Therefore, he needs to play along with this sadistic man’s rules. As Akira desperately catches the air, he grimaces in pain ‘‘Do… as you please… As long… As long as you… are satisfied... I don’t care…’’. After Shiki’s fingers masterly undo a couple of collars, he releases the silver-haired man from the strangling grasp. As he observes how Akira presses his hand against his bloating chest and greedily savors each gulp of air, he demands ‘‘Give me your hands.’’. ‘‘What are you planning now?’’ Or so, the silver-haired killer asks when he shows his wrists. Instead of answering, his partner pushes him on the back and pins his hands above his head. As his hand clenches Akira’s wrists, he moves another hand down on the belt. One thing is for sure, Shiki is entertained by seeing new and rare reactions while he unbuckles the leather belt. Once he removes it, he addresses the blue-eyed assassin, who gives him a sour, yet slightly blushing look ‘‘Stay still.’’. While Shiki is busy tying the hands to the bed frame, Akira turns his head and complains ‘‘As if you would give any other choice…’’. As soon as he finishes the current task, he leaves the bedside. When Akira turns his head, he asks ‘‘Where are you going? Don’t tell me that you’re going to run away?’’. ‘‘Why not? It would be a good lesson for you.’’ Shiki replies as he opens the drawer near the bed. Gladly, he is unaware of the blue-eyed assassin’s sent piercing gaze, which could kill in the same spot. On the other hand, Akira is curious about the rustling package and the bottle of transparent liquid on top of the drawer. Whatever is inside of it, it’s not promising at all. When Shiki returns with the brought goods, he gives another command while opening the bottle ‘‘Don’t move unless you want me to tie your legs.’’. Even from the powerful scent of alcohol alone, Akira knows it won’t end. Suddenly, he involuntary lifts his belly as the cold liquid touches his skin. The second hasn’t passed, and the dark-haired man presses his palm above the injection spot “Stay still. You’ll spill it everywhere and harm yourself.”. However, the picked-up tweezers aren’t as threatening as his held thick needle. As tweezers pinch his skin, Akira asks in a slightly nervous tone “What the hell you think you’re doing?”. Unfortunately, Shiki is too concentrated on the current task and doesn’t bother answering him. Meanwhile, the silver-haired man closes his eyes and gasps when the thick needle penetrates the pinched skin. Lastly, Shiki instantly picks up the silver piercing and pushes out the needle. As soon as he firmly attaches, he delightfully observes his masterpiece. Finally, he marked his prize possession and can claim it as his own. Yet, he still needs to remind Akira of his place. In the meantime, he wonders why this man has to go to that by mocking him. As Shiki pours more alcohol around the injection spot, he hears his partner’s question “Why are you doing this?”. ‘‘Be grateful that I take care of you.’’ The red-eyed killer replies. ‘‘The hell?-’’ Or so, before even finishing his question, Akira lets out a sudden gasp as he feels how Shiki’s tongue works around the inserted piercing. Yet, Akira turns his head away from seeing how that man messes him around or how his own body responds. Hell, even when the jewelry is touched and moved, his abs are twitching. More so, the silver-haired man tries his best to suppress the shivery breathing and keeps his legs close to him when he is getting teased like that. In the end, his own body betrays him as it is craving for more, and his hard-on is excellent proof. Meanwhile, the dark-haired man climbs on top of Akira and corners him. After his knee spreads his partner’s legs and feels the suspicious bulge against it, Shiki gives a suggestive look ‘‘Your body already acknowledges its owner.’’. When he pushes his knee deeper, he holds Akira’s chin and makes him face him. Even if his partner gives him a blushing gaze, there is a remaining stubbornness in these blue eyes. For now, Shiki adds ‘‘Why don’t you surrender and be honest with yourself? Perhaps this will help you.’’. After he takes a good gulp of the vodka, he keeps it. Lastly, he presses his lips against Akira’s. In the meantime, Akira widens his eyes as his partner’s tongue aggressively tries to get inside him. Yet, it isn’t as shocking as the flaming liquid which he is forced to swallow or how it burns his throat and nicely warms up the belly. Soon enough, Shiki withdraws his face from his new pet. Yet, as the silver-haired man rushes to gulp the last drop of vodka, it reaches the wrong throat, and he coughs. ‘‘Do I need to clean up after you each time? It can’t be helped…’’ The red-eyed man comments while observing how his pet struggles. After Akira’s coughing ceases, Shiki leans closer to him and starts licking the corners of his lips. For sure, there was no greater humiliation than it is right now. Or so the silver-haired man convinces himself while continuing to endure this kind of treatment. Yet, when Shiki licks his lips, Akira closes his eyes and opens his mouth. Akira understands that if he allows this man to mess with him the way he wants, the sooner he is fed off, the sooner he releases him. That’s why he lets Shiki’s tongue explore every little part inside him. Even the suddenly sent electricity down his spine is a new pleasant sensation for him. He even doesn’t care that he is making mewling noises in between catching the air while feeling how Shiki’s hand rubs his inner thigh and groin. Besides, it’s easier to blame the alcohol than admit that he now even his mind is slowly dominated by the red-eyed man. At least, in that case, he may still keep a grain of dignity and pride. Or so he convinces himself, drowning in the blissful sensation. After Shiki withdraws his face, he observes how a once-known cold-eyed killer turned into nothing more than a lewd creature who is under his control but lacks discipline. As he tightens his grasp around his partner’s groin, he observes how Akira’s face twists in pain ‘‘Looks like you are selfishly enjoying yourself. Don’t you forget about anyone else? You need to beg if you want to be fucked.’’. For sure, it instantly breaks the sweet spell under which Akira was put. Now, he refuses to give up, and backfires ‘‘Fuck you…’’. When Shiki cracks a smile, he loosens the grasp ‘‘You still don’t understand your position, do you? Fine. I’ll remind you and show you to whom you belong.’’. After he sinks his head into his partner’s neck, he marks it. For sure, when Shiki leaves a red spot one after another one, Akira turns his head and closes his eyes while trying to keep his voice down. It doesn’t help that while Shiki nibs his neck and collarbone until the first blood shows up, he also licks the made wounds. If only his hands weren’t tied, he would resist and shake off that man. But for now, Akira tries to endure it for as long as possible. While his hand unzips Akira’s pants, he slides his hand inside the underwear. Lastly, Shiki chuckles ‘‘You are turned on even by the pain, aren’t you?’’. Finally, the blue-eyed assassin speaks up ‘‘Untie me.’’. Lastly, Akira swallows his pride and adds while lowering his gaze ‘‘I have no reason to run away, don’t you think so? So, do as you please. I don’t care.’’