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  1. Title: Dimming Little Flame Status: Completed (3 chapters) Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Kyo x Iori Summary: Tonight, Kyo cannot calm down while impatiently waiting for his partner to return home. Unfortunately, his worries come true when injured Iori finally returns and collapses on him… Chapter 1 It is a peaceful winter evening in Yagami’s apartment. However, one brunette comfortably sitting on the couch cannot find peace of mind. When Kyo holds a warm cup of hot cocoa, he lowers his gaze and silently exhales. It’s been more than a couple of hours since Iori promised to return. Knowing him, he would call and warn if he may take longer. Of course, Kyo tried to call him an hour earlier. Unfortunately, his partner didn’t answer. At first, he thought perhaps Iori was busy or on his way. Therefore, he didn’t bother to call back. However, even later on, he received the same response. No matter how often the Kusanagi checked his phone - there was no new message or notification about a missed call. But for now, Kyo turns his head to the side and says to himself in a gloomy tone. “Just where in the world are you, Yagami? It’s better to be nothing serious. Or else, what do you expect me to do with you?” Meanwhile, when the tuxedo kitten notices how one of his dads is unusually upset, he lowers his triangle ears and wonders if these two fought again or if his other dad hurt him. Therefore, little Oreo decides to cheer him up in the best way he knows. And thus, he jumps on the couch while letting out a brief trill. After he approaches Kyo, he rubs his head and his body against his leg while his tail is lifted, trying to get his attention. For sure, such an unexpected gesture surprises the Kusanagi. When the brunette leans forward, he puts the mug on the coffee table and sits back. As he strokes the kitten’s head and under his chin, Kyo softens his gaze and sighs. “Did you miss your dad as well? Let’s hope that he is fine and only decided to get something for you.” After Oreo lies next to him and closes his eyes, and his beloved hand strokes his soft fur, his little motor engine activates. However, his kitten’s presence and purring makes him lower his shoulders and feel how his heart aches. In the end, he cannot help himself but irrationally worry about his partner without even knowing his whereabouts. Several minutes have passed. Suddenly, Oreo lifts his head and ears upon hearing something. “What is it, Oreo? Is your dad already home?” Kyo asks as he gets up and heads toward the corridor. After rushing to his destination place, he notices that there is no one inside. However, a faint banging on the door and the sound of the lock moving caught the brunette's attention. Soon, the mysterious culprit opens the door. Fortunately, Kyo’s reaction is quicker, and he catches the redhead in his arms without both collapsing on the floor. “Oi, you’re okay?” The brunette asks him while closing the door. When Iori places his hand on his partner’s shoulder, he withdraws his lowered head and faces him while surpassing his groaning. Suddenly, Kyo widens his eyes and becomes pale upon noticing Iori covered in blood. After a closer inspection, he scolds him without containing his emotions. “What happened to you? Who the hell did this to you?!” While Iori’s face twists in pain and panting, he backfires. “I just tripped over and fell downstairs! That’s what fucking happened… So, move, and let me catch a break.” After hearing these words, the brunette’s face darkens. “Fell downstairs, eh? Are you sure about that?” “Tsk. Do not test my patience, Kyo.” The redhead warns through gritted teeth. Unfortunately, his attempt to stand up on his own fails. Thus, the sudden pain on Yagami's side makes him hold his palm into the aching spot, and he loses his balance. After the brunette throws Iori’s arm over his shoulders, he closes his eyes and sighs. “Let’s go… Let’s get you warm and see your wounds.” Lastly, he helps Yagami to walk to the bedroom while wondering who could have done this to him. However, on their way, one person comes to his mind. Although, even if his guess might be wrong, it doesn’t matter. Right now, prioritizing his partner’s well-being is more important. Or so Kyo decides. After he lies Iori in bed, he assists him with removing his outfit and spots that the redhead’s clothes are tattered and have holes with crispy burnt edges. While silently exhaling, the brunette wonders how much Yagami suffered to become so passive and willingly accept any treatment from him. “What’s wrong? If you dislike it so much, you can leave me alone. As if I need your pity.” The redhead comments as he observes his partner’s every movement. When Kyo grasps the hemline of Iori’s t-shirt, he lowers his shoulders and head. As he cracks a fake smile, he replies in a cold yet calm tone. “You’re right… I guess it’s better to leave it in professionals’ hands.” After he sits on the edge of the bed, he picks up his phone from his pocket. However, as Kyo types a specific phone number, Yagami shakily sits up and gathers all his remaining strength into his palm. Suddenly, the Kusanagi freezes in the same spot when the phone is hit out of his hand. As soon as it lands on the ground, Kyo turns his head and stares at Iori. Lastly, the redhead addresses him. “Don’t. I’m not that weak or ill.” Meanwhile, Kyo remains speechless for a few moments. Finally, the redhead breaks the intense silence. “Besides, who will feed Oreo if I’m gone?” That’s it! It’s the last drop of the Kusanagi’s patience, and he lowers his head. Suddenly, he roughly grabs Iori by his shirt and brings him closer. “Is that the only thing that concerns you?!” A second later, he hung his head down while something stuck inside his throat. Meanwhile, Yagami only narrows his gaze as he observes the trembling and stiff brunette. “... You’re truly an idiot.” Kyo comments. After he bites into his lower lip, he continues while holding back from sobbing. “You may have died and I wouldn’t even know that. What am I supposed to do then? Shrug my shoulders and say I had no clue that you died? Hey, you think no one would notice or care? But you’re so fucking wrong! How… how many times I’ve told that you’re not alone? It’s… it’s okay if you’re too stubborn and prideful to rely on anyone and I’m not forcing you to do so. … I never did or will do that.” In the end, Kyo lowers his hands and buries his face in his partner’s chest. “But at least, … Please let me help you. That’s all I ask for.” However, he widens his eyes when he feels how Iori’s palm rests on his head. As Yagami closes his eyes, he sighs. After he opens his eyes, he gently ruffles his hair. “Who’s calling whom a fool? As if that will happen anytime soon. After all, who else will take care of Oreo and one stupid, nosy trouble-maker who worries too much? Listen. If I die, I’ll take you together with me into my grave. So, even after my death, you will still belong to me, Kyo.” After hearing this confession, Kyo carefully wraps his arms around his partner and nuzzles his cheek against his chest while murmuring something gibberish. In the meantime, Iori briefly bares his fangs as he explains. “Tsk. I’ve only dealt with one arrogant coward who dared to attack me. At least he didn’t show any interest in you and it’s all that matters. But I took longer than expected because out of nowhere he got the support and these two brats teamed up against me while that fool lied in his blood and laughed. That’s it.” After a brief pause, he adds. “So, now when you know this, you can do whatever you want.” Of course, such an answer is enough for Kyo, and he whispers. “Thank you.” “Whatever. But keep in mind, you won’t drag me anywhere.” The redhead replies. In the end, the brunette only silently nods. No matter how much Kyo wants to stay like this, even if for a bit longer, he understands he cannot allow himself to rest. After all, he has become a temporary caretaker of two. But for now, his first duty as a nurse is to examine his patient and wash him down. Or so the Kusanagi decides. Some time has passed. After Kyo finally finishes treating Iori’s injuries and put him in warmer pajama, he manages to change the bedsheets without tearing them or tripping over for the first time. Of course, it doesn’t help that Iori observes him as if he is his entertainment. On the other hand, seeing Yagami cracking a smile or reminding him how to handle such a simple task despite his body being covered in bruises relieved the Kusanagi. But for now, he can finally take a break. Or so Kyo ponders as he changes into a gray tank top and shorts and snuggles under the blanket like a feline. As he watches over Iori, he softens his gaze. “What is it?” The redhead asks. “It can’t be helped that I have to check on my patient,” Kyo explains. After Yagami turns to the side, he throws his arm over his partner and brings him closer. For sure, such a gesture surprises the brunette. Yet, he doesn’t show any desire to lose to Iori and embraces his new role by adding in a slightly indignant voice. “Oi, what do you think you’re allowing yourself, mister? Don’t forget - you are my patient and I’m your nurse. So, you have to do what I say.” “Then where’s your uniform, nurse?” Iori backfires while keeping a smug look on his face. Suddenly, the heat rushes to the Kusanagi’s cheeks, and he averts his gaze for a few moments. More so, it’s difficult for him to keep a serious face when Yagami’s hand rubs and squeezes his buttocks. Certainly, his partner’s adorable reaction amuses Iori, and he teases him a bit. “I wonder what kind of outfit you have in mind. It seems that I need to discipline my nurse for having naughty thoughts about his patient~ And, you know, medical scrubs are a thing too.” Instead of saying anything, Kyo opens his big amber eyes and pinches his partner’s nose. “Right now, you are under a strict bed mode. And that also means - no sex for you until you get well, got it?” “You’re such a young nurse, but already as strict as an old one…” The redhead comments as soon as Kyo lowers his hand. “I wonder thanks to whom…” Kyo replies while keeping a poker face. In the end, without Kusanagi realizing it, he becomes temporally distracted by his own play. On the other hand, if Iori can joke around like this, then his injuries are not as life-threatening as Kyo expected. Despite the Yagami’s attempt to calm down the tensed Kusanagi, the brunette shouldn’t take this situation so lightly and not forget about it as it never happened. More importantly, his suspicious intuition is correct about who could have beaten Iori. That’s why he must seek the same man, who is so desperately obsessed with Yagami, and settle it down. Or so Kyo is determined.
  2. Title: The Forgotten Memories Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Summary: [A sequel to Be Careful what You Wish for..., but can be read as stand-alone story] Tonight, Kyo teases Iori for the n-th time and Iori is not happy about it. However, during their fight, Kyo accidentally reveals something that he desperately kept in secret from anyone for years. How Iori will handle it? Read and find out~ AO3 Link It is a calm and chill late evening. Finally, after a long, heated fight for dominance, the Kusanagi heir rests in bed next to his partner and blissfully stares at him. After he rests his palm on Iori’s chest, he presses himself close and nuzzles his head against his shoulder. As the redhead places his hand on his partner’s, he closes his eyes and exhales. For now, he simply wants to stay like this for a bit longer before heading to the shower and later on, leaving the bedroom’s door slightly opened if their adorable kitten would want to come in. Besides, at least for tonight, Kyo made these erotic faces just for him and was melting in the pleasure in his hands. Or so Iori hopes, while closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around his partner. After all, it’s not the first time the brunette had sex with his other side. Even though Kyo keeps assuring him that Yagami never actually hurt him, he doesn’t like the thought that he prefers this side of him. More so, he is frustrated and annoyed at how his opponent is someone who he can’t face nor threaten to make him stay away and keep his hands off the Kusanagi. That’s why marking his partner more often might drive away the impostor away. Or so Iori hopes as he closes his eyes and exhales. However, his further thoughts are interrupted by Kyo’s half-sleepy voice. “You gonna squeeze me.” As soon as Iori realizes he pulled Kyo into too tight a hug, he removes his hands and turns to the other side immediately. “Hey, you’re okay, Yagami? Or did anything happen?” The brunette asks. While Iori refuses to face his partner, he replies. “You worry too much. Just go to sleep.” “Then tell me this again by facing me.” Kyo asked calmly. In the end, the redhead rolls his eyes and sighs. After he lies on his back, he gives an irritated look while staring at the ceiling. “I’m fine. Are you happy now? If you don’t have anything to say, I’m off to shower.” However, the brunette slightly frowns and rests his arms on his partner’s chest. “You’re lying. Something bothers you, and I won’t let you go anywhere until you say it.” For sure, when Kyo stares at him with such demanding eyes, he understands it will be pointless to argue with him. Or so Iori thinks as he closes his eyes and exhales. “About what sealing I should put on one idiot, who loves sticking his head inside beast’s mouth, and how to keep him away from the evil spirits.” The redhead explains. The Kusanagi only raises his eyebrow. “Eh? What that’s supposed to mean? Or could it be - Iorin is jealous?~” “Tsk. Don’t be so stupid. Like, hell, I would…” Iori replies while trying to keep his cool face. Unfortunately for him, the brunette now makes the smuggest face possible. Soon, the Kusanagi speaks up in a teasing tone. “Aww, but you don’t have to.” A second later, Kyo adds in a suggestive tone. “But to think of… Another you is really a beast in bed that I was genially worried that I’ll get pregnant by him and lose my mind. I swear he filled me up so much I could feel how my stomach was stretched. If you have only seen how much energy he had… Perhaps you should take notes from him.” As his finger traces his partner’s chest, he addresses him in a nearly purring voice. “Hey, Yagami. Do you know how many rounds he fucked me mercilessly like an animal until he snapped out?~” Meanwhile, Iori does his best not to lose his temper. Although, he continues listening to the brunette while grinding his teeth and his eyelid twitching. Lastly, Kyo delightfully grins and shows his spread palm. “That much~” That’s it! It’s the last drop of the redhead’s patience. After he sits up, he turns his head away and gives him a middle finger. “Just… Fuck off! If you like him that much, then why do you even need me? From now on, you can just wait until he’ll show up and you two can do whatever the fuck you want. As if I give a single damn, you damned sex-thirsted nymph!” At the moment, Yagami only crosses his arms while containing his overwhelming disappointment and anger. When Kyo notices how stiff and shaky his partner’s shoulders are, he realizes that perhaps, this time, he went too far. After the brunette softens his gaze, he gently wraps his arms around Iori and rests his head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “You’re only telling this now because you want to use me.” The redhead backfires without even bothering to brush the Kusanagi’s hands off. “What makes you think that way, and why would I do it?” Kyo asks. After he places his palm on Iori’s cheek, he turns his head. “Hey, can I still say something before I’ll go to sleep on the couch? Please?” After he gets his partner’s attention, he thanks Iori and confesses. “I thought it would be interesting to see how you react, and I hoped that you’d be hyped for the second round. That’s all.” “So, that’s what it was…” Yagami murmurs as he rolls his eyes. After a brief pause, he warns. “Do not make it worse for yourself, Kyo. I suggest you shut your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll be doing all the house chores, aside from cooking, not just for a month, but a couple instead. It also includes not having sex for a month. And if catch you jerking off, you’ll have an extra week as a penalty.” “I understand that you’re mad at me, but don’t you think it’s a bit too much?” The brunette objects. But for now, he pushes his luck. After Kyo lowers his gaze, he continues. “At least let me clear something for you. Yeah, your other side is more aggressive and doesn’t hold back. However, he only follows his instincts, and his huge stamina burst doesn’t last long.” As the brunette removes his hands from Iori, he moves closer and rests his head against his chest. “Meanwhile, I know you wouldn’t mind if I do this, and you will never do anything against my will or dispose of me as soon as I fulfill my purpose. And do you know what else I can do with you only?” After the Kusanagi withdraws, he takes his partner’s palm and places it on his chest while looking at him with such loving amber eyes. For sure, such a gaze makes even the angered redhead’s heart skip a beat and feel the heat rushing to his cheeks. In the end, when Kyo places his other hand on Iori’s shoulder, he closes his eyes and pulls him into a long but soft, innocent kiss. When the brunette withdraws his face, he opens his eyes and confesses. “There. That should be more than enough. Besides, even if it’s not you who took my first time, but you’re the first one who made me feel good. And you are you, no matter with a flame or not, having a curse or not.” “Tsk. And you still manage to brag about your previous sex life…” Yagami comments while keeping a poker face. As Kyo’s face darkens, he objects. “To be honest, I wish it was a case, but it’s not. And wouldn’t call being chained and molested by the machines just for someone’s entertainment… or they referred - in the name of science.” “If this is one of your jokes, cut that out.” Iori briefly orders. Unfortunately, after Kyo hangs his head and remains silent for a while, Yagami covers his mouth and widens his eyes. For now, he only shakes his head. “No… Just tell me you’re lying.” “Who did that you to you? Who the fuck is that bastard I should kill?! Hey, answer me, Kyo!” Iori desperately demands while holding Kyo by his shoulders. “I don’t think that there is anything you can do to those who are already probably dead or died under the lab’s ruins.” The brunette replies in a nearly emotionless voice. “And you kept it in secret all these years? Am I the last one to learn this?” Iori asks in a serious tone while trying to keep his poker face. “It’s not something that I could just talk about without getting shamed or mocked. I… I never told anyone, not to my friends or even my family, about what was happening behind NESTS’s lab doors.” Kyo explains. After a brief pause, he cracks a bitter smile. “Hey, how do you think my mom or dad would have reacted if I had shown up out of the blue after disappearing for an entire year just to tell them ‘Mom, Dad, I’m sorry if I made you worry. However, I was busy getting raped by the machines while being watched by the bunch of scientists.’? I can bet you that not only they would be upset but also ashamed and disappointed at how low their son has fallen from the grace. Besides, the entire Kusanagi clan would have disowned me for being such an embarrassment and bringing nothing but dishonor.” Within each word, the brunette feels how difficult to speak, as if something is stuck inside his throat. Nevertheless, he continues his speech. “I… I couldn’t even tell about what NESTS did to me to you because I was afraid that you would not only turn your back against me but also be disgusted and treat me like a plagued corpse. I thought that after you went to bring me back from the depths of hell and helped me to recover, you would hate and blame me for being weak if you knew this. However, that one evening I was genially in shock when I learned how you felt about me. Despite that, deep inside I knew you would never abuse or hurt me for a sick entertainment. And it felt so right to entrust myself to you.” Lastly, the Kusanagi adds while staring at him with such guilty eyes. “So, now you’re the first and the only person whom I told about this, and I would understand if you want to get rid of me and have nothing to do with me.” “You fool…” Iori briefly responds. Suddenly, he pulls Kyo into a tight hug. For sure, such a gesture bewilders the brunette. Yet, when Iori places his palm behind his head, Kyo closes his eyes and does his best to keep his voice down. Meanwhile, the redhead refuses to let him go and whispers. “As if I’ll do this to you.” In the end, Iori closes his eyes and declares. “No god or devil will dare to stand in my way, nor I’ll allow you to fall into anyone’s dirty claws again. Even if you are a reckless idiot and trouble-maker, you still belong to me, Kyo. Listen, you’re not going anywhere. Not tonight, not tomorrow or ever. More importantly, Oreo sees you as one of his dads and he cares about you.” But for now, Kyo hugs back his partner and thanks in a barely hearable voice and none of them want to disturb such a peaceful and serene moment and stay like this for a bit longer. Besides, it’s better to keep the talk about Kyo’s foul language and behavior for tomorrow. Or so Iori decides.
  3. Title: Be Careful what You Wish for… Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Rating: 18+(Smut and suggestive themes) Summary: [(In)dirrect sequel to Icy Hot, but can be read as stand-alone story] Tonight, Iori’s cursed blood boils again. Soon enough, Kyo realizes that it’s not the bloodlust blazes in his partner’s eyes, but rather something else. Perhaps something more than a beastly hunger… AO3 Link It‘s a quiet afternoon in Yagami’s apartment. But for now, while Iori chills on the couch and uses the cat teaser toy, the tuxedo kitten tries to catch the moving feathers. Certainly, observing how Oreo is energetic and reckless when he tries to hunt down his prey warms up his heart. After all, it reminds him of the person who gave him this tiny miracle that melted his heart. Speaking of which, Iori lifts his head after he feels how someone wraps their arms around him and rests their head on his shoulder. Yet, he continues focusing on playing with Oreo despite one Kusanagi nuzzling like a feline. “What is it this time?” Iori sighs as the brunette’s hair tickles his neck. “You know, I was thinking about something recently. But first, you must promise you won’t be mad,” Kyo replies. The redhead only rolls his eyes. “Did you get cause any trouble?” Kyo only chuckles. “What makes you think that way? So, is it yes or no?” Despite having a bad feeling about this, Iori briefly answers. “Just shoot it.” Lastly, the brunette delightfully smiles. After Kyo removes his arms from his partner, he joins him on the couch and sits close to him. When Kyo sits on Iori’s lap, he parts his legs by knee and leans closer to him while giving a demanding look. After Iori lowers the teaser toy, he narrows his gaze. “Do not think of doing it. Just not in front of Oreo.” While the tuxedo kitten is busy with his target without understanding what his dads are doing, the brunette reassures his partner. “I wasn’t planning on anything.” After a temporary pause, he stares at Iori with these captivating amber eyes. “But I need to ask you something.” After Kyo exhales, he adds in a shy tone. “Hey, remember the last time you went Blood Riot? Well, that one time during the… You know what I mean, right?” Yagami only covers his face with his palm. Yet, he tries to keep his cool. “Haven’t we already talked about it? So, you don’t have to apologize twice. Unless there is anything else I should know.” Meanwhile, when Oreo doesn’t receive his parents’ attention, he jumps from the couch and leaves with his tail lifted. When the brunette lowers his gaze, he remains silent for a moment. Soon, he speaks up while gently rubbing his partner’s chest. “About that… I was thinking about doing it the next time you may have Blood Riot. Of course, if that’s fine by you.” Suddenly, the redhead widens his eyes, and as the heat rushes to his cheeks, he covers his mouth and facepalms. “You horny idiot…” “It’s not something you can fool around. Do you understand how it can be dangerous?” Iori lectures him. “But I still beaten your ass and knock you out even if I was tied up and blindfolded. That’s why you don’t need to worry about me.” Kyo objects. After a brief pause, he adds in a slightly concerned tone. “But I’m not sure if that would count as taking advantage of you or cheating. Because even if it is your body, you don’t know what your another part is doing while you are asleep. So, if you are really against it, if I’m anywhere around when your blood boils, I will knock you off before you’ll harm yourself, as I always do. I promise.” At the moment, Yagami stays quiet without saying a single word, considering something important. Lastly, Iori asks in a serious tone. “Do you really want this so badly, Kyo?” Meanwhile, Kusanagi’s eyes shine with excitement. For now, he lowers his head and presses his palms as he prays and lifts them. “Please.” After the redhead observes his desperate partner for a while, he announces the final verdict. “Fiiine. However, under one condition.” When Kyo lowers his hands and lifts his head, he digs his fingertips into Iori’s thighs. “Yeah, anything you’ll say.” “If you’re in danger or it becomes out of your hand, do whatever it takes to defend yourself.” The redhead explains. Suddenly, Kyo pulls his partner into a tight hug and closes his eyes. “Thank you so much, Iorin~” However, the meowing from below almost startles the brunette, and he turns his head. Apparently, the tuxedo kitten sits in front of them and stares with such demanding eyes. In the end, Yagami sighs. “What is it, Oreo? Do you want us to follow you?” Little Oreo meows, and after he stands up, he points with his head towards the kitchen. “You’re hungry?” The redhead asks. After he prompts Kyo to get up, Iori stands up, bends down to stroke Oreo, and allows him to be guided by him. A few days pass by. It is a chilly autumn night, and nothing seems to be extraordinary. So, for now, Kyo and Iori continue their way home. However, as they get closer to the dark alley, the redhead starts shakily breathing and covering his hung head. After Kyo notices him stop walking, he gives a worried look and places his palms on his shoulders. “Hey, are you okay? Do you feel sick?” Suddenly, Yagami widens his eyes and covers his mouth. As the blood gushes through his fingers, he freezes at the same spot. Meanwhile, the Kusanagi lowers his arms and dumbfounded stares at his partner. “Don’t tell me that…” Fortunately, his reaction is quick. And thus, he dodges the slashing strike, accompanied by the tearing noise. A second later, Kyo is not that alerted by his exposed chest like Iori pushing him into the dark alley and making him land on his bottom. As soon as Yagami follows his prey, he sits on top of him and grasps his throat while growling and baring his fangs. While the brunette fixates his gaze on Iori, he realizes it is not pure rage and bloodlust blazes in his partner’s eyes but a hunger. But for now, the redhead leans close to his prey and presses his face against his chest. At first, Kyo is confused about how such a creature calms his anger by sniffing his upper body. Soon, he exhales and narrows his gaze when Iori’s hair tickles his neck and breathes on his skin. What if Yagami sees him as nothing more than food? The brunette wonders. Suddenly, the Kusanagi lets out a sweet gasp as his partner licks behind his ear and nibs it. As Iori licks his cheek and neck, his other hand brushes on Kyo’s chest. More so, thanks to his upper body being exposed to cold weather, his nipples are erect. Despite feeling how Iori gropes him, he keeps his voice down. The brunette even bites his finger wherever Yagami bites him, and his tongue traces his skin. ‘Shit… Of all places, you picked the streets, you moron! What if anyone sees us? Damn,… he is really like an animal who doesn’t care about the time and place when he is in heat.’ The brunette thinks. No matter how he doesn’t want to admit it, that thought alone excites him. And his rising hard-on is perfect proof. However, when Iori grasps his partner’s pants and is about to rip them off, Kyo closes his eyes and pushes him away. While Kyo stares at the frozen redhead, who stands up while growling, he gets up and leans his back against the concrete wall. Suddenly, Iori punches the wall and corners his caught prey. Meanwhile, Kyo understands he has to remain calm despite being intimidated by the deadly beast and look straight into his eyes. When the brunette softens his gaze and exhales, the brunette moves his hand on Yagami’s inner thigh and slides it up to his neither region. Such a gesture surprises the redhead. However, he doesn’t mind it, nor does the Kusanagi throw his arm over his shoulders and bring himself closer. When Kyo rubs his partner’s groin, he whispers in a seductive tone. “You want this, aren’t you? So, let me help you to calm that big guy down there.” After withdrawing his hands, the brunette kneels and peacefully nuzzles his cheek against Yagami's leg to prove he has no violent intentions. Meanwhile, the redhead lets out nearly purring-like noises. Yet, when Kyo lifts his head and looks at him with his capturing amber eyes, Iori becomes silent and swallows the saliva. Lastly, the Kusanagi only chuckles, and after he undoes his own belt and lowers his jeans and underwear, he nearly purrs. “You’re quite eager, aren’t you? So, let me remove that annoying seal~” When Kyo unbuckles his partner’s belt, he bites into the zipper and lowers it with his mouth. As he pulls down the underwear, his face almost gets slapped by Yagami’s vigorous hard-on. Yet, before taking it into his hand, the brunette only adds in a playful tone. “Even down there, you want to finish me?” While he strokes his cock, Kyo lowers his other hand and starts pleasing himself as well. Meanwhile, the redhead bites his lower lip without removing his eyes from the lewd Kusanagi. After Kyo lands a soft kiss on the tip, he uses his tongue around it while studying his partner’s reaction. Soon, he licks Iori’s entire length. However, when the brunette parts his lips and is about to take as much as he can, he gives a questioning look, after Yagami places his hands behind his head. Suddenly, Kyo widens his eyes and gasps as Iori immediately pushes himself in. The brunette even instinctively sheds a tear while his fingers twitch. As Iori grinds his teeth, he sinks fingers into his scalp and aggressively thrusts his hips. Meanwhile, the Kusanagi is like a rag-doll when his throat is violated by this panting and huffing man. Despite being suffocated, he let out mewling noises in between catching his breath. Suddenly, the redhead presses his partner’s face against him. Lastly, he closes his eyes and groans. Meanwhile, the brunette keeps his eyes open and moans as the hot load pours down his throat and greedily swallows each gulp. Even when he is dizzy while Iori’s still throbbing cock inside him, he can feel the cum running down from the corners of his lips. After Yagami pulls Kyo’s head away, he releases his hair. As his chest bloats, he is aroused again by seeing the view in front of him and wanting to break him. When the brunette slowly regains his breath, he lowers his gaze and wipes his mouth. Unfortunately, after noticing the newly raised hard-on, he becomes bewildered and nervously cracks a smile. “You gotta be kidding me. Th-there is more?” Suddenly, Iori forcibly lifts him and pushes him against the wall. But for now, when Kyo places his palms on the wall, he feels how Yagami hugs his waist with one arm and presses his body against him. A second later, the redhead holds his chin and makes him face him while studying him. When Iori parts his lips by using his thumb, he pushes a couple of his fingers inside his mouth. Without a saying or a second thought, the brunette understands what he needs to do. After he narrows his blushing gaze, he starts sucking and working with his tongue around these fingers. Meanwhile, such an unexpected but pleasant gesture from the Kusanagi thrills the respiring beast. When his fingers are finally wet enough, Iori removes them and spreads Kyo’s legs by his knee. As the couple of fingers are inserted, the brunette lets out a sweet moan and covers his mouth. Even when it messes with his ring muscle, he closes his eyes and breathes deeply. After all, it’s nothing different from the foreign body wriggling inside him and messing with him. Despite that, Kyo is not mad at him for being a tease. After all, this creature is inexperienced unlike Iori, and perhaps he only repeats what he can recall from their previous encounter. However, when Yagami’s fingers accidentally hit the brunette’s special spot, he is rewarded by hearing a lovely set of sounds from him. For sure, it intrigues him, and he aims for the same spot again just to be entertained by Kyo’s adorable reactions. Yet, to fully enjoy himself, he grabs the Kusanagi’s wrist and brushes it away. When Iori rubs his prostate more often, Kyo fails to hold back his voice, and his knees become weak. Yet, the brunette cracks a smile at how the redhead quickly learns. Soon, Yagami removes his fingers, and after he turns the brunette to his side, he lifts his partner’s leg and places it on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Kyo is relieved that he is not facing the street so that any wanderer can see the oh-so-great Kusanagi heir exposing himself. On the other hand, he is curious if anyone notices them, whether Yagami will kill anyone in cold blood or won’t mind a spectator. But for now, Iori takes his dick and brings the tip to Kyo’s entrance. After he suddenly pushes his entire length inside, the brunette widens his eyes and lets out a long moan. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give his mate to catch a break and starts penetrating him. Even if Yagami selfishly enjoys himself, the brunette cannot blame him. Besides, he only listens to what his instincts are telling him. Kyo convinces himself, while he is humped by the lustful creature. Eventually, he closes his eyes and lets out lovely sighs, which grow into lover cries when he finally experiences the pleasure as well. “Ya… Yagami?” Kyo gives him a questioning look when Iori pulls out his entire length and removes his leg from his shoulder. Yet, the redhead presses his partner’s back against the wall and lifts him. Meanwhile, Kyo throws his arms around Yagami’s shoulders. As Iori penetrates him again, the brunette digs his nails into his back and wraps his legs around his waist to bring him closer. Hell, when Iori rubs his special spot, he grows bigger inside him. In this case, Yagami may impregnate him. The brunette wonders as his insides are mercilessly stirred. However, his further thoughts are interrupted when the redhead grasps his dick and roughly strokes it. For now, the Kusanagi forgets the time and place and allows himself to drown in cloud nine. Nor does he care any longer that he shamelessly moans like an animal on heat while being embraced by one. All he wants is to be relieved. In the end, Kyo feels ecstatic as the savage creature calls his name, which now has nearly the same meaning as regular Iori calling him during their private time. Suddenly, he feels the pleasant shivers sent his spine and shakily whimpers when the redhead’s load fills his insides, and hears him groaning. A second later, Kyo lets out a long, delighted moan as he climaxes, and his vision goes white. As the brunette regains his breath, he stares into the void while being covered in his hot mess. Yet, he is returned to this world when Iori licks his cheeks without being sure whether the redhead comforts or praises him. After Yagami withdraws his face, he silently growls and stares with thirsty eyes. “What is it? Don’t tell me… You are still not satisfied?~” The Kusanagi teases him. When Iori moves his hips again, the brunette cracks a smile. “Of course, you ain’t…” In the end, Kyo closes eyes and rests his head on Yagami’s shoulder, leaving the rest to him. After all, they have the entire night ahead of them, and little Oreo is peacefully sleeping in their bed. Besides, the brunette doesn’t mind being defiled as many times as his partner is satisfied or passes out. More so, he is made for this kind of suffering, which eases Iori’s curse. On the other hand, he is curious about how Yagami will react tomorrow to what happened tonight or to tease him that he might have a new rival.
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    Icy Hot

    Title: Icy Hot Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Rating: 18+(Smut and suggestive themes) Summary: [This story was made as entry for October's month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This story is a sequel to Summer Heat Struggles] As the summer heat withdraws for tonight, Iori decides to spice it up with something new. Unfortunately, even during intimate moments like this, Blood Riot decides to act up. Will Kyo be able not just survive, but also defeat the evil curse? Read and find out. AO3 Link October's writing prompt: "Icy Hot" Word count: 2056 It’s almost an evening in one certain redhead’s apartment. Finally, the heatwave slowly withdraws before mercilessly striking back tomorrow. But for now, the Kusanagi is almost tired of waiting for his partner in the bedroom. After all, he did as Iori asked him, and after taking a shower, he didn’t bother to put anything on. “What a hell, he is taking so long? Did he decide to eat on his way while I gonna freeze here butt-naked?” Kyo complains while crossing his legs and resting his chin on his palm. Speaking of which, Yagami finally returns. However, something catches the brunette’s eye, and he leans forward to see that the redhead carries something behind his back. “You might want to lie on your back and close your eyes,” Iori instructs as he closes the door. The brunette only gives a teasing look. “Oh~ Just what are you up to this time?” The brunette asks in a playful tone. “Just do what I say, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” Iori replies. Certainly, the Kusanagi is even more intrigued, and after he closes his eyes, he does what he is being told. “Will that do?” Kyo asks in a purring voice as he stretches out and exposes his belly and chest like a feline. When he feels how the redhead sits next to him, he listens to another command. “Lift your head and give me your hands.” Yet, the sensation of silky ribbon covering his eyes is unexpected for him. Despite that, while it is tied behind his head, his partner’s voice explains. “I’m just making sure that you won’t try to cheat.” “So, you’re into that this time? You should say so earlier.” The brunette comments while his wrists are pinned and wrapped, from what he can assume by its length and material, in Yagami’s signature red strap. After he is restrained, he hears Iori’s question. “Are you sure can’t see anything?” “Even with my eyes opened, it’s pretty much dark here, you know,” Kyo honestly answers. In the end, even if his vision is temporally taken away, he can sense how close Iori is to him without touching him yet. “Good. So, you better be not lying. Or else, if I find out, I won’t be responsible for what may happen then, Kyo.” The redhead whispers in a deeper voice. For sure, upon hearing that alone leaves the frisson of delight and makes the brunette silently gasp. Suddenly, Kyo’s back arches when something tiny, cold, and wet taps his chest. However, as it runs his skin like a brush, it melts down and leaves the water droplets. Soon, the mysterious icy object is withdrawn. Just as the brunette opens his mouth and is about to say anything, he shakily exhales as the ice cube brushes his neck. When he instinctively shrugs his shoulders, Iori removes it and teases the exposed side of his neck. One thing is being completely at Yagami’s will. Another is Kyo’s unusual uncertainty and concern. He trusts his partner and knows he would never do anything against his will, but the feeling of the unknown does its own thing. On the other hand, it also thrills the Kusanagi. After all, his other senses become sharper to compensate for the lost eyesight. When the small piece of ice gently taps his erected nipple, he lets out a lovely whimper and struggles as it runs all over his chest and harasses his sensitive body. After the ice cube is removed, he can feel the pressure of Yagami’s hands on the bed. Eventually, when the redhead is on top of him and corners him, Kyo can sense his partner’s hungry eyes fixated on him. Soon, the brunette softly moans as his partner licks his neck while his hand strokes the other side. When Iori reaches his partner’s collarbone, he leaves a few bites while enjoying these lewd reactions. That contrast between the ice chillness and his partner’s warm mouth and tongue, no matter where it touches him - his chest, abs, thighs; excites Kyo, and he would wrap his arms around his rival’s shoulders if it wasn’t for being tied up. In the end, Iori withdraws his face and sits on top of him and comments. “Just look at yourself - already dripping and ready to cum.” “And guess whose fault is that?” The brunette cracks a smile. Even by the sound of rustling material alone, he can imagine that the redhead puts a show by removing his tank top. However, the Kusanagi senses that something is off. He doesn’t like the lingering smell of the iron, nor how Yagami doesn’t move even a single muscle and remains still in the same spot. After almost a minute lasting intense pause, Kyo breaks the silence. “Oi, you’re alright here?”. He even gives a teasing look, hoping it’s nothing more than a bad feeling. “What is it? Or did you swallow more than you can take?~” Unfortunately, there is no response from his partner. At least, not a verbal one. Apparently, a few warm drops land one after another on the brunette’s body. “Yagami?” Kyo addresses his partner. Suddenly, he gets startled when he hears a silent growl and a pair of hands on his neck choking him. As the crushing grasp around his throat becomes tighter until Kyo can barely breathe, the beast’s growling grows louder and more aggressive. Despite desperately catching air and being on the verge of the death, Kyo closes his eyes and focuses the heat on his wrists. At this point, he is not afraid that his flame will be too weak or that he’ll get killed by the feral entity controlled by his cursed blood. He only prays to have enough will to control it and not set the apartment on fire by the sudden burst. Fortunately, he manages to ignite his palms. “Shit... Why it has to be made from leather?” The brunette curses the crimson strap, which takes time to burn up. “Just… just fucking BURN already!” Kyo begs. And thus, with these words, his restraint fell off. As he shakily grasps his partner’s wrists, he whispers. “Y… you… you leave me… leave me no… choice…”. In the end, the orange flame surrounds his palms. For sure, it makes the beast scream in pain and remove his hands from the strangled Kusanagi heir. While Kyo gasps and greedily swallows each gulp of air, his chest bloats, yet he doesn’t waste a second. After he removes the blindfold, he notices how Iori whimpers while covering the burnt hands. No, that’s not Yagami. That is an unfortunate soul corrupted by Orochi’s blood, who took his place. “Yagami…” Kyo speaks up in disbelief. So, his senses were correct… The brunette closes his eyes and sighs. Soon, the redhead growls before unleashing a slashing strike. Yet, Kusanagi’s reaction is faster, and he uses the upper punch. When his opponent collapses, Kyo makes him lie on the stomach. After he picks Iori’s tank top, he uses it to restrain the resisting redhead, who grids his teeth, growls, and barks like a monster. Even if the real Yagami is asleep and may not hear him, the brunette apologizes in a soft tone. “I’m sorry. But this is for your own good. I… I don’t wish you any harm, but it has to be done until you return to your senses.” When Kyo is about to stroke his hair, he withdraws his palm from the wild animal with glowing eyes, which almost bite him. “So, this is how it is… Then, I’ll have to show this overgrown snake it screws around with the wrong person for too long.” The brunette comments in a calm yet ruthless voice. But for now, he climbs on top of his partner and leans closer. “Hey, the only one who can fuck him over is me, and I’ll make you remember that!” When Kyo lifts Iori’s bottom, he removes his shorts and underwear and exposes his lower regions. “I hope you’re watching this. ‘Cos I’ll make it burn into your memory every little moment.” Kyo adds in a deeper voice, hoping his voice will reach one certain entity that torments Iori. Suddenly, Yagami widens his eyes and moans as the brunette takes his hard-on and roughly strokes it. While Kyo pleases this man, he gropes his pectoral muscles and squeezes them. “You give in to your primal instincts like an animal.” The brunette comments in a strict tone while massaging his partner’s chest and listening to his panting and groaning. As the movement of his hand around Yagami’s cock becomes faster, he addresses him. “Who knew that such a terrifying beast could be tamed that easily? Maybe I should keep you as my pet before Yagami returns.” Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long for the redhead to climax. As he lifts his gaze, he lets out a long moan, and his knees give up on him. However, Kyo doesn’t show mercy to the creature in front of him, who is too busy drowning in pleasure and roughly breathing. The brunette only remarks. “Look at you, you already beaten and you have no shame lying in your own mess while panting like a dog.” For now, the Kusanagi looks for one specific item. When he spots the tube of lube, he delightfully smiles. After he leans to pick it up, he pours a good amount into his palm and explains. “Even if you are not Yagami, you are using his body and I don’t like it. However, I cannot hurt you. Listen, I’m giving you a last chance - leave him alone, and I’ll spare you.” Yet, there is no answer from the redhead, who only stares at him with blazing eyes and reveals his bare fangs while struggling. “No? Don’t complain that I haven’t warned you.” Kyo whispers before he inserts a couple of lubed fingers inside his partner, making him whimper. While the brunette messes around with his ring muscle, he can almost admire this creature’s honesty. For now, Kyo softens his gaze. “Does it feel good when I touch there?” When his fingers rub Yagami’s prostate, he is rewarded with hearing another lovely cry. Lastly, Kusanagi adds in a seductive tone. “Good boy. However, I cannot let you cum yet. Not until I’m done with you.” After he removes his fingers from his partner, he slowly enters inside Iori, making him groan. “I’m starting to move. So, ‘brace yourself.” Kyo warns. One thing is for sure, it’s so tight inside Yagami that he swears that can get drained instantly. “Just try to relax a bit. It would be easier for us.” The brunette addresses him in a sweet voice as he thrusts slowly. The brunette closes his eyes and lets out these adorable and erotic sounds while aiming at his partner’s special spot. When he feels how Iori tighten even more and beastly moans, Kyo penetrates him faster and deeper. Eventually, he starts stroking the redhead’s dick. At this point, the brunette wonders which of them is a true carnal creature that is true to their primal instincts. On the other hand, is this really important right now when both only want to satisfy their lust? In the end, Kyo calls Yagami’s name before reaching the climax. A few seconds later, the redhead howls his partner’s name before passing out. “Is it finally over?” The brunette speaks up as he catches his breath while resting on top of Iori without receiving any response from him. However, despite his laziness, he realizes he has to untie his partner. After releasing the unconscious redhead from the restraint, he rolls him to the side and wraps his arms around him. When the brunette hugs him tighter, he closes his eyes and exhales, refusing to let go of Iori. At least not until he is sure that Blood Riot calmed down and is gone for now. Of course, later on, he will need to get up and not only wash himself and change the bedsheet but also take care of his partner while he is sleeping. Or so Kyo notes to himself. He gently brushes Iori's hair while silently watching him sleep, relieved that this time Yagami wasn't hurt. But for now, he continues protecting his partner during his sleep from any demons.
