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MAY. 2021_Bad Luck

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DEADLINE 31. 05. 2021

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Short Story submission

Title: Getting Lucky (Bad Luck)

Word Count: 600 words


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Reese woke up in a stranger’s bed. The events from last night hit him hard. He was dancing when he saw Wyatt was being a wallflower, but because of his size, –  6’4”, maybe 6’5”, broad shoulders, shaggy hair and creepy as hell – he stuck out like a sore thumb. Reese swore he was only going to tell him to stop looking stalker-ish, but one thing led to another and here he was.

“Fuck!” He cursed in a hushed tone. He squeezed into his skinny jeans and was slipping into his t-shirt when he stepped on something yucky. He refused to look down at his feet, grabbed his sneakers and left barefooted. At least there was a tiny solace that they had been safe the night before. 


“Stupid. Machine!” Reese emphasized each word with a kick to the vending machine. He was already late to class, but he needed food to concentrate.

There was a flash of movement and a soft thump against the machine, freeing the offending snacks. “Violence won’t work. You’ll hurt yourself.”

Reese's body tensed. He knew that voice and felt the looming presence behind him. “Well, not everyone has brutish strength.” He hastily gathered the items and left without looking at Wyatt.

The professor hated Reese and decided to make him the target of every question he felt inclined to ask during lecture. He made Reese choked on the vending machine cookie too.

Reese blamed Wyatt. His bad luck streak started when he woke up next to him on Saturday morning. Whatever bad juju Wyatt had must have rubbed off on him.

“I don’t know man, you’re such a bitch to him.” His best mate commented.

“I won’t be this bitchy if –“

“If he didn’t fuck you into oblivion?” His friend cut him off, looking unimpressed. “You consented and went with him. I was there. You're also telling people you don’t remember anything. Basically, you’re saying he took advantage of you!”

“I didn’t say that! I said it was nothing memorable.” He lied, because Reese would rather die than admit he liked it.

“Karma is bitchier than you, Reese. Wyatt’s a gentle giant. Don’t make him into a monster he’s not.”  

Reese huffed as his friend walked away, leaving him with the advice.


Reese found the older student basking under the sun outside. Wyatt didn’t say much other than a simple “hey” to his greeting, so Reese sat down next to him, offering the big guy some skittles to kill the awkwardness.

“Want some?”



“I’m sorry for being mean.”

Wyatt took a while to respond. “You’re not mean. We only see things differently. Like what happened Friday night.”

“You’re too nice even after I talked shit about you.”

“I can’t control what other people do, but I can control my reactions to them.”

Reese looked at Wyatt. Really looked at him. Wyatt was built like a linebacker. No one could miss him because of his size. But Reese realized he had a big heart too. Honestly, he was handsome – Reese had seen everything that night. Wyatt just didn’t bother with superficialities. Instantly, Reese was ashamed of himself.

“Hey, do you want to get some coffee?”

When Wyatt looked at him, Reese smiled bashfully. Yeah, he liked Wyatt and he wished to mend things between them.

“Yeah, sure.”

Reese stood up with Wyatt’s help. “Hey, look at this,” he said, bending over to pluck at a four-leafed clover.

“Huh, looks like you’re gonna get lucky.” Wyatt replied.

Reese wiggled his eyebrows at the double entendre and they laughed all the way to the nearby café.



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Here is my entry!





All treasures in the world

do not compare

to his loving gaze.


What I would give

to once again

be in his embrace.


What is it with this luck!

It seems bad luck!

The clock has stopped.


A moment more

is all I ask,

tall order from my heart.


Red, dark, blue, bright

all sentiment and stars

all around my mind.



Stay Safe!



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