. After all, it’s only for one night. Or so he wanted to add but keeps it in his mind. Besides, it’s nothing more than sex. It doesn’t need any feelings or emotional attachment. It’s only a stress relief and satisfying one’s lust - nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, he is entrusting himself to someone whom he allows to take his life. That’s why it’s okay to submit his mind and body for tonight only, right? After all, it would only serve as another reminder to focus on Shiki and get stronger for him and take him down. More importantly, by the next day, he’ll wake up alone, perhaps, with a few tossed bills as a left change for his ‘‘service’’. Or so this is how Akira comforted himself. But for now, even if it isn’t the answer which Shiki expected to hear, he decides that for now, it should be enough to please him. When he unwraps the belt around his partner’s wrist, he commands ‘‘Undress.’’. No matter how it’s embarrassing, Akira understands he is not in a position to object. While removing his loose t-shirt and the rest of the clothes in front of the red-eyed man, he can feel that his cheeks and ears are burning from the shame. That’s right, Akira can already sense how by the gaze alone, he is getting harassed. Yet, no matter how he is tempted to punch Shiki’s smug face, he holds back. Nevertheless, after finishing the current task, he impatiently stares while waiting for the new orders. ‘‘Why are you staring at me? You know what you are supposed to do. Show me how much you need me.’’ Or so Shiki demands. When the silver-haired man lies on his stomach, he lifts his bottom and rests his head on his palms. Lastly, he turns his head while giving a shy gaze ‘‘Just hurry up and put inside it before I’ve changed my mind.’’. For now, he believes it should be enough because his pride cannot go any lower than that. ‘‘Hmph. Even if it is a poor attempt, I’ll grant you what you wish.’’ Or so the ebony-haired man replies after closing his eyes. No matter how bad his hands are itching to kill this man for his audacity, Akira remains silent while giving a frustrated look. After placing one palm on his partner’s lower back, Shiki licks a couple of fingers, and before inserting them inside, he reminds ‘‘Next time you’ll need to do it by yourself and beg for it.’’. As soon as Akira feels how it slips inside him, he lets out a louder gasp and bites into his hand. There is no way he’ll allow him to hear his pathetic voice when he is being messed around. Suddenly, without realizing it, he lets out a sweet moan as a couple of fingers rub his special spot. Although, most of the time Shiki misses on purpose to hit his prostate. Perhaps that fool expects him to beg again. If so, he won’t get it. Or so Akira convinces himself while being continuously teased. However, each time his partner touches his prostate, he cannot stop himself from letting out these lovely sighs and noises. More so, just a little bit, and he might finish only by a mere preparation. In the end, he comes by Shiki’s fingers alone. While his mind is blank and dizzy, he roughly breathes. Lastly, the dark-haired man speaks in a strict tone ‘‘Who told you that you could come without permission?’’. Suddenly, he forces Akira to lie on the side. After lifting one leg, he places it on his shoulder. Despite his partner’s protests, Shiki undoes the belt and unzips his pants. Lastly, with one sudden movement, he puts his dick inside his partner and pushes it as deep as possible with one thrust. Meanwhile, the silver-haired man widens his eyes and cannot control his voice as his rear is roughly stretched. Even without any warning, Shiki penetrates him. At first, his movement is slow. However, with each thrust, his temp becomes faster. For now, Akira roughly breathes and groans while being violated like this. Hell, he can feel deep inside him how his partner gets bigger with each movement. More so, he swears that if Shiki continues roughly moving like this, his mind will break. That’s right, he isn’t sure any longer when the line between pain and pleasure is disappeared when he is getting screwed around. Suddenly, he feels shivers sent down his spine as his special spot is touched. After such a discovery, the dark-haired man aims for that one spot more often and closes his eyes. Eventually, with mixed sweet noises and cries, Akira calls Shiki’s name. After realizing what he has done and his partner dropping the rhythmic movement, the blue-eyed man nervously swallows saliva. Yet, Shiki curves a delightful smile on his face. After pulling out his throbbing cock, he removes Akira’s leg from his shoulder. Lastly, he rolls his partner to lie on the back and pushes himself in. Soon enough, the dark-haired man picks ups his pace and movement. Suddenly, he is surprised by how Akira throws his arms on his shoulders and clings to him. As Akira digs his nails into his back, even someone as fearsome and intimidating as the red-eyed killer lets out silent groans and closes his eyes. Although, he doesn’t mind being scratched or hurt by his precious pet. He even presses his chest against the silver-haired man’s. Meanwhile, Akira can sense how rapidly Shiki rubs his special spot so often that soon he’ll reach the climax. At this point, he doesn’t care if his partner will finish inside him or not. Eventually, he can feel how the dark-haired man pushes his dick as deep as he can and fills his insides with hot semen. The second later, Akira reaches orgasm as well. He doesn’t care that he ruined Shiki’s t-shirt or will be scolded for that. For now, he feverishly breathes as his partner rest on top of him. Somehow, feeling that man’s heartbeat and bloating chest against his is so calming and relaxing. Several hours pass. The blue-eyed killer starts waking up. Yet, something is off. One thing is feeling sore after taking a couple more rounds. Another thing is that not only he is tucked under the blanket but also feels clean. After sitting up, he hears a familiar voice ‘‘So, you are still able to move? Aren’t you supposed to rest?’’. Apparently, the shirtless Shiki sits on the bed next to him, and perhaps, all this time he might been waiting for him to wake up. ‘‘It’s surprising how you are not in pain by having these marks.’’ Or so, Akira backfires. As he points his gaze at Shiki’s back covered by his scratching marks, he adds ‘‘Shouldn’t we treat it? I won’t fight someone who is injured and not giving his best.’’. After shaking his head, the dark-haired man cracks a smile ‘‘No need. It’s only a small scratch.’’. When he is about to stand up and leave, he feels how a pair of arms are wrapped around his waist. Lastly, he hears his partner’s voice ‘‘I won’t forgive you if you die by any infection, disease or anyone’s hand. So, you are not allowed to leave until I take care of it, got it?’’. As Shiki fixes his hair and tells himself ‘‘Just when did you become that possessive?’’. In the end, when the warm sunbeams enlighten the room, the dark-haired man decides to stay here for a little longer and lets Akira rest his head on his lap. Surprisingly, the blue-eyed man doesn’t mind when Shiki sinks fingertips into the silver hair and ruffles it, or perhaps, someone is too lazy to fight back.