  5. Fmkitty

    That Rainy Night…

    Title: That Rainy Night… Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Summary: [This story was made as entry for September’s month Aarinfantasy Writing Challenge.] [This story is a sequel to Something That You Cannot Dim and Take It Away…] “<…>While Iori stares through the window, he wonders. It’s been a while since he had such a sleepless night during the storm, or even much longer since that one time. That one rainy night changed their relationship completely. Or perhaps, just fastened the inevitable…<…>” AO3 Link August's writing prompt: "That Time" Word count: 1949 It is almost the middle of the night, and everyone seems to be asleep in Yagami’s apartment. When the moon gets hidden by the gray clouds, it’s raining. Soon enough, gentle raindrops grow into a heavy, pouring rain. And thus, a rhythmic, loud tapping at the window wakes one redhead. Surely, it’s frustrating how such a simple thing disturbs his rest. Suddenly, the lightning strikes, and he feels how someone clings to him and rubs his head against his chest before exhaling and releasing him. At first, Iori assumes Kyo woke up as well. Yet, when he whispers his partner’s name, he doesn’t receive any response. The redhead understands that the Kusanagi is unconsciously influenced by the weather while dreaming about something. While Iori stares through the window, he wonders. It’s been a while since he had such a sleepless night during the storm, or even much longer since that one time. That one rainy night changed their relationship completely. Or perhaps, just fastened the inevitable. A few years ago. A couple of weeks have passed since Kyo’s wounds have healed. Of course, he didn’t want to use his rival’s kindness for too long by living rent-free in his apartment. Nor to make Iori think he is taking advantage of him. And thus, when he could stand on his feet, he left. Besides, he still feels guilty for making his family and friends worry about his sudden disappearance for a year. Perhaps he was buried in someone’s mind. But Kyo still worries about how he’ll get greeted or that his rival nursed him. Either way, he wouldn’t mind staying longer if Yagami asked him. Strangely, he almost got used to it as it was his own home. A month passed by. Finally, after a long time, the brunette is ready to have another match against Iori. Besides, he is as thrilled as Iori, and it might be a good practice and a better way to get back in shape. Or so Kyo is determined as he fixes the biker gloves and puts on the white jacket before leaving. After arriving at the destination place, he spots one certain redhead leaning against the wall. When Iori notices him, he delightfully smiles and crosses his arms. “You’ve made me wait for you, Kyo.” “Aren’t you so eager to get your ass kicked?” The Kusanagi replies as he raises his palm and ignites it. While the orange flame dances on his palm, he adds. “Fine. Just don’t get burnt~” When Yagami approaches him, he repeats the same movement. “You talk too much… This time you’ll sing your swan song!” Lastly, the brunette announces as the little fire sparkles in his eyes. “I would love to see that. Let’s do this, Yagami!”. Thus, after both dim their flames, both charge at each other, another fierce battle begins. Some time passes. Finally, the match is over, but there is no clear winner. Apparently, both opponents barely stand while catching their breath. While Iori holds onto himself and pants, he stares at Kyo, who wipes his mouth with a fist, giving a mocking look. “Have you realized that the victory is mine?” Unfortunately, his launched punch is too weak that it’s enough for the redhead to move a bit and dodge the strike. When the brunette harshly collapses on the gravel, he grunts. “Tsk. Look who is talking?” Iori backfires as he bends and places his arm under his rival’s armpit. After they stand up together, he adds. “Either way, you’re going with me.” Kyo only gives a questioning look. “What are you talking about?” “Isn’t obvious? Your wounds need to be treated before you’ll face me next time.” Yagami explains while supporting the brunette. After a while, they arrive at Iori’s apartment. At first, the Kusanagi doubts his rival’s intentions when they enter the living room, and the redhead asks him to remove his black long-sleeved t-shirt. Nevertheless, he does what is told and waits for Iori. A few minutes pass. And thus, Yagami returns while carrying the first aid kit and sits close to him on the couch. When the redhead opens the medkit and picks up the spray disinfectant, he orders. “Give me your arm.” When Kyo turns his head away, he extends his arm. For now, he doesn’t mind how Iori holds his wrist or him examining his arm. Yet, the sensation of the cold, stinging liquid sprayed over it makes him close his eyes. “What’s wrong? It needs to be clean. So, hold it like this for a bit longer.” The redhead comments while he dries the disinfected area by gently tapping with the sterile cotton. After he wraps the medical bandage around Kyo’s arm, he repeats the same process with another one. Yet, the Kusanagi panics when Iori parts his legs with his knee and leans closer. It doesn’t help that he cannot read the redhead’s serious face. “The heck you’re doing?” The brunette widens his eyes and presses his back against the couch. Meanwhile, Iori only narrows his gaze and sticks the white plaster on Kyo’s cheek. After studying the brunette for longer, he remarks. “You don’t seem to have more wounds.”. When Iori withdraws and tidies the left mess, he gets up and adds. “You can dress up and leave.” For sure, ever since Iori brought him to his apartment after the NESTS lab incident, Kyo has noticed such weird behavior. Of course, the brunette is curious whether Yagami is always like this or something bothers him. That’s why he is determined to uncover the truth, even if he might get dragged out and thrown by the back of his collar. When Kyo rests his hands behind his shoulders and sinks into the couch, he replies. “Why? I’m all good at staying here. Besides, I have no plans for tonight. So, be glad that I am gonna keep you a company.” “Why do you have to be like this?” Iori facepalms. The Kusanagi simply answers. “You’ve been acting strangely.” “And you’re sticking your nose into other’s business as usual,” Iori complains. “Then you wouldn’t put on a show like now if nothing happened. You’re in some sort of trouble, but you’re too stubborn to ask for help.” Kyo backfires. As he lowers his arms and looks down, he feels a tightness in his throat, making it difficult to speak. After shakily exhaling, he adds while clenching his palms into the fists. “How can’t you understand that you’re not alone and the entire world is not your enemy? It’s okay to rely on others or at least on me if you don’t trust that much anyone, you know. And… I don’t want to see you suffering.” Meanwhile, Yagami only rolls his eyes and thinks to himself. “Then do not interfere and leave me alone, you fool.” Lastly, Kyo confesses in a calm tone. “I know I cannot lift your blood curse, nor you denounce your name to end it. However, at least let me relieve a part of your pain. Because I don’t want to lose you ever again.” Suddenly, Iori corners his rival and grasps his throat while he doesn’t remove his eyes from him. As his hand slides to the side of his neck, Kyo breathes a sigh of relief and looks at him, still in shock. “Yagami?” “Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” The redhead whispers. Just before Kyo says anything else, he closes his eyes and gasps when Iori sinks his face into the crook of his neck and starts licking it. Soon enough, the sound of the thunderstorm and heavy rain made him widen his eyes. The sensation of how his sensitive neck is assaulted bewilders Kyo. All he can do is hold back from letting out the purring-like noises. More so, without realizing it, he wraps one arm around his partner’s shoulders. After such a gesture, Iori withdraws his face and stares at Kyo. For now, he is just as confused as the brunette. However, none of them say anything, or there is no need to waste time on that. A second later, the redhead gives a questioning look to the Kusanagi while his placed hand on his chest slides down his abs. Of course, Kyo is aware of what it will lead to, but he doesn’t mind. If this is what his partner wants or simply seeking comfort, then so be it. After all, it’s the person to whom he can entrust his life and body. Iori saw and accepted him when he was most vulnerable, pathetic, and broken. Besides, it should be fine to do it with someone he knows rather than being violated by soulless machines and disposed of after fulfilling his purpose. Or so Kyo decides, as he only closes his eyes and nods. More so, if he was disgusted or didn’t want it, he could still push Iori away and run. The fact that Iori had concealed these powerful feelings for an unknown length of time was more shocking than finally revealing them. In the end, the brunette leaves the rest for his partner. Several minutes pass. Aside from the raindrops rapidly tapping the window, the bedroom is filled with lover cries and groaning. Only watching his long-time rival making such lewd, adorable expressions and sounds even more arouses Iori. After all, it’s his first time seeing this side of Kyo. However, it only makes him desire of him more. More so, the redhead hopes that nobody witnessed before or ever will something endearing that only belongs to him. He is even ready to kill anyone on the spot, whoever would dare to touch Kyo or take him away from him again. Meanwhile, the brunette addresses his partner. “I don’t get it. You keep saying that you’ll kill me… But now… You.. you’re doing the opposite.” When Iori stops moving, Kyo realizes he did something wrong and ruined the intimate moment. However, he widens his eyes when Yagami holds his hands and pulls him to a kiss. At first, such a gesture genially confused Kyo. After all, it’s only sex which only purpose is to use someone to get what you want, even if that person objects. Or so the brunette learned it the hard way. That’s why, now it feels the opposite of what he had experienced in the lab. Surprisingly, it’s even something pleasant for him, and he doesn’t feel ashamed and stressed at all. But for now, as soon as their fingers intertwine, Kyo blissfully closes his eyes while enjoying being embraced by Iori. In the end, the Kusanagi can swear that the rain slowly soothes his scars from the past when he is being held by this man. Back to the present. Eventually, the storm finally calms down. Suddenly, the Kusanagi’s struggling, and his sleepy voice returns the redhead to his senses. “What is it with you? Did you have a nightmare or something?” Apparently, when Iori was staring out the window, he didn’t notice how he wrapped his arms around Kyo. While Iori refuses to let him go, he replies. “Nothing. Just been thinking about something. So, go back to sleep.” “And you need to use me as a plush toy for that?” The brunette genially asks. However, he receives no answers, only having his head pressed against his partner’s chest. Some time passed. It’s the beginning of the next day. When Kyo gets up, the first thing is checking through the window. After noticing the view outside for a couple of minutes, he covers his face with one palm and fixes his hair upon remembering certain events. “You idiot…” Perhaps yesterday, Iori saw the same rain as that one time.
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    IorixKyo fanart

    Commissioned fanart done by Instagram artist Helsic - https://www.instagram.com/iori_x_kyo/ The permission to share it was given by the artist.
  7. Title: Let's Take a Bath Together Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Rating: 18+(Smut and suggestive themes) Summary: [Sequel to A Different Kind of Play ] [Inspired by ECHO's manga one-shot - Koyu Ganbou no Hanashi] When he closes his eyes, his attitude changes immediately. ''<...>There are no longer traces of the bewildered, shy brunette. At that moment, the Kusanagi’s heir becomes a humble young man who bows and politely greets his guest. “Welcome arrived at our massage salon, dear guest.” After he lifts his head, he opens his warm, alluring amber eyes. “I will serve you tonight, mister. I’m Kusanagi Kyo. And thank you for choosing me. So, let’s get along, shall we?”<...>'' What kind of special service Kyo has prepared for his partner? Read and find out!~ AO3 Link It was not only an exhausting and terrible day at work for one redhead, but he was also still helluva tensed and annoyed. After all, his partner hides something from him, and he doesn’t like it at all. At first, he tried to brush off Kyo’s unusual behavior in recent days, like being cautious and closing the laptop or putting away his phone when he notices him. More importantly, the brunette’s expression changed after spotting him when he was doing only made Iori more anxious and suspicious. Therefore, the redhead assumes that Kyo cheats on him when he is at work. And today, in the morning before he left, he heard weird but rhythmic panting and puffing noises from the bathroom, which was the last straw for Iori’s patience. Yagami cannot simply stand the idea alone that someone touching and playing around with the brunette while he is gone. That’s why, tonight Iori is determined to catch his partner during the crime scene and murder anyone who dared to seduce and steal Kyo from him. But for now, while he is stuck in the traffic jam, he convinces himself that he is not jealous nor worrying for no reason. Some time passes. Finally, the redhead is at the doorstep of his apartment. This is it. Kyo better have a good explanation for this, or else there will be no mercy for him. Or so Iori thinks as he accidentally drops the keys and picks them up. Lastly, when he unlocks the door, he takes a deep breath and enters. However, Iori’s jaw almost drops when he sees his boyfriend in an apron while wearing a white, long apron on top of his casual outfit. More so, Kyo is surprised to see him, too. “You weren’t supposed to come back yet. What are you?…” When he closes his eyes, his attitude changes immediately. There are no longer traces of the bewildered, shy brunette. At that moment, the Kusanagi’s heir becomes a humble young man who bows and politely greets his guest. “Welcome arrived at our massage salon, dear guest.” After he lifts his head, he opens his warm, alluring amber eyes. “I will serve you tonight, mister. I’m Kusanagi Kyo. And thank you for choosing me. So, let’s get along, shall we?” Just before Yagami says anything, his partner removes his coat and hangs it on the hanger. “You must be very tired. But don’t worry, I will help you forget about all your worries.” Lastly, Kyo wraps his arms around his client’s arm and prompts him to go to the bathroom. No matter what the brunette has in mind, Iori has to play his new role. Besides, it’s nothing that he minds. As he grins, he slaps Kyo’s buttock and squeezes it. For sure, such movement makes the brunette naturally gasp and blush. “Sir, please refrain yourself from this foul behavior. This is not a cheap brothel but a high-class relax spot!”. While he observes the Kusanagi’s innocent reactions and gets entertained by such acting skills, he replies. “And I paid an outrageous amount of money, which is more than you will ever see in your life. So, I expect no less than stellar service. Besides, isn’t the customer always right?” “Oh, you stupid, smug bastard!… You better enjoy it while you can because once it’s over, you gonna pay for this.” Or so Kyo thinks while he feels Iori’s hand rubbing his waist and bringing him closely. But for now, when he closes his eyes, he opens the door and smiles. “Of course, sir. After all, you are our precious customer.” The first thing that Iori notices is that inside the bathtub, there is an air mattress and next to it, a bucket full of lubricant bottles. “What a hell are you thinking?” The redhead remarks while undressing. “Eh? What do you mean? This isn’t just an ordinary massage salon. We’re giving extra services because our customers deserve the best and their happiness is our absolute order, sir. Or did you pay without knowing what you’re getting into?” Kyo explains while wearing nothing, only a short towel that barely covers his lower regions. At this point, Iori cannot hold back any longer and removes the last pieces of clothing. Suddenly, he pushes the brunette against the wall and corners him. Now, his tongue assaults Kyo’s exposed while he places his hand on his partner’s thigh and slides it closer to his crotch, removing the remaining piece of clothing. “You horny, impatient fool! You gonna ruin my plan.” Or so the brunette wanted to say, yet keeping to himself. Yet, he places his hands on Iori’s chest and pushes him away, keeping his sweet, innocent little face. “You cannot do this there!… But I can make you feel good in other ways.” “Oh~ and how so?” Yagami asks as he studies Kyo with a hungry gaze. While Kyo’s gaze points at the bathtub, he replies in a purring voice. “Why won’t you let me show it? I’m sure you’ll love it~” And thus, just by those amber seductive eyes alone, Iori is captivated and wrapped around the Kusanagi’s finger. Lastly, the brunette takes his hand and leads him to the bathtub. After Iori lies on the mattress, Kyo grabs the first bottle of lube and sits on his partner. Despite being slightly nervous, he does his best to keep up with his role and now gives a strangely sleepy gaze and smile as he pours plenty of lubes on Iori. “My… you are so tensed, mister. Here, let me help you~” the brunette remarks while he massages Yagami’s shoulders. When he finishes working on this area, his hands move down to his chest. Yet, while he massages the pectoral muscles in the circle movement and groping them, the heat rushes to his cheeks, and he lifts his head. At the very least, the Kusanagi expected to be bewildered by Iori’s vigorous hard-on rubbing against him. “Wha-, what is this? How could I miss this spot?”. When his eyes sparkle with excitement, he licks his lips without removing his eyes from Yagami. “In that case, I’ll give you extra care.” Gladly, thanks to lube, their bodies are slippery, and it helps to move much smoother. And thus, Kyo uses it to his advance, and now he turns around and lies on his stomach while exposing his bottom in front of Iori’s face. Just as he grasps his partner’s cock, the brunette adds in a playful tone. “Thank you for the food!~” Lastly, he lands a gentle kiss on the tip. “You poor thing… How long you’ve been neglected?” and starts stroking Yagami’s enormous length. Eventually, his hand movement becomes faster and rougher. Meanwhile, the redhead finally makes these small adorable sounds too. However, he shows no desire to give up. Not just when Kyo left his most vulnerable spot unprotected. Suddenly, Kyo lets out a sweet, shivery moan as his partner’s fingers slip inside him and mess with his ring muscle. It doesn’t help that he feels the electric shock down his spine when his special spot is touched. “What’s wrong? Already crying out loud like a little cock-addicted slut like you are? Just how many men this naughty hole has devoured before me? Your gluttony has no limits…” Iori comments and slaps his partner’s buttock, making him gasp. However, the brunette only turns to face Iori and gives him an indignant, blushing look. In the end, he licks Yagami’s entire length before taking it into his mouth. Even when Kyo gives a head, he blissfully narrows his gaze and lets out soft moans while catching his breath. After all, Iori rubs his prostate more often. “That is no good. In this case, I’ll come just by bare fingering.” Or so the Kusanagi wonders. Soon, he lifts his head and gives a lustful look. “Sex services are forbidden here, sir.”. When he turns around and sits on top of Iori, he adds while tracing a couple of his fingers to his entrance and spreading it. “However, I’ll make an exception for you, mister. I’m letting you use it~” When he brings Iori’s throbbing cock close to his opening, the brunette deeply breathes as he slowly inserts it. After Kyo places his fingertips on his abs, he brushes them while giving a suggestive look. “This is how you’re deep inside me~” Just before he moves, he places his palms on the redhead’s stomach to keep the balance. For sure, Yagami cannot help himself but enjoy Kyo’s amorous sounds and expressions while he slowly moves his hips. Eventually, the brunette finds his special spot and aims to hit it more. More so, Iori also rewards his effort by grasping and stroking his dick. Finally, Kyo drowns in pleasure without caring about anything else or being able to think straight. Right now, all he wants is to relieve his urges. Suddenly, he gets alerted when Iori brings him closely and switches positions. And thus, the Kusanagi ends up being under the redhead. Lastly, Yagami declares. “Fuck it! I don’t care how much you cost. I’ll buy you for my personal use.” Meanwhile, Kyo only closes his eyes and sinks his fingertips into his partner’s back. When Iori aggressively thrusts, he closes his eyes and groans while the brunette’s legs hug his lower back and bring him closely. Lastly, the lover’s cries and moans echo in the bathroom along with the wet and clapping noises. Soon enough, Kyo ecstatically calls Yagami’s name and reaches his climax. Just as his vision goes white, he hears Iori’s brief moan and feels how his insides are filled with the hot, shooting semen and how his length throbs. In the end, both only rest while still regaining their breath. After a while, Iori cleans Kyo in the shower and carries him to their bedroom. Some time passes. When the brunette nuzzles head against Yagami’s chest, he lifts his gaze when the redhead asks. “Is this what you’ve been up to recently?” “Hm?” Kyo leans on his elbows and gives a lazy, questioning look. “That roleplay.” Iori affirms. As the brunette places his palms on Iori’s chest and rests his head on them, he smirks. “Oh, you mean that? But seem to enjoy it, even if it didn’t go how I planned. So, it should be alright.” “What do you mean by that?” The redhead asks. Kyo slightly frowns and explains. “You arrived earlier than I expected. So, theoretically, I should have enough time to prepare dinner and even place the aromatic candles in the bathroom.” “Thank goodness, I’ve dodged a bullet…” Iori thinks to himself while he remembers Kyo’s last so-called masterpiece on the plate. Yet, the redhead continues the interrogation. “That still doesn’t explain about the weird noises you’ve made today before I left for work.” While the brunette rubs his nape, he answers. “Ah, about that… Since the electric pump was broken, I had to use the simple one.” When Kyo notices his partner is relieved, he gives Iori a smug look and teases him. “Don’t tell me that someone had some dirty ideas.” Iori only turns to the other side. “You idiot… You should tell me earlier about this.” After the brunette wraps his arms around Yagami, he presses his head against his back. “But that would have ruined the surprise, you know. In any case, I didn’t mean to upset you or anything. So, next time I’ll leave at least a small hint, okay?” In the end, Iori rolls his eyes and sighs. “…Do as you please. Just don’t cause any trouble.” “Alright, then~ ” Kyo replies while he slightly moves up and rests his head on Yagami’s shoulder.
  8. Title: A Different Kind of Play Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Pairing: Iori x Kyo Summary: [!Trigger warning!: This story contains depictions of rape-play/roleplaying rape-fantasy] [Sequel to Ah, Subarashiki Nyansei] Tonight, Iori came up with an interesting but dangerous idea, which peeks one brunette’s interest. How will it end? Read and find out. [This story inspired by the “A Story About That Kind of Desire” by [ECHO (Echo Jiro)] ] AO3 Link It is another ordinary evening in the Yagami’s apartment, aside from one little detail. After a wild night, Kyo and Iori lazily lie in bed while the platinum moonlight shines through the window. While the brunette is chilling out, Yagami asks him ‘‘Do you still have your high-school uniform?’’. As the Kusanagi rolls on the side to face Iori, he teases in a nearly purring voice ‘‘Why do ask? Are you gonna wear it?’’. After rubbing the nape, he continues ‘‘Dunno. But I can look for it tomorrow if you wanna~’’. ‘‘It’s not me who will wear, you idiot.’’ The redhead quickly replies. When Kyo leans closer to his partner, he gives him a suggestive look ‘‘Oh~ Don’t tell that someone has the uniform fetish. Fine~ I don’t mind. Besides, it might be fun.’’. “You should also think of the keyword because I won’t take begging or no as an answer, Kyo.” Iori explains in a serious tone. Such a reply thrills the brunette, who doesn’t hide his excitement. Lastly, as the redhead strokes his partner’s cheek “Just come here, and I’ll tell you.”. When the brunette lazily crawls on top of his partner, he carefully listens to the redhead’s plan. A few days passed. As soon as the Kusanagi wakes up, he realizes that his vision is still black and that something covers his mouth. More importantly, he can’t even get up. Hell, someone tied even his hands up. Suddenly, the sound of the opening door and unfamiliar footsteps alerts the brunette. No matter how hard he tries to speak up, all his words become just a mere sound of a struggling creature. Finally, the mysterious person approaches Kyo and moves him by his foot. After he is forced to lie on his back, he can hear how this fellow addresses him in a menacing tone “You’re finally awake.”. The brunette can sense how this person squats near him and scolds him “You shouldn’t wander alone during the night. Unless you were waiting for someone.”. Suddenly, Kyo gasps when that man strokes his cheek. Like hell, he could predict what his opponent may do when he can’t see a thing. Unfortunately, it is just the beginning of the brunette’s suffering. After his kidnapper slides his hand under the Kusanagi’s shirt and the other one rubs the crotch, Kyo arches his back. While the mysterious man’s palm brushes the brunette’s abs and chest, he comments in an amused voice ‘‘Tsk. For an annoying brat, you have such a nice body. Let’s see if we can put it into good use.’’. After he lifts his victim’s shirt and exposes the Kusanagi’s chest, this person chuckles and mocks ‘‘It seems that the so-claimed honor student is a little naughty slut. How many men have you seduced? Just look at yourself~’’. However, before doing anything else, that man loosens the headband on Kyo’s eyes. Finally, the brunette sees who is this twisted bastard who kidnapped him. It is a red-haired man, who wears a black tracksuit with three white stripes, and his face is covered in a medical mask and sunglasses. More so, he notices that he is lying in someone’s bedroom. Although, the poor Kusanagi is more bewildered when the man in front of him leans closer to him. One sudden move and that criminal peels off the medical plaster placed on Kyo’s nipples. The brunette only closes his eyes and lets out a longer mewling noise. All he can d is stare at the man in the tracksuit with his teary and innocent gaze while listening to the avalanche of questions ‘‘Who knew that you are this sensitive? Tell me how many times you played with yourself, or did anyone train you? ’’. After he peels the duck tape from the brunette’s mouth, he observes him catching a breath. Soon enough, Kyo defends himself in a pleading voice ‘‘I don’t know what you want from me, Mister. But you’ll regret this!’’. ‘‘So, you prefer the hard way, huh? Let’s see how long you will last.’’ The redhead replies as he picks something from his pants pocket. After showing the blue, small silicone stick with a flat and wide tip, which resembles a feather, that man presses the tiny button on it. As soon as the feather vibrates, the redhead carefully brushes it against one of the Kusanagi’s nipples. For now, Kyo turns his head away and lets out the purring noises while the redhead uses this device as the painting brush. Without realizing it, the brunette lets out sweet whimpers as the blue feather moves either to one side or another of his chest. Eventually, Kyo feels how thanks for someone stimulating his sensitive nipples, his lower regions ask for attention as well. And thus, the brunette spreads his legs. Meanwhile, the redhead slides the vibrating feather downwards into the Kusanagi’s abs and slowly brushes the hard-on. Such torture is too much for the brunette, who can barely concentrate anymore. In the end, not only Kyo’s amorous voice but also his rousing gaze betrays him. However, his kidnapper turns off his little toy and comments ‘‘Looks like someone is selfishly enjoying himself. That’s not fair, don’t you think so? How about you try to do something useful?’’. After the redhead unbuckles the Kusanagi’s belt and unzips his pants, he removes the unnecessary pieces of clothing with one sudden move. As the brunette rolls on his side with his exposed bottom, the red-haired man enjoys the view in front of him until something catches his eye. When he notices a black pulling ring between the Kusanagi’s buttocks, the burglar addresses his victim ‘‘Oh~ What do we get here? How long have you had this? If you beg for me, I’ll be kind enough to spare you.’’. Meanwhile, Kyo has no other choice than to obey if he wants to be relieved and escape alive. After swallowing his remaining pride, the Kusanagi’s heir asks in a sweet voice ‘‘Untie my hands, Mister. I promise, I won’t run away, and you can do what you want.’’. Finally, the redhead fells for such an alluring gaze of the brunette. After releasing Kyo from the restrains, he waits for how the brunette will act further. When the Kusanagi sits on his knees, he rubs his cheek against his new master’s thigh while letting out a sweet groan. ‘‘Hey, mister, do you want me to lend you a hand? Or do you prefer to use my mouth? You know, that fellow of yours looks so lonely~’’ The brunette speaks up in a seductive voice while stroking the redhead’s groin. After lowering the pants and underwear, Kyo is about to take this mysterious person’s rock-hard dick into his mouth. However, he gets alerted when the red-haired man sinks his fingers into the Kusanagi’s scalp and pushes his head against his crotch. For the moment, Kyo was scared that he might choke on such an enormous cock. Soon enough, the burglar thrusts his hips as he holds the Kusanagi’s head. All the brunette can do is whimper as this man violates his throat. Soon enough, the redhead groans ‘‘Fuck… Enough of playing around!’’. Suddenly, the man in the tracksuit yanks Kyo’s head away and pushes him to the ground. As the Kusanagi shakily stays on his fours, he feels how roughly his hips are lifted. The brunette only feverishly breathes and stares at the redhead with such an innocent, yet erotic gaze. Suddenly, Kyo lets out a loud and lewd moan as he feels how rapidly one bead after another messes with his ring muscle. Hell, he even climaxes as the toy is pulled out from him. However, the Kusanagi lets out another sweet cry when something big enters inside him. Despite such rough and fast movement, the brunette is in pure bliss while the redhead hits his prostate. In the end, Kyo doesn’t care any longer what kind of face or sounds he makes. All he wishes right now is to get finished by that man and relieve himself. Eventually, the brunette shivers as he feels how the redhead is at his limit and fills his insides with the hot semen. Some time passes. After the kidnapper fixes his outfit, he addresses the Kusanagi ‘‘Perhaps, I’ll keep you alive for a bit longer. But for now, I need to take care of some unfinished business. So, don’t get bored, I’ll return soon.’’. In the end, Kyo is left alone because he is too weak to move even a single muscle. Although, not even a few minutes haven’t passed, and Iori storms into the bedroom while wearing a familiar tracksuit. When Yagami bends down near his partner, he checks on him and asks ‘‘How was it? Wasn’t too much for you? Because you haven’t used the keyword once.’’. Kyo only cracks a smile ‘‘You know, the scariest thing was your awful style choice. I swear, I could barely keep up my role when I knew it was you, mister burglar. Other than that, it was fine, I guess.’’. However, Iori complains in a grumpy voice ‘‘So, you didn’t like it, huh? Just say so, you idiot.’’. After the Kusanagi sits, he places his palms on Yagami’s cheeks and replies while giving a gentle look ‘‘Aw, come on~ I never said that. Besides, we both know that not only you scared away that terrible man, but you also beat a living shit out of him, right?’’. As Kyo gives a suggestive look, he adds while stroking Iori’s cheeks ‘‘So, how about I’ll give a little reward for saving me?~’’. Lastly, the brunette throws his arms over Yagami’s shoulders and pulls him into a passionate kiss. After closing Kyo closes his eyes, he hopes maybe it will cheer the redhead up. While Iori’s tongue explores every tiny part of his partner, Kyo only lets out sweet little moans as he catches his breath. Yet, the Kusanagi doesn’t wish to give up so easily and fights back. After a battle for dominance, Kyo with-draws his face and blissfully stares at his partner. In the end, the redhead exhales and plays along with the Kusanagi’s rules ‘‘That’s right. I need to clean any trace of that bastard because no one will touch who belongs to me!’’. The brunette only chuckles ‘‘Then, you would have a lot of work to do. So, should I help you and show you where did that big bad man hurt me?~’’. That’s it! That stupid Kusanagi uses his charms to seduce again. Or so, Iori wonders. Lastly, Yagami places one arm under the Kusanagi’s thighs and another one behind his shoulders. When Iori stands up, he carries Kyo as a wounded princess to the bathroom, where he would take care of his precious Kusanagi.
  9. Fmkitty

    Vampire's Kiss

    [First chapter was published on AO3 and ff.net on 2019/06/01] Status: In Progress Pairing: Iori x Kyo (main one) Tags: Alternate universe, Supernatural, Gothic, Fantasy, Slow-burn, Eventual Romance, Adventure, Slash, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Developing Relationship. Friendship. Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Shingo Yabuki, Orochi, Yashiro Nanakase, Leona Heidern, Kain R. Heinlein, Chizuru Kagura Summary: This vampire already has already a bad luck on his side yet he decides that his next prey going to be a certain redhead vampire hunter. However, the very little he knows how this encounter will end... Chapter 1. Long time ago, human and demon world were completely separate worlds. Neither humans or demons knew about existence of one and another. However, as time goes on, one human has accidentally discovered the portal. After all, even if this person was so scared and terrified like never been in entire it’s life, yet it’s curiosity took control of it. And so, this poor young woman entered into mysterious portal. Now she realized that she was no longer in human world - it was something unexplained for mere human’s mind and she just froze in fear and lost her gift of speech. Is she was dead? Is this hell? Horned, with wings, fangs and claws armored creatures lived in this dark world. Unfortunately, there were no way back to home as it seems these portals leaded was one-way. However, it was only the beginning, and now even some more bravier demons tried their luck entering human world, but those, who tried, none of them has return to their formal world. Either they were hunted and killed by these pathetic creatures, who called themselves humans, either, they didn’t find a way back and now forced to stay in this unfamiliar, cold and unforgiving world…Or so, says one ancient legend how Demon has entered the land of man. Millenniums has passed, and these mysterious creatures of the night adapted living in this world. Although, some may still hide or isolate themselves from mankind, however, more powerful and intelligent demons or other high-ranked monsters managed to disguise as a human beings. The energy of this world surely is more affecting higher rank monsters by draining their life force and that’s why human form served as a protective shield. This form also was much useful and practical for living in this society. And thus, this is where the story of one arrogant and carefree vampire, who has a bad luck on his side, begins. It was a beautiful night, which for some might be just another nice evening accompanied by the light of full-moon, and for some it was a perfect chance hunting down. So, who could it be this time - an innocent milky maiden? a lost wanderer? or any human, who is foolish enough to travel alone at the time like this? While having these thoughts, a young brunette, who look in his early twenties, delightfully licks his lips while wanders in empty streets. However, soon, this smile was wiped out, when he felt how the pair of fangs touched his lower lip, murmuring ‘‘…Not again. It’s getting worse than I thought. Damn, I need to get some food or else who knows how this end.’’ and with hands in his dark blue jeans’ pockets this vampire kept wandering. Even if it was quiet chill, it didn’t made any difference for this vampire and so, he was fine with white t-shirt and black leather jacket. Of course, he could go the easiest way and simply catch another victim at night club. But if it weren’t for a couple reasons. Firstly, even if you might get a potential prey without putting any effort, there is one problem - most of the time this victim’s blood tastes awfully bad and almost have no nutritious value. Secondly, there was quiet recent incident involving one vampire being caught on cameras while acting suspicious. So, because of that vampire hunters checks public places more often. However, this vampire named Kyo wasn’t so interested picking such a places as a good spot for catching prey in a first place. Besides, bodyguards won’t let him in, because he is just ‘‘another brat’’. So, that was already out of option. However, the more this brunette’s body began to ache from that starvation. So, where to find a quick yet suitable food for this unfortunate vampire? It certainly won’t run into him and pleads to be eaten. No one one would be foolish enough for that. However, soon enough, Kyo sensed that someone might be near. There is no mistake, it can’t be just a mere hallucination caused by unbearable hunger. That scent was too strong yet it felt too good. It didn’t matter, who was this person, so, whoever it is, this vampire surely going to have an unforgivable feast. Too bad that humans has limited amount of blood. So, without any second thought, this vampire decided to rely on his primal instincts and follow that trace of sweet amaretto like scent. Without this vampire’s realization, his eyes began to glow like a bloody red gems. After ten minutes of following, this young vampire finally stops near some sort of abandon chapel and notices the owner of this scent. Fortunately, this foolish human does not have even a slightest idea about his miserable fate. It is also seem that this person is one of these wannabe flashy looking vampire hunters. Surely, this a perfect example of these show-offs, who only desire for fame, fortune and glory by using this appearance. Usually, they are as dangerous as a child with wooden stick. Basically, they just making a dramatic scene and attracting unnecessarily attention. Or so, this is what Kyo think of any vampire hunter, just because he had couple encounters with beginners in the past. So, why this hunter should be any different? It should a easy catch, right? Right now, all he had to do is wait until this fool falls into the trap and then it would be a perfect chance to act. So, he continued patiently observe his prey. It was a redhead vampire hunter, who long dark red leather coat with white crescent moon on the back, same color pants, black color biker gloves. What a show-off, plus it also looks like this vampire hunter is so self-confident that doesn’t carry any weapon with himself. Who does he think is he? In any case, this arrogant human should be punished for his carelessness, or so thought Kyo. ‘‘You should be more aware of your surroundings or else you might get hurt, human.’’ added this vampire now whispered in sweet yet menacing tone while observing how this redhead vampire hunter enters chapel. Soon, he silently sneaked and now it was that right moment to finally sink fangs into this redhead’s neck. Now Kyo charged at this vampire hunter, who didn’t even bother to turn . However, something was wrong. Instead of having this human under his control, now this vampire was sent on the ground and let down a short groan. Second later, he felt how his whole body now was wrapped around some sort leather rope, which sent a enormous burning pain through his body. So, it happened…The worst thing, he could fear of - being finally caught by one of these merciless vampire hunters. Now all the best he could do was just being at this redhead’s mercy. While this poor and unfortunate creature was hardly panting, he couldn’t keep away his gaze from a vampire hunter, who now slowly approached him. With each step getting closer to his victim, this redhead vampire hunter said in cold and almost emotionless voice ‘‘You sure have a lot of guts to attack me, vampire. You think that didn’t noticed your poorly hidden presence? Just don’t make me laugh.’’ now he got quiet for a minute and observed from above how this vampire was suffering. That piercing and unforgiving gaze alone paralyzed entire body of this brunette in fear. Now this vampire hunter asked in same tone ‘‘Your last words before I vanish you back into the hell, vampire?’’. However, Kyo refused to show that he was afraid, so, now he looked directly into this redhead’s eyes like a wounded beast yet remained silent. Even if he was going to die, at least, he will keep his pride on and won’t let this vampire hunter get satisfied by his suffering. Soon this vampire was released from the grasp of the whip, but this temporary freedom didn’t lasted long. Now this redhead took his whip into hand and quickly striked with it. Once again, this vampire felt that burning pain, but now it was short and stinging one. After this hit, vampire hunter closed his eyes for a second, took a deep breath and now released quick and multiple strikes with his trustworthy whip. The whipping was so intensified that this vampire’s body was even lifted a bit from ground. He swore that even through the sounds of cracking whip, he could also how this redhead was loudly chanting separate words. He could only understood that some of the words were like ‘cry’, ‘suffer’, at least focusing on these man’s words surely distracted from feeling like burning alive by each hit of the whip. He could also hear how time from time there were sounds of ripped or scratched material. But did it matter anymore? Soon he will be vanished along with this false feeling of being devoured by flames. Well, at least, he would die while having his senses on and not going berserk and dying without knowing it. Even these crimson glowing eyes already started to dim and return to their former color. So, now this vampire just decided to rest his whole body muscles and closed his eyes… However, it stopped and now Kyo could hear how this vampire hunter with-draws his whip and rolls it into a spiral. Now he said in irritated yet slightly pitying tone ‘‘Enough. It’s pointless.’’. Only by this moment this vampire finally opens his eyes and now starred at this redhead, who now attached this whip to his black leather belt’s right side. This surely was only a waste of time and it’s not worth to stain this redhead’s hands with such a weak creature’s blood. And this brat has such a huge bounty on his head like he was a highest rank monster or demon? The idiots of the guild surely either wanted to be generous for newbies, either they were out of their mind. Anyway, it was a time when this vampire hunter decided to make his leave. Meanwhile, this vampire still did not quiet understood what just happened and how he was still alive. However, even if he was wounded and still could barely move, he can’t let this bastard to get away so easily. He will make sure that this redhead would pay for what he has done. So, when this vampire hunter walked away him like he was a rotting corpse, it was a time for Kyo’s final attack. After this vampire gathered his last strength, he was finally able to stand up, despise that fact, he could feel how he was still shaking. Now this brunette charged with a full speed at him. Just a second before the impact, this redhead widened his eyes and quickly turned around just and kicked this vampire right into the stomach. This poor creature was send-off flying and crashed into altar. The moment when Kyo’s back suddenly touched alter, he gasped and caught in blood. And now, he leaned his back against the altar and placed his hand on his belly. ‘What a persistent fool. Just know your place, vampire.’ thought this redhead as he slowly approached step by step. When he was close enough, this vampire hunter just silently observed how his victim now was roughly catching his breath yet looked at him like a wounded beast, who refused to give up. That gaze…What’s wrong with this vampire? Despise being on the verge of his own death, this vampire eyes was burning with even brighter flame. No, it wasn’t his vampire’s deadly look with glowing crimson, it was gaze of true fighter, who will never back off from the fight. So, maybe this boy could be more capable than just being a blood-thirsty killer? Surely, if he was a human, maybe he might even became a quiet decent hunter, not the highest rank, but with a help of little training session, he could. However, the further wondering of this redhead was interrupted by this vampire, who spoke up in with anger and mixed sadness in his voice ‘‘You may won this time, human. So, you should be thankful to your fateful star and that bastard demon, who took away all my powers. Otherwise, I would already have finished your miserable life…’’. That one phrase, now peaked interest of this redhead, even if this vampire might be lying and wanting to sound dramatic. So, maybe it would be much more wiser to spare this vampire’s life for now and see how it would later turns out. Also, he could simply finish up this brunette, if he starts to cause any trouble. But his further thoughts were interrupted by Kyo ‘‘Oi, you may do whatever you want with me, but just keep that thing away from me.’’, it seems that this vampire fixated his look on this vampire hunter’s right side, where whip was hidden behind that coat. Besides, this redhead began stare at him like he was about to eat him and that menacing aura around him didn’t helped either. So, he had to at least distract this vampire hunter’s attention. However, this redhead now gave him intimating look and pulled oh-so-fearful whip. While pointing that whip, this vampire hunter said in strict tone ‘‘Make sure that you will be in better shape when we meet again...and if you behave, you'll be rewarded.’’. Now this brunette cracked a smile and replied in mocking tone ‘‘Eh~ What are you talking about? How will you ever know whenever, I was good or not. Hmm, don’t tell me that you’re going to put tracker on me and check my every step?~ Tsk, don’t act so arrogant, human- urgh...’’ and now this felt how his throat was roughly grabbed by this redhead, who was now kneeling in front of him. Not only he could feel that his throat could be smashed in any second, but also he noticed how this vampire hunter was so close enough to him. It seems that this redhead started to loose his patience, now he said in stricter and demanding tone ‘‘Don’t push your luck. I could see any reports of your lowly life, if you ever did even a one wrong step. So, you better listen or else you might be killed like a dog.’’. Now he released this vampire’s neck and while Kyo was catching his breath and gently placed his hand on his neck, this redhead added now in serious tone ‘‘The other vampire hunters might show up any time. So, I suggest you to leave soon.’’ and now before leaving he looked up at this vampire for the last time and bidding farewell ‘‘We meet again on next full moon at same place. So, you better remember it’’. After the door of this chapel shuts down, this vampire was left alone surrounded by the moonlight. Now this poor creature noticed that his clothes were dyed with his own blood. He just frowned and bitten his downer lip from that pain and humiliation. Right now, he just had strength to punch down the wall of altar and now he growled like a sad animal ‘‘...Damn.’’.
  10. Title : Little Oreo's Big Rescue Mission Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: [Sequel to The Ghost of the Study Room] One day Oreo's parents got into a terrible fight, and they seem to ignore each other for the long time. However, the little Oreo would do anything to bring his cat-dads together and protect the happiness and peace of their home. Ever since his two cat dads adopted a little kitten named Oreo, life seems to be settled down and peaceful in Yagami’s apartment. As time passes by, he already becomes a dear and irreplaceable family member. However, as time goes on, the redhead begins to only care about his precious little angel as his protective parent. Perhaps, he won’t be this caring if he had a child. Or so, the brunette continues to observe. Of course, the Kusanagi’s heir is not mad about his partner’s behavior. Contrary, seeing how Iori pampers Oreo with love and attention also made Kyo happy. However, the brunette feels like Iori only focuses on raising the little kitten while treating his partner so coldly and harshly. Or so he calls it how Yagami treats him recently. In recent days, brunette feels frustrated about their almost non-existent sex life. Hell, no matter what he does, Iori refuses. At first, Kyo would keep directly asking him, yet the redhead would remind him where the bathroom was. Then, the brunette tries another tactic. He tries acting like a gentle cat. That’s right, Kyo would try to surprise his partner when he is busy in the study room by snuggling and letting out purring noises. Finally, he thinks it works because of how Yagami strokes his hair. So, the Kusanagi acts more boldly. He kisses his partner’s neck. Unfortunately, it ends up with the redhead pushing away Kyo’s face and phrases like: not now, no, or even back off. More importantly, the brunette knows that when Yagami uses a strict tone, he can forget about trying to go any further. Later on, Kyo convinces himself that maybe Iori is not in the right mood or he is just tired. The Kusanagi’s heir even thinks that such behavior lasts for too long. One time, he even jokingly said to his partner that he would bookmark an appointment for the intimate massage while whining about how someone’s hands are always too busy and harsh. Yet, Iori takes this little joke too seriously and as an offense. He decided the brunette must spend two weeks on the couch and keep at least a few meters away from his partner. Even before the first days of ignoring Kyo, the redhead’s bitter reply was like that drawn line that made the brunette realize he has gone too far. For some reason, it hurts every time just remembering Iori’s words: “You feel free to do what you want. However, do not involve me in your mess. Just try pulling anything like this ever again and one day you notice the changed locks and your packed stuff outside.”. Despite that, the Kusanagi’s heir refuses to apologize for something that he prefers as an innocent joke and attempts to sparkle up the dimmed passion. Besides, the Kusanagi convinces himself that Iori should beg for forgiveness because he accused him of being a selfish and pushy frat boy who does not care about anything but himself. However, Kyo understands that telling the bitter truth may worsen the current situation. So, he was confident that Iori will get on his knees and beg to be forgiven. Oh, how wrong he was. Even a few days are barely endurable for the Kusanagi’s heir. He cannot believe Iori’s silence and ignorance are worse than the redhead losing his temper. At least, when they get into an actual fight, they acknowledge each other’s existence, and during the heat of the fight, they would make up. However, now it feels like torture to be ignored like this. Although, Yagami doesn’t mind if Oreo interacts with Kyo, nor when his precious baby gets anywhere near the brunette. Perhaps Iori doesn’t want to put Oreo under any stress or discomfort just because of two adults acting like this. Or maybe because he thinks the tuxedo kitten has nothing to do with this mess. On the brighter side, at least Oreo is still on his side. Or so, Kyo comforts himself. Sometimes during the night, if the little fellow is bored, he will attack anything that may resemble a prey. And the sleeping brunette is no exception. At first, Kyo seems to be not so happy when he gets waken up by the feeling of how little fangs or nails sink into his fingers. Yet, he would play with Oreo without carrying about scratches or when one of them would fall asleep. If would fail, the brunette would offer snacks. Meanwhile, the tuxedo kitten cannot figure out why his cat dads are acting so weird toward each other, and he doesn’t like the tension between his parents. A week passes. These two keep ignoring each other, and there is no end. Yet, it got worse, and little Oreo is a part of their conflict. Previously, Iori didn’t mind the tuxedo kitten spending time with Kyo. Yagami always takes care of his precious child and makes sure that nothing terrible happens to him. Yet, recently, the redhead slowly ignores Oreo’s presence. Meanwhile, Kyo walks away when he sees his ex-partner, even if he is in the middle of playing with the tuxedo kitten. The poor little Oreo wonders if his parents do not love him anymore. He even feels upset he has done something wrong. However, the tuxedo kitten hopes his parents made up and once again pamper him with attention and care. But for now, he needs to wait for the right moment. Couple more days pass, and it is the end of the second week of ignorance. It is already late night and Kyo is deeply sleeping on the couch. Nothing seemed to disturb his slumber. Suddenly, a loud banging noise nearly makes him jump from the couch. ‘‘What a hell?’’ The brunette indignantly asks. As the Kusanagi carefully listens, he hears nothing. Before Kyo curls under the warm blanket, he comments in a bored tone ‘‘Maybe Yagami has finally snapped out… Whatever, it’s not my problem.’’. Lastly, he closes his eyes and returns to his sleep. Meanwhile, before the disaster, Iori turned the night lamp on and was about to leave the bed. More so, he was half-asleep. And thus, this is where he made his fatal mistake. The redhead wasn’t aware of one of Oreo’s toys lying around and made him slip and scare the poor kitten. And thus, the redhead ends up lying on the floor and wriggling in pain. Yet, he is madder at himself because he cannot move his aching leg and get up. While he struggles to crawl to the edge of the bed and groans, he addresses the frightened kitten ‘‘Oreo… Daddy is fine. I just tripped over.’’. Suddenly, Oreo jumps from the bed and runs towards the door. Meanwhile, Yagami is confused why the tuxedo kitten keeps trying to reach the doorknob. After a few attempts, the little Oreo reaches the doorknob, opens it with his weight, and leaves the room while loudly meowing. In the end, Iori wonders why his precious little angel tried so badly to leave the room. Nevertheless, he feels trapped and useless inside his bedroom. More so, the pain in his leg is unbearable. Meanwhile, Kyo’s sleep is disturbed again, but this time by Oreo desperately meowing, which gets louder as he heads towards the couch. As the brunette searches for his phone, he speaks up in a sleepy voice ‘‘Oreo, what’s wrong? Are you hungry? It is the middle of the night! Go to sleep or go and bother your dad, okay?’’. Lastly, the Kusanagi realizes that this sound is like the one from previous times when Oreo got stuck in the study room. Then, he turns on the flashlight in his phone and places it on the nearest surface to lighten the room. While stretching and sitting up, he notices a loudly meowing kitten who sits on the ground and waits. ‘‘What happened? Do you want me to follow you?’’ Kyo addresses the begging little fellow. When he lazily gets up and grabs his phone, Oreo stops meowing and leads him to the bedroom. As the Kusanagi’s heir follows the tuxedo kitten, he tells ‘‘Please, tell me that nothing serious happened…’’. After reaching their bedroom, Kyo unsuspectingly pushes the door ‘‘You better have a good explanation for this, Ya-…’’. The words stuck inside the brunette’s throat, and he nearly dropped his phone. “What a hell do you want? Leave!” Iori yells while trying to get up. Unfortunately, his painful leg shuts him up. As the redhead roughly breathes, he indignantly stares at the Kusanagi. After Kyo squats in front of his partner, he scolds him “Do not rise your voice when your child is around, pops.”. “Fuck you...” Yagami backfires. Yet, the brunette backfires “Not now, okay? There are more important things happening at the moment.”. After a momentary pause, Kyo softens his gaze “Let me see where it hurts.”. Meanwhile, Oreo silently observes from a distance how one of his dads takes care of the other one. For now, the tuxedo kitten is too scared to get any closer. After Kyo barely touches Iori’s left shank, he nearly gets kicked into the face by another leg. A second later, Yagami shouts “Get lost! Can’t you see that you are making this worse?! I can handle it on my own!”. However, the Kusanagi’s heir scolds him “I told you to calm down! You are scaring Oreo. If it wasn’t for him, I would gladly leave you until your stupid head cools down. However, I cannot do that. Your son loves you and needs you. He was the one who made me follow him and showed me what happened to you. You can hate all you want, but at least this time only, listen to me for the sake of Oreo.”. As the brunette sighs, he continues in a chill voice “I’ll call the ambulance. ‘Cos who knows if you broke your leg or not.”. “There is no need for that.” The redhead objects. Suddenly, Kyo replies in a reckless tone “Then, I’ll take Oreo with me and leave you laying here like a stubborn idiot.”. He calls the tuxedo kitten “Oreo, come here. Come on. Don’t be scared. I’ll give you tons of treats if you listen to me.”. Surprisingly, the brunette’s tactic works. While the little Oreo approaches, he continues his sweet talk “Good boy~”. Yet, losing the only sunshine in his life is more painful than any other suffering the redhead has endured. Therefore, if it means that his little Oreo is by his side, he has no other choice than to listen to the Kusanagi. Finally, Iori swallows his pride and agrees with Kyo “Fine. Do as you want.”. Surely, this decision secretly makes the brunette happy and relieved. The Kusanagi’s heir even forgets about the grudge against his partner or their fight. A few minutes pass, and the ambulance arrives at Yagami’s apartment door. When Kyo briefly explains what happens and asks for the medical staff to go together with Oreo. Even if he had to use his acting skills and convince that little Oreo is Iori’s supportive cat and how the doctors and nurses will thank him later for making the redhead more cooperative. Surprisingly, the Kusanagi’s heir is the right. When Yagami gets the medical examination, he feels more comfortable and less stressed when his little Oreo is around. Some time passes. Finally, there are x-ray results. Fortunately, Iori has broken nothing, and he paid off with the sprained ankle. Of course, the redhead won’t be himself if he hasn’t demanded the medical staff not hospitalize him. Despite that, the doctor and nurses were putting on an ankle splint and explaining what he should do for a faster recovery. In the end, Kyo apologized to the medical staff for his partner’s caused fuss. After arriving at their apartment, it still surprised Iori how the brunette insisted on supporting him while carrying Oreo. That stupid fool even went through the unnecessary effort to put the redhead into the bed so that the sprained ankle would deal with as little stress as possible. Once Kyo is done, he checks on his partner before leaving the room. However, he gets stopped by Iori’s voice “Wait. Aren’t you going to sleep here?”. The Kusanagi only widens his eyes and as he turns to face his partner, asks in a concerned voice “What do you mean? Have you already forgotten about how you told me not to get any near you because of... well, you know, that incident? Are you sure that you are fine by this?”. “Do as you please. I don’t care. Maybe I gave you too much credit after tonight. Forget what I said earlier.” The redhead complains as he frowns. However, Kyo doesn’t want to spend another night on the couch or miss his chance to redeem himself. As the brunette gets closer to the bed, he makes big guilty eyes, hoping that it will soften the redhead’s heart. After Kyo sits on the floor and rests his arms on the bedside, he stares at Iori ‘‘Then, what should I do to convince you and prove that I learned my lesson?’’. Yagami can swear that this stupid Kusanagi uses such acting just to getaway. So, while the redhead doubts Kyo’s motives, he comments in a slightly irritated tone ‘‘You are just trying to get what you want, aren’t you? I’m sure that if I forgive you, you will act the same as before.’’. Yet the brunette defends himself ‘‘If you still doubt me, I’ll prove that you are wrong. Hell, I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or against your will. I promise!’’. In the end, Iori deeply exhales and replies ‘‘I’ll think about that…’’. Surely, such a decision is more than enough to make Kyo happy. That is why he is determined during the next three weeks to help his partner to recover. Of course, he might not handle this alone. So, he would need to work with the little Oreo to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the tuxedo kitten feels relieved that his parents finally stopped fighting. Later on, when his cat-dads asleep, he would jump on the bed and find a comfortable spot.
