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Be Careful what You Wish for...


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Title: Be Careful what You Wish for…

Fandom: King of Fighters

Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami

Pairing: Iori x Kyo

Rating: 18+(Smut and suggestive themes)


[(In)dirrect sequel to

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, but can be read as stand-alone story]

Tonight, Iori’s cursed blood boils again. Soon enough, Kyo realizes that it’s not the bloodlust blazes in his partner’s eyes, but rather something else. Perhaps something more than a beastly hunger…

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It‘s a quiet afternoon in Yagami’s apartment. But for now, while Iori chills on the couch and uses the cat teaser toy, the tuxedo kitten tries to catch the moving feathers.

Certainly, observing how Oreo is energetic and reckless when he tries to hunt down his prey warms up his heart.

After all, it reminds him of the person who gave him this tiny miracle that melted his heart.

Speaking of which, Iori lifts his head after he feels how someone wraps their arms around him and rests their head on his shoulder. Yet, he continues focusing on playing with Oreo despite one Kusanagi nuzzling like a feline.

“What is it this time?” Iori sighs as the brunette’s hair tickles his neck.

“You know, I was thinking about something recently. But first, you must promise you won’t be mad,” Kyo replies.

The redhead only rolls his eyes. “Did you get cause any trouble?”

Kyo only chuckles. “What makes you think that way? So, is it yes or no?”

Despite having a bad feeling about this, Iori briefly answers. “Just shoot it.”

Lastly, the brunette delightfully smiles. After Kyo removes his arms from his partner, he joins him on the couch and sits close to him.

When Kyo sits on Iori’s lap, he parts his legs by knee and leans closer to him while giving a demanding look.

After Iori lowers the teaser toy, he narrows his gaze. “Do not think of doing it. Just not in front of Oreo.”

While the tuxedo kitten is busy with his target without understanding what his dads are doing, the brunette reassures his partner. “I wasn’t planning on anything.” After a temporary pause, he stares at Iori with these captivating amber eyes. “But I need to ask you something.”

After Kyo exhales, he adds in a shy tone. “Hey, remember the last time you went Blood Riot? Well, that one time during the… You know what I mean, right?”

Yagami only covers his face with his palm. Yet, he tries to keep his cool. “Haven’t we already talked about it? So, you don’t have to apologize twice. Unless there is anything else I should know.”

Meanwhile, when Oreo doesn’t receive his parents’ attention, he jumps from the couch and leaves with his tail lifted.

When the brunette lowers his gaze, he remains silent for a moment. Soon, he speaks up while gently rubbing his partner’s chest. “About that… I was thinking about doing it the next time you may have Blood Riot. Of course, if that’s fine by you.”

Suddenly, the redhead widens his eyes, and as the heat rushes to his cheeks, he covers his mouth and facepalms. “You horny idiot…”

“It’s not something you can fool around. Do you understand how it can be dangerous?” Iori lectures him.

“But I still beaten your ass and knock you out even if I was tied up and blindfolded. That’s why you don’t need to worry about me.” Kyo objects.

After a brief pause, he adds in a slightly concerned tone. “But I’m not sure if that would count as taking advantage of you or cheating. Because even if it is your body, you don’t know what your another part is doing while you are asleep. So, if you are really against it, if I’m anywhere around when your blood boils, I will knock you off before you’ll harm yourself, as I always do. I promise.”

At the moment, Yagami stays quiet without saying a single word, considering something important.

Lastly, Iori asks in a serious tone. “Do you really want this so badly, Kyo?”

Meanwhile, Kusanagi’s eyes shine with excitement. For now, he lowers his head and presses his palms as he prays and lifts them. “Please.”

After the redhead observes his desperate partner for a while, he announces the final verdict. “Fiiine. However, under one condition.”

When Kyo lowers his hands and lifts his head, he digs his fingertips into Iori’s thighs. “Yeah, anything you’ll say.”

“If you’re in danger or it becomes out of your hand, do whatever it takes to defend yourself.” The redhead explains.

Suddenly, Kyo pulls his partner into a tight hug and closes his eyes. “Thank you so much, Iorin~”

However, the meowing from below almost startles the brunette, and he turns his head.

Apparently, the tuxedo kitten sits in front of them and stares with such demanding eyes.

In the end, Yagami sighs. “What is it, Oreo? Do you want us to follow you?”

Little Oreo meows, and after he stands up, he points with his head towards the kitchen.

“You’re hungry?” The redhead asks. After he prompts Kyo to get up, Iori stands up, bends down to stroke Oreo, and allows him to be guided by him.



A few days pass by. It is a chilly autumn night, and nothing seems to be extraordinary. So, for now, Kyo and Iori continue their way home.

However, as they get closer to the dark alley, the redhead starts shakily breathing and covering his hung head.