  17. Fmkitty

    Getting Drunk by You Tonight

    Title: Getting Drunk by You Tonight Status: Complete Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +18 (Suggestive themes, Smut, PWP.) Summary: Recently, Shiki has to deal with rather a difficult problem, and he is not happy about it. That's right, even if he acts like a lascivious feline towards his secretary to get his attention, he gets a cold ''maybe next time''. However, he came up with an excellent idea how to distract Akira and relax tonight. And thus, this is where the finest brand whiskey comes in handy~ [Originally written on 2022-09-25] It is no secret that as the secretary of the supreme ruler, Akira is an excellent and hard worker. That’s right, not only he is more punctual than the most accurate clocks ever made. But he doesn’t waste time on the slightest unnecessary movement or breath too. More so, the blue-eyed secretary finishes every task with millisecond accuracy. There is even a rumor in his squad that you can set or fix the time based on captain Akira’s current place and behavior. Within the time, Akira got used to the routine that he feels like sleepwalking but being fully awake. There was no unknown room or corridor to him because he had memorized this place better than anyone else. In the end, as the right hand of the most powerful man in the country, he strives for no less than perfection to have a right to serve and stay by the commander’s side. Besides, when the sun is setting down, and all work is done, being praised by Shiki that he did a good job today, and leaving together is the ultimate reward for Akira. Although the red-eyed man’s subordinate is flawless and professional during his duties, Shiki has no complaints about him. Yet, the problem is that his loyal secretary doesn’t rest after his duties. More importantly, the only way to distract Akira and let him relax is by disguising anything as an important task or mission. Another issue is that his secretary completely forgot that outside the job there is a personal life and simply being a human with basic needs. Especially, the need for physical touch and intimate moments. Of course, when they have time to be alone, Shiki never misses a chance to show these small signs of affection to his subordinate or to tease him. For example, from stroking his palms or the sudden hugging from behind to more daring gestures like nibbling or kissing Akira’s nape or wrapping his arm around his waist and pulling him closer. Seeing how the silver-haired secretary’s serious face fades away and is replaced with a slightly confused and shy one is an enjoyable view for him, even if it is for a moment. Unfortunately, such private moments don’t go beyond sharing in the same bed. Even when Shiki acts like a lascivious cat who demands attention by stroking his subordinate’s inner thigh side or licking his neck and behind the ear, he hears the same strict reply “maybe next time”, “remember the time and place”. Sometimes, even being pushed away and reminded about the unsigned papers or incoming meetings. On the other hand, the commander doesn’t demand Akira cling to his neck and instantly spread his legs. However, even if his pride doesn’t allow him to admit that he is craving his precious secretary’s touch and embrace, that lack of it slowly drives him crazy. Therefore, he needs to find out as soon as possible how to persuade and corner Akira in a way that he won’t be rejected. But for now, he must remain patient and wait for the right moment. It is another afternoon. The blue-eyed secretary minds his business while wandering in the long corridor. However, when he lowers his head and picks up the pocket watch to check the time, someone pushes him against the wall. As Akira’s back hits the wall and he lifts his head, he scolds whoever pushes their luck “What is the meaning of this? Answer me!”. However, when he realizes he raised his voice against the commander, who glares at him with those piercing crimson eyes, Akira shrugs a bit and leans against the wall while keeping his gaze at Shiki “Please pardon me for my rude behavior, sir. But what are you doing here?”. Meanwhile, the supreme ruler looks down on his pinned prey and waits. After the secretary properly stands up, he gives a questioning look “Is everything okay, sir?”. Lastly, his poker face returns, and he adds in a polite tone “I don’t have time for that, sir. So, please, if you need nothing from me, let me go.”. “So, this is your answer. How long are going to keep acting like this?” The commander comments as his knee spread the stubborn secretary’s legs until it reaches and touches the groin. Yet, the silver-haired man turns his head to the sides, making sure no one is getting near. Even if it is safe at the moment, Akira gives an indignant look while trying to remain calm “Sir, you know it is not a time and place for that, don’t you?”. After lowering his knee, Shiki wraps his arm around the secretary’s waist and brings him close to him. Of course, such a move makes Akira widen his eyes. Even if a second later, he gives a stubborn look while his body is pressed against the commander’s and trapped in his embrace. As the red-eyed man smirks, he addresses his subordinate ‘‘Then, when is the time? And what kind of important business do you have when you’re supposed to be on break?’’. Lastly, he leans to whisper into the silver-haired secretary’s ear ‘‘You won’t run away this time, Akira~’’. Suddenly, Akira can feel how his ears and cheeks are on fire. However, he doesn’t give up, and when he places his hands on Shiki’s chest, he closes his eyes and pushes him away. After he escapes the commander’s embrace, the secretary’s face is still deep red. As he deeply, shakily breathes, he steps back and stares at Shiki. In the end, he politely asks ‘‘I beg your pardon, but I’ll ask you kindly to… Please, consider what will happen if anyone sees you messing around with your subordinate! I don’t care what happens to me, sir. But anyone will try to use it as your weakness to take you down. I don’t want anyone to think that you can achieve anything by only having close connections to you and not by hard work as it should be! That’s why, if you still insist, at least wait until the end of the day and somewhere in a more private place.’’. While Akira mentally prepares himself to get harshly punished or even dismissed, he closes his eyes and impatiently waits for the commander’s final decision. In the end, such an answer satisfies Shiki. When he stretches his hand toward his loyal subordinate, he removes the cap. Suddenly, the poor secretary shrugs when he feels the commander’s hand on his head. Soon enough, he calms down while hearing Shiki’s voice as he ruffles his hair ‘‘You should say so earlier. Hmph. It can’t be helped. You can go now.’’. After the dark-haired man puts Akira’s cap back, he turns around and is about to walk away. However, the secretary doesn’t want him to leave like that without showing gratitude for understanding him. This time, Akira’s voice stops him and makes him turn back ‘‘Wait, sir! There is something I want to tell you.’’. After the secretary approaches him, he throws his arms over Shiki, and leans into a hug ‘‘Thank you, sir.’’