  11. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi (barely noticeable) Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: [Trigger warning: past rape/non-con, past abuse and other dark themes] [This story was written for Iori's b-day on 2022/03/25] [Takes place after Iori rescued Kyo from the NESTS lab] ''<...> the brunette’s memory skips forward to the most horrific part, which he wishes to forget. Without realizing it, Kyo trembles and covers his face. <...>'' What kind of painful memories Kyo recalls? Is he left alone to deal with his inner fears? Read and find out. Some time has passed. Finally, the Kusanagi’s heir is waking up. As soon as the brunette opens his eyes, he briefly panics. ‘What place is this? Where am I? How did I get there?’ - He wonders while sitting up and looking around. Knowing that he rests in the stranger’s bed, stresses him out. More so, he has no idea who dressed him into a blue pajama, and covered his body in the medical bandage and plaster. Suddenly, the wave of memories flashes inside his head. It was such a vivid memory that he can even hear every little sound and feel that soreness on his wrists, ankles, and around the neck. Kyo rubs his wrists without realizing as he remembers what happened in the NESTS’ lab. Lastly, his mind takes him into the darkest corners of his past. Despite being restrained by the chains, he was desperate to escape and wished not to be left to die alone. However, thanks to his exhausted body, he couldn’t move. That’s right, the brunette was nothing more than testing subject to them. Although, it was too late for him to blame NESTS for messing up with his body. Kyo was just a living tool. A thing which once fulfills its life purpose given by someone else, will be disposed like the rest of the nameless flesh dolls. The subjects do not need a free will and waste their energy on emotions. After all, all you need to sustain the subject alive is just keep it hydrated, nourished, and clean. Of course, by far, the Kusanagi thought he could endure any physical and mental torture. The brunette refused to show them his pain and fear because he would lose. Unfortunately, he hasn’t realized that the research will need more than his flesh and blood. And thus, a few days later, a nightmare, which nearly broke the Kusanagi’s spirit, has begun. He didn’t know how much time has passed since then. Perhaps a day, week, months. Such a concept as the ‘time’ ceased to exist to him. Yet, was anything matter to him? After all, one group of scientists already observed him being violated by the machines countless times. He never knew that he could make such shameful and lewd voices. Nor the way how his body reacted to the touch of certain devices. At first, Kyo was disgusted and ashamed at how his body enjoys the stimulation and acted on how the instincts told him to do it. Perhaps it didn’t matter whenever you have an intimate moment with someone whom you love, or you are getting screwed by strangers - the outcome might be the same. In one way or another, the primal nature would take you over. He realized all this. Yet, the brunette still refused to embrace being a mindless creature, who would be much happier without his own will. Despite that, the scientists screwed with him in any shape and form. However, Kyo kept refusing to give in to the dark thoughts, which slowly lure him into false comfort. In the end, the NESTS stripped away all the brunette’s remains of his dignity and pride. He even lost the most toughest battle to an enemy, which he couldn’t handle alone. However, one day, after another session of trials, he noticed something that broke his heart. Kyo was lying like a doll, who did not have the strength left in his body to do anything. All he could do - was blankly staring at the window on his cell. Behind the glass window, he could see a blonde scientist, who also wore a pair of glasses, talking to someone who looked exactly like him. More so, that replica was so innocent and happy to get treated like her son. Perhaps, this clone got a decent treatment because he could adapt to his new environment. That’s right, Kyo thought that they created this artificial creature just to replace him and live his life. It was when exhausted Kusanagi realized NESTS trapped him here for the rest of his days, and with no one knowing about his capture and, possibly, his death. Lastly, before passing out, tears ran down his face. A few months later. The flashing red light, the deafening noise of alert sirens, and the automated woman’s voice awaken Kyo. He could even hear how the carnal beast was calling his name. Suddenly, Iori destroyed the iron door and spotted him in a miserable position. As both exchanged gazes, Kyo felt the unbearable sense of shame, which he thought was erased. Perhaps that’s why Iori stared at him with anger, disappointment, frustration… and sadness? However, both remained silent. Lastly, the redhead grabbed the chains and tore them apart one by one. The brunette was in disbelief and couldn’t say a word, nor move. Perhaps it wasn’t Orochi’s blood running in Yagami’s veins that gave him such supernatural strength. No, his eyes were clear and untainted by the certain curse. Nevertheless, Kyo was in awe of what Iori was capable of at a desperate time, driven by the adrenaline. Fortunately, Iori’s reaction was faster, and Kyo collapses on him. However, no matter how the redhead demanded him to stand up, all the Kusanagi’s attempts ended with failure. It can’t be helped. The brunette has been attached to these chains like a rag-doll for too long. Even his body slowly forgot how to move. However, Iori didn’t waste the time. After quickly scanning the surroundings, he grabbed the long medical coat and covered Kyo. Back to the present, the brunette’s memory skips forward to the most horrific part, which he wishes to forget. Without realizing it, Kyo trembles and covers his face. During their escape, a powerful enemy blocked their path. Even from its massive body build, it was clear as day that none of them had a chance to defeat this fellow. More importantly, this giant hunter was armored by the latest weapons produced by NESTS. Of course, the Kusanagi knew it wasn’t worth risking their lives. Unfortunately, Yagami took this a challenge and threat, which could take the brunette from him. Despite that, Kyo tried to drag him away. However, the redhead brushed him without even looking back. Iori’s eyes were burning with determination and pure rage towards that giant man. Perhaps Yagami mistook his stone-cold stance as a taunt, and thus, he was provoked to attack. Iori dashed and was about to use the claw strike. He was so confident that it would be enough to finish this mocking fool. However, something was off… Just the moment before the strike, the hunter picked the metal bar. It briefly buzzed. As the metal bar hit the redhead’s chest, the high-voltage stroked him. Lastly, as the gray smoke started coming out of Iori’s lifeless body, he collapsed. For sure, like never in his life, it devastated Kyo. At that moment, he even forgot about the NESTS sent hunter, nor cared that he was the next target. Now he rushed towards the redhead’s corpse. As Kyo desperately shook Iori’s senseless body, he begged him in tears for him to wake up and stop pretending to be asleep. However, there was no sign of life, not even the slightest breath or pulse. The brunette couldn’t accept this. He denied the demise of Yagami and that it was his sacrifice. Suddenly, the Kusanagi realized he had nothing to lose anymore. He didn’t care that the hunter observed him before killing him next. Yet Kyo gave his last shot. He knew that soon he’ll join Yagami in whatever place he was now. So, he wanted to show the best he could. Despite that, the orange flame wasn’t as bright and powerful as before getting kidnapped. He relied on it. After closing his eyes and igniting his palm, the brunette takes a deeper breath. The giant man only smirked at this petite struggle. As Kyo opened his eyes, he smashed the burning palm against Iori’s chest. After a few seconds, the redhead groaned and breathed. Soon enough, Yagami shakily opened his eyes. The Kusanagi himself wasn’t sure whenever he was already insane or hallucinating. Yet, he had no time to shed tears of joy or to check on the redhead. Just before the hunter strikes Kyo, the whole place shook and crumble. Fortunately, they were separated from that giant man. After Kyo grabbed Iori from behind, he shakily stood up and ran as far as his legs could carry him and Yagami. There was no time even for the mistakes or tripping over. On their way, they encountered a lot of scattered corpses of the clones who barely resembled humans anymore. Either these artificial beings were shot down or injured, either crushed under the ruins. However, among them, there were a few scientists as well. After making it through the closing iron gate, Kyo noticed a heavily injured clone who crawled through the same door. For sure, that replica was too weak to make it through the closing gap. However, he was desperate to survive, and Kyo could see it. Suddenly, the brunette was dragged away further, and now, pressed against Yagami like being hugged by him. After Iori covers Kyo’s eyes and ears with his palms, he refused to let him go. The Kusanagi could barely hear anything aside from the loud sirens and crumbling ruins. He couldn’t understand why Yagami did this. Meanwhile, the redhead closed his eyes after hearing that agonizing scream followed by the sound of bones and flesh getting crushed. Then, the brunette could feel how Iori hugged him more tightly. And thus, it was the last thing he could recall. Unfortunately, Kyo cannot remember what happened after they escaped the lab, nor how he ended up in an unfamiliar apartment. When he removes his wet palms from his face, he realizes he was crying all this time. After he wipes his face with the pajama’s sleeve, he gets startled by the familiar voice ‘‘Took your time, Kyo.’’. There is no mistake. The brunette turns his head towards the direction of that voice, and stares in disbelief ‘‘Yagami? Is it you? You’re alive?… How? But what are you doing here?’’. ‘‘You still can’t figure out?’’ - The redhead replies with his arms crossed and him leaning against the door frame. Without getting any answer from Kyo, who dumbfounded stares at him, Iori explains ‘‘This is my apartment, you fool. I take from your not the smartest look that you don’t remember passing out on me.’’. As he approaches the brunette and sits on the bedside, he hears Kusanagi’s concerned question ‘‘Why did you bring me here? What do you want from me?’’. However, Yagami ignores these questions and tells his story ‘‘After you show no signs of waking up soon, I carried you to my room. Even when I was done cleaning your wounds, you were still sleeping. So, I had to wait for at least three days until you woke up.’’. As he stares at the confused Kusanagi, Iori asks him “Don’t go anywhere yet, got it? I’ll return in a few minutes.”. “Wait. What have you planned, Yagami?” - The brunette gives him an insisting gaze. “You’ll see. But in meantime, behave yourself.” - Iori backfires as he gets up. For sure, no matter how hard Kyo tries to think, he cannot understand what the redhead is up to. But for now, he is left alone. As time passes by, he becomes more and more anxious and unsure. He simply cannot stand that rising tension. ‘Just why does he take so long?’ - Kyo wonders. However, just as he prepares to leave the bed, Yagami shows up while carrying something on the wooden tray. Lastly, the redhead carefully places the tray near Kyo ‘‘Here. Just be careful with it.’’. Even such a simple thing as a homemade chicken soup looks suspicious to the brunette ‘‘What is this? Are you planning to poison me?’’. Yet, the redhead only face-palms and sighs ‘‘Just eat it. I don’t want you to pass out again.’’. At first, Kyo doubtfully stares at Iori. However, after taking a spoon near the bowl, he adds ‘‘You better hope that you have put nothing funny into it…’’. Just before taking the first spoon, the brunette feels under pressure when he is being watched ‘‘Why do you need to stare at me like that? You know, I can eat pretty fine and with no one else presence.’’. However, since one pesky redhead refuses to leave, the Kusanagi ignores him. And thus, he makes the most terrible mistake. That’s right, not only does he burn his tongue and his mouth, but also chokes on the soup. Fortunately, Yagami’s reaction is faster, and he makes sure that the brunette won’t spill the rest on him, nor harm himself. ‘‘Do not rush while you eat. Or do I need to explain it like you were a child?’’ - Iori scolds the still coughing Kusanagi. After a while, his coughing eased. Finally, Kyo backfires ‘‘You can’t blame for that. After all, this is the first time in a while when I can have actual food.’’. ‘‘What do you mean?’’ - Iori raises his one eye-brow. The brunette honestly replies ‘‘After I became NESTS’ test subject, they would give me a daily food ratio. However, I kept refusing even to touch it. So, one day a group of scientists asked the security guards to lend them a hand. Hell, even when I tried to fight off these men, one of them punched me into the guts, and then they strapped me. Then one of these scientists inserted a needle and poured some kind of liquid inside me. I could feel how that cold thing could run in my veins, yet there wasn’t much I could do about it. And since then, such procedure was a part of my routine, and I have never even a single bite of proper food.’’ Once he finishes telling, Kyo gets genially surprised by seeing the redhead’s darkening face. For sure, he does not know why would Iori react this way. ‘‘Did I tell anything wrong? It’s not my fault that they had an advantage over me.’’ - Kusanagi answers in a slightly apologetic tone. There is no answer from Yagami, who is drowned in his thoughts. ‘At least it explains why Kyo lost so much weight. Just what else those bastards did to him? If I didn’t pass out after sealing Orochi, none of this happened. I would instantly send those cowards to hell by just getting near to Kyo. Those fucking bastards took him from me…’ - Iori wonders, while regretting being so weak at the worst time possible. Meanwhile, the brunette softens his gaze and places his hand on Yagami’s shoulder. For sure, such a gesture makes the redhead widen his eyes. Yet, without facing the Kusanagi, he asks ‘‘What do you want? If you have anything to say, say it. Otherwise, I won’t disturb you.’’. Just as he stands up, he can feel how the brunette pulls his sleeve. This time, Kyo gets the redhead's attention, even if he did it without even realizing it. Of course, he can’t understand why he reaches out to Iori. After withdrawing his hand, he defends himself ‘‘Like heck, I did this on purpose!’’. As the Kusanagi lowers his gaze, he continues in a slightly shy tone ‘‘But could you stay for a bit longer? I won’t mind if you are here… I just want to make sure that I’m not dreaming and that once I wake up, I would be in the lab again.’’. ‘Does he really need to make such eyes? That fool… He won’t get away so easy.’ - Yagami thinks to himself. Lastly, Iori replies in a chill tone as he can ‘‘Tsk. If that would help you to stay away from causing more problems. If you are still hungry or need anything else, I’ll get it, got it?’’. Finally, after such a long time, Kyo can genially smile. ‘‘Aren’t you afraid that I can empty your fridge or even take over your place?~’’ - He teases Iori. ‘‘Get better first. Then, you can try to prove it and end up under my foot. But for now, eat, before it gets cold.’’ - Yagami backfires in the same tone. ‘‘Sure thing. So, let’s see if you can cook.’’ - The brunette replies. For sure, no matter how it feels so unusual that once he finishes the soup, no one will drag him out of his cell and use him as an experimental guinea pig. However, Kyo tries to convince himself that it is alright to eat once without needing to worry about anything. Some time passes. It is a late evening. However, one certain redhead is sleepless. After getting up and leaving the couch, he checks on Kyo. That’s right after Kyo finished his meal, Iori explained to him that he can stay in his bed for tonight while he would rest on the couch. But for now, when he reaches his bedroom door, he silently opens it. After sneaking in, Iori notices that the Kusanagi curled under the blanket and peacefully slept. Of course, seeing it is enough for the redhead. However, when he is about to leave, he hears the weird noises from the brunette’s side. ‘‘What a hell is wrong with him? Is he talking in his dreams?’’ - Yagami murmurs. It can’t be helped, then. That’s right, who in the world knows what’s maybe happening to Kyo… Even if he is just having a nightmare, Iori cannot leave him like this. When he gets close enough and sits on the bedside, the redhead removes the blanket cocoon from the Kusanagi. Kyo is curled into a ball while turning his back to Yagami. More so, he is shaking like a leaf and time from time whining. As Iori observes him more, he notices how the Kusanagi curls even more while hugging himself. Even that facial expression concerns the redhead. That’s right, Kyo looks like he is suffering from unbearable pain, and sweats in a cold sweat. Perhaps he is sick. When Yagami places a couple of fingers on the brunette’s forehead, he is assured that is not a fever. Despite that, seeing the brunette having a nightmare disturbs him. Even if in the past Iori kept telling that he’ll finish Kyo, seeing him now like this is a completely different thing. Yagami cannot understand. Why does he feel bad for his rival?. It’s not what he wanted to happen. It’s not Kyo, whom he knows. Where is that stupid, arrogant brat who always keeps that smug face? Where is the little sparkle in his eyes? He doesn’t like this at all. However, the Kusanagi murmurs something. Eventually, Iori understands his singly words, which he speaks in a robotic and shaky voice. Lastly, he can hear words like these ‘‘…No…please, no…I beg…just...return to…to me…Yagami…’’. For sure, hearing his name in such a tone makes him feel numb inside. What nightmares Kyo is going through? How does the redhead get involved in them? Is he dreaming about the NESTS, Orochi’s blood curse, or something even worse? There are too many questions at the moment, which Iori cannot answer. But for now, Yagami brushes the brunette’s forehead and his hair. While he keeps doing it, he silently observes the Kusanagi. Eventually, Iori’s treatment gives good results - Kyo stops shaking and calms down. More so, he stops speaking in his sleep and slowly breathes. For sure, Yagami gets relieved as well. However, for tonight, he stays close to the brunette. He wants to make sure that he is near if Kyo has another episode like this. So, after covering the brunette and himself under the blanket, Iori returns to sleep. Lastly, he hopes that he’ll wake up earlier than Kyo. That’s because he doesn’t want the Kusanagi to have weird thoughts or assume anything. For now, Iori decides to leave tomorrow’s challenges for tomorrow. Besides, it will be just the beginning of Kyo’s slow rehabilitation.
  12. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: [Based on one of our most famous Lithuanian folklore tale - Jūratė and Kąstytis] The life of a young fisherman named Kyo was so simple and average until he encounters an unknown sea creature. It was just a beginning of his troubles. However, the very little that he knows that this sea deity took interest in him... [This story was written for Kyo's b-day on 2021/12/12] A long time ago, somewhere in a faraway land beyond nine seas. There lived a young fisherman named Kyo. Since his young days, the sea was no scary stranger to him. He was taught that the sea could give a life and feed many, yet, those who disrespected it, were harshly punished. Even before the brunette sets the boat for another fishing, he asks for the generousness of the gods. When he would return safely after another trip, he would also thank for each brought big catch. Such ritual became just another part of this fisherman’s routine, and it felt so natural as breathing. However, the very little Kyo knows what kind of mythical deity he will encounter and how it will drastically change his life. For now, it is just an average day for the Kusanagi’s heir. It is so calm that it bored him to tears. That’s right, the sounds of the moving waves and time from the time above him flying seagulls, nearly put him asleep. More so, comfortably sitting in the swung by the waves boat and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun also feels so relaxing. Unfortunately, all the sleepiness instantly disappears once Kyo senses that something heavy is pulling down his fishing rod and refuses to let it go. ‘What kind of fish is that?!’ — Or so, the brunette wanders while he uses all his strength to pull the fishing rod. For now, he is more determined to pull out whatever sea creature it could be, rather than fearing that the fishing line will break, and the escaping fish. ‘‘Resisting, eh? You won’t escape me, pal!’’ — stubbornly adds Kyo. Unfortunately, the sunbeam blinds him for the moment. It follows by the sudden gasp, and the brunette losing his balance. As he falls while holding the fishing rod, the boat violently swings. Fortunately, the Kusanagi’s heir manages to get up. On the other hand, the mysterious catch was already dived deep into the sea. For sure, Kyo feels frustrated that he missed a chance to see what kind of fish was resisting. Yet, the brunette was surprised as he spots the lying necklace still attached to the fishing hook. ‘‘How did this thing end up being here? Did it belong to that fish?’’ — the young fisherman wanders while observing the necklace with the crescent moon on it, which was made from precious metals and tiny jewels. After looking closer at this ‘catch’, he notices a couple of red-colored haired stuck between the necklace. “Could it be that it belonged to, um, how is it called… the oarfish, right? Just what does it do here?” — the brunette furthers comments without receiving answers, only the passing-by seagulls laugh at him. After taking out the stuck strand of the hair and inspecting it, Kyo realizes that it reminds more of a human's hair. Nevertheless, it leaves him with more unanswered questions. Finally, just before the sunset, the brunette decides to return home and call it a day. One thing is for sure, such an expensive-looking necklace could allow his family to live like nobles for an entire year. More importantly, they won't need to work anymore. But before selling it, Kyo wants to show his lucky catch to his parents. He feels that it would be wrong to hide this from his parents. When the young fisherman returns home, he tells about his oh-so-brave fight and today's finding, without missing even a single detail. Some time has passed. After listening to his story, Kyo is surprised by his father's decision. He must return to its proper owner because it might belong to one of the great sea deities. More so, if the brunette does not return it, then not only him, but his entire family and, possibly, the future descents, might face the wrath of the sea gods. For sure, Kyo is so close to losing his control over such a foolish decision. Thankfully for the mother's calm interface, the young fisherman is calmed down. Now, she explains that, according to the heard rumors, recently, the fishermen encounter a mysterious being, who attacks them and sometimes sinks them. Some even suspect it could be such a legendary creature as a mermaid. That's why it would be wiser to return the necklace to whom it belongs. Lastly, she adds that their family to this day lives well, and how selling this jewelry would be the same as letting the stranger take their family's kept treasure. Yet, Kyo admits that there is a truth in his parents' words, and he decides that starting tomorrow, he would begin to search for the owner of this necklace. Meanwhile, he thinks to himself that it would be interesting if the owner would turn out to be an actual mermaid. More so, if that sea creature would be his taste and have a big dowry, he won't be missing a chance to marry it. So, with that in mind, the young fisherman calls it a day. As the dawn breaks, the brunette already prepares his boat and bids another farewell to his mother before leaving. So far, nothing unusual. Kyo even nearly falls asleep. Before he closes his eyes, it happens. Suddenly, something hits the fishing boat. For sure, the brunette instantly sits up and rushes to check the thrown fishing net. He widens his eyes at seeing the tail of the big fish diving into the depths of the sea, along with the loosen net. 'What in the world is that? Is that is the same creature from the yesterday? What kind of sea monster is that?' — Or so, Kyo wanders as he observes escaping fishes. Now, as the brunette rises the necklace, he shouts from the top of his lungs “Oi, you! Stop! Didn't you come for this? Answer me!”. However, no reply. All Kyo could hear is the sound of moving waves. It is followed by the brunette's honest anger and disappointment as he facepalms “Damn you!… Now my half day's work is for naught…”. Meanwhile, deep below the young fisherman's boat, the mysterious red-haired creature lurks, who had below the waist a fishtail. Now, it victoriously announces “This time it was just a warning. Next time we meet, I'll let you greet your creator, son of the fisherman!”. Lastly, this sea deity disappears into the darkness of sea depths. Day after a day, the young fisherman had to deal with the mysterious sea creature’s shenanigans. For most of the time, it was rather annoying. But those were harmless pranks. Be it that creature loosening the fishing net or cutting the fishing line, or hitting the boat. Overall, no matter how fast Kyo would react, all he could see was the already escaping the monster’s aquamarine-colored scaled tail diving. Perhaps, it is how the sea creature tries to get the brunette’s attention. But then, why does it not respond when the Kusanagi’s heir keeps calling it? Kyo cannot understand what exactly this creature wants from him. If it was about that necklace, why does the mysterious monster do not take it back when the brunette offers it? Nevertheless, he refuses to give up until he will see who is behind all this. However, one day, the fisherman decides not to go fishing, and after preparing the boat, just to sail. It is a late afternoon, yet, Kyo was alone in the sea — even the mysterious fish creature doesn’t show up. Perhaps, it changed the hunting spot, or so, wanders the brunette, moves forward. Nearly a half-hour passes, and the fisherman is out from his fishing territory. Those are uncharted waters for him. Yet, despite the unsettling feeling, the brunette process further. Even the sky covers in the dark gray clouds like warning him not to go any further. Yet, after noticing in the distance that someone is sitting on the rock, Kyo wants to make sure that his eyes aren’t tricking him. After getting closer, he notices that this person’s lower half of the body is being swallowed by the giant fish. Of course, the brunette is concerned about how this person is so chill despite what is happening. Lastly, as he was close to the redhead, Kyo gazes in awe at him. Or at least he focuses his gaze at the waist and such nice skin. Instead of having two legs, there is a long aquamarine-colored fishtail. More so, this person’s slim waist makes their chest look bigger. So, this is what they call a mermaid, huh? Or so, thinks Kyo when he observes the mysterious creature’s body with such amazement. However, the young fisherman is returned to reality by the irritated voice of the redhead ‘‘Are you going to stare all day, you foolish human? Or do you don’t know such thing as manners?’’. Meanwhile, Kyo remains speechless and mesmerized by the mythological creature’s charms. After shaking his head, the brunette looks at the redhead, who addresses him ‘‘What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you have never seen an undine before?’’. Yet, the fisherman stares with such curiosity while his cheeks are still dyed in that cute red tone. Nevertheless, the so-called undine tries to remain as calm as possible while continuing ‘‘Anyway, I’ll let you know my name. I’m Iori Yagami, the ruler of this sea. However, since you know about me, I won’t let leave alive!’’. The brunette got alerted by this threat, and indignantly replies ‘‘What?! Why? What I have ever done to you to deserve that?!’’. Yet, Yagami’s round fin-like ears twitch to the sides, and he asks in a strict tone ‘‘Answer me! What are you doing in my domain, son of the fisherman? Do you think you would get away by capturing my fish? I warned you countless times, human. This time, I promise that you’ll die!’’. Nevertheless, instead of fearing the wrath of the undine, Kyo just sighs and facepalms. After fixing his hair, he backfires ‘‘So, you are the one, who keeps knocking my boat and ruining the net? You know, your shenanigans are just annoying. Why don’t you stop it before I’ll capture you and let my mother make a fine fish stew from you? Or better, make you into a nice decoration for the guest room? ~’’. For sure, this fool's arrogance irritates and maddens Iori. Now, his tail aggressively splashes the water. Even if most of the water hits Kyo, he just wipes out his face by his white shirt’s sleeve. It is followed by him making a smug look on his face and chuckling ‘‘So, it is you, after all. Now, was it a bitter truth, huh?… Listen, can you tell me something? I found this-’’. However, it is the last drop of Yagami’s patience. He won’t let this stupid fisherman act as he wants. Now, instead of allowing Kyo to finish, Iori dives into the sea. Even, the tip of his tail multiple times slaps the brunette’s face before the redhead disappears into the deep water. As Kyo frowns and shakes his head. Lastly, as he rolls up the sleeves, he declares before jumping into the water “Oh no, you don't! Like heck, I gonna let you escape!”. After noticing how the foolish human is chasing him, Iori swims faster. Unfortunately, the fisherman is not a bad swimmer, and he manages to catch the undine by the tail. For sure, it alerts Iori, and he tries to shake off Kyo “Get off from me!”. However, the brunette stubbornly holds into the tail. Soon enough, the redhead starts to feel how the young man's grasp around his tail loosens. Did that stupid human decide to give up? Or so, thinks Yagami. After he turns back, he notices how Kusanagi cannot keep his breath any longer. “Why are you doing this? You'll drown, you fool!” — adds the redhead, as he finally shakes off of Kyo. The young fisherman's vision began to dim, and his consciousness slowly fades away. Is this is how his life will end? Is sinking in the depths of water and by the time becoming mere food for all kinds of sea creatures, is his end? Perhaps, such death would suit someone, who was using the kindness of generous sea. Or so, the brunette thinks to himself, without having any regrets. However, the moment before his life fades away, Kyo could feel someone gently placing the palm on his cheek, and something soft pressing against his lips. The time has passed, and eventually, the brunette slowly begins to regain consciousness. Maybe chasing that mermaid was just a weird dream, after all. That’s right, he could feel how he is tucked under the warm blanket. Yet, something is off… When Kyo tries to roll on the sides, he realizes that this bed is wider than his. More importantly, the bedsheet is so soft, and it felt like it was made from the finest silk and cotton, which only the nobles or royals could afford. No matter how it's warm and comfortable, Kusanagi’s heir opens his eyes and sits up. Finally, he realizes that he is far away from his home. How did he end up in this bedroom? What kind of place is this? Why the walls, the ceilings, the floor are made from amber? To whom does this palace belong? — Or so, disbelieves Kyo. After looking at himself, the brunette is even more surprised that someone changed his clothes while he was unconscious. It appears that he is dressed up in nothing more than a long white shirt made from the most expensive material. Nevertheless, his further thoughts are interrupted when he gets startled by someone entering the room. It followed by the familiar voice ‘‘You’re finally awake, human. You took some time.’’. Kyo only covers himself with the blanket as the redhead nobleman approaches him. Yet, after the brunette recognizes this person, he doubtfully addresses him ‘‘Yagami? Is it you? How did you… Why am I here?’’. Yes, even if Iori doesn’t have a fishtail anymore, nor round fins instead of ears, but Kyo is sure - that is the same creature, which met before. When the redhead sits next to the fisherman, he explains in a chill tone ‘‘So, you can’t remember anything, huh? In that case, I'll remind you. You are in my amber castle, which is under the sea. All this time, I was taking care of you and waiting until you will be awake. So, be grateful, you mortal. ’’. It appears that Kyo believed in the Iori’s story, and he replies ‘‘You know, I have a name too! So, stop ‘you -ing’ me, okay? The name is Kyo, got it? I do not want that you would think that I’m ungrateful. I appreciate what you have done. But can you let me go home? I do not want to make my parents worry.’’. Now, the brunette impatiently waits for the answer while giving a demanding look for Yagami. ‘‘I’m afraid that I cannot do that. First, do you know how long you have been there?… Seven weeks. By that time, your family might already bury you and grieves over you as we speak.’’ — Iori clarifies in a serious tone. Surely, hearing such news shocks Kyo, who just widens his eyes. After he lowers his head, the young fisherman’s hands grasp the blanket. All he could do is just speak in a silent voice ‘‘Oh god, no… Why?… I’m so sorry, Mother…’’. For some reason, Yagami started to feel bad for the devastated brunette. And, now, he brings Kyo closely to him. As Iori lets Kyo rest his head against his chest, the redhead sinks his fingers in the brunette’s hair. Surely, it makes the Kusanagi’s heir release his pain and felt guilt. For now, the redhead allows this human to let it out until he calms down. Some time has passed. Finally, the brunette with-draws his face from Yagami and wipes his tears by the sleeve. However, he remembers the last given task for him. So, Kyo asks in a slightly shaky voice ‘‘At least, can you let me out until I’ll find the owner of one necklace? I left it somewhere in my pockets. So, I need to find my clothes.’’. Just as the young fisherman tries to get up, Iori stops him by placing his palm on the brunette’s chest ‘‘There is no need for that. I told you, I cannot let you leave the castle, you’ll get killed by that stupid god, who cursed me never leave the sea.’’. Before the brunette opens his mouth, Yagami interrupts him when he takes out something behind the shirt. It is the necklace with the crescent moon on it. Meanwhile, the redhead shows this jewelry, he comments ‘‘You mean this one? You stupid human… I expected that you’ll sell it and leave my kingdom alone when you robbed it from me.’’. However, Kyo only dumbfounded stared at Iori. Soon enough, he cracks a smile and replies ‘‘I may be not the wealthiest, but I never took something that does not belong to me. However, if it is yours, why didn’t you try to claim it back when I accidentally took it? I even called you, but you keep running away from me, Yagami.’’. For sure, such a reply annoyed Iori, who briefly answers ‘‘You could just throw it away! Do you know how long I waited?’’. ‘‘And let someone else find it? More important, I couldn’t bring myself to throw this at you like this. So, be glad that I didn’t force you to fetch it like you were a dog.’’ — Or so, the brunette instantly backfires. After noticing a smug face on Kyo’s face, Iori knew that it won’t end well. Yet, he listens to how the brunette teases him ‘‘Were you watching me all that time?~ Or did you try to get my attention by your pranks and then run away? Aww, you could just ask me, and I would kindly give it to you.’’. For sure, such arrogant behavior started to get on Yagami’s nerves. Suddenly, he pushes the brunette on a bed and corners him. Iori silently growls at Kyo ‘‘Do not test my patience. Be grateful that each time I decide to spare you. But one wrong move or word, and I may kill you. That’s for sure!’’. Kyo only closes his eyes and sighs. After the brunette gives a warm smile, he gently places his palm on Iori’s cheek while calmly replying ‘‘So, this is how you call it… I don’t understand one thing. Why didn’t you leave me to drown, if you want my death so badly? Instead of that, you gave me another life, Yagami.’’. Despite how the brunette looks so lovely in the redhead’s eyes, he indignantly replies ‘‘Silence! It’s not that I saved you or anything. You are not allowed to die by someone else hand or by your foolishness!’’. Yet, Kyo just turns his head and chuckles. He cannot take such a grumpy face or threats seriously, no matter how hard Yagami tries to intimidate him. It follows by Iori’s cheeks dying in light red color, and him adding ‘‘What’s so funny? Laugh all you want, but from now on, your life depends on me, Kyo.’’. The Kusanagi’s heir faces Yagami, he comments in a calm tone ‘‘You keep saying how you are killing me, but you do the opposite, Yagami. You even took care of me. Are you sure that-?'' However, Iori had enough, and he shuts Kyo by pressing his lips against his. Lastly, Kyo closes his eyes and lets a silent chuckle in between catching a breath. After he wraps his arms around Iori, the brunette pushes his luck and pulls Yagami into a passionate kiss. Surprisingly, he hasn't pushed away. Yet, the redhead decides not to give up, and his tongue begins to explore each tiny part of his partner’s mouth. Kyo only lets a sudden sweet gasp between catching his breath and could feel how the shivers sent down his spine. The brunette feels that he could drown in pleasure just by that. Even when Iori slides his hands under Kyo’s shirt to remove it, the Kusanagi’s heir allows the redhead to act as he wants. After all, the redhead was craving for him for so long. The brunette knows that, and he doesn’t mind Yagami’s rougher and impatient moves. Even those left bite marks all over Kyo’s body aren't too painful for him while being embraced by Iori. Perhaps, the redhead was too lonely for so long that now he just acts like this. That’s why, along with that reason, Kyo decides to give himself for this man and comfort him. He just wants to stay by Iori’s side, regardless of what kind of fate may await them.
  13. Fmkitty

    Amber Colored Dream

    Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi Characters: Shingo Yabuki, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+ (PWP, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Suggestive themes, Teasing, Foot jobs, Foreplay) Summary: [This story takes place in KOFXI] As this year's Hero Team celebrates another victory, a certain pair of idiots gets into a fight. However, one of them decides to be more mature and finally break the ice between them. How will it turn out? Read and find out. Another match, another victory for this year’s Hero Team. However, from the first glance, an innocent Shingo’s initiative to celebrate getting into the semi-finals would become unpredictable. All the younger brunette wanted is to bring his teammates together like a normal team for once. Yet, Kyo’s loose tongue and other not-subtle stated facts were the reason the Kusanagi’s heir and Yagami got into a fight. Therefore, even now if both of these hotheads avoid each other’s presence, but Shingo could feel the lingering tension between them. So, it was a matter of time when it will sparkle another conflict. Unfortunately, this is what he should be expected and no less by having Kyo and Iori on the same team. Even if Yabuki was supposed to keep an eye on them, but it appears that such a task, given by Kagura, is nearly impossible. Firstly, being on the same team as his adored mentor sounded like his dream come true. Unfortunately, in reality, it wasn’t as miraculous and charming as he was expecting. That’s right, his precious 'Kusanagi-san' almost ignored the younger brunette's presence, like he was caring about something much more important. Perhaps, a new threat is rising, and thus, this is why Chizuru insisted that Kyo and Iori be on the same team and invest it. There was no other explanation than that, right? Or so, naively believed Shingo. Therefore, he knew that he have to find a way to make them get along as soon as possible. Even though, what could bring these two stubborn idiots together? It was beyond his mind and, if he tried to interface, Yabuki would be blown away without being noticed. But nowadays, the younger brunette felt more and more like he was just an invisible bystander in the middle of the Kusanagi’s heir and Yagami’s battle for dominance and settling a score. That’s right, even before Iori crossed with Kyo, they were either just exchanging gazes, either using provocative gestures to surpass each other. in the past, the redhead was the one, who was persistently throwing challenges until Kyo accepts it. However, as time passed, the brunette started to show initiative from his side. Perhaps, much more than his rival used to, and in more daring ways. Despite that, it was teasing Yagami in suggestive language or the hips’ movement after approaching Iori. Then, Kyo tried to intimidate the redhead by the barely existing distance between them. In this case, Iori does his best to endure the temptation to finish off the provoking brunette in the same spot. Nevertheless, both knew perfectly when and where was the right time and place to fully enjoy themselves by not holding back in a fight, or during private time. As for tonight, the younger brunette was waiting when his mentor would return. That’s right, he shared the same hotel room as Kyo, while Iori stayed in another one. Yet, it was already late evening and Shingo decides to call it a day and rest while wondering where was oh-so-precious mentor wandering. Perhaps, ‘Kusanagi-san’ was on a special mission and didn’t want to put his disciple in the danger. This is why he left without a word, isn’t it? Or so, Yabuki thought before falling asleep. Meanwhile, the older brunette finally has reached the corridor where was his room. However, instead of heading there, Kyo had some unfinished business with one certain redhead. He realized that sooner or later, one of them would need to lower their ego and move on. Besides, his disciple already have been complaining to Kagura. So, before the brunette and his rival received a good dose of Chizuru’s nagging, he had to act fast. Tonight, the Kusanagi heir carefully scoured the local alcohol shops for one specific item, which would serve as his sacrifice to cease Yagami’s wrath. As he holds an expensive bottle of whiskey behinds his back, Kyo looks around and makes sure that no one is around. Lastly, he opens the door of Iori room’s and sneaks in. According to his plan, the redhead should be already asleep. So, getting inside and then waking up Yagami would be like a piece of cake, isn’t it? Then, all he would need to do is pull behind his back the bottle and wait for his rival’s reaction. And thus, after the bottle empties, these two should settle down for a while. Or so, Kyo was convinced after carefully thinking about this idea and how it supposes to end. After closing the door behind, the brunette picks his phone from the pocket and uses it as a flashlight. Step by step, he was getting closer to bed. Lastly, as he placed the bottle of whiskey on the night-drawer near the bed, the brunette sits on the bedside. All he left to is to wake up Iori. Then offer the fine drink, which would help to break the ice between them. Unfortunately, something was off… All of a sudden, he was alerted once someone grabbed him and thrown on the bed. It was followed by feeling how someone was on top of him, and the clicking sound of the light switch. It was Yagami, who wore a bathrobe, and now, pinning Kyo’s wrists while his knee separated brunette’s legs. Despite the exhausted yet furious gaze and quiet growling, the brunette deeply breathes and swallows saliva at the view in front of him. His eyes fixate on redhead's succulent pectoral muscles and abs. 'Does he realize that his bathrobe is loose? Or does he think that he is one step ahead by seducing me?' — or so, thought Kyo while enjoying this treat for the eyes. However, Iori's irritated voice interrupted further Kusanagi's fantasies “What a hell you want? Get out before I finish you!”. Even though, the brunette teases his partner while giving a smug look “I can't. Not when you're holding me like this, Yagami~ Besides, it looks like someone missed me a lot.”. As soon as Iori lowers his gaze, he noticed how his knee was accidentally rubbing Kyo's crotch. Surely, it made the redhead grid his teeth “Fuck you…”. After releasing Kusanagi and sitting on his knees, he could hear another playful reply from the brunette, who was half-sitting, “Don't mind, if I do~”. It was followed by Kyo taking Iori's hand into his both hands. However, just as he seductively stares and sticks his tongue to take Yagami's finger into his mouth, the redhead instantly with-draws his taken hand. Now, the Kusanagi's heir is dumbfounded and staring at his partner, who turned his blushing face from him while holding his one arm close to him. For sure, such an innocent reaction by this man amused Kyo. As soon as Iori returns his gaze, he indignantly stares at the brunette “What were you thinking, Kyo!?”. However, the younger male chuckles “Me? It is you, who provoked me first! Just admit, you were planning this all along. You were watching and waiting for me, right? How else you know I would come here? Huh?!”. Of course, the redhead felt alerted when his cover was utterly destroyed, yet he decides not to give up to his rival. Therefore, Iori points his finger next to the brunette “Why do you carry that whiskey with you? Did you plan to get me drunk and mess with me?! Answer me!”. The Kusanagi heir is near on the verge of losing his patience by enduring Yagami's spitted accusations. Yet, as he deeply breathes, Kyo tries to hold back from the desire to knock down the redhead. Now, he objects “I don't know how about you, but taking advantage of a drunk or unconscious person is not my style! Like hell, I'm THAT kind of degenerate, you dumbass! Shit… You haven't even let me explain, and you're already losing it! For the fuck's sake… So, how about you, shut up and listen for once before jumping to conclusions?”. At this moment, the redhead could swear that he could shred this fool into the tiniest pieces, yet, he silently murmurs something under his nose. It was followed by Kyo being slightly relieved. After fixing his t-shirt collar while his chest was bloating, he explains “Was it that hard? Finally. Anyway, I thought that maybe this would help you to relax, and then we could have talked. That’s it. I did not plan more than that.’’. As Iori skeptically listens to the Kusanagi, he sighs and replies in an indifferent voice ‘‘If that’s so? Then explain to me one thing.’’. The brunette only gives a mocking look while lifting one of his eyebrows ‘‘Yes? And what exactly?’’. Unfortunately, Iori’s quick response caught Kyo off guard ‘‘Why did you bring a drink, which you cannot handle? One-shot, and you’ll get wasted.’’. However, the brunette instantly recovers, and gives him an inflaming gaze while replying in a nearly purring tone ‘‘How about we’ll see about that~’’. After taking a bottle of dark amber-colored liquid and holding it by its neck, Kyo opens it in front of Yagami and chugs it. Unfortunately, his bold acting ended up with widening his eyes and coughing. More so, there was no end to coughing, and the sensation of flame spreads inside his throat. Yet, the redhead only starred while scolding his partner ‘‘Where are you rushing, you fool? At least, do not drop the bottle. You’ll waste such a fine drink.’’. Despite that, the brunette frowns, but the light tone of red on his cheeks made him look less serious or intimidating. However, the Kusanagi heir refuses to give up and wipes the droplets from the corners of his lips. Now, he takes another sip. Yet, before swallowing whiskey, he could hear Iori commenting ‘‘Let’s see if you picked a good one.’’. It was followed by the redhead leaning closely to Kyo’s face. As he places his palm behind the brunette’s head, Yagami presses his lips against his partner’s. The brunette got slightly shocked as he felt how Iori’s tongue is trying to breakthrough. Yet, Kusanagi blissfully closes his eyes and allows his partner inside while he manages to put whiskey on the night-drawer. Now, the redhead greedily enjoys each sip from Kyo. When Iori finishes such a fine feast, he with-draws his face from his partner’s. Of course, he couldn’t remove his eyes from such delightful sight in front of him — the brunette is dazing while he was heavily blushing. However, as Yagami notices whiskey drops rolling down from the corners of Kyo’s lips, he decides to savor it. Now, the brunette speaks up in a soft voice as Iori leans close to his neck ‘‘Ya… Yagami?’’. Suddenly, the Kusanagi lets a longer whimper as the redhead starts to lick his neck. The brunette closes his eyes and turns away his head from his partner. As Iori reaches the corner of Kyo’s lips, he cleans up the traces of the amber-colored liquid. Lastly, the brunette could feel shivers running down his spine when he hears a seductive whisper while stroking his neck ‘‘You know what to do next, Kyo.’’. Meanwhile, Yagami with-draws and patiently waits when he sits on one of his laps. Yet, the Kusanagi heir decides to play along with the redhead’s rules. Now, he objects in a passionate tone while giving a thrilling look ‘‘Now we’re talking about~ But you don’t need to tell me what to do, ‘cos I’ll handle you nice and slow.’’. As Kyo impatiently tosses his leather jacket on the floor, he slowly removes his t-shirt. Lastly, he treats it the same way as the jacket. However, just as he unbuckles the belt and is about to lower his jeans, Iori pushes him on the bed. The brunette only dumbfounded stares at the redhead, who bends down and grabs the hemline of the brunette’s jeans and underwear. Now, with one sudden movement, he removes such unnecessary pieces of clothing. Lastly, Iori impatiently stares at perfectly exposed Kyo, who asks in a purring voice ‘‘What is it with you? Do you like what you see?~’’. However, the redhead stands up on the bed and places his foot on the brunette’s hard-on. Now, as he crosses his arms, Yagami replies ‘‘Silence. I’m not even started yet.’’. It was followed by the Kusanagi’s sweet groan when the redhead begins to rub Kyo’s dick with his foot. For sure, looking down on the younger male’s shakily breathing and whimpers in between, accompanied by his amorous gaze, entertained Iori. Now, he continues to pleasure his partner and fastens the stroking movement. Who knew that being under his partner’s foot like this can be so good? Or so, wonders the brunette while getting massaged like that. However, soon enough, Kyo lets out a long moan as he comes. Now, the redhead delightfully observes the brunette covered in his semen, and blissfully starring into nothing. Yet, Yagami sits down next to the Kusanagi and is about to leave the bedside. Yet, he was stopped by someone grabbing the sleeve of his bathrobe ‘‘Wait. Where are you going?’’. As Iori turns to face his partner, he notices him sitting on one of his laps and giving a demanding look. However, the redhead briefly replies ‘‘I need to smoke outside. So, why don’t you take a shower and leave?’’. Despite such a cold reply, Kyo does not give up. Now, he hugs Iori’s waist from behind ‘‘Eh? No fair~ But I cannot let you go like that.’’. Now, the brunette sinks his head into the redhead’s neck and lasciviously kisses it. The shivers went down Iori’s spine, and he silently groans by such an affectionate gesture. Yet, as Kyo starts to lick his partner’s neck, he slides his hand inside the bathrobe. Now, he begins to massage the redhead’s chest. Meanwhile, another hand moves under the bathrobe and rubs the inner thigh. Nevertheless, Yagami speaks up through rough breathing ‘‘You horny devil… Don’t you think that you’ll get away as simple as that…’’. However, the brunette only gently returns Iori to bed. Now, the younger male removes his partner’s underwear and tosses it on the ground. Of course, it was followed by the redhead’s complaint ‘‘Are you going to remove the rest or not, lazy-ass?’’. However, Kyo replies in a seductive tone ‘‘Why should I? This way you look more erotic, Iorin~’’. Just before Yagami objects, the brunette shuts him by leaning for the kiss. As he presses his lips against his partner’s, Kusanagi turns it into a passionate kiss. Now, his hand moves to Iori’s lower regions, and he starts to stroke his hard rock dick. Now, the brunette lets out the whimpers in between their kiss. Surely, Kyo’s made lewd sounds, even more, turned the redhead. However, Iori shows no desire to give up, and, now as he places his hand on the brunette’s arousal, he imitates his partner’s movements. Now, the Kusanagi heir with-draws from the kiss ‘‘Io… Iorin?’’. Yet, Yagami wasn’t sure anymore whenever the brunette’s silent moans or his rougher and faster hand’s movement, were more pleasuring. In the end, both reached the climax. Now, Kyo rests on top of Iori while enjoying his partner’s embrace. After a while, Kyo gently strokes Iori’s cheek ‘‘How about we go for round two? You know, I don’t mind which one would take the lead this time.’’. However, Yagami only cracks a smile and replies in a chill tone ‘‘Be careful about what you’re asking for because either way tomorrow you won’t be able to walk.’’. Now, the brunette sits on the bedside and about to stand up, he announces in a nearly singing voice ‘‘Make sure that it won’t be just big words~’’. When he checks inside the night-drawer, Kyo face’s begins to radiate with excitement. When he returns to the bed with a tube of lube, Kusanagi sits on the bedside. Now, the brunette comments in an excited tone ‘‘So, you were waiting for me all this time.’’. Yet, such a discovery makes him somehow glad. What if the redhead was expecting this Kusanagi to show up for a time being, yet ending up getting disappointed? Perhaps, even after a short time like this, Yagami was already missing the brunette, even if he felt it would be better not to admit it. More importantly, what if being ignored by Kyo was more painful than any harsh word or gesture? Or so, wonders the brunette, as he softens his gaze at the redhead. Despite that, as Kyo handles the tube with the transparent content into Iori’s hands, he flirtatiously adds ‘‘Then, I won’t make you wait any longer, Iorin~’’. Lastly, the brunette places his hand behind the redhead’s scalp and pulls him into a gentle kiss. Tonight, even the moonlight from outside blessed their momentary reunion. More so, who knew that a mere bottle of whiskey holds such a great power… Maybe because it shared the same color, like Kusanagi’s bewitching eyes. Yet, one thing is for sure, even the most expensive and finest drink cannot be as enjoyable as Kyo was for Iori.
