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I've decided to dig up the poems I've written over the years and share them here to store in one place besides the document I have. 

Note: All writings are a work of fiction. I also bullet listed the lines because I don't know how to get rid of the single space between them otherwise.


         Enchanted Mirror

  • A mirror is just a mirror,
  • And your reflection is just you,
  • But what if the mirror was enchanted,
  • Then what would you do?
  • Say you have a mirror,
  • Any shape and any size—
  • A mirror, a plain, old mirror
  • That somehow controlled the stars.
  • Imagine looking up
  • And seeing a cluster of stars
  • That combined to make a portal,
  • That looked like a gigantic piece of art.
  • And with that mirror in your hand,
  • You had access to the world unknown,
  • Would you cross the border,
  • Or would you leave on your own?


         Why I Write

  • It's something simple that makes me smile.
  • Something simple that motivates my day.
  • I wake up bright and early,
  • Waiting for inspiration to come my way.
  • I don't have to search far. 
  • Sometimes, I don't have to search at all.
  • I can pop up the computer screen
  • To read and write and read.
  • That's what gets me going,
  • Each and every single day,
  • Knowing I can always write,
  • No matter what obstacles lay. 
  • It's writing that I think about,
  • My stories that appear in my dreams
  • As I anticipate the morning come,
  • To begin a new fantasy-filled day.


         A Weeping Willow Weeps

  • If I were a tree,
  • I'd be a weeping willow tree.
  • I'd serve many purposes
  • And I'd see many things.
  • I'd be a nesting site
  • For the birds and the bees
  • And I'll be a source of food
  • For the wildlife that roams free.
  • I'd give shade to those
  • Who want to escape.
  • The sun, the snow, the wind and the rain
  • Have nothing against me.
  • I'll stay for 50 years or stand until I'm 75,
  • Then I'll be gone when my soil goes dry.
  • My branches will break,
  • My leaves will lose their color,
  • There will be holes around my base,
  • And, like a dying plant, I'll wither.
  • Slowly I'll become a tree that no one uses,
  • A tree that no one looks at,
  • And a tree that no one touches.
  • The birds and the bees will find a new nesting site,
  • The wildlife will find a new tree to bite,
  • And you, most of all, will be gone from my sight.


        I Love You, That's Why I Ask

  • "Can you sing?" asked the songbird.
  • "No," said the hummingbird.
  • "Can you fly?" asked the robin.
  • "No," said the penguin.
  • "Can you swim?" asked the duck
  • "No," said the peacock.
  • "What can you do?" asked the songbird.
  • "I can fly," said the hummingbird.
  • "What can you do?" asked the robin.
  • "I can swim," said the penguin.
  • "What can you do?" asked the duck.
  • "I'll show you my colors," said the peacock.
  • Can you do this or that
  • Is all that I ask.
  • Can you sing,
  • Can you fly,
  • Can you swim?
  • When you say no,
  • All I want to know
  • Is what can you do?
  • There are things you can do
  • That I know I cannot.
  • There are things I can do
  • That I know you will not.
  • All these things that I ask you
  • Are things that I really want to know.
  • Tell me your hobbies,
  • Your talents,
  • The truth.
  • Tell me everything
  • That I seek.
  • Give me an answer,
  • And I'll give you one too
  • Because, in the end,
  • You're someone whom I want to woo.


        Look and You'll See

  • Take a look at your surroundings,
  • There's a lot that can pass by.
  • Take a note of every person,
  • There's a lot hidden from the eyes.
  • Have you noticed the way he looks at you?
  • The way his eyes twinkle like the stars?
  • Have you noticed the way she smiles
  • Because of how beautiful you are?
  • Have you listened to his laughter?
  • It's like music to the ears.
  • Have you listened to her compliments?
  • Every one of them is sincere.
  • Have you seen the way he talks to you?
  • There's a lot of love in his heart.
  • Have you seen the way she sticks to you?
  • She never wants to part.
  • There are things that can be forgotten,
  • Simple things that are ignored,
  • But some things you don't notice,
  • Are things that you'll adore.
  • Take a look at your surroundings,
  • There's a lot that can walk by.
  • Take a note of your surroundings,
  • There's a lot lost to time.