. However, very little he knew about the weight of his actions. That’s right, Akira widens his eyes when he feels how the commander presses his lips against his and pulls him into a deep kiss. Even if it was a short one, while holding his subordinate’s chin, he with-draws his face and delightfully observes Akira’s drunk from the bliss face. Soon enough, the secretary breaks this spell and covers his blushing face with his elbow. ‘‘What is it with you? That’s all for now.’’ Or so, Shiki remarks on his subordinate’s innocent and naïve reaction. For sure, tonight, his secretary might show even more amusing expressions. But for now, the supreme leader let Akira go. Some time passes. Finally, it is the end of the day, and the secretary heads to the commander’s office to conclude today’s work. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know about Shiki’s true plans. After getting permission to enter inside, Akira opens the door. However, as soon as he lifts his head, he is dumbfounded by the view in front of him “I beg your pardon, but... Did I interrupt you, sir? I’ll leave if you want me.”. Surely, seeing Shiki without the uniform jacket and gloves is one thing. However, the other thing is when he sits back and relaxes in the chair while his tie is loosened and a good part of his shirt unbuttoned. More importantly, even behind Akira’s serious face, there is sensible concern about seeing the finest brand of whiskey and a couple of glasses on the desk. While the secretary leans his back against the door and is about to open it, he gets stopped by the commander’s voice “When did you grow this bold to object? Perhaps, I need you to remind your place... Lock the door and come here.”. Of course, when the dark-haired man gives him such a command, Akira cannot show the audacity to disagree. More so, to leave the commander alone with a strong drink like this. Therefore, he must figure out how to drag Shiki to the mansion if he overdoses and passes out. He knew something was wrong when the commander acted as if today’s incident hadn’t happened. Yet, Akira hopes this is only in his mind, and there is no reason to worry. As the blue-eyed secretary handles the current task, he nods and approaches the supreme ruler. Meanwhile, Shiki gives a smug look as he observes how his subordinate still keeps a straight posture “Are you going to stand like this? You must be uncomfortable in the tight uniform. Loosen it, you are off duties. Fill the glasses and relax.”. For a second, the secretary doubts and nervously swallows the saliva. No matter how he wishes to keep the matters like this until they are not in the working environment, he understands he cannot upset the commander and make him wait any longer. It’s just sharing a couple of glasses of whiskey and hanging out together after a long day. That’s why there shouldn’t be any harm, right? Or so, Akira convinces himself as he removes his cap and the jacket. When he leaves the commander’s side to hang these pieces of clothing, he immediately returns. Before opening the bottle, the secretary asks “Do you want me to send anyone to check whether it’s poisonous, sir?”. Yet, Shiki only chuckles “There is no need. Didn’t I tell you to forget about your duties for tonight?”. “Y-yes, sir.” Akira agrees as he fills the crystal clear glasses with the dark amber-colored liquid. As soon as he is done with the current task and placing the filled glasses on the desk, the secretary receives another brief command ‘‘Sit down and make yourself comfortable.’’. When he notices the commander’s suggestive look on his face, Akira realizes he has no other choice. As he throws his arms around Shiki’s neck and makes himself comfortable on his lap, the secretary comments while giving a slightly sour look ‘‘You seem to enjoy this, sir.’’. However, the commander only wraps his arm around Akira’s waist and brings him close to him. For now, he feels like a mere toy for this big feline who loves to play with his food before finishing it. Yet, he hopes to distract the dark-haired man before it becomes something out of his control. As he passes the glass to Shiki and takes another one for himself, he asks ‘‘I’m sorry for sticking my nose into not my business, but did plan to drink together, sir? Couldn’t that wait until we get home? I’m sure you would be more comfortable than now.’’. ‘‘It’s your fault for avoiding me, and this is the only way to catch you and let you distract yourself.’’ The commander objects. Yet, his subordinate remains silent while taking the whiskey. The blue-eyed secretary knows that if he quickly empties the glass, Shiki will fill it again and again until his tongue loosens, and he may take advantage of Akira’s drunk honesty. Therefore, he won’t lose this time, even if it takes an entire night to empty an entire bottle. In the end, both took a couple of shots showing no desire to lose to each other. While the crimson-eyed man enjoys the amber-colored drink, and how his secretary gives a determined look as he tries to savor every single drop as long as he can. For sure, such behavior sparkles Shiki’s interest in his adored subordinate, and he teases him ‘‘Are you sure that we have the same drink? You clearly love it so much. How about you share it?~’’. These blue eyes follow the commander’s hand, which places the glass on the desk. Lastly, Akira gives a puzzled look while his mouth is still full. Suddenly, he widens his eyes when Shiki holds his chin and presses his lips against his. He even drops his glass, which now rolls on the floor. Soon enough, the silver-haired man lets out quiet mewling noises and closes his eyes as the commander’s tongue tries to break through his lips. With no doubt, he let Shiki inside him. While the commander is drinking from him, all the silver-haired secretary can do is submit to the rising pleasing sensation. Even when the dark-haired man is done drinking, he begins to explore every little part inside his subordinate’s mouth. Certainly, it sends an electric shock down Akira’s spine as his one hand’s fingertips instinctively dig into Shiki’s back. At this moment, his cheeks are dyed in the same color as Shiki’s eyes, while he can barely hold back from letting these sweet noises and even calling the commander’s name. Meanwhile, the supreme ruler is amazed at how little it takes to turn his preserved secretary into such an amorous creature. Soon enough, Shiki with-draws his face and delightfully observes the rare view that pleases him while he remarks in a nearly purring voice ‘‘Hmph. It’s the same drink, after all. Look at yourself - wasting such a fine drink… It can’t be helped. I need to clean up your made mess.’’