  14. Title : The Ghost of the Study Room Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: [Sequel to A New Home for the Cat] It was a peaceful and quiet night at Yagami's apartment. However, the sudden noise from another room instantly awakens two cat parents. So, what kind of ghost is haunting them? Read and find out. A month has passed since one kitten named Oreo has become a part of the cat parents’ family. However, this little fellow in a black tail-coat has already become a curious explorer, who loves to search the narrowest corners of the apartment and discovering the hidden treasures in it. Or at least until one redhead interrupts his adventures. That's right, how come a mountain tiger like the Oreo is not allowed to listen to his primal call? So, why he is not allowed to reach the top of the curtains or silently lurk and attack his prey? Yet, soon enough, this kitten would see where his curiosity can lead him. It was a late night when both — Kyo and Iori were already asleep. However, even a peaceful moment has been disturbed. Now, the sound of the rustling papers along something keeps felling down from another room. Surely, such annoying noises awaken the redhead, who silently groans and frowns while slowly opening his eyes. As Yagami rolls on his other side, he quietly whines in an irritated tone ‘‘What a hell you’re doing, Kyo? It’s the middle of the night. Just go to sleep.’’. However, he could feel that his partner rolls in the bed and how the brunette throws his arm over Iori without answering. It appears that Kyo was still deeply asleep. Perhaps, it was just a dream, or so, thought Yagami by closing his eyes. Just as he was about to return to fell asleep again- Suddenly, the sound of brushing the guitar’s strings awakens Iori. That it! It was the last drop of the redhead’s patience. Whoever dares to disturb his slumber will pay for it! After Yagami climbs over Kyo to reach the night-lamp, he turns the light on. Once the warm orange light fills the room, Kusanagi closes his eyes even tighter and indignantly lets out a long groan. It was followed by him trying to bury his face into the pillow and covering himself under the blanket. Of course, he isn't happy that someone interrupts his peaceful slumber and wants to smack whoever dares to wake him up. Yet, he decided that it could wait until the morning. At the moment, the urge to sink into a deep slumber was stronger. Now, the redhead, who wore a gray tank top and red with gray striped pajama pants, rolls his eyes and facepalms while shaking his head. After Iori deeply exhales, he grabs the blanket with his two hands and instantly removes it from his partner, who wore a white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. It appears that the sudden feeling of coldness isn't pleasant to the brunette, and now, he tried to reach the blanket. Unfortunately, after grasping thin air, Kyo slowly opens his eyes and sits up. As he rubs the nape, the brunette turns his sleepy head to face Yagami while complaining, ‘‘What do you want? Can it wait until the morning?’’. Now, the redhead replies in a serious tone ‘‘Someone else is wandering in the house, and I don’t like it.’’. However, the Kusanagi’s heir only snorts and cracks a smug smile ‘‘Are you sure that you haven’t just dreamed about it? ‘Cos I can’t hear anything… Don’t tell me that a grown-up man is still believing in kiddies’ stories and is afraid of ghosts~ Haha, Yagami is such a scaredy-cat! What if a one is behind you? Oooh, poor little Iorin gonna be eaten by a big spooky ghost~’’. Despite the younger man’s teasing, Iori keeps his irritated face on and asks ‘‘You’re done yet? Then, move your oh-so-brave ass. After checking each room, go and report me everything, captain brave.’’. Certainly, Kyo naturally surprises by such a reply and backfires ‘‘Huh? Why me? If you need to, go and check by yourself!’’. However, as Yagami quickly looks at the small open gap near the bedroom door, he changes the subject, ‘‘Did you left the door open?’’. It was followed by the confused gaze of the brunette and him replying in a casual tone ‘‘Yeah, as usual. Is there something wrong with that?’’. Meanwhile, Iori rests his chin on his thumb, he stares at the door and now asks his partner ‘‘Where is Oreo?’’. At first, Kyo gave him a questioning look, and soon, he carelessly answered ‘‘Perhaps, he is snooping around or fell asleep somewhere. So, if you are worried about that, then go to sleep. I can bet that he’ll wake you up when he is hungry.’’. Now, the brunette snatches the blanket from Yagami and wraps himself. After curling into a ball, he closes his eyes ‘‘Good night!~ Ah, and don’t forget to turn off the lights.’’. Yet, Yagami didn’t want to give up so easily, and he’ll make sure that his word would be the last one ‘‘We need to find him and make sure that he is fine.’’. However, Kusanagi, who prefers the warm embrace of the blanket, objects in a half-asleep voice ‘‘Yeah, go and do that. Just try not to make a sound, okay?’’. ‘‘Then, you left me no other choice, Kyo.’’ replies Iori in a serious tone as he places his hands under the brunette, who is wrapped into a cocoon, and about to lift him into his arms. It appears that all the Kusanagi’s heir’s sleepiness instantly disappears, and now his eyes were wide-open. Now, the brunette replies in an indignant voice ‘‘I get it! I’ll help you if you want it so badly. So, let me down, you idiot!’’. As soon as Iori puts him down on the bed, Kyo lazily removes the blanket and gets up. Unfortunately, as he places his foot on the ground, he lets out a short whine ‘‘Ouch… What a hell is this?…’’. After the brunette looks down, he noticed one of Oreo’s toy mice. It was followed by the redhead’s voice ‘‘Watch your steps. Oreo might leave one of his toys lying around.’’. As Kyo sits on the bedside and rubs his hurt foot, he gives a not-so-satisfied look to Yagami ‘‘You don’t say, huh? Gee, thanks for the advice. If someone was kind enough and told me earlier about that…’’. ‘‘If you have time to complain, save it for finding Oreo. Let’s go already.’’. No matter how much the brunette wanted to launch that toy at Yagami, but he decided to play along with his partner’s wish. After all, the sooner they’ll find a sleeping kitten, the sooner Kyo can go back to sleep. Once they were in the corridor, Iori turns the light on and starts to call the tuxedo kitten’s name. Fortunately, a crying meowing and scratching, mixed with guitar string noises from the study room, respond to the redhead’s call. Now, Yagami continues in a concerned voice, ‘‘Oreo, where are you?… Oreo!’’. Once again, a loud meowing asking for help from another room, responds to him. He feared that something terrible happened to such a little fellow, and regretted not acting sooner. However, without any second thought, the redhead rushes to the study room. Meanwhile, Kyo remains chill and just follows him. After Yagami storms in and nearly trips over the thin air, Kyo calmly walks in and turns on the light. However, the first thing, which they noticed was a big mess in the room left like after a tornado. All the papers and books scattered on the floor, the small bookshelf pushed away, the laptop balancing on the table’s edge and half plugged out. Even Iori’s guitars were lying on the floor. Now, the scratching noises and desperate meowing filled the room. This pair immediately kneels and looks over the floor. Meanwhile, Iori was searching around the study table, Kyo picks the acoustic guitar into his hands and notices something unusual — it felt a bit heavier, and something was moving inside it. Now, the brunette got nearly startled by the meowing of a certain kitten. After looking inside, the Kusanagi’s heir notices a small and frightened Oreo inside it. It was followed by Kyo commenting in an unsure tone ‘‘Oi… how did you get there?’’. Once he lifts his head and turns towards the redhead, the brunette addresses his partner ‘‘Hey, I found Oreo! Help me to take him out of there.’’. Now, Iori instantly rushes towards Kyo, and as soon as he was kneeling behind the brunette, he asks in a worried voice ‘‘Where is he?!’’. Yet, his partner only points with his chin at the acoustic guitar. Surely, poor Oreo’s terrified big eyes and his lowered ears, along with as crouching while holding his black tail close to his body, nearly torn the redhead’s heart. The only thing he could do is call the tuxedo kitten in a silent and pitiful voice. However, soon enough, Iori desperately demands Kyo ‘‘Give it to me! You… go and get the pliers! Now!’’. Without any second doubt, Kusanagi nods and carefully passes the guitar into Yagami’s hands. After standing up, and walking to the door, Kyo softens his gaze, ‘‘I’ll be back soon. Just wait for me.’’. Lastly, the redhead was alone. It didn’t take long enough, and the brunette return to the study room. To his surprise, Iori calmed down, and he was comforting Oreo. Now, Kyo just exhales and gently taps the redhead’s shoulder with the pair of pliers, ‘‘Here you go.’’. It was followed by Yagami raising his hand and taking the pliers without looking at the brunette. At moments like this, Iori takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He knew he had to do this because the little furry fellow’s life was more precious and important than anything else in this world. After opening his eyes, Yagami brings the pliers closely to the first string of the guitar. Finally, the metal claws were about to cut the strings. One sudden cut — now, Oreo was one step closer to being safe. String after the string and the poor kitten’s was set free. After placing the pliers and guitar on the floor, Iori scratches the pants’ material with one of his fingers while calmly calling the cat in tuxedo ‘‘Oreo, you can come out. It’s safe now. No one will harm you’’. Surely, it took a while until Oreo carefully lifts his head and observes his surroundings with his big golden eyes. However, as he notices how Yagami was patiently waiting for him, Oreo just stares at him. It was followed by the redhead continuing to encourage the kitten ‘‘Oreo, it’s okay. You can do it.’’. It appears that it was enough for Oreo to place his white paws on the guitar. As he lets out a loud trill, Oreo jumps and escapes from his prison while, with his black tail lifted, he rushes towards Iori. Lastly, the kitten in a tuxedo rubs his cheeks against one of Yagami’s legs. As the redhead placed his hand above the Oreo, the kitten stands on the tips of his paws. After receiving a head-pat, Oreo blissfully closes his eyes and enjoys how Iori strokes his tiny back. As Oreo was rubbing his cheek against the redhead's thighs, this human pampers him in the affection. Eventually, the kitten starts to purr and knead his front claws into Yagami's leg. At first, Oreo stared at Iori with his golden eyes, like asking for permission from his adored human. However, once the redhead carefully moves his leg that it would be more convenient, Oreo climbs on top of Iori's lap. In the end, the kitten in a tuxedo curls into a ball and rests. Meanwhile, his tiny “motor engine” is still turned on. Certainly, seeing how this little ball of fluff was safe and happy, was one of the best things, which were precious for Iori. Meanwhile, one certain brunette just silently observes this scene by covering his mouth with his hand, and without realizing starting to blush. It seems that seeing his partner gently smiling, relieved Kyo and glad that finally, everything was fine now. Yet, the only thing, which he was regretting — not having a camera near him and record this tender moment. However, the Kusanagi heir just walks closely to the redhead and squats. As he pats Iori’s shoulder, the brunette speaks up in a nearly purring tone ‘‘C’mon, you gonna catch a cold and get sore legs, if you’ll sit like this. So, take Oreo with you, and let’s go back to bed.’’. Lastly, as Yagami carefully picks Oreo into his arms and stands up, the kitten lets out the trilling noise. Yet, Oreo doesn’t seem to mind being lifted, and he just wanted to rest close to his precious human while enjoying being bathed in Iori’s attention. ❤❤❤❤❤ First of all, I want to thank Miau for such a wonderful comic strip of Vampire's Kiss (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ It looks cute and I love it! So, Thank You again and again, 'cos if I could, I would print this out and stick it on my fridge (‘∀’●)♡ And as author, things like this is like an honor to receive ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤ Now ,for a while I gonna take a break and just work on OC content, 'cos I missed helluva a lot working on my gals story, and then on Curse of Darkness fic and get a huuuge hammer-smash into the Feels x'D (I don't wanna do it, but I had to... so, I already feel bad for what about to happen to these two precious devil forge-masters ╥﹏╥ ) So, as always - see you next time!~
  15. Title: Cappriccio of the Scarlet Moon Status: Complete Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: [Bonus chapter of Vampire's Kiss] Vampire Kyo decides to look for a better bite. Fortunately, tonight, he encountered one redhead, who might entertain him... It was another serene night, accompanied by the full moon and dancing stars in the sky. The platinum moonlight enlightens the pavement of one city’s streets. And thus, this where begins the story of one arrogant vampire named Kyo. Tonight, this nocturnal creature seeks new prey. So, after putting on a black leather jacket and stretching out, the brunette sets out to the hunt while wondering who’ll be put under his sweet spell before it becomes a fine meal. Meanwhile, the vampire was carefree wandering in the streets with keeping his hands inside his blue jeans’ pockets. Yet, all of a sudden, he stops and widens his golden eyes. That sweet and blissful scent of Amaretto was so good. More so, Kyo could tell — the owner of that alluring scented blood is not far from here. It was followed by the satisfied smile of the brunette, who whispers in a nearly singing voice ‘‘I found you~ I wonder, who is this person…’’. After slowly closing his eyes, the nocturnal creature follows the scent of the blood while humming his favorite melody. About half an hour of tracking down his new prey has passed. His sense of smell led him towards one abandoned chapel. Once the Kusanagi’s heir hides behind the nearest tree, he carefully sticks his head to see who was the owner of the pleasing smell of blood. To Kyo’s surprise, it's not a nun or any other sacred person, who according to the rumors, had the blood, which flavor drives mad or, possibly, makes any creature of the night drunk from ecstasy. However, this person was one of those flashy wannabe vampire hunters, who only strive for fame, glory, and money. Fortunately, they aren’t strong or fearful. So, even without his hypnotizing voice, this vampire can handle these arrogant hunters without even trying. More important, the hunter doesn’t carry any weapon with him. Just who does he think is he? So, this fool deserves to be punished just for his ignorance and underestimating his opponent, or so, though Kyo while he continued to observe his prey. It was the redhead hunter, who wore a long dark red leather coat with a white crescent moon on the back, same color pants, and black color biker gloves. ‘‘You should be more aware of your surroundings or else you might get hurt, human.’’, this vampire whispered in a sweet yet menacing tone while observing how the vampire hunter enters the chapel. After closing his eyes and swooshing his hair, the vampire opens his now determined glowing crimson eyes and without having any fear, follows his target. Even his sharp vampire fangs appear. When the redhead reached the altar, he sensed the presence of the nocturnal creature, yet he remains chill and now turns around to face him ‘‘I know that you are here. How long are you going to hide? Show yourself! ’’. After the brunette enters inside, he chuckles ‘‘So, you can sense my presence? Not bad, not bad at all~ I’ll give you a credit for that, human.’’. However, just when the hunter was about to pick his weapon into his left hand, it doesn't listen to him. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to use it. As Kyo walks closer to the hunter, he continues his sweetly menacing speech “What is it? You're not gonna attack me? Wooow~ You sure are kind, hunter.”. Step by step, the vampire approaches his prey. Unfortunately, when redhead tried to use his right arm, the same result — it doesn't respond to him. Lastly, the vampire hunter's legs gave upon him, and he fells on his knees while his upper body rests against the altar's wall. And thus, the fearful vampire hunter once known as Iori Yagami was now at the mercy of this nocturnal creature. That's right, each cell of his body was under the vampire's twisted spell, yet his mind remains sharp and clear. Perhaps, the brunette left him sentient inside the trap, which now becomes his body, only to entertain himself by this human suffering. Now Kyo bends down and leans closely to Yagami. After the brunette corners his prey by placing his hand on the altar's wall, Kusanagi stares with his crimson eyes directly into Iori's. Surely, it was such an amusing sight for the vampire, who comments “Eh?~ So, you are still aware of what is happening? That's too bad… Oh, well, since you are still conscious, it means that you don't mind if I have a better bite, do you? Please relax, 'cos it would only hurt for a second.”. After the nocturnal creature delightfully licks his lips, he adds in a joyful tone “Thank you for the meal!~”. Just before sinking his fangs into the hunter’s neck, Kyo frowns — something wasn’t right. After moving away from Iori, the brunette complains ‘‘Oh, come on, why do you have to be like this? You’re too stiff and now, I can tell that your blood is already ruined… It won’t taste good since you’re afraid, you stupid human.’’. Once the nocturnal creature stands up, he arrogantly warns ‘‘Consider yourself lucky, hunter. I changed my mind. So, maybe I’ll get you next time when you’re more relaxed.’’. With those words, the vampire turns around and bids a farewell to the fallen redhead. However, Yagami won’t allow that this brunette would walk away after such a humiliating defeat. Even being under the paralyzing spell means nothing to him when Iori’s hunter pride was hurt so badly. Fortunately, it appears that he regained control over his body. So, without any second thought, the redhead picks a few knives from the bag attached to his left side of the belt and aims at Kyo. Now, he launches these blades at his target. Yet, the vampire’s reflexes were faster. He gracefully maneuvers the knives' attack. Hell, the nocturnal creature, even catches one of the blades between his fingers and now tosses it on the ground. After turning to face the hunter, the brunette glares with such anger ‘‘Oi, you know that these aren’t toys? What if you hurt someone with these? I guess I have to teach you a lesson, hunter.’’. However, the redhead hunter keeps his battle stance and stubborn gaze. Now, Yagami cracks his trustworthy whip — Vampire Killer. It was followed by Kyo cracking a smug smile on his face ‘‘What a persistent fellow are you.’’. After spreading his palm, sharp as razor-blade nails appears ‘‘Here I go!’’. Lastly, the vampire launches at the hunter. As Iori unleashes the heavy whip slash, the brunette slides on his feet and blocks the attack by his elbow. One thing was when the whip wraps around his arm. However, the other thing was when Kusanagi starts to feel the burning pain sent to his arm as the hunter pulls the whip closer to him. Shit… In this case, Kyo has to act quickly. Otherwise, the redhead will rip off his arm. That’s why, the brunette closes his eyes, and after opening them, he concentrates all his strength on a risky move. The nocturnal creature tries to ignore the burning pain and brings his wrapped arm close to him. It was followed by immediately grabbing the whip by his other hand and, lastly, by pulling the hunter’s weapon towards him. Surely, such a move left Iori dumbfounded and nearly lost his balance. Yet, the vampire now slashes the Vampire Killer with no mercy. However, it was accompanied by the sounds of tearing flesh. Now, as the cut whip drops on the ground, Yagami falls on his knees without being unable to move. No, he wasn’t under the brunette’s sweet spell. But for now, he patiently waits until Kyo gets close to him. Unfortunately, even the nocturnal creature has paid his price while his face twists in pain and hissing ‘‘Fuuuck… the fuck is with… that whip?…’’. That’s right, as the inner side of his left palm was burned down to crispy jet-black ashes, the other hand's fingers’ flesh was torn until the bloody bones were visible. It was painful hell. However, the flesh of his hands regenerates in the matters of the seconds. Nevertheless, the noble creature of the night continues to approach his prey, who was fallen on his knees and is dumbfounded staring. Of course, this vampire took this gesture as the hunter admitting his defeat. So, perhaps, this human would agree to give his blood, right? If so, maybe he won’t leave with being empty-handed. After Kyo carelessly walks close to Iori, he kneels in front of the redhead. Once he gently places his hands on the Yagami’s shoulders, the nocturnal creature notices that the hunter does not resist or doesn't mind what Kusanagi's heir is doing to him. Even Kyo’s eyes returned to their former amber color, and he calmly asks ‘‘Are you okay, hunter? You know, this time I don't hold back, and I’ll suck your blood. So, are you really fine with that?… Don’t worry, I’ll just take a small sip, and you won’t even notice the difference.’’. Yet, instead of answering this nocturnal creature, Iori remains silent. Right now, it was the time. All of a sudden, the redhead hunter places his hands on the brunette’s chest and pushes the vampire to the ground. After being on top of Kyo, Yagami grabs the vampire’s throat with one hand, while with the other one pins his wrists. Now the redhead speaks up in a cold and strict tone ‘‘You shouldn’t leave me alive, vampire. Do you have any last words before I’ll perish you to hell?’’. He knew that he might risk his life, but Iori removes his hand from the nocturnal creature’s throat. As soon as Kyo regains his breath, he replies in a gentle voice ‘‘One sip is enough for me. So, let me drink from you, and then you can do whatever you want with me. I-I promise I won’t attack you if you listen to me.’’. Of course, such an answer made the redhead face-palm and add in an irritated tone ‘‘You should have done that when you could, you stupid vampire… So, why are you asking now?’’. It seems that this vampire wasn’t the wisest, nor the smartest creature, which he has encountered so far, but it doesn’t look like lying. So, Yagami releases the brunette’s wrist. While Kyo was leaning on his elbows, he hears another hunter’s question ‘‘Your name, vampire?’’. Surely, the Kusanagi heir gave a questioning look for the redhead, who adds in a slightly nervous tone ‘‘I want to know how to call you when we meet next time.’’. The brunette shakes his head and stares with such confusion at Iori ‘‘Just… What do you want from me, human?’’. It was followed by the instant reply ‘‘It’s not ‘human’ to you anymore, you fool. From this day, you should remember the name of the vampire hunter, who’ll defeat you next time. It’s Iori Yagami to you, you stupid vampire.’’. After the brunette gives a not-so-satisfied look, he starts to command this human ‘‘At least get off from me first. More importantly, why are you so eager to get your ass kicked, Yagami? If so, it’s Kyo to you. Now make sure that your clothes around your neck won’t bother me.’’. When the redhead leaves the vampire’s side, he backfires ‘‘Don’t act so cocky. Be grateful for being able to drink from the wrist.’’. Yet, as the brunette thrust his chest towards the hunter, he replies ‘‘That’s a fun way to spell ‘neck’, Yagami. So, let me drink from neck, ‘cos it would be more comfortable for both of us. Plus, you cannot be picky — I spared you this time.’’. ‘‘Elbow. That is the last offer. So, take it or leave it, Kyo.’’. It was followed by Kyo deeply exhaling and face-palming ‘‘So, you’re into the pain, aren’t you? Why the hell you’re so protective about your neck? Don’t tell me that you’re afraid that someone will see bite-marks? Sheesh, when I’m done, I’ll clean up. Then it should completely heal in a couple of hours…’’. Surely, just that mental image alone nearly made Iori throw another set of knives at this vampire, yet, the redhead replies in an embarrassed voice ‘‘First, you push your luck, and now this in sacred place… Have some shame, you stupid perverted vampire!’’. Yet, this time, the brunette indignantly backfires ‘‘Oi, I have no idea what you’re thinking, but… keep your whatever thought to yourself, Yagami! All I ask for is a better bite and make sure that it would be as less stressful for you as possible. Besides, if you allow me to suck from you, then you have more reasons to challenge me next time and get lost… again!’’. After Yagami closes his eyes and sighs. When he opens his eyes, the redhead walks towards the altar. Now Iori opens his crimson coat and removes it from his shoulders. Once the redhead reveals the black vest and white shirt under it, he replies to the vampire who was staring at him ‘‘The heck you’re doing? Hurry up before I changed my mind.’’. Of course, Kyo was not sure whenever it was another trap, yet after observing how Iori reveals one of his bare shoulders, it was enough to convince him. After Yagami sits down and rests his back against the altar’s wall, the nocturnal creature approaches him, and once he sits on his knees, Kusanagi closely to him and in a shy and unsure tone asks ‘‘You sure about this?’’. However, all of a sudden, Iori’s hand pressed Kyo’s face against his neck, and it was followed by the redhead’s impatient demand ‘‘Just do what you need, you stupid vampire! Unless you want me to finish you off right here, right now…’’. When the hunter removed his hand from the vampire’s head, this nocturnal creature lifts his head and rest his one hand at still clothed Yagami’s right shoulder, while he placed the other hand on the redhead’s left upper arm. Now, as the brunette opens his mouth, the sharp vampire fangs show up. Lastly, he sinks them into Iori’s pale neck. Now, the new sensation, like being pierced by two needles, made the redhead gasp and struggle for a brief moment. However, he could feel how the nocturnal creature’s hands were holding him tight yet, carefully at the same time. Therefore, as he started to feel how the blood was slowly sucked out of him, Iori stopped resisting and now just deep breaths through his nose. Yet, to distract himself from being slowly drained and the ticklish sensation on his neck when the brunette breaths against it or brushes his hair, Yagami began to stare at one of the paintings of stained glass. Surely, the bright moonlight from the outside, beautifully enchanted the ornaments of holy figures and symbols, while tonight, the redhead has become the sacrifice for the blood-thirsty creature. Right now, even without realizing it, the redhead hunter places his spread palm on the brunette’s back and digs his nails into it to relieve himself. Meanwhile, while along Iori’s bloating chest against his body, Kyo could also feel the heartbeat of this human. That’s right, along with that rhythmic and calming movement, the vampire felt euphoric from finally being able to taste the mellow scented blood. He could allow himself to give up to his primal senses and melt in that blissful feeling. On the other hand, another side of the brunette reminded him about the made promise to the hunter. Therefore, he saddens just from the thought that the pulsing heat against his body may stop. More importantly, the redhead’s life was very fragile, which can be taken away so easily by the perfect killing machine like him. At this moment, the brunette even lets out the silent whim between drinking from Iori’s neck. Kyo knew that he had to stop for now, even if his body begged for more of that dark crimson liquid. When he slowly withdraws his face from the redhead’s neck, the vampire observes two-bite spots and the bloody droplets rolling down the neck. He doesn't care if Yagami may try to shake him off, but Kyo starts to lick his left wounds on the hunter’s exhausted body. Of course, the sensation of how, surprisingly, warm brunette’s tongue works on the Iori's neck, now alerts Iori, who speaks up through groaning ‘‘The hell… you’re doing?… Enough already.’’. The vampire traces his hand from the hunter's shoulder towards the right side of the neck. Now, he continued carefully clean the wounds. Lastly, as Kusanagi’s heir with-draws his face, he gives a calm yet, blissful look. Now he replies nearly in a purring tone ‘‘Can you stand up on your own? Anyway, it should heal completely in a few hours. You know, I had to do it, ‘cos the other monsters may sense your blood-scent and attract unwanted attention.’’. However, Iori only closes his eyes and turns his head away. Now he replies in a shyer tone ‘‘I can do it by myself. So, move.’’. Yet, the redhead hunter’s attempt ended up with failure. Meanwhile, Yagami was trying to fix up his clothes, Kyo patiently waits until he dressed up. Now, Iori adds in a slightly irritated voice when the brunette stretches his hand towards him ‘‘What do you want?’’. Of course, he really wanted to tease the redhead when he gave such a stubborn look, yet instead of that, the vampire replies in a lively voice ‘‘Come on, no one is around. So, it’s okay! Let me help you just this one time, you big idiot.’’. It seems that after seeing an energetic nocturnal creature’s face, the hunter decides to make an exception this time only. Now, while he tried to hide his slightly embarrassed face, Iori takes Kyo’s offered hand, and both of them stand up. However, all of a sudden, Yagami nearly collapsed. Fortunately, the brunette’s reflexes were faster. Meanwhile, one arm wraps around the redhead’s torso, when the other hand, he has thrown Iori’s arm over his shoulders. After rolling his eyes, Kyo comments ‘‘Maybe I over-did this time… Oh well, it can’t be helped, then. Yagami, you can be mad at me as much as you want, but I’ll take you to one local inn, where you would rest. So, I'll wait, when you recover. Unless you gave up, ‘cos you know that you have no chance against me, Mister Vampire Hunter~’’. Surely, if he wasn't weakened, the redhead hunter would use his remaining knives on the vampire. For now, he plays along with Kyo’s rules while murmuring ‘‘You better be prepared until our next encounter, Kyo. Because then I’ll show no mercy when you fell under my foot.’’. Lastly, the nocturnal creature chuckles while carrying the hunter ‘‘Sure thing… Sure thing, Yagami~’’.
  16. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Summary: As the autumn arrives, one redhead starts to fell under the melancholic mood. Surely, Kyo couldn't just sit and watch it. So, he decides to cheer up Iori in the best way he knows. Read and find out. [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net 2021/07/05] Alright, and it seems that this time a rare and wild tooth-rotting KyoxIori fluff appears xDDD So, like some tags suggests, this story was heavily inspired by the Tweet below. Inspiration for this story: https://twitter.com/contextkittens/status/1409613872722501632 Don't @me , 'cos you know that I had to do it to 'em... Plus, I picked the current kitten in this story based on one from Kyo being turned into a cat like in SNK vs Capcom Chaos. More so, this kitten's attitude was inspired by the Gabriel the cat (aka はちわれさん Hachiware-san “Divided Head”) from Neko Atsume https://www.pinterest.com/pin/133067363968774111/ So, one thing for sure, this new little resident would enrich Yagami's life ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Anyway, As always, Enjoy! It was once again a melancholic time of the year. That’s right, recently autumn seem to be more heavily affecting one certain redhead. However, there was something more than never-ending rain or falling colorful tree leaves, which puts Iori under the drowsy and wistful mood. Even the Kusanagi heir’s shenanigans eventually didn’t affect the redhead and left him indifferent. Of course, at first, Kyo didn’t notice his partner’s mood-change, and he thought that Yagami might don’t want to be bothered. However, this kind of behavior continued for more than a month. More so, it started to concern the brunette, even if Iori stubbornly denies about these notes of Kusanagi. So, who knows whenever the redhead got into some sort of trouble or involved into something serious, yet Kyo decided not to wait until it’s too late. But for now, it was already a late evening and after leaving the bathroom, one certain brunette decided to call it a day. However, the first thing, which he noticed was that Yagami was missing. Just what in the world he is doing in the middle of the night? Or so, thought Kyo as he irritatingly stared into the still neatly made bed. As he rolls his eyes, the brunette murmurs ‘‘That idiot…’’ and with these words, he leaves the bedroom. After reaching the living room, he saw the familiar looking redhead sitting on the couch and concentrating his longing gaze at his phone while carefully holding a small gray collar. It seems that he also still in the same clothes, which he wore during the day — white long shirt and red pants. Even when the brunette called his name, Iori didn’t react at all. However, only when Kyo approached him closely joins him on the couch, Yagami immediately hides the phone behind him, yet Kusanagi’s reflexes were faster, and he took the collar from this man’s hand. Surely, such a gesture left Iori dumbfounded. It was followed by him frowning and silently growling at this brunette. Despite his partner’s agitated reaction, Kyo only softens his gaze and tries to sound as calm as he could ‘‘What is going on, Yagami? You’ve been like this recently and I don’t like it. At least, if you’re mad at me for some reason, let me know what I did wrong. And what’s the deal with that collar? When you started to carry it around you, you’ve become like this.’’. However, Iori only turns his head away from the Kusanagi heir, and when he was about to get up, Kyo grabs his hand ‘‘Wait!-’’. Nevertheless, Yagami stands up and shakes that hand away ‘‘Let go! It has nothing to do with you!’’. Now without looking back, the redhead rushes to the bedroom and leaving the brunette alone. Surely, this brunette just shakes his head and face-palms while murmuring something. But once he lifts his head, he noticed that Iori forgot to take his phone. Kyo knew that checking his partner’s phone wouldn’t end well, but he tried to convince himself that it is the only way to have a clue what is happening to Yagami. More important, that small collar really looks so awfully familiar. After he nervously swallows saliva, Kyo takes Iori’s phone and before pressing any button, he says to himself ‘‘You don’t want to talk with me? Fine by me! But at least be careful when you’re nervous, you stupid idiot…’’. Fortunately, the redhead didn’t put too complex lock-screen password, so, after a couple of attempts, the Kusanagi heir managed to unlock his partner’s phone by using the snake-pattern. Surely, just from seeing where Iori have left, caught Kyo’s guard-off and made him cover his mouth with his palm ‘‘What the-…’’. Apparently, there were hundreds of cat photos on Yagami’s phone. However, it didn’t take too long to realize that it was the same cat, which the redhead found on the street and then temporally adopted it. That's right, this cream-colored and having a chocolate stripped back, kitten instantly become Yagami's favorite. So, these couple months, spent with a very gentle and needy cat, were the best time for the redhead. Hell, even Kyo was jealous of this kitten, who was getting all the attention and love. But no matter how much he was attached to this little creature and adored it, unfortunately, that painful day when he bids a farewell to the kitten named Cream, had to come. In the end, Cream's true owner shown up after seeing an ad. From the first glance, Iori gave the kitten away without making a dramatic scene, however, once he closed the door, the redhead’s mood was dropping rapidly. Back to presence~ The brunette keeps staring at these photos and sighs. As he opens one by one photo, he tells to himself ‘‘You were the one who putted that ad, you idiot… Shouldn’t you be glad that this cat now happily lives in her home together with loving owner?’’. Just before locking the screen, Kyo doubts for the second. After all, he was curious what else Yagami has saved in his gallery. On the other hand, the brunette knew that he will definitely get into the trouble, if he sticks his nose where he shouldn’t, and he may lose the redhead’s trust. Yet, Kusanagi heir tries to convince himself that this time his one and only motive was to find out what worries his partner. So, it was decided — the brunette will scroll down for a bit longer, even if that might cost him more than long-time spending alone on the couch. A couple of minutes has passed~ No matter how many times, he swipes the screen — there were many various cat pictures. So, from the ones, he met in places such as parks, streets, to the couple ones, which also have been ‘adopted’. More important, it’s one of the shots where they're getting petted, peacefully asleep, playing and so on — there was no end to it! It seems that the brunette only sighs and speaks up in silent, yet irritated tone ‘‘You cat obsessed nerd… Do you have anything else?’’. However, suddenly Kyo nearly dropped the phone after seeing, among the photos of the felines, his one as well. Surely, his first thought was when did that redhead managed to take a shot of him being asleep and with edited whiskers and drawn cat ears. Of course, the Kusanagi covers his mouth with his palm and lowers his gaze. Meanwhile, he started to feel the heat on his cheeks, Kyo murmurs ‘‘You stupid bastard… I’ll make sure that you would get a personal treatment for stalking.’’. After such a discovery, he just scrolls up until he reached the similar set of photos, which were left before unlocking the screen. Besides, it was much wiser to return Yagami his phone. So, without further ado, the brunette stands up and now goes to the bedroom. Once he opens the door, the brunette notices that Iori was already sleeping on the side. It was followed by the redhead lifting a head and turning towards Kyo. As the Iori’s eyes were following the approaching Kusanagi, the brunette cracks a smile ‘‘Did I wake you up? Anyway, you forgot this.’’. After putting the phone on the night-drawer, he walks towards the closet and while searching inside, adds ‘‘You don’t need to stare at me like that. I’ll just grab a pillow and the blanket, and I’ll leave, alright?’’. Yet, Yagami briefly replies ‘‘Do as you want. Either way, I don’t care. Just make up your mind before you’ll hear how the couch calling you.’’. Surely, after hearing such a reply, the brunette closes the closet’s door and makes a smug face. Now he looks back to face his partner while speaking up in playful, yet at same time nearly in singing voice ‘‘Sure sure~ So, leave some space for me too.’’. It was the beginning of the new day and one certain brunette was already dress up in better clothes — tight blue jeans, white t-shirt and black leather jacket. However, when he hoped to quietly escape through the entrance door, Kyo was startled by Iori’s voice ‘‘Where are you going? It’s still an early morning.’’. Fortunately, Kusanagi manages to keep a chill face and once he turns around, he replies in a reckless tone ‘‘I just need to sort out some business, and then I’ll come back. However, promise me that you’ll wait for me.’’. As Yagami holds his arms, he suspiciously rises his one eye-brow, ‘‘What are you up to this time?’’. Despite feeling cornered, Kyo still tries to remain cool ‘‘It’s a secret. So, I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for someone. That’s why, I cannot tell you, no matter what. Yet, trust me, everything gonna be fine, and I’ll return in a few hours. So, see ya~’’. With these words, the brunette quickly leaves through the door, while Iori just face-palms ‘‘How come you are such a trouble-maker?…’’ After an hour, Kyo arrived at the destination place. Apparently, it was one of the animal shelters. Once the brunette enters through the door, he was greeted by one of the volunteers ‘‘Welcome! Are you looking for something?’’. Without thinking too much, the Kusanagi heir casually answers to the middle-aged woman ‘‘Hi! I’m looking for a new friend, which would like to live together with us.’’. It was followed by this woman’s question ‘‘Then, what kind of pet are you looking for? We have a lot of dogs, cats, and rabbits.’’. After Kyo places the hand behind his neck and rubs it ‘‘Er, do you have a cat or a kitten, which could help to cheer up even the grumpiest person?’’. However, the volunteer politely answers ‘‘I think we have a few cats, which you may like. So, this way.’’ and then shows the Kusanagi heir where was the cat ward. It took less than a couple of minutes to reach it. Even after opening the door, Kyo’s first thought was that this place is the closest thing, which would be like a heaven for Iori. That’s right, in this enormous room there were dozens of various cats. Most of them were in their cages, but a few of them also were either wandering around, either playing with one and another, either resting on the large scratching towers. Surely, just from the countless meowing sounds and being surrounded by such an amount of felines, Yagami would pass out from the happiness. Even so, there were a couple of cats, which rubbed their faces against this brunette’s leg. But there were also some felines, which just after carefully sniffing around this impostor, proudly lifts their heads and tails, and simply walks away. Nevertheless, as Kyo was looking around, eventually he stopped by one of the cages in the middle shelf. Apparently, there was a black and white fur kitten, which got his attention. That’s right, this little fellow’s fur pattern looked like a cat, which had a ‘‘fringe’’ split in half, but still covering its eyes. Then its fur reminded a noble golden-eyed gentleman wearing a dapper costume with white gloves and matching color pants. More so, the black fur part, including the tail, resembled the tail coat of this feline. At the moment, the feline was lying on the stomach while covering its paws. However, that smug and lively gaze, along with the tail impatiently hitting the ground, drawn brunette closer. So, after bending and leaning closer to the cage, Kyo addresses this cat in smaller, yet friendly voice ‘‘ ‘Sup, little buddy. How are ya doing?’’. Now Kusanagi sticks one of his finger inside the cage and starts to wiggle it, while adding ‘‘Come on, don’t be shy~’’. It seems that this kitten now was on its four and kneels while lifting its tail and shaking its bottom. Yet, it was too late when the brunette realized that he provoked the nature’s perfect killing machine’s instincts. Suddenly, this black and white feline rushes at Kyo and now aims at that sticking finger. As the brunette gasps, he instantly with-draws his bleeding finger. That little kitten surely has sharp claws, or so, thought Kusanagi, who takes out the paper tissue from his jeans’ pocket and wraps it around his wounded finger. On the other hand, the little fellow only meows because its new toy was taken away. Meanwhile, both were staring at each other, Kyo thought that this kitten would be perfect for Yagami, or at least would keep him busy from sinking into gloomier mood. Besides, there was also a special aura around this feline in dapper suit, which the brunette cannot put a finger around it. Lastly, the Kusanagi heir declares to the kitten while keeping a determined look ‘‘That’s it! Whenever you like or not, but you’re going home with me. So, I even entrust you the most important mission of all - to cheer up your new owner. I bet you would get along with him in no time.’’. And thus, after filling all the needed documentation, Kyo have left the animal shelter with a new kitten, who seem to be struggling and trying to escape for the first couple minutes. However, this little fellow eventually starts to calm down while being hidden under the brunette’s jacket. It took a while to reach Yagami’s apartment. Despite the cat in a dapper suit trying to jump out through the Kyo’s jacket, he somehow made it. However, there was another issue — how to sneak inside without him or the kitten being noticed. So, before unlocking the door, the Kusanagi heir unzips his jacket and the kitten lifts its head to look around. Yet, that little fellow seem to ignore the brunette’s warning ‘‘Don’t ruin our cover, got it? ’’. Meanwhile, it tried to escape, Kyo caught the kitten on time while putting back inside his jacket ‘‘Woah, stay still. I don’t wanna get caught, you know.’’. After taking a deep breath, the Kusanagi heir opens the door while still slightly being concern about the redhead’s reaction and hoping that he won’t ask to return this cat. However, it seems that there was no sign of Iori. So, once the brunette reached the living room, he started to call his partner’s name ‘‘Oi, Yagami! Are you here? Can you come over here? There is something that I need to show you! I… I’m not sure what is this thing!’’ and it was followed by the louder brief meowing. Surely, it made the brunette alerted and once he heard the sound of footsteps, Kyo knew that he had to remain as calm as possible. Soon enough the irritated redhead shows up and when he notices that the brunette was carefully covering his stomach and chest, Iori rises one of his eye-brows while suspiciously staring at the Kusanagi ‘‘What is wrong with you? Did something happen?’’. Kyo just gave a shyer look and addresses him slightly shaky voice ‘‘Why don't you sit down on the couch… and then you’ll see.’’. Surely, Yagami didn't have even the slightest idea what brunette might be up to. Nevertheless, he decided to play along by Kusanagi heir's ser rules. After the redhead comfortably sits back and crosses legs, he rests one of his arm on top of the couch. Now his impatient gaze was fixated on the approaching brunette, who was unusually nervous and shy. Once Kyo kneels in front of Iori, his eyes were directly staring into the redhead’s. However, all of a sudden, a black and white cat jumped out the brunette’s jacket with a thrilling and meowing noises. Fortunately, the brunette’s reaction was faster, and he caught the little fellow. Yet, the Kusanagi heir holds the kitten in his both hands and stretches his arms towards his partner. Lastly, Kyo announces in still slightly embarrassed, yet determined tone ‘‘ Will… Will you adopt this kitten with me?’’. Meanwhile, Yagami only widens his eyes and now as he covers his mouth with his hand, the redhead lowers his head while trying to hide his blushing face. Surely, it was an unexpected confession, which left Iori speechless and feeling like in a dream. However, it seems that only the brunette’s concerned voice returned him back to the reality ‘‘Oi, what is it with you, Yagami? You're okay?’’. So, after lifting his head, the redhead replies ‘‘ First, put him down…’’. Of course, without a second thought, Kyo carefully places the small resident on the floor and lets him walk freely in his new home. Meanwhile, Iori joins Kusanagi on the floor and while he stretches his hand towards the kitten, this little fellow carefully approaches Yagami’s hand and rubs his little body against it. Surely, the redhead nearly had died from the happiness that he was acknowledged by this kitten in a dapper suit. However, just to make sure that he won’t get heart-broken again, he wanted to know the truth. That’s why, Iori asks Kyo ‘‘Where did you find him? If he is a stray-cat or just got lost, then…-’’. Yet, the brunette comforts him ‘‘You know, he got all the documents. So, why don’t you see it by yourself.’’. Meanwhile, the new kitten was looking around, yet without wandering too much from Yagami’s side. When Kyo begins to search for something inside his jacket’s pockets until he picks up the folded papers and then passing them to Iori. As the redhead unfold the papers and reads them, Kusanagi adds ‘‘So, like you see, you are also one of his rightful owners. All he need is the name. Do you have any suggestions?’’. While Yagami was gently stroking kitten’s back, he replies in calm tone ‘‘He needs a suitable name for the noble and majestic feline such as Zarathustra.’’. Of course, Kyo gives not the smartest look while trying not break his tongue by saying this name ‘‘Zara… Zarash… What does Shalaputra even means?’’. It was followed by Iori heavily face-palming and without hiding the annoyance in his voice ‘‘It’s not a Shalaputra, you dumb idiot… It’s Zarathustra. How can you not pronounce such a simple word? Urgh… For the love of the-…’’. Yet, the brunette back-fires ‘‘Fiiine! I get it, okay? Not everyone uses names like that every day. So, chill out. How about a simpler name like, I don’t know, maybe like Oreo. You know, something short and simple, ‘cos calling all that long name would take ages. Besides, look at him — he is also black and white like those cookies.’’. In the meantime, this pair of idiots were arguing, the kitten got already bored, so, he decides to doze off leaning against the redhead's leg. Surely, Iori only softens his gaze towards such a little creature, which even started to purr as he gently strokes this feline. In the end, Yagami addresses Kyo ‘‘Can you quickly run to the shop and get food for small kittens, but not for adult cats because it would be too hard for him to chew it? Then, milk for cats, which you should easily find. Don’t forget to also get litter because there aren’t much left since Cream left. And of course, cat snacks and a couple of toys, which you think would be a good welcome gift.’’. After the Kusanagi heir stands up he counter-attacks ‘‘And why you can’t?’’. The redhead briefly replies while keeping a straight face ‘‘Can’t you see that Oreo is asleep? So, I don’t want to disturb his rest after such an exhausting journey. Besides, if I’m not mistaken, according to the papers, you are also his owner. So, you thought that after he starts to live here, I would be the only one taking care of him? That’s why, take your part of responsibility as well, Kyo.’’. However, instead of arguing with his partner, the brunette only rolls his eyes and gives one more gaze for peacefully sleeping Oreo ‘Don’t you think that you won, bub. I’ll prove you that Yagami prefers me over a cat~’. Lastly, he takes his leave. It was a late evening. Certainly, today was rather exciting, but at the same time also exhausting day. So, even Iori was glad that Oreo decided to fell asleep on the end of the bed. More so, on his side. Of course, it was also a relief for Kyo because the redhead seem to be in the better mood. However, the Kusanagi heir couldn’t rest in peace before he learns why Yagami is so obsessed with felines. That’s why while the redhead was still awake, the brunette asks him ‘‘Hey, Yagami, you’re awake?’’. After sitting up, Iori replies ‘‘What is it?’’. When Kusanagi leans closely to the redhead, he asks ‘‘You do seem to like cats a lot. So, what’s so great about them?’’. It was followed by Iori giving a smug look ‘‘What is it with these questions? Are you getting jealous?’’. Of course, the brunette objects ‘‘Who? Me? 'Cos I don't. Well… not really. I was just curious, that’s all.’’. Yagami already could see through Kyo’s failed attempt at lying, so, he decided to tease his partner as a punishment. Now he tries to move closer to Kyo without waking up Oreo ‘‘It’s not that complicated why cats are perfect and flawless. However, in your case, you're just missing a few important details. I’ll show it to you, Kyo~’’. Surely, the brunette only widens his eyes and feels how the heat rushes to his cheeks ‘‘You… you stupid perverted cat otaku. I knew that you may try something funny while having a dirty mind…’’. Yet, Iori back-fires while having a cool face ‘‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. So, let me continue the test how much you are a cat, unless you changed your mind…’’. After narrowing his gaze, Yagami places his hands on the brunette’s cheeks and covers his ears. While he started to stroke Kyo’s hair, the redhead points out his observations one by one ‘‘You don’t seem to have a cute pair of triangle ears on top of your head.’’. Once his hands slides on Kusanagi’s cheeks, Iori continues ‘‘You’re also missing the whiskers.’’. Despite the brunette’s irritated, yet at the same time shyer look, Yagami slides his one hand under Kyo’s chin and starting gently scratching it. Meanwhile, the other hand was placed above Kusanagi’s bottom and starting to rub it. Surely, it was followed by this brunette letting quiet purring like sounds, and of course, another comment from the redhead ‘‘It seems that you can purr, but you don’t have a tail.’’. After removing his hands, Iori observes how his partner gives him a frustrated look, yet the redhead takes one of Kyo’s hand’s and gives his final verdict ‘‘But you also seem to be missing soft paws. Of course, we can argue about fangs or claws. However, aside to purring, you can meow really nicely when you want. So, in overall, that’s not bad.’’. Just when Kyo was about to open his mouth, he was pushed on bed and then being wrapped in his partner’s arms. It seems that before falling asleep, Iori whispered something in barely hearable voice as well. However, instead of resisting, the brunette decided to let Yagami have his way. Besides, it was also wiser not to awake their cat, who may start to ask for the attention or to play in the middle of the night. Yet, the very little they knew that Oreo won't let rest so peacefully once he opens his golden eyes and starts to explore his new territory.