After Kyo notices him stop walking, he gives a worried look and places his palms on his shoulders. “Hey, are you okay? Do you feel sick?”

Suddenly, Yagami widens his eyes and covers his mouth.

As the blood gushes through his fingers, he freezes at the same spot.

Meanwhile, the Kusanagi lowers his arms and dumbfounded stares at his partner. “Don’t tell me that…”

Fortunately, his reaction is quick. And thus, he dodges the slashing strike, accompanied by the tearing noise. A second later, Kyo is not that alerted by his exposed chest like Iori pushing him into the dark alley and making him land on his bottom.

As soon as Yagami follows his prey, he sits on top of him and grasps his throat while growling and baring his fangs.

While the brunette fixates his gaze on Iori, he realizes it is not pure rage and bloodlust blazes in his partner’s eyes but a hunger.

But for now, the redhead leans close to his prey and presses his face against his chest.

At first, Kyo is confused about how such a creature calms his anger by sniffing his upper body. Soon, he exhales and narrows his gaze when Iori’s hair tickles his neck and breathes on his skin.

What if Yagami sees him as nothing more than food? The brunette wonders.

Suddenly, the Kusanagi lets out a sweet gasp as his partner licks behind his ear and nibs it.

As Iori licks his cheek and neck, his other hand brushes on Kyo’s chest.

More so, thanks to his upper body being exposed to cold weather, his nipples are erect. Despite feeling how Iori gropes him, he keeps his voice down.

The brunette even bites his finger wherever Yagami bites him, and his tongue traces his skin.

‘Shit… Of all places, you picked the streets, you moron! What if anyone sees us? Damn,… he is really like an animal who doesn’t care about the time and place when he is in heat.’ The brunette thinks. No matter how he doesn’t want to admit it, that thought alone excites him. And his rising hard-on is perfect proof.

However, when Iori grasps his partner’s pants and is about to rip them off, Kyo closes his eyes and pushes him away.

While Kyo stares at the frozen redhead, who stands up while growling, he gets up and leans his back against the concrete wall.

Suddenly, Iori punches the wall and corners his caught prey.

Meanwhile, Kyo understands he has to remain calm despite being intimidated by the deadly beast and look straight into his eyes.

When the brunette softens his gaze and exhales, the brunette moves his hand on Yagami’s inner thigh and slides it up to his neither region.

Such a gesture surprises the redhead. However, he doesn’t mind it, nor does the Kusanagi throw his arm over his shoulders and bring himself closer.

When Kyo rubs his partner’s groin, he whispers in a seductive tone. “You want this, aren’t you? So, let me help you to calm that big guy down there.”

After withdrawing his hands, the brunette kneels and peacefully nuzzles his cheek against Yagami's leg to prove he has no violent intentions.

Meanwhile, the redhead lets out nearly purring-like noises.

Yet, when Kyo lifts his head and looks at him with his capturing amber eyes, Iori becomes silent and swallows the saliva.

Lastly, the Kusanagi only chuckles, and after he undoes his own belt and lowers his jeans and underwear, he nearly purrs. “You’re quite eager, aren’t you? So, let me remove that annoying seal~”

When Kyo unbuckles his partner’s belt, he bites into the zipper and lowers it with his mouth.

As he pulls down the underwear, his face almost gets slapped by Yagami’s vigorous hard-on.

Yet, before taking it into his hand, the brunette only adds in a playful tone. “Even down there, you want to finish me?”

While he strokes his cock, Kyo lowers his other hand and starts pleasing himself as well.

Meanwhile, the redhead bites his lower lip without removing his eyes from the lewd Kusanagi.

After Kyo lands a soft kiss on the tip, he uses his tongue around it while studying his partner’s reaction. Soon, he licks Iori’s entire length.

However, when the brunette parts his lips and is about to take as much as he can, he gives a questioning look, after Yagami places his hands behind his head.

Suddenly, Kyo widens his eyes and gasps as Iori immediately pushes himself in.

The brunette even instinctively sheds a tear while his fingers twitch.

As Iori grinds his teeth, he sinks fingers into his scalp and aggressively thrusts his hips.

Meanwhile, the Kusanagi is like a rag-doll when his throat is violated by this panting and huffing man.

Despite being suffocated, he let out mewling noises in between catching his breath.

Suddenly, the redhead presses his partner’s face against him. Lastly, he closes his eyes and groans.

Meanwhile, the brunette keeps his eyes open and moans as the hot load pours down his throat and greedily swallows each gulp.

Even when he is dizzy while Iori’s still throbbing cock inside him, he can feel the cum running down from the corners of his lips.

After Yagami pulls Kyo’s head away, he releases his hair. As his chest bloats, he is aroused again by seeing the view in front of him and wanting to break him.