. Yet, his words don’t reach the blissfully staring blue-eyed secretary, whose chest is bloating. More so, resting against the commander only makes him more vulnerable and desirable. Lastly, the dark-haired man’s eyes sparkle with excitement as he leans closer to savor the whiskey droplets running from his subordinate’s lips down to his neck. As Shiki begins to lick the corners of the secretary’s lips, he is thrilled to listen to hear these sweet noises. When Akira shakily closes his eyes, he turns his head from the crimson-eyed man. Unfortunately for him, the commander takes it to his advantage. After withdrawing his face, Shiki assaults the silver-haired man’s neck. While the commander’s tongue works on the exposed neck, his hand instantly undoes his secretary’s tie. Suddenly, Akira gets alerted when Shiki unbuttons his shirt with a single movement and exposes his chest. One thing is when the commander nibbles his collarbone, but another is when he can feel that Shiki’s other hand moves down to his bottom and gropes it. As the secretary closes his eyes, he places his hand on his partner’s chest ‘‘Co… Commander, no.’’. While Shiki is busy leaving the bite marks on Akira’s chest and licking it, he doesn’t bother to answer. The poor secretary barely suppresses his shaky voice and the purring noises. Fortunately, the red-eyed man stops teasing him. When he feels the tip of a couple of fingers against his lips and notices Shiki’s suggestive gaze, Akira understands what he has to do next. After the silver-haired man gently takes this palm in his hands, he licks the fingers before sucking them. While his mouth and tongue work on the current task, he doesn’t remove his blushing gaze from Shiki as asking if he is doing a good job. For sure, seeing how his adored subordinate puts effort and care into every little detail satisfies him. When the commander’s fingers are wet enough, Akira naively hopes that maybe Shiki will change his mind and that whatever he has planned could wait until they get to the bedroom. Meanwhile, the ebony-haired man’s other hand exposes his partner’s bottom with a sudden movement. When Akira feels how the couple of commander’s fingers slipped inside him, he lets a soft moan while arching his back and nearly losing his balance. After throwing his arms around Shiki’s neck and fixing his position, he presses his chest against the commander’s. All he can do is close his blue eyes while Shiki messes around with his ring muscle. The poor secretary can swear that the red-eyed man rubs his special spot a few times, while most of the time he purposely misses it. Perhaps, the commander is only toying with him around until he gives up and begs to be finished. Yet, Akira refuses to surrender, and while biting his own fingers, he tries to suppress these lovely noises and cries. Despite that, as Shiki rubs his prostate more often, the silver-haired man can barely think straight anymore. In the end, the secretary sinks his fingertips in the commander’s hair while the other hand’s fingers dig into his back. At this point, he doesn’t care about what kind of expressions he makes. Meanwhile, the ebony-haired man is thrilled about how his partner is clingy and finally honest to himself. However, before Akira loses himself in the pleasure just by a mere preparation, he slightly opens his eyes and asks “Please… stop messing around, sir.”. As he feels how Shiki removes the fingers from his insides, the commander addresses him in a teasing tone “Are you giving me orders?”. “No, s-sir. But... Is it fair that if you are the one doing all the work?” Akira replies after lowering his blushing gaze. Such an answer piques the red-eyed man’s curiosity as he gives a smug look. After the silver-haired secretary lifts his gaze and faces his partner, he adds in an innocent tone “You can do whatever you want. But first, let me do something nice for you. I’m sure that you might like it.”. He hopes it will help to get rid of the pesky and demanding commander, and finally return to the mansion to take a rest. However, Shiki’s eyes follow his subordinate’s every single movement. For now, he knows this secretary is at his will. So, there is no need to hold him under the lash. Besides, it’s the first time when Akira shows initiative during in-private moments. After he removes the pants and underwear, Akira simply throws these unnecessary pieces of clothing on the floor. When he carefully leaves the commander’s lap and kneels in front of him, he gives a shy gaze as spreads Shiki’s legs ‘‘Please, let me know if I do anything wrong.’’. Even when his adored secretary rubs his thighs, he can tell from that impatient gaze and the hand movement that Akira is determined to do this task. After undoing the belt and unzipping the pants, the silver-haired man widens his eyes and nervously swallows saliva before taking the semi-hard dick into his hand. As he begins to stroke it, he can hear his heartbeat in his head and feel how his face and ears are burning from the heat. Even his grasp around the hardening member becomes tighter while his hand’s movement becomes faster and rougher. Meanwhile, the commander delightfully observed how his subordinate seriously takes this kind of service despite not being aware of making such adorable expressions. When the secretary works with his tongue, he doesn’t remove his eyes from Shiki as asking for his approval. However, Akira doesn’t realize that he holds the enormous power of his irresistible gaze alone. He could bend anyone’s will if he wanted, including the supreme ruler. Perhaps it’s for the better that his subordinate doesn’t understand how his blue eyes can not only draw close to him but also drown in them. Perhaps, these eyes work in the same way as the water - for those who push their luck, that ice-coldness can be certain doom. However, for his most important person, that deep blueness is like a blessing and cure. Fortunately, along with that mesmerizing gaze, Akira belonged only to the most powerful man in the country. More importantly, the silver piercing on his belly is proof that the silver-haired man is his greatest prize possession. While the given silver cross on his neck symbolizes Akira’s ultimate devotion and loyalty to Shiki. But for now, the silver-haired man closes his eyes and takes the commander’s cock into his mouth. While trying to swallow as much as he can from the first attempt. When his subordinate greedily sucks his rock-hard member like that, it excites Shiki that he almost covers his mouth. After all, it’s amusing how Akira with the same lips that once swore the undying loyalty and love to the commander, now pleasures him. More so, submitting himself by his own will and without a single order or being forced. That’s why the military tyrant decides to reward him for his hard work and effort. After leaning closer to his adored secretary, he strokes his head ‘‘Help yourself. You need to learn and feel what you are doing to me.’’. At first, Akira doubts for a second. Yet, soon enough, he understands what he has to do. After lowering his hand on his lower region, the secretary continues to give a head while stroking his dick. The silver-haired secretary cannot stop himself from letting these lewd cries in between catching for the air. Besides, even with his closed eyes, he can imagine what kind of expressions the commander makes, which makes him tighten his grasp around his weeping arousal and move his hand faster and rougher. In the end, even the red-eyed man closes his eyes and lets out silent groans. When Shiki is close to the climax, he sinks his fingers into Akira’s hair and pulls his head away. Even when most of the load shoots into the secretary’s face, Akira instinctively swallows what has landed on his lips. As he wipes out the still-hot semen from his face with his palm and licks it like a feline, he slightly frowns and politely speaks up ‘‘Should we return home now, sir?’’