  17. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+ (PWP, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Suggestive themes, Teasing, Mutual Masturbation) Summary: One of Kyo's weaknesses is such a simple thing as summer heat-waves. So, what happens the heat-wave strikes this brunette's head? Read and find out. [Originally posted on AO3 and FF.net on 2021/06/26] It was another summer day in one certain redhead’s apartment. More important, it was one of these days when Kyo’s and Iori’s day-offs were matching. So, where else would this brunette chill out, if it wasn’t for his favorite spot? Of course, relaxing at this redhead’s place was the best choice, without even saying. However, the Kusanagi heir's one of the wort weaknesses are low tolerance for alcohol, and, unfortunately, the heat. That's why the very little Yagami knows how this calm afternoon wouldn’t be so chill and calm as this pair expected. For now, this couple was chilling out in the living room. Or at least trying to survive the unbearable summer heat. Meanwhile, Iori was sitting on the floor and leaning his back against the couch, Kyo seem to struggling by lying on the ground with his arms and legs being stretched. Surely, it was simply too much for the brunette, who was deeply breathing and staring into the ceiling. Even the air conditioner couldn’t save him — his tank top and shorts were already sticking to his body. However, when the Kusanagi turns his head towards Yagami’s side, he gives a frustrated and slightly jealous look. Apparently, Iori was resting his arm on the couch while he was enjoying himself by having an ice cream. After lazily sitting up, Kyo starts to demand in a sweeter tone ‘‘Hey, Yagami, give me some too, ‘cos I’m dying here~ And have you forgotten that sharing is caring. So, spare me a one.’’. Yet, the redhead quickly turns his uninterested gaze to this brunette and ignores his request. Of course, this gesture annoys the Kusanagi, however, he didn’t want to lose to Iori so easily ‘‘Come ooon!~ You gonna leave me to over-heat like that? Look, I’m all hot!’’. Once Yagami removes the ice cream popsicle out of his mouth, he closes his eyes and answers in indifferent tone, ‘‘You already ate yours, and it was the last one. So, go to the store, if you want it so badly. ’’. One thing for sure, this brunette wasn't satisfied by this reply, but he just silently stares at the redhead. Just observing the way how he greedily swallows the popsicle and then again and again with-draws his face from it, didn’t allow to remove the Kusanagi heir’s gaze from his partner. More so, he widens his eyes and swallows the saliva as he continues to watch how this man even carefully licks the melting ice cream from his wrist. Lastly, returning to the sucking movement, which were now accompanied by the licking moves. Why does he have to eat in such a suggestive way? Or so, thought Kyo while he continues to stare and feeling a rising heat on his cheeks. More important, Iori’s tight dark color tank top only worsens the situation down inside the brunette’s shorts. That’s right, the droplets on the redhead’s chest were rolling down under this piece of clothing. Meanwhile, Yagami pulls his tank top by his other hands either forwards, either on sides. Perhaps, it was his own way to fight against the heat, this redhead didn’t realize that he was provoking the brunette. And thus, the Kusanagi’s thirsting gaze was being drawn closer to Yagami’s pectoral muscles, which looked so soft as they were pressed together. That’s why the Kyo decides to show Iori his place. After crawling in front of Yagami, this brunette places his hands on the couch and corners the redhead with such a delightful smile. Of course, the redhead only lifts his eyes to face the pesky fellow in front of him ‘‘What do you want now? I nearly finished it. So, go away.’’. However, instead of leaving him alone, the brunette spreads Iori’s legs by using his knee and starts to complain ‘‘I ain’t going anywhere, Yagami. Not until you take the responsibility, you idiot.’’. After pushing his knee deeper until it gently nudges the redhead’s crotch, Kyo gives him a shy, yet demanding look. Even his voice slightly trembles, ‘‘Hey, Yagami. I’m hard. Do something about it~’’. Just when Kusanagi placed his palm on Iori’s cheek and about to gently stroke it, Yagami shakes his head ‘‘The heck, you’re doing? Get-off!’’. However, Kyo was too stubborn and after giving a suggestive look, he insists in playful tone ‘‘Come on~ just a quick one, alright?~ Besides, who’s fault that I become like this?’’. Now he takes Yagami’s hand and places it on the bulge inside Kusanagi’s shorts and while making his hand rub against this area, this brunette continues his seductive talk ‘‘See? It’s only because of you provoking me~’’. Yet, Iori didn’t want to give up to Kyo, so, he counter-attacks by tighter grabbing Kusanagi’s weeping arousal while his eyes sparkling with a little flame. As this brunette silently whimpers, he uses a more daring voice ‘‘You horny little bastard… You’re really finished this time, Kyo. And won’t cry or whine later on that I didn’t warn you.’’. After the redhead removes the same hand, which teased his partner, Kusanagi heir sits on Iori’s lap. When this brunette takes a deeper breath, he grabs Yagami’s tank top and instantly pulls it up. Without even bothering to hide his excitement, Kyo couldn’t remove his eyes from the redhead’s bloating chest and abs. Hell, without realizing, he places his palm on this man’s pectoral muscles and slides his hand down to the belly. After the brunette licks his lips and swallows saliva, he comments ‘‘Now we’re talking about~ But you sure that it’s really, fine? ‘Cos, you always complain that-’’. However, he was interrupted by Iori pressing his lips against this lousy Kusanagi. Apparently, Yagami’s tongue trying to get inside Kyo’s mouth, made this brunette widen his eyes. Yet, he opens his mouth and allows the redhead to mess with him. More so, it was a rougher and violent kiss. Nevertheless, Kyo enjoyed how this man explored every part inside him and how they tongues were tangling. Perhaps, even more than usual because Iori didn’t hold-back, and just does as he pleases, however, it doesn’t mean that this brunette would give up so easily and be under the Yagami’s control. Now Kusanagi tries to catch a breath between each silent moan. After a while, Iori holds Kyo’s chin and now pulls his head away. It seems that this brunette could barely catch his breath and just stares with fire up gaze. It was followed by Yagami teasing him in aroused tone ‘‘What’s wrong? Is this all you could do?’’, yet as this brunette removes his tank top, he back-fires in nearly purring voice ‘‘Shut up… Hey, you gonna just sit here, you lazy-ass?’’. Of course, the redhead was more than amused by such a reaction of his partner, who was still dazing and having his cheeks dyed in a lovely tone of red. Meanwhile, he observes Kyo, Iori imitates the same movement and tosses the tank top on the ground. Lastly, the Kusanagi heir gives a playful smile as he slips his hand inside Yagami’s underwear and seductively whispers into his ear ‘‘I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to walk for a while~’’. Now he leans closely to Iori, who wraps his arm around this brunette's waist and with his hand massages Kyo's bottom. Despite that, the brunette pulls out redhead's already half hard dick, he starts to service this man with hand movements. Then, this Kusanagi was letting out the purring sounds and staring at his partner with amorous gaze. One thing for sure, it was rather amusing to see this man starting to blush and let out silent groans. At some point, this brunette loved this kind of Iori the most because even a fearsome man like him could show an adorable side. That’s right, a side, which only this Kusanagi heir could see and enjoy. But for now, he also wished that the redhead would do something in return. While he was stroking Yagami's hard-on, Kyo closes his eyes and pulls this redhead into another deep and passionate kiss. Perhaps, that would help to remind that perverted idiot about this brunette's aching to be relieved, or so, he hoped. Yet, Kusanagi heir’s impatient look and attempt to dominate this redhead, really amused this man. It was followed by Iori's chuckle, who wanted to tease his partner for a bit longer until this brunette would begin to beg and whine. However, instead of that, he decided to reward Kyo for him enduring so far and not losing himself again. Besides, the redhead felt that soon he would reach his limit, so, it can't be helped then… Yagami takes out Kyo's throbbing hard dick and starts roughly to stroke it. Certainly, it made this brunette let out a loud sweet moan “Nyaah!~ Io…Ioriiin!~ Ngh…”. Like heck, the Kusanagi heir wanted for the redhead to see his lewd faces, which he made! So, he rests his head on Iori's shoulder and clings into him with his other arm. Now their grasp was tighter and the hand movement becomes faster. This brunette's mind were blank, and he didn't care any longer about what kind of expressions he made or sounded — all he cared is making sure that his rival would come faster than him. However, soon enough both were at their limit, and now as Kyo let's out the longer moan and arches his head, these two finally climaxed. It was followed by the brunette falling on top of his partner. As Kusanagi heir was catching his breath, he just stares blissfully into nowhere. Yet, feeling how deeply Yagami's chest was rhythmically lifting against this brunette's body, was more than enough to be glad. Nevertheless, even a peaceful moment like this was interrupted by the redhead starting to ruffle Kyo’s hair and speaking up ‘‘Already giving up?’’. This brunette only lifts his head and now gives a suggestive look ‘‘What is it? Wanna go for a second round?’’. Yet, Yagami back-fires ‘‘What are you talking about? I thought that it was an intro, you fool. Or was it all you can do? And so much from your big talk~’’. Now as his partner looks so smug, Kyo replies in nearly singing voice ‘‘Eh?~ You know, I was trying to be as gentle as I could because someone is too sensitive for the heat. Plus, you may have passed out, if I didn’t hold-back, you idiot~’’. It seems that instead of listening how the Kusanagi heir teases him any longer, Iori decided to use actions instead of words. So, the redhead squeezes one of Kyo’s buttocks. Surely, it was followed by this brunette letting out the cute mewling noise and now listening to Yagami’s new challenge ‘‘First, take a shower and wait for me in the bedroom without wearing anything, got it? So, prepare yourself because we have all day and night long~’’. It was enough to make this brunette to feel how the blood rushes to his cheeks, and now he replies in indignant, yet at same time shyer tone ‘‘You… You horny devil! Just wait until I put you into your place!’’. Lastly, Iori only booty-slaps Kyo, and delightfully replies ‘‘Then, less talk and more work.’’. And thus, after this brunette stands up and fixes his underwear and shorts, he straightforwardly rushes to the shower, while Yagami remains chill and follows his partner. Perhaps, sometimes summer heat can’t be that bad, after all, or so, thought this redhead as he was already imagining what kind of expressions Kyo would make.
  18. A/N: Awwright!~ It seems that this very special day in the year has finally arrived it ! ^^ However, this year instead of romantic trip or procedure decided to add something based on our folklore. Yup, all this time I was worried whenever I gonna kicked out, blocked or silently executed by making something like this(Boi, it's better to prepare for the worst case scenario just in case. So...) Anyway, long story short, since the old days when our ancestors were pagans, we worship Sun Goddess Saule and the other gods and goddess. And of course, Saule and her sacred pet Zaltys (aka the grass-snake or also called serpent) were unseparable in our faith. As the Sun was known for being a fire heart and associated with motherly love and warmth, serpents were kept as pets, who protected the household's in which they lived fortune and well-being. It was forbidden to harm or kill these beautiful, wise and clever creatures, because you would get a bad fortune and die (Just what kind of heart-cold beast you need to be to hate them?!). There were even sayings that if you help or listen to a grass-snake, you will be rewarded for your honesty and hard-work, however, deceive Saule's sacred pet or harm it, and you will be greeted with a terrible fate... More important, even out Sun crests always pictured with serpents. Yup, on each sunbeam there was a crawling grass-snake. Because both - Sun and grass-snakes are associated with vitality, fertility and well-being of the family. A-anyway, since last year's 12.12 project, which Miau have made, I noticed the similarities about our local folklore as well. So, I've decided to make a deeper research. And thus, this is a result. I hope that you would enjoy it! Inspired by Late Autumn Sun [English] by miauneko. It was a silent night accompanied by a platinum moonlight, which shines upon the window of one certain redhead's apartment. Apparently, tonight was also the full moon, which was brighter and bigger than usual. However, on this restless and cold night, Yagami was alone and only the pale light of the moon surrounds him, which gives a false feeling of the warmth. Even so, this redhead, didn't bother to look back at the source of this serene light, and while he half sitting in bed, keeps his head hung. Once he brushed away his hair from his face and tilts his head, Yagami exhales and closes his eyes. He tried to keep his head empty from any thoughts and eventually falls asleep. Nevertheless, tonight was the night when that cursed blood calls him again. However, it wasn't the first time, nor it will be the last one. So, the sense of being imprisoned in his body sharpens much more and, of course, it was thanks for the damned blood running in his veins. Certainly, it wasn't something that Yagami have voluntarily picked. Yet, one cannot pick neither under which family name they want to bear. Neither what kind of cross they should carry for the rest of their life until their last breath, just because of foolish and reckless ancestors' behavior by making a pact with a legendary snake god. So, it was nothing more than all the descents destined to suffer, mostly because of parents' making a mistake at the wrong time. However, all of a sudden, Iori felt an unbearable headache. Unfortunately, all he could do is cover his forehead with his palm and deeply breath. A Second later, he was already out of this world and being surrounded by never-ending darkness. There was no sound, no nothing, only the endless void and silence. However, soon enough countless pitch-black strings began to wrap around Yagami's feet, hands, and now it continued to move up, slowly dragging him into the depths of darkness. It felt like a hundred of snakes with their tiny and rough scales were crawling up his body. Eventually, this redhead's arms and the lower part of his body being swallowed by the shadow. Of course, if he could, he would resist and break through from this illusion, unfortunately, he was like paralyzed by a mysterious force, or one might say, more like being under someone's wicked spell. Apparently, in this world he even lost the gift of the speech. Nevertheless, Iori just stared into the void. Now the void opens its eyes and looks back at him. An enormous pair of bright red eyes were shining bright as the fury of hell, looking down on the brought sacrifice. After briefly lasted piercing gaze, these pupils have narrowed as the reptile's and now this creature shuts its eyes down. However, all of a sudden, eight purple flames appears one by one in the symmetric order way above this redhead in a not that far distance. Of course, it was followed by the crawling up eight heads of the legendary serpent god, which places its heads in front of each flame and stands tall. The fire burns more brightly as each head of this creature opens its scarlet reptile's eyes. Now the eight-headed snake like the eight merciless and unforgiving judges, silently stares at Yagami. Nevertheless, this familiar intimidation and coldness, which failed to scare this redhead, who just stares back with a stubborn gaze. So, it was this serpent's tails wrapping around his body, or so, this redhead realized, yet it didn't surprise him at all, nor he cared about it. Now, a real mastermind behind this scene finally made his appearance and standing in the center. Iori only indifferently closes his eyes and deeply exhales. Soon he opens his eyes again and fixating his gaze at this unwanted fellow. Apparently, it was a fluffy silver-head, looking in his twenties and having such a well-build body nearly as perfect as it belonged to an ancient majestic god, who was only wearing a white pants and black gauntlets. More so, there was even a tattoo of the orochi clan's crest on his chest. Now, his hair rustling a little while he was levitating in a couple of feet in the air. That's right, it was none other than the legendary god himself - Orochi. Finally, this divine being speaks up in calm and sublime voice while his face remains peaceful ''It's been a while, Yagami…''. The fluffy silver-head silently observes this redhead and after a minute of pause, he continues “What do you mean 'why am I not dead and gone for my own good'? You maybe sealed me for such a petite time being by the help of the Kusanagi and Yatakani, but I'm still here as you see.”. When Orochi places his hand on Iori's neck, he adds “As long as the blood runs down your veins, I shall exist. However, even when you let your final gasp, I will continue to live and wait until humanity's heart will blacken and the seal will be weakened. When that day will come, I'll clean and recover Gaia from such a pathetic and corrupted parasites like you. You foolish humans only keep destroying and hurting Gaia and all other living creatures just to satisfy your greed without even knowing when to stop. So, who is really a destructive and fearsome monster, which need to be sealed?…”. Once he brushes this redhead's chest with his fingertips, this divine creature closes his eyes and smiles. After this silver-head slowly opens his eyes, he continues ''Even when these fools managed to seal me a thousand and eight hundred years ago, however, only after that event each of the clans has shown their true face. So, the greedy and selfish Kusanagis got all the glory and fame while leaving your clan in their shadow and being forgotten. Surely, it got you, whiny Yasakanis, being left so bitter and upset. That's right, such a disgusting envy of yours would even lead to nothing more than a blindly and childish fury…''. Orochi only deeply chuckles and now places his arms behind his own back while keeping his other hand on his chin. Now he adds in a slightly mocking tone ''Who knew that the same Yasakani, who sealed me, would be begging on your knees and ready to sacrifice anything without a second thought. More important, it was just to lend you even a grain of my power to get your petite revenge.''. Now these gray eyes sparks of this divine being and narrows as a reptile's while directly staring at Iori ''At first, I wanted to decline and kill that Yasakani for disturbing me. On the other hand, it would be more amusing to see the turn of the events. So, I granted your wish, but apparently, that fool looked shocked when his flame changed into a purple one while I was asking only one thing in return — to change your family's name to Yagami and kill all the Kusanagis. However, that idiot child didn't want to agree to do such a simple task. So, he simply left the temple as a coward. Only after a couple of days this good for nothing Yasakani had into a fight with that damned Kusanagi. But no matter how that fool wanted to avoid it in the first place, in the end, he stained his hands with the innocent blood. You know, it was rather exciting to observe how later this pathetic little show turned next. I had to admit, but I've had a good laugh once in a while. Once that idiot realized what have he done and seeing how that Kusanagi will never open his eyes again, that Yasakani was howling in despair and couldn't stop weeping over that dead body.''. Orochi was smiling and telling all this like it was a mere fun story ''What a childish and reckless behavior, wouldn't you agree? That only proves that you humans can be blinded so easily by a jealousy and act on impulse without considering the consequences of your behavior… So, after that fool killed his precious Kusanagi, Yasakani have returned to his senses. To think of, the rest of Kusanagis weren't so happy not that much about that you killed one of Three Sacred Treasures, but rather about your made pact with me. That's why, when the rest of your clan saw how that reckless Yasakani, who just silently accepted his tragic fate and was ready to repent for his crime, was mercilessly executed by these Kusanagis. It only sparkled for yours and Kusanagi clan never-ending putrid hatred of each other. Even if I did not intend this, but, seeing such a dramatic twist was one of the most amusing things, which managed to entertain me.''. However, this fluffy silver-head closed his eyes and remains silent for a minute after opening his eyes, this divine being continues in unsure tone ''Hmm… Nevertheless, that Kusanagi managed to surprise me. That's right, the day when your ancestor have been executed, the sun have completely disappeared and didn't show for about a week, leaving only everlasting night without a stars and moon. More so, those, who captured and tortured to death that Yasakani got a mysterious incurable disease, which slowly and painfully killed them. You can say whenever it was a mere coincidence or not, it's up to you. However, even if I was sealed away, I could feel the familiar and purifying blazing heat around me, which choked me… There was no mistake even if that foolish Kusanagi was dead, but his arrogant spirit wanted to punish me as well. Hell, there were even amber droplets found the very next morning inside the shrine. Perhaps those were that idiot’s left tears… ''. All of a sudden, the eight purple flames began to burn more bright and fiery. Now each of the eight snakes' eyes glows in bright cold red and piercing hatred. They open their mouth and reveals bare sharp fangs while hissing at this redhead as declaring their judgement 'Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!'. Orochi frowns and as he silently grows, his sharp serpent fangs appears, he starts to crush Iori's throat by his one hand. Of course, this redhead barely could catch the air and now each breath was painful. However, he refused to show any sign of fear or being under this divine being's will. Surely, that only infuriates the god of serpents, who indignantly comments ''How dare anyone to defy me!? Even if I planned to get rid-off of anyone, who stands in my way, yet that one Kusanagi and Yasakani doing that so, even when they were dead! I don't get it. How?!''. As Orochi roughly breaths, he slowly starts to calm down his wrath, and after he closes his eyes, the eight purple flames were calmly burning as well. This divine being removes his crushing hand from Yagami's throat. Now he calmly explains with a sensible malice in his voice ''However, as time goes on, it appears that both clans were ready to shred one and another into bloody pieces. Even you as the last heir of Yagami, you finally seem to show a great potential at succeeding to accomplish your given task to kill the youngest of Kusanagi heir at first. However, even you have utterly failed it. Perhaps I had too high expectations of you as well.''. As this divine creature smirks, he stretches his arm at Iori, which was followed by a black circle appearing in the middle of this redhead's chest and the same color painted collar around his neck. While Orochi asks, slowly the seal of orochi clan finally appears on Yagami's chest ''I only ask you one thing. You don't seem to show a desire to kill him as you claim before any match. Even when you had so many given opportunities and even being under my control, you disobey me. Why? I wonder… What kind of relationship you really share with that heir of Kusanagi, whom you call 'Kyo' then?''. This fluffy silver-head delightfully smiles as he closes his eyes and remains silent for a while. After this divine being sighs, he opens his eyes “… Ah, so, this is how it is. You are telling me that it is none of my business again. I should stay away from interfacing between you and that Kusanagi, isn't it? I can read your mind as an open book. You won't be able to hide anything from me no matter how hard you try~ Even when I just mentioned his name, you look so lively and your eyes sparkles with excitement. Are you certain that you just want to settle a score with him? ''. Orochi only chuckles "You're ending up treating that Kusanagi heir the same way as that damned Yasakani did. You do realize it, don't you? However, I won't let you escape from my grasp so easily. After all, your fate already been sealed when your clan gave away their flame in exchange for mine and changed their family's name. So, I'll shorten your pathetic life-spam as much as I need until you're dead, if you continue crawling to this so-called 'Kyo's ' side, who might be able to undo my curse.''. This silver-head's face become serious as he continues ''Stop giving me that mad look. Despite being restrained, you are too stubborn. What do you mean that no one is allowed to touch 'your Kyo' aside you? You dare to threat Me, mortal?'' . When Orochi sadistically smiles, he keeps his stretched arm while his body starts to glow ''I won't allow this!''. Just before the shadow surrounding this redhead continues dragging him into never-ending darkness, the voice of the legendary serpent god echoes ''I'll kill that Kusanagi by your own hands! And then you're next!''. However, just before being completely swallowed by the darkness, an orange like sun flame shines bright behind Iori and another familiar voice speaks up. Certainly, even if this redhead didn't understand any of the words, but he instantly recognized the owner of it. There was no mistake, it was Kyo's voice, which was now getting more clear and insists for Yagami to wake up and fight-back Orochi's will in concerned tone. Soon enough this redhead could feel how this Kusanagi's arms wraps around him and tries to pull out Iori from the grasp of the legendary snake god. More important, he could feel the warmness, which was so calming that this redhead didn't resist and leaves the rest in the Kyo's hands. Nevertheless, this serene moment did not last long and now Yagami harshly returns to reality… That's right, it was a matter of the seconds when this redhead felt like something was building up inside him. Something like a foreign body, which was lurking all his life, however, unsuccessfully being rejected and like a parasite, slowly and painfully shortening Yagami's life-spam. One could say, this curse was like cancerous cells, which you cannot remove completely and its remains inside, slowly regenerating. Lastly, corrupting and destroying not only the host's body, but also trying to destroy his mind and spirit. Even now this redhead's body was fighting against this curse. All of a sudden, Iori widely open his eyes and after sitting up, cover his mouth with a palm. However, the blood was gushing out through the close gaps of this redhead's fingers. It was followed by involuntary and unstoppable strongly coughing. Surely, even the inner walls of Iori's throat were burning in pain and felt like being torn apart by a bit after a bit. More so, these bursting singly tears were nothing more than a mere reflex, making even such a fearsome man feel more miserable. Each cough was more painful than a previous one, and it felt like this redhead could choke down by his blood. Hell, even his vision was starting to get into a pulsing red, and his heartbeat was echoing inside his head. There were simply no end to this intense suffering and madness. Perhaps, this time for real Iori could die for real. More important, he could perfectly feel how the strengths were leaving him as well. Now, his body was too weak and exhausted to resist any longer. And thus, Yagami collapsed on his side without being able to stop shivering. He could perfectly sense how his body temperature was rapidly dropping down, however, he was unable to move even a single muscle. More important that heavy scent of metal didn't help either. All he could do is to feel how the same bloody palm lowers and reveals his face painted in dark crimson red. Plus, the blood on his face becomes lukewarm. While he is feverishly breathing, all he could see with his blank eyes were that dark crimson red surrounding him — from his body to bloodstained bed-sheet. It appears that it was all over, or at least for now. But for now, this redhead started to crave for the warmth despite feeling so sleepy. Of course, he tried so badly to move, yet the same result — not even a single muscle moved, and he remains on the same position. At the moment like this, one could say that he was like any reptile, who was about to die, if his body temperature would drop any lower. However, even if his instincts drive him to survive at any cost, but he was still picky about choosing what can or cannot warm him up. No, it wasn't the warmth of being able to wrap around in the blanket nor letting anyone to touch him. That's right, there was that kind of warmth, which this redhead could accept it and was only from one person, who was the radiator of it. However, without realizing, his shaking lips started to call out for one certain brunette's name, even if it was a weak whisper. Nevertheless, even at the darkest night, there was a ray of the light, who can vanish any darkness… In this case, it was followed by the sound of Kyo opening the bathroom's door. That's right, this Kusanagi, who just wore a white t-shirt and a pair of underwear, was so chill and relaxed after a long shower that didn't pay any attention to his surroundings when he casually closes the bathroom's door. The only concern for him was only crashing into the bed without waking up his partner. Even if Yagami may wake up and complaint by this brunette's self-claimed stealthy sneaking up under the blanket, Kyo could as always just wrap his arms around this redhead and gently pat his back until he fell asleep, or so, without worrying too much he thought. However, when he faces the bed's side and opens his eyes, all of a sudden, Kyo froze in the same spot and just could nearly soundlessly speak up ''What the…''. Fortunately, it was a matter of the second when this brunette returned to his senses and just shakes his head ''Yagami, no…'', now he rushes to Iori's side. After sitting next to this redhead on the bed, Kyo tries to wake up Iori by grabbing him by his shoulders and shaking him ''Oi…wake up! Just… Whatever you do, don't fell asleep! HEY!… Shit, this is bad…''. Needless to say that Yagami's skin was too cold, yet this brunette could still sense how this redhead was trying so badly to move or how he was quietly groaning. So, at least even a weak response was more than assuring for this Kusanagi, who brushes away the hair from Iori's face and now gently slaps his cheek ''Please, stay awake! You can't be asleep now, you idiot! Can you hear me? Say something!''. Surely, this brunette was way too loud for no good reason, or so though Yagami, who weakly frowns and now tries to gather all his strength to push himself with his elbow to sit up and to silence this Kusanagi. Of course, seeing such an effort was good enough for Kyo. After closing his eyes, this brunette sighs and now helps this redhead to sit up. Kyo softens his gaze and just silently stares at Iori, who later broke this pause in unsure tone ''The heck you're staring like there is something wrong? Don't tell me that you're mad about ruined bed-sheet. Like I've done this on purpose…''. However, it seems that when this Kusanagi rises his flat palm and about to give a good slap to this ignorant fool's face, he holds back and lowers it. Instead of such a harsh gesture, Kyo gives a serious look and replies in strict but at same time concerned tone ''And you think that I would worry about some piece of material?…'' after face-palming for a few seconds, this brunette continues ''It's not that important! That thing does not feel anything or even being a living creature. If it got dirty, you can simply wash it. If it is old or worn out — you can replace it any time. It is as simple as that. However, it's hard to watch you when something like this happens.'' This brunette leans closer to Iori and gently places his palm on this redhead's cheek ''I know, you don't want anyone to pity you, and I'm not planning to do it so. Besides, it's not my style, so, chill out. ‘You ain't a bed-ridden invalid or ill, who needs someone to cry over’, and with such a character as yours, you'll never be like that. I swear, even the viruses afraid to mess with you. Hell, I've seen you, like you love to claim 'being through worse and being able to handle it just perfectly fine'. '' Once he removed his palm from this redhead's face, this brunette continued in a bit more lively tone '' Even I had to admit, it amazes me, but at the same time, I want to smack your reckless head so hard, you careless idiot. But you're forgetting one thing — you're not alone, and I am here. So, at least let me help you to carry your cross.''. Surely, these words made Yagami widen his eyes and while lowering his gaze, turns his head from this brunette. However, Kyo only chuckles at such a reaction, at least this redhead slowly returning to normal ''What is it with you? Did I tell something wrong? Anyway, we need you to get warm and clean, 'cos I don't wanna wake up in the morning and be startled because of someone looking like after a slaughter scene. So, give me a sec~''. Yet Iori was not sure what to expect next from this brunette, who left the bedside and went to switch the lights on. It seems that after that he went straight to check for something inside the closet. Couple minutes have passed and this Kusanagi picked a thicker bathrobe. Once he returned to the bedside and sat next to Yagami, he wraps it around this redhead's shoulders and makes sure that he was covered. For some reason that this Kusanagi was way in too high-spirit by doing such a simple thing, or so wondered Iori while letting this brunette do what he wants. However, now Kyo comments ''Here we are. At least this should keep you warm for a while. Can you walk by yourself or do you want me to help you a bit?''. Just when this redhead about to say anything, he felt how this Kusanagi placed his one arm under Iori's back and other one below his bottom, and how this brunette about to lift him. Nevertheless, Iori slightly frowns and even give a shyer look ''What do you think you're doing?'' after he pushed Kyo away, he tried to stand up ''I can do it by myself!''. However, it seems that his legs were too weak and now Iori fells on his knees. Fortunately, Kyo's reaction was fast enough, and now he was next to Iori. After bending down this brunette just sighs and places his arms around this redhead and helps him to stand up while comforting “It's okay, you just rushed a bit. So, take your time until you're ready.”. Even when both were standing up, Yagami decides to lean close to Kyo until they'll reach the bathroom. For some reason, such a gesture from this redhead, strangely comforted and assured this Kusanagi. It didn't take long enough to reach the bathroom. Right now, this brunette switched the bathroom's lights on. However, this time, it was Yagami, who speaks up first "I will manage from there. So, you can go now." while this redhead removes the bathrobe, Kyo smirks "You sure? Or don't tell me someone is embarrassed? Up to this point, you don't have anything that would surprise or shock me now, you know~". Even so, this brunette keeps his smug face when Iori was close to the bath and takes the shower head from above. Kyo just waited without realizing the ulterior motives of his partner, who points the shower head at this brunette while the other hand was on the water switch. All of a sudden, a strong stream of water splashes at this Kusanagi heir, who just instinctively lets a sudden long meowing like noise and covers most of the water by his elbow. Nevertheless, it seems that it was just a warning shot and Yagami turns the water down while observing how Kyo shakes off the water and replies "Fiine~ I get it! I'll le~ave. Sheesh, just try to be a nice person and this is what you get that…". However, even if this brunette was approaching the door, but Iori's hand in which one was the shower head, was tracing him as a pointed gun. Just when Kyo about to shut down the door, he sticks his head out through the door, and of course, shows his tongue while adding “Don't you think that you'll get away so easily~… Anyway, I'll check you in a bit.”. Finally, this redhead was alone. While murmuring something and about to turn the water on, Iori removes his underwear and sits in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Kyo was leaning behind the door for a good few minutes while listening and making sure that there would be no more accidents tonight. Apparently, this Kusanagi's worries were for no reason. So, he decided to have more faith in his partner and not to disturb him. Besides, while this redhead was taking his time, this brunette decided to look up for the clean set of bed-sheets. Perhaps this time he would be more lucky and changes the sheets without accidentally tearing it, tripping over and lastly, without unleashing the avalanche of not so friendly comments about whoever made the poor bed-sheet. And thus, the struggling and merciless battle of this Kusanagi heir against the bed-sheet has begun. However, even if it felt like this fight lasted for ages, but eventually this brunette did it. More important, without anyone's help this time. So, the only thing left to do is throwing the bloody sheets to the wash. Probably, by the time he should return, Iori would be peacefully sleeping. However, once Kyo have returned, he noticed that the bedroom was still empty. So, it seems that Iori was still in the bathroom. It can't be helped that it this brunette had to check whenever Yagami was fine. More important, he didn't even bother to knock into the door and straightforward entered. However, all his concern was for nothing because it seems that this idiot was now chilling out in the tub. At least he seemed relaxed and calm while staring at getting closer to him Kusanagi and greeted him “You sure took your time. I even nearly fell asleep.”. Kyo just sits on his knees and places his elbows on the bathtub. After resting his head on elbows, this brunette observed this redhead while teasing in half-asleep tone “I can see that clearly. You got yourself so comfy, maybe I should have left you there, 'cos someone can be so perfectly fine on their own, you know~”. However, Yagami did not want to give up to this Kusanagi. So, he changes the topic and back-fires in the same tone ''There is some kind of spot on your face.''. But it seems that this brunette only gave a questioning look while he was carefully brushing his face with his palm ''Huh? Where? Or is it gone now?''. Certainly, it was already too late when Kyo realized that he fell right into this redhead's traps when his another wrist was grabbed by Iori ''Why don't you come closer? Then I'll show it to you.'' and now this redhead leans closer to this brunette. Surely, Kyo could only widen his eyes once he felt how Yagami wraps his other arm around this Kusanagi's lower back. It was followed by him being dragged into the bathtub and water splashing all over the place. Fortunately, this brunette safely landed on top of Iori and now his face was resting in the middle of this redhead's chest. However, only after a few moments Kyo tried to lift himself, but it was easier to say than having it done. This Kusanagi somehow managed to push himself up and now while brushing his wet hair, which were sticking to his face, backwards, he scolds his partner ''What were you thinking? Look! The water. It's everywhere! Who gonna wipe it now, you idiot?'' and while pressing his palm against his sticking to his chest shirt, continues ''More important, I'm whole wet! Unlike you, now I don't have anything to change into.''. However, this brunette couldn't be mad for too long at this big idiot, and after he closes his eyes and sighs. While he removes his wet t-shirt, this Kusanagi speaks up in a slightly shyer tone ‘‘It can’t be helped that I don’t wanna catch a cold while wearing that. But I hope that you’re happy now…’’. After tossing the t-shirt on the ground, Kyo continues in more forgiving voice '' At least you warmed up. So, that's a huuge relief… But how are you feeling now? Should we expect anything else, or you're good for now? ''. Yagami only replies in chill tone while rubbing Kyo's lower back ''You worry too much. At least stop doing that here. I've already seen you doing it in that dream or whatever that was… ''. Of course, this Kusanagi only gave a dumbfounded look for this redhead, who just added in slight irritated tone ''… It doesn’t matter. It's already over, so, you don't need to know about it.''. Nevertheless, this kind of reaction only made Kyo even more curious, so, he replies ''So, you cannot get enough me even when you're sleeping?~''. However, after noticing how Yagami's face got serious, this brunette only softens his gaze and now asks in a concerned tone ''Did you had a nightmare before having 'another episode' ? Did something terrible happened?''. However, Iori remains silent for a good minute while averting his gaze meeting this Kusanagi. This brunette knew that now making this redhead spit out all the answers was not the best moment, so, he hoped that if he patiently waits, then within a right time, Yagami would be willing to tell about what happened. That's why for now, he pressed his chest against this redhead's ear and hugs him while comforting calm voice ''Whatever it was, you somehow over-come it, right? And that is the most important thing right now. So, now can you tell me what you hear?… What you can feel?… Then you should know the better what is the answer…''. Even if it was for a while, however, both - Kyo and Iori stayed like this without saying a word because there was no need to disturb this peaceful moment. Lastly, it seems that now this redhead could once again, probably, still shyly wanting to admit, enjoy that warm and healing presence of this brunette. That's right, this Kusanagi's presence alone for Iori was the same as for the grass-snake its so adored sun. One could say that the grass-snakes like all reptiles cannot survive if their body temperature would drop too low, so, that's why they seek for any source of warmth. However, this snake is attracted to the sun not only because of this primal instinct to survive, but because the grass-snakes being led by the heart to be closer to the Sun. The serpent can always relax and enjoy the given loving warmth of the Sun, who protects these creatures since the ancient times from any harm. Perhaps, this is why the grass-snakes always watches the sunset with such a longing gaze while bidding a farewell until Sun returns to them in the morning. Therefore, when Sun arrives, it vanishes the dark night and gives the grass-snake a hope and comfort that now everything should be fine under the Sun's watching. Needless to say that one cannot live without another nor be separated for too long. So, no matter what kind of challenges or difficulties are thrown by the time, but nothing seem to be able to separate them. A/N: Ah, and huuuge Thank You for Miau and her amazing fanart of Vampire's Kiss! ♥♥♥ So, go and check her Twitter - https://twitter.com/miauneko Dear, and thus this is this year's 3.25 fic. So, not sure whenever I should make some of this type fics in a future or not, because it was really nice making research about our gods and goddesses, more so, seeing the similarities. Anyway, the next fic would be for ye boi Shingo, 'cos he is a good boi and deserve a best! And thus, as always - See you next time!~
  19. Status: Complete Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Summary: Yagami has carefully planned a trip abroad for nearly the entire year. However, the unexpected appearance of Kyo's disciple ruined this redhead's plans and now joins this 2 weeks lasting trip. Will Iori find the way to spend time alone with Kyo and give his prepared birthday present? Read and find out. [This story was written for Kyo's b-day on 2020/12/12] [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2020/12/12] [Small author note from AO3 made on 2020/12/12 : Alright, it seems that once again that time of the year has come. That's right, today is December 12th aka Kyo Kusanagi's birthday! ^^ So, got this idea for the entire year and kept it for this very day. Besides, there is a lack of sauna fics, so, tried to fix this mistake and thus, this story was published. To be honest, couple years ago I found a very good KyoxIori fic on Adult-Fanfiction. That's right, it was sauna related and one of my first read Kyori stories!(yup, this my personal name for this ship, which I came up later on) It was so good!~ However, after Adult-Fiction was shutted down for couple years, I was so upset because lost access to one of best things, which I found TT So, wanted to reach that same good quality as Steam Room by Claire DAubigne (Please, check her story on Adult-Fanfiction! It's so good and awesome!❤) So, this a link for that story: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600081446 My, @Claire DAubigne Thank You so much for such a great inspiration!❤❤❤ A-anyway, as always, Enjoy! P.S. I apologize all Dutch speakers, if my used Dutch is awful sounding and chopped u_u It was ages since been learning it and now had used Translator... It seems that once again the magical season of the year has come. That’s right, just yesterday it was the beginning of the year and without noticing today was already December. However, one certain redhead was preparing for this very special day for nearly the entire year. So, after for what Kyo has done to him last time, he had to sharpen his mind and came up with something that may surpass this brunette’s effort. Or so what he expected and hoped. Surely, one thing was looking for a perfect spot for his master-plan, where he could enjoy the company of this Kusanagi without anyone bothering him and another thing was finding a good balance between the price and his expectations. Even so, after doing some research, Yagami has bookmarked a room in one of the finest hotels in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks. However, after telling about this journey, this brunette wasn’t so glad just because according to him, Iori was just trying to show-off by paying the full price for the tickets and for their stay. But the way how Kyo told that was priceless, or so thought this redhead. That’s right, this Kusanagi was surprised about Iori’s plan, but he failed to hide it by widening his eyes and as soon his cheeks were dyed in pinkish color, he turned his gaze away. Therefore, it was Kyo’s best attempt for showing the appreciation, so, later on he insisted on paying at least half of all expenses. And thus, a good amount of their savings were gone. However, another issue was making sure that there were no issues with visas. For some reason, he was worried mostly about this part, but once this redhead asked this Kusanagi about it, he got an assuring smile from him and pat on the shoulder. So, another thing from the to-do list was down. Lastly, all he left to do is sit back and relax while impatiently waiting for the day when they can pack their stuff and take-off to one of the most famous European cities. Several months have passed and finally, it was the beginning of December. So, after Iori packed the clothes and other stuff, he slammed the lid of the luggage and stared at it with such an excitement filled in his eyes. Finally, this redhead could prove that he won’t lose to this brunette no matter what. So, with these thoughts, Yagami puts a long crimson coat, which had a black fur collar, and now was off to the air-port, where he should meet Kyo. Hopefully, that this Kusanagi didn’t forget about this day, or so hoped this redhead, who texted him just in case. It can’t be helped that he wanted this his plan would go smoothly and without any issues. Upon arriving nearly at the gate of the airport, instead of meeting this Kusanagi heir, he was greeted by another brunette. Apparently, it was non-other than Kyo’s disciple - Shingo. It seems that he was waiting here for a while, because his cheeks were red from staying outside. Despite that, on top he wore a gray coat and blue scarf and warmer gloves, but he rubs his arms with his gloved hands and shakes his head. Surely, maybe that was too stubborn to get inside and wait as a normal person, but then he could be like a puppy patiently waiting for one very specific person, and this redhead didn’t even need a second chance to guess it, who it was. That’s right, it could be this Yabuki’s adored idol - Kyo Kusanagi. So, is this brat come to bid a farewell to his mentor? However, his further thoughts were disturbed when this brunette noticed his precious master’s long-time rival, and now after frowning, Shingo was in his battle stance. Even so, this redhead wasn’t affected at all by this Yabuki’s best attempt to warn his opponent, and now as he approached this brunette, he addresses him in serious tone ‘‘What are you doing here? Lower your arms before you hurt yourself.’’. But this Yabuki now point his finger at Iori and while there was a strong determination in his eyes, he replies in confident tone ‘‘I should be asking this! I don’t know what you have planned, but, I, Kusanagi-san’s number one student, was one step ahead. So, I’m going with Kusanagi-san to Amsterdam and I’ll protect him from your nefarious deeds! You better turn back and leave now before I’ll show you the power of the Kusanagi-style!’’. Yagami only face-palms and deeply exhales after such a big speech while this brunette while Shingo stares at him eyes wide-open, frowned and slightly puffed cheeks. Surely, this pesky brunette looked anything but intimidating, yet Iori grabs Yabuki's arm and after he lowers it, this redhead scolds in irritated tone "Go home, you stupid brat. I have no time to deal with you.". That's it! It was the last drop of this brunette's patience. Now he grabs this arrogant fiend's coat with one hand and throws a punch with other. However, this redhead's reflexes were faster, and he catches Shingo's fist with his palm and holds it tightly. Iori only closes his eyes and exhales through nose and after opening his eyes, he warns this Yabuki in chill yet stricter tone "... Enough already-". Fortunately, Yagami was interrupted by a voice of a certain Kusanagi in calm tone "What are you doing here? Just turn your head for a second and you're already in trouble...". Of course, this couple looked behind them just see the owner of this voice. Surely, this Yabuki's face starts to glow with such a pure excitement and joy. And thus, he joyfully calls his mentor’s name ‘‘Kusanagi-saaan!’’ as he rushes towards his adored mentor. Apparently, Kyo wore a longer white coat for fall and red scarf around his neck. Shingo spreads his arms wide-open and wraps them around Kyo, now pulling him into a tight hug without holding back his strength. Surely, this Kusanagi could feel how his ribcage slightly cracked and being lifted a good couple feet into the air. Of course, it was even followed up by the older brunette’s short puffing and him wondering where did his disciple’s power comes from. Just when Shingo closed his eyes and about to rub his cheek against his mentor’s, Kyo managed to pull out his arm from being so tightly embraced and tried to push this younger brunette’s face away. Meanwhile, one certain redhead felt irritated by such a reckless behavior of this Yabuki, who’s presence alone already ruined his trip, which even didn’t start yet. So, now he silently approached this pair. One thing for sure, Shingo widens his eyes and immediately hides behind this Kusanagi’s back once he felt Yagami’s menacing aura. While this younger brunette watches over Kyo’s back, the older brunette calmly addresses Iori ‘‘ Oh, so, you’re here as well? ’’ and after he gives a warm smile, continuing ‘‘You don’t need to stare like this. It’s nothing that I expected that he’ll come with us. So, I also learned this recently.’’. After Iori coldly gazes at this Yabuki, the younger brunette gets alerted and just grasps tighter around his mentor’s arm and gives an indignant look to this redhead. Surely, at the moment like this, Shingo looked nothing more than a pupper, who just rises his tail and triangle-shaped ears. Just after the older brunette softens his gaze, he suggests in slightly concerned tone ‘‘Anyway, let’s go inside and I’ll explain. Or do you prefer to freeze outside, ‘cos I don’t.’’. Now Kyo looks behind and comforts his student ‘‘C’mon, you can release me now. Yagami is ain’t that scary. So, you have no reason to be afraid of him. Let’s go already or you’ll own me yakisoba pan for a week. Be grateful, ‘cos this time I’m pretty generous, you know.’’. Of course, once Shingo removed his hands from this Kusanagi, he went inside through the gate yet giving a challenging look for his opponent also known as the biggest threat for his precious master. Surely, Iori wasn’t so glad seeing such a arrogance and after he narrows his gaze, quietly growls at Shingo. As they were walking, Kyo just face-palms and murmurs ‘‘Why I do I have to go through this?