     I Relax

  • I hear the birds chirp,
  • See the squirrels run,
  • Watch the flowers bloom,
  • And admire when
  • I count the stars,
  • Stare at the moon,
  • Bathe in the sun,
  • And relax.
  • I count the leaves as they fall,
  • Stare at the naked trees,
  • Bathe in warm water,
  • And shiver when
  • I hear the wind roar,
  • See footprints in the snow,
  • Watch snowflakes fall,
  • And relax.


       This Isn't a Title

  • Why do you try to understand
  • Something so easy and simple as this?
  • Why not accept it for what it is,
  • Instead of trying to change it?
  • Why do you make your thoughts so complicated,
  • Questioning everything that comes around?
  • There's nothing more to look at
  • And nothing more to figure out.
  • Why do you not understand,
  • Something so simple and easy as this?
  • Why not look for a hidden meaning,
  • Instead of accepting it as it is?
  • These aren't just words on a paper,
  • They're a lesson about life.
  • Question everything you see here,
  • And everything will come to light.
  • There's more than the eyes can see,
  • More than you think,
  • So, go ahead, use your imagination,
  • But no one can win this fight.


      Black and White

  • There are many colors in this world,
  • More colors than a rainbow holds.
  • More colors than I can see,
  • And colors that are more beautiful than me.
  • Many colors go unsaid,
  • Many colors go unread,
  • And the colors that you can see
  • Are colors that are different to me.
  • Mixing colors will introduce
  • A new color that is produced.
  • Mixing colors I cannot see
  • Are still colors that mean a lot to me.
  • Colorblindness is not a crime,
  • But I'm colorblind all the time.


    Only One Question

  • I have one question,
  • That’s all I care to ask,
  • That’s all I want to know,
  • And I promise I won’t come back.
  • The answer that I want,
  • The answer I desire,
  • Is the answer to―
  • Oh, wait,
  • I forgot
  • What I was going to ask.
  • Give me a minute, a second,
  • Another moment of your time.
  • I promise I’ll think quick,
  • I’ll come up with something new,
  • Because all I really want is to talk with you.
  •  I still have a problem.
  • I still need an answer.
  • No, I won’t leave yet,
  • Now, what was my question? 
  • From what I recall,
  • I've seen you before, 
  • But you never shook my hand,
  • Never gave me your name,
  • And here we are now
  • Because of my one little thing.
  • Even as you walk away,
  • I can’t remember my question
  • Because, to be honest,
  • All I really wanted
  • Was to have a conversation.
  • I knew if I came,
  • Without one single question,
  • You wouldn’t spare me a glance,
  • You wouldn’t give me attention.
  • I wish I was someone
  • You cared more about,
  • But I can live with
  • Being that someone who―
  • Wait! I still have that question. 


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Warning: The following poems may involve murder or death, whether implied or explicit, and one hints to suicide. 



  • This deep red I look at,
  • A blanket over the sky,
  • Gives me unease,
  • And I feel the need
  • To walk faster
  • During the night
  • “Beautiful” some say,
  • “A warning” others heed,
  • And, for me,
  • It reminds me
  • Of who I used to be.
  • They come to taunt me
  • With this color I hate.
  • This rich, deep red
  • That so reminds me of
  • Blood.
  • In my head,
  • I can hear them cry,
  • I can hear them scream-
  • These hallucinations,
  • Of my victims.
  • A crimson sky,
  • A dreary night.
  • I keep running
  • Far away from my past life.
  • Entry in Music Box - SEPTEMBER 2018 - “Crimson Sky”



  • Memories short-lived,
  • How have I forgotten?
  • If I were to relive them,
  • Where would I be?
  • These nightmares I have,
  • Are these the memories?
  • How scary it is
  • To have forgotten,
  • To stay unremembered,
  • The unknowns of my past.
  • The “should have,"
  • The regret,
  • The "what if,"
  • I do not know.
  • Left unanswered
  • I reap what I sow.
  • Here one day
  • And gone the next.
  • Where could you have gone?
  • What did I do to you?
  • Is the blood on my hands
  • Yours or mine?
  • Is this even real?
  • Are my nightmares a reality?
  • Oh, sweet memories
  • Out of mind,
  • How ephemeral,
  • No matter how hard I try.
  • Entry in Music Box - NOVEMBER 2018 - “Ephemeral”


         A Vision I See

  • I see you
  • So close to touch,
  • Yet so far away
  • In my dreams.
  • I know I’ll be there,
  • I know I’ll see you soon,
  • Where we close the gap
  • Of our distance
  • And I’ll live with you.
  • My time is coming.
  • You can see it too.
  • There’s nothing more I want to live for
  • If I can’t be with you.
  • I’ll go to you.
  • I’ll rush to you.
  • All you have to do is stay there,
  • And I’ll be with you.
  • You seem so far away,
  • But I’ll close that distance,
  • No longer in my dreams.
  • “’Til death do us part,’” we vowed,
  • And death will unite us again,
  • I thought.