. He is convinced that it should be more than enough to satisfy Shiki. Besides, he can wait and take care of himself as soon as he reaches the bathroom. When he opens his blue eyes, he gets alerted after hearing the dark-haired man’s excited voice ‘‘Not until I’m done with you~ You still need to take your responsibility for your actions.’’. After noticing the commander’s vigorous hard-on in front of him, Akira’s poker-face cracks ‘‘I… I beg your pardon, sir. But could it wait until the bedroom?… Or… At least, can you try to handle this in the bathroom? Please?’’. In the end, Shiki cracks a smile ‘‘So, this is your answer. Hmph, are you still keeping acting like this? Fine. I’ll need to remind your place.’’. When the man with crimson flaring eyes removes his belt, Akira realizes he made a fatal mistake and no heaven or hell will save him. For now, the poor secretary embraces whatever punishment awaits him. After Shiki grabs his partner’s wrists and lifts them, he wraps and ties them with his leather belt. When he takes his subordinate into his arms and lies him on the desk, Akira remains speechless while impatiently waiting for the commander’s next move. Even after spreading the secretary’s legs, Shiki enjoys seeing Akira giving him a stubborn look ‘‘You still refuse to give up while your body is like this? Fine. Let’s see if your lower mouth is more honest than you~’’. In the end, Akira lets out a loud moan when the commander enters inside him. Even if he was prepared, he turns his head while deeply breathing. Before starting to move, he leans closer to the restricted secretary and holds his hips ‘‘I know you missed me that much, but relax.’’. And just before Akira is about to object, he feels how Shiki starts to penetrate him. Although, his movement is slow at first. But, eventually, the secretary can feel that with each thrust, he goes deeper and faster inside of him. Perhaps, the commander unintentionally hits his most sensitive spot, yet Akira slowly enjoys his supposed-to-be-punishment without being able to keep his voice down. On the other hand, he is pleasantly surprised when he notices that even a fearsome man like the supreme ruler closes his eyes and begins to let out these small groans. For some reason, Akira finds this side even endearing and wants to embrace Shiki in this position. Lastly, in between these gasps and moans, he calls the commander by his name and finally throws his tied-up arms around Shiki’s neck. For sure, such a gesture was unpredictable, and the red-eyed man hadn’t expected this from his partner. After curving a satisfied smile on his face, he moves his hand toward Akira’s dick and strokes it. Soon enough, the silver-haired secretary is about to his limit. No matter how much he wished to reach the orgasm together, his vision goes blank as he lets out the final long moan. Fortunately, before losing consciousness, he could still feel how Shiki finishes inside him. At least now, he can blissfully rest in peace. Some time passes by. Eventually, Akira wakes up. Just before opening his eyes, he feels fresh and clean while being dressed up in a pajama. Yet, from the dimness alone, he can tell that it is still the middle of the night. Soon enough, he feels how the heat rushes to his cheeks as he gets flashbacks of what happened in the office. Yet, he convinces himself that it could be only a weird dream he had while hoping he did nothing wrong during it. After all, when he turns his head, he can still see the sleeping Shiki next to him. However, when he tries to move, he instantly places his hand on his aching lower back. Hell, even his bottom is still in the pain. When Akira covers his heavily blushing face, he thinks to himself ‘‘How did this happen? More importantly, how did the commander bring me here, and why did he put all that effort?’’. In the end, it’s pointless asking this when this big feline peacefully slumbers next to him after accomplishing what he wanted.
  18. Title: I'll Come During the Restless Night Status: Complete Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +13 (not sure if you can count this as romance, tho. Mentions of nightmares, Suggestive themes.) Summary: [This story was made as entry for September's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] Tonight, the supreme ruler's loyal secretary is struggling to fall asleep. However, he still naively hopes that skipping a good night sleep shouldn't do any harm to anyone if the commander is not aware of it. However, the very little he knows that he is being monitored by Shiki all this time. [Originally started 2022-09-08 and finished on 2022-09-13] Chapter 1. It is another morning in the Shiki’s mansion. However, for someone, it isn’t so peaceful. The silver-haired secretary is trapped in his precious commander’s embrace again. No matter how Akira wants to get up and prepare for the new day, he refuses to wake up Shiki. Besides, during his last attempt to escape, he learned the hard way that it ends with a failure, no matter what he may do. For example, he was sure that the commander was deeply asleep. So, no matter how quietly and without too much struggle, Akira attempted to leave. Yet, he was alerted when he suddenly felt how the pair of arms wrapped around him and caught him. And thus, once he was pressed against the dark-haired man’s chest, he knew he couldn’t leave. Or at least until Shiki wakes up. Even to this day, he cannot understand whether the commander acts like this to tease him or if it is unconscious behavior to reach for him during his slumber. However, even when Shiki is half awake, he remains silent and keeps his secretary close to him for a bit longer. Therefore, even after Akira politely asks permission to leave, it ends with the opposite effect. On the other hand, the silver-haired man can rest assured that the commander is safe by his side. More so, there is something special and calming by hearing the Shiki’s breathing and heartbeat. Along this, the commander’s scent helps Akira to relax until he falls asleep. Another thing that he notices is that when he spends a night together in the mansion, he isn’t bothered by nightmares or strange dreams at all. In the end, staying in bed for a longer time during the morning is a small price to pay for waking up with new strengths and full of energy. Perhaps, getting used to getting up early can be nice because of being able to enjoy and cherish little moments like this. But for now, the silver-haired secretary observes the slumbering Shiki. Without realizing it, his hand almost reaches to stroke the commander’s cheek. Yet, he holds back and decides not to disturb this serene moment. When Akira slowly closes his eyes and exhales, he patiently waits until Shiki awakens. Even so, there are nights when the blue-eyed secretary sleeps alone. He convinced himself that it was wrong to use the commander’s kindness too often and rely on him to rest until