…’’. It seems that there was a plenty of time left before the checking, and so, this trio went to a local café in the airport. Despite that around this place the life rhythm was in rush and lively, this café was like a perfect place spot to sit back and relax before departing, either to warmly greet newly arrived ones. Cozy and relaxing - that kind of atmosphere with mixed smooth jazz music and the scent of freshly made coffee awaits anyone who passes by. Meanwhile this Yabuki was in the waiting line to take the order for his mentor, himself and, how he calls the impostor. So, Iori and Kyo already have reserved a better spot nearly in the corner of the café. However, after this redhead rest his elbows on the table, he leans forward and honestly asks this brunette "What were you thinking by dragging this brat with you?", this Kusanagi tries to hide his discomfort by sitting back, crossing his legs and placing his arms behind the couch. Yet that nervous smile and avoiding Yagami's gaze for a second, betrayed him. So, now Kyo explains in as much relaxed tone as he could "It's nothing that I done this on purposely, Yagami. You see, when my folks learned that I'm going to a trip with you, pops wasn't really glad about that. So, he wanted to send waaay bigger delegation behind me. However, thanks for mom helping to chilling him down and Kagura's interface, it ended up only having Shingo watching over me. On the brighter side, at least you don't need to share a hotel room with pops like he planned.". Of course, after hearing this story Iori removes one of his elbows and after sitting back and tilting his head, he sighs and rolls his eyes. Surely, this reaction amused this brunette who gives him a smug look on his face while delightfully asking this redhead "What is it with you? At least Shingo paid for his ticket and hotel room from his pocket. So, you don't need to worry about anything, mmkay? So, now we have two rooms bookmarked.". Just when Yagami was about to open his mouth to object, the younger brunette shows up with two cups of hot black coffee and a cup of hot cocoa. Surely, this Yabuki sits next to his mentor and gladly passes him a coffee while keeping for himself a cup of cocoa. Of course, he felt the intimidating, no, rather a murderous aura around Iori, but he fights back with giving a determinate look like not giving up so easy. However, once this redhead leans forward to get his drink and lifted his gaze, it alerted this Yabuki, who now immediately straightens his back. Of course, as Yagami takes a sip from the cup, he closes his eyes and murmurs "You stupid brat, I haven't done anything to you...yet.". Eventually, even this Kusanagi could sense the intense atmosphere between these two, but instead of interfacing, he stays calm and enjoys his coffee. After all, it was wiser to let them do as they please. Even so, the rest before the departure went more or less smoothly. Just after taking their seats in the airplane, Iori was relieved that at least like he bookmarked his place next to Kyo, it remained so. Everything were more than fine for this redhead if it wasn’t from time to time this Yabuki poking his nose into not his business by checking whenever his mentor was okay or asking him random questions. Apparently, the older brunette didn’t mind any of that and pretty much each time gave an explanation whenever his student doubted. On the other hand, this redhead fist was really itchy to send a good punch for this pesky fool, if he’ll hear another ‘Kusanagi-san’. But he was patiently holding back, because Yagami knew it would cause him more problems than use. And thus, this how the flight went by. After a couple hours of the flight, they finally landed, or so, according to the polite voice of the announcer, who warmly greeted passengers arriving to Schiphol airport and wishing for safe trips in the future. So, after Kyo and Iori already took their luggage, they noticed that the younger brunette was out of their sight. Surely, this redhead didn’t mind that and was about to leave through the airport’s gate, but, unfortunately, this Kusanagi stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder. Apparently, this Kusanagi’s silent shaking of his head and stricter look on his face was more than enough to stop and warn Yagami. Now this brunette asked in gentle tone ‘‘I know that you’re not happy that he is here, but we cannot let him get lost in the different country. So, let’s look for him.’’. However, that was followed by the couple of people loud scolding in the Dutch language near the luggage claiming, and so, this brunette prompted Iori by taking his hand ‘‘Let’s go. It seems that he shouldn’t far away.’’. So, once this couple was close enough, they noticed how Shingo was nearly stressing out while one of security workers nearly lost patience yet trying their best remaining calm by asking in Dutch ‘‘Excuseer me mijnheer. wat doe je hier?’’(Excuse me, sir. What are you doing here?). Surely, that middle-aged man face-palms while couple more workers just stands still with their arms crossed. Shingo only points to the moving tray line on which were various of bags traveling in line, waiting for their owners. It seems he had no understanding what these people wanted from him, and he just nervously answers in singly English words while his eyes wide-open ‘‘Bag!’’, ‘‘I went and forget it.’’ and when his luggage appears he points with his finger ‘‘The bag! Mine. I take it and go.’’. Just as this Yabuki grabs his bag and places on ground, while he holds it, he rises his hand and pointing a finger on himself "I go. Now. Sankyuu! Good. Bye!" And waved with the same hand. While Shingo dragged the luggage he didn't remove his gaze from the staff, who looked rather disappointed and tired. However, when one of security staff members noticed Kyo and Iori waiting near the door, the tall man politely asked them "Wat is er, meneer? Zoek je iest?"(What is it, sir? Are you looking for something?). It seems when the older brunette open his mouth, Yagami stretched his arm across this Kusanagi and after lowering it, he explains in more or less good sounding English in confident tone "This youngman. He is with us. But he got lost. Sorry for the troubles, which he caused.". Surely, Shingo just rushes towards his adored mentor's side while Iori keeps his poker-face, he continues "We will go now." And it seems that the security staff were speechless while this trio left. Now a chubby looking man asks one of his co-workers "Waar ging dat allemaal over?"(What was that all about?), and the taller man just shrugged his shoulders "Ik weet het niet."(I don't know.), lastly that chubby man comments "Deze buitenlanders ..."(These foreigners...). After leaving through the airport's gate, Iori looks back and checks whenever everyone was here and in one piece. Gladly, no one went missing this time, so, at least it was a first thing during this trip, which relieved Yagami. Now the another problem was how to get to the hotel. Of course they could use a bus, however, this redhead shown no desire to get surrounded and squeezed by a bunch of strangers. More so, what if anyone would miss the needed bus station and arrive who knows where? So, riding the bus was out of the question. Fortunately, Iori thought about it after buying the tickets. So, when he picked his phone from his coat’s pocket, he found a certain app and now orders the soonest taxi ride to the hotel. And thus, after the driver arrives, he greets these travelers in a friendly tone ‘‘Hallo! Waar ga je naar toe?’’(Hello, where are you going to?), however, instead of replying, this redhead just a gives serious look on his face and after opening the front door, sits next to the driver while Kyo and Shingo after putting the luggage, sits in the back-seats. Apparently, this trip didn’t last long and after ten minutes of awkward silent, they finally arrived at the Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam. Surely, the younger brunette widens his eyes and was at awe seeing the surroundings and the size of the building. Of course, he doesn’t hold-back his excitement and now rushes towards the gate of the hotel along with dragging his luggage. Kyo only closes his eyes and smiles at such a behaviour of his student and now just follows Yagami. After reaching the reception, they were kindly greeted by a young blonde woman, who wore an official uniform on which was a name badge ‘Ineke’, and had a warm smile on her face ‘‘Goedenmiddag! Welkom bij Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam. Hoe kunnen wij u helpen?’’(Good afternoon! Welcome to Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam. How can we help you?). This redhead politely replies in English ‘‘We bookmarked Standard Queen room for two weeks here. And… ’’ now he looks at older brunette’s side and asks nearly whispering ‘‘What kind of room that stupid lousy brat ordered it?’’. This Kusanagi sighs and answers while giving an irritated look on his face ‘‘The same as us.’’. After Iori returns his gaze at the receptionist and continues ‘‘Excuse me. Two Standard Queen rooms.’’, now the blonde replies in English before checking the computer’s screen ‘‘And what is your name, sir? May I see your passports?’’. After Yagami picks his passport, he turns his gaze toward Kyo and prompted him and Shingo to do the same. Once he passes three passports to the receptionist, the blonde quickly types while checking the screen. Once she finished, this receptionist says ‘‘Ah, mister Yagami, mister Kusanagi and mister Yabuki… This way, please. I’ll show you where are your rooms.’’ and after she stands up, Ineke begins to give a tour around this hotel, without missing telling about any nice detail. After they reached the azure mist color corridor, the blonde receptionist stops near the door of one of the rooms, and passed the set of keys to this redhead while explaining ‘‘These are the keys for the rooms 102 and 103. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and if anything, let us know. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay.’’ and before this blonde takes her leave, she politely bows. Lastly, they were alone, Iori calmly addresses Kyo ‘‘Let’s go. Because I’m already tired of seeing that annoying kid.’’, however, this Kusanagi gently objects ‘‘About that… You see, I can’t, Yagami.’’. This redhead only lifts his eye-brow and after nervously chuckling, asks in serious tone ‘‘What? I don’t get it. Can you repeat it one more time?’’ and when this brunette was about to open his mouth, his student, shields his mentor and indignantly explains ‘‘Didn’t you hear? Kusanagi-san doesn’t want to stay in the same room as you, Yagami-san. Be glad that Kusanagi-san was kind enough to bookmark the same type room for you or even allowing traveling with us! I know that you’re plotting something. So, I gonna prevent from whatever you have planned and I’ll stay with him.’’. Surely, this behavior was already driving mad this redhead. Nevertheless, he frowns and closes his eyes while deeply exhales. After he clenches his hands into fists, Yagami opens his eyes and addresses this Yabuki in a nearly threatening tone ‘‘Listen up, you little piece of!-’’, but now the older brunette stands between them and while pushing Iori with one hand, he pushes Shingo with the other one. After he sighs, this Kusanagi, lowers his arms and as patiently as he could addresses his disciple ‘‘ Shingo, can you give us a minute? I promise, if Yagami is up for something, I’ll roast him as usual, okay?’’. At this first, this Yabuki doubted, but when his adored master gives him such a demanding look, he couldn’t object to his idol and just believes in Kyo. The older brunette sighs and as he ruffles his disciples hair, thanks him. Now after this Kusanagi takes this redhead’s hand, he takes him a bit further from his student and now calmly explains ‘‘It wasn’t like I planned this on purpose. Shingo is very honest and may say things without thinking. So, he may even report every single or wrong move you’ve made. That’s why at least, try to be smarter than he.’’. When Kyo gives him assuring look on his face, he continues ‘‘Besides, think how it would have been, if you had been putted in the same room as Shingo? Not so well, huh. So, you have to stay alone. Besides, if Shingo is happy, he’ll act as a happy child and might not mind your presence. And don’t worry, we’ll find out how to get away from him. So, have faith in me, idiot.’’. No matter how Iori was skeptic about this plan, but he just narrows his gaze and sighs ‘‘Fine, if this is what you want. Here, your keys then.’’ and after he passes to this brunette keys from room 102, this redhead unlocks his new room and makes himself feel as in home. Meanwhile, this Kusanagi returns to his disciple’s side and delightfully explains ‘‘Told you, it gonna work~ I’m the master of negotiations.’’. And thus, this was the beginning of their two weeks lasting trip. Next day this trio went to visit the one of largest parks in whole Amsterdam - Vondelpark. Surely, along enjoying the wonderful nature there, Shingo couldn’t help himself but stop by nearest pond and feed the wild birds. Of course, while Kyo observed his disciple, he wondered how come such a simple thing as feeding birds can made this Yabuki so excited, yet as long as he didn’t conflicted with one certain redhead, the older brunette felt relieved and could just chill out with him on the bench. Later on, this Kusanagi felt more daring, so, after noticing that there were bicycles for renting, he suggested for Yagami and this Yabuki to have a nice ride around the park. However, it seems that when the younger brunette passed by Iori, he took it as a thrown challenge at him. Even so, this redhead patiently told to himself for not to fall for, how he calls, that stupid idiot's provocation, while minding his own business. However, it seems that one second of not paying attention to the track was more than enough. That's right, without noticing Yagami has driven into one of the bushes and tripped over. Fortunately, the poor bush softened the fall yet Iori lets loud and brief groan. Surely, he didn't like the growing attention from the other visitors, but despite that he tries to stand up through pants and rubbing his lower back and bottom. He could swear that he could feel how the seat of the bicycle harshly hits his tailbone. However, one thing for sure, he shown no desire to sit for a long time. Gladly, the older brunette noticed him and after getting close to him, helped to stand up and walk together to the bus station and later on to the hotel’s room. Of course, Iori was too stubborn to visit nearest pharmacy to get pain-killers, but this Kusanagi didn’t like to see this redhead silently enduring. That’s why before one of local pharmacies were closing, Kyo decided to try his luck and sneak out from the hotel, but it seems that his disciple noticed him. So, it can’t be helped, and the older brunette took Shingo with him. It was the late evening and once the younger brunette fell asleep, this Kusanagi grabs his phone on the night-table and lightens his way to find one certain item inside of it. Apparently it was long square box with his bought medicine. Now he hoped to use his stealth skills and not to wake up this Yabuki, who was basically, sleeping next to him. That’s right, this brunette would have slept on the couch, if there was one in this room. However, the closest thing to that was a wide purple chair in the corner of this room, next to the window, which was as large as entire wall and covered with snow-white curtains. Fortunately, when they arrived to the hotel on the first day, Kyo noticed that this bed is not double-sized, but rather two single-sized and pushed closely. For some reason, it even relieved the younger brunette, who seemed to be nervous and shy at the idea of sleeping together in same bed a his mentor. Surely, this Kusanagi didn’t understand what was that all about or why even his disciple was blushing and stressing out to that case that he was ready to sleep on floor as ‘because…’ and without being able to finish his sentence. It was this Yabuki’s idea to stay in the same room after all! So, surely, it only made Kyo annoyed and he knew that he need to remain cool. After the older brunette gave him a good lecture, thankfully, he returned the younger brunette to his senses and asked for his help to push apart these beds. At least this Yabuki was so relieved and glad that Kyo could swear that he can see the invisible waggling tail behind his disciple. Probably, along that rised puppy ears as well when Kyo sighs and ruffles Shingo’s hair. So, it seems that after so many years some of the things will never change. In any case, one problem was down and they could rest peacefully, or so he hoped. However, now this Kusanagi holds tightly the tiny box in his one hand while using screen-light with other. Of course, he could ignite his fingertips and lighten his way, but it was wiser not to risk and activate fire-alarm. More important, this brunette didn't bothered to put a bathrobe just because that would make too much of unnecessarily noise by checking the closet and going all over the room. Therefore, Kyo went outside the corridor only by wearing white plain t-shirt and a pair of black boxers. Once he successfully was in the corridor, which enlights in warm not too bright orange light, Kyo knocks into the next door, where supposed this redhead resting. It seems that for good minute there was no response. However, just when he was about to knock again, he could hear the sound of switching the light and steps. After the door was unlocked, one certain redhead shows up, who gave a sleepy and questioning look for this brunette. Probably, he was about to sleep, maybe that's why he didn't bother to wear that much - only a pair of underwear and a bathrobe. However, after Iori sighs, he calmly asks "What are you doing here?...Just come here.". After entering inside, this Kusanagi noticed that Yagami's room looked exactly the same as his and Shingo's yet the atmosphere in it felt somehow different, but this brunette cannot put it in words. Now when this redhead halfway sits on bed while making sure that it didn't touched his bottom too much, Kyo asks him in slightly concerned tone "How is it?...Er, I mean, that spot where you got hit.". When Iori gave not so satisfied look on his face, this Kusanagi adds "In any case, I brought you some medicine. So, don't forget to apply it every evening, okay?", after Yagami opens his eyes he replies in serious voice "Leave it on night-table. I'll do it later.", but this brunette calmly objects "No. You won't. You gonna leave it lying in the drawer and ignore it. So, I'm not gonna leave until you do it.". Of course, Iori only sighs and closes his eyes and after he opens his eyes, gives a mocking smile to Kyo "In this case, you're going to wait until the morning the morning, Kyo.". After this brunette takes out the tube of gel out of the box, he was approaching this redhead while replying in playful tone "I'll give you two options - you gonna do it by yourself or I'll apply it for you. The choice is up to you~" once this Kusanagi sits on the bed, he adds "I know that you won't like if I stare, so, let me help you. Besides, I don’t want to see you stiff and in pain for the rest of the trip." and gives a soft look "That's why, can you roll on your stomach?". Of course, it was useless to argue with Kyo, and Yagami knew that very well. So, he slowly rolls on his stomach and just waits. Surely, this Kusanagi delightfully smiles while commenting "See? Was it that hard? You would have avoided most of the problems if you just listen for once. Anyway, it's going to be a bit cold and let me know where it hurts, okay?" and once he lifted the bathrobe, this brunette adds a bit of gel on his fingertips and about to start rub it into this redhead's lower back and going lower until he sensed the painful spot. Apparently, the next few days were rather calmer and nothing really outstanding happened aside couple of details. First of all, it wasn't easy task to find Shingo after he got lost in Moco museum. This place was enormous, however, it didn't take long enough to find him. That's right, this Kusanagi heard how in the distance his disciple was trying to ask the security for the directions in his English. Poor boy got lost by Yagami distracting him, so, it can't be helped that Kyo had to give a good scold for this redhead once they left the museum. Surely, just when Iori gave an ice-cold gaze at this younger brunette, Shingo nearly jolted and hides behind his mentor's back. While this Yabuki looked through the shoulder of Kyo, this redhead could see invisible lowered tail behind Shingo and triangle dog ears. Nevertheless, Yagami only shakes his head - that brat was annoying as hell, but he wasn't worth of Iori dealing with him. Another day was fine for this redhead, because there was no unnecessarily presence of this Yabuki. Fortunately, this Kusanagi managed to convince him to stay in the hotel and later on report him directly about every little detail about the spa and saunas on the ground floor of the hotel. Surely, even if the older brunette was so sure that his plan won’t work, however, it seems that Shingo took this as serious and important task, so, with such an excitement and caring, he agreed. However, this younger brunette gave not so trustful look for Iori. Nevertheless, for both - Kyo and Iori it was like a day-off for not seeing this Yabuki. That’s right, a trip to Leidseplein square during the evening was like a perfect chance to be alone with this Kusanagi and visit local cafés or bars… After all, when it is the evening, this place lightens up in such a beautiful golden and orange tones. Along with being in treat by enjoying the view of European buildings, which you can observe while going on foot or bicycles, you can also see the street performers, who are still there without being afraid of colder weather, to entertain anyone who passes by. More so, Leindseplein is well known for having large terraces lining of cafés, bars and local cuisine restaurants, but at this time of the year, there were a lot of hot food stalls, which cheerfully invited anyone passing by. So, after Yagami stopped by one of these stalls, he got for himself and this brunette mashed potatoes with sausages on the side. Surely, this Kusanagi seem to be enjoying this dish while they were exploring the night-side of the square. However, it seems that on their way, something caught the eye of Kyo, who now stopped all of the sudden and grabs the elbow of this redhead. Surely, it got the attention of Iori, who now just closes his eyes and sighs. After opening his eyes, Yagami calmly says ‘‘At least finish with your food. You might choke, if you run with your mouth being full.’’, then this brunette only gives a playful smile and replies ‘‘Then hurry up, unless you’re afraid of a little challenge~’’. Of course, this redhead didn’t give up for the provocation and after finding the nearest bench prompts Kyo to sit down. Once they were done and thrown away the plastic plates, this brunette takes Iori’s hand and takes him to the place, which got his attention. That’s right, the outdoor skate rink made this Kusanagi’s eyes sparkle with such a pure and childish excitement, and it can’t be helped that this redhead decided to play along. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Besides, this place stood out by being surrounded by historic buildings, which were also enlightened by such a warm tone colors. Once Yagami has paid for the pair of ice skates, he thought that he could rest down on the bench, or at least until he felt how one certain brunette placed his hand on this redhead’s shoulder and nearly in chirping tone asked ‘‘Okay, but what about you? You don’t wanna try it? Come on~ It’s gonna be fun!’’, no matter how much he wanted to object, but in the end he bought a pair of skaters for himself as well. When Kyo puts on the ice skaters, he rushes to the middle of the ice rink and impatiently awaits for Iori. However, unlike this Kusanagi, this redhead didn’t seem doing so well and could barely keep his balance. Even so, somehow, he managed to push himself forward no matter that later on, he landed on his knees. Of course, Kyo, gives a concerned look and gracefully skates towards Yagami. Just when he noticed how Iori hung his head down to hide the embarrassment, this brunette couldn’t help himself, but just sigh and give a warmer gaze. However, just a moment when this brunette bends his knees and lends his hand for this redhead to stand up, he widens his eyes as Iori places his hands on Kyo’s shoulders and now while holding into this Kusanagi’s shoulders, tries to stand up. One thing for sure, Yagami wasn’t so light and when he clings like that, it nearly made this brunette to be dragged with him to the cold surface. Fortunately, Kyo places his hands on this redhead’s sides and somehow, but eventually both of these idiots stands up straight. Nevertheless, that moment when their eyes met up, it made this pair cheeks dye in slight reddish color and it was followed by Iori turning his gaze away and murmuring ‘‘You can release me. The people are staring at us, you idiot.’’. However, it seems that they didn’t notice by the other visitors of the ice rink, who were simply busy minding their business and just enjoying the spent time. Even so, this brunette only smiles at seeing such a reaction of this redhead and comforts ‘‘Sure thing, but will you be able to stand by yourself?… Anyway, let’s try one lap. Don’t worry, I’ll support you and won’t let you fall. So, how about it?’’. Was this Kusanagi trying to hypnotize him, or so thought Yagami before nodding. After all, if anything wrong happens, he would simply find the way to make sure that this brunette would get what deserved…or so, he hoped in this calm evening. After several days have passed, finally, Iori’s long waited day, for which he prepared for nearly the whole year is here. So, it seems that even this time the older brunette somehow convinced that he would be pretty busy during the evening and that’s why he can only hang out with Shingo only during the day. Surely, it was better than nothing, but this Yabuki still tried to keep the positive, and later on he gave his present to his precious mentor and wished the best for Kyo. Meanwhile Yagami has prepared something else and just asked this Kusanagi to join him in the sauna, which was located on the ground floor, and without any unnecessarily company. Surely, at first Kyo had no idea what could be inside Iori’s mind, after all, he also asked this brunette to wear bathrobe and take a better towel with him. But in the end, he agreed. After reaching the ground floor, this brunette noticed Yagami waiting for him near the pool area. Apparently, this redhead looked so smug while only wearing a bathrobe and hugging a small towel. Of course, seeing Iori like this made this brunette widen his eyes and swallow the saliva, he could sense that something was off, but he just couldn’t put a finger on it. However, now this redhead suggests "So, should we go?". Surely, after such a request, Kyo just followed Yagami. Once they reached the sauna room, this redhead undoes his bathrobe and starts removing it from his shoulders. Surely, this brunette felt like being teased by Iori, who when without realizing keep moving his pectoral muscles closely. But he remains silent and just carefully observes. More so, Yagami surely doesn't mind getting such an attention all, however, once he finished, this redhead gives demanding look like prompting this Kusanagi to do the same. Of course, now he wouldn't give up and now he just gives slightly irritated look while repeating same moves as his partner. After hanging the bathrobes on the hanger next to the door and wearing only underwear, they entered into the sauna. Apparently, the inside of this place looked like any traditional sauna - the walls, floor and the 3-step platforms, across the one wall and next to another, being covered in light color wood planks, modern wall lamps, which spread the orange tone over the place and creating such a warm and relaxing atmosphere, the thermometer next to the door and the furnace, which was fenced by low wooden fence, in the corner of the sauna next to the door. On top of the furnace there was a square metal box in which one were the hot rocks, some of them even shines in slight red because of the heat. However, Kyo’s attention got the purple bottle, a couple of birch-rods in a bucket of water, the small pot with one long wooden handle and a large bucket standing on one platform, which was on one left side of the room. Just as he placed the towels on that platform, Yagami suggests this brunette to lay down on his stomach on the third platform. The higher he climbs, the more he feels the heat of this room. At first, he gave a questioning look for this redhead, it seemed that Iori just takes that small pot by the long handle and after filling it with water, he pours it on the hot stones. The hot steams surround the room and this Kusanagi started to deeply breath. Meanwhile, this redhead picks one tiny white towel from the bucket and after draining it, climbs closer to Kyo and passes him ‘‘Place it on your head. The heat won’t strike you down so quickly. By the way, just try to relax, because now you don’t need to do anything at all.’’. This brunette gives a suggestive look to Iori and replies in a nearly purring tone ‘‘What did you prepare this time, you dork?~’’, this redhead only exhales through nose and explains ‘‘Close your eyes and you’ll find out.’’, surely, as this brunette places given towel, which when was folded was the same size as his classic headband, he rests his head on his hands and delightfully closes his eyes like entrusting himself to Yagami. However, just when this Kusanagi was all cozy and nearly fell asleep, all of a sudden he felt how one of his foot was taken into this redhead’s hands and was being massaged by his thumbs with some sort of oil. Of course, this unexpected gesture nearly made this brunette lift his head and look back and give a good scold, but Iori lifts Kyo's ankle, he starts to massage the shank up to the knee. Plus, this brunette started to enjoy that scent of the massage oil, which slowly filled the sauna. Somehow that scent of lavender mixed with peppermint felt so relaxing and calming that even Kyo nearly feel asleep. After Yagami was done with this side, he gave the attention to the other leg as well. Just when up to knees were nicely done, Iori places his hands on this brunette’s thighs and continues his started work. Apparently, it was enough to make Kyo let out these purring like sounds. However, it seems that Iori was too overwhelmed that his hands slightly slides too much into the inner side of the thighs and touching this brunette’s bottom. It was followed by this Kusanagi letting out a sweeter and longer groan. Of course, Kyo lifted his head and teases this redhead "Don't tell me that you brought me here just to do THAT~" and gives shyer but suggestive look for Yagami while impatiently waiting for his reaction. However, instead of giving up, Iori back-fires in innocent tone "Not sure what you do mean. So, can you be more specific?". Definitely, this brunette lost a gift of the speech and just lowers his gaze. Such a reaction surely amused Iori, which was followed by this brunette murmuring "You stupid dumb-ass...". No matter how much it was entertaining seeing this Kusanagi tasting his own medicine, but instead of further teasing, Yagami pours a bit more massaging oil on Kyo's lower back and about to spread it all over his upper body. As Iori’s hands were rubbing this brunette’s lower back up and down as he was kneading this Kusanagi. More so, now he just places his palms on this Kusanagi’s lower back and by adding a bit more pressure goes up. Now Iori moves up and before anything, he adds more oil on Kyo’s back and now starts to massage it in circle movement along with going upwards and downwards. Surely, this Kusanagi surrendered being nothing more than like a clay, who was carefully kneaded and formed by this redhead’s hands. After all, so far he seemed to be knowing what he was doing. More important, Yagami works so well on his shoulders and that this brunette was too much of enjoying himself that he wanted to be kneaded like this for long time. Even so, once this redhead finished with massaging Kyo’s arms, now he tried to return this brunette back to this world by Iori placing his hand on Kyo’s shoulder and gently shakes it. This Kusanagi just slowly rolls on his sides while looking at this redhead with such a sleepy and blissful gaze. Of course, that along with this brunette’s face blushing, his chest was rhythmic lifting as he breathes, hands above his head, without any sense of self-awareness, showing no will or desire to resist - right now he was the most vulnerable but perfectly relaxed and calm in front of Iori. This was one of these times when Kyo shows his affection and how much he can trust someone like he was a feline being, who exposes his belly when feels so secure. It was the most honest reaction of this brunette, which he has ever shown, probably, if not the most one of this redhead’s favorite one. However, Yagami climbs down from the platform and leave this brunette alone for a while. After he pours water on heated stones, the hot steam fills the room. When Iori picks one birch rod from the bucket into his one hand, he rises it into the air and gives a good shake. Once he returned to this brunette’s side, he sits next him and prompts this Kusanagi to roll on his stomach again. Of course, Kyo lazily does as this redhead says without questioning. So, now he just closed his eyes and leaves the rest to this man. Even so, all of a sudden he felt the quick strike to his lower back with a birch rod that it nearly made him jolt. Just that feeling how the hot, soft and wet bunch of leaves touched his back was surprising, more so, one leaf remains sticking on his body. Fortunately, the strike wasn’t hard. However, it seems that Kyo silently groans and still decided to have faith in that idiot. After Iori deeply exhales, he starts to flog this brunette’s lower back without missing the single spot of this Kusanagi’s body and moves upwards his back. Right now Kyo starts to deeply breath as he was flogged by the such bouquet of green birch leaves and slowly starting to sense the scent of it. Somehow, but with each strike he feels more relaxed. Once this redhead reached the shoulders of this Kusanagi, Iori wets the birch rod in the bucket of water and after that, shaking it. Now Yagami begins to flog Kyo’s feet and with good amount of strength, he starts to whip this brunette’s feet and slowly with flogging moves go up. However, no matter how much Kyo tried to deny, but he had to admit that being whipped by Iori was so much relaxing and enjoyable. More so, the purring like noises mixed with silent whims one of the proofs that this redhead knows what he is doing. And thus, in the end, all over this brunette’s body a singly leaves of birch sticks tightly to him. Yet Kyo wanted that Yagami would taste his own medicine and learn how does it feel getting flogged by birch rod. So, after being able to sit, this brunette leans closer to this redhead and gives a calm but at same time a sparkling gaze. Surely, it made Iori crack a smile and replies ‘‘What are you up to?’’ and while Kyo was reaching out for the birch rod, he answered while giving a suggesting look on his face ‘‘How about you should also feel what you’ve putted me through?~ You know that now I cannot let run away that easily~’’. Of course, this redhead wanted to decline such an offer, but it seems this time he was defeated by being hypnotized by this Kusanagi’s demanding gaze, even so, Yagami gives the last demand ‘‘Then make sure that you won’t hold on when you’re flogging, got it? Because there would be no point of you doing it, if you do it gently. And one more thing, don’t forget to keep your head cool. I have no desire to bring you out unconscious.’’. After this redhead gave such instructions, Kyo’s eyes sparkles even bigger flame as he delightfully smiles. While he asked Iori to lay down on his stomach, he shakes the birch rod and before the first strike he thought ‘You told me not to hold back, so, better be prepared, because, I’ll make you scream~’. A good hour has passed~ Kyo and Iori left the shower room and after putting a bathrobe, they were going through the pool area. Now this brunette looks at Yagami’s side and while giving him a warm gaze, he speaks up in gentle tone ‘‘So, this what you have planned all along~ Don’t tell me that you planned this trip just for that?’’. This redhead without looking back replies in serious tone ‘‘You do seem like it wasn’t enough for you and you’re still complaining-’’. However, this Kusanagi just chuckles and interrupts Yagami from saying anything else, by wrapping his arm around the waist of Iori and gently rubbing it. Surely, it got this redhead’s attention and now Kyo explains ‘‘Hush… Calm down, okay?~ Just don’t jump to the conclusions to early.’’ and after giving a seductive look for Iori, he continues ‘‘Why don’t you wait for me in your room and then I’ll let you unwrap what I have prepared as your reward for your hard work, mmkay?~’’. Of course, it was followed by Yagami turning his head away and trying to hide the rising heat on his cheeks. Surely, this brunette was more than satisfied by such a reaction and now he added in nearly singing voice ‘‘Then, I’m gonna take this as ‘yes’.’’. Good couple hours has passed~ Finally, this Kusanagi could safely leave his hotel room. So, once he reached the door of this redhead’s room, he picks a small flat rustling package with a certain item inside it from his bathrobe’s pocket and now knocks into the door. It didn’t take even a minute and Iori opens the door. For a second this redhead widens his eyes, but soon enough he regains chill. Apparently, this Kusanagi lifted his one arm and now leaning against the door frame while giving a suggestive look on his face. However, Yagami’s attention got the very specific item, which Kyo holds with his teeth. Of course, Iori was as thrilled and impatient as this brunette, so, without any hesitation, he lets Kyo inside where they can enjoy by themselves such a fine evening and continue to celebrate this brunette’s that very special day.
  20. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS Kyo/Iori/Classic Kyo) Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+ (Slash, Smut, PWP, Threesome, Wet Dream, Fluff, Teasing, Blow Jobs, Large Breasts, Anal Fingering, Anal, Anal Sex, Hand Jobs, Mutual Masturbation, Nipple Play, Nipple Licking, Hardcore, Doggy Style, Power Bottom) Summary: [The sequel to 2 Kyos - 1 Yagami] After a while when one certain redhead thought that he has a peace of mind, a spicier kind of dreams started to visit him more often. So, what kind of dream awaits him tonight? Read and find out. This story can be read as a stand-alone as well~ [Originally posted on AO3 and FF.net on 2020/11/18] A year has passed since Yagami had that weird dream about two versions of Kyo who were causing the surrounding mayhem. Surely, just remembering it makes this redhead shrug and shake his head. After all, he could handle taking care of one Kusanagi easily if he would want, but two of them? From what he saw, once these brunettes teaming up, it could only double his problems.Yet eventually months later he was given a peace of mind and forgotten about that messy dream. Or so he thought. It seems that he recently saw a similar dream but having another spice in it. Instead of two versions of this brunette showing up at once, there was just one. But like last time, it was also too vivid and detailed, maybe too much detailed to be just a mere dream. Yagami could swear that he could sense every little scent, the taste, the sound of Kyo, but when it gets too intense, this is where he wakes up. More important, this kind of lucid dreams started to appear more often. Unfortunately, these could happen when least this redhead expects and it won't happen when he wants or hopes to. However, when it does, each time there was a different version of this brunette - either it can be still innocent and naive, either more lustful and mature, or anything in between. Of course, after a waking up in the middle of the night this redhead would leave in deep frustration and face-palming, but when he chills down, he was curious how it would have ended, if he has endured for a bit longer. So, will this night be the one? And without thinking too much Iori fells asleep. Apparently, it was a warm and sunny day in spring. A perfect day to have a day-off and chill out at home. However, it seems this redhead was not alone. He was in the living room and relaxing on the couch. Plus, one certain brunette wearing a familiar high-school uniform was resting his head on this redhead’s lap, whom he looked like nearly falling asleep when the warm sunbeams were shining on him. So, at times like this, Yagami could swear that this Kusanagi was no different from a feline being. That’s right, along silent purring-like noises, Kyo also began to rub his cheek against Iori’s lap and gently knead with his fingertips the other one. Therefore, this redhead placed his one hand on this brunette’s head and started to gently ruffle his hair. It seemed nothing can’t disturb this peaceful moment. However, soon enough a voice of another Kusanagi in irritated tone got the attention of Yagami ‘‘Just leave you for sec and this happens...’’. Apparently, it was the older version of Kyo, who wore a black turtle-neck t-shirt. Now he addresses his younger look-alike ‘‘Move your lazy-ass, ‘cos I need to sit.’’. Surely, this brunette wasn’t so glad for the presence of this pesky fellow and now he rises his head and replies in sleepy tone ‘‘The heck is your problem? It’s my place and I’ll do what I want, got it?’’, it seems that the older Kyo gave him a smug look on his face and counter-attacks ‘‘If that’s so?’’ and now he gives a suggestive look on his face ‘‘What about we gonna make things more fun? Let’s add a little bet and who gonna win, can keep this spot.’’. Of course the younger Kusanagi lifts his eye-brow and while he was half-lying, he asks ‘‘What do you mean?’’. The older Kyo adds in playful tone ‘‘Let Yagami decide that after a little competition~’’. Finally, this redhead speaks up in chill tone ‘‘Just what are you two up to?’’, in the eyes of this brunette sparkles the excitement as he replies in deeper tone ‘‘Hey, Yagami you don’t need to do anything, just leave the rest to us and I bet you gonna enjoy this more than we do~’’. Nevertheless, it didn’t look so promising when this Kusanagi gives an interested look on his face and after he silently gives a command to the younger brunette, this Kyo leaves the couch. However, now the other Kyo sits next to this redhead and throws his one arm over Iori's shoulders and brings him closer to him. Meanwhile, the younger look-alike sits on his knees and after exhaling, he gives a shyer smile to his partner. It didn't take long enough to realize the ulterior motives behind such an innocent gaze once this brunette places his hands on the inner side of Yagami's thighs and spreads his legs. After he starts to massage the inner side of the thighs, this brunette gives rather a demanding gaze to this redhead while his cheeks were dyed in lovely reddish color. Surely, that was enough to make Yagami’s heart skip a beat, and he could hear it echoing inside his head. Hell, even his breathing become deeper and after he swallows the saliva, he continues to observe how this version of Kyo was taking care of him. But it seems that the older Kusanagi had enough of and now he attempts to steal all the attention of this redhead. This brunette closes his eyes and once he places the same hand, which was behind Yagami’s shoulders and sinks his hand into this redhead’s scalp, pulling Iori into a passionate kiss. As this Kusanagi’s tongue tries to get through inside his partner’s mouth, he places his other hand between the gaps of this redhead’s shirt and now with one sudden movement opens the shirt. Of course, it was followed by Iori open his mouth and inviting this Kusanagi inside. Without the hesitation this version of Kyo started to impatiently explore every little part of his partner’s mouth. This brunette even started to let out soft moans between catching the breath when their tongues were entangled and both were fighting for dominance. However, this redhead opens his eyes and silently gasp when all of a sudden this Kusanagi started to grope and gently rub his chest. Surely, he wanted to brush his hand off, but it seems his hand was too shaky to do that. Now this brunette pulls him out from the long lasted kiss and while his cheeks were burning in a nice shade of red, he notices that Iori was enjoying himself as well. His hand stopped teasing this redhead as well. So, the older version of Kyo comments in deep and seductive voice ‘‘Just look at you… We barely started and you already like this~ Even someone like you can look so lewd.’’ and with his one hand, he started to gently stroke Yagami’s cheek. Meanwhile, the younger brunette felt lonely while he was ignored, so, now he steals the show by undoing the zipper of Iori’s pants and pulls out his half hard dick. As this brunette silently sighs, he gives a lascivious look for Yagami and gently kisses near the tip of the staff. While Kyo does not miss the chance to observe this redhead’s reaction, he starts with licking moves. This brunette starts to masterly work with his tongue around the head of his partner’s weeping arousal. However, just before taking the whole length to his adorable mouth, Kyo closes his eyes and now he swallows as much as he could with the first try. Just when he started to pleasure this redhead, Iori could just observe how this Kusanagi was working with his mouth. Along his movements and lewd slurping noises, this brunette was letting erotic gasps. Surely, seeing how Kyo was enjoying himself, made him even harder. However, now the other brunette gets his attention by sinking his head into this redhead’s neck and starting kiss and to suck it. Of course, it was followed by Yagami’s unexpected sweet groan and while turning his head away, covering his mouth with an elbow. It seems the older brunette was amused by such a reaction, even if he was nibbling around the collar-bone of this redhead. Now his head moves lower until it reaches the chest of Iori. Before anything, this Kusanagi gives overwhelmed by passion gaze and in purring like gaze says ‘‘These look too soft and big to be just muscles, so, how about we test them. You know, I always wanted to mess with them and see if you can feel good from touching these~’’. Just before Yagami was about to object, this Kyo starts to stimulate one side of the chest with his hand. Surely, it was followed by this redhead closing his eyes and letting a silent groan. Of course, this Kusanagi was so much satisfied by such a reaction as he massages it. However, now he starts to lick the other side. Along with licking and nibbling the erecting nipple, he teases the another one by gently pinching and rubbing against it. Damn, from hearing it alone the amorous sounds made by his partner thrilled this brunette as he gives an aroused look to this redhead. However, no matter how much Iori was inflamed by the double assault of these Kusanagis, he doesn’t want to give up to them either. So, he placed his hand on the lower back of the older Kyo and after it slides down to his buttocks, he starts molest them. Surely, this brunette mewls as Iori starts to squeeze his bottom and then rub it. However, soon enough Iori was at his limit and now after he places his other hand behind the younger brunette’s scalp, he removes Kyo’s head yet still shooting most of his load on his face. Fortunately, this brunette, closes his eyes on time as the hot semen splashes on his face. Despite that the younger Kyo carefully opens his eyes and while he stares at Iori, he wipes down the cum with his one hand and now without wasting a single drop, he swallows it. Now this Kusanagi addresses Yagami in purring and playful tone ''No fair… How come you're still hard? Jeez, it can't be helped then~ More so, no of us still didn't come… So, take your responsibility.''. However, the older brunette mischievously smiles and in suggestive tone replies while stares at this redhead ‘‘That’s right. But what can we go somewhere else? Somewhere where we can properly take care of you~…’’. Surely, it didn’t sound promising, however, when Yagami tries to stand up, his knees gave up on him while he remains with still vigorous boner. So, it seems that a younger brunette decides to pick him up in his arms and carry on like a princess. As this Kusanagi tries to straighten up his knees, he puffs and comments ‘‘You’re much heavier than I expected, so, be grateful that I’m being such a gentleman and helping you…’’. Even so, his look-alike only covers his mouth with a fist while he snorts at such a note made by the younger version, however, he just follows the younger himself to Iori’s bedroom. After they reached the destination place, the younger Kyo couldn’t hold Yagami any longer and now he crashes with him on the bed. However, once this brunette sits up on the bed and removes his t-shirt and pants, he tosses them on the ground. Meanwhile, his look-alike was looking for very specific item inside the night table near the bed. It seems that even finding such a simple item as a tube of lube, made this Kusanagi delightfully smile like founding something great while a sounds rustling clothing material and the creaking mattress were accompanied in the background. Once this Kusanagi returns to the bedside, he noticed that this redhead was half lying on the side while wearing nothing more than only his white long unbuttoned shirt, which revealed his perfectly build chest and abs. Surely, his thinner waist and these pectoral muscles seemed so soft and big enough for nearly to be mistaken for being breasts. Even as Iori was deeply breathing, his lifting chest looked like begged to be molested and teased. Despite having his cheeks being dyed in lovely shade of red, this redhead gave not very satisfied look for the younger version of Kyo, who was observing him with such a sparkle of excitement in his eyes. After this brunette seductively licks his lips, he leans closer to his partner and in deeper and soft tone comforts him while brushing away the crimson hair from his face ‘‘Don’t worry~ It’s gonna be fine. So, just warn me if anything.’’. When he slowly with-draws, he just shakily sighs as he was enjoying the view in front of him and comments ‘‘But, daaamn… Who knew that someone as you can look so helluva erotic and hot!~ So, it will be difficult to hold back when you’re like, you know.’’. Meanwhile, the older brunette passed the tube to his look-alike and speaks up to him ''Just don't over-do, 'cos you may pass out, got it?'' and this replica slightly frowns and lifts his one eye-brow. Now he replies in teasing tone ‘‘You can’t tell what to do~’’, unfortunately, this redhead had enough of this chit-chat. He fed up with waiting what this pair of idiots planning, so, as this redhead half sits up, Iori grids his teeth and gives an annoyed look on his face when he scolds the younger Kusanagi ‘‘Enough already! Or are you going to just talk all day?’’. However, once the older Kyo climbs on the bed, he sits on his knees and leans closely to Iori, he gently strokes his cheek while comforting in purring-like tone ‘‘You don’t have to be so impatient, Iorin~ We just want to make sure that it won’t be too painful for you.’’. And now this redhead could feel how the other brunette places his hands on his hips and makes sure that Yagami was on his knees. It was one of helluva embarrassing positions and this redhead could feel how his cheeks were burning despite keeping quiet chill look on his face. However, he lets a quiet moan once the shivers were sent down his spine. Apparently, a pair of well-lubed fingers slips inside of him. While he was shakily leaning on his elbows, he bits his lower lip and tries to look back. Apparently, this Kusanagi was about to start to move his fingers, but despite Yagami's shakily breathing, this redhead asks ''The heck, you're doing?'', however, this brunette delightfully smiles and replies in aroused voice ''No matter that you can endure a lot, but I need you to loosen up. So, relax and leave it to me, okay?'' and now started to move his fingers. Surely, this redhead just silently observed this brunette and eventually looks away while biting into the sleeve of his shirt. As he roughly breathes, he could feel how the younger Kyo was carefully looking for his very special spot while fingering. This Kusanagi was nothing more than messing around with his ring muscle and teasing him, but once this brunette accidentally hits his prostate, Iori lets another sweet moan. Surely, the younger Kyo looked so excited upon the new discovery and now in thrilled voice asks ‘‘So, is it here? Does it feel good there?~ Found it!~’’ and now aims again and again over newly found spot until his partner closes his eyes starts to mewl. However, as soon as he started to loosen up, this brunette removes his fingers and before he enters, Kyo gently warns him ‘‘I’m putting it in. So, give me a signal, anything goes wrong.’’ and after he takes his dick into his hands, he puts the tip inside this redhead and then slowly push his entire length. Iori’s knees nearly gave up on him, but now he just deeply breaths. This brunette presses his chest against this redhead’s back and now hugs his waist while he feverishly comments ‘‘It’s so tight inside you~ You gonna suck me out so quick, if you do that. Plee~ease just loose yourself and relax, ‘cos I’ll start to move.’’ and without second thought this Kusanagi begins to thrust his hips. Surely, it seems that this brunette was too much of enjoying himself that without hiding it, he starts to whine. More important, his hair were tickling Yagami’s neck and hearing how this Kusanagi already lost to the pleasure, only more aroused this redhead. As this brunette fastens his movement, Iori noticed how the older Kyo was left out while impatiently waits for his turn. So, despite being embraced by the younger brunette, he gives demands through the groans to his partner ‘‘Sit, y-you horny bastard…’’, however, it seems that he was ignored and while the other brunette observes him with a curiosity, this redhead gathers remaining strength and with his back pushes this brunette until he sits up. Surely, this Kyo was blushing so hard, but he asks in shakily and sweet voice ‘‘I-Iorin?’’, meanwhile Yagami addresses the older brunette while giving such a demanding look ‘‘Just come here already.’’. After nervously swallowing the saliva, this brunette crawls on his knees. Iori grabs the hemline of this brunette’s t-shirt and with one sudden move lifts it until reveals his chest, but it seems this Kusanagi finishes Yagami’s started work and undress himself. Now without saying a word, Iori places his arm behind this Kyo's back and brings him closely to him until their bodies press against each other. Once this redhead throws his arm over this Kusanagi’s shoulder, he looks back and while giving the passionate gaze, commands the younger Kyo ‘‘I didn’t tell you to stop moving.’’, this brunette just seductively smiles and after he places his hands on Iori’s hips, he continues to penetrate and soon enough returns to his formal rhythm. While Yagami leans against the older Kusanagi, he rests his head on this Kyo's shoulder. Of course, this redhead's feverish breathing and mewling only made the older brunette's situation in his lower regions worse. However, he felt how Iori’s hand started to rub his groan and after undoing the belt and opening the zipper, his hard-on dick was pulled out from his underwear. This redhead started to stroke this Kusanagi’s erection with such a rough and fast hand movement, making this Kyo gasp and let out soft moans. But despite being relieved by Yagami, he wanted to make Iori feel even more better. So, after throwing his one arm over Iori’s shoulder, with other he imitates this redhead’s hand movement. It seems that being surrounded and taken care by these Kyos nearly made this redhead nearly lose himself in ecstasy. Hell, these two were too much of enjoying themselves and their lewd whims and moans driven Iori crazy. Soon enough Yagami could feel how the younger brunette’s movement become faster as he was nearly on his limits while the other one was as well. So, this redhead starts to suck the neck of the older Kyo and nibble it while their hands movement become faster. Just a bit and three of them climaxed nearly on the same time. As the older brunette collapsed on his back, he took Iori with him while the younger one fell on his side. Apparently the younger Kyo lost his consciousness and was dozing out. It seems that the older brunette was right after all. However, Kyo wraps his arms around Yagami and refuses let him go. And thus a good time amount of time has passed and this redhead decides to get up, however, his effort was futile. This brunette keeps his arms around his partner and now starts to snuggle this redhead’s cheek. Even his sleepy gaze alone asked Iori to stay a bit longer. It can't be helped then, and as this redhead sighs, he just lies like this for a while. So, the rest of the world and shower can wait, because these two brunettes were by his side.