  • I crave to touch you,
  • I crave to hold you,
  • I have a feeling,
  • And I know it’s a feeling we share.
  • You call me obsessive.
  • You call me strange.
  • I know you’re lying,
  • So, there’s no point in lying again.
  • The faster I follow you,
  • The faster I close our gap,
  • You seem to be running away,
  • But I know it’s a coy act.
  • I told you I love you,
  • I told you you’d love me too,
  • There’s no point in hiding it,
  • It’s something I can’t bear.
  • I love the skin on your body
  • And the bones which are underneath.
  • I can taste you in my mouth,
  • You’re a real delicacy.




                   Implies Suicide. Reminder: Work of Fiction.

  • Flying high,
  • So high,
  • And falling from the sky.
  • The dream
  • I have
  • Is to fly.
  • Yet, here, I try,
  • And try,
  • And try,
  • And try.
  • No feathers
  • On my wings.
  • My fate
  • Can be seen.
  • When I touch the ground
  • Is where I will be found.
  • I try,
  • And try,
  • But I know I cannot fly.


       Life Debt

  • I made the deal of my life
  • I created quite a strife
  • That was when he pulled a knife
  • And sent me to the afterlife
  • It all began with that day
  • That time in early May
  • When I met him in an alleyway
  • And promised not to run away
  • I asked him for some money
  • But I found it kind of funny
  • I could not return the pay
  • On that day I ran away
  • The promise I could not keep
  • Made my mother weep
  • For she knew not what to say
  • When I then gave my life away
  • In the slaughterhouse I was killed
  • For I could not seal the deal
  • With lying being my Achilles' heel
  • It all started with a twenty dollar bill


    Broken Promise

  • I promise to love you.
  • I promise to keep you in my heart.
  • I promise to never forget you,
  • Even when we are apart.
  • I told you this before.
  • I told you I can't stay.
  • I told you it's not my choice.
  • I have to go away.
  • I can hear you crying.
  • I can hear you screaming my name.
  • I can hear you calling,
  • But I won't return today.
  • I'm sorry I can't come back.
  • I'm sorry that I left.
  • I'm sorry it was unexpected.
  • This was my ultimate test.
  • I couldn't keep my promise.
  • I couldn't fight to keep my life.
  • I couldn't stay with you forever.
  • I know I promised I wouldn't die.


     Who are Rocks?

  • Sometimes I wonder
  • And that's when I cry.
  • How did I get here?
  • How did I die?
  • If only I could remember
  • How things used to be
  • Then maybe I'd understand
  • What had happened to me.
  • All I can recall
  • Is a man with a blade
  • And right before my eyes
  • A decision was made.
  • There was nothing I could do,
  • It was coming too fast.
  • I couldn't even shout
  • Before I collapsed.
  • The next thing I knew
  • I had opened my eyes,
  • But I wasn't myself.
  • I wasn't alive.
  • Here I am now,
  • An inanimate thing,
  • Unmoving
  • Uncertain,
  • And kept in a bin.
  • I'm covered with sand,
  • With other rocks,
  • And held in one place,
  • Frozen in one spot.
  • When that man comes,
  • The man I remember,
  • He adds to his collection
  • More rocks by the dozen.
  • Sometimes I wonder,
  • Although I can't cry,
  • Who these others rocks were
  • When they were alive.
  • Where did they come from?
  • Who had they been?
  • What defines their shape, their color,
  • And why that man
  • Attacked them the way he did?
  • I can see their scars,
  • The marks on their body,
  • The strips of discolor,
  • And evidence of erosion.
  • I became a rock,
  • But I can't tell the difference
  • Between a genuine rock
  • And what used to be a person.


        Mother's Day

  • Happy Mother's Day
  • From the bottom of my heart.
  • I will always love you,
  • Even when we part.
  • I may not be here
  • Today or tomorrow,
  • But I wish you the best
  • In all of your sorrow.