the morning. Perhaps, it’s only a coincidence that when Akira stays overnight in the supreme ruler’s mansion, he never has to worry about seeing the same nightmares which haunt him. Or so, he believes. Tonight is one of the nights when he sleeps alone in his home. By far, the secretary doesn’t have any issues aside from rolling on sides for a long time before finally falling asleep. Unfortunately, such a blissful time doesn’t last long. After a while, Akira’s face twitches, and soon enough, letting out silent groans and whimpers. More so, he unconsciously hides under the blanket. That’s right, he has another one of those dreams about the past. No matter where he goes or what he touches - everything is dyed in red and filled with agonizing screams. Of course, he has used to seeing the corpses or punishing anyone who stands in the commander’s way. Even a pathetic begging to be spared, nor the enemy’s shown fear and despair, doesn’t affect the silver-haired secretary. However, in the current dream, it’s not the weapons or torture devices that are killing people. It’s his cursed blood, which takes lives away in the most disturbingly and slowest way. Countless faceless rabid men die one after another one when they approach him. All Akira does is protect himself, yet, he is being accused of being a mistake by god, a freak, who is to blame for this massacre. Eventually, he is outnumbered, and one of these people grabs him by the throat and chokes him. In the end, just as a familiar voice speaks to him and threatens him, Akira is about to notice the detailed face in front of him. Suddenly, the secretary sits on the bed and loudly gasps. As Akira deeply breathes, he places his hand on the bloating chest ‘‘It’s just a dream…’’. When his breathing slowly calms down, he can still feel his strong heartbeat against his palm. ‘‘Each time it ends in the same way…’’ he whispers while lowering his head. After he nervously swallows the saliva and his eyes are wide open, he turns to the night table and turns on the night lamp. Even when he notices that it’s not even midnight, it makes the blue-eyed man close his eyes and shakily frown. Yet, he naively believes that he still has time to return to sleep. And thus, after dimming the warm orange light, he rolls to the side. Although, the howling wind outside refuses to let Akira rest. Even if all the windows are closed, he can still hear how it violently rustles the leaves and breaks the branches. If it was an ordinary evening, he would have instantly crashed out and rested until the morning. But for now, even the slightest noise irritates and triggers him. Perhaps, a warm drink should help him calm down. Or so, Akira decides as he lazily gets up and leaves. Some time passes after aimless attempts to return to slumber. Before wrapping himself under the blankets, Akira checks the time - at least he has a couple of hours left before he needs to wake up. In the end, Akira falls asleep, but, unfortunately, the alarm clock wakes him up. As soon as the silver-haired secretary forces himself to leave the bed, he walks towards the bathroom while having a terrible headache and over-sensitive eyes to even the mildest light source. It's not even the beginning of the day, and he is already frustrated with how slow and clumsy he is during the morning routine. However, he refuses to contact the commander to ask for his mercy to rest for today. Even if the secretary can feel every bone in his body and how it might crack after one reckless move, Akira feels awful just from the thought that his laziness is a poor excuse to slack off and may disappoint Shiki. And thus, while ignoring his breaking body, Akira prepares for the new day. As the day passes, the blue-eyed secretary is relieved that he can continue his duties as if nothing happened. However, his biggest concern is facing the commander. In such an awful state, he can barely concentrate or pay attention to his surroundings. The poor secretary is nauseous and wishes to smash his head because that might save him from the terrible headache and constant beeping inside his head. Like never in his life, Akira desires nothing more than to hide and be happy after having a couple of minutes of a nap. At this point, where and when is not important. As long as no one finds him, it shouldn’t matter. Although, he is surprised that Shiki has told nothing to him, only narrowed his gaze after noticing the dark circles under his eyes or trying his best to keep a straight posture. Most importantly, Akira does not know that the commander keeps an eye on him and waits for one wrong move to corner him until he gets the answers. It’s an early afternoon, and the blue-eyed secretary is relieved to be awake. ‘Right now, it should be easy to survive until the end of the day and take a rest before the commander even noticed anything.’ Or so, Akira convinces himself while heading towards the office and carrying the reports. For now, he saves his remaining strength for this moment. After taking a deep breath, the exhausted secretary knocks on the wooden door ‘‘Sir, it’s me. I have brought the reports that you asked for. Can I come in, please?’’. As soon as he receives permission, he opens the door and enters. When Akira closes the door behind him, he politely nods ‘‘Did you call me, sir?’’. However, instead of answering, the supreme ruler glares at his loyal subordinate with his crimson eyes while resting his chin on his hands. For sure, Akira can sense how Shiki strips him naked until he has nothing to hide just by that piercing gaze alone. More so, the moment their eyes met, the intimidated secretary feels how the commander tries to read his every thought. Despite that, Akira stays in the same spot while holding the papers close to him and asks ‘‘Did I do anything wrong? I’m sorry if I upset you, sir.’’. Suddenly, he can feel being short of breath, and his head spinning like crazy. Even when Shiki is approaching him, Akira can barely stand anymore. While his lips and hands are trembling, the silver-haired secretary’s vision darkens. In the end, he lets out the last gasp and collapses. Fortunately, Shiki’s reaction is quicker, and Akira falls into his arms. While the secretary rests his head against his chest, he silently stares at his passed-out subordinate. Instead of wasting time thinking that Shiki was right and that his most loyal secretary tried not to worry him by hiding his problems from him again, the red-eyed man carefully lowers Akira until he lies on the floor. After kneeling and placing one hand under the secretary’s shoulders and the other one under the tights, Shiki stands up. Lastly, as he ignores the scattered documents on the floor, he checks that Akira won’t fall off his arms. And thus, he leaves the office while carrying his adored subordinate like a wounded princess. Some time passes. Finally, Akira shakily opens his eyes while silently groaning. After sitting in bed, he realizes he isn’t in the office anymore but in the familiar bedroom. Secondly, he notices that instead of his uniform, he wears light gray pajamas. More so, Shiki is sitting on the bed edge next to him, and judging from his loosened uniform, Akira can tell that he returned not so long time ago. Perhaps, he only dozen out for a couple of hours. But why did the commander go through the trouble of changing him into these clothes? He could leave him like before his body gave up on him. Or so, the secretary wonders. While Akira gives a demanding gaze, he asks ‘‘How long did I pass out? And could you return my clothes? I need to return to the office and finish the work! I promise I won’t take too long.’’