  21. Status: Complete Pairing: Iori Yagami x Kyo Kusanagi Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+ (PWP, Smut, Fluff and Smut, Porn with Feelings, Porn With Plot, Teasing, Love Bites, Nipple Play, Nipple Licking, Anal Fingering, Anal, Anal Sex, Cowgirl Position(I think?), Creampie, Reunion Sex) Summary: A month has passed since mysterious death of Kyo. However, on one rainy evening doctor Yagami finds a weak bat and later takes cares of it. The very little he knows that this bat isn't an ordinary and very connected to this brunette's disappearance. How? Read and find out. [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2020/10/10] A/N: Okay, since everyone were making Halloween Fics, Mina also decided to give it a go. Besides, I do like these KOFG Halloween costumes and the only small problem was that ye boi Shingo also got vampire's costume x'D( Sorry, but personally, I prefer to see him as werewolf, cos he is a good boi!~ and would be such a cute shiba-inu dog ^^) Otherwise, vampire!Kyo and doctor!Iori seem to be getting lot of attention and love on Twitter. So, got couple nice ideas from there. Well, aside this project was based on these costumes, I also liked the idea of of Vampire/Doctor thingy, plus years ago(I think back in 2014's) I read otome VN about the nurse, who took care of bat and later found out that this little bat was a vampire. So, it was up to the heroine whenever she will kill vampire or save him, maybe even becoming a vampire queen. *sigh* kinda wanted to see how this idea would play here. And from tags alone you can see the result xD A-anyway, enjoy! And thank you for reading. It was a middle of the fall. The air was already filled with melancholy as leaves were falling down dyed in golden and red tones. Along that even the sky cries more often and the cloudy weather becomes once again the part of routine, which nicely helps to sink into the sadness. One could say it perfectly suited for the season of autumn. However, on one rainy evening a certain redhead was heading back home after long day in local clinic. No, he didn’t came to visit anyone or even had anyone to visit in the first place!…or at least anymore. That’s right, it was a month passed since Kyo has passed away. However, even to this very day his death is still surrounded by a mystery. According to the rumors, his dead body was found in the morning in his room. More important, there were no traces of anyone breaking in, nor the sound coming from this Kusanagi’s room during the night. From the first glance, despite having a pale skin and a pair of red spots on his neck, he looked perfectly fine and like having a good slumber. Even a day before the funeral ceremony his corpse mysteriously vanished without any trace. Nevertheless, Yagami was too stubborn to accept this unexpected and unfortunate event. Hell, he was not only disappointed and mad at himself, but feels an emptiness deep inside like something was forcibly removed from his heart. More so, he still didn’t give up the hope that Kyo might be still alive. But the very little this redhead doctor knows what kind of encounter awaits him... Once Iori was near the door step of his apartment, all of sudden he heard a splashing noise like a small animal was flapping it’s wings and these pitiful squeaking noises. Surely, it got the attention of this redhead despise that he was already exhausted and just wanted to crash into the bed. After sighing, he checked the direction of this cry for help. It didn’t took long enough to notice a small bat struggling to get up. This little fellow was even more terrified when one certain redhead kneels down and tries to approach this creature. Poor bat even tried to escape yet it was too weak and could just flap it’s wings on the cold and wet ground. However, while Iori was holding the umbrella, he searched inside his gray coat’s pocket for a tissue. After finding a white tissue, he had to put dark blue color umbrella away, because that stupid bat was too much struggling and letting these cranky squeaking noises at him. Hell, it was helluva annoying to chase such a tiny creature like an idiot, but Yagami had a weird feeling that there was something about this bat that he can’t allow it to die on him. Besides, it would be more irritating to know that someone might let out their final scream on his door step. Good ten minutes passed~ After long chasing, Iori managed to catch this little creature by carefully wrapping into the tissue. Of course, both ended up soaking wet and that bat nearly bitten this redhead’s hands in the rescuing process, but it seems that finally it started to get tired from constant agitation and slowly gets calmer. Yagami only softens his gaze towards this creature and after he opens a bit his coat, he places this bat inside of it. After half hour this redhead was in his room along with tiny and unexpected guest. Nevertheless, he didn’t even bothered to change into dry clothes, just quickly removed his wet clothes and tossed them across the room. Later on, just putting a warmer bathrobe was more than enough for this redhead doctor. After all, he decided to leave this mess for tomorrow, there was simply more important things to worry about. So, for now, he just grabbed a smaller towel for this bat. When this bat was putted on working table, Yagami unwrapped it from cold and wet towel. Apparently, it was one of these microbats. Even so, this bat was bigger than any of it’s kind. Nevertheless, this little creature was lying on it’s back and starring at this man with it’s dark beady eyes while it’s tiny chest been moving rapidly. Probably it was too scared that could just lie in same spot and wait for it’s doom. However once this redhead placed his hand under this bat’s back, he slightly lifted it up until it was enough of space to place his another hand under the dry towel. Of course, this little fellow once again begins to squeak at him like saying ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Let me down, human!’, ‘I’m scared!’, it even started to move it’s wing to shake-off him and run away. Yagami addresses this nocturnal creature in irritated tone ‘‘Stay quiet. Like heck I want to harm you!’’ and now starts to gently dry this bat’s chest and stomach while comforting this bat ‘‘See? I only need to dry you, you stupid bat. So, calm down already.’’. Whenever it was because of this redhead’s demand or not, but this little bat stopped squeaking and just looked at him with such an innocent and asking gaze. Once he finished with current task, Yagami was about to go to the bathroom, he turned his head towards this bat ‘‘You better make sure that you’re staying here. Or else…’’. This little creature just rolls on it’s tummy and observes this foolish human with small squeaking noises like saying ‘Whatever, you stupid human. Let me just look around.’, now it slowly began to crawl on it’s four… It didn’t took long enough for this redhead show up with a new toothbrush, hoping that it wouldn’t be too rough for this lil creature’s fur. After all, maybe this little rascal might be too weak to broom it’s fur, or so thought Iori without paying too much attention while approaching the working table. However, his eyes widens and now he deeply exhales while slowly closes his eyes and shakes his head. As he face-palms, he tells himself in annoyed tone ‘‘Where did that stupid bat gone?…’’, once he puts the toothbrush on the table, he looks around. This redhead looked everywhere in his room - under the bed, around the working table, night-table, inside and around the closet. Not a single sign of this pesky guest! Nevertheless, Yagami was too exhausted for this and calls it a day. Just when he undoes the belt of the bathrobe and revealed his bare shoulders and chest, the squeaking noise returns him to this world. Once he turned towards the direction of this sound, he noticed that this bat was hanging in the corner of his room near his bed. He could swear that this little fellow was giving him a smug look and saying through it’s more cheerful squeaking ‘What is it with you, human? I bet you can’t reached me over there~’. However, instead of being provoked by the microbat, he just walks towards the light switch and turns off the light. After getting close to his bed, Iori completely removes the bathrobe and places it on the end of his bed. After he gets into the bed and cover himself with the blanket, he rolls on opposite side where was this bat and just closes his eyes. Surprisingly, this nocturnal creature felt upset at being ignored by this human. So, after a long pause of silence, this bat starts to squeak with a frustration in it’s voice like trying to say ‘Oi, human! Please, don’t ignore me. I was joking…So, wake up! I’m hungry too!~’. No answer or reaction aside that Yagami quietly murmurs something until he finally asleep. This vampire bat just silently observes and waits for this ignorant redhead to wake up, but it seems that it was a vain hope. So, it can’t be helped, that human has been warned earlier. And thus, this bat masterly lands on Yagami’s bed near his waist. After getting on it’s fours, this nocturnal creature lifts it’s head and sniffs. Surely, the scent of this human’s blood was so good, so, maybe he should be nutrient and tasty as well. A minute passed and now this bat sensed that the best spot should be around the neck and shoulder area. So, without waiting any longer, this small winged creature jumps on top of Iori’s side and now walks towards the shoulder area. Fortunately, this human is deeply asleep and doesn’t have even the slightest idea of becoming a prey of this bat. More important, he even didn’t bothered to cover his shoulders, so, it was pretty convenient too. Now in the beady eyes of this nocturnal creature sparks a joy as it was getting closer to the targeted spot. After getting near the nape of this redhead, the vampire bat opens it’s mouth, revealing it’s sharp fangs. Once it’s fangs quickly sinks into the nape and after making tiny couple red spots, this bat lifts it’s head and waits until the first drops of that sweet scented liquid shows up. This little bat sticks out it’s long pinkish tongue and begins to lick the fresh blood. Finally, after so many days this little fellow can have a normal food. Several minutes passed~ This nocturnal creature finished feasting on Yagami and now makes sure that the tiny wound of this man is clean. However, something off. This little bat gets alerted and panicking ‘Shit. Why this have to happen at time like this?’, and now it started to get surrounded by the thick mist, which spreads across the room. This little creature started to squeak loudly until it’s scream was cutted by silence. Even this redhead opens his eyes once felt something heavy by his side. Not to mention, this person’s arm was throw over his shoulders and his body was nearly pressed against his. Hell, was it a burglar, who somehow managed to sneak into his apartment?! If so, it may be also somekind pervert too, ‘cos that bastard doesn’t seem to wear anything at all! Shit…there was no time for panicking either! And thus, as Iori grits his teeth, he grabs the arm of this impostor and throws him over himself. Once this brunette was on his back, this redhead climbs on top of him. After Iori grabs both wrists of his opponent, he places this person’s hands above his head and takes a better look at this impostor. Surely, Yagami was shocked realizing that this fellow was like a perfect reflection of Kyo. However, why his skin was so pale? Why he has a pair of sharp fangs and glowing crimson eyes? Nevertheless, Iori wanted to know whenever this just a mere dream or this Kusanagi was really here and alive. More important, now he was like drawing closer this brunette, who just silently stared at him with such a innocent and impatient gaze. Yagami’s hand was carefully placed on Kyo’s cheek and now moves downwards his neck and collarbone. Strange, his skin felt unusually cold…However, this redhead wanted more proofs that this brunette was really here. Once Iori’s face leans closely to his, he slowly closes his eyes. However, all of sudden the white mist fills the room and once again this brunette was back into his bat form. Surely, it helped to return this redhead’s senses, but he was not really happy when he noticed the same bat in front of him and starring with these dark beady eyes. Of course, it was followed by Yagami’s face-palming. What a hell he was allowing himself?…just because Kyo was alive, he felt more than relieved. However, he blamed himself that’s not an excuse for loosing self-control. Nevertheless, after brushing his hair away, Iori just starred at this bat while wondering what happened to this Kusanagi and if there is a way to turn him back to normal. But for now, this little creature angrily squeaks at him and after jumping into the air, spreads it’s wings and returns it’s newly found place to chill out - the same corner where was next to this redhead’s bed. Meanwhile Yagami once again covers himself with the blanket, but this time facing this bat before falling asleep. The dawn of the new day~ This redhead lets out a silent groan as he was sitting up and stretching out. After he rubs his nape, he looks towards the side of this bat, which now seem to be sleeping on the curtains. At least this little mischief-maker would finally stays in the same spot without causing any problems. And thus, after getting up and putting a bathrobe, Yagami went to the bathroom. A good half hour has passed and once this redhead left the shower while drying his hair, he looked at himself in the mirror and now notices two small red spots near his nape. Surely, just when did that naughty little bastard managed to get a better sip? Anyway, hopefully, this stupid bat doesn’t have rabies, or so hoped Yagami as he left the bathroom. But then, he would need to get some food for this new resident. Gladly, getting blood bags shouldn’t be issue, if he would be careful enough in his job. Once he returned to his room, he was greeted with still asleep bat, but this time it found such a comfortable spot under the blanket, at least the morning sun wouldn’t reach this bat and it was so warm and nice there. Nevertheless, Iori quickly dresses up and before leaving his room one more last time checks how this little creature is doing. It was late evening when finally Yagami returns to his room. However, once he places a small plate on his working table, he begins looking for one certain bat. Luckily, it didn’t took long enough to find it. This little bat started to let out cheerful squeaking noises from above ‘Oh, you’re back! Finally…I was bored~ Aand what you got down there? Do you have something tasty for me?’ and now this nocturnal creature spreads it’s wings and gratefully lands on table near the plate. It seems that this little fellow impatiently stares at this redhead, who now unbuttons one button of his white shirt and picks something from his shirt. Apparently, it was a single blood bag. After Iori picks a thinner pen, which was on the table, he pierces the top of this blood bag and pours the dark crimson liquid to the plate until it was full. This bat only gave a curious look for this redhead like saying ‘Eh? Is this for me? Then, thank you for the meal!~’ and after it got close to the plate, this little fellow starts to lick the content of this plate. So, far there was nothing unusual about this micro-bat aside that it had good appetite and after good couple minutes it emptied the plate. The little fellow just turns it’s head to face Yagami and squeaks at him like saying ‘Hey, you think it gonna enough? I want some more!’. However, Iori sits back and observes this bat while speaks up in calm tone ‘‘What are you starring at? At least clean your face first…Just look at yourself - all bloody nose and mouth.’’ and after shaking his head, he pours another portion for his little companion. Portion after portion and it seems that this redhead began to wonder how all this given blood fits inside this little creature until it drank whole given bag. After this bat licks cleanly the given plate, it started to clean it’s face as well. Nevertheless, still no changes about this bat. Yagami just continues to wonder what caused yesterday that sudden transformation. In theory, after getting a bit of blood, this vampire bat should transform into Kyo yet nothing is happening. Was it not enough? It seems that either he would need to get more bags next time, either he could…No, there is no way that it is possible. Unless, he would give a try, or so doubted this redhead. After he stands up, Iori decides to leave the room and went to the kitchen to look for one certain item. Couple minutes passed~ Yagami returns with the sharp kitchen knife in his hand and now placed it on the table near the bat. Surely, even this little fellow didn’t had self-awareness and was just dozing out. Now this redhead takes this knife into his hand and brings his other hand closely to the tip of the blade. After taking a deep breath, Iori sinks the tip of the blade into his index finger and slightly cuts it until the first blood shows up. Once he putted knife away, he brought his bleeding finger closely to sleeping bat. It seems this little creature lifts it’s small head and it’s ears involuntary twitched to the sides. After this bat’s noses sensed a familiar scent, this nocturnal creature moved it’s head on downward on one side like showing honest curiosity about Yagami’s intentions. Nevertheless, the vampire bat sticks out it’s long tongue and starts to lick the wound. So far nothing different or no changes yet it kinda felt weird seeing how such tiny creature feeds on him. Several minutes has passed~ This bat has finished it’s meal and was just cleaning the tiny wound on this redhead’s finger. However, it seems that this bat started to let out these small squeaking noises until a white mist slowly spreads across the room. All of sudden something heavy lands on the floor. Eventually the mist disappeared and Iori could finally see a familiar brunette half lying on the floor and next to him. Although, this redhead’s theory was correct, he covered his face with his hand and shakes his head - Why this Kusanagi have to appear naked each time? Can’t he transform properly? However, this brunette asks him in irritated voice ‘‘Oi, you just gonna stare or what? Give me something to cover myself. Or did getting a master degree didn’t help you to get even a grain of brain, you idiot?’’. One thing for sure, that was definitely the Kyo he knew, the same arrogant trouble-maker despite being an excellent reputation medical student and the course mate of this redhead. This brunette only impatiently stares at this redhead, who stands up and walks towards the closet, and now follows him with his gaze. Nevertheless, he ignored this given gaze and just looked for more or less fitting clothes for such a unexpected guest. Certainly, he doesn’t really have anything fitting for this fellow, so, for now he picked a black tank top and pair of boxers. Once he returns with picked clothes, he jolts once he hears this brunette’s voice from behind ‘‘You’re done or not?’’. When Yagami turns back, he notices that Kyo was already sitting on his bed with his crossed legs and leaning forward. Of course, this redhead comments this Kusanagi’s posture in stricter tone ‘‘At least you could properly sit and wait. Why do you have act like this? ’’ and places on bed clothes. Kyo just gave him a smug look while dressing up, replying in nearly delightful tone ‘‘And what’s your point? Don’t tell me that someone got shy~ You know, I ain’t got anything different than you. So, you are making fuss out of nothing.’’. However, Yagami only sighs and sits next to him ‘‘Anyway, you own me lot of questions, Kyo. What happened to you and why did you disappeared?’’. This brunette’s face darkens after hearing this question and turned his gaze away from this redhead. However, Yagami asks him serious tone ‘‘Don’t dodge the question and answer me.’’, Kyo just lowered his gaze while replied in upset voice ‘‘Like I know either!...All I remember just leaving the window a bit opened to get some fresh air and then I was back to bed. Hell, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I felt how my entire body was paralyzed and then someone approaching me. I could barely see this person’s silhouette in the dark, so, I had no idea who can be and what it wants from me. I-I, my body didn’t listen to me and no matter how hard I tried to move myself, it was useless…’’. Now this brunette continued in concerned tone while he hung his head down ‘‘Of course, I tried to resist when that person climbed on top of me! but not even a single muscle of my body moved. However, when that bastard bitten into my neck…I wanted to throw that freak, but my own fucking body betrayed me! So, all I could feel how this person started to suck my blood before I lost my consciousness. All I remember waking up and that some old-lady tried to catch me with her enormous hand. She was so huuge and then chased me with enormous broomstick and tried to drive me away and yelled something like ‘this a sacred place’, ‘go away’, ‘you filthy rat’ and some not so nice words as well. I could swear, the world around me was so enormous! And I had no idea why or why I could run on my fours or even jump that high…Or at least until I saw my reflexion on the nearest glass surface.’’. Kyo just cracked a smile and shakes his head before looking directly to Yagami ‘‘You know, seeing yourself as a bat wasn’t the very pleasant experience. More so, how people treats you, if they see you like this. Well, it seems that only after couple days I noticed that I was surrounded by white mist and all of sudden I had my body back yet even if it was for brief moment. It seems that it was the first time when I somehow managed to return back to normal, even if later on, I felt so hungry and looked for better bite. Lastly, days later without realizing I ended up by your door step and the rest you know.’’. Surely, after listening to such a story, Iori was still in disbelief, however, it made more or less sense to him. Now he speaks up in calm tone ‘‘So, you were bitten by a vampire and then become one?…Knowing you, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true. It’s more unbelievable how you can attract the problems where there shouldn’t be…you stupid vampire.’’. This brunette only lifts one eye-brow and asks in irritated voice ‘‘Eh? Who are you calling a vampire, you idiot?’’. However, this where Kyo made a mistake. Once he noticed a suggestive look on Yagami’s face and his demand in deeper tone, he knew it won’t end well ‘‘Open your mouth and you’ll see why~’’. This redhead leans closely to this brunette and places his hands on Kyo’s cheeks, which now dyed in reddish color. He could just stare eyes wide-open and swallow his saliva when this redhead stares at him. Now Iori’s thumbs moves towards the corners of this Kusanagi’s lips and moves them inside his mouth. Of course, it was followed by this brunette slowly opening his mouth while he gives curious yet at same time shy gaze. Eventually a pair of sharp fangs shows up as well. This redhead comments in fascinated tone while removing his left hand and places it on this brunette’s shoulder ‘‘See? I knew that they would show up. It just needs some time~’’. Meanwhile he moves his index finger under Kyo’s tongue while placing thumb on top of it, now gently takes a bit out his tongue. Surely, this brunette even started to let out sweeter sighs in between. However, when his tongue was sticking out, this redhead removes his thumb and now this Kusanagi gives him a seductive look like saying ‘You know, two of us can play this game~’. He takes Iori’s wrist into his both hands and now starts to seductively lick this redhead’s index and middle fingers. All of sudden Iori could feel how his cheeks were burning when Kyo started to work out with his tongue and later skillfully with his mouth. He could swear that this Kusanagi’s shy look was already gone and replaced with blazing with passion gaze. Despite that, this brunette continued to suck and lick his fingers as it was a fine treat, even without missing a single spot. However, once this redhead accidentally lets a silent groan, he closes his eyes and suddenly with-draws his hand being taken care by this Kusanagi, who now gave him a feverish look while suggestively licks his lips. This redhead keeps his hand close to him while averts his gaze from Kyo, who now addresses him in seductive tone ‘‘I wanted to warn you what happens when you stick your head into the beast’s mouth~ But you didn’t listened.’’. Nevertheless, Iori didn’t wanted to give up to this vampire and now while he tries to sound chill, he orders ‘‘Just come closer before I changed my mind.’’. Surely, this brunette was curious what did this man was thinking when he spreads his legs open and after unbuttoning a few buttons of his shirt, he revealed his shoulder. However, this Kusanagi comes closely to him and after he climbs on top of this redhead’s lap, he throws his arms over Iori’s shoulders. As he clings into Yagami’s back, Kyo moves himself so closely until his chest was touching Iori’s. After he removes his one arm, this brunette honestly asks ‘‘What is it with you? Don’t tell me that you want to do it just after I returned back into this body…’’, but it seems that Yagami only objects in gentler tone ‘‘I just want to test one thing while your fangs are still there.’’. Kyo lifts his one eye-brow and replies in teasing tone ‘‘You know, I will bite you this time~ So, you have been warned.’’. Just before leaning his face to Iori’s neck, this brunette gives him a shyer look and asks in shaky voice ‘‘You sure that I can do it? ‘cos then I might lose my control.’’, however, instead of words, this redhead places his hand behind Kyo’s head and sinks his fingers into his scalp. Once he presses this brunette’s face against the between his neck and bare shoulder, he could sense his breathing against his skin. Once Iori removes his palm from his brunette’s head, Kyo places his one hand on this redhead’s shoulder while his other arm slides down and wraps around Yagami’s wait. All of sudden this redhead let’s a quiet moan once he felt how this brunette began to lick his neck. However, it was followed by him placing his hand on this Kusanagi’s lower back. Soon enough, he lets out sweeter groan once he felt how a pair of sharp fangs sinks into his neck. It didn’t helped that along feeling how something was inside of his body, Kyo’s rough breathing against his neck was slowly making him dizzy. Despite that Iori felt how slowly he was drained, but it strangely comforted him. After all, this Kusanagi was by his side. He was alive and safe - that was what truly mattered. Besides, Kyo was still same Kyo despite that even if he became into the legendary blood-thirsty monster. The only differences were only this brunette’s lower temperature, eventually showing up a pair of white fangs and maybe his bat form. But for now, this redhead becoming more and more drowsing with each moment. However, all of sudden he was fully awaken and on his senses once he felt how the same hand of this Kusanagi, which was on Yagami’s waist, now slides towards his groin area. Iori only widens his eyes as this brunette’s hand starts to rub this area and then undone his belt. This redhead just scolds his partner through the hoarseness ‘‘The heck you’re doing, you little perverted vampire?’’ and places his hand on Kyo’s forehead while tried to push him away. But seems that only later this brunette lifted his head and carefully cleans the still bleeding wound with his tongue. Surely, it only worsen Iori’s situation down here. In this case, he is already barely holding-off. Kyo just gives him annoyed yet strangely sleepy look while explaining in gentle voice ‘‘You seem to be a bit too stiff, so, I just wanted to lend you a hand dealing with that. It would have worked, if you have endured for a bit…After all, this is what I can do to reduce your pain~’’. Is this brunette on purposely tempting him? Now Iori places his both hands on Kyo’s shoulders and pushes him down on bed. This brunette didn’t even had time to react and now after Yagami climbs on the bed, he was on top of him. Hell, this redhead spreads this Kusanagi’s legs with his knee and rubs his lower regions. Even so, it was only the beginning. Iori begins to lick this brunette’s lips, where once were his fangs and now this Kusanagi felt how this redhead trying to get inside his mouth. So, as soon as he opens it, he begins to shiver as his partner begins to explore every centimeter of his mouth. However, this brunette closes his eyes and without wanting to give up, he imitates this movement while trying to catch a breath in between. In the end, Yagami placed his hand under Kyo’s jaw and with-draws his face while was observing this brunette. This Kusanagi was still dazed and still deeply breathing while his face was dyed in lovely red. Iori only comments such a view in aroused tone ‘‘It seems that you can still feel this. So, let’s find out whenever anything has changed.’’. After he slides his hand under Kyo’s tank top, he reveals this vampire’s abs and chest. He just simply couldn’t remove his gaze - finally, this Kusanagi once again belongs to him. However, now he have to make sure whenever this brunette’s body still recognizes him. So, after he leans closely to Kyo’s neck, he bites near the collarbone. It was followed by this younger male’s sudden gasp and arching his chest into air. However, now this redhead begins to suck his neck. Surely, this brunette asks in shy voice ‘‘W-what a hell you’re doing?’’, but Yagami only starred at him with delightful look while answering in amorous voice ‘‘It’s nothing different from what you did earlier~’’. After that, he marked around this brunette’s chest with red spots and bite-marks. Kyo just lets cute purring noises when this redhead begins to suck one of his nipples. Now Yagami even more intensifies this sweet torture by nibbling and licking while he gently pinched and twisted the other nipple. Of course, it was much and Kyo could barely endure without starting to puff and soon enough to mewl. There was no way to he would let this man hear this, so, this brunette covers his mouth with his arm. Even so, Iori was enjoying his partner’s reactions. All this brunette could do is blissfully close his eyes while being under such a care. However, when this redhead finishes to tease this Kusanagi’s nipples, he went downwards by kissing down his abs, waist until reaching the line of underwear - he made sure that he didn’t missed any spot. However, now Kyo lifts his head and once he notices how Iori is trying to remove his underwear by using his teeth, this brunette just slightly frowns and lifts his bottom to help this struggling idiot while murmuring ‘‘You just needed to ask, not only tear apart clothes…’’, but Iori just chuckles and finishes his started task. Finally, this Kusanagi was perfectly exposed to Yagami without having anything to hide. This brunette only rolled on his side and just impatiently stares while resting his head on elbow. Meanwhile Iori completely removed his shirt and after he leaves the bed, he looks for something inside the night-table. Of course, Kyo teases this redhead ‘‘You know, you’re looking for too long, how about I’ll turn into a bat? That should teach you a lesson~’’. Without looking back Yagami replies ‘‘Just try and tomorrow I’ll visit nearest pet shop and you’ll sit in your new bat cage.’’. This Kusanagi just chuckles and while this man returns with small tube in his hand, he continues to tease him ‘‘And you gonna stay with such a raging boner until then? Good luck~ ‘Cos thanks for my newly learn ability, I can sense where most of the blood rushes to.’’. However, Iori ignored this big talk while opening the tube and pours good amount of thick transparent liquid on his palm. Without any further command, Kyo gets on his stomach and shoves his bottom to the air. It was embarrassing position, but at least he always gets prepared soon and with no problems. Yagami just leans kneels closely to this brunette and places his hand on his partner’s back while with couple well-lubed fingers slips inside this Kusanagi. The shivers were send down Kyo’s spine as he felt familiar coldness and slipperiness inside him. This brunette only lets quiet groans as this man’s fingers began to move. It seems that once again Iori was teasing him by on purposely missing his special spot and only rarely hitting it. This brunette just hoarsely breathes while covering his face in the pillow as Yagami moves his fingers and more often touching his prostate. He knew that his face was already burning in dark red and he couldn’t stop letting these sweeter groans and meowing noises, but he already become hard on just from fingering. Just a little bit more and he would be at his limit. However, as this Kusanagi’s ring-muscle loosens, Iori removes his fingers and Kyo heard a sound of undone zipper and rustling clothing. This brunette just swallowed his saliva and prepared for the incoming. Once the tip of this redhead’s staff enters inside, Kyo could barely hold his voice and lets louder moan. However, before Yagami enters any deeper, this brunette suddenly objects ‘‘W-wait. Could you remove it?’’ and now while giving an embarrassed look on his face, he suggests in nearly shaky voice ‘‘I have better idea. So, pull it out…’’. No matter how much Yagami was not happy, but whatever this perverted vampire think-off, it’s better be worth, or so, this what thought to himself Iori while pulled out his weeping arousal. This Kusanagi just sits on his knees and now while averting his gaze asks in embarrassed tone ‘‘Lie on your back, got it? You’ll see why…’’. This redhead didn’t even objected and did as this brunette asked. Now Kyo climbs on top of him and takes this man’s dick into his hand and brings closer to his entrance. Just before doing anything, this Kusanagi warns while giving an embarrassed look ‘‘Just don’t try anything funny, got it?’’. Finally, Kyo starts slowly lowering his hips while Iori’s staff was getting deeply inside him. This brunette was deeply breathing until his buttocks touches the abdomen of this redhead. Now he places his both hands on this redhead’s stomach while trying to keep his balance. However, just before this Kusanagi about to give a command, Yagami starts to move lower side. A sweeter moan escapes from this brunette’s mouth as Iori moves, but Kyo knew - he to move his hips as well. As he moved his hips up and down, this brunette couldn’t keep his voice down, however observing how Iori struggles and lets these groans was worth it. Even so, Yagami tries to sit up by pushing himself with his elbows in between rhythmic movement. When Kyo’s eyes follows this redhead, he calls his name through moans ‘‘I-Iori?..Aaagh~…’’. This brunette was still keeping the movement, however, now he thrown his arms over Yagami’s shoulders and clings into his back. His body was pressed Iori’s and that only makes this Kusanagi lose himself into the pleasure. However, even Yagami eventually cannot control his voice anymore and lets louder groans and even tiny moans. Soon he was close to his limits, however, now he begins stroke Kyo’s dick and faster penetrates him. This brunette was sunken into the pleasure and calling out Iori’s name until both reached the climax. This Kusanagi only arches back while his fangs shows up. He could feel how this redhead’s hot semen fills him while his seed shots over Iori’s stomach and chest. Soon Yagami collapses with Kyo on bed. This Kusanagi just simply rests on this man while trying to regain his breath. It seems that Iori didn’t minded to stay like this for awhile. However, if there wasn’t for one little problem - he was still hard and Kyo was nearly asleep. After making sure that he was on top of this Kusanagi, he pulls out his member from this brunette’s entrance. The white and thick fluid was gushing out through this brunette’s ring muscle. Kyo lets out purring like sounds when Yagami leaves him, but once he noticed still rising this man’s arousal, he sighs and comments in teasing tone ‘‘It seems someone can’t get enough of me…Come ooon~ There is shower room for this!~’’. This brunette thought that he get rid-off this pesky redhead when he left the bed, but how wrong this Kusanagi was… Yagami bends down closely to his partner and once he places his arms under Kyo, he takes him as a princess into his arms. Of course, this brunette blushes hard and indignant tone scolds him ‘‘You horny bastard…You better put me down or else you gonna get!-’’, he couldn’t finish the sentence and this redhead teases him ‘‘And what? Besides, on brighter side, you will finally get washed. So, don’t struggle now.’’. Surely, no matter how much he wanted to complain being carried like this, but this time this vampire decided to let this through his fingers.
  22. Status: Completed Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+ (for chapter 2) Summary: [A sequel to Eh? Ah, Sou] After a long day, Yagami brought unconscious Kyo to his apartment and takes cares after him. It seems that this redhead is not so happy that before only Kyo was enjoying himself. So, as the new day rises, Iori going to take his revenge. [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2020/05/06] Chapter 1 When one certain redhead was inside his apartment, he carried Kyo like a sleeping princess in his arms to the bedroom. Apparently, now he looks finally calmed down and just dozing out. That’s not fair, this stupid brat was the only one, who was enjoying by himself before passing out, or so thought Iori while he laid Kyo on bed. After removing the medical coat, which covers this brunette, he sits on bed and leaned closer to this asleep Kusanagi and pinned his hands above his head. However, he remain silently starring at this brunette. Despite Kyo looking so lewd - having his uniform and shirt opened and revealing his bare chest, which rhythmically lifts as he breaths, unzipped pants, which suppose to hide his underwear - but his face…he looked so innocent and pure when he sleeps. It didn’t helped that now this brunette’s lips slowly opens apart - that was like a unintentional invitation! Hell, how does this Kusanagi heir manage to be like this? Right now he was like a perfect prey to violate him as slow and hard as possible until his will and mind will be completely destroyed… Of course, even someone as Yagami would never use as advantage a drunken or asleep person to relieve his own petite desires. There is no use of having a broken toy, it was as simple as that. Besides, right now he can’t leave Kyo like this - he needs to have a wash and change his clothes. Like heck, this redhead can leave his partner in mess, being all sticky and wet! Before doing anything else, this redhead went to check in drawers for fresh pair of underwear and picks a first one on sight. After that, scanning inside his closet, Iori picks a gray t-shirt and places these clothes next to this Kusanagi. Certainly, it should do perfectly fine for tonight. With this in mind, Yagami went to bathroom to get some towels and wet sponge. Couple minutes has passed and Iori returns with the goods. After that, he begins to undress this brunette. Once he finished with the top side, Iori’s hands grabs the waistline of pants and underwear and while lifting Kyo’s bottom, he removes these pieces of clothing with one movement. Now this redhead takes sponge into his hands and begins with washing this brunette’s chest. Yagami only sighs as he notices his left mark on this Kusanagi’s right side of collar bone. It seems that soon it would disappear, however, some of these red spots on his chest and waist were recent. So, for awhile this redhead doesn’t need to worry. Despite that Kyo wasn’t too happy and just simply been embarrassed week ago when Iori left near on his neck well visible bite mark, nevertheless, it was amusing to watch how this brunette discovered this mark when he checked the bathroom’s mirror. In any case, after finishing with the top part of this brunette’s body, Yagami wets sponge before moving to southern regions and legs. That’s right, taking care of this brunette gradually become like an ordinary ritual. Besides, it’s not the first time seeing him naked, more so, washing him down after having more private time become unavoidable part of routine. Hell, if Kyo passes out, let him be being more submissive or taking the lead, then he would doze out much longer than Iori. There was nearly no difference as taking care of kitten, who cannot clean after himself yet or just doing on without realization by seeking for constant attention. And thus, it become a natural habit to look up after this brunette. Once Yagami finished up with proper body wash and drying, he stumbles with the most annoying part - dressing up. No matter how it sounded bothering, but it was necessary. Besides, no matter how this redhead struggles to admit, but there is some sort of charm when this Kusanagi wears his clothes. Perhaps being surrounded by such a warmth given by this redhead meant that Kyo belonged to him. This and all over the body left bite-marks are like a magic seal which making sure that no one would ever dare to snatch this brunette from him. In any case, after putting clothes for Kyo, Yagami left him to rest and then decide what to do with him. Couple hours has passed. Finally Kyo starts to waking up. After stretching out, he looks around and notices that he is in familiar room. How long did he sleep? It certainly looked dark outside. Plus, now taking a better look at himself, he notices that he was wearing a different outfit. "That idiot..." or so murmured Kyo while he was getting out of bed. It can't be helped then, he needs to change into his uniform and return home. And thus, this brunette left the bedroom. While stretching out Kyo enters the kitchen, where he finds Iori leaning back against counter and chilling out with mug of hot coffee. It seems that he get rid-off of that cheap doctor’s cosplay and finally wearing more or less casual clothes. However, now this brunette sighs and when he placed his hands on his lower back, he addresses his partner ‘‘Hey, enough of drinking that stuff already. Where is my clothes? ‘Cos tomorrow I have an important test and I need to prepare for it, you know~’’. Yagami just snorts at such a greeting and now replies in teasing tone while sipping coffee ‘‘On your day-off? You studying? Don’t make me laugh. And your clothes still in wash until morning.’’. Of course, this Kusanagi didn’t hide his irritation on his face and now he approached Iori and after placing his hands on counter, he cornered this redhead. Yagami remained cool and placed mug further away. Nevertheless, he enjoyed to observe Kyo’s attempt to pin him. This brunette just leans closely and spreads this redhead’s legs with his knee. He stares at this fearsome man and impatiently waits for his reaction. Iori only chuckles yet this brunette didn’t wanted to give up and now he cracks a smile and says in more daring tone ‘‘Hoo~ So, you simply can’t get enough of me, ain’t ya? You better be glad, cos I don’t have any big plans, otherwise, I would finish you right here, right now. Just as a little payback for earlier~’’. Even so, this brunette now sweetly gasped at unpredictable gesture of Yagami. That’s right, his hand silently escapes and slides down to Kyo’s buttocks and squeeze one of the cheeks. Despite how this brunette turn his gaze away and blushed afterwards, Iori’s voice made him look back and listen how this redhead mocks him ‘‘Then you rather prefer to be left dozing out in nurse’s office after playing with yourself? To think of, that one of best students is being discovered by slacking off just to try a new toy…’’ however, Yagami began to rub Kyo’s bottom and making this brunette cheeks dye in darker red. Even so, this redhead continues in deeper tone ‘‘But it seems that you were enjoying more than usual. Is it because you were excited about being caught by anyone and revealing your true nature? Then…’’. After he sadistically smiles, Iori tells is verdict ‘‘Listen, this time I’ll go easy on you. However, be prepared for tomorrow, so for now rest while you can.’’. As a finisher, this redhead booty-slaps this Kusanagi, however, instead of showing his indignation, Kyo with-draws and playfully replies ‘‘Is that so? Don’t you think I would give up so easily, you horny devil. So, make sure it’s not empty talk and prepare to beg for mercy.’’ and with that he leaves the kitchen. And thus, a new day rises~ Once Kyo get’s up, he notices that once again a certain idiot was missing. In any case, he decided to take a shower and change into better clothes. However, while he was scanning inside closet, something caught his attention. Apparently, there was not so small box inside. Of course, it peaked this brunette’s curiosity and he carefully picked it. When he placed the box with mysterious content on bed, he just tries to imagine what could it be - a new clothes, some accessory or something else. Without any further hesitation, this brunette opens the box and now had a questionable look on his face. This brunette takes a deep breath and exhales as he studies the box’s content. What a hell is this? Is Yagami out of his mind? Or so, this what asked Kyo himself. Right now this Kusanagi picks a set of black cat ears and a fluffy cat tail. Strange…that tail has no strings to attach it for wearing, but it had a thick silicone tip, which for some reason made this brunette nervously swallow saliva. Of course, he may figured out where it goes, but he hoped that maybe it was some kind of mistake or Yagami got it by accident and just planned to return them. In any case, he needs to find that idiot and beat answers out of him. After throwing these items back to box, he left the room. It seems that this time this redhead was just chilling out on couch after breakfast. There was no better chance to surprisingly attack this idiot, though Kyo while silently sneaking closer behind the couch. Is this moron even realize that he was slowly approaching him? Though Kyo. After successful stealth mission, he reached his target and this brunette covers Yagami’s eyes with his palms. Of course, this redhead just sighs and smiles. When he places his hand on top of Kyo’s, he says ‘‘You sneaky cat, what did you think this time?’’, however, this brunette playfully asks ‘‘Guess who?’’. Iori just answers ‘‘Of course, it’s one pesky idiot, who tests my patience~. So, what do want or are you ready to face your doom?’’. Even so, this Kusanagi does not give up and after cracking a smile replies in a bit more demanding tone ‘‘Come on, just guess it.’’ Yagami only sighs and jokingly answers ‘‘ Then I’m gonna use a ‘call’ option- ’’ and quickly interrupts this Kusanagi, who now slightly harder presses his hands ‘‘There is no ‘call’ option, idiot~ ’’. Now this redhead says in irritated tone ‘‘You gonna scope my eyes, if you do that…Besides, stop playing around.’’. Kyo does not give up and fights back ‘‘Is that so? Then let’s see how far it goes. I bet my disciple’s life that you don’t have even the slightest idea who is behind you~. So, what do you bet?’’. After this redhead crosses his arms, he indifferently replies ‘‘Then you basically putting nothing on, huh?’’, this brunette surely felt like being hitted into the right spot and he was not so glad about it. Despite that, when he about to say anything further, Iori grabbed his arms and now drags Kyo on the couch. Fortunately, this Kusanagi landed safely and resting on his back. More so, he was lying across this redhead’s knees. Of course, this brunette’s embarrassment, which followed by him frowning and indignantly scolding his partner ‘‘What a hell is that all about?! Did you want to kill me, idiot?’’, however, Yagami just gives him a smug smile and pretends like innocent ‘‘Oh~…So, it was Kyo, after all. I was keep wondering what kind of rascal and small animal was behind me.’’. While this Kusanagi tries to regain his coolness, he asks ‘‘Speaking of which, today I found a set of cat ears and tail in your closet. What are you planning this time? Don’t tell me that you gonna terrorize people with your weird costumes again…Besides, jokes on you! I checked - that tail is defected and has no strings, therefore, you can’t attach it anywhere~ How you gonna wear that? Hmm?’’. Once again this redhead was one step ahead this not so clever lad and now says ‘‘Who said it’s for me? However, how about we test it and see whenever it is truly broken or not? ’’ after shocking revelation, Kyo just widens his eyes and gulps - he knew that he was already screwed so badly and now he nervously replies ‘‘ What do you mean by that? You’re joking, right? There is no way I would wear it! More so, just think about how that would look…’’. However, Yagami confidentially confesses ‘‘I was planning to put it into good use yesterday, if some selfish little pervert didn’t pass out. So, you should be more than willing to give a proper compensation. ’’, this Kusanagi only backfires ‘‘It’s not my fault that someone is too horny and can’t deal with it. There is a bathroom or tissues for that, you now~’’. Iori strictly replies ‘‘I’ll give two choices - do you wanna get carried? Or do you prefer walking on your own? It’s up to you.’’. It seems that Kyo understood that he might be not so lucky and even so, he ask ‘‘Oi, what is it with you?-’’. This redhead carefully stands up and after bending down, he picks this Kusanagi and throws him over the shoulder. Now there was only one destination point where this brunette was carried.
  23. Status: Complete Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami Rating: 18+, PWP, Smut (for 2nd chapter) Summary: A 2 part set for this year Valentine's day (2020/02/14) Including two well-know dorks causing mayhem as usual: 1) Cooking hour fts. Kyo. It seems that Kyo took challenge which is might be the most difficult of ever encountered - cooking. Yet with no experience he tries to impress one fellow redhead. Will he succeed? the outcome is surprising... 2) Unexpected Message. Iori left home for another rock concert tour. However, he finds a way how to entertain this brunette during lonely evenings. [This part was inspired by small gif from one artist on Twitter] Chapter 1. Cooking hour fts. Kyo Heck, it was boring as hell! Nothing to do and it was boring being left all alone, that stupid Yagami… or so, with these kind of thoughts this brunette crashed into bed. That’s right, this redhead went on another rock concert tour and, of course, no matter how Kyo insisted, but he wasn’t taken together. According this redhead, Kyo was left responsible for the house during his absence. It may sounded okay if it wasn't for couple tiny little details - this brunette is responsible for the house-choires plus, he have to prepare food by himself! It is still surprising how after incident in the kitchen with boiling oil, he can be trusted with gas stove. That's right, couple months ago this brunette wanted to prove that he can also prepare something nice as well. So, after such a declaration, even this redhead knew it won't end well yet he naively believed - maybe this idiot at least knows the basics and could make the simplest dishes. If anything, there are a lot of receipts step by step either in books, either on internet. In any case, this Kusanagi can educate himself for a once in awhile, or so believed Yagami. On same evening~ After Kyo finished tying up the knot of navy-blue apron, he began to prepare all needed products. Tonight he decided to go with roasted chicken - it didn’t sounded too complicated for someone who had a bare minimum of experience yet it would be enough to make this redhead at awe. Hmph, so, Yagami better be enjoying and asking for more, or so, already hoped this brunette. With smug look on his face, Kyo began to peel potatoes. So far, so good~ in this case, this idiot gonna be addicted to my master class - he though until accidentally cuts his finger. Now he had to think fast. Heck, where is a plaster? Damn, he cannot let Yagami see that. Nope, he can do it by himself. After searching in all drawers, he was lucky to find a couple of them, but now he had to quickly rush to sink and at least wash such a terrible wound. It was just tiny cut, but it was bleeding a lot! When he finished it, he wrapped around plaster on his finger. Hopefully, this going to be a last incident. When he done with potatoes and cutting them into pieces, it was time to pour good amount of oil into frying pan. According the receipt, while potatoes were frying, he would have enough time to prepare chicken. Of course, he could pick fillet, but it was still a bit too much for his pocket, so, he had to pick an alternative - chicken quarters. Well, at least they are not just a skin and bones like chicken wings. But for now, firstly, he has to deal with garlic. Now this brunette encountered the one of biggest problems - it's so annoying to peel them! After peeling first layer it seems that one garlic head had at least eight pieces and even they are small and hard to peel. Kyo was already irritated by such a work. Even so, then these garlic pieces need to be sliced as well. If he knew that takes so much effort, he would rather throw it at Yagami or better - shove these pieces up to his nose. Yup, for prophylactic purposes, 'cos why not? Or said to himself Kyo while cursing this innocent spice. After somehow managing with this task, it was time for the chicken. When this brunette washed the chicken under the luke-warm stream under the tap, he was getting closer to the end. According the receipt, now all he left to do is deeply cut the meat and add cutted halves or thirds pieces of garlic. Well, it may easier to say rather than to do. That meat cannot stay on same spot while being cut! This brunette pressed poor chicken quarter harder against the cutting board by his palm yet now the skin of this chicken began to slide down. Why this chicken have to be such a mischieve-maker? Or this how he ranted for himself while now trying to pull up that skin again and cutting it down with meat. Somehow after a hard won fight, Kyo finished this struggling with other chicken quarters. However, he smelled something starting to burn and now he remember about potatoes. So, he left the tortured meat alone and flipped over the potatoes. It was close enough to burning them down and he didn’t expected that he would take that long with the chicken. Anyway, it was a pure luck that he didn’t burned down the potatoes. Once again he return to finish the started business. It seems that now all he left to do is insert cutted garlic into these made couple cuts for each chicken quarters and now he just added for finishing touch - salt, pepper and bay leaf powder. After rubbing spices all over these quarters, he placed them in bigger bowl and carried towards the frying pan. Finally, now he takes one prepared quarter into his hand and placed in frying pan. Everything so far was fine - Kyo carefully placed three quarters inside frying. The tiny bouncing oil droplets began briefly harass this brunette's hands yet he just patiently closed his eyes. Big deal...and even these small bastards want to piss him off - murmured Kyo. At least now all he left to do is flipping over the chicken and potatoes time from time and just wait until it cooked. However, how come his partner didn't checked on him? Not even once during this whole time. Was he asleep or went somewhere? Well, whatever...This brunette already feels so proud even before accomplishing a thing. That’s right, he can clearly imagine how he would leave the kitchen like a master chief with apron on and carrying the plate with roasted chicken under iron lid on one hand. Plus now so delightfully approaching Yagami, removing the lid in front of him and letting to smell the aroma of home-made meal. However, once he would try to have it, Kyo would lift the plate up and say ‘Oh no, you won’t~ it’s too good for you’. So, only after Yagami would get upset, he would say something comforting as ‘Fiiine~ Just because I’m such a nice person.’. While day-dreaming like this, Kyo picks couple of forks to flip over his dish. However, after lifting one quarter of chicken, suddenly the hot oil aggressively shoots at his arm. Right now this brunette grabs the harmed hand, making him gasp loudly. Yet after the same piece of meat was dropped it, the oil has splashed again making him instinctively with-draw. ‘‘You little!-’’ and now he accidentally slips and fell on the floor. Fortunately, he landed on his bottom yet now slowly crouches toward the drawer where all lids. Once he opens it and tries to get a random lid, all of lids began to fell down and causing loud banging noise. At least now he has the shield against the oil. Besides, later on, he would clean up this mess, so, with that in mind he now was hiding behind the lid. He knew that he needs to flip over the meat, but once he tries with fork, it shoots at him the oil. Without noticing the spilled oil, this Kusanagi nearly trips over again. Damn, what to do?… He kneels down and uses the lid as shied. Hopefully, that nasty oil will calm down. Meanwhile one certain redhead was chilling out on couch until he heard a loud banging noise, which was followed by this brunette ranting. Yagami just wondered what could possibly happened and decided to how his partner was doing. While having his hands in pocket, he enters into the kitchen like it would be nothing. ‘‘Just leave him alone for a second alone…’’ this redhead murmurs. However, now after noticing what happened he simply face-palms. While he shakes his head, he cannot believe what kind of battlefield he would find. While Kyo was on his knees, he shields his face and elbows behind the lid of frying pan. It seems that the deadliest foe was heated frying pan with boiling oil. This redhead tried his best for not loosing the patience. Yet he deeply exhales and quickly turns off the gas stove and only then checks the fallen soul of this fight. Yagami just silently bends down to face Kyo and just stares at him without saying anything. Finally, this brunette removes the lid and after giving a questioning look frowns ‘‘What are you starring at? That thing started first!’’. However, once this redhead notices an injured hand of his partner, he sighs and prompts Kyo to stand up ‘‘Let’s go.’’ yet this brunette objects ‘‘But what about-?’’. Iori now gently presses both his hands against Kyo’s cheeks and in irritated tone replies ‘‘It can wait for longer. First, let’s get you treated, you fool.’’. Yagami just observed this idiot in front him yet he cannot scold him, because at least he tried to do something without any complaining. Even so, he continued "You dumb sandwich.." and now this redhead ruffled the hair of this brunette and helped him to stand up. Later on, he would finish himself the cooking. However, despise that it was too salted and potatoes were soaked in oil, he didn’t minded. Heck, he has to admit - Kyo has at least a potential in this field yet he needs lot of practice.
  24. Status: Complete Pairing: Kyo x Iori, Iori x Kyo Characters: Iori Yagami, Vice, Mature, Shermie, Kyo Kusanagi Summary: Yagami team decides to have a game of poker. However, they made a bet - the loser has to do anything what winner says for whole 24 hours. [This was written for 2020/03/25 a.k.a. Yagami's B-day] [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2020/03/25] [Author's note from AO3: Okay, today we have a very special day ^^ That's right, it's Yagami's birthday! Yet while other contributing by cute, nice or cool art, various kind of one-stands, Mina just slams - Vice and Mature are mean to Yagami vol.1 x'D. Well, why this? The answer is simple - saving vampire!Kyo's life in recent chapters costed preparing a proper project for this day. However, it's no secret that I always having fun with Yagami team no matter which - 95 one, tragic one a.k.a. XI one TT(Ye boi Shingo did not deserve this at all! TT) and of course, the very first one - 96 one ^^ I just loved to gracefully slash opponents with Mature and Vice and they are just too cool and adorable in general (they do deserve more love and attention! T^T) Plus, Shermie was so nice and adorable no matter what as well ^^ along with her sense of fashion. Anyway, all of Hakkesshu ladies are queens! (you can't change this stubborn mind xD) Anyway, this project was originally written couple years ago and was part of Custom Team Bizarre Adventure ^^ Yet it was written with bare minimum knowledge of 96 and 97 back in the day - -' Yet not sure, how this time turned out these mentioned Hakkesshu ladies, I never written them before, but in this project had fun with it ^^ Plus, it was written before I learned that Miss X was an actual thing! Of course, I was surprised, but also glad SNK is so open-minded to this kind of thing ^^ After all, it doesn't matter what Yagami wears or whenever it's even Bliss version or any other (yes, maybe even the bootleg Dante one from Maximum Impact), but one thing for sure - Kyo surely accepts all kind of Yagamis , cos Yagami is Yagami no matter what. The only thing, which is matters rn is for him having a good day being surrounded by the bunch of kittens ^^( So, where is the catnip and milk?) It seems not so many people know about one of the most embarrassing event in Iori’s life. It was probably the worst day in his life and maybe it was better just mind his own business and ignore his two ‘lovely’ teammates. Even if that happen about year ago, it’s still serve as good reminder to not acting too cocky or arrogant. However, maybe it was a lesson for never agreeing with these devilish women to do weird bets ever again. Heck, just let him even once encounter one of these Hakkesshus and he might be not responsible for his further actions. No god or devil would stop him - or so told himself this redhead before crashing into bed and dozing out until afternoon. That right, it started like any normal day, but today for having a variety Yagami’s team decided to have a game of poker. At least that would help to kill some time and relax for a bit. He was so confident and happy, because finally he could wipe out that smug smile out of his teammates. While this redhead shuffles the cards, he boasts how he is unbeatable in this game and would not show any mercy to anyone who challenges him. However, it seems that these ladies weren’t too happy about this arrogant behavior and now Mature fixed her hair and replied ‘‘You sure have a lot of guts to talk like this, Yagami. Just make sure that it’s not just an empty talk.’’ and now Vice approaches her blonde friend from behind and after placing her both hands on Mature’s shoulder leans forward. Then she smirks and adds in jaunty tone ‘‘Yeah, if you claim to be so unbeatable, then how about let’s make this game more interesting~’’. When this dark haired woman turns her look towards the blonde ‘‘Right, Mature? ’’ and this Hakkesshu replies in agreeable tone ‘‘Sure.~’’. Right now both exchanged with suspicious smiles. This redhead swore that he could feel the menacing aura around these cunning women and whatever they both up to, it won’t end well. Despite that Yagami met them not so long time ago, but he already learned - when these ‘lovely’ ladies team up, you can prepare for the trouble. Unfortunately, the only victim of their wrath was Iori. So, for now, he wanted at least to prepare for the worst. After he rolls his eyes, he addresses Mature and Vice in irritated voice ‘‘What are you plotting this time?’’ this time adding in mocking tone ‘‘Or you two already shaking, ‘cos you know that you have no chance against me? Huh?’’. However, both ladies frown at such a challenging speech from their captain and now Vice fights-back with scolding ‘‘Whoa! At least finish to listen when someone is talking, you idiot. ’’ and now she gave an intimidating and harsh gaze towards Iori. After brief pause, Mature speaks up ‘‘Or a term like ‘good manners’ does not say anything to you? What we meant is how about let’s make a little bet, which could make this game more interesting. If you claim that you are unbeatable, then you don’t need to worry about anything. So, how about it? If any of us win, you must to be a good boy and take any order from us for whole day without even the slightest complain or whim.’’. Even so, this redhead lifted his eye-brow and rudely interrupted ‘‘And if I win?’’. It seems this redhead started to get on the blonde’s nerves, but she replies as calm as she could ‘‘Even if you were lucky enough, then we would humble accept our defeat and listen to your demands for the same time period.’’. All of sudden Yagami never felt so satisfied as he was already claimed his victory to these ladies. Now he slowly rises his hand and point his finger at these Hakkesshu women with such a threatening ‘‘You better do not forget your words, because that day would be a living hell for you two…I’ll make you pay for every caused problem. So, you can be prepare for the lines like ‘Yes, Master Iori’ , ‘as you wish, Master’ . *sigh* Do I have to explain what you should already know when you wanted to challenge me?’’. However, such a intimidating speech didn’t affected these cuties and Vice indifferently replied ‘‘Just give us the cards, you lousy brat.’’. And so, the fateful match of poker begins. It seems that at the beginning the luck was Yagami's side. Nevertheless, it was already clear as day - he going to win. So, this redhead was already planning what kind of miserable fate await for his team mates. These stupid hens going to regret to every single moment since they met him. However, something went wrong. Apparently, that strike of luck was broken and the fortune began to leave Yagami’s side. Unfortunately, he started to get more and more often the worthless cards. Soon, even Iori’s well known poker-face started to crack and it didn’t help him at all. Of course, this reaction amused these Hakkesshu women and now it looked like these two starring at him like two vipers, which cornered their prey. Along that malicious given gaze, Mature began to taunt her opponent ‘‘What’s the matter, Yagami? We thought that it’s suppose to be an easy victory for the king of this game, but it was only a big talk~ Just show your cards and let’s finish this.’’. There was nothing worse for Iori than being defeated yet he has to accept his fate. After biting his lower lip, he slammed innocent cards on table and his cards been revealed. Finally these adorable ladies shown their cards. Even so, the evil laugh of Vice was like added salt on Yagami’s wounds ‘‘Ohohoho!~ Who knew, it would turn like this~’’, who now continued with a smug smile on her face ‘‘It was already clear that you are ten year too early to be even small inch to compete with us. So, like it is promised, starting tomorrow, you must do anything that I or Mature will say, got it? For today, you should rest, because it’s going to be pretty long day~’’ and by those words Yagami knew this is not going to end well, but soon he will find out what those two lovely ladies prepared for him. Later, in the evening, Vice and Mature were preparing for their plan for tomorrow. It seems that these Hakkesshus been searching throughly in the closet and drawers for some very specific items. While the blonde woman check in closet, she frowns and ask her teammate ‘‘Hey, Vice, you know, that there is no way these would fit him…What should we do?~’’. As this dark haired woman carefully looks inside the drawers, she answers in careless tone ‘‘Oh, about that… don’t worry. I already know the right person who would be willing to help us at this hour and it would be a great challenge, which she always so wanted.’’. Then Mature says innocently ‘‘Are you sure Shermie would do it? But I guess, you’re right…There nothing impossible in her hands and the final result never cease to amaze. Besides, we don’t have to worry about the price, this time let him pay. So, shall we contact with her immediately, Vice?’’. And thus, the new day begins - for those who impatiently waiting and for someone who just wanted this would end as soon as possible. Once Yagami get ups, he wonders ‘‘Just what did those two planned?…’’. However, speaking of the devil, there was a knock into his room door and then he could hear behind the door one of these annoying women cheerful voice. That’s right, it was Vice greeting her teammate ‘‘Hey, rise and shine, you sleeping beauty! We don’t have all day waiting for you, so, you better be prepared in next fifteen minutes, got it?’’. After face-palming and sighing, Iori leaves the room. Finally, Yagami team meet up in lounge room. After this redhead sits in the middle of the couch, Hakkesshus join as well - Mature from right side and Vice from left side. However, it seems that these two lovely ladies happily leans closer to him. Well, that’s not very common behaviour his teammates unless they really need a favor or just later to annoy this redhead. But for now, Mature asks ‘‘So, are you prepared for today? The first task for you would be…Hmm, let’s see…Well, I hope you have extra cash with you, because you would need them~’’. Yagami just cracks a smile and chuckles, replying to this blonde in sarcastic tone ‘‘Oh, that’s it? If you just wanted some money for your shopping, then you could simply ask. Besides, you would keep demand until you get on my nerves, right?…And that’s your task? Couldn’t you think up something more original?’’ and finally he felt relieved and could relax. Right now, he crossed his legs and placed his arm around Mature’s shoulders and another one around Vice’s. However, then this shorted-haired woman speaks up ‘‘Well, that is not for us.’’ and now she continues with a smug smile on her face ‘‘You need to pay for something special that was prepared for you. However, we won’t spoil the surprise~ So, all three of us going to visit our good old friend.’’. Right now, Yagami snorts and mockingly replies ‘‘It is surprising that someone annoying like you would have friends. Even more important, having patience deal with your poor behavior.’’. At least it was the best way to put these two into their place or so though this redhead. It seems that Mature wasn’t really happy about this reply and both ladies just turn their gaze from Yagami. Later on, this blonde just cracked a smile while trying remain calm and explained ‘‘Unlike you mere humans, we are more civilized and not trying to set conflicts over petty details. There are not many of us and it would bring more damage than benefit us. Besides, it’s not like we wanted you join our team. If it wasn’t for the given order from that oldman and for the sake of our lord Orochi, we wouldn’t need to keep eye on such a arrogant brat…’’ and Vice added "Who just know how to cause ruckus and whine all time." Of course, Yagami tried to act so chilled yet these two annoying women surely testing the limits of his patience. However, if they want to sting him, he would do the same. That's why he counter-attacks with a little bit of mockery in his tone ‘‘You still talking about this Orochi like it is one of the greatest things going to happen. Yet you never saw him or know whenever he is that powerful and all mighty. I bet that I could beat him without putting even the slightest effort.’’. However, Mature didn’t gave up to this taunting and now painfully stings him back with this short reply ‘‘Like how did you ‘win’ this time? I would love to see that.’’ and now Vice chuckles while observing this redhead’s honest reaction. It seems that Yagami was already pissed-off, but still remaining silent and he replies ‘‘You know, right now I could have two deeply roasted chickens and, fortunately, they are next to me. However, I’ll let you off the hook this time. So, just get straight to the business.’’. Right now Vice smiles and while enjoying this redhead’s childish behaviour, replies ‘‘Sure, sure… Shall we go then? ’’. After this heart-warming conversation Yagami team set out to the trip to the town. It didn’t took long enough to reach the destination place, where was the shop of these Hakkesshu ladies’ friend. Well, from outside it looked like some sort fancy cloth shop, however, Iori was unsure what is awaiting him and now he asked ‘‘So, this where your supposed friend works…? ’’. Even so, Mature encouraged her teammate ‘‘Come on, don’t be so shy. We promise that we won’t eat you~ So, why don’t we go inside already? ’’ and now these two Hakkesshu gently pushed him from behind. As soon as they entered trough the door, they were greeted with the short sound of doorbell, which was followed by chirpy voice ‘‘Welcome~ How can I?-. Oh, what a lovely surprise, so, you two finally shown up and, more important, you brought up a friend? Just give me a second and just bring you the masterpiece you wanted!~’’ and now Shermie, who was behind the counter, joyfully turns around and quickly scans the shelves for very specific item prepared for this redhead. Couple minutes has passed and it seems that despite that her eyes were hidden by fringe, yet they radiated with happiness and now she smiles like finding something great. It was not so small package wrapped in shiny cherry color paper and on top of it was receipt. After turning around and returning back to the counter, she carefully holds this package and now proudly announces to these ladies ‘‘I’m pretty sure, you going to love this!~ So, you better be glad and take care of it.’’. After handling this mysterious item, she addresses Vice ‘‘You know, it would cost a bit more than usual, because it was made in hurry. However, I can make an exception this time. So, you can pay in parts.’’. However, this short-haired woman confidently answers ‘‘Well, you don’t need about that because we aren’t the ones who will pay.’’ and now she turns to Iori ‘‘Hey, Yagami! I hope you didn’t forgot the cash.’’ and now this redhead said in irritated tone ‘‘How could I have forgotten when you both keep reminding it all the time. Just give me a sec.’’. He took a wallet from one of his pockets and asked Shermie ‘‘How much do I own for their purchase? ’’. Now she replies politely with the smile on her face ‘‘Everything is written on the receipt~’’. After Yagami checks the price, his eyes widened and he swore he nearly had a heart-attack surprise. Even so, he tried remain cool and took needed amount from wallet and gave it to Shermie. They won’t get away so easy this time…thought Iori. Before their leave, Shermie said ‘‘Thank you for your purchase and take care~’’ and now this team left the shop. When this trio were walking down the street Iori started to complain ‘‘I hope you are happy with your purchase, because I spend most of my money.’’ and now Mature nearly in sing voice replied ‘‘Oh, but that is not for us~ Actually, it’s for you. So, you better take a good care of it. Hmm, however, we need to find a place where you can change into this outfit…So, how about we return to our apartment?’’. After not so long journey this team has returned to the hotel. Once Yagami returned, he just went to his room to change into the outfit that supposed to wear for whole day. Of course, he ignored the commentaries from his teammates for his own well-being. Before starting to undress, he placed this package on his bed and took a better look at it. Now he unwrapped the paper and was ready for the a moment of true. He was nervous yet curious what his teammates prepared for this day, that’s for sure yet after inspecting the content of this package he was face-palming and reconsidering his life choices after joining this team. What the heck is this? Is this for real?! What kind of joke is this, thought Yagami when saw this rather unusual outfit. It was pair of long black boots, black thin stocking above the knee level, black long skirt, lifting bra, white blouse and dark red open-chest shirt. However, no matter how much he didn’t wanted to wear it, but he knew that he had to. Like heck he gonna to cowardly lower his tail and run away. He been and through worse, so, it shouldn’t be a problem. So, he was ready to accept this as challenge. Once he swallowed his pride, Yagami started to change into this outfit. After he was done, he met these two Hakkesshus in lounge and greeted with the comments of like ‘‘Well, looking good Yagami’’, ‘‘it fits you well’’ and etc. but now Mature approached him closer and said ‘‘Hmm, it seems that you just need a proper finishing touch. So, lets go.’’. While Vice enjoyed to observe how this redhead been silently struggling, she comments ‘‘Don’t worry. Even if Mature can be a real headache, but once it comes to make up, she is a genius. Besides, she would just only give you a better look. So, sit back and relax. You are in safe hands~’’. A good hour has passed and this blonde’s hard work was finally done, even the other Hakkesshu was surprised at final result and even briefly applauded ‘‘My, you should always stay like this, Yagami. It suits much better~ ’’. Of course, this redhead tried to ignore these replies, but now Mature announced another task ‘‘Listen, the last wish as me agreed with Vice would be pretty simple. Just stay in this outfit for a rest of the day.’’. ‘‘And that’s all?’’ asked Iori hoping that he wouldn’t need to be in public with this outfit but these hopes were utterly shattered into pieces by merciless Vice’s verdict ‘‘Well, we decided to go to nearest café and it would be nice, if another lady would keep us a company. So, you can say, it’s just a nice hanging out. Since you already prepared, shall we go?’’ and Iori knew this is not going end well… And so, the great Yagami team were heading to the destination place and surprisingly Iori managed to keep his cool temper and almost seemed even didn’t minded staying as this as long as no one would recognize him. However, that changed immediately after seeing one specific person walking in distance. Oh no, why of all people he must to be here? Please, just don’t let him notice me…thought this redhead and now he slows down his steps and lowers his head from embarrassment. Of course, this kind of adorable reaction wasn’t left unnoticed by his two lovely teammates. Even so, they gave him a questioning look and Vice asked ‘‘What’s wrong with you?’’ and both of them now noticed the reason what caused this kind of behavior. After these two cunning snakes exchanged their gazes, now they so delightfully smiles. This time Mature speaks up innocently ‘‘Oh, so, this is how it is, huh? Hmm, maybe this boy won’t recognize you, right? At least keep up with the acting and you’re fine~’’ . That’s right, this person was no other than Iori’s long time arch-nemesis - Kyo. He was just minding his own business, but then he noticed this year’s Yagami team members. However, one particular detail caught his clever eye. It wasn’t unusual to see those two women being always together no matter where they go. But who was the third one with them? Isn’t Yagami supposed to be in this team? Oh, wait a second, something is fishy going on here… - thought this Kusanagi heir and after getting closer to this trio, he could have a better look. Finally this brunette realized who was this ‘charming lady’. Nevertheless, he snorted and now decided to walk towards these three cuties. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour of Kyo made Yagami even more concern and he prayed in his mind - No! Please, just don’t come closer, you idiot. Walk away or else... . However, it seems his wish was ignored and now this Kusanagi boy was facing three of them. Like in his usual manner, he politely addresses two better known members of this team ‘‘Greetings ladies, how are you today? I see you two like always together, but where is your team captain? Isn’t he supposed to be with you? More important, who is this woman with you?’’ . And now Mature began to tell her tale and hoped this brat would be stupid enough to believe it ‘‘Well, he wasn’t feeling so well today. So, he decided to take a rest and this person…This person is Yagami’s long lost twin-sister. Her name is Ioriko.’’. It seems that Kusanagi buy-off by this and now after he scratches his chin, doubtfully asks ‘‘Oh, really? His sister? That’s strange…He never had any other relatives or at least never told about them.’’ and after that, he putted his hands into pockets and took step closer to take a better look at this Ioriko person. However, it seems that Vice decided to play along with her teammate’s play and now all of sudden she frowns and stretches her arm to shield ‘Ioriko’ from this evil fiend. Then she says in stricter tone ‘‘Hey, back-off! Yagami would kill us if anything happens to her. She is already shy around new people and doesn’t trust them so easy. So, you might already scared her by your rude behavior.’’ this brunette suddenly takes step back and apologizes ‘‘Sorry, if I hurt her feelings. So, how about for making up for this mistake, I’ll borrow her for today? Don’t worry, if anything happens, then I’ll take all responsibility.’’. This blonde just lowered her gaze for a moment, but after returning her gaze, she replies to this Kusanagi ‘‘Hmm, we not sure about that~ However, she didn’t rejected you. So, just make sure she would be safe and sound after she returns home.’’. Unfortunately, Yagami did not like this plan at all and silently begged Mature to change her mind, but she seem ignored this request and replied ‘‘Ioriko, please don’t look at us like that, even if Kusanagi doesn’t look so trustworthy, but I’m sure you going to be fine~ So, we hope you two will definitely have a good time together and maybe you would want to know each other much better.’’. Lastly, the other Hakkesshu adds ‘‘Kusanagi, we’re off. Unfortunately, we still have some unfinished business today. So, please take of our precious Ioriko. Bye~’’ and both ladies went their way leaving this couple alone. This is going to be so amusing. But I need to keep acting like this is Ioriko and not that stupid Yagami. Just why in the world he wearing this outfit? However, how could I refuse to tease this idiot? - thought this brunette and without realizing began mischievously smile. Once he was back to his senses, he apologetic places his hand behind his neck and begins to rub it. While he lowered his head and turned his gaze away from Iori, he says ‘‘Oh, sorry…Just my head stuck in the clouds, Ioriko.’’ once he returned his gaze, he added in more cheerful tone ‘‘So, how about we go to café and I’ll treat ye. Besides, I don’t mind to pay for such a lovely lady. Then you could tell me more about yourself and your brother.’’ When his rival so nicely asks him like this, Yagami didn’t have any other choice - he had to agree, because this is the best way to keep this cover. Soon, both came to nearest café and just sit down, waiting for waiter. After short awkward pause, Kyo was the one who broke the silence ‘‘ It seems that they are taking their time.’’ when this brunette sighs, he continues ‘‘You sure are exact opposite of how your brother acts. I can bet that he already would loose his patience at this moment. Well, or at least this is what can guarantee. Anyway, there is couple of things, which concerns about him. Not sure, if you want to hear about it…’’. It wasn’t a lie that this redhead was curious what his long time rival would say. However, once this will be over, he would have another reason for picking a fight, right?. So, ‘Ioriko’ just silently nodded and Kyo began to confess from the bottom of his heart ‘‘You see, your bro is pretty stubborn fellow and he has a bad habit to end up in serious conflicts with anyone who even dares to oppose his opinion. That, of course, most of times just leads him into trouble but- ’’ after a second he continued ‘‘ But he seems to manage to get away in one piece. Even so, he is just a reckless idiot and too prideful to ask any help. I know that this shouldn’t be my problem, but just make sure you would take care of him or he might end up pretty bad…’’. That’s right, just mind your own goddamn business. Like heck I need someone’s help - thought Yagami, but now he noticed this Kusanagi heir looked unusually concerned, he continued to listen to this heartful confession ‘‘Why does he have to act like this all time? It’s nothing that he is completely alone…Well…He is just being reckless. And it’s hard to admit, but I have respects for him, because that keeps me motivated to improve my skills and to show him how much I’ve learned and then-’’. (Enough of that, you idiot) and all of sudden Iori stands up and grabs Kyo’s hand. That, of course, left Kyo in shock and it seems that his rival was taking him somewhere. So, that’s stupid Yagami, there is no mistake it’s him. While this brunette was being dragged, he asked ‘‘Hey, what’s that all about? What happen to you and where are you taking me?’’. However, this redhead didn’t looked back and briefly replied ‘‘Somewhere where there is less of crowd, you idiot.’’. After the short trip both ended up in the park and it seems that there weren’t so many people. Apparently, Iori took Kyo to area which was more surrounded by trees.This Kusanagi was pinned by his rival against one of the trees. Without understanding what’s going on, this brunette felt how his heart began to beat to so rapidly and loud. That serious and demanding gaze was intimidating enough to understand that this brunette may not get away so easily. However, after awhile this redhead breaks the silence ‘‘Listen, Kyo, I don’t know what were you planning but-’’ Iori took a short pause and now murmured ‘‘ Thank you. I expected much worse from you…’’. This Kusanagi look dumb-founded and was not sure, if he heard this correctly. Wait…What?! Did- did he thank me, I thought he is going to kill me…just what is happening? - thought Kyo and now politely asked ‘‘Could you repeat this one more time, please? I couldn’t hear the last part-’’. However, this redhead just shouts ‘‘JUST GO AND DIE ALREADY, YOU IDIOT!’’ after that he turned gaze away and felt the rising heat in cheeks. Kyo just sighs, but it seems that without realizing he hugged this fearsome man and smiled ‘‘What happen to you? I mean…this outfit. It doesn’t seem that you voluntary wearing this.’’ once he noticed what he did, he tried to with-draw, but it seems that now he was stuck when Yagami refuses to let him go. Heck, what’s wrong with him? Yet this brunette didn’t minded being wrapped like this. Heck, it doesn’t matter what Yagami think up this time or wears - it does not change the fact that he was fine at this moment. After all, that was really mattered and the further explanations can wait for later. And thus, probably it’s ain’t that bad day at all, maybe because Kyo was the first one accept him for what he is and as time goes on with his never ending curse and pain.
  25. Status: Complete Pairing: Kyo Kusanagi x Iori Yagami Summary: After not so calm evening for himself, Yagami once again proven that Kyo can't handle his drinks that well and now good luck for him, cos this brunette's behavior is unpredictable and that he has to handle it...[This story was written for Kyo's birthday on December 12th and inspired by one artist's works on Twitter] [Originally posted on AO3 and ff.net on 2019/12/12] [Small author note from AO3 made on 2019/12/12 : Okay, it is seems that magic time of the year has arrived. Not only it is a holiday season, but it is a very special day for someone. So, congratulations to Kyo Kusanagi! ^-^ That's right, it is his birthday today. So, how about let's see how this evening would go and how it would end. Well, this project was inspired by one lovely artist on Twitter - @riche_ozisan . So, please, check this artist page, if you are into some good Kyo x Iori treat~ ( You all definitely will like it ^^) Like always, enjoy~] It was a calm winter’s evening. Singly snowflakes were dancing in the air by surrounded light of street lanterns. There was already sensible holiday spirit - either in the air of the city, either inside people’s hearts. So, who were rushing for getting gifts in earlier, who just hang out with those whom they call dearest, and lastly, those who don’t really concerned about anything right now and just want to enjoy the moment… However, despise that in one local restaurant one certain redhead just wanted to call it a day and have a nice evening for himself, it seems that it wasn’t quiet exactly his day. ‘‘…like I was saying... Oi, are you listening, idiot?’’ this brunette started to point with his finger Iori’s cheek while with other hand holding a good glass of cold beer. Certainly, from that face of Kyo alone, you could tell, that it wasn’t his first or second glass and these cheeks dyed in light red could confirm it. This redhead sighed and replied in irritated tone ‘‘At least put this down before you spill it.’’. He continued to rest his chin on his hand while in another one holds a glass of whiskey. Kyo listened to this request, however, now he placed elbow on table and gave smug smile. When he leaned forward this redhead, he replied in mocking tone ‘‘Eh~ Just look who is talking? Empty yo glass, you coward, then talk~’’. The ice cubes clacked inside this transparent glass as Iori moved his hand and silently observe his partner. One thing for sure, Kyo took this as challenge and refused to give up, so, he continued in same manner but this time in deeper tone ‘‘ It’s okay and I understand...You already know that you can't win against me. But you don't have to put such a scene, you know~’’. This brunette hoped that this certainly would provoke Yagami, however, it seems that it was useless. Like he remained indifferent, then and remained as so. This Kusanagi heir didn’t liked this at all and frowned, so, he tried another tactic. Now with one sudden movement he tried to grab the glass from Iori’s hand. However, it seems that redhead’s reflexes were faster and he simply lifted his hand and smiled. As for this brunette, he ended up slamming his face on table and now this redhead asked ‘‘Whoah, don’t you think you had enough? Know your limits. Besides, all people laughing at you.’’. While still resting his face on table, Kyo murmured something and after slowly sitting back angrily replied ‘‘…If you gonna waste this, then give it to me. *hic*’’, this brunette starred at Iori so demanding yet he slightly swings into opposite directions. As Yagami stands up, he says in serious tone ‘‘Fiiine, you already had enough. Let’s go.’’. This brunette looked so naturally surprised and wasn't so pleased with this decision, however, after Iori paid the bill, both were ready to leave restaurant. Once Yagami was in front of exit door, he noticed that he was missing something. That's right, it seems that Kyo has disappeared from his sight, but once he looked at the direction of their reserved spot, he widened his eyes and now rushed towards that direction - that idiot was about to grab half empty glass from poor waiter's tray like it was his hardly won trophy, why does he have to act like this, though this redhead and now he has stop this brunette from causing any further problems. Fortunately, Yagami managed to grab the back of Kyo's collar and dragged him towards him. For the first time in this evening Iori has used strict voice "Behave yourself. Just because it's your birthday, it does not mean that you can harass people." Now he looked at this waiter who was still at awe and said in slight calmer tone "I'm terribly sorry for this behavior, so, this for your patience", Yagami released the collar of this brunette and now before taking their leave gave an extra tip. Surely, it seems that this kind of dramatic leave got the attention of the people, but as soon as it began, it ended after this couple left the restaurant. After both got outside the door, Iori fixed his long black coat and putted gloves, he notices that Kyo maybe didn’t managed to handle such a simple task so well. This brunette has putted his white jacket, however, it seems that too loose scarf caught the attention of this redhead. Right now Yagami approached Kyo closer and after placing his hands on it, removes it. Of course, this unexpected gesture made this brunette blush harder as he slightly opens his mouth and widens his eyes but he kept his gaze on this redhead. After swallowing saliva, he asked in shaking tone ‘‘What do think you’re doing, you dork?…and in the middle of the street!’’. Yagami only sighed and while fixing this hopeless fool’s scarf, replied in stricter tone ‘‘You gonna catch a cold or get fever, if you leave your neck open like this-’’, however, this brunette now frowned and objected ‘‘Oi, like heck, I’m gonna! It’s not so cold, ya know…’’. Meanwhile this redhead was nearly finished and replied ‘‘And then after a breeze, someone ends up coughing and with running nose. Just not on my watch, got it?’’. Just when this Kusanagi heir wanted to oppose, Iori just tied scarf tighter. Kyo just silently observed this redhead but soon he objected ‘‘Pff, big deal~ Just when I asked to be baby-sitted by you? I’m fine.’’. It was pointless to further argue with this brunette when he is in this state. So, it was wiser for this redhead to remain patient take this stubborn idiot home. However, this evening wasn’t for this redhead and, definitely, it is not as calm as he wanted. After good stroll in rowdy city streets, this couple reached the riverbank, Kyo started to fasten his steps and now stopped. Surely, it got the attention of this redhead and he gave questionable look yet he could already tell that this Kusanagi boy think-off something bad. That suggestive look on this brunette’s face...Now he told in playful tone ‘‘Just watch me going~’’ and now after placing his hand on scarf, removed it with one sudden move. When he was done with jacket, he just tossed it on cold ground. Now he gave rather a challenging look for this redhead when he was done with shoes. Right now, Kyo was facing the river. Couple steps backward and after sprinting forward, gracefully as an otter, this brunette jumped into the river. Fortunately, it was deep enough and he didn’t broke anything. Yet Yagami could only face-palm and shake his head at such a reckless behaviour as water has been splashing around. However, this was only the beginning. Yagami still remained face-palmed as this diver was waving at him cheerfully with both his arms ‘‘Oi, what’s the matter with you? Come on~ the water is just perfect.’’. This redhead slowly began to loose his patience and just wanted to go home, but despise that, Kyo had best of his time by swimming around, it didn’t even mattered that it was freezing cold. Backstroke, breaststroke, on sides, twisting - this brunette was showing off what he could. Yagami took this brunette’s clothes with him just in case if anything would happen. Once he looked at this redhead, he noticed that may be left back, because Iori began to fasten his step and walk away. It was better to pretend that he doesn’t know this brunette, because it seems that now this redhead getting more attention - more and more people began to gather and it was helluva embarrassing too! This Kusanagi was so honestly surprised and began to call for his partner ‘‘Hey! Don’t leave me alone here! Are you listening? Hey, Yagami!’’. No reaction from this redhead as he continued walk aside riverside. It seems that now Kyo looked upset and and just began to stroke faster to catch up Yagami. Stroke after stroke, the sound of splashing water become more louder and frequent. This brunette started to feel cold and more tired, he even started to rougher breath, unfortunately, a bit of water and it accidentally got inside his throat. Kyo began to cough and now stopped to call once again, but while coughing and covering sore throat with one hand ‘‘ Fiine! You wo- *cough* oon…So, help me out, idiot. I’m cold!’’. Iori finally has stopped walking and sighed. It can’t be helped then, and no matter how he may complain later on, but this drunken idiot might get a cramp and drown, though this redhead. This brunette starred at this redhead with rising anger and ready to kick his ass after he gets to foreshore, however, once Iori turned to his side, Kyo’s face brighten up and now he was slowly approaching this redhead. It wasn’t easy task, because he was already exhausted and the water only made it worse and now he began to whine ‘‘Damn it all!’’ yet he didn’t wanted to give up and continued to walk. After couple more steps he tripped over yet half swimming, half walking but he managed to get to the foreshore, where Iori was waiting for him with his dry clothes. After finally being able to stand on his feet, he still was bended down and kept his hands on his knees while still hardly panting. Right now this Kusanagi heir looked like small animal soaked to the last straw, who was chattering his teeth and who’s skin looked so paled. There is no way this redhead would let him freeze any longer, so, now he used Kyo’s scarf to wrap it around his head and neck. He may looked like over-grown child, but it can’t be helped if one is acting like a child. After Kyo stands up, even if his mouth was covered in this red woolen material, it was visible that this brunette wasn’t so delighted being under the care of Iori, he so naturally frowned. However, this redhead ignored this and now redhead removes his own coat and placed on this brunette’s shoulders. Temporally, but it should protect this ‘swimming enthusiast’ from getting hypothermia until they get to Yagami’s home. But before that, this redhead began to scold ‘‘What were you thinking? Jumping like out of nowhere…’’, it seems that this brunette now gave a look of scolded child and averted his gaze. Once he looked straight to Iori’s eyes, he simply replied ‘‘You told me to do it. Of course, I wouldn’t give up to you and had to accept your challenge.’’. Yagami only rolled his eyes and in annoyed tone replied ‘‘What a hell you’re talking about? I didn’t even said a word, you fool…That’s it, not a single drop until next year.’’. Surely, this brunette indignantly starred at this redhead and when he was about to open his mouth, he felt how he was prompted to move forward when Yagami placed his arm around Kyo from behind. And, of course, whenever it was the effect of alcohol or not, but this brunette’s cheeks dyed in bright red and he turned his gaze murmuring ‘‘Stupid bastard…’’. Once they reached this redhead’s apartment and entered, Yagami hanged their both coats to dry on corridors hangers. However, it seems that Kyo’s clothes were still soaking wet and he didn’t looked that well. Even on his way, his sneezing made Yagami jump from the same spot. But right now, he looked too sleepy and his face was dyed in bright red. No, it wasn’t from usual over-dose, but just in case Iori wanted to test one thing. After he approached this brunette, he placed his palm on Kyo’s forehead, but he immediately with-draws like it was burned and now stating "Just as I though. You're hot." Surely, this Kusanagi boy gave the smugest look he could for this redhead and through coughting managed to reply in half-singing tone "Yeah, I know that~ So what?". Yagami only sighed and while tried to remain calm, demanded "Go to bedroom and make sure that you get rid-off of these clothes. Right now.", it seems that took this as another so-called challenge, however, this time he gave a suggestive look with little sparkles in his eyes and counter-attacking in seductive tone "Hoo~ Impatient as I see..." after mockingly hair swoosh, he continued ‘‘Like heck, I would! You better be glad since I’m good mood, oth-, otherw- ah-’’ now this brunette began to deeply yet shortly taking deep breath and half closed his eyes. After a second he loudly sneezed. When Kyo covered his nose with one of the sleeves, Yagami said ‘‘You’re still all wet. Go and after you dry yourself, change into dry clothes.’’. That exhausted and serious look on this redhead’s eyes letted to understand that there was no further point to oppose him. Whenever this brunette liked or not, but now he had to do as his partner says. After changing into navy silk pyjama, Kyo was now sitting and waiting for the arrival of this redhead in the bed. While he was wondering, Iori has already shown up with thermometer in his hands and now when he sat down on the edge of his bed, he asked ‘‘Just gonna check your temperature before giving any medicine.’’. It seems that now this brunette cracked a smile and now replied ‘‘What’s with this thing? You can afford going to all fancy places and stuff, but you still using this outdated relic? Do you know what happens if you break it?’’. Apparently, thermometer filled with quicksilver didn't rised any trust to Kyo and he starred at this redhead with not so satisfied look on his face. Iori tried to calmly explain ‘‘The electric ones maybe more convenient and beep when they done measuring, but they are not as accurate as quicksilver thermometers. Therefore, just put this and hold it for couple of minutes. ’’ once again this brunette tried tease ‘‘Why should I? And where do think I’ll keep this?~’’. This redhead surely made this Kusanagi heir open his jaws by such a reply in indifferent tone ‘‘It’s up to you. You can hold in armpits, inside ear, mouth, per rectum-’’ Without letting to finish, he took away the thermometer away from Iori and now after lifting the blanket and then slightly pyjama shirt. Once he slides his hand with thermometer and places inside armpit, he keeps close his upper arm close to the sides of ribcage. Iori just can’t help and crack rather a soft smile and sighed while shaking his head. Just now he teases this brunette ‘‘Should I check whenever you properly holding it?’’ it seems that look on this brunette’s face like saying ‘Just you dare and I’ll smack you well’ surely just made this redhead want to tease him for a bit longer, but before leaving, he added ‘‘Make sure you don’t fake out, got it? I’ll check you in couple of minutes.’’ with that brunette was left alone to wonder. One thing sure, Yagami is taking his time, or so though Kyo when he fed-off of waiting, but he returned not empty-handed. In one hand he kept a large cup filled hot content, which had such a nice scent. Definitely, it’s not some tea, even these with special scent sort doesn’t have such a sweet yet familiar scent. However, the content of other hand didn’t looked so appealing - it was a box of pills. After placing cup on night table, Yagami still hold the medicine, but this, he asked to show the thermometer. Despise that his cheeks were dyed in red and he hardly breaths, Kyo gave an impatient look. Once Iori studied closer where was the silver line, he declared ‘‘Thirty eight and point five. So, you like it or not, but you’ll stay here. Finally, did you dived enough?…Just take couple of paracetamols now and tomorrow lying mode. In other words, you can’t get up unless there is a need. If you do as it is told, you’ll get better soon.’’, however, this brunette opposed ‘‘Oi, why should I listen to you? You can’t tell me what to do. I’m fine.’’ it seems that after feeling a tickling inside his throat, Kyo began cough. Yagami only sighed and replied ‘‘Fine. You’re leaving me no other choice. Open your mouth.’’. Right now this redhead places thermometer safely on the night table and after taking couple of pills from the package. After leaning closer to his partner, in one hand he kept pills in pinch, while he placed other palm under the jaw and with thumb on Kyo’s lower lip, he slowly opens his mouth. On other hand, this brunette was confused but couldn’t keep his eyes off Iori. Even if it was a simple giving of pills, this redhead looked so concentrated on current task yet he looked so calm, maybe even possibly enjoying of taking care of his long-time rival. How much time has passed? No, it didn’t mattered anymore…Yet one thing for sure, it eventually become like natural habit. Plus, despise that this Kusanagi can be such a trouble maker and maybe too much carefree, but his presence alone could brighten up even the darkest night for this redhead. Whenever he liked or not, but this redhead slowly admitted and accepted that this Kusangi boy is the only one who can ever understand him. Heck, not the first time he was stopped by being swallowed and overtaken by the darkness and the curse of Orochi blood. Not the first time either he was spell-broken and awaken by the voice of this Kusanagi heir. Not first time during riot of blood he was embrassed until he returned to his senses and seeing wounded yet gently smiling Kyo. At darkest times…it always had to be him to lighten up and give the hope.Why? It seemed like he was the one who could understand him, his pain, sorrow, the heavy burden he has to carry on alone… However, at this moment, this redhead was returned back to earth by annoyed Kyo’s voice ‘‘Oi, just snap it out. Earth to dorkgami, oi! Are you listening?’’. Apparently, this brunette looked annoyed yet embarrassed at same time from Yagami who was dozing out. But he only sighed and now after removing the same hand, which gently holds this brunette’s chin, he placed it behind his head and gently brushing his hair. Just after getting closer Iori brushed hair from the front with other hand and kisses the forehead of this patient. After with-drawing, Iori replies ‘‘Nothing. Did you took the medicine? Or you want me to check it by myself?’’, Kyo just objected ‘‘Don’t forget that I’m sick. Unless, like people say - idiots don’t get cold~ And yes, it were bitter ones.’’. Yagami removes his hands from this brunette and now reaches for cup with still hot content and passes to this brunette, who is now holding it with both of his hands. Surely, it was very least expected and while Kyo studies the content of this cup of hot cocoa, he gave a questioning look, however, now Yagami replies rather in calm and self-confident tone ‘‘Drink it and rest tonight. However, don’t forget - after you finished, make sure you’re tucked in well and there is no gaps. You need to sweat it and rest as much as you can.’’. While observing the cocoa, Kyo though that maybe it is not that bad to be sick even if it is his very special day. When this brunette finished with this sweet drink, Yagami was about to stand up and said ‘‘Fine, if you need anything, just let me know-’’, however, now he felt how his sleeve was grabbed. It seems Kyo now gave a demanding look and asked ‘‘Can you stay here at least until I fell asleep?’’. Surely, even if it was a selfish request, but this redhead sits back and lets hold his hand by this brunette, who after awhile slowly began to close his eyes. After patiently waiting about good half hour, this brunette slowly relaxed his hands and now carefully without waking up this brunette from his sweet sleep, Iori still observes how this brunette peacefully sleeping.
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