When the brunette slowly regains his breath, he lowers his gaze and wipes his mouth.

Unfortunately, after noticing the newly raised hard-on, he becomes bewildered and nervously cracks a smile. “You gotta be kidding me. Th-there is more?”

Suddenly, Iori forcibly lifts him and pushes him against the wall.

But for now, when Kyo places his palms on the wall, he feels how Yagami hugs his waist with one arm and presses his body against him.

A second later, the redhead holds his chin and makes him face him while studying him.

When Iori parts his lips by using his thumb, he pushes a couple of his fingers inside his mouth.

Without a saying or a second thought, the brunette understands what he needs to do. After he narrows his blushing gaze, he starts sucking and working with his tongue around these fingers.

Meanwhile, such an unexpected but pleasant gesture from the Kusanagi thrills the respiring beast.

When his fingers are finally wet enough, Iori removes them and spreads Kyo’s legs by his knee.

As the couple of fingers are inserted, the brunette lets out a sweet moan and covers his mouth.

Even when it messes with his ring muscle, he closes his eyes and breathes deeply. After all, it’s nothing different from the foreign body wriggling inside him and messing with him.

Despite that, Kyo is not mad at him for being a tease. After all, this creature is inexperienced unlike Iori, and perhaps he only repeats what he can recall from their previous encounter.

However, when Yagami’s fingers accidentally hit the brunette’s special spot, he is rewarded by hearing a lovely set of sounds from him.

For sure, it intrigues him, and he aims for the same spot again just to be entertained by Kyo’s adorable reactions. Yet, to fully enjoy himself, he grabs the Kusanagi’s wrist and brushes it away.

When Iori rubs his prostate more often, Kyo fails to hold back his voice, and his knees become weak.

Yet, the brunette cracks a smile at how the redhead quickly learns.

Soon, Yagami removes his fingers, and after he turns the brunette to his side, he lifts his partner’s leg and places it on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Kyo is relieved that he is not facing the street so that any wanderer can see the oh-so-great Kusanagi heir exposing himself.

On the other hand, he is curious if anyone notices them, whether Yagami will kill anyone in cold blood or won’t mind a spectator.

But for now, Iori takes his dick and brings the tip to Kyo’s entrance. After he suddenly pushes his entire length inside, the brunette widens his eyes and lets out a long moan.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t give his mate to catch a break and starts penetrating him.

Even if Yagami selfishly enjoys himself, the brunette cannot blame him. Besides, he only listens to what his instincts are telling him. Kyo convinces himself, while he is humped by the lustful creature.

Eventually, he closes his eyes and lets out lovely sighs, which grow into lover cries when he finally experiences the pleasure as well.

“Ya… Yagami?” Kyo gives him a questioning look when Iori pulls out his entire length and removes his leg from his shoulder.

Yet, the redhead presses his partner’s back against the wall and lifts him.

Meanwhile, Kyo throws his arms around Yagami’s shoulders.

As Iori penetrates him again, the brunette digs his nails into his back and wraps his legs around his waist to bring him closer.

Hell, when Iori rubs his special spot, he grows bigger inside him. In this case, Yagami may impregnate him. The brunette wonders as his insides are mercilessly stirred.

However, his further thoughts are interrupted when the redhead grasps his dick and roughly strokes it.

For now, the Kusanagi forgets the time and place and allows himself to drown in cloud nine. Nor does he care any longer that he shamelessly moans like an animal on heat while being embraced by one. All he wants is to be relieved.

In the end, Kyo feels ecstatic as the savage creature calls his name, which now has nearly the same meaning as regular Iori calling him during their private time.

Suddenly, he feels the pleasant shivers sent his spine and shakily whimpers when the redhead’s load fills his insides, and hears him groaning.

A second later, Kyo lets out a long, delighted moan as he climaxes, and his vision goes white.

As the brunette regains his breath, he stares into the void while being covered in his hot mess. Yet, he is returned to this world when Iori licks his cheeks without being sure whether the redhead comforts or praises him.

After Yagami withdraws his face, he silently growls and stares with thirsty eyes.

“What is it? Don’t tell me… You are still not satisfied?~” The Kusanagi teases him.

When Iori moves his hips again, the brunette cracks a smile. “Of course, you ain’t…”

In the end, Kyo closes eyes and rests his head on Yagami’s shoulder, leaving the rest to him. After all, they have the entire night ahead of them, and little Oreo is peacefully sleeping in their bed.

Besides, the brunette doesn’t mind being defiled as many times as his partner is satisfied or passes out. More so, he is made for this kind of suffering, which eases Iori’s curse.

On the other hand, he is curious about how Yagami will react tomorrow to what happened tonight or to tease him that he might have a new rival.

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