. When he is about to leave the bed, he is pushed back on the bed by Shiki’s hand. ‘‘S-sir?’’ The silver-haired secretary dumbfounded looks at the commander, who corners him with one arm. When Shiki cracks a smile, he replies ‘‘In the middle of the night? Do you have any idea how long you have slept?’’. As he observes how his subordinate tries to figure it out, he adds ‘‘Not only the previous night but more than this entire day. Care to explain what is going on? Or do you prefer that I’ll get the answers out of you?’’. After turning his head from the commander, Akira briefly answers ‘‘It’s nothing important. I was slightly more tired than usual. That’s it.’’. ‘‘To that case, it was impossible to wake you up? Anyone could screw you up and take an advantage of you, and you won’t be aware of it.’’ Or so, Shiki back-fires while fixating his gaze on the exposed silver cross and his subordinate. Of course, after these words, the blue-eyed secretary cannot face the man in front of him any longer because he felt guilty. However, such behavior doesn’t satisfy the supreme ruler. After he leans closer, his other hand holds Akira’s chin and makes him face him. As their eyes meet Shiki narrows his gaze ‘‘Look at me when I talk to you. Or are you afraid?’’. Despite being in such a position, the cornered secretary doesn’t give in to the intimidation. Lastly, he confesses while keeping a calm yet stubborn gaze ‘‘I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. However, I didn’t want to wake you up just to trouble you and let you down by asking for a day off. So, I decided to endure it before you notice and worry for no reason.’’. After sitting up and giving Akira more personal space, the dark-haired man continues ‘‘Hmph. Tomorrow, I’ll take you where you need to carry out the important task, which only you can do it. Before that, you are not allowed to leave until you are fully rested. Any objections?’’. Even if Akira has no clue what awaits him tomorrow, he knows he cannot disappoint the commander. Lastly, the secretary gives a comforting smile and replies ‘‘Yes. I understand! Then, I’ll give no less than my best.’’. In the end, Shiki gives the last command while he undresses and changes into the pajama ‘‘To sleep. And to make sure that you do not fail, I will need to monitor you.’’. For sure, Akira has already prepared himself for another morning routine. On the other hand, he can also make sure that the commander can rest well.
  19. Fmkitty

    The Tyrant who Shown Kindness

    Word count: 1630 Title: The Tyrant who Shown Kindness Fandom: Togainu no Chi Pairing: Shiki x Akira Characters: Shiki, Akira Rating: +13 (not sure if you can count this as romance, tho) Summary: [This story was made as entry for July's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This one-shot is set after one of Shiki's endings.] Today, one silver-haired secretary is unusual clumsy and distracted for the entire day. For sure, Shiki is not happy, and he'll do anything to figure out what is bothering Akira. Author's note: Story:
  20. I hope the [Official Fan Book Togainu no Chi True Blood First Edition] is still available somewhere 😩 The download links say: Download Error Possible reasons include:- File date limit has expired.- File was not successfully uploaded. download thread link below
  21. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    Togainu no Chi - Image Drama CD vol.1 【SHIKI】

    TITLE: Togainu no Chi - Image Drama CD vol.1 【SHIKI】 Base on PC Game by Nitro+CHiRAL Released Date: 2005/07 Format: MP3 Contents: 1 Disc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Togainu no Chi Image Drama CD --> Part 1 Part 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ll Pairing ll SHIKI x AKIRA (Midorikawa Hikaru x Spoon) ll Tracklist ll 1.- Introduction -JOUSHOU- 2.- Fate -SESSHOKU- 3.- Invasive -SHUURYO- 4.- Silent Sign -KONSEKI- 5.- Desire -YOKUSHIN- 6.- In Perplexing -BINETSU- 7.- Moonlight -GEKKA- 8.- Accelerate -KASOKU- 9.- Recapture -DAKKAN- 10.- It Rings the Death Knell -SHUUSH For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  22. Heya guys, Yesterday, I finished the anime series of Togainu no Chi which features 12 episodes. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the anime, but there are some points which kind of "ruined" the whole anime. And here goes a major spoiler warning; in case you haven't watched the series until the end, do not read further in this thread. I would love to hear some opinions of yours regarding this anime Did you hate the ending as much as I do or can you even understand it?
  23. Rei

    Togainu no Chi

    Name: Togainu no Chi Platform: Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP Minimum System Requirements: CPU: Pentium II 300Mhz (recommended 450Mhz) RAM: 64MB (recommended 128MB) HDD: 300MB free space (recommended 650MB) Video: 800x600 resolution or higher Download Togainu no Chi BL Game: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zsdmz07t87u9tto/Togainu+no+Chi+-English-.rar drag togainu.icm.ecm file to the unecm.exe file. mount the togainu.cue image with Daemon Tools and install the game. FULL GUIDE TO INSTALLATION; [English Patch BETA] (instructions on how to install are in the zipped folder) For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  24. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    Togainu no Chi - Character Drama CD vol.2 【KEISUKE】

    TITLE: Togainu no Chi - Character Drama CD vol.2 【Keisuke】 Base on PC Game by Nitro+CHiRAL Released Date: 2005/08 Format: MP3 Contents: 1 Disc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Togainu no Chi Character Drama CD 2 --> TNC-CD vol.2【KEISUKE】[143.1 MB] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ll Pairing ll KEISUKE x AKIRA (Sugita Tomokazu x Spoon) ll Tracklist ll 1.- Obtained Thing 2.- The Only Way 3.- Resolution 4.- The Last Word 5.- Entrance to Real 6.- Dive 7.- Shine and Shadow 8.- Together with For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  25. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    Togainu no Chi ANOTHER STORY ~ Rin

    TITLE: Togainu no Chi ANOTHER STORY Drama CD ~ Rin Base on PC Game by Nitro+CHiRAL Released Date: 2005/12 Format: MP3 Contents: 1 Disc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Togainu no Chi Another Story Drama CD --> Togainu no Chi ANOTHER STORY ~ Rin [110.0 MB] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ll Pairing ll RIN x AKIRA ( Kiryuuin Hayato x Spoon) ll Tracklist ll 1 - Introduction 2 -Fortune 3 - Photograph 4 - Impact 5 - Collapse 6 - Old Days 7 - Pain 8 - Trust 9 - Determination 10 - Promise For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
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