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      Go Away

  • The darkness I fear
  • When I’m made aware
  • Of things that go bump
  • In the night.
  • Oh how I shiver
  • Under the covers
  • Due to the screams
  • Of the ghosts
  • Hidden from sight.
  • The shadows -
  • They move -
  • Take the shape
  • Of a few
  • And trigger
  • My fight-or-flight. 
  • But, what shall I do
  • When all I can see is you?
  • You’re the thing
  • That goes bump,
  • That screams,
  • The two glowing orbs
  • Which stare at me
  • Tonight.


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1.15.2021 at 12:38 AM
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Warning !! 18+, graphic violence, explicit murder !!

Inspiration: "Tomie" by Junji Ito

  • Cut out my tongue,
  • Gouge out my eyes,
  • Do what you may,
  • You’ll get a surprise.
  • Pull out my hair,
  • My toenails and fingernails too,
  • Don’t hesitate now,
  • You’ve already done a few.
  • Chop me in half,
  • Cut me into pieces if you must,
  • Keep going,
  • I’m waiting,
  • Make me into cubes.
  • Let my blood flow out,
  • Watch the scene before your eyes,
  • Laugh all you want,
  • I can never die.
  • Each and every organ
  • With my limbs and skin
  • Will fuse.
  • I’ll regenerate 
  • Within seconds
  • And then I will kill you.
  • You have second thoughts,
  • I can see it in your eyes,
  • But don’t shy away,
  • Because you can’t turn back time.
  • Here’s a little warning.
  • For those of you with bad thoughts,
  • Be careful of your actions,
  • You’ll reap what you sow.


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1.15.2021 at 1:13 AM
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    A Spinning Spiral

           Inspiration: "Uzumaki" by Junji Ito

  • When a spiral keeps on spinning,
  • Its never-ending and spins with time,
  • Round and round it’ll go
  • Into a central point. 
  • As the spinning goes faster,
  • The more dangerous it’ll become.
  • It’ll turn into a hurricane or tornado,
  • And leave the dead to rot.
  • Be aware of its charm
  • If it’s the eye of the storm you seek,
  • For once you reach its center,
  • Your future will be bleak. 
  • There’s no escape from the spiral,
  • No one will hear your cries for help.
  • You’ll be stuck in the center,
  • And you'll die before you can get out. 


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1.15.2021 at 1:39 AM
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The Smell of Dead Fish

   Inspiration: "Gyo" by Junji Ito

  • Dead fish are walking
  • With legs they suddenly grew.
  • Moving on land they carry
  • An odor that is unknown.
  • Foul, unpleasant creatures,
  • Things found only in your dreams,
  • Dead fish are walking,
  • And they muffle your screams.
  • They overtake the land,
  • Sharks, whales, and clownfish too,
  • They walk amongst the humans,
  • Who are the ones they give credit to.
  • Here they come marching,
  • On the streets they swarm.
  • No one is safe from these creatures,
  • No one is beyond harm.
  • As soon as you smell their odor,
  • You better run,
  • And you certainly shouldn’t hide.
  • The legs that humans gave them
  • Will soon catch up to you.
  • See the dead fish walking,
  • There’s nothing you can do.
  • Once you’re caught,
  • You’re dead,
  • There's no hope for you.


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The poems beyond my first two posts are ones I've written today, so they weren't in storage. I was pretty surprised at how much I've written prior though! I used to post them on a different site for poetry but I totally forgot the name and account for that website, so I was lucky enough to actually find them in my notes.

Also, you're right! It is Shift then Enter. Thank you so much! 

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What if clocks disappeared?
The second hand broken,
The minute hand paused,
The hour hand meaningless,
And the numbers not there,
What if time kept on passing,
But there was only one way to keep track?
That was to watch the moon and the stars
To be fully aware.

What if time stopped passing?
Where would you be stuck?
Would your memories be forgotten
While, in forming new ones,
You’d be out of luck?

What if you lived forever?
Mortality be damned!
You’d be immortal
No matter where you stand.
Would time mean anything to you?
What about a clock?
You'd need one but not the other;
Otherwise, immortality will suck. 


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1.15.2021 at 4:07 AM
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  • 7 months later...
  • 11 months later...



I want to disappear
If I could find the time
Just to be alone
Just my mind and I

Alive, not dead
Happy, not sad
Alone, not forgotten
Memories in tact

Take a deep breath
Breathe it all in
In solitude 
We find peace
For a moment’s escape


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