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Omegaverse (Looking for Alpha)


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Hellooo all~


I’ve been roleplaying for over ten years and usually post 1-4 paragraphs but depending on the scene it can be much more. I try to reign it in and not get too crazy. With having dyslexia I can forgive a few mistakes, since I make them often myself but I prefer a partner who is literate. Also I don’t mind chatting in private messages to decide what to do with our characters and build more onto the stories. Besides that I don’t mind jumping in either and seeing what happens but it doesn’t always work out if we aren't compatible writing partners. 


A little on my likes and dislikes. I’m pretty open. At this point there isn’t much I haven’t rped. I’ve played men and women in many forms. I do prefer to bottom/uke/omega. I don’t mind leading but I do not like to top all the time.


I’m also open to ideas if there’s anything specific you’d like to do or add :)


Likes: (these are not deal breakers, we can add or subtract any of these and that’s fine)




Public play





Pet play





Ingesting feces




Into The Unknown

  • With the Earth being swallowed up with the sun 100k people fled onto a spaceship and into space heading towards the nearest habitable planet they could land on. The problem is it’ll take five hundred years to reach this location. A couple generations in, the captain (your alpha) is leading the large vessel when they are suddenly attacked. Thousands are sucked out of the airlocks, blown up and families destroyed. The female beta and omega areas were the hardest hit. Only a few omega’s remain. Half the ship messed up, they are able to lock down one side to keep working, leaving them still floating in space now with a half working ship and only a hundred crew members left. 

  • One of the omega’s left is the head of the medical crew (my character). They work on fixing up the ship and get it running again but quickly it becomes apparent that the numbers need to be increased and fast. The ones not in a relationship draw straws to pair up and work on having children so they can still make it to their destination. Needing the hands and numbers to build back up once again,

  • Our characters draw the same straws (or numbers) then are matched up. This is their story with moving in together and working together to help their ship continue on its journey.


Out Of Body Experience

  • Two friends (omega and alpha) grew up together. They became best friends and even fell in secret love with one another. However the omega was suddenly in a relationship with a new alpha from a famous family. Their parents decided they would be together, paired them up and forced a claiming mark before the wedding. The alpha son of the very well off family wanted to gain the omegas family to lock in more money and join their families. That same alpha likes to sleep around, throw his money around and take advantage of everyone he can.

  • The friend found out about the pairing and feels heart broken. As this happens theres a car coming to crash into the omega and both alphas got to push him out of the way. The friend alpha then pushes the omega’s mate out of the way too getting killed in the crash. However he then wakes up in the mate’s body, confused and now the alpha to the omega friend he grew up with. Can he even tell him? Would it be better to help change their situation? He finds out their wedding is in a month and now they’re bonded and his omega lived a dark life with this other alpha…


My Youtube Omega Boyfriend

  • A group of friends enjoy recording their youtube videos and gaming together. They assume they’re all alphas or betas. One of them is an omega disguising himself as a beta. They all go for a convention trip or perhaps start filming something so everyone comes over for a sleepover. One of the alphas and the hidden omega get really close, making silly jokes and enjoy talking to each other so much the alpha is considering asking this beta to be his mate without knowing the truth. During his stay the omega ends up going into heat despite the suppressants he’s on and the alpha finds out…



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Hi there, i would like to RP with you if you are still open to your stories 

I really liked the Youtube Omega Boyfriend 

if so